Hard Evidence: “We Are In A Full Blown Global Depression”

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    For the last several months there have been warnings of a coming economic storm, with many forecasting serious financial calamity by the Fall of this year.

    With stock markets in China having self destructed, Greece and Europe in another crisis, and corporate earnings for some of the world’s biggest corporations showing lackluster performance, it should be clear that the situation is rapidly deteriorating.

    But for the last several years America has appeared to remain fairly insulated from overt crisis. We were told that a recovery had taken hold, jobs were returning and consumer confidence had reached new highs, propaganda which drove millions of investors back into stock markets and real estate. No one in the mainstream world, it seems, believes there’s anything to be concerned about.

    Except there is.

    A report from Zero Hedge highlights just how hard Americans have been hit with increased energy prices, inflation and low-wage labor offerings. This is the hard evidence that proves once and for all what most Americans will become privy to after the fact: we are in a recession.

    One of the biggest drivers of the so-called recovery (in addition to the Fed’s $4.5 trillion balance sheet levitating te S&P500 and the offshore bank accounts of 1% of the US population) has been the US consumer: that tireless spending horse who through thick, thin, recession and depression is expected to take his entire paycheck, and then some tacking on a few extra dollars of debt, and spend it on worthless trinkets.

    Sure enough, for the past 8 years, said consumer has done just that and with the help of the endless hopium and Kool-Aid dispensed by the administration (who can forget Tim Geithner’s August 2010 op-ed “Welcome to the Recovery“), and by the political and financial propaganda media, spent, spent and then spent some more hoping that “this time it will be different.”

    The biggest culprit in the collapse in spending intentions was the middle class (those making between $50 and $100K) but mostly the wealthy, those with incomes over $100K. It was the latter whose spending expectations dropped to, you guessed it, the lowest in series history.


    Needless to say, this was not supposed to happen.

    Worse, in an economy where 70% of the GDP is in the hands of consumer spending, a collapse in spending intentions to multi-year low levels means just one thing: recession.

    The U.S. economy is driven by one thing: consumer spending, much of it based on credit.

    As the chart above shows, spending has collapsed. And that can really only mean one thing going forward. America is not about to enter a recession, we are already in one right here and now.

    But that’s just part of the story. It actually gets worse.

    Recent earnings from the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment suggests it’s actually a whole lot worse than just another short-term dip.

    We are, by the following account detailing Caterpillar’s global sales, in a full blown global depression:

    Summarizing it all, after an increasingly shallower series of dead CAT bounces in the past year, first thanks to Latin America, and then the US, global retail sales just dropped by 14% – marching the biggest Y/Y decline since the financial crisis.

    And the cherry on top: there has now been an unprecedented 31 consecutive months of CAT retail sales declines. This compares to “only” 19 during the near systemic collapse in 2008.

    In other words, if global demand for heavy industrial machinery, as opposed to unemployed millennials’ demands for $0.99 Apple apps, is any indication of the true underlying economy, forget recession: the world is now in a second great depression which is getting worse by the month.

    That’s right, while the band plays on and everyone says there’s nothing to worry about, the ship is rapidly sinking.

    What follows is anybody’s guess, but if government military exercises and simulations are a guide, we can fully expect a significant economic event followed by widespread civil unrest. You didn’t think they were stockpiling guns, bullets, gas masks and riot gear just for fun, did you? Somebody in government knows exactly what is coming, and they will do whatever it takes to maintain control once the Ponzi scheme has been revealed to the rest of the public in the form of financial crashes and wealth confiscation.

    It has been suggested that the collapse of the debt bubble could lead to shortages of the most basic necessities for survival. Analyst Greg Mannarino recently warned that because the growth, including population growth, we’ve seen over the last two decades has been dependent on credit, once that credit is frozen it will have ramifications that most people can’t even imagine as a possibility:

    It’s created a population boom… a population boom has risen in tandem with the debt. It’s incredible.

    So, when the debt bubble bursts we’re going to get a correction in population. It’s a mathematical certainty.

    Millions upon millions of people are going to die on a world-wide scale when the debt bubble bursts. And I’m saying when not if…

    The scenario outlined by Mannarino is certainly an outlier, but what if he’s right?

    How would most Americans cope?

    According to The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington, they won’t because they have become so dependent on the system they simply will not have the tools or mental ability to adjust:

    Collectively speaking, the contribution from our easy lifestyle and comfort level has created rampant complacency and a population of dependent, self-entitled mediocres. We no longer count on our sound judgement, capabilities and resources. The system keeps everything in working order so we don’t have to depend on ourselves, and furthermore, don’t want to.  I realize that many of the readers here do not fall into this collectivism, as you see through the ideological facade and know that the system is fragile and can crumble.

    Breaking away from the system is the only way to avoid the destruction of when it comes crumbling down. When you don’t feed into the manipulation tactics of the system, or enslave yourself to debt, and possess the necessary skills to sustain yourself and your family when large-scale or personal emergencies arise, you will be far better off than those who were dependent on the system. Those who lived during the Great Depression grew up in a time when self-reliance was bred into them and were able to deal with the blow of an economic depression much easier.

    Which side of this would you want to be on?

    Source: Going Rogue: 15 Ways to Detach From the System

    For those who have failed to prepare the consequences will be horrific.

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      1. I don’t know about you, but I’ve know this for about 5 years now!!!!!!!!!

        • Yapparoni! I knew it when the Obumunist was elected to office!

            • Hard Evidence?. What a joke. Gas is cheap, inflation is null and low wages? Go get a better paying job or career. Your hard evidence is mush. Next fear porn article please. Sheesh..

            • Thanks for the Update Genius. I wish more people would come foreward if they misquoted. You gain respect. I too, never have a problem if someone calls my posted info wrong then clarifies with a legitimate fact or link. Thats how we learn together for the facts. Dont just say gee hes a moron… then don’t provide any facts to counter a claim. A few here keep posting the same false BS over and over like DK who thinks the Yuan is Pegged to the Dollar. So wrong and yet he never understands what the word pegged means. Even after I correct him, he keeps posting that same BS quote. .Bad info is worse than no info and a disservice to the readers. There are also a few that come here daily to post nothing but self indulging statemements, space wasters or Cyber squaters like a friggin Poodle that takes his day shit then leaves, never providing a substance to facts or any prepping info, just all about himself, then complains how the site has changed over 5 years and nobody talks about prepping. Yeah dude poodle stop squatting and shitting on this site for starters. Id post more links and worthy info but have been working off my cell ph for the past 5+ Mts at the BOL, and it is harder to navigate and cut n paste than a laptop. Anywho….

              • What you said (applies to many prepper websites) is a good reason not to join any site, buty just go there to get info for yourself. Micheal Snyder’s and Mike Adam’s sites are full of useless trolls, trying to pick arguments with everyones postings. Some rants are totally off the track on issues and plain stupid to the point of thinking it’s just fine to send their kids to gov schools and gov 501c3 churches, for example.

                • DurangoKiddy. So now you are trying to change the word pegged to fixing? Ok let phrase this as you see it using interchangable words.

                  Choose A or B.
                  A: Your statement would be: “I went and got my car PEGGED today”….?
                  B: “I went and got my car FIXED today”…….?

                  Any 5th graders out there? Choose which statement is correct?

                  • In this case I think I have to go with DK… I have always understood a “peg” and a “fix” within the context of currency exchange to by synonymous.

                    I understand the A/B definitions above, but we are talking about a very specific context here.

        • That’s because a recession’s when you don’t have a job. A depression when’s I don’t have a job.

          • And now I find out I’m no longer middle class because I don’t make 50K – 100K per year. Where do I get the hand outs, SNAP cards, etc. and etc.?????

            • Jus’ get behind a carload of minorities and follow them. They’ll show ya where to go and how to live off of the gov/cracka. They be esperts at the game.

              • I’m expecting a military coup in Brazil. The economy is in the shitter and it has just been flushed by China, when the Yuan was PEGGED lower to the dollar in a devaluation of its currency.

                Historically, the generals have always intervened … just saying. Boots, saddles, and bayonets. 🙁

                • Dkiddy. The Yuan is NOT Pegged to the dollar. You are a dope. It is an exchamge rate. The dollar and yuan can go in either direction up or down. Has no correlation to any term called pegged. You get an F in economics. Pure idiots on this board, I swear.

                  • Pegged is a term commonly used to describe currency in relation to another currency’s value. Not sure why you say it has no meaning or use in the world markets. The yuan has to be viewed in relation to something.

                  • Lol, now you know why so many times I have been saying we are surrounded by idiots? I rest my case. Clowns to the left, jokers to the right and idiots up the middle. Stuck on the sidelines watching this shitshow collapse. Is interesting.

                    • 02: Agree, now I’m watching businesses (retail, restaurants) watching which ones will go O.B. by end of year. Was hoping K mart (junk mart) would pull out and several Winn Dixie grocery stores that people hate in my area, etc. Chain diners : some have bad reviews for lousy/blah food and too many of the same types. Someone’s supporting all this. Amazing some are still open after a year that people say they quit going to. Talked to a friend- a regional sales mgr for a major bank, who knows banks are corrupt, just like many gov. workers knowing gov. is corrupt to the core, but jobs pay good. Joe: many I know who used to trade cars often, are not anymore, even with a zero percent finance rate. cars are way overpriced.

                  • It is pegged tard

                  • LMAO!!! WWHTI: No wonder you lost so much money as a day trader, you are a complete dumb shit. The Yuan has been PEGGED to the dollar since 2014, allowed to fluctuate within an acceptable, SPECIFIED range.

                    How dense are you??? Do some homework. Try searching “yuan, dollar peg” for a start. 🙂

                • Brazil’s Female Pres has a wopping 8% approval rating by the people. lol… The only depression I see, is from those who are unprepared and too lazy to get off their behinds to make a change or adapt. Or those who sit and post here daily whining about it. Opportunities are every where if you crawl out your sandbox and go look. For some reason the smarter I work the luckier I get. Notice i did not say work harder. Fools work hard, and get tired. Sucessful people work smart and get rich.

              • I once worked at a place where each month a group would rent a bus to drive to NY to pick up their “other” check.

                Why just game the system, when you can “double dip” the system.

                I also know of a gamer who kept marrying and divorcing the same woman as she changed her name after each divorce so they’d get different checks for each kid with a different name.

                His brother tried to turn him in, but the gubmint didn’t care, of course. They designed the system to be gamed.

                • Sooo much easier now that ‘benefits’ are direct deposited. You wouldn’t want ‘the poor’ to have to endure a long bus ride, would youu ?

            • In 1985 I made $20 per hour with all the overtime I could ask for. Today, 15 years later and with much increase in prices of almost everything I only make $25 per hour and am told that I should appreciate it. I bought a new mustang in 1985 and it was around $9000 dollars. I paid it off in 3 months. There is no way I could buy a new mustang today and pay it off in 3 years…. The recession/depression has crept up on us and is here to stay.

              • My husband is making 12.00 per hour doing the same factory job my mom did in the 90’s, where she made 21.00 per hour. My parents were both factory workers, and made enough money to buy a home, a nice car, him a nice used truck and a two week vacation every summer. Both retired in their late 50’s, and have enough in savings to be comfortable for some time. Their house is paid off.

                My husband and I haven’t seen a vacation in 7 years. We will never be home owners. We don’t have a bank account. No need when you live pay check to pay check and everything goes for bills and food. I officially cannot work due to a heart condition and now he must work one full time job and a part time job. We drive an older used car, which we bought used. I’m not whining, I’m just pointing out the differences in how my parents had it good, and we have barely anything. My mom told me the other day, “You kids didn’t get your American dream”. A lot of people my age and younger are seeing this, and if they haven’t yet, they are in for a rude awakening. The ability to prosper in this country is becoming an ever narrowing road. I don’t like seeing my husband work his ass off for nothing… but such is life.

                • Finally, a post that I can beleive

                • Hi Mountain, ever think of raising goats, laying hens/ducks, and container/sq ft/etc garden? With the price of food and healthcare, you might could save a lot of money by home economy.

                  • Yes, raise goats, chickens, rabbits and even burn youre garbage, and you won’t have to wait long before the police & fire department shows up and writes you out a very large list of citations on ordinances and fines and court appearances. Where do live YUP YUP??

                • Bullshit, don’t stay at the factory and waste your life. Learn HVAC and plumbing and get rich in your own small company you can run with a van and a garage attached to your house or even out of a spare bedroom. HVAC, electrician, plumbing, etc is needed and the kids of today dont want to work that hard so in the future (if there is one) you will do well. Take my word for it, I have been around and watched this shit since the 70’s. GET OUT OF YOUR SLAVERY!

                  • CONCUR 02

              • You are hitting the nail on the head. Loss of purchasing power. I was a highly skilled machinist. In 2001 I worked with an “old timer” machinist who had pictures of all of the new Corvettes in the lid of his tool box. He told me that in the 1950s and 60s it took him about 1/4 of a years wages to buy that Corvette. When I worked with him it took him a full years wages to buy a Corvette. So yes we have lost wages in terms of real purchasing power in almost every measure.

                • >02, you’re right about the HVAC and even a little residential electrical work tossed in, in my area, it’s $125.00 per hr cash, the same with plumbers and very little invested.

              • I’m not sure what time period you live in but it’s been 30 years since “1985”

                • Yea.. I caught that as soon as I sent it. Unfortunately you cant make corrections here.

                  .02 is for the most part wrong. In most places of the country, licenses is required for most trades. If you are fortunate enough to live in a “Conservative” area, you are probably completely out of luck to get such a license without a good 4 years for school and OJT or were a union worker.

                • the time police, CAR

            • Shit man, I thought “middle class” STARTED at 100k DUAL INCOME.

              Sure does in LA, unless Sir prefers to Hablo Espanol in his neighborhood.

          • That is right, US.

            I call bullshit on the title to this article. Content is partially correct though.

            I don’t know about Greece and some other struggling countries, but here in America/USSAG; we will know when it is a full blown depression, when the hard evidence is the empty spaces on the Grocery store shelves.

            It will eventually come, but maybe get drawn out a while longer.
            The Lord is long suffering (patient).


            Consider it pure Joy…whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1: 2-4

            • Take a real close look at the shelves in your local super market next time you go there. You will notice empty spaces where product should be. They hide it by filling the space with other items or spreading out the items next to it. Yep it is getting real.

              • Yes it is Jim. I noticed this last month. The product is getting slimmer, and beef is sky rocketing. Today, the eggs were all a few days away from expiring, without any fresh ones being brought in.

              • Maybe the FDA started doing their job finally and determined that half the shit on Grocery Store shelves has no nutritional value and not fit for human consumption. Back in 9 th grade biology class we broke down the ingredience lable for the Twinkie and determined the cardboard box they came in, had more nutrition value that the actual Twinkie.. Go read the ingredience lables on the crap in your refrigerator you pay to chill then consume.

            • Pitw – brain washed dope.

            • many people went thru the last GD and didn’t even know about it, not everyone was standing in the soup lines.

        • Greece overwhelmed by flood of immigrants

          Fights among migrants break out on Greek island of Kos

          “Hundreds of people arrive on Greece’s eastern Aegean islands daily, many after fleeing conflict in Syria and Afghanistan. Authorities, locals and charity groups are struggling to provide registration, food and shelter to the new arrivals, many of whom are children.”

          An attempt to have them relocated to a stadium for registration degenerated, with fights breaking out among some of the roughly 1,500 people gathered in a long, crowded queue in the stadium.”

          “Greece has been overwhelmed by the number of migrants arriving, with at least 124,000 people reaching the eastern islands in the first seven months of this year alone. The figure represents a staggering 750 percent increase over the same period last year, according to figures from the United Nations’ refugee agency, the UNHCR.

          In all, Greek police said Monday that 156,726 migrants had been arrested for entering or remaining in the country illegally from January through July 2015, compared to 32,070 for the same months in 2014.”

          “Those figures do not include the hundreds more who reach shore themselves in their inflatable dinghies from Turkey, making their own way to the islands’ main towns for registration.”


          *Note the stadium was being used to process people for registration.

          • Yep, you are oh so right, and of all the many pictures of the migrants they have shown, not not one looks malnourished or hungry and all of them are dressed in good clothes. Plus none them look as if they have been at sea for days as they claim. We and Europe have been snookered in the side pocket bigtime. The western world is changing color fast.

          • Can any of them run a restaurant? I know a great place to rent in my city and in another city where I lived many of the best restaurants were run by Greeks! Anyone know how hard it would be to get one of them over here to work? Maybe they’d have to do a student visa?

        • I’ve been saying this since 2008 but nobody would listen. 🙂

        • Tip:

          You will need a 35L pack for your BOB and a 100L pack for your INCH bag.

        • Oh another one of these articles. I’m starting to get tired of the same old shit articles on this site.

          • Nobama.

            Is it better to have some information or even dis-information instead of no information. Rehashed articles are good for the passage of time but is not efficient to get Newbies up to speed.

            As PWTH says, we will begin to feel things and all the tampering and withholding of information will boil down to what is happening around us. I figure if we have run many scenarios of what will happen, will compensate for the lack of “Good Information”. Be Informed’s, article is an excellent one and much has change. Especially the need to prepare is critical.

            I hear you Nobama. You can’t give answers without questions.

        • Yep Sgt. I have been saying it all along as well. For those of you who are or have been waiting for TStoHTF you can’t say I didn’t tell you. Dumb asses.

          Time to get your self’s in gear and you don’t have long. Material asset’s both real (real estate) and personal (anything tangible) are what you want at this point. He who has, and can keep it, will come out the winner on the other side.


        • And yet still NOTHING has happened! Give a definitive date and then Ill worry. Until then, I got lots of spaghetti-O’s!!

      2. still waiting

        • We are all F…..U…..K…..T…
          Who gives a flying turd anymore???
          Am I the only one in a really bad mood….

          • Depression is not a bad thing if you have money.

            I spoke at length with my late grandmother about this. She was born in 1914. Her father was the head of the federal meat inspectors in Kansas City during the depression. We call it the FDA nowadays. He had a very high level civil servant job as he had a doctorate in animal medicine.

            Grandma said that she never noticed the depression. She went to a private school, their family had a car, housing and a great standard of living.

            My other grandmother, though, was at the opposite end of the scale. She was from a dirt poor farming family and they truly suffered. Her father got his leg shot off steeling chickens!

            If you prepare, I think you will be fine.
            What is my biggest prep? I paid off my house, my cars, and credit cards. Im debt free and loving it.

            • There is also a big difference in the total population of the US. We are nearly three times the population that we ahd in the 1930’s. But probably even more important is the number of people that depend upon the government for their entire livelihood; housing, food, healthcare etc.

              Also, our population is much more urban now than then. During the last depression most of the country could grow their own food and even hunt and fish. Now with so much of the population in or within a a few miles of a population center there will be major issues.

            • Debt free??? Hahahahahahaha… Good one… No such animal… Taxes anyone?

              • My annual taxes on my house and land are just under $1000. I can make that with my tools and skill set in a very short time. There is always demand for someone who can fix anything. I have worked steady for decades because of that simple fact. Been debt free for over a decade now.
                Being an ASE Master Tech is only one of the things that helps earn me my living. If you think all machines are going to dissapear you are not being realistic. Even through the Great Depression there was still machinery operating. Tractors, well drilling rigs, cars and trucks..these things were all still being used.

                As a tradesman there will always be a way to pay those taxes off. So yes, one can be debt free. We are paid ahead as a matter of fact.
                Go piss in someone else’s Cheerios Orion.

            • Well Done John !! Congrats most sincerely !!! Very wise too.

            • John Stiner, I’ve been debt-free all my life. Never had any type of loan or credit card. My cars have always come from private owners for cash only. I can get more preps at one time than I normally could otherwise. Congratulations on joining the debt-free crowd and yes, it is awesome.

              • Braveheart: You don’t own a car. If you do take the tags, inspection sticker, and registration and throw them in the garbage along with your driver’s license and see how far you make it on your next prepper trip. Those are the facts. We own nothing: Government employees own everything. Never changes

              • Brave heart. What is your FICO Score. Zero? Get real. No credit history is like bad credit. You dont even qualify for any credit. So stop puffing your chest up like you are even credit worthy. Debt free is good though.

              • Brave heart, I would find it difficult to buy a house or land (that isn’t embarrassingly horrible) without a loan. Car loans, no credit cards, no private loans all no problem.did you ever buy a house or property?

              • Braveshit..I do recall you posting on how you have been turned down for a loan. That’s why you rent. In a collapse your landLord will kick your ass out on the street and rent it to 5 beaner families for twice the amount. you will be daily ass raped for a place under the bridge.

                • Anon, not to worry. Brave will simply serve them all ” lead nutrients” from his ” ventilation team!” His place under the bridge is ” not negotiable,dammit!”

          • I have gas, does that count?

            • You can take rollaids or tums for that! 🙂

              • Calcium vitamins 500 mg are the same thing and a lot cheaper. Read the labels folks !!! 🙂

          • Nope–right there with ya bub–watchin the news right now on ferguson–really–we need to hear more shit on this–shoot the pricks–leave em there so they stink–even inbred animals know the smell of death and will stay away–just sayin–If it was my business those useless fuks were looting–be a bunch of dead fuks–I’d be in jail for some trumped up shit BUT–just saying–you shoot at cops and wonder why they shoot you–duh–evolution at it’s finest there for sure–Lincoln was right on one thing–AND ONLY ONE–they are not to bright and should be shipped to panama, lol. God I get so sick of this shit–Black lives matter–really–if that was the case–the sub-species would make an effort to become PRODUCTIVE members of society–95% of those tools think otherwise. Hence I buy more bullets–the Blackened Horde (I live in Michigan close to Saginaw and flint) chooses to go north–not gonna work out well in SHTF. Bottom line is–you don’t have enough gumption to take care of yourself–don’t expect me to do it–I’ll take care of you–BUT–it will only make my tomatoes’ grow better next year–That piece of shit in charge right now has really Fuked this country up and it’s not gonna get better–trump gonna run 3rd party–whorocrat gonna win and we can’t take 4 more years of socialist–we are not exceptional– god fearing folks shit. Alost time to start voting from the rooftops–just saying

            • Actually Abe Lincoln wanted to ship the freed Blacks Slaves back to Liberia off the west coast of Africa. Only about 5% of black slaves were brought to the US. Majority went to Brazil and Caribbean. I see a lot of Black profiles on dating sites and they claim they are Carinbean. Iranians also claim they are Persian. If Abe Lincoln could see the damage Blacks have on America today with crime, food stamps, and Rap Music, he may have been more proactive in shipping them out. You sure dont see Blacks rioting in Russia with a black population of about 1/10th if 1%. And Putin laughs at the one in the WH importing more illegals. Good Job Ameriscam.

          • I will happily give you a flying turd. I normally don’t keep turds past their expiration date anyway.

            Why do people go into a bathroom to take a shit? I always leave one.

            I give a fuck whenever my wife asks (not nearly often enough).

            “You can’t sling a dead cat without hitting ____” I gave up slinging dead cats years ago. Really nasty habit.

      3. Really? That’s a major breaking news!!!

      4. Our current (and slowly disappearing) illusion of prosperity is holding many things at bay.

        When it finally fails, Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. will become the norm, maybe even looked back on as the good old days.

        But I doubt that much over a hundred million or so Americans will have died by the time it plays itself out so maybe it isn’t a frightening as some seem to think it is.

        The rest of the world probably won’t fare so well.

      5. Let it come, and let’s get it over with.


          • I’ve been target practicing more lately !!

      6. This is a bump. My concern is flooding the system with liquidity and sparking an inflationary tornado or the USD loosing reserve currency status or a big chunk of it rapidly.

        Its time for QE infinity.

        Rapid globalization disrupted the supply / consumer demand relationship as far too many people are manufacturing goods that they can’t afford to purchase. This displaced working consumers that could buy these items. They’re running out of purchasers.

        • Right. I call it a “Crash UP”. PPT team has GOT to get busy this week or so to keep the credit bubblers popping their champagne. If they let this thing start to crumble, it really could be SHTF.

        • I think the Quantitative Easing will end just before a Republican President takes office. The Democrats will intentionally destroy what is left of the economy before the republican takes over.

          • QE is a Federal Reserve thing that is divorced from government. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans control; they’re implements of control.

            The system of left / right political dynamics is merely the mechanical function not the brain.

      7. Click on the “Consequences will be horrific”.

        The author is, Be Informed.

        Then read the commentary. Hmmmmmmmmm.

        • Looked for that. Where is it?

          • Kevin2.

            Just above “Also Read” at the bottom of this article.

        • Excellent writeup. But it will be billions and not millions that will soon be starving. One letter means a hell of a lot more naked apes dying. They are all unfunded liabilities.

        • Slingshot, Thanks for mentioning the link, Be Informed did write some good stuff, now to read the 600 comments. It is amazing the events that has happen since 2012, its been like a rollercoaster ride and the worst has been our freedoms. 2016 cant come soon enough, it will be the tell if the end is near.. Keep stack-n..PA.

      8. I’m not saying one word of this comment has anything to do with today’s reality. But, here goes. I’m well into my 60’s. For over half my life the DOW was below 1000. I think it went over the millennial mark somewhere around ’82. It took another five years just to get it to around 1,800 and then lost 500 points in about an hour in October 1987. It was still below 3000 when Bill Clinton took office and stayed there for a good duration before busting out and going to around 12,000 by the end of ’98/99. It got cut in half in’08 and ’09, and as you know vacillates between 17,000/18,000 today. Point is, we were living good when the stock market was below 1000, and sometimes better than today, believe that are not. So, if the DOW dropped to early 1980s levels, is it the end of the world? We survived and thrived then so why not now. Where is written that our lives are indexed to a bunch of financial bullies chasing click money on wall street? Can’t we fish from the bank just as good as we can from a $30,000 bass boat. Or row a canoe just as well as blowing the budget on a cruise. If we can’t be happy on less than the extravagance we have today then we may very well never be happy. I don’t claim to be right, I just wonder sometimes when enough is enough. When do we stop squandering our precious time never being satisfied, always wanting more. Thanks

        • The reason the dow was below 1000 for your early life was because the dollar was still pegged to the gold standard. This changed in 1971, thank-you Richard Nixon and all the politicians and bankers since then.

          • Foot in the forest is properly using the term PEGGED to the dollar. Durango kiddy are you paying attention? Prob not. The YUAN IS NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM PEGGED TO THE DOLLAR.

        • Totally agree. Its frustrating to go to a beach town and see miles of yachts which are almost never used and then to a poor side of town and see people trying to fix broken down cars. Very inefficient for sure. But, one the cheery side, the rich folks pay all the taxes; so, not sure there is a lot more to do for the poor folks as they already have access to best in the world education, free food, and free healthcare.

          • Yep, the men sat around and feel sorry for themselves instead of finding gainful employment. The women, started out in life as non smokers, non drinkers, had their own vaginas, and they still can’t save any money. Poverty is for the poor, let them deal with it. thanks

      9. Still stacking sand bags…mmmmm..maybe a couple more layers.

        • Jim in VA.

          Have put together cinderblock walls filled with sand and are held stationary/firm by using plywood bolted on sides together using 1/2 in. or less. Threaded bars with nuts and washers going through the blocks. Makes a good firing position.

          • ok you one upped me…I still have my ice cream making machine. It is here among the sand bags here somewhere…..

            • Jim in Va.

              You need about 3.5 inches of sand to be effective.
              The cinder block holes are 4.5 plus the thickness of the block itself. To lay the block just one on top each other is somewhat solid but when you bolt plywood on both sides it will hold the blocks in place and keep the sand and broken pieces from spread. Filling the blocks with sand is good but do not know if you dampen the sand with water improves the protection.

              Ice Cream. What a luxury that would be.

              Has Ice cream ever been made with goat milk?

        • Jim in Va…. I was thinking of moving to Va…. can you tell me a little about the area? I live on the east coast and trying to find permanent location. (Can’t afford to move out West).

          • Anon, if you want far from city, mountains with waterfront look in the Carroll county area. Great fishing clean water. 4 seasons and great people

            • Or Russell, Dickenson, Lee, Scott or Wise counties. Otherwise known as The Back of Beyond….if you are from Roanoke( the nearest big city) anything west of Blacksburg doesn’t exist! Lol. I lived in VA for 30 years, 10 of it in Roanoke. Just got back from seeing my family there. My former in laws also live in the area. Nice place, but now that Norfolk Southern is taking its toys and going back to Norfolk, you can bet there’s gonna be some depression in Roanoke…..

          • Shenandoah Valley is a great area and on over into West Va. Good seasons,good people and good resources.

            • Jim, where my cousin’s BOL is located in north GA the same conditions exist. Got another supply run scheduled for next week. Can’t get back soon enough.

              • Braveheart when you get moved to North Georgia are you still going to keep us informed,or will you go incognito? And what about your cuz? Trekker Out.

      10. The recession is government created. They set the policies, protect corporate profits, and force law abiding citizens to take it in the ass.

        If you don’t start revolting, you won’t change shit.

      11. Well I feel it.

      12. Well I feel it.

        • We all will feel it real soon, Grandma.

          Exactly thirty more days until the real shit hits the fan. 9-11 anniversary and the day before the end of the Seven year cycle, and on and on and on, with more signs through the end of the month.

          I have said before that the last five months of this year, sets the stage for the last five months of this Dispensation of time.


          When you lie down, you will not be afraid:
          When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.
          Have no fear of sudden disaster
          or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked,
          for the Lord will be at your side
          and will keep your foot from being snared.

          • PWTW

            I also believe we will be feeling it soon. Thirty more days. Tempus Fugit.

      13. Global depression?!Despite one of the toughest years in my life am happier now then have been in a long time!You know the drill folks,keep stocking up what you can afford and keep stocking the brain pan with preps,the most importent you will have!

        • Cream will always rise to the top, and the other stuff will just sit there.

          (Unless the milk’s been homogenized.)

          • Yeah, other Anonymous… I do know what you say is true! As kids, we had to walk a mile or so to get milk and by the time we got it back home, we had drunk most of the cream off the top! Um… delicious. Guess mom wondered why the milk went bad so fast! (Ha!)

      14. Time to inventory you weapons magazines and get as many as you can now, 6 is not going to cut it, you need a hell of a lot more they go fast in running fire fights. All the ammo is nice have, but magazine feed weapons needs the plates to hold their food. Remember without that magazine it’s a single shot.

        • Use your bolt action heavy caliber deer rifle. F the magazines, jeeze. You folks have been seeing too many movies and shit.

          Semper Fi

          • lol…nice…

          • Semper Fi I’m with you one shot one kill

          • Semper Fi: Where you a Mud Marine or a REMF?

            • For What It’s Worth:

              You seem to know about FEMF, Read Echelon Mother Fucker. Is that you, Pogue?

              • For What It’s Worth:

                You seem to know about FEMF, Rear Echelon Mother Fucker. Is that you, Pogue?

          • Marlin 336. Shoot one, load one…

        • @ 60 yo my running and gunning days are over.. But I do have a few mags to hold them off for awhile.

          • That’s why I have several 308 cal. rifles with long range scopes. Better to shot before than can see you.

            • The three North Carolina preppers arrested for making hand grenades etc., had a few perfectly legal items mentioned on the FBI press release. I can only assume the FBI made note of them as though they were illegal, because they have propaganda value, or they actually scare the government. One item was a .338 Lapua rifle plus ammo. I suspect that the public doesn’t have a clue about ballistics, range or effective use, so it has no propaganda value. Why would the government want to send the public the message that they somehow monitor, the sale of .338 weapons?

              Even more range than a 308, plus it’s good at stopping vehicles. Gotta have a hell of a kick though, and ammo is about $1.50 a round. It’s not a firearm that can’t be used effectively without some practice, and you aren’t shooting a lot of rounds from it in any one sitting.

              In any well matched boxing match, I’d always bet on the guy with longer arms/reach, a .338 has got a lot of reach. I do like .308, but my arms hurting after 30 rounds.

              • I fugured it was the same deal as the ‘evidence’ (in brown boxes) carried out of Richard Jewel’s apartment. Turned out to be his mom’s Tupperware.

              • This all reads like its out of Matt Bracken Enemies series

        • FWIT

          That is an area that many will be weak in. You can go through some ammo/mags in a firefight. Then have to reload the mags. Shotguns may be useful in mag reload time.

          Can’t beat those Chicom 70 rd. drums for fast reloading.

          • Don’t forget night or thermal optics. The crazies come out at night. Those that own the night will be the survivors.

        • Yep stock up on high capacity magazines. A min of at least 15, 30 rounds. I have double that, a few 60 round Surefire mags and a few 40 round mags all in Sig Sauer 5.56. The Beretta Pistol, about 8, 20 round mags. When the nigs can run a 40 yrd dash in 3 to 4 seconds coming at you, a bolt action will be useless unless you are a great shot, you will be fukked. Or use it as a club.. Bolt actions are good for long range deer hunting or sniping. I can do that with a 5.56, out to 500 yards. And my night vision EoTech with a 3.2x is dead on. The truck gun Keltec plr16 ..5.56 pistol with a 10 inch barrel is a badass weapon. 100 rounds bumpfire in 8 seconds would mow the rioters down in fergy. A bolt action what 3 rounds in 10 seconds plus having to aim and shoot? And the magazine is what? 5 rounds? Bwhaahahaha.

      15. When is it coming?

        • Don’t know about you Old Tex, but all I gotta do is look around. Wifes been pissed ever since I initiated using both sides of the shit paper.

        • When Moochelle’s big fat ass gets small.

      16. China just launched first of the new world rockets…currency war is now under way. Guess what? We are out of powder!! This is the event greasing the skids for Sept.

      17. Dow was up 200 plus points yesterday.

        Today DOW is down 200 pts. or so,


        • Money put in by one hand and taken out by another.

          The hands aren’t necessarily on the same body but are all from members of the same family.

          A sort of money laundering at the upper levels of the world.

      18. Today 8-11-2015 is the day that Wall Street and TPTB was dreading the glass house is falling, hope everyone is ready and still prepping, me and the beutiful wife finally moved out to our BOL and we are loving it, plenty of ammo, plenty of toilet paper, a years worth of food, plenty of wild game and domesticated slow Elk. We are 40 miles from nearest town and 2 miles from black top so fairly hidden.

        • Lucky.

        • Love those Rocky Mountain Elk. Harvested my first, in 1989 on the headwaters of the Dearborn river, in the Scapegoat Wilderness.

          The full grown five by, was crossing while i sat in the sun on the river bank, eating lunch. He paused on a sandbar while i threw down my sandwich and plugged him with a hot handload from the ole 270 Weatherby.

          Good luck and God Bless You and yours, RMG.

        • Rocky Mountain Goat, Good job pal, I wish you and your wife all the very best in the coming days!!

      19. Hard Evidence: “We Are In A Full Blown Global Depression”

        Shh..!!!! Gotta keep that kind of information quiet.
        No need to disturb the Sheep, with what they would refer to as nonsense.
        To them, everything is just FK’N … DANDY!!!!

      20. I am retailer with contacts all over the country. It is not getting better out there. Stores and entire malls are closing. Those of us that are succeeding are having to work harder and smarter than we ever have. The bad part is all those people that just assume things will just keep going along are not paying attention and it will be a rude awakening. The sad part is that change is coming whether we like it or not and it will not be pleasant.

        • Have you noticed the guard towers being installed at the strip malls and other contained areas?

          • Actually Dog I have not locally,this would be New England region.I see any shopping center/mall with towers either permanent or temporary will recon it all for future info if still a open business then never go there again.

          • Yes!

        • You are right, I am noticing it too.

      21. The mall parking lot has fewer cars in it lately. Sears sales down 15% this year. The food court in the Mall has had 30% less sales since 2008.

        • Reasons why malls are suffering:

          1. The stuff is radically overpriced. Used to be that the entertainment factor of being in a mall made up for it, but not anymore.

          2. Malls are now full of low-lifes whose idea of a night out is to go to a mall and frighten the patrons.

          3. Malls are crime hotspots. (See item #2)

          4. Malls are no-gun zones, which helps explain (3.)

          5. The food is awful.

          6. You have to drive to a mall.

          7. You have top wear clothes in a mall. (You don’t have to wear clothes to shop Amazon.)

          Malls are SOOOooooo passe.

      22. You are 100% correct. I have attempted as one of the Sheeple to explain what is happening, but; they are all STUPID? I am a PhD in Finance and also a Minor in Political Science, and have studied politics in a quiet setting. I have been suspicious since the 911 Treason of which Bush, Cheney and their British Cohort have been convicted of War Crimes and Treason by the World Court in Malaysia. NOW?? someone tell me why these War Criminals have not been stood before the wall and shot??
        This nigger from kenya has committed as many crimes, and possible more than these two and yet he illegally continues with Theft of Hundreds of Millions, Treason, Murder of any opposition, and;is Guilty of Child Abuse by renting those two illegal kids and paid the parents million of taxpayer money???????
        The US is the Worst Country on this planet for 100 years or more????

      23. “We Are In A Full Blown Global Depression”

        So uhmmmm…if I told you I already knew this six months back…would you believe me? I coulda wrote a book and been a millionaire by now.

      24. depression I can believe but the worst is yet to come as we all know. And yet there are pockets of prosperity around the country which makes it hard for people to see the whole pic.
        Been at the BOL for 5+ years now and loving it.
        Have some misc. info to pass along regarding subjects discussed here lately. Not all at once…
        Who was talking about a solar array, Satori?? Anyway, they mentioned an Aims Inverter..big error. I’ve gone thru 2 of them, Junk. Had a 3k watt. pure sine wave. Try calling their tech support and see if they answer. There’s a clue!
        Also have had a rain water catchment system up and running for almost a year. Working great but it’s a live and learn thing. Filtering, pumping storing..
        First off, I used a 30 gallon BLUE (food grade) plastic/nylon barrel with aquarium filter media (18″ pcs.from that “”bay place)on top of 25lbs. or so of charcoal. Activated charcoal is best but expensive in that amount.
        Anyway,I could diagram (but won’t) the other filter in the bottom of the drum (SS mesh cylinder with more filter media around it…then it spills into the first tank…But what happens is the charcoal tends to move into the 10 micron filter before the pump and clog it..
        more later..

        • Hey J


        • Thanks!

        • Hey Ketch,

          I’m looking into taking the plunge for an inverter. I want one that will also run the well pump. 240V 1hp. Because of the starting surge, I was looking at this unit.

          ht tp://www.theinverterstore.com/6000-watt-pure-sine-inverter-charger-split-phase.html

          I just want to set it up as a stand by unit for now with about 6/8 marine batteries. I want to start putting a system together 1 piece at a time. (pay as I go) and only want to buy the thing once. 🙁 Not several times to get it right. 🙂

          Thanks for any info.

          Y’all play nice now. 🙂

          • Hill, I’m no expert on this stuff, I have a simple 3k watt inverter for backup. Go to Northern Arizona Wind & Sun for supply info, click on “blogs” to ask questions/search.
            There’s a formula for figuring how many watts you need to run stuff; that’s a pretty big load but doable.
            Wish this place was easier to post/answer…one day away means lots a scrollin’!

            • Thanks Ketch,

              Not sure if you will make it back to check this. Been off-line for a bit. I was just wondering what units you have found that did work for you.

              I’ll check the website and see what they have to say. 🙂

              Thanks again for the feedback.

      25. Hang the bankers and politicians, that alone will stop the warmongering waste of trillions of debt notes trying to police and control the world. Their aim is to reduce America and it’s people to slave labor and a heavily reduced population. Russia supposedly has advanced technological military capability that the U.S. does not possess, making U.S. weapon systems inoperable. I read that Russia is giving 1 hectare of land, just under two and a half acres, to any citizen willing to move to eastern Russia, farmland or forest. After 5 years of using the land it is free and clear. Why doesn’t our country give free land to it’s citizens? Thats right, we live in the land of the most wicked murderers on the face of the Earth that ever existed, without any doubt.

      26. We will know its here, when the electricity cuts off while your at work, while tanks, armored personal carriers with russin and chinese soldiers are at your kids at school. We will know its here when the pope tell us that we must turn in our guns now.

        Invest in food, brass, lead. Gold, silver, copper and platinum to survive it.

        When i was homeless in my SHTF EVENT, as i am walking on the streets of Houston, asking myself the hell could something like this happen to me. I have never been homeless before. The difference is that back then food was in the stores, its just that after covering business expenses and overheaad nothing was left for me, My customers were no one, and to hell with me and my comfort. Did i honestly think that i was eltitled. As i dumbster dived into the back of a trash can looking for food and found some good outdated food i wondered. But i was on this site, reading you all crap and Mac’s post to suddenly realize that i am in SHTF.



        This time the Prepper Terain has changed. We have been severly AZZ RAPPED by the system and now they are going to calapse it, cruch our azzes, bring it down, then liquidate our azzes with foreign soldiers. This time when i loose my Condo, i know what to do next, i am ready, i know where i am going, what to do if i am stucked, what i will do if chinese soldiers roll down Hwy 10, Hwy 6, etc. Food supplies cut off, EMP blows our azzes down to a frazil, the living hell on earth. I have

        PLAN A
        PLAN B
        PLAN C
        PLAN D
        PLAN- This is when you are really f…ke..d
        PLAN-F this is one plan i dont have, but i could literally get my azz killed when 300,000,000 people suddenly run out of food and water.

        Even if they EMP the Living Crap out our asses while i am in the middle of a Hwy 55 miles away from my home, i am still going to make it back. From the moment and EMP takes down our grid, The chinese, Jihadist and russians, mexican military, etc, will be coming to city near me. This my friends will permanely alter my personality in a very profound way.



        Master of the shtf terrain.

        • +++++ Watch the above video if you want to understand what TPP is and how it will directly affect your lives.

      27. Famed writer Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “Self-Reliance” mid 1800s. It captured the American spirit and American genius.

        Today, were he to capture the American spirit, it would be titled “Nanny State Reliance.” Disgusting.

        “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of the propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a find new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting, twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

        – Charleton Heston

        • Test…delighted to again have you insights being shared in the “Plan”; you cite Emerson nicely in a then/now framework.

          Also, you drew attention to BI’s very good analysis; otherwise I might have missed re-reading his thoughts.

      28. Cat says they have seen declining sales for 31 months. That’s just about exactly what I have seen in my manufacturing business. My company manufactures oil field and power generation components. My export business slowed drasticly in February 2013 and died completely later that summer. My domestic business slowed dramatically last October and have only seen 3 profitable months in the last 10 months. I am now thinking about closing my doors for about 6 months to stop bleeding money and reevaluate the business climate after the 1st qtr. of 2016. I have been in business for 25+ years and in this line of work for 40+ years. I have never seen a collapse of business this bad. Hold on, I believe it’s going to get MUCH worse.

      29. The sooner the evil fascist shithole of the world collapses, the sooner we can start arresting all the Republican and Democrat Corporatist puppet shit stains of fascist boot licking filth for TREASON, GENOCIDE, and CRIMES against humanity, and the sooner we can start rounding up and arresting their Corporatist Fascist Globalist NWO puppetmaster evil scum like the world has never seen.

        • Ron Ahrens, you do have a way with words, I’ll give you that.

          • TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH is all I say

      30. Tex,though hate to say it believe a hopefully temp shut down may be the best thing to do,sit back/breathe/reassess.I hope you give loyal employees a few bucks(cash)and explain why you are shutting down,perhaps a few will see the light.

        Bruin,interesting google video,what though was missing was folks in the windows not lookinig out in fear but siteing in with grin determination/folks in garages mixing basic home goods/you get the idea.Those that go to camps willingly,hate to say it,country though long term better off.

        To those new visiting,prepping for natural/man made disaster still doable till too late,at moment not too late but get your ass in gear.I and many others have good ideas/links say how to feed family of 4 for a year for 300 bucks ect.,the smalls do add up,you can do this till the day of adventure/brave new world begins,get cracking!

      31. I’m in that “makes less than 12,000 a year” group. So a economic crash wouldn’t change much for me.

      32. Get er’ done!

      33. CAT must not being to bad, we had a boat coming at us last hitch at 30kts, when it got close, the AIS said “Bluewater CAT”; the boat was a Viking 65 convertible, painted CAT yellow, they did one lap around the rig, one jauba the hut looking fella on the back seat beside a young blonde with big boobs, fancy gold Penns in the rod holders, did a lap around us, punched it and was doing 30kts again without even blinking an eye……helluva boat, helluva waste of fuel too.

        I’m still on the look out for warships in the GOM…….ain’t here yet.

      34. your only hurting if you want to be. People it’s not hard for someone who wants to work to find a job. Jobs everywhere folks. It’s not that bad.

        • Sure, you can be greeter at Walmart for $8.00 an hour. Or perhaps a bus boy/girl at a restaurant for $10.00

          I got it! The hospitality industry (aka hotel maid service) is always looking for workers.

          Mind you most of these jobs are part time.

          But sure, there’s plenty of jobs if you look. If you don’t mind making shit wages working shit hours with little to no benefits. It’s the new Amerika!

      35. I doubt there has been a better investigative reporter alive since Sherman Skolnick passed away around ten years ago. Now they nearly are all liars. An excellent who, what, when, where and how expose of still living grand traitors can be read at Overthrow of the Republic (40-52) by Sherman Skolnick at theunhivedmind.com, it lays out more truth than can be found almost anywhere.

        • Aljamo, I remember Skolnick and he was one of the best. I also miss shortwave radio hosts like Dr. Stan of ‘Radio Liberty’ and William Cooper of ‘The Hour Of The Time’. Those 2 were always straight shooters and nobody else in the independent media could hold up a candle to either of them.

          • Agreed about Bill Cooper. I was a big fan of his book, Behold a Pale Horse, read it in high school.

            Too bad he was taken out by the gestapo thugs. He accurately predicted 9/11 months before the attack and also outed fat ass Alex Jones as a gov’t paid disinfo agent.

      36. May I say something without getting reamed?
        BeInformed was an excellent writer.
        Everyone needs to go read his piece. I miss him.
        Did anyone notice the hits and comments?
        180k & 600
        That was the heyday and was nice to input that day.
        i often complain about the numbers, not that it matters to most. I just wish all could play fair in the sandbox.
        I have learned much from this site.
        May all be well… Is that better?

        • To all the newbies: go back in the archives, you will learn much. Durango kid and I say that all the time.
          There is tons of info and it may take some time, but knowledge is something they cannot take away from you.

          Mac, thank you for a place to vent. I do wish all would be nice to each other, is that too much to ask from everyone on the plan???

          • Yea, is too bad things changed,,,

            • Kula, I can relate.

              I do miss the days of prepping articles.
              Notice the monockers, and the lack of originals who gave up posting here?
              Names change, posters come and go.
              Maybe it is time to disappear like BI.
              Bet that would make some estatic???

              • Well bud, i just keep hoping that it will slide back into more prepping related pieces,, come here more for the “family” and chit chat

              • I’ve only been posting for 1.5 years, however I read the site daily years before finally posting. Definitely was far better in the older days and I learned more in day back then, than I do in month on this site now.

                I appreciate having you older posters around as I am able to bounce ideas around or ask questions. Sgt. Dale and Braveheart have answered quite a few firearm related questions for me in the past as I am a novice compared to those two.

                One has to question why this site turned into a fear mongering, depressing site that cannot retain old members. How does Mac benefit? or, more appropriately, who benefits?

                • Smooth Criminal

                  You said,

                  “One has to question why this site turned into a fear mongering, depressing site that cannot retain old members”.

                  You only have to look around you. The country has become meaner and nastier. It embraces sensationalism and materialism. There is no work ethic. It’s an, all out free for all to “Get Mines” and screw everyone else. We have become accustomed to the 10 second sound bite with miracle drugs for every pain, both physical and mental. We interact more with machines than we do people. If you include the visual stimulations, we are no better than lab rats to be studied how we react to certain stimuli.

                  Figure the older people are going silent because they have had enough. For whatever reasons.

                  • Wow. Great insight. I saw two high-school girls all but masterbating in the pool a few weekends ago. Then a dude came and they humped with clothes on in the pool. Public pool with lots of kids. White teenagers. My point is I think you are 100% on the mark: society is becoming evil. We turned on the over-the-air TV and flipped through at about 7PM and there was nothing fit for children to watch. We have tons of books. Kids are zombified into minecraft. Young adults eat zombie food which sucks out any energy. Old women are zombified on meds. Everyone is more and more zombified on formaldehyde and other toxins from manufactured floors, furniture, and buildings. Its not preposterous to think we’ll have a sort of zombie apocalypse here: from the viewpoint of a free thinking American from the 1700’s the modern American is a zombie. Does it matter if there is a global depression? Do the pigs care as long as they eat.

                  • Very well said Slingshot. Just know that there are a few of us younger folks who are not caught up in materialistic and narcissistic endeavors. Guess I was raised properly. But, your observations mirror mine. Society has definitely deteriorated.

                • so you get your info from a pig that cannot spell, and a drunk security guard brown noser.

                  • Those two know far more about firearms than you could ever hope to.

          • Eppe, oh so true, everyone should research the archives. They are a wealth of prepping information. I miss Be Informed and Just One Guy. they were 2 of the brightest bulbs in the house and when they collaborated on something, that was always a real treat. Eppe, I miss the heyday of the site too. That was when I first joined. I’m also sickened by what the site has turned into but I can’t bring myself to leave it.

        • Yea, eppe, in the early days of this site it was a lot more informative than recently. Mac is working overtime to hold it together with all the spam crap and unruly trolls out there.

          I’ve been around almost since the beginning. Changed my handle a few times for opsec, but still here. I read almost all of it, but don’t comment much at all. If someone wants to know anything I will answer, otherwise I’ll sit on the sidelines and let everyone play the jew, troll, economic rant crap.

          I had many conversations with BI and JOG. BI became so frustrated with the trolls he had to bow out. A real shame. His earthquake forecasting model was getting extremely accurate and it was cool to see him interact with people in affected areas. JOG was an interesting guy. Very intelligent. You almost needed a translator to understand his posts.

          I know there’s a few of us charter members still out there. Again, if anyone has a question about anything SHTF, someone here can answer it.
          molon labe

          • I have a question about batteries for solar, will the big truck batteries work

            • They should work.

            • Anonymous says:
              Comment ID: 3429526
              August 11, 2015 at 9:45 pm
              I have a question about batteries for solar, will the big truck batteries work

              You want true deep cycle batteries for the best performance. Truck batteries will work but will not hold a charge for long periods. Auto/truck batteries are designed for high discharge for short periods. 6 volt deep cycle batteries are the best. Make sure to avoid trojan brand.

            • No..you need deep cycle batteries.

          • You sir, are a lucky man.
            I enjoyed both of them, and looked forward to their posts.
            I have watched this site ebb and flow.
            Hence why I told jokes and posted items to make this more popular. Maybe I offended some with my jokes, but if you cannot take a joke, well what the fuck???
            Thanks for a reply, makes me wonder, why even post at all???

            Be well all her. Is that offensive???

            • Truely posters, I wish not to offend anyone, if I told a joke, post, or opinion, that offended anyone, I apologize…

              But then again, what the FUCK…

              Thanks, Mac…

              • When I say “be well all here” it trying to be PC.
                The real question is:
                Where did humanity start, where and why???
                Sure there will be many to respond, but who knows the

                ‘True truth’…???

                • Hi eppe. Life is like a pubic hair stuck on the side a toilet bowl… Eventually someone will come along and manage to piss you off.

                • When was the last time you posted any comment related to prepping eppe? I say zero in the last 2 years. All you post is self indulging bs. Want to make this site better? Start Contributing instead if being a space waster. Provide facts and links of worthy info that people coming here can latch on to. Stop being a crybaby about the past. The only way to predict the future is to create it. Ive been self employed 20+ years, debt free, new vehicles and property free n clear and tons of credit with Fico over 800. Prepped eith a year of food and armed to protect it. Life is what you make it every day. Stop being a crybaby with a rattle. Sheesh. You sound like a child in an old mans body. Go back to your sand box with the cats.

                  • Wwti, please stick your head up your ass, and jump.
                    You sir are a hyprocrite, racist, liar, bigot and general all around asshole…
                    But you already knew this, but you are one reason that some do not post anymore…
                    Since you bash me all the time, I wish the next moccasin takes you out….
                    This MIGHT be my last post, though no one here really cares…
                    Truthly, I do not care anymore…

            • eppe, time for Mac to participate some and keep us “Informed” better about the site/changes, etc.
              Never seen a forum with such little input from owners..

          • I miss Be Informed and Jog.

        • eppe… I thought Be Informed was just OK. He like Daisy Luther used this site as a springboard to their own site. He talked about earthquake stats most all the time. He rambled heavily about how disgusted he was with male anal sex. He would not answer a question of whether he believed 9-11 was an inside job. Maybe that was smart, not putting a bullseye on himself seeing his plan to move on to his own thing. He also gave some prepper tips.

      37. Galatians 6:9

      38. For the last year or so I grill a steak every weekend. The price of beef has doubled in that time. I should swear off them but when SHTF doubt I will see many. My point is food has risen dramatically. Cars and trucks have gone up 380% in the last 10 years. The very means of survival have risen while wages have not. Why can’t people see what is happening. Over 100 million people in our country don’t work and aren’t looking to work. 49% percent are living on gov assistance. Depression hell this is MUCH worse than the 30’s. Food stamps are the new soup lines. I re read Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire again and the parallels to what’s happening here are staggering. I sometimes wonder if the government is drugging the population somehow, to rob them of their reason. Rome isn’t burning its burnt, yet hardly anyone sees it. I now know how the few realist in Germany must have felt in the late 20’s and early 30’s. They screamed wake up look what’s happening but their nation was hypnotized and allowed the horror to engulf them. It is about to happen here and nobody ( a few exceptions here) can see it. I am moving to my BOL next month and will try to keep my head down and prepare as best I can. IMO we are headed for a world war and collapse that will make WW2 seem like a skirmish. In the Navy in the 70’s I talked to many WW 2 survivors while in Europe, nobody today can really imagine what horror a World War is. My Uncle Barney fought in the Pacific and one night fishing in Canada with the help of a bottle of Blantons he told me about real war, real desperation , real horror. We are NOT ready, physically, spiritually or psychologically. I pray daily for a miracle, to spare us what is coming. God Bless you all. I am leaving tomorrow for the last vacation I feel I will ever be able to enjoy. Smell the sweet nectar so of life before they are gone.

        • The reason for price increases is that the dollar has become more worthless.Today the Dollar is wort about .02 cents from its original value. That why people are trading their wothless paper in for Gold and Silver. The same Gold coin decades ago will buy the same amount of products today. If you take out the price manipulation.

      39. SHTF is the best!

      40. The last two presidents have filled the septic tank and toilet bowl full to the brim. Im gonna vote for hillery. She will flush it and we will finally get the show on the road.

        • If we get there

          • We’ll get there ‘ol boy, you can bet your sweet bippy(Laugh-In days) on that. You just hold on tight to your Island real good and I’ll try to maintain my Pennisula.

      41. Big blue your not kidding about everything costing more but wages falling or stagnating. I’ve been working for the past 25 years.I’m not that old but I’ve never seen things get better for the worker ever. They always get worst. I’m used to it but it just can’t keep going on forever. My pop is a Vietnam vet and I’ve seen slides of where he was he even told me a few stories. One was about the barber being Vc they found him dead one morning. This guy would shave your face with a straight blade. Trump is being hyped up sure he says a lot of shit I can agree with but he is a rich phony he is blowing smoke up our asses telling us what we want to hear. I tell prospective employers what they wanna hear on interviews too whether it’s how I feel or not. People are so stupid I’ve seen the trump shirts already anyone that has the balls to say what they want should be pres. What a joke this guy is our best hope people feel. Let’s elect some rich guy we are dogs chasing our tails. Haven’t we been down this road before. America is finished folks trump is the antichrist.

        • “The ass beatings will continue until moral is improved”.

      42. Somewhere along the line a wheel is going to fly off the train
        Just don’t be standing in the tracks when it comes thru

      43. Times are bad for many right now, but I think that the worse is yet to come. I would like to see more prepping related articles along with information we get here, they all help.

        • swinging Richard,

          Have you given any thought about chain and its usage. From 1/4th to 3/8 in. Chain repair links, Carribiners, shackles and chain connectors.

          Then rope and cordage. Pulleys are nice. Come along is a good tool.

          Heavy duty pry bar with 10 pound sledge. Retrieval.

      44. what can i use to keep my dry goods from moisture and mold? Everything being stored in marine coolers because we are living out of camper..have dry food stores in van that gets VERY warm inside. any sugg. helpfull..thnx guys and gals.

        • Would store tubs off the ground and out of sunlight.
          Marine coolers might hold lots of moisture. Try to get plastic tubs you can burp and get a vacuum. Separate bagging and some desicant/moisture absorbing bags.

          • thankyou! much apprieciated. will look into bags and vaccuum. finances low..anything i can use those marine coolers for..other than their actual purpose? as in repurposing?

        • Scrounge some plastic buckets with good seals. Clean and dry them well. Put one or two hand warmer packets in when full. Try & keep them as temperature constant as you can. Or bury them if you don’t have room to store. Be good to invest in a vacuum sealer if you can.
          Molon labe

          • slingshot thanks! WIprepped…very good advice thank you however we are living out of a camper and Van so burying isn’t an option (broke my back had to close my construction company lost home forced to leave most preps left behind blah blah blah no biggie however we are also looking for a more permanent site don’t quite know what to do still reading all of these sites haven’t seen a viable suggestion on where to go can’t find people in my area of like mind been reading this site for a while just started posting however seems hard to get a reply or even sometimes to even post because all I have is my cell phone)anyway so handwarmers would serve as a moisture reducer? any specific type of vacuum sealer suggested?

            • Hand warmers serve as oxygen absorbers NOT moisture absorbers. A cheap way to obtain moisture absorbers is to collect those little silica dessicant bags that are in a lot of products (usually white and about the size of a teabag) and bake them in the oven at 250 degrees for several hours to recharge them (propane oven will not do as well as propane releases its own moisture). Another thing you can use is white rice in an old spice bottle (instant is best).
              Buy a bag of Damp-Rid for 5 bux and use it in empty spice bottles to but be sure to keep it upright at all times as it will fill with liquid as it absorbs water.

              • Good lord,am not alone.Another actually reuses those silica bags!I will be getting some this weekend,can justify buying some more tools,first time in over two years!

            • Lori, what state are you in? If you are close, I can seal things up for you and even give you some, as I have plenty.

              • wisconsin….:)

                • whoa. that’s about 1200 miles or more. go west and stay north at the border area until you feel like your in the 1800’s.

                  • hahahahahaa!!! that actually is the tenative plan untill deep winter..then its southward….unless we can get out of this camper for the winter…rather stay northward though.

                    • by the way thankyou for your generous offer…we dont get too many people like that around the area we are in… and the ones that are here like you are well hidden…(understandably)

        • Cat litter.

          • Really?! i am guessing natural clay…and by the way thanks to you and all who are here giving these life saving tips and info. Cat litter…that’s smart! As well as Tubs buckets and the damp rid! Thanks you guys.

          • meow.

            • hahaha..lol…

      45. Why is this not bigger news?? All the primanitions seem to be falling in right on cue, granted they are happening with an predicted spark, but the sheer fact that this statement is making national news is enough to connect several dots of recent times/predictions past.

        Washington may lose the support of the EU in Ukraine, should the States refuses to implement the nuclear deal with Iran. This may also collapse the US dollar as a reserve currency, Secretary of State John Kerry said in New York as he was promoting the deal with Iran.

        “If Congress rejects the Iran nuclear deal, “that is a recipe, very quickly, my friends, businesspeople here, for the American dollar to cease to be the reserve currency of the world, which is already bubbling out there.”

        As the US Secretary of State said, EU member states may no longer support the sanctions against Russia should Congress does not approve of the Iranian deal. The US dollar would thus lose the status of the reserve currency.

        Noteworthy, US Congress does not show much support for the nuclear deal with Iran. It is Republican senators that express negative views on the subject. – See more at: http://english.pravda.ru/news/world/12-08-2015/131635-dollar_reserve_currency-0/#sthash.iQ3OJQ2Y.dpuf

      46. Dow is down 255 pts. at this time. Must have crossed the Death Cross.

        • The 10 year note is dropping pretty good, also. Makes me wonder if this is the beginning of the “big one”.

      47. My father is in his mid 90s. He remembers The Great Depression vividly. He’d argue with anyone regarding us now being in a depression.

        • Americans have been insulated from bad times with ever increasing debt of our government. Just think about how the debt has gone from Bush and around 10 trillion to Obama and 18 trillion. The country is insolvent and is a house of cards waiting for an event to blow it down.
          The numbers put out by the government are a joke.Unemployment and inflation are much worse than the numbers given. Get ready for when SHTF. Its coming.

          • Your 100% correct. Both fiat money and debt have propped the system up. In the end however its being propped up.

            I’m very surprised that its been working this long.

      48. Here is a book from 1909 that describes a dependent society when “The Machine Stops.”

        ht tp://archive.ncsa.illinois.edu/prajlich/forster.html

        BTW, it looks like Hillary might have been “deselected.”

      49. Back a few decades Hale Boggs was killed in a plane crash in Alaska. He was a member of the Warren Commission, one who afterward expressed questions about the conclusion of that commission. The aircraft was said to have never been found. The person who drove him to the airport to catch that flight was Bill Clinton, he of the Bush-Clinton crime cabal. Here comes Hillary with more of the same skullduggery that she has been known for since way back. This is repulsive.

      50. Crime families is exactly accurate. The more we know, the worse it is. Voting isn’t the answer to this problem. I wonder what the real solution is? Hmmm?

      51. Did The EPA Intentionally Poison Animas River To Secure SuperFund Money?

        “A week before The EPA disastrously leaked millions of gallons of toxic waste into The Animas River in Colorado, this letter to the editor was published in The Silverton Standard & The Miner local newspaper, authored by a retired geologist detailing verbatim, how EPA would foul the Animas River on purpose in order to secure superfund money…”


      52. We are about to see here in America the rise of cannibalism to the extent the world has never seen before. Parents will be selling their babies for a handful of beans. Mothers and Fathers will offer up their children to the highest bidder. Husbands will sell or trade their wives for food.

        • Buzz,I hearby give permission for any to eat my corpse/or hell/feed it to your dogs/cats ect.I am a organ donor who also at age 8 read the book “Alive”(what were my parents thinking!).You kill me to eat me hope you die of food poisoning,but come across me corpse frozen,well,Bon apatite!Hell,am a organ donor,once dead,the mighty Warchild off on a new adventure,perhaps.

      53. KP Mom, thats exactly what i am talking about. I am not paying attention to Donal Trumb’s stupid debates and the other clown idoits thats supposedly challenging him. What i am paying attention to what the cabal is doing. That was a false flag. A river just does not get and accidental chemical spill. They are cutting off water supplies, while people are existing on Normalcy bais, not relaly paying attention. My scientist friend is focused on the most catostrophic event that will unfold. This is the reason why i commnet the way i do. I have heard things that cannot even post on this site. Its real, the planet is going to have a fractural shift of 40%, literally removing the magnetic field of the Earth, and it will then form a new one, the polar ice caps are melting down because of this not because of cabon monozxide of polution, it has nothing to do with that. NOTHING TO DO WITH POPUTION AT ALL. GLOBAL WARMING IS A TOTAL SCAM. Its happening because of techtonic shifting relsuling in destruction of the athenosphere on the ocean floor. The ocean floors will burst open, send lave spewing up the atmosphere in the middle of the oceans, drop oxygen levels all around the planet, etc. If you live in Florida, you are dead in the next 32 yrs. If you live in Texas, you will have to be above Austin and in Dallas. Houston will be under 600Ft of Water, and the coastline will be under sea water permanantly, period. Jade Helm 15 is here to kill the preppers and constitionalist who know this secret. Then they plan on capturing people as slaves to do slave labor once the dust settles.

        This is what i have been told and i stand my ground 1000000000000% is because this is truth. This my friends will go down, as in the environemtal destrucition over the next 24 months. Nothing can be done to the people without a trigger event to calpase the economy, then do everthing they have planned in stages. This is why the attacks on me were so aggressive in the past 3 months. They lost the battle and most of you on here have noticed that the attacks have almost completely stopped. Its now too late, they are nos running for cover. This is why i am done typing up long narratives abound what i was told.


        I have already come up the the end game population figure of 3-5,000,000. Deagle.com shows 60,000,000. They are just trying to make is look like a natural reduction. They might be fooling some, but not me. With and 80% die off of crops and plant life, the animals what are in the wild will suffer a 80% die off also. Which means that man will become a canibal. The scientist told me that “The Road” is where we are heading. What did Venezuala just do, since the IMF calapsed thier economy, your have seen the videos, these people in the streets are not preppers. They are the unprepared stupid normalcy bais everyday people. They dont like to listen and they are all stupid, 90% of them, very stupid, stupid, stupid people. Then what do that criminal Muduro do, he cuts off the food supply from the people and takes control of the farms. Did a big not get sigend recently saying that the govenment of the US is going to take control of all water, farm and land resourses. Very intersting isn’ it. So the question is how did the number 3-5,000,000 really come up. Lets see what Ted Turner stated. As you can see, deagle.com is way off, because they plan to kill alot more people than you can ever imagine.


        David Icke is right when he said that a ruling Elite controlled by a reptilian race is behind once really taking place on the planet. Take a look at the Coat of Arms off all developed countries. Dont you see the same symbol, really do a search and look at all of them.

        Ted Turner made a statment once.

        A global population of 230,000,000 would be ideal. So that means that if your divide 3-5,000,000 by 48 states, excluding Alaska, and Puerto Rico, so that leaves only 60-80,000 per state, then you crunch those numbers with all the major countries of the globe, the we can see that the global population is now around 230-250,000,000. Of course the elites would love this because it means that with the Satilites, drones, bombers, another other scalar weapons would have and easy time to kill out the rest of the survivors. The Extra Terrestrials who base themsleves on the dark side of the moon that mine our DNA, by abductions, since we a genetic resource, will have total 100% control over the inhabitted population, and can easily control the input and output of waste in relation to input of food and with the use of genetically modified food to shorten the lifespan of the average human to 40 yrs. This supplies a consistent DNA commodity resourse to the Type T2 Civilzations that needs DNA to mine humans that make good slaves that are easy to control to mine resources on other planets in our Galaxy. So as you can see, i know alot more than people think. All alien abductions are about DNA retrival for ET Type 2 Civiliations who use slave labor. Ef the environment of the planet calapses from polution, then the product gets contaminated. As i blow this sh…t out into the open i can expect attacks on my credibility. You are already too late agency axx clowns, keep it up and i will open a can of whoop ass and will continue to spill the beans.



        The truth will literally set us free.

      54. Blah, blah,blah…..meanwhile, click on one of our advertisers links and spend more money you don’t have so you can all whine about people who are doing exactly what you are; spending money you don’t have.

        • It’s called monetizing a blog. Ever heard of it? That still doesn’t take away from the content.

      55. it’s part of their plan – desperate people for world control do desperate things and in turn actually contribute to the ruination of our planet. then they manipulate and psyop the people to fight among themselves instead of going after the miscreant elite who cause the problems in the first place. smh…

      56. The depression today is much worse than it was when I was a boy during the 30s. My dad bought our house for $500.00. A box of .22 shorts was 10 cents and a movie ticket for me was 10 cents. We didn’t have any money, but we didn’t have any debt either.

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