Health Ranger: The Left Is An ‘Obedience Cult’

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, has come out and said what many are thinking. He says the left has become an “obedience cult,” and there’s probably a reason for that.

    Militant leftists have been known for shutting down the speech of conservatives or others that don’t agree with their authoritarian ways. But when the government is your god, and someone dares suggest an alternative, you’re vilified and ostracized. Current leftism in America is “a legitimate comparison to the rise of the Nazi state in Germany,” says Adams.

    Nazi stands for “national socialist.” It was a socialist regime that gave rise to Adolf Hitler and the hundreds of thousands of order followers who executed on demand. “Under the Nazi regime, you had to be obedient to the state and the media. And the media, of course, functioned as just an extension of the state,” said Adams. And we are seeing these parallels now. People honestly think they cannot survive with the government. That’s actually pretty terrifying when you stop and ponder those implications.

    “Under Nazism, there was tremendous peer pressure. You had to go along with the Nazis in order to be accepted to be able to move up into high society…they thought they were better than everyone else, thus, the idea that they had of a ‘master race’ or a ‘superior civilization’ made sense to them. Now that is exactly reflecting what you see in the left across America today.” Adams used Jimmy Kimmel as an example. Kimmel was asked why all late-night TV shows are hosted by leftists, and Kimmel replied that Republicans aren’t smart enough to host those types of shows.

    This thinking that others are somehow more stupid or less of a human being for disagreeing or not showing the god-government the right respect is exactly how a genocidal mindset forms.  Anyone who isn’t a leftist is considered to be an “inferior race” and we’ve seen how the left reacts and can watch this play out in the media.

    “Think about this too,” says Adams. “The Nazis justified their genocide of reportedly 6 million Jews by saying to themselves they thought they were the ‘master superior race’ and they thought Jews were inferior. Thus, they wanted to, in their minds, clean up their human ‘master race’ that they were trying to put into a utopia. Utopian Nazi civilization that’s radical left-wing fascism. But to do that, they had to eliminate certain groups of people and Jews were one of those groups.”

    In the United States, you are seeing leftists call for the execution and murder of individuals they don’t like. And it’s setting a horrifying precedence; so much so, that we may be doomed to repeat history.


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      1. It makes sense that we are doomed to repeat history since many of Hitlers henchmen were brought into America at the end of WW2 to form the repressive security and intelligence state that currently exists in America, plus the development of nuclear weapons. I enjoy Mike Adams health site but I find his politics way out in a fascist right field, in fact Nazi-ish.

        • Well; one of us isn’t going to repeat history. When good old, nice guy, Uncle Adolf comes for my guns: I’ll have to politely decline.

      2. There is NO doubt that something has grown and festered and developed within the U.S. for a good 50+ years or so and it is NOT a good thing at all. It (Liberals) need to be cut out, removed before they truly destroy the entire host (the entire U.S.)I am extremely worried about the current condition and state of this Union that we live in folks.

        • You are too kind using the term liberals. This movement is underpinned by full blown communism. If you haven’t read a synopsis of the book written by an FBI infiltrator in the 60s entitled “The Naked Communist” check it out at:

          This book was so important the it was read into the Federal Registry and yet nothing was done about it. They are so entrenched now that only a violent revolution of patriots can save us.

          • I’m on board for the violent revolution of patriots. It’s the only way.

            • Menzo, I’m also on board for the revolution. It’s the only way and it ain’t gonna be nice. No libturds ever tell me what to do, think, say, etc.

              • Yes it’s getting real.

      3. cc76:

        “It” are not liberals, progressives, democrats, left wingers, socialists, lawyers, or politicians, Its are communists.


        • They are not communists. Not purely.

      4. That will never happen here. The Nazis confiscated all the weapons from the civilians. That will never work here, and if it is even remotely attempted there will be a titanic civil war and the left will no longer exist. Maybe they should try it soon.

        • Um, no, the National Socialists did NOT “confiscate all the weapons from civilians.” Not even from the German Jews. That’s right – look it up. The National Socialists actually LOOSENED gun laws which had been tightened by the Weimar Republic.

      5. “In the United States, you are seeing leftists call for the execution and murder of individuals they don’t like. And it’s setting a horrifying precedence; so much so, that we may be doomed to repeat history.”

        Leftists are the ones mostly doing execution and mass murders today.
        Perhaps we should be a little more aggressive, since we have most of the guns? Perhaps we need to destroy the MSM? Perhaps we need to destroy the Democrat party?
        I’m not advocating anything that is not legal, but if the real majority in this country wanted to, we could shutdown all this liberal BS just by how we use our wallets and our time.

        • Perhaps we need to destroy the MSM? Perhaps we need to destroy the Democrat party?
          I’m not advocating anything that is not legal

          Best quickest way is to SHUT DOWN the treasonous Operation Mockingbird compliant MSM – by FORCE if need be. They are fu(king RELENTLESS in their ASSAULT on We The 99% Peons. The MSM has been a clear and present danger for a very long time. In any sane, just Republic, these MSM whores would be executed for mass treason.

          And we just sit there LISTENING, READING & WATCHING them LIE like a rug – lie after lie after lie. And these lies create wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, War on Drugs) and hide TRUTHS (CFR/NWO/Bankters, agenda to disarm Americans, depopulate Anglo-Euro race by bringing in Rapefugees & other un-assimilating dregs, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Sept 11, 1953 Iran Coup).

          I would have no qualms if patriots who follow the Founding Father’s Constitution decided to feed MSM presstitutes to pythons, sharks or hyenas. They have costed TRILLION$ of dollars in generational destruction. I hope the MSM establishment meets a violent death for their treachery against the 99%.

          • First we need to make it known what meds Nicolas Cruz was on, because, if such men are not allowed to become school shooters, they might start attacking their psychiatrists.

        • Almost everything is illegal. Revolution would be attacked physically and law enforcement would be on the side of the government.
          But unfortunately I can see no other viable option, we WILL have to take back our government AND protect ourselves from the lunatic left. Revolution it must be!

      6. The best way to stop the MSM is already happening. People are leaving in droves. Just keep doing what we’re doing.

        The elites arn’t stupid. They’re loosing money because alternate news is taking away business. Lots of people are hungry for respectful intelligent entertainment, movies that educate.


        • In fact we have an advantage; anyone that doesn’t leave the news media has no idea whatsoever about the real world. The lefties don’t have any idea about how well the Children’s Crusade went 1000 years ago.; Lambs to slaughter.

      7. The left is, and always has been, insane. The left was what Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Idi Amin…. were. Socialists, communists, dictorships… When people who fall those ideologies finally open their eyes, it is usually too late.

      8. The ball is in the Republican hands. Come up with some real solutions that the American people like. Genuine improvements and the slide to the left will at least be delayed. There are a lot of vested interests at work that will oppose any real progress.

        • The ball is in the Republican hands. Come up with some real solutions that the American people like.

          Which wing of the Republican party are you referring to? The RINO wing with Insane McCain & that queer-faced Lindsey Graham? The warmongering NeoCON wing? Or perhaps the Trump wing that promised to lessen hostilities with Russia & who also gave us that flunkie Jeff Sessions who wants to screw the economy by shutting down HARMLESS medical cannabis dispensaries while stalling on going after Killary, PizzaGate, or cleaning house at the corrupt FBI? I’m curious.

          From where I stand, both “parties” are SLAVES to the same corrupting MASTERS (CFR/NWO/Banksters). Oh the irony.
          No doubt the GOP is the LESSER evil this time around thanks to Trump shocking EVERYONE. Or, was this by design?

          Nothing is real when it comes to politics any more. Everyone remembers that wonderful “compassionate CONservative” Texan Bush Jr. Then the peons were brainwashed by the “Hope & Change” son of a whore. How will Trump do his MAGA thingy without draining the DC/NY Swamp? He has no power since there’s so much going on in DC! Trump can’t even say anything positive about Russia without MSM presstitutes making him look like Putin’s bitch. Trump just shouldn’t give a flying fu(k & lessen tensions himself. He is the POTUS.

          Interesting times ahead. But NOTHING fu(king surprises me any more.

          The NATO/ISIS West is in its final death throes. It has ceded manufacturing to China but seems to be adept in its manufacturing of war, debt & chaos. The playbook is easy to follow: Bring Rapefugees and other migrants into the West who DON’T want to ASSIMILATE in order to overwhelm the middle class which is predominantly white & drive down wages; destroy our society via Feminism; create racial tension to distract.

          And WHERE do these Rapefugees come from? From the very same countries (Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq…) with the illegal wars that the 1% elites manufacture via our bribed politicians & lying MSM. Insane, eh?
          Folks, the American Republic has been hyjacked.

          Pssst. Any kool intelligent aliens out there? I’d like to get the fu(k OFF this insane planet before the nukes start flying. I definitely don’t wanna be here when the INSANITY reaches a CLIMAX.

          • Hear, hear. If there is only ONE right way to do something, why do we need two parties? “Two sides of the same coin.” -Huey Long (assissinated by guess who)

        • Yep! And they are the ones that “invented” communism!

      9. The neo-nazi’s say that Germany was demoralized during the Wiemar-era (wheelbarrows full of cash), so refer to it as Wiemar-ization.

        I believe that hedonism can be ethical, and that social utilitarianism can also be an obedience cult; my family was apparently dispossessed of tobacco factories.

      10. The left,
        Is a buncha lame closet violent mofos who also happen to be the biggest bunch of retarded hippocrates on the face of the earth, every last one of them needs to be eradicated

        • I like the set of your Jib.
          Too bad we can’t get locals to

      11. Come on aljamo, Mike Adams makes some good points here. Artifa,, BLM, snowflakes and the rest want to be THOUGHT-POLICE. They want to tell you what to think and they want strict obedience. None of those dumb-a***e* should be telling us a darn thing. Many of them are dumb as a rock.

      12. An obvious cult? Revalation 2:9,3:9 John 8:44?

      13. Burning the Marxist books of the left is book burning. The retaliation is historically obvious. And our fate? Isn’t Revalatoin 2:9 ,3:9 John 8:44 obvious enough? Pick a side. And live for eternity with the consequences of your pick?

      14. An obvious cult? Revalation 2:9,3:9 John 8:44? Pick a side . And live for eternity with the consequences of your pick.

      15. The sixth sentence in the third paragraph should probably read, “People honestly think they cannot survive without the government.”

      16. Even during the Second World War, there is plenty of evidence that a significant percentage of the German population were not in agreement with the Nazi government, just as in our own country today, if there were a war with practically anybody, there would be lots of Americans who would not be in favor of it. And just like in America today, in Germany then, such people were not able to prevent a powerful man from coming to power. In light of these facts, it is not right to condemn the entire population of Germany just for the beliefs and actions of one group, even though it seemed practically capable of moving the entire nation as a unit. what is really important is that, even in Nazi Germany, such action ultimately failed.

        But what an interesting idea, that young millennial liberal Democrats are genocidal racists, not just dangerous loud mouthed baboons.

      17. The Nazis didn’t kill Jews as a means of acquiring power; they killed Jews after obtaining power, in order to get rid of them.

        The following conversation probably occurred many times, in post WWII Germany.

        First German veteran: “So, how many Jews did you Kill?”
        Second German veteran: “None, actually.”

      18. The German people like all people found that guns are no good without ammo. The last gun turn in in Berlin for example netted 500 guns and 500 bullets. The numbers speak for themselves. While private armies had guns individual gun ownership was lacking Private gun ownership got you shot during the time after WWI when the free crops was the in thing. Most people in American do not own large amounts of ammo.

        • Lots of people reload. A number of various types of reloaders are available, too. Is isn’t hard. I grew up reloading both brass and shotgun shells. Not hard to learn.

      19. The more I read of this the more scared I become. This is the Population of the strongest (and meanest), Country in the World talking to each other. God help us all. Who are these People who’s Opinion I am Reading here? Are they actually considered normal in America? If yes, the Media has a lot to answer for.
        Their Gung-Ho Attitude, it seems to me, belongs to a different Age which, thankfully,(or hopefully) has passed a long Time ago. Not so, it seems, in the USA. Wake up, People of America, be nice to each other, and to us Outsiders.

        • Hubert Reider, sorry for offending your sensibilities. Remember to take these comments in context. These answers follow an 8-year Presidential reign of someone that did not believe in the American foundational documents (Constitution & Declaration of Independence) which guarantee the INDIVIDUAL citizen’s rights, and a 1-year patriotic & populist Presidential term. Many patriots remain angry from the Obama years. Freedom requires passion.

          • Crane: Well said. A traumatized conservative population, after the Usurper’s 8 years of “Elections have consequences”, and you have the Conservative, non-Marxist population in survival mode.,

            Obama broke up many a marriage as wives voted for the Marxist-in-chief and men voted the opposite. Many uninformed, CNN-watching little old lady Grandmas voted for Obama and their children voted republican, leaving family scars that last to today.

            The USA, IS going to break up eventually, and that is Why Putin is pouring on his contempt. Not that he doesn’t have his own survival problems with the NWO. The problems we have are caused by homegrown Marxists, and they will not relent. We need secessions. The US need to be 3 countries, with the Mississippi as the main dividing line.

      20. The two parties are the same, they shift from one to the other depending on the peoples leanings like the wind. We need a PEOPLE PARTY one without a Cum Laud School of blackmailed graduates taking the political parties over.

      21. The holocaust of reportedly 6 million Jews never happened, but was promoted after the war to milk the German people of millions if not billions in reparations, known as the Holocaust industry.

        All the participants in WW2 committed atrocities, but one should stick to the facts which are bad enough without engaging in leftist propaganda. The alleged gas chambers in Auschwitz were built by the Soviets after WW2.

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