Headlines With A Voice: “America, As We Know It, Will Cease To Exist”

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    In a video narrated by Nancy Morgan Hart of Headlines with a Voice titled “It’s Now or Never!” comes an explanation of what we are to expect if we continue down the path of obedient slavery to the ruling class.

    This has little to do with who is ruling over the slaves or who is “handing over power” to a new master.  This is about the sad fact that the America we used to know, will cease to exist.  There are two paths going forward. As the underclass, we have a decision to make: are our lives ours, or do they belong to the government?

    “By acquiescing to the demands of these totalitarians, we are sentencing future generations to a digital gulag with the threat of a real gulag for dissenters,” Hart says. “Our world is descending into darkness.” It has been for some time, but that descent is picking up the pace.

    If you still believe in the left vs. right paradigm, this video could really upset you.

    According to elitists such as Klaus Schwab, we are headed straight for a world where “you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” Of course, the rulers will own everything while we simply exist to serve. This is the dystopia and we are staring down the barrel of, like it or not.

    “They are ready for the final destruction of our foundational values,” Hart says. People would rather pretend to have a choice by voting for their next master than admit that the system they are supporting is one of slavery. In fact, government is slavery. “They want billions of obedient automatons with the same face, the same thoughts, adhering to their mandates and their proclamations. And once these Marxists cease complete power, they will NEVER relinquish it.”

    “The enemy and their tactics have been laid bare for anybody who chooses to acknowledge reality and realize that a battle for the soul of our civilization is underway,” Hart continues.

    We have two choices: freedom or slavery. The ruling class will not allow gray areas. “The future will be determined by individual acts of bravery and courage,” not the acts of submission to the state. “Stand up to those intent on enslaving us,” Hart added.

    Remain vigilant and stay prepared.  Anything could happen this year and it looks like it’ll be one for the record books.


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      1. Hmmm, looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue…. If Trump doesn’t do something fast were SCREWED!

        • Perhaps you should should think about doing something yourself. Seems everyone wants Trump to save us all, but aren’t willing to do their part to help. TRUMP NEEDS HELP! WHERE ARE YOU?

          • Answer your own question then… WHAT ARE YOU DOING big boy? What can you do? Why don’t you lead by example? Wanna share a tube of glue?

      2. The USA has been on a decline for some time, the 1965 immigration act that changed the face of america and reagan amnesty that increased the pace, the ever increasing debt of govt and people, the decline of culture and society, the decline of merit over social issues in the classroom and workplace.
        All things a country in decline does, The Roman empire followed so many of the same issues in its decline. It would be nice if the USA would have pushed back but efforts like the tea party fizzled out and you really cannot expect it to reverse things when the winning party embraces socialism and still 1/3 of the country cannot be bothered to stand in line for an hour to vote against it.
        Do not fret, the majority of the time you will not be affected by being under tolitarian rule. most will still do their jobs, have families and go on vacation but the usa as founded is never coming back.

        • All true. America fully died in the 1970s as the economy went broke and had to be saved by hooking up with Arab oil.

          Money talks and now America is beholden to Arab oil and Chinese banking.The Arabs want to control how much money America can make from selling resources and they want America’s military protection. The Chinese want America’s resources and land and really do not have the patience to deal with all the losers that live there right now.

          Donald Trump was a giant fake out and just made it easy to track and log who are the trouble makers so they can be locked up.

        • Stand in line to vote? Why?

          Mail in ballots, programmable voting machines, near zero prosecutions for voter fraud. It all brings new meaning to the phrase “The vote does not matter, only the people counting the votes matter”.

          • Whats left for us 70 million plus? Remember they can not arrest us all!!
            I would like to suggest we form a third party called the Constitutional Party.
            We fight back against the socialist in power.
            Civil disobedience – do the opposite of what Biden and Co. want.
            Ignore laws and rules. Dump the media who are the enemy of the people. Let it be known that you do not believe Biden is your president.
            I am sure there are a lot more intelligent folks than I that could suggest a lot more we can and should do. We owe this to our children and grand children to just roll over

      3. This is your future.

        ht tps://youtu.be/34-NWYQ0L0c

      4. and just what exactly are you doing ms hart other than writing bs articles all you morons make thair money running thair mouths single acts of heroism just what the fuck is that an encouragement to ruin your life because of this faceless windbag im an x ranger and green beret by the way i value human life

        • Jeremiah is that you ?
          herd you went mia

        • Answer your own question then… WHAT ARE YOU DOING big boy? What can you do? Why don’t you lead by example?

          • pass the glue bro…

          • Si vis pacem, Parabellum

      5. “If you still believe in the left vs. right paradigm…”

        If you don’t believe in the left vs. right paradigm, we were still on our way to ubi.

        More concessions were made to replacement demographics than the majority.

        Anyone demoralized by American, pop culture made more rude comments, over breakfast than were ever blamed on Trump.

      6. They came for Trump and I said nothing.
        They came for Parler and I said nothing.
        They came for the Patriots and I said nothing.
        They came for me and no one was left to talk for me.

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