Health Care Is a Human Right – Right?

by | Mar 22, 2010 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Karl Denninger at Market Ticker points out that if health care is a human right, then we should be exporting it to China in the form of a health care tax on Chinese imports:

    … then why is it that the Chinese who make all our cheap plastic trash that we allow to be imported here without tariffs don’t get it?

    And… shouldn’t we impose tariffs that add up to the cost of said health care – a “Congressionally acceptable package” costing $15,000 a year per worker – to everything that is imported from China until they do?

    After all, if it’s a human right, it doesn’t begin and end at our borders, right?

    Just an inconvenient little question for Madame Pelosi….

    It only makes sense that if we are going to be taxing small businesses and workers in America to provide health care, then in the interest of fair trade we should put tariffs on all imported goods, as well.

    The Chinese must be laughing at us all the way to the Politburo.


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      1. If you would like to test whether something is a right or not, try this. Ask if the supposed “right” places an obligation on other in order to be fulfilled.  No “right” places a burden on others. The right to free speech allows me to speak, but no one has to listen (or read). The right to liberty in the security of my possessions forces no one to “let me” keep my things in my place.

        “But well have  a right to be healthy, don’t we?” We sure do! But I don’t have that right at YOUR expense, and you don’t have it at mine. I don’t have to pay for your care, no matter how badly you need it. Besides, will the world be worse off without you? A harsh question, yes, but it won’t. It won’t notice me passing either. But each of us want to be here, so it seems to me that we can ASK for help and get it, but in no way DEMAND that others, especially stranger, GIVE it to us.

        Even with premiums, it’s still being forced on us. In the fix package, there is the word “taxes” over 170 times. Taxes are required, and if not paid, there is jail time, and if resisted, there is DEATH. Funny, they’ll kill you for resisting, or shove you into jail where you’ll get health care for free…..

        Socialism is a perversion of good intentions that should only exist in them minds of precious, idiotic children – ‘TARDs if you would….

      2. MAC:     I don’t think the Chinese are laughing that much. With the drop in the value of the dollar since 2000, we have “taxed” their trillion dollar currency reserves about 85%. And they “ain’t seen nothin yet”.

        Maybe they are paying for our health care?   🙂

      3. LOL — good point!

        That’s what they get for reprinting all of our movies and selling the DVD’s for 50 cents on the streets of Shanghai!


        The Chinese want to steal our intellectual property? Fine, we’ll leave them with a couple trillion rolls of toilet paper as we destroy the US Dollar.

      4. @ You Must Be Kidding:

        “No right places a burden on others.”

        Beautifully stated.

      5. I would make the following argument:

        In real terms (perhaps a Darwinian stance) there are no such things as “Rights”. In the animal world from which we have come, it’s survival of the fittest, and fittest means whatever it takes to survive and procreate. If it is to my advantage to kill you and take your resources, by the “law of the jungle” I win if I can pull it off.

        Now we have evolved beyond the wild to build civilizations and societies. These are intangible constructs. Theoretical systems that play out for real in our lives. Generally we have organized into nations of seemingly like-thinking individuals, and these individuals have created intangible Laws, Rights and Principles by which these societies conduct themselves.

        But make no mistake these Laws, Rights and Principles are created by and agreed (generally) to be followed by MAN. We choose what we consider to be or not to be a RIGHT. The USA’s founding fathers (as best I can see) had a vision of how they would like to see their nation constructed, and they made it so. We in Canada had a vision, and we made so. And so did every nation on earth. Some of the visions are corrupt and enslave their population, but they are all still constructed by MAN. As well, these visions and their implementation change as the character of the populace changes.

        I would say that a RIGHT is defined simply as whatever a society deems to be so. In a society that I would find ideal, I believe that health care, shelter and food should be RIGHTS for an individual. I would be gladly willing to have a portion of  my resources taken towards that goal. That is because I find distasteful any society that does not take care of their less well off. As well, the ideal for me would be for corporations to have no rights what so ever, and should have the powers as individuals do.

        These are my sensibilities on the matter, and I acknowledge that others have VERY different sensibilities. That’s fine. But let us not kid ourselves here, there are no such thing as RIGHTS other than those we deem by choice, as a society, to be so.

        BTW: To this date I know of no society (very much including Canada) to lives up even close to my ideals. I believe we are centuries from that ever happening.

      6. America is an ideal my Canadian friend, and a good one. The real and most basic difference between Americans and people living anywhere and everywhere else in the world is simply this:

        We know we are “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights”.

        Rights that cannot be separated from us, or denied to us, by any other person, government, or entity. These “unalienable rights” of  individuals, supercede any man-made construct. They flow from Almighty God, to US; not from our government or ANY administration. Then, and only then, does government flow from the consent of the governed.

        Embrace the Maple Leaf:   **** the Queen.

      7. The Canadians have it pretty good, Z, hate to tell you.  Some friends live right across the border, and he’s got more guns than I do.  Pays less for his whiskey too.  They were hurting a little when the exchange rate favored the US, but that’s over with now, and the money is worth the same.  They seem a little more relaxed than your average American, and have better hunting and fishing.  No handguns however.  Oh well.  Canada would be the IDEAL bug out location.  Stretches of miles and hundreds of miles where there is no one living there.  I’ve thought about it, but I do have a lot invested in this country too.  It’s good to be proud of our country, but don’t always look down on the other guy.  Many of those people up there have been “prepping” all their lives.  They don’t have to try and build up months worth of food, gas, ammo, and so forth.  That’s what they have around all the time.

      8. Jonny V:   I’m not looking down on Canada or Canadians. Its a great place, they are great people, and its a good bug out location, but I will not swear fealty to any Monarch; good, bad, or indifferent.

        And in that vein, I damn sure would not be bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia or the Emperor of Japan. The next thing you know, Obama will be kissing the Popes ass! So let me repeat:

        Embrace the Maple Leaf, **** the Queen! Get it?

      9. “We know we are “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights””

        I respectfully disagree. I would argue that it is likely certain Muslim nations and Israel have the same belief. I do not believe it makes America unique.

        Let’s be accurate, many of you feel you know, but remember that not all Americans (and I say this with all respect) believe as many of you do. And that’s OK. Your constitution gives that right. But I disagree that your creator is responsible for it.

        Men created your Constitution, and to my limited understanding both god-fearing and secular men at that. This document is a living document, and has been amended several times through your history.

        May I point out that the first amendment, among other things and like our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, gives you the right of Freedom of Religion. Were I an American I would be very well within my rights to challenge your contention that your Constitution comes from God.

        I do embrace the Maple Leaf. I just don’t feel I have to shout it to the world all the time. And regarding the Queen, the role of the Monarchy in Canada is for all intents and purposes ceremonial and traditional. Some feel it is a waste, and others feel it is a tie that they cherish. I am frankly indifferent on the matter as I feel we, as a society, has far bigger fish to fry.

        I do get it my American friend… I just don’t agree with it.

      10. RADAM:   All people “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights”, whether they realize it or not. These are basic “human rights” to” life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and among these …..”. 

        Americans were the first to codify their endowed human rights in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights; and to state that the power to govern is derived from the governed. That is what makes America unique.

        Other civilizations have derived their rights in law from the “King”. Moses didn’t give Israel ten rights, he gave them ten commandments.

        I have been to Canada many times. Its a great country, a beautiful country, and the people are warm and friendly. Particularly, I think, to Americans as we have so much in common.  There is also much to appreciate about your legal system when you consider the Abomination that the republicans and democrats have made of ours. I might be wrong, but I don’t think your Parliment would pass a law that more than 70% of the electorate doesn’t want, as the democrats did with health care.

        Still, ceremonial or not, Canadian citizens must pledge fealty to the Monarch, and beginning with the Magna Carta in 1215 Canadian laws have been derived from, and at the expense of, the powers of the Monarch.

        Embrace the Maple Leaf is a metaphor. Jonny V didn’t get that. Glad you did. The Defense rests.

        OBTW, congrats on your Olympic Gold in Hocky.   🙂

      11. Thanks on the hockey game… that was a close one! 🙂

        While I believe you and I are destined to disagree on the origin of Rights (with neither making arguments that sways the other), I am indeed pleased that at least we can a civilized discussion on the matter.

        For me the jury is still out, and will likely be out until my end comes. 🙂


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