Here We Stand, At The Twilight’s Last Gleaming: “All Private Property Rights In The U.S. To Be Strategically Usurped”

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    “Here We Stand, At The Twilight’s Last Gleaming”

    These words are written past the midnight hour and I remember back to March 23, 2010 when Obamacare was signed into law at the 11th hour.  I remember it well; I was up almost all night, as it was around 11 pm that it was finished.  Never will I forget it: the injustice labeled first as a law, then as interstate commerce, then as a tax.  It was slipped under the noses of the people and slithered into the books.

    The thoughts were such:

    1. Never again could anyone actually be homeless/ a wanderer/ a “troubadour” and left to their own auspices…left be…now they were tethered to a system and enslaved by forced health care (one of the Communist Manifesto planks).
    2. Government would now be in every aspect of our lives with health care as the justification for inserting themselves into every thing we do.
    3. The bureaucracy would grow, complete with a new set of oligarchs and multinational corporations competing for privileges and for the scraps thrown from the government’s table: licking the hand of the State, ad infinitum.
    4. It would take decades to be rid of it; by that time, the country and the private citizen would cease to exist except in name only.

    Incrementally.  With infinite patience and weighing the public consciousness (or lack of such) to inculcate their programs, and here we have it again, in Montana, paving the way for what will happen with the nation.  Eminent domain abolished private property, effectively making the definition of it subjective.  Private property is now completely defined by the federal government or the “tyranny of the majority” (De Toqueville), the latter in the form of a somber “grand council.”

    The feds, states, and the local councils determine the need to take away private property and then come out with the proclamation, “This is for the public good,” or in “the interests of the general public.”  Mr. Spock on steroids, where “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the needs of the one.”


    When the needs of the one are thrown upon a rubbish heap and burned in the name of the collective good, the needs of the many are pyred with that individual!  By burning the one, the basis for the freedoms of the many end up being skewered and destroyed.  The end state is no longer recognized as a free state made up of free individuals with free will.  It becomes a collective, socialist pit where money, power, and privilege establish the ruling class…the “inner and outer” parties and the proles.

    Incrementally.  This has happened in part, and it is happening now.  I wish to give you the real reason for the CSKT water treaty: the government’s takeover of all private water supplies in Western Montana “on behalf” of the Indian Tribes.

    All of you are aware of the forces at work both within and without our nation’s borders toward global governance.  The Agenda 21 actions placing the EPA as the determining body for the “protection” of the environment and the movement (as is occurring in China right now) of people from the rural areas into the cities.  They’ll have future “stack-n-packs” of people crammed into cage-like conditions.  Returning to Montana: this state is the first state both to pave the way and also for more sinister reasons.

    The Flathead Valley in particular is an area of high strategic value.  The rail line runs across the Continental Divide basically straight through Glacier National Park and into a small town (a seasonal tourist and ski-buff trap) named Whitefish, continuing on through Libby, MT and proceeding westward to Seattle and other parts in-between.  Now in Montana, there are an extremely high percentage of veterans and gun owners, especially up in the mountains.  The powers that be need these “water rights” to regulate the people and force them out of the hinterlands to enable them to control it.

    Now, in addition to the rail line (picture tanks, APC’s, artillery, and all support equipment moving across the Divide), the valley itself is excellent for airports and air operations.  In order to secure this area, first all of the people in the mountains who believe in God, guns, and Old Glory need to be controlled (the water compact does this) and systematically “made” to relocate.

    From a national perspective, what has occurred in Montana has set the precedent for all private property rights in the U.S. to be strategically usurped.

    The “frog placed in the cold water and brought to a gradual boil” is not a far-fetched analogy to be drawn!  Look what has been lost, and the Statist-regime keeps making inroads.  We do not have any victories, or (akin to the Overton window theory) if we do, it is only to move the accepted paradigm over just a little more.  At this rate, one day we’ll wake up in real, iron shackles, if we are permitted to awaken at all.

    They have stripped the people of Montana of their rights to own a well without being regulated; they now have the “right” to enter your property and do as they please.  The people of Montana are the representative slice of the United States’ citizens as a whole.  As Montanan’s rights burn, so will be pyred the rights of all of the citizens of the United States.  The whole package will be signed into law by the same Democratic Governor who vetoed a bill forbidding the sheriffs from preventing federal agents from confiscating firearms should the need arise.

    Readers, now is the time for truly intelligent discourse and analysis.  I ask you: give your best thoughts in these comments…use all of your experiences and knowledge to contribute to this discussion.  You have it in you: I know you do, because I have read your words and feel the same pains that you feel watching what has happened to our country.  We truly stand, at this moment, at the twilight’s last gleaming.  I look forward to hearing from you and bid you good day.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at

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      1. The tomato plants are in and covered with foil! wheeew!

        • Jeremiah…

          Where is J.W. Rawels? He wants us to move to the redoubt and line his pockets with more FRN’s 🙁

          Time to thin the herd, boss.

          • It would seem that you know very little about John Wesley Rawles. Who do you work for?

            • A very good article JJ.
              I just hope that when
              they jam it up my ass
              they at least have the
              decency to use a prophylactic
              but I highly doubt it.

              • If they used one of those, it wouldn’t feels as good for em. Get out the lube my friend.

                • By the time they get through with us
                  we’ll have an asshole as big as a culvert.

                  • OutWest and Wrong, they have to get their hands on you first before they can do anything. There are ways to prevent it. If they come for me for any purpose, I’ll just shoot them. You don’t have to let anyone hurt you if you don’t want them to.

                    • partly correct,they can walk on any time they wish. They only walk off if I wish.

                    • Braveheart,
                      I’m with you, i won’t let them take my property and i won’t go to jail, sooooo, i guess you know what will happen, take as many as i can!! AMEN !

                    • Sorry BH there will be many more of them you or your relatives in north Georgia.Dream on my friend,

                    • @ Jeremiah Johnson

                      In a recent “frank exchange of views” by email among some on this site, I called for discussion of some serious points of contention among those who otherwise have much agreement about our present circumstance.

                      For some of us here, mere agreement in opposition to our present circumstance is insufficient; we hope for something better to come of opposition. To paint with broad brush strokes (for the purposes of this short note, leaving aside the more subtle gradations of opinion), there is a huge divide between the futures envisioned by the religious and the irreligious/anti-religious (some of whom amusingly claim their “philosophy” and/or “science” is not as faith-based or zealous as a religion).

                      I’ll speak for my own “faction,” traditional Catholics (not to be confused with the very confused and most un-Catholic “Novus Ordo Catholics”).

                      We practicing Catholics cannot be accomplices in creating a society that tolerates or encourages sins against the Ten Commandments. We oppose usury, fraud, unjust wages, unjust prices, abortion, perversion, and oppression of the weak (and, yes, we oppose priest pedophiles and rapists). As a reformed libertarian, I am ever more suspicious of the so-called “non-agreesion principle” of libertarians, a “principle” that recognizes a gun to the head as aggression, but does not recognize the aggression of other types of duress, economic duress, starvation, …and seduction of the weak-willed and weak-minded.

                      Today’s elite behave as “anything goes” for themselves, while enslaving and depopulating the rest of us. Some who oppose today’s elite, to be blunt and opinionated, only offer a more widespread “anything goes,” an immoral tyranny of greed and libido that has zero appeal to those of us who believe there are behaviors that are objectively right and wrong.

                      I mean this post as food for thought, to promote introspection, so I’ll keep this short.

                      Tentatively I think the chasm is irreconcilable. I cannot be accomplice to a society that chops up babies n the womb or that grinds a widow with 30% interest simply because that is someone’s idea of a “free” market. People who call themselves “Christian” should carefully review Jesus Christ’s judgment in Luke 6:32-36. That is the measure of “Christian,” not how “free” the market is. For those who call themselves “Christian” yet advocate “Austrian” economics, I highly recommend reviewing the anti-Christian nature of “Austrian” economics, the utter incompatibility of the two:
                      The Church and the Libertarian by Christopher Ferrara
                      amazon dot com/The-Church-Libertarian-Catholic-Teaching/dp/B004UI30P0

                      Perhaps the solution will be a balkanized continent or globe with an “anything goes” zone adjacent to an “anti-usury/anti-abortion” zone. I am interested in the calm and considered opinions of thoughtful people on these points.

                    • Tacoma, who you be kidding. You know how bad my Cuz is? Well even the women can out shoot him, and the rest of his kin will be there to back him up. We may even let him lead the charge!

                    • The only ones that will be imprisoned will be those who stop shooting…

                  • We already do It’s in the Whitehouse.

                    • Apache54, when someone goes around having bad intentions toward other people, just what the hell do they expect? If you play with fire, you will get burned. Fact of life. If they want to come find out the hard way, let them bring it on. 00 buckshot will definitely ruin someone’s day.

                    • Apache54, it’s a proven fact of life that if you play with fire you will get burned. If they want to come to my place and find out the hard way, let them bring it on. 00 buckshot will ruin someone’s day. It’s not a smart thing to go around having bad intentions toward other people.

                    • Tacoma, that still depends on several factors. their first priority will be to secure the cities. Rural areas are further down their list. Also depends on how much manpower including foreign troops they can muster. This is an awful big country to try to occupy. We can make them pay a much higher price than they counted on to occupy this nation. Like Yamamoto once said, “A rifle behind every blade of grass.”

                  • Outwest, bad joke…
                    A Jewish princess married an Arab sheik who demanded anal sex.
                    She was complaining that her butthole used to be the size of a dime, but now is a silver dollar size.
                    Her mom replied, are you quibbling over 90 cents???

                    Kidding aside, anyone watching curfew in Baltimore???

                  • Outwest, bad joke…
                    Jewish princess married an Arab sheik who demanded anal sex.
                    Telling her mother, her butt hole was the size of a dime, now a silver dollar.
                    Mom replies, are you quibbling over 90 cents?

                    Anyone watching curfew in Baltimore???

                    • Eppe, I spit up some bottled water on my keyboard with that one. Keep them coming.

                    • Damn, and in your pictures you look so respectable!

                    • Kula, funny ain’t it?
                      That was my clean cut look.
                      Other times I look like a homeless bum.
                      Keep them guessing…

                      Everyone, thank Mac for this place to vent…

                    • Curfew is martial law. It comes from the days of William the Conqueror’s command that all lights be out, or “cur” (cut or curb) “few” (light) at night, as a way to isolate and punish disobedience to his conquest of England. Anyone obeying it is surrendering to besiegement. Those who don’t obey it would have to be ready for war (with no prisoners to be taken) against those who attempt to enforce it on them. It’s the bullies versus the bullied. Whoever cowers loses and becomes slave to the bully, with no say over their own life or that of their loved ones.

                    • Eppe that wasn’t even funny when you told it as Anonymous. And Cuz your gonna have to quit drinking when your on the computer.

              • Dear OutWest,

                Thank you for the compliment. On the second part, I doubt it too, my friend…for all of us.

                Stay frosty,


                • NGIC, your first post was good but your second post sucked. go back to sleep.

              • I think evil talk should be done away with on this site.

            • Do y’all mean: “James Wesley, Rawles”: the author of the Patriot Series of books or are you talking about his previously unknown brother John? Just checking….

          • You people realize that Baltimore has an all Democrat City Council, Democrat Mayor, over 40% Black Police Force, and has been run by the Democrats exclusively for over 50 years? How can we (I’m a Democrat) blame the Republicans for any of this?

        • Jeremiah, have all political and legal avenues been exhausted? Can folks appeal to the circuit court of appeals?

          Is there any political measures that can be taken to reverse the decision?

          Failing this, are mass protests at the state capital a viable action?


          • Dear FreeSlave,

            It is pretty much a done deal. There is only procedural nonsense to clear, now, as the Governor did finally sign it into law last Fri.

            There are literally no measures to reverse it except to bring up a bill to repeal it. Akin to Obamacare, the damage is already done.

            I’ll write more on it as it comes to the forefront. You hang in there; thanks for writing me.


            • JJ – It would seem to me that the libs being in the same boat would be just as passed off as the conservative in this case. Can’t you have an immediate recall of this out of control governor? I would certainly explore all the legal routes first. After that, the gloves are off. I’ll be praying for you, God Bless.

              • Dear Satcom Ranger,

                No, at this point we can’t touch him. There are plenty of good minds working on it, but it’s really the midnight hour here.

                Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers; they mean much.



          • ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!……..

          • Answer: Nullification as per the tenth amendment

        • Kill the first motherfuckers that show up bringing tyranny to the door, bury their bodies and get rid of their vehicles. On and on. It’s inevitable unless you go with them. What’s it gonna be?

          • The good old “SSS” probably would have worked for MT up until the last ten years or so. So many liberals have infested beautiful Western MT, so much so that this part of the state is now highly compromised. Your new neighbors will most likely cave in completely. Don’t expect them to stand next to you and defend anything. They are sell-outs and will do the same to you and your family.

            • I’ve got some ammo for them as well.

          • Zero, I have to agree. That is exactly what it’s coming to all over this land. I, for one, won’t give up anything.

            • I view this as a self-defense situation and it is not murder to kill anyone trying to take away the place where you lay your head.

              • Zero, I’m right there with you. It is definitely self-defense and there’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t care what anyone else says. You don’t have to let anyone hurt you if you don’t want them to.

                • Then you’ll have to be ready to do battle with them anywhere–at the store, when they try to accuse you of something totally false in order to capture you and segregate you from your loved ones, or,,, when they try to pull you over, for nothing, for the same purpose,,,anywhere. Governing yourself by obeying laws (whether they still exist or not, given the powers-that-be’s preference for agenda laws over basic, common-sense ones) that actually protect other people from dangerous thugs (like cops or the military, ready to kill you for disobeying them–instead of them defending victims of those who break the LAW against traditional crimes against persons or property) leaves them with no REASONABLE excuse for attacking you–other than their unreasonable demand for your obedience to them. You will have to defend (and see the commencement of war with them) against those who won’t govern themselves and, against those who attempt to rule over you. That is SHTF! It’s now, not later.

                  • The Falling Away

                    2Th 2:3
                    “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;…”

                    As we see the latest events unfold in this once great nation known as the USA, we are reminded that the days of Leave it to Beaver and The Brady Bunch are long gone.

                    As many of the Baby Boomer generations have lived it, and witnessed the broad sweeping transformation of the liberal agenda and the weakening of truthful Christian living principles in daily lives; it is apparently obvious that “the times have changed”. The change has not been for the better.
                    The lack of morals that is accepted and in most cases, endorsed, by the majority, has gotten this nation to a “point of no return”. We have “fallen” backwards in time to a period that is equivilent to the medievel times.

                    The “haves” and the “have nots” are as distant as the earth and the moon. We the people, are living like there is no tomorrow, and with no consequences for immoral behavior. Yes, most are still law abiding, church going folks, but we just stand idly by while the liberals run our Christian belief system into the grave. We have allowed The Powers That Be, to dig the six foot deep hole and with every vote for a liberal agenda, more God given rights and USA Constitutional Rights are shoveled right in, with dirt shoveled in afterwards. There is no one trying to dig them back out.

                    Only a handful of the courageous bible believing christians are marching against the pro-homosexual agenda. Hardly anyone is standing up for the 53 million innocent lives snuffed out by a liberal pro-abortion agenda.

                    While land owners rights in Montana are being stripped away, the inner city youth in Baltimore are vandalizing and stealing in record numbers. First it was Ferguson, MO; and where will the next riot and “black youth gone wild” event take place?
                    All this, while our leaders pander away rights and tax dollars to rogue countries. All the while preaching to us that we need to give more rights and tax dollars away in the name of “Climate Change”.

                    This is the Great Falling Away spoken of by Paul in the Bible. It is a determining factor of the events that precede the entrance of the antichrist.
                    There is time for a revival, and a returning to lifestyles of the Cleavers and the Bradys, but it won’t happen. The moral majority has been asleep at the wheel for too long, it seems. The sheeple have been spoiled and can’t go back, to taking their country back.

                    The masses of evil doers have won for the time being and their leader, that ole serpent, is soon to return.
                    Prepping and Praying is the order of the day.

                  • Well, I figure I can be a man or a pussy. Don’t see any in between.

                  • Anon, I’m ready for that and will fight regardless of the consequences. Surrender is not an option for me.

        • Why did the pigs in Baltimore leave their vehicles in the line of fire? Was that “giving them space to destroy”? That had to be intentional.

          • AE Good Question!

          • Acid; The mayor was running the show and poorly at that.

          • They were high mileage and they wanted new ones….at taxpayers expense.

        • When you hear a White man bitching about water rights they stole from the Native Indians decades ago, it cracks me up. Go pound sand crybaby!! Your cattle have destroyed riverbanks and trout streams. Pigs will never be happy until everything is destroyed.

          • Well…..I think you should do well to have the FEDGOV reclaiming “oversight” in regards to your water usage who…sounds eerily similar to some occurrences of the past…. Something something something condemned to repeat it or something…..

        • You never owned anything. Try not paying taxes each year on your property, see what happens. You;re merely a renter with special rights.

          • …and now they’re taking back those few “special rights”.

            You’re now just a renter with a long term lease.

          • +1+…As long as gubbermint can levy tax/fines/fees/garnisments/punishments, no one REALLY owns anything…However, bear in mind thats a knife with two equally keen edges – gvt COULD take from the ridiculously wealthy to repatriate what has been stolen in the name of greed, but that would make no more sense than a lion killing itself for want of a gazelle’s flesh. They are mutually inclusive entities.

            Why is armed conflict with the ruling elite the only logical resolution to the ongoing class warfare??? Simply put, the real “GET IT DONE PEOPLE” will finally have their voices heard through the thunder of gunfire! Until that happens, status quo for all, the view of the dog’s ass for the 99% shall continue on.

        • How about a recall drive to remove the Governor from office?

          Some sit-ins?

          E-mail story to [email protected] and

          Cliven Bundy (sp?) is issuing an appeal for help with the legal snakes who are changing the letter of the law in Nevada.

          What’s the saying about “evil taking over while good men do nothing”?

        • Over at, “How Much Of Our Work Is Compliance, Enforcement, And Menial Servitude To The New Aristocracy?”. And click on the links in that article. Very interesting and thought-provoking.

        • Genius,expecting a frost?!Seriously,this is no joking matter,well,OK,that is kinda funny!Keep em up,can use the laughs!

        • They are foreclosing on us. For the bansksters debts. Seems fair to me. We tried to stick our grand children with the debt, those that weren’t aborted.

        • brought mine in already…

        • Just read that post falls Idaho is getting ready for a large influx of Syrian refugees.

      2. Nothing lasts forever,except for God.

        • ….plastic bottles…

          • McDonalds burgers lol

            • And fries

              • Stupid Gullible Idiots who still believe in the big Religious hoax fantasy still seem to exist forever. If you can’t prove it, then STFU. And don’t tell me the Bible told you so. Another fabricated waste of good trees.

                • And you, can you prove it false?

                • Great advice, Thunkit! Please followup with the PROOF that The Bible is a hoax. While you’re at it, prove that the THEORY of Evolution has been proven via the Scientific Method…

        • But lead lasts an awfully long time.

          • US, 00 buckshot works wonders for unwelcome visitors.

            • Every time a Obama loyalist is killed while oppressing the good citizens, an angel gets his wings.

        • 10 4 Confederate. We are in judgement, it ain’t going to get better until He is running the show.

      3. Agenda 21 at it’s finest! We’ve been tossing the idea around of selling the house and moving to the retreat. Private property rights are not part of the communist manifesto or agenda 21. The problem with living in the sticks is it is a major pain in the ass and all day ordeal to go to town for things. Besides in a medical emergency your kind of screwed. Snow can trap you in also for weeks. Damn what to do.

        • If we stay and keep the house we run the risk of shtf and bugging out anyway but we will lose the house in the process to the invading forces. Any thoughts?

          • Genius, it’s your call, but the way things are shaping up, bugging out is starting to look very attractive. I’ve got another trip to my BOL scheduled for July, but the schedule can be changed if circumstances dictate.

          • Genius,

            Sell the house while it’s worth something. Turn that money into hard assets. Bug out. Start setting up, square away WATER, plant a big ass garden, get your animals squared away, clear up fields of fire, make range cards, fortify, stock up on the 3 B’s, train. Pray for others to do the same. Not saying you don’t have these things done and squared away already, just don’t want to be scrambling and trying to learn how to deal with problems you may have with crops, animals, etc. after shtf. Lots to do and me thinks the time to be short.


          • G…

            I guess some will try to avoid capture and strategically retreat…only to be discovered by the goons after you get there. Then they’re some who just know that retreat is not really an option and will try to make a “Stand your ground….let it begin here” impact as best they can…either way.,we will have to face the fight. Liberty and Freedom cannot keep retreating in the face of tyranny. I know that where I am is going to have to be where “it begins”. I’ll try my best. Where ever you ” Stand your ground” it is not to fight just for Liberty and Freedom…or even a thing called “Rights” It is endemic. Coded in our DNA to have no man persuade us away from that which we were created to be …Free.

            I absolutely am at a lost for accurate words to relay to you Jeremiah how thought provoking and stirringly scary of what is happening in Montana and thank for your valuable contributions to the arena of Freedom and Liberty.

            Live Free or Die…Live Free or Die

            • Genius,depends on where you live,you know your area/strategic value to powers that want to be,ect.On a side note(?),who is gonna have the final deck party if you decide to move,would a basic lawn in the northlands work?!

              • Warchild, The deck is at the retreat. That is where the teotwawki party will be. That is where I will be anyway if shtf. The house near town we live in is also paid for so selling it would provide a boat5load of cash to do other things.

                CRC, we dont live in a town, we live several miles outside of a small town with backroads to the retreat. It would be fairly easy to escape from here.

            • …Accurately put, talon!

              • Dear Anonymous

                Thank you as well.


            • “I absolutely am at a lost for accurate words to relay to you Jeremiah how thought provoking and stirringly scary of what is happening in Montana and thank for your valuable contributions to the arena of Freedom and Liberty.”

              That just about says what I was thinking too, thanks.

              • Dear Sixpack,

                My thanks to you, Sir, as well. You hang in there. I always look forward to reading your comments.



                • JJ, the most truthful thing you’ve ever posted here is calling sixpack ” sir”.

            • Dear Talon1776,

              I thank you for your kind words: words that echo the patriotism and goodness that is within your own heart.

              Shoulder to shoulder with you and our fellow countrymen before one second on my knees as a slave.

              Thank you again.

              Respectfully Yours,


          • You may wish to consider this mindset as it has helped me make my decisions much clearer. Count it all as lost. Home, family, and even your own life. You will walk this earth with little or no attachment to it. It is what will happen to you if you keep God’s commandments above all else. You have little attachment to this world and yet see the unlimited universes that are in front of you. I know that this may not make much sense as an option for you. It is just imho.

          • Snow is your friend as it keeps the trash from checking your place out. How many gimmedats have a snow mobile. Buy a snow mobile or used snowcat. I live in it and haven’t been snowed in. It would be a pa if you are over run by the gimme dats, rather than dealing with a natural barrier like snow and dirt roads.

        • Taking heed about the smell of opinions, I offer mine – if you have the means to move, enjoy the lifestyle moving will provide you, and offers no harmful repercussions to yourself and others, WHY ARE YOU STILL IN THE CITY??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I say live your life as you enjoy, secure in knowing regardless of “PREPS” and medical care plans, you WILL DIE! SO ENJOY LIFE, DON’T JUST SURVIVE! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      4. The open treachery going on in this country is down right sickening. I fear that there is no longer a peaceful solution and we must FORCE change, starting at the local level (where the power to govern belongs)and work our way up. if they can get away this, the taking of something SO needed for life then they will leave us with no option but to fight. And fight we must.

        • Yeah, I’m surprised at the lightning speed of it all. It may well be too late for a peaceful solution.

          “Gird Your Loins” and “Keep Your Powder Dry” people!!!

      5. 1. Just as the Grossman text presages, NOBODY WAS ACTUALLLY KILLED IN THE BALTIMORE RIOTS. It is all just POSTURING. If they really wanted to kill cops they would be out there shooting at them. Are they doing that? They are only throwing rocks, starting fires; a few people caught some punches. IT IS ALL JUST A CLOWN SHOW. But it is very effective at scaring the sheeple and chasing business away.

        The only caveat is that 2% of the population really is psychopathic (although 99% of psychos are not killers). My grandfather always said about WW2 that there were just a few civilians moving around the war zones committing atrocities for fun.

        But, getting back to the riot, it caught the government’s attention. And without a riot, no significant change would ever come about.

        Be sure to have more than a few fire extinguishers.

        2. I lived in Baltimore for 5 years. I was standing underneath the world trade center in Baltimore on 9/11. I was trapped in the city and the interstates were at a standstill. I had to hoof it through the city with only a folder and pepper spray and some money in my wallet and no jacket. AND THATS WHEN I BECAME A PREPPER. The malls and schools and stores were closed and there was nowhere to go. Caught out in the open in the urban jungle.

        At the time I lived in Baltimore I was an Eagle Scout but not a prepper. I have reinforced doors and weapons and medicals and emergency lanterns (the power went out very frequently). I never had more than 3 days of food, no water filters or stockpile, no fuel, no camp stove, no radio, no generator, you get the picture.

        How would I have dealt with a riot if it had happened then? I’m sure glad I’m a prepper now.

        • Acid, interesting story. You did exactly right becoming a prepper.

      6. You are tethered if you own land, or if you are in any way connected to electronic money (also meaning that you work for someone else). Unfortunately, that is over 99% of us.

      7. I attach an interesting e-mail from my brother, unedited::

        I remember a (chilling) account from a Ford of Germany (German) colleague
        (our age) who was sent to Michigan for a few years to work on a joint auto
        trans program during the early 80s.
        During some chit-chating about mutual history questions, he mentioned that
        after the war, everything had a mortgage put on it, the revenues evidently
        were for reconstruction and reparations. In other words, you had to buy
        back back something that you may have already paid for many years earlier,
        such as your house, to the new government. I remember a moment of chills,
        thinking that the solution imposed by the victorious allied powers could
        also be applied to us, someday, if there were a US economic collapse (at the
        then 15-20% inflation of the late 70s) and the new dollar needed some
        ‘collateral’ backing. Evidently because of the total defeat, the
        surviving German citizens were in no mood for any more revolution.

        So, today, if the dollar ‘collapsed’ to an alarming Great Depression/Pearl
        Harbor/9-11 disaster level, what would the ‘government’ do to back a new
        currency? New collateral would have to come from somewhere, the Ft. Knox
        gold was already claimed for other reasons, so the only alternative I can
        think of is what post-war West Germany did. So, how would you like to buy
        back the house that you owned free and clear for the last 10-15 years?

        Part of the problem with tax liens and the subsequent forclosures during the
        tax auction is that you also need buyers, so the ‘state’ or other municipal
        entity can seize all they want but if there are not enough buyers, revenue
        is poor so services must be cut. This is what happened to Detroit.
        Eventually the State of Michigan did briefly take over and straighten out
        Detroit and Detroit even elected a white mayor. (the previous black mayor
        was convicted of various corruptions of bribery, etc.). IF this tax
        forclosure (from the new national recovery mortgage) is applied at the
        national level, this should meet with a strenuous resistance. When FDR
        ‘seized’ all the gold held by US citizens, I do not recall reading about any
        How would the government confiscate privately held gold, today? So I
        return back to the German solution of the national mortgage on your paid-off
        house…..easy terms so it would be somewhat painless at first, like SS
        The printing industry might become busy printing new government bonds to
        back the new currency.

        I am feeling queasy thinking about this….

        • This is why 4th generation warfare will be the rule of the day, it needs to be agressively acted ipon as soon as there is this sort of action out of DC or your state or locsl govt.
          the fastest way tokill a dnake and remove the threat is to cut its head off….

          • Huh? What? Did someone call my name? Oh. Yeah! 4GW. Its not just for breakfast any more.

            4GW does not refer to 4 terms of George W Bush. You all might want to start studying it. None of what the previous posters were talking about will happen while the American people are armed. Do you really think they want to take away the guns for *OUR* safety? Oh, its for safety, thats for sure. They’re not lying about that. They imply that its for our safety. That implication is a misdirection. They want to get rid of the firearms so they can force these crap sandwiches down our throats and make us smile and we cant do anything about it.

            They will NEVER take the guns peacefully. Way too many of us are wise to this plan of theirs. We know what happens to unarmed populations and we’re not going down that road. We also know our 2nd Amendment. Thats hard to get around. We have LICENSE. They have RESTRICTION.

            In Baltimore the police brutality has stepped right up to the edge. Much more and the people won’t give a crap about shooting at the cops. When that happens, lots of cops die and many more quit. The system won’t hold the cops accountable so the people are. Sure, the people and thugs are doing a lot of bad things, but, the cops gave them the excuse. But, they’re just a bunch of dumb thugs. Just wait until they piss off the productive class of patriots and see what happens.

            Its coming. I can feel it.

            • NetRanger, if ANY thugs come to my place, it’s all over for THEM. Don’t care who they are either.

            • Yep, they have managed to get the country 18 trillion plus in debt, debt that they wont pay personally but will expect each and every one of us to shoulder.
              I say they can go to fucking hell, im a loudmouth here, it aint me they need to worry about, its the folks who are watching my feed for the tip off they better be worried about,
              Sure i got some good hardware and enough skills to get my ass in a heap of trouble, but my watchers are down right frightening,,,,funny how old vets are, after a while they just dont give a crap about some stuff,
              For me,, im sick and tired of this crap, i cant do shit on my own other than mouth off here n there and stir the pot when i can, these political elite are at all levels of government, here we are dealing with this crap at all levels,
              Names, addresses, pictures etc, its all public record, make a spreadsheet, print it out and pass it around, utilize the resources while available, maybe visit a few office buildings to collect more names amd mugs,, these people are everywhere, in every town, and are all the ilk that would see us as slaves to their desire rather than free men and women,

              • Kula ,
                On the commencement of regime hostilities to the populace , motor pools , radio repeaters , supply lines , disrupt command and control followed by Night Letters to radio repair and mechanic shops .

                Plan , Execute , Vanish ,

                Be no where and everywhere , make TPTB afraid to go to work .

                They can’t control eveything , maintain the moral high ground , hearts and minds provide what the regime cannot , cultivate an auxillary , FREEFOR will prevail .
                Once this starts there will be no going back until hostilities cease and only one remains , make sure LIBERTY is the one remaining .

                Kudos JJ


                We are the resistance

                Semper FI

                Recon all the way

                • Thanks, Night Breaker,

                  You hang in there with the true warrior mindset: that alone gives you (and the rest of us) the advantage.

                  De Oppresso Liber, Marine Brother.


                • 100 heads.

        • I’m thinking Germany’s “solution” a-la 1938 would be a more likely scenario. (Not talking the “final” BS because yeesh. Siphilis is bad for your brain, eh?)

        • As long as there are BANKS, there are BUYERS. The banks own most of everything anyway.

      8. In the beginning of The Omega Man he wrecks his car due to an armored car in the middle of the road. He sees a hundred gold bars lying on the road. He steps overtop of them to go look for fuel and another car.

        The point is I don’t see metals being very valuable in SHTF. It just looks like painting a bullseye on yourself to me.

        The riots were committed by people who have food on the table and a roof over their head. All over stealing some snacks and toilet paper rolls. What would a city under full-blown SHTF look like? HORROR, that’s what.

        The city is a fucking death trap. Any thoughts of barricading yourself in an apartment and shooting it out with the darkies is a fool’s errand.

        Get out of the city. Find a new job.

        • Well Acid, I don’t care what they say about you. You’re not stupid. …at least not stupid enough to stay in the city.

          • Uh Acid,he wiped out his car due to hanging in theatre too long watching Woodstock flick,the sun was going down,the family getting ready to come out and play,love that flick!

            • Bullshit old man. He wrecked the red car before swapping it for a blue mustang. THEN he went to the theater.

      9. @Jeremiah Johnson I will be out that way this summer. Would love to link up and buy you a beer or coffee if you are around. Thanks for the recent articles. Been stepping up the preps on my side.

      10. @ Jeremiah Johnson I will be out to Montana this summer. If it’s near you I’d love to buy you a beer or a coffee. Anyways thank you for your recent articles. I’ve been picking up the pace with my preps and encouraging others to do the same.

        • Dear Chilton,

          That would be great. I’d love to meet you and take you up on that..maybe grab a bite to eat or something. Let me know when.

          Keep up the preps, keep up the planning. I’m glad that what I wrote is of worth to you. Thanks for the feedback


          • Jeremiah Johnson, what a thought-provoking article … thank you for taking the time and energy to write and post it. If Agenda 21 is planning to forcibly “relocate” everybody to the cities, then why bug out to a rural area – especially now that water rights are being “taken” (property becomes worthless without water)? Living in a city is not safe, moving rural is now questionable, governors cannot be trusted, what the heck? Where does one move to? You and your family chose Montana because it must have felt like the best place at one time – will you be staying or leaving? Would love to read an article from you about any other options for those of us who wish to remain in the USA, want to escape the cities, and where to go and still have any last fragments of freedom to live our lives. Are there any states left not willing to fricking cave in to the powers-that-be? Thanks!!

            • Dear Earth Angel,

              Thanks for the compliments, I really appreciate it. I chose Montana because I visited a friend of mine, a retired Command Sergeant Major who lived in Libby, back in 2000. When I saw how the lay of the land was, I knew I’d be back, and I’ve been here now for a good while.

              I will do an article on exactly what you asked, and I’ll dedicate it to you.

              Almost all of the states are on their last gasp; however, some are a little bit more tenable than others for different reasons. Montana is one of them.

              Thanks again, and I’ll have that topic for you sometime next week.



          • JJ have you ever gone to the annual Green Beret event in Burris, Wy? Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

            • Dear Trekker,

              No, I try to stay in W. Montana as much as possible. Every so often I venture out of my cabin to buy a few things in town, but that’s the extent of it. Plus there’s alot of SF boys here…and near…so I’m not “homesick,” so to speak.

              Keep your powder dry and stay frosty!



              • JJ, I can understand that. I love W.Montana, Libby, Troy Yaak and Hamilton and all of the Eastern slope of the Bitterroots. I once tried to make a move there many years ago but couldn’t financially make it happen. I understand that big city imports have about ruined Hamilton. W.Wyoming ain’t bad! Trekker Out. Keep The Faith!

      11. Maybe this is happening. Maybe there will be some sort of currency crisis. Maybe there will be some sort of racial conflict in the country. There are a million things awry about this country but the number one tquestion is what do these people that write all this shit expect us to do about it? I could actually respect a website that was pro-active about doing something instead of regurgitating the same old stories we have all heard a million times. All the patriotic and prepper sites all want us informed and want us to circle our wagons but not one has the balls to organize a demonstration and actually accomplish something.
        I guess they are all afraid of the government. YOU should stand up to the feds and YOU should do this and that but I guess thats where the deal ends. I used to have a friend like that…we would go into a bar and he would have me in a fight in 5 minutes while he ran out the door. The American way these days huh?

        • Now Warface, THERE’S a solution–a DEMONSTRATION!.Maybe in a “Free Speech Zone”? That would put TPTB in their place. All those signs and bullhorns and stuff! Actually, Skippy, there’s NOTHING any of us can do about financial manipulation by banks and governments grabbing assets from us as they try to save themselves from bankruptcy. All we can do is watch and wait. When tyranny comes to our doors or those of our neighbors, we can try to chop off its head. If it never comes to our doors, then we need do nothing more than share our observations and possible solutions among ourselves–and stay vigilant.

      12. Negative interest rates put world on course for biggest mass default in history

        ht tp://

      13. The gubermint thinks everything belongs to them anyway.

        • This is why they need a well deserved bitch slap all the way back to 1776

          • Kula, the answer to 1984 is 1776.

            • Sorry BH this is 2015 whole nother ball game

              • Tacoma, what I meant is that the only hope there is for this nation is to take it back to what God intended for us to have. The ballot box has failed so now it’s time for the cartridge box.

        • WELL, THEY DID THIS TO THE AMERICAN INDIANS… for their own good, of course… made them relocate… to the reservations… where most died along the way… they (the U.S. government) f…s up everything they touch.

          • The “american govt.” is just a collective of stupid asskissing retards that sign on to bullshit. Idiots that need someone to tell them what to do because they cannot think for themselves. Controlled by people with evil directives and shitloads of money. They are the stupidest of the stupid. Why do you think it is so hard to deal with them? They are completely and totally brainwashed and of very low intelligence. They don’t ask questions and do what they are told. The reference to what the natives went through is a perfect example of Karma! But we must uphold and enforce the LAW be it wrong or not! They are so fuckin stupid they wouldn’t know right from wrong if you wrote it in braille and shoved it up their ass!

            • Nay, government is populated by middle-of-the-road intellectuals who happily sell their “Constituents” down the river while believing they are one tic closer (And therefore similarly previlliged) to the ruling elite who REALLY run the entire scam of greed and deception we lowly peons are forcefed through school, religion, employment, society, and at home by our own, brain-washed parent…(having only one due to the high divorce rate) to conform to unquestioningly…IMHO Of course….

              • I was including the smaller versions too. BLM, DHS, FDA, etc.

      14. Wondering what you (publishers / readers) think of pros / cons of selling a house now before September to get equity out to use for “post-collapse” or stay in house with possibility of losing equity – but being exposed to higher interest rates / inflating rent?

        Any thoughts?

        • sell

          buy new low tax lot

          build duplex with enlarged landlord unit and private gardens

          live off rent from tenants.

          • Bad advice.


            After collapse, no jobs. Renters can’t pay. Trade off furniture and appliances for bread. Renters then go mad when there is no more bread or ebt, and destroy property.

            County and city don’t care about your situation, they just want property tax money of whatever form it is now used.
            No funds to pay property taxes.
            County evicts tennants and takes legal action against owner for not keeping property up to code and non-payment of taxes.
            Owner is forced to go on the run and with no funds or preps.
            Put all prep funds into rental property.
            Took bad advice and is now wading up shit creek, looking for rope to hang around neck.

        • Depends. What you going to do with the money, where is the house, Is it in a good bug out location, near your job, how safe is your job, is it paid for, Do you have a better place to go. You will pay a lot to sell it and go somewhere else, 10-15% at least, can you afford that, Dozens of questions. Don’t know your situation, usually it’s better to just wait and make an informed decision than to just run.
          Never just cut and go until you have somewhere to go.

        • Sell before interest rates jump. If the rest of this stuff also happens having sold the house will be a smart move. Except for one large problem. Where will you put the equity you get out of the sale? I would expect that money/wealth confiscation is also on the agenda.

        • Selling mine to pay debts and invest in smaller area I can better control. Don’t recommend renters. They are already too unreliable and regulations against the landlords especially of trailer parks. Use equity to buy what you know you are going to need in the next 2 years.

      15. Correction, Montana is late to the party. These water wars have actively been going on here in Oregon for many many years before Montana’s involvement. For reference look up Klamath water wars.

        The Tribe made the water call this past week. Which means all surface water and wells within a mile of those basin water sources are ” controlled” by the tribe.

        Dirk Williams

        • fuck the tribes!

          the tribes are just as bad now as the jews!

          • The Tribes seem to have forgotten who the REAL enemy is. Oh, how a few casinos can make such a difference in view points…

            • the tribe(s) in question is the flathead tribe.

              who now only number 7000. they have 18,000 whites living on their reservation.

              and they are a mixture (a mutt) of tribes at that.

              this is just the montana oligarchy zog controlled state gov locking down the waters of glacier lake.

              they now get to hide behind the montana indian tribes as they themselves exploit the water for themselves in backroom closed door deals and get even richer, as everyone else gets to live in un agenda 21 approved communities like good lil’ tax debt slaves.

              as the high land taxes in montana force everyone to live in the un agenda 21 approved towns and community housing.

              it’s shit like this that ‘removes any hesitation’ i may have to pull the trigger come martial law day!

      16. More Fatal Earthquakes to Come, Warn Climate Change Scientists

        ht tp://

        “a series of life-threatening “extreme geological events” – earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis – is predicted by a group of eminent geologists and geophysicists including University College London’s Bill McGuire, professor emeritus of Geophysical and Climate Hazards.”

        Are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions increasing across the planet?

        ht tps://

        The Extinction Protocol: A message to readers

        ht tps://

        “April 2015 – SIGN OF THE TIMES – The pace of geological change and extreme climate events are accelerating across the planet. Impending change to our planet’s fragile life-sustaining ecosystems is now inevitable. These ensuing changes could have dire consequences for all life on Earth. While conflict continues to escalate across the face of our planet, communities become more and more polarized by violence and economic disparities, and the world continues to unravel socially and economically – our attention should not be drawn into the vortex of these occurrences. Greater threats of a solemn nature are looming and approaching us in time which will soon impact the planet in ways, even now, few can foresee or foretell. Some of these events have the potential to drastically alter life on Earth for all mankind. The challenges ahead will be grave, and some of them will be quite catastrophic – devastating nations and creating situations of extreme deprivation and hardship – in some cases, touching off a wave of migrations. However; over the coming months and years, we should all be firmly grounded in the hope that we can get through whatever difficulties we face by working together and never losing sight of the “humanity” and “compassion” which ultimately unites us all in one collective family. –TEP”

      17. There is no fixin this mess, God will straighten it out with a rod of iron.

      18. Mr. Johnson’s take on eminent domain is pretty spot on.

        However, the Agenda 21 reference is moot. Eminent Domain has always been in effect in the US corporate Constitution and is only now being acted on as resources become scarce.

        The railroads always had eminent domain…the roadways were the same. Interpretation by the fascist .gov and their SCOTUS will trump your bid and any bid.

        If you think anything short of an uprising will stall the US Corporation’s “laws” you are barking up the wrong tree. Good luck if you decide to rebel. They will know ahead of time.

        All you can do is withdraw your consent and defend your patch of ground when the revenuer enforcers come to take it. There is no unity among patriots other than talk.

        I see the badge .gov lickers posting on here everyday, as if the wolf won’t be at their door someday as long as they “obey” the law.

        Fascists own your ass and unless you are willing to kill like Eric Frein, you will not find your liberty.

        • Pretty much.

        • Now Warface, THERE’S a solution–a DEMONSTRATION!.Maybe in a “Free Speech Zone”? That would put TPTB in their place. All those signs and bullhorns and stuff! Actually, Skippy, there’s NOTHING any of us can do about financial manipulation by banks and governments grabbing assets from us as they try to save themselves from bankruptcy. All we can do is watch and wait. When tyranny comes to our doors or those of our neighbors, we can try to chop off its head. If it never comes to our doors, then we need do nothing more than share our observations and possible solutions among ourselves–and stay vigilant.

        • Anonymous, Eric Frein was nothing but a cowardly, backshooting murderer who ambushed a couple of cops that were minding their own business and unaware of the threat. He didn’t engage anyone that was attacking him. Then he heroically ran and hid, shitting in his diapers for a few weeks until finally caught without incident.

      19. They think they own it. Hell they can’t control a city of 600,000. What the hell do they think? There will be around 1,000,000 of us standing against them.

        • Sarge, hopefully there will be way more than a million of us against them.

          • Brave
            How did the shopping go at the gun show?
            Heading to BOL#2 this week end. Going to stop at some gun shops on the way.

            • Sarge, sad to say something serious came up over the weekend and I had to skip the gun show. Next gun show for this area not until July and that’s when I’m going back to GA. My next trip is supposedly only for a few days. But the way things are shaping up it could end up being the “bugout”. Baltimore is making Ferguson look like a picnic. I’ve been hearing some rumors of possible trouble in my area the past couple of days. Still carrying the .380 in the truck. The way things are going, I could be going back to GA sooner. Just have to wait and see.

              • Brave:
                I hope everything is OK now. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

                • Sarge, things are OK for the time being. I always hope for the best but I never hold my breath on anything.

        • Every ONE has to be ready to stand against them. Don’t wait for nor expect any others to rally to your side, like in some John Wayne movie. You’ll be vilified and made out to be a deranged “danger” to the public. That’s part of their psychological warfare. Governing yourself, for the real protection of others, and, defending yourself against those who won’t govern themselves and against those who attempt to rule over you. That’s the only possible blueprint for individual liberty to live and let everyone else live, freely and equally.

      20. I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures.

        • @Copperhead,

          Really like your handle. Have you seem the movie Geronimo?
          “Ride with the Devil” is good too.


          • TH: Study everything you can about Geronimo, and as a matter of fact all the old Indian Tribes, so, so much wisdom to be learned. Thx; the Copperhead is one mean little fellow for sure.

            • Aren’t copperheads one of the few varieties of snakes that are venomous when they’re hatched? They just don’t have enough to be lethal yet.

              • Six: Yes and it doesn’t take long for them to get lethal.

      21. Ownership is control. If you don’t have the final say over something, then you don’t control it and you don’t own it.

        The federal government has had the final say over all property for decades now and so they de facto own everything. They’re just allowing us to it. We’re basically sharecroppers and taxes represent the share we hand over to the land owners.

        Oh, and we pay taxes on income even if that income comes from applying our own labor.

        That should tell you who really owns your body.

        And if you need proof, consider that you must pay the government $2350 to give up citizenship. You can’t just say “I want out.” You must buy your freedom.

        • ^^THIS! You absolutely nailed it.

          I have been sad lately because I am stuck in the city and have really wanted to try to buy some land out in the country, but I just don’t have the budget yet.

          Then I see this kind of article posted and think…”why bother?”

          But I am willing to buy the illusion of owning property because that is all the options I have at the moment.

          Until WE are ALL ready to stand up and fight to change this country, WE will get what we are getting now.

          It is a lot harder to consider risking your current livelihood to stand up for what is right and know that when you do, you will most likely lose everything and get tossed in jail with no key and no trial. And if you try to fight on your own, that is what happens.

          I actually don’t think it will take an “organize” effort to get things to change. It will take something much bigger to happen for people to come together.

          That is why this will continue. It will happen incrementally and right under our noses.

          • You may be right.

            There’s strength in numbers and there’s strength in those numbers having a government.

            The trouble is that it’s hard to convince individualists already suspicious of government to organize and to get involved in government.

            They’re also more willing to fight, which would just give those in power a pretext for exerting more control.

            I wish I knew what the solution is.

            Maybe we need to follow the left’s strategy and take over the institutions, the universities, the press, the media, the law, etc.

            Trouble is, it takes decades for that to work. Obama is proof that it does work, however.

            Maybe a national strike would work, with the slaves deciding to simply stop working. How could the state function if millions simply stopped moving food, or providing essential services?

            But I don’t see that happening. It sounds too suspiciously leftist.

            Another option is to simply out-breed everyone else. Again, that takes decades, but it’s kept the Democrats in power.

        • Does anyone remember what the North did to the South and to Southern property owners after the Civil War? A whole new business and class of hated businessmen came into existence known to us as Carpet Baggers. Reparations, redistribution, dispossession, imminent domain and confiscation will be backed by the “rule of law” and carried out in the name ‘justice’. “You don’t own it!” “You didn’t build it!” Will be common phrases uttered as jackbooted thugs enforce the will of “the People”. Resistance will be futile!

          Gone With The Wind

          • GWTW, I had ancestors who survived the war and reconstruction so I know it all too well. But this time will be different. The feds won’t have the numbers necessary to pull that off this time.

        • Citizenship resides in the heart, not a muzzle. I consciously object to being held to account for an accident of birth. You can swear allegiance to another but FedGov Inc. says you didn’t mean it until we (IRS/State Dept.) say you did. You will depart broken and withered. Or not at all.

        • If I were leaving the country I wouldn’t pay a nickel. I’d just go. I so not recognize anyone’s ownership on my person.

      22. Rising Police Aggression A Telling Indicator Of Our Societal Decline

        ht tp://…cietal-decline

        A historially common marker of failing civilizations

        oh what was that ?

        a historically common marker of FAILING civilizations

      23. To surrender one’s individualism in order to become a part of the collective is to surrender one’s salvation in order to become a resident of Hell. For that is surely where the collective is headed. The needs of the collective must never outweigh the needs of the individual. For the worth of the collective is measured by the value placed on the needs of the individual. Collectivism is the daily narrative of the satanically inspired establishment. Individualism is of God.

      24. My wife who is native American . She wouldn’t let me put her name on the deeds to our land. She stated we don’t own it. If we owned it we wouldn’t have to pay the county rent (property Tax) and they decide how much the rent will be. All the government has to do is file a recorded lien on you property . When title is transferred the lien must be paid.they have hundreds of ways to attach a lien. We have only the illusion of ownership.

        • She’s absolutely right.

      25. Well, if they are pretending to do something on behalf of the American Indians, you know damn well its all bullshit!

        • The Feds were going to do something for the Native Americans? When in history was/is that going to happen? The second Tuesday of next week?

      26. I know this is irrelevant, but this is so outstanding, had to post this!! (From zero hedge):

        The day after violent protests left Baltimore burning in the wake of a funeral held for Freddie Gray who died after sustaining a spinal injury while being taken into policy custody, Americans are struggling to explain how the events that transpired on Monday evening are possible in modern day America. While most are united in their condemnation of indiscriminant violence, many still feel a palpable sense of injustice after witnessing multiple instances of alleged police misconduct over the past year.

        In this context we present the following culled from Twitter messages posted by Orioles Executive Vice President John Angelos, son of majority owner Peter Angelos:

        “Brett, speaking only for myself, I agree with your point that the principle of peaceful, non-violent protest and the observance of the rule of law is of utmost importance in any society. MLK, Gandhi, Mandela, and all great opposition leaders throughout history have always preached this precept. Further, it is critical that in any democracy investigation must be completed and due process must be honored before any government or police members are judged responsible.

        That said, my greater source of personal concern, outrage and sympathy beyond this particular case is focused neither upon one night’s property damage nor upon the acts, but is focused rather upon the past four-decade period during which an American political elite have shipped middle class and working class jobs away from Baltimore and cities and towns around the U.S. to third-world dictatorships like China and others, plunged tens of millions of good hard-working Americans into economic devastation, and then followed that action around the nation by diminishing every American’s civil rights protections in order to control an unfairly impoverished population living under an ever-declining standard of living and suffering at the butt end of an ever-more militarized and aggressive surveillance state.

        The innocent working families of all backgrounds whose lives and dreams have been cut short by excessive violence, surveillance, and other abuses of the Bill of Rights by government pay the true price, an ultimate price, and one that far exceeds the importance of any kids’ game played tonight, or ever, at Camden Yards. We need to keep in mind people are suffering and dying around the U.S., and while we are thankful no one was injured at Camden Yards, there is a far bigger picture for poor Americans in Baltimore and everywhere who don’t have jobs and are losing economic civil and legal rights, and this makes inconvenience at a ball game irrelevant in light of the needless suffering government is inflicting upon ordinary Americans.”

        Not exactly what the US Department of Truth wanted to hear.

        • Yes indeed spending many millions of taxpayer dollars just to enable millon dollar salaries for coaches and grown men to play games that involve chasing around ball?thats is the solution.?

        • Anon, outstanding post and I couldn’t agree more. I know my family in north GA won’t give up anything without a fight and I’ll be there standing with them.

      27. Not previously knowing anything about what this article appears to be about, it was rather tough to discern what information was being communicated…

        There is a new eminent domain situation in western Montana that results in private property owners’ loss of control over water wells on their land??? And there is some link to that Agenda 21 stuff???

        Kinda tough to figure out what was being said.

        On the Baltimore situation: It’s now coming out that many “social media” accounts that were associated with the Ferguson riots are showing up in Baltimore.

        Traveling instigators and anarchists. Have riot, will travel. Who’s paying their expenses? Who’s supporting them? Who’s paying their monthly smart-phone bill? Who’s paying for their $150 backpacks? Who’s paying for their $200 leather hiking boots?

        Follow the money.

        • “it was rather tough to discern what information was being communicated…”

          IMO, anyone with an eighth grade reading level should be able to understand this article just fine. Maybe get your GED and try again?

          • Sixpack, that’s a good one. sounds like another sheeple to me.

        • Anon

          George Soros.

        • How are Montanan’s losing their wells? Are they going to put meters on their wells and charge them like they tried where I live and we turned out en mass against it? Only by trespassing on private property could they stop someone from using their well. What they did here was refuse to permit the drilling of any more wells.

      28. grab the rug.

      29. If you add up all of the Deer Hunters in the U.S., you have one of the largest standing Armies in the World. Most armed with scoped rifles too.

        Jesus instructed us to, “Render unto Caesar what was Caesar’s”. So if Caesar wants gold fine, and if he wants lead, Caesar better watch out fur them hogs!

        • Them Hogs, I’ll damned sure give ‘Caesar’ lead, and hot lead at that.

          • BH,,A true southern guy does not brag or boast what he will do.When time comes he just does it.You are not a true southern guy.

            • Anon, there’s no bragging or boasting on my part. And I’m more Southern than you could imagine.

        • Even more fun when you take into account all the guys who are REALLY into the long range hunting thing, most make my 700m patterns look pale, and my 300winmag look puny!

          • Kula, .300 win mag is a great liberty tool! Use some barnes ttsx for good penetration! Sierra matchkings or barnes matchburners for accuracy! H-1000 is a great powder for that caliber too 🙂

            • I have been playing with a few different powders and I have found that MR-4000 works great in a 30.06 with 175gr, matchburners.
              My all time fav load is for a .243 with H414 powder and 70gr. sierra matchkings. 3600 fps. and awesome groups!

            • Ive been loadin Berger 210g VLD Hybrids over IMR7828 weight on my Dillon electronic scale in Norma brass, using Redding competition dies in my RCBS Summit press, gives a new meaning to the term “long range accuracy”
              Good enough for government work

              • Kula, That’s a lot better than any govt. work lol.

        • Yeah but you forgot one thing. Them deer won’t shoot back, but them hogs sure will. Don’t rely on a bunch of deer hunters for help. Don’t rely on anyone for help.

          • PO’d how right you are! I know alot of deer hunters and very few are preppers and most of them only shoot their gun 3or4 times a year while shooting at a deer, and other than that most don’t even do any scouting prior to season, actually very few deer hunters are even what you could truly consider outdoorsmen. I speak from experience in the outdoors in Missourah and as well as Wyoming. Even in the Wild West many hunters do all their hunting from a vehicle. Trekker Out.

            • He’s right you know! ^^^^

            • What really pisses me off is these so called hunters that shoot twice a year (both times with different ammo) can’t hit shit past 100 yards. They only wound animals and then can’t find them. IF YOU CAN’T SHOOT 300 YARDS OR MORE YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS HUNTING! 1 shot 1 kill assholes! If you are in ANY doubt of your shot DON’T TAKE IT! This is a BIG peeve of mine and for good reason…

              • Genius,do I have to wait on hunting season till you get me a sure shot killing bow with a 300 yard range?!Will say,look forward to the bow you are gonna find me!

                • Speaking of Bows and deer hunters, first let me say, I love guns. Now as a rule if you really want to find someone who knows their way around in the outdoors, that would be a AVID bowhunter regardless of what game they hunt. So if a person is proficient with a bow at 30 or 40 yards he most likely will be able to suceed at any undertaking at 200yds. with a rifle, but then again, being a hunter doesn’t make one a fighting force, nor a standup Patriot. Trekker Out. Live Free Or Die!

                • Warchild, ha ha ha you know what I meant. I never have bow hunted but I have a bow I practice with. It’s a lot of fun and challenging.

            • Most of the deer hunters I know don’t really do any hunting.

              When I think of hunting, I think of going into the woods and searching for tracks or signs, following them until I get close, sneak up on the animal without spooking it, and then shooting it.

              I don’t consider it hunting to climb up into a deer stand, wait for a deer to happen along, and then ambush it.

              And then there’s the so-called hunters who sit on a perch in the back of their trucks and wait for the dogs to chase a deer out into the open for them to shoot. I don’t think that’s hunting either.

              • Archivist, I call it stalking. 🙂

        • Notice it says “Render unto Caesar, what IS Caesar’s”

          It does NOT say to just hand him any bloody thing he demands, nor does it say that anything and everything he demands, should rightfully be his.

      30. Eminent domain is “law”. Constitutional “law”. Canals, railroads, interstates, oil wells, dams, whatever.

        First it was Manifest Destiny and then the Monroe Doctrine… all belongs to the Anglo-Zionist Empire…because, well, they say so.

        Not so nice, is it, when it comes home to roost.

        Mr Green Beret nom de plume was fine when it meant killing brown people to defend against the Communists or Muslim terrists and seizing their lands, but when the fascist. gov they once served turns against them, they are crying like a baby.

        The Constitution either did what it was intended to or it was too weak to prevent it.

        • What you say is true, and attributed to American ‘exceptionalism”, but where does it say that Jeremiah Johnson, by whatever name, was personally okay with killing brown people and seizing their lands?

          Aren’t you just making generalizations based on your opinions?

          Perhaps he’s EX military for reasons of his own. I know I personally decided not to re-enlist once I caught on to what was really going on.

          …or do you just hate ALL military people equally?

      31. This is insane but I completely agree with the author. This is how they attack our liberties. Bit by bit. We compromise and look the other way until because we feel like we have no recourse. That’s how they want us to feel. The veterans and those in Montana that are affected by this should not stand for this. At the first sign of the state or feds actually trying to enforce this we ALL need to do what needs to be done. Im hundreds of miles away but ill be there if it means putting an end to this tyranny.

        • Why go there?
          Im sure like myself you got plenty of those fed SOBs in your own AO….

          • Remember your can o spray paint so if possible leave em a message to count coup!

            • That’s true. My thinking is if I go around taking them out locally then it might be misconstrued and seem unrelated. Just like bundy ranch… once they see like minded individuals show up in numbers we may be able to get them to turn tail and give us more time to prep. I can never get enough ammo these days.

            • Kula, that’s a great idea! Spray paint messages all over to demoralize the enemy. It would work to a degree and learn to put it in russian and chinese too lol.
              That reminds me of a conversation I had with an ex cop from new orleans. We were talking about how to fook over someone you don’t like. He had the idea to put a bumper sticker on their car that said “If you pull me over, you’d better have more ammo than me!” ha ha ha ha 😛

            • The one I remember, is to make them cut off and eat their penis and testicles, crucify them, and slit their belly’s open so that the world could see what you made them do. Might look good on youtube, certainly would make an impression on the feral Feds and local pols.

              • You
                Onesick fucker Rellik!

              • Thanks, but you can eat their penis. I’m more into steaks.

      32. J.J. said,

        They have stripped the people of Montana of their rights to own a well without being regulated; they now have the “right” to enter your property and do as they please. The people of Montana are the representative slice of the United States’ citizens as a whole. As Montanan’s rights burn, so will be pyred the rights of all of the citizens of the United States. The whole package will be signed into law by the same Democratic Governor who vetoed a bill forbidding the sheriffs from preventing federal agents from confiscating firearms should the need arise.

        Whatever it may be. Water rights or gun ownership. They plan to make us all slaves by any and all means.

        It is not “We” or “Us” that will make the difference. It will be the “Individual” who acts at that moment in defiance of Tyranny.

        Forget about all of “Us” banding together and doing something that matters. We can hardly get it together on this site. Consider age and inexperience in warfare, the learning curve is high and costly.

        So if anything is to be done it will be done by you at that moment that they invade your home to take away your property and your God Given Rights.

        Because Captain America is not coming to you aid.

        • zactly!

      33. My issue files look like a hurricane roared through here so I can’t be more specific. One of the countless Executive Orders issued between the Bushes and Obola gives the tyrant authority to seize your food stocks, potable water, vehicles, and your labor, if the tyrant so dictates.

        I presume to say the Native Americans in Montana may be the “good enough” reason. But the real reason is they want to have absolute control over every resource. If this doesn’t scare hell out of you, google the Holomodor, the “starving time” in the 1930s when the Bolsheviks collectivized agriculture and starved one third of the Ukrainians. Coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

        • The Ukrainians were intentionally disarmed by the Cossacks, then by the Bolsheviks, ergo, they couldn’t have resisted had they a desire to do so. Something to remember from history, anytime any government calls for disarming the law abiding public, you KNOW what their reasoning always is.

        • What pisses me off about these “tribes”, is that they know full well that the govt has NEVER kept their promises to them. That’s an historical fact, BUT, when they think it might benefit THEM, they’re all over the supreme law of the land.

          I say that by accepting this alleged govt promise, they are dishonoring every one of their blood brothers who fought and died against govt tyranny. Shame on all of them for not seeing the deceit. It’s not like they have any reason to believe or trust in govt benevolence now…

          • I think what pisses you off is EVERYTHING! Now go and change your depends, you’ll feel better about everything.

      34. For the life of me, I utterly cannot understand those who object to ObunglerCare, yet have no idea of what health share plans are. Even more, cost for these plans are much LESS – in our case, 1/3 of COBRA. Care? As good as any other insurance.

        You do NOT need to be on Obamacare! Google “Healthshare plans.” We use Liberty Healthshare, but do your own diligence and choose one.

        I remain staggered how many people are uninformed about this.

        • Test, it’s not the cost that’s the problem,

          it’s being FORCED to buy something whether you want it or not.

          This is socialist RUBBISH and does not belong in this country.

      35. If Montana is so full of liberty-minded people, then WHY is a j-off democRAT in the governor’s mansion in the first place?!

      36. So….you elect a leftist fucknut and are upset when he bend s you over and fucks you dry?


        • So you think we have presidential elections? Presidents are SELECTED not ELECTED. Voting is a joke on national level. But it is pathetic how so many asswipes support obama. Ever heard of George Carlin (rip)?

          • No – Montana elected a Dem and are pissed about it. Oh well for them and eventually US.

      37. The revolution has already begun. You can be a part of it or not be a part of it. Simply put: The global Illuminati want everything! Western Montana, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, South America….EVERYTHING! You and I are not alone. This Montana land grab is not an isolated event. How many years now have the Syrian people suffered because of natural gas pipelines? Have the people of Ukraine suffered? Is somebody stealing from them? Killing them? How much longer do you thing the Russians and Chinese are going to put up with this lawlessness and brazen thievery? YOU and I are not alone this struggle. It’s happening everywhere to everyone. Let that sink in. Understand now?

        Get off your asses. Believe in yourselves and in each other. Take heart. Stand together and band together. Trust God. The time is now.


      38. Be careful, I refused the feds entry, with the thought that they will send the jack booters to get me, and well… Not what happened, they sent an eighty year old retired part timer with a pumpkin pie, (truth y’all)to conduct the interrogation. Just couldn’t shoot her, she says now there dear that wasn’t so bad, how is the pie.

      39. Really something to stop and think about that might be what’s going on to some extent. All most every drop crude oil and natural gas comes from the South West for sure west of the Mississippi River (New Madrid Fault), so if the New Madrid goes so does everything else east of the Fault line. Prevailing winds (West to East), would drive an ash cloud over the eastern part of the country first if Yellowstone goes, safest place to be; South West part of the country. There is way much more going on with this Jade Helm 15 than what is being said, we all know it. The Southwest opens up a way over land to drive to Central and South America if needed. Folks if they lock down the South West it may be an invasion route or it may be an escape route also. The mass exodus to the South West would be tremendous. Just something to think about, from an old fart with too much time on his hands.

      40. Today’s Trivia

        The Story Behind The Story Behind The False Story Of Harry Reid’s Injuries

        ht tp://

        I still think the mafia did it !!!
        LOL !!!

        • Well you can tell it wasn’t me because he’s still alive!

        • I don’t believe his rubber band broke and he fell, that’s for sure. I think SOMEONE had a word with him, about his failure to deliver on his promises.

        • Probably a Chinese triad, for his failure to deliver the Bundy Ranch. Reminds me of Bernie Madoff getting beat up in his country club prison, after doing an interview.

      41. hey @jj

        something you should be aware of is montana is a underground d.u.m.b. rail system central hub, based in helena, montana. which runs from canada to mexico, coast to coast. plan for it being a big factor in any revolutionary civil war action in montana!

        the nwo zog will just ship in emergency troops , munitions and supplies via underground dumb rail systems.

        the only way to fight them is by freeman patriot assassination squads targeting those traitorous nwo zog montana leaders who would enslave us for their jew masters!

        ‘the only way to fight them and win, is to ‘kill them’ from the dark cover of night!’

          • Sorry I call BS. The US interstate system was the largest construction project in the history of the world. Took 10S of thousands of people almost 30 years. To do this underground would be FAR harder. and why bother, They control the highways they built the “Interstate Highway and Defense System” why wouldn’t they just use it? Yes during the War they built an underground system to move coal, they have built a lot of stuff, but they don’t need this, and it shows it seeming to go into Mexico, Bull. Why run a train load of stuff into Canada so they can sneak it back into the US? Why build a secret missile site where you can take pictures of it? Good Lord there are places in Texas no one goes into, and why missile defense? You got high performance aircraft to attack them?

          • The map comes from a wacko hollow earth site. It has nothing to do with underground military bases.

          • solus lupus. Bullshitting again.

      42. I pray to God everyday that he opens the eyes of the powers that be. We don’t have the tools needed. Let alone the manpower. September may be a truly interesting month.

      43. If the God,Guns,and Old Glory Montana so-called patriots didn’t stand up to the govt they all should shut up.They missed a chance to stand up.

      44. “We did not ask you white men to come here. The Great Spirit gave us this country as a home. You had yours. We did not interfere with you. The Great Spirit gave us plenty of land to live on, and buffalo, deer, antelope and other game. But you have come here, you are taking my land from me, you are killing off our game, so it is hard for us to live.
        Now, you tell us to work for a living, but the Great Spirit did not make us to work, but to live by hunting. You white men can work if you want to. We do not interfere with you, and again you say why do you not become civilized? We do not want your civilization! We would live as our fathers did, and their fathers before them.”
        “Chief Crazy Horse”

      45. Next it will be a tax on the very air we breath and then it will be a tax on grave sites. “Hey we got to raise money some how”.

      46. I never bought that Spock ‘needs of the many’ thing.

        Think about it: Either way Spock is dead meat. By taking a dose of radiation he gets to live a little longer and say good- by to his friends. As they say; ‘A good death’.

        Only a sick socialist mindset would turn such a deed into “sacrifice”. A mindset that says; “I could save you all and live a little longer but I’d rather take you b-tards with me.

      47. 2 Choices: Legislation Redestribuing Wealth Or Revolution Distributing Poverty

        ht tp://…buting-poverty

        “Engineering economic despair as a matter of policy, however, is entirely unnatural. It’s immoral. Destructive. And as history shows, it’s dangerous.”

        let’s repeat that


        got that ???


      48. They are staging military resources for a reason. I don’t know why for sure and the ones that do aren’t talking to me. life is going to change very soon, and in a huge way. Love you family and friends as much as you can every single day because we never know when they/you/I will be gone from this earth. Prepare, plan, train.
        Bless you brothers and sisters

      49. The Financial Markets Now Control Everything

        ht tp://

        “the next crisis will not be controllable, and destabilized markets will not be “saved” by tricks such as lowering interest rates to zero and increasing liquidity.”

        “All the “saves” have done is guarantee the financial system will burn down in a conflagration ignited by a seemingly trivial spark somewhere in the vast global system of phantom collateral.”

        • See, for me,,,I could care less,
          I have no money, dont really own shit, so all these people, even some real close to me who say im nuts or a little overboard and none of this is really ever going to happen, they all own stuff or have money stuffed away,
          Im invested in popcorn and sparkling water for the short term
          Lead, copper, brass steel and aluminum and food products for the long
          With a few side bets and shorts in automotive hardware and rubber
          Could it all evaporate? Shure,
          But my bet is it will still be around long after the hand wringing and moans of anguish from peoples investments, cash etc vaporizing are replaced by depression

          • You can grow Macadamia nuts, with chocolate you need nothing else.

            • Those are good arent they

      50. “Communism is the corruption of a dream of justice.”
         Adlai E. Stevenson

        “Capitalism and communism stand at opposite poles. Their essential difference is this: The communist, seeing the rich man and his fine home, says: ‘No man should have so much.’ The capitalist, seeing the same thing, says: ‘All men should have so much.’

        “Communism teaches and seeks two objectives: unrelenting class warfare and the complete eradication of private ownership”
         Pope Pius XI

        PP 11 seemed to nail this one on the head. POW!!!

        Know thy enemies!

        • communism is not the problem

          crony capitalism is

          a DELIBERATE financial collapse is

          a MASSIVE flow of wealth from the bottom to the top is

          the DELIBERATE destruction and impoverishment of the middle class is

      51. No one has property who has to pay taxes (feudal rent) for it or, who is under any kind of covenants or that has to pay any kind of membership or other fee or else be “foreclosed” upon, as if they still owed on their property and weren’t paying their payments for it. There are some big shots who don’t have to pay property or other taxes. They ARE sovereign, like the Queen of England.

        • How-do-you-do Anom. Lots of Brits love Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth and have no problems with paying a small charge to maintain the Royal household. It only costs each tax payer roughly 58 pennies per year. I’m a poor person but I’m more than happy to pay this small fee. Hope this helps some? Best wishes to the you and the USA. “God save the Queen… Long live the Queen”

      52. Why So Many Americans Feel So Powerless

        htt p://

      53. Very disturbing article. The pace of tyranny is picking up rapidly. Baltimore,St. Louis ,California , the dominoes are falling so fast that one can scarcely keep up with them. The question is what is one to do about it.The pillars of the American republic , things such as free speech, right to privacy, freedom of religion, property rights will soon be a dim memory. The last 2 to go appear to be right to trail by jury,and right to bear arms are also under assault. Any one that believes that a government that has successfully stripped us of the former will not be emboldened to take the later is ignorant of history. At present lacking any organized resistance to tyranny that I can join, I am left with concentrating on what I can do as an individual. I have begun preparing for war. I have been running 30 miles a week, lifting weights and doing a set physical endurance regimen. I am also beginning 2 combat shooting courses next weeks at my local gun club, plus I am shooting 4 times a week alternating all the guns I own. I am stocking up on offensive ammunition and I am studiying several books I recently bought on guerrilla and unconventional warfare. Yes, I think it has come to that. What else can a man do in response to tyranny. I will most likely be unsuccessful in my resistance when the balloon finally goes up, but I will not go gently into that good night. The blood and sacrifice of generations of my forefathers demands I stand. Each of you will have to make a decision

      54. I’m gonna sell my paid for house because I don’t own it I’ll just keep all the$ and rent an apt. Theses articles make me laugh my money’s worthless I don’t own my property my kids are state property the gov is after our guns blah blah its silly. The people in Baltimore will back down to cops because they are not willing to die. Why should they put their lives on the line for some guy the cops killed which is definetly what I think. The people are not mad enough yet. Look at the beginning of the ukraine war it started as riots and it was bloody these people were pissed off and ready to make the sacrafice. Look it up on youtube ukraine riots. This is what an angry community looks like. These idiots in Baltimore are just a bunch of vandals with nothing better to do. They will go home this will blow over people. The media is making this out to be more than it is. The thing that concerns me is the black community and their leadership don’t know how to handle the issues that are affecting them. The woman who caught her son rioting and was hitting him was hailed a hero. She was beating her son on public tv and everyone said she is the mom of the year really. Black people are violent period it’s in their culture. You would not see a white woman beating her son on tv. If you did their would be DCF at her front door. Why is it acceptable for black people to be violent. They do not fit into modern society. If they focused on working and raising their family’s their community wouldn’t have half the problems.

        • Ass Hat

          Yes DCF. Some would say child abuse and others saving that child’s life.

          People do not know what they want and the Wishy Washy attitudes persist.

          The National Guard came in and just about every protestor went home. Not willing to die for the cause. Like us prepper’s. Not pissed off enough.

      55. “When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.” – Chief Aupumut in 1725, Mohican.

      56. So the time is coming sooner than expected. Therefore, me and my family will trust the Lord and load at the same time!
        Time to get in church, get right with the Lord by trusting Him as your Savior and pray hard!! I am sooooo thankful for this and other sites like it!!!!!!

      57. Stop and think for a minute……They instilled a curfew in Baltimore. Meaning that a law abiding citizen must be in his house by 10pm. But the lawless citizens (rioters, pillagers, arsonists, etc..) are free to destroy. No rubber bullets, water cannons, tear gas, etc….and a mayor that forced the police to “stand down”. Sooooooo, marshal law (curfew) has been declared instead. Oh, remember Boston too.!!!! And you still think you live in a free country. This is the face of tyranny. And if allowed to continue, will become absolute in it’s power and evil. Real iron chains and FEMA camps are the next phase…….by the way, there is no war on terror. You’ve been forced to pay 100’s of billions for Homeland security….but when an actual Islamic terrorist slaughters 13 at a military base (ft hood), has yet to be convicted. In fact he still gets his military pay. You understand, that if he wasn’t immediately tried by a military tribunal, and executed…then it is all truly smoke and mirrors. There is a war on terror though. Its a war against you….the American middle class white Christian patriot. You are the real enemy to this dispicable evil government. You are whom they are preparing to silence forever.!!!!!!!!!

        • J:

          Great post….many thumbs up to you ^^^^^

          • Dear Pissed Off Granny,

            Thank you very much, I appreciate your words. They really mean a lot.



            • JJ, she wasn’t referring to you, she was replying to the poster named j directly before her.

      58. Now John Wesley Rawles is now under attack. This is what i am talking about, thanks for addressing that comment with that response. Its now obvious that the agency is tying to stear thinking away from the real facts to create doubts among preppers to have us let our guard down. That will never happen. I higly recomend reading David Hodges. Hodges, Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, Hawk on s Survive to Thrive, Nathan Leal, Doug Hagmann, Sheila Zalinsky, Dr James Garrow, and many others are 10,000,000% on the money.

        It’s obvious that the cabal is planing a mass genocide on the American People. This cannot be disputed. This is just a fact of life.

      59. I lived through the fight against the contract with the cskt. 11 rhino’s joined forces with the dems and voila!! It gets passed – illegally. The state has thrown 23,000 of its citizens, that live on the res, under the bus; literally. It has thrown another 300,000 citizens directly into harms way with the idiotic off reservation non-consumptive water rights. the governor, Vincent,(bills sponsor and my “elected” senator) have worked for years, behind closed doors, in concert with the tribes, to come up with a sales pitch to the people of Montana. Millions of dollars of dark money went into media blitz. 20 years from now, the cskt will own the lands of those 23,000 patent land holders on the res and God only knows what the rest of us are in for. my prediction is that this show is
        the preamble to vincents run for governor (or other higher office) war chest packed by the tribes – Montana corruption is coming to a state near you – have fun.

      60. News from Baltimore. It turns out, as I suspected, that Mr. Gray had a pre-existing spinal condition. Traffic accident related surgery. He should have been at home resting, but hey, if you have extra Vicotin to sell, go on out, brother.

      61. The “Media” reported that Mr. Gray became involved in an “incident” with police after “making eye contact”. In the ‘hood and in prison, it’s called “eye f**cking”. When someone aggressively stares you down, it’s considered an act of aggression and dominance. It usually results in someone receiving a “beat down”.

      62. Mr. Johnson,
        this reminds me of what they tried to do I think to the country of Bolivia in 2006. The local government sold the rights of water to an American corporation( gave them a 40 years lease). And from the time this one took over, the monthly payment for water doubled and tripled for the locals. And the majority of people there are extremely poor! The people took it to the streets. Many got badly hurt, imprisoned, others died. but within I think few weeks/months, the people took the rights to their own water back and kicked the evil corporation out. It was a national war for that country. Yet not a single word was peeped about in in the US by the local media at the time!!!!!
        2 documentaries I know talk about it:
        1/-“The end of poverty? think again”
        2/- “Not even the rain”

        Within the first, there is a good segment that discusses it, but the second is dedicated to it by a group of young latino film makers, that at the time that happened, only meant to go there to make a documentary about how the catholic church tortured and even crucified the natives in the process of spreading Christianity, and in the process, were also able to live and document some of what happened about it at the time.

        Also, I noticed whenever the US government says something to the effect of “the good of all”, they only mean ” The benefit of the Elite”. Same as when they bark the word “Classified” to someone who request to view some important evidence. In such case, “Classified” only means they have something to hide, because they are engaging in Illegal dealings against the citizen they are PAID to serve and protect. Furthermore, there is no such thing as information that needs to be withheld from citizens themselves as the said info technically belongs to them.

        Also, you speaking about apparently them wanting to build some local airport or base, reminded me of a 3rd really good documentary made by a British reporter that goes by the name of John Pilger. The documentary is about an island somewhere south east of Africa if I remember correctly, that the British/US stole from it’s native people. And they did that by simply kicking them out of it. They did because they decided it was a good island to build a naval base. The people have fought for years, they won in a British court, but they were still, at the time the documentary was made, being given the runaround about getting back their land or even being compensated in any way shape or form. It is so sad to see how these poor people were treated like vermin. It’s heart breaking. The title of that documentary is “stealing a nation”.
        Greed has no limits.

        • Diego Garcia I believe was he island.

        • Dear DasiyD,

          Thank you, Ma’am, your words are very precise and thought-provoking, as well as accurate. I will see if I can watch these documentaries. I spent a good deal of time in the Putamayo River area between Equador and Bolivia. I know what we did at the behest of the oil company executives and the global banking cartel in the name of “freedoms,” while exercising the enslavement of the indigenous population at the bidding of the two respective governments. Of course this was pre Evo Morales, mind you.

          I thank you for your interest. Have a good day.



      63. A right to property is a right to life. In the old West a person could be hung if they took someone’s horse. The reason being that a horse could mean the difference between life and death if one were in the wilderness. So, if they want to take away our right to property, then by extension and indirectly they also could be taking away our right to life itself.

      64. From a cop in Baltimore

        [The police department] follows people on social media. They have fake Twitter accounts and fake Instagram accounts,

      65. From a cops Mouth

        I blame the department and let me tell you why. They praise rookie officers. They’ll go around making a 100 arrests a month, and they’ll praise them. These rookie officers will do anything to get an arrest because they want more praise, you know what I’m saying? This is the result of it. They arrested Gray for some bullshit. That arrest was the weakest thing I’ve seen in my life. They do things like that and then what we see happening now happens. They can say anything to anyone to lock them up because they want an arrest. I don’t think they hurt him or messed him up, that’s what I truly think, but I do think they should have called a medic.

        • “I don’t think they hurt him or messed him up, that’s what I truly think,”

          for a while I thought they found a sane one

      66. The answer is simple…..the county has jurisdiction over fed and state per the constitution. Anything else said is color of law…..and DO NOT COMPLY WITH UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS! GET TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY AND ADDRESS YOUR COUNTY SHERIFF AS A COMMUNITY. BACK YOUR SHERIFF. IT IS HIS JOB TO THROW THESE CRIMINALS OUT OF YOUR COUNTY! it your sheriff wont do this recall him and elect one who will obey his oath. More on jurisdiction… or

        folks this is where the rubber meets the road. Do not stand alone. This can easily be done peacefully…just need numbers….call oath keepers to defend your personal property. God bless america, the land we love!

      67. Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a total Bull Shitter.

      68. OPSEC break.All owners of gas engines!!They are all radio beacons along with modern electronics.You(and yours) can be tracked,targenated,& destroyed.Ham radio will have shielding supplies.All electronics check out with a cheap radio.Silence is life.For a retreat plan try a Torah camp( sans the magen Saturn of course;-)

      69. LOL! How ’bout we start usurping our rights on the usurper ourselves and see how he likes it?

      70. Ok. You asked for it, and I’ll give you ten thousand years’ worth of wisdom in five simple words:


        Think about it. Withdraw your consent and do not use their money. Game over. Never happen? It might be the only answer left, after all is said and done.

        Can’t wait for the moderate. Just think on it a while. There are markets out there – rearing and ready to go. Just drop the dollar.

      71. Mr. Johnson,
        Thank you for your reply. They are using the natives’ jurisdiction as an excuse to “justify” assaulting your area. Everywhere else they do this, they use false excuses and pretexts to take people’s rights. And the only basis to this is control. You should try to come as one with the concerned reservation(s) and find a middle ground with them to be able to fight this together. This is your best chance against this monster.
        Also, I know lots of people don’t like to be told about this, But this is a good time to start doing some serious fasting and praying. Matthew 17:21 says “Howbeit this kind goeth not but by prayer and fasting.” Collective fasting and prayer should move the Holy Spirit to do your fighting for you as this is not an easy one. Also, I am not saying you all did something wrong but God likes it when we repent. Job 6:24 has its main Character ask God “to Teach him and show him where he has been wrong.”. And according to the beginning of the book, Job was “upright” and I think “blameless” too, yet, when time came for him to do that, he did not think he was too good to receive some insight from God. Luke 10:19 “give you all the authority to trample scorpions and cobras, to overcome all of your enemy’s power”, furthermore “it promises that nothing shall hurt you”. You must enlist God in this. He truly is the One and only Who can Exterminate those demons out of your land once and for all. Do whatever you have to do to get His attention. And once you do, You won’t stop smiling. I guarantee you this much. If it was not for Jesus, I’d be typing this post to you from a wheelchair. If it was not for Christ, I’d been dead at least twice. My story with Him is pretty fresh one and I am not even a native Christian as I converted when I was well into my adulthood.

        Lord Jesus,
        I ask that you send legions of angels to guard the Montanan citizens and fight with them just as you have Elijah.. Legions who would sow the spirit of peace and humilty in the hearts of everyone involved, to be able to come to a solution that would accomodate all. I ask that you also sow the seed of fear in the hearts of their assailants, that these may know that You are God and you are The One to be feared and not them or their money.
        King of Zion, Master of the Sabbath, Bread of Life, Living Water, Holy One of Israel, Lamb of God. Lord of Lord, Ancien of Days. In Your Name, The Name that is above all names. I ask and receive. Amen.

      72. The ability for public officials to come onto your property.
        Or for eminent domain to be used to take your property has been on the books for many years.
        Yes, i know that agenda 21 pushes this to other levels.
        And if you really think having paid for land makes you free,Just stop paying your taxes and see what happens.

      73. This is why we need John R. Bolton for president. None of the other candidates seem to be thinking about this stuff, except for John Bolton. He said many years ago that the U.N. would try and over take our property rights and they have begun this and no one is saying a word about it.

      74. John Bolton is the person who should be president. He said publically many years ago that the U.N. would try and take over U.S. property rights and make new laws for the United States. I have not heard any candidate for president say anything about this. They either don’t know or maybe they do and won’t do anything about it.

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