Health Ranger Will ‘Water Down’ Political Videos To Avoid YouTube Censorship

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    It’s nothing new – another YouTuber has been threatened with a ban for saying things that YouTube dislikes. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has recently released an alarming video declaring he’s going to “water down” his political commentary to avoid being silenced.

    Adams runs the website and has often been critical of the government and the pharmaceutical industry, prompting YouTube to threaten to silence him. In his video, titled Sobering Health Ranger ANNOUNCEMENT For YouTube Fans, Adams details just how bad censorship in America has become.

    Adams’ video comes on the heels of Twitter’s “purge” of non-leftist accounts, leading many to believe social media is intentionally silencing dissenting views. The death of free speech is imminent.

    “Ok, major announcement for the YouTube channel,” Adams says to begin his video. “The Health Ranger YouTube channel will no longer be able to post many politically oriented commentary podcasts because YouTube threatened to shut down the channel if we continue to expose FBI corruption, the fake science lab of the FBI, fake race crime hoaxes, or any other content that the fragile snowflake leftists do no like.”

    This should concern everyone, regardless of political affiliation. Free speech shouldn’t be up for debate, and humans should be willing to hear an opposing point of view. Being offended isn’t an option. You either use your free speech to say something back or ignore the speech you dislike (like you do with government corruption and democrats killing kids overseas).

    “It’s pretty obvious at this point that YouTube censors or moderators are very very biased people and very psychologically fragile people, beause they openly allow death threats against President Trump, right? They openly allow death threats against the FCC Commissioner; Pai is his name. They openly allow all kinds of death threats or bullying aginst Christians or against heterosexuals or against white males in particular. This is openly allowed all over YouTube. But if you’re a conservative speaker you’re going to be censored.”

    Adams also clearly states he isn’t just conservative. He considers himself a “free thinker.” He says he often holds views that are libertarian, progressive, and conservative.

    “As a result [of censorship by YouTube] the Health Ranger channel will have to be, sadly, watered down on YouTube to be just the positive commentary…if that’s what you wanna hear, if that’s your life, that, you don’t want reality, you don’t want intelligent commentary…except Trump; Trump is horrible [sarcasm can be heard in the video], than that’s YouTube.”

    But Adams does have some good news amidst YouTube’s threats of censorship.

    “We are very close now to finishing our own new video system or video hosting system, which will be open to other voices that are being censored including conservative voices, and progressive voices, and libertarian voices. It is in essence competeing with YouTube, but of course, more from an independent media point of view. And we’re close to launching this.”

    Although Adams doesn’t have a domain name for the new site yet, he says anyone can go there to hear criticism of the government that is often shut down. Plus he plans on posting more “natural health” and nutrition videos which could be a huge benefit to others.

    YouTube can have whatever policy they want, the problem is that they are not applying their rules equally across the board.

    Censorship is the antithesis of freedom.


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      1. Why hasnt anyone developed an alternative to youtube?

        • It takes buku bucks, processing, storage and bandwidth power along with the proper wink and nod.

          Use all alternatives at your disposal.

          I only let ads play on what I’m willing to support, even though YouTube told one channel on a video that YouTube would forward ad revenue to the owners of the source of video used in the commentary (under fair use , no less). (I can’t remember who- it was 4-5 months ago).

          How’d the wireless work out?

          • the NRA waters down the second ammendment to get more paid members.

            • Best the Ranger to keep his blog articles going, stick more to health issues on you tube, and modify other you tube speaking, this way he won’t be banned and people can search his website and read info. NRA can no longer be trusted. Gun owners of America (GOA) is better.

        • This disgusting vile Eric Schmidt – who ran Novell into the ground earlier – in now running America into the ground using Google. I don’t use my gmail account, I use DuckDuckGo as search engine. And of yeah, I NEVER go into Starbucks or Target.

          First do no evil as motto? How about “First, let’s only do evil” as a new motto?

          Does everyone understand this is literally fascism? This is not a slur. Rather, fascism is the merger of the socialist state with co-opted, crony big biz.

      2. Nailbanger, agreed. Mike Adams could simply post the videos to his own site which is an interesting site BTW. Everyone needs to BOYCOTT youtube.

        • Im not a fan of youtube, great idea but come on, theres no alternative? I dony buy it

          • Hmmm, maybe rename it joutube lol.

          • Nailbainger


            • Bring back Boobtube from 30 years ago, referring to dumbed down leftist Boobus Americanus types

        • Great idea posting videos, like Dave Hodges does, yet some are on you tube which later may be banned as Hodges is outspoken and cutting edge.

      3. So much for the 1st amendment……..

        • Right, Jim. There is no free speech left. The average dufus Americanus hasn’t got a clue to what’s happening.

          Free thinkers are going extinct.

          • “So much for the 1st amendment……..”

            I can imagine some retired Soviet communists drinking vodka and discussing how the hell did the capitalists pull off deceiving their citizens so damn effectively; “We tried so hard with PRAVDA and even created a Superman like “New Communist Man” superhero for the kids towards the end”.

            • Ketchup, you should submit an article about your personal shtf event. I’d love to read it!

          • How you folks doin KOnD? Hangin in there?
            Hope you have an ok Christmas!

            • Thanks guys, appreciate the thoughts. We’re doing well using our small solar array and a quiet Honda genny and waiting for the power company to get to our area.
              Life somewhat returning to normal but will be changed for some time. Mainly the roads are torn to crap and several stoplights at major intersections are still out.
              Local gov. using large green colored generators to pump municipal water. Not enough of the power grid is back yet.
              I will submit an article to Mac but so far after 2 e-mails to him have heard nothing.
              Talk about putting your name on a list…emailing Mac, lol.
              Merry Christmas also!

              • Maybe try Ken over at MSB or perhaps Daisy?

      4. Everyone here knows me. When I make a post, I don’t pull any punches, I don’t mince any words, I don’t even sugarcoat anything. I tell it just like it is. And people can go somewhere else with that ‘sensitivity’ crap. My give a damn doesn’t work and will never be repaired. The censorship policies out there are race-based; they’re intended to be used against WHITE PEOPLE ONLY. They are NEVER enforced against ANY minority groups, period. So it’s a totally illegitimate policy. Null and void as far as I’m concerned. If someone doesn’t like what I’m saying, come try to do something about it.

      5. I still live by a set of rules known as the Bill Of Rights and don’t recognize or follow anything else.

        • Kudos, Braveheart! I’m at the same table as you…deal me in.

          • Grekko, come on in, the water’s fine, LOL.

        • BH’76, I too try to live by the same set of rules; but, I’m also a realist….. we’re in the minority and living under a government that doesn’t even value the documents of our nation’s founding as much as they do Charmin.


        The Germans have opened brothels with animals. I kid you not animals, because there is demand for this from the Islamic immigrants. This video is safe to open.

        h ttps://

      7. Question?
        As previously discussed the flu vaccine being dispensed 2017-2018 is basically worthless in the prevention of H3N2… and that’s the prominent strain going around.
        CDC won’t be able to accurately determine the effectiveness until after flu season and a body count has been tallied…. so like wow

        My question is how the hell are these over the counter drug company CEO’s not being jailed for bio terrorism?
        Their tv commercials are all basically the same…

        I’m a hard working dad blah blah blah or busy mom blah blah blah and I can’t let a little something like body aches, cough, sneezing or fever slow me down. So I take fluaway (or whatever)and I’m back on the job good as new.

        Let me translate that for you.
        What they are really saying is take our elixir and it will mask your symptoms long enough for you to go to work and infect your coworkers and then they too can mask their symptoms long enough to infect others.

        How they get away with promoting the tough guy persona to sell their snake oils is unbelievable.
        What they are really doing is encouraging people to spread whatever’s going around and in some instances that can be deadly.

        Sorry but I’ve never had any respect for the person that goes to work sick just so they can brag about their attendance record.
        As far as I’m concerned they are bio terrorist and the OTC drug companies are equally complicit.
        Just because their products might make you feel better doesn’t mean you’re no longer contagious…and it’s safe to be in close contact with those that are at greatest risk… the elderly and children.
        Why Are The OTC Drug Companies Never Censored?

        ht tps://

        • *Dominant not prominent

      8. Maybe it’s time to ditch the net altogether and concentrate on the things that really matter.

        • moron, good point. I recently went 2&1/2 months w/o internet and life goes on.
          Now that it’s back I’m spending more time on it than I should be but that will self correct in time.
          It made me realize what’s important.
          It’s nice to stay informed with alt./real news, read good posts here there, but outdoor living and good literature (like books) are just as interesting. After awhile, no ‘net was not that bad..

      9. Great story, Mac, keep us informed when FINALLY the long awaited alt.YouTube comes into play. Yeah! About time . . .

        Keep on keepin’ on, SHTF (until it does)


      10. I check out every day. I enjoy the health tips and the overall aim of Mike Adams on food and drug matters. Off topic, I read that the tabletop devices that you can ask questions and receive answers was asked who is Jesus and responded with a fictional character. Asked who is Mohammad then said he was a great prophet.

      11. The truth is, by far, far, FAR, the biggest H8TERS on the planet are the radical left, the gay-uber-alles Nazis, the feminazis and their ilk.

        Truth is, the left has NO reason to be constrained in their hate, as all that exists for them is p-o-w-e-r. Truth is, the left in various forms MURDERED over 100 mm last century (see Black Book of Communism, Courtois, et al, Harvard Univ. Pres) and has been murdering since the days of Robespierre.

        Truth is, the fascist left uses the vehicle of “hate” against people (you hate gays!”), then once they gain power, they justify that EXACT SAME hate on THEIR part under the guise of implementing “the greater good.” Next stop after that is Pol Pot’s Killing Fields, Stalin’s gulags and Holodomor, Mao’s Red Guards and tens of millions murdered, you name it.

        The irony is the left is too utterly STUPID to get that their acquisition of power means nothing. That is, if man is meaningless and of no intrinsic value, why not just let “red in tooth and claw” evolution take place? As Francis Schaeffer said, to these folks, “whatever is, is right.” This then devolves into what we always see – kleptocrat/plutocrat leftists playing the masses with panem et circenses (bread and circuses), so they can live in luxury (cf. the Hollywierd Learjet leftists)

        Truth is, the US and the West is very close to a new Dark Age, aided and abetted, as Churchill said, “by perverted science.”

        But the other truth is, God has indeed placed a conscience in ever single person (some mostly seared by now, of course). We can appeal to that. We can appeal to reason and logic (truth is, the left’s ideas have NEVER worked, and have ZERO intellectual cogency). But most of all, we need a spiritual revival. Will we be successful? I don’t know. But I am glad at similar dark junctures in time, there were other heroes that arose (Battle of Britain, Battle of Tours, the Siege of Vienna when Jan Sobieski showed up at the last minute), etc. At very least, don’t be a Grima Wormtongue against those heroes. And if you don’t remember who Grima was, google him.

      12. In my opinion, Google is becoming one of the most evil, disgusting forces this nation has ever seen.

        • Is there really a safe way to get email?
          Been using gmail and while it works, I hate supporting it, even if it’s free.

      13. Exactly as the outcome the police/security state intended!

      14. Alt media You Tube channels in gold, silver, alt news, prepping and more, have nearly 100% censored my free public work centered around the Silver Stealers site. Reason being, I don’t come at the audiences offering things to sell. Right! They are all doing Paid Infomercials—not unbiased interviews. I am banned because I’m wanting to make info available on a free basis and am not trying to get at the viewers finances! —EOM—

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