Here Is The Reality Of Our Predicament: “The US System Is Going To Move Into The Next Phase Of Collapse Under Trump’s Watch”

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith of


    The Real Purpose Behind The Russian/Trump Conspiracy Propaganda

    Just after the US presidential election in 2016 I published an article titled ‘Order Out Of Chaos: Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost’, covering a rather difficult subject matter, namely the concept of “4th Generation Warfare” and how it is used by establishment elitists to defeat popular resistance to their agenda of centralization and globalization. 4th Gen tactics are confusing to many because most people think in terms of single movements and direct correlations; they think that a punch thrown is a punch intended to strike, rather than intended as a feint or misdirection.

    I’ll put it another way – some people play chess and they only see the attack in front of them. Others play chess and they see the attack three moves ahead. 4th gen warfare is a “three steps ahead” style of fighting that focuses on a very specific goal: Tricking the enemy into destroying himself, or enslaving himself, so that you don’t have to take any risks by moving against him directly. That is to say, 4th gen warfare is first and foremost about psychology. That which you see with your eyes is usually not what is actually happening.

    For example, when predicting the election win of Donald Trump and the passage of Brexit, I based my conclusions on a 4th gen strategy. According to the behavior and rhetoric of globalists and their organizations at the time, it seemed to me that they were allowing sovereignty and conservative movements to gain a foothold in the political arena. They were letting us THINK that we were winning.

    This accomplishes a few things – it takes conservatives off their guard and convinces them to think in terms of defending government rather than overthrowing government. The corruption has not changed, but now we have a vested interest in keeping the system going and attempting to change it “from the inside”. I hope it is clear to the majority of liberty activists today that this is a naive notion.

    Conservatives are also now willing to argue in favor of the election system, because many of them think that because Donald Trump “won” the system must be at least partially legitimate. News Flash: Our election system has been fraudulent for decades. The only candidates that ever make it past the DNC and the RNC filters are the candidates the elites WANT the public to choose from.

    The American public is also now viciously divided over Trump’s ascendance to the White House. The political left has been driven to the point of utter insanity, not that they weren’t already stark raving mad to begin with. Conservatives are next to be targeted with psychological manipulation, as the leftist zealotry pushes us towards the other end of the spectrum and a potentially dangerous mindset of rationalizing a totalitarian response. Where extreme social divisions exist, civil unrest and war are not far behind.

    Finally, the existing economic and social framework of the US in particular has a finite lifespan. Economic instability is rampant as I noted and evidenced in last week’s article, and this has been a process ongoing since the initial 2008 credit and derivatives crisis. The old structure of America is being deliberately torn down to make way for a new structure; a single global edifice in which we are not a nation but a feudal vassal with no ideas of sovereign self determination. That said, the old world cannot be torn down outright. The globalists do not plan to take any blame for the crisis that would inevitably follow. Enter Trump, the perfect scapegoat for the next stage of fiscal collapse, and perhaps a pied piper convincing enough to lure numerous conservative groups into taking the blame as well.

    Trump, a seeming enemy of the globalist agenda, takes office, then surrounds himself with the same bankers and globalists he admonished during his campaign. He continues his anti-globalist rhetoric, but his actions tend to help them. Conservatives, desperate for a hero on a white horse to ride in and stop the rushing tide of cultural Marxism, were given one…just not in the manner they were hoping for.

    In the meantime, the establishment has sought to keep social tensions high. How? The political left has been played like a marionette since the election with a narrative of “Russian conspiracy”. You see, hatred is psychologically exhausting. Mobs tend to dissipate and become impotent over time. It is hard to sustain the hatred of a large mass of people without consistent propaganda. Thus, it is important to give people a reason to hate; a reason that fuels perpetual reinforcement. For leftists, the desire to hate Trump runs deep. They think he represents everything that stands in opposition to their ideology, and zealots cannot tolerate the existence of opposing ideals. But there has to be more. The left has to be convinced that Trump is a thief, a thief so heinous that he stole an election with the help of a foreign power.

    Now, not only is Trump the anti-christ to leftists, he is also a false president – a pretender to the throne. This narrative is more than enough to keep the left frothing at the mouth for months if not years.

    As many analysts have pointed out, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Trump “stole” the election, let alone colluded with the Russian government to steal the election. Former FBI director James Comey’s recent testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee produced nothing; no memos, no paper trail, zip, zilch. The very existence of the “Comey memos” is likely a farce.

    But here is where I break with many in the liberty movement – some analysts assume that Trump is being “targeted” and that the goal is to remove him from the White House. This makes little sense to me. If the elites wanted to stop Trump they would have done it during the RNC selection process just as they did to Ron Paul, and just as the DNC did to Bernie Sanders.

    Clearly, Trump is more valuable to them sitting in the Oval Office, as I outlined above. The Russian circus is going nowhere because it was never meant to go anywhere. It is distraction and drama, a soap opera for the ignorant masses. Trump will not be removed from office. If he does end up impeached, the impeachment will fail. As I have said since before the election, the establishment needs Trump as president.

    So, if I am correct and the Russian conspiracy narrative is not intended to take Trump down, what is it intended for? As stated earlier, this is 4th gen warfare, and the intended target for propaganda is not always the obvious target.

    As noted, Leftists are the initial target. They will continue to believe that Trump is a Russian collaborator because they want to believe it, regardless of how absurd the whole idea is. They will ignore the fact that there is no evidence to support the accusation. They will embrace the propaganda wholeheartedly and develop more violent methods to express their outrage.

    The secondary target of the Russian conspiracy manipulation is conservative groups.

    Here is the reality of our predicament; the US system is going to move into the next phase of collapse under Trump’s watch. Period. The math is undeniable. Every economic indicator except stocks is in severe decline, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to deliberately ignite greater instability and time is running out. I believe that this phase will begin before the end of 2017. When the next downturn arrives on the doorstep and in the pocketbooks of the average American, the leftists and most of the world will blame Trump as an “incompetent buffoon” or a “vitriolic fascist”.

    Just as the elites need to make Trump and conservatives the best possible scapegoat for the left; they also need a perfect scapegoat for the political right. The narrative will be turned against the leftists and conservatives will exclaim that Trump was not able to reverse economic damages “created by the Obama administration” because leftists used the fake Russian conspiracy as a means to undermine him at every opportunity. Leftists will be labeled economic and political saboteurs, and this accusation will work to a point, because it is partly true.

    Finally, as America’s decline accelerates, Eastern nations will without a doubt decouple completely from the US dollar as the world reserve currency and begin using the IMF Special Drawing Rights basket structure as a replacement. Russia will most likely lead this charge along with China. Americans will blame Russia in part for the demise of the dollar’s buying power around the world. And, the rest of the world will blame the U.S. for the dollar’s demise due to U.S. “imperialism” and overt sanctions against Russia. They will say we had it coming.

    Perhaps you have noticed a particular pattern here? Every piece of the narrative I have outlined has already been initiated, if perhaps only in early-to-mid stages of development. This is an open dialogue common in the mainstream. And in every case, the offered culprit behind the downfall of America is always someone other than the banking elites. Anyone other than the banking elites.

    Leftists and socialists around the globe will blame Trump and conservative principles. Conservatives will blame the left and their obstructions of Trump. The West will blame the East. Globalists will blame “populists” and nationalists, and nationalists will be scrambling to protect their ground by any means necessary, including unconstitutional measures, which will only help the globalists in the long run.

    A core catalyst for this geopolitical blame game is the Trump presidency and the use of the Russian conspiracy to ensure that the left remains crazy, inspiring the right towards extreme measures. Again, this is not about removing Trump, it is about manipulating the left; it is about using the Left’s cultural Marxism to trigger an iron-fisted reaction from the political right.

    In my recent article ‘Operation Temperer – U.K. Will Likely Institute Martial Law Measures Within A Year’, I warned readers that the UK government has already set in motion martial law measures in response to a growing number of Islamic terrorist attacks. In the US, I think the same march towards totalitarianism will occur, but for reasons beyond foreign terrorism. Economic uncertainty coupled with a volatile left hellbent on supplanting the presidency by any means necessary may very well be exploited by Trump and the elites surrounding him to establish martial law measures in the US. And, I have little doubt that a portion of conservatives will cheer this action.

    If this takes place and conservatives come out in majority support, then the globalist use of 4thGen warfare will have succeeded. They will have won. For if conservatives abandon the constitution, then no one will be left to defend the principles and heritage it represents. We will have destroyed ourselves, and the elites will have barely lifted a finger to make this happen. The game can be changed entirely, but only if we are smart enough to recognize the narrative for what it is, and only if we turn our sights on the globalists instead of hyperfocusing on the scapegoats they offer us.

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      1. Well these days it seems that scenarios and predictions are a lot like azzholes….everybody got one (or more).

        • thoughtful

          • Very well thought out article. Along the same vein, I am wondering if all this nonsense about the Russians is an attempt to flush out the true players that are trying to overthrow a duly elected president of the USA. Who are the hunters and who are the hunted? It is all about 4th Generation Warfare!

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Anybody moving a 401K, to a paper Gold ponsi scheme fund is a fool. Get hard assets you can hold in your hand. If you cant hold it, you dont own it. Anything on paper is just a fraudulant IOU promise.

              The DeepState of Despots days are numbered. Make thm hold all the debt then default on them. Stop paying your banker debts. And take all your wealth out of their institutions. Make them work for it. When they try to come and collect, then killem.

              • Great response I agree with no exceptions. Hopefully by the time they realize they hold all the debt and nobody is paying they will starve to death and go away, for they have no way to enforce anything.

              • If your employed you can’t get to your 401K with the exception of transferring some to an IRA. The GLD fund is leveraged. The Canadian Sprott gold / silver fund is not and Canada regulates it unlike GLD in the US where, “Your on your own”.

          • Trump Trump Trump Trump! I love that guy

          • Trump was installed to preside over the bankruptcy of America and to complete the NEOCON’s 911 Wars for Israel by eradicating IRAN and Hezbollah for Israel.
            the rest is adjectival gloss

        • Except Smith’s predictions are almost always right…

          • …shoulda known better than to click on a link from you. Straight to some Nazi shit page.

            • NB, occidental dissent is a site that stands up FOR white people, not AGAINST them. You’re sounding like a libturd?

        • It was ALL “Baked Into The Cake”

        • The takeover of the U.S. began a century ago. It has taken this long for the banksters and their marxist lackies to get all their pieces into place. It has taken this long to destroy the family unit, to turn normalcy into degeneracy, to destroy the root history of the backbone of Western Civilization.

          What is happening today is the final play of bolshevik revolution 2.0, but once they gain power, it will have the same long-term effects as the 1.0 version. They have learned to have many backup plans for every plan, they have unlimited funding, and technology on their side. Further more, they are able to play people’s petty biases and beliefs against them.

          There are so many factions within political and religious groups, there will not be the unified numbers to stand when the time comes. And, we have long been sold out by those entrusted to leadership positions.

          Ultimately they have 2 over-riding goals: 1) White Genocide 2) Global communism.

        • Brandon Smith is a legend in his own mind.

          Go ahead, turn up his old rants and raves and see if anything he said has actually happened as he predicted.

          If he said the sun will rise tomorrow, I would double check.

          • “Go ahead, turn up his old rants and raves and see if anything he said has actually happened as he predicted.”

            Ummm, since a bunch of what he’s predicated is correct, you haven’t got the first clue what you’re even talking about.

            But hey, at least you’re not afraid of opening the blow hole and making yourself look stupid.

      2. PO’d Patriot, agreed. Especially if it’s Michael Snyder or his brother Tyler Durden. But Brandon Smith usually has some good articles.

        • Brandon reads way too many spy novels. Life in DC is much more apparent than Tom Clancy fiction.

          1. Recessions always begin by FED tightening at the end of the business cycle and the FED telegraphs its moves to prep the major banks, major investors, and institutions well in advance of its intentions.

          2. Recessions are always created in the first year of a new Presidential cycle to accommodate the political party in power, clearing the hubris of the last cycle and giving the new party in power the opportunity to initiate their particular economic agenda expressing the “will of the people”.

          3. There will be no Martial Law in America ordered by TRUMP unless the BIG ONE hits, an EMP/CME wipes out the grid, or Yellowstone pops.

          4. The Constitutional Republic will continue to reinvigorate itself under Donald Trump and a multitude of Patriots engaging the NWO/PTB across the country at every level of government.

          America is rising.

          5. The Spirit of America is moving across the land, renewing our Spirit, regenerating and reawakening the Spirit of Liberty embedded in our American DNA. The “resistance” to the real Spirit of America will fail because America is designated by Nature’s Almighty God as a stronghold for individual liberty. Do your part, large or small.

          America is rising and the whole world united against her will not succeed if we remember our Heritage and renew our relationship to Nature’s Almighty God.

          Read Washington’s Vision. Then engage !!! 🙂

            • unsubstantiated BS, whether interesting or not. About on the same level as the Georgia Guidestones.

          • Durango Kidd can’t provide any evidence that he has ever been right about anything. Ask him to paste one link to a correct prediction he made and he’ll refuse, even though he’s always boasting about what an expert he is. Smith has a long track record of correct predictions (spy novels or not). Durango is a fraud, Smith is the real deal.

            • “Ask him to post one link to a correct prediction he made.”

              Here’s one. I predicted more than a year ago that robots (and androids) would soon replace workers and cause massive job losses for American workers; that human like androids would be perfected and ubiquitous within five years, because all of the technology was currently on the shelf but had not been assembled in one place. This was LONG before it was an issue anyone was talking about. Here is the latest evidence of that trend:


              Additionally I predicted a TRUMP landslide during the depths of his campaign when it appeared that all was lost.

              Yeah, they are both in the archives. Look them up you lazy SOB !!! 🙂

          • To quote a retired Fed Chairman, “IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE.” Not sure who you’re rubbing elbows with to be so optimistic, but it’s certainly NOT realistic.

            America is rising? The sheep don’t have it in them.

            • “The Sheep” turned on the farmers in the 2016 election and are now in control.

              The Left is in shambles, its media propaganda machine pointing fingers at each other, and the Neocons in Congress are under fire by the “Sheep” to implement TRUMP’S Agenda.

              ILLEGALS are returning home on their own and being deported in record numbers. Many thousands more are not bothering to try and make landfall. Coyotes are facing a cash crunch.

              Now that the BS Russia Collusion propaganda has dissipated, Congressional investigations are turning towards Obama Administration officials, where there is real wrong doing. The current plan is to get minions on the record first. Eventually that will include the Clintons and indictments will follow.

              There is a new Sheriff in town. The tide has turned. Catch the wave. 🙂

          • For God sake Washington’s vision was nothing but a hoax and has been prove so time after time after time…


        Here is the nuclear threat issued my michu kaku, by his handlers, telling us that we bet get ready to die in mass all over America. We hear you loud and clear buddy.

        That’s why we prep you traitorous fucking jap.


        • Thanks!

        • Hcks. When are the Chicoms invading Houston? Lol

      4. I’m waiting to see what happens when the DOW crashes. The market is cycling and due for a down turn. How bad the downturn is will determine my actions. Under Hillary, I suspect they would go to martial law. Under President Trump, the recovery will be faster presuming a soft DOW crash.

        I will say this. I won’t be surprised if the plunge protection team ends up being the only buyer. Trying to prop up the markets all by themselves.

        • Agreed. The pre-packaged destruction of America under Hillary Clinton with martial law and loss of personal liberty has been avoided for the present time with the election of TRUMP. Some writers, like Brandon, are stuck in the NWO past.

          A new day is coming to America.

          TRUMP’S economic plan will not be implemented for at least another year, until after the crash and the death of KIM.

          Federal Infrastructure Bonds will be floated to the multinationals who hold $4 trillion offshore; with tax incentives attached to repatriate their cash.

          TRUMP will renew America and transform the Nation by unleashing all of that offshore cash into massive projects putting America to work again. 🙂

          • Durango Kidd, still deluded, still thinks America is the NWO pillar of strength even though every part of the economy is in the red. He’ll never admit he has been wrong this whole time, talking out his ass on SHTF like he’s an expert. It’s sad.

            • No I don’t think America is “the NWO pillar of strength”. I think the NWO is looking at itself and wondering “where the yellow went”.

              Obviously, the NWO underestimated the “Sheep”.

              Yes every part of the economy is in the red. That is exactly what happens at the end of every business cycle. This time is no different. 🙂

              • BTW, I posted examples of what people here could expect as the business cycle crashed: ie low liquidity, massive defaults by business and consumers, an increase in NPL and bankruptcies, credit card default, losses by money managers, high inventory levels, etc, etc, more than a year ago.

                Look it up, it’s in the archives you lying SOB !!! 🙂

        • They often talk of martial law and the suspension of our Constitution. They do not have the right to suspend my freedom to brutally end the lives of anyone they send to displace me or kill me. We all will have a choice to make on that day. I made mine a decade ago and have worked on it ever since. These sorry fuckers are not invincible and in fact are cowards at heart. From the ones that order it to the teams that will enforce. They will scream in agony for mercy that will not come because they are fucking with the wrong people, American Patriots. So we can either surrender like the girlymen over in Europe or burn them new assholes.

          • Per Menzoberranzan: So we can either surrender like the girlymen over in Europe or burn them new assholes.

            #2, Definitely.

          • Menzo-I some what disagree with some of your bluster. Because I am some what of a real bad ass, very fit and capable from hands on experience not talk, but definitely think in a self defense mode and not as the aggressor. The flip side of that is when things come unglued for what ever reason, we will have to become more aggressive, but always with the correct mindset and mentality towards justice. Sometimes justice means some people need to die for their bad acts. And the simple truth is there are people out there that need to die, today ! But we still must let it all come to us and NOT be the perpetrators. That time of breakdown grows closer everyday and when it does I will want guys like you on my team ! Until then I would urge you to avoid the bluster, save yourself any arrest and get healthy and fit. Combine that with your training and you will have far more tempered confidence in your own abilities. I agree with your points, just not the bluster.




        • I have been waiting for the DOW to crash for 58 years. Then I found out “they” just change what stocks are worthy of being in the DOW. So you can only hope for a correction that will destroy retirement payouts to save the wealthy. Rich people know how it works hahaha.

      5. Of course the long ago planned final collapse of New Babylon America, and the Final Solution to the New Babylonians and the poor children victims they whored out long ago to the genocidal demonic psychopaths, it will all occur under Orange Satan Trump/Kushner, so the dumbed down coward Trumpbots will go along with anything their new God and Dear Leader Trump/Kushner do or tell them to do, including: Martial Law, gun confiscation, Final Solution Camps…you name the atrocity, and if the psychopath Trump/Kushner tell the dumbed down drunken Trumpbot cowards to do it, they are so far gone in programmed indoctrinated delusion-the Trumpbot cowards will do ANYTHING when the final collapse comes….anything to get their booze, fake toxic food, Big Pharma, bread and circuses, and their porno back!!!!

        • Hey Ron… long have you been off your meds?

          • How long have you been off your booze, porn, materialistic consumption of useless garbage and entertainment, and EDC filled fake food garbage???? I am guessing not very long at all in New Babylon America….probably on most of those right now as you are reading this reply.

        • You err in that you know neither the scripture nor the power of God. (Matt 22:29)

          Yet, you invoke the name of Satan and demons.

          You’ve described Satan’s wet dream, while ignoring the encouraging words of several posts prior to yours.

          Brandon is correct, there is a conspiracy among the global elites. However, the true enemy is Satan and the Devil, the archenemy of God Almighty. The only way to defeat him is by the truth, which is his Word.

          We have the US Constitution, which is secular, but it is founded on the godly principles. So, believe one or the other, but it is line in the sand which men and women have sworn to uphold and defend, and which we will defend, which should send notice to those who would try to take our rights by force.

          Trump is the one 3 moves ahead, and if he doesn’t give up, will persevere. He signed up for the job, but it is God who makes us equal to the task.

          You can shove your demonology up your you know what.

          • “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works”2 Corinthians 11: 13-15

            You err in so many countless ways AWB, and I pray for your dumbed down, programmed, and indoctrinated mind, and I pray for your doomed soul if you believe our Creator and Lord and Savior want or have anything to do with a vice peddling, pussy grabbing, war mongerer, adulterer, money pig, PSYCHOPATH, who has now taken control of the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling Death Machine in the damned and doomed Police State hell on earth of New Babylon American, but I do realize you are a dumbed down coward victim, who has no relationship with the Creator or our Lord and Savior….You are a pagan, apostate, and a coward, it is that simple, if you support in any way this PSYCHOPATH abomination and Fallen Angel puppet Orange Satan Trump/Kushner.

            For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs. 1 Timothy 6:1

            “But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” Revelation 21:8

            “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion” Proverbs 28:1

      6. All the dominoes are in place. They have the setup, they have their scapegoat. After this crash, the libtards will sweep the next election cycle.

        • I didn’t read the article but I bet it was fabulous fear porn

        • The dems have nothing to offer, nor have any answer for the Trump train, which continues to roll.

          • Agreed!

          • It is amazing how many fell for their empty promises!

      7. We will be sorry if we let the bankers design the reset. The last chance is now yours. The zookeeper hides behind his red shield in Basel. Stop them and the rest will turn on each other and then we will not have to lift a finger either. Well maybe one finger would be apropos.

      8. simplest solution? Tar and feather all bankers, politicos, and news enchors editors and producers… Or just keep exposing the bad guys where we can.

      9. Good Article. It rings true.

        The question for me is: Just exactly does one deal with, overthrow or change a government which is backed by the Bank. The 3ews are in power. Isreal, according to Netenyahu, “has” America. The Pope is not even a priest; and, the Vatican has a Central 3ew Bank. So, the Catholic Church, which is globally, the largest most powerful Church on earth, is in the clutches of the antithesis of Christianity. It is in the hands of 3ews, the enemies of Christianity, who orchestrated the murder of the man/God, CHRIST.

        Not only do 3ews control Catholics, they control Protestants as well. Christian Zionists, aka Christian 3ews, an oxymoron.

        We know 3ews own Hollywood. 3ews control and or own the newspapers. 3ews own and or control important aspects of the Internet, and are gaining more control all the time. 3ews dominate academia.

        All these conditions existed in the Weimar Republic in Germany prior to the 3ew boycott that preceded the murder which caused the riot aimed at 3ews. The arrests, ect.

        So, what happens here. Basically 3ews are doing the same things in America they did in Germany. But Americans have no leader. Americans are not bound by blood and tradition. Americans can’t even agree that it is 3ews who are this Globalist deep State. How on earth can Americans figure a way to deal with an enemy who is, like the Mafia and Satan himself, non-existent. “The 3ews!! How can you say that!! They are God’s Chosen People.”

        __ Here it goes.
        __ what use is it? Even If there was a way to prove that the 3ews are pulling the strings and setting up the Chess board, then what. What can we do to get off this train heading to hell?


      10. Starting to get tired of his articles about the only reason Trump won so they can “blame” him when the economy crashes. So you’re telling me we’d be better off having Hillary in there just to prevent them from saying “I told you so”. She’d take our guns, bring in 10’s of thousands of muslims but thats ok right?

        • Sorry to say Tens of thousands of Muslims are pouring in now.

        • TRUMP won because Americans are awake and aware. His possession of the Oval Office has emboldened Patriots all over America to repudiate the LEFT, which is in total disarray, without a clue.

          Patriots must press their advantage to save their personal liberty by demanding that Constitutional Law be followed in America and those who violate it are punished to the full extent of the law.

          BTW, the cry by RINOS and LIBERALS for a Constitutional Convention is an attempt to strip Americans of their God given rights. Reject that cry and reject those who call for it.

          Our problems would be solved or at least significantly mitigated by the Nation following the US CONSTITUTION. As Patriots it’s the most powerful weapon we have against the NWO. 🙂

          • DK,

            All your comments today are right on target as usual!

            The NWO Libturds and RINOs are going to try some shameful shenanigan to strip Americans of all their constitutionally guaranteed rights so that they can control this country like all the other countries in the world. I know a lot of our brothers and sisters here love the Russians and Russia but I am not aware that they have a 2nd Amendment like we do!? Wouldn’t that be wonderful if they did? Every day, we need to thank our God that our founders had the foresight to give us the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms! That is probably the only reason we have not been completely taken over by the Deep State, NWO, Globalist, Bernie Sanders and Hitlery types of the Demoncraps. The RINOs are still doing a good job of hiding behind the Republican name, but guys like McCain and Brooks have shown their true colors. I hope the folks in your State of Arizona will finally wake up and boot McCain out of there.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • LA: “The NWO Libturds and RINOs are going to try some shameful shenanigan to strip Americans of all their constitutionally guaranteed rights so that they can control this country like all the other countries in the world.”

              Yes, that is what all of the nonsense about a “Constitutional Convention” is all about. Supporters claim as an example, that it is a way to instill financial discipline into government spending by passing a Balanced Budget Amendment.

              That’s an attractive idea but as practical as socialism:it doesn’t work in public practic. Meanwhile, few people understand that a CC would be “staffed” by both political parties and that they would be free to rewrite the Constitution; including stripping the Second Amended from it’s sacred spot.

              And that is the real intention. 🙁

              As for McCain, he has a grip on power because he has been in office for so long (like Pelosi) and is owed too many favors by local party hacks.

              All we can do is hope that the treasonous SOB dies soon. 🙂

        • Pedo – You miss the real point that the left will likely try to undermine Trump by killing what is left of the false economy. Most likely via interest and rates and of course the pullback of QE and the PPT shams. Trump has set himself up to be brutalized, as the Trump pump can only end in one way. Historically when markets are ramped this high and this long (since2009) there is always a major correction. So it was going to happen on all on its own anyway, therefore not a lot of manipulation needed by the control freaks going forward.

      11. if the government collapses, I will not recognize any new government unless I think it is a good one

        • Boopsie – Actually I do not recognize this one or the prior regime as legitimate. But hoping DT and crew can right the ship. The deep state shadow government is not even close to being legitimate.

      12. Far as I’m concerned, it already collapsed.

      13. Gas here in northeastern NC is $1.96 a gallon. Time to top off the storage and to get more storage if you can. I recently got a whole bunch of gas cans real cheap at a yard sale. If you get any at a yard sale, you need to rinse them out with appropriate fuel to make sure there is no residue from improper use.

        Diesel and propane are reasonably priced as well.

        July 4th sales on meats are coming up soon, so stock up and freeze, can, or dry. Charcoal and other outdoor cooking supplies will also be on sale.

        • Good time for buying condiments also.

          • I don’t use condiments, I had a vasectomy years ago!

            • Funny!

        • Jerky. Jerky. Jerky. Get a dehydrator and vacuum sealer with zip lock bags. It’s gonna be a busy summer. 🙂

          • That was funny! You were addressing honey badger, right?

      14. I seem to remember a sky is falling article when the dow dropped to about 1600 in feb of 2016. and nothing happened the dow is still rising. Why should I care I don’t have a dog in the hunt? More worthless Doom Porn. At least it wasn’t another buy gold article!

        • You’re right, the status quo will prolly last your lifetime.

          If a recession hits, and thousands of jobs lost, how long will it be before the middle class starts demonstrating?

          Why do you care as long as your SS deposit keeps coming, right?

          If your SS didn’t drop, you’d be singing a different tune, wouldn’t you, chicken little?

        • Old Guy
          There is one (iluminati) symbol you should try to remember; it’s the Goat’s head inside a pentagram.
          The goat is the sheeple and the pentagram gives you the date when the SHTF.
          Less than 30 days left…!!!

      15. (((Globalists))) need to face the wrath of the common man.

      16. Put some names to these adjectives used such as the Elites , leftist so on then we have a place to pin the tail on the donkey or hot lead please anyone

        • No one needs to name names on a public forum like this. Patriots know who the traitors are: they push globalism, endless war, and Agenda 21.

          If your elected Reps are not shouting “Americans First” it’s your first clue to make a list and check it twice so you know who has been naughty and who has been nice in your neck of the woods.

          All politics are local. Take control of your neighborhood and build a coalition of Patriots to target local officials in the street outside of their homes.

          Be loud. Be vocal. Americans have a right to picket their reps and local officials 24/7. Make it happen. Now is the time to MAGA. If not now, when ??? If not US, who ???

          Demand that TRUMP’S agenda for America is followed and funded by Congress !!! 🙂

          • Sounds like you’re advocating a contemporary version of Hitler’s Brown Shirts who did what you call the “Patriots” to do. History does repeat itself.

            • RJC,

              Only the Demonrats, MSM, and the globalists are equating Trump with Hitler. I don’t think any of us here are thinking he is a fascist Nazi! I definitely do not support the Nazis. I would suggest it is not necessary to wear uniforms but it is best to become a ‘grey-man’. Those who do not know their history are fated to repeat it, because history does tend to repeat itself! I believe what SD was suggesting is more in the order of what the French and the Scandinavian underground were doing during the Nazi occupation. Until that day comes, we should be vocal in letting our views known with the reps and local officials. They need a good dose of sunlight radiation to disinfect the nation from their deadly viruses and ideas. The fight has just begun!

              Louisiana Eagle

            • NO just common sense. I agree with all of Durangos points in spades !@

        • You can’t do that most of them are in fact 3ews for anyone who bothers to go looking beyond names but into.lineage and backgrounds and their own statements..all bankers come from the original money changers…….

          • Neal anybody can do whatever they have the balls to do ! The joo thing does not matter at all.

      17. How many more “phases” are there. Been hearing “in this phase” since the 70’s. You’d think the phases would run out eventually.

      18. On one point I must disagree.

        Prior to November 2016, the idea of a deep state manipulating elections, murdering people on sidewalks like Seth Rich, openly manipulating US markets, corporations, the Internet, and banking was the stuff of nutty conspiracy theorists or spy novels.

        They are out of the shadows, a large and growing group of Americans are grasping the reality unfolding.

        This is a dangerous time for the deep state, they are outed. If they don’t pull this off it could get crazy.

        Blatant obstruction by the Democrats is in full view of everyone. They brag about it on TV. If the US economy crashes, how do Democrats and RINO’s deny their roll in said crash? The sound bytes will play constantly as people go hungry.

        • Plan twice- agree it has unfolded for all to see and they finally are seeing the underbelly. I am sure they will try to tank what is left of the false economy and I imagine it will be obvious. But Americans are a bit slow and may react like Pavlovs dog and blame all on Trump. Remains to be seen how it all plays out?

      19. Part of the game is to get people worked up about Islam.
        Don’t believe all the BS. Isis, alshabab, non of those are Islam. What is going on in this country now regarding Islam is similar to what was happening in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s regarding the Jews. It’s all part of the smoke screen. There are lots of criminal acts beening committed by people of lots of different religions but you don’t hear there religion’s being mentioned. Why?
        Just part of the distraction game. Islam is NOT the problem. I have studied it, Islam IS NOT THE PROBLEM.

        Have a great day STU OUT

      20. It is simple really. Which ever direction the propaganda is used to guide the public. Go the opposite direction. With a little effort of reading between the lines, seeing past the smoke and mirrors is not all that hard to do.

        Once you allow yourself to understand that nothing is what it seems, and your being played, then most of the propaganda becomes transparent. Facts and half truths shine and the fake/false information does not.

      21. When you have Biden and a former Attorney General talking about running for president the dems are stuck with too much baggage to get to the finish line. they have no bench and no ideas…just hate Trump. Republicans could make it in 2018/20 in a wheel chair.

      22. Less than 30 days to mayhem…!!!

        • I cannot find a date inside a pentagram with goat head. Please share knowledge.

      23. Martial law in the context of the geography of the western US, would work out worse for the military then it has in Afghanistan.

      24. Yes Old guy, its doom porn and I watch doom porn for good reason. I have been getting butt fucked by the system all my life and I am done talking it up the ass from the globlaist elites.


        • HCKS:

          I remember the time you chided me for recommending ways to avoid constipation during a SHTF episode. You were concerned about the sensitivities of ladies who might read the comments. My how time has changed the delicate style of your prose. Lol

          __ ?


        • Truth is we have all been effed by this system and our government for decades. Obama just put it all on steroids and racial extremes. No doubt some have been screwed far worse than others for various reasons and nearly all are for political and or PC garbage that involved what we call our judicial system. It has little to do with justice. It is all about power and control of individual. White men have been the biggest target of injustice for quite a while and some are finally waking up to realize that fact. Look at divorces ? How many men have been screwed and their lives destroyed by false claims of abuse or some other lie? How many false restraining orders filed that were completely bogus, yet still enforced with zero evidence or any witnesses ? Millions of victims have have been screwed these ways as well as false claims of sexual abuse of children or some such thing in divorces. Sick shit for sure and to observe or experience. Many lives destroyed or seriously harmed by this corrupted and distorted system of PC and injustice. And recently under BHO and crew injustices became very racially motivated to an extreme.

      25. VERY WELL WRITTEN! This is also WHY you will NEVER see Hillary or Jeffy Epstein, Obongo or ANY of these globalist A-holes arrested or tried. The whole thing is a FARCE! Trump ran WITH the ClinTOONs. I knew he was dirty as soon as he started putting the same Goldman SUCKS Cucks in charge. Now we see him doing the same things Obongo did in Syria. VERY WELL WRITTEN!

      26. Have a look at Israel’s flag, the hexagone.
        It gives you the same date!
        Hint: the number 666 is not what 99,999999% people think it is.
        Date giving on a public forum is usually ridiculed. That’s why I prefer not to.

        • 1666 – France declares war on England

          1666 – London fire

          1666 – – first blood transfusion


      27. B from CA
        The number 666 is a coded and fast approaching date but the public has been successfully brainwashed to believe it’s the number of the beast.
        It took me almost 7 years to find that out…!!!
        It was a long and slow learning curve.

      28. Great article Brandon as always! I saw this long ago myself. The goal is to keep the left crazy and delay Trump from doing anything in case he goes rogue on them. They will delay everything and in 4 years you will see it was all ado about nothing, the Russians, the election, etc etc. they just needed him in for the crash. They also knew the sleeping giant was fast awakening and the Patriot was nearly rising for a fight. Hillary was the shoe in and would have set up perfect laws then a trump mini me would be elected for the takedown scapegoat but they feared thenaroused Patriot. Funny they do not realize there is way more than the 3% needed to maintain a republic. They will see and they will regret their bullshit in a bad way…

      29. Again, this is not about removing Trump, it is about manipulating the left; it is about using the Left’s cultural Marxism to trigger an iron-fisted reaction from the political right.

        This reads like the anti-Christ in power. He comes in peaceably, as in a Democratic Election. He is a flatterer who makes agreements and breaks them.

      30. I respectfully disagree. if we recall O’brien’s book the story of humanity is of those in the upper upper middle class overthrowing the dominant elites. Meanwhile of course the masses are manipulated that they will prosper under the new regime. Or others are as in the case of our current left are manipulated to support the establishment. I believe what we are seeing in a true movement under Trump to overthrow the establishment. The opportunity Bush and Obama was ripe and Trump seized it. I think this article dicoints that the established order would not have intended the MSM to completely lose credibilility. So many lies of the est order have now been uncovered by the alt media. The est order and deep state would never intended these truths to come out. Trump challenged the Bush’s and Clintons on their criminality many times during the campaign Somethings Paul and Sanders never did. The power brokers of the deep state, bushs, and Clintons would never have given their blessing to Trump’s behavior. I think your article is great and thought provoking and maybe even timline could be accurate. The collapse seems inevitable and we are blessed to have Trump as our leader as we experience it. If things work out these new guys I think will be better than the old at least for awhile. Yet the collapse with the wind up toys of the left will most likely be harrowing. Thank you for the article and opportunity to comment.

      31. I respectfully disagree. if we recall O’brien’s book the story of humanity is of those in the upper upper middle class overthrowing the dominant elites. Meanwhile of course the masses are m dicoints that the established order would not have intended the MSM to completely lose credibilility. So many lies of the est order have now been uncovered by the alt media. The est order and deep state would never intended these truths to come out. Trump challenged the Bush’s and Clintons on their criminality many times during the campaign Somethings Paul and Sanders never did. The power brokers of the deep state, bushs, and Clintons would never have given their blessing to Trump’s behavior. I think your article is great and thought provoking and maybe even timline could be accurate. The collapse seems inevitable and we are blessed to have Trump as our leader as we experience it. If things work out these new guys I think will be better than the old at least for awhile. Yet the collapse with the wind up toys of the left will most likely be harrowing. Thank you for the article and opportunity to comment.

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