Harvard Scientists Claim ‘Oumuamua’ Could Be An Alien Probe

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    Harvard scientists are now saying that the mysterious cigar-shaped object known as Oumuamua could have been an alien probe sent intentionally to Earth’s vicinity.  They say the odd asteroid may actually have been sent by an “alien civilization.”

    Oumuamua has been confusing scientists since it appeared in space. First sighted back in 2017, the odd object was thought to have been nothing more than an interstellar asteroid.  But since then, scientists have decided to take a closer look at the mysterious object to see if they could confirm whether or not it was sent by an intelligent civilization outside our own solar system.

    Teams lead by renowned physicist, Stephen Hawking, are attempting to discover whether or not Oumuamua is alien or natural. If a radio signal is detected later today, scientists will “proceed with caution.”

    Professor Avi Loeb, Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University, said: “My recommendation, as in any dialogue, is that we first listen and do our best to understand what we are hearing. Once we figure this out, we can decide how to respond,” he said.  “Overall, I am an optimist. I believe that a very intelligent civilization will be peaceful, and we could save ourselves millions or billions of years by learning from it. But there is also the possibility that such a civilization will have hostile intentions and risk our existence, so we should deliberate carefully in any future contact with them.” –SHTFPlan

    Scientists still say that the most likely explanation for Oumuamua is a skyscraper-sized asteroid from another part of the galaxy, but what if it’s actually “a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization?” That more complex explanation is now provided in a paper set to be published November 12 in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. It was written by researchers from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

    According to a report by CNET, the soon-to-be-published paper will attempt to explain the strange movement of Oumuamua and comes up with a number of possible scenarios. As per the paper, it shows “deviations from a Keplerian orbit at a high statistical significance.”  Which means that Oumuamua doesn’t move like a regular comet or asteroid.  The first explanation is solar radiation pressure. But that leads to an even more strange finding.

    “If radiation pressure is the accelerating force,” states the paper, “then ‘Oumuamua represents a new class of thin interstellar material, either produced naturally, through a yet unknown process in the ISM or in proto-planetary disks, or of an artificial origin.” Artificial origin means that is was created by a species of intelligent design other than humans.

    The paper goes on to explore the idea that Oumuamua could possibly be a broken off part of an alien probe. That it could be a “light sail, floating in interstellar space”, not unlike the type being built on Earth as part of the Starshot Initiative.

    But here’s the best part: “Alternatively, a more exotic scenario is that Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization.” –CNET

    Since Oumuamua is now long gone, it will be all but impossible to confirm any of the explanations provided.  But it sure looks as though scientists are toward the object being that of “artificial origin,” meaning it was somehow created by another species.


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      1. Alien origin? I suspect he wants more funding.

        • Economic collapse, WWIII, civil chaos, my plate is full. At least an alien invasion would be interesting.

          I second the increased funding theory being a primary driver of “science”.

          • Difficult to imagine an article with less actual information in it.

            • yep, digging up an old bunch of theoretical guesswork from last year aint news.

              if theres something to this, whats been found since? nothing? oh ok.

        • It’s a fucking rock. Space is full if them. Enough tabloid fearporn.

      2. Curious:

        How many interstellar asteroids have been studied to compare with this one to know it is following an abnormal orbit?

        • Enough to look like a swarm of bees.

          However, regularity (rather than randomness) is considered the sign of intelligence.

        • It is NOT in orbit. It has a TRAJECTORY.

      3. If its alien. that means they are much more advanced than we are. So it would be futile to even worry about them.

        • Yeah, it would be a total mismatch. It would be like an NFL team playing a high school team.

          I like all of the alien invasion movies like War of the Worlds and Independence Day where we fight them with artillery and air planes. That’s not realistic.

          An advanced race of aliens would simply turn off all our electricity or engineer a superbug virus that erases all humans in a matter of weeks. We wouldn’t know how or why this was happening.

          I think it was Stephen Hawking or some famous scientist who said contact with a superior alien race may not end so well for us. We should be careful what we wish for.

      4. How is a team led by Stephen Hawking working on this? Don’t you have to actually be alive to lead something?

        • Thinking the same thing. Hawking is supposed to be dead.
          Or, am I thinking of the Mandela effect.


      5. Alien Probe that deserves to be rammed up shtf writers ass.

        FAKE NEWS.

        Look mac, just because some other “news” site reports total shit doesn’t mean you should also report such shit/

        Since Oumuamua is now long gone, it will be all but impossible to confirm any of the explanations provided.

        But that doesn’t stop every idiot with an ad revenue producing website that has a bunch of billybilly-bo-necks from believing it as true.

        • I’m a what?

      6. Well if its alien I hope its a hot looking chick with no attitude
        or a frustrated women who could not find a man to use abuse take 50-60% of his earnings including child support,, and alimony.

        That’s not a man hater because she did not get what she wanted

        Other than that welcome to earth now let’s go in the back of your spaceship, and work your levels of ecstasy I am a married man that has not had it in a while.

        • Hey Frog, is your first name “Pepe”?


        The only true telescope image reveal a tiny fuzzy pixel of light.

        Chalk another one up for NASA Animations!!

      8. Election day and CNN breaks a story with cigar and probe in the same sentence.
        Freudian slip?

        • Something to do with Bill and Monica?

        • Bill: Don’t forget to shout “BINGO!”

      9. I used to work at an observatory.
        I got OJT from world class Astronomers.
        Unless someone has figured out how to
        go faster than the speed of light,
        Everything that you see in the sky is
        ancient history. The sun light you see
        is 8 minutes old and it took a million
        years to get to you from the suns interior.
        The nearest other star/solar system is 4
        light years away.
        We have only been transmitting signals
        since Marconi (~1894) was playing with
        his toys, announcing our existence
        to the universe.
        Oumuamua is moving at 88 thousand meters
        per second. Do the math. Speed of light is
        ~300 million meters per second.

      10. Betcha Mork is driving that rock. Some scientists are getting bored.

      11. Harvard is no longer the great university it once was.

        Created by presumably straight, definitely white, obviously males.

        But now it has been all but taken over by anti-white non-Christians who hate straight white men. Whatever comes out of Harvard will be political anti-white and anti-American. They can claim the sky is green with red polka dots; and you can believe them or not.


      12. It must be VEGER.

        What ever happened to that hot bald chick?

      13. ” We come in peace “

      14. she passed away 20 years ago

      15. Live long and prosper.

      16. Harvard came up with Oumaumua ?? Is that
        like Obama-no-care?

        So many jokes….. so little time…

        Sounds like something the Obummaumau
        O great one would like to name after his
        egotistical subliminal self.
        Ah ! Don’t tell me….is that more mind control?
        Sheeezze! ?..my cards ♠️♠️♠️♠️ …his card ? he’s a loser….
        I WIN.!! How is that for MIND CONTROL.?

      17. I believe aliens are nothing more than the fallen angels and they have been here before………….still, real bad news due to the fact of how they will fool the masses who believe in hollyweird!

      18. In history, when a technologically advanced culture met a lesser technologically functioning culture, the latter ended up being controlled by the former…every time.

        Only an idiot would presume benevolence. There is no logical rationale that we would be able to communicate, have similar ethos or values, or that they would even consider it necessary to negotiate with us. After all, we might be like insects to them and not owners of the Earth.

        Since the fifties you have been conditioned by Hollywood to accept the illogical extraterestrial hypothesis despite it defying physics. Likewise in the post-ET era, conditioned to believe such creatures are naturally benevolent.

      19. In Moby Dick, the strange savage was tolerated, because he was useful. I bet, if Elizabeth Warren donated a million bucks, she could be their honorary princess.

        I think, they should make one of the stages of acceptance, a point of time, when some fact or development or weirdo provides something useful or a convenience for you.

        Noone has leveraged the info in a useful way, except to get corporate welfare.

        If this thing could perform some useful trick (besides for academic cronies), I think the other people would swear by it, too.

      20. Blow it up. We need to show those aliens how Earthlings deal with space litter from other civilizations.

      21. After human beings living with cats and dogs for millenia, we still cannot actually communicate. What makes anyone presume human beings could have a useful conversation with nonterrestrial entities?

        Language is based upon commonality. If they look nothing like us or have dissimilar senses, it’s highly unlikely for their thinking process to be the same.

        What makes anyone presume that we could even emulate their language? There is no guarantee it is through gestures or sounds…it could be releases of ultraviolet radiation. It could be vibration or variances in magnetic fields.

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