Here It Comes Seattle: “Stupidity Has A Price”

by | Dec 5, 2014 | Headline News | 486 comments

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    Share Editor’s Note: Seattle recently implemented a minimum wage hike to $15 per hour. Proponents of the country’s most stringent wage requirements on businesses said that higher wages will be good for the people and the economy because when people make more money they’ll spend more. Sounds like a fairly sound argument, until you consider where that extra $5 per hour comes from. Politicians who favor forced mandates such as minimum wage increases without regards to mentioning how the bottom line of businesses in the city will be affected do their constituents a great disservice.

    As Karl Denninger explains in the commentary below, businesses in the area just saw a massive increase in their labor costs (and let’s not even mention new Obamacare health insurance requirements and taxes). There are really just three possible solutions here:

    1) Businesses will be forced to raise prices, which will essentially wipe out the benefit of any wage increase because while employees may make more money they’re now paying more for the same goods.

    2) Businesses will have to cut back hours. If you force a business to pay 50% more per hour per employee and consider how much money that is, many will have no choice but to cut back hours, which effectively leaves the employee making the same amount of money.

    3) Businesses will have to let people go. It’s simple. If their revenue stays the same but their labor costs go up a business has no choice but to consolidate its work force.

    One could argue a fourth option to be for a business to improve and increase its revenue. Some will be successful doing so, but with the economy showing a slow-down on a global level there will be few and far between who will see positive growth to such an extent that it is able to cover their new labor and insurance expenses.


    The following commentary was written by Karl Denninger and was originally published at The Market Ticker.

    $15 Minimum Wage? Nope, It’s Zero!
    By Karl Denninger


    According to the National Review Hotline, Kathrina Tugadi owner of Seattle’s El Norte Lounge, no longer hires musicians for her restaurant, she said she can’t justify expenses that don’t directly “add to the bottom line.” And, she says, hours will have to be cut: El Norte Lounge plans to stop serving lunch and only serve dinner.

    Here it comes Seattle.

    You deserve this if you live there and did not immediately remove those who voted for this change — and let’s remember that the vote was unanimous.

    This is your government.  And let us remember that The Department of Labor, that means OBAMA and the Federal Government, is trying to do the same thing.

    Sure, they can do it.  If you let them.

    But you will not get a $15 minimum wage if you’re currently making under $10.  You are very likely, in fact more than half-likely, to get zero instead because the company you work for will either fire you, replace you with a computer if it can, or cut back your hours dramatically.

    Welcome to this thing called arithmetic folks, and for those of you who thought you could cram this down employer’s throats, no, you can’t, for the simple reason that for most employers labor is one of, if not the largest cost of their operation.  Adding 30% or more to that operating cost will turn a profit into a loss at which point the company ultimately goes out of business and then you no longer have a job.

    Stupidity has a price — in this case the price is that you get to live under a freeway overpass.

    Karl Denninger is the author of Leverage: How Cheap Money Will Destroy the World in which he discusses the ill-use of leverage and how it is destroying the global economy, as well as where all of this will lead. The result is ugly: the value of everything—including gold—falls, and even personal safety is at risk in a world where there is limited money even for essentials like food and fuel.


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      1. Kulafarmer

        Let em raise it,,,
        Go for it you stupid progressive turds,
        Atlas Shrugged lives

        • Man on the inside

          I am John Galt… come with me……

          • KY Mom

            “Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money.”
            -Margaret Thatcher

            Obama continues to push the tactics of Piven and Cloward…Overwhelm the system to crush it.

            “Obama Is Giving Cash Benefits to Illegal Immigrants
            Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) seized on a White House admission that beneficiaries of President Obama’s immigration orders will receive tax credits, a sign that the orders amount to more than an exercise of prosecutorial discretion.”

            “This is yet one more illustration of the enormous cost inflicted by the President’s illegal action,” Sessions told NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE in a statement. “He has now launched a new $100 million facility and staffing operation to provide illegal immigrants with the exact benefits rejected by Congress – including work permits, Social Security and Medicare.

            These credits will cost American taxpayers BILLIONS every year and represent an enormous cash transfer from American workers to lower-wage illegal workers. These tax credits are not refunds, but a direct cash payment from the Treasury to illegal immigrants – at a time when the Treasury is running huge deficits.”

            National Review

              • John Q. Public

                You mean the victors lied??? Shocking, simply shocking!

                Who Really Designed The AK-47?
                Alex C. – The Firearm Blog

                “… I do not believe that Mikhail Kalashnikov was as involved in the development of the AK-47 as the Soviets led the world to believe. So who was? Well, there can only be one answer: Hugo Schmeisser. Schmeisser is perhaps most famous for the MP18 (the world’s first submachine gun) and the MP43/44 “Sturmgewehr” (the world’s first assault rifle). Obviously the latter firearm is more pertinent to this article. Here are a few facts to back up my hypothesis …”

                • BJ

                  A C-130 is leaving Yokota Air Base in Japan any moment now for Operation Christmas Drop in Guam.

                  My brother (Commander, 374th Maintenance Group, 374th Airlift Wing) is pushing “good cheer” out the back of the plane.

                  Who pays for this?

                  • US Centurion

                    If this is what the people of the sovereign state of Washington want then they will get it. And what ever happens to them is their own fault.

                    • Shithead (Shi-theed)

                      The problem is that they ruin an area and flee to another, then mold it into the same socialist paradise they just fled.

                  • dave in Idaho

                    why dont they land the plane… there IS a airport there. I was in Atsugi for 2 years.

                    • BJ

                      LoL…..I don’t know? I know in addition to it being a humanitarian thing, it is also a training thing.

                      Personally I don’t think we can help others right now AND I know the truth about how evil christmas is and don’t celebrate it. Had it not been for charles dickens, america wouldn’t of adopted this evil.

                  • John W.

                    Why is anything being dropped in Guam? They are not poor. Are you just making up some stupid crap?

                    • BJ

                      No, my brother really is the Commander, 374th Maintenance Group, 374th Airlift Wing. And yes he did get on a C-130 today leaving Yokota Air Base for Guam for Operation Christmas Drop.

                      ht tp://

                      ht tps://

                      Naaaaaah, just kidding, I made it all up.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    BJ- Who pays for the NFL Pre-Game Flyovers by the US Air Force Aircraft. Some of these planes cost $5000+ per hour to fly.

                    Its all part of the US Military Propaganda recruitment tactics to find more Dumass Dolts to go join the Military Killing and Maiming Machine worldwide. They like to recruit from sporting events like NASCAR the Church and NFL. Those basically who like Parades and things that go loud Booms and Bangs for their amazement and intrigue.

                    • BJ

                      I think about that every time I am at a race.

                    • John W.

                      They need to have AF-1 do a flyover with Moochelle flying escort on her broom. She can drop hams and turkeys on the crowd.

                    • tayronachan

                      @WWT, Most of those flyovers are done so pilots can keep current. I think they do have to fly a min amount of hours in a month. Someone correct me if that info is wrong.

                  • japheaux


                    I used to be stationed there. The planes would load up in Guam, but drop on remote islands elsewhere. Not sure about today, but here is a good read that will surprise most folks.

                • KY Mom

                  Obama administration releases 10,862 foreign CRIMINALS into U.S. Cities and neighborhoods.

                  Daily Caller

                  • KY Mom

                    Oops, typo

                    30,862 foreign criminals were released

                    Link on Drudge Report

                    • possee

                      But of course KY Mom!

                      Since the entire elected (and unelected) bureaucracy is a criminal enterprise/empire in and of itself..why not
                      release more thugs in the streets to create more havoc amongst the proles..afterall we must protect the citizenry from itself.

                      Certainly the newly elected GOP will straighten everything out ..right?They now control the house and senate as of 2015 and all will be well across the nation..They’ll usher in a new wave of prosperity for everyone..I can not wait for this..(sarc)..

                      Surely hannity,limbaugh ,levin,fox nation, and all their ardent followers will be salivating…..
                      and the likes of cnn,msnbc and the rest will be wringing their collective hands..

                      Meanwhile…a few of us will be ardently preparing like no tomorrow..

                      The kabuki theatre continues unabated..


                    • KY Mom


                      I believe we are going to see the economy collapse (exactly WHEN I don’t know) here in the U.S., regardless of who is President or controls the house & Senate.

                      I believe the “train” has already gone over the cliff – it just hasn’t hit bottom yet.

                      Through out history, countries and civilizations have gone through difficult times. That said, I also believe a GOOD leader during difficult times can make a HUGE difference. There have been strong, just and honorable leaders. Here are a couple examples.

                      Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt and through 40 years in the wilderness. I doubt life was EASY for those people during those times.

                      George Washington led our country as a man with honor.

                      I pray an honorable leader will arise in our country.

                • Hunter

                  John Q–>

                  Anyone who has handled / inspected both weapons…can see the genius of Hugo’s design.

                  • John Q. Public

                    Right you are!

                    For me the big surprise was the Swiss Stg90. I had never imagined that the A[S]47 design could be so refined and accurate.

                    Now we are even seeing the M16/AR15 series blending with Schmeisser’s long piston action.

              • Professor Higgins

                Ah; A true fear monger who’s in the pocket of the 1% as their paid ‘spokes-whore’. If unions and higher wages are a problem then why are BMW and MB, Germany’s major car companies, making record profits and paying their employees a much higher wage than American automakers? Could it be that these companies actually care about their workers so much that the workers go all out for them in return, and turn out some of the world’s best autos? They’ve cut some top salaries and investor dividends a little in return for better pay and everyone wins, including the buyer. But hey, don’t let a few things like facts get in the way of a perfectly good rant in favor of Dog-Eat-Dog Capitalism.

            • FreeSlave

              ““Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money.” -Margaret Thatcher

              One of the best quotes of all time by Maggie.

              She did so much for the UK and she was a hated politician. Hated and unappreciated.

              Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Fascism… all related cousins of each other.

              • Atlas

                They shouldn’t be so cheap. With their logic, the minimum wage should be $30. Oh, heck, $500. If they REALLY cared, that’s what they’d do. That will really put more money in their pockets and cause economic growth.

                (Since many people miss it).

                • Rebel in Idaho

                  This really is the right question Atlas, you’ve nailed it. If a $15 minimum wage is a good idea, why be so cheap? Why not $20 or $100? Why not just raise the minimum wage so high we’re all rich?

                  Ask the liberals to explain why $15 is ok but $25 wouldn’t be better. Why not $50? Force them to explain why some number is too much, some too low, but whatever they’re proposing is just right.

                  Oh and just a thought on Christmas gifts . . . you can buy “the Law” by Frederick Bastiat for less than $5 and maybe save someone you love from this nonsense.

                  • skittle shittin unicorn

                    rebel in idaho

                    whay ?? because its all about one persons idea of FAIR!!!
                    i saw a TV show last night called Last Man Standing and one of the characters on it is this brain dead liberal idiot. well his wife gets into an argument about how she thinks they should have food and lights and healthcare and he responds Why worry i make “just enough for our needs ”

                    and “we will find a way to make do”

                    to me that sums up the whole liberal idea “just Make do” and “Have Just enough to get by”. don’t put your self out there and excel

                    and believe it or not most politicians are really not that stupid they know some place in there little rodent minds that some one actually does have to fund this BS.
                    they just don’t want it to be them

                    Know your enemy

                    • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                      My Niece said this one time. “Well we’ll make due, God will provide for us.”

                      I said, “Well what are you going to do until he does??” She looked at me with this look of complete cluelessness.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Rebel in Idaho, I have a copy of that book and it should be required reading for everyone. I highly recommend it.

              • Professor Higgins

                FreeSlave: Tell me, do you have a full time job that pays at least 35k with benefits (as a single person), at 5-10k more if married? If not, then you’re being royally screwed by the 1% who will continue to tighten the screws until they’ve squeezed every last penny of profit from you. Read your own history how the robber barons that all full-blown capitalists love (they’re back), actually created a large slave class and polluted the country for their personal benefit. Their rapacious greed is the reason for so many government controls today, unions, and finally, environmental regulations. Kissing the ass of those who use and abuse you. Small wonder you call yourself a slave, and that you do so willingly is appalling. Hell, that’s just plain sick. You and the others kiss their ass while the crap in your face. Tell me slave, how does it taste?

                • MXLord327

                  Complete and utter BS….

            • sixpack

              You know, the msm blackout is one thing, but I expected alternative media to do a better job of keeping track of the beginnings of world war III. HERE’S A LINK.

              America is on a “Hot War Footing” House Legislation Paves the Way for War with Russia?

              We could be getting our asses shot off any day now, and a wage hike in Seattle is the best we can do?

              • Outlaw

                I hear ya sixpack, but dont forget about all the trendies out there peacfully protesting. Another convienent distraction.

              • oicu812

                 sixpack says:
                Comment ID: 3220561
                September 6, 2014 at 9:48 pm
                It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to understand why the globalist elites want to take Russia out of the picture — Russia has no intention of cooperating in their own demise, AND they spearheaded BRICS to counter the one world currency shift.
                As a Christian Nation, they won’t be accepting the mark of the beast any time soon, either.
                Instead of hurling insults at Putin, we should be standing WITH Russia against the REAL, COMMON ENEMY…The NWO

                “we should be standing WITH russia”….. REALLY?

                 sixpack says:
                Comment ID: 3221597
                September 8, 2014 at 6:25 pm
                ABSOLUTELY, WWTI!
                Russia is more like the old America than we are right now. We just refuse to admit it, because Russians have been on our feared list for several generations now. I almost always get multiple red thumbs any time I try to point out that Russia isn’t what we are being told it is…and neither is America.
                I just wish people would pull their blinders off and look around

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  OICU812 – Absolutely Russia is at war with the NWO. You got a problem with that? Or are you Boot Licker Tribe Member? SixPack is exactly Right.. Putin has more American aligned Ideals than our Infested Government. And America has awoken to the Parasite Tribe’s devious Plan to destroy our once great country with their polluted scum. Never let them Take your Guns. NEVER!!!

                  • passinwiththewind

                    I wouldn’t expect anything different from an atheist and an old hippie chick that is still trying to live in the 60’s.

                    Both of you are commie lovers.
                    Don’t worry cause pukin and his army will be coming for ya soon.

                    • mexneck


                • sixpack

                  I stand by every word of those previous comments, oicu812. My opinion hasn’t changed.

                  WHEN PUTIN WAS ELECTED PRESIDENT of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.

                  But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty.

                  By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Mafia financiers was now over. Putin could then establish what became his Russian Unity Party’s campaign slogan: Putin’s Plan Means Victory For Russia!

                  This slogan continues to make the New World Order Bankers very nervous.


                  “The measures taken against those who refuse to submit are well-known and have been tried and tested many times. They include use of force, economic and propaganda pressure, meddling in domestic affairs, and appeals to a kind of ‘supra-legal’ legitimacy when they need to justify illegal intervention in this or that conflict or toppling inconvenient regimes. Of late, we have increasing evidence too that outright blackmail has been used with regard to a number of leaders. It is not for nothing that ‘big brother’ is spending billions of dollars on keeping the whole world, including its own closest allies, under surveillance.”

                  —Vladimir Putin


                  • Ghost Rider

                    Good Post sixpack


            • TEST

              Spot on, KYM!

              • KY Mom


          • Bruce

            I’ve already Gone Galt. Walked away from a job that paid our wonderful federal government over $60K/yr in taxes. I just got tired of earning a lot of money only to know the taxes I was paying was going to people who would not do anything for themselves. It was an easy decision. We spent a couple of years positioning ourselves for this, so now I can just sit back and watch everything fall to shit. It’s not going to get better around here until it fails and gets rebuilt again by producers, not by takers. Let it fail. Let it all fail.

            • BJ

              When you all are looking to go prep shopping, how do you find the good stores to go to? i.e. survival goods, gear, bulk food? IOW what would you search in

              I just tried LDS stores in google maps for central Illinois area and didn’t get back squat.

              • dave in Idaho

                Brandon, go to zerohedge and look at the cartoon “protect and serve”

              • anonymous

                Bj….there aren’t any Mormons in Illinois…..

                • BJ

                  I also searched bulk food stores, army navy surplus stores etc. etc…..nothing

                  • anonymous

                    Bj….I have to order most of my supplies online, there is no place like that in my part of Illinois.

                    • Rebel in Idaho

                      That’s you’re first clue you’re in the wrong part of the country. Here EVERY grocery store has freeze dried #10 cans, bulk rice and beans, and 5 gallon buckets of red and white rice. Walmart has a “preparedness” section with food grade 5 gal buckets and gamma lids, canning jars in stacks, freeze dried selection is 30′ long, and bulk displays of 20lb bags of rice.

                      Oh and you can openly carry a sidearm while buying all of the above and no one looks at you twice.

                    • BJ

                      I know….we were there in May/June and want to come back permanently.

                • Nobama

                  No Mormons, just Morons.

                  • TPSnodgrass

                    Hey Nobama,
                    Your comment is asinine. As a practicing member of the LDS Church, I would stack up my intellect against yours any day, as well as my ability to help my neighbors.
                    Selfishness isn’t a “good thing”, even for you. However, your post does shed a great deal of light on your level of maturity. So, try to “think” before you flatulate next time. I would give a pretty good guess you DO know a lot more Mormons than you think you do, and yet, they still like “you”. In these tough times, when despots try to Balkanize the Republic, comments like yours merely serve the purposes of the Organizer-in-Chief.

                    • Nobama

                      Hey TP SnodAsshole, I think you misunderstood my comment. I simply said there are No Mormons (in Illinois), only Morons. I did not say anything negative about Mormons. In fact I buy a lot of supplies from LDS, so backoff you immature ignoramus asshole.

                    • BJ

                      You ever see LDSprepper’s videos on YouTube? I get his in my email and he has a lot of really good ones on homesteading and living off grid.

                • TPSnodgrass

                  Actually, there ARE a whole lot of them in Illinois. Look for the “Family Pack Canning”, or go to and follow the prompts for Preparedness.

                  • Rebel in Idaho

                    Also consider buying a copy of the LDS preparedness manual. You can buy it on amazon for $25. While my library is extensive, if I had to pick one prep book this would be it.

                    • Nopittypartyhere

                      You can find it for free in PDF format on the web.

                  • BJ

                    Thank you thank you thank you?

                    I haven’t lived here for long, usually I work at a plant that I can live on the freer side of the Mississippi. This year they moved me to a place where I have no choice but to live in Illinois….and I just don’t know the good places to go yet.

                  • BJ

                    Actually, all I found was one in Naperville.

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    If you live in Illinois, you should be preparing like the end of times collapse is near. IL pension plan is like $5 Billion in arrears. Its the next Detriot. And they have the worst state gun laws in the nation. Move or prepare to die in IL.

                • TEST

                  There used to be around Nauvoo, IL. In fact, Joseph Smith I think, if I remember correctly, was killed there. There is a Mormon temple there, and I understand some Mormons are moving back to the area.

                  Mormons are nice people, but it IS, sadly a cult. And the more you learn about it, the more ridiculous it becomes.

                  And no, that lost tribe of Israel is not the American Indian, nor “as God once was, we will become,” nor is that celestial bride stuff anything more than bunk. Sad to see such a nice group of people so utterly deluded.

                  • BJ

                    I know Nauvoo very well, grew up in Keokuk, IA / Hamilton, IL. But I don’t know of any stores they have there now? Maybe I will look next time we go home for a visit. I know a lot are in fact returning to the area…..bad thing about that is, they are driving things up with their money.

                    There are 10 lost tribes of Israel…the ones to the North. And Jesus came back to gather them back and has been for 2000 years. I am a Hebrew Israelite 🙂


                  • Anon 1970

                    Correct TEST, my husband was raised LDS, did a mission, first marriage was a temple marriage. He was agnostic when we met, but that has changed. He was just confirmed at our REC Anglican Church yesterday. He’s been a Christian a long time now but has recently gotten very serious about his faith. He’s very open that it is a cult and it’s been hard as his parents died while temple Mormons.

                    I hate to say this but Mormons are nice and welcoming so long as they think there’s a chance you’ll convert. Once you have shown that it ain’t gonna happen, well that’s all folks. Family values, what a farce. Our family was treated terribly by the Mormon church when my step daughter got married (not a temple wedding)… Regardless of our clear religious conviction. I was beyond disgusted. They want to be treated like Christians but they don’t have to reciprocate.

                    There is some good info there on prepping though.

              • Ms.X

                I live in central Illinois too. Sure isn’t anything around here.

              • Ms.X

                What about Costco or Sam’s club?

                • BJ

                  I suppose we could get a membership….I just always wanted to avoid those places. I miss the amount of good prep shopping spots in Michigan.

                  • anonymous

                    Bj….I haven’t seen any dehydrated foods at the sams club where I live in Illinois. Are you staying north central?? You already have my email.

                    • BJ

                      just checked inbox and didn’t see anything??

                  • John W.

                    Sams carries survival supplies even here in crazy town.

                • BJ

                  send me an email if you would please.

                  [email protected]

              • beholdenages

                Have you tried looking around for ‘bent and dent’ grocery stores? Is there an Aldi’s grocery store nearby? For rechargeable batteries and solar battery chargers, try For non-electric items, start with though there are many others. Savvy buyers can be successful with ebay. and are good starters for military surplus. Web addresses are approximate. Hope this helps.

                • t-zulu

                  sundance is awesome!

              • Paranoid

                Try looking in Amish country. In Ohio I know they havestuff

            • Anon 1970

              Currently, this is a discussion between my husband and I. We have some IRS debt that we are paying off. Looking at that and the huge amount of taxes we pay every year is making him rethink why he is killing himself to make more. I don’t know that we have time to position ourselves before The SHTF but that souldnt stop us from planning. We have no debt but the IRS. We don’t own a house either but want to buy, though the IRS lien has prevented us from doing so.

        • Townsaver

          I can’t wait for this to work itself out. By 2016 the democrats will have successfully wiped themselves off the map.

          Of course the old guard republicans have no better solutions.

          Must be all that rain and gloomy weather. They think higher wages will fill that dark hole of their souls. Add CommieCare and these folks are done.

          “We priced some folks out of the labor market…”

          • SterlingSilver

            Our debt based economy can’t keep pace with endless currency dilution, and when the inflation starts in earnest, $15/hr will be mere pennies today.

            Yeh, the dems will have what they always wanted. The private sector crushed and labor farms and rice for everybody

            • Townsaver

              Lucky for me I have lots of rice.

              With inflation how it is now, and food rotations, I am doing ok. My sister in law is in a bad place right now, so some rotations go to her and her kids directly. It is the right thing to do.

              My brother also has hardships. I tell him, this is what you prepped for. You don’t have to wait till the end of the world. If you need it, use it. That is what it is there for. Rational thought and common sense go a long, long way.

              This has never been about paranoia, outlasting, or hoarding. This has always been about security, peace of mind, and the ability to help myself, and others. As a maturing prepper I am moving into gardening and livestock. Not really an interest but I had chickens growing up, so not like it is out of the ordinary.

              I thank the locals for the good advice over the last few years.

              • Ghost Rider

                Look, I’m borderline retarded when it come to economics but even I know that there repercussions to across the board wage hikes like this.


                • durango kidd

                  GR: Yes, and the people in Washington State will figure it out when their Starbucks coffee starts costing $10 a cup, refills $3, and their favorite latte $15. (Not to mention the coffee cake at $8 a slice).

                  No good deeds go unpunished. 🙂

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    Durango that is a stupid comment. Anybody today paying $5 for a cup of Coffee is and idiot. Ever thought about getting your lazy ass out of bed and make your own coffee? Buy a coffee maker, bean grinder and a fresh 2-Lbs of beans for about $11. Will last you all month for 10 cents a Cup.

                    • durango kidd

                      WWHTI: I agree that $5 for a cup of coffee is stupid. I never go to Starbucks. Its $3 a cup where I live and the coffee SUCKS!!! I prefer freeze dried or instant at home and Mickey D’s on the road.

                      Coffee at Denny’s is also bad, but I haven’t had a cup there in years. Fool me once ….. 🙁

                    • durango kidd

                      BTW I don’t have to make my own coffee or cook or clean. I have a “robot” for that. 🙂

                    • Nobama

                      Anyone going to Starbucks period is an idiot. I’ll never patronize such a rabid liberal-leaning company as them.

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      WWTI and DK, I’ll take my Folgers brewed in my coffee maker any day over starbucks. I tried it one time when they first opened up in Memphis and almost choked on it. never went back and never will.

                  • TEST

                    I would rather drink rainwater than support pro-abortion, anti-second amendment Starbucks. They support just about everything despicable you can think of. Plus, if you look at what is in their coffee (e.g., the pumpkin spice latte), it has stuff in there that would make Monsatan blush.

                    • Anon 1970

                      I think you are all missing DKs point….have you been to Seattle? They are the most ridiculous group of libtards around. He’s saying they won’t get it til its affected their morning latte.

                      Starbucks is also pro gay and lesbian. Yet another reason to never, ever give them business.

                      Also, I buy my beans and roast them myself. That’s where it’s at 😉

              • The Old Coach

                This isn’t about getting a “fair wage” for poor people. Seattle and all of Putrid Sound are hag ridden with unions. A big raise in minimum wage puts a floor under union wage negotiations. Just watch when the police and fire contracts come up for renewal. Longshoremen, electricians & plumbers, (you can hardly change a lightbulb in WA without hiring a union electrician.) Been there, trying to do work for the Puget Sound Naval Ship Yard. Cost us our shirts. Next jobs the PSNSY put out for bids, we just round-filed the solicitations. Let our competitors feel the pain.

                • Woogie

                  What happened to Detroit then will happen to Seattle.

                  • Rellik

                    I’m from the Seattle area( 32 miles east). I disagree. There is not as large a black population in Seattle. Even in the Beacon hill area along Milky way( M.L. King Blvd.) you don’t have Detroit problems. Everyone has guns( Washington is a “shall issue state”). Most everyone is polite. Seattle is more like a “San Francisco White”. Unlike San Francisco, Seattle is surrounded by fairly rich suburbs where the industry that feeds the city resides. Think of Boeing, Microsoft, and Costco to name a few.
                    City does have Starbucks and Amazon, but hardly anyone who works there lives in the city. Everyone commutes in. The ones living in the city have gentrified all the Ghetto potential parts of Seattle.
                    Seattle will just become a city of upper class metrosexuals who live off the commuters coming in from the “Burbs”.

                    • Jammer

                      Like you said….. you live 32 miles away. I know being 32 miles from Detroit is a good place to be too. Who says it has anything to do with blacks….it is lawlessness that is the problem. You do also realize that there is only one species typically called the “human” “race” with just two subsets as defined by the working sexual organs usually called male and female…right? One makes eggs and one makes sperm and that is the only thing that reliably determines your sex no matter what you think or want to call yourself. You can make all the titles you want to about the pigment or characteristics of a body but that just makes one sound like a racist. Last I looked on Citi-Data Seattle is going down that path towards becoming a Detroit. Murders and drugs and a growing police force. Yeah…..32 miles east is a good place to live.

                    • wrong

                      Seattle is packed with homo’s. Let em raise the minimum wage to 50.00 an hour.

                      Piss on em….


                    • AJ

                      Washington State is chock full of weak-assed pussified “progressive” type people who are afraid of their own shadows. ‘Ol George would be rolling in his grave to know that a bunch of metrosexual punks have co-opted his name in a weak attempt to represent the Republic that he fought and died for. I rank Washington State right up there with the people’s republik of kalifornia, new jersey, and new york. Avoid that state like the freaking plague!

                    • Nobama

                      Seattle is Washington’s very own SanFagcisco. Nothing but liberals and queers there. I avoid that city like the plague. When shtf that place will be zombie central.

                    • OutWest

                      Aww, C’mon now Wrong.
                      You know the price of
                      rubbers are going up!

                  • TEST

                    Detroit. First major city to adopt the socialist Model Cities Program (sister of the War on Poverty), and now the “Only city you can walk 12 blocks and STILL be at the scene of the crime.”

                    Nice work, socialists

              • Wilson

                Very well said.

              • Rebel in Idaho

                Helping your family is the right thing to do. One day we will all be old and want our family to be there for us. My neighbors are like my extended family. I give them eggs, they give me cucumbers, corn, potatoes, or whatever. I help them bale hay, they gave me keys to their tractors. I give their kids pet chicks, they take mine rafting. I feed their dog when they go on vacation, they milk our cows when we go camping.

                Blood is thicker than water. Just make sure you don’t run out of water or blood.

                • t-zulu

                  amen bro

          • TheGuy

            I don’t know about the Democrats wiping themselves off the map.

            We have an all Republican House and Senate now (or… we practically speaking do).

            What have they done? Repeal Obamacare? Nope. Investigate Benghazi? Nope. Tried to limit immigration? Um… nope.

            What they HAVE done is issued a declaration against Russia, accusing them of everything up to killing our dog. In other words, they’re trying to start a war with Russia.


            So… basically these guys are… Democrats… with nukes.

            So… do you want Democrats with nukes and the belligerent reckless stupidity to not know when they’re in over their heads? Or Democrats with no spine?

            I don’t think, with THIS as competition, that the Democrats are toast by a long shot.


            • Tango Bravo

              The new congress does not assume duties until Jan 3, 2015. Until then, senate is still controlled by dems

              • Nopittypartyhere

                Thank you

          • KY Mom


            “By 2016 the democrats will have successfully wiped themselves off the map.”

            Don’t count them out yet. Obama is letting in thousands of illegals to prop up their voting base.

            A lot can happen before 2016. We live in a dangerous time. This administration is purposely encouraging protests in cities around the country. Remember, Obama met with the protesters in Ferguson in November and told them to “Stay the Course”.

            I believe the National Guard (who were on standby) were ORDERED to back down – so violence could erupt in Ferguson and we could see businesses, buildings and cars burn.

            The Communist party is actively stirring dissension in protests around the country.

            from the Examiner…
            Ferguson protesters: ‘The only solution is a Communist revolution’

            “It’s no secret that some of those fomenting the riots and protests over the shooting death of Michael Brown are Communists. A Vine video posted on Twitchy Saturday shows protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, openly calling for a Communist revolution in America.”

            Where do I see this leading?
            To correct the problem the government has helped create, they will offer the solution…more control leading to martial law.

              • KY Mom

                oops. wrong link

            • KY Mom

              Direct link won’t load…

              Ferguson protesters: ‘The only solution is a Communist revolution’
              www . examiner . com/article/ferguson-protesters-the-only-solution-is-a-communist-revolution

              • Billy Hill

                KY Mom, you’re a very bright gal and I completely respect you and appreciate your contributions here but I got to ask you…

                What makes you think the Republicans are any better than the Democrats?

                It’s been a few times now I’ve seen you trumpet the Republican in favor of the Democrats and it boggles my mind how someone as smart as you cannot see that you’re being played like a two-bit fiddle.

                The ONLY thing the Republicans will do differently is drive the plane into the side of the mountain at 350 miles per hour instead of 355 miles per hour.

                THAT’S IT.

                You’re not going to get any different results by supporting the lying Republicans or the Democrats. They will continue to openly fight against the Democrats pretending to be your savior, while they vote in lock-step with them.

                Prove me wrong.

                We are doomed to continue down this same, painful, obvious and repetitive path of destruction for as long as we continue falsely believe there are two shit’s worth of difference between the two.

                • KY Mom

                  Billy Hill,

                  I am a Conservative Christian.

                  From everything I can see, the Democratic party (especially) at the national level is now fully controlled by the Liberals and Communists. It is no secret – just read their goals and platform.
                  They seek to disarm America and increase regulations and taxes. I don’t support their goals.

                  In 2012 the Democrats dropped ‘God’ from the party platform.

                  When this became known to the public, some Dems attempted to ram God back into the platform. Delegates at convention could be heard booing, hissing and jeering. Listening to video at the convention, I doubt it even passed.

                  The Republican party is far from perfect, but I see more hope under their leadership than the Democrats. There are some leaders (no rhinos) that I believe could help this country. For example, I support Rand Paul.

                  • What?

                    It is my hope that the GOP is and has been stepping aside to let the American people get a good look at life in a “Liberal Paradise.”

                    After all, very few GOP candidates ran a campaign beyond “Hey everyone, look what these morons (dems) are doing to this country!” Turns out that was the best campaign strategy of the year. When the electorate gets a good look at socialist policies, they almost always vote against them. Even the MSM couldn’t cover it up this election cycle.

                    GOP will manage to screw it up anyway, probably by making it easier to ship even more jobs overseas. I will be very surprised if the GOP makes it easier to do anything in the USA. i hope to be surprised, if we get to that point.

                    • hammerhead

                      Progressive republicans vs socialist democrats .
                      Whatta great choice we have , YIPPIE .

                  • BJ

                    What’s worse, a atheist or a pharisee?

                    I can’t wait to hear the academic intelligent spin on this?

                    I like and respect you KYmom, but the left is worse then the right thing drives me insane, when to me it is so painfully obvious and easy to see. One side is honestly evil and the other side are deceivingly hypocritically evil.

                    • Jammer

                      They both have their brand of faith because that is given to every man….and they pronounce their zeal according to their beliefs but you know as well as KY Mom that RINO’s arent conservative. To lump the whole works as one together makes you just as hypocritical as they are. Your flavor of what is right is subject to your faith because when you look at it….your actions are dictated by what you believe in. The substance of things you hope for determine the way you behave or the evidence everyone else can see.

                    • BJ

                      Nice spin….well done….what a load of BS!

                      Name me ONE true conservative….just ONE true conservative in either the house or the Senate.

                    • Anon 1970

                      In my humble opinion, you are correct. I used to think the Republicans were better but realized that they have the same agenda using different means. Totally with Ann Barnhardts sentiments, all politicians are evil.

                  • FreeSlave

                    KY Mom: “Billy Hill, I am a Conservative Christian.”

                    God bless you KY Mom, me too.

                    • BJ

                      You do realize the definition of conservative and the actions of “political conservatives” has drastically changed in the last 235 years?

                      IOW, today’s conservatives would be disgusting liberals in the “old timer’s” eyes.

                    • KY Mom


                      Thank you!

                      God bless you too!

                  • Rebel in Idaho

                    I truly respect you too, but would ask “do you really think the republicans will improve anything?”

                    My wife and I volunteered for Ron Paul, multiple times, and won’t give up hope either. That being said, the republicans are the party of corporate fascism and war. You might point to exceptions like Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Rand Paul, and of course my hero, Ron Paul; but the party as a whole isn’t salvageable.

                    The Dems also have had exceptions like Zell Miller (D-GA), but on the whole they are just as bad as the republicrats. For those interested please look at Zell’s books: “Corps Values” and “A National Party No More” to see why a really old school dem, who would probably be a libertarian now, thinks it can’t be fixed politically anymore. Ron Paul hasn’t given up but probably thinks the same about the republicans.

                    Too bad KY is so far from ID, I’d invite you over for coffee.

                    • KY Mom

                      Rebel in Idaho,

                      Re: “Too bad KY is so far from ID, I’d invite you over for coffee.”

                      That would be nice. There are so many good people here, I wish we live closer. It would be such a comfort knowing you had many neighbors who were awake, aware, seeking to be self sufficient, and preparing.

                      Take care!
                      KY Mom

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    KY Mom. So you saying Democrats will never be saved or receive everlasting life since they removed God off their platform? So God only chooses those who choose him? Tell us what the difference God is?? LOL. And how do you know there is any God? Does he talk to you?

                    • KY Mom

                      God is always there, but we often tune him out.

                      “You will search again for the LORD your God. And if you search for him with all your heart and soul, you will find him.” Deuteronomy 4:29

                      You’re not going to hear God unless YOU really, really want it. In modern society there are many ways to tune out God – drugs, alcohol, greed, TV, etc.

                      You have probably heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

                      The same is true of us. God doesn’t FORCE us to hear his voice or choose to follow him. Sometimes, our hearts are hardened, and we’re unwilling to listen.

                      If you TRULY want to hear from God and know HIS plan and purpose for you, you have to open your heart and mind and listen. Reading the Bible and praying are ways to open our heart and grow closer to the Lord.

                      As we grow in faith, so should our prayers. Prayer is not just a monologue of a laundry list of wants, but also being thankful for blessings and asking for forgiveness, guidance, strength and wisdom in our daily walk of life.

                      We know the reception on a cell phone varies widely. The same is true with us. Our heart and mind must be receptive to HEAR God speak.

                • TorqueCowboy

                  Changing political parties is like changing seats on the Titanic…all seats are going down.

                • Nobama

                  Billy Hill, its because Democrats attract liberals, Republicans do not.

                  • passinwiththewind

                    Attract liberals??? LOL!

                    Democrats are liberals, no ifs ands or buts, about it.

                    You cant’t seperate a democrat politician from a voting democrat indivicual.

                    As Jesus said, ‘You are either for me, or, then you are against me’. No straddling the fence on this.

                    There are no true christian democrats, period.
                    They may claim to be, like my M in-law, but you cannot spiritually seperate the killing of innocent unborns and the proliferation of the homosexual agenda, by voting democrat and then saying…”well i don’t vote for those things”.

                    Bull Caca!….Oh yes you did, beee-autch.

                    • Nobama

                      Not all Democrats are true liberals (there have been a few good non-liberal Democrats, not many though), just like not all Republicans are true conservatives (see RINO’s like McCain, Christie,…) – and don’t forget POS Bloomberg was a non-conservative Republican before he realized he was a buttsucking faggot and “converted” to Democrat.

                    • passinwiththewind

                      You can put lipstick and a pink tutu on a pig, and call it a princess, and guess what….it’s still a pig.

                    • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                      I figure every Religious person is going to Hell, because after months and months of me asking for you all to bring forward just one single person who received everlasting life stated in John 3:16. Nobody has produce a single soul. So prep for Nomex Fire retardant clothes down there. And Mittens just in case for that Cold day in Hell comes. LOL

                    • TEST

                      Who Woulda Thunkit.

                      I present myself.

                      Next question.

                • JRS

                  Democrats = Welfare state

                  Republicans = Warfare state

                  Either way you look at it they all want MORE state.

                  Either way we lose.

                  • Jammer

                    Even if you only look at a small deviation…it sets in motion a different path and destination. One step from hell heading in the right direction is better than one step from heaven headed in the wrong. Ron Paul said it right that it is historically always the republicans who get us out of the messes democrats create……but hey, everyone has an ( ! )

                    • JRS

                      That’s probably true, but I’m too much of a person with “absolutes”. I refuse to vote for the “lesser evil”.

                      I still have the Ron Paul Revolution bumper sticker on my truck. I don’t see any candidate…congressman or presidential…that compares to him.

                      That ship has sailed and America missed the boat.

                    • BJ

                      You and I sound very similar in a lot of aspects.

                  • Rebel in Idaho

                    This is true. Since over 90% of government employees aren’t elected anyway, no matter who you vote for, the problem will remain.

                  • Anonymous

                    That is the best way I have seen yet to tell it like it is!!

              • the renegade braveheart

                KY Mom, mega kudos to you for all the articles you provide that we would otherwise miss. The solution for a Commie revolution is to challenge them and go head-to-head with them, then defeat them.

            • mark

              The national guard stood by while the police allowed looting and burning but drove the Oathkeepers off who were defending the business owners and their property. It is our responsibility to protect ourselves and property and we must not be denied that right.

            • unknown suspect

              “Openly calling for a Communist revolution in America.”

              My take on this- Bring IT on! This will make target acquisition much easier and there will be no remorse felt over put them as they are put down like rabid dogs.

              Running to the hills will not fix the problem. It’ll be a matter of time before the communists (who will be the “legitimate” authority then) will come for you. They will follow the chapter of the soviet’s playbook on wealth (your food, guns, etc) confiscation. I had a friend live through this in the Ukraine back in the 40’s.

          • Nobama

            My “Hope and Change” for Seattle:

            I Hope this results in Seattle plummeting to a ghost town. That would be the best Change for that uber-liberal retard city.

            • screwthegov

              Face it. USA is fucked

              • t-zulu

                yes it is and like it or not all the hemming and hawing will not stop it unfortunately the new world order will win we just have to stave it off as long as we draw breath the world will be different and prolly run by china or the like we cant stop it but we can slow it down as much as possible just think starship troopers it will, it has to come down to that.

          • Grace

            G’Day from Downunder!
            A little over 12 months ago, Australia resoundingly thru out the worst socialist Labor (like your democrats) government in our history. When Labor came to to power in 2007, the previous LNP Government left an economy with ALL debts cleared; we were getting tax cuts every year; Future Funds were created for Health & Higher Education; illegal immigration was stopped (2people were in detention) and the LNP left $46 billion CREDIT in Australia’s bank account.

            When the socialist took office (people said we needed a change!!) the first thing they did was open our borders. 50,000 illegals have created all sorts of issues. Our debt is now $667billion. Union corruption is everywhere – including with the previous PM who was in a union involved in taking money from members to do her house extensions. A carbon tax. An average power bill went from $1,000 per year to $3000 per year. The welfare blew out adding illegals and those not wanting to work to the rising debt. They tried to stop free speech and removed ‘Known Unto God’ from the tomb of the unknown soldier replacing it with a socialists quote. BUT, our new gov has stopped the illegals boats; has repealed the carbon tax and TRYING to get the debt under control. But, those on welfare and with a targeted union campaign, do not want to pay $7 to visit a dr. (This is part of getting the budget under controll). This $7 fee cuts out after 10 visits and its FREE. If you work on a weekend in a cafe, your hourly rate is around $40/hr. cafes have decided to close as they cannot afford these wages. Ford & Holden are leaving our shores. The average person on a production line was on $150,000.00 per year – plus for weekend work, 10 weeks annual leave, unlimited sickies, etc. The socialist gov were heavily subsiding it. This new gov stopped it any said that taxpayers should not be subsidising any business – particularly heavily unionised workforces.

            BUT! A heavy union campaign against the $7 co-payment has seen the Government polls smashed. In other words, people don’t want to pay $7 to see a Dr – maximum $70 a year due to lies told by the socialists. If the socialists get back in they will Re-introduce a carbon tax, open the borders to illegals and keep running up debt. BTW, the average price in Sydney and suburbs now is $1million! These prices are for homes up to 10 miles away. Harbour side, $30million. Sadly, once welfare is seen as a right not a privilege, it is hard to move people off it. So be prepared that those illegals (if given the vote) and those on welfare, will not give this up for any Republican gov. Due to the union campaign here, people cannot see they are saving $2,000 on power a year due to no more carbon tax, but they are screaming they have to pay $7 – maximum $70 a year. If you are chronically sick, you are exempt from this fee any way.

            • Rebel in Idaho

              we have too may who see dependency as a right and will not give it up. Over 70% of our country is overweight (you should be a healthy weight, exercise, and quit smoking) and will vote for whomever gives them the most stuff.

            • TEST

              I went to university in British Columbia with a LOT of Aussies – Gundagai, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and yes, even the Alice! (Alice Springs). I am SO glad to see you got rid of Gillard, the Hilary wannabe. How does it look down the road?

              In Canada, we got Harper in – a conservative. While he is far from perfect, he has stopped the BIG GREEN MONEY global warming scamsters, the radical feminists, the gun grabbers to some extent, etc.

              Would love to hear more on the situation there. I know Aussie is big on gun grabbing, particularly after that Tasmanian shooting; Dr. John Lott discussed the Aussie vs. Kiwi gun laws, and how the Aussie laws have done ZILCH.

          • John W.

            Somehow or other I suspect that the stupid party will yet again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Boner and the Turtle have very little problem with just going along with the Dems.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          This Article is BS- Point by Point Here you go:

          1) Businesses will be forced to raise prices.
          Answer: That’s a bogus excuse. Business will keep selling their products at competitive prices as long as they can. Cause consumers wont pay higher prices. There will always be somebody selling the exact same item cheaper. It just takes more profit out of the Fat Cats at the top take home pay or stock holders.

          2) Businesses will have to cut back hours.
          Answer- Another scare tactic: They may shift to more part timers, but will keep maintaining the workforce as long as there is product demand.

          3) Businesses will have to let people go.
          Answer – Business will look to where they can make the cuts like people who are dead wood, like that lazy son in law – Let trips to the colf course – Sell the Boat – As long as there is market demand for your product there will be a work force to run it.

          Business Owners like this Whine and cry and as you can see resistance of this in their lame excuses. As long as there is a Buck to make in the market place business will maintain a workforce togo get that money. Higher min wages, creates more efficiency and a better pool of the middle class work force. If a worker is lazy then replace him. You know how many better quality of workers you will get making your hamburger, rather than Laquisha, Lawisha and Quaznika dropping your burger on the floor in the back?? Think about it!!

          And for State workers, I would offer higher min wages if you get rid of the Unions. Vote on it people. That way you can fire worthless dead wood or about 50% of today’s federal and state worker. Like those working for the post office.

          Also what I would do is anybody under 18 years old pays NO Taxes, cause they cant even Vote yet. Taxation without Representation, And anybody making $25K or less a year Pays No Taxes. And enforce a Minimum 5-10% one very corporation out there pays taxes no matter what your losses. are. Like GE making $6-7 Billion a year and pays No Taxes. That’s BS people. Not giving a little guy $15 Bucks an hour just as survival money to help feed his family. These Corporate Idiots want to focus the attention on the poor guy and off their Scams of fleecing the Government of the people. Call these Corp Thief hoodlums out every time. End Corporate Welfare!!

          • Pissed Off Granny


            I believe most of your post is slanted to BIG business.

            As a former owner of several small businesses in Oregon, (together I had 45 employees) I experienced state government mandated wage raises. Because I did the payrolls myself just guess who got wealthier?

            Yup, the state and federal government, as the employees income rises, so do the taxes on that income. Also, unless you have owned a business, matching funds for SS,FICA, etc. add up all as a pull on that small business income. Add to that the cost of workmans comp, liability insurance, annual raises on rent for your building, city licenses, and on and on.

            As a small business owner how many employees, good or bad, can you cut from your business before you cant service your customers?

            I also experienced what happens to your business as you try to pass the cost on to consumers. Consumers are very aware of their pocketbooks; if your price gouge to try to cover a 50% raise in wages is beyond their budget they are GONE!

            Big business MIGHT survive what Seattle is mandating; I can assure you that most SMALL businesses cannot. But isn’t that what the end game is anyhow?

            • MXLord327

              Agreed 100% POG!

          • Kulafarmer

            I have a friend that has a 4×4 shop in Seattle, he already laid off 4 highschool kids he had working part time because there is no way he can justify paying a kid with only basic highschool shop experience 15$ an hour,
            Same for his wife’s bakery except she laid off 9 people, and now the pastry chefs need to man the counter as well as bake, she gave them a raise. Same as The shop, he picked up one new mechanic and gave the other 3 guys raises.
            So THIS is what I know about it.

            • passinwiththewind

              i don’t mean to be mean, Kula;

              But your friends are dumbasses and evidently haven’t read the following part of the law for implementation.

              This “immediately” laying off stuff, just doesn’t add up.

              The law says……

              •Large employers (businesses with more than 500 or more employees in the United States) will reach $15/hour minimum wage in 3 years. Large employers that pay toward health care benefits will reach $15/hour in 4 years.
              •Small employers (businesses with 500 or fewer employees in the United States) will reach $15/hour in 7 years. Also established is a minimum compensation responsibility for all small employers to reach $15/hour within the first 5 years, which can be achieved by combining employer-paid health care benefits, tips, and wages.

              Just sayin’

              • Kulafarmer

                Yea, keep giving em an inch and they take a mile,
                They also say

              • skittle shittin unicorn


                no your wrong plain and simple its the small business that’s going to get burned its simple if your product costs more then NO ONE buys it.

                like pissed off granny said above and i also had a small business so i have first hand experience
                People will NOT spend more on items if they can find it cheaper across the street ( or china ) why in the hell do you think walmart is doing so great its because they buy tons and tons of cheap shit from china

                when is the last time you have truly seen a good pair of American made sneakers ?? under $20.00 not me and not since the late 60s ( keds high tops )

                ask any house wife if they have two incomes and go down to one for what ever reason they don’t still have twice the money they have half.

                do you really think they can still buy twice the stuff or pay twice as much ??

                as i said i had a small business and it was going great till the FU*&Ing Arabs flew planes into the world trade center.
                suddenly NO more business folks were not interested in having me do work for them ( window washer ) because they were worried about the economy.

                didn’t matter how much ole George bush said go out and spend it show them we cant be beat BS.

                in bad times economy wise people close there wallets and purses and think about how to cut back just in case. i have had to and most here have also otherwise there wouldn’t be a prepper movement

          • Rebel in Idaho

            You cheap bastard. Why only $15 per hour? Surely the companies can just not make as much profit and pay more? Why shouldn’t they make $50 or $100 per hour?

            If you had a heart you would make the minimum wage $1000.00 per hour. You don’t though you heartless bastard and want people to be poor and kids to starve. If you only had a heart we would raise the minimum wage high enough to all be rich.

          • Old Guy

            Most folks who own a business are not Fat Cats. They are the ones who invested capital, took risk and worked to get their business going and making a profit. And If you don’t think many will reduce employees hours or shut down your wrong. The local Mc Donalds and wal mart has taken to reducing the hours they don’t work their employees a 8 hour shift. they have them come in for a few hours during the peak. Like a couple in the morning come back a 11 leave a t 2 and return a 4 and leave at 8. and the supply of labor is so plentiful there aren’t enough jobs. And I can go anyplace and show you closed up buisnesses. Theplace where I moved from has lost 4 new car dealerships. and three new tractor dealers. the one remainin is a combination of a new car & tractor dealer. There isn’t a single full service gas station with a service bay left. the former big supermarket now has a used car dealership in it and that guy doesn’t have even one employee. Raising minimum wage only add to the cost of production and creates more inflation. it cannot create more cash flow. Actually it is attempt to legislate moral behavior. The proponets believe that the employer has more than their fair share. they use statement as a living wage? their solution is since the employer isn’t doing the moral correct thing by paying X amount of wages we will pass a law forcing them to do so. The fact that the employer possibly cannot afford or would simply quit business and refuse to participate in their social engineering plan isn’t perceived. There was a business in green county ark. They custom built truck beds for large trucks. grain beds . been there since the early 1900,s. never even shut down during the depression. they paid good wages to the employees. I knew the last family member who ran it. He stated it didn’t matter how much or little you paid in wages. if a employee was a worker he would give it 100% if he was a professional time killer you could double his wages and stil not get any more production from them. He stated that since he wanted the most productive to stay he paid them as high a wage as he could afford. He stated a slacker was let go as fast as possible. When the Obama care law passed. He Quit taking in work. before the year was up he reduced the work force to one man. Then in December he closed the doors. Had a auction in march and sold everything all the equiptment ect. at no reserve. He even auctioned off the property. He quit playing the socialist liberals game. after more than 100 years Keisler Truck Body at Paragould Ar. is no more.

            • REB

              Ya…I remember when I was in business,paid everyone else first and all I gave me was IOUs that never got paid…too many people have no real world economics expierience and think they know alot more than they do…seen alot of folks like you mentioned just stop playing the game…more will follow. REB

          • John W.

            Maybe you should open a business and put your charity where your big mouth is. As for not taxing people under eighteen because they cannot vote there are military cemeteries filled with guys under twenty one who could not vote either.

          • Rebel in Idaho

            I would consider the idea, but kinda in reverse. If you don’t pay taxes you can’t vote. Better still, if you aren’t a NET taxpayer you can’t vote.

        • JustMe

          Who is John Galt? And where is he!?

          • Rebel in Idaho

            I have 5 cents worth of gold, can I have a cigarette?

        • MinnBoy

          Here’s a 4th option, those at the top could reduce their pay increase for next year. No, that can’t be since success in this country is all about me and mine having more…more!

          • skittle shittin unicorn

            spoken like a true socialist

            take take take

            bet your a good boy and share everything equal with your other socialist buddy’s and NEVER !! think about keeping a bit more for your self.

            bet your a hipster too

            • BJ

              Serious question SSU,
              Do you think it is socialism to have a problem with the top 1% owning half the world’s wealth?

              And how about the top .01% ?

              • skittle shittin unicorn


                do i think its socialism to have a problem with the top 1% owning half of the worlds wealth

                first off i think that info is wrong or at least not 100% accurate
                most folks see companies and equate that with the old time cartoon of the Fat cat with the huge belly and a cigar. and we know that’s just not accurate any more BUT i do have a problem with corporations like APPLE making billions and being hypocrites.
                they have claimed for years to be all about Breaking out breaking free of the ties that bind folks But do it with OUR product that we ( apple ) don’t even make in the USA any more.

                Look into who really has the lion share of the wealth and you will find
                most likely in the top 20 if not in the 5

                and they ship more jobs over seas then most companies
                add into some of the smaller but still powerful cos
                REI Co-op
                foot locker
                bed bath and beyond
                crate and barrel
                Sun systems
                e bay

                you get the picture how about them cutting there profits and CEO salaries to more reasonable amounts

                how much WEALTH do these companies control world wide
                i would bet its in the billions and YET silence from them on any of the major social issues.

                Ben and Jerry’s ice cream back when it was actually run by Ben and Jerry had a program where the CEO could not make more then 4 times the highest paid floor supervisor and like most liberals they sold out for Millions and RAN like hell for the hills
                Socialists always take the money and scoot when given the opportunity. AND like most of there ILK they are all talk when it comes to actually justifying there decisions

                seriously when was the last time YOU got a job from a homeless man ? or a welfare mother ??
                i have never in my life gotten any work form the so called needy . and in most cases now the Needy are not so needy they have better phones then i do they eat better then i do ( and they are fatter )
                no one walks up to me and offers to GIVE me anything but the So called Needy are given anything they want
                where i live they have about 1,000 what ever drives for the homeless every year.
                my god you should see the buses Full of coats they collect every year ( i still have my 9 year old jacket ) buses full of socks shoes clothes food school supplies etc. all GIVEN to the poor and the needy Like the welfare cheats.
                its amazing every year we get TV ads for help the schools out teachers cant teach with out paper and other supplies and it would be fine if that was what they only wanted but now its donate I pads and tablets Walmart best buy target sears etc ALL have boxes to “drop off these items ” so a child can learn
                BULLSHIT !!!

                every year it starts again and every year its always the most liberal businesses in my town that start screaming for more more more and for what really so these parasites can take stuff and toss it ( or sell it )

                again its about guilt liberals use guilt to make you help
                when i was a child ( dinosaurs walked the earth )
                we got in the mail a 2 or 3 page letter from the school system telling us what supplies i had to have on the first day of class
                and if you didn’t you didn’t get to stay in school NO ONE and i mean NO ONE took up a collection to help with school supplies.
                this BULLSHIT of teachers scamming the schools and the taxpayers with the stories about spending thousands of $$$ is just that THEY DON’T HAVE TOO!!! its all because of GUILT and the union Guilting people into this BS
                the answer is very simple but the liberals refuse to even consider it but Make kids and there parents pay for their own supplies and if they show up with out then send them home

                hell half of the children in public schools dont want to be there and refuse to even learn so why not weed out the bad apples

                SO BJ in answer to your question YES i have a serious problem with any one who wants to Take away my Money or food or property etc and i have a huge problem with the idea of TAKING away some ones pay.
                do CEOs get outrageous pay and bonuses YUP but that is the fault and the problem of the stockholders and board of that company.

                would you put up with some one walking into your house and taking anything they want ?

                i bet you would

                skittle shittin unicorn

                • John W.

                  Your neighbors, friends and family helped. If they were poor too then you were out of luck.

              • skittle shittin unicorn

                the top 0.1%

                you mean
                Obama $ 6 to $ 15 million dollars ? net worth
                john Kerry 193 million ( give or take )
                al gore 100 million
                Diane feinstein $ 44 million
                Nancy pelosi $ 29 million
                harry Reid $ 6 to $ 11 million
                and they are all dems

                • BJ

                  They don’t even come close….in fact they are very very poor and not even in the top 1%, much less the top .01%

          • Marcus

            “Those at the top” LOL. Yeah. As long as companies are publicly traded, they will continue to focus on the bottom line to keep investors happy. Who owns those stocks? Much of it is the general public.

        • Marcus

          Yeah sounds great… Let’s raise the minimum wage. The rest of us who do t make minimum wage will essentially see OUR wages drop five bucks an hour

      2. No-Forest-Just-Trees

        So happy that I am self-employed, so
        that I can pay myself what I’m really worth.

        • JRS

          Me, too…

          I just told the boss he’s a no good worthless drunk…then I came in, popped a beer and levered the recliner back.

          Ain’t life grand.

          • PO'd Patriot

            JRS, right you are….I wouldn’t have it any other way.

            • JRS

              You hidin’?

              • PO'd Patriot

                Ain’t hidin’ from nobody, nobody hidin’ from me… (Aw ain’t that the way its suppose to be). “Mr. Breeze” Lynnard Skinnard.

                Been busy at work and killin’ deer.

        • Meathead

          Ok, here goes…..I make $9.50 an hour working at a nursing home as a CNA. I don’t think about my paycheck or dwell on my wage when I’m transferring, feeding, or changing elderly residents who can’t do it for themselves. My main concerns are taking care of the residents and making sure no one takes a fall in the process. Old folks cannot protect themselves if they fall like you or I can. Some of them can’t feed themselves without choking or aspirating.
          I get some overtime covering extra shifts when CNAs call out but the job kicks my ass. It’s physical work (I’m 60)
          and there’s a high level of stress.
          I’d like a wage hike but I gotta make a decent evaluation after doing a decent job…..
          That’s all there is to it.
          I want to go back to a tech school in my area and get a CMA license. CMAs do make more money.
          The CNA class was a cakewalk; State Boards test was easy.

          • John W.

            You are a rare person. One of the dumbest things I have ever heard was many years ago when Jane Fonda born into life as a millionaire made the absurd statement that everyone should get down on their knees and pray for communisum. She then went home in her Mercedes to one of her multi million dollar mansions and had a two hundred dollar bottle of wine. What a putz.

      3. TAKE NO SHIT!

        Wonderful! I can say I am not surprised! This should be expected! Can u imagine the poor business owners trying to deal with the unaffordable care act and double employee wages? If it were me EVERY EMPLOYEE WOULD SUDDENLY BE PART TIME or they do have a choice of no time!

        • sixpack

          When are the retards who own small businesses going to fight back? They can protest and vote, and they are many…what the hell is wrong with them?

          • jmac

            Do you not think that people are not fighting back? Think back to good old liberal Detroit and “White” flight that has left the city in complete desolation.
            Businesses will just leave for a location where they can be profitable and the restrictive area will be wondering why the businesses have all gone.

            • sixpack

              Govt regulations will put them out of business no matter where they go. They can shoot the street thugs, but the govt thugs is another story.

            • Rebel in Idaho

              Of course the cowards say they are moving for “good” schools and less traffic. So then all the cowards move to the suburbs (away from black people) and there isn’t less traffic, but hey the school is still “good” because it’s still mostly white and test scores are still high.

              Liberals can say whatever they want, their actions say they’d rather live in a majority white community and not have their kids exposed to more than the token minority.

          • Smokey

            They did fight back. They were ignored.

            This is what happens when the left gets in power. They will do anything to pacify their base and retain political power.

            In Seattle, it’s been Dems for decades, now. But, they were somewhat moderate, centrist, and didn’t screw with the system that paid their way. Now, they’re far left morons pandering to a far left political base.

            • John W.

              The Stupid Party is no better. Just look at the two lame asses morons that now will be Senate and House leaders. Boner and the Turtle.

              • Smokey

                They can come and run Seattle for a while, they’ll be better than what we have here now.

          • Buck

            They are busy running a business! Owning your own business isn’t just a 9-5 job. More like a 6-8p job and many have children they are raising and dealing with the care of elderly parents. Doesn’t leave a lot of time for protesting.

            • Buck

              Don’t think for a second the small business owner isn’t fighting back. We deal with a lot of small business owners and ALWAYS pay in cash. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that business transaction ever made it on the books.

        • skittle shittin unicorn

          seattle has always been a hellhole

          lived there 25 plus years ago for a year could barely make rent let alone feed my self and it was only me ( and a cat )

          stupid high rent high prices for almost everything couldn’t afford to do much of anything.

          museums $ 15 to $ 20 for entry

          and the stupid liberals screaming for more more more and ALL for the people
          bullshit it was all guilt driven liberal bs the idea of the rich and the extravagant rich business income is just a dream from these idiots. they think because they all have the idea of being in a co op and sharing the wealth and helping those less fortunate it will all work out in the end. well for a while i worked at one of those Co.op type stores ( needed the job and they were hiring ) you should have heard the petty backstabbing idiots

          the women were always screaming about how the poor should get “there fair share” and the so called Boss
          actually the head Hippie was trying to pay bills and feed his kids and pay me that at the end of the month he had nothing . so he cut out feed the poor and the street people and the screaming got worse The so called Co Op folks yelled and screamed ” what about the poor what about the homeless ” and more important what about there so called Co.Op and after 6 months of this crap he shut it down Bye Bye job bye bye food etc.

          a little about who really wanted this wage hike
          Kshama Sawant
          is a Seattle City Council member. A former software engineer from India, Sawant became a socialist activist and part-time economics professor in Seattle after emigrating to the United States. She held part-time teaching positions at Seattle Central Community College and Seattle University and was a visiting assistant professor at Washington and Lee University. Sawant ran unsuccessfully for the Washington State House of Representatives before winning a seat on the Seattle City Council, making her the first socialist to win a city-wide election in Seattle since the radical progressive Anna Louise Strong was elected to the School Board in 1916

          so what do we have here folks ?? a former software engineer from microsoft who most likely is rich because more millionaires have come out of microsoft then ANY company

          Sawant’s observations of poverty in her native country and her unhappiness with the Indian caste system helped shape her political views before her adoption of socialism. Sawant grew up in Mumbai where she later studied computer science and graduated with a B.Sc from the University of Mumbai in 1994. She married her husband Vivek, an engineer at Microsoft, and moved to the United States. Sawant was shocked by the level of poverty she saw and decided to abandon the computer engineering field. She began to pursue studies in economics due to what she described as her own “questions of economic inequality.”[14] She entered the economics program at North Carolina State University where she earned a PhD. Her dissertation was titled Elderly Labor Supply in a Rural, Less Developed Economy. Sawant moved to Seattle in 2006 and, after hearing a speech by a Socialist Alternative organizer, became a socialist. She became a United States citizen in 2010.

          so here we learn more about her she married another software engineer who is actually the real breadwinner in the family and decides to become a socialist

          Kshama Sawant is a member of the Socialist Alternative party, the United States section of the British-based Trotskyist international organization the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI). She has referred to herself as a Marxist. Sawant has stated that she does not advocate for any system like the “bureaucratic dictatorship” of the former Soviet Union, but for democratic socialism meaning “the society being run democratically in the interest of all working people on the planet, all children – everybody who has needs, and all that being done in an environmentally sustainable manner.”
          Involvement with Occupy

          Before running for office, Sawant received attention as an organizer in the local Occupy movement. She praised Occupy for putting “class”, “capitalism”, and “socialism” into the political debate. After Occupy Seattle protestors were removed from Westlake Park by order Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, Sawant helped bring them to the Capitol Hill campus of Seattle Central Community College, where they remained for two months. Sawant has joined with other Occupy activists working with local organization to resist home evictions and foreclosures. She was arrested with several other Occupy activists including Dorli Rainey on July 31, 2012 for blocking King County Sheriff’s Deputies from evicting a man from his home.
          Economic policies

          In her most recent campaign, Sawant called for large Seattle companies such as Starbucks and Amazon to be unionized. In previous campaigns, she has advocated the nationalization of large Washington State corporations such as Boeing, Microsoft, and and expressed a desire to see privately owned housing in “Millonaire’s Row” in the Capitol Hill neighborhood turned into publically owned shared housing saying, “When things are exquisitely beautiful and rare, they shouldn’t be privately owned.” During an election victory rally for her City Council campaign, Sawant criticized Boeing for saying it would move jobs out of state if it couldn’t get wage concessions and tax breaks. She called this “economic terrorism” and said in several speeches that if Boeing moved jobs out of state, the workers should take over Boeing facilities and bring them into public ownership. She has said they could be converted into multiple uses, such as production for mass transit. Sawant also supports single-payer health care. Sawant maintains that a socialist economy cannot exist in a single country and must be a global system just as capitalism today is a global system.

          so this in a nutshell is who is really wanting to destroy Seattle her and her commie friends.
          a idiot who is divorced and wants to see everyone else pay for her BS
          notice how she wants to “take away homes from the rich”and give them to the poor ?
          and Take away Boeing land and give it to the poor

          with her its all about take take take

          skittle shittin unicorn

          KNOW YOUR ENEMY !!

          • Woogie

            Looks like Kshama Sawant will get her wish. The city will turn into Detroit and the rich and middle income homes will be squatted by drug addicts, jobless, and homeless, leaving the homes to deteriorate to squalor. I hope her home is the first casualty.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            Great Post SSU.

            Shows what happens when enough locals do not pay attention to local elections. I have zero confidence in our national elections; but believe local elections could have different outcomes if people only CARED.

            Most college professors seem to have about the same ‘bent’ as Sawant so we can see how our kids are being led. Socialism is just a soft sell for communism. This is not going to turn out well for America.

            • Hunter


              In truth, this marxist cunt, is a perfect example of the benefits (to society???)…of the elite’s H1-B immigration policies / programs…endorsed by both political parties, btw.

              –(deep sigh)–

              ..per Marx’s (infamous) dictum:

              “..from each according to their each according to their needs.”


              ..that’s soooo passe’ nowadays, I guess…

     its now..hand over all your monies to the down-trodden…or else!

              • the renegade braveheart

                Hunter, if any of those commie scum want something from me, they’ll have to kill me to get it.

                • Hunter



         expensive for them…make ’em pay dearly!

                  ..(your) M1 carbine is a good weapon for close range urban warfare / combat.

         sure to possess plenty of high-cap mags & ammo to feed the enemy! -(grin)-

                • Buck

                  Hey Braveheart

                  The commies are already taking from you everyday…a little something called taxes. 😉

              • skittle shittin unicorn


                did you catch the part about her being divorced ?? bet she gets a nice check each month in alimony

                more take take take attitude

                • John W.

                  I bet her ex considers it the best money he spends to be rid of her.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Granny, I have to agree. No way that commie bitch would ever dictate anything to me.

          • Smokey

            She’s also a complete hypocrite. Openly and loudly donated a portion of her salary for her elected position, then crowed about her generous altruism. Of course, she’s taking the tax deduction for her donation, since her husband makes $400k a year, so her pay cut means nothing.

            She also just got arrested in a demonstration, and of course is getting paid by the taxpayers for her time in custody. Apparently, elected officials in Seattle can get arrested without losing office.

            • skittle shittin unicorn

              pissed off granny

              i moved away 14 years ago and don’t miss the hell hole
              i do miss the ocean and camping in the rain forest with my VW bus but other then that i don’t miss much
              Seattle is home to more A holes and stupid people who think if they can just pull “the bitch down ” Seattle will rise from the ashes like some phoenix bird.

              in reality its already a rats nest
              Pike place market one of the top tourist places in the day is OK but at night forget it you take your life in your hands drug deals people having sex in doorways and under park benches
              the homeless shit on the side walk and do other things no child should ever see ( till there married LOL)

              as far as the college teachers they were lost decades ago and continue to this day to be more useful idiots
              if you have these kinds of idiot teachers in a school for your children or grand children you need to write to the dean and demand they be removed if more people took the time to Vet these teachers ( so called )then they might not have gotten a foot hold but now its almost too late.

              idiots like bill Ayers are all over

              know your enemy know so you know who to fight later

          • passinwiththewind

            That is exactly why God told us, USA (House of Israel if you are white. Or, have accepted Jesus and all of God’s Word)…run them out of your land, otherwise…

            They will become pricks in your eyes and thorns in your sides.

            That’s what we got going on now.

            Not racist, just pro Israelite,(not joo), and anyone that loves and follows Jesus, no matter what color or shade.

            • Hunter


            • Nobama

              I saw Jesus today. He was in the Home Depot parking lot, seeking work. When I flashed my INS hat, he scurried off. I wonder why?

              • passinwiththewind

                Just for you…

                “Jesus just left Chicago
                And He’s bound for New Orleans
                Well now, Jesus just left Chicago
                And He’s bound for New Orleans

                Workin’ from one end to the other
                And all points in between

                Took a jump through Mississippi
                Well, muddy water turned to wine
                Took a jump through Mississippi
                Muddy water turned to wine

                Then I out to California through the forests and the pines
                Oh, take me with You, Jesus

                You might not see him in person
                But he’ll see you just the same
                You might not see him in person
                But he’ll see you just the same

                You don’t have to worry
                ‘Cause takin’ care of business is his name”

                Read more: ZZ Top – Jesus Just Left Chicago Lyrics | MetroLyrics

          • Night Breaker

            This idiot sounds like a female version of Yugo Chavez , how did that regime work out ?

            SAT CONG
            (all you guys who attended the university of SE Asia and are alumni know what this means)

            Semper Fi 8541

      4. Paranoid

        I support a higher minimum, The top is getting far to large a chunk of the pie. If we would stop all this illegal immigration people might be able to get a reasonable wage. AND supporting people who won’t work. I remember about 30 years ago when the guy in charge of Kodak fired 10-15,000 people and supposedly saved the Co 35 million dollars, he then gave himself a $35 Million bonus That was sure good for the company, I also remember when Oxy petroleum cut out it’s drilling program one year to save money and gave it all to Mr Hammer. Somebody needs to look after the average guy, the Gov sure isn’t. they steal from us and give it to the money people. You can argue this isn’t the right way; but if something isn’t done the alternative is rope and boiling oil.

        • Ghost Rider

          I’m all for higher wages but the problem is the big corp will either cut jobs to pay for the higher wages or pass the cost on to the customers. It doesn’t really affect them because we the people ultimately pay.
          It really hurts the small business owner who can cut jobs, etc

          This is one of those “feel good” acts. In reality it just causes problems but it makes people feel good until the bottom drops.

          The bottom line is if you want to make more money prove to your boss that you are worth it. Show some initiative, get some training, whatever applies to you. That’s the only way.


          • oicu812

            I too, am for an increase in minimum wage, Ghost Rider.

            However it should be done by, smaller per hour increases and incrementally, so small business can adjust and modify it’s price increases slowly.

            Upscale businesses in Seattle can pass on the added expense without too much of a problem, cause the rich just “write it off”.

            It’s the small companies that will suffer. Overnight increases will send customers scrambling for cheaper products and send a lot of these “mom & pop companies” into foreclosure.

            Big corporations, well most of them ain’t giving up big salaries for their top executives as an offset, so the alternative is to do what they have been doing for decades….”relocate”.
            If not to another state, they can just contract out to China or Mexico, as hundreds of other corps have done.

            The average lower income worker can’t have any quality of living improvements at the $7.25 national minimum.

            Even at $10.00 per hour, after taxes, the average take home is usually less than $300.00 weekly. Deduct for cost of owning and operating just one vehicle and that figure can quickly fall to under $250.00 maximum, in pocket dollars, each week before expense for shelter,food,clothing, and insurance for home and health.

            In todays economy, folks can’t even begin to put back $$ for emergencies or college for kids, at $10.00 per hour, much less at the going rate of $7.25.

            Greed at the corporate level has kept workers at minimum wage jobs from enjoying any quality of life; unless the workers are doing it just to keep busy, as many retirees do, or there is a two person wage earner household.

            Some big companies have no choice but to pay more per hour in order to get folks to do “dirty jobs”. The local poultry processing plant is just one example. Hence why they have been getting away with hiring “illegals”. Illegals do the dirty work for less, so the corporate executives and managers get huge salaries. A few million here and a few million there, under the table to the right politicians, and the feds turn a blind eye to the illegal practices.

            “Too BIG to fail”.

        • Nobama

          I’m for higher wages, but not for any mandate. The .gov has no say in how business owners run their businesses. The .gov doesn’t care about workers anyway, all they see is higher wages=more tax revenue.

          • Smokey

            That was one of the selling points to the politicos. ‘We’ll get more revenue from the taxes collected when the economy rises.’

            While, at the same time, they were telling us tax cuts to middle class don’t increase revenue.

          • skittle shittin unicorn

            Ghost Rider says:
            Comment ID: 3283169

            oicu812 says:
            Comment ID: 3283210

            ahh yes the old boogie man argument ” the rich can afford it !!!””
            really ?? the rich can afford it exactly how tell me.

            the so called rich are seldom really that rich they can afford it and in the case of companies that have share holders to answer too its amazing how people just say oh they can absorb the costs
            some what true but i can tell you from sitting in on a microsoft shareholder meeting that they WANT there profit and now!

            the RICH as some call them are well off but the ones who run companies work sometimes 14 to 16 hrs a day.
            and yes they may get rewarded but isn’t it There money to start with ??.
            i always have to laugh when the lame stream media talks about embezzlement cases and i find out its some small business man who wanted his money out of the company.
            if its your business and you truly built it from the ground up and worked your ass off then how the hell can you steal !! from yourself ??.

            its so easy now to fall into the BS liberal guilt trap of ” the rich can afford it ”
            and that’s just what it is Guilt driven.

            i have seen the A hole Liberal run business in Seattle and there BS back stabbing and Petty arguments about how to ” give back ” when in reality its the employes s that do the giving and the CEOs sit back and laugh there ass off at “the Useful idiots ”

            know your enemy
            Starbucks .liberal run and one of the worse offenders in the minimum wage fight research how they shaft there people and try to get them to work off clock. also one of the worst polluters only 4% of there stuff is actually recycled or being recycled

            REI Co Op liberal run started out as a small camping store that actually did give back to its members and the community now a huge mega corp. used to sell memberships and each year you got back a % of your purchases. not any more

            claims to care about the environment but in reality they pollute more then a oil refinery there so called Carbon credit buy back program is a scam. another company were the employees do most of the charity work and donate hundreds of hrs to programs but the Corp bosses sit back and reap in the rewards of “good will etc ”

            most of there packaging claims to be recycled but its not its just “Green washed”!!

            Microsoft Forget it too long of a list

            Walamrt one of the TOP offenders hires thousands of low wage employees and illegals they claim to promote from within but mostly that’s a scam to look good any time some one focuses on there hiring practices they ” promote a bunch of women blacks and the disabled.
            Known for working people off the clock working on days off and not paying making people take sick leave for minor issues

            they hire illegals and pay them under the table and use illegals as “contract workers ”
            since obamacare started they have cut back 1,000s of hrs and eliminated jobs

            tyson and Perdue chicken farms they might as well be one and the same

            hiring illegals for pennies and taking back a portion of there paychecks
            Using the ” contract workers scam as a way to pay people less

            with the exception of Perdue and Tyson farms i believe the others are all run by liberals

            The wall ( mart ) family no longer actually run the company but i think the majority of the CEOs are all liberal and Huge supporters of Obama

            now these are the people who should be taxed out of existence these are the guilty party that has shipped jobs over seas for cheaper wages and Bought billions of Chinese Junk

            Know your enemy

            skiottle shittin unicorn

            • oicu812

              Sorry ssu,

              I don’t quite understand your rant. You start out with a little rant about our (me and ghost rider) comments about the rich absorbing and writing off the added costs.

              quote…”ahh yes the old boogie man argument ” the rich can afford it !!!
              really ?? the rich can afford it exactly how tell me.
              the so called rich are seldom really that rich they can afford it and in the case of companies that have share holders to answer too its amazing how people just say oh they can absorb the costs
              some what true but i can tell you from sitting in on a microsoft shareholder meeting that they WANT there profit and now!” end quote

              I was only referring to the “rich” customers that cater “upscale” businesses. Maybe i should have been more clear.

              I see you are probably more related with the wealthy since you were/are, sitting in on shareholder meetings at Microsoft.
              Yet you end up blasting the wealthy corp owners/mgmt.
              I don’t get it.

              Anyways, I know small business, have a degree in business and banking, and better relate to small business owners. Owned, operated, and sold three successful small businesses. Operated on a thin budget and modified each, to deal with ever increasing operating costs, even back in the eighties and early nineties. I would not even care to own a business in this environment. I don’t have the nerves for it.

              Rewarding employees for their dedication and hard work isn’t a strong suit for most business managers and owners. They usually operate more on the line of self-greed than compassion for others.

              Therefore, I can agree on one thing with those that want to increase the minimum wage; and that is the National Minimum should be at least $10.00 hourly, implemented incrementally, within a few years. If an employee isn’t worth that wage, then find someone who is. People making ten bucks an hour will work harder and longer, than those making only $7.25. Otherwise, replace them.
              If an owner/manager can’t make a profit by increasing their costs to cover the wages, then maybe there isn’t enough demand for what they are selling or they are poor managers….and that isn’t the minimum wage employees’ fault.

              Bottom line…a fair days wages for a fair days work.

              • skittle shittin unicorn

                oicu812 says:

                sorry i am being a bit confusing and i apologize for that ( doesn’t help to take meds and type LOL )
                the Microsoft shareholder meeting was a phone conference call years ago my Boss a contractor had he owned about 100 shares of the stock and it split TWICE.

                any way he had a conference call and i was waiting to get my pay check
                so no i don’t run with the multi millionaire crowd.

                as far as Seattle and the so called Rich clients and shoppers that’s really a myth. Yes there folks that are well off and a bunch that are rich but a lot of that is old money like weyerhaeuser paper products.
                but like most who inherited there money or earned it they don’t waste it on BS.

                the ones that are most likely to be wasteful idiots are your stockbroker types and banking type also day traders

                and as far as the $10.00 an hr argument its moot up there its been at that level for a couple of years and like California its not working well
                companies like MC Donald’s cut there staff right away.

                in the 80s and 90s Oregon tried a Back to work idea that should have worked great but it didn’t so much
                they Demanded that ALL Gas stations have on staff at least two pump jockeys. and it was supposed to cut welfare and unemployment benefits. but for the most part it just caused a lot of gas stations to cut back on hrs etc

                it became illegal to actually pump it had to be done by station attendants

                right now the real issue is getting a handle on the illegal immigration problem get rid of the 11 million illegals and maybe we can actually put people Americans back to work and they can get a raise in pay
                but as long as we have companies like the ones i mentioned it will never happen

                and it doesn’t matter if its an upscale store or Target its mostly made in china

                skittle shittin unicorn

                • passinwiththewind

                  Yea, i agree with all that, except the part…..

                  “… get rid of the 11 million illegals and maybe we can actually put people Americans back to work and they can get a raise in pay…”

                  I am all for getting rid of the illegals and shutting down Immigraton, nip it in the butt; however; it won’t make much difference in the work force.
                  Most red blooded american young people have lost the old fashioned work ethic.

                  They have been babied and coddled too long, and are living off of others. Even the bums won’t work.
                  In our town, we have a Tyson poultry processing plant, my brother has been there for over thirty years and knows what is going on daily.
                  He says right now there are nearly 100 jobs available within this facility. Even the legal Mexicans can’t fill all the positions.
                  Most of the Mexicans here are hard workers. They find better jobs, with better pay, and quit working in the plant. Managers and business owners know that 98% of the mexicans will show up on time and give a full days work. If they speak enough English to communicate, they are hired for many different types of work. Even the Japanese restaraunts now have 100% mexican kitchen staff.
                  ‘Mexicans’, cooking ‘Japanese’ food to feed, ‘White’ people. Who wudda thunk it thirty years ago?

                  Not even 50% of the whites will do that, and forget percentages on the blacks, cause it is way low.

                  Let’s face it, White American youth, especially the males, are lazy as whale shit and about as damn worthless.

                  Nearly all of them believe they are superior and supposed to have a desk job, right out of high school and that doesn’t necessarily include a HS diploma.
                  If you have kids or grand kids that don’t fit into this
                  picture, then you are blessed.

                  It is the generation of the “entitled”. Parents are to blame for not instilling the old fashioned, get your hands dirty, work ethic.

                  Our 16 to 45 age group has become a nation of pussyfied, morally corrupt, lazy-assed, politically correct, morons.
                  It is almost at the point of the blind sheeple leading the blind sheeple. The worst problem with that is they are being led straight to the slaughter house of Satan.

                  When Satan does arrive shortly, and I have a theory about how and when he arrives; (planet X isn’t really a planet, but a vehicle for transporting Satan and his army of fallen angels) he will be preaching a “rapture, escape tribulation on the earth”, message. “Just follow and worship me, and I’ll put my mark on your hand, and pay off all your bills, while putting a chicken in your pot, and you don’t even have to work.” ” the bad gov/cops/military, can’t touch you that have my mark”.

                  The whole world will whore after him in order to escape the things coming upon the earth, and follow his lies.
                  Making the mistake of following the wrong/first christ/antichrist, will cause many that live in ignorance, to walk hand-in-hand, right to the slaughter house doors.

                  The stage is being set on a daily basis.
                  It will happen.

                  • skittle shittin unicorn


                    finally some one who agrees with me on the young wont work issue

                    but in reality whose fault is it ? the schools ? the parents ? society ? grandparents ?
                    i say all of them !!! parents now wont actually parent
                    they want to be Friends and buddy’s NOT parents

                    and forget the black community’s that’s a lost cause for sure all most black kids see and hear is Be a rapper be a basketball or football player ( or be a player )

                    the plain and simple truth is they are children having children
                    80% of blacks cant read write or speak plain english and the ones that do talk like they have “Shit in they mouffs”

                    they mumble and slur speech and act just like what they are uneducated children

                    BUT to be fair i have seen whiggers doing the same thing acting like idiots NO work ethic and total entitlement attitude

                    Mommy says i don’t have to work she will take care of me and my 4 children that’s what i hear from one young whigger girl down the street from a friend White maybe 22 4 kids no husband but plenty of boyfriends on welfare
                    New cell phone each year but her children are stupid unwashed barely fed Because grandma is just as stupid and on welfare too. loves the kardashians and wants to be just like them.

                    its generational and it goes back about 5 now to the 60s
                    and the whole tune in turn on and drop out of society

                    the fruit does not fall far from the tree

                    but passin i do believe in what your saying and have said the same for years now

                    • Ghost Rider

                      Skittle Shittin Unicorn;
                      I think maybe you misunderstood my comment, I wasn’t saying the rich could or couldn’t afford to pay for the wage increase.

                      I was trying to point out that the large companies will either cut jobs to pay for the wage increase or will simply pass the cost on to the consumer. Because as you pointed out, the shareholders want their cut no matter what.

                      The small business owners are the ones who get hurt the most. They can’t always pass the cost to their customers or cut jobs.


                  • Paranoid

                    No one thing will fix everything.. Buy get rid of the illegals and tell the rest to work or starve

              • Rebel in Idaho

                What’s wrong with private citizens negotiating contracts without government interference?

        • Babycatcher55

          The answer to getting a higher income, is either own your own business, or improve your skills/ education to become more marketable! Most of those earning minimum wage are, for one reason or another, incapable of doing any better by virtue of lifestyle, education or both. It is still possible in this country to start at the bottom, work hard and smart, and move up the socioeconomic ladder. It’s just most people don’t want to work that hard! I did! I used to live in section 8 housing. got out of there as soon as I could. I also left a hopelessly negative marriage, earned a meager income( no alimony) while raising 3 children properly, went back to school for an Associates, then a Bachelors degree, and now have a small farm…yes, people blessed me along the way, but I had to put the work into it to get somewhere! If I can do it, anyone can….

          • BJ

            What about those who have higher education and/or skills and experience that should earn them more more money but since 08 have been UNDER employed or unemployed?

            What is the answer for those people SSU? I understand your argument against raising the minimum wage. But what about in this economy the unemployed and under employed?

            I see us as screwed and no right answer 🙁

            I think a good start is a total reset through another revolution. With a demolished fed reserve building and irs building as trophies to be observed and used as a memory of what not to ever do again.

            • the renegade braveheart

              BJ, excellent post and I agree, especially about the system. I know there’s been some differences between you, helot, YMWW, and me but I’ve never disputed your point about a reset. We all have our own grievances about the system and I am no exception. In my mind, ‘reset’ means tearing down the entire evil system we have now and start over again from scratch. When an old house has deteriorated beyond repair it has to be torn down and a new one built in its place, including a new foundation. That is the only hope I see for this nation. I believe we need to get back to the original principles espoused by the Founding Fathers in order to have the kind of nation God intended for us to have. That is my vision for America. That is what I hope to live long enough to at least see the beginning of work toward that goal. When we were having our debates, I still somehow got the impression that you, helot, and YMWW do love this country. I can appreciate that because I love America also and it’s my home as much as it is yours. I believe this nation is worth saving and I’m willing to fight, and if necessary, die for that cause. When my wife was alive we traveled to a few countries in this hemisphere and I really saw a lot of things that blew my mind. I saw more than enough to know that no other country could ever be home for me. I’ll still take America over any place else any day. Take care.

            • Babycatcher55

              I think those who are underemployed should live with friends or relatives and be frugal with their money til conditions for them change. That would be a start. We are going thru this ourselves. Our son is a recent veteran, and is living with us while he works to pay off some debts, then goes to school to get trained in something besides warfare…:) but it’s the way things are now, and we accept it. He won’t always be here….

          • Old Guy

            Every employer I ever had needed to show a profit from the work I performed. There was a limit to how much they could pay in wages. My last few years I drove a truck and received 25% of gross revenues. Of course the trucks owner received the lions share. however when thousands of dollars needed to be paid for tires fuel licences & permits ect. he had to have the money. Many folks couldn’t figure it out. I had a paid for owned by me semi truck sitting in my yard with a for sale sign on it. and I was working driving a truck that was 2 years older than the one that I Owned? It was because I didn’t own a DOT authority I wasn’t a million dollars in debt to be the glorified renter of a fleet of trucks & employ a dispatcher- pay for load insurance and have a shop full of mechanics. I could make more clear money after taxes & expences parking my rig and driving theirs. They eventually bought my truck and paid me to drive it.

          • Buck

            Thumbs up Babycatcher!

      5. the renegade braveheart

        Kulafarmer, I have to agree. Stupid is as stupid does. There is no known cure for stupid [especially with commies].

        • Johnnycomelately

          RB. The dead aren’t stupid, they have even seen the end of war. Just sayin

      6. Quadrateq

        As a small business owner, I have no employees. My wife and I run things ourselves. Looking into the 3D printers and possibly start producing long gone replacement parts for things that can be repaired and put back into use. I encourage all Americans to research the same. Become independent contractors and let’s start reducing dependence on large corporations. American ingenuity can come back. Live within your means,be small and happy.

        • Man on the inside


        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          I’ve been self employed 20+ years. You either “Innovate or Evaporate.” And I have that Sign hanging in my Home Office.

          Make it happen people, and create Multiple Streams of Income, The “One trick Pony’s” can break a leg, and then the Show is over for you.

          “Persistence Pays” – Ask Thomas Edison

          You don’t have to be a Genius to be successful, Just work smarter than everybody else.

          *Work Smarter, Not Harder.

          *Understand the “Point of Diminishing Return, and ROI – Return on Investment.

          *Working for somebody else will just make them rich and you plenty tired.

          Positive thinking and always look for an opportunity to make a new friend connection and or client.

          Words of Wisdom that have lead my charge of being self employed for 20+ yrs.

          • TEST

            Triple yup. Good post

        • The Old Coach

          Double YUP!

        • anon

          Excellent comment, Quadrateq.

        • Hunter


          Good for you!

          …want a tip???

          ..set your machine to reproduce (industrial) hydraulic cylinder piston rings/seals/wipers/bearing-strips & excluders…per obsolete or now bankrupt manufacturers etc..etc.

 have no idea of the enormous market that’s out there for such

        • TEST

          Amen to that. Nice post

      7. Voice of the Public

        I support raising the minimum wage to $125/hour. If you don’t make $125/hour ($250,000/year) then you don’t have to pay any federal income taxes. Nor does your employer have to pay any “employment taxes.” Any thing over $250,000/year is taxes at a flat 15% rate, no deductions. And the employer has to match the 15%.

        • Paul

          I think you are thinking of the capital gains tax.

      8. islander

        wow . $15.00 an hour for unskilled labor . this means the skilled people need a 30 % or more increase in pay as well doesn’t it ? fair is fair

        • Mountain Trekker

          Man there goes them $1.00 MacDonalds Double Cheese Burgers. Just when gas got cheap enough for me to drive a hundred miles to get one. Trekker Out.

          • sixpack

            Last I looked, a .99 whopper went for $5.89. No great loss, really, but it says something about the rest of the food market. It’s not just fast food going way up.

            • Townsaver

              Are you local to the area in discussion Sixpack?

              I recall promotions, years ago, for the .99 Big Mac. I was much younger and slim back then, could eat what I wanted and feared not the future.

              Now, quit smoking, can’t eat anything I like, and now I am supposed to quit drinking too.

              Maybe I am already in hell?

              • hammerhead

                “Now, quit smoking, can’t eat anything I like, and now I am supposed to quit drinking too.”

                Aint gettin old a bitch ?

                I get the nfeeling that a lot of folks that post here are 50+ , we grew up at a time when jobs were not an issue , if you wanted work , it was there.
                Now its all upside down and we are waking up to the realization that the world is changing.
                The sad truth is that our kids will never live in a world of such prosperity and never know stability.
                We had a taste , and now its goin away.
                Was all that stability an illusion ?
                Or did we squander it while drinking away the eighties?

                • Kulafarmer

                  Got pains all over, all sortsa stuff makes me wheeze, everything is going to hell

                  • REB

                    Some days I really understand what youre sayin…running this farm,being independent as possible,after 7 years with no paycheck I got a side job with another farmer,no where near 15 bucks an hour but it helps to have abit of fiat on hand…anyhow took a fall a couple weeks ago and messed up a few body parts…hurt but kept going for a couple weeks…finally a nurse friend finds out I aint feelin so good and takes a look at me…well without going to a hospital to get pics and such it seems I busted a rib or two and maybe my wrist…smashed the ole elbow up pretty good too…add a dislocated shoulder and shoulder blade and just for giggles throw in a goofy twitching nerve and numb fingers and well I understand your sentiment…been through worse but the good Lord always gets me through…Ill be fine but some days it really dont pay to get up… 😉 REB

                • PO'd Patriot

                  Gettin’ old ain’t for sissies………

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Hammerhead and Townsaver, when I was growing up in the 60s I started doing odd jobs and such at 8 years old. I had a good work ethic and knew the value of a dollar before I was a teenager. Jobs were everywhere and there was no way you could not locate a job unless you were not out looking. Back then if you didn’t go to work, you didn’t eat; it was just that simple. My mother had a few factory jobs which typically paid one-third more wages than service industry jobs. We had the world’s largest industrial base and made everything we needed for ourselves. “Made in USA” was a phrase that really meant something. Common sense prevailed. We had prosperity and stability. It’s so tragic that our kids will never know such a world. The America we grew up in is gone and is being replaced by one which is extremely foreign to me. BJ is right about reset and revolution; the only hope I see for this nation also. The so-called ‘free trade’ policies took away our manufacturing base and now we have to depend on almost everything we need from foreign countries. Yes, getting old is a supreme bitch. so is karma and all the bad women I’ve ever had.

                  • Townsaver

                    Braveheart, hello my friend!

                    In comparison to today, my 17 year old son is able to find work. It is entry level, but apparently showing up on time, sober, with your pants and belt at waist level is considered above average.

                    If folks today had your work ethic, they could find a job. It may not be the job they want, but it is a job.

                    Merry Christmas to you sir.

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      Townsaver, Merry Christmas to you also. I’ll be sending another email to you soon.

                    • TEST

                      Townsaver: Didn’t you mean “Merry Festivus?”

                      Thankfully, given that we are a free country, the campus speech and thought police recently also allowed “Happy Kwanzaa” or Happy Saturnalia”

                      Just making sure you don’t fall afoul of the campus Stasi, and be a little helpful to everyone else here.

                    • Anonymous

                      Townsaver, you are absolutely right about those qualities. Have them and you will have a job. Also, honesty is a must. My grandson started out on the bottom rung three years ago and has steadily worked his way up. Most of the people he replaced were fired because of dishonest and illegal practices in the workplace.

            • The Old Coach

              There’s a gas-station company hereabouts called Speedway that runs a fast food operation in their stores. They’ve already automated their ordering process. Next it’ll automate the burger-flipping. I spent 15 years building material handling automation for the auto industry. Automating fast food production would be child’s play.

              • Hunter


                You ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie either, sir!

                ..been contracted to repair / trouble-shoot / upgrade robotic systems here too.

                Most folks have no idea of what a +4 to 6-axis machine or material handling system w/ good software / programming can do.


                ..just curious…ever work on or were involved in such for…Ingersoll-Rand?

                • Night Breaker

                  Hunter ,
                  Like bringing back long gone firearms like the Stg44 , BAR , Fg 42 , it’s amazing what a lazer scan of a part imported into Autocad and CADCAM can do with one of these machines . It can all be modeled in software (3D Autocad solid modeling ) tested for fit and function virtually before its even fabricated , then machined, metal work all the way down to stocks.

                  Ask me how I know , this is what I used to do ( NASA R&D ) before the 2008 crash and downsizing of the agency ( I really miss that ) now I just drive an MRAP and do sh*t at DHS ( plans for security studies and reports amongst other duties like sitting in middle of fkn riots! See what 4 years of school and 2 years post grad ( masters Aerospace Engineering , minor in Astronomy everbody has a hobby LOL , GI bill combat wounded ) got me ,no I am not bitter just under employed and not in my desired field I can feel my intelligence dropping every day working in this vortex of sh*t ) it was that or don’t have a job and don’t eat or take this interagency job opportunity , most of these jobs ( technical ) are being out sourced and done via Internet from places like India .

                  So for now i have gone full circle , I am back at my roots , grunt at 56 , the only easy day was yesterday . I am not even considered to be a Federal employee even that is being outsourced
                  To private industry ( PMC , company not named do to OPSEC , its big and it’s multinational )
                  Everything is turning to crap as RBH says this will not be solved without a re-set .

                  As my grandmom used to say “und ehr kumt”

                  Sad fact it will only get worse we are at the midpoint in our downward trajectory it will only accelerate from this point on until we reach terminal velocity and critical mass.

                  Remember Pearl Harbor today 7-12 -1941 the Day that will live in infamy
                  We have survived great challenges before when called to do mighty things .
                  As long as I have a heartbeat I will NEVER give in or up.

                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • BJ

                    ” now I just drive an MRAP and do sh*t at DHS ( plans for security studies and reports amongst other duties like sitting in middle of fkn riots!”

                    So your the f*cking enemy…….why hang out here? Gathering info?

                    Putting out misinfo like the fear porn crap you put out about the ferguson riots that went no where.

                    I thought you were a good guy. Fuck you and your DHS! You and sarge can go to hell!

                    • Night Breaker

                      BJ ,
                      We are not all the enemy you would be suprised how many of us are against the regime , and for your information I do not collect information, the regime can go screw. BJ you got to direct that anger to where it belongs to the politicians , dude you have to smimmer down and save it for the enemy .

                      Me and Sarge are the good guys if you delt with the shit we deal with every day you would see things differently , for you information most of us here are active duty , law enforcement , security and retired government workers and feel the same as you do about the powers that be .

                      We were in the middle of the shit that happened , by direct orders from POTUS we could not do anything , it sucked to see what happened and were powerless to prevent it . Having a pistol shoved in your face to reinforce orders given is not a good experience.

                      So before casting the first stone reflect on that , things are not happy in fed land.

                      Semper Fi 8541

                    • PO'd Patriot

                      BJ, there ain’t a boogieman behind every closet door or under every bed. Its like saying every black man is a criminal and every Jew is a Zionist.

                    • PO'd Patriot

                      NB, Where the hell is Easy Street?

                    • Night Breaker

                      PO’d Patriot ,
                      I think easy street was severely detoured in 9-11-2001 , I think we all got a serious case of road rash on that day. It’s been a race to the bottom ever since unfortunately .
                      Things could get progressively worse every night there has been a flair up of unrest , the MSM is not reporting it , last night it was in NYC and Calif. every night the crowds get larger ,the big test is going to be on the 13 when former fat al goes to DC with the free shit army.

                      Semper Fi 8541

          • Hmmmm....

            I said the same thing to my husband about the $1 meals for younguns!!!(do they even have those now??)

            Now look at the wages of entry level employees; their raises will be in effect in a few months and we aren’t even talking about $15 now; it’s maybe $16??

            How do those employees sticking with it for years to finally reach a $15 hourly wage feel about some 18 year-old coming in with NO experience making that wage at entry level???
            Internal animosity does not make a productive company!!
            Washington is about to see they made a huge mistake.
            Closed businesses do NOT generate revenue.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          You are correct. Think any employee now making $15 an hour is going to be happy that a newby whipper snapper just coming on the job will be making what he is after years of climbing the wage ladder. Hardly!

          • Hmmmm....

            OOPS!! didn’t see your post. Sorry.

          • Kulafarmer

            Add this to all of that
            Add the usual prefix


          • islander

            I have newbies on the job all the time whining about their wage and they dont even have their own tools let alone know how to use them . kids are so cute

        • poo

          sumbody gets it. minimum wage is catching up to me

        • Smokey

          Heard a waiter on the local news, he wants $15 an hour so he can pay for his student loans !

          What’s wrong with that picture?

          I think he said he graduated two years ago…

          • islander

            and thats what ya get for picking your major poorly

          • BJ

            Maybe, it’s that he can’t find a better job even with that phony bologna paper from a college?

            • Smokey

              It was a silly liberal arts major, no one hires them.

      9. tired of the lies

        OPTION 5:

        Move your business just outside city limits and your employees work for the same “old” wages (or not at all). The workers will of course get to absorb the additional commuting costs,or you employ the new “local” work force- a boon for those living/working outisde town. You also get to raise your prices to reflect slightly less than those in town, thus raising your profit margin slightly.
        Of course none of them could figure that out so when it happens (picture the county lines of a “dry” county down south)the city will be gutted of any organization employing people that can move, causing a tax crash.
        Wonder what the morons running the Peace Loving People’s Republic of Seattle will do then? As if there’s more than one answer to any question posed to a socialist- brace for the tax hike, but of course NO ONE could predict that……
        Seattle, the next detroit, but with shittier weather

        • dave in Idaho

          Get rid of the minimun wage and 40 million illegals, permits and fees. When jobs outnumber workers, wages go up. Supply and demand.

        • The Old Coach

          The story of Northampton and Hadley, Mass. Northampton the university town enacted all kinds of taxes and zoning to “preserve Northampton’s character”. So all the businesses located in Hadley. Taxes in Northampton were/are astronomical, taxes in Hadley quite affordable. This is going back 40+ years to when I was in college.

          “The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.”

      10. BlackDog

        The last thing that will happen will be government admitting it is wrong. So changing out the political guard here won’t change a thing. The rest of us need to be on guard for a-holes like this in our own states, trying to sway public opinion with junk science, in this case, junk economic science. There will always be rich and poor. If you are rich, good for you. If you are poor, get used to it. And admit to yourself that Government is not there to help you, it is there to rule you. Our government has absolutely NO fiscal responsibility whatsoever, regardless of what our politicians would like you to believe. Electing new liars doesn’t help at all. We all need to learn from Seattle’s collosal screw-up and be on guard in our own states for irresponsible economic smoke and mirrors.

      11. Feminist Critic

        It must be some white-traitor feminist group who mandated to increase minimum wages beyond inflation because the women in America are oppressed by the white male patriarchy.

        Feminists are behind the scenes trying to shut down male owned businesses and increasing big government jobs. It sounds silly at first, but read Michael Synder’s blogs about the male participation rate in the labour market in USA and Canada, and you’ll see COMMUNISM in action.

        Many of these feminists work in government jobs. In cities such as Washington, D.C., New York, Toronto, Ottawa, etc are huge feminist hotspots with many women working in government jobs to spread their Marxist views.

        This minimum wage is to force the business class and poor working class to accept Marxism VIA government handouts.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Feminist Critic, I’ll give you credit for admitting to something feminists are involved in. Let me ask you something. How do you feel about the FACT THAT IT’S REALLY WHITE MALES WHO ARE SUFFERING FROM DISCRIMINATION AND OPPRESSION DUE TO AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, FAVORTISM SHOWN TO WOMEN VIA THE COURTS ON THE ISSUES OF DIVORCE, CHILD CUSTODY, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ETC.? Women in America have never been in better condition than they are now. WHITE MALE participation rate in the labor market has been reduced significantly because of feminazi discrimination and oppression against white males. Spare me your propaganda and go f#$% yourself!

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Yeah let women start paying for the dinner dates and weekend get aways and trips. I want to be well taken care of and no cheapskates. LoL. And my Birthday is coming up so where are are taking me? A little role reversal would be nice for a change. And this time I get to do the nagging. And where is my allowance this week? I am well over due for a raise. LoL. A Guy can only dream..

          • Babycatcher55

            Braveheart, ya think you might have been a little harsh? She was being critical of feminists, same as you and I…

            • the renegade braveheart

              Babycatcher55, I didn’t get that impression from her post. If she had at least put the word sarcasm in there, I would’ve understood and given a different response. it’s so tragic what feminism has done to the minds of women.

              • Anon 1970

                Absolutely agree that feminism has ruined the minds of most women, but not all! I am pleased to count myself a female NOT in the feminist club. Thankfully I can spread this to my daughters and my sons:)

          • Anon 1970

            What makes you think a woman posted this and not a man? Plus it is clear whomever posted it is not a faminist…..

            • Anon 1970

              haha, oops, not a *feminist….

      12. Brent H

        What is needed is a minimum SKILLS law that requires all employees to demonstrate their skills to be hired. In order to be hired, the employee must prove to the federal government that the employee has

        1) Ability to perform complex arithmetic including calculus, trigonometry, and algebra.

        2) Ability to speak and write English flawlessly.

        3) Ability to perform 50 pushups.

        4) Mastery of Microsoft Office.

        That ought to cover everything. Is there anything I missed?

        • Townsaver

          You just eliminated 95% of the workforce boss.

          Hell I can do 3 and 4… but even after English 102, I would not call my English flawless, and math? Just shoot me.

          • Brent H

            If 95% of the workforce got eliminated that would seem to work out just fine, as a minimum wage law that is set too high could wipe out 95% of the jobs.

        • Archivist

          I have never used calculus in the 40+ years since I took it in college. The main job that uses calculus is teaching it.

          Being able to count change would be much more useful. And knowing how to use basic hand tools.

          • T-10

            Amen, I still recall the t-shirt that stated:

            Another day gone, and I didn’t use algebra once.

          • Kevin2

            I had a technician (so called) from Sears installing a new garage door motor that told me with a straight face that 1/3 is greater than 1/2 because 3 is bigger than 2.

            You won’t use calculus on anything other than lab work and even then its most often “plug and chug”. Algebra may be used in some occupations as I have used it on occasion as a power plant supervisor and lead operator. Fluency in basic math (add, subtract, multiply, divide, fractions, decimals, ratios and certainly percentages) is a necessity for anything remotely technical.

            We had an engineer that immigrated from South Korea that went to college in the US. He said it was a breeze (and were talking about Chemical Engineering) because he learned most of the math in high school.

            We’re screwed.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Keven, RE: That Sears Repairman. I bet you paid his Minimum $50 Service Fee jus t for showing up. Todays Corporations would use Slave Labor if they could get away with it. OOPS. They do. Its called outsourcing to China.

            • BJ

              Now that made me laugh…thanks

            • Merree

              You should have asked the Sears repairman if he wanted a tip of 1/100 rather than 1/10.

          • The Old Coach

            The cars you drive, your washing machine, city water systems, airframes and engines, your iGadgets……the engineers who designed them all used calculus. If it would please you, we can arrange your life so it will never use the results of calculus, but you won’t like it. Think Europe in 1600.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Archivist, I learned about counting change as a cashier in a supermarket part-time as a teenager. I worked in a convenience store as a 2nd job for 4 years in the 80s. today’s kids have trouble with cash transactions. Hell, I even see them having trouble with debit and credit card transactions. If these kids don’t wise up, they’ll sink like rocks.

        • Smokey

          You missed citizenship.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Eliminate affirmative action, feminazis, civil rights activists, 40 million illegal aliens, minimum wage, etc. and you’ll see a world of difference.

        • Kulafarmer

          Can i substitute being able to hit a cantaloupe at 600m and AutoCAD and MSProject for the 50 pushups? I can only get maybe 30 pushups straight off….

          • Hunter

            Quit bragging Kula…you’re making the rest of us ‘old farts’…feel bad!

            ..just kidding, pal.

      13. Mr. Winky

        “BANG!-Seattle just shot itself in the city earned tax revenue foot.”

        “der’, that was stupid.”

        wink wink

      14. Jim in Va.

        Boy did I get screwed. I made 95 cents an hour and was happy to have it. Let em raise the wages and watch nobody show up at the stores because people can no longer afford to buy anything. The politicians should be required to take economics and run a business before they are allowed to run for office. Everything would be much better with educated politicians.

        • Johnnycomelately

          Jim! Top of morning to yah, and everyone else as well.

          “Everything would be much better with educated politicians.” Might I point out that what we have today ‘is’ educated politicians. But unfortunately, what passes for intelligence today is in reality ‘cleverness and guile’. Have you ever noticed that the members of Mensa never display a sense of humor and common sense? I mean these people who can figure numbers and stats in their heads cannot function without an agenda of some sort. They honestly believe their own b-s.
          No, what we need are politicians who are ‘Statesmen’. Men and women who are without guile and have for their agenda to serve God and country instead of ‘self and corporation’.

          • Jim in Va.

            Johnny; Bingo! Or just make them irrelevant.

      15. wolfgang

        You can ignore reality but you can’t ignore the consequences of reality.—Any Rand

      16. hammerhead

        I would happily pay 15 an hour if someone was willing to show up on time , work a full day and care about the quality of their work .
        I have stopped using direct employees and now hire only sub contractors , nobody WANTS to work AT ANY PRICE.

        • orleans massacre

          agreed. and they want to play on cell phones all day when they decide to show up for work.7 am means be at work for that time, not set your alarm for 7am.

      17. Frank Thoughts

        This will accelerate the trend that is already underway: the switch to computers and robots. Where I live, they are quickly replacing most cashiers in shops with automated check outs. Basically, a high turnover shop will have one or two people to watch over the customers to make sure they do not steal stuff and help the older people with the check outs (and smile: there is a great future for young, slinky chicks: trust me), but other than that, it will be robots doing the stock replenishing and shelf stacking, floor cleaning, robot security guard, forklift driving, truck driving etc. Basically, the first supermarket to go to the following model is going to cream the competition:

        1) All automated self-check outs with sexy, happy greeter staff to make the shop look ‘happy’ and welcoming
        2) robots doing all the day-to-day grudge work: shelf stacking, floor cleaning, stock, reloading, etc.
        3) Knightscope robots doing security. These guys ident shop lifters, serial robbers etc. and provide instant track and trace to the police/private security to pick up the suspect after they have left the shop. Really egregious criminal filth will get the special treatment and will find themselves plucked off the street by a private security company and waking up in some foreign place where everyone speaks Arabic. After that, the real fun will begin
        4) Master control dashboard for the shop owner and investors. They can watch the whole operation in real time and use algorithms to fine tune profits and customization of the shop experience so that nobody ever leaves the shop without something. Also drive down supplier costs by showing them exactly who wants there product, or not. Basically, you go into the shop: it is beautiful and very clean: you go to the dairy section: as you have entered the shop your habit details are already being parsed by the computers. You want thick clotted cream but they do not have it. You punch the keyboard beside the dairy fridge and enquire about the clotted cream. It says it can get it to your house by the time you get home. You order it. You pick up a few other things and head home. You flirt with the beautiful young woman who is the brand-face for the shop. “Hi Kathy!”

        “Hi Jim Baxter! Looking like a stud-muffin today!! What’s on the menu?”

        “Strawberries and clotted cream: the wife like it.”

        “OMG! You are married! I am so disappointed. If you ever get a divorce, call me! You have a nice evening Mr Baxter.”

        On the way home, your smartphone pings and there is a message: did you like the greeter? Cute, huh!! We can hook you up with three MATCHES who are the same type as the greeter. Let us know if you want a date or an escort. Enjoy your dinner!

        • Netranger

          …just what the government wants: fewer jobs, more dependents.

          Fine with me. Im the guy that engineers all that electronic stuff so it works and fixes it when it breaks. Trouble is, i cant buy enough burgers to support the whole economy!

          It appears to me that they are trying to re engineer the workforce to be something it cannot.

          Not everybody can be a systems engineer. The government sees the workforce as a bunch of little replaceable blocks that just need education and training and they can do whatever. They never take into account that people have talents. We are all just robots to them.

          When McDonalds replaces workers with a checkout terminal its just a decision to go to a different model robot that costs less to maintain.

          • lan

            The work environment changed its face when the corporate personnel department became human resources. The workforce is now a raw material sourced by a buyer mandated to reduce costs. Plenty of low cost third world suppliers happy to supply fresh meat, thus the push to flood the market with illegals.

            • Frank Thoughts

              True: human beings are now seen as just as much troublesome excrement. The cheaper the better. For free is best. That’s why I think the elite is operating on a two-track journey. The first track is the humans-as-excrement track: that’s the cheap-as-chips illegal migrants etc. Get all work down to the lowest common denominator and run them hard through simplified, repeatable tasks. It is also the soft kill stuff: making people sick so that they die off early, by the age of 50 is ideal. Cheapen the workforce and then shrink them down as they die off from diabetes, cancer etc.

              The second track is the long-term vision: say 100 years from now. That’s where the population is much, much smaller and much more desirable. Gone will be the untermensche and what will be left will be the brights – the thinkers, leaders – and the beauties – the most beautiful and athletic people from the various races. The beauties will serve in the aesthetic industries: fashion, the arts, restaurants/bars, the sensual pleasure/sex business etc. Only the exceptional beauties will be allowed to live past their prime (companions for the elder brights): the rest will be medically removed by the age of 45. The remaining workforce will be robots/automated or done by genetic mutants breed for specific tasks like we do with dogs and cats (the Chinese are already advanced on this).

              At this point humanity will be ready for expansion into off-world planets (such as Mars). The elite want to get things in order down here first before taking this next step. A Mars colony will be built up in the next 50 years. Humanity can’t afford to go forward with the aesthetically ugly, dim-witted, stupid, physically weak, or those plagued with genetic deformities or diseases.

              • TEST

                Yup. Ubermenschen is the term. Oh yeah, and Solyent Green is the other term. Along with “Hell” and “dystopia.”

          • dave in Idaho

            Mc shitter will lose money as the customers will have to read and speak english, not some form of slang. They may be able to automate the grill/cooking area, but not the customer service area.

            • dave in Idaho

              I forgot to add…. Nobody will be spitting in whitey’s big mac.

              • Kulafarmer

                101 reasons why i dont eat at places like MDs

                • the renegade braveheart

                  Kula, I’ve literally skipped lunch on occasion to avoid MDs. It’s usually cold cuts or a bowl of soup, or chili, or beef stew for me.

            • The Old Coach

              See my post above. Comment ID: 3283233 Speedway is already automating the customer service area.

              Frankly, I’d like full automation a lot. The main vector for food-borne illness that’s contracted in fast food restaurants is the people. Why I never buy fast food anymore. Worst is Taco Bell.

            • Buck

              Went through the drive thru at MCD’s the other day (every once in a while I crave a filet of fish sandwich ) ordered a few items for a couple kids and myself. When I got to the window to pay I asked the girl ( white American) to read my order back to me and she was unable to do it. She couldn’t read. Our order ended up being wrong. Sad state of America.
              And before you all jump all over me for eating at McDonald’s . I can eat some junk once in awhile. I eat a paleo diet 95% of the time and yes I know what’s in MCD’s food, if you can call it that. It’s just those filet of fish are like little soft pillows of yum. What’s interesting is that after eating there i cannot sleep that night so its not often I choose to eat at that establishment

        • Night Breaker

          Frank thoughts ,
          You sir have unknowning written the pilot for the next TV series .

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Frank Thoughts

            I wish it was sci-fi! The government agency I work for is doing things like this as I write.

            I would love to work in TV: I hear it is a babe-magnate business and would beat the pants off of working for the menopausal heifers we have around here, who make Janet Reno look like a porn starlet.

            Most of the senior management know this is the last gasp of the system – a giant hail Mary pass before it all goes down. The managers 55 plus are just hanging on for the pension and then they are out of there. If the President said set up a network of gas chambers and cook off half the population, they would probably follow orders to get the pension. On a more positive note, Georgetown looks beautiful at Christmas time!

            • Condor Day:4

              Did the whitehouse Lawn caretakers yet set up that 95 foot Tall Menorah display, where they USED to set up a xmass Jesus manger scene before the zog-fed courts ruled such manger scenes Bad due to their “wall of seperation” on All issues religious…Except of course for the talmudic religions most revered and famous symbol of that menorah “devils pitchfork” display?

              Maybe DC located christian groups can do a huge protest rally about such discriminatory govnt practices to appease 2% of the usa POP while disallowing what that Other 98% prefer aka a Traditional Jesus manger scene at xmass time….Kinda like rallys at abortion clinics are done eh.

              Any non kosher youth looking for something constructive to do while out and about town can always seek out and demolish such abject violations of wall of seperation policy agendas, if they locate such menorah violations where a Jesus manger scene USED to be set up…This Only applies of course to all forms GOVNT properties and NOT to Private property such as official Synagouges of Satan displays…Choose wisely pitchforkers..

              That will keep the youth from hanging out with Savage rap star wannabees and Looters and jungleistic rioters eh!

              Call it “Piss of Satan games” or something catchy as that sounds…

              You adults out there need say a little Prayer that Hobammy don’t forget to use his seat belt when he rides in that Manlift up 95 feet in the air to assist several Rabbis in their daily lighting activities. Falls from such heights can be dangerous.

              • oicu812


                You are relentless on the joosters. It doesn’t bother me that you are; I’m just sayin’.

                Maybe a jooster/bankster screwed your girlfriend or something, or just pissed down your shirt one day.

                Anyways, I don’t have any use for the maggots either.

                Did you know that there are schools/universities in China, dedicated to educating the Chinese about the Jews?

                From what I can find out, they are mostly funded by American jews. The Chinese say they want to be like the Jews, and learn their ways, to maximise profits. Oh really now.

                Go figure.

                • The Old Coach

                  His problem is that he’s an abject failure at everything in life, doesn’t even HAVE a girlfriend, he never showers so he’s got B.O. that would kill a camel at 40 yards, his teeth are all rotten from the Koolaid, his hair is falling out, the meth isn’t keeping him high anymore, and he’s got to blame someone, anyone but himself.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Coach, I thought you were describing acid/eisenturd.

            • Night Breaker

              I wonder how many of us here work for ? Your office sounds a lot where I work , I thank mac for allowing us to vent , something that would get us in very very hot water in the politically correct office! By the way still on remote assignment waiting for the cork to blow . If the head asshat shuts the .gov down we are basically going to be stranded here. Typical department crap send the east coast crew to middle America and send the STL crew to NYC? Go figure , considering we had to drive there rather than fly. hope I am home for Christmas. there has been no contingency planning from upper management.
              It’s not called foggy bottom for nothing , maybe I can get my old NASA Engineering position back, once this is over with if ever , sometimes I feel like that guy in the movie the postman , the one that “knows Stuff” . LOL

              PS George town is going to be fun when former fat Al is there on the 13th , take care.

              Semper Fi 8541

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                You should have heard the conversations at the FL Gun Show yesterday. Hardly a single Black person in the place. Whitey is very well armed and packing some major heat. From the .50 Cal BMG SEMI AUTO Sniper Rifles to Pallets upon Pallets of Ammo and everthing you can imaging from knives to throwing stars. Thank to Obamas Race Baitng Show in Ferguson. People are taking charge of their own security bigtime. The cash registers were ringing.

        • Archivist

          Stores that went to all-automated checkouts would save some people a ton of money. At least they way they work now, you can fool automated checkouts easily.

        • Hunter



          ..welcome to “blade-runner Amerika”..(rev.2.0)..of course!

          –(good post, sir!)–

      18. Netranger

        When did it become lawful for anyone to tell me how much i have to pay for anything, including labor?

        1099 everyone as a private contractor. Pay them what you want.

        • Kulafarmer

          Better yet, shut down and dont pay anyone anything!

      19. slingshot

        Another Nail in the Coffin.

        Add on more store closures by Sears. Police Brutality will fall by the wayside when job and food riots break out. Think supermarkets like Winn Dixie, Wal-Mart, Publix.
        There are so many problems that it is beginning to feel like we are running naked through a Cactus Patch.

        • The Old Coach


        • Kevin2


          “Police Brutality will fall by the wayside when job and food riots break out.”

          They’re just in training now. Let economic riots take place and it will be like the BTO song, “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. Desperate people do desperate things and the domestic Army of “Law Enforcement” will quell disturbances employing means that would be considered grossly unacceptable today. I wouldn’t be surprised if China outsources civilian control advisors to the western nations.

          • Condor Day:4

            China? Israeli Mossad agents already got the Jump on such civillian control actions long ago in usa. IDF & Mossad agents also are being used as Trainers for the Kwaps dept’s across the usa nations citys.

            They teach military tactics to Kwaps, and various inhumane torture methods as used on Palestinian children and women folk in israel, where they perfected such methods and kwap tactics to kontrol average citizenery.

            For the mental trainings Kwaps recieve along with “Racial Sensitivity” classes they bring in the Master Kommies from ADL and SPLC trainers…in this sense racial sensitivity training is “Code” for Blame whites, Distrust whites, Beat whiteys silly and always consider in advance every white folk as a homegrown terror threat of the absolute worst type, and deadly to the Kwaps own personal saftey. In laymans terms such training is usually just called “Teach the Kwaps that every White Male is a filthy evil Raysis Nazi”….Seems to be working out very swell for the fed govnt and Kwap Shops across the nation lately.

            A situation of Kwaps VS Kwans…

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Yeah Israeli Mossad did such a great job with oversite at the Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag event, as an outsourse with foreign security. Nobody wants to seem to ask this question or bring up why Israeli security is hired for any security in America??. Their US Cop Hate the Public Training is unrolling out just like they trained them with Humvees and no knock warrants and flash bangs for overdue Library Book late fees.

              • Condor Day:4

                WWTI: Many do not want to ask such questions about isralie mossad or ifd trainers etc because they probobly fear someone like Old Goat/coach “defender of all issues jewish” will post up another of his never ending totally childish rantings and name callings like he always does to me….Such crazed fool rants as his only serve to confirm he is a top notch total asshole of the inth degree.

                Ironic eh how no matter what gets posted up like my Menoarh jew idol 95 ft tall on lawn of whitehouse VS Manger scenes that Used to be set up every christmass season….Instead of old goatboy trying to DIS prove it, since he cannot as we all know this is a fact, he instead resorts to child like cheep shot name calls of me.

                Maybe he thinks calling the poster such stupid names is somehow going to change facts that YES His beloved idols of worship, aka them self chozens coach drools over, really do set up their 95 ft Tall RELIGIOUS symbol on FED GOVNT PROPERTY of which we were all told is totally FORBIDDEN for Christianity symbols…

                He knows I didnt make this up. Their 95 foot TALL obcenity devils pitchfork look alike idol IS the tribes NUMBER One Main religious symbol none can deny…

                So I am 100% correct in all my post stated on the issue.

                Yet the old goat coach has his head so deep stuck up jewish ass, and his abject worship of zionistic scam issues that so destroy america and Us, he just cannot force himself to finally admit I am correct.

                If fed court jew judges are going to bash a Jesus manger scene and forbid it due to their faked wall of seperation claims, which in itself is a fraud claim, then YES that ruleing Should also Apply To All forms of jewish religious idols or statues or menorahs or Six Pointed stars of Raphaem the satanic idol of ancient jewry.

                However!! Who would care to wager that If it was a Moooslim or Arab type symbol on whitehouse lawn, and if I complained of that travesty…THEN you can Bet your ass old coach-Goatinskyboy would Then yank his embedded noggin out from deep jew ass it is usually stored in to post a reply of vast approvals!

                Unlike we who are equal opportunity complainers of jews-savage blacks-savage mestizos-and all others what fits…Old coachaswinesky is the hypocrite type basherboy…He too bashes negroes and arabs etc relentlessly daily…While giveing total cover and unquestioned defense of jewry, no matter how many times worse than all them other trouble makers actions combined that are perpetrated by his fellow tribal jewry…Then its all OK.

                Total Hypocrite he is eh…maybe he will soon take Hunters great advice to READ a few REAL books like Michael Hoffmans several expose books and website,and David Irvings acomplished historical writeings that PROVES ALL we few real truth tellers that Dare to defy the Big “J-TABOO” has been posting info on.

                Whatever you do do NOT place any cash wagers on old coach is going to actually do as Huter suggested and actually READ such facts packed truth info books by writers so smart and advanced in intelligence matters as to make child like coachs remarks pale in comparision…That is a Loser bet since old Goatswinesky the jewdeo kommie lover is never going to READ such books for his FEAR of Truth and Facts…

                PS: Maybe main reason for IDF/Mossad here as Kwaps trainers is as a “Cover” to let them foriegn Agents get in contact with the Other several tens of thousands of Subversive agents within America lands, them jewish Sayanams huh?…Either way one things dead certain..None of em can be trusted period.

      20. Kevin2

        We were far better off before all of the labor regulations. Workers loved the working conditions at the turn of the century.

        The saturation of virtual foreign slave labor into the market place both domestic and foreign via free trade has changed the supply demand dynamics for labor. There lay the problem. Mandating getting blood from a stone does no good when your importing more stones.

      21. slingshot

        Over at the Sheeple

        LAPD kills man with knife. Video.

        • Kevin2

          The articles headline embellishes, takes liberty with reality. Unarmed does not mean no gun it means no weapon.

          The above being said if you 20 ft away your out of knife range when you have a gun.

          • BJ

            Unless your Mike Brown….then 35 ft away and no weapon…. and you ARE in gun range!

        • BJ

          This is the more important article that should have peoples attention.

          ht tp://

          Look at the cops comments….this is typical pig think…..much like what our resident cop dale posted yesterday when he started to peel away the layers and show all his real side. Like some of the locals have told me….an arrogant chest puffing prick.
          They can’t help it….the job over takes their mind and heart. There is NO changing this,…..this is what we are and will be up against when the govt sends them or shtf in another way.

      22. Robb

        One of the main factors in the collapse of the Soviet economy was a dedication to ideology over reality. If Marxist theory predicted collectivizing farms would improve output then they were collectivized. If output was lowered instead, the theory was not re-evaluated (an act of counter revolutionary terrorism), it was intensified. It was just assumed the problem was they didn’t go far enough, they needed even more radical collectivization to make it work, reality be damned.

        The United States now falls in to the same trap, but coming from the opposite direction. We have gone from a top marginal tax rate of 90% during the 50’s to 14% capital gains tax paid by the rich. Our minimum wage, adjusted for inflation was $10.68 in 1968. We deregulated the banks and they proceeded to commit massive fraud and destroy the national economy. We have over 30 years of real world experience showing that Karl Denninger’s dire predictions are just over the top nonsense, yet some followers of Ayn Rand still cling to this ideology over the reality.

        “Recent economic research supports an increase. While too high an increase would damage economic growth, the range of increases currently being enacted are helping rather than hurting the economies involved. A recent study compared what happened to total payrolls in states that raised the minimum versus states that didn’t. The 13 states that raised the wage enjoyed nearly 50 percent faster employment growth than the ones that didn’t. This isn’t a theoretical analysis of what might happen; this is a data-based analysis of what actually did happen. Minimum wage hikes, at the modest levels that are getting voted into law, help economies grow.” –

        The minimum wage in Australia is US$17.69, in Uganda its US$0.01.

        Real world economic policy should be based on what happens in the real world, not the imaginary world of “logic” based on a fictional book (Atlas Shrugged).

        • Kulafarmer

          What they are doing is like what was done in Atlas Shrugged, it is mind boggling just what the hell exactly these people are thinking, it didnt make sense in the book, nor does it make sense now!

        • The Old Coach

 – another Communist fellow-traveller.

          However, I do agree that deregulation of banks, especially the virtual repeal of Glass-Steagall, has let the sharks into the swimming pool, with predicable results.

          Why were they deregulated? As an offset against the Clinton administration forcing them to make billions in bad loans to indigent Democrat voters. “Do this, and we’ll let you do that”. Housing bubble, derivatives bubbles, und-und-und.

          We are so screwed.

      23. swinging richard

        One day the government will learn to let the free market determine wages and prices.

        • BJ

          Since the market is manipulated and tun by TPTB 1% elite……….that would work out great!

      24. The Old Coach

        Meanwhile reports out of Seattle say that the downtown area is becoming like San Fran Freako. Street crime out of control, drugs, naked homeless defecating on sidewalks, etc.

        I worked TDY there in the ’80s and it was a beautiful place.

        Sad. Very sad. Take heed folks, if a Kalifornikating liberal shows up in your local Government, time to move on. Like rats on the farm. If there’s one in sight, you’ve got a hundred more.

        • the renegade braveheart

          time for some libturds to suffer some “accidents”.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Cats and dogs living together…….Who you gonna call????

      25. ponomo

        America needs Oswald.

      26. al

        Please don’t get me wrong, I’m for a higher living wage, because I’ve been there. That being said, not to the point of driving or shutting businesses down or putting them out of business.There should be a happy medium. The next thing about Seattle is ” the way a 25 to 50 square block area of Seattle votes, is the way that the rest of the state is forced to live. “Ex. The small town that my son lives in has needed a new well for the last 25 to 30 yrs, but because of the state EPA regs, they are still sitting in limbo. Do they get one or not? You aren’t allowed to catch rain water from your roof for use in your garden ( if you have a garden ). And that is just the tip of it

      27. Sgt. Dale

        How Stupid are they.
        If you have to pay your employee’s more you have to raise the price of your Wigget. Now when you go to buy two or three because the price has gone up you only buy one. So if you have a warehouse of Wiggets you stop making them. Then you lay off you employees. Now your employees go on State Aid and we have to pay for them. Now we don’t have be the money to buy things we want or need. So other people loose their jobs and so on and so on!

        BreaveHeart: Gun show on 13/14 If you haven’t got a Christmas present for yourself yet, and if you don’t have a long range rifle look into the M44 or Type 53 Nagant. You can get two of these for the cost of one other type of rifle. Ammo is dirt cheap.


        • Smokey

          Go with the M44, most of them are nearly new in condition, and quality Russian or Warsaw Pact manufacture. The Type 53 is Chinese 1950’s make, not of good quality, and most offer poor condition, at least the one’s I’m seeing out here.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Sarge, I may be looking at the Mosin-Nagant. Can a scope be mounted on one of those?

          • Sgt. Dale

            There are several styles. Cost from 15.00 to 115.00. I’m using a Aim Sport, on mine. All I did was add an nylon nut to the nut that is on the screw that holds it in place. And some blue lock tight. This is not a see thru mount, but you can get them thru Brass Stacker. The one I’m building is going to be a custom job with no sights on it. Timney trigger, AR M2 flash hider, and a Arch Angle stock. Barrel length around 20″.
            Good luck in your search.

      28. SouthWest

        Another option for some businesses will be to relocate to another area, possibly just outside the city limits.

        • Kulafarmer

          I thought it was state wide?
          Not sure how one city can mandate a wage, and not have it challenged.
          If it is just Seattle thats a death sentence for that city. Same goes if its state wide.

          • Smokey

            There’s a push for statewide, by the same people. They know what will happen to Seattle, so they want to share the misery across the state and deflect the damage away from themselves.

          • Condor Day:4

            As of Jan.1st,2015 I heard seattles automated phone answer services used by govnt and private buis alike will be switching over to:..PRESS#1 for Spanish…PRESS #2 for Kommie-Yiddish. All others just empty yer wallets on way out, thank you.

            • Kulafarmer

              Funny stuff!

      29. Illini Warrior

        the article is out of date already …. Chicago just voted to go to $13/hr …. and they are still protesting for $15 ….

        the bigger service employers aren’t effected by this – they are already paying that much …. it’s the smaller places that will be closing up … under $9 to $13 – no way to raise prices that much ….

        they just won’t accept the fact that the ENTIRE pay scale will simply rise along with the cost of living … these minimum wage people won’t be any better off …

        the maid and cleaning staff at the downtown Radisson – now making $13/hr will want an immediate raise to $17 …. no way are they working at the same wage as the McD’s halfwits …

        same with the trade unions …. food prices, rents, car repairs, cable all raise in cost to adjust for increase

        stupid …. just to passify the ethnic voters

      30. The Prophet

        I foresee a return to the dark ages with no chance of a recovery. Only the most brutal will survive.

      31. Just sayin'

        In Weimar Germany during it’s hyper-inflation workers were paid 3 times a day so that their wives could get the rapidly devaluing currency to run down the street to buy groceries before the price went up. Wow, look out.

        Ist $15/hr then $150 worthless dollars per hour, and a Starbucks coffee $10,000.Hummmm?

        • Smokey

          If you ordered a meal in a café, you paid for it immediately to avoid the rise in price by the time the food was cooked and served. The printed menu was replaced with a chalkboard.

          Mailing a postcard across the city, which was one cent here or a half-pfennig in pre-inflation Germany, cost 5 billion Marks to buy the stamp. They reduced the size of the banknotes in half, due to the paper being worth more than the printed value of the banknote, then ended by printing the notes on one side only, due to the cost of the ink.

          A savings account with, say, 5,000 Marks in it, something for your old age, about two years income for a laborer, was literally worthless overnight.

          A pre-Weimar gold Twenty Mark piece, a coin about the size of a nickel, worth about $5 US or trillions of worthless inflation Marks, could feed your family for a week just by getting it across the border to France or Switzerland and buying food.

          • Kevin2


            If the Weimar Republic raised wages or not their inflation rate was still going to skyrocket. At some point when a weeks wages could not buy a single egg no one would have went to work.

            When they make trillions out of nowhere and back feed it into the economy into both Treasuries de facto funding government and equities purchased by the too big to fail banks prices are going to rise regardless.

            When the economy is in trouble and QE fuels bankers coffers resulting in bonuses for the guilty its interesting that the line drawn into the sand is always next to the lowest level working man.

      32. The Prophet

        Hidden in this weeks jobs report is the news that 150,000 full time jobs were lost and 77,000 part time jobs created. Part time low paid workers don’t buy homes. You can get a 7 year auto loan. The dealer puts a tracking device inside so he can find and repo the car when you stop paying.

      33. Snake Plisken

        This will get very interesting for the businesses and their customers. Once in a while it is instructive to see an epic fail up close and personal but only if you learn and gain wisdom from failure. The 15 dollars an hour minimum wage in Seattle will have an impact in a lot of diverse ways.

        1) Boutique businesses like El Norte will have to raise their prices to match the mandated hourly increase yet still have to cut back on expenses like entertainment.

        2) The owners of a family owned business will hire less people and double down on the hours they have to work.

        3) Those wonderful small shops doing shoe repair, bakeries, bike repair and other enterprises which locals love to frequent will fade away leaving a much less interesting neighborhood. Personally, I love to walk into a small shop where the owners know me and i know them. This is a hardwired connection to our community!

        As a VP of a small ( 20 peeps ) sales company I know what the metric is on a daily basis for us to survive in a hostile business environment and sometimes the owners and myself have to put our heads together and put forth some creative ideas to continue the company’s growth. Sometimes we have to shelve certain upgrades and training we’d like to implement. That’s just business.

        The 15 dollar an hour min wage in Seattle is not well thought out by the oh so brilliant local pols who have never had to stress out on making payroll.

        I’m not worried about my side business being effected by a minimum wage requirement. I have a crew of 4 door installers ( carpenters ). Some of them are students at a local Tech/Vocational school and two others are guys ( one lady too ) who I can schedule to do an installation. We do 3 or 4 installs a month and don’t travel more than 20 miles from our homes.

        I pay my installers 50 bucks each for every door they set up. The install ( even with problems ) takes two hours at most. I 1099 them and they take care of their own taxes. it has been a good year for us and I’ll be handing out 100 dollars per person as a bonus at Xmas time this year.

        The question always remains: how can a small business owner already struggling to make a profit to sustain themselves and people they employ and retain them as a quality service to your customers?

        You don’t.

        Seattle is one of my most favorite big cities in the USA. I love to wander the downtown area when I visit family there and check out the shops and bars because it is so interesting and diverse. I fear this 15 dollar an hour minimum wage will ruin the funky cool businesses i like to
        explore. All that will be left is Costco and WalMart’s on every frickin’ corner.

        The 15 dollar an hour min wage in Seattle should and will be very interesting both pro and con. The commies will boast how wonderful their program has been while the dust will gather on the shelves of once formerly bustling business.

        The pro side? Smart business owners will do what they have since the beginning of our race: build a a business where the profits are. Tacoma, Renton, Olympia, Bellingham and other ‘burbs will see more jobs and opportunities for those job creators.

        I sure miss Mercer island!


        Snake Plisken

        • TEST

          Thanks, Snake. Interesting to get word from the “street” level. That’s what makes this site so interesting.

      34. Woogie

        Another very important solution not mentioned for these businesses…the business can MOVE OUT of the area. We saw this in California where taxes were high and places like Texas lured them in offering lower taxes.

        It happened in Minnesota years ago where signs were posted on I-35 “Will the last business leaving Minnesota, please turn out the lights”

        Others moved their businesses offshore in other countries so they can survive and give people an affordable cost on goods; whereas the high cost of wages and corporate taxes here in the USA would make these products unaffordable.

        This solution still loses the jobs in the area, except for a few, if the company pays employees to move with them. When they move with a company, the area loses taxes from them and their contribution to their economy.

        • the renegade braveheart

          And all of these people who get laid off, unless they find other jobs, just end up on the public dole. THAT gravy train will dry up eventually.

        • Smokey

          No one is really buying into the race angle, so they have to redefine the ranting to appeal to a larger audience. They’re trying to go to the police brutality argument, but juries keep No Billing their bright, shining, little cases. Ferguson, NYC, now Seattle, and soon Phoenix and Chicago.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Ferguson was a set up opportunity to loot and burn. Black don’t give a rats ass about any other Black unless there is a lawsuit to collect money or more hand outs. 3 out of 4 Blacks prefere to shoot Blacks than any other race. It is what it is so no more sugar coating this Racebaiting scheme.

        • BJ

          That’s what I am praying happens………it’s not a white and black thing. It’s a BLUE thing.

      35. Torahguy

        America already PRACTICES ALL TEN PLANKS of The Communist Manifesto. America IS ALREADY a Communist country. Go read it for yourself.

      36. rednek101

        I’m for higher wages. But to pay someone flipping burgers $15/hr is asinine at best. Paying entry level people, high school students, a living wage is not how things work. The problem is that as good paying jobs disappear, older workers are forced to migrate to jobs our high school students traditionally do, or did. You have people with degrees working in Starbucks.
        The way wages/rewards are supposed to work is based on the carrot and stick approach. The more knowledge you build up and the more productivity you have, the greater the wage/reward. If we go the route we currently seem to be going, there will be little reward for exceptional people who go the extra mile. Fatal error. Everyone gets the same wages. Everyone gets the same type of car. Everyone gets the same housing. Sound familiar??? Might want to ask the boys in the old USSR how that worked out for them. Fatal error.

        Obamacare, Common Core, minimum wage hikes, all of these components are designed,as stated by our beloved POTUS, to “level the playing field”. You would think that the primary purpose of these policies would be to bring up the lower echelons of our society to a higher standard of living. No so. They are designed to burden the middle class of our society into oblivion. Communism at its best.

      37. The Prophet

        Fast food places will really be stressed for sales. The high price of beef recently and now the increase in labor costs will knock them off. People go to fast food joints for quick and cheap food. A beef sandwich here is $5.72 plus tax on the low end. Over $6 on the high end. Add in a coke and fries and you’re over $10. And that’s just for one person. People won’t and can’t pay that much.

        • Smokey

          Local restaurant owner here tells me if $15/hr goes statewide, it will cost him over $80,000 per year in additional labor costs. Couple of the waitresses are scared of the idea, they won’t get any tips, they believe. I think they’re right. If the meal cost rises, the tip is going to get cut in half, and if they are getting $15 an hour base pay, folks will justify cutting out the other half.

          • Nobama

            Waitresses getting $15/hour do not need any tips.

        • oicu812

          Not right away for the Big Chain fast food joints.

          Mickey Ds, Burger King, wendy’s, Hardees/Carl Jr’s, etc.etc.; will just cut out a few brainstormers, with Harvard/Yale type degrees that demand six figure salaries. Some of the educated (by their framed BS/Masters degree) are educated idiots anyway, that may come up with one good idea every six months.

          Regular pencil pushers are a dime a dozen.

          I once met a past CEO of McDonalds, that is now a retired billionaire. He began as a hardworking Italian kid in school when he started working for McDon’s in the 60’s as a burger flipper. Worked his way up the ladder.

          He told me he grew up poor with parents that had a strong work ethic and told he and his brother to be the best at whatever you are doing and be dedicated to the job. That work ethic paid off for both of them, both retired wealthy, and started from scratch without the silver spoon or family influence in getting promoted.

          Maybe not as possible these days, but it did happen.

          Not many have work ethic anymore.

          • the renegade braveheart

            I only eat out once, sometimes twice a week. most of my meals I have either at my desk at work or at home. for the most part I have either cold cuts or something out of a can. much cheaper in the long run. I think ham and chees with mustard on wheat bread is much more palatable than a big mac, etc.

            • BJ

              I love the Frisco Burger from Hardees

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Most fast food is garbage food. Remanured animal parts pressed together in the shape of real food, like the McRib. I hope it puts all of these garbage food joints out of business. There needs to be a minimum standard that anything that is classified as Food Consists of 98% real food and not shit like sawdust as fillers.

          • oicu812

            FYI and for those that buy the cheap chicken nuggets/fingers/patties.

            Look on the ingredients label for “mechanically seperated chicken”.

            There is such a huge and overwhelming demand for this product, the USDA inspectors are letting the Poultry processing plants now run badly bruised, mangled and bloody parts through the machines. These come from chickens that were partially destroyed/dying, but still alive when run thru the killing lines.

            USDA will allow any bird to be processed, that is still alive when hung on the killing lines, no matter how mangled or close to death, to be used as viable meat. Bone marrow is also extruded from these birds as well.

            Unless the ingredients label says “white meat only” and doesn’t say anything about “mechanically seperated”; then it is OK.

          • the renegade braveheart

            WWTI, considering that, I’ll just get away from fast food altogether.

            • Buck

              Grow your own chickens for meat. Anyone can easily do it. They need very little space and don’t make much noise. 6 weeks and you have meat for the freezer.

      38. nlightened2

        Make your own economy much like our former countrymen did before us. Farmers, ranchers, blacksmiths, coppersmiths, weavers of fabrics etc. I tell everybody I know including you that if you do not have two to three sources of income or skill sets this coming economic downfall will be quite painful. Just try building or making something and see if it sells. You might be surprised how well this works and satisfying it is.

        • Snake Plisken

          You are so correct in your post! I have preached the same thing. Develop other skills that may seem antiquated to most folks who couldn’t function w/o a iPod or cell phone to navigate thier way out of a paper bag.

          Learn how to repair things or sew clothing. Learn how to can veggies and fruit. Learn how to play piano or guitar. Teach yourself a new skill when you have just a couple of minutes to yourself. It really doesn’t matter what you pick up as a hobby, it could be a huge money maker or just something that brings you and yours satisfaction.

          Bottom line for me is this: I trade my carpentry skills, business skills and time for an exchange of money or trade that benefit me and my company.

          I’m sure as hell not going to pay 8 bucks for a Big fish sammich at BK. I’ll bust out the fishing gear before that happens and I’m not keen on fishing.

          Buuuuuuuutttt, deep fried Walleye fillets rock!!!!!

          Best to ya’ll

          Snake Plisken

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          I don’t want to sound like Acidetch. But notice how bizare nursery rymes are?? Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub. A butcher a baker and a candle stick maker. Like how Gay is that Sh!t?? And we wonder how screwed up our generations are today.

          • Pissed Off Granny


            Those nursery rhymes made a hell a lot more sense and did less harm than rhymes coming out of the music industry.

            You in competition with acid etch for the most stupid post of 2014?

            Really WWTI, you must have run out of subject matter.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Hey , I don’t want to sound like Acidetch. But notice how bizare nursery rymes are?? Rub a dub dub, three men in a tub. A butcher a baker and a candle stick maker. Like how Gay is that Sh!t?? And we wonder how screwed up our generations are today.

      39. Breathial

        I think the $15 minimum wage is wonderful!

        Seattle will finally- and conclusively- demonstrate the full and ugly truth about a minimum wage. Let them suffer a full measure of pain for their stupidity.

      40. Bix-Nood

        Let them raise the min wage. More computer screens, less people eating out, as usual it will blow up in the face of liberals.

      41. swinging richard

        How about 15.00 an hour for everybody?

        • Nobama

          How about capping CEO salary at $15/hour?

        • TEST

          If $15 hr is good, I say bump it to $150/hr. That should make everythng 10x as good

      42. Condor Day:4

        Method Used to Implant Hobammy into Whitehouse, where only if enough dumbed down white voters voted for him would he succeed.

        ISRAEL COHEN (1912)

        “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” (IE: Biege babies never can again reproduce future Whites, hence the final end of America by a form of white self genocide and jewdeo kommie rule/ownership of the nation)

        Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

        Mr. Israel Cohen was the Top-Kommie Party leader in England in 1912 when this book was written. The above quote is an excerpt taken from one small part of his overall entire Jewdeo Kommie plan Book.

          • Hunter

            Old Coach,

            You know, sometimes you post stuff that’s brilliant(really!!!)…and sometimes thought provoking..especially per your (suggested/recommended) books / reading list…not too long ago..I picked up on that, sir.

            -(yes, I pay attention & I research also & read a lot)-

            ..I do not doubt your intelligence/IQ..nor your status as an experienced / vetted engineer.

            ..but on the other hand, I question your blatant laziness, per using the 100% kosher “Wikipedia” site, as a source of reference..for anything remotely associated w/ judaism/zionism,Edomies, the holohoax etc..etc.

   as to lambast / belittle someone, who lacks your level of education..even though his posted hypothesis / proven valid-truthful…via a bit of homework on the web.


            I’m not referring the to “knuckle-dragging” sites like etc…but the likes of “Germer Rudolf / David Irving / Robert Faurrisson & (the creme de la creme) Micheal Hoffman’s site.

            ..and a whole slew / host of others, whose education-experiences-research is..light years beyond ours..and they’ve documented the truth..per footnotes / proofs / photos / scans of documents..etc.


            Smart not evolve into “cheap-shot artists”..upon retirement, sir.

            ..if your going to trash ‘Condor’…do it as an intelligent man…up front, out in the open..& have your ducks lined up in a row.

            ..’cuz this topic (per the real enemy) critical to to future of humanity…–(think nuclear war)–

            ..thus, I’m thankful you’ve provided the basis / opening platform..for the debate.

            ..Condor (love or hate him/his posts)..has history & truth..on his side!


   a refresher course, per history, I strongly advise you read just “one” book…initially..its called:..

            “..The Controversy of Zion” Douglass Reed.

            ..see for a copy.

            • The Old Coach

              Well, thank you for the complements, Hunter.

              I often use Wiki because it’s a convenient online source that people can access quickly, without having to wait for Amazon to deliver a dead tree book.

              I’ve been reading history for many years now, more than ever since I retired. Many, many different viewpoints, but all based on actual, verifiable events.

              Let’s just pick one: You to repeat the canard that the Holocaust was a hoax. This completely destroys any credibility you might have, since tens of thousands of people saw the camps first hand after the war, and wrote or spoke about what they saw in hundreds of different publications. Impossible to coordinate all that to create a hoax. The Germans, being German, kept meticulous records of their operations, and those records are still extant. Finally, I personally have met a survivor, tattoo and all. There were thousands of such survivors. Are you suggesting that they all got a phone call in 1953 to got get tattooed to create a hoax?

              As for Douglas Reed – he was an intelligent man, once. Apparently he got the idea that a book on the mythical Jewish conspiracy to rule the world would sell, and raked up every inflammatory claim ever made against Jews to be sure of a fat payday.

              Anyone who has spent any time in the company of Jewish people, (I have), will know that they compete amongst themselves to such a pitch that holding a world-wide conspiracy together is laughable. They don’t even have a world-wide organizing body for the religion, unlike Catholics, and even Baptists. You wouldn’t know that, of course, because you most probably don’t even know any Jews.

              • Hunter

                –Fair enough Coach–

       least you’re civil, per arguing/defending your position..yet another sign of your innate intelligence, to be sure.

                Now please allow me the same opportunity, sir.


                I “DO NOT” deny that jews experienced difficult times..or suffrage, whilst under NSDAP interment…whilst in the myriad “labor camps” system, spread across German occupied Europe.

                ..nor do I deny that injustices occurred…(i.e)..beatings..and yes..executions.

                ..but such is the nature of WAR! Yes?

                –(see Iraq..Afghanistan..Syria..and Gaza/West Bank and now Ukraine…for recent details.)–


                ..That said, I do stand by my assertion that the jew/Edomites were “NEVER GASSED” to death..via ZYKLON-B..or diesel exhaust fumes..or evil, focused-flatulence from their Nazi guards, stationed at various camps.


                ..I do know of several camp (upper officer rank) commandants..who were relieved of command, due to an excessive mortality-rate..amid/amongst the ‘laborer population’ under their the time.

                ..after all, as you postulated..the krauts were meticulous record keepers..and said (scanned)documents supporting such…is widely available to the curious here..should they opt for a search, to validate or refute, my position.


       was Typhus & its associated by-product..Dysentery..that wasted/killed the camp inmates..probably beginning around late fall of ’44, or there about..due to 24/7 carpet bombing(USAAF) and nocturnal(RAF) fire bombing of German infrastructure, rail-transport/city-hubs…and the commodity-transport nodal points.

                Equating to a near logistics breakdown/collapse in ’44…and a shutdown/lack of ability to provide for them, by the early spring of ’45

                Gruesome truths…huh?!!?


                Perhaps the Nuremberg trials provided a nice cover for the 8mm films, per the camp bodies…yes???

       it a slick “bait & switch” meme…per the silver screen for the masses..

                ..and damn near everybody..ate it up!!!

                ..which if viewed from the back of the short bus…exempted the allies/victors…from any guilt/wrong-doing, …per the suffering/deaths of any…among the self-chosen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



                ..I pity, ..poor Germany..’cuz they’re ‘fucked’ unto perpetuity..per the false 6 million dead..and the tribe’s guilt-geld/shoah-business $$$/profit scheme…or at least until enough of them(Germans)…awaken to the judeo-financial sodomy construct ….pounding their asses…pay-checks…and pocket-books!!!!!!


                ..’nuff said ’bout its old history..and the victors have written their(the only widespread/disseminated) version of that drama!!!


                Yep!!! I too..have seen the tattoos of both…I’ve also seen (in the flesh)..the “SS” blood-types engraved on the arms of OLD honorable German soldiers..who were essentially..the worlds first “SPECIAL-FORCES” grunts..

                ..and who’re now reviled and delegated to suffrage/ various tribal-controlled governments worldwide…seek to kick the crutches out from under them…now that they’re too old and feeble to resist…and prosecute them…at the behest of the “chosen”.



                ..per the (Talmudic): “..never forget”..tag line—

                ….IT CUTS BOTH WAYS….hymie!


       careful…amongst whom ye cast your lot, Coach..

                ..pearls before Swine..


            • Pissed Off Granny


              Knowing just who the PTB are that are out to destroy the world is as important a prepping item as guns, ammo, beans and rice.

              Covering for America’s true enemies will someday soon be considered treason.

              Thank you for your great post.

              • Pissed Off Granny

                The “Controversy of Zion” book is free to anyone as a pdf on the internet. Look for it.

        • TEST

          This *may* be a spurious quote. At least the Washington Star apologized for not verifying its veracity before publishing it. Of course, that could be a.) because they were pressured to retract it for various political reasons, or b.) it is an actual false quote.

          More research needs to be done on this one. There is no doubt, however, that there has been massive Communist infiltration into all kinds of areas of the West. I do wish, however, that the neo-Nazis on this site would quit conflating Jewish Communists (and last I checked, Stalin, Lenin, Beria, Brezhnev, etc were NOT Jewish) with Jews in general (a reasonable number of whom are solid conservatives), and finally show one iota of the fraternal relationship that the National SOCIALISTS had with the communists.

          Here, let’s try simple word study, you neo-Nazis:

          a.) What does Nazi stand for? But of course, the Nazionale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party

          b.) Now – those of you who have any intellectual honesty – what does the USSR stand for? That’s OK you neo-Nazis here… I’ll give you a minute to look it up. Here, let me give you a hint:
          Союз Советских Социалистических Республик
          Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik

          Case closed

          • Pissed Off Granny


            Case reopened:

            Quote from Winston Churchill, surely not a “neo-Nazi” now was he Test?

            “There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of bolshevism and the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by the international and for the most part atheistical Jew.

            With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders.

            In the soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not the principal part of the system of TERRORISM applied by the Extraordinary Commission for Combatting Counter-terrorism (the CHEKA) has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses.”


            Churchill was not a Neo-Nazi by any stretch of the imagination; he was just telling the truth. I am no more a Neo-Nazi than you are Test, however I am interested in the truth about history. I do believe Churchill knew more about the Jews in Russia than either one of us.

            • Pissed Off Granny


              Just for fun please start by naming the “conservative Jews”. By all means……the ones in our government.

              Also, wouldn’t take you long to look up what percent of Jews support democrats. Conservative Jews? Sure.

      43. Frank Thoughts

        The service and small business sector of the economy was never meant to be the only game in town. It was always about a symbiotic relationship between the medium and large businesses and government and the small sector. Not every business becoming the small sector, or every job a minimum wage job.

        The service sector should be a stepping stone place; good for new immigrants, actors, the low skilled/low education, students, the young or mentally deficient. Not a permanent, life-long job. Small businesses should be allowed to pay what they can and be flexible; a small businesses is by its nature vulnerable and needs flexibility. By all means mandate salaries in big government and big corporations but be flexible elsewhere. I think a better solution would be to have a savings fund as mandatory for all workers. This fund would receive a matched contribution from the government for anyone earning below $20 an hour. The worker would then be offered various ways to draw down on the fund in times of need but not be able to liquidate it until they are retired. This would address all the concerns: vulnerable low-wage workers would have a savings pot in times of need, they would also have cash to use when they retire. Employers could be flexible without worrying about being unethical and having workers starve or end up destitute or homeless because they fired them.

        • Kevin2

          Frank Thoughts

          That’s one big pile of money directed by government. How long do you give it until its Corzine’d?

        • Kevin2

          “The service and small business sector of the economy was never meant to be the only game in town.”

          I think it certainly was meant to be the only game in town in modern times. Outsourcing took traditional wealth creating manufacturing to slave labor nations with their goods duty free imported into the US. In no way was it an accident or unintended consequence. The playbook of old is gone.

          • Condor Day:4

            Kevin: I saw Bubba Klinton on some TV talk show a few months ago. Like the typical lib kommie who never can admit when wrong that klinton is, when tv show host asked him “But Now with the entire usa economy and everything else in so bad a shape ever since Your NAFTA-Free Trade actions are you willing to yet admit it was a total failure and plain wrong policy”?

            Klintons typical answer was “oh NO No I’d never say that. in Fact I will say that NAFTA free trade policies were and are still a very good thing! it is just that it is taking a little while longer than I/we expected for us to see the good results! All it still needs is..More time to work!”

            Riiiggghhhttt! After 20+ years abject failure klinton claims Now all it needs is a bit more time to work swell as a entirely usa Service job sectors society!

            That complete kommie asshole klinton could again return in 20 More years time and he’d stil never admit his free trade nafta policy has been a huge FAIL big time.

            More time it needs! My ass. Hope I live long enough to see the likes of his sorry ass kommie self Hang for treason alongside his wife and Newt too for his neocon rino compliance in cahoots with kommie klintons nafta free trade policy….It sure worked swell for Newt and Klinton as last I read of newts cash has grown to $100+ Million in less than 10 yrs ever since he left politics, while klintons net worth has exceeded $500 Million net worth.

            Am still wondering what klinton and his sidekick Bush Sr, did with all that Hati earthquake Loot donated to their “cause”…recall That scam?

            America NEVER ever before had such outright scam traitors as we have had just during the past 50 yrs time.

            Anybody not yet comprehending what Is a Shabozz Goyim?…SEE us reps and us senate and whitehouse members current And past going back aprox 100 yrs but especially the past 50 yrs. Total shaboz goy sell out Traitors period.

      44. JRS

        Let them pay $15 an hour. The businesses will go under. They will go under anyway eventually, even if they pay $1 an hour.

        The world is in a deflationary spiral that ends up with no one having any currency to buy and no one (besides the state’s enforcers) that has a job…at least on the books.

        If you can’t grow your own food, supply your own water and shelter and defend it, you will die. There will be no reset that resembles anything you know now. Root hawg or die.

        Time for a drink and some David Allan Coe…

      45. bulldog

        its too late now for the bitching and whining, there is nothing you can do about anything.

      46. mona

        Look Guys! We are all working because we want more! More! MORE!

        Let us look at it from another direction. DOWNSIZING! That could be the answere to irritating B#$$ F&*#@*(*& we are getting from our governing organizations.

        When you want to get rid of a weed, you don’t fertilize it. You poison it. You makes its environment unlivable.

        How do we do that?

        Downsize. Wear your close out. Decide how often you really need to buy cloths for your family. Are you throwing out perfectly good cloths?

        Downsize. Don’t buy useless furniture, dishes, curtains, towles and the latest electronic gaget.

        Downsize. Don’t go out to a resturant. Invite a friend to your house for a homecooked dinner. That way you have just as enjoyment at home as you would have going out.

        Do you really need a new care every 3 years. Keep your care until it costs more $ to maintain it then it wouild to get a new car.

        Instead of going on vacation to a resort chose to visit friends and stay in their home. Or rent a vacation home from a friend.

        Instead of working a 40 hour week purposely drop to a 30 hour week if your company allows.

        It may sound crazy and you would be giving up the American Dream by striving for less in your life.

        But! And it is a big BUTT! how can you expect the government to downsize when you continue the proccess of more! This gives the government more of your $ to grow.

        You can participate in Starving the Beast if you make minimal sacrafices in your daily spending habits.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Babycatcher55

          Been doing this for 30 years now…..

      47. David

        You cold, heartless bastards won’t give the hard-working hamburger flippers a break, right?

        Yeah, sure you will!

        Stupid is as stupid does!

        I wish they raise it to $50.00 an hour, that way they could start charging $15 for a burger, and go totally automated. Then get rid of those sniveling shits and their SEIU asshole union buddies so they can get on Obozo’s freebies.

        Oh, they ALREADY are on the government teat….I forgot.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          If I didn’t have to pay Federal Taxes every year I could put that money in to a nice 3 week SnowSki trip out west at a nice resort putting my money to work in our economy. But Instead the Government blows it on Drone bombs with a success Terrorist kill rate of about 5%, vs. 95% kill rate for innocent 3rd world innocent people. And distract us with phony debates like this.

      48. JRS

        The productive sector and the financial (FIRE) sector have now separated into two different worlds. The Ponzi sector has financialized every commodity available and trades paper amongst itself. It no longer invests in any tangible productive jobs or services. It’s wealth is ever increasing paper wealth with rentier parasitic usury costs attached.

        The trillions and trillions of derivative paper schemes grow and grow but none of the QE is released into the productive sector. Deflation results as the FIRE sector pulls more and more interest rent from the productive sector and fails to invest the paper in anything but what sustains itself.

        After all is extracted from the productive sector, you will be homeless in the land that your forefathers settled.

        Welcome to the world of the central banking fiat Ponzi scheme. It was set up to make you a debt slave. It worked.

        • MongoPissed

          I think a good occupation will be warlord. The rich will have their mercenary armies. A good business model would be hiring one’s own army to take their shit. Empires have been built on the promise of booty.

      49. Kevin2


        I only disagree with the deflation prediction as some (actually quite a bit) of the fiat money makes it into the economy via banks buying equities and the Federal Reserve buying Treasuries. If it looks too bad the likes of Belgium becomes the front man for the banisters. Food is rising for this reason. Oil is only collapsing because world demand is tanking as their economies are actually in sadder shape than ours.

        The rest is spot on.

      50. JRS

        Hello Kevin

        I certainly could be wrong about the deflation…something Yogi Berra said about predictions…it just seems that way in the local wages and layoffs. Spending is down, including this family. You don’t think falling oil demand is deflationary? I guess I do.

        Actually, I consider the stock market and bond market to be part of the paper ponzi and not really part of the productive economy.

      51. vtfree2

        I own two businesses, was three, sold one. Now I’m retired, I was tired yesterday and I’m retired again today.
        If the implied pay increase was mandated at my business(s) I would have to make a decision if it was feasible to continue operating. That may be “their” plan to eliminate small competition allowing the big boys maintain dominance.

        Has wal-mart made a public statement regarding the increase????

        The simple fact is food shelves can’t keep up with demand, one in five households are on food stamps/gov programs and the economic outlook is poor to extremely poor. Our, legally forced have to use usd’s are losing value faster than than the sinking Titanic and all we can do is watch the show with no life boats.

        Now tell me again where the fed reserve fits into this. Dec. 23 1913 was a bad day for the states and people of the ultimate experiment.

        All this reinforces that the time for extra preps is required. These signs are the last breaths of a dying beast.

      52. God Soldier

        any one know any thing about january 28 2015 bloody wednesday

        • Nobama

          It’ll come and go with no events just like all the other predicted doomsdays.

        • TEST

          Probably another date on that Mayan calendar. Or the next date Planet X/Nibiru is due.

          Preparedness is important, and there ARE real issues; however, conflating real issues with the nuttiness of the Mayan calendar, Niburu, etc. is just a way to inoculate people against real threats.

          • BJ


      53. Kevin2

        Our QE money didn’t impact the global price of oil so oil price still dropped regardless. Food is actually quite indicative of US only inflation.

        If they released the QE money into the private sector the “Too many dollars chasing too few goods” would result in raising prices. Money creation is no substitute for the productivity model that we abandoned decades ago. There is an insane strategy that came from very highly educated people and accepted as factual that the US can print / create money, purchase foreign made goods and coerce / bomb the world into accepting this convoluted economic system.

        • BJ

          Some consider the oil dropping to be QE4


          • Kevin2

            Explain. How so?

            Global oil demand is down significantly. Supply from new producers (fracking) is adding a little too. I think, just guessing that we’re seeing the incipient stages of a global spiral downward. There are just too many things going on simultaneously like nations wanting their gold returned.

            Is it “the crash” or just a palpation in the global ECG? My thoughts lean to the latter. But who knows.

            • BJ

              ht tp://

              • Kevin2

                I read that article before as Zero Hedge is on my net rounds. I don’t think the lower cost of oil will have a significant impact as the $20 / week saved there is vitally needed elsewhere. Regarding its impact on manufacturing things are not made in the US and people just ain’t buying as the velocity of money is low. The input in QE buying Treasuries funding government was an injection of money into the economy to the tune of 45 billion / month which far exceeded the entire cost of importing oil. A 30% reduction in the fuel bill is insufficient to cause deflation with all that money the QEs put in. The DJI going from 6000 to 17,000 is money. Stocks get sold, things get bought but only by those with said investments.

                This action if contrived appears to then be an almost last ditch effort to stabilize and potentially revive a sick world wide economy. A lot of the problem is the extreme concentration of wealth which those with it control those that don’t have it. They’ll stop every attempt at rectiving that.

                Regardless if not not then sometime a big pile of economic pain is coming.

      54. Just sayin'

        People don’t want to buy my meat rabbits for $10 each, and they go to Walmart driving past my place to get food, however when SHTF they will come to me then. I have downsized due to feed costs, so I will be telling them “it’s to late now, try Walmart eggs for $10 a dozen” .

        Anybody else out there having the same experience? Just producing enough for me and mine now.

        • Kulafarmer

          What breed? Am looking into rabbits, so far is hard to get the import papers

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Kula, Re Rabbits. Go with the California rabbits and New Zealand breed. Start out wit 2 males and 3 females. Pound for pound, its cheaper than beef to raise. Good websites out there about raising rabbits.

            • Old Guy

              My Rabbitts are a mixture of checkered giants, New zeland red-white & black, Californians and my buck at present is a femish giant. They grow rapidly and being crossbreed they come in lots of color patterns. they also are hardy & disease resistant. This year I had one doe that half of her litter was albino. They where white with pink eyes. At present I have 4 does and two bucks. there is another older doe that escaped. I see her feeding under the hutches. she was bred when she escaped. she lives in the hay barn tunneled back in there. She is pretty thin now. I think she has a litter back in the hay. They likely wont survive. Tame rabbits are not resistant to the parasites & diseases that wild cottontails carry. if left to roam free they usually don’t last long.

          • TEST

            Import papers for rabbits needed? Just tell the PTB that your rabbits speak Spanish and even though they are here illegally – maybe have rabies, Ebola, hoof and rabbit mouth, etc. – they have an established life here already, and should be allowed to stay.

        • Babycatcher55

          What are food costs running now? I’ve thought about getting rabbits again, but not just yet. I used to raise them in the 80’s…was selling them for 5 bucks each, live weight 6 wks old….

        • JRS

          I’m interested in your costs, too.

          I used to raise meat rabbits for our own use so I never really kept track of costs. I find it hard to believe it would be a profitable business. Like you say, people would rather pay less and get lower quality than pony up for better food.

          Many cannot get past the idea of eating “Thumper”…my kids included.

          • Old Guy

            I raise tame rabbits. we consume them our selves. I feed hay oats corn & alfalfa pellets. I used to buy commercial rabbit pellets and the cost was higher. I could buy fryer rabbits at the twice monthly small animal & goat auction. If I received $8 for a fryer I would just break even. I never sell any rabbit. However I know my rabbits are disease free. I know what they are eating. I enjoy keeping them. The benefit is the Manure. I grow exceptional sized and good tasting vegetables and corn. The urine is a powerful fertilizer. My red ear indian corn grows to more than ten feet tall and has two good sized ears on every stalk. I never buy commercial fertilizer.

      55. aljamo

        A minimum wage hike would cover food and shelter inflation, a basic living wage. The prices of both are above the means of many. Food and housing pricing is grossly expensive. In the runup of food prices over the past few years, the excuse given was that transportation costs pushed food higher. Well, dumb asses, fuel is down so why have’nt you lowered your prices to reflect lower fuel costs?

      56. AnneMarie

        Yup, all a wage increase means is that employers will have to pay out more; there will not automatically be a magical increase in customers, so there is no increase in profits (only more expenses to shell out).

        I owned a shop years ago when an increase was in the works. That would have meant me raising prices, cutting back on employees’ hours, or increasing MY hours. I thought “The heck with it” and sold the shop.

        Seriously, how do people think that a raise in hourly wage will not affect prices? Low wages go with low prices; high wages go with high prices – it cannot be otherwise, so you basically do not get ahead. But since most people do not think too much, it sounds good to them and so governments plod right ahead.

        • BJ

          I understand what you’re saying, but in the big picture, $15 is not a “high” wage. In the 80’s maybe, but not in 2014.

          • Ghost Rider

            you are right that $15 is not a high wage but for a store owner with say 10 employees working 40 hours a week. Who go from maybe $10/hour to now $15/hour.

            That is going to cost the business owner an extra $2k a week. That is a significant expense.


      57. Bertus

        A homeless person must now beg 50% more. This also means the entitlement welfare moochers will see a 50% drop in their “Standard of Mooching” BAHAHA

        • Nobama

          Many “homeless” beggars are more wealthy than working folks. I never give anything to any of them, as that would only invite more of them and further encourage their lazy drugged-up lifestyle of contributing absolutely nothing to society.

      58. Copperhead

        They can raise the minimum wage all they want to and then watch everything go sky high. You want fries with that $309.37 Big Mac. The progressives are the enemies of a free world only they should have wealth and power the rest are useless eaters who should be eliminated all but a few slaves for their biding. IMHO the earth is going to be under new management soon. My generation would say PEACE.
        Prepare and be safe.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      59. dazed and confused

        Stupid does have a price. This site is a prime example. You people spout the stupidest ideas which have little to no basis in fact. You spend time and money preparing for highly improbable events while making your lives miserable by living in fear and paranoia. You advocate this “rugged indiviualism” then acknowledge rugged individualism is a myth by attempting to build communities “because nobody” can do it all. You people are a mmiserable lot. I find myself almost hoping for SHTF because the people who populate this site are the most likely to not survive and the herd would then be culled of a lot of stupidity

        • Copperhead

          d-n-c: Nice try but you know you will perish in the first month. Live your dream progressive you deserve it.

          MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • slingshot

          Dazed and Confused.

          It is remarkable that people like you visit this site and fail to come away with anything positive to say.
          Have you learned nothing considering the amount of subjects that were discussed here at SHTF. There are subjects that do go awry but the majority are important indicators of future world incidents.

          As for dying. We all are going to die someday. I hope for a SHTF and many will have to man up and the stupid will perish. I am old enough not to give a fuck no more.

          I am waiting for someone stupid enough to start it. Matter of time. You ready?

          • The Old Coach

            D&C is a drive-by poster.

        • TEST

          Relative to your nom de plume, quod erat demonstrandum

          And you have no idea what I just said, do you.

          • TEST

            Comment for Dumb and Confused, BTW

        • the renegade braveheart

          DNC, i’ll agree with the first sentence in your post. Stupidity [YOU] has no cure. the rest of your post sounds like what I used to find at MSM sites, which is where you belong. You’ll fit in at any of them.

      60. Kevin2

        If we look at it from this perspective if we cut the minimum wage to say $4 / hr would hiring increase? Employment is good. Maybe we’ll just abolish it altogether, get the entire family involved, dress them in 1890 period clothing and get a two for one benefit of a history show like Williamsburg Va?

        I don’t know what to do here but a lot less opposition occurred when the Too Big To Fail Banks used QE money to payout bonuses. Every time things get testy in the economy the line drawn in the sand is adjacent to the most needy.

        Regardless the problem has a root cause and its Free Trade with slave labor nations. We’re dismantling everything gained post Great Depression and repeating its causes with concentration of wealth, deregulation of the Financial Sector and debt and balancing everything on the back of working people. What is worse today is the preceding de-industrialization.

        Make no mistake before its all over a new type of ‘Work Gang” will appear similar to the Civilian Conservation Corps of the depression era. We’re walking backwards. “Those that do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it”.

        • Copperhead

          K2: You sound like you maybe a progressive. The CC camps you speak of where nothing more than slave labor, my father-n-law was in one. Nothing more than the HAVE’S free labor force regardless of what is written about them.

          MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

          • Kevin2

            I’m not advocating it but just telling you its coming as the economy reaches its inevitable equilibrium where what we produce equals what we consume. Those camps are the an American adaptation of communist labor collectives.

            I don’t believe progressives represent progress any more than the modern banking robber barons represent capitalism.

          • The Old Coach

            The CCC provided 3 hots and a cot for young men who otherwise would have been unemployed and probably homeless. The idea was to give them something to do, to keep them from becoming fodder for “community organizers” planning to overthrow the government. No-one was forced into the CCC at gunpoint, however.

            • Kevin2

              Your correct no one was forced into CCC camps. The “progressive” adaptations to traditional American society like the New Deal was to counter the attraction of Communism giving the body politic a measure of socialism to appease them.

              Capitalism works but unchecked, unregulated it fuels political instability as it morphs into a hybrid of crony capitalism and then fascism. If cave man adopted communism we would still be waiting for the invention of the wheel.

              The New Deal was a response to an economic decline caused to further an agenda or by accident with short term greed as its motivator or some combination of

      61. swinging richard

        Labor costs is one of the reasons many companies have moved overseas. 15.00 an hour may sound good, but there is no guarantee there be any jobs at that rate. If you add the cost of other benefits, it makes overseas labor look even better. Had you rather be looking for a job that pays $15 an hour, or working for $9 an hour?

        • Kevin2

          Companies that manufacture moved over seas because the low labor costs (which no American maintaining a reasonable standard of living can compete with) of manufacturing was previously offset by tariffs (tax on imports) that negated any benefit of these companies to relocate to these slave labor nations. This was the infamous Free Trade Agreements that simultaneously dropped the US and brought China out of poverty.

          Your advocating a policy; “If you want to compete effectively with people making 50 cents/ hr then be a good American, employ the Puritan Work Ethic and make 49 cents /hr”.

      62. Mark

        People never cease to amaze me and also make me cringe.

      63. BJ

        Not sure I agree with the government mandating a minimum wage and not sure someone as dumb as most of the people I encounter at a fast food restaurant making $15 an hour?

        But $5 an hour increase in 7 years for small employers and in 5 years for small employers….so it’s not even right now…yet everyone is freaking out….about as loud as everyone rightfully freaked out when the treasonous bastards did the $7 BILLION TARP….hmm?
        Cost of living and inflation going through the roof, especially in the area of food. I don’t know, lots to thing about.

        But I thought it would be fun to do a little math.

        Lets take an average between the 7 and 3 year mandates, and consider it 5 years….I am watching my Vikings try and hold a lead over the Jets and don’t want to take the time to get super detailed.

        $7 Billion TARP divided by $5 minimum wage increase = 1,400,000,000. Divide this by 40 hour week, which rarely does anyone making minimum wage actually work in a week, and you get 35,000,000 weeks. Divided by 52 weeks in a year and you have 673,076.9 years. I think there is around 102K workers in Seattle making less than $15 an hour. With the $7 Billion TARP being only a small drop in a large bucket…….I still think the money funneled to the uber rich, banksters and wall street is more disgusting and wrong.

      64. Kevin2

        The Banksters were getting $45 Billion / Month for a few years. After a while you have a trillion which adds up to real money. I don’t remember too many going nuts over the bail outs of the banksters.

        If you take a trillion 1,000,000,000,000 / 10,000 (5/hr x year) you get 100,000,000 (100 million) years or 100 million people (either way).

        This is no solution as its not sustainable but regardless once again the line drawn in the sand is adjacent to those least fortunate.

        • BJ

          Exactly Kevin2

          We humans are one strange f*cking breed for sure. The crap that happens that we complain about and rightfully so, then turn around and complain in almost a 180 degree direction. Were pissed about a minimum wage increase and welfare benefits, which yes are abused and ridiculous and the govt shouldn’t set the wage. BUT…..the real enemy is the govt, the banksters they work for, TPTB, the uber rich elite who pull the strings at the top…..these people are the enemy. Yet most here seem to have more disdain for the little people. Yes most are what some here would consider useless eaters……..hmmm, where have I heard that phrase before? Isn’t there some who refer to us that way….just something to ponder.

          I am frustrated to the point of wanting to leave this board for good….I know some would love that. But it seems the board is becoming more of a political board, as in more and more are still into the right/left paradigm thing and think there is still an answer in politics…..THERE AIN’T!!!

          I love my job and have been blessed greatly the last three years through it…..but I am tired of not having a home base and being able to try and find a group of true friends to do life and learn with. I miss Wednesday night home church group. I miss being able to know where I can go for this or that, and establishing relationships. I miss living in a state that is far freer than Illinois. I miss the way this board used to be and some of the people. I don’t miss making under 65K a year with a large family and trying to get ahead and prep on that.

          AND I always knew there were paid trolls all over the internet, especially on sites like this. I always knew there were those that came to sites like this and just lurked and read to gather info. But now I find out that one of the respected posters here is a f*cking DHS agent!! That’s worse than a f*ucking local cop.

          Almost all here, I would think agree that the govt is most definitely our enemy and have grown way more than what they were ever supposed to be. And agree that we warned this would happen by our founders and now has. Yet people are ok with cops and dhs agents here??

          I am absolutely dumbfounded, pissed beyond words and very discouraged.

          Y’all that are ok with this and ok with your overlords or like to lick boots….ya better hope for a collapse and soon. Because at the rate this country is going, it won’t be long before all will see their real enemy up close and personal….and then you’ll feel like some of us true small govt. freedom lovers feel and think…..but it will be too late.

          Personal rant over

          • Ghost Rider

            Just to clarify for you … nightbreaker and sgt. dale never claimed to be anything other than what they are. A dhs employee and a cop. They have both been fairly open about it. You saying that you are shocked seems to me that you haven’t really read their posts over the past several years.


            • BJ

              I knew sgt dale was a cop. I did not know nightbreaker was a govt employeee much less a dhs agent.

              With the posting system here, I find it very difficult to keep up with all the posts once you past 100…..the right and left thing in posts and having a post up top that is way later than a post at the bottom………know what I mean.

      65. km

        Lesson for the day: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASKED FOR! I’m sure that will be the wave to come for fast food – everything basically self serve style with touch screen, or the invasion of illegals comes in for .50 and hour? Either way the employers will be the winners.

      66. Anonymous

        “Stupidity has a price.”

        Now you know why all those 22 yr old “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters have over $1 *trillion* in student debt, with only a degree (that took seven years to get) in 17th C Belgian Lesbian Musicology

      67. TEST

        Hmmm…. don’t think this posted, so will try again: “Stupidity has a price.”

        Now you know why all those 22 yr old leftist “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters owe over $1 freaking TRILLION in student debt, with only a degree in 17th Century Belgian Lesbian Musicology from Univ. of Pisgy Switch to show for it.

        But hey! All those leftist profs who get to retire at 50, have 20 contact hours a week, untold number of sabbaticals, etc are laughing up their sleeves at the poor duped souls who fell for this tripe

      68. TEST

        Nazis and communists: fraternal twins, separated at birth.

        More on the neo-Nazis who seem to make this site their home.

        a.) What does Nazi stand for? But of course, the Nazionale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party

        b.) Now – those of you who have any intellectual honesty – what does the USSR stand for? That’s OK you neo-Nazis here… I’ll give you a minute to look it up. Here, let me give you a hint:
        Союз Советских Социалистических Республик
        Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik

        Should close the case for any reasonable person, but not our intrepid Nazis here! (Y’know, the same types that think Joseph Mengele was a good doctor, who murdered Dietrich Bonhoeffer and tens of thousands of other bibelforschers, that Aktion T-4 was just dandy, etc.), so let’s look deeper:

        National “socialism” was “just a name” you say, in vain attempt to deflect the truth. Then why did the Nazi’s introduce the “Reichsarbeitsdienst” – the National Labour Svc that had public work systems; why the “Kraft durch Freude,” where the STATE even took care of the leisure time of workers?

        And no doubt you people will even deny the basic planks of the Nazi party, that were patently socialist to anyone who has a 3rd grade reading level or above: ““We ask that the government undertake the obligation above all of providing citizens with adequate opportunity for employment and earning a living… we demand: an end to the power of the financial interests… We demand profit sharing in big business… the government must provide an all-around enlargement of our system of public education. . . We demand the education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents. . . . The government must undertake the improvement of public health… permanent recovery of our people can only proceed from within on the foundation of The Common Good Before the Individual Good”

        Again, case closed.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Sorry pal. You are labeling truth tellers as Nazi’s.

          So should I label you a Commie/Marxist? You see the tactics you are using, name calling, comes right out of the playbook of the Frankfort School/and or from Karl Marx’s playbook.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            By the way Test:

            Your last paragraph explaining the Nazi plank is the laws being implemented by the clowns in our government in DC now.

            Are you suggesting that congress is full of neo-nazi’s? If so, please name them.

            AIPAC, owners of our politicians, are NOT Nazi’s. You are covering up the truth, Test.

      69. TEST

        Incidentally, for those of you concerned about the issue in Seattle, google “Austrian economics,” or look up Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich von Hayek, etc.

        All economic models are akin to the old story of blind men describing an elephant, but the Austrian economic model has the best explanatory adequacy I have seen. Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom” is an all time best seller and well worth the read. Von Mises “Human Action” discusses how a million human choices has far more ability to discover price – and thus truly create and distribute wealth – than central planning could ever THINK of doing (I am doing gross disservice to the books by summarizing in one sentence, so check it out yourself). Interestingly, MIT has something along these lines, called the Billion Prices Project which tracks exactly that. See The old joke is that if you lined up a million economists end to end, they still wouldn’t reach a conclusion. the BPP is one way to help address that issue.

      70. TEST

        … and speaking of which, I well remember economist/author Bill Bonner writing years ago about flying from (or to, I forget) Minsk to somewhere a zillion miles away in the old USSR (I forget where, but *everywhere* is a zillion miles away in Russia)

        Next to him was a woman flying across Russia *****to get a toilet seat****. You see, the infallible central planners had determined her region had sufficient toilet seats, and thus there were none to be had ANYWHERE in her area. Of course, FLIGHTS were subsidized, so it was cheaper to fly across cheaper to get a toilet seat.

        Think about this for a minute. Think about the MISALLOCATION OF RESOURCES, which in turn leads to reduced real wealth. This is why one person once called the USSR (referring to its economy) “a Chad (the country) with missiles.”

        – “Socialism (lit. gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everbody endeavours to live off of everybody else.” Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And yes, you are indeed correct. Leftists STILL have no idea why this has never worked, never will work, and never CAN work. But I’m sure if Hitlery is elected in 2016, on the 9,897th try they’ll get it right this time!!

      71. TEST

        … and speaking of the above, I well remember economist/author Bill Bonner writing years ago about flying from (or to, I forget) Minsk to somewhere a zillion miles away in the old USSR (I forget where, but *everywhere* is a zillion miles away in Russia)

        Next to him was a woman flying across Russia *****to get a toilet seat****. You see, the infallible central planners had determined her region had sufficient toilet seats, and thus there were none to be had ANYWHERE in her area. Of course, FLIGHTS were subsidized, so it was cheaper to fly across cheaper to get a toilet seat.

        Think about this for a minute. Think about the MISALLOCATION OF RESOURCES, which in turn leads to reduced real wealth. This is why one person once called the USSR (referring to its economy) “a Chad (the country) with missiles.”

        – “Socialism (lit. gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everbody endeavours to live off of everybody else.” Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And yes, you are indeed correct. Leftists STILL have no idea why this has never worked, never will work, and never CAN work. But I’m sure if Hitlery is elected in 2016, on the 9,897th try they’ll get it right this time!!

      72. Kevin2


        The fracking wells can be shut down and started up without significant loss. Oil coming from the Bakken Field to the NE was selling for $65 a bbl accruing to sources I know and they were still making money.

        Something is up for sure but its beyond oil economics. My guess, its a combination of putting maximum economic pressure on Russia and to prop up the world economy. I think the Saudis thought process is, “The devil you know is preferred to the devil you don’t know”. A world with China and Russia having greater influence, the unknown devil is not too comforting for them. The oil peg relationship has done well for them.

        • Kevin2

          One other benefit of Bakken Crude and I assume all of the fracked crude is that its light, very light, generally low in sulfur too. Its easy to refine in a refinery that is not set up for the traditional heavy crude as it flashes to gas (C1 through C6) and vapor in the process in sour crude refineries as these refineries were designed to crack complex viscus hydrocarbons. It can’t be refined everywhere but where it can it requires minimal refining.

      73. Kevin2

        Got to proof read

        accruing = According

      74. rich

        SEATTLE,has always been a liberal sad,this state is a outdoorsmens dream with 2 different types of elk,3 diff deer, huge black bear ,cats and awsume salmon&steelhead fishing!!!!!beautiful mountainas country.oh ya,crab,clam,shrimp,awsume shellfish!!!but the communist state government is enough to chase a descent man and his family away.FEES FINES REGULATIONS,great state if you are a fag,illigal alian,or communist.sorry for the rotten spelling,just a rant!!!!!

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Oregon is the twin sister to Washington; sad to say.

      75. GIMME

        i blew off school, didn’t go to college or trade school…partied a lot etc. The MINIMUM WAGE should provide me with a middle class lifestyle/healthcare/retirement/vacation…at least that’s what my friends on the dole say.

        • Kevin2

          An utterly simplistic view for sure. A trade pre-supposes a place to use it. There is only so much demand in the non manufacturing sector. Do you think the displaced tradesmen from Detroit were all adsorbed elsewhere? College? Interesting. All can’t become Doctors and Engineers and if all did the market would be flooded.

          We’re back to that supply / demand thing that Free Trade put sand in its gears. The bulk of the new jobs being created is in the very low pay sector.

          • Ghost Rider

            Shockingly the trades in my area are doing fairly well. I can’t explain it but its true. The best trades are the ones with a service side to it. HVAC, plumbing, etc., people will always need service and repairs.


            • Kevin2

              Tradesmen are eating down here in Florida but they’re not paid “good money”. A licensed electrician working for someone makes low $20s hr W/O benefits. Unlicensed less than $20 and still W/O benefits. Plumbers a bit less.

              I was lucky to retire (early) from the oil industry. The Chemical industry was nearby too. Both had highly skilled tradesmen that make $80k year base pay with terrific benefits. Of course I’m speaking of those remaining today. Once upon a time in the 1960s EVERYONES father was making that equivalent.

              Its been downward mobility for the last couple of decades with a rapid slide post Free Trade agreements / globalization.

      76. Anonymous

        Mr. Slavo, you say you now have a new policy here that will not tolerate discrimination based on religion or race. I have to ask why I see comments from posters like, condor, pissed of granny, hunter, and others that continue their discrimination and their posts continue to make it through moderation and be posted? Either you have a non discrimination policy or you do not, which is it?

      77. Anatole France

        “Stupidity is far more dangerous than evil, for evil takes a break from time to time, stupidity does not.” -A. France

        • wasntme

          I disagree. I think obomba is far more dangerous that biden.

        • wasntme

          I disagree.
          I think obomba is far more dangerous that biden.

          • Kevin2

            Biden is Obamas protection. If for any reason Obama was forced to leave office Biden becomes President. TPTB know that he has that bucket mouth, “can’t help its”.

            One thing you can say; You get more truth out of Biden by accident than from the average politician on purpose. In Delaware the phrase is, “Say it ain’t so Joe”.

      78. Anita Sweater

        I really miss the like button. How does anyone know if the multitudes agree with them?

      79. Doccus

        The very first objection he raised against the increase showd a complete lack of deductive reasoning, rendering the rest of the article meaningless.
        “businesses in the area just saw a massive increase in their labor costs” and “Any increase will have to nbbe passed oiff to comnsumers , rendering the increase meaningless” (paraphrased)
        Er.. so not true. Firstly, It assumes , then that ALL businesses pay the minimum wage. Businesses that already pay a living wage will have no increase in labor costs AT ALL.
        Secondly, it assumes that the businesses that will have to increase prices to covver increased labor costs (a point I am NOT disputing) supply 100% of the expenditures of the people who earn same wage. in fact, since rent and utilities usually comprise 60% to 85% of a low income earner’s expenditures, than only 15% of their costs will increase. So you say, surely the Landlord’;s cosdts will increase? Not much. The higher the income, the smaller the percentage spent on essentials such as food and utilities, making any increase negligible in impact. Not only is this simple math., but if they still focused on classical , rather than the abomination of “Neo-classical” economics in our “higher” learning centers, everybody would know it…

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