Here’s How the Deep State Is Trying to Lead Trump into a Nuclear War

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Headline News | 73 comments

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    Before Donald trump took office, he promised to rebuild the US military by diverting a lot more funding into the armed forces. And when he made that promise, he wasn’t just talking about our conventional forces. He also proposed expanding America’s nuclear capability; a position he recently reiterated in an interview with Reuters. He stated that “It would be wonderful, a dream would be that no country would have nukes, but if countries are going to have nukes, we’re going to be at the top of the pack.”

    If Trump is really going to reinvigorate our nuclear program (a decision that many experts fear could spark another arms race), then he needs to be very careful about who he listens to. That’s because some of the high ranking officials in our government have some certifiably insane ideas on what a nuclear arsenal should look like. Recently a Pentagon panel known as The Defense Science Board, told the Trump administration that they need to remake our nuclear arsenal into a force that is capable of engaging in a “limited” nuclear war.

    According to the report, “The Defense Science Board … urges the president to consider altering existing and planned U.S. armaments to achieve a greater number of lower-yield weapons that could provide a ‘tailored nuclear option for limited use.’”

    The strategy behind limited nuclear use sounds deceptively simple. You need to escalate a conflict just enough to end it.

    As the theory goes, using low-yield nuclear weapons against an adversary’s conventional forces will demonstrate that you mean serious business and might be crazy enough to launch an all out nuclear attack. This will cause the enemy to “blink” and ultimately back down, rather than risk global thermonuclear war or continue conventional hostilities.

    There’s only one problem with the idea of engaging in a limited nuclear war. It simply can’t be done. Any limited nuclear war would eventually lead to a full scale nuclear war.

    The lynchpin of a limited nuclear war is the tactical nuke. These are nuclear weapons that have a much smaller yield than a strategic nuke. Whereas a strategic nuke might have a yield of half a megaton or more, a tactical nuke is usually somewhere in the ballpark with the atomic weapons that we used on Japan, but usually smaller than that. They’re for use on the battlefield, possibly within close proximity to friendly forces. And there’s a reason why our government has been slowly phasing them out for decades. Just because they make a smaller crater, doesn’t mean they make a smaller impact.

    When you use a tactical nuke, you’re still using a nuke. It doesn’t matter that it’s not large enough to destroy an entire city (though some of them can). By using them, you’re telling the enemy that you’re willing to use nukes. You’re saying that you’re willing to rain radioactive fallout on their territory. You’re willing to engage in total war.

    The only appropriate response to that is escalation. The enemy has to show you that they can do the same thing. In war, both parties aren’t thinking “gee, how the heck do I get out of this?” They’re thinking, “how do I win” and “how do I get back at the other guy” and “how do I teach my enemy a lesson he won’t forget.” Limited nuclear war doctrine doesn’t burn the bridge between conventional war and full on nuclear holocaust. It builds that bridge.

    This should be common sense. All you have to do is imagine what would happen if Russia dropped a relatively small, 10 kiloton nuke on an American military base in Europe. Would the US government respond with capitulation? Nobody in their right mind believes that.

    And let’s pretend for a moment that a limited nuclear war is possible. What would that do? It would normalize nuclear warfare. It would make nukes a viable option in every single war. Every conflict would leave behind a trail of radioactive fallout and mass civilian casualties.

    Hopefully brighter minds will prevail, because whoever is proposing this notion of limited nuclear conflict, needs to change out their dress uniform for a freaking straight jacket.


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      1. Defense Science Bd is also working, I hear, on a way for a woman to get “half” pregnant.

        • “Any limited nuclear war would eventually lead to a full scale nuclear war.”

          Any war DIRECTLY between major powers rather than their proxies, would lead to nuclear war. That’s the purpose of PROXIES; to avoid nuclear war.

          All major nuclear powers have neutron bomb technology. N Korea and Iran do not. It makes a first strike especially appealing for adversaries, thus the TRIAD. America ALREADY has tactical nuclear weapons, including artillery shells.

          The game changer is, and will be, laser weapons. Does anyone here doubt that the US Space Plane that circles the globe in a polar orbit for two years at a time is armed with a laser defense weapon capable of shooting down ballistic missiles ???

          I don’t. Nothing to see here, move along. 🙂

        • There are damn few options:
          1. Nuclear Holocaust = DEATH and destruction of civilization for 85% of Earth Population. End of Life and Life as we know it. DEAD. GONE.
          2. Learn to Live in Peace. Stay out of each others business. Stay at home. JUST STAY out of it. Respect Russia. Leave the Bear alone on their side of the fence.

          DO you want to Live in Peace and have humanity continue?
          Do you want everything Gone?

          Wake up People. That is Real World.
          And “No.” Your preps will not allow you to live long term. You will DIE.

          The USA alphabet agencies are trying to UNDERMINE a sitting President and start a Nuclear war. They serve their NWO masters. NOT the Interests of the USA or humanity.

          • Your option n.2 is nice but unviable. Capitalism requires necessarily that product grows at least 2% on global scale. Exactly for this requirement, capitalism transformed in imperialism at the beginning of XX century: monopolism, finance more important than production, capitals export, fight for foreign market share, fight for establishing own geopolitical influence sphere. In capitalism, who isn’t expanding at the expenses of other countries, simply dies. Another futuristic option could be interplanetary expansion, and some capitalists today envision just that. But this would require transfer huge numbers of people in space, just like the inflation of billions of asian workers into the market avoided another world war in last decades. Capitalism simply cannot invest enough capitals in a venture so incredible like that.

      2. I recently asked my neighbor’s little girl what she wanted to be when she grew up – to which she replied “President.” Both of her parents, classic leftists who voted for Hilary, beamed with self-righteous smug pride only the rich leftists seem to be able to do.

        And, what would you do as your first act as president, I asked her?

        “Why,” she replied, “I’d give food and houses to all the homeless people.”

        “Wow. What a worthy goal” I told her. But I then added “You know… you don’t have to wait until you’re president to do that. You can come over to my house, mow the lawn, pull the weeds, and clean up the yard, and I’ll pay you $50. I’ll then drive you over to the grocery store nearby where some homeless folks hang out, and you can give him the $50 you just earned, so he can put toward feeding and housing himself.”

        She thought for a few seconds, then looked me in the eye and asked “Why doesn’t the homeless guy come over and do the same work, and you give him the $50?”

        I replied “Welcome to the conservative movement.” In response, her parents scooped her up, put her in their late model Lexus and stormed off.

        • You should have told her that she should become a Goldman Sachs banker instead. They most likely would accept her if she lives where I think she lives. That way she could be the person who made the person homeless in the first place, and she could then take the monies from that scam against humanity to buy a mansion in a gated community and would never have to see the useless eater ever again. Also tell her that charities are created to milk people while claiming to care for the poor my dear. Maybe you could be the head of one of them. Like the Clinton & Friends Foundation. But she seems to want to go into politics. She sounds pretty sincere. And that’s the first key to success, faking sincerity. So she tells the guy “to get a job” after sending his overseas and then the bank takes his house after he no longer can pay for that. Perfect. I think that she would make a great presidente in the current scheme of things. For either party beholden to the bankers. But in today’s market especially claiming to be a conservative.

        • LOVE IT !!! 🙂

        • TEST. LOL! Good one!

        • Test,
          That was great!

      3. “The scientists of today, think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly. But one can think deeply and be totally insane.”

        Nicola Tesla


        Tesla was critical of Einstein and the development of Nuclear Power. He regarded it as moving in the wrong direction. Although Einstein has been touted as the greatest genius of the twentieth century; many others would say Tesla is the one and Edison his second.


        • The US already has more nuclear warheads that could destroy the planet many times over, This is just another Wealth transfer game to enrich the insiders (MICM) Military Industrial Complex Mafia at the expense of ordinary Americans back strapped with generations of debt by these insider shills. How about Trump Donate his entire estate wealth to this program if he believes in this so much. Otherwise its a fun time party using other peoples money. I say cut the Military budget in half this first year and 10% there after for the next 5 years just to get back to normal – Defense of America, instead of Adventurism for the Fascists.

          To be a leader who wants to gain respect, it is ONLY EARNED and not DEMANDED with the point of rifle or Nuke Warhead in your face demanding it. America has lost its way a few generations ago. Very Sad Indeed. Trump is the lesser of 2 evils.

          So how can ordinary Americans Win at this game? Get off the Grid out of the cities set up your own homestead and reduce your “On the Grid Tax liabilities.” to cut off the beast. Stop contributing via Taxes as much as possible. They can’t take what they cant find.

          Last night I met a guy at a local pub bar, he said he had just moved up here, out of the dense city close to where I used to live. After a few sentences of him speaking, I said you are a Prepper, aren’t you eh? He said Yep. I asked him why he moved up here to the boonies, he said, the city has changed so much over the last few years, more violence, crowded, and needed to get his family away from that threat. I said, well good for you, and I said, I moved for similar reasons. I said, Welcome aboard, there are many more of us like minded people up here. Join the club. Those in the know, get the hell out of the cities ASAP and off the grid ties. I will see him again, (small town) and we can exchange more prepping info and ideas. Its pretty neat to here what others mindset and opinions are on Prepping. He thinks he going to buy and bury a shipping container to hide all his preps. lol I said, well, the water table is too low and moisture is a b!tch here in FL. He only started prepping a few years back. Lots to learn folks. Got to help these people out with the learning curve so they don’t waste their time or money on fantasy. He works for a power company, and we discussed grid down and Nuke plants. Gave him the website:

          Get your acts together preppers, time is not our friend. A month in and “New boss same as the old boss????” Time will tell.

          • Zeus,
            I agree the miltary needs allot of revamping and the private sector that is gettting richer from this needs to be some how contained and not allowed to become so wealthy from the paxpayer money! BUT as far as the nukes go and the downsizing, that is a different issue, LOTS of our nukes are outdated and need upgraded, for many reasons that cannot be discussed here. in order for the USA to safe as safe as can be (LOL) we have to keep up with the jones. that is vital to our security, problem is and has been that statement is used to do more then needed and keep putting money into the wrong pockets!! that is what needs to be adressed, take some of the HIGH DOLLAR profiyts away and see how many turn tail and run! might open avenues for more competition to hold down costs!

      4. The deep state is moving hard core,seems that the step brother of north Korean little kimmy was killed with
        VX Poisson VX can kill instantly or up to 15 min,it can be in liquid form or aerosol.
        Not 100 percent on this yet but think it’s true.

      5. Excellent analysis, quick and appropriately ugly. I hope this writer sticks around.

      6. I call this fearmongering before the false flag. They already have the whole country watching ‘Walking Dead’ marathons weekly. So now everyone is ready for the real zombies right. So now all they have to do, with that Project Blue Beam thing, is to light up the skys with a neclear light show which the people will surely believe is real cuz they saw that same sh..stuff in other movies. Then at the same time at dusk of course, that’s when the drive-in movie starts, spray everyone with some gooey stuff through the use of chemtrails, then release a bunch of dryer lint, red dye #2 and stringy stuff from the air also. So while the people are trying to pick this stuff off of themselves and screaming, the other folks will freak out and start shoooting them, in the head of course, because they will actually think they are the zoombies they have been seeing on TV and have been waiting for. Then have the 9 o’clock news show all the ‘chaos’!!!! The TBTB will then have exactly the show that they have been planning for all along where they swoop in and round everyone up to take either to ‘safety’ or the morgue.
        There will also be a lot of cellphone footage to confirm all the b.s. for the folks out in the sticks.
        What? It’s late. It was a bedtime story.

      7. This article is perpetuating the myth that modern nuclear war doctrine is modelled on Cold War doctrine.

        But it is simply is not the case.

        Modern WW3 doctrine calls for one side to strike first with a full barrage of ICBMs. Specifically, it is based – both in Russia and in the USA – on the idea that RUSSIA WILL LAUNCH FIRST.

        This is because the US, unlike Russia, no longer has a Launch-on-Launch / Launch-on-Warning policy, but rather is postured to absorb a first strike before weighing up its options. It all goes back to Clinton’s suicidal PDD-60 in the mind 1990s.

        The current model therefore mandates a full nuclear attack on the US followed by a conventional war focussed in Europe and possibly the Pacific.

        • Well isn’t that just peachy.

          • Here is how Arizona Law Makers want to deal with “PAID or HIRED Protestor Rioters” The Key word is “PAID” protestors. Like SOROS paid Protestors. Not referring to organic DAPL protestors which have a stake in the matter of their drinking water source, which is organic protesting as their water source is a direct link to there protest. Read below.

            Arizona Wants to be Able to Seize the Assets of Protesters
            (ANTIMEDIA) If Republicans in Arizona’s senate have their way, police in that state could soon have the power to seize assets and property from protesters, the Arizona Capitol Times reports.

            From a February 22 article:

            “Claiming people are being paid to riot, Republican state senators voted Wednesday to give police new power to arrest anyone who is involved in a peaceful demonstration that may turn bad — even before anything actually happened.

            “SB1142 expands the state’s racketeering laws, now aimed at organized crime, to also include rioting. And it redefines what constitutes rioting to include actions that result in damage to the property of others.

            “But the real heart of the legislation is what Democrats say is the guilt by association — and giving the government the right to criminally prosecute and seize the assets of everyone who planned a protest and everyone who participated.”

            Essentially, under this bill cops could arrest anyone at a demonstration that suddenly turns violent, however peaceful it might’ve started. They would even be able to target people who had nothing to do the property damage.

            Stephen Lemons, writing for the Phoenix New Times, covered a hearing on S.B. 1142 by Arizona’s Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

            BTW. The N Dakota DAPL Protestors have permission from private land owners to make their camps on.

            • They have eviscerated the 4th Amendment. Might as well get the 1st.

              Protests are just so damn messy. They make your nation look bad. Anyone that knowingly makes their nation look bad is not patriotic. Anyone not patriotic should leave the country and find another one.

              Yes the above is an asshole mentality.

            • “The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped an the beginning if it is to be stopped at all”. I forgot the author of this quote, but it speaks of how the consensus for new invasive laws are procured. Think 9/11 and every and all false flags before and since.

              • Yeah, right

                The key word is ostensible. The laws are always proposed to be against “Them” but they apply to “You”. Gun laws are the most glaring example.

            • Zeus, they already have the authority to do that in AZ and it’s called ‘civil asset forfeiture’, upheld by SCOTUS.

        • A few years ago I would have vigorously argued that generals in SAC and the command structure would never follow a doctrine that would allow themselves to be destroyed before retaliating. But now, I see so many suicidal officials here in the West that I can totally buy into getting hit first as “an act of national humility to ward off western oppression and privilege”

          It’s all over, we are just haggling over the rotten corpse.

          • Now that they’re letting mentally defective homosexuals pollute the military at all levels, irrational decisions and actions can be expected at any time.

          • Charley Waite

            The US abandoned the tried and proven MAD Mutually Assured Destruction for a first strike during the Clinton Administration.

            First strike is madness. Fire first your destroyed, retaliate and your destroyed, you win only by no nuclear war, period.

          • CW, no way I’ll ever follow any such doctrine concerning self-defense against evildoers. I’ve already got my own doctrine and it doesn’t take ‘legality’ into consideration at all.

            • Deplorable Braveheart; Ditto that.I’ve seen this coming for years. There will be no “rule of law” or “due process”, there will only be “survival of the fittest” and that means “kill or be killed”; at least for a while. I plan to be on the “kill” side….

              This is going to occur around 2025. There is plenty of time to stockpile enough ammo for your AK/AR (at least 100,000 rounds) to see you through the initial blitz. After that you scavenge the ammo from the combatants you have vanquished.

              Make no mistake. This IS going to happen. There is no stopping it. The die hast been cast. Think “1861”.

      8. what a fucking BS. i thought to stop reading articles from here but it is decided it is my last reading n posting.

        total bs fear form so sell bricolage books.

        usa you are in very bad shape, it is time to wake up.

        • frenchreader, do you live in France?
          Let us assume that…and you’re telling us the USA is in bad shape? 🙂 Ha! Good one!
          Got your muslim prayer rug yet?
          Better get one before you’re beheaded or stoned to death.

      9. These people are stupid.

      10. I understand President Trump’s proposal to upgrade our ballistic missile program that hasn’t had an upgrade since the late 1980’s?

        The Russians have/are upgrading theirs.

        Some people believe nuclear weapons are obsolete because of the existence of more powerful exotic weapons.

        Does sound a little like cold war talk.

        These people are still stupid to think they can use a little nuclear weapon and it won’t escalate.

        • As long as America is on top……GO TRUMP!

      11. Well hell…just nuke ourselves, that’ll show em!

        • Actually, that will probably be just how it happens.

          Somebody somewhere will make a stupid mistake and


          Sorry folks, just a little accident. EPA will have the world cleaned up in, oh, say a couple hundred years.

          In the meantime, just go shopping…

      12. We have figured out how we came to become this speck in space but why seems to escape us. Gene Roddenberry was right, an infestation of carbon entities.

      13. Your fear of nuclear war is legitimate. Unfortunately, in your delusions, you have picked the wrong culprits. There is not a deep state. There is just a megalomaniac with his finger on the button who is incapable of even considering the possibility he is wrong about anything. A psychopath who delights in causing chaos for others. An egomaniac whom the good christians of America have convinced has a divine right to rule. But, hold onto your delusions. They will serve you well when you see your loved ones vaporized because this orange-haired monster has lost what little is left of his mind.

        • Is that you Hillary?

          • Trump mocks disabled people. And Loves his uneducated voters.

        • cant stand bs, for the first time you’ve made a post with a few good points I can agree with but I’ve got to disagree about the deep state. There IS a deep state who is the real power in this land and has to be neutralized before this country can be saved.

      14. Keep in mind these Psychopath Military, National Security freaks, MSM, etc, make a living off of perpetual threats. Its all the tail wag the dog. Need to have a boogie man, to justify their massive budgets and fraud positions and pensions.

        We need to take the profit out of war. Tax the sh!t out of the War profiteers. Every military base out there is a huge pig trough riddled with fraud and massive theft of tax payers money. Hundreds of Billions every year is dumped into this massive war Fraud BS.

        • Zeus,
          YUP, I agree that is what is going on, we need military to keep the enemies away, BUT it has turned into a MONEY PIT, the companies (non-military) who build this stuff over charge and are making billions from us the taxpayer. THAT is what needs to be curtailed. any company doing business with the military should be limited to a certain profit margin and there should be more over-sight to the generals and those companies!

      15. Yep, straight to he’ll we go..Obama said that Russia must be taken out, now Trump says he is taking our Iran..if Iran gets attacked then a China will cross over from Mexico and it’s WW3.. I know I know. Let the president do his job and give him time.. Let him plunge the entire country into SHTF.. Let’s see how many jobs in manufacturing wuk be available by October and let’s see how much the economy turns around.. Lets see it happen. The elite have a window this year to start the war against the American people. Economist V told us what would go down.. The Fema workers told a David Hodges why he pulled his daughter out of college to move into the BOL out in the middle of now where.. Yet America will be great again ..guys I am sorry but I am not drinking this coolade anymore.. I have seen too much. Hear too much and Economist V is right..go on a YouTube and watch the UN military equipment rolling the cha-cha insurgency I was told about they someone witness in North Texas. Burkas are being deployed in North Texas plus the 40,000 + Muslims and one lady that I do business with has a friend who saw that with her own too eyes..too much hard evidence telling me that something big. Something bad is about to happen.. Jihadist camps all over the US.. Trump is having a travel ban, but the jihadist camps are thriving all over the US..

        Why these camps are still around is a question that I am trying figure out .

        Certainly it makes sense because when you are billionare and you are investing in counties such as Saudia Arabia that is sending jihadist murdering, raping women and children, you start to add up the pieces.. Now we are hearing that US troops will be deployed in Syria. So they are still trying to take out Assad, this is WW3 in the making where both sides are on the same side proxying soldiers against soldiers country against Country and the soldiers are dumb enough to fight for their leaders not knowing they they are being use for population reduction..damn. Russia and America is having wars against each other to reduce the population. They have been at this for years.

        I might be wrong and I need to see something else.. We are not going to have a future and our children will not have any future if this continues and this is common sense.

        Who knows. Maybe the president is working for the best interest of the American people but it’s not looking like this might be the case. Maybe we need to wait and see, and continue our end game preparations just incase..and this is common sense..


        • HCKS

          “China will cross over from Mexico and it’s WW3”

          And how does China get to Mexico with personnel and equipment?

          • Chinese junk boats

          • I imagine the same ways we get out troops scattered all over the world.

            Unless they’ve developed something in the way of transport we don’t know about.

            • “I imagine the same ways we get out troops scattered all over the world.”

              The US has 800 bases around the globe for staging and agreements with all of those nations. So no, China would not get troops to Mexico by this method.

              • You think that won’t develop between Mexico and China?


                • Anonymous

                  You believe that the US would allow the building of a Chinese military base in Mexico? You have a better chance of hitting powerball, surviving cancer and sleeping with Kate Upton. They could never stage forces within striking distance. The US did not sail from here to Omaha Beach, they staged in England over a two year period and the NAZIS didn’t have the forces to dislodge them.

                  Not gonna happen.

                  Conversely the US will not invade China.

              • Kevin, China doesn’t need to get troops to Mexico.
                China shipping the chemicals for making meth to Mexico is working very nicely, thank you.

          • I think Hicksie baby means the 100,000 Chinese deeply embedded in Florida who he sees on a regular basis. Plus 2 divisions in Mexico. Not to mention his spetznas buddies alongside with his “scientist friend”.

            Now let’s see how much support all those nasty chinese need…hmmm…a lot…re-supply…a bigly lot….logistics…lines stretched a tad too far…

            The more I see of this idiot’s posts the more I’m convinced he’s either mentally defective a shill/or a 14 yr boy who masturbates way too much. Look at his earlier posts. They’re barely literate.

            When people complained about his grammar he threw a tantrum and threatened to ‘band’ everyone who criticized him. Classic 14 year old narcissistic response!

            Then, gradually, he became nearly literate, then, suddenly nearly understandable (but still a total wanker). His amusement value is quite high though. However, his comments make this site less than credible! Yet some people here listen to him (Sgt psychotic cop and the Adorable Go Kart who love his adoration of them). Go figure.

            • Anonymous, if we’re not credible, then why do you still come here?

          • Shipping containers on cargo ships.

      16. I quote JFK: “Let us not have an arms race, let us have a peace race”. If there is a G-D, G-D help us.

      17. It in our nature to destroy ourselves.

      18. Lead Trump into a Nuclear War.

        I don’t think this will happen, because Trump is a LEADER not a follower.

        Trump also knows that NO ONE WINS, and he is a WINNER.


        • Sgt.

          I agree, Trump is a leader. Brokeback obama is the horse looking for water…..

      19. This is fear porn of the lowest order.

        • There must be a lot of money in that industry. Just line up your sponsors/ advertisers and
          get your website started. No need to reinvent the wheel. A few articles about gloom and
          doom and you will be making bank. Wonder how much Glenn Beck has made from Goldline
          and Survival Seed Banks. Don’t forget Patriot Food Supply and wallets with RFID shields.
          Something new every week for all the gear junkies out there.

      20. I say hire a psychiatrist at the pentagon. These idiots aren’t worried about the rest of us; they’ve got their nuclear shelters. MORONS, all of them. Nuclear war on any level is suicide.

        • waiting ,
          they have had psychiatrists on the payroll for years and they use them for enemy analysis all the time. just FYI

      21. I pretty much agree with HCKS, I believe we are in for a coordinated jihadist attack, and I, too, cannot begin to imagine why the jihadist camps are not shut down. Trump is facing a multitude of threats, how to prioritize them? I believe Jay is correct about Russian strategy, and that this notion of a limited nuke conflict is pure fantasy. Folks, you are going to need more than beans, bullets, and bandaids. You are going to need alternative comms stored in a Faraday Cage. Put these in antistatic bags in a 20 gallon steel garbage can. Get and read Kearny’s NWSS and make and learn how to use a KFM. I’ve made extras for my neighbors. And extra dosimeters and chargers.

        Go to and read the material there. We keep a Rad Alert and a 0 – 50 milliR/hr rad meter in our vehicles. And a compass and tables to estimate the yield and distance from a nuke event. Knowing the compass heading, the current rad levels, the current wind direction, and the yield will allow one to make intelligent decisions on travel.

      22. They don’t want a nuclear war, they want an arms race. The best arms to build are nuclear weapons for several reasons.

        1. Competitive contracts? GTFOOH

        2. Testing like in aircraft fly offs? You avoid it.

        3. How much do they really cost to produce? Lots of ability to pad the payroll.

        4. If they’re ever used there is no issue if they don’t work as designed.

      23. A fearful and confused person is easier to control. They know this. It’s what all their programming is based on. That’s why the world is under a constant bombardment of all forms of this fearmongering agenda. Whether it’s by reading the news, watching TV ‘programming’, or seeing that cop behind you. They want everyone scared straight, unable to act for fear of you yourself being made an example of. Deny history as it was created for you, or point out the obvious about ‘rapeugees’ and you will go to jail over there, and at the moment just ostracized and labeled here to be sat in the corner by yourself over here.
        So what was the latest most important issue that was put in the dustbin of your mind to be replaced by this ‘breaking news’? That’s another part of the agenda that works well too. Lots of spotty information, no follow ups, nothing changes.

        • I heard that just throwing your stuff in a sealed Mylar bag will keep electronics safe. Is that true??


      24. Biblically speaking, some decadent and whorish, merchant nation, whomever that may be, is hated, and consumed, and burnt with fire, by some red beast of burden.

        We were maligned and sell-off our national wealth. What was that other part.

      25. The premise for this article is flawed. Many governments already use nuclear weapons and the majority of the public is not even aware of it. Scientists have developed a very low radiation, neutron type nuke that leaves very little radiation behind. It was used in the war against Iraq and also in Yemen, among other locations. When an enemy nation can’t respond with nukes, and has no solid proof a nuke was used against them, how can they respond in the same way to escalate into a full-fledged nuke war? Answer: They can’t. They can only bury the dead, disengage and then decide what to do next, or refrain from fighting.

      26. “Political warfare How the Boers defeated the English and ‘Chew wish’ elite.”



        This video is about 3/4 of an hour long. It is just two white men talking about race and politics in South Africa. I think you might learn something. I think we may have been lied to about Aparthied.

        Listen and judge for yourself.


      27. All this is above my level of knowledge. It’s a solid guess though that if or when the US falls too far behind the nuclear arms race..we could be a past tense society at the push of a button.

      28. Limited nuclear war is a fantasy. That said, the Russians and Chinese are actively upgrading their nuclear arsenals and delivery systems. We have not bone so in two decades. Folks blather about an “arms race”, well I’ll tell you it is happening wether we choose to accept it or not. Simple question, why has there been no nuclear war up to this point? I maintain it is due to the fact that no side felt comfortable with the prospect of using them and having a reasonable chance of national survival. If we upgrade our weapons to the level of our adversaries that balance will continue, should we not do so it increases the likelihood that at some point soon someone will decide the risk of a nuclear exchange is feasible. I dislike nuclear weapons, but they are real and are not going away. We must either deal with this problem or it WILL deal with us.

        • Drew, the theory most dangerous is which country RECOVERS first is the winner in such a war, and I think the Chinese believe they have the advantage based on 1.5 billion people.
          It’s all f’n lunacy.

      29. “In a nuclear world, War itself is the enemy”

        • J

          Is that your quote? If so its fantastic; if not who is the author?

      30. “Every conflict would leave behind a trail of radioactive fallout and mass civilian casualties.”
        Yes… exactly as has already occurred in Iraq (and probably elsewhere, like Afghanistan), thanks to the US military use of ‘depleted uranium’ weapons, i.e. nuclear weapons. Now Iraq has the highest rate of cancers and of children born with deformities in the world.
        Besides that, there was the use of mini-nukes on the WTC on 9-11-01, likely in the ‘Bali nightclub’ bombing, the southern China industrial ‘explosion,’ and possibly other incidents. The accumulation of nuclear weapons ensures they will eventually be used. The MADD doctrine was at least realistic and probably a serious deterrent to nuclear war. The notion of ‘limited nuclear war’ or ‘winnable nuclear war’ is patently insane and can only end in disaster.

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