Harry Dent: “Nothing Will Save You” From The Upcoming Market Crash

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Harry Dent, a best-selling author, is warning of a 40% market plunge in April.  Dent says “nothing will you save you” either, as gold, silver, and bitcoin will all go to zero.  Dent says central banks are losing control.

    “The Fed is losing absolute control,” he tells our Daniela Cambone in this exclusive interview. While he argues that the crash will be the worst of our lifetime, Dent predicts that the ensuing depression will not be decades-long. The popular pundit also warns that there is nowhere to hide to protect yourself from this crash, “Nothing can save you, not Bitcoin, not gold.” Dent explains how he sees Bitcoin as a superbubble that will correct 95% and why gold will be heading back down to $1,000 an ounce.


    This crash, when it does finally happen, will be the nail in the coffin of the United States dollar, that’s for certain.  The Federal Reserve (central bank) has already begun to acclimate the populace to the acceptance of a wholly controlled digital dollar tied to a social credit score, much like China’s.

    Anyone who thinks the slave state cannot possibly get worse is delusional at best. It should be obvious to most by now that the rulers will not be loosening the chains.

    Why Central Bank Digital Currencies Are a Bad Idea

    Is Dent wrong? Maybe. Only time will tell. A crash is becoming more likely. We already know the dollar is toast and it is only a matter of time before the entire house of cards goes up in flames so the world can all be put on a pittance of universal basic income in exchange for their obedience to the totalitarian surveillance control state the elitists are building right now.

    Prepare the best way you can and make sure you know certain skills, such as how to barter, hunt, fish, and forage.  Skills can never be confiscated.


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      1. Prepare the best way you can, discreetly, even when it seems trivial.

      2. Nothing will save you?
        Gold and silver will be used, how will you pay any bills and taxes the government will demand? with US Toilet Paper currency? If you don’t pay something, everything will be taken from you. Gold and silver holds value in a crash, but not in a 90% wipeout of the population. then food with certain supplies will be king as currency.

      3. Harry Dent has been saying this a long time, but in my opinion he does not give the real reason why. For globalism to succeed there must be no power to resist it; no power economically, no power socially, no power politically.
        If/when the US succumbs to globalism there are a few items that must occur first. Here are some of those items: Our traditional American values and culture, our Christian heritage, our established history of individual freedoms and rights, the belief in elected and limited gov’t, and demographic stability all must change. Everything that contributes to these precious values must be destroyed. When that happens there will be globalism in the US. The US was the bulwark to stop it, but no longer is. The political “elites” are gleefully working to wreck the country as we once knew it.
        The globalist effort is strong in Europe with massive 3rd migration erasing European culture and identity and yes, to eliminate the European gene pool as it is right now. But the most strident effort for globalism being made is in the English-speaking world. (Europe will likely succumb, they have been so successfully emasculated and devitalized and pacified there is almost no resistance. I saw a video of women being assaulted in public in Germany and other Euro. countries by groups of m*sl*m immigrants, and even though there were large numbers of local men watching they did nothing to stop it, just watched, Russia is the exception, they won’t tolerate it – there was a video of a group of Russian men who beat the living hell out of a gang of approximately 30 immigrants for violating and molesting women, I commend them.) The US and English-speaking world is priority one to take down for globalism. Once this is accomplished no power stands in the way to stop it.
        A tragedy is that globalism cannot succeed without countless willing accomplices to perpetrate this crime against their own countries and peoples.
        Globalism has not been firmly established yet in the US, this means the effort to do so will only increase. Standby for lots of what used to called un-American activities at the highest levels.

        • We have not given up yet though. They stunned us but did not defeat us. We have been gathering our thoughts, and they are clear now. There will be a period of planning now.

      4. This is the ZERO End Game.

      5. Market crash? This will be a total economic and civil meltdown like what the USSR went through when it fell. People had to walk out to the fields and pick potatoes that had been missed by the pickers just to eat. Miners, Armed Forces and pensioners received no pay or benefits for months. The US dollar will never be the worlds reserve currency again.

      6. Harry’s been wrong for a long time. Quit listening to him.

      7. Oh I have been in love with Daniella for so long. I like Harry Dent a lot. I trust him more than Peter Schiff, Harry seems to be more knowledgeable but just me. I was going to say about Game Stonk, if you are playing especially in the pink sheets, say k y n c which only has 12k s ha res outstanding but funny I own 1.25 million, how does that work, I am making a claim for the company on Monday, I own 10x the outstanding shares bought in open market, that is my company, doesn’t matter I only paid $2000 or so.

      8. The human friendly investor credo. I promise to follow this.

        1. Down Ticks are for weathering storm
        2. Up Ticks are for buying & selling
        3. Markets are living beings, humans on each side. Take profit with careful planning so as not to disrupt the natural breathing rhythms of the market. All market breathe in-and-out, you can see this clearly by watching minute charts. Don’t try buying when market is breathing out, vice-versa. Also never take profit on more than 5% of position a day, or 5% an hour in urgent situation. Treat your wolf pack, those with you on this investment like family, take less profit so they might benefit & recruit five more friends, think MLM not pump & dump. Think, can I sell 1% and be happy, let others profit safely, then consider it. I do.

        Remember your wolf pack might be behind you, don’t crap all over and ruin the party for them. Let them win so they recruit five friends next month. Play the long & human friendly game, it’s the future. Peace and love, and yes Xi den did not win- not even close we will deal with that later.

        Tldr: Before trading, and when planning a trade, try to minimize disruption of the natural market, treat it like nature, carefully and with respect, and you will be rewarded richly.

      9. Avoid currency by hedging on traditional outhouses; 50 yards from your residence (if possible). Use a scythe to cut field grass, (air dried) 20 inches long or so, in lieu of toilet paper. This is exactly how folks in the middle ages used to wipe themselves (floss and scroll technique). And (unlike Captain Kirk), you won’t be circling Ur-anus to capture Klingons.

      10. This guy has been wrong too many times to count about gold and metals in general. I’m no expert but I don’t understand how he can discount 5000+ years of monetary history for gold and silver. For awhile he was screaming gold is going back to 400, then it was 700 and now finally it will go down to 1000.

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