Have We Lost Our Humanity? Social Media Comments About Hurricane Harvey Victims Get Nasty

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Headline News | 87 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tess Pennington at ReadyNutrition.com 

    Tess is the author of the widely popular and highly rated The Prepper’s Blueprint.


    As many of you know, I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and let me tell you, those roots run deep. Yes, it is hotter than the hubs of hell there and mosquitos are the size of pterodactyls, but the people are warm and friendly and have always done what they could to help someone in need. I’ve seen this on more than one occasion and all I can conclude is it’s just the Texas way. That’s how I was brought up and for me, that ingrained sense of duty to help those in need has always stayed with me. But it wasn’t just in Texas where I saw this. When 9/11 happened, I watched in pride as countrymen dropped everything to help those affected by the attacks. I saw it when the Fukushima 50 stayed behind to ensure others were out of harm’s way. It wasn’t just a Texan thing, I came to realize it was a human thing.

    But have times changed? Have we become so entranced by our own ideologies and cultural division that we are turning our backs on each other? Let me explain.

    This weekend, we all watched as Hurricane Harvey hit the coast of Texas with a vengeance. The damage has been so severe and the flooding so widespread that this storm has now been dubbed the “flood of a lifetime.”

    In The Prepper’s Blueprint, I wrote how hurricanes are unpredictable in nature and truly one of the most difficult emergencies to prepare for simply because there are so many variables to account for. They can be mild or severe. They cause wind damage, flooding, tornadoes. You can be fully stocked with provisions and then your home is flooded in a matter of minutes because a creek has flooded and all of those provisions are ruined.

    Currently, Hurricane Harvey has dumped massive amounts of rainfall in many towns inside and on the outskirts of Houston and affected about a quarter of the Texas population or 6.8 million people in 18 counties. To make matters worse, incessant tornado warnings are keeping Houstonians in a perpetual state of fear.

    As well, everyone that I know living in this area prepared as best as they could with the limited warning they received. Many did not evacuate because voluntary or mandatory evacuations were not given by the city. Since Houston was not going to be a direct hit by the hurricane, officials felt that many could hunker down and everyone would be fine. They did not account for Hurricane Harvey turning into a Category 4 hours before it made landfall.  What I can tell you, is as prepared as many were, the storm this size and magnitutde was no match for their preparedness efforts and this can happen. The latest rainfall totals should give you some perspective.

    You would think in times such as this, people would see the hell that others are living in and want to help in some capacity. Rather than lending a hand, there are some who choose to sit from the comfort of their homes and make off-handed remarks. In multiple articles on the coverage of Hurricane Harvey, I found comments from readers such as “they deserve what they get because they didn’t evacuate,” or are making political comments in reference to the Hurricane.

    Here are some comments from an article at the Washington Post:

    And in another Washington Post article, comments said

    In this Yahoo article

    This isn’t hitting close to home, it’s hitting home

    In response to those who are making the above comments, please keep in mind that Texans pay taxes to help with national disasters so when these types of disasters happen in their state, they have every right to request immediate assistance. If national disaster assistance wouldn’t be available, what do you think would happen? Widespread disease, looting, death, and devastation would occur. Do you really want that for someone? Moreover, many of these comments have political overtones. It’s obvious that our country is very divided and there is a lot of bitterness. But political lines cannot be drawn in this type of emergency. By doing so we lose track of what’s important to mankind. I am appalled at the very thought of someone smugly saying how someone doesn’t deserve help and rescue in any type of disaster.

    Despite these mean-spirited comments on social media, in true Texas fashion, the communities have bound together. For days I have watched my friends checking on each other through Facebook and social media and making sure everyone was safe, people are taking boats through flooded neighborhoods and risking their lives trying to rescue those in need and take them to safety, as well, people are offering up their homes and businesses for those who are displaced. They are offering food and water to anyone who needs it. It doesn’t matter what nationality, creed, color, or political affiliation they are. If you need help, there are people who want to give it. Simply put, it’s because they care and want to best for their fellow-man.

    Moreover, the emergency responders should be commended for their fast acting response. Many haven’t slept in days because of the overwhelming need for assistance. As well, because the city cannot keep up with the need for emergency assistance, good Samaritan are coming from near and far to help those in need.

    Rather than spending time making these crass comments on the internet, here’s a novel idea, why don’t you do something proactive and help another human being. Organize a donation center for the victims of this disaster. For instance, many of you have seen a nursing home in Dickinson, TX had to evacuate the elderly. Supplies and donations could be sent there or you could make a donation to the American Red Cross to help with the rescue endeavors they are pursuing. There is so much more we can be doing than turning our backs to those in need. We should all be asking ourselves what has happened to humanity? How have we gotten so far away from caring for those in need? Instead of doing what we can to help we sit and make comments about how they don’t deserve help? We are better than that.

    To sum this up, folks, please be sensitive and mindful of what others are going through. Some people are losing everything they have from this storm. My family is battling this storm and in the midst of fighting to save their homes, they are offering refuge to those in need. Let’s all take a lesson from that. Have open and caring hearts and remember that during these times we need to bind together and help our countrymen, not turn our back on them.

    Stay strong Texas!

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at ReadyNutrition.com for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. Yes, we have lost our humanity. Jesus himself said that during the last days “the love of many shall wax cold”.

        Should really come as no surprise to us.

        • i have been watching the news so i have a question: is everyone in texas living in a huge McMansion? is everyone in texass fat, old, rich ugly white people or Mexicans

          • Gandhi: HANG yourself, you rude mother fucker you.

            • i will

          • You are one dumb motherfucker

            • Tess,

              Thank you for an uplifting article. Having gone through a number of ‘catastrophes’ myself, I am convinced that they do provide an opportunity to show our humanity to our fellow brothers and sisters in need. The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” is so true. It does not matter how well off or self sufficient we may be, all of us need the love and kindness of others. I believe you are a Katrina survivor as well and can empathize with what the good folks in Texas are going through. I have appreciated your blog site and writings from the very beginning.

              Folks, there are millions of people still in harms way in Texas. At the very least, keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • Tracking Map of Hurricane Harvey. Good Illustration with probable rainfall for the next 3 days. Some areas to get 10+ more inches of rain.

                Link: ht tp://www.nhc.noaa.gov/refresh/graphics_at4+shtml/211332.shtml?rainqpf#contents

              • Gas prices have already risen here.

                Due to the hurricane and flooding in Texas, 10 key petroleum refineries and production facilities have been closed. As AlertsUSA had previously warned, gas prices are RISING nationwide.

                “Tropical Storm Harvey is tearing through one of the nation’s most important energy hubs. Throughout the Gulf Coast, key refineries and production facilities have been forced to close.”
                ht tp://money.cnn.com/2017/08/27/news/economy/tropical-storm-harvey-texas-oil-gas/index.html

                • KY Mom, thanks for that alert. Already seen a small increase in gas prices in the town 10 miles from the BOL. Don’t be surprised if any shortages develop. If anyone has gas cans to refill now is the time to do it. All the family have been out refilling theirs today.

          • Gandhi, watch it there. You’re sounding like the libturd idiots on social media.

          • No hate here, but tired of endless bailouts.
            Isn’t this a low lying, marshy area? I read about “bayous”. Was this a good location for a major city?
            The Federal flood insurance program should be ended. If private insurers will not cover an area, why should I have to eat the bill?

            • Most of Houston/Houston metro is NOT a flood plane. Are you that fucking stupid, or are you just willfully ignorant that we just got the WORST rain/flooding in history? Its worse than any storm on record. It would be like buying flood insurance in the desert. Houston is NOT a low lying marshy area. This isn’t the Louisiana bayou, dumbass. Bayous in Houston are pretty much rivers that flow to the gulf. Most ALL of the insurance companies price flood insurance so high that most normal working class people cant afford it. Fuck you, and fuck all the rest of you pricks out there talking shit about that which you most certainly DO NOT KNOW! Houstonians pay more in taxes, which pays welfare to to all the shitty blue states out there.

              • Actually, the global flood was the worst flooding in history for Texas. This is a second.

        • Peeps like that sing a different tune when it shows up in their backyard.

        • It’s ALWAYS the “last days.” When is it the “first days?” LOL

          A giant storm is terrible. people need to help people, not trot out the same ol’ same ol’ (that never, EVER comes true).

          No apocalypse in two thousand years. A perfect record!

          • Water water every where, and not a drop to drink. Got a Water filter?

            I have a 15 Ft Ocean Fishing Kayak. I could put my BOB on the back and paddle out to safety if needed. Just tie the kayak up to the cottage eaves trough and wait till its time. Also pack some snorkel mask and fins gear along with as good floatation life jacket, if I needed to abandon the kayak. Have some Dry Bags to keep your important stuff dry and store that into the covered bow of the kayak. Have some chemical snap glow lights so you are visible, a good life guard whistle and a water proof GPS to navigate your way using a head lamp if it is night time. And wear a rain poncho and boonie hat.

            I’d see this as an adventure challenge. Nothing like being prepared for everything. Been through about 12 to 15 Hurricanes living in FL in 27 yrs and evacuated about 5-6 times. Basically to get the vehicles to higher ground incase of storm surges by the coastal areas. I always have a tether line tied between my kayak to my middle of my paddle. You loose your paddle and you are pretty screwed. Up the creek with out a paddle. Think Safety. Here is FL, if it floods, the gators and snakes will be everywhere. Best to stay safe in a kayak than walking in water.

      2. Don’t give us any more reason to seceded back to the United territories of Texas, we do produce 1/3 of this countries energy after all. Wait till something happens to your neighborhood and a texan goes all the way to where you are and saves your ass, our rescue teams are know to arrive at disasters fast to actually help. Notice none of the boats you see rescuing people say fema anywhere on them that’s because Texans are using their personal fishing boats to help their fellow Texans we don’t sit around with a thumb up our asses. Excuse while I go out in 8ft of rushing water to rescue another family

      3. There were a lot of people who were barely making it. Now, they have lost what little they had. Even if they had prepared as best they could for a crisis, this hurricane must have wiped them out.

        • Most Americans were just hanging on before Hurricane Harvey. You want to talk about humanity?

          Current estimates of damages from Hurricane Harvey are expected to exceed those of Hurricane Katrina.

          83-percent of those Texans effected by Hurricane Harvey have no homeowners insurance. Just wait until the insurance companies welch on their promises of coverage, and those Texas homeowners are added to the list of the uninsured.

          Just wait until the insurance companies, the very flower of humanity, meet an angry and armed Texas mob. That should be very interesting.

          • And its not done yet, is now headed to Louisiana

            • Nail,

              We are watching and waiting! The other night I went for a supply run to Sam’s and they had ran out of water and only had the expensive stuff left. They had shipped most of their supply to Baton Rouge but it looks like they were resupplied yesterday. I bought several 4 gallon bottles. I have a pool in the back but it would be nice to have some ‘really’ potable water on hand. It is not that we will run out of water but there is ‘drinking water’ and ‘water’ and plenty of it too! The lake is about 250 yards away.

              Louisiana Eagle

      4. Internet commenters are stupid!

      5. Sooooo Tess,
        Are you going to step up and donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of your book for the next 6 months? to the American Red Cross? You never miss an opportunity to plug your book, even in the midst of this disaster, perhaps you should be the example and not just attack.

        I’ve donated, have you?

        • I can attest to the fact that Tess REGULARLY donates money, time and energy, not only to victims of disasters like Hurricane Harvey, Ike and Rita, but food banks, homeless shelters and local school initiatives. She just doesn’t find it necessary to comment publicly when she does, but I will, since you called her out on it.

          You may or may not know this about Tess, but she was on the phone for 5 straight days at the American Red Cross with little sleep following 9/11 comforting families of victims and keeping lines of communication open between service members and their families. She’s been physically on the scene of more than one disaster in a supporting role to ensure victims had food, warm clothing and shelter.

          She’s a hands-on kind of person when it comes to giving aid.

          • ???

          • Great Response Mac. Thanks for the info. Most volunteers never get thanked. I saved loads of lives being a FF paramedic for 7 years, and rarely got thanked. It is exhausting physically, being a hero. But keep in mind, if you believe in Karma, the rewards come back 10 fold in the end. And there will always be idiots out there, slamming or trying to compare giving or donating, trying to better up, over the other. True patriots don’t even looked to be thanks. Its called “Paying it forward.”

          • Mac,

            I like it!

            Tess has done an admirable job and has helped thousands through her blog site and has brought together an incredible amount of information for the prepping community. She does not deserve a snide comment from some anonymous idiot. Giving has many faces, some not readily recognizable! I believe that is how the Lord instructed His disciples to behave.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Laeagle, well said! I agree! Anon’s snide comment was rude and undeserved.

              Thank you Tess for all the research and time you put into your blog site. The information you share has helped MANY people to become more prepared.

              KY Mom

          • Mac, my compliments to your wife for having a heart of gold, but I respectfully disagree with dealing with American Red Cross. My wife and I were in a hurricane once and went to the Red Cross for help but were turned away. People, I have a MUCH LONGER memory than some people here think I have. In my view, Red Cross is bogus. I won’t give them a dime. It’s hard to find a legitimate organization to donate to.

            • Mac, if I ever meet Anon, I’ll be glad to knock him out for you and Tess.

            • I agree 100% about the Red Cross. After working closely with them after disasters I came to realize the Red Cross is like the Clinton Foundation. They take in a lot of money claiming to do good, but it is just a very few select insiders that see any benefit.
              The Salvation Army is a much better charity to donate to as well as local churches.

            • DB my Dad fought in WWII and an experience he had with the Red Cross caused him to never donate to them. My Dad said the Red Cross was charging soldiers for coffee and donuts yet telling people they were giving the coffee and donuts to them. When donations at his work switched to the “Your Fair Share” program and you could no longer pick one charity my Dad stopped giving because he hated the Red Cross for their lies and the way they treated the soldiers.

        • Anon, you don’t know the lady so why don’t you STFU since you don’t know how to show some respect for her.

        • Anon is probably a crack addicted government dependent who is jealous that someone who works for a living might have a little more than him. Watch out Tess. next he will want the proceeds from your book.
          Anon, get a job and out of your parents basement.

      6. Years ago, I once refused a beggar money, but had the audacity to say: “I know how you feel.” A week later I lost my job. Karma can be a lesson learned the hard way. It wasn’t my refusal to give a panhandler an easy dime, but being unnecessarily cruel, because he might have been telling the truth?

        The only job I could find then was as a security guard in an ER unit. I learned a few things about good people falling down. I eventually wound up in a job much better than the last. But it was a lesson learned.

        In truth, nobody knows how another feels, or what they are really going through. Nobody.

        We don’t know if any particular family getting a handout were preppers themselves, made an attempt and failed.

        I know some of you are working on your 2nd BOL, and are pretty well prepped. Then you post: “I ain’t gonna feel sorry for those whom haven’t.” Really? Can you stare down a desperate parent clinging to hungry child and deny them? Will you?

        People, we’re all we’ve got. When the chips fall, whom here has the experience, capacity, and the means to be a leader?

        Karma does not discriminate.

        • Good to check our humility from time to time, im just as guilty as anyone else, shit happens so for myself, i need to have gratitude and not be so quick to say no,,,

          • My son made me very proud one day while coming out of the bank after cashing his minimum wage check. There was a young man about my son’s age squatted outside on the side walk who asked my son for money. My son gave him $20.00. Another time while working his minimum wage job a black older woman came up to him while he was weed eating and told him she had run out of gas and needed to get to a nearby city where her son was in the hospital and he gave her $20.00. When he told me about the woman I told him she was probably just telling him that to get money. He said he believed her. My son is white, and the young man who asked my son for money was white. A week or two later while on business at the police department my son and I saw the young man, he had been arrested. My son believed him to be on drugs. My son said, oh well maybe my kindness toward him might give the young man reason to change instead of kicking him when he’s already down. I on the other hand probably would not have given either one any money believing they were both not worthy. But my son showed me that you need to help people anyway, because the kindness you show just might cause people to change because someone cared. Kindness is a good thing, and caring for people is a good thing, and you never know when it might make a difference in someone’s life. If not you only lost $20.00, and I think a person is worth a lot more than $20.00.

        • I see this one guy usually begging at a parking lot by a Lowes in the area. Yesterday, I saw the same guy driving a fairly decent car in front of me, as I was driving behind him. Some people are professional Beggars, like a Certain (((Perpetual Professional Victim Clan))) we all know. Beware, and identify the truly needy to Professional Pan Handlers.

          Scam artists will come out in disasters like Hurricane Harvey, to rip off people donating. Like none of the money is going to any victims. Its a rip off. Know the difference.

        • Faux Liberte- I think most of the folks here are all bluster, going on, and on, and on and never missing a chance to brag about their “BOL” every chance they get. I liken it to combat vets vs. ones that have never seen action. The ones who brag every chance they get have never actually been there…

          And to those few that actually might have 15 different BOLs? No other man worth his salt gives 2 shits. We are concerned with our own, not what some internet commentor supposedly has.

      7. I’ll donate, but not to the American Red Cross. After 9/11 people donated to the ARC and thinking the money was going to NYC and DC. It was discovered and reported that the ARC was not putting 100% of the donations into these efforts, but was using money for other purposes because there was so much money coming in.

        I’ll us another route for the donations.

        • Source: from an article on congressional hearings into donations and specifically the Red Cross. The whole article provides an overview, but paragraphs 5, 11, and 12 focus on the Red Cross.


          As for the question, NO we haven’t lost our humanity. The pictures posted make it clear we help across racial lines, gender lines, age, etc. and etc.

          • Wilson, agree wholeheartedly about Red Cross. They’re total scum.

        • Wilson: gotcha, the Red Cross (Bill O’rielly bashed them good) was exposed for scamming people out of donations after 9/11. Churches sent donations to Katrina victims and tornado relief in B’ham, Ala after massive destruction several years back. I urge anyone to donate supplies (food, clothes, etc) to churches or other local relief agencies who are helping in relief for the Harvey disaster. I have grown cynical on many things over the decades as many national org. only collect money, producing zero, like the Amer. cancer soc., March of dimes, etc.

          • In My Opinion the Red Cross is a Massive Rip Off, keeping most of the donations for well paid staff making over 6 figures easily.

      8. The Red Cross is top heavy with over paid administrators and politically connected hacks with 6 figure salaries and expense accounts. Other than that, they might be okay. If somebody owns a lumber yard or construction supply company, you might consider donating supplies etc., in about 4 weeks. I imagine supplies will be difficult to come by and probably over priced. Out of work construction and repair crews and laborers might consider looking for work soon, near Houston. Bring a camper and your own food and water. After Hurricane Andrew many motels in south east Florida were filled up with out of state construction crews. Just suggestions for the near future.

        • Him, the Red Cross reminds me of a certain tribe with the same mindset.

      9. the email addresses of those making the hateful comments should be recorded so that in about a year they can be sent to reeducation camps.

        • While I may not agree with everyones comments, they certainly have the right to voice them. You on the other hand, are suggesting a modern day Gestapo. Not cool.

      10. The press and politicians are even worse, blaming the other party and global warming. People are dying and suffering and they have to make it a political issue…..it was a once in a lifetime storm for crying out loud. In the time aloud there was no way to evacuate 4 million people.

        • I agree Jim.

          Having lived just south of Houston I can tell you that it takes an hour and a half to get north of the city on a GOOD DAY because of the heavy traffic.

          During Rita, when they did evacuate Houston because they had a few days to recognize the seriousness of it, our friends and family spent a whopping 14 hours getting to us from Houston to Dallas. Several groups got stranded on I-45 due to no gas availability.

          There is just no way to evac a major metro area of 7 million people in 24 hours. Impossible. And the last thing you want to do is be on the road when Texas flash floods are raging.

          • My first (and only) trip to Houston,
            I jumped from the airport to the Sam Houston
            toll road, with no coins in my pockets.
            Some disgusted Texan gave me change for a 5.
            so I (and he)could proceed.
            I drove in Seattle traffic for 20+ years.
            I learned to drive on Los Angeles freeways.
            Houston traffic is really bad.
            I confirm your view.
            I won’t donate the the very RED cross,
            but I will toss a few dollars to the efforts.
            Probably will be a Vets group.
            Anybody have some suggestions?

            • Salvation Army Almost all donations go to the needy. Also you can tell them where the money is to be used and that’s where it will go.

              • Done.

              • El oso, I second that motion. Salvation Army is the REAL DEAL and just as straight up as can be.

      11. I would contribute to a local charity(lighthouse one recommended by a Texas reader on another site),will post a link any interested.

        As for crude net comments,well,paybacks a bitch! ht tp://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/08/update-liberal-professor-canned-tweeting-houston-deserved-hurricane/ ,you all know the space thing to avoid the dreaded moderation game.

        • Feel free to post those links Warchild.



      12. Here is a local area charity recommended by a Texas reader on Kenny’s site Knuckledraggin, ht tp://lighthousecharityteam.com/get-involved/donations/ ,check it out and if you can give a few bucks here or to another charity,this is a big ass mess.

        Even if just a couple of dollars will help and as a wise poster likes to always say”The smalls add up!”.

        • Thanks for the info. I’ll never give to the Red Cross, but others, yes If I can vet them.

      13. Food saver vacuum sealer can be used to keep clothes, shoes, boxed food items safe from water damage in a flood.


        • I wonder if those space saver vacuum bags would work also on clothes and such.

          • Warchild:
            I bought plenty of those space saver bags at Costco. They are good for comforters, pillows, bulky coats, children’s stuffed animals (freeze to kill dust mites), and other things to big for food saver bags. Also, you can double up and put smaller food saver bags into the space saver bigger bags. Space saver bags are not food safe, mine weren’t. I’ve never been in a hurricane that resulted in flooding, so I don’t know how well the space savers hold up. Properly used, food saver is air and water tight. There are some igloo chests (made in America) that are air tight. But I would put a belt around it. I think the food grade buckets with gamma lids would be safe.

            My son got a vacuum with a large pail that sucks up any kind of liquid mess. Home Depot sells them. If you have electricity, you can clean up the mud and sledge from the floors. Nice vacuum cleaner for home use.


      14. It’s really about giving freely of oneself.

      15. Recreational Vehicle (RV) is a nice Bugout Vehicle. Everything you need is in it. A shower and toilet, a little kitchen area, and beds. Sometimes the Motels and Hotels are all booked up.


      16. The local people are in the best position to help. When outsiders try to take over the rescue and all, they should go in and assist those who are already active on the front lines, not come in and take over. That’s all I have to say about that.


        • B,sometimes the out siders first rescue on site,happened in Miss. during Katrina,folks from (sigh….)Canada search and Rescue first responders in some parts due to locals just overwhelmed.Glad Canada came on board but you know you are fucked when folks 1000’s of miles away your first on scene in some places.

      17. May God bless us all during this and the coming crisis.

        • why should he bless a bunch of a$$ holes?

          • Ya know, it would be nice if Mac would ban your fucking dickfaced ASS. Bet you wouldn’t have the balls to come down here to Houston and say that to my face, or any other White, Male, God-fearing Texans’ face now would you?

      18. I think this shows what happens when people are not prepared. I realize 5 ft of water messes things up, but have extra water and more than 1-2 days of food in the damn house people. Imagine if there is a major national emergency and what a monster cluster it would be folks. Get your asses in gear and plan for such times.

        • 5 ft? Really there are areas under 10ft+ the only 5ft areas you see are because that’s what is easiest for the news crew near high ground , if it were simply 5ft we’d all be driving around in our pickups in the deep areas instead we’ve got to use fishing boats to get to most areas

      19. Boyo: I only give “stuff” like canned goods, clothing and cleaning supplies (zero cash)too damn many crooks. By the way folks, why do people choose to live at sea level on swampy land where property values (many will go into default) become worthless after flooding? (paying for a dead horse).

        • People have done that here on Maui, they have developed hundreds of homes in Kihei on what was always a wetlands, homes from 700-900,000 or more, when we get heavy rains the water rises, and we havent yet had rains like we got in the mid to late 80s, anyone who has lived here long enough is just sorta rolling their eyes whenever theres a storm and these people start whining,,,i say shame on the county government, should have never allowed development in a flood plain

        • laura ann, I only live in places that have “High” or “Mount” in the name. My parents come from a place where floods are frequent…I learned the lesson!

      20. Libtards up north have done their best to divide the nation in TX it ain’t worked , that’s why they hate us

      21. I donated to the Red Cross. They seem to be the spearpoint for organized effort so far.

        The National Flood Insurance Program had to borrow $25 billion from the Treasury for Katrina and Sandy claims. They still owe the Treasury (taxpayer) close to $24 billion after all these years…the program is broke and a Ponzi scheme.

        Wonder how many billions this disaster will cost everyone?


      22. I know for sure we need to make a huge case out of this if the assholes in congress balk at passing the aid package, its time to ruin their picnic if they cause problems, i dont care what side of the aisle they are on, an i mean RUIN their picnic so bad they never recover

      23. Keeping these folks in prayer…

        Update on rainfall totals…


        Some areas near Houston have received nearly 50 inches of rain since Thursday.

        ht tp://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/discussions/nfdscc1.html

      24. We all need to keep in mind that while also meeting immediate needs this is going to be one long ass relief effort,so,every one gave even 5 bucks a month to a vetted charity/gave a couple hours time ect.,well,will go a long way because as I say…..,nah,said it once today already!

      25. Many thanks and blessings to those rescuing and saving pets and other animals.

      26. I think helping here would be a much better use of time and talents than the DAPL protest.

        I challenge protesters to go HELP Texas. You had the time to come here. Try doing something helpful for people who need some help.

      27. Ive been to Houston a few times. Its another one of those places I wouldn’t live even if you paid me. If you live in low lying elevation you need to expect flooding. Heck where I live the valleys are at 700 feet. And almost everyone has a boat. yet those folks in those high dollar homes don’t even have a rubber raft? I thought we here advocate preparing for whatever disaster might be likely to happen where we live. Im sorry I simply don’t have any sympathy for anyone stupid enough to reside in low lands and not have a boat & life vest ect. Like it or not. The great culling is happening.

        • I suspect this is not Houston’s first flood. End the Federal flood Insurance program and make people pay the full cost of living in whatever place they choose.

          Until the inception of the Federal Flood Insurance program, property in easily flooded areas was worth little.

          If private insurers will not insure something, it tells you the risk is too great for the potential premium.

      28. welp, what they say dont matter and they can damn sure come down here and tell me to my face while i pick up the peices of everything that I lost. which is everything. i dont have a house or truck. shits gone. if these fuckin little cunts wanna say some shit to me we can meet up and have a discussion.

      29. Hey Guys,

        I just wanted to thank you all for coming to bat for me yesterday in the comments section of this article. I was busy all day yesterday staying in contact with my friends and family down in Houston and trying to look up travel plans so I can get down to Texas to help them. So when I finally got a chance to sit down and read the comments last night, I was deeply disappointed about what one commenter wrote. All I have ever wanted to do is help people and do my part in making the world a better place. For the last 10 years, I’ve written on Ready Nutrition hoping my words and information would make it to someone who needs it. I promote my book because I believe in it. It can help people understand how to survive these types of disasters and give them a fighting chance when their world turns upside down.
        While there was one snide comment, there were others that were encouraging and uplifting and I can’t thank you enough for defending me while I was away and truly seeing what it is that I’m trying to do in the preparedness community. The SHTFPlan community is a special one and desperately needed in these times. God bless you all.

        Thanks again,


      30. The problem was knowable, at least a year, in advance. Pumps, levees, and other critical infrastructure, some financial, has fallen to decay, from pathological altruism, well before Malthus sealed the deal.

        When you read about south TX, and Mexico, etc. you are studiously avoiding the intended meaning, so are guilty of playing politics.

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