Hawaiian Volcano: EXPLOSION EXPECTED! 19 Fissures, Spewing ‘Lava Bombs’

by | May 15, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 23 comments

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    The eruption of the Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island is worsening.  It has now created 19 fissures in the eastern rift zone among housing subdivisions near the island’s southeastern corner, one of which is spewing “lava bombs” into the air; and scientists say an explosion is imminent.

    One of the newest fissures has been seen tossing “spatter bombs” of lava at distances of up to 500 feet, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. At least three dozen structures have already been damaged or destroyed by lava from the fissures, which began opening up over ten days ago in the Leilani Estates neighborhood of Puna, according to Forbes.

    The unpredictable 2,000-degree lava is taking its toll on volcano evacuees on Hawaii’s Big Island. But there is one predictable outcome: the volcanic situation in Hawaii is going to get worse. Evacuees are now awaiting an “imminent” eruption that could rain car-size boulders and ash onto this tropical paradise.

    Nearly 2,000 people have already been barred from their homes for 10 days as the Kilauea volcano pours lava through a rural neighborhood about 35 miles from Hilo, the island’s largest city.  The eruption is showing no signs of slowing down either, with scientists warning it will “explode” anytime now.

    When the volcano does explode, the damages are expected to radiate only about 12 miles from the crater, leaving Hilo untouched.  It will set the lush jungle ablaze, more so than it already has, and cover some roads with ten feet thick solidifying rock. “A lot of people are scared,” said Tiana Dunn, who helped organize a community supply depot for evacuees in Pahoa. “People are still a bit sad and in disbelief.”

    Forrest Lanning, a program manager at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, tweeted Friday that a summit-pressure explosion at Kilauea was likely in 24 to 48 hours.  Since we’ve passed that time frame, authorities are pleading for caution, reminding residents through hourly radio broadcasts that the lava flows are unpredictable and the poisonous gases invisible.

    The new danger comes from the lava level inside the volcano dropping, causing the explosion, according to USA Today. If it falls below the water table, water will pour onto the lava, generating steam that could explode from the summit. If that happens, boulders as big as refrigerators could be tossed a half-mile, and ash plumes could soar as high as 20,000 feet, according to the Hawaii Civil Defense. That eruption could happen anytime, and flight restrictions over the area are already in place.

    With a new swarm of earthquakes taking place over the past 24 hours, the crisis at Kilauea could continue for some time into the future.


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      1. Keep in touch you guys on the island. That and don’t be foolish if it comes your way – git and quick should you have to.

      2. Have the mainstream media Fake News puppets blamed all this volcanic activity on President Trump yet?

        • No no – it’s the Russians, but don’t worry, Mueller is on it because he has no limits to his investigation.

          • Volcanos been happening for Thousands of Years,.. Imagine after that first asteroid, that hit the earth, that sent this planet into a spinning blaze of glory. What we have here is just a hiccup. ho hum.

            Like who would build their BOL next to a Volcano. Hey your dolts up there in Redoubt ID- IdaNeverKnow. Location, location, location.

      3. Earth is just getting more land for all of God’s creatures.

        If you live on a volcanic island you get volcanoes. They start acting up just throw in a virgin. (if you can find one)


        • Sgt. Dale, glad I wasn’t eating or drinking when I read the last part! So true.

        • I’ll start acting up, if ya throw a few virgins my way. haha

          Why there are 70 virgins waiting for ya in Allah Land also. They are hiding up there in heaven with all the other Christians who got “ever lasting life” for believing all that same crock of Babble BS.

          I’ll believe both, “Every lasting life with 70 Virgins.” Yeeehaaaaa!!! Hey Budda, got any weekly specials you can throw in?

      4. OK, explain this to me. The “water table” has always been there and the Lava has been going up and through it for all this time. THUS, why hasn’t it exploded already?

        Also, a bonus question: Why doesn’t the sides of the walls of this long tube containing the lava, not melt itself? When I see pictures of this “tube” it has nice, straight, “smooth” sides. WHY? Why isn’t it all melted?

        • Cent,
          Normally the water boils off as steam with no pressure buildup. The problem is that as the lava drops rocks fall from the sides and plugs up the “hole”, then the steam pressure builds up and blows at some point, at least this is my laymans understanding.

        • Lava travels up to the point and areas of least resistance to the surface opening, then as it reaches the surface opening, gravity kicks in and depending on the terrain and gravity, it may run in every direction that is down hill. The whole Island system is volcanic rock.

      5. We can’t have this, just think how much this eruption is contributing to global warming – ha
        Time to tax people in Hawaii much more for the global initiative on climate change for causing this problem.
        Do I believe we humans can affect the climate any more than a cow fart – NO

        • The whole Earth was a wonderful place to live in peace and harmony, until the Juz started monetizing everything and adding taxes onto your productivity.

          America was a peaceful place to live for thousands of years, and you could go hunt and fish every day. The Women did the work, and there were no Taxes. Then the White man showed up and though he could improve on that system. And today were are mostly screwed any way you bend over.

      6. Hope this can move into california very soon now and hopefully completely destroy moonbeams paradise. These scum that reside there need to be given this same treatment. Maybe orville will finally be knocked down and the river restored to its natural course. Maybe a few of these other dams can be purswaded to go as well. I hope the next earthquake there is a lot more then these weak 4 and 5 mag ones that are useless. Make it a ten or higher and get rid of this place (LA especially) once and for all.
        Then maybe yellowstone could explode. donny should enjoy that if it ever comes to pass. If the people refuse to do something then it looks like God finally is. I pray He destroys this whole continent.

        • Having a bad day, Bob?

      7. Restrictions on air transportation – 2,000 people barred from their homes…

        So, we see, getting out early in an emergency can make all the difference.

        Having an evacuation bag packed, with items such as pass ports, important documents, a job resume with references, important family photographs, as well as clothes, multi tools, a flashlight, and some trail mix and water.


        • BCA: Good point…when they lock it down, well, that’s it boys & girls.

          • Aside from our BOBags and important documents, which includes ID’s and copies of them too; original SS and BC’s and a copy of each, recent bank statements, passports, school records/awards, all insurance cards/policies (homeowner, life, medical, auto, etc), I also have a flyer made up every year of each of our two kids, (and ourselves too) complete with recent photo, close-up face & front-length shot, positioned side by side, and underneath is their physical description in case we are separated during a disaster.

            Better than repeating a verbal description to one stranger after another or to LE if we get separated. Really, the only thing different about it from an actual missing child poster is that it doesn’t say “Missing Child.”

            With all the chaos and confusion that could happen, and we could end up separated. I update the posters every year so they are recent. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. When the kids are adults they will have them as a record of their yearly height/weight increase.

            We also have 3 boxes of photo albums in the same type of waterproof / fire resistant chests as all of our important documents are stored. These chests only weigh 12 lbs so they can easily be carried out. The chests with the photo albums are stored in the coat closet near the entrance way so if time permits the photo albums would go right into the truck with us and our important documents and BOBags. In a “run for your life” emergency anything that can be replaced stays.

      8. I hope Nailbanger and Rellik are OK over there. It would really help to just drop all of our libturds into that lava.

      9. Hahaha

        Mac that’s funny. Remedies for anal fissures.

        The best remedy for prevention of anal fissures is to stay hydrated by drinking sufficient water to prevent dehydration with resulting constipation that causes a rupture or break in the anus.

        Eating plenty of fresh locally grown organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds also necessary for healthy evacuation.

        Now, for the final and most important prevention of anal fissures; don’t allow yourself to be phucked in the ass by a refugee (or anyone else). It might tear open your ass causing a fissure.

        Ouch !! That hurts !!!!!


      10. that island is about to be changed permnanently. nice life as long as the ring of fire is dormant and the signals that was over has been happening for years.

        I imagine lots of those people will be moving stateside for good, but you never know; everyone on the gulf coast just rebuilds and lets the taxpayer bail them out. If I owned an insurance agency, my rates for anything near a natural disaster would be sky high; you want cheap insurance; move to ohio.

      11. We’re overlooking one thing here. If the volcano destroys the island …. won’t it also destroy Obama’s original birth certificate? Hmmm, I sense a connection. Could be someone threw Michelle ‘ma-belle’ into the cauldron and it’s puking.

        • Heartless; no worries, the original is in Kenya.

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