Here Is One Very Simple Reason For Why Gold And Silver Were Massacred This Week… And Why Prices Will Rise Soon

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Headline News | 80 comments

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    If you are a precious metals investor then you may be wondering why the price of gold and silver were absolutely massacred this week. Ask the expert pundits on financial media and you’ll get a swath of explanations for how the strength of the dollar or the improving health of the global economy are to blame. One could reasonably argue that dollar strength this week could certainly put downward pressure on the gold price. So, too, could one make the point that mainstream perspective is such that the economy is improving, which means investors aren’t in panic mode and have no reason to hold a safe haven asset. But neither of these arguments could realistically lead to the smack down we witnessed this week.

    So what happened? Well known gold and silver analyst Andy Hoffman suggests the answer could be much simpler than we have been led to believe.

    There’s no reason… there’s not even a propaganda meme of why [gold has been smashed]… there isn’t even a such thing as negative news for precious metals anymore…

    The fact is, just like back in 2011 in May [when prices collapsed], China is closed for the week.

    Had you been listening only to the big financial news sites, you would have noticed that they made no mention of this very important fact. With China closed the markets were open for rampant manipulation, which is exactly what happened as several billion dollars in leveraged paper assets were dumped on the market.

    Easy money for The-Powers-That-Be.

    Hoffman explains in the latest precious metals update with Future Money Trends:

    On Monday, China will be back in business, and that means the Shanghai Gold Exchange, which opened last year to counter Western manipulation of precious metals, will likely help re-balance prices to where they were before this week’s takedown.

    We could be wrong, but something tells us gold and silver prices won’t stay this low for much longer and that they could well see a complete turnaround next week.

    What does that mean for investors? This could be one of our last buying opportunities before the long-term bull market trend makes another move like it did in the first part of this year which saw precious metals rise amid market panic.


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      1. ripping people off every chance they get. I already bought some more silver eagles this week. something didn’t seem right and the china thing makes total sense. had no idea! thanks for this update!

        • Preppers should have acquired all of the gold and silver they will need to transit the Changes, long ago. Buy food, water, ammo, and solar panels, batteries, and chargers.

          Those with solar energy generating their own power will fare better than those without it, for heating, cooling, light, and power tools.

          At this point, fuck gold and silver and the whores that try to manipulate you into supporting their balance sheets. 🙂

        • Anybody buy from

          I was planning on buying from them and wanted to know if they have a good reputation.

          • John, JM Bullion has been a long time advertiser here at . I am a customer. Great service, competitive pricing and never had a problem.

            If you or any of our readers ever have an issue with an advertiser, I want to know about it so I can contact them directly. I’ve never received a reader complaint about JM Bullion.



            • Mac I looked when silver dropped to $12 something and JM Bullion was selling 1 oz Canadian silver for $19 something. That’s not a good price.

              I passed and went with the other options I mentioned. 🙂

          • John, I’ve bought several from JM they are good as any others I’ve bought from.Apmex is also good I buy all of mine on ebay have never had any problems.

            • I’ve bought from JM several times. The last time there was a problem with the quote. They were fair with resolving it but I had to call them to find out why they were sitting on my order. Then the order was short by once ounce. They required me to send lots of photos of the package as proof rather than starting first with their own internal review. Then they sent the missing ounce overnight with a required signature at delivery as though I was untrustworthy. I almost had to miss work to get it. No apologies. That was my last order with them

        • @Anon.,
          I’m not buying this explanation because if this were true, “China was closed this week”, this type of crazy price movement would happen every year at this time. It hasn’t, it doesn’t, but I say BS to this guy’s idea.

      2. This manipulation is the same thing they are doing with stocks, but in reverse. Wall Street scammers. They will soon feel the pain too.

        • These manipulation of precious metals are pared with trades in currency. They are making fortunes.

          If you or I manipulated gold and silver prices like this, we would go to jail.

      3. Hell yeah, buy on the dips ALL PHYSICAL, its a gift from the powers to be. Silver could be $28.50 by Dec. The silver to gold price ratio over 70 says Buy. No brainer.

        -WWTI… We will see a ratio 57 to 1 and then 47 to 1. Do the math folks. $10 gift to you.

        • I bought more silver this week. When the ratio is low, is that a good time to buy gold?

          • Best time was to buy in ’72 @35$.
            But most of us were in our teens.
            Next best was in ’99 @270$
            It is all relative to where one is at prepping in your life.
            Get the essentials first, then work on pms…

            Be well all…

            • Wrong again dopey. The best time to get Gold was 1849 California Gold Rush, Free for the taking. You can fantasize all your want about prepping. Or some junk silver you inherited in 1972′. Still living in the burbs, all on the grid and punch a clock for a living is not self sustaining, any way you look at it dopey. How about shut your yap and pay attention to what every body else is saying here, you just may learn something in your low IQ peanut sized brain.

              ~WWTI… I feel sorry for your sheep herder and offspring.

              • So the prick is back. UGH!

                • that damned WWTI could make a BISHOP kick out a stained-glass WINDOW!….funny, but i would bet money that this simp has driven away a LOT of people from this site. but i don’t see the people he WANTS GONE leaving.

      4. Off topic, but about that meteor for the election, etc.,
        tonight on History Channel a second episode of 10 Ways the World Will End..
        And, Mac, they used half of your slogan last night:
        “Don’t say we didn’t warn you” after the title.
        Trademark infringement? Sue ’em, man!

        • The mountain cast into the sea soon. 1/3 ships, ect. THE antichrist wont come until after this event when the world is in chaos. He will offer to help the world and bring order but while disaster runs rampant even after he is put on display so will war. He will die and appear to be risen again copying Christ. He will then go into the temple of God and declare himself to be God. Those who do not worship him or his image and take his mark will be put to death. Shortly after the vials are poured. seals, trumpets vials. mountain cast into the sea is mentioned more than once in the bible and not just in revelation. trumpet 1 is the fragments coming down before the mountain hitting first then trumpet 2 is the mountain. we are supposed to be gathered at the last trump or trumpet. 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 vials

          • Robert, Could we compare notes on this subject, please ? My email: [email protected]
            I think that some of the guys here have the right idea, “for the short run…” and so investing in ‘Metals’ and other emergency Preps are smart!! I also write/ post a humble Christian based Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL, while considering this is also a ‘dangerous venture’ that the corrupt Gov’t and VA system don’t like. But what does an old, Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70 care about life or death in these times? I await the Rapture. –Tommy Schuckman

            • 🙂

              Tom’s Journal– Blog://

          • shut up christ tard-ya got nothing.

          • Robert,
            I seriously doubt we are in the last days. WWII was in far much worse shape than today and it wasn’t the last days then.

        • Ketch, caught that too…

        • I didn’t know they had this show (no “real” TV here). Thanks for the heads up.

          As for the trademark…. I’ll have my people contact their people! haha



          • Mac, did some research on this years ago, so going off memory.
            Patent or pending is for a product.
            Copyright is for written work.
            Trademarks are for symbols which could be construed as an site name???

            Be well…

            • Probablly not worth a lawyer.
              My grandmother used to say almost the same thing all the time…

              • No Lawyer is worth anything

                Know what a good day looks like ?
                Thousands of them face down in a pool of piss

                • Agreed, RS.
                  Never had one do me right.
                  A necessary evil in our system sometimes.
                  I try to stay away from them.

                  Hope everyone does the same…

                  • Eppe, I had a lawyer once and got screwed but that’s another story for another time.

                • don’t forget the veterinarians!

            • Eppe –

              I’m gonna start my own musical Band – it will be called SHTFplan ©- only reason why it will work is … I would have to force Mac to be the Manager! ?

              • What kind of music???

                • Cheech and Chong’s earache my eye song???

                  Look it up…

                  • Ahh yes … “Up In Smoke” – good times for sure.

                    Cheech & Chong – Earache My Eye

                    Duration: 3:06


                • I play(bass) practically every kind of music I enjoy.

                  I do not play Worship/Jesus songs … that should be a given to those who have been here that know me to a certain extent ツ

                  I love the Blues/60’s/70’s/80’s … I’m a Black Sabbath/Ozzy fanatic – want to hear something a bit harder? … Godsmack & Disturbed is up my ally too … I like it all dude – depends on the mood I’m in for the most part.

                  Music is music – we all listen to it … it’s even better when you are playing it.

                  Which reminds me … I need to purchase an Acoustic Bass … The way things are going … probably be a good investment for me down the road ?

                  • P.S. –

                    “What kind of music???”

                    That will be up to Mac’s discretion … after all … he is now my Manager … ? ? ? … lol

                    • That is what makes this site interesting..

      5. Unfortunately, EVERYTHING is ” rigged “. It’s true ( at least in an honest world ) that Gold & Silver are the best hedge against worthless fiat paper. However, it appears that TPTB want to eliminate paper and go to electronic ONLY. IF this comes to pass, metals may end up being useless, especially if the possession of such is deemed a crime, ie confiscation or denial of exchange.

        As I see it, either way, ” high strangeness ” is headed our way . . .

        • Well, Just like in Siagon:68-70, there is always a black market where you can buy most anything ! History and reality prove that. –Tom S

          • The good ole days of Vietnam…

            I killed 19 people in Vietnam.

            I was there on vacation last summer.

      6. I’ll check back here on this board to see how well that gold and silver saved you from the nuke Putin drops on ya. While the Russians are practicing Nuke Drills, our govt plays footsie with each other. The liberals are concerned with letting males use female bathrooms and showers. The keyboard warriors here will be at their supposed “BOL”s. The retards in between are too busy gorging themselves on fast food and GMO’s watching stupid, brain numbing shit like dancing with the stars and such. You can only poke the bear for so long before he bites off the hand, and fucktard obammy is about to figure that out. But that is probably his ultimate goal, cuz his effeminate mulatto bitchass will be safe in a bunker somewhere.

      7. real nice
        Trump,apparently the Republican version of Bill Clinton?

        Trump recorded having extremely lewd conversation about women in 2005

        ““I did try and f— her. She was married,” Trump says.”

        ““I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married,” Trump says. ”

        “The tape was recorded several months after he married his third wife, Melania.”

        • Were u there? Troll……u are

          • Easy there, flux. Sartori is right, and Trump has already apologized for this.

            I wish that boy would get his act together and spare us his gaffes FROM NOW ON AND GOING FORWARD!

            • Think on this one:
              Trump and Clinton in St. Louis on Sunday, New Madrid goes off and kills all???

              Oh shit…

              • Think on this one:
                What if we could place a few rods in the ground to harness the electromagnetism in the earth?
                There is a way per Tesla.
                It would be a way to power up.
                Deep shit, I know…

                • Art Bell supposidly did so and got a few volts to charge some batteries.
                  Makes one want to try to thinkboutside the box…

                  • Teslsa was obsessed with the number 3.
                    3, 6, and 9 were Tesla’s gig.
                    Ever wonder why???

                    • As far as I can recall from Tesla – the #3 was relevant to every math equation, without the “rule of 3” … nothing could be done … sort of speak.

                      Math has never been my strong suit in school – but … when you start to look at Tesla’s theory of 3’s in Math + Geometry … it starts to make sense where he was going with his ideology.

                    • Teslsa was obsessed with the number 3.
                      3, 6, and 9 were Tesla’s gig.
                      Ever wonder why???

                  • The Number 3, is how many of your teeth I will knock out of your mouth the first punch. 6 more punches and you will be knocked for 9 mins on the ground. Thats how I see it.

                    -WWTI… Just Ask Tesla, thats how you see stars.

                • STFU you stoopid babbling Drunk. You are an idiot talking to yourself again. PUT THE CORK IN THE BOTTLE AN GO TO BED.


                  • No one cares what you type here.


                    • Vaffanculo means Italian. Sounds like you don’t even know what the F*ck you are even saying. Keep em coming dopey. You are quite the amusement here.


                  • WWTI, you won’t do a damn thing to Eppe, not if you want to live, so STFU your damn self.

        • They all dogs man

          Even their women are dogs

          They ain’t like a real person with real morals

          No one running for or in office is anything like a REAL
          Man or an honorable woman .. Dude they r politicians and scum that wants to swim with the politicians

          We are expecting them to be something they never were , never will be

          But so many of us are gullible and believe they are worthy of ruling over another

          Not free , man .. I’m tellin ya
          We’re not free
          And some of us fucks are sick narcissistic pos

          We just should be smart enough not to be putting ANY of them above yourself or any good people you know

          It’s actually past time for these types to have any relevance in our lives

          Sooner that takes hold the better off for all man kind

          I can smell jerks line Hillary , Donald , Bill et all in every day walking life
          And they gravitate to try and lord over anyone that will ALLOW them to

          We need to learn to stop giving them that type of power and attention

        • SO WHAT!!! Look at the real picture … Bill’s rapes, Hillary enabling him and womanizing women and calling the liars and women can’t be trusted and then trying to destroy the women’s lives for telling the truth when Hillary said women cannot be believed nor trusted. And she is running after her husband was IMPEACHED and confessed to screwing women in the white house and Bill made a statement that Hillary has eaten more pussy than Bill has and it goes on and on. I find Trump HUMAN and not perfect and especially NOT a career criminal politician. I don’t care if he screwed whoever. I care about his policies, he is NOT a globalist and cannot be bought by them, he wasn’t to make peace and NOT war … he can get along with other nations. We don’t need anymore of what Hillary has already DONE TO AMERICA. We need to change and get this piece of CHIT far away from the white house nad in prison!

      8. Can someone explain why I wouldn’t simply buy GLD, which is an electronic trade fund on gold? Isn’t that much easier than holding physical metals?

        • Yogi,
          If you’re OK with Goldman Sach’s and JP Morgan Bank and the rest of the Wall Street vampires having control of your “gold”, then you purchase GLD. For every real physical ounce that exists they sell 300 + paper ounces. So when you buy GLD you’re playing musical chairs with 300+ other paper owners that also think they “own” real gold, but when the music stops and 300+ people dive for the 1 “chair”, the holder of GLD is not going to get seated in the 1 chair. Act accordingly . . . purchase real physical gold.

      9. @Satori
        Wow Satori, your video is so compelling I’ve changed my mind. Now I’m voting for Bernie….crap, can’t vote for Bernie…can’t vote for Clinton cause she sucks…so now I’m back to Trump. You were so close Satori. So close.

      10. “can’t vote for Clinton cause she sucks”

        No … she does not suck … but … Monica does!

        Add Monika Lewinsky to the ballot please.


        • Yep, Bill can attest to that!

      11. Good propaganda and very entertaining…lots of ammo for the right wingers.

        ht tps://

      12. 2 weeks from now, will be taking a home school dad friend and his 12 yo son deer hunting for the kid’s first time.
        Think of the memories.
        If one can get kids hunting, shit, what did one start???
        We will have a ball at my bol.
        Campfire cooking, sleeping in bags, hunting in productive land.
        This is his first time.
        Better than a shootapaloosa…

        • Problem is, keep getting trail cams hitting deer at 1-2am.
          We need a rules to hunt 24 hours a day.

          Would that not be cool???

          • I do not know about other states, but we have quite a few deer kills from autos.

            But who knows…

            • In Michigan … Nov.15 -30th is Gun Season … yes… more people kill deer with their cars … then people shooting them … ‘da hell with paying for a “deer license” when I can get one for free with my vehicle.

              In all reality of things … fuck gaming licenses’ … most of us are responsible fishing/gaming folk who only take what we need and nothing more … kiss my ass Government!!!

        • Yupe, My father did the same thing with me when I was 12 years old. November 15 to 30th Rifle deer season in the upper half of Michigan. We had a summer home / cabin in northern Michigan, Kalkaska county. My Dad sent me to school with a note stating, ‘I am with drawling my son from school for one week to take him up north for deer hunting season. Please provide my son with all the lessons he will miss during this time of absents. Upon his return he will have all lessons and assignments you require completed to hand into you.’ Prior to my first deer season I was trained in the proper safe usage of .22 cal rifles and shotguns. That First deer season my father he presented me with a 30-30 lever action Winchester rifle and 50 rounds of ammo. He told me you have 50 rounds to get used to the recoil and remember to save at least 10 rounds for the hunt. Just remember son you only need one round with a well place shot to get your deer down. That was one of the most joy full adventure with my father as a child. My only financial responsibility was to pay for the cost of the fuel oil for the cabins heater. What a joy 12 years old hanging out with the MEN cussing, farting, and scratching or asses. Hunting during the early morning hours up to noonish. Then hike back to the cabin for lunch and nap time. Pa would nap and I would do my school lessons. After dinner the men would gather at one of the cabins for card playing, cussing, drinking and more farting and scratching. I was beer fetcher while the men were playing cards. After getting a refresher round for the men I sat down to watch them play cards. My dad then got up went and got a beer out of the fridge handed it to me and said “Here you go son you earned it”. Boy I tell you I think I was starting my way up to MANHOOD. I can not thank the good lord enough for having a father that provided me with that hunting trip.
          Having experienced that has made a happier content person to this day. With all the bullshit going on in the world these days I look back to those GOOD times in my life and say to myself at lest I got to know and experience what GOOD TIMES really are.
          Eppe I give you big credit in carrying on TRADITION!
          Oh, good luck on the hunt and here is hoping all your hunting party’s tags get punched this season.

          • M, you had a great father to share times like that.
            Makes for lasting memories.
            I try to make memories for others all the time, hunting, weapon shootings, etc.

            What goes on at deer camp, stays at deer camp…

            • I really would like to tell everyone some of the fun times we had at deer camps.
              Some nights were unreal, amazing none of us went to jail.
              But some here attack me for posting things that were real life good times…

              Know thy gun…

              • Since this is a dead thread…
                10/30/91. Pouring rain like a turd floater.
                Players are: Derek (club prez) BP (dead now), Johnny (rip dead now), Stan his brother, Happy (Kevin, a best friend) Bubba (dead now) and eppe.
                We went to a strip club in Millegeville called Dreamers. A coverted chicken coop, concrete block walls with tin roof. No kidding. But all the hunters, bikers and locals hung out there.
                Left there and went to Huddle House in Eatonton Ga.
                Was eating, then Stan started to mess with the locals about who won football in our county. Enough to piss them off to start a rumble. Words were exchanged.
                Bubba was big, 300 lbs of wild man. I miss him.
                He was too big to fit in a booth.
                After it got to be a verbal battle, Bubba stood up and told the locals “I’ll turn this place into a funeral palor”. Shit, the cook called Putnam’s finest on us.
                I started getting all of us out of there, since I was the designated driver of Stan’s carpet van.
                As we were pulling out, the cops were pulling in.
                We got away by the skin of our teeth.
                Nights like that I will never forget, and none of us went to jail…

                Hope yall liked that, could tell many more…

      13. Paper trades only-no bearing on the real value of gold

      14. I’m buying more TGLDX for me pot o’ 401(k) gold.

      15. Gold, silver, pork belies, wheat, all commodities.

        The price of any commodity is based on the amount being sold in relation to the amount being bought and the desire of the sellers to sell what they have against the buyers desire to buy it.

        Gold and silver are dropping like lead balloons because nobody wants the damned stuff anymore and everyone holding any amount of it is trying their best to get rid of it as fast as they can.

      16. Hope you are doing well Mac. Living on 20 acres, Hawken wood stove, 24 tree orchard, garden, chicken coop, two 8 inch PE poles & brand new 3020 John Deere redone. Life is GOOD!

      17. I’ld give you my opinion, but I don’t have two cents.
        __. ?. .__

      18. “But neither of these arguments could realistically lead to the smack down we witnessed this week.”

        Wrong! It was all about the dollar this go around. Declining open interest in gold futures nearly mirrors increasing open interest in dollars. For the time being, due to Euro weakness the dollar is going up. You have a double whammy on gold, declining open interest and a rising dollar makes gold cheaper by the dollar on the world stage.

      19. Gold/silver takes a vast amount of cash just to mine it.
        Countries are unloading the metals just to get rid of debt.
        A lot of mega hype still to buy, but its false, sell or short is the mantra.

      20. Andy is a happy masochist? Losing every week almost. Chirpy desolation Andy? baffels brains Andy…sorry cuz u r right about it all….

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