Hard Left And Communist Radicals Launch De Facto Coup Attempt In America: “Massive Protest And Resistance”

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Headline News | 190 comments

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    This report was originally published by Alex Thomas at Intellihub.com


    Alert: Hard left, communist radicals launch de facto coup attempt in America
    By Alex Thomas

    A group of radical leftists that includes activists, entertainers, artists, professors, writers, and at least one known terrorist has launched what amounts to a sort of soft coup attempt in America with the release of a full page New York Times ad and accompanying website that lays out a concrete plan to prevent Donald Trump from ever taking office.

    The website, refusefascism.org, makes it clear from the start that this is not about simply protesting Trump’s inauguration but rather about actually preventing him from being inaugurated to the office he rightfully won.

    In other words, this is a direct attempt to steal the election from both Trump and the American people.

    The homepage for the groups website starts out by shouting “Bring DC to a halt!” and “Millions in the street say no!” before laying out what they are actually calling for.

    “Going into the Inauguration, flood the streets of Washington, DC with millions of people, determined to stay on the streets to stop the Trump-Pence regime before it starts,” the website reads.

    “This starts January 14, the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, and DOES NOT STOP till this regime is prevented from ruling. This is the kind of political crisis needed at this moment in history. It has happened before, and it can happen again,” it continues.

    A quote on the sites sidebar fantasizes about what it would be like to stop the elected President of the United States from ever taking office.

    “Imagine if people, in the tens of millions, filled the streets, powerfully declaring that this regime is illegitimate and demanding that it not be allowed to rule! The whole political landscape would be dramatically transformed, every faction within the established power structure would be forced to respond—and all this could well lead to a situation in which this fascist regime is actually prevented from ruling. This is not some idle dream but something which could be made a reality if all those who hate what is represented by this fascist regime translate their outrage into firm determination and massive mobilization to create the conditions which make this possible.”

    Its one thing to call for massive protests that would then somehow lead to Trump being unable to take office. Having a plan for how that would actually happen is another thing altogether and this group seems to have that covered as well.

    Startlingly, the plan not only includes massive protests, it also aims to cause so much of a problem that the “ruling elite” would then be forced to intervene against Trump. That’s right, this hard left and communist run sneak coup attempt is planning for the establishment to join them.

    On the FAQ section of their website they describe, in great detail, how they plan to stop Donald Trump from ever becoming president.

    “By the intersection of two things: first, massive protest and resistance from tens of millions of ordinary people, daring and determined to actually prevent this fascist regime from taking over and implementing its program, beginning more or less immediately and growing to a crescendo in the next few weeks, and through that creating “a crisis of rule”; and second, coupled with this, attempts by different factions in the established power structure which have real differences with Trump-Pence to solve the crisis by preventing them from taking the reins of power.

    These protests could be something with the character of the protests against police murder over the past few years, or the Occupy protests before that—but larger by several orders of magnitude and even more determined. Such protests would have to have the effect of figuratively “stopping society in its tracks” and would raise real questions as to whether people very broadly would recognize the legitimacy of such a regime to even rule in basic ways and enforce its edicts.

    The “not normal” character of Trump-Pence—the radical changes they embody in how people are to be ruled in this country (in short, the fascist ethos and measures they campaigned on) and in regard to U.S. international policy—have not only created tremendous anguish and anger among many millions of ordinary people, but among ruling factions which have up to now nevertheless chosen to go along with this. But should there be a political eruption “from below,” their concerns over Trump would combine with immediate questions as to whether their basic stability and perhaps even the entire system would be endangered by continuing to stick with Trump-Pence.

    As that dynamic developed, scandals that up to now have been covered up could erupt, or be treated in a different way so as to raise fundamental constitutional issues, and ways would be found to prevent the coming to power of Trump-Pence.”

    The group also has a planned full-scale propaganda effort that includes paying the mainstream media to run ads to promote their goal of stealing the election as well as a highly coordinated social media campaign aimed at the same.

    Eventually they envision bringing Washington D.C. to a complete halt in the week leading up to the inauguration as well as new “Trump scandals” to magically erupt in the mainstream media.

    Early this week, the call for this campaign will hit with tremendous impact via ads in major news outlets, in print and online, co-ordinated with massive and burgeoning social media efforts. Spokespeople will be made available to media in a concerted effort to get the word out and to involve as diverse a group of initiators and other possible spokespeople as possible in doing that. And with this, plans will be announced to “bring DC to a halt” in the week before the scheduled inauguration. Shortly after that we envision the growth of demonstrations and other forms of protest—including especially non-violent direct action disrupting business as usual, occupying public spaces, assemblies and meetings in institutions and workplaces, strikes, etc.—in cities across the country. As people see that there are many who feel like they do and, more than that, are determined and acting to do something about what would almost certainly be a horrific regime, they will themselves become inspired and compelled to join in these. This would have to quickly spread and find ways to overcome resistance and obstacles; but once people are aroused and acting on their highest aspirations, tremendous creativity and resources can become unlocked and things can spread like wildfire. While this is far from assured, historical experience shows that there is a reasonable chance that in the face of extreme provocation from the ruling powers, people can act in extraordinary ways.

    As this develops, we envision public spaces being occupied in major cities and millions travelling to DC to protest the inauguration in the days leading up to it (and the millions in the DC and Baltimore areas who DID oppose Trump-Pence making resources and shelter available). This is a highly mobile and highly interknit society in which there is still relative freedom of movement and outlets for expression*; if such a thing could happen in a highly repressive and non-interlinked society like Egypt, it could certainly happen here.

    As all this emerges and then comes to a head, we would expect that even further scandals around Trump would surface from various sources, that different sections of the population with different concerns would get drawn into this, and that the social will to stop Trump-Pence from ruling would emerge and the political/legal means to accomplish that would be found.

    On first glance this may seem like more of the same – the endless petty attacks on Trump and his incoming presidency that have all so far failed. Sadly this does not seem to be the case here, especially when you consider who is actually behind this de facto coup attempt.

    While more mainstream leftists such as Debra Messing and “Rosie” O’Donnell are leading the media charge for the group, its actual key members are much more important,with the list reading like a who’s who of the radical communist left.

    Calling themselves “initiators” the group includes former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and founding member of the American communist party Carl Dix.

    Others listed on the website as responsible for the plan include:

    • Herb Boyd, activist, author, journalist and teacher
    • Isabel Cardenas, Salvadoran-American activist, Los Angeles
    • Niles Eldredge, evolutionary biologist
      Charles Gaines, visual artist
    • Henry Giroux
    • Chase Iron Eyes
    • Everett Iron Eyes Sr., Water Administrator, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
    • Robin D. G. Kelley, Gary B. Nash Professor of American History at UCLA*
    • Fran Luck, Executive Producer of Joy of Resistance, Multicultural Feminist Radio at WBAI
    • PZ Myers, evolutionary developmental biologist
    • Arturo O’Farrill, composer and musician
    • Milton Saier, PhD, Professor of Molecular Biology, UCSD*
    • Yusef Salaam, one of the Central Park Five
    • Ted Sirota, jazz musician
    • Sunsara Taylor, writer, Revolution Newspaper
    • Cornel West, writer, professor
    • Michael A. Wood Jr.
    • Rev. Frank Wulf, United Methodist minister
    • Andy Zee, spokesperson, Revolution Books
    • David Zeiger, filmmaker

    For their part, the seemingly compliant mainstream media, which would have had a field day if a group of patriots like those in the standoff at the Bundy Ranch ever did something so coordinated and direct as this, has largely ignored this stunning call for election theft. When they have covered it, they have directly misconstrued what the ad in the Times was actually about.

    For example, a Variety headline on this actual plan to stop the elected president from taking office called it, “an anti-Trump Fascist warning”. Add this to the fact that the media looks to be taking money from this group for their ads and you have at the very least tacit support from the establishment press.

    The next three weeks are lining up to possibly be on a scale not seen in this country for decades and now we have known radical leftist provocateurs initiating a plan to steal the election.

    Alex Thomas is a reporter and editor for Intellihub News. He was a founding member of what later became Intellihub.com and an integral part of the team that destroyed the mainstream media blockade on Bilderberg in 2012. You can contact him here.


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      1. A shooting just occurred at the Ft Lauderdale Airport in the baggage claim, 9 shot, at least 1 dead. Still waiting for the details.

        Again another shooting in a “Gun Free Zone.”

        • The real irony will occur when the Globalist Commies are locked up awaiting trial for sedition and treason in the FEMA Camps they built for Patriots.

          Where are those 30,000 guillotines when you really need them ??? 🙂

          • You are “assuming”, we will be willing to be “re-located” to a “FEMA Camp”, and that the Marxist/Leftist/Progs, can martial enough of an army, to send and keep us there.
            That’s a lot of inaccurate assumptions to make of the majority of the population of this Republic.
            The Left has never been able to assemble any sizable amount of people together in one place since the Vietnam War Days, and the Millenials are far to self-absorbed to join anything.

            • I wasn’t talking about sending US to a FEMA Camp. I was talking about sending the marxists to the FEMA Camps they built for Patriots.

              Wake your brain up before you start typing. 🙂

          • 18 U.S. Code § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy
            If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.
            (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, § 1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

        • there will be more and more of this crap ( shooting )until the people stand up and get rid of the secret leaders of the world AND ALL the scumbags they have installed across the world and then you still have the radical so called religious NUTS!! end of story!!! clean out the scum or we the world as we know it will become VERY bad place to live in the VERY near future!! it is your choice people!! be a dead couch potato OR join the ranks and clean out the scumbags!!

        • Trying to get this at the top as I am hoping for responses….Has anyone went and read what is up on the website, particularly in the FAQS section?

          Let’s just say a ‘million’ snowflakes march, walk out on jobs and create enough violence/mayhem to actually make it impossible for a public swearing in. Would Trump be sworn in? Could ‘they’ (not sure who ‘they’ even are) refuse to swear him in? Seems possible these ‘protests’ could be an avenue to institute martial law. This seems to be a soft coup to me…

          Trying to consider all the possibilities.

          • Protest are one thing preventing a legally elected President is Sedition. These snowflakes have no understanding of the Republic or the Constitution. Violence and mayhem in direct opposition to a Presidential inauguration fall under seditious behavior and are a direct threat to the legitimacy of the Republic and it’s election process. In spite of whatever events take place, President Elect Trump will be seated regardless. Any official(s) seeking to prevent such.,will be held in contempt and immediately jailed.
            Martial law will not take place…but a robust severe response will be delivered to anyone seeking to overthrow the processes of our elections…no matter how much they whine.
            Even the Deep State knows that this is their desperation in open display.

            This can escalate…but it won’t be snowflakes leading any charges. Our enemies are within with large access to finance to provoke more insurrection. The solution….?

            Live Free or Die…30,000 guillotines and a lot of rope

          • i don’t know…..but it works for BOTH sides………..they can do it, WE can do it!……i just said this much a few articles ago…….

          • My response to them Anon1970:
            Nixon was forced to resign when many citizens wrote congress to impeach him for abuse of power. Your action is not going to stop a fascist government from gaining power. If successful it would keep the current fascist regime in power! Yes, the current fascist regime is controlled by the corporate and banking elite puppet masters over Obama and establishment Democrats and Republicans. Trump is the legally elected President and no such action should be taken before he does anything unconstitutional. You are playing into the hands of those who would destroy the Republic.

            • it might be time for everyone to look up the definition of “fascist” — it doesn’t just mean bad guy.

              if I had to define it, I would go with “the absolute opposite of an entrepreneur billionaire.”

              • Fascism has always gone hand in hand with entrepreneurial billionaires. Where do you think they get their money? Billionaires routinely take over protesters and use them to make money. Case in point, the tea bags/Koch Machine. Alt right/Robert Mercer/Trump, Hitler/corporations. TPTB could not get a handle on the Occupy Wall Street movement because it was not centralized. Your labels of commie, socialist, fascist, tea party, etc. mean nothing to tptb using them to control the people as a power base.

          • It is not necessary to swear a President in on the steps of the capital. It can be done in a parlor (Calvin Coolidge) or on an airplane (Lydon Johnson).

          • Basic premise is incorrect, the March is scheduled for the day AFTER the inaugural.

      2. “Hard Left And Communist Radicals Launch De Facto Coup Attempt In America”

        I really hope they do it. It is time for the right to show that they not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk (Yes I am speaking about you, 2. Amendment crowd).

        • Yup …here’s an idea , the DC Popo put up signs this weekend that say. Jan 20th Free Lead in Washington DC … Come get some ! This kind of BS needs to be squashed right now or it will just get bigger & bigger. One of two things will happen… 1) These useless commies will run back to Mommies basement & hide .. or. 2) the SHTF will be on & we can solve the problem for another 200 years. Like many of you , if there is going to be a reset … I need it to happen begore I am too damn old to be useful. If I don’t make it to the other side… I am good with that. As long as I can stack a big pile of these POS …. then I am good. Would like to see my grandchildren have a chance to live in an America where the Constitution is followed & freedom & liberty are governing principals . Everyone earns their way… no more lifetime welfare or food stamps. You get 2 years max & after that , make it happen… We need to bring back Natural Selection . If you do stupid shit & end up Dead or crippled … too bad. No sueing McDonnalds for millions because you put hot coffee between your legs…. It is waaaay past time to make commen sense ….common again ! I hope Trump can make the changes needed to put us back on the right track. I have had all the ” hope & change ” I can F-n stand.
          Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

          • well, i guess it’s time to revisit what i said a year or two ago…..actually, it was over 3 years ago

            how on earth did this happen?…here’s a reprint from a few months ago….it’s because they are STUPID. …that’s our nation’s problem. we got too many stupid people. they are everywhere, and i’ve been thinking for a few weeks now on WHY there are so many stupid people infecting our society. i’m 58 now and i can’t remember this many stupid people around when i was a younger man. they are EVERYWHERE. the problem is that we have sooo many laws now to protect the STUPID from themselves, and they breed MORE stupid people. we have laws to make sure stupid people can get a job for example….i REALLY believe that a lot of stupid people get hired into government jobs because the human resources hirers know we would be paying for their welfare payments if they weren’t given these gubmint jobs. they have been instructed by their superiors to hire the handicapped(stupid) to keep the welfare roles lower. think about it, we protect the stupid from being cleansed from the genepool by making laws like:
            wear a lifejacket in a boat
            wear a helmet riding a bike
            don’t put your hand in the tigers cage at the zoo
            label on cigarettes to say they’ll kill you
            can’t take a glass bottle to a sporting event…gotta be plastic so nobody gets cut
            can’t walk down the street in public with a beer
            no jaywalking
            gotta have seat belts to drive a car
            sign saying “no diving” on a 200 foot high bridge
            mcdonalds coffee MIGHT be hot
            ladder sign saying it MIGHT be dangerous to stand on top
            don’t put your fingers in the fan blades
            these lawmakers got it so VERY few stupid people can get killed any more. back in the day people DIED for doing stupid things, now they just keep breeding more stupid. i tell yuh, the genepool needs more chlorine…..get RID of some of these laws. just too many stupid people for our country to not have a serious breakdown SOON! and now killary wants to let in MORE of them!(it’s simply to try and raise the average IQ of the american public, stupid)…once it DOES all blow up, will it take a few generations to get back into balance? or will mostly stupid people die off? hmmmm…..food for thought……STOP TALKING TO CLINTON SUPPORTERS!….they are stupid, and they are about to destroy america…not that there was MUCH hope anyway.

            • B C D
              YES, the govies have been trying (with success) to DUMB down citizens for years and it worked!! there are so MANY stupid people these days and they are not only stupid they are GULLIBLE, it will take many generations to turn this around IF it can be. as long as the brainwashing continues on this scale it won’t happen. The upper leadership has to be removed from those offices and the MSM and the school systems and colleges ALL have to be revamped in order for this to change. ie look at what the TV shows have for the public to watch and look at the number of PEOPLE who are watching those shows. it will take a HUGE miracle for this to turn around, or it will take a complete break down and civil war to bring about the change required. butt your on the correct train of thought, QUESTION is HOW to accomplish it!!

              • BCOD, You can’t fix stupid. The only answer I have is to STOP rewarding the stupid breeders, give welfare reciepients 2 years and forced sterilization, Get the govt. out of education, Stop immigration by turd world countries. OR let the SHTF and after a few months they will all be dead. Then after that it will be us vs. the continuity of govt. crowd. Throw in a total military coup and maybe we will have a chance.

                • you guys got it all figgered out!

                  • The funny thing is, if you’ve read the story above, the stupid people on the left, gave you a nice list of all their leaders. When they start this conflict, Let their leaders on this list, be the first to fall.

                    Herb Boyd, activist, author, journalist and teacher
                    Isabel Cardenas, Salvadoran-American activist, Los Angeles
                    Niles Eldredge, evolutionary biologist
                    Charles Gaines, visual artist
                    Henry Giroux
                    Chase Iron Eyes
                    Everett Iron Eyes Sr., Water Administrator, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
                    Robin D. G. Kelley, Gary B. Nash Professor of American History at UCLA*
                    Fran Luck, Executive Producer of Joy of Resistance, Multicultural Feminist Radio at WBAI
                    PZ Myers, evolutionary developmental biologist
                    Arturo O’Farrill, composer and musician
                    Milton Saier, PhD, Professor of Molecular Biology, UCSD*
                    Yusef Salaam, one of the Central Park Five
                    Ted Sirota, jazz musician
                    Sunsara Taylor, writer, Revolution Newspaper
                    Cornel West, writer, professor
                    Michael A. Wood Jr.
                    Rev. Frank Wulf, United Methodist minister
                    Andy Zee, spokesperson, Revolution Books
                    David Zeiger, filmmaker

                • And the nincompoops who elected a globalist to avoid globalism? Hahaha.

            • Stupid is the predictable and desired result of public education.

            • It took several years of teaching High School science: “You can’t fight stupid” (though too many of my kids were closer to “stoopid”!

          • This country/people needs to do some healing the middle class has had the crap kicked out of them Individuals don’t even realize what has happen. This country has had a secret insider cabul running the show. If trump can pull it off with-out getting himself killed/or put in jail. A start of the healing process would to bring Obama/ and so called first lady michelle up on capital treason charges. The citizens of this country have been so deceived and dumb down that don’t even realize we had a gay president and a trans gender first lady in the white house for the last 8 years. It has been pretty remarkable that they could of pulled this off. They must of had help every secret service agent took a oath to uphold the constitution,and to let this slip bye, with no accountability, it pretty remarkable. Open you eye’s and do some soul searching. The Bush’s aren’t clean either. It would be nice to have a full investigation comparable to the nuremberg trials of Germany and have mass execution/hangings and put in all on network TV

            • G.W. Bush’s grandfather was a Nazi colaborater and tried to overthrow our gov. in 1933,they wanted us to be Nazi. No one ever covers that story.

          • It’s possible that this gathering could be used to spark a Martial Law scenario, if someone unbeknownst to the “protesters” starts shooting. Whatcha think?

          • Random,
            Ready and waiting to assist you in Galveston, Texas to ensure a proper transition brother.

        • @ Big Al and All This will play out the way the military wants it. Who ever they back wins. I expect the leftest will find out how effective a cluster bomb is.

      3. Breaking news, shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport.

      4. Good grief, nobody is stopping Orange Satan from assuming power, the treasonous criminal psychopaths would of done that a long time ago if the vice peddling pussy grabber was not with them. The American Holocaust and Chemical Culling will run much more smoothly under the control of Orange Satan and his genocidal Corporatist Fascist Military Junta Death Squad, so of course the psychopaths are not going to allow anything to stop him from assuming control of the Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed America!!!

        • Way to go Ron, just when I hoped for a switcharoo to fill the FEMA camps with violent leftists. But you are right, there is no good here. We are becoming undone.

        • “Culling will run much more smoothly under the control of Orange Satan and his genocidal Corporatist Fascist Military Junta Death Squad, so of course the psychopaths are not going to allow anything to stop him from assuming control of the Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed America!!”


          This right here is why the American people will never take the time to listen to reasoned arguments with proof of a plan for global government.

          • “This right here is why the American people will never take the time to listen to reasoned arguments with proof of a plan for global government”

            You do it your way coward, and I will do it mine, and by the way-How is your “reasoned argument” approach working on the dumbed down, disease ridden, depressed, addicted to everything, dying early drunklen bum pill popping toxic dump American cowards??????

            We have the statistics, evidence, and ALL the proof we need to easily see and understand it is NOT WORKING Plain Old American COWARD, so you better come up with a better angle and approach to reach the toxic dump cowards, before the psychopaths unleash their FINAL SOLUTION…You may want to speed that up, because you can easily see the Globalist Corporatist Fascist GENOCIDAL psychopaths controlling the Police State hell on earth of damned and doomed America have moved into the final phase of their de=population and One World Government agenda.

      5. Arrest them!
        They are terrorist against the traditional way of life in America and therefore enemies. The youth have to be ‘re-educated’ from all the brainwashing done to them by the anti-Americans (esp. in the educational system). Their mentality is a dark (keeping people in the dark – ignorant), slimy, stinky tar that drags people down into the pit and calls it living. Lies are not freedom, but bondage and slavery.

      6. Who are the financiers?

        • I’ll go out on a limb and speculate that George Soros is one of the financiers.

          Anyways, although I didn’t vote for Trump (nor did I vote for Hillary) I am very pleased that Trump has aroused the fury and ire of these Leftist Libs.

          Why? Because these people are outing themselves, and it will boomerang on them. Sure, there is and will be polarization and strife, but it is being initated and fomented by the Liberal Leftists.

          Let them be declared as the perpetrators and the proven culprits. Let’s welcome this as the gift that it is.

          • Yep, that old man needs to be put away in an orange jumpsuit – that’s their color of choice these day: orange is the new black.

            • well obunghole and killary will be in prision in gitmo untill the truth comes out on there treasons against the USA and anyone that is against it is an enemy

              • mike,
                I wish you were right but I seriously doubt either of them will ever face any charges for their crimes in this corrupt system. They will be protected.

            • another soros color revolution- the orange revolution

          • FreeSlave, damn right. Let the f#$%ers bring it. This is something I always knew was coming.

            • If the majority of those listed above are as active as Chase Iron Eyes was in his pursuit of the ND Governorship no one will show up. I know some extremely bright native Americans. He does not seem to be one of them….

            • AMEN Braveheart. They better hope they don’t get in my way. If they successfully stop Trump it is on!

            • Do I get an AMEN…
              Hi Braveheart…
              How’s high is it stacked now?


          • Agree… even with your vote(and I “did” vote, just like you not for THEM)! Side note: ya know it really irks me all this bull about Russia intervening with our process. IAM sure that if someone was keeping score “America” has intervened WAY more than any other place with other countries elections or Regime overthrows. And that just the ones we know about!!!
            I am not saying it was RIGHT if it happened, but that sure is the pot calling the kettle black being such a baby about it!!!

            • Russia hacking elections? Once again, the arrogant left, in its utter hubris, shows itself intellectually vapid. Some facts for your consideration:

              First, there was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her outed shenanigans getting Bernie Sanders out of the way (over which she was forced to resign, while Podesta escaped the justice due him over the same thing). No word from the left on that, of course.

              And of course, Washington Post claims “2016 election interference,” where in the WaPo article, it notes. “Obama administration announces measures to punish Russia for 2016 election interference,” and “The response, unveiled just weeks before President Obama leaves office, culminates months of internal debate over how to react to Russia’s election-year provocations. In recent months, the FBI and CIA have concluded that Russia intervened repeatedly in the 2016 election, leaking damaging information in an attempt to undermine the electoral process and help Donald Trump take the White House.”

              As Activist Post notes, however, The “damaging information” that was leaked, however, was disseminated by WikiLeaks, and likely the result of an internal whistle-blower, not Russian operatives. Questions surrounding the veracity of America’s claims are owed to a substantial lack of evidence provided by US departments and agencies involved in both the investigation and the punitive measures applied in its wake. Worse, not one single person in the lamestream media has asked the basic question: There would be nothing to “hack” is Hilary had just been open and clean in her nefarious activities. That is, basically the left is whining not because they got caught in their scams, but rather that another purported bad player told on them. As the saying goes, there is no honour among thieves. But to continue:

              Per Canada Free Press – which I trust a thousand times more than CNN, MSNBC, PBS etc. As a dual US/Canadian citizen, I read CFP regularly:

              “Fresh out of the Israel election, where they failed to dump Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in spite of millions of dollars, top Obama campaign experts are still in Canada working to topple our staunchly pro-Israel, Christian, conservative prime minister. Why is the Obama campaign team working Canada? … In Canada, Obama’s campaign team is guiding the election campaigns of both the Liberals and the NDP: “Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have quietly been getting regular advice from Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Barack Obama’s deputy campaign manager in the last U.S. presidential campaign. (Globe & Mail, Dec. 26, 2014) “Somewhat more openly, Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats have been receiving guidance from Jeremy Bird, who was Mr. Obama’s national field director.

              And CFP re. Obama’s meddling in Israeli elections:
              “President Obama’s role during the Israeli elections was larger than reported, according to a pollster for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party. (The Hill, March 22, 2015) “What was not well reported in the American media is that President Obama and his allies were playing in the election to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu,” John McLaughlin, a Republican strategist, said in an interview on John Catsimatidis’s “The Cats Roundtable” radio show broadcast Sunday on AM 970 in New York. “There was money moving that included taxpayer U.S. dollars, through non-profit organizations. And there were various liberal groups in the United States that were raising millions to fund a campaign called V15 against Prime Minister Netanyahu,” McLaughlin said. “He noted that the effort to oust Netanyahu was guided by former Obama political operative Jeremy Bird, who “set up an Obama for America-like organization in Israel called V15 that was running extremely negative ads against the prime minister.” “The ads hurt Netanyahu in the polls, said McLaughlin, who added the Israeli leader rebounded after delivering a speech to Congress early this month, prompting more critical V15 ads.”

        • Yea, who “really” are the financiers?
          Who “really” is behind this?!!

      7. The good news is millions of people finally understand they live in a CORPORATIST FASCIST Police State hell on earth controlled by psychopaths, which they have been living in for a long, long, long time, so it will make the arrests of the psychopaths that much easier.

      8. What if their plan is successful? (Won’t be)Who do they think is going to take their place? Traitor Obama? Killery? Another destroyer? Can they REALLY be that ignorant???
        (Lord, please give them a brain)

        • It will fail miserably.

          • So should I bring the tomato plants in?

            • Definitely. It’s still January.

              • Gotcha, can’t have them outside in all this doom!

            • I brought a tomato plant cutting into the kitchen window. It is blooming.

      9. These freaks who have nothing better to do than follow the America haters, the elites who want the old days back when you could steal money and enact laws sooooooo easily directed against the common people. Let these bastards demonstrate, when the hunger pangs come, the freaks will realize Soros is USING them like the twerps they truly are. Stupid and impressionable, these punks and wet behind the ears nutjobs are still grieving for their hero, Che Guevara. They probably all have their Guevara T shirts ready to put on and march in solidarity so the government can give them food, shelter, and college educations to prolong their periods of juvenile wastefulness. Thank our schools and colleges for the ideologies these pun;ks have and believe in. We’ve been under the sway of commie slime for a long time, probably since we supported via banks the Bolsheviks in ’17 and Mao and Stalin, ace commies during the 40’s.
        Get it out of your systems, freaks. You won’t be a punk kid much longer once the chains are fastened around your scrawny wrists by the commies and NWO banditos.

      10. Bring it, you phucktard communist scum. Oh wait, its supposed to be a positively artic winter weather that weekend, and you are all fair weather miscreants. We have nothing to worry about. You can anniversary Ferguson though if you want to. they appreciate you.


        • Sarge, You’ve a way with words. Understated, reserved, thoughtful and dead-nuts on. The idiots who would even dare dream of such lunacy seem to forget…. guys like you and me are a wee bit at the end of our patience with them.
          L & L my friend. Eyes front, got your back.

          • Wee bit?
            Im way way beyond avwee bit sick of the liberals crap,,,

        • I hear ya, Sgt. Dale !!!!!!

          • Heartless and Hellhound!
            I’m sick of these turds. Sorry for the verbage, but there is always time and a place for everything.
            I can tell you right now if they pull it off and or Kill Prez. Trump (God forbid) I’m going to be on the breaking point.

            Its time for all good Patriots to say “If you do anything to Prez. Trump we are coming for you, and yours.

            Keep them L&L and ready to Rock and Roll!


            • Yep. I’m betting we are much better shots than communist cocksuckers or liberal/progressive pussies.

              • Not many commies around here, I would have to seek them out. Probably just go to the college and do a drive by lol. Glad I don’t live in the Big Shitty. I would say 85% of peeps around here are armed conservatives. Saves me a lot of ammo. Maybe this summer I will take an early retirement and move to our cabin and just do odd jobs for cash. The only issue is I wouldn’t have insurance if I did. Damn… what to do…

              • “communist cocksuckers or liberal/progressive pussies” don’t believe in owning firearms, problem is they suck up to a big brother government that owns and operates all the BIG guns.

                • So? You just described our enemies we have been preparing to fight. The government scum. Are we supposed to start shaking in fear?

                • Absolutely, chances are we will be outgunned by higher tech weapons, armed drones, attack helicopters, UN Humvees, and whatever else the fascists throw at us.

                  To fight the tyrannical deep state, we will need fearless Americans, not afraid to die, willing to give their lives for their country, and who can castrate a mosquito at 200 yards.

                  The price of Freedom is extremely high. We are facing an enemy which is not going to go away until its final defeat at the return of our Lord. At this point, we cannot back down or give in. The alternative is suicide.

                  • Dying surely beats slavery Sarge. My children are worth it.

            • “If you do anything to Prez. Trump we are coming for you, and yours.

              Live Free or Die…don’t say we didn’t warn you!

              • Old former squid here says “Fuckin’ A!”. REAL sailors know how to shoot, too!! Eat LEAD, you crazy-assed commie rat bastids!!!

                • William Hudson

                  Does 093 mean anything to you?

            • If they do ill be driving around looking for people celebrating that and ruin their day

            • Sgt.
              We are with you, just remember, Trumps support among law enforcement and the Military is HUUUGE.

              A few hundred pussy radicals and Soros paid commie pinkos will stand little chance.

              In fact if the standing president ordered the military to take up arms and attack Trump at his swearing in, I dare say Oblunder would be hanging from a tree before day’s end.

              The entire half of America that matters, feels the same way you do. The other half are angry but clueless and for the most part helpless. They spew lots of hate, but as a LEO, I know you’ve seen that type before.

              I was watching the Lauderdale airport incident today, amazing how many heavily armed, well equipped and trained LEO soldiers they had on sight in literally minutes.

              The standing army that Obama envisioned to operate on US soil is arrived. Scary for Obama, he built it, but doesn’t control it! It will be truely frightening if it gets out of control, but I don’t see them murdering people for Obama in his last 16 days in power.

              I’ll be watching the inauguration, and enjoying every minute of it.

              As pissed as Obama seems to be over the Trump win, I see that as a good omen for America. We have no real promises, but what pisses off evil people, makes me happy!

              Take a breath, and take day off.

              • I have two very close police friends. One a recently retired VERY senior IL. state trooper. Both are **extremely** conservative and pro-Constitution. They are going to find that when they try to implement their Marxist shenanigans, a lot of these people they counted on will actively fight against them.
                More importantly, there are MASSIVE numbers in law enforcement and military that WILL, when push finally comes to shove, get off the fence and default to historic American and/or Western freedoms (I’m thinking Canada, the UK and Sweden here. Yeah, Sweden. I speak Swedish, been in Sweden, and worked for a Swedish company. They aren’t all pinkos. And as a dual US/Canadian citizen, you have to realize former PM Harper wasn’t elected by 10% of the population. Go check out Canada Free Press for a good, conservative site. )

        • Sarge, same here. I always knew this was coming. Bullets will do wonders on them.

        • Beucoup Yak Yak

        • This is horrible. You know what this is? This is called a

        • Hell Yes bring it on. It’s time WE eliminate the Globalist and put this country right.

        • Sgt. Dale, I’m a retired CSM and haven’t been in a fight for quite a long time. I would be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you against these Progressive Socialist Son-of-Bit*hes. Keep Your Powder Dry Brother.

      12. An interesting list of characters. Wonder how the list can be used?

        • It’s simple to me. Preventing the inauguration is not a protest, it’s treasonous insurrection. Arrest everyone on the list and charge them. Then bill them for the entire cost of suppressing their riots.

          • No: they have all kinds of “rights”. It is just us that do not, remember?!

            • They’ve invented a lot of rights, no doubt about that. They keep on pushing the envelope and they may find out they were lying to themselves all this time.

      13. The Commie American Haters are frightened to death that their Free Shit Buffet of Benefits for doing nothing over decades, will be taken away. Trump will school them on how to take responsibility for themselves and stop being parasites. If that does not work, there are plenty of Patriots out here, that will help ventilate their hostilities. While they protest on the ground, we will be on the rooftops feeding them lead nutrients as encouragement on how to be good American and love your country again. Right Deplorable Braveheart1776?

        • Zeus, LOL! I’ve always known this was coming. The libturds are retarded enough to try something like this. Right now they’re more dangerous than I’ve ever seen them in my whole life. They lost some power and influence on Nov. 8 and will stop at nothing to get that back. I’m afraid a shooting war is now the ONLY way to stop them. As long as they’re alive and capable of doing something, they are a threat to all of us.

          • Naw. So far everything they have tried to overthrow the election has failed. Biden told them it was over Jan. 5th. This is unlikely to go anywhere (I certainly hope).

      14. Let the whiny little cry babies have their day in the sun. Makes it easier to line up the cross hairs!! LOL

        This may be the best thing they could do to show just how un-American these bastards are. Let them parade around and show their ignorance. Anyone that would listen to and gather with these commi dip shits deserve what they get.

        It is obvious these libturds have no idea what an American Patriot can and will do, once truly motivated, to keep their country, their GOD and defend the Constitution and to purge from it, all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

        We may be seeing the rise of the ignorant, but I pitty the fools when they see the rise of the American Patriot!!!

        Ladies and Gentleman Patriots, this may be the point where action is called for,,, be ready, be safe and long live the Republic!!!

        • “T”
          Ready Sir.

          I took an Oath over 30 years ago, I’m ready to stand and Honor my Oath!


          • Got a son buried in the Sarasota National Cemetery… his ‘safe place’ – vet, Persian Gulf. Reckon if he could die for this country, no reason Dad shouldn’t too. That’s the real problem for the other side. Just too damned many men and women who just don’t give a sh*t anymore about nice.

            • “H”
              sorry for your loss of a TRUE HERO!!!
              I see You raised him well. GOD BLESS

              I would be proud to stand beside you.

            • I am sorry for your loss. However, I am sure he is watching with interest, to see how we Patriots respond to this stupidity. God bless you sir.

          • @ SGT
            Yea Buddy , I’m in ! It is way past time for “put up or shut up” . As Stalone said in a movie ” Your a disease …. & I’m the cure “! Bring it.

        • HERE!…HERE!…

        • Yes. Long live the Republic. They are calling for a Revolution!!! Holy cow!

        • Peaceful protest is the right of every American. If it becomes any more than that, as far as I’m concerned it is open season. All traders need to be eliminated.

      15. I dont have a gun but i am very proficient with a bow

      16. I’ve heard fleets of drones will be used to track these protestors and they’ll be recording these flatworms for prosecution should they create trouble.

      17. So how far is this movement going to spread out? Will it reach Florida? Are they riding down I-95 or I-75.

      18. Ah yes the thought of millions of lefty protestors in the streets has me feeling all philosophical and stuff.

        I shot an arrow into the air and where it lands I do not care
        It fell to earth I know not where….

        ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow..

      19. Watch on YouTube:
        “The Ethnic Origins Of Communism”

        Read this book:
        “The Secret Behind Communism”
        By: Dr. David Duke

        “…for the most part atheistic J*ws” Winston Churchill

        communists in America should be afraid because their desperation is causing them to show themselves. Now here is a good list. Trump should arrest every one on it and take over the media. That would be day one, first thing on the agenda. No more Mr. Nice Guy, lock them up.


        • Another great book on Communism is “Red Jihad” by Cliff Kincaid.

      20. Here’s what these vile, evil, murderous, ignorant, commie/fascist, arrogant, disgusting, intentionally stupid, mass murdering communists don’t get:

        They have alienated people that were formerly relatively neutral into people that are now, like me, VERY active in stopping yet another century of mass murder by the left. See the Black Book of Communism, by Courtois, et al., published by Oxford Univ. Press.

        When they opened the old Soviet archives in the early 90s, one researcher found there had been over 60 MILLION of what they euphemistically called “excess deaths” in the USSR. We are now on to these vile, evil people, and will never, ever, EVER give in. Why? Because to do so would create a situation even WORSE than what Russia experienced.

        So keep at it you vile communists. The more you spout your ignorance and evil, the more people wake up daily, and will resist forever.

        Oh, and BTW: you want socialism? Start with turning the mansions of George Clooney, Mikey Moore, Morris Dees of SPLC (featured in House Beautiful – just google “Morris Dees House Beautiful,” or “Michael Moore or George Clooney mansion” and see for yourself) into free public housing for illegal refugees.

      21. What these stupid pricks don’t understand is, if a total Communist takeover does occur, these “useful idiots” THEM, are the first ones killed!

        • SW, that’s right. Communist revolutions have always eaten their own promoters first.

          • See, DP, this quote:

            Jacques Mallet du Pan (1749—10 May 1800), wrote about the first leftist reign of terror, in his 1793 essay that ”…the Revolution always eats its own children” (“A l’exemple de Saturne, la révolution dévore ses enfants”)

        • Sem, history has borne what you note out again and again and again. These people now have ZERO excuse as *perhaps* they might have 100 years ago. What they did to former Stalin buddy and NKVD head Lavrentiy Beria is particularly instructive. Or, similarly, recall in the late 60s, Brezhnev reportedly asked Nixon if he launched nukes at Mao, would the US get involved. As it was, there was a brief war in the Ussuri River region, with a goodly number killed in combat.

          A site you might want to check out is the Schwarz Report, formerly the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, founded by Messianic Jew, Australian Dr. Fred Schwarz, M.D., then taken over by Dr. David Noebel at his death. Site is https://www.schwarzreport.org One cool offshoot of the is Summit Ministries, at https://www.summit.org They take high school and university level students (main site is Colorado Springs/Manitou area, but they also have other locations) and provide several week seminars to these kids to assist them in examining worldviews while in school. E.g., one of the instructors is Abdu Murray, a former Muslim, now Christian apologist. J.D. is from Univ. of Michigan. I have heard him talk, and he is absolutely brilliant. J. Warner Wallace is a former cold case detective, who wrote the seminal Cold Case Christianity. If I had kids late teens to early 20s, I would eat Kraft dinner for a month to get my kid in. These guys are THAT brilliant

      22. Of course, these “useful idiots” (as Lenin called them) will be the FIRST ones trotted off to be exterminated. Happened to Robespierre. Happened to Trotsky. Find out what happened to Lavrentiy Beria, head of the NKVD under Stalin by googling his name.

        Or as the pig Che Guevara once said about the campesinos (peasants) who supported him in S. America: “I know the campesinos support us now; however, when we come to power, they, too, will have to be liquidated.” (I.e., they weren’t ideologically pure enough).

        Recall Dostoyevski, who said “If there is no God… EVERYTHING is permissible.” That, mes amis, is why 100 MILLION people were murdered last century by the left.

        And yes, Dostoyevski DID say that. Без бога всё позволено


        For those of you interested, Andrei I Volkov explained the Dostoyevski statement as below. Google his name + Dostoyevski to get the complete explanation, which is a bit detailed.

        A Google search produces a number of hits for this Russian phrase, and Google’s search box suggests another variant, “Без бога всё дозволено.” The second clause—всё дозволено—is a variant of the phrase “everything is permitted,” which appears several times in Dostoevsky’s novel, along with всё позволено.
        This key phrase appears word for word in Part 4, Book 11, Chapter 4 (“A Hymn and a Secret”) of the novel. Addressing Alyosha, Mitya (Dmitri) Karamazov quotes himself saying it when retelling an earlier conversation with Rakitin. Rakitin is an aspiring journalist who interviews Mitya in the jail right before Alyosha comes along. Both Mitya and Rakitin picked up the idea from Ivan Karamazov. I have bolded the key phrase below:
        А не любит бога Ракитин, ух не любит! Это у них самое больное место у всех! Но скрывают. Лгут. Представляются. ‘Что же, будешь это проводить в отделении критики?’ – спрашиваю. ‘Ну, явно-то не дадут’, – говорит, смеется. ‘Только как же, спрашиваю, после того человек-то? Без бога-то и без будущей жизни? Ведь это, стало быть, теперьвсё позволено, всё можно делать?’ ‘А ты и не знал?’ – говорит. Смеется. ‘Умному, говорит, человеку всё можно, умный человек умеет раков ловить, ну а вот ты, говорит, убил и влопался и в тюрьме гниешь!’ Это он мне-то говорит. Свинья естественная! Я этаких прежде вон вышвыривал, ну а теперь слушаю.

      23. From Robert Redford’s paean to Che (Robert would be one of the first ones marched off to be shot once Che was done with other of his “useful idiots,” to the ubiquitous Che t-shirt/Yes we can types on campus, Che is groovy. What kind of person was he really? Humberto Fontova, a Cuban himself, tells you what he really was, not the chic myth unthinking leftists make him out to be:

        “As a commander of La Cabana execution yard, Che often shattered the skull of the condemned man (or boy) by firing the coup de grace himself… Che’s second story office in La Cabana had a section of the wall torn out so he could watch his darling firing squads at work.”

        Here’s some of Che’s own words that, gee, somehow Robert Redford overlooked from the Motorcycle Diaries:
        “ My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering and that fall into my hands! With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial how!” (Gee, where were the gun control freaks when you needed them!)

        Che talking about the campesinos who supported him in the revolution in South America: once we win he said, “they will have to be liquidated.” Unfortunately, the campesinos weren’t politically correct enough, so out they go! And and of course this lesson is lost on the Mikey Moores, Babs Streisands, Sean Penns, etc. They needn’t wonder what would happen to them if the communiststook over. (BTW, Castro and his crew hated homosexuals, too).

        An example of one 17 year old boy whom Che murdered: Rigoberto Hernandez. He was a janitor in a high school in Havana, retarded, and the only son of a single mother, who was accused of planting bombs by the CIA. Fontova writes how “Che’s soldiers dragged him from his cell in La Cabana, jerked his head back to gag him, and started dragging him to the stake.” He pled his innocence all the way, muffled as it was through the gag. “His struggles whiel being gagged and bound to the stake were also awkward… “Fuego” and the firing squad volley shattered Rigo’s little bent body as he moaned and struggled awkwardly against his bonds, blindfolded and gagged.” Of course, as she told his courts “judiciary evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail.” Women were also his victims, tho in this case, I’m sure the feminists would heartily approve. Juana Diaz was executed Christmas Eve, 1961, for not adhering to Castro’s Stalinist ways. She was six months pregnant at the time.

        Hatred was constant in Che’s writings (H8TE crimes are A-OK when leftists, or minorities, do them… like that mentally handicapped man who was tortured earlier in the week in Chitcago).

        Che wrote of “Hatred as an element of struggle”; hatred that is intransigent”; hatred so violent that it propels a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him a violent and cold blooded killing machine.” In fact, in 1961, he wrote that he craved “millions of atomic victims” in America (possibly to include a bunch of young Robert Redford types, but they don’t get it). Here are Che’s own words from 1961: “Against those hyenas there is no option but extermination. We will bring the war to the imperialist enemies’ very home to his places of work and recreation. The imperialist enemy must feel like a hunted animal (BTW, where’s the outrage from PETA and Greenpeace over this statement?? Yeah, I thought so. More hypocrisy). Thus, we’ll destroy him! We must keep our hatred against them (the US) alive and fan it to paroxysms!” Wow…. The one time just maybe those stupid leftist hate crime laws might have been of use!!
        Finally, “brave Che,” when faced with armed soldiers tracking him in Bolivia on Oct. 8, 1967 dropped a fully loaded weapon and whimpered “Don’t shoot! I’m Che! I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”

        As with everything else, Castro and Che were enabled, and arguably brought to power by the “useful idiots” of the leftist media, e.g., the NY Times Herbert Matthews in 1957 (sounds like the brother of Chris “Tingle up his leg” Matthews!), of the same paper that sent Walter Duranty to Stalin’s USSR, where he saw no executions, just an idyllic workers’ paradise.

        Just a little primer for for the rhinestone commies and Che-o-philes around you. Too bad Pol Pot wasn’t good looking, of European heritage, and rode a motorcycle, or the “yes we can crowd” might be wearing a T-shirt of him around, too.

      24. Cancel their EBT cards,permits and close down all the fast food restaurants and restrooms with 20 miles of the event. Oh yeah…porta johns too.

        • J I Va
          Great idea!!!!

        • Like “Occupy” people care?

      25. Cancel all safe spaces located in the D.C. area on inauguration day.

        • Release the Therapy Dogs !

      26. Typical of the left, exactly like izlamists – mentally unstable and emotionally violent. You’re not allowed to disagree with them – it’s their way or the highway, yet they demand tolerance. If you disagree with them, they want to kill you.

        • Sarge.

          “That’s It!”

          Charlie Brown.

        • Wonder what the radical gays and feminists will do when the radical Muslims come marching in to San Francisco (where I was born)to implement Sharia law

          Or hasn’t anyone on the left thought that thru yet?

          • Test

            Good point. Nobody wants to touch it. Goes against the grain.

          • ROFL, I believe I would call it “just desserts!”

      27. Oh holy mother of God………I’m trying to visualize FAT Rosie, w/a .50 BMG blowing her up………….

      28. I just check the extended weather forecast for D.C. Weather is going to nice.

        I’ll bet they don’t get 50,000 people. They are wanting 1,000,000 pieces of shit.

        Don’t forget there is also going to be Thousands of Bikers there backing “The Donald”. If only 2,000 Bikers show up they still have the pieces of shit out numbered.

        If these low life scum bags (no disrespect to scum or bags) wants a fight bring it on.

        Don’t forget to “Do unto them before they do it unto you”!

        AIM SMALL MISS SMALL. Reload and Repeat, Reload and Repeat!

        • Sounds like a great place to try out sonic weapons and rubber boolits and pepper grenades and flame throwers and water cannons and 55 gallon barrels of tannerite labeled free shit lol. Sign me up to test these on the commies!

        • I forgot about the bikers. Thank God for them. I don’t have a tv. How can i watch on the computer? Or do i have to wait till it’s over to watch on youtube?

          • Marie – go to Google play store and, in the search box, type in “watch live tv free”. You’ll be given a whole gamut of choices!

            Be careful though as there are some right clunkers to pick from!

          • Marie…
            YT will have live streams….

          • “M”
            Just punch in any of the Main Stream Media.

      29. If 10 million of the champions of the popular vote (which is debatable) march in the streets and stop a valid inauguration then these bastions of democracy have facilitated 3.3% of the people deciding, contrary to law, who becomes President. Any President filling such position other than the elected by law Donald Trump is illegitimate. The result is the USA ceases any legitimacy both legally and more importantly in the eyes of the world. Black Swan Event? Hell its the Black Swans of Black Swans. The world economy would be in chaos, war would be the eventual outcome.

        • As always, the filth of the left at their vile, ignorant, idiotic antics. My neighbor had Hilary signs all over her yard. Yep, this is the SAME woman who is on disability, but who I **regularly** see out jogging a couple of miles in nice weather, or doing the same when I am at the gym.

          How these people actually can look in the mirror is beyond me. But as a neighbor, I try to be civil. I have some other friends that I graciously, but firmly, ended my relationship with over their crypto-communism. Anyone who countenances a movement, even if covered with a bit of velvet at present (Fabian socialism, or Antonio Gramsci approach to communism) is simply no friend of mine.

      30. As you read the comments on articles like this, it makes you wonder if there is any hope, as both sides sound like extreme, out-of-control fascists. Looks like logic, clear thinking and sanity have become extinct.

        • Indeed. I say patience grasshoppers. Patience. Let it play out.

        • You would not be some middle of the road Mr. Synickel, if perhaps you – or your three year old child – were one of the 62 million Stalin murdered; or the millions Pol Pot massacred; or the several million starved to death during the Holodomor.

          I assume you would have found opposing National Socialist (Nazi) leader too extreme as well.

          And your “fascist” slur is particularly funny. NSDAP, National Socialist German Workers’ Party, adopted explicitly socialist planks at their very first convention, Munich, Feb. 1920.

          I suggest you try some “clear thinking” of your own, and try some intellectual honesty… for once. All it takes is a simple google of “Nazi political planks.” Question is, whether you have the intellectual honesty to do so.

          For the rest of you who actually do have intellectual honesty, for your review:

          Here are the some planks of the Nazis, adopted in Munich on February 24, 1920:

          “We ask that the government undertake the obligation above all of providing citizens with adequate opportunity for employment and earning a living… We demand profit sharing in big business… the government must provide an all-around enlargement of our system of public education. . . We demand the education at government expense of gifted children of poor parents. . . . The government must undertake the improvement of public health… permanent recovery of our people can only proceed from within on the foundation of The Common Good Before the Individual Good”
          Nazi stands for the Nazionale Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei – the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Was it just a name, as some say? Then why did the Nazi’s introduce the “Reichsarbeitsdienst” – the National Labour Svc that had public work systems; why the “Kraft durch Freude,” where the STATE even took care of the leisure time of workers?

          No the Nazis did not advocate public ownership of production, only that the govt oversee and run the economy, as they knew that legal ownership wasn’t what counted, but rather CONTROL. So, private citizens could hold title – as long as the state had the unqualified right to use their property. I.e., de facto socialism, the STATE still controls. Or, as Carl Limbacher wrote in NewsMax, Dec. 5, 2005, “Benito Mussolini’s Fascist economic policy, which he called the “mixed economy,” tried to combine Marxism with capitalism. What resulted was a dictatorship which allowed limited economic freedom to those favored industries willing to operate under government patronage.” The observant among you will note well the phrase “operate under government patronage.”

        • “S”
          I disagree. I’ve been around long enough to see this coming to a head. The left has pushed itself into our lives, taking what they want and feeding The Free Shit Army, They have back by Pinko Commies, and scum like Soros.

          When you push a Tiger into a corner or poke a Bear enough one day they will come out fighting. That day is soon at hand. They will repeat, “We have awakened a sleeping Giant”!

          It is time to take a side. I’m going to uphold my Oath I took 30 years ago. Question is were do you stand?


      31. Lots of things can happen.

        You have Law Enforcement.
        You have the Communist Protestors.
        You have Patriot Bikers.

        “You put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up.”

        Now the cops can have fun beating up both sides. Tasers , rubber bullets, bean bags, Baton hits, tears gas and maybe water cannon.

        The Communist protestors will be at a disadvantage because many have no idea what is in store for them.

        The Bikers have been around the block a few times and not going to take no shit from anyone. Most will side with the law unless provoked to defend themselves.

        The best way is to have the Bikers and the protestors go at it. Have the cops stand down like they did in Ferguson.

        • “A”
          Many of them Bikers are Cops. You can bet that you will have the Cops and the Bikers fighting side by side.

          The scum have a right to protest, but when they star shutting things down, and damaging property, then the ASS KICKING should come, and I believe it will.

          If it gets really bad I can pack up and head east. Around 10 hr. drive.


      32. If I was going to this event to stop the protestors. I would be wearing soft body armor under my jacket. Might wear my biker helmet a lot and carry a collapsible baton.

      33. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

        Yap, yap, yap, yap.

        First, they’ll beat him in the primary. That failed.

        Then, they said they’d disrupt the RNC. That failed.

        Then came the attempts at character assassinations, over and over and over, ad nauseum. Those failed.

        Then, they tried as hard as they could distorting, contorting and lying their way into the elections. That failed.

        Then they said they’d disrupt and co-opt the electoral college. That failed.

        Then they attempted to claim 50 electors were illegal to stop the electoral college certification. That failed today.

        Next, they’ll try to say some BS like they’re going to disrupt the inauguration. I’m sure that will fail too.

        The problem is that with liberals its all just emotion without substance. They cause a show and once the show is over, there really is nothing left. If it actually takes work and organization and thought, well, forget it. It will fail. Why? Because everything they attach themselves to is to avoid work and avoid thought and avoid substance. …well, at least on their part. They love to suck YOUR substance but not their own.

        On Jan 21 we will begin to see what happens. I’m still riding on the Trump Train and we are burning up track AWAY from the cliffs into the open prairie.

        At ever turn the “predictions” and “theories” about why DJT won and or why he was allowed to win are falling like rain. Just watch and prep accordingly.

        I don’t know if DJT will be a good president. I know The Kenyan Bastard was not and I knew that the criminal Hillary would be worse. Electing any man to the position is a gamble and will ALWAYS be the lesser of evils because all men have fallen short of the glory of God.

        Pray for our country. Pray for the re-institution of Constitutional Law.

        • The REAL reason the commies are going to DC is because they heard there was no work there 🙂

        • Net ranger,
          I agree.
          I don’t see the left having any kind of turn out. The California Commies don’t even own the right clothing to survive a day outdoors in the middle of January.

          There’s a reason liberal demonstrations fall apart in the winter, it’s cold!

          There’s a famous line from the movie Sully about the plane that went down in the Hudson River. The NTSB asked the copilot if he’d a done anything different, he said yup, I’d a done it in July when it’s warm!

      34. NetRanger, welcome back and AMEN to your comments.

      35. The only reason these idiots are protesting is because they’re being paid to.

      36. I thought the liberals were all about TOLERANCE.
        They preached it long enough.
        I think we’ve tolerated enough of their bullshit.

        • Yea they want total tolerance unless it’s something that they don’t like . Then it’s zero tolerance. But remember the Bolshavik communist Jews that over threw the Russian government and murdered the entire Romanov family. Have the media ,Hollywood ,the FED, and the banks under their control. I bet the Russians thought there was no way the bolshavics could beat them . And they did. They will have unlimited monetary resources . They control the banks. And a total propaganda machine. Don’t underestimate the Jewish mafia.

          • The communists said that if they got in power they would pull Russia out of WWI. Considering that common Russians were detached from the German / French / Great Britain fight it was a great selling point. Taking from them (always the other guy) and give to the masses (me) adds to it. Today they have a very difficult selling point. I want conflict with Russia. I don’t care about US industrial evisceration. Their sales pitch sells to a relatively small audience. The Main Stream Media allies of the left can make their numbers appear greater than they are but in the end, there are only so many angles that you can you can film 500 people from to make it appear to be 50,000.

          • Regarding the Jews, many people confuse Israel with Israelites.

            There were a dozen Israelite tribes. One of which were the Jews. God penalized the Jewish tribe to forever wonder the land and never have a nation, because of their avarice, greed and perfidy.

            God blessed the rest of the Israelites, who later became Christians, and cursed the Jews to forever wander without a land.

            Jesus Christ was an Aramite Isrealite (not a Jew) and he was killed by the Jews who established the Kingdom of Judea against God’s will.

            The Jews were kicked out of Egypt, for their avarice, greed and perfidy. The Jews then established their unholy Kingdom of Judea — till the Romans took it away from them, as it was God’s will.

            Now the Jews, after 2000 years, have established New Judea, calling it falsely Israel.

            How any Christian could possibly support this terrorist nation cursed by God, is INCOMPREHENSIBLE!

      37. Wish we’d have thought of this tactic 8 years ago. Coulda stopped Obama. Oh wait, that’s racist. Bunch of A hole lefties. Go to your safe space and suck your thumbs

      38. Nonsense,they will not stop inauguration(a war with Russia would though),there will be a bunch of protesters,big deal,arrest and prosecute violent ones,the others,hey,protesting part of our country

      39. These idiots have another thing coming if they think the American people are going to stand by and let these Communist take over the USA. We and our ancestors have a history of fighting to preserve this country and it’s constitution, and don’t intend to stop now. The people voted and Trump won according to law. If you communist don’t like it your best bet is to leave and find yourself a communist country to move to; somewhere where they agree with you……. cause we don’t. We are not going to live under communism, “give me liberty or give me death” because that’s what it will come to. Now you commies decide what you want! There will be rule of law!


      41. There are far more votes to be had keeping and obtaining good American manufacturing jobs than catering to freaks that don’t know what gender they are. The more the Democrats embrace the fringe freaks the far greater number of Americans rally behind Trump. I wish the Democrats success with their rally of the wretched.

        As Astronaut Jack Swigert said in Apollo 13, “I can add”.

        • Good post,Kev. Though perhaps it might more appropriately be named the rally of the damned.

      42. The word for America in 2017 is COURAGE. Are our people courageous enough to stand up to the left. Is our new President courageous enough to do the”hard thing”. A war is about to start, a culture war, an ideological war, and eventually a shooting war. Are there enough Americans left with spines willing to stand up and defend our Republic. The left understands this is a war and are actively pursuing it. They will not stop. The question is is the rest of America up to the challenge, are they prepared to sacrifice (perhaps all). I am not so sure, time will tell. The American Experiment has reached a critical place in history, we as a people can fight for what we are or passively allow our country to become something else. For me at 57 the path seems clear, but I realize that there are Millions of my countrymen who are anything but certain. As they turn so I believe will our country, I am not optimistic.

        • “. . .or passively allow our country to become something else. . .”

          This passive allowance is the main cause of our demise. It goes back to early nineteenth century, when government was allowed into education. Conservatives rubber stamped almost all the trash emanating from the left. The entire progressive movement- approved!(((New Deal)))- approved! (((Civil rights laws)))- approved! (((Affirmative Action)))- approved! Federal control of nearly everything- approved! Patriot Act- approved! Trashing of Bill of Rights after (((9-11)))- approved! Silence after Waco Holocaust? Yes.

          (((Wars))) approved even though we weren’t attacked!!

          Military-industrial given carte-blanche! (((Keynesian economics)))- approved!

          Conservatives have neither values nor principles. At root, they hate America as much as the liberals.

          When was the last time you heard a conservative discuss the founding idea of America- Individual Rights? The horrible horror is they don’t believe in freedom- just like the liberals.

      43. I have a suggestion for any Hollywood celebrities who threatened to emigrate to Canada if Trump were elected President. If they are arrested on Inauguration Day, deport them to Canada (if they will have them).

        • I’ve seen a few opinion pieces around that they don’t want these people. Seems they have enough of their own.

      44. Hope these communists and welfare moochers get shot like dogs in the street. When the shucking and jiving Obama was elected, we were told he won that’s it, no protest, nothing.
        But now that trump won we are seeing these communist trying every trick to unseat him. Well my good communists we real Americans have had enough!

      45. Unreal.

      46. Have faith people and patriots for the hand of God is on this man we elected to office. The hand of God is on all that we see and hear happening all over the world. Trump will be sworn into office, I don’t doubt this, whether it happens in front of the public or in a protected room in front officials matters not. Don’t forget the patriots that will ride into DC on their choppers days before the inauguration and the brave men and women that serve us to protect our country–you know the ones that didn’t show up for Barry’s recent gathering at Arlington, VA in large numbers.

        • “King was a Communist front man”

          How so? You want to sit in the back of a bus? You want to be denied entry to a public university that your tax dollars fund? Everyone fighting injustice is not a communist. Actually not fighting injustice is un-American.

          • He cooperated closely with Communists, who had organized and directed his movement in particular and the civil rights movement in general. Read the blogs cited. If you read books written around 1960 by pro-integrationists and pro-segregationists, you will find that the pro-segregationists were much more accurate in predicting where integration would lead than were the pro-integrationists. Homosexual “marriages,” the immigration problem, and most other social problems that we have today are a natural outgrowth of the civil rights movement, which is why Communist pushed it. They wanted, and still do, to destroy the US and have done a good job of achieving their goal.

      47. fuk the left wing liberal terrorist group, drive them and islam out of the country

        • You do realize that Uncle Sam is arming Islamic Terrorists and using to overthrow sovereign secular nations in the middle east and there is a Bill in Congress to stop it.

          Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria


      48. BigBlueDrew

        “The question is is the rest of America up to the challenge, are they prepared to sacrifice (perhaps all). I am not so sure, time will tell.”
        Two points.

        First. We have had a good life and nobody wants to upset the applecart. The threat at this time is not real for it is all imaginary to many. Made up and will never happen.

        Second. We do not have a consensus on how to fight the war against tyranny. Some only want to do certain tactics in waging war. Religious beliefs stand in the way for some. How do you define the enemy or even the possible combatant in you neighborhood. Are there to be battle lines drawn. A Revolutionary war can be made against the Government. The targets are defined. A civil war between the people is harder to define. Is your neighbor a Democrat or Republican?

        Although we use to wage a political war of words and laws on how the nation is run, in the Washington D.C.. We now are becoming engaged in physical warfare on our own streets because of our skin color or for who we voted for.

        We will reach a point where it will boil over. It has to be an event that touches a large portion of the nation and the people, all at the same time and it must disrupt their lives immensely to drive them to take up arms, against each other.

        There will be no reasoning nor common sense. Only chaos and revenge when it begins.

      49. I believe this will be a huge fail however if they mean to overthrough the duly elected President I say let it happen. If the restoration of America does not begine here and now and the Progressive Globalists eliminated now they will win and your grand children will be no more than mindless government drones. If they mean to have war let it begine now. It is time we put things right.

      50. Interesting as one poster stated that all Trump has to do is say the right words and he will have a army of Militia.

        Guess the Gun Control Democrats are not as dumb as you think and are arming up. Happy they are paying higher prices and being restricted by the same laws and restrictions we had to abide by. Use to be able to buy three SK’s for the price of just one now.

        One plus is with the high price of ammo they buy less with their cash.

        • When the SKS was being first imported, they were around $200 here, lots of collectors wanted one. Then the quantities ramped up and I bought another one for $65, still in the wrap, out of a crate at the local gun shop.

          Should of bought a dozen of them.

          • The Chinese SKS looked like it was milled with a hand file and probably was. They do function but I have to say that they had, hands down, the worst trigger pull of anything I ever fired.

      51. I envision the inauguration as going this way. The president elect is in a heavy coat and hat due to the cold weather and just about the time he starts to take the oath, the protesters start to shout and rail to disrupt the ceremony. But, then the president flings off his hat and whips off his coat, and it is not Trump standing there but Ted Nugent in shorts with a foxtail attached in back. He grabs his guitar and starts playing the National Anthem over speakers so loud it drowns out all the noise from the useful idiots. Trump meanwhile is being sworn in somewhere else.


        “If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.
        ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

        Though blacks constitute but 13% of the nation’s population, over 50% of all murders are committed by blacks. The latter are also disproportionately represented as the perpetrators of assault, rape, and robbery. Blacks commit crimes at a rate far exceeding that of Asians, whites, and Hispanics. The numbers are staggering. Moreover, blacks are less likely than the members of any other race to be the victims of interracial crime, and more likely than the members of any other race to be the perpetrators of interracial crime and violence.

        One especially graphic story of which everyone in the country would have intimate knowledge had the victims been black and the victimizers white is that of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, a young white couple in their early 20s from Knoxville, Tennessee. Ten years ago on January 6, the two were carjacked. Over a span of days, they were repeatedly raped, sodomized with instruments, and murdered by four black men and a black woman. Chris was shot execution-style in the head and his body was burned. Channon was stuffed in garbage bags and left to slowly suffocate after having been made to ingest a chemical agent of some sort that her assailants hoped would erase traces of their semen from her mouth.
        Among those who are aware of it, this grisly event is now known as the “Knoxville Horror.”

        The “Wichita Massacre” occurred earlier, in December of 2000. Two black brothers carried on a six day campaign of crime in Wichita, Kansas. All of their victims were white. On the final night of their crime wave, they robbed, physically beat, and tortured five white friends, three young men and two young white women. The criminals forced the men, at gunpoint, to have sex with the women and the women to have sex with one another. They too continually raped their female victims.

        Later, the brothers drove their prey to a deserted football field, shot them in the backs of their heads, and drove over their bodies with the cars that they stole from them. One of the five, a white woman, survived.
        More recently, on New Year’s Day, 19 year-old Austin Fareni, a soldier in the United States Army who returned home to spend the holidays with his family, was jumped by a dozen or so blacks while leaving the Mummers Parade with his mother, Lori, and his girlfriend. According to the former, seconds before attacking him, the assailants made derogatory remarks regarding Austin’s military uniform. When Lori and the serviceman’s girlfriend tried intervening, they were punched in the face and Austin’s girlfriend was thrown into the street.

        Austin wound up in Jefferson University Hospital where he had to have plates inserted into his face. His mother says that he will also have his jaw wired shut for the next eight weeks.

        Jack Kerwick in http://townhall.com/columnists/jackkerwick/2017/01/06/the-evil-of-black-racial-violence-n2267906?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=

        Truth is, we ALL have evil in us. And some of the biggest H8TERS in the world right now are blacks (see above) and the radical gay sturm troopers. Worse, if we actually realize what Solzhenitsyn wrote above, then you are ineluctably forced to consider the bad news, and then by implication the GOOD news, of the Christian gospel.

      53. I am all for this Communist coup attempt. At least I will know that all that ammo I have was not bought in vain. it will be a chore loading all those magazines, though.

        • This brings along with it, even with failure, a severe rocking of the global financial system. We look at the US being in economic trouble but in reality its the strongest pillar among the co supporters. A coup in the US doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Given the dynamics a WWIII can very easily be an outcome.

          The left doesn’t even bother to read and understand their own roots because they would see that they’re useful idiots.

        • Violence will result in suffering of an unimaginable scale. The true battle is information dissemination and education of the leftist sheeple out of their blindness through non-violent, winsome, cogent communication. Brandon Smith was a leftist. So was my best friend, the author of the Canadian site http://www.thepoog.com. I used to tend left. But then I started thinking, and observing the grotesque ignorance and hypocrisy of the left, and woke up quickly.

          The left started their propaganda back in the 1960. We now need to have our own “long march” (apologies to Mao) back. May take decades, so best get started today.

      54. One part is missing in all this who is going to replace Trump Could it be obummer behind all this crap trying to stage a coup to stay in power. Gee I wonder what all the Trump supporters will be doing cowering in fear or standing in line of battle Perfect set up for Obama to sieze power due to chaos.

        • Rochmanr

          Guess we are going to find out.

      55. Soros IS a terrorist.

        I mean tell me he’s not. He’s funding this entire shit show. He’s throwing money into a violent overthrow of the elected government. How is that not terrorism I’m curious.

      56. Whatever the protestors do between the 14th and 20th of January will dictate what the rest of us do. Not as if we have not been warned and prepared for lots of scenarios that can happen. These followers of provocateurs will find out real fast what kind of pushback can occur. I hope they get their nose’s bloodied. When you participate in unlawful or dangerous acts, do not complain when you are injured or incarcerated.

        The Bars in D.C. should get some action. Hehehe.

        • “These followers of provocateurs will find out real fast what kind of pushback can occur.”

          Think of what your saying, you used the word “provocateurs”. They provoke to capitalize off of the response. Pushback is what they want. Let them destroy things, they’ll be judged in the court of public opinion and lose thus politically weakening their position.

          “War is politics by other means”, Clausewitz said. Therefore politics is war by other means. The end goal of either is to obtain a political concession. Pushback compromises obtaining and retaining the political advantage.

          • Kevin2

            This is why I prefer to go it alone. Some want to go in and kick ass while others want to sit back and play defense. Same as if you want me to go to war, I go to war to win. Don’t tell me I have restrictions. Same goes for religion. I believe we should have belief in a supreme being but Don’t force your shit on me and tell me I’m going to hell for what I do. Even as I am saving your ass.

            Sorry. I have had my ass beat too much trying to appease people to keep from getting into a fight.
            I’m not picking on you only telling you straight up.

            • I’m telling you provocateurs provoke for a strategic reason. What do you gain and what do you lose?

              Its not playing defense its political strategy. The goal is to win the war not get drawn into a battle that regardless what happens you politically lose. Let them lose.

      57. If you want to damage the left feed their ridiculous demonstration. Get 1000 men with beards to dress in lingerie caring signs stating they hate Trump America and Law Enforcement. Help the kooks by out kooking the kooks. Hell you’ll probably get twice the converts along the parade route.

      58. Michael Moore wants a hundred days of protests.

      59. So the Bolsheviks are going to go nuts. I advise people to be ready for something very bad to occur. I never thought I would live to see the day. God help us.

      60. I live just South of Mordor; outside right now it’s 20 or so degrees. Looking at the Farmers Almanac-it’s supposed to be nearly the same type of weather then as now: 1″ or snow on frozen ground. Water spray on these knuckleheads at the temperature it is during daylight hours, and you’ll have several 100 thousand popsicles with hypothermia.
        The rest of their “leadership” that signed off on the web site listed in the article? Charge them with Sedition and criminal enterprise.
        Or-let Mother Nature, water, freezing temperatures and physics do the rest.
        The “criminal Just-Us” currently in office are not going to do anything-Trump gets sworn in at 1200 hours, and let the crybabies whine. Then when the adults start spanking arse and locking these Seditionist’s up, they’ll lean on the “old piece of paper” for protection. I don’t think Miranda rights are covered in cases of sedition. I maybe wrong.
        Be well, keep prepping and stay warm.

      61. Well. I guess the only question is….where are all of the Patriots of this country going to meet so that we can deploy a massive force to shut down the liberal snowflake communists out there? I say meet force with force. This could be the last opportunity to take our country back. I’m in.

        I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

      62. This little get together of radicals from the left is nothing but declaring looting season open against the people of Washington. Stopping a legal president from being sworn in, will not happen, it is only a cover story. Looting, violence and destruction of private property will. The news media will be lined up near liquor stores to show the presidential protesters breaking windows and looting arm loads of liquor. There will be people pulled out of their cars beaten, robbed and policemen injured. It might just shape up to be a real circus of stupidly and violence, but that’s all it will be, a circus of the left. Donald Trump will be sworn in as president in the mean time as this is going on.

      63. On Drudge.
        Washington Examiner says there will be 5,000 National guard troops deploy for Trump’s Inauguration. Plus 3,000 other security.

      64. Al Sharpton says there will be a season of disobedience.

        They are crawling out from under their rocks. Jessie Jackson will hit the news soon. Can’t wait to have Obama jaw boning from the sidelines. FSOB.

        • Eric Holder is in the news against Trump.

          Bring on the Negro Parade.

          Very silent on the four blacks that tortured that handicapped white person.

        • All on the Soros payroll I’ll bet.

      65. Anyone hear from Charlie Rangel or Louis Farakahn?


        Let’s see how Obama’s farewell speech turns out.
        From Chicago, no less.

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