Head of National Counterterrorism Center: Easy Access To Weapons Makes America More Dangerous

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    Why are some people like this guy even in the position they are in?

    Nicholas Rasmussen of the National Counterterrorism Center told the Washington Post “We find ourselves in a more dangerous situation because our population of violent extremists has no difficulty gaining access to weapons that are quite lethal.  I wish that weren’t so.”

    Rasmussen has served at the NCC for five years and three of those have been as director.

    “More weapons, more readily available, increases the lethality of those that would pick them up and use them,” added Rasmussen.

    Well, there are hundreds of millions of guns owned by over a hundred million citizens.  That isn’t the problem.  The problem is the human heart, and you won’t correct that with more infringements on the rights of the people.

    The WaPo piece obviously referenced the San Bernardino shooting and the most recent mass shooting in Las Vegas back in October as some evidence that Rasmussen is correct in his assessment.

    However, in both of those instances, the firearms were all purchased legally through federally licensed firearms dealers.  In other words, the sales were all legal under the pretended legislation of Washington, DC, which should not be writing arms laws in the first place, according to the Second Amendment.

    However, what was noticeably missing in the piece was any reference to say… Chicago, Los Angeles, New York or Baltimore.  These cities have some of the strictest gun control “laws” in the country and yet, they are the most prone for violence.

    For instance, consider that The Baltimore Sun just reported that Baltimore just set a new homicide record per capita!

    (Baltimore Sun) – With two fatal shootings Tuesday night, the recent reclassification of a decades-old shooting as a killing and another homicide Wednesday evening, Baltimore has hit 343 homicides in 2017, and a new record for killings per capita.

    The homicide rate for 2017 is now 55.8 killings per 100,000 people. The previous record was 55.35 per 100,000 in 2015. The city suffered 344 homicides that year, but had thousands more residents.

    The most homicides to occur in a year was 353 in 1993, but the city had some 100,000 more residents then.

    How many guns in those shootings do you think were easy to acquire legally?  Probably not many.

    Consider at this time last year, I wrote about the city of Chicago.

    During the holidays, Chicago, which is criminally controlled by both street thugs and politicians in suits who infringe upon the God-given right of their citizenry to keep and bear arms, saw the number of shooting victims rise over 4,300 for 2016.

    According to the Chicago Tribune at the writing of this article, Chicago has seen 4,328 shooting victims in 2016, compared to 2,989 shooting victims in 2015. That’s an increase of over 1,300!

    Over the holiday weekend, at least 50 people were shot, and 12 of those were fatal.

    As mentioned yesterday by South Carolina attorney Mark Schnee, who filed a lawsuit against the city of Columbia over its ban of trigger cranks and bump stocks, rightly said, “Banning inanimate objects to fix societal problems have never worked and never will work.”

    And neither will forcing law-abiding citizens to jump through hoops for ammunition or guns solve the problem either.

    This doesn’t even begin to address the car used by a white supremacist to mow down protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia or the Home Depot rental truck that was used by a Muslim jihadi to murder nearly a dozen people in New York or the 4 people killed in Illinois when they were run down by an Islamist in a truck.

    Those weapons right there are far easier to come by than a gun.  There’s absolutely no background checks if you have cash in hand to purchase a vehicle, but you aren’t hearing people like Mr. Rasmussen mention the easy availability of automobiles, are you?  Well, not yet, you aren’t.

    This “ease of access to weapons” that Rasmussen and the media quite often put out is actually non-existent.  Even among criminals, there is much that is involved in obtaining weapons, whether it be to murder someone, rob someone or go through a variety of channels to obtain them, it’s not that simple.

    The very best thing that could occur in the united States would be a simple repeal of each and every restriction and pretended law against weapons.  The American people can be vigilant against terrorism if we were simply allowed to do so.

    Perhaps Mr. Rasmussen should study his history and see how our founding fathers dealt with both a tyrannical government and Islamic jihadis.  They didn’t believe in restraining the right to even own private warships!

    The National Rifle Association’s slogan, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” is spot on.

    People need to quit talking about more infringements on the peoples’ rights to keep and bear arms and start focusing on bringing swift and just punishments (execution) on those who commit murder and other violent crimes.

    If this was done, not only would we see justice, but we would be teaching those growing up in this country that rights are protected for those following the law and if you engage in criminal behavior such as murder, which is what terrorism is all about, then you will lose your life over it.

    Yeah, it’s biblical!


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      1. I would like to know, what HIS definition of “violent extremists” is. Given the obvious FBI political chicanery during the last election, I have little faith that this DHS head, isn’t as infected as the mid and upper management of the FBI obviously are.

        • It is much harder for them to control us while we remain armed.

          judaism DOT is/perpetrators.html#guncontrol

      2. mmmm….. Yes, it is really easy to rent a pick-up from Home Depot and kill people on a bicycle path in New York.

        We need a three day wait and back ground check before you can rent a pick-up.

        • “People need to quit talking about more infringements on the peoples’ rights to keep and bear arms and start focusing on bringing swift and just punishments (execution) on those who”… would subvert our Constitution thinking to preserve liberty and bring safety and security to the citizenry. The people’s job is protect themselves. Only from foreign or domestic enemies is the government to have any role. And gun-owning Americans for the most part are neither.

        • Need to ban exhaust mufflers. Mufflers enable mass vehicular killings by silencing the engine noise. Think about how many victims could have ben saved if they could have heard the engine roaring towards them. Mufflers are evil and they kill people.

        • The self driving car will prevent ALL automotive deaths. They need to hurry up and implement a new cash for human operated junker vehicles. No more 4 wheelers unless they are self driving. You can soup up a lawn more so your property will have to be mapped out, down loaded into the system, and then programed into your riding lawnmowers. No more mowing down humans. I am glad we are saving so many lives. It was really starting to bother me.

          John Stiner : The above takes care of your waiting period, unless you can get one of those coveted concealed driving permits. Now you now they are only going to be issued to the elite but maybe you can get a black market one. Oh, I recon that is not allowed to be said. It is probably raciest. How about a brown market one. No, that will not work either. Maybe a white market one. Now you are really really being a super raciest. Well, maybe they will just sell them at the supermarket or in a box of cracker jacks.

          • Fishandmud, that self-driving car will never fly. Google has been experimenting with those for awhile and the results have not been what they hoped for.

            • Brave : I would not think so either, but a friend of mine is a mechanic, owns his own shop and all. He told me that most new cars that are coming out don’t have a steering rod anymore. It goes through the firewall into an electric box. That is so they can control your new vehicles. I will never have anything to worry about.
              Anyways, they will sell it as national security. HaHaHa.

              • Fishandmud, as long as the old technology is still available that’s what I’ll stick with. I can’t even get a damn loan to buy anything new.

            • If you look at the accidents that occur with self driving cars, it is because they can;t take evasive action. Yes, the can follow the traffic laws, but they cant take evasive action when other cars cause problems.

          • FishandMud,

            LOL, self driving cars will get hijacked, the owners body strapped in the seat in a life like pose and the trunk packed with explosives, the car will be programmed to arrive at a target, and boom. They will be the poor jihadists cruise missile. I could happen tomorrow.

            I was nervous the first time I posted this concept of self driving cars used as weapons, but I have had a clear pattern of warning, and never threatening, it’s gonna happen folks and the terrorist behind such an attack could get away to do it again.

            I love terrorists that blow themselves up, because we all know they can never do it again. The terrorist that can mount an attack and get away without a trace is the real threat. It is the plot of so many movies, the terrorist that can’t be caught who repeatedly attacks. The ultimate terrorist.

            • ” Easy Access To Weapons Makes America More Dangerous”

              IT SURE DOES! FOR CRIMINALS! The easier I can access my gun the faster I can dispatch with them!

              • My liberal PHD sister was visiting once, sitting in my kitchen and spouting the easy available weapons making people kill argument for gun control.

                I turned and pulled out the two biggest knives from the butcher block and said, speaking of easily available weapons, choose yours…… The fact that I have multiple things in my kitchen, around the house, garage and tool box that can be used as efficient deadly weapons has never MADE me want to kill. Deadly weapons abound in our society including cars and trucks. The difference, we are not psychotic personalities. To us, these items are simply tools.

      3. I like power performance machinery; prime movers, automobiles, aircraft, firearms. 400+ HP cars that can do 130 MPH or more are common. Just their advertised specification of 1/4 mile, 0-60 , their selling points are largely illegal to do. Never a mention, not a peep, of their impact on society. Why is that? In one area a magnifying glass, the other myopic. There is no need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.

      4. At a time when we need to “cut the fat”, the National Counterterrorism Center meets the bill. The “fat” head can find another platform for his rhetoric which is not at taxpayer expense. Another job created to reward political cronies after a party is defeated.

      5. That is because they know we are tiered of their shit about to start using them.

        A Free Man with a Gun scares the hell out of them.

        • Sgt Dale

          You can’t treat an armed civilian population with the same hand used on an unarmed one. The latter is controlled with water cannon, attack dog and night stick. Little gets broken. The former ends up requiring real cannons, lots of guns and with it collateral loss that tends to aid the “insurgents” (As Jefferson would be called today) and against its user government. The “insurgents” need not win. They just need to remain in the fight. Eventually the political tide swings in their favor. Unfortunately even more often the subsequent government, put in power by violence, becomes as tyrannical if not more so than the one it dissolved. The US was the rare exception to that norm once. Its improbable that we would be so lucky again as there is a shortage of moral leaders today. Cuba is an example of the common result.

          • The destruction of memorials to our founders by the looney left, clearly instructs that they would all be wanted men in today’s age. Their views on freedom are exploited by the left to protect the left from attack as they openly work to overthrow our republic. The moment the left ever gets real power, our republic and its freedoms will be ancient history.

            As much as Trump is hated, we may have really dodged a bullet when he was elected. The left still has all their freedoms to whine and complain, but so do conservatives. Under Hillary, the noose would have only tightened, and the deep state would still have been just a conspiracy theory, instead of a documented fact.

        • Gee and those who killed at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Kent State, the Whiskey Rebellion ain’t just as dangerous? You sir are a coward! You only feel emboldened hiding behind “Position and Title”

          • Never heard Sgt. Dale defend bad LEO’s or bad government policy. He has always put citizens first. I value his views and contributions as a regular.

            PO’d, listen to what Sgt. has to say, even if you don’t agree. He brings a unique view that no one else here has.

            I don’t think you grasp the courage it takes for a LEO to post on a site like this, there is great risk. When the SHTF, Sgt may be at the top of the list with you and I further to the bottom to be disappeared. Meanwhile he’s given a valuable perspective to citizens and LEO’s that read, but fear to post an opinion.

            Sgt. Dale, did I ever say thank you, and thank you too PO’d for your opinions.

          • PO,d P.
            I have never hidden behind my passion in life. A bad cop should be treated like anyone else. What happened at Ruby Ridge, at Kent State, Waco was a SIN. Whiskey Rebellion. I can’t talk about because I wasn’t alive then.

            I’m a Coward??? I can name many people that would disagree with you. Those who lives I have saved, and those that I have had to fight with. Just to let know I’ve only had to fight with them once.

            I hope you had a great Christmas and I hope you have a Happy and safe New Year. I’m not being sarcastic. I really do, because I like have a good debate.


            • SGT. My post was referring to what Rasmussen wrote. I’ve got nothing but great respect for you and for the job you do as well. My post was not a reply to what you wrote, but a rebuttal the ideology that Rasmussen has.

        • Weed all the guilty “traitors” out of gov’t, and there won’t be any need for firearm protection against tyranny. Society will calm down and life will get back to normal like it once was. Peace, that is what we all want. These evil warmongering parasites have stolen the national treasury and have cast a pall over the US for well over 40 years and wrecked this once great nation. The time is short……..does the ordinary American have the backbone? I think he/she does once they wake their dead ?$%s up.

        • I see at gun shows the evolution of the 80% handgun and AR rifle. The third generation are well advanced, there’s a YouTube video of a dude taking a polymer-80 kit and finishing it with a pocket knife, an exact-o knife and a battery run drill in less than 30 minutes while sitting on the gate of his pickup truck. The idea being he now has a gun that is not tracked, if confiscation raids occur. If his polymer-80 is well hidden, they can take all his guns and he can smile, say have a nice day. He will live to fight another day on his terms. They will use dogs to locate firearms….have a plan.

          Every weapon I’ve have is 100% legal. If it’s legal to build a polymer-80 where you live. I’m thinking the time is right. Before building it, have a place to hide it with ammo and magazines.

          There are articles and videos on staying legal while building a firearm and this varies state by state. It can be as simple as keeping receipts for all the parts.

          It is illegal for a homemade firearm to be inherited, but they can take all parts except the receiver, chop up the receiver, and then using those parts and an unfinished polymer-80 kit, build their own. Consider a spare unfinished kit stashed with the weapon.

          When I first saw polymer-80 products I was a bit creeped out. After watching 8 years of Obama trying to attack the second, I’ve reevaluated, and understand how fast the right group in power could disarm America. Twenty years later the courts could restore our constitutional rights, but by that point conservative judges could all be in prison if we can’t defend our republic.

        • What scares them is the spirit of the person behind the gun. “Gun control” is not so much about guns as it is about control.
          Governments have tried to prohibit the peasantry from possessing weapons for as long as governments have existed. They know they would be quickly overthrown otherwise.
          When the CIA types are torturing people, they are themselves terrified. They are always in fear of a role reversal.

        • A free man with a gun is free indeed.

          • Yep, free to get shot by swat or the cops or fbi or any other agency of crime.

            • Man does not need a gun to get shot by the criminal badged thugs.

        • SGT. i just looked this guy Nicholas Rasmussen, of the National Counterterrorism Center up on the web. He’s a soft pastie faced dough boy, who I doubt even knows which end of a gun the bullets come out of. I’m sure in a gun fight he’d shit himself, and he thinks he’s going to dictate our gun rights, i don’t think so.

      6. Sgt. Dale, spot on. That Rasmussen character just showed his true colors. I say America would be at its most dangerous with the guns confiscated and all of us vulnerable to all of our enemies. Rasmussen can go take a flying leap.

        • Brave : I received an email awhile back
          “Legal US Gun owners have 300,000,000 + guns and probably a TRILLION rounds of ammo. Seriously folks, if we were the problem, you’d know it”

          The more weapons we have, the madder they get because they know it will be that much harder to get what they want.

          Ammo is starting to come back, and at wally world prices. Now is the time to stock up.

          • Fishandmud, there’s a gun show in my area next weekend and I’ll be stocking up on ammo once again. I’m considering purchasing an AR for the first time ever. Any advice would be welcomed. It’s a shame I’ll be headed back home Monday from the BOL [SIGH] Time sure flies when you’re having fun.

            • Brave
              I like Rock River. Saying that, check out as many as you can. There are lot of good AR rifles out there.

              You will get what you pay for. Don’t forget the mags.


              • Maybe look at an AK-74 .223 also.

            • Brave : I can’t help you with the AR, I don’t own one. I do have an older mini 14 only because I got a good deal. I figure that if I really need an AR that I will get one from a blue hat. If you do buy one buy it from an individual. I know a few souls that are into the AR’s and they all say they would never buy another one. They would build their own. Then you can build it to suit you. The AR has to be in the top 2 for after market parts with only the 10/22 probably coming in first.

        • Brave-Plan-K2.

          • My thought is that if we lost what we have, regardless if its somewhat dysfunctional, we’ll end up with worse. I think of the Czar assassinated and in the end they get Stalin, Batista to Castro, its the most likely succession of power because man is greedy, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

            • Kevin2, That thought has crossed my mind numerous times.

          • Sgt Dale

            Thats not a plan, thats history.

      7. Sarge, BTW I’m sure Rasmussen REALLY meant we’re more dangerous to TPTB but won’t dare say that in public. In that sense he’s right. We patriots and our “liberty tools” are the only thing standing between us and absolute uncontrolled tyranny.

      8. Doesn’t matter how much they whine and cajole – they ain’t getting our guns…period…

        • Even with the milinials, looks like that ship has sailed. TPTB are freaking out. Rope and lamposts are not just a fantasy anymore. They know, on a personal level, they could actually pay a price.

          • They control the economy and for the most part the governments especially foreign policy. Expect a war. Like spoiled kids they’ll break their toys before sharing them.

      9. Just to let you guys know, had breakfast with one of our public officials. Said look for J Sessions
        to make headlines this year ,just had dinner with Sessions last week. HRC
        will go down over U 1.Maybe just maybe!
        Be well all
        Maniac — out

        • I’ll believe it when I see it. HRC is above the law, untouchable. Anyone who is a threat to her ends up dead.

      10. The government has the easiest access to weapons. I would posit that they are the most dangerous

        • The govt has easy access to weapons that they forbid the people to have. Not just dangerous, it’s tyranny.

      11. “More weapons, more readily available, increases the lethality of those that would pick them up and use them,” added Rasmussen.

        Sure. It also gives those they would be used against the ability to defend themselves!

        Imagine if armed individuals were in proximity of the vegas shooting? Hum … It’s a casino, there are armed individuals all over the place! And, it only took an hour for them to get to the room. Reminds me of columbine to see them (the cabbie video) a half mile away hiding behind their car “waiting for the situation to be under control”. Looking like deer in a headlight wondering what to do. I feel so much safer knowing they were just a short distance away fully armed and waiting for someone else to do something! There couldn’t be a better advertisement for the 2nd Amendment! “When you are being shot at by a nut job, the police are only an hour away, as they hide outside, and wait for someone more willing to do something”! Vegas is far bigger than we know, and they will wait until everyone has moved on to tell us more. Then it will be a paragragh on page 26.

        The genie has always been out of the hat! For many thousands of years (since cain and able) people have been killing people. We American’s are lucky to live in a country where we can deal a powerful blow to the genie! We can shoot back!

        Oh, and it helps to keep tyranny from mowing us over. Imagine how heavy handed our out of control government would be if we were defenseless. I imagine under obama and clinton, we would be germany and swedon. Offering our women rape free safe zones while at public events!

      12. What makes America increasingly more dangerous? The changing demographics. Where is most of the violent street crime? If you don’t know, you haven’t been paying attention, or you live a sheltered life.

        • sheltered life? because of white privilege?

          • JS, no, small town isolation. Lack of good news source, etc.In Chicago over 90% of homicides are committed by the black demographic.

            • In other words, NAGGERS!

      13. Dangerous for who?

      14. TPTB need, at least for now, political stability in the US sufficient to not jeopardize MIC staffing. Its difficult to keep motivated service people if their parents are in a concentration camp. Its been done in nations accustomed to tyrannical rule like the USSR (faced with imminent horror with Hitler) and China (just happy to be eating). All nations that disarmed their civilian populations haven’t become a tyrannical hell but all nations that did become a tyrannical hell first disarmed their civilian population. Freedom is thought of in degrees. Most accept some Malum Prohibitum to facilitate the functioning of society. Grossly excessive unjust law, unacceptable to the masses, which takes the lives of the citizenry, certainly implemented without their consent and its repeal likewise ignored, is a crossing of the rubicon. The Second Amendment is the sign warning at that bridge. Its beauty is that as long as its there it’s unlikely to ever be needed for its political purpose.

      15. The gov can only oppress you if your a shill. The more self reliant you are the less power they have over you and they know it that’s why all the free shit programs exist. The gov will never tell you how to do for yourself this is passed on by elders and just trial and error. People don’t wanna struggle and do more with less with a smile. Our pussified society took the highway to hell instead of the dirt path to independence. modern folk is to busy outdoing each other and boasting about what they did and got. They run out on retail holidays like Black Friday and fight over stinking Consumer junk that is designed to break and get you back in the store. They should be producing for themselves but oh wait that means work and they can’t do that. They just keep being a corporate slave and complain about it yet they are happy to live on the edge of their finances driving new vehicles whenever they get sick of the one they have. These people also look down on people who don’t worship material shit like them they laugh at their Wally World clothes and old rusty car that is paid for. we all know who the better than us people are.

        • And lots of stuff you make is better than what you can buy. Plus it can be fixed as needed. Hate that cheap junk; if it breaks, it cannot be repaired.

      16. Since the lefties revel in calling Melania a prostitute, It’s now perfectly OK to express your opinion that Michael Obama is a tranny.
        Homosexuals are queers or fags–they call themselves that
        Black people say “What up, my nigga?”
        Equality and inclusiveness, don’t cha know?

      17. Translation: We can’t oppress people as fast as we want because they can fight back.

      18. Putting in a kill switch for my brake lights. For low profile off roading. And found my trailer brake controler must be also included. Low profile fog lights mounted low. Low light low profile? Found cutting off one prong of forked connecter fit in one side of fuse holder. Finishing touches?

        • Once you get your lights manually off you need an IR camera and monitor to drive in darkness. I was thinking of doing that. It would be cheap and easy.

          • Also the hazard light must be kill switched to kill the brake lights

      19. Thhe war on tettor is a war on the Bill of Rights and the American people.

        This individual is another NWO communist subversive to our country.

      20. Installed Granitelli spark plug wires ,coil ,ignition control module.and platinum plugs .big difference.

      21. Wifi problems? Installed granitelli spark plug wires,coil ,ignition control modual. Platinum plugs. Big difference. Now I have spares.

      22. Got pressurized dielectric grease can for spark plug boots, and antiseaze for spark plug threads. Used a lot.

      23. O changed cap and rotor also.

      24. O found also . Rear differential was leaking half quart every two years. Siphon out with small tube ,or pull cover , or top off every two years. Your rear wheel bearing will like it.

      25. And using royal purple grease on ball joints seems to last very long . Rubber bubbles seem to stay hard very longer. In other words ,dosent dry out?You get what you pay for?

      26. Had trouble with all wheel drive sticking. Untill I put Royal purple gear lube in all differentials. Maybe Amesoil is just as good? You get what you pay for?

        • Mobil-1 synthetic oil is great stuff.

          • I worked in the refinery next to their research lab that developed Mobil 1. We, the dirty necks, went to their super dooper cafeteria if we were clean. I socialized with lab techs, some fellow classmates. I had access to a study they did with Mobil 1. Their engine lab looked like a hospital. They would get brand new cars, pull the engine, blueprint it and reassemble and reinstall. The car went on a dyno in an environment where every atmospheric condition could be duplicated. Arctic, Desert, Hot, Cold, Damp, Dry and all possible combinations. The Mobil 1 was put in, the engine ran for 200K under various load / atmospheric conditions. It was then removed, inspected and blueprinted and found to still be within factory specifications. Its all I use.

            • Second the Mobil1. Not only for my vehicle engines, it’s my favorite gun oil too.

              • The new Mobil 1 is good for 1 year or 20 thousand miles? I wonder if condensation in humid climates gets to everything?

              • I asked a Chemical Engineer who I worked with and who was a practical guy and therefore likely to give a practical response why Mobil1 was so good. He said that petroleum based oil is a good lubricant by accident, Mobil1 is good on purpose. Mobil1 viscosity is far more constant with temperature variations. In plain words its “thickness” doesn’t change much. It also not being petroleum based doesn’t get diluted with gasoline that gets by the piston rings, valve guides and the like. Gasoline says in suspension and readily vaporizes off thus not contaminating the oil. An auto engine gets its greatest wear on start up as there is no oil pressure prior to the engine turning. Mobil1 “clings” to metal better than petroleum based oil. I ran a Chevy S10 with a 4.3 liter V6 (the 350 V8 with two cylinders lopped off thus having an unusually stiff crankshaft for the application) 200,000 miles with no engine internal repairs. It leaked a little oil around the valve covers but as far as I can tell it burnt none. Its great stuff.

      27. Slaves are not allowed to own or posses weapons.

      28. Gotta love my six inch Python. With speed loaders. Its not out of the game. Gotta have speed loaders? Power and super accurate. Gotta love a good revolver. With speed loaders.

        • Traitor Hator

          Most people fortunate enough to own a Python have it as a safe queen. I’m with ya on revolvers but I’m more of a Smith guy, pre model number guns.

      29. Watch some videos of robberies. They hardly react to being shot. Maybe Elmer Kieth was right . Get the most powerful pistol you can even if it single action. Modern hollow points . OK but the videos don’t show it. Man is the most dangerous game . Grizzly bear loads might be what you wish you had? Regardless of second shots? Yes over penetration. But what’s more dangerous. A grizzly. Or a guy with an AK?

        • I have V Fib twice. Thats as close to checking out as you can get. Blood pressure drops to zip. From the time of V Fib to passing out (and boy is it dark over there) was about 3 to 4 seconds. Minus the bullet pain (and heart attacks at this point hurt like hell) its likely equivalent to a leak in a main artery or heart. I figure the only immediate lights out is the central nervous system, brain, spine. Lets face it your life is on the line in this situation. Keep shooting. Don’t wait to see the result.

      30. When you wake up suddenly at night look over and it’s three o’clock in the mourning and you wonder why you are wide awake . Then you hear the creaking of the stairs and your heart begins to pound. Then if ready you crawl into a corner wishing you had the most powerful gun on earth. It’s too late?

        • Meh, I just grab the .357 till I get out of bed and grab the sks 10 feet away with 4 30 rd. mags loaded with HP’s. Every bit as lethal as a .44 and 30 rds. of ass whoopin before I need to slap another mag in for more.

      31. Ounce again . The Charter Arms 44 bulldog. Small light powerful. You might not get a second shot. And your adrenaline will compensate for the kick. You will be super human.

        • The reason you won’t get a second shot is beacause the cylinder jammed after the first shot. We had a Charter Arms 44, worst POS ever owned. Sold it and bought a Ruger Redhawk. Like night vs day.

          • I had a Ithaca pump parkerised hammer freeze cocked. Ever since then I always drop the hammer on a empty chamber so I can break it loose without disassembly. Your bulldog was one of the bad ones that got through . I hope they fired the gunsmith and the inspector? Bought a Charles Daly 12 auto , had to grind down the shell stop, that’s why it was only 200$, works great with 10 shot Carlson mag tube.

      32. Not to knock the modern hollow point 9 mm guys . And a grizzly isn’t a human . But dam . Shoot a grizzly with a 9 mm hollow point and see what happens. Is bigger better? I vote for bigger. Maybe I’m wrong . But I vote for bigger. Follow up shots ? Maybe? I could be wrong. Shoot an elephant or a guy with an AK . I’ll take the elephant gun. Sorry to be repetitive.

        • If I was around bears I’d have a rifle not a pistol. Well actually I’d have both. And maybe some homemade hand grenades too.

          • The best answer, a 12 gauge shotgun. Some hunters who have shot bear with a rifle have been killed by that same bear, never heard of a bear shot with shotgun slugs getting the hunter.

            I keep a 50 round ammo belt next to the shotgun. One end has low velocity slugs in every other loop, the other end has number 4 Buck in every loop, with a few in between skipped. By touch I can pick the appropriate ammo.

            I prefer #4 buck because it is safer for neighbors and other innocents because it has less penetration through walls than 00 buck. If I ever need more penetration, the slugs will do the job.

            My first line handgun is a .45 ACP with a 14 round magazine. That’s just to get me to my shotgun. The stopping power of a 45 is legendary even against trained soldiers on drugs that make them feel no pain or fear. Like the #4 buck, .45 penetration is not that great, so neighbors and innocents are safer than if you have a round with more penetration.

            Why so much ammo, I had a freind who stopped a gang of six trying to break into his house. They say trained police in combat situations only hit their target 30% of the time. Do the math. Your accuracy will also improve with a long gun like a shotgun. Remember, in any combat situation the person with better cover is the one who usually survives.

            I hear the argument for .357 and .44 magnums, but I’m not a cop trying to stop a bad guy by shooting through a windshield. Typical home defense situations will be close up, and you want the bad guy to be stopped. The only thing that matters is stopping the threat.

            • When I was in Alaska in 92? Saw ooo buck everywhere. Apparently better then OO for bears?

              • I shoot 12 gauge slugs for practice at the range. After I added a rifled turkey choke I got my groups down to 4″ at 75 yards. I train to double tap silhouettes one to the center of mass and one to the head.

                I’m walking back with a particularly good round and held up the target for the guy next to me to see, he and his buddy were shooting AR’s. They had similar size groups on their targets. He took one look at the size of my groups and the gigantic holes in the target and said holy sh!t what are you shooting.

                Biggest critters we have is garbage fed black bear, they are rarely a problem, but if a problem ever occurred, a slug will certainly do the job.

                I ran into a large rabid dog once that came after me. I was near a stream and made it to the stream first. Rabies make animals fear water. The dog freaked when he landed in water and forgot all about me. The dog was hopping and flopping like it had landed in boiling water. Anyone ever see a rabid bear, that would have to be like a zombie apocalypse.

                A shotgun is an amazing survival weapon, it can take game from birds like pheasant, duck, and wild hen all the way up to big game like elk, deer and moose, with slugs.

                The downside of a shotgun is the shear bulk and weight of ammo and the variety you need to have on hand to fully exploit your shotguns abilities.

      33. Seems N Korea has to either burn up their war oil or start fighting soon . They have reserves for war but not if they wait?They either fight now or burn up there reserves for heating. Or capitulate? War or capitulate? What would Kim song do ? End up like Saddam and Kaddaffi. Or fight to the death?

        • No one is invading North Korea. It serves no purpose, would be extremely costly and negates most US technical advantages forcing the US to fight their fight. South Korea doesn’t need the economic drain of a huge refugee crisis in the center of a very shaky global economy.

          • And the worst nightmare, ? North Korean refugees flooding the USA.

        • When America fought Japan we rarely took prisoners, and kamikaze suicide pombers were fanatical as well. The religion of Japan was Shinto, where the emperor was God on earth. Because he was a god he could never surrender. The atomic bomb in 1945 was god like power, to this the emperor could surrender.

          In North Korea, the emperor there is also considered a god. It is a mirror of Japanese Shintoism. The NoKo leadership really can’t surrender anymore the the emperor of Japan could.

          We have the classic case of what happens when an immovable object encounters an irresistible force. The fly in the ointment being the immovable object is mortal and he knows it.

          The plan is apply enough pressure and the NK military will step in and take control, to save their god from himself. The fat boy is threatening a limited nuclear war. There is a point where China will not want air burst nukes along their borders, poisoning the nearby rivers and oceans. It would be really tough for Chinese leaders to explain how they allowed mushroom clouds to float over China.

          • I wonder if ounce again we are really fighting China not NK?

            • Exactly.

      34. Brown asks, “Why are some people like this (Rasmussen) guy even in the position they are in?”

        You have just said that he doesn’t deserve social standing / easy access.

      35. State “executions” will always be used against political dissidents–labeled as “criminals”. Real justice is for every individual to be recognized as having the right and allowed to have the means to defend him or herself against whomever would attack the individual–including the State.

      36. Ennnnnnnnnnnn…….. WRONG!

        A usurpation of authority from unconstitutional agencies and departments that are running rampant with corruption, scandals, and illegal agendas make society unsafe.

      37. More death and murder occurs at the hands of government than by any other group. It is an undisputed fact.

        He is just pushing gun control to make his criminal and UnConstitutional behavior and activities against the people easier.

        A wolf in sheeps clothing he is. All despots need unarmed defenseless people.

        It is just another goon in the swamp of unconstitutional agencies of the NWO/north American union

      38. Rasmussen is typical of the gun control crowd. They take partial facts and try to weave them together into a story. Fact: There are about 32,000 gun deaths in this country each year. Part of fact that isn’t told is that 21,000 of them are suicides and another 8,000+ are gang related shootings. You already have accounted for 90% of our annual gun deaths and still haven’t hit a single one that new gun registration would stop.

        These people forget that guns are inanimate objects and kill no more people than automobiles which are also inanimate objects. The key is that it is people that kill people, whether through accident or purpose. But they don’t want to look too closely at the people that do the killing because then they might have to do something about them. The killers in most of the mass murders for the past 20 years? Radical islamists and liberals.

      39. In considering violent crime in the U.S. and those who wish disarmament, I decided to look up statistics.

        In total compared to the world, the U.S. is 14th for murder rate.

        However, there is also this: the murder rate per million people.
        http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Crime/Violent-crime/Murder-rate-per-million-people With this aspect, the U.S. ranking is 99th out of 193 listed countries.

        For further viewing pleasure, look at the map at the bottom of the page. Many of the most violent countries are south of our border–yeah, the one that is more porous than a sieve and lets in whatever flotsam decides to float north.

        As for our own internal struggles, the only way to change that is to improve the thinking in the problem areas. That would take a long and people don’t change without some impetus. Changing welfare recipient rules is but a start.

      40. It is intetesting to see the MSM government cia media reporting every little thing that happens as a way to mold the public into supporting more control to the vastly corrupt government.

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