Here’s How The Government Will ‘Calm’ The Public If A Nuclear Attack Occurs

by | May 24, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 76 comments

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    The government has already prepared some scripts to use on the terrified public should the United States ever be attacked with a nuclear weapon. The US government prepares for all sorts of threats, but none match the pomp and circumstance they’ll display in the event of a nuclear explosion.

    Prepared scripts for many disaster scenarios are already written ranging from biowarfare and chemical weapons to volcanoes and wildfires.  The good news is that the Cold War is over and a limited nuclear strike or a terrorist attack can be survivable (a direct hit notwithstanding). The bad news is that the government’s plans for survival don’t really include you anyway. Couple that with a new arms race which is already underway, albeit shrouded in secrecy, and one that may add small, portable nuclear weapons to the global stockpile. Lawmakers and experts fear such “tactical” or battlefield-ready devices (and their parts) may be easier for terrorists to obtain via theft or sale.

    And even a small nuclear weapon on the ground can create a stadium-size fireball, unleash a city-crippling blastwave, and sprinkle radioactive fallout hundreds of miles away. In this case, it’s important to be prepared for this scenario, even if it’s unlikely to play out.

    According to Business Insider, a nuclear terrorist attack of this magnitude is one of 15 major disaster scenarios planned for by FEMA and other US agencies. (The same scenario also includes a dirty bomb explosion, though such an event would be dramatically less harmful.)

    As part of the planning effort, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains a series of manuals about how state and local governments should respond. A companion document anticipates 99 likely questions during a radiation emergency and scripted messages that officials can copy or adapt. “Ideally, these messages never will be needed,” the EPA says in its messaging document. “[N]evertheless, we have a responsibility to be prepared to empower the public by effectively communicating how people can protect themselves and their families in the event of a radiological or nuclear emergency.”

    Here’s an example of what the government will tell people to try to prevent widespread panic:

    Lives have been lost, people have been injured, and homes and businesses have been destroyed. All levels of government are coordinating their efforts to do everything possible to help the people affected by this emergency. As lifesaving activities continue, follow the instructions from emergency responders… The instructions are based on the best information we have right now; the instructions will be updated as more information becomes available.”

    So basically, they demand you follow their orders.  Nothing out of the ordinary for the government. Comply and do what we say. This is why so many prepare in advance for a wide array of scenarios.  That way, they don’t have to “obey” and “comply with orders” or go to a FEMA camp just to survive.



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      1. Seems reasonable. The majority of folks aren’t self sufficient – they need to be told what do to, where to go for help, where to go for protection etc. Government often oversteps, and needs to be criticized when they do, but the majority of folks are going to need some direction in the event of a nuke.

        • It’s YOYO. You’re On Your Own!
          Back starting in the 50’s we actually had something called “Civil Defense”. If you have an old AM Radio, check the dial at 640 and 1240. Those were Civil Defense frequencies and all other stations would sign off.
          They also had shelters in basements of large structures, stocked with drums of water, crackers, and first aid supplies.
          All that is gone now, and that’s why it’s YOYO. Be prepared!

          • Yep, pretty much on the money there. Your best bet is to take the CERT training from your County’s Emergency Management Office, get training at a Tactical and Survival School you can afford, follow people like Mark Goodwin (Prepper Recon), David Kobler (Southern Prepper 1 on YouTube), Pastor Joe Fox (Viking Preparedness on YouTube and Patreon), Patriot Nurse (YouTube and Patreon) and others. Learn all you can as you are your own First Responder and you are your family’s first line of defense.

            • Yet another refreshing daily dose of fearporn courtesy of Slavo & associates

        • You can be sure of the following things.
          1. The government action will be slow.
          2. The government action will be less than is needed.
          3. The government action will be authoritarian, or even dictatorial.
          4. The government is operated primarily by people of average IQ or lower, and their abilities are significantly defective or are controlled by persons whose abilities are of low quality. Exceptions exist, but generally speaking, people who have really good abilities prefer to work in the private sector, they don’t seek jobs with government.
          5. If you rely on government you will be disappointed, and your property and life might be more severely endangered thereby.

          • Remember Katrina.

          • You can bet that the State and Federal Government won’t have enough of the resources to go around. You don’t have to look back all the way to Katrina; you just have to look at last year’s hurricanes and severe thunderstorm season in Tornado Alley to see the Government is stretched to the point of breaking. Puerto Rico is still in the getting help there stage. They are in a SHTF scenario now. For them the World As The Knew It has ended.

        • I just listened to a video, short and to the point on a national disaster by preppernurse1 (you tube), everyone here please get his updated daily video. I don’t listen to all of them, just the prep type ones. Never go to a FEMA camp. They will try to get people to go get food and shelter with no mention of FEMA camps, it is a trap to get people in and they will never get out.

      2. Okay. What should be told to the public in such a situation?
        “Y’all are on your own, don’t listen to us!”?

        • Go for a walk down the street. Meet new people. And kill them.

      3. Bend over…put head between legs…kiss butt goodbye ? The rest of us will know what to do , unless we’ve gone to be with Jesus.

        • That’s right. Jesus will save everyone. If a person believes in Jesus in his heart, he will not be harmed by a nuclear explosion even if it happens within a few feet of his head. The result will only appear to be a closer than usual haircut, and maybe a shave. Of course, if a person IS harmed by a nuclear explosion, that would just prove that he didn’t really believe in Jesus in his heart. Anyone who believes this deserves whatever happens to them.

          • Don’t rely on Jesus. Rely on something that is real.

            • Agreed. Fiction is no savior.

              • I’m 100% certain you will try to take back your words the momoent after ya take your last breath here on earth. Repent now or burn for eternity

                • Mutt, l agree with you 500 percent!

                • F off. Scumbag.

            • You simply can’t say factually if he is for real or isn’t. You can state your beliefs, which you have, but you simply can’t equate your beliefs as fact. Neither can believers, but they are free to believe in spite of your non belief.

              • You can check for yourself in a few minutes.
                Die and be resurrected.
                If you are afraid it might not work, then listen to testimonies of atheists who touched the other side of life as we know it.
                Now they are “ex-atheists”. And they testify who saved them – from something much worse than death itself.

                What they regarded as “stupid religious beliefs” happened to be their own experiences.

                So, do not claim nobody warned you …
                This life is just the start of eternity – happy or not, it is up to you to decide with whom you are going to spend it. Either God or His enemy …

                But, as the Gospel says:
                “even if someone dead would rise up, some will not believe …”
                Our choice is taken seriously.

          • Wow, it still makes me scratch my head that people still don’t believe in Jesus Christ when prophecy is coming to pass literally every day! You get one shot to surrender to Christ and be saved during this era of grace… once the rapture happens.. it’s too late. Better do a little reading before you run out of time. If it’s all a big lie: you lose nothing. If it’s true and you refuse Christ’s salvation: you get to spend eternity in a lake of fire. I pray you make the right choice.

          • Read the BIBLE again.

            Read the book of JOB.
            Read the story of Joseph in Exodus.
            Read about the 12 disciples.

            They ALL went through torture.
            Just because they were all believers, does NOT mean they would NOT experience torture, but the GOOD news is that they would ALL end up in heaven …except Judas who ended up denying CHRIST.

          • idiot, “gone to be with Jesus” means dead but in a good place vs. dead and in a bad place. the only harm you think of is your miserable life which will end eventually anyway someday.

        • Bildew: You’re right, the TV mini series movie in 2000 “On the Beach” remake from ’59, everyone dies in the end, some take a pill to drop off the planet. Radiation die off so better off dead. Skin starts peeling off, hair falls out , sores everywhere terrible pain.

      4. first I think you need to think for yourself and not listen to the government the government doesn’t always know what’s best for you so you do what’s best for yourself

        • Excellent advice. In fact, the gov’t doesn’t even know what is best for itself and, in general, regards us as being in the way.

      5. Do what is Necessary to provide for Safety/Security of your Family, Friends, Neighbors. Take care of your own.

        Everything that comes from Government/Media only serves themselves and is a LIE. Believe NOTHING the Government/Media says. There are more of us than them. That is why they wnat to disarm you NOW. NEVER ALLOW it.

        You must ready yourselves NOW:
        -Know wind Patterns and Direction in relation to any detonation. Get out of path if possible.
        -Put Distance and Dirt between you and problem.
        -Underground is your friend. Stay there far longer than you feel you can stand it.
        -Time. Half life of the particles. You need to educate yourselves NOW.

        Government will be your BIGGEST threat. Avoid them.
        Believe nothing from the Media. They will try to herd you into a managable Location/Situation. Don’t allow it.

        Book: “Nuclear War Survival” by Kearny
        Find it Now. Read it. Understand it.
        There are free online pdf versions.

        • If you are over 30 years of age and have to ask what to do in the event of most survival scenarios, your goose is cooked.

          There is simply no excuse today for not knowing how to protect yourself. If you can’t protect yourself, you are useless to your family. Get on board,read, prepare — be it nuclear, biological, chemical, natural disaster whatever…….Procrastination is the thief of time…

        • I would never listen to the government in the event a nuke went off. No UN, Military, or local authorities would be able to tell me what to do. I will stand my ground (likely) or bug out (if possible)

      6. Inhumane Trump Regime Wants To Murder Hibernating Bears And Wolf Pups In Their Dens

        Trump’s Department of Interior misled by Ryan Zinke is in league with a handful of hunters against the American public to kill off predators so that hunters can murder more elk.

        If the Zinke moron succeeds, the result will be to make everyone hate hunters, undermine the hunting rationale for firearm possession, and lead to the repeal of the Second Amendment. This shows how stupid hunters and Zinke are.

        • Scerw you dipshit. Wrong website for morons.

        • up yours asshole…..people first…..we gota eat

      7. Communication is great! But what if it’s a EMP? Anyone with half a critical thought left to them will understand that the govt will be the very last one to help in a national emergency.

      8. If a nuke does goes off in the US, it will have Israeli fingerprints all over it and there will be Iranian passports conveniently found nearby so the US can destroy yet another neighbor of Israel whose resources and land those devious vipers covet!

        • You know what Dave? It won’t matter much where the bomb originated from when you are vomiting up blood while watching your children grotesquely die one by one. Get a grip and wise up. Get prepared.
          You are missing the whole point here.

          • Duck P: No one can prepare for nuke war, there will be no escape from radiation. food won’t grow either, people, animals, plants fried within a radius of the blast. People can hide out from bio weapons and pandemics. If nukes go off all prepping is in vain.

            • Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Read Kearny’s book. He’s the Oak Ridge Nuclear Scientists whose book is used as a training manual for many different types of officials, physicians, 1st responders, etc. IF you’re within one mile of a 50KT nuke, then yes, you’re done and vaporized. Most people in the US won’t be that close. Dirt, stone, cement, and even enough wood structure can protect from gamma penetration. Cut the heat/AC, and Just don’t go outside for a couple of weeks and then avoid bringing dust back into your home. The non survivability of a nuke war is pure propaganda to justify no shelters for the peasants; only the elites.
              Lock and load,

        • Screw you bigot. Wrong website for idiot tools.

          • Well, you have to admit that a lot of passports do keep turning up very conveniently.

            First there was Atta’s passport conveniently found on the street.

            Then a terrorist in France conveniently left his passport under the seat of an abandoned car.

            The two Israeli terrorists who were caught in an attempted suicide attack on the Mexican congress had fake Pakistani passports.

            So its not beyond the bounds of possibility that an enterprising intelligence agency could plant a fake passport to point suspicion in the desired direction. I mean, lying and deceiving IS actually their job.

        • Dave, sadly you are preaching to blind men. Truth is truth. It is not agenda-based. Agendas blind men to the truth.

          All that matters to blood-thirsty Americans about 9/11 is that it spawned the ‘War on Terror’ and a free pass to wage war on any nation. Combine that with a deceitful ignorance of Galatians 3 and you get US wars for Israel.

          Today’s blind men choose to listen to Netanyahu, a Jew rather than Jesus Christ. They choose to listen to Washington Neocons and Zionists than over 2,900 professional architects and engineers (including myself), 250 pilots and aviation professionals, 320 commissioned and non-commissioned US military officers, 400 professors, 400 medical professionals, and untold numbers of fire fighters law enforcement and government officials who have risked their careers to demand the truth about 9/11. The truth is that 9/11 was a black ops false flag event which took down THREE towers by controlled demolition using explosives.

          Today’s flag wavers are blind men and women being used to support Neocons and Zionists. Most telling is when they are asked, ‘Which of the many US wars would Jesus support?’, they remain silent. Yes, silent and complicit.

          • Sir,
            I was a structural firefighter for over 32 years, and saw thousands of building fires and building collapses. I now have a construction firm and build buildings. You are an idiot if you think the towers did not fail because of fire related structural collapse. Regular building fires with heavy combustibles and fuel oils do cause metal to lose structural strength. There are literally thousands of pictures of gigantic steel beams that have warped or bent severely during structure fires that did not include thousands of gallons of aviation fuel. My first Christmas as a firefighter was at a steel building with no load on the roof that slumped down until the massive beams all bent down to a few feet off the floor. There was nothing on the roof at all.
            If you are an engineer, and you do not recognize the towers fell due to the heat, you are simply not a very good engineer. (if you are an architect, you know nothing of structural steel under heat.)
            A good friend was at building 8 was it I think that collapsed afterward. As he searched, all through the building engineers were putting tear away tape on cracks in the masonry, and they tore away at a slowly increasing pace until the building was considered unsafe. It collapsed later. There were no explosives, and the puffs of debris and dust out of the windows were consistent with structural building collapse, not explosive demolition.
            Please do a little more research, as you are currently way off base.

      9. 1) The government is NOT your friend. The government does not want to “help you” nor save your life. The primary goal of government is to preserve its hold on power, and to steal/extort whatever it deems necessary from the sheep.

        2) Any nuclear, terrorist, biological attack, or war, was planned long in advance and will be used to consolidate power and to exert even greater control over the masses.

        3) Government has deliberately dumbed down the masses through our schools and universities, movies, radio, TV programming, advertising, smart phones and the internet.
        An educated public asks questions, demands answers, and challenges government. A dumbed down public is concerned with leisure, “fun”, Hollywood stars, sports/sports figures, and a steady diet of mindless entertainment.

        4) Government and its various minion organizations, have eradicated God from the public square, devalued life, and redefined morality. Our modern morality is merely the old immorality given a shiny, new, SJW facade. Truth is now whatever the Left decides it to be.

        David Rockefeller, United Nations Business Council, 1994
        “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

        • In the event of an attack I wouldn’t be surprised if emergency broadcasts weren’t even made. Control is the only logic, the fewer the people in the aftermath the fewer the problems maintaining control, and the less drain on remaining resources.

        • @JD

          Very well put

          Government is nothing but a weapon, a dangerous weapon that is used as such

          The bigger it gets the more rogue, dangerous and corrupt it becomes

      10. Dave, you’re an idiot!

        • You nailed it….
          Here we are discussing survival and the guy wants to inject anti-Semitic politics into the discussion.
          No matter, he will likely not make it anyway.

      11. If Russia is backed into a corner and believes that the US is likely to fire first as MAD has been officially abandoned they’ll fire. This assumes the US doesn’t fire first. Regardless it would be anything but limited.

        • One nuclear weapon used, under present circumstances with multiple possessors, would be the greater “Black Swan” event ever in history. The world financial system, not the most sold in “good times” would collapse. That in itself is a catalyst for further military actions.This genie unleashed from its bottle will not be controlled.

      12. Everyone please take note: We spend $Hundreds of Billion$ per year on Department of Homeland Security. It was the duty and sole mission of DHS to seal the borders and secure this Nation.
        Have you heard ONE WORD from those P.O.S. about preparing for possible nuclear war? Have they made ANY preparations for CIVILIAN(YOU & YOURS) casualties? Any public service announcements of supplies and preparations you should be making? Bunkers, food, supplies, medical is all set aside for “THEM” what about YOUR Family? Everything for the shit-bird politicians and NOTHING for your family.
        The DHS should have sealed our borders 16 years ago. The DHS does SQUAT about NARCOTerrorists invading America. The DHS should have built that WALL to SECURE the Nation. The DHS should have banned ALL muslums 16 years ago until muslums stopped ALL terror activities.
        “Homeland Security” — we spend BILLION$ every year on DHS and all DHS does is run up overtime, pad their pensions, and divert emergency equipment into their garages and basements.. Russian state-owned television is urging the country’s residents to stock their bunkers with water and basic foodstuffs because Moscow could go to war with Washington. Warning that the potential conflict between the two superpowers would be “catastrophic,” an anchor for Russia’s Vesti 24 showed off shelves of food, recommending that people buy salt, oatmeal and other products that can last a long time on the shelves. Powdered milk lasts five years while sugar and rice can last up to eight years, the newscaster explained before showing videos of pasta cooking in a bomb shelter.

        • The ZHS is a rogue organization that was really established as a smoke scteen to bring about the north american union under the lie and guise of homeland security. It was established by way of the hegalian dualectic of problem-reaction-solution

          If nuclear war was to ever happen on American soil it would more than likely be the act of rogue federal/CIA government

        2. EBT CENTERS

      14. THIS JUST IN BOYS AND GIRLS ***************


        DUE TO G.M.O.s


      15. The ilk will be in underground tunnel and bunkers. Watching the above ground scripted reality fallout.

      16. Government calm the public? Ha!
        I’m one of those guys that a cell call advising I was about to get Nuked, it was a mistake from a Democrat union guy. Due to my geography and location I wasn’t too worried, but the city people panicked.
        You can’t calm that. After attack you have to deal with the same panic. Scariest thing in the world is dealing with a person panicking. Whether in an ocean or dragging them out of burning structures. They have totally lost it and they will hurt you even if you are helping.

        • Yep, and that is not their target audience. You can’t help the people who just got vaporized or the people who just got singed. They are gone. The target audience is the suburbanites who are scared shitless becouse the juice went out yesterday and they need milk for the kids. This is all well and proper for a governmental agency to do.
          The folks who post here and consider themselves preppers should agree with this. After all, we don’t need the lame assurances from the government as we see them for what they are and we depend on ourselves. However, we also don’t need hordes of panicked suburbanites fleeing in our general direction either. Every day that FEMA or whomever delays that is another day to harden ourselves.
          Nothing in this article should alarm or annoy a prepper.

      17. Chances for nuclear war are small to non-existent. But holding the threat of nuclear war over our heads keeps tptb in control of the masses.

        _ In the event of a nuclear war, go to Russia. Russia has fallout shelters for the citizens. Unlike the USA where only the 1% will have nuclear shelters, and a few survival “nuts”, who sacrificed everything to prepare for when the SHTF.

        _ I will have a bucket of radio-active beans (and ham hocks).

        _ we hunt wild pigs

        _ I’m going to get some cows and steers and maybe a bull. I intend to eat steak with my beans.

        __ what’s the difference? Everything at the supermarket is radiated.


        • Food will only be radiated if radioactive particles have actually fallen on it. Even then it can be washed off if you have clean water. If your food is covered in barrels or some other type of container it will be fine.

      18. Dear Sheeple.

        This is your govt. Lives have been lost, buildings destroyed, cities ruined. But we remain vigilant!! We have the resolve to weather this out.(of course we are in our under-ground shelters, unlike you poor bastards out there in radio-active land.)

        We believe that this is a limited strike. But if we are wrong, those that are dead have nothing to worry about. Those of you living, well kiss your ass goodbye.

        And remember to support your local and federal govt. God Bless, and goodluck. (Your gonna need it.)

      19. “Nothwithstanding” means despite, not except.

        You said a limited nuclear strike can be survivable despite a direct hit.

        You meant a limited nuclear strike can be survivable except for a direct hit.

      20. I read somewhere that 9-11 killed far more people than the government reported. What did turn the twin towers into dust? A recent event still unsolved despite all of the available evidence and common sense put forth that makes a joke out of the 9-11 Commission Report. Both sides of the political aisle are in lockstep on this treasonous deceit. None are worthy of the people’s support and if justice did exist they would all be facing public execution.

        • Perhaps an internal nuclear device turned the Twin Towers to dust, as well as wtc7. Maybe thermite on the interior steel as well as the outside shell. Those were controlled demolitions no doubt. I thought that as I saw the second tower fall, on TV. Too straight and clean. Now that I’ve read a few things about the cost of needed improvements to the buildings that were unaffordable ( the owners were in over their heads) the demolition makes sense. However, they could have picked a time when 3k people weren’t in the vicinity.

      21. Who in their right minds believe Russia wants a nuclear war? China and Russia are allies now as a counter weight against the US; combined they could inflict unrecoverable damage on us. Even so, they earnestly do not want this madness to occur. So who are the antagonists? It is the neo-cons, who are part of the deep state. Many of them are not actually gov’t officials, but formulate both foreign and domestic policy, gov’t and officialdom are merely some of their tools. They have a powerful yet hidden hand in the direction and fate of our country. You may assume they consider the American people disposable.
        They have drained the middle-class wealth, flooded our country with illegals, nullified our will at the voting booth, kept our country in social turmoil, and of course maintain constant wars, to name a few. These are not accidental, but conceived, planned, and implemented, all insidiously. Their secret and ultimate goals benefit them, not the American people.
        To minimize any effective road blocks to their plans education has been dumbed-down, a “progressive” MSM has been established as a de facto arm of the gov’t, real information is tightly controlled- instead we are propagandized, a vast number of social issues/conflicts have been injected into society to destroy social unity, culture and tradition are being erased. All these measures undermine the power and popular will of the people.
        Several years ago when one of the Rockefellers’ was a senator from WVA, stated his dislike for the Internet because too much information was getting out. The “Net Neutrality Act” was one of these euphemistically named measures to control the Internet, fortunately Pres. DT appointee(s) help stop that. That shows one of the reasons why they hate him.
        Whatever happens the American people will be the last to know. Just keep prepping to be able to mitigate your personal circumstances as best as possible, and no matter what keep your business private. DO NOT expect that any level of gov’t will be there for you (local, state, fed.)

      22. I’ve noticed a constricting and growing number of conservative web sites that suddenly require cookies to continue to publicly communicate/ comment. Yes they want to track you,

        Very soon we all need to go silent.

        If you don’t already have all your internet data on flash drive, you may only have weeks to get it, before it all goes dark.

        There is a war on.

      23. What does Mac Slavo have against the Government Calming The Public If A Nuclear Attack Occurs?

        I suppose Mac would rather the US government did nothing to restore law and order, and helped no one after a nuke event.

        Some people have to piss and moan in order to feel happy.

      24. Most nuke casualties are actually avoidable, if affected populations knew what to do and not do beforehand. Google GoodNewsNuke for Physicians for Civil Defense how to’s.

      25. Gov’t trolls out in force here.

      26. Gov’t trolls out in force here

      27. We can really use the statement here of..”Nothing to see here, move along!”

        Why is that? Nukes are a huge hoax which operate as just another one of those black hole money pits designed to terrorize nations. In reality, the physical design of nukes do not work. That’s all there is to it. Just another elaborate scam, just like 9-11.

        That said, you really don’t need to be concerned with any “attacks.” Do your homework!

      28. All this wouldn’t matter. One nuke on US soil and Wall Street goes down, as does the banking system. No banks and the trucks stop rolling, no trucks means no food fuel or anything else in our fragile 3 day supply chain. People have no real concept of just how fragile and inter connected our economy really is. The supply chain goes down and the government loses control VERY quickly. There will not be any “calming of the populace at that point. Mad Max time in less than a year. IMO the Union would quickly crumble into a dozen or more fiefdoms ruled by the states quick enough or lucky enough to get organized and provide basic needs to its citizens. A series of prophetic fictional novels by a guy named Ryan King lays out a post nuclear landscape in America quite accurately it seems to me. I encourage averyone to read them, scarily and sobering stuff. In any event if nukes are used here Washington and it’s power would be shattered probably forever, that’s the main reason IMO it hasn’t happened already, those folks are evil but they aren’t fools at least not the real wizards behind the curtian

      29. Soldiers have more respect for the officers who take the same risks they do. A lot of Government officials, hiding in taxpayer funded bunkers, do not deserve respect especially considering their possible role in creating the crisis. Keeping order and providing emergency services are the critical items. If they can do that, I’ll be satisfied. There are multiple levels of government filled with people who feel justified in taking other people’s supplies to enable them to do their jobs. The people who are in authority have families and would be willing to use that authority to look after themselves and their families. That’s reality. They’ll be looters who are private citizens and looters who are government.

      30. No one will nuke us. Get a grip on reality.

      31. I say that if a nuclear weapon is detonated in the United States, our first order of business is to kill ever damned Neocon in Washington DC.

      32. I’m not worried about nukes. I’m worried about NICCERS!

        We don’t need multi-billion dollar submarines on the worlds oceans. We need thousand dollar machine guns on our border!

        The Jews who rule the globe will not disrupt or risk destruction of their political, social and economic clockwork control system that has been centuries in the building.

      33. Since it will be inflicted by the U.S. Deep State on the public, it’s all for the purpose of terrorizing the masses into complying with whatever the powers-that-be tell the people to comply–“for their ‘safety'”, of course.

      34. They’re just about done indoctrinating and dumbing down the public. Now they’re moving more into the agenda 21

        They’re satanic pedophile communist globalists are coming for your firearms folks

      35. The best prepared gubmint workers will wither away in the underground bunkers they built instead of hardening our grid.

        After 7 years they will realize they will not come out of their holes.

        Recently another level has been added. After the seven years there will be a chain of china-syndrome melt-downs and hopefully actually break the planet up into an asteroid belt!

        It’s not the majority of your faults. Besides the warrior attitude you have whipped up to gross levels which makes you unworthy of attaining inter-stellar travel, one of the most egregious affronts to the Universe is the continuous ‘scientific’ banging on the pipes of the inner workings of the Universe.

        Some scientists have quit CERN in fear of going out of limits with the depth of probing and the high power. I don’t think you can destroy the Universe, probably just make a black-hole.

        Anyway, because it is not obvious to your scientists how much their experimenting sucks this planet is as it currently exists slated for destruction.

        Lots of changes would have to be made.

      36. In the cattle drives of the old west, the cowboys had a problem of possible stampedes if the cattle grew frightened. According to tradition, the cowboys would ride among the cattle playing their guitars and singing to the cattle to calm them. Of course, the ultimate destination for the cattle was the slaughter-house. Now we’re told that officials are trying to calm us? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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