Help Me Out Here: The Economics and Math of Sending Checks to the Unemployed

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    Editor’s Note: If anyone can make 1+1=3, it’s our benevolent government bureaucrats. Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform gets into the nitty gritty of the economics, math, and statistics being used to justify separating hard working Americans from their money. You’ll be amazed at the sheer insanity of it and you’ll likely realize (if you haven’t already) that the fiscal crises plaguing America can only end with a total collapse of our way of life. 

    Help me out here…

    “Extending aid to the unemployed is not only the right thing to do, it is also one of the best ways to stimulate economic growth.”

    That has become a frequent talking point whenever the subject of unemployment compensation is discussed.

    New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen used that argument during an MSNBC interview.

     “This is one of the best things we can do to help stimulate the economy, because for every dollar we put in unemployment, it pays back about $1.60. And we know that people who are on unemployment are going to go out, and they’re going to spend that money, they’re going to pay for groceries at their local grocery store, they’re going to buy gas in their car.” —-from an article posted by rated Senator Shaheen’s statement as “Half True.” Well, if it’s half true, that means it is also half false. So I sent Senator Shaheen a simple math test. I was surprised when she replied, and this is one of her answers. Her strong suit is not math.

    Help me out here. I’m simply incapable of following the economics and math of sending checks to the unemployed. It may be due to a case of being terminally feeble-minded, but I don’t understand how an unemployed person spending a tax dollar drawn out of a state or federal treasury can magically produce a $1.60 return to the economy. In other words, the taxes YOU paid out of your labor were worth only a dollar, but somehow your tax dollar was suddenly worth $1.60 if the government takes it from you and sends it to someone who is unemployed and spent it.

    Think about that. Your taxed labor is worth $1.00, while someone else’s non-labor is worth $1.60. One might say, “Well, you didn’t spend it.” Of course you didn’t. The government took it from you. But if the government lets you keep it and you spent it, is THAT suddenly worth $1.60? I have yet to find anyone who says it is. Oh, one more thing. Are there overhead expenses in handling your tax dollar, such as the salaries of hundreds or thousands of state and federal employess who take dollars out of the tax pile and process them over to the unemployment compensation pile? Yes. Are these overhead expenses part of the magic $1.60 equation? I’ll bet they aren’t. Here’s the new math, and it’s pretty damn close to what Senator Shaheen is claiming.

    "1+1=3" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard

    It gets worse. If you go to some websites, you’ll discover that spending unemployment dollars actually DECREASES THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN POVERTY AND CREATES JOBS, MILLIONS OF JOBS. Don’t believe me? Here’s some quotes from the website of Center for American Progress (CAP) (Footnote 1), and its logic is being used by many high-level federal elected leaders, including Senator Shaheen.

    “Over the past few years, unemployment benefits have played a key role in helping unemployed workers pay their bills while they search for a new job. (Ok, I’m with you so far.) There are fewer people living in poverty in the United States because of these benefits. The Census Bureau has reported that unemployment benefits pulled 3.2 million people out of poverty in 2010, on top of 3.3 million in 2009.”

    Yikes! These statements peg the WTF meter. Then explain how the number of people in poverty has increased from 11% to 14% of the total population over that same time period, according to that same Census Bureau, which I quote as follows.

    “The annual poverty rate rose to a rate of 11.3 percent in 2007 and increased from 11.3 percent in 2007 to 13.2 percent in 2009. The 2011 annual poverty rate of 14.0 percent was higher than the 2009 annual poverty rate of 13.2 percent.”

    So, how could over 6.5 million people be pulled out of poverty by unemployment compensation when nearly 10 million MORE people went into poverty in 2009-2011? Here’s the math that CAP used.

    Back to more from these geniuses from CAP.

    “Unemployment benefits also boost the economy. They provide the biggest bang for the buck of the various kinds of government spending. Over the Great Recession, for every $1 spent on unemployment insurance benefits, the economy grew by $2, since recipients typically spend—not save—those dollars. That spending helps boost local economies as the unemployed can continue to pay their mortgage or rent and put food on the table.” 

    Wow, this one tops Senator Shaheen’s claim of $1.60.

    And even more from CAP.

    “The boost that benefits provide leads to job creation. According to a 2010 analysis by Wayne Vroman (Footnote 2), an economist and senior fellow at the Urban Institute for the Department of Labor, unemployment benefits increased employment on average by 1.6 million jobs each quarter from mid-2008 through mid-2010. Of that increase, nearly 900,000 more jobs existed because of regular unemployment benefits, while two federally financed programs—Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Extended Benefits, which provide additional weeks of benefits after workers have exhausted the standard 26 weeks—were responsible for increasing employment on average by slightly more than 700,000 each quarter.”

    Yumping Yiminy, am I going mad? This gibberish says, “The longer you don’t work and continue to draw and spend unemployment compensation, the more jobs you create.” Did you do the math on that statement? I did. There are 8 quarters from mid-2008 through mid-2010. So 8 x 1.6 million jobs created per quarter equals 12.8 million jobs created. FROM UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION, for Pete’s sake. Yet the Federal Reserve states that the total number of people employed in the U.S. during that exact same time period went DOWN by 8.7 million.

    I just know that there is someone out there in the cyber world who can straighten me out on this. Am I incapable of critical thinking? Were the math and econ teachers in my caveman K-12 and higher education experience all fools? Is this where I’m headed? Some might say I’m already there.


    (1) The Center for American Progress (CAP) is no fly-by-night organization. It is a powerful, well-connected and partisan liberal public policy research and advocacy organization. Its website states that the organization is “dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action”. CAP presents a liberal viewpoint on economic issues and has its headquarters in D.C. Its president and chief executive officer is Neera Tanden who worked for the Obama and Clinton administrations and for Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. Its first president and chief executive officer was John Podesta, who served as chief of staff to President Bill Clinton. Podesta remains with the organization as chairman of the board and currently serves as a counselor to President Obama. He was born in Chicago.

    (2) “According to a 2010 analysis by Wayne Vroman, an economist and senior fellow at the Urban Institute for the Department of Labor” Did that quote from the article, made by the Center for American Progress, lead you to believe that Vroman works for the USG, specifically the Department of Labor? He does not. He is an employee of the Urban Institute, a so-called “non-partisan think tank” established in 1968 under the Lyndon Johnson administration. It receives 55% of its income from the federal government for “studies.” 100% of the Urban Institute’s employees political contributions went to Democrats, as reported by U.S. News and World Report in 2013. Uh, that’s my definition of non-partisan.


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      1. Tex

        See “Velocity of Money”. If the unemployed do not spend money, business in general slows. See also “Paradox of Thrift”. It’s all part of the Great Ponzi Scheme.

        • laeagle

          The Great Ponzi Scheme is right.

          • Wombat

            Omigosh! People on welfare are actually capable of generating an endless supply of money! Heck, lets give them all a platinum credit cards and ask them to start crashing Ferraris into walls just as often as they can. The economy will be back on its feet before we know it!

            • KY Mom

              The Hidden Motives Behind The Federal Reserve Taper

              “The process of globalization REQUIRES the dissolution of the U.S. economy as it exists today.”

              “Once this driving philosophy is understood, the final conclusion is obvious – the Fed exists to destroy the U.S. financial system and the U.S. currency mechanism. That is what they are here for.

              This is why the dollar has lost 98% of its value since the Fed was established in 1913. This is why the Fed deliberately engineered the derivatives bubble crisis through the implementation of artificially low interest rates. This is why their response to the crisis was to create yet another massive bubble in stocks and bonds through QE stimulus.”


            • ghostrighter

              All I Can Say Is:

              “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”.


              • db427

                ok, this is the best I can do
                I will use the same numbers, and yet come up with different percentages
                first I have to come at you with a product. I will use newspapers as an example.
                I run a company that prints 3 different newspapers at the moment, and these are my numbers (hypothetically)
                first run is 100,000 papers, and I have 3000 spoils getting the print ready to sell. 3.3% spoils
                second run is 50,000 papers, and I have 5000 spoils getting the print ready to sell. 10% spoils
                third run is 10,000 papers, and I have 1000 spoils getting the print ready to sell. 10%
                NOW take 3.3% plus 10% plus 10% and divide by 3.
                you get 7.6% spoils for the day.


                take your totals
                100,000 plus 50,000 plus 10,000 equals 160,000.
                divide that by your total spoils
                3,000 plus 5,000 plus 1000 equals 9,000
                160,000 divide by 9,000 you get 17.7% spoils for the day
                same business, same product, different numbers
                they can be very tricky, and those that know, know every trick in the book.
                this simple example shows a 10% difference in spoils in one day of operation. imagine what you can do with a little imagination.
                prep well my friends, for this magic show is about to reveal itself.
                I would agree with most here, clean water first, then food. then safety, then seeds.
                or would that be safety, water, food, seeds…
                again you see the possibilities are numberless.

                • Ga Doc

                  My favorite math “trick”:
                  3 salesmen check into a hotel and agree to share the room.
                  The clerk tells them the room is $30 for the night, so they each chip in $10 (3×10=30, makes sense so far).
                  Well, it turns out there is a $5 discount for the room, so the manager tells the clerk to refund the money to the salesmen. On the way to their room, the clerk pockets $2 for his troubles and gives the men the remaining $3.
                  The 3 men split the $3 refund. So pay attention now:
                  Each paid $10 to start and got $1 back. 10-1= $9
                  3 x$9 =$27 The clerk had $2 of the refund.
                  $27 + $2= $29 Where did the 30th dollar end up???

                  • ORHunter

                    Look at it this way:
                    $30 dollars in existence. Manager receives all $30 from the salesmen. He gives $5 to the clerk to return. In the end the manager has $25, the clerk has $2 and each salesman has $1. $1+$1+$1+$2+$25 =$30

                  • boyo

                    A classic example of the need for the ” U r pretty dumb my aunt Sally” rule.

                • db427

                  the real percentage 5.62

        • Rick B.

          Like Obamacare! Lol

          • New Ordnance

            “Hitler Rants” about Obamacare:

            New idea in the “Hitler Rants” series:
            Keynes Roasted on Burning Platform – Fails Escape from Hell.

            Sorry, I could not resist that – saw too many “Three Stooges” movies when I was a teenager.

            Don’t need Obummercare, slapstick is the best remedy.

            “Exrta-Crispy” please.”

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Yeah, when you give all the money and tax loopholes to the top 1%, there is not much velocity of the money changing hands. Rome is burning, where there is smoke there is fire.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            When a congressman asks a general about the chance of an island tipping over and he’s still “employed” the next day, why should we be surprised that our public “servants” say things like “we have to spend more money to get out of debt?”

            America’s leaders are just a reflection of America itself.

            And we’re screwed.

            Batten down the hatches, me boys.

            • Be informed

              All I see is the number 17 trillion and the formula e to the x that the debt is following. I think I figured out how 1+1 can equal 3. Funny math. 1.49 is rounded down to 1, but 1.49 + 1.49 = 2.98 which is rounded to 3. This is how sh#$ stupid all of this massive manipulation with the numbers are.

              The end game is when those numbers add up to infinity, which is the way the debt is going. What is so pathetic is that this country has a lot of resources and this debacle should have NEVER happened. Free trade has decimated this country. Those numbers cannot be so easily hidden. This comment is beginning to make me sick because of the lack of hope and the realization that what I and others grew up with is gone and buried. 🙁

              • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

                I think this is the formula you looking for…

                x_t = x_0(1+r)^t


            • KY Mom

              This man traveled on FOUR separate flights, stopped in FOUR different cities and was feeling ill the entire journey. His final stop was Orlando, Florida.

              CDC announces second case of MERS virus in U.S. – Orlando, Florida

              “The patient travelled on four separate flights between Jeddah and Saudi Arabia – from Jeddah to London, London to Boston, Boston to Atlanta and Atlanta to Orlando.”

              “According to Dr. Anne Schuchat, assistant surgeon general in the United States Public Health Service and director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, the patient began feeling ill on the initial flight from Jeddah to London and continued to feel unwell throughout the journey – experiencing symptoms including a fever, chills and a slight cough.”

              “The patient visited an emergency room in Orlando on May 8th, and was admitted to the hospital and isolated. The patient is reportedly now stable and doing well.”

              Fox News

                • ready down under

                  Sooner or later KY Mom, nature will take care of the problem of too many people. Somewhere, maybe in a bug in some tree in deepest Africa or maybe even in a mouse under your house is a virus bubbling away that “when the planets line up just right” will mutate into something that will bring about Agenda 21. Heck, deep in the bowels of some rogue countries (or Russia’s or even the US’s) labs that virus may already exist!


            • Dick Cheney

              Are you POSITIVE that many additional people won’t capsize the island? I think a blue ribbon commission is needed here.

          • jano3m

            so…31 million people are getting tax loopholes. I understand where you are going, but it’s not the 1%, it’s the .01% that have and make almost all the money and pay the smallest % of taxes in the top 50%

        • Defiant

          You have to get with the program, Mr. Quinn.

          I know a guy that whenever a warning light

          on his cars dashboard comes on he just puts

          a piece of duct tape over it. Problem solved.

          Sooner or later, his vehicle and the gov’s

          duct taping policies will steer them both

          over the cliff. It’s about brains, not math.

          • wrong

            when ever my smoke detectors go off I just take the batteries out

            works great

            How’s Defiant doing?

            • New Ordnance


              I used electrician’s tape on mine. Works like a charm.

            • Defiant

              Hey Wrong, glad you’re back, my friend.

              We should be applying for one of those

              high paying ‘Think Tank’ jobs. I do my

              best thinking when I am tanked.

        • dm

          they teach funny math like 1+1=3 in common core…that must be where they got it….

          • Blankone

            Have you seen the new propaganda commercial of the teachers praising the values of common core and how it allows local government to select what is taught. I wanna puke every time I see it. Course look at the teachers pushing it.. probably would give the same answer on that triangle question above.

            • Shelley

              The best part of the commercial is the end line, where they say “Find out the truth on Common Core.” Second grade grammar, anyone? From writers, to editors, to the approval committee, etc, to the TEACHERS? Not one person? 😀

        • laeagle

          My Excel Program would call it a ‘circular reference’ and would tell me that it cannot be done! Figure that one out. Of course the government has supercomputers so that may be able to do math at a level beyond our capabilities.

        • passinwiththewind

          It’s a vicious cycle to bankrupt an economy as large as that of the USA.

          Unemployment benefits, more specifically the “extended” ones, are nothing more than a bandaid and a “clouding” of the waters of reality to further the “progressive/liberal/illuminati” agenda. Same goes for the food stamp program,bond funding,and welfare,etc.

          They all keep the wheels turning as long as tptb want them to. When they stop; the order of society as we know it stops.

          That’s why all us “prepped ones” do what we do. We know that when tptb pull the plug, it’s every man, and woman for themselves.

          We accept the fact that any catastophic event could send the triggers/events of a total collapse into overdrive, that puts us into stealth mode.
          That event; either manmade, natural, or God sent; has less effect on us than the majority.

          All we can do is have our hearts right and warn our friends and neighbors as best we can.

          The rest will reap what they have sown.

          We have many friends, relatives, and neighbors that will suffer greatly because they have chosen to put their faith in themselves, their money/assets, and a fake god.

          I hate it for some of them, but; some have aligned themselves with the devil and i for one will do my christian duty to help drop the hammer on them. My philosophy is that some should be sent right away to the Father, to let Him sort them out for judgment.

          The less of the evil doers we have around us soon after SHTF, the better.

          Just sayin’,


        • incognito

          True a decreasing velocity of money has an outcome similar to rising interest rates.

        • yourmotherwaswrong

          Jim Quinn says:

          “Help me out here. I’m simply incapable of following the economics and math of sending checks to the unemployed.”

          Hey Jim Quinn, do you “vote?”

          If you do… you are part of the problem.

          • New Ordnance

            Jim Quinn is back after a massive DNS attack.
            JWR was down two weeks ago.

            Looks like OPFOR is going after high value targets.
            Is a mac-attack next?

            It’s on folks. This is the battlefield prep.
            The medium is the message.

        • ready down under

          Sooooooooooooo, all we gotta do is stop working and collect unemployment benefits? Hallelujah I’m now officially retired …. sorry, I mean unemployed.

          And while we are at it, lets pay the unemployed MORE coz by that dribblers maths sending a parasite $1 creates $1.60 in positive benefits to the economy. We have enough parasites here that if we did this we’d be the biggest economy in the world!

          All together now …….. I QUIT!!!!!!


        • Dripping with sarcasm

          Maybe the government will start writing stimulus checks to all of the citizens more frequently and we can all join in stimulating this market to the moon.

      2. Confederate

        Oh Lord, save us from ourselves.

        • Swinging on a star

          Why do you think they get away with it? Why did they incorporate common core into our children’s education? To the elite, we are all idiots if we aren’t one of them, the two words that say it all are defined in a way that explains it all.

          com·mon [kom-uhn]
          adjective, com·mon·er, com·mon·est.
          belonging equally to, or shared alike by, two or more or all in question: common property; commoninterests.
          pertaining or belonging equally to an entire community, nation, or culture; public: a commonlanguage or history; a common water-supply system.
          joint; united: a common defense.
          widespread; general; ordinary: common knowledge.
          of frequent occurrence; usual; familiar: a common event; a common mistake.

          core [kawr, kohr]
          the central part of a fleshy fruit, containing the seeds.
          the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.
          Also called magnetic core. Electricity . the piece of iron, bundle of iron wires, or other ferrousmaterial forming the central or inner portion in an electromagnet, induction coil, transformer, or thelike. See diag. under electromagnet.
          (in mining, geology, etc.) a cylindrical sample of earth, mineral, or rock extracted from the ground bymeans of a corer so that the strata are undisturbed in the sample.
          the inside wood of a tree.

          So what it means to me is that inside, in our core, we are all the same, just plain common, nothing special or significant, simple common folks who all believe the same bull shit that we are spoon fed. That is what the next generation will be, common little products of the regime.

          You can’t say what you want, even in the privacy of your own home, many ask, how did it come to this, well, we allowed it and now it is more powerful than we are.

          You can’t say a prayer in public without being criticized but you sure can kiss a guy if your a guy and the whole country goes awwwww, how cute. Many are disturbed by it but they wouldn’t dare say that because they may lose their job. I can honestly say that I hate what our country represents, it is sickening and almost hopeless. Bring on the awakening. God speed.

          • passinwiththewind

            Much truth in what you say Swingin’, however;

            There is a remnant that God has chosen from the “first” Heaven and Earth age that will do many wonderful and holy things for the Creator, in helping with the “end of this age”.

            God has chosen them to be alive and on the Earth during these troubling times.

            They know who they are.

            Don’t listen to ignorant preachers that tell you that the 144,000 sealed are all Jews. That’s just not true.

            When the “truth” is sealed in the minds of the 144,000, then the end is near. Be it one year or twenty, they are 12,000 from each of the tribes of the patriachs of Israel.
            Only 12,000 from the actual tribe of Judah/Jews. Since Benjamin was grafted into Judah, then there might just be 24,000 that call themselves Jews. Only God/Christ, knows who they are for sure.

            Anyways, the confusion over the true “house” of Israel, and the “house” of Judah will be sorted out in time. God does speak of them all being grafted back together in the book of Ezekiel. The two sticks becoming one.

            I know where I came from and where I’m going; my “destiny”.

            The question for each one, is where are you going and what is your God given destiny?

            The Heavenly Father has the answers.

            Peace and Blessings to all true Christians. God will sort out the rest.


        • Shootit

          and Common Core. That is where the math was developed.

          • c

            The government says that the unemployed create jobs when they spend their checks and the author says that based on his math, there should be many more jobs and therefore no unemployed citizens. BUT he is forgetting the critical point: Half the nation works and the other half gets “benefits”. Now costs and taxes just keep going up. And every worker is supporting at least another person/family besides themselves. So the unemployed are not working because the workers now have to have 1 1/2 or 2 jobs just to keep their heads above water. So the workers work harder and those receiving “benefits” apply for more help due to rising costs.
            So this is where his missing jobs have gone. See?

            Eventually those who are working will drop dead in their tracks and that will open up 1 1/2 to 2 jobs for someone on “benefits” if they want to start working again.

            (I am not talking about the unemployed who truly are trying to get back into jobs, God bless and keep them. Just those who never seem to get those applications handed in.)

      3. Kevin2

        As long as the world is not only willing to accept USDs but their use in international trade increases as the undeveloped world develops we have no problem with the math above.

        The problem is that the above is coming to an end.

      4. Rick B.

        It’s simple Unemployment is insurance that people pay into and are intittled to get ike any other insurance! If the government keeps giving our jobs away or mismanage the system they must pay1

        • cara

          The government does not “pay”. Taxpayers do.

          Write your congressmen and tell them to stop what they are doing or get out.

          Write your state government and get all votes, in all elections, back to hand counted, so TV news computers can not tell us who wins before we even vote.

        • Old Guy

          The people who pay into the unemployment are not the recipients. its the employers who are forced to pay it. Its part of the cost of doing business and that cost is passed along to the buisnesses customers. I repete not one penny was deducted from anyones paycheck to pay for unemployment comp. Is welfare not insurance.

      5. Educated Sinner

        It’s sort of like shooting yourself in the head to cure your brain cancer.

      6. Government Guy

        The above argument is based on the false assumption that taxes are funding unemployment insurance and that isn’t the case. It is funded by insurance premiums and deficit spending.

        If your house burned to the ground today and you did not have insurance then you wouldn’t be stimulating the economy by purchasing materials and hiring contractors. More than likely you would be forced to rent an existing unit or double up with someone else.

        Funds spent on basic needs fuels the economy while funds spent on things that are not consumed like precious metals and excess 22LR does not stimulate the economy as much. The lack of thrift on the part of the poor is good for everyone but them.

        • RickInOregon

          GG the money collected for UI is put into the general fund and spent on non UI items, much like SSI. The only thing in the accounts is a promise. The only thing UI and SSI have in common with insurance is the name.

      7. Da Yooper

        “The Center for American Progress (CAP) is no fly-by-night organization. It is a powerful, well-connected and partisan liberal public policy research and advocacy organization. Its website states that the organization is “dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action”.


        I have dealt with enough “liberal public policy” the last 6 years of the Imposter HNIC to last several life times & it has yet to improve a Friggen thing in my life through their convoluted ideas & actions.

        Bottom line take your ideas – new math – progressive ideas – foreign policy & shove it where your brown nosed friend likes to kiss ya.

        • the renegade braveheart

          CAP is just another group of communist fruitcakes.

          • Them Guys

            And That original CEO guy John Podesta is another Tribe member,a fact that so many folks here are in such massive Denials of the Truth and Facts that Yes a huge Disproportionet number of said tribe Hold these lib kommie subversive and so destructive positions. Positions not just in a “Think Tank” org, but even MORE SO in official USA Fed Govnt Key Positions. Be they positions in the too many to count, alphabet agencies like fbi-atf-dea-blm etc et al…Or key and TOP positions as white house prez advisors and staffers. Or Key Top positions at Most every University, Union heads etc et al.

            Originators of the femnazi movment, of the Homo-Faggot and Lezbo Dyke & transgenders movment, the NAACP & ACLU org’s, CPUSA, litterally Every subversive Communist group, org, movment or agenda nationwide in America were and are either All or massivly disproportinately numbered within of one certain “tribe”. Only a true lack of reading or research ability can possibly maintain today so many naysayers or deniars of these facts. When today the internet makes such research one of the fastest, easiest things a person can acomplish or do.

            Unless of course the true reason for naysayers and deniars is that they actually are assisting and running cover For that tribe of subversive kommie destroyers perhaps.

            When any sane honest person actually spends a few hrs researching just how many tribe members hold such many key positions, then compare it to their overall general population numbers of Less than, 2% at Most…

            That honest individual can only agree that Yes when we see numbers of such tribe members holding these key and top positions everywheres that matters, of on average of between a Low of 65% to as High as Hollywood for example or MSM TV news where the percentages sky rocket to 90% TV and even greater in hollywood at close to if not actually, 99%+…Then one must admit, there Must be something about that particular ‘tribe’ of people that simply does not asimilate with the gen Population, or has some form of Satanic belief system going on(Bingo!) or whatever else one can determine it is…Bottom line is Yes that group fully Dominates and controles everything that is and has been and will continue to Ruin and totally destroy America unless stopped. And stopped Soon!

            For so many deniars, and Naysayers to keep complaining that either this is ALL simply a “Coincidence”!

            Or any other such nonsensical spewing of denail it just proves again that even so called “Awake” folks really are NOT so awake afterall. Ignorance of truth is possible I rekon…Then again Most alert awake folks usually when shown proof positve of such issues and facts, will finally Admit they were wrong and Thank you for pointing out their fabled former ideas or beliefs.

            Not naysayers here though!….They Never stop doing childish name calling, or constant Demands of More proof, give me More facts as proof…Yet when you do…They deny that also!….It is so typical of dem lib kommies, I am beginning to think even This website has an large number of said lib dems and kommies present at all times.

            If Constant name calls, and remaining in abject Denial, is Not the top two typical deranged examples that so affect dem libs and progressive kommie dems?…Tell me What Else better describes them?

            So Now all the naysayer deniars of truth can look up John Podestas background and see for themselves what his “Tribe” happens to be…Then tell us how its again a simple “Coincidence so small of a Minority in usa can possibly have so many members in so many top or key positions IN and OUT of fed govnt.

        • cara

          Please stop calling them “liberal”. They are COMMUNIST. Even they don’t like that label but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it is a communist duck.

          Don’t use their labels. They are all fake and deliberately misleading just like their “math”.

          Obama and his VP and white house staff are all communist.
          Pelosi is a communist.
          Reid is a communist.
          Patty Murray is communist.
          And on and on it goes. They are not liberal. They will force you to do what they want and speak as they believe not as you believe. That is not “liberal” that is the exact opposite of liberal.

          • Confederate

            Cara, I agree with you, however the commies know the populace has weapons which causes them a moment of hesitation, because in the end they know we’ll use them.

      8. WhoWuddaThunkIt

        The Gubberment Balloon of deficit deceit is about to POP and anybody who is dependent on the Government will perish within months. Self-Sustainment Plan is the Key. So what did you all do today towards your Prepping Plan for when SHTF?

        • Old Guy

          today I planted some more above ground crops. I pulled weeds and fed them to the pigs.

        • grandee

          today we put up the chicken pen for the peeps.

          • New Ordnance

            I was just typing this post when Chief finally got it up!


          • Northern Reb

            I bought 10 more chickens this spring and my grandkids turned them into pets. That ok as long as they lay eggs for the Ol’ N. Reb.. If not can you say FRIED CHICKEN
            S.T.S.F.P. N.REB

          • bigben

            Got weeds and grass from around the peas and beans. Worked dirt up to the corn. Waiting on okra to come up.
            It’s a good life. Increase your stock of food.

        • Buck

          Finished my raised bed gardens, planted 6 fruit trees, played with our one day old chicks we hatched in our incubator, cleaned out chicken coop for our meat chickens and thought about turning our billy goat into ground meat…wonder if the kids would notice.

          • Old Guy

            goat burger is really good if when you grind it you add some pork.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Goat makes great Jerky. I like using cherry wood to smoke it just a little then drying it.
            And get another baby goat and the kids won’t miss the other goat.

      9. RickInOregon

        I understand how paying UI is good for the economy. When my checking account gets low I just write another check and deposit it into my account, all the previous checks are now covered plus I have some spending money. I’m now up to writing trillion dollar checks.

        Off topic shrimping report:
        My wife and I spent five days shrimping in the Straits of Juan De Fuca. We came home with ten limits of shrimp (80 shrimp per limit). It was a lot of fun and the time we spent together was well worth the trip.

        Bait was a mix of dry fish flavored cat food, chopped up fish (old bait), costco canned tuna and fish oil, all mixed well together in a bucket. We shrimped in about 250 feet of water. Some pots would come up with about a limit and others would come up with just a few in it.

        Weather was a mix of some days with sunshine, others with wind and rain. We spent one day dodging thunder and lightning storms. My wife never bitched about it and never whined to come back in because of the sporty water. On one day when she was driving my boat and the sun was out and the wind was calm, she jumped on me for interrupting her world while she was in a zin moment. All I did was ask her to slow down so I could get some clean water in a bucket for the shrimp that I was processing.

        Nothing happens to those that do nothing.

        • Shootit

          The only way a economy grows is through the growth in consumption of goods and services. The only growth in consumption I see is in Gov services.

          My question is what ROI is the taxpayer getting to justify paying the non taxpayer? Hmm?

          • RickInOregon

            The only way an economy grows is by adding value. You take a raw material and process it into something of value. It takes an effort of low skill to highly skilled individuals to accomplish it. Through that effort it employs many and provides upward mobility not to just the educated but also to the skilled. It creates a more balanced population.

            A value borrowed economy employs the low skilled and the paper pusher. The difference between the haves and have nots grows wider and upward mobility disappears. Just look around.

            • Shootit

              Yep! The ROI is the question. What value are they adding? Nothing in my book. No added value means they are bleeding the economy and the economy is shrinking. Show me how taking from me and giving to x has created something. Now we are back to CC math.

          • Smokey

            The city of Seattle is trying to implement a $15 minimum wage, about $4 an hour above what it is now. They are claiming it will boost the economy and take the wage earners out of poverty.

            What a crock. Most of it will go to long-term credit like a new car, and very little will be spent each month in the stores.

            Short-term boost, six months, then long term decline in the earner’s personal economics, and an immediate major decline in small business employment.

            • Sierra Dave

              Ahem, first things first. Sales are going to plummet like a stool pigeon with cement galoshes. I hardly thing many places can afford their labor costs doubling.

              Withing a week or two, people will be fired as costs need to be cut. Probably with the management spending most of their time doing the former subordinates work.

              Customer service will suffer and then you will have a gutted business limping along.

      10. Stan522

        So, if we get a $1.60 back for every dollar of free money, then let’s all quit and live off the gubamint…..!

      11. Jenn

        Here I thought “1 + 1 = 3” was biology, not math…. 😛

        • Shootit

          plus that kind of science is enjoyable!

      12. WhoWuddaThunkIt

        A POUND OF FLESH ~ All this Fed National Debt increase by purchasing bad loans and derivatives from the Banksters will be passes onto the tax payers.

      13. Piper Michael

        Ross Perot said it best; That if the GATT and NAFTA treaties were signed, it would cause a Great sucking sound to be heard across the land. As factories and their jobs are moved offshore.

        We are now almost at 70,000 off-shored factories later…(they make it harder and harder to compete, or get credit. Opportunity isn’t ‘lost’, just full of worms. Try something significant, instead of something ‘trivial’, and see what happens to you…)

        As the New York Elite, and DC, have become the most prosperous areas in the country… the rest of the country is in the greatest depression. Earth is a zero sum game, for there to be one millionaire, a million people have to be a dollar poorer… Think about that.

        These pukes forgot that without good paying jobs, there is nobody around to buy their goods…

        This was and is, all an effort by the Elite to destroy labor unions and depress wages. They are not stupid, they are evil.

        They are the cancer on America, always have been. From the Whiskey Rebellion, to the War of Northern Aggression(what Yankees call; The Civil war) have led to a Global Empire. The monied Elite have always manipulated the System for their own power and control. For the last hundred years, they have been trying to take over the world.

        They know they are lying, but as long as the media is collaborating, they will win ‘the hearts and minds’, through the false construct, materialism, the American Dream. Which is rooted in the centralized power of kings, money changers and religious sycophants. The Tripartite power structure of Babylon. Keeping your mind, heart and soul, in submission to ‘Godly’ Authority, under their biggest rule; He who has the Gold, makes the Rules…

        But, even their gold has worms…
        When will we figure it out?
        Too late… remember, on this Earth, nice guys finish last.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Piper Michael, good day to you and I have to agree. Just think how much our economy could improve if all of those factory jobs could be brought back to the US. My mother worked in a couple of factories back in the 60s and 70s. Those jobs paid one-third more money in wages than service industry jobs so that was some decent money back in those days. Things are coming down to the wire. With the number of people getting on programs increasing every month and the number of people working full-time and paying taxes into the system to finance those programs decreasing every month, it’s only a matter of time before things come to a head and it will get very ugly very quickly.

          • sixpack

            I could do a job where I could sit on a stool, and do piece work at my station. I’d take one if I could get it.

        • Tex

          Michael Piper, you mentioned NAFTA and outsourcing work. Here is something for the uniformed.

          Foreign nationals can open and run a business in the US TAX FREE for 3 years. So the “Foreign Entrepreneur” can run his business at a 35% higher profit than can your mom and pop given the same cost of goods. After 3 years, they reopen the same business under another name and start a new 3 year cycle. And, if they can’t open it under their own name, they open it under a family members name. Also. they can export $ to their family back home.

          What’s wrong with this picture?

          • Tex

            uninformed, not uniformed.

            • Anonymous

              Freudian slip though it may be: The uniformed are often uninformed, just following orders…

      14. eppe

        Common core math for sure…

        • the renegade braveheart

          Eppe, common core leads to ‘common retardation’. Oh, wait, we already had that before common core. My mistake.

      15. the renegade braveheart

        Just leave it to bureaucrats to fudge numbers, the only thing they know how to do. All of these programs will eventually run out of revenue. Just as soon as they start getting low on funds and can’t same out the same number of checks this month as they did last month, they’ll have some of the “gimme dat” crowd breathing down their necks. Unless they can solve that problem damned quick. Once again, let me make myself clear so there’s no misunderstanding about my position. I DO SUPPORT PEOPLE WHO ARE IN GENUINE NEED OF TEMPORARY HELP JUST LONG ENOUGH TO GET BACK ON THEIR FEET, PEOPLE WHO DO HAVE EVERY INTENTION OF GOING BACK TO WORK AS SOON AS THEY CAN FIND WORK. I ALSO SUPPORT PEOPLE LIKE SIXPACK, WHO ARE DISABLED TO ANY DEGREE AND NEED SOME DISABILITY TO LIVE ON. I DON’T BEGRUDGE ANYTHING TO THOSE PEOPLE. WHAT I WILL NEVER CONDONE IS PEOPLE WHO AT LEAST LIKE THEY’RE PHYSICALLY CAPABLE OF DOING SOMETHING, BUT REFUSE TO, AND INSIST ON SPONGING ON WORKING PEOPLES’ TAX DOLLARS FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES AKA BEING FREELOADERS! I PERSONALLY KNOW SOME PEOPLE WHO REALLY NEED HELP AND HAVE BEEN TURNED AWAY FROM GETTING HELP! Sorry about the all caps. I’m not trying to be like eisenturd. It’s just that every time an article on this subject comes up, my position gets misunderstood and twisted around by someone. Except for the trolls, I know everyone here would agree.

        • Hunter

          Your best post ever, Braveheart!

          Salute & thumbs up!

        • sixpack

          Funny you should mention me, BH. I’ve put in 3 job apps this month, which using common core math would be 10 more than some long-term unemployment recipients put in. I’ve been turned down twice, but not the third one…yet.

          I don’t bother applying for jobs I know I can’t do.

          The neighbor is fully able to work, but prefers welfare—I’ve put in more apps in one month than she has all year. Something IS wrong with this picture.

      16. Kulafarmer

        I cant wait for everything to come unglued,,,
        That way all these people living in their little government induced bubbles will have no choice but to wake the hell up,,,
        Its a whole nother kinda stupid

        • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

          I can’t wait for everything to come unglued,,, That way all these criminals creating these little government induced bubbles will have no one to protect them from being strung up.

          It has been more than 200 years since the last time the Augean Stables were properly cleaned. High time to get started…

          • Kulafarmer

            We are definitely at a crossroads now,,, the politicians in Dc have been there way too long for the most part,

          • Hunter


            I have a feeling ole’ Robert H. would agree w/ you!

        • YH


          >>”That way all these people living in their little government induced bubbles will have no choice but to wake the hell up,,,”<<

          I hope when the willing slaves finally wake up it does not result in burning cities across America. One more reason to move out of the city if possible.

          The U.S. will mostly likely be the last economic domino to fall in the approaching global collapse. When Europe begins to burn, that is our cue that our time is very short.

      17. VRF

        Common core at its best , yep … People really are this stupid
        Bring on the chlorine , this gene pool we have in DC really needs a douching

      18. TheChixor

        As a person from NH, I don’t lay any claim to Shaheen’s lack of math skills. We found that out during her stint as Governor and now as our Senator. I never voted for her and can’t understand why anyone would. I’ll be so glad when she loses that seat in November. She’s just another clueless Liberal.

      19. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

        This is just a means to keep the game going for just a little while longer while TPTB finalize their strip mining of the economy and hand the system off to a bigger set of fools, soon to be left holding the bag when the party finally ends.

        These criminals are not stupid and know perfectly well where this game is headed. This is just a delaying strategy. The final act started a generation ago when short-sighted corporate boards started destroying their customer base through offshoring and outsourcing, leading to a death spiral of job losses and depressed wages for those lucky enough to remain employed.

        That those who run the scam rely on lies and the stupidity of their audience should be of secondary importance to the fact that so many believe those lies or just don’t care that they are being lied to.

      20. Sgt. Dale

        Liars can figure and figures can lie.
        TPTB throw so much s$%t at us you can’t tell what is real and what is not.

        Why can’t we just go back to the good old Reading and Writing and Arithmetic. When we were just using the simple 3 we were the Smartest country on earth.

        No government had to get involved and screwed up everything. That is why 1+1=3 or is it 6.


        • the renegade braveheart

          Good evening, Sarge. 1+1 still equals 2 in my book.

          • Sgt. Dale

            R B H
            When the Feds started to dictate to the Schools under that P.O.S. Jimmy Carter the second worst next to Obullshit. The setting pres. Is when the school started to go to S$%T.

        • passinwiththewind

          Yea, i know what you mean, Dale.

          I grew up in a much simpler time. Times were very difficult because of my stupid parents, (God bless them and the little Pygmies down in Africa) but we can’t ever go back. And; with much dismay for some, there is no “backside” to all this, as many talk about. The only backside to this “worldly shit-hole” is the separation of the good, bad, and the ugly.

          We are on the downhill spiral that soon puts an end to all the bad shit. After that, everything is “up”.

        • Northern Reb

          I wish that their math would work for my ammo supplies and food rations.
          One box of 22’s plus One box of 22’s = one brick of 22’s. Wouldn’t that be nice????
          One pak of Raman noodles plus one pak of Raman noodles= a case of Raman noodles. Wouldn’t that be nice also???
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • the renegade braveheart

            Good evening, Northern Reb. Your point is well taken with me. one box of 12-ga. shells plus one box of 12-ga. shells=3 boxes of shells for “Bertha”. That would be nice.

            • Northern Reb

              Good evening Sir, I hope you and Bertha are fine.
              The new math only works if you are on the government dole and you are a worthless piece of trash that steals from the people that really needs the help.

              Here comes the thumbs down, but who cares I don’t
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

              • sixpack

                Only a moron would thumb that down.

          • Hunter



            Thus does 1 box of .22lr + 1 package of Raman noodles…equate to: shooting the shit out of ones diet?

            • Sgt. Dale

              I will try to answer it. NO
              1 box of 22lr = 50 dead rabbits 49 rabbits dried into jerky.
              1 rabbit + 1 Ramon noodle = 4 full bellies.

              • Hunter


                Excellent analysis! ^^^ to ya!

            • Northern Reb

              You could say that or you could say protecting ones diet.
              It’s better than living on just air and water.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • sixpack

              I just double-stocked on all of my vitamins, just in case I get stuck eating noodles for an extended period of time.

              Ramen noodles fill the belly in an emergency, but they suck if you have to eat them more than once in a while. Same with plain rice, beans or anything, really.

              My stores are built to sustain me (and a couple extras) until I can do something better, with the focus on doing “something better” within a couple of years at the very most.

        • Buck

          I think it’s pretty safe to say that if TPTB’s lips are moving …they are being deceptive!

      21. Old Guy

        Not one penny was ever deducted from any employees paycheck to fund unemployment compensation. unemployment is funded by a special tax on the employers payroll. Unemployment comp is welfare dole. Its money the recipient did not work for & earn. Its ill gotten gain.

        • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

          That is an inaccurate statement. There is no such thing as an employer or a corporation for that matter, paying a tax. While an employer might write a check called employer tax, it most certainly does not come from the employer’s profit. This is a polite fiction maintained by all parties to give the impression to the uninformed who are being fleeced that taxes do not matter because it is only business owners and rich corporations that pay them.

          Bottom line is, all taxes are paid by the individual worker who would otherwise have a bigger paycheck or a smaller grocery or rent bill were it not for the taxes which are surreptitiously passed on to him. That so many persist in believing the fallacy of businesses paying taxes is proof that public schools have succeeded beyond their founders wildest dreams.

          • Nopittypartyhere

            Regardless, this tax that you say the business does not pay, comes fom the business’ bottom line. If a business didn’t have to pay that tax, they may have more money to expand, hire new employees, current employees get promoted or better benefits . doesnt mean they are going to give out raises. so its not the employees earnings. Business taxes, especially for small business impede growth. Corporations get huge loopholes that balance the sheets.

          • Old Guy

            Wrong I myself had to pay the special tax on my payroll when I had employees. and It certainly came from my business profits. I couldn’t pay with anything else except money made by my business. And If nobody working for me drew unemployment after I paid a certain amount I was allowed to discontinue paying the special tax. and I like every business owner kept the cost of doing business as low as possible. And that includes not paying more for labor than was necessary. I was the one taking the risk & responsibility and I certainly deserved & desired to keep my lions share of my profits. I eventually did away with profit robbing employees altogether. I simply hired licensed contractors and owner operators. When times got slow I didn’t use them and the money drain of unemployment comp wasn’t my problem.

        • Northern Reb

          Old Guy:
          I beg to differ with you about that.
          In Illinois unemployment is pay by my employer, yes, and it also comes out of my state tax I pay every payday.
          Plus it holds down my wages.
          If my employer did not have to pay this tax I would be getting a little bigger pay check.
          I have several family memebers that run businesses that would pay there employees more if it was not for that tax and now they are paying for Obamma care. No wage hick for there people and maybe they the will be getting that 1.60 soon because of this maddness. they just might have to close there doors.

          • Smokey

            Illinois seems to be an exception to the general rule about UI taxes.

      22. KYman

        THERE IS ONE MAJOR FLAW IN THIS ARTICLE!!! The author actually believes that these people are receiving their checks from TAX DOLLARS when, in fact, it is just more made up $$ from the Federal Reserve.

        • Slick One

          So why is the government stealing money out of my pay check each week?

      23. Stephen

        Seriously? I’m not even going to cover how you don’t understand the math of this.

        Let me pose a different question: What exactly do you think would happen to the economy if even half the people who lost their job then subsequently lost their car and their house? They then wind up coming through your back window for your stereo OR burdening their friends and family who in turn don’t spend as much money on products and services.

        And that’s to say nothing of the banks and loan companies who end up losing thousands of dollars for each failed mortage and bad car loan, after the assets themselves go to auction.

        And I know someone is going to say “Well they shouldn’t live beyond their means anyway…yadda yadda.” Doesn’t change the reality.

        • Northern Reb

          I have some questions for you:
          1-What do you do with the people that never try to find a job?
          2-What do you do with people that has never had a job?
          3-Why should I have to pay for there lively hood?

          If this sound cruel, sorry I have busted my A$$ for every thing I have and it ain’t much but I worked for it.
          Someone with a real handicap or been hurt serving our nation or hurt in an accident and can’t work is a hole different ball game.

          In shorter words… I AIN’T MY JOB TO TAKE CARE OF THEM!!!. They are freeloaders, Zombie Mopes that can roit for all I care.

          • the renegade braveheart

            NR, I’m the same way. AMEN!

          • Nopittypartyhere


            4. What do you do with people working off-book and still draw unemployment

          • Sgt. Dale

            You sound like my brother. I think he just might be just a little more uncouth!

            Like you I hate taking care of Zombies and Leaches.

            Hell I have been putting in a garden for the last few days and things are going good. I have been picking asparagus for supper. Man is it good. Going after mushrooms on Tuesday.

            Zombies and Leaches are too D#$M lazy to go out to pick fresh food.


            • sixpack

              Get a few mushrooms for me, Sgt…enjoy every bite. I love those morels, and this month, May, is when they are peeking out at us from around the base of the firs…too bad I can’t get that deep into the woods anymore, or I’d be hunting right with you.

          • Slick One

            Even more jobs can be created by euthanasa for the career welfare moochers. I am suffering from moocher fatigue,like a cancer this gibbs me dat life style has to be terminated.

        • Smokey

          If you think unemployment checks are enough to pay for a car loan and a mortgage, you have a problem.

      24. southside

        Note to Sen. Sheehan: I spent a helluva lot more when I was working than I do now. $240 per week U\I. F@&$k You!

      25. Northern Reb

        Common core math or just fuzzy math it is all a line of B.S.
        I had a dollar bill in my hand a little while ago and gave it a my fellow co-worker, he handed it to another fellow worker and like magic it was still a dollar bill.
        I bet Shaheen can’t do that, she gets 1.60 when she hands out a dollar to a 3rd. person.
        Boy, would she make good money on her investments, a 60% profit. She would make Gates and Soros look like amateures
        You wonder why this country is about to collapes. There is NO COMMON SINCE LEFT IN WASHINGTON!!!!
        Are you ready to hear a BIG BANG, thats our economy.
        Good luck my brothers and sisters. My GOD help us.
        It’sa con’n get ready!!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      26. EEK

        I wished this math worked for my pay. I could begin to prep.

        • the renegade braveheart

          EEK, if that math had worked for my pay, I could’ve bought a BOL years ago and paid cash for it.

        • Northern Reb

          You better prep some a even a little will help the
          sh$% is about to hit the fan.
          Please put a coulpe of cans of soup or rice or beans or Raman noodles and or Spam away every week.
          When the main stream Media starts pushing preparedness, you better know that something is right around the corner.
          There was an artical in our new paper, the title of the artical is ” Don’t be scared-instead be prepared, By Mary Hunt, the Everyday Cheapskate. I know that she is syndicated in the big rags also.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB


          • Nopittypartyhere

            Don’t forget the water…..water rationing coming to some areas

        • Smokey

          Hell, I can beat that. I double my money instantly, just fold it in two and put it in my pocket.

      27. VRF

        Here’s some numbers we all should be worried about
        36,000 of them

        They are too busy jack booting a cattle rancher , killing grand ma for being off her meds , killing your dog because ” it looked like it could bite me” says the chicken shit cop
        Etc the story goes on , but these are the incompetent jack holes we have running the show
        3 huge drug dealers worth over 21 million just walked out of a detriot court house 4 hours ago
        Yeah walked out ,, whiskey tango foxtrot

        • sixpack


      28. billybob

        I would say we have idiots for leaders but all our politicians seem to be getting richer while the rest of America gets poorer.

      29. Mikey

        I find it best to not attempt to find logic in anything the government does. They have an agenda but it has nothing to do with serving the best interests of its people. Simply realize that most anything they do involves lies, deceit, fraud, coverup, and perpetuating their own positions of power and prestige.

        Focus on preparation — apply your energy and logic there.

        One final thought while the Internet is still up ( cause sure as hell they will take it down one day)– God bless each of you, be strong and courageous, may we the people eventually win America back.

        just an old decrepit guy very saddened where we have allowed these lousy pieces of s%&^t to have taken up in the last 30 years,

      30. Be informed

        Can anyone say the two words; false flag:

        This article basically says that certain real “bad guys” can happily enter the U.S. and potentially do something terrible, or real terrible. While the good people that are preppers/survivalists that defend the bedrock of the U.S., the Constitution, are regarded as domestic terrorists.

        • sixpack

          Is it huntin’ season yet?

      31. KY Mom

        State Department now amassing explosives stockpile

        C4, blasting equipment destined for embassies?

        “The U.S. State Department has ordered hundreds of pounds of plastic explosives and thousands of containers of liquid explosives, WND has discovered, shipping them to the location of U.S. centers that typically send sensitive materials to overseas embassies.

        According to procurement documents WND obtained through routine database research, State recently put in four separate orders for high explosives – purchases accompanied by tens of thousands of feet of detonating cords with hundreds of blasting caps and fuse igniters.

        The ultimate destination of these products and their cost is unknown, but the government contracting office responsible for arranging the purchases has an address in Dun Loring, Virginia, site of a State diplomatic-security field office.
        The procurement documents likewise list the explosives’ shipping destination, or “place of performance,” as Sterling, Va., which is home to the Diplomatic Pouch and Mail Unit, or DPM/U, which is tasked with sending secure pouches and crates to U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide.

        Deliveries made through that unit are exempt from the same inspections, for example, that the U.S. Postal Service otherwise would perform.”

        • YH

          KY Mom,

          Why buy 1 kilo of C4 explosives when you can buy 2 kilos for 3 times the price? That is how our government logic works.

      32. YH

        Folks and friends, do not try to make sense of it. The propaganda is so far beyond the point of ridiculousness I refuse to even attempt to apply logic to it. The government numbers are fake. We know this. That’s all I need to know. Keep it simple. Not even the government can outrun arithmetic. When it comes time to pay the bill, we will see far more creative and malicious efforts by government to kick the can. Taxpayers and middle class…beware!

        When Ayn Rand said, “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”, this is one of those predicted consequences when we are being asked to set common sense aside and believe 1+1=3.

      33. Ridgerunner

        What are we going to do, let the unemployed and their families starve? Are we going to shoot our brothers when they are forced to come out and look for food for their kids? The unemployed are not the problem. The Politian and their rich friends are the problem. I am one of the most conservative persons in the world but let’s be real. Is it right to pay workers $8.00 per hour while the owners make at least $2,500 per hour and work their people 60 hours a week with no overtime so they do not have to hire the unemployed? Try to find a job if you are over fifty-five. The unemployed did not cause the real unemployed rate to be 43%. Nobody is unemployed on Wall Street.
        Jim Quinn is looking in the wrong place and blaming the wrong people.

        • YH

          When I graduated college in 1990 no one in my chosen field in the U.S. would hire me because I had no experience. I used some of the money I saved from my job working as an Eastern Airlines ramp agent and moved from Brooklyn NY to San Juan Puerto Rico so I could get some experience to qualify for a job in the U.S. five years later.

          You are correct that politicians have stabbed Americans in the back and twisted the knife by working with corporations to shift millions of American jobs to foreign countries.

          Most of these countries are openly hostile to Americans. There are jobless Americans out there who are earnestly seeking employment, but there are also the willing slaves who hang on the government’s every word, who prostitute their votes to the politician who promises to give them more free stuff and who tells the willing slaves that they deserve more from the “wealthy” even as the bar which defines wealth keeps getting lower and closer to us.

          I am not without sympathy for the unemployed, but unless a person has done EVERYTHING within their human power to obtain employment, to get back into the work force, to put food on the table, it is difficult for me to be sympathetic to all.

          The time for sympathy will come later in a few years as economic conditions crash and people will look back on 2014 and reminisce about the good old days when unemployment was only 20% and unleaded regular gas was $4/gal.

          Hopefully I’ll still have a job when the rug is pulled out, but I’m not kidding myself. I’m preparing for the worst…now!

        • Them Guys

          When a Nations state moto or state slogan is “By deception you shall cause war”…Which is that Other nation the Many fed state dept and all other fed govnt Dual Citizens, consider Their dual Loyalty to.

          And when you then comprehend that war by deception as Their other state loyalty promotes or actually Demands since “Shall” in lawfull terms means “MUST Do”.

          And when we Know that by the word of “WAR” it don’t necessarily have to mean conventional type war with soldiers and guns with bullets or tanks etc..That in Fact WAR can be acomplished by OTHER means…Such as economically against another nation, or for example a nations State Dept like the USA’s Dual citizens, like for example #2 at us state dept Victoria Neuland, Dual israeli citizen, Ordering or Buying huge amounts of Explosives and miles of fuse cord etc…

          Then one can highly suspect that perhaps such issues or events we continue to see develop faster now than we ever have. So fast, so many that we cannot keep track of it all today….Just Maybe we are actually witnessing that Israel State motto slogan of “By deception( Lies) you(dual citizens in the usa)Shall(Must do so) Cause WAR”!

          Being employed and accepted as if it were the American nations, national motto or slogan now eh…If it works swell for Israel to do so…how much Better and Greater of War by Lies/deception can be done by and thru the far more powerfull nation of the USA?

          “IF” You were the global “KING” main decider of all issues or things…About the ONLY thing You would likly be in need of to acomplish WAR by Lies-deception such as Israel does….Is you would Need to have Your dual citizns in places of extreme power and control…Such as Hillery, Victoria Neuland, neulands husband, Robert Kagan of PNAC Org Fame and 9/11 fame….

          Oh Wait just a minit folks!!! We may not yet know who if anybody is that global “King Decider” guy…but we do Know for certain that americas fed govnt and its many state agencies like State dept etc already do have Dual citizens with that same Mindset as do those of Israel, the other nation usa dual citizens like Kagan and neuland belong to….Ok so I rekon all you’d really now need is Dual citizens placed into Embasy’s across the planet, and a source for and way to get and SEND C4-plastic explosives and det cord or blasting caps eh!

          “By Deception You SHALL Cause…WAR!” some state slogan motto for a people to live by no?

          Dual Citizens of such a state should Never be trusted period…Afterall which of the TWO nations they are dual citizens of will they choose if they can only choose ONE nation to remain 100% Loyal to, as most folks here are?

          Any Betting people out there?…I Bet you’d bet they will choose loyalty to…Drum Roll….Israel! who’d a guessed it eh!

        • Old Guy

          Maby its not right. But very little in life is right ,fair & just. Ok If its go great being a owner of a business and its so easy. Why don’t you start a company and set the example. the fact is running a business is very difficult. And you cant afford to pay more for labor than your competition. Your dam right I would let the unemployed starve. Think about this if they cant feed themselves now? How will they survive in a real SHTF situation? The answer is they wont. 90% of the helpless will die. And its their own fault if they don’t prep.

          • Them Guys

            To Not assist others due to a pre concieved notion that they wont survive a REAL SHTF event scenario?…Is a Piss Poor cop out at best…Because You and Us and NOBODY else anywheres really knows for certain that such an shtf event Will occure let alone as to When it will.

            It is more prudent to help those in Need Now, Now. And not even worry of nor allow such a maybe future event, dictate any reasons either way.

            Many folks make the same type claims when the issue is Others or strangers in need….Untill They themselves due to some unforseen issues, also then are in that Same class of foks In Need Now….Then all a sudden their former attitude seems to drasticly change 180 degrees.

            because one thing we do know can happen to all persons at any time is…Unexpected events. Events that No amounts of insurance or cash stashed or farm lands or gardens to self sustain with etc etc…ALL of that can go bad or wrong way Tomorrow, and even the guy with the counties largest garden, crops, cattle and chickens, Home, Barns etc etc can experience a devestating event on a Personal level, and Thats usually the point they too Join the ranks of those they prior scorned as loosers etc.

            Even something so unthinkable such as the Wife went shopping, spent the cash that was Supposed to Pay for the Home insurance policy payments that month, cause she thought the Husband was paying it already!

            Then lightening strikes the home, fire erupts, and when the couple returns and calls insurance co rep, and are told “gee so so sorry Your homes GONE! Too Bad you never submitted that damn insurance policy payment folks…so sorry but Our policy is to NOT oay one red cent for such stupidity or neglect”….Hmmmmm….Who’s in dire Need now eh?

            Bet they too love to hear others tell Them now…”Buzz OFF I aint helping You folks for acting stupid or neglectfull, its YOUR problem” sure its Their problem but that type attitude aint what orig made america and Its folks so great far as I know of.

            • Old Guy

              If I lost every frigging thing I own in a instant it would be very discouraging. However I would be ok. Because Im self reliant and have know how. Uncertianly is why prepared folks don’t keep all the egg in one basket or put all of their irons in one fire. Those who are drawing unemployment put all their eggs in the basket that was their job. when that failed they wanted something else (unemployment comp) to be their enabler. I wont voluntarily e anyones enabler. Giving someone money does them more harm than good. I let anyone who is hungry work for food. Seeing the fat reciepents of welfare & dole spend their money on crap at Wal Mart makes me angry. Unemployment comp is welfare or dole. And better to stop it now than to keep enabling helpless sheeple.

      34. Rogue Leader


        Sorta reminds me of the old joke:

        Ask accountants what does 1+1= ?
        An average accountant says 2
        A dumb accountant says 3
        A smart accountant says “what would you like it to equal?”

        Says a lot about the world doesn’t it…

      35. AnneMarie

        There is no explanation – it’s made-up doublespeak mumbo-jumbo. They want us to keep believing their nonsense, so they scheme and lie ‘cuz they know it’ll collapse. Nothing will get fixed because they don’t want to try to fix it, and they know it’s beyond being fixed, so all they do is tell their bald-faced lies. Get ready and hang on. If you believe in God, trust in Him. If it weren’t so serious it would be comical watching them do what they do.

      36. Anonymous

        If giving out $1.00 generates $1.60-2.00 dollars in activity then the path to nirvana is clear.
        Just give out checks to everyone and let them spend it.
        There’s no need for anyone to work.
        Of course, such delusional thinking is now standard for Washington academia.
        Real economic activity is not mindless consuming but the generation of economic surplus, which comes from production.
        Production has been shipped overseas, Wall Street produces nothing in the way of tangible goods, and service sector jobs do not generate economic surplus, which in turn can be exported.
        The U.S. enjoys the luxury of being able to create money out of thin air and having other countries accept dollars as payment for their sweat.
        When the Petrodollar finally becomes exposed as nothing more than a “chit” backed by chest thumping military threats, the party will be over.
        Until then, keep shoveling out the free money and keep pretending it represents actual economic growth.
        Another great Washington idea would be to pay people for breaking things.
        That would really generate some “growth”.

      37. Barn Cat

        They’re not stupid. They produce propaganda for the government.

      38. The Lone Ranger

        WHY do we want to punish the unemployed for the sins of their EMPLOYERS?

        Why do we want to punish he unemployed for an economy wrecked, in part, by the BUSH Tax Cuts [95% of which went to the 5% wealthiest]?

        Why do we want to punish the unemployed for an economy wrecked by Mr. Bush’s unjustified war policies that also sent so many young American servicemen/servicewomen to their deaths over weapons of “mass distraction”, that is, over a LIE told over and over and over again???
        WHY do we want to punish the VICTIMS of evil, INSTEAD OF its Progenitors (causers)?

        With respect, Mr. Quinn, why do you want us to change the Social Contract of Unemployment Benefits instead of ending CORPORATE welfare?

        HINT: Over the last 4 decades Congress has legislatively REDUCED Corporate taxes and shifted the burden to the middle and lower classes! [Read the proof at].

        With respect, Mr. Quinn, why have your refused to compute the Math on how the poorest person who comes to this website paid FAR more taxes than Mr. Warren Buffett?

        As long as victims continue to get blamed for the evil done to them by evil-DOERS, the Lone Ranger will ride ONCE AGAIN to DEFEND the powerless, the victimized, the oppressed, the crushed, the downtrodden against the lies, the half-truths, the confusion, and the scapegoating.

        The question becomes how many Tonto’s here can he can rely on?

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Who speaks for the children of the poor?” – Clarence Darrow

        “As long as you have done it the least of your brothers and sisters, you have done it unto Me.”
        – Jesus

        “The truly evil do not reside in jail.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck M.D.

        • Them Guys

          Indeed, the nation Wreckers have been Very busy for the past few hundred years huh…First they wrecked England, then wrecked France, then really went all out hog swine wild and wrecked Russia, and about a Dozen smaller eastern european nations with the worst and largest mass blood bath killing spree the world has every seen.

          Then after Russia and nearby euro states, the Nation Wreckers infiltrated into Germany and attempted to wreck the german fooks too…Thats where the wreckers got jammed up a bit….And it almost for a short while looked as if Finally somebody somewheres was about to Stop the nation Wreckers for ALL time and for everymore, finally..

          But then America, duped and deluded By the Same nation Wreckers already infiltrated into the nation here, got involved again into a buisnes of War it had NO real reasons to enter into…Same as it did in WWI. Duped and deluded for that war, WWI, and again 20 yrs later duped and deluded into WWII.

          And Now today with 20-20 hindsight vision of History passed since that WWII era….Facts and Truths on the Ground for all but the most delusionaly Blinded of all to see, are very convincing that various Men such as Charles Lindburgh were so damn correct when he tried in Vain many times across the lands of america to Warn and Educate the american peoples back in his day prior to WWII…That america was gearing up to fight against the WRONG enemy and wrong nation of germany.

          Ironic that after his carrear was ruined due to his abject honesty of his vast Insight, another Great american iconic Hero, General George Patton himself Also came to the very Same conclusions!

          Patton even wrote entries into his personal Diary and in written letters to his wife and retired top military pals the same basic message as Charlie lindburgh said prior.

          That “I Now know we americans have fought the Wrong Peoples in our War againts germanys peoples”

          If enough americans, especially official leaders in fed govnt only had listened to Lindburgh, or even after too late to stop WWII entry by usa, had listened to gen Patton, picture how much Different the global landscape today would or could have been…For Starters there would have been NO cold war with russia after WWII for the next 50 yrs, since ther’ed be NO kommies! or so few of kommies left, they’d be cut off at the kneecaps and never again be able to do what they did as nation Wreckers for the previous several hundred years eh…Will Today enough american folks wake up in time?…we Have enough Pattons & Lindburghs of today to create such awakenings…Time shall tell I suppose.

      39. Arten

        It is a slow day in this small Midwestern town and streets are deserted.

        Times are tough, everybody is in debt and living on credit.

        A tourist visiting the area drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays a $100 bill on the desk saying he

        wants to inspect the rooms upstairs to pick one for the night.

        As soon as he walks upstairs, the motel owner grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.

        The butcher takes the $100 and runs down the street to retire his debt to the pig farmer.

        The pig farmer takes the $100 and heads off to pay his bill to his supplier, the Co-op.

        The guy at the Co-op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the local prostitute, who has also been facing

        hard times and has had to offer her “services” on credit.

        The hooker rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill with the hotel owner.

        The hotel proprietor then places the $100 back on the counter so the traveler will not suspect anything.

        At that moment the traveler comes down the stairs, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, picks up the $100 bill and leaves.

        No one produced anything.

        No one earned anything…

        However, the whole town is now out of debt and looks to the future with a lot more optimism.

        And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a “stimulus package” works.

        • Old Guy

          The 100 bill of the tourist isn’t a necessary part of the debts being paid. All the motel owner needs to do is tell the butcher that the hooker owed him a $100 and to get it from her. the prostitute tells the butcher the guy at the coop owes her a hundred dollars. the coop guy tells the butcher the pig farmer owes him a hundred. and the pig farmer gets his debt erased. its a wash even steven. there is no something for nothing or fuzzy accounting involved.

      40. lonelonemum

        Here in the UK our Education minister keeps going on about how he wants “Every school to be above the average”.

        Now for this lil’ dyslexic lady who scraped through maths at school that makes no sense at all!

        There are still outlying pockets of common sense left in the British Isles, but they are under threat. Don’t even get me started on the economics of workfare and our unemployment, housing & immigration systems here in the UK.

        Everything that can be done to discourage and shut down small enterprise is being done, despite this traditionally being the very engine that drives our nation out of recession. The regulators have taken over the asylum and tied it up in knots of red tape so complex noone can get free to earn a decent, honest buck. Stalin had nothing on those that measure modern educational improvements with his lame tractor schemes.

        • Them Guys

          LoneLoneMum: See if you can Locate a Yutube video, that was at yutube and several Other websites(incase yutube “disappeared” it as per yutubes usual strategy for such revealing expose’ videos).

          A aprox 20-22 Minit long Yutube video BY a zionist woman that lives IN sweden, named Barbara Spector(video title also contains her middle initial in name but I cant now recall her middle name initial?).

          in that revealing video, Barbara spector rants and raves worse than Nancy Pelosi and Diane Finestien combined and with both on heavy doses of Steroids!

          Barbara Spector continually Brags unceasingly, of just how Proud she is to report that EVERYTHING Now happening to destroy the ENTIRE EU nations as well as merry Ol’ england, is and has been and will Continue to occure BY design!…And Babs Rages and rants that this IS So, and Will Remain So regardless What any persons, or groups of persons or polititions etc can ever attempt to do to Stop it, let alone Reverse this devestating Trend that is being done to systematically BY design Ruin and Destroy EVERY Formerly All or mostly all White european peoples based nations!

          And She further advises viewers that Folks in the USA as well as Canada better NOT think their nations are somehow exempt from these well planned events occuring, and Specifically the Ongoing Mass Immigrations of BOTH Leagle and Illeagle NON whites Into Every such former all white christian european based nations Globally!

          Oh, and Barbara Spector not only names her “think Tank” type org in her vast Braggings, while her Eyes are even Wider open and Glareing than nancy pelosi is so famous for that “Look”….

          Barbara also with her wide eyed Lunatic look, and with her eyes Litterally Rolling around in every possible direction as she speaks….Brags MOST, several times in the video, of just How Proud she is to also be a member of that Tribe of jews called Zionists!

          Babs repeatedly Tells viewers that Yes every devestation related to western nations Ruins today is Due to a Grand design Pre planned series of these Tons and Tons, FLOODS of NON white Immigrants into said nations because her and Her zionist jewish pals has determined its what MUST happen weather We Folks In all of the western nations including America and Canada, Like it or…Not!

          She also reminds us that there is NOTHING any of us can do to stop or change it, so we ALL need to just get over it and get Used to it period.

          I Promice you Lone Mum, and every person who may view that video…You if a normal person are going to Wish You could reach thru that video screen and litterally Smash the bitches Face into Mud after the very first 45 seconds of her aprox 20 minit video…She is That obnoxious, and downright Evil eyed looking as well as a total lib kommie zio Lunatic “Master Race” minded women as you ever shall see anywheres…Worst of all is shes correct, it Is her and her zio pals by design plans, and her residence and Org she belongs to has Been confirmed as Real deal.

          However any astute observer of the past 25+ yrs of such masses and Floodings of non white immigrants into EVERY and ONLY the worlds western White european based nations, wont really need any such confirmations that she, her zionist jewish orgs and pals and what They have done so far are ALL as Real and True as it can get.

          Her Gloating with lunatic eyes wide and rolling around in ways you Must see to believe, alone is enough to make All red blooded western nation folks possess a deep desire to see this women REEP what She and her zio pals have Sown and Reep it ASAP!

          That 20 minit video so confirms the Whats and Whos and Hows that the staunchest naysayers and deep denial types cannot but do an imediate, 180 degree turn about and become a believer in these facts and truths.

          I Highly Recomend her yutube video for all euro, usa, canadaien folks to view. Truth as spoken straight From one of Satans female childrens, like you have never seen!

      41. Frank Thoughts

        People should not be on unemployment benefits beyond a fixed and funded period of time (say one year max.). I can sympathize when a person has a family, mortgage etc. and it is fine if they have been working and paying into an unemployment insurance scheme. But after a year, the damage done by remaining on benefits for that individual is worse than the pain of adjusting to a new work path they need to take.

        Here in the UK, we know very well what this damage is. Millions were moved on to benefits-for-life and then settled into the routine of living on them. Whole communities became consumed with this lifestyle and decayed and degenerated as a consequence (drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, crime, poor health etc.).

        Apart from the damage to the individual, a community with lots of unemployed people on benefits takes on the wrong dynamic and sends the wrong signals. To be blunt, it is a cloud of depressing loserdom that envelopes the community and harms any economic recovery. Nobody wants to move a high-value business into an area full of people who can’t dress well, are getting into worse shape, are depressed and broke. Taking money off of working people who are being taxed more and more, just to pay for this growing community of the unemployed, is an economic mistake.

        The solution to this is flexibility. People need to come straight with their situation and be flexible and make changes. Sitting at home and saying “I ain’t getting back out there until there is another job paying US $150,000 to be an aircraft engineer” is a recipe for failure. The chances of such a job coming to you are very low. Better to say “Okay, let’s ditch the monster home in the burbs, let’s move to somewhere where there is a thriving aircraft industry and then get an apartment near there to start doing flexible contracts”. That’s the smart response.

      42. Anonymous

        There’s only one logical explanation for these ridiculous statements:

        Communists lie.

      43. Old Guy

        Frank. You statement that its fine if they have been working and paying into an unemployment insurance scheme? Ive stated before not one penny has ever been deducted from any workers paycheck to pay for unemployment comp. Look at a pay check stub! there isn’t any deduction for unemployment insurance. Its not insurance it compensation. Its funded by a tax on employers payroll or by government adding to the debt. In the case of the employer,s payroll tax. that is passed along and paid by the extra cost of goods & services to the consumer. So whenever you see someone drawing unemployment remember only the working making productive are really paying for their taking parasite welfare dole umemployment check.

      44. Concerned

        I know you probably won’t believe me….Then again, maybe you will. I am an elementary school teacher (Hold on there buddy. I am also a civil engineer). Math is my favorite area. So, I am sitting in our MANDATED county-wide teacher indoctrination….er “educational” facility learning all about math…..*yawn*….. When what do my wondering eyes do I hear, but an answer I shouldn’t and it was said so CLEAR!

        “If a child says, 2+2=5, can we correct their math?”

        “No, it may hurt their feelings and they will shut down. Instead, hope that one of his peers will know the answer and help out.”


        Of course, I will correct the kid…..What do you think? The day I can’t, I’m outta here.

      45. Name

        The mathematics of quantitative easing are no different than the mathematics of Pharaoh’s signet ring.

        Guru’s, plotting it on a graph, are useful idiots.

      46. wmcritter

        Obviously the math is impossible, but frankly that is beside the point. It is really a question of human rights and liberty. I have the basic human right to keep what I EARN. Stealing $1 of my money at gun point and giving it to a person that did not EARN it is theft, it is a crime, and it is a violation of my rights.

        You have every right to ask for my money. You have every right to work for me and EARN my money. But putting a gun in my face and “redistributing” it to an unemployed person is a heinous violation of my rights. That is the real issue here.

      47. Barney

        Apologies if this has already been posted. I haven’t got time to read all the comments today, but last night our benevolent big brother government announced that it was generously increasing the chocolate ration from a miserly 30 grammes to a massive 25 grammes.

        Doubleplus good I say, Long live big brother! Death to Emmanuel Goldstein.

        Winston Smith,
        Victory Mansions,
        Airstrip one.

      48. SnowieGeorgie

        All of the comments are good. Well argued.

        I pay into Social Security, and I will collect. This is an insurance plan of a sort.

        MY EMPLOYER HAS REDUCED MY PAY, and paid into the Unemployment Insurance system . . . and when I am unemployed, I collect to the extent of the defined benefit, as described in the insurance plan. Limited to a portion of my pay, for no more than 30 weeks.

        Alternatively, I can purchase Unemployment Insurance on my own, if my employer does not. If my employer pays the insurance premium, the benefits are taxed as regular income. If I buy the Unemployment Insurance, it is an insurance benefit, and untaxed.

        I buy auto insurance, and if I crash, my benefit is paid according to the insurance plan. All of these insurance plans share similar features. Life insurance is similar, too. Auto and life insurance benefits are also untaxed, if the premium is paid by the policy owner, and not the employer.

        THE US Government has extended benefits, for up to two years, in some states where unemployment is very high. Not ( currently ) in my state. I am not sure who is paying the premiums, for the state programs that have been extended.

        UNEMPLOYMENT “INSURANCE” is not the problem, from where I sit. My benefit is an insurance benefit, and limited by the plan in my state. In the states where it has been extended – – – from 26 or 30 weeks, to TWO YEARS, getting paid up to 60% of the old gross pay, FOR NOT WORKING – – – I EMPHASIZE AGAIN, FOR TWO WHOLE YEARS ?

        Well, that is a welfare benefit, and not unemployment insurance. Funded by employee or employer contributions.


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