Head of U.S. Strategic Command issues dire warning about nuclear war with Russia, China

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    This article was originally published by JD Heyes at Natural News. 

    While most Americans watching the conflict unfold in Ukraine following the invasion of more than 100,000 Russian troops last week, most no doubt believe they are doing so in the comfort of believing they are aloof from the consequences.

    But that’s not necessarily true, according to the head of U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM), the division of the U.S. military responsible for America’s nuclear deterrence and response.

    STRATCOM head Adm. Charles Richard noted this week that it has become vitally important for the U.S. to develop the capacity to defend itself against both Russia and China at the same time in what appears to be a revival of the Cold War-era ‘two-front strategy’ of fighting and winning two major wars at the same time.

    “Today, we face two nuclear-capable near-peers who have the capability to unilaterally escalate a conflict to any level of violence in any domain worldwide, with any instrument of national power, and that is historically significant,” Richard told the House Armed Services Committee on March 1, The Epoch Times reported.

    He went on to highlight the fact that while the need to deter both countries simultaneously had only risen to the level of a major concern by April 2021, today it “has now become a reality.”

    “That need is now an imperative,” Richard said in a dire tone.

    The outlet reported further:

    In April 2021, he told lawmakers at another congressional hearing that the United States for the first time in history was “on a trajectory to face two nuclear-capable, strategic peer adversaries at the same time.”

    Months later, he said the United States was “witnessing a strategic breakout by China,” adding that the Chinese regime’s “explosive growth and modernization of its nuclear and conventional forces” was “breathtaking.”

    “Last fall, I formally reported to the secretary of defense, the PRC’s [People’s Republic of China] strategic breakout,” Richard said. “Their expansion and modernization in 2021 alone is breathtaking.”

    “Make no mistake; China’s strategic breakout is cause for action,” he said during a speech at the Space and Missile Defense Symposium in Alabama in August.

    “What matters is they are building the capability to execute any plausible nuclear employment strategy, the last brick in the wall of a military capable of coercion,” Richard said, going on to reference China’s rapidly advancing hypersonic capability, which is developing to a point where current U.S. missile defenses “may not be sufficient to detect and track them.”

    “In 2019, the PRC [People’s Republic of China] test-launched more ballistic missiles than the rest of the world combined,” he said.

    “China has an active nuclear weapons testing program,” Richard continued, citing a new tunnel being built at China’s nuclear testing site known as Lop Nur.

    “You add all this up and what you get is something that is inconsistent with a minimum deterrence posture,” said Richard, noting that for decades China’s strategy was only to maintain a nuclear stockpile sufficient enough to deter an attack.

    The four-star admiral also said what Chinese officials say in denying their programs is meaningless.

    “You’ve got to look at what they do, not what they say,” he said. “The breathtaking growth in strategic nuclear capability enables China to change their posture and their strategy.”

    In November, the Pentagon warned that China could deploy as many as 1,000 deliverable nuclear missiles by 2030.

    And thus far, Beijing’s military has not toned down in its pursuit of hypersonic weapons, Gen. Glen VanHerck, head of the U.S. Northern Command, said.

    “They’re aggressively pursuing hypersonic capability, tenfold to what we have done as far as testing within the last year or so, significantly outpacing us with their capabilities,” he said at the hearing this week.

    As for current U.S. military capabilities, Richard expressed optimism.

    “I am satisfied with the posture of my forces. I have made no recommendations to make any changes,” he said. “The nation’s nuclear command and control is in its most defended, most resilient lineup that it’s ever been in its history.”

    The world is getting more dangerous, and having a doddering, demented old man as our president is contributing.


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      1. Yawn, ever heard of M.A.D?

        • Ya and total mad wont happen. Just enough to get the sheep to submit to total control. Try thinking like them if you want an understanding of what’s likely to happen.

      2. Never Frkn happen!! They know the valuable resources we have and will NOT risk destroying it!

        • “The 34th rule of Fight Club is, Never say

          • No need to blow it all to pieces. They will just do a few strikes, enough to panic the fook out of people and get them to submit to ultra draconian shit! It’s all a big play man, get some popcorn.

      3. With the current admin, this Adm Charles Richard, might as well stand on the highest point handy in a cold high wind and relieve himself, for all the good it would do.

      4. Nuclear war is just a threat to keep the people scared so they stay in line, there will be no war.

        Not unless someone really, really incompetent with no idea what he is doing ends up in charge of one side or the other.

        • Oops !!!

      5. The dire warning is these nuts want to start a war with both Russia and China at the same time.

        Yet, the Eurasians aren’t coming after us.

        We have to go over there to fight them.

      6. Can we afford to produce nickels & transport them free of charge to banks? Bad money drives out good.

      7. As if they weren’t busy enough clot-shotting our troops or making troops walk around in high heels, now these traitors claim the sky is falling.

        You know the pentagon is lying when their mouth is open. And since they are troglodyte mouth-breathers ……

      8. China must really fear the US will invade them, but then, WE ARE the invaders in historical context, and forcing our will on cultures we do not understand. WE were the ONLY ones who released two atomic bombs on innocent people, so China is in this defense if we repeat it this terror, but upon them.

        I pray we do not, but we will soon find out.

      9. Cut the blue wire, not the red.

        • But hold onto the terminal from the green and yellow wire first.

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