Gunships Over Miami: “Machine Gun Fire, Strafing Runs, Troops Rappelling From Choppers, and Road Blockades”

by | Jan 28, 2013 | Headline News | 379 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Gun control advocates say deadly assault weapons have no business being on the streets of America.

    But, apparently, those same people who would restrict you of your ability to defend yourself have no objections to fully loaded military gunships flying over American population centers.

    That’s exactly what happened in Miami, Florida recently when the U.S. military, in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, staged an “urban training exercise,” justifying the action as as preparation of our troops for deployment overseas.

    If we’re supposedly pulling our military out of Afghanistan and Iraq, which urban environment is it that the military and local police are training for?

    Military “exercises” in populated urban environments are now so routine, so commonplace, they are no longer reported by the national media and are left as “human interest” stories for local news stations.

    For instance, in Miami last Thursday, units of the military industrial complex staged yet another training exercise.

    “Diving Blackhawks, blank rounds of machine gun fire, strafing runs, troops rappelling from choppers, and road blockades,” writes Karen De Coster. “All over the skies of Miami at night, just a few days ago. According to this local TV clown in the video, this event was for the purposes of ‘meeting requirements,’ preparing for overseas military drills, and making sure the equipment is in check.”

    In the above video, we hear the staccato of door guns pounding away as “military-style choppers” swooped a couple hundred feet above traffic on I-395 in downtown Miami.

    From the local CBS disinfo ministry:

    The training is designed to ensure that military personnel are able to operate in urban areas and to focus on preparations for overseas deployment. It also serves as a mandatory training certification requirement.

    Source: Kurt Nimmo at

    The U.S. military has remote training installations all over the world. Why, then, would it be necessary for them to be engaging in exercises over a major U.S. city?

    We are being systematically desensitized to a domestic police state. From being violated by security agents at our nation’s airports, to heavily armed hybrid security teams being deployed in martial red zones around the country, the government is reshaping our perceptions of what  “normal” means.

    In this context it’s important to note that Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano recently said that we no longer need to worry about Al Queda as a threat to America. Rather, DHS security and intelligence resources are shifting to the domestic front:

    “There’s been a lot of evolution over the past three years,” she said. “The thing that’s most noticeable to me is the growth of the lone wolf,” the single attacker who lives in the United States or elsewhere who is not part of a larger global conspiracy or network, she said.

    She named no examples, but it’s a phenomenon that is increasingly the focus of international anti-terror operations.

    As has been previously noted, the US military, including the National Guard, have been training for domestic policing actions for many years, and have been actively war gaming large scale economic collapse and civil unrest scenarios.

    Make no mistake. The goal of this live environment exercise is not to stop a terrorist threat from Al Queda or some other rogue foreign element.

    It’s to stop you.


    Hat tip: Infowars, Beyond Collapse


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      1. Well come on if your coming! We’re ready FEDCOATS!

        • Folks, remember, the training the military/law enforcement is doing over our air and land scapes are tactics not used in combat. They are strictly urban assault tactics for large crowds with minimally armed personnel.

            • Well, this make my decision that much easier, all of our doctors over here are pretty much tied into the state system, so i have even less motivation to do anything other than prepare for the end of my days, im definitely not getting chipped and definitely not going along with any registration or control, its a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in, whats even worse is i have always tried to do whats right, now i just gotta say fuck it, we all gotta die someday, just gotta decide how i want it to go,

              • Rest assured my friend, you’re not alone. I’ll trade the mother fuckers a bullet for my chip, and nothing less. NOT ONE MORE INCH !!!

              • im with ya on that my brother , I was born free and I will die free and many , many other feel the same as us , we may not win but we’ll go down as a free American.

            • fuck that, I’ll play along, so i can get out of there..but once im out in the woods I’ll pop that sucker out and feed it to a will only hurt for a little while, and i dont mind the sight of blood.

              I have only been to the doctors like 4 times in my life..I dont plan on going unless its an emergency.

              its called a “Practice” for a reason..them friken sawbones are just using us as live experiments to further thier BMW payments

              666 shit , nope aint playin

            • Sometimes ya gotta be really careful about what link you click. I checked out that link of yours, and it led me down this road.

              First stop, your link above.

              Second stop:


              Final stop:


              Complete Bizarro world. A place that describes how we’re all being wired to a central BioAPI network through the use of chemical aerosol spraying. The aerosol contains nano-bots that wire themselves to our neuron clusters and thus can alter your thought process. All this happens through some form of ELF/EMF transponder signals for two-way communications with the nano-bots.

              Not that I believe this stuff, but man, the site sure does try to convince you. So again, be careful what you click on, you may end up in a part of the rabbit hole you don’t want to be.

              • If you don’t believe this information I suggest you perform the “Red Wine Test” by swishing your mouth with a deep red wine 2-3 times and expelling it into a white sink or coffee filter. You will see clumps of fibers and if you let it dry on the coffee filter you will see crystals. These are self assembling nano-machines.


                • No, what you just did was a poor approximation of a junior high science project…

                  Yes, there are conspiracies a foot, but like someone else said, “don’t go to far down the rabbit hole”… you’ll turn into just another mouth breathing sheeple

                • Well Jesus said that you would be presented a choice to take the mark or not. The Apostle John spoke of a a number that you could derive by ***counting*** he gave it in a riddle, that had a three sided clue and 3 digit clue (666) using the count procedure to find the “account number of the beast”. better get to counting. 3 computers were crashed doing this. But there is manual or shorthand shortcut that involves simple math. Just as a note as to what time it is. King First or the prominent horn on the goat has already been identified. But he is just one of many actors on this play. The king of Rus and Tubal has already taken the land bridge between the black and Caspian seas the only way to take an army from russia to the middle east.

            • I have a feeling that these will be implanted during other surgeries, after they knock you out. I believe they will only resort to using “the law” AFTER someone catches them doing it covertly. I hope they do put it somewhere that I can cut the damn thing back out at home…that’s what I plan to do if I can’t avoid it.

              • Can’t you just run a magnet over it to screw it up?

          • Sorry to jack this thread, but very important.
            Since my links keep getting jacked go to from the trenches and read how we are going to be chipped under obamama care.. The Mark Of the Beast!!!!!!

            Not One More F–kin Inch!!


            • Here is my plan to this act. Every chuch in my town will get a print out about this. Turn this around on them, think about it folks if you can get the churches to see this BS then we might get them on our side.

              • DPS. Skip the Churches. Lately, we are just Zombies sleeping in the pews. We are pretty much in denial ourselves. We must have chased all the ‘fire-and-brimestone’ preachers out of town. Now sermons are more fuzzy and ‘feel’ good stuff. Kind of milk-toast actually.

                • Ugly,

                  Guess I still have some faith. Some would call it being naive, but its what I believe.I think deep down there is good in all of us. That would also include Joe In NC, FINX and a few others. For if I loose faith then I really have lost all.


                  • DPS. I was being alittle sarcastic, go ahead and show the Churches. We all need to know. But don’t be surprised by their responses. The Church is not awake as it use to be, but a messenger is necessary.

                    I taught Revelation last year in Sunday School. When we got to the Anti-Christ and the V-Chip (RFID) I started losing them. In two weeks, I went from around 16 attendees to just 2 or 3. They did not want to hear it, or didnt care. Good people, just in denial.

                  • Hold onto it DPS….seems like I recall a sermon in my youth, where we were told:…—(paraphrasing in a big way)—

                    “…for it shall be a time, that tries the souls of men & many will fall away…& thus the days will be shortened…lest none remain(survive)”

                    Stay strong brother!
                    We’re only here for a short time, make it count!

                  • GunSmith,

                    You are right, but I still have alittle faith brother.If you get a chanch drop me a e-mail its on the prev article.


                • the reason why is DHS is in the churches. There is even a DHS pastors handbook. You all don’t realize how far down the road we are. Christian Americans unlike most christians from the beginning of time really were never under threat of death, unless of course you were a black man, that’s a whole other topic all together. Anyways, to take back to what I was saying. Christian Americans could pretty much “love their lives here and then go onto be with the Lord” because there was no threat of death from being a christian. Well, I don’t think this generation going to be so fortunate. So many problems. For one, christian are that follow the bible are supposed take heed to Hebrews 11 which says we have no certain home or dwelling place on this earth, but that heaven is out heaven. well, being patriot of any country or nationalist “fighting for dirt” is not what you are supposed to do. Now we have the arabs and islam toppling western installed leaders. They want to bring the fight here. So the US leaders don’t want “the vine” leaving. They want the to wall to fight for the king. Big problems.

            • I aint getting chipped, and I am not giving up my weapons and they can stick their chip in their ass.

              NOT ONE MORE INCH!!! Bastards.

            • DPS….Don’t worry. This is a paraphrased version about what the Bible says about the Beast (Anti-Christ)

              1. He will mesmerize the masses of people
              2. He will speak boastful words
              3. He will be arrogant
              4. He will be a Peace-Maker, but Peace is not on agenda
              5. He will claim to be God
              6. He will have a plan to fix a troubled economy
              7. The plan includes his number (666) for purchases
              8. Those that don’t take # will be killed or imprisoned
              9. He will lead a world war and also be problem solver
              10. He will hate Christians

              You see, no worries. Glad no-one today fits those descriptions.

              • Ugly,

                Obamama isn’t the anitchrist. He is the AntiChrist helper..


                • I agree, Obama is nothing but a self centered son of a bitch that greeds to have fun on our money. I think he just realized how screwed up Obamacare is going to be and what he just started. Now its this.

                • Obama may not be the anti-Christ, but I’m pretty sure the anti-Christ works for him.

              • Ugly,

                There is somebody much bigger behind the scene pulling the strings for that puppet.


                • DPS, Clint….I agree.

                  The Anti-Christ is Satan himself in human form. Basically, the false Messiah.

                  If he is on this planet, then evil is going to accelerate at a very rapid pace.

                  We preppers need to be ready at all levels–food, defense, water, shelter, knowledge, friends, family, etc.

                  This won’t be fun for anyone. Be prepared for the time is near.

              • You’re totally WRONG !!

                There is a monkey in the white house that fits those descriptions EXACTLY !!

                Just sayin…

                • The Chinese call him, “monkey” not because of his looks (he’s kind of cute!@) but because they consider monkeys very pliant– like a puppet. They don’t like the fact that he’s sold out his country. He does whatever the Chinese say. “Disarm the citizens!” He says, “oh.O.K!” (No balls–excuse english).

              • The number of the beast has to be found out by “counting”. 666 is just the number of man but it is used solving the riddle of obtaining the number of the beast.

                Remember 666 is not it. He says, “he who has wisdom, (1) let him count the number of the beast, (2)for it is the number of man (3) and the number of it is 666.

                Understand this is a riddle to be solved. 666 is not the number of the beast. the lord he who has wisdom, how much wisdom is their if he gave you the answer? He would just say this is the number of the beast, use it.

                Please, please understand, 666 is “used” in the “counting procedure” to arrive a the NOB!

            • And now they are putting it on TV check out beforeitsnews “Mark Of The Beast” – First Official TV Commercial link will be below.


            • I don’t go to doctors. I HATE doctors. “Physician, heal thyself!”

          • Army training exercise in Houston alarms residents…

            Posted on Drudge Report

            • KY Mom,

              Just read that. Seems to be ramping up now.

              Since I am sandwiched between Fort Knox and Fort Campbell, I suppose they’ll be running stuff like this around here soon. Maybe Louisville, Paducah, Bowling Green, Lexington.

              If you need any last minute supplies, I would suggest getting them as quickly as possible.

              “Not One More Inch!”

              KySSG . . . out.

              • KySSG,

                Let me ask you something, have you seen to trailer clip for Grey State? If you have could you produce that clip for $6000.00 ? To me the entire clip looks to be a phyc.op,I could be wrong but it sure looks like another show of force…


                • No I haven’t seen it, DPS. But I don’t doubt it a bit. In fact, I find myself not doubting much these days when it comes to the government and their BS.

                  “Not One More Inch!”

                  KySSG . . . out.

              • KySSG,

                Agreed! Most of the men in my family are former military (husband, father, father in law, all brother-in-laws except one), so I have always been very supportive of our military.

                But, recent exercises and things happening really scare me. I believe more people are waking up. I am in eastern KY.

                Stay strong!
                KY Mom

            • KY Mom,

              Looks like a show of force to me, why would the law let them film 12 minutes of this??


              • DPS,

                Good point. I just find it hard to believe they are having training exercises there.
                We used to live in Houston.

                KY Mom

                • KY,

                  I know its hard to believe that 4hrs from my house we have German troops training and have flat out said that they are here to support martial law on US soil. Man Its just all in our faces, that means they are worried!!


                  • If you see helicopters and hear gunfire, it is most certainly a RAID on a the home of a Patriot. There will be no “Lexington or Concord” if they can avoid it, they know who we are and plan on taking out the Patriot leadership one at a time.

                    Where is OUR list?

              • PSYOPS pal….pure in your face…raw intimidation!

                The psychology behind the video is obvious…as is the the subtle “allowed time-span to film”.
                What they are saying to us is….

                “…hey, you really think you can take us on…?
                Watch what we can do, you peons!!!!”

                • Remember this!

                  They cannot win a “sniper’s war”!!!!!!!!!!

                  Shoot/scoot & make them go bankrupt, via the $$$$ spent to shut you/us down!!! They don’t have enough money or manpower to cover the entire country!!!

                  Stretch them thin enough…and either they break/snap…or they retreat into govt-designated/important enclaves/green-zones/fire-bases(see Iraq/Afghanistan/Vietnam).

                  Which means they’ll be at least 1/2 way into a defensive campaign/posture(for them).

                  Its called “losing the initiative”…and in a revolution scenario…that is the death knell for a tyrannical regime, over time!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  True history doesn’t lie!

                  • GS
                    now thats what i`m talkingz about my kind of fighting,,,hit and run,,,with all the little snakes going a different way home,,where ever that may be


                  • Truthfully, there is only a few thousand pulling the strings at the top. Once they have been eliminated by Seal Team America, the rest of US can get back to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


            • Love sarcasm, surely I might be mistaken. Har!

          • “military personnel are able to operate in urban areas and to focus on preparations for overseas deployment”.
            Overseas? many skyscrapers do you see in Iraq, Aphghanistan, etc?
            Remember years ago, when the ‘kooks’ talked about black choppers, secret U.S. units & troops w/ M16s rappelling into American cities?
            I apologize for making fun of those ‘kooks’…
            What’s next, I wonder? How soon, I also wonder?

        • These psychopaths just want you to believe they have unlimited power, because they believe it themselves.

          I know their weapons can destroy the world a thousand times, but I also know that if they attempt to attack the People on the ground here that those weapons will not be enough.

          They know it too. Otherwise it would have already happened.

          They will not do squat outside of scare tactics until the guns have been taken, and this an exapmple of a scare tactic.

          They can not take the guns without getting themselves killed. I know once they start trying to take the guns ANYWHERE in the country, that enough of the people will target enough of the politicians and banksters in Washington and NY to silence them for another few hundred years just like the so called Dark Ages (which are called that because the banksters were without control and the times were Dark in the eyes of the banksters and their history rewriters.)

          I will remain free an unafraid no matter what scare tactics they use, because I know that’s all they are.

          • This is all occurring right in our faces, no more need to hide anything because they know that we are nothing more than pathetic excuses for Americans now. We are a weak society, we sit on the couch, watch the most vile programs, communicate through texting, face book, email, play stupid mind numbing games on our computers or xbox. We eat fast food, we suck off the government and kill unborn babies at a horrific rate. This society is nothing but stinking garbage and the supposed leaders are the devil’s advocates in business suits.

            Sure there are some of us patriots left but they are the minority and if you rock the boat then you are called a nut or a terrorist.

            We are ripe for the picking and the majority doesn’t give a damn. How could you expect to get their attention with anything other than cutting off their comfort sources. Hell, you could drop a bomb in the middle of Miami and as long as it didn’t disrupt the lazy ass sheeple then it wouldn’t even be front page news. What does show up on the front page is what they want to brain wash us with.

            There are so many powerful monsters pulling the strings now that I guess you better get extremely well prepared and keep a low profile or they will come for you.

            This has been in the works for a long time now and they know exactly what they can get away with and when. We have been studied, watched and tested by the devils, they have done their homework. The good news is that some of us have done our homework as well, we know what they are up to and we know what their intentions are. People like us are considered trouble makers and ignorant because we can’t see the beauty in their plan to make us all equally dependant, equally poor, equally needy, equally without dignity and pride and most importantly, equally thankful to them for our mere existence. The light is on the roaches now and they aren’t scattering, that is scary.

            • How does one keep a low profile and still plan openly with others that have the same concerns about our great country being overrun by big brother?

              • Mac,

                I don’t plan openly with others, only my close friends and family. The way things are panning out, who else can you trust really. I have always been careful about who I allow in my life so I am not going to change that now. If I can lend a helping hand then fine, I will, but it won’t be in my home.

                • Live free,

                  While I do fully understand your rationale of keeping your preps and plans internal. When big brother does come banging/kicking in your door, how will you stand against that? When that time comes, we’d better offer more resistance than house-to-house because the free peoples will lose that engagement every time.

                  • “””When big brother does come banging/kicking in your door, how will you stand against that? When that time comes, we’d better offer more resistance than house-to-house because the free peoples will lose that engagement every time.””

                    You stand against that by fighting the war they brought to your door. You build your door to withstand the early kicking, and shoot as many rounds through it as you can get off before it gives.

                    The poor victim will lose every time, and die in a state of eternal freedom. But if EVERY house takes out one or two attackers, soon the forces will be depleted. The people will have the weapons of the fallen thugs, and eventually a turning point will be reached.

                    The odds will be made even, and the cowardly banksters will retreat to Switzerland to plan the next attempt in another 100 years.

                    But only if the intrusions into your home are met with deadly force against the attackers.

                  • Mac,

                    I see your point however my situation is one that is perhaps a bit different then most, in the fact that I am quite rural. There are neighbors around me but most are not the type to get involved. A couple of my neighbors do have guns and I can hear them target shooting on many occasions. I am off the beaten path and that alone is an advantage. If there were masses of people coming to my door then they would have had to be bussed in, I am certainly not near a city and miles from a town. The odds of anyone showing up at my door is slim considering I also live in a State where we do still have more rights than most. I have farm animals and I have land, I have protection and I have friends and Family, the way I see it, I’m in pretty good shape. I also target shoot and I am not half bad.

                    Bottom line, it depends a lot on where you live and how many friends and family you have. If the government came to my door and wanted to take my farm, then all bets are off. This is my life’s work and no one is going to take it from me, I believe in God and in my heart I know that for me, taking a stand is the only way to Live free or die.

                  • @ Live Free, If you live in a rural setting, use your friends and neighbors, establish a net of quiet surveillance around your area. When they move to a staging point, your buddy or neighbor should be calling, spreading the word. Prepare an counter-ambush for them. If enough of this were to happen, they would never be able to get close enough to kick in doors…

                  • Just an opinion.

                    Looks like “military” conducting trainings only in cities where the branch of Federal Reserve Bank exists.

            • Marines, Army shrinking force size under budgetary restraints

              “Marines to shed more than 20,000 from active duty. The Army is carrying out similar massive cuts in forces

              …”the other [Joint Chiefs of Staff] have finally started to fess up to the truth: These cuts will make the military hollow.”

              Meanwhile … China continues to expand and is building their military.

              Does China Plan To Establish “China Cities” And “Special Economic Zones” All Over America?

              “The Chinese certainly do seem to be laying the groundwork for something. They have been voraciously gobbling up important infrastructure all over the country.”

              • 100,000 from the Army by 2018.

                • well there goes the unemployment numbers, these guys and gals are going to get screwed by thier own machine..wait for it

                • Wal-Mart is going to hire them all.

              • if the Chinese try this we must destroy it as they build!

              • Great grandma always said, “Keep a close eye on China.” She passed away about 45 yrs. ago. She knew what was coming.

          • “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”

            – George Washington

            “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.”

            – George Washington

            “Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.”

            – George Washington

            “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”

            – Thomas Jefferson

            “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

            – Benjamin Franklin

            “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

            – George Mason

            “The Constitution preserves “the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation…(where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.”

            – James Madison, The Federalist, No. 46

            “The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed.”

            – Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers

            “Are we at last brought to such an humiliating and debasing degradation that we cannot be trusted with arms for our own defense?”

            – Patrick Henry

            And when all else fails, God is on OUR side. He gave mankind Sam Colt, John Browning, John Garand and Eugene Stoner.

            • Navy Vet,

              Thank you for your service, brilliant post.

            • …And general Mikhial Kalashnikov.

              “I shot with it a lot. I still do now. That is why I am hard of hearing.”- Mikhail Kalashnikov

            • Navy Vet,

              Thank You Sir.


          • They can’t destroy the world, only God can do that. They are mere mortals like the rest of us. Yes they can destroy man but not the world.

          • God’s Creation: “…Dark Ages (which are called that because the banksters were without control and the times were Dark in the eyes of the banksters and their history rewriters.)”


            The Middle Ages were not at all what the enemies of Jesus Christ have propagandized for centuries.

            It is their centuries, the 20th and 21st centuries, that are the most horrifying reflections of hell yet.

        • Show some patience already.

          This is just to get the population used to the sight of military activity. I saw the same thing during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City (there, they had snipers and paramilitary troops on nearly every rooftop overlooking the venues).

          Once the population is used to military operations in their world, then such things like martial law will be easier to do.

          Note that none of this would be necessary until such a time as there is civil unrest…

          Long story short, they’re not coming after you for having a few extra cans of food – they’re slowly gearing up for the natural result of bad economic management.

          • “bad economic management” is that code for Corruption?

            we need to call it what it is..because giving them an inch, they will take the mile and than run rough shod up your back..many times.

            Though a agree with your post, we need to call a spade a spade..dont give them a way out of what they have done to us all by making it sound like a mistake, they knew full well that thier greed was doing nothing for the humanity of this country or any other country for that matter, and in so doing..killing the people and impoverishing a nation of hard working people that just dont deserve it.

            If it were bad economic management they too would be poor, and thats just not the case

            • Not code for anything – it’s simple bad management of the economy. From printing money like it were toilet paper, to tossing money at every conceivable pork project in order to secure votes… the structure and cause of our impending economic mess is ugly all the way down.

              Yep – corruption figures into it prominently, but is the little brother in this family of horrors. The parents are exactly two: conflicting ideology, and failure to think ahead.

              If you’re only going to be in power for 2-12 years or so, what do you care how your decisions come to fruition 20-40 years from now? That’s someone else’s problem. You made your mark, and you can point at it and tell your constituents that you “fought for them” (or some similar nonsense).

              Now, we add ideology: One president wants to beef up the military-industrial complex. The next one wants to give everyone who votes for him a pile of someone else’s money plus a free phone. We obviously can’t afford either one.

              Finally, we compound the two with a huge mass of payments that by treaty/law/whatever, we’re ‘obligated’ to continue funding.

              Anyone who has faced bankruptcy has seen the pattern… The bills get bigger thanks to interest and fees, the ongoing bills aren’t going away, and even if you take on no further credit or obligation, the amount you owe grows almost exponentially. First you try to consolidate it by taking on further credit, but realize to your horror that the interest rates are far higher, making the total you owe a far larger sum. Then you go crazy trying to make sure everyone is paid on time. When that inevitably fails, you pay who you want to and ignore the ones who won’t drag you into court or kick you out of your home. You finally reach a point where you cannot pay anyone to their satisfaction, and everyone is threatening you with drastic measures.

              Sometimes it is brought on by tragedy/accident (e.g. hospital bills), sometimes it is the result of being stupid with money (see also any dumb kid with a handful of credit cards, or the US Government at this time.)

              I strongly suspect that in the next few years, we will get to see the exact sequence of events happen, but this time on a national scale. Unlike the individual, there is no bankruptcy court for the US economy.

              Long story short, there’s no conspiracy here… just a whole lot of incompetence.

              • O.Q. I believe your synopnis is dead on. It’s the government, folks. What do they do right or good besides spend double what something is worth, use 5 employees to do what one can do in the private sector, and generally just fuck up whatever they touch.

                There is “no great planned conspiracy”, just morons intoxicated on power and somebody elses money. Who would succumb to the temptation(s). It’s human. That’s why, deep down, we all really know what a waste and drag government is. Unless your one of them.

                Ain’t cool to drive to and from work 85-90 mph. unless your a cop.

                Out of business quick if you ignore or don’t service your customers. Unless your the MVA or bulding permit dept.

                Oh, really bad, dangerous and irresponsible to have an automatic weapon or carry a sidearm for defense. Unless your a SUPER-CITIZEN HERO cop. ( pssst…it’s a job choice, dickhead)

                Kind’a stupid to pay $10million for a “job” that pays $150,000.00 a year. Unless it’s a politician. Hey, how come they come out millionaires??? good investment advice, retirement I suppose.

                And our Military( industrial complex). $100,000 a pop laser guided missles blowing up mud huts and toyotas. Look out folks… If there ain’t a war going on, they’ll start one, or two. And if they run out of goat fuckers, watch out, they’ll come for us… just to stay “sharp” don’t you know.

                Damn, I drank the kool aid all these years. It’s a big racket.And if your in on it,and benefitting from it, you will DO ANYTHING TO MAKE IT NOT STOP!.

                Bunch of wolves and sheep voting what’s on the menu. What do you think is for dinner,eh??

                Money, power, greed, corruption, incompetance. All wrapped up in one nice big package. For your benefit.

                Bend over. And never forget… it’s about the children.

            • @VRF

              While some of Americans may not deserve it.. I don’t recall who said it at this time but.. “A country will always get the government it deserves”. I think that IS true of America now.. Where “most” will trade their liberty for a promise of security… or a cell phone.

              That said.. I plan on F***ing up whatever group comes to take any of my preps whether it be food or things that go bang!


          • “…bad economic management.”

            If by “bad” you mean “evil,” yes.

            If by “bad” you mean “accidental incompetence,” no.

            The pattern of cyclical looting, murder, and cancerous invasion of the body politic is the same modus operandi that has earned their tribe exile from HUNDREDS of national, principalities, and city-states through the millennia. Meanwhile they pretend there is no “cause and effect,” but only “antisemitism” against those poor innocent victims.

          • yeah, and somebody should be taking notes and shooting video of those maneuvers—we need to get a leg up on what we are up against. INTEL people, INTEL!

            • We have seen an increase on military air traffic doing maneuvers in western NY. Niagra Falls Air Base to the north. They seem to practicing?? Search patterns. This last weekend it was chinooks and it looked like they were practicing hot landings. Yes we need video. I am trying.

        • They must think that we couldn’t shoot one of their low and slow flying toys down.


            • Maybe not, but a .300 Win Mag will certainly take out the pilot.

          • Some bad news here…

            Unless you’re swinging around a .50 BMG, you’re going to have a hard time shooting a combat-hardened helicopter down.

            • I know where a couple of them thangs are. HA

            • If the doors are open you damn sure can bring one down, one round (308) in the gear box. Or in the head of the stick jockey.

              • How are you going to make that shot at a chopper moving a hundred miles an hour?

                • Dude I have no idea who you are, but until you have had a green tracer or FMJ pass by your head close enough that you hear the pop and feel its breeze on your cheek as you sit in fuck’n helicopter you have no idea what its all about. Yes I’ve seen more than one chopper go down from a V C with an old MOSIN rifle, or an old beat up AK.

                  AND YES I AM TAKING THE SHOT!

          • F p
            have you ever seen what a tree trunk slung into the air in front of one,,,i have nad it aint pretty,,,


        • Molon Labe Bitches!!!

        • “Your responsibility for the fight never ends”

          James Yeager

          nough said..

        • Welcome to the second Revolutionary War.

      2. The government is rattling its saber giving the patriots a warning, new york is the start, state of hawaii trying to pass even more strict laws than NY, other states as well, why else would DHS and other supposed government organizations be stocking the hardware they have been collecting?
        Were going to get bent over and poked and not in a good way, build your supplies, make alternates, the politicians and political machine no longer exist for the people
        God save us all

        • Jesus wasn’t afraid to go to His death and we shouldn’t be either. “Vengence is Mine, sayeth The Lord”. The evil will get what they have coming and I’m pretty sure the Good Lord hates a coward! Stand tall brothers and sisters!

          • Maybe,except many of us have family to worry about–people we don’t want to die

            • Scot: when the bolsheviks starved 1/3rd of ukraine, 7-10 Million folks in the Holodomer(?) do you think the kids got fed or starved also?

              America today has the decendents of them bolsheviks now in full control.Finestien is but one.

              The bible calls her ilk Adversaries of God, and of ALL mankind. They are Not the worlds largest class of Victims as so many believe…Rather They are the worlds worst Victimizers.

            • As I printed on the last topic, there are worse things than dying–much worse for your wife and children.
              And I’m not referring to fema camps.

            • There really are things that happen in this world that are worse than death. We have been a very, very, fortunate group of people here in America, for the most part, for the last 150 years. A good run, by any measure.

              I really think, and I’m guilty, that most of us have normalcy bias. A select few, have seen the horrors. And get to come home to relative tranquility.

              And I truly believe, our 2nd Ammendmant Rights make us unique in the world, and have helped to keep the balanceA of power in modest check. If the 2nd goes, we are done.
              And we will deserve what we get for not defending that which we were blessed with.

              It is the single most important thing we possess. And the mere possession of it will make it’s use not needed.

              We must defend it with our lives, because our lives depend on it.

          • Yep, the Lord said such indeed…

            …but consider the possibility, that he intends to utilize “US” …as the instrument of his…VENGEANCE!!!!

            …see the definition of…RIGHTEOUS VIOLENCE, for details!!!!

        • @Kulafarmer

          I have ammo.. enough ammo? One such as myself might say there is no such thing… But.. Everytime I see a purchase order for more hardware by DHS or any other 3 letter group.. I am not disheartened.. The way I see it, they are saving that stuff for us motivated preppers to take. Like the VC I will get stronger while my enemy grows weaker..They have left me with less to lose than themselves. And as Warface has pointed out “the good lord hates a coward”. SO I am going for broke.

          Take heart everyone. All is not lost.


      3. I can tell you this. The Feds will hit pockets of people and in large force will do well against the average homeowner with an ar-15. But they will not have any luck and severe losses in areas where they are thinned out with groups of citizens banned together on their turf that they know and know well. I don’t want this or anyone to be shot or hurt etc. But they are doing this to us!

        We need to stop this from happening period and throw these cock suckers out of office for breaking laws. I don’t know how these people are still allowed to be in office after all the proof and destruction they have caused and the destruction of things we don’t even know that are going on in other countries. We need to get a group of leaders on the news stating exactly why they should be impeached or resign. At this point the average person that has not followed the news as closely as many of us are going to be fooled and don’t know what to believe. The media has lied so bad and warped peoples opinions in so many directions who knows what people are to think anymore. Many will be in shock and are, that there is no way they want to ban guns. Look around fools! IF we didn’t have the congress our ar-15’s would be banned now and we would be threatened directly and it would be a civil war as we speak.

        I dont think these people in the senate and house understand that we are not joking and they will be held accountable when the smoke clears. They better hide or leave because many people will be looking for them. Like i said I just want to be left alone and enjoy my life and work but they are so corrupt and power hungery they will not stop till they win the chips on this game! They can go to hell.standing by in iowa.

        • I dont want to hurt anyone. I just want to be left alone. I reject violence.


          If we must use force, if they make us, we go all out.

          • My sentiments exactly ! Back the F off !

          • but you openly despise Jews on this thread all the time as if ALL of them are conspiring to destroy your life right?


              The vast majority of Jews are hideous, disgusting people with no souls.

              • Are there no limits to what is acceptable to post here?

                • there are somel imits and eisen seems to cross the line more often then not. unfortunately we can’t catch everything in the moderation queues, and thank our users for using the voting system to hide or display inappropriate comments.

                  Eisen, please chill out.

                  • Out of respect for the great pains you take to disseminate this information to people, I will tone it down.

                  • Mac,
                    Ever heard of Tom Metzger and what was done to him? Some moron committed a crime and blamed it on Metzgers site, that it had influenced him to do what he did. That is why while no one likes censorship in your own self interest/defense you need to keep a lid on some of the more forceful posters on your site. Sites like these are witched and any excuse will be used for employing the old hate speech charge. I expect that things will start moving much quicker downhill by this Summer. Wish I had a clue as to the actual game plan.

              • You are disgusting.

              • Seems like my name calling you’re a Nazi was true!

            • THEY know who they are, and if it doesn’t apply, let it fly.

        • I would bet that the majority of politicians have no clue that people are even talking about the stuff we are all contemplating,, I would bet some paid snitch in a room somewhere in the pentagon or some other office building is reading our posts, and laughing, IMHO none of the people in this pile o shit think any of us can even or will even pose a threat in any way, and many of us will not,, that is until this chicken comes home to roost,,, when things get dicey in our own neighborhoods and there are squads of DHS or whatever going door to door confiscating guns because BO decided it was better to just declare a national emergency and shut us all up, what are we going to be thinking then??? this isnt Afgahnistan,, we are not all sheep, I evewn know women who are saying screw this,,, I just hope when the shit starts blowing we will be dealt an incredible stroke of luck and have the upper hand in some way or another, either Nature or whatever, if its gunships agains carpenters and the neighborhood mechanic, I hope we all have the sense to ditch that fight, regroup and snipe their asses,,, gun to gun were screwed, but when all their equipment is getting run over by stray construction equipment and their supply chain gets torched every time someone comes across it,,, then were talking some progress perhaps, we will need to think gorilla warfare and as dirty as it can get,,,

          • i’ll be thinking about where i’m going to hit my targets. start at the hip/thigh area and work up from there.

            • That could be even more demoralizing for the enemy,,,
              Shoot em in the ass! how humiliating,
              hey chuck what happened to you
              Uhhh, shoots frank, got shot in the ass
              yea, some kid with a 22 shot me in the ass,,now I can hardly walk, the thing got real infected, dock said there must have been dog shit on the bullet,
              No shitt,,
              why what happened to you frank,,,
              I stepped on a rat trap that had a 12 gaugue shell in it, the pellet took the tip of my dick off,,
              Ouucchhhh,, tough break bud,,
              hmm off to the mess hall I guess, felt sorta funny the last time I ate down there, sorta like there was some sort of drugs in the food,,,

              • I heard “Reach for the sky mister,” turned around and found myself face to face with a 6 year old kid. I dropped my guns, turned around, and walked away. Little bastard shot me right in the ass!!! Couldn’t resist a little Blazing Saddles here…

            • Cap ’em in the knee. When another shitbird soldier comes to help, send ’em to meet Elvis.

      4. It won’t be as easy as they portray, when we start shooting theses copters out of the air.

        • they need to watch black hawk down

        • Thats the thing,,, I dont have any surface to air missles, but I have watched the last 3 seasons of Punkinchunkin,, wonder how a blackhawk would stand up to a 100# boulder tossed at it with a trebuchee? or a catapolt or???? were talking improvise, armor up a big excavator pin their asses down with a shit load of small arms fire and drive the freakin thing right into their base and pile their shit up like a junkyard…. I bet there are a few guys who know where to find a big Komatsu and a stack of those steel plates to put over trench work on a roadway, bust out the arch welder and torches and have some fun,,,, or a big D9 or D11, that could be interesting,,,

          • mind reader…’)

            • I love it, now thats the shit,

              Dude was goin sorta slow, the D11 they been running in the gravel pit over here can do about 45-50 when you take your foot off the decelerator, that thing stands 18′ tall at the ROPS, the ripper is 8′ long, be sorta difficult to stop with anything less than heavy artillery,
              Good link, love Alice in Chains

            • I can honestly say i sympathise with the guy, sometimes you just gotta say WTF

          • Dude?

            1) Seriously – you’re not going to hit a helicopter moving erratically at 150+mph with a trebuchet, unless the pilot isn’t paying attention and somehow runs into it.

            2) As others have noted: It’s been tried before, usually with bad results once the thing gets stuck. In a situation of civil unrest, the nearest armory with a tank will take you out in very short order (one sabot HE round will demolish any steel that you can bolt onto a Cat, and turn the inside of that plate into shrapnel.) Consider that with most tanks, you can often cause it to stop cold with only 3-4 rolls of concertina wire snarled up in the tracks.

            • You got a point, but is soooo ’80ish…Now they have drones.They don’t have to risk loosing a tank, which, if you know how, can be taken off, with a half gallon of gasoline. Now they can blow you off from the skyes, and you won’t even know what hit you.
              God, I’m so sick about all those dreamers who think they really can make a difference in what will gonn’a happen…only by refusing to give up their guns…
              I have news for you all – we are living in 21st century, not in 18th! They have spying satellites covering any posible square inch of this planet. They have drones. They have portable EMP weapons.They control your food and water, and THAT’S YOUR PLAN TO STAY ALIVE?!!! BUILDING A CATAPULT OR TREBOUCHET TO TAKE DOWN A HELICOPTER?!!!!….
              Wake up guys! If YOU want to succeed in this endeavor AS MUCH AS I WANT, you have to do a lot of rethinking…
              First – stop bragging of how tough and fiercefull you think you are! Try finding your own soft spots. And find how you can guard against being used upon you or get rid of them (if is posible)…Hint: we are already monitored on this blog!…
              Second – keeping a low profile is a must.
              Third- in order to can outdo them, at this point, instead to learn how to shot a gun,we have to learn how to hack their network, making their spying network worthless and capturing their drones. Only then,shoting a gun will be a worthfull skill. Anyway, at that point we may need more rope than bullets.
              So, at this point,I think all of you(with few exceptions) better start to use what God put between your years…or else…

          • now you’re talking my former line of civilian work!

      5. It won’t be as easy as it looks when we start shooting them out of the air.

      6. I’m sure the government just wants us all safe. They really seem to care about us by running drills all over the country scaring everyone. All of this is simply done out of love i’m sure. Those troops are training to deliver each and every one of us a nice fruit basket followed by a kiss and possibly a box of chocolates. The plan is to repell out of the blackhawk helicopter…kick your door in…and place the fruitbasket, chocolates on the table….then give each member of the family a big hug and kiss. Gosh, I’m glad they are here to protect us so lovingly.


        • What? No flowers?

          • flowers are for graves, I’ll pass.

        • and to think i was wrong the whole time, thinking it was a bad thing for them to do those things


        • Ah , the old fruit basket for the good citizen ploy . Lure us out with a fruit basket and then hit us with the big wet kiss…for our safety

          • Turn that one around, sexy little blondie in her bootie shorts delivers the nice soldiers a basket of cookies (laced with LSD) (enough to kill an elephant),,ssshhhhhh,

      7. BI,

        6.0 in Tajikastan @ 16:38 TC

        • OOPS,

          Kazakstan…got my ‘stans mixed up

          • JOG its easy to get mixed up with so many stans eh…I do that also except with me it is usually I get the Cans mixed up alot. Too many stans and cans.

          • My favorite “stan” is Afghanistanimation from “super troopers”

            • Johnny Chimpo!!!

          • Krapistan. covers allofem.

          • Hah, hah,

            FUNNY stuff guys…I KNEW I’d get IT for that one…

            Here’s one though, I always thought I’d LOVE to live in ASS-ganistan…just the thought of all those lovely derierre’s swinging to and Fro…What a thought.

            Sorry Ladies, if God hadn’t intended those things to be so distracting then WHY did he give them to you?

      8. and so it begins… the civil war part 2, that is what this country has come to… its quiet right now unless you look and in a bit it will be so in the face of the public that it will be undeniable to those who has their noggin stuck in the sand

        • They prefer our heads in the sand, it makes it easier to blow smoke up our asses…

      9. the fedcoats are comming….the fedcoats are comming!!!

        a student of history should understand history repeats its self…
        at this point, we can only prepare and pray this dont happen

      10. Here we go people.Coming soon to a hometown near you.

      11. As good as all the macho talk sounds, I feel that the majority will give up their weapons and their freedoms when the GOV says do it or be imprisoned or die.

        • I would rather die. My grrrreat grand daddy fought in REV War I and I can do no less for my son.

      12. As good as all the macho talk sounds, I feel the majority will turn in their weapons and freedoms when the GOV says do it or be imprisoned or die. And that will be that.

        • Dying ain’t so bad, its living that’s hard.

          • BOR: When you get a mind set that you are already dead, then it isn’t to bad to think about it and go do your job. I learned that I was already dead back in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

      13. This is pure bullshit. I felt that they have been doing this around my house recently (minus the live blank rounds). These activities are for intimidation purposes in my opinion. That is the government saying “Yea bitches, you want some of this”. Some people will be affected by this and will cower, roll over, and piss on themselves. Not this bastard. My biggest personal arm is a 300 WINMAG. Anyone know a vulnarable area to a bird like this? I honestly do not, but am ready to learn. How about a 12 GA slug into the tail rotor? People need to start thinking along these lines. Also we as underdogs will need to play dirty. Guerilla warfare. Make our methods count. Cut heads off of snakes. Some rules will go out the window. But they are drawing first blood. This pissses me off. Fucking machine gun audible over the public cities. Jeesh

        • I have a pilot’s license. What chopper pilots fear more than anything is a disabled tail rotor. The chopper will unquestionably self destruct in mid-air without it, spinning itself into pieces. I would use a shotgun, for lack of .50 BMG. By the way: statistically, you have a better chance of surviving a helicopter crash than a plane crash, due to something called the autorotation technique.

          • Better survival unless you got hit in face by a 7mm mag rnd eh. Why wont the door gunner answer the pilot?…Cause his face is gone. as is his entire head.

            • You cant make that shot on a moving chopper. Use common sense.

              • Sir if can’t make a shot in the open door then you need to sell your shit to a PATRIOT that can.

        • pilot, shoot through the “chin windows”.

      14. Miami, New York City, Los Angeles,
        — Occupied by Third World foreign invaders.

        Good hunting boys!

      15. Are the police going overseas with the troops?

        • Excellent point. Maybe they are just multitasking!

        • The question stands out in its starkness and simplicity.

          Well, are they?

      16. The training exercise in Miami was intended as a warning to all the gun owners of what to expect if we don’t comply with their agenda. I say NO, YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO HURT ME, I WILL NOT ‘ASSUME THE POSITION’ AND LET YOU POKE ME! IF YOU WANT TO LIVE, BACK OFF! NOBODY HAS ANY OBLIGATIONS TO ANYONE WHO HAS BAD INTENTIONS TOWARD THEM! There are far too many people in LE and military with evil intentions toward the public; no different from the foreign troops I’m sure we’ll face. Anyone planning on harming me and mine, better make sure your insurance is paid up, kiss and hug your families goodbye, and BRING BODYBAGS FOR YOURSELVES because I will fight, I will resist; it’s my natural right and obligation to myself to do so. MOLON LABE! LIVE FREE OR DIE! braveheart

        • Concentrated Small arms fire to Said Rotor, will break the Jesus Pin..Flight Cancelled..Just Saying!

          Semper Fi

          • They don’t use Hueys much anymore which were flying Coors cans. When a Ch-53 with a 25MM cannon starts shooting at you from a mile away you have problems. They also are armored. Personally I expect they will just use severe legal tactics to break down any resistance.

      17. I was at that same exact spot Friday night and know the area well. If they claim there was a Heat game going on it would of been Wednesday night that this all went down not Thursday.

        Anyways that’s a super densely populated area – the Play House, the American Airlines Arena where the Heat play, the 395 Bridge over to the beach, tons of condos and high rises. I’m surprised they didn’t face any return fire since a few blocks from there is pretty ghetto.

        Speed up your preps everyone!

        Just got done cleaning 4 guns 🙂

        • maye they were trying to provoke return fire ,, but didnt get what they were in the start of this war they are provoking

          • @VRF:

            That’s a good observation. Was this “drill” announced to the general public in any way, or did they simply swoop in and start firing? I guess it really doesn’t matter, since they could have run the thing at one of the hundreds of military posts around the country. Running
            it there is purely intimidation, like others have already said.

            Wonder why they chose Miami? Be interesting to see if they run anymore in other cities.

            Don’t know if it means anything or not, but I saw several vehicles today on the highway with US Government tags. Got behind one while I was headed to a nearby town to look for .22 rounds. All white, plain vehicles, tinted windows, fat, low-profile tires. Strange seeing them here. Central Kentucky is not exactly a bustling metropolis.

            “Not One More Inch!”

            KySSG . . . out.

            • dh and i saw a fleet of them in rural tn a few weeks ago. lots of different antennas incl round white ones like you see on boats. fford explorers with deer guards tinted windows and blue govt tags. nothing printed on the doors.

              • kimintn:

                Thank you. That is exactly what we need, personal observations from people on the ground. The one I followed was a Jeep Patriot (how ironic, eh?). This one only had one whip antenna. I only caught a glimpse of the others; they were moving pretty quickly.

                “Not One More Inch!”

                KySSG . . . out.

                • KYSSG, Are you forgetting the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security? And don’t forget the KY Intelligence Fusion Center…

                  • Good point. I did forget about them. So damn many new offices and Dept. of This and Dept. of That, hard to keep up with all of them.

                    Fusion Center is about an hour or so from where I am.

                    “Not One More Inch!”

                    KySSG . . . out.

          • @VRF:

            That’s a great observation. Was this announced to the general public before it started, or did they just run it? Like others, I agree it was done for the intimidation factor.

            Be interesting to see it they do it again in another city.

            “Not One More Inch!”

            KySSG . . . out.

          • You are so right. The hunter-killer teams of NAM, loch down low -Cobra higher up. Pressure to make the people shoot first, LOOK OUT BIG TIME FALSE FLAG.

        • unless they chopper was known to be carrying drugs or cash, the “ghetto” would prefer hiding until they leave, then mugging an old lady for her SS check…

      18. Survival tidbit of the month. To stop a low flying rotor craft from endangering your children and home. Secure a 1/8 inch fifty foot steel cable onto the trailing end of the line coil of a line gun and fire the heaving projectile upward through the rotors. It’s better than a 4th of July fireworks show.

        • Define “line gun”

          • The Line Gun is capable of throwing a line up to 850 feet(259m) or more depending on the cartridge and line used. This extremely accurate 45 70 caliber gun is used by the U.S. military, Coast Guard and many leading fire departments. U.S. Coast Guard approved #160.031/6/3. The gun comes complete nothing else to buy. Includes gun, lines, cartridges, a cleaning kit and supplies, plus a sturdy storage case. Weight 37 lbs.(16.8kg). Made in USA.

            • Do you need a mount for it?

              • Is a linegun what I seen in a movie where a man on a ship fired what looks like a rifle to send a cable line to another ship broadside so they can run a fuel hose along the cable once its attached firmly to 2nd ship?

                If it is, man that would be a swell toy specially if it shoots a cable 850 ft!!….What was them choppers at 200 ft level or lower right?…picture 50ft cable twisted up into rotors!!!!…Blackhawk DOWN! Big time.

                What did them african savages use in the real scenes of the movie in real life?..Probobly Spears eh. Ogga bogga boo!


              Heres a link to one,,,, cool idea,,, definitely gets you thinking,,, Ive seen a fishing bow shot in the air with a steel leader, the thing will go pretty far,,

              • This was farther down the page and a whole lot cheaper and easier to conceal—

                E-Z Liner Line Thrower

                Now, a convenient method to send a line out, over, or up with speed, accuracy, and distance. The E-Z Liner is a light, compact, one person line thrower that provides the quickest and surest way to get a line where you want it, and when you want it. The E-Z Liner is simple to use. A line pack of string is put into the housing and the end is attached to a hard or soft missile. The missile is put into flight by the discharge of a .22 caliber blank cartridge. The flying missile pulls the line from the line pack up to 300′(91m). Each kit contains a launcher, shoulder stock, 2 line packs, 2 soft missiles, 2 hard missiles, 200 rounds of ammo, a cleaning kit and a case. Weight 5 lbs.(2.27kg). Made in USA. All parts are available for the E-Z Liner Line Thrower.

                Catalog #SP20-000 E-Z Liner Line Thrower

            • sweet, where do i get one..i had no idea they were that powerful

              I so want one..seriously, i see so many “fishing” uses

          • like harpoon gun maybe? not really sure how far those would travel upwards with a cable load , those copters were probably 500 AGL doubt a harpoon gun would go that distance especially with a 1/4″ cable in tow

            • To VRF: There would be no cable load. The light line will play out and the twirling blades of the helo will pull the cable upwards until it is entangled the the rotor. The Afghans brought down several Soviet attack craft using this technique when the Russians were in Afghanistan several decades ago. It is nothing like a harpoon.

              • awesome, i can dig it.

                I see the play out in this idea.

                we can also tie up a shit load of traitors with one too

            • maybe modifying a crossbow/dart to carry a light line leader..?

        • Actually “Charlie” pulled that stunt a few times(so I’ve heard)…long time ago…during our participation in the S.E. Asian war-games.
          It worked too!!!
          Chopper rotors are somewhat…fragile!

          F**king idiot politicians in DC…we could have won that war, if those bastards hadn’t micro-managed everything!

          …their supreme stupidity assured us…2nd place!

          • LET US HOPE the make that same mistake twice…

        • With my luck, the damn chopper would probably come right down on top of my house!!!

      19. I think the Military Leaders still remember G.W.Bush’s ‘SHOCK & AWE’ and are showing US what we could be facing!! And anybody that’s not in their ‘FED CLUB’ will be known as BAD GUY’S or Domestic Terrorist ,and need to be taught a LESSON!! NEVER GIVE IN !!


          • Bitter much, slick?

          • LOL…

          • Try the decaf, mate.

        • maybe this is the fool me twice he was talking about?, but now were way up passed the fool me twice as far as im concerned

      20. they’ve been doing these kind of drills for training since the 80’s. You people will use anything to continue your conspiracy theory of the end of times. Look, it wont happen and you all are just paranoid people. I will be glad when My fellow democrats and liberals take your guns away. You people obviously are mentally ill and think everyone is out to get you. Please do something more productive with your time.

        Marshall law will not happen – we’re too civilized for a coup. Please get real people.


        • Why are you here? You can’t convince anyone here your idiot politicians aren’t gun grabbing or at least trying.

        • Who is this Marshall? Lol. Martial law dumbass

        • get the spelling right if your going to spew on here..its MARTIAL Law..dam

          • VRF,

            Can you drop me a e-mail at dps1340 at yahoo


            • Done

        • finx,

          Guess what, your fellow democraps and liberasses are never going to take all the guns no matter what they do. Oh yes muffie, we are too civilized for a coup, is that a chicken coup your referring to?

          Your commie leader is making this country an entitlement bowl of crap, what is going to happen when the money runs out? Oh yea, just keep printing more, you are a fool if you think this dog and pony show can go on forever.

        • @ finx. You crawl up at throw insults at everyone, just like a hissing cockroach. By the way it is spelled MARTIAL LAW meaning military. A marshall is a law enforcement agent. You radical liberals not only want to take away firearms you MF’s want to take away ALL self defense. I mean you must all have had lobotomies or are the criminals’ best friends. You liberal extremists try to even take away pepper spray, so old people get bite, maimed and attacked by dogs. I always wondered cockroach, what sane reason do you democrat turds have for taking any pepper sprays and stun devices?

          I am much more Libertarian, get the government out of my face and everyone’s face and shrink big government. I could easily see martial law developing from a widespread disaster because of the vast space and lack of enough law enforcement. This would not happen IF your fearless retarded leaders would trust in the civilian militia. Of course your boys WANT martial law and would gladly take the opportunity to take advantage of the New Madrid fault breaking to issue in total martial law.

          What is wrong with you anyway? Why would you ever say something so totally stupid like you would be glad ANYONE would have their guns taken away. Who do you think is going to defend your worthless butt when some hyped up big buffed queer decides to hoist you in the air. Of course so many of you radical democrat extremists are homosexuals anyway you would probably enjoy it. Let’s put it this way, who is going to save your worthless hide when a gang decides to beat you to death after a catastrophe just because they feel like it. Answer: all those people you are trying to take their guns away.

          Not once have you come on to this site and offered any good advice or considerate words. IF you don’t believe in your wonderful government doing anything wrong, fine. Look at all the natural disasters there are. Yet not once have you even tried to help people learn or offer an idea for preparing. All you do is come on and upset hundreds if not thousands of people for your own sick perverted SELFISH pleasures. You are nothing but a butt ramming troll. You (f.i.n.x.) freaking idiot numbnuts x times over and Jo(k)e(r) In NC go 69 each other.

        • FINX,

          When they put the chip in your hand know this you are going to Hell FOREVER. Wake up dud if you can’t see whats happening then I have nothing more to say to you…


        • First you call everyone paranoid, then you make a statement that validates said paranoia.

          “I will be glad when My fellow democrats and liberals take your guns away.”

          Don’t get your hopes up, bub.

        • finx, go stick your head back up feinstiens stinkin ass.

        • No, “MARTIAL LAW” isn’t for martians, stupid.


        these cops better tell him that the law abiding gun owners are not the problem, and that these laws will do nothing to stop criminals, but everything to harm the law abiding..and thet they will not enforce them upon those who are not guilty, keep an eye on these cops, and their words

        Im sick of being viewed as guilty for crimes perpetrated by another, and treated as such..Not one more inch you MF’ers

        • We can only hope,,,
          but the sad reality is that in many instances LE are pretty much in a world all their own,, ever notice that when your trying to be nice to one of them and chit chat or something, most will just have an air of what the fork do you want peasant,,,,
          Thats why I have no faith in the LE around here to do the right thing,,, they are county or state employees, and get their gravy from the same fuckers who are trying to screw us over, Maybe in a small comunity or somewhere that the people as a whole have some balls,, but around here its Lib city and there are more on welfare or food stamps than there are that have a job,,,, SO the cops are not tooo friendlyyyy, sorta sucks,

      22. It would be nice if we could train like they do. The three things we will have to concentrate on if the shtf is command, control and communications. Chances are you won’t be to get at the command structure. But we can get at their control and communications.
        We all know they will try and control us by limiting food and water as well as other neccessities. So stock up now.
        Communications can easily be distrupted. The military has increasingly become dependant upon cell phones. Take away their ability to use them and you slow them down. Fiber optics networks will also have to be disrupted. Thesse are usually underground but could be on telephone poles as well. Be on the look out in your areas for cell towers and fiber optics cables now. If you call 811 the companies will even come out and mark them for you so know where they are.


          • too bad all the ones we do have are full of drop out Fed infilTRAITORS

      23. what if my Mom thought this was for real and had a heart attack..

        what if one of the choppers fell out of the sky like one did in the alleged raid in pakastan for OBL..and it killed innocent women and children on the ground..?

        they sure are a bad example of necessary force..when on the other hand they are trying to disarm us all..

        • I was also thinking how dangerous such an excercise is. I don’t know of any other 1st world country that would allow military training that endangers civilians. I’ve never heard of such a thing here in Australia?

          • Bastet…

            Never heard of such a thing in…OZ???????????

            Heads up brother…that’s because they’ve largely disarmed your populace. No need for wasting taxpayer monies, to drive a point home in Australia!

            I mean no disrespect…nor inferred judgment towards you/your countrymen.
            Every Aussie I have ever had the pleasure to interact with…was a “STAND-UP GUY”!!!

            They could fight/shoot/enjoy life/women & drink me 1/2 way under the table!!!
            In truth…my liver still holds a grudge against y’all!


            That said…dunno if you’ve ever landed stateside & run w/ us some…but its likely to get ugly here…soon!
            You(if still in OZ)…will have a front-row seat, per your media to view the events.

            Wish us luck, sir!

            • Back when harelys were selling for extreme high prices with two year waiting list for a new bike, alot of aussis and german and many other euro biker clubs guys came here to the usa. Them guys brung tons of cash to stock up on harelys and parts to ship back for self use and sales for huge profits. Most had suitcases full of cash! Seriously! Suitcases with a hundred grand per cash in it.

              They visited and stayed here for a month or so, and I spoke with many from all over euro nations. Every single guy said they got many firearms and wont never give guns to govs regardless what laws passed.

              They may have got more guns while here too?…I cant say? Even if I could say I wont!!…Just be certain not all in them nations are disarmed. And many of these type guys wont hesitate to do whatever is necessary even if its a cop or fed…Just another problem to them guys. They dont fear cops etc usually. Nor obey laws they disagree with.

      24. I have 2 theories as to this recent sting of drills. Either they are trying to get us used to these drills for a police state or they are purposly trying to create an atmosphere of fear and anger so you won’t think clearly. I’m going with the later theory.

      25. I am so confused. As stated all ready, why would this be a joint mission between cops and military if the excuse we are given is for the military to train to go overseas? And what lunatic is going to believe the reporter saying they need to make sure their equipment is in order? They have to do this to make sure their equipment is in order? Really? That is such a silly silly thing to just excuse. Of course msm won’t ask any real questions, like why they are practicing firing blanks, and what are they fake aiming at? Cars? A family walking down the sidewalk? It doesn’t matter. No one there will care because they are told “nothing to see here. The army is test firing their equipment and aiming at you guys but its cool because they need a certification requirement.” Amazing.


      26. If public safety was #1 priority, than they wouldnt be doing this in the public setting..and there is no purpose for the blank rounds firing other than to strike fear in anyone who could see and hear it..

        yep, they will fire upon’d have to be blind and deaf to think otherwise


        Not One More Inch

        • I 100 percent agree with everything you just said

      27. Top American economists say that endless war has ruined our economy. “Democracy passes into despotism” – Plato Throughout history no Absolute Dictatorship has existed where the citizens had the right to own guns. The criminals are pushing hard to enslave us after the collapse into the NWO. Massive peaceful revolution is the first step to turn back the march into total subjugation. If that fails, thank God for our fellow armed patriots. United we stand and succeed, divided we fail and suffer the dire consequences.

        • That’s what I have been feeling – THEY are trying to get us to make a bad first move. We need to march en mass wrapped in unity as Americans and demand our Government accountable. This is not FN Syria is it ? Yet? Our day will come soon. Organize people.

      28. I say “Molon Labe”!

      29. Israel has a moto…
        it is what was said up on massadawhen the romans put seige to it, now they use that moto regarding the holocost

        we had a civil war that was faught for the freedom of ALL people in this country because of slavery… we cant go back to the slavery days again

        so i say NEVER AGAIN

        • The Romans built a fucking ramp up the side of a mountain to get those Jews.

        • I understand your point,BUT the war of northern agression wasnt about slavery…that was the cover story the FEDERALGOV(ya the same one)put out there to quiet dissent against the war…there was alot!Why anyone would believe these people on anything is beyond me…oh and being it worked so well last time…theyll try it again!

          • Yea, try reading the Confederate Constitution. It was absolutely, primarily about slavery.

            • The south was 30% of the population and paid 70% of the taxes. This was because the south had free trade and the north had protectionism, and the only taxes at that time were on imports (no income tax). Lincoln also nationalized the debt, so the southern states, which didnt have much debt, were forced to foot the bill fot the northern states, which were heavily indebted for their subsidization of industry.

              Only commoners believe the war was about slavery.

            • Have read it son…your still wrong.

      30. This is wild. Looks like the drills are becoming more involved and serious as time goes on.







        • Man U need to go smoke a joint!

        • Your village called, they want you to come back

        • Nobody here, Republican or Democrat believes that the military does no wrong.
          Some soldiers are pieces of shit, not all.
          Troopers? Wouldn’t count on it.

          Judging by your ignorance, I don’t think it is we who don’t have a clue.

        • so….is Eisenkreutz German for ‘keybord Tiret’s syndrome?’

          • Are you trying to say Tourette’s syndrome? I really feel bad for the uneducated sometimes.

            • And I feel realy bad for the insane sometimes.

            • You are obviously just a kid. Anybody can find correct spelling, meanings, etc, on Google. You’ll need to manage a lucid and compelling arguement before anyone takes any notice of you.

              • Ive been making compelling arguments for many years and cant get old people to listen. Guess you guys know it all, hmmm?

            • E: Are you trying to say badly? I really feel badly for the uneducated sometimes.

          • No. It’s German for, “I have a really large dick in my mouth and none between my legs”.

        • Try the decaf.

      32. for those out there who feel the only way to continue living is to give up your guns… think again, because having those guns are your only chance to continue living



        • Eisenkreutz ~

          You want to talk about someone with no sense?

          That’d be you, talking crap about an entire generation, not to mention an entire gender.

          Sometimes you make these really great intelligent comments and I think, “Wow, he’s kinda cranky but I like that guy.”

          Then you say stuff like this and it negates any positive input that you’ve had.

          You lose your audience by shooting off your mouth like this – there are people that you could positively influence if you’d keep your cool. There is valuable information that you could be sharing – but when you alienate people they just begin to scroll pass your comments, pausing only to give you a thumbs down.

          Just food for thought.

          I gotta run back to my kitchen now – it would be a shame if I burnt the cake while forgetting “my place”.


          • Daisy, has a good point there.

            • You dont need a comma after “Daisy”.

          • Daisy = Intelligent




            • I could respond until the cows come home about all the ways in which your post is nonsensical and wrong. However, it’s clearly an exercise in futility because you can only see shades of black and white – you’re missing out on all the gray. Just a brief summary and then I will retreat once again to my “place”.

              Are there some women who are feminist to the point that they want to stamp out the wonderful things that make men and women different? Sure. Are all women who don’t want to be barefoot and pregnant like that? No.

              Are there women with a lack of understanding about the gun control issue, who just believe what the media shovels into their brains? Sure. All of us? No – see the link below for further evidence.

              Is the bad economy the fault of every single person of an entire generation? Of course not – don’t be ludicrous. There are idiots in the 20s, 30s and 40s right now that give proof to that lie as they spend more than they make, or simply put their feet up and collect welfare.

              By generalizing you do a disservice to all of the people who are outside the mainstream – those of us who strive to wake up others, to make a difference and who just want to be self-reliant without Big Gov interfering with us.

              Target the real enemies – don’t just spray wildly and try to hit everyone.

              • Daisy,

                God bless you for your patience. I wish I could give you a hug for all that you have wrote. Im going to be nice for a little while. Especially to you.

                • Well, thank you very much. It is greatly appreciated.

                  You can hang out and have cake and cookies with Okie, NP, DPS and the rest of the gang at my cabin. 🙂

                  ~ D

                  • Daisy,

                    Yehhh gotta love the oatmeal cookies, I’ll bring a gal of milk..


              • I just read some comments that said Eisenkreutz attacked me. I came here specifically to respond to that.

                A heated discussion isn’t an attack. There wasn’t anything directed towards me personally. I really do appreciate the “back-up” from my friends here but in this case, I think it’s a different situation.

                While I vehemently disagreed with much of what E stated, and he disagreed right back with my disagreement, I don’t have any hard feelings at all – we’re here to discuss and learn and when the world’s situation is as inflammatory as it is now, folks get wound up.

                You guys all know that I’ll take an argument to the mat if I feel strongly about it – but I do so without resultant hard feelings most of the time, and the next day I can applaud that same person’s comment on a different topic. Fervent debate is just what I do and it doesn’t bother me one bit when someone responds just as enthusiastically, as long as it’s a legit response, no just some yahoo calling me names.

                I think it’s really important that we truly recognize trolls that are deliberately trying to take the conversation off-topic and people that are just angry and expressing frustration with the situation.

                We have to also recognize that we all have much to learn from one another – there are many different skills and talents here and an abundance of knowledge and specialties.

                Most of us are on the same side – let’s not let frustration lead to division. There are few enough of us that see the reality marching toward us and we need to be united. We can agree to disagree on some topics without ruling the ones bearing an unpopular opinion to be trolls or less intelligent.

                Group hug?


                • I enjoy the banter and whenever I see Eisenkreutz I know I’m going to have to click to see what the heck he’s sayin’. Sometimes it’s worthy. Sometimes I just scratch my head.
                  His liberty to be himself should be protected on here even if we don’t agree. Ya just never know when the brilliant stuff will come out.

                  • FeelsAlone,

                    I know, don’t know what it is a the comment being hidden but I have to read it..LOL

                    Have a great night



            • Eisenkreutz, I wish we could castrate men like you. The last thing this world needs is someone with your mind-set procreating.


              yeah, we’ll get back in the kitchen and cook you up something….my mind drifts into fantasy.

              I’m not a women’s liber but I be damned if I’m going to bow down to some Cro-Maggnom knuckle dragger like you. I’m sorry but people with your mindset seriously piss me off….almost as much as the politicians and anti-gun haters.

              Dude, it’s the 21st century. Grow up and get over your hate for women.

              • Its “Cro-Magnon”, not “Cro-Maggnom”.

                I dont have hate for women. I coexist peacefully with women until your try to confiscate my guns in the name of your children, which are insignificant. I never asked you to bow down, I asked for women to stop infringing on my rights to own guns. I never asked you to cook me anthing. I know how to cook.

            • I think this is one of those trolls employed by the government on prepper sites.

              • I am not a troll.

              • It’s possible. That racist nutbag was over at the econ collapse blog dot com stinking it up too. Of course, that site also has several idiot communists stinking it up posting the same exact thing over and over.

            • Perhaps if your argument was coherent you’d get a coherent answer?

            • Apologies for off topic.

              To Eisenkreutz:

              Foul language only diminishes your argument and exposes your low intelligence.
              Your periodic belches on this board are always off topic, and continually spew unwanted hatred in an on line community of good people.

              I have met your misogynist kind, many years ago.
              I could spot one a mile away with my eyes closed.

              There is no cure for what you have.

              “I’LL GIVE YOU A WAR ON WOMEN…”

              No, you won’t.

              • I dont have low intelligence. I am never off topic. You are not good people. You have allowed the country to be destroyed for my generation.

                • Well, I hope next time around they don’t make you carry your cross on your back through the streets and make you wear a crown of thorns again.

                • E: “don’t”

          • +1 Daisy!! You are awesome!!! (Now can I have a piece of that cake?) LOL!!

            God Bless!!!

            • Daisy,

              Dang why is my piece of cake???? LOL and very well put.


          • Daisy-
            Cake?! Is it a party? When is it? I never got my invitation. It must have got lost in the mail. Don’t worry, I’ll be there anyway. My schedule is wide open (for some reason). I can help with the entertainment. I can juggle….tap dance…tend bar…tell a few old jokes. I love cake! Even have some extra candles to bring if it’s a birthday or something. Please, pleeeeease say I’m invited!

            • Okie ~

              Every day is a party at our house! Today I baked blondies with a crunchy caramel topping and you are more than welcome any time. Heck, for you, I’d even bake your favorite cake, just let me know what kind!


              • Hey, it was my idea and Okie gets the cake???

                Where’s the love!!


                • Sorry, NP!!!

                  Cake for everyone! Although today I made oatmeal cookies instead of cake. 🙂


          • It’s the Meth!!!!

            Not One More Inch!!


        • And another!

        • God I hope they take your guns!

          • Im the one person you dont want to disarm, because I am not a coward.

            • No yer just the assclown that yells fire in a crowded theater.

        • eeeeeee..wrong answer

          note to self, this guys off the man team

          • VRF-
            I think eisenstein just lost the bonus round! But Daisy probably has some nice parting gifts for him!

        • E: But you do have the scents of a horse.

      34. So just another day in Miami?

      35. I live in a rural area not very close to any military base. Yet, we have black military choppers fly over our house on a regular basis…at least several times a month. They fly low enough you can look at the pilot and see facial features. They often wave at my kids playing in the yard.(of course my kids are fascinated by it) The first 2-3 times it happened I wondered what was up, but didn’t get that concerned. Now, I wonder why they fly over rural USA so much and what are they doing?

        • Back in the ’80’s in my area of Maine, those choppers used to fly over really low and slow with a machine-gunner hanging out one side door and someone with high powered optics in the other. I found out they were looking for people growing weed. Haven’t seen it in years though.

      36. Apparently the Idaho Sheriffs have made a statement that they will support/enforce any federally mandated gun laws.

        What a surprise.

        • But, then, Timothy, these states are legislating that they won’t:
          Texas, Wyoming, South Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pa, Virginia, Washington, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan

          • I know which is why it is so perplexing the Idaho of all states would go along with it. But then another friend said he was watching a local station and they had a sheriff, a judge and some other politicos and the judge was basically saying that they would throw the case out.

            But that only works if it is not a federal violation right?

            • Wanna bet a deleverly of new “gear” is part of the deal?

              Let’s see now;
              1) Armored Personal Carrier
              2) Slightly used M-16s
              3) Mobile Command Center ( with microwave and expresso)
              4) Boat and scuba gear. ( no water within 200 miles??)
              5) DHS grant for overtime. Set up DUI checkpoints.
              6) Full up armor/ SWAT gear. ( and under-armor hats and tees) ( by the way, U-A gear, dead givaway for leo)
              7) DHS grant to wire the whole town with video surveilence.
              8) *our locals got an ultra-lite. Looks like a lawn chair with rotors! Doesn’t go too fast through. uh-oh…

              Feel free to add to the list. It’s gotta be like Christmas. And it’s free!!! Uncle Sam’s paying! Doesn’t cost us a dime. Just go along with the program.

              Do I sound bitter? You bet I am. Because all this crap was sent out to every po-dunk town to fight jihadi terrorists. yeah, right. Bin Laden won. And I’ll admit, I was bloodthirsty during 911. Fed-gov and military industrial complex must have had goose bumps! ” do you have any idea how much MONEY we’re gonna’ make!!??”

      37. Oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
        no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
        oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

        we’ve Got The Right To Choose And
        there Ain’t No Way We’ll Lose It
        this Is Our Life, This Is Our Song
        we’ll Fight The Powers That Be Just
        don’t Pick Our Destiny ’cause
        you Don’t Know Us, You Don’t Belong

        oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
        no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
        oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

        oh You’re So Condescending
        your Gall Is Never Ending
        we Don’t Want Nothin’, Not A Thing From You
        your Life Is Trite And Jaded
        boring And Confiscated
        if That’s Your Best, Your Best Won’t Do

        we’re Right/yeah
        we’re Free/yeah
        we’ll Fight/yeah
        you’ll See/yeah

        oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
        no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
        oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

        oh We’re Not Gonna Take It
        no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
        oh We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore
        no Way!

        we’re Right/yeah
        we’re Free/yeah
        we’ll Fight/yeah
        you’ll See/yeah

        we’re Not Gonna Take It
        no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
        we’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

        we’re Not Gonna Take It, No!
        no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
        we’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

        just You Try And Make Us
        we’re Not Gonna Take It
        come On
        no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
        you’re All Worthless And Weak
        we’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore
        now Drop And Give Me Twenty
        we’re Not Gonna Take It
        oh Crinch Pin
        no, We Ain’t Gonna Take It
        oh You And Your Uniform
        we’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore

        • That’s Twisted. 😉

          • careful how you talk about my sister..;)

        • Interesting, he probably cited his oath too, so he got the know the one the jackboot

      38. I am guessing that big brother is going to stage another false flag attack… this time Miami, maybe blow up the port….say Al-CIA-DA or foreign terrorist did it…….same story…different place…..

      39. Quote of the Week

        “Try this approach on your Fox News Republicans:

        Ask them if they can help to explain something to you – because you can’t seem to understand something and that you’re coming to them because you know that they probably know – because, after all, they watch Fox News….and they’re “Republicans”.

        Lay out the money system scam and then ask them what part of your world the money scammers aren’t manipulating.

        Ask them who made it legal for Foreign Nationals to hold political office in the US.

        Ask them if Fox News explained this to them.

        Ask them which US Senators hold a foreign passport and have SWORN AN OATH OF ALLEGIANCE to a FOREIGN NATION.

        Ask them who “isn’t lying”.

        Senator GunGrabber is a Foreign National. Can you guess what country she is a citizen of? The Mayors of both New York and Chicago are also Foreign Nationals. Can you guess what country they are citizens of? Most of the (s)elected officials who seek to disarm America are also either actual passport holding citizens of that foreign nation or are “eligible” for citizenship in that nation.”

        — Pat

        • lemmee guess, It rhymes with Mizz-reel, right?

        • Hey nutty bags, ya forgot to call it ‘Faux News’.

          Are you somehow under the impression that all the left wing hacks in the meia you watch are giving you ANY kind of truth, facts or any semblance of reality?

          • Exactly, Fox News sucks, but not nearly as bad as NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc….. At least they say SOMETHING truthful now and then. I guess NBC just got caught doctoring another tape they ran.

      40. Seattle Gun BuyBack Gets JACKED! Turns Into a Damn Gun Show! LOL

        Police officers in Seattle, Washington held their first gun buyback program in 20 years this weekend, underneath interstate 5, and soon found that private gun collectors were working the large crowd as little makeshift gun shows began dotting the parking lot and sidewalks. Some even had “cash for guns” signs prominently displayed.

        Police stood in awe as gun enthusiasts and collectors waved wads of cash for the guns being held by those standing in line for the buyback program.

      41. Government prepares for war with the people, and mass media approves

        Assault weapons that can fire numerous times in seconds are designed for only one thing: killing large numbers of people. The military and law enforcement officers need that ability; ordinary law-abiding citizens do not.

        Get that? Law enforcement officers “need” to be capable of “killing large numbers of people.” What part of maintaining law and order requires mass slaughter?

        • The kind that involves large amounts of concern and Liberal compassion.

        • VRF says:
          Comment ID: 1080253
          What part of maintaining law and order requires mass slaughter?

          The part calling for great concern and reflecting Liberal compassion for the “poor”.

        • Didn’t DHS just buy 7000 of them for “personal defense weapons”?


        As I am writing this there are black copters flying over my house yet again. Guy at the local SMALL airport told me that it is common for the military to stop off here to refuel. REALLY?

        Anyway, I never heard of this before, so did some searching. Turns out these “exercises” started last year. They’ve been done over St. Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis to name a few.

        From the link posted here: In the segment, Beck notes that The Blaze TV staff contacted former army Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin to see just how routine this sort of training was. Lt. Gen. Boykin said it was bizarre and that, generally, trainings conducted in cities kept a low profile and didn’t interrupt daily activities.

        Brandon Webb, editor-in-chief of SOFREP (the Special Operations Forces Report) and former Navy SEAL, echoed this sentiment saying in an email to that military trainings “should not interfere with normal routines of citizens and businesses.”

        What scenarios could the military be trying to make as real as possible? Beck had some ideas in his segment. Either a massive change in military training has taken place or the government is preparing for “something big,” such as a civil breakdown.

        … At the time, Capt. William Geddes with the U.S. Army Reserves told KPLR that it is against federal law for the military to do police patrols.


        • I would say the latter. They are preparing for something big. No, that not accurate. They are preparing for something huge.

          “In your face!” must be the new doctrine. Amazingly arrogant bastards.

          “Not One More Inch!”

          KySSG . . . out.

      43. not sure why anybody thinks that if the balloon goes up & the patriot half of America throws down the gauntlet with D.C. that we’ll all be going toe-to-toe with tens of thousands of federally funded and equipped SWAT teams…

        I personally think that if it ever came to another American revolution (God forbid it ever happenening and God forgive me for even mentioning it in this or any context)that within hours or days the Fed and any of its supporting entities will have trouble ginning up the staff to answer the phones… let alone carrying out any widespread aggressive armed action against the constitution-loving American people.

        Let’s all remember that king George of England pressed the colonies for tax revenue because he owed astronomical monies to the ancestors of the same motherfuckers who own America’s economic and political institutions institutions today via the Federal Reserve.

        I say….forget attacking federal thugs first (there is an endless supply of those via the UN and the mercenary/contractor market) instead….go after where their wealth comes from since all D.C. and the govt. do for them is revenue collection.

        • my next generation is a natural shot, and she aint giving up her arms good luck with her in another 10 years, she will more than likely have puppies of her own that I know she will tenatiously protect.

          • Yes, but about 80% of my teen-aged kid’s generation cares much more about their iPhones than our Winchesters.

      44. Hang on tight, sh$t is coming.. Hey Be Informed, things are looking strange again today…

      45. I too pray that we never get to an American Revolution II. One thing that troubles me terribly is that if this were to happen the amount of American people who would be on the side of the Fedcoats. It is hard for me to believe that there would be so many in the government that would betray thier countrymen.

        God Bless America…We are going to need His blessings.



          • Eisencrotch….I agree with you. 90% of people even here in Idaho are too stupid to know what is happening and about to happen. I am tired of talking to them. I am sticking with the 10% or less.

            Wow. Are we USAers in for a surprise!

            • You must be one to know one. 🙂

              Eisenkreutz said, “The revolutionary war was fought by 10% of the population. 90% were cowards then….. 90% now are too stupid to even understand whats happening.”

              Exactly, that’s why people call it the COLOR revolution or REDvolution.

              All of these revolutionaries were run by insurgents (foreigners).:(

              • Benjamin Franklin who is a Jewish broker and his face is on a $100 bill. Benjamin is responsible for bringing the French to the USA. They set up the tax system for America to pay off France’s bankers for the war loan of “War of Independence.”


                Socialist France has been fighting with the British over territories.

                They sought revenge against the British and knew all the British troops movements. 🙁

                The INVISIBLE SOLDIERS (INSURGENTS), they blend in with the troops, and you would never seen most of them until the trouble starts. They are well ARMED and well PROTECTED.

          • Please turn your caps off child. Your shouting is annoying the grown-ups.

          • you label innocent bystanders and the sheeple as if they are going to deserve the pain and hardship that they will face….people aren’t worthless just because they are not ready or require convincing…your hate of common people who aren’t up to speed and of other preppers on this site who disagree with you is offensive and alarming.

            • The people absolutely deserve what they are going to get. What kind of comment is that? Whose fault would it be?

      46. Happening now… HOUSTON, TX (1/28/13 5:42pm)

        People have been calling police, as well as our newsroom, saying they’re hearing gunshots in the area of Scott and Airport. It turns out, the Army says, it’s a multi-agency training drill. They’re doing it at the old Carnegie High School.

        Helicopters were also involved. The Army isn’t giving any details of what the training is about.

        So if you see the helicopters or hear gunfire, it’s only a drill.

        • ” if it’s to protect the kids, I’m ok with it” said Glen DeWitt, neighbor.

          Remember, it’s for the children.

          • Remember what Hitler said about that. Paraphrasing – People will give up any liberty to protect their children.

      47. People. Please refrain if possible from continuing to respond to the obvious trolls on board. This is serious shit we are talking about at this point. They only continue because they get a rise out of us. We have all heard all their shit before. I personally would like to hear anyone’s thoughts on strike ponits to choppers, humvees, etc. Anything useful to place in the back of my head. I seriously feel at this point that this could be useful info in the not too distant future. Thanks all.

        • Amen Gonetoolong…If nobody responds and everybody just red thumbs them so that everything they post will only be visible for a minute or two eventually they will realize they are wasting their time.

          If people respond to them even though you gave em a good ripping, they won. Their goal is to get a rise out of people and they are very good at it.

          I always just thumbs down and refrain from calling them idiots.

          • I care nothing for getting a rise out of anyone. My purpose is to get people to think who normally dont, and to vent justifiable anger at your generation for your crimes against my generation. Do you guys even care that you have ruined this country for your children? Do you ever think about anything but yourselves?

          • I’m naive about web forums and the personalities that exist on them but I’m learning. I also had to learn that there’s agent provocateurs present. I’ve visited here long enough to have learned who’s real, who’s not and who’s Sybil. The agent provocateurs seem to be Sybil with multiple personalties and names. Once I figure out who they are then it’s as you say, thumbs down and no replies, even if it’s a cogent post.

            • Arguing on the internet is like being in the Special Olympics, even if you win you’re still a retard!!!

        • Good advice! I’m now sorry that Eisenkreutz got a bite from me. I normally do just as you say then not waste my time reading any of their posts once I know they are a complete idiot.

          • I am not an idiot. Far from it.

        • I have a pilots license and I already covered strike points for a chopper. You failed to pay attention. Im not a troll, kid.

      48. Daisy, you go, girl, on Eisenkreutz; while he did make some valid points in some of his comments, he started sounding like finx and JoeinNC. Come on, Eisen, let’s not go in that direction; it’s very bad for your health. Can I get a piece of that cake, Daisy? BTW, your place is wherever YOU want it to be! braveheart

      49. comming soon to a city near you…God help us all

      50. pick your tribe… pick your weapons… pick your targets… be ready – because they already have…

        in the 1950’s I think it was when Russia was playing “war games” with the then Checkoslavakia(sp) with the Cheks firing blanks but the russkies were firing live…

        resist III

        • Right, just get everyone used to choppers flying over, firing machine guns with blanks, then BAM, switch to live ammo. People would not even know what hit them.

      51. You couldn’t see this coming? Seriously? Just look at what this regime has gotten away with already:

        The financial reform law was loaded with racial quotas

        A-G Holder: No Hate Crime Protection for White Christians

        NO Stimulus Jobs for Whites
        Robert Reich, Obama’s economic adviser, and Charles Rangel, House Ways & Means Committee

        Obamacare is “affirmative action on steroids,” including what amounts to a quota system for “underrepresented minorities” in medical schools.

        And yet I didn’t read anyone complaining about that here at the time. Now all of a sudden you think, maybe, that the end is nigh?
        The gang who PLANNED all this has been barking up your shorts for generations, they started by owning HOLLYWOOD, then RADIO NETWORKS, the magazines and newspapers and then when TV was invented TV networks. Today many Christians ADORE this gang, almost WORSHIP them. So if you don’t know who your ENEMY IS, how can you fight him?

        • Stan: I saw robert riech on cspan Live tv when he was at that senate or us house commitee meeting. And he said exactly this…”Not ONE dollar is to be spent to hire ANY white males. That means, as hobammy said he wants it, Not even one dollar even for skilled trade such as welders etc. This includes ALL forms gen labor AND all forms skilled trades And supervisory positions.

          Now I and hobammy understand such policy “may” get some flack from “certain” folks and reps etc…So we will “If” necessary, accept a SMALL few white Women in order to off set any charges of bias or race preferences!…HOWEVER!(libs kommies Always has a But or however eh) If you must hire a small number of white Women, it has to be from the LOW income type women ONLY!”

          Thats is near word for word as I watched riech spew it. And not a single member on committe spoke out nor questioned it. They ALL has zero trouble with Hobammy and Riechs “Stimulus” plans…By the way so far I read elsewheres hobammy still has over 2/3rds of total stimulus cash from back then when awarded by congress aprovals etc.

          The type work spoken of on all this riech spew was Roads and Infrastructure IE Repair roads/bridges…Fix & Build New schools and various older Gov buildgs.

          Yes all roads and bridges need massive repair…But will repairs last any longer than say the Detroit “people Mover” monorail Mayor colman built?…That lasted a full 6 months before inspectors found several HUNDRED cracks and severe major Flaws and deemed it totally UNSAFE for public use! What began as $100 million project soon went to 300-350 Million!….How much cash monkyboy mayor young pocketed along with his black councils is anybodys guess.
          (that people mover project had only 30% minority black workers to fill quota! Imagiane 100%!!!)

          They are taliking of spending at least one Trillion dollars to do this ‘stimulus” roads work…WITH ZERO white workers, except for a “Few” white welfare mom women…Thats black lib kommie CODE for: Only White welfare women who are COAL Burners(screws to make black babies) not a single white woman with white kids need apply.

          If you think roads/bridges are Now bad?…Wait till quotas are tossed out and 100% affirative action ignorant illerate blacks makes up entire work force!

          No road will be safe to travel after they “fix” it.

          Why has hobammu still been holding the cash for like 3+ yrs now?…Can it be till all them Illeagles mexicans get citizenships so they too can be hired?

          Get this…Riech also said UNIONS MUST be invloved and ALL them “Minoritys” will need JOIN!…Riech said they will be Paid somehwere in range of $30-35 per hr and some $40+ PLus many bennifits etc..

          But! ZERO WHITE MALES to be hired! same for 99.9% of white females!….They will first need Train operating engineers(dozers heavey equip operators) How many todays Yooots has such qualifications?…Barely None.

          What a damn fuckin travesty. We paid all sorts road/gas taxes reg taxes plate taxes fed and State taxes locals taxes on and on, while for last 50 yrs libs stole it to pay welfare monkys to vote dems…Now to Thank all You white taxpayers yeah YOU the middle class whites that make up 98-99% of middle class taxpayers class.

          They will spend over a trillion More to Hire afirative action 3rd world monkys and put This tab on YOUR kiddies and grandbabbies backs to Pay!

          Hobammy and his riech economy “expert” Bolshevik kommieboy to all white americans= FUCK ALL YOU WHITEYS!

          If this truth posted here makes me a rayysssisss?…Fine I am Proud to be a truth teller and pruod to wear that label.

          • Angelo….The USA needs to go broke. Maybe our kids can fix the problem later. The lighter the skin, the less the future need. It is an reversal of Aryan Nation and we sit like Zombies.

            Racism has always occured, even from the darker side of melonin. Someday, maybe, Americans will be just Americans.

            I hate no-one. But I am going to get prepared the best I can because I know that civil unrest is coming. Unfortunately.

          • Coal burner?? Angel, keep em comin’

      52. Am I the only one here who would have smiled, had someone shook their fist in defiance and launched a SAM at one of those birds of Uncle Sam? Personally, I would have laughed my A** off knowing that it was about to really start a FED GOV reaction by force and get this Revolution started. People, by the way, there is still a LOT of unaccounted for ordnance out there that can help the American dissident MUCH in time of need. Just FYI.

        • AKvalmet30…

          If you can procure a “strella or a stinger”…ping me!

          I’ll drive…you shoot!

          …hell, I’ll settle for a RPG-7!!!!!!

          • …and a pack-board of re-loads!!!!!

      53. The Blue Gloves are coming!

        The Blue Gloves are coming!

        • I like that.

      54. I think Michelle Obama is in charge.

        • Somewheres there is a poor Clysdale Horse Missing his entire Ass portion because it was fitted to Her wide rear end. I know not where they stole all that cottage cheese Fat just slightly below her huge massive ass?

      55. How much difference is there between a false flag and the start of Revolution Two?

        Not One More Inch.

        • slingshot:

          Judging from their past record, none. I recall several drills that went live just in the past decade.

          Folks, we need to get our collective shit together. I believe any hope of a peaceful resolution is over. They don’t want a peaceful solution. They stopped listening to the American people a long time ago. Letters, e-mails, phone calls mean nothing. Elections are bogus.

          Short List:

          Figure out some secure method of communication. Mac posted that a private message system was in the works. Here’s hoping it is up and running soon.

          Intel gathering techniques. Most every cell phone has photo and video capabilities.

          Situational Awareness. No one knows your neighborhoods and local areas better than you. Look for bottlenecks and choke points, ambush sites. Find at least a couple of escape routes from each area.

          Strategy, supplies, command structures, etc. You other veterans on this board know what I mean. We are way behind the curve right now.

          “Not One More Inch!”

          KySSG . . . out.

          • Used googlemap and sent the little yellowman to snoop out the neighborhood. I do not know if Terra Server is still around. County maps are useful. C.B. and Ham radios
            Have to work up new 10 count call or response.
            Pull out those old Y2K plans.

            Not One More Inch.

          • KySSG: You are right on, Intel is the key. Get topo maps and start marking references, GPS points, etc. Get a range finder; make range cards, ranges to land marks etc. write them down on the topo or in a note book (Surveyors note book is water proof). Look at getting a cheap pre pay cell phone, no name, and contract for commo, they may here it but they cannot find out who it is. Use common sense.

            NOT ONE MORE INCH!
            Pale Rider

      56. Eisenkreutz, you crossed a line attacking Daisy like that. You’re making JoeinNC and finx look good in comparison. You’re crying for a world that is gone forever. maybe you need to find a branch of the KKK or nazi Party and join them; I’m sure you’d be right at home. Get away from this site; we don’t need any stinking Nazis here; no better than commies. Be informed, way to go on finx and jackassinNC. Eisenkraut made something snap in me with his attack on Daisy. I’d love to take these morons and send them to my wife’s homeland of Cuba; give them to Castro to play with. let them experience some of what my wife went through under Castro’s brand of communism. Within 6 months, they would be begging to get out of there. I get so sick of these trolls, don’t you? braveheart

        • @ braveheart. I always admire what Daisy has to say, I especially respect what she knows about health issues. I truly admire Mac, the way he doesn’t censor people, but there is a line to draw. This line is the simple self respect of others. We ALL need help here, we are approaching some bad times and we need each other for what we all know. This is what is called the better good. It is very selfish for these characters like finx and joker in NC to just come up on and sprew hate towards everyone on this site, just for the hell of it.

          I think this is truly the worst of a troll to just attack everyone on any site to just get a reaction. Eisenkreutz is very angry and I was surprised to see him attack Daisy, as he usually doesn’t attack everyone in the audience like those two parasites finx and joker in NC, but he should respect Mac. This is Mac’s site and he puts much time and effort into making this available for all of us. I personally have known preppers of ALL races and very few things are absolute. I have known some Jewish people that are regular people and I have known some that worship money like their God as they have been stereotyped into. I try to judge a person by whom they are first, but I have prejudices like almost all of us.

          I have to admit that I have a difficulty liking Arabs because of the way they treat women and animals. I have seen good people become involved with an Arab and their lives were ruined. However an Iranian college professor was the most patient Calculas teacher I ever knew. I have to admit I would automatically have a type of favoritism towards a prepper/survivalist regardless of these race because of commonality.

          I just hope that EVERYONE here sees no matter how much they hate something, realizes that it is very important to get ready for what is coming and anything not focused towards that goal is very counterproductive. All of a sudden, tomorrow, the internet could be gone and even the electronic age and many people will vastly regret that they didn’t obtain more knowledge about how to handle this and adapt it. It can be all here, but everyone has to want to discuss it. This is why I cannot stand when that dust mite finx and joker in NC waste everyone’s time with their annoyances, and attempt to put it down so all of us can get to some serious discussions about what to do, what to look for, how to organize, etc, etc. etc.

          • I did not attack Daisy. Stop it.

            I am not doing anything for a reaction. The fact is, the boomer generation has committed an enormous crime against my generation, and you deserve to get some flak for it. Somebody is to blame for the crisis.

            When did I ever not respect Mac? Stop fabricating.

            If you cant handle someones post on the internet, you are certainly not going to be very fortuitous after SHTF.

        • Nobody every attacked Daisy. Stop distorting things. I am not a troll. I dont feed on a response. My mission is to get people to think. Nazi was the national socialist party. I am not a nationalist or a socialist. I would not be at home in Nazi Germany. If youre wife immigrated here illegally, she should be deported. If the Cubans wanted communism, they should have to live with communism with no sympathy.

      57. Wall Street flees NY for Florida. On Drudge.

        Oh Hell, More Closet Yankees.

        Not One More Inch.

      58. Don’t worry about gun confiscation….that is a scare tactic, a ploy, red herring to get everyone worked up….IT IS THE OVERTON WINDOW!!!!

        Your guns are fine for most people not living in a few communist states. Be very concerned about ammo, now and in the future!It’s going to be the ammo….not the guns!!!

      59. IT is nice that you can tell that our Government schooling is GREAT, just look at finx and Eisenkreutz for two examples. Both, too dumb to have a headache.

        • You dont need a comma after “both”.

          • But you do need an apostrophe in “don’t”. Just saying.

            “Not One More Inch!”

            KySSG . . . out.

      60. Sara Evans Saves The Day…But That’s Another Story

        I was driving through Salt Lake City today. You see, I got this other driver, but he’s not a student. That’s how we made such good time from Oklahoma to Utah. Drove it team-style. I was home Friday, playng with my new noise maker, then Saturday had to hit the road. So I picked up the other driver. Just had to drop him off to get another truck. Those trucks seem to be scattered all over the country. Drivers quit and just leave the trucks wherever they want. Everywhere but our main terminal… but that’s another story.
        I was driving up I-15 in Salt Lake, and there was this little Subaru. Man, that brings back memories. Mrs okie and I celebrated our honeymoon in a Subaru. Of course, that was several weeks before the wedding. But we never told her dad. He was a big, mean guy. Strong morals and stronger biceps. He could have bench pressed Arnold Schwartznegger. And he was very protective of his daughter. If he’d have found out…but that’s another story.
        So this little Subaru is in the right lane and I moved out to pass. Why is it that the Mormons out here all behave so well, except when they’re driving? I don’t get it. They’re the nicest, kindest, salt-of-the-earth people most of the time. Probably comes from living around all that salt water. But then, they get behind the wheel and they do this Jeckyll and Hyde flip and the next thing you know, the freeway is full of road raging wannabe race drivers! It’s like NASCAR without the accent. I never understood that…but that’s another story.
        So, I start to pass the Subaru and I notice the bumper sticker. Not that I got any problem with bumper stickers. Some of ’em are kinda funny. I even have a faded old Goldwater ’64 sticker on the pickup at home. I tried to get some ‘Snowball/Flying Pig’ stickers printed up last election, but the minimum order was 5,000 and I wasn’t sure I could sneak that many onto cars at Wal-Mart without getting caught. So I never ordered them. I would like to get some NOT ONE MORE INCH! stickers made. (seriously) I bet I could get rid of several thousand of those….but that’s another story.
        I noticed the guy in the Subaru has a sticker that says…(drum roll, please)…Obama 2112. Can you believe that?! In Utah, of all places! I figured Romney got every single vote in the state! Obviously not. But he did very well here, as you might expect… but that’s another story.
        The point I wanted to make was this: Why is it that seeing those Obama stickers makes me so ANGRY? I don’t understand it. I just can’t help it. I start to feel actual hatred toward these people. And I don’t even know them! I have to fight myself not to whip the steering wheel and run them off the road! I’ve never been like that before. I’m always a careful, considerate driver. Well, except for that time in Pennsylvania back in ’97. But that was his fault and he deserved it. Plus my lawyer got the charges reduced down to a misdemeanor…but that’s another story.
        What I meant to say was, I got a new Sara Evans Greatest Hits cd last weekend. When I was home, Mrs okie and I were shopping and I picked it up. At first, she didn’t want me to buy it. “You’re just buying that for the picture on the cover, aren’t you?” she asked with that part hurt/part mad look that she gets. “Oh, no, Dear!” I said, “There’s some great songs on here. I didn’t even notice what the album cover looked like.” She didn’t believe me. I guess it goes back to the time she caught me licking the cover of that Shania Twain album. It wouldn’t have been so embarassing, except we were still in the music store and the manager came over and asked us to leave…but that’s another story.
        What I really mean is- the Sara Evans song, ‘I Could Not Ask For More’ came on right after I passed the guy in the Subaru. My anger was swelling over his stupid bumper sticker, and I felt my blood pressure going up. Then the song started, and it somehow began to soothe me. I’ve always loved her version of the song. Much better than that guy, whatshisname, who also had a hit with it. Sara just does WONDERS with that song. And I love the part with the swishing/swaying cry of the steel guitar. It’s simply magic! It calmed me right down. I got a feeling of true peace. Almost…serenity. That song just saved my day! Of course, the fact that the Subaru guy had his window down and I managed to move over just the slightest little bit and splash some melted snow slush on him probably helped, too. He got real mad about that. Started to honk and flip the bird. I simply smiled as Sara sang, put on my blinker, and eased my EIGHTY THOUSAND FREAKIN POUNDS!! of semi truck back in front of him. I missed him by a good 3 inches. As I said, I’m a very cautious driver. He pulled to the shoulder and whipped out his cell phone. Probably called the cops and told all kinds of lies about me. So far, I haven’t seen any blue lights in my mirrors. Not like that time in Houston when that carload of teenage boys tried to tag the truck with a paintball gun while going down the freeway. Man! That was something I’ll never forget!…but that’s another story.

        • LOL, please do tell more!

        • I love Sara Evans, her music is pretty good too!!!

        • People in urban areas will not know “exercise”from tyranny when it starts. Be ready.

      61. LIVE FROM the NOMI (Not One More Inch) Radio Network,

        Tales from Uncle Fuckemup’s revised unpublished book
        of Grimm-assed ‘Tactical’ Fairy Tales.

        Once pon a time there was a lonely little M1 tank that
        got lost in the deep dark woods all by itself, all alone.
        All around it it heard the rustling of branches and low
        voices mumuring strange and disconcerting things.

        Well the little tank thought, I’M BIG and STRONG and
        Oh-so-well ARMORED…I’M not AfRAID of A bunch of lil pip-
        squeaks in these deep dark woods and the lil tank that could
        CHARGED into the woods without a care….

        As it happens that was a MINOR fucking mistake…

        For all too soon the little tank that could found itself
        surrounded by a bunch of human pip-squeaks with a whole lot of
        avaition grade fire-retardent foam which they COVERED the poor
        lil lost tank with….

        Suddenly the lil tank couldn’t SEE…so it coudn’t FIRE,

        Suddenly the lil tank coudn’t BREATHE, it’s turbine wound
        down to nothing and nothing it seemed to do could get that durn
        Bubbly fire-retardent foam out of it’s poor lil intakes…

        Then the lil tank became AFRAID…it still had it’s BIG
        Cannon, it still had it’s hydraulics and it still had it’s
        electrical back-up batteries but it just couldn’t GO…

        At about that time things took a turn for the worse for
        the poor little tank that no longer could, as human pip-squeaks
        began crawling all over it doing who-knows-what!!

        Suddenly the lil tank felt something wrong…Oh My!, My
        Barrel seems a bit hot….and I haven’t even fired it! That’s
        when the lil tank that no longer could KNEW that it was in
        TROUBLE since all of a sudden the magnesium reinforced THERMITE
        that the pip-squeaks had secured – about 30 lbs – around the
        barrel began to glow, first red-hot then white-hot…then so
        bright that you couldn’t even LOOK at it! All too soon the lil
        tank’s mighty barrel sagged, then sagged further…then BURNED
        CLEAN OFF!!!

        Just when the lil tank that couldn’t thought that it coudn’t
        get any worse, it DID! Next the pip-squeaks had gotten one of
        it’s hatches open and well…after that the poor lil tank just
        wasn’t a tank anymore. The moral to this sad, sad story is that
        every fucking lil M1 tank is based on a air gobbling turbine
        engine that once stalled is a SOB to get started again especially
        if any foreign ‘matter’ is clogging the intakes. Furthermore, the
        ONLY unarmored component thereof – the main gun barrel – is simple
        exposed steel…and anything which can fuck that up renders it
        useless as ‘tit’s on a boar-hog’

        So before you go rattling off about how VASTLY overmatched we
        are Boyz and Gurlz stop and consider the basics here. If you cant
        SEE you can’t hit shit, if you remove the oxygen from any internal
        combustion engine (yes, turbines ARE IC) it STOPS. Put your own
        special lil Uncle Fuckemup’s Ranger Rick hats on and come up with
        YOUR very own SOLUTIONS based on the real world around you…there’s
        LOADS of them!!! Oh and no, Uncle Fuckemup didn’t say SHIT about
        you NOT getting your asses shot off in the process…it called
        C O M B A T….but it can be DONE.

        But you get the picture Boyz and gurlz don’t you…nothing made
        by Man is truly invulnerable…not quite. Well, that’s our bed-time
        tale for tonight sleep tight and have sugar-plum dreams, or
        alternately dreams of IMMUTABLE RIGHTS, your choice!!
        Soon we’ll tell you how the bad old Germans used to launch big
        ol’ bottle rockets tied to abrasive piano wire to take out allied
        aircraft during that icky ol’ WWII. JUST imagine what something
        like that could do in the main or tail rotor of a rotary wing
        aircraft!!! Heheheee…..

        There’s Loads more great bedtime stories for all you good
        little boyz and gurlz out there, just stay tuned in to Ol’
        Uncle Fuckemup’s evening radio show….Good Night Y’All!

        • MayBeSo

          Actually, the same results can be obtained w/ thermite(ferrous oxide powder** & aluminum powder mix)…the igniter being…table sugar/sulfur & aluminum powder!

          …burns a near 4000*F

          (**rusted iron/mild steel)

      62. People before everyone freaks think it through!! Spent many years in military and our sons and daughters serving are not going to turn their weapons against the public! Might happen briefly but when the true horror of war in an urban setting, women, children and elderly getting killed you will see a significant shift in attitude. Many charged with coming for you will join you! Many good military officers they are now discarding will help lead the resistance! Veterans who fought for the constitution and are statistically armed and trained will be with the resistance! Spec Ops guys are tough guys but don’t forget they are extremely intelligent as well and will not hunt civilians!!
        The beginning will look good for them the end will not! Just think of the task of trying to control Baghdad, Kabul and other hotspots with much lower population levels and think of the time it took and casualties! Now close your eyes and think from seashore to seashore and everything in between, 315 million and they are going to control that!! Will not happen!
        Choppers are to control small areas, fighter jets close air support and bomber protection or deflection of surface to air, bombers large scale leveling! Offshore assets carriers, Tomahawks etc…. Can you see them moving all this in the staging process alone would be staggering and they will need it all as you have seen in the past 20 years of urban combat! Be ready, be quiet, have a plan let it unfold DON’T PANIC!!!! All the best!

        • If they wont turn their weapons on the public why are they drilling turning their weapons on the public.

          If they did it to foreign civilians they will do it to us.

          There is nothing glamourous about a soldier.

      63. MIA voted lib anyway.

      64. Friends….I won’t mention any of the trolls by name that seem to be getting some of you upset. The trolls know who they are and so do I. I don’t let any of them get to me EVER and none of you should either….just ignore them…never respond to them…and they will vanish like a fart in the wind. The troll needs one thing to survive….attention….stop giving the room trolls your attention and they will find another site to troll.

      65. @ slingshot,

        I’m less than 20 minutes away from you on 214.

      66. This is hardly the first time they have done this. A friend in Miami called me last year during one of these drills. Said he was watching them rappel from helicopters into multiple buildings

      67. @Mikey.

        Have special project that I am doing. After the first of the month maybe we can meet up. Do you have 4wD?

      68. Please read: “The Way home or face The Fire”.

        Malachi 4:1 For, behold, the Day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the “I AM” Lord of hosts, that it shall leave of them neither root nor branch (nothing).

      69. call / contact your congressman/ senators let them know your not happy that the 5th army is using U.S. citizenry at objects of training… I contacted my congressman Kevin Brady…. Brady in turn contacted 5th army… which is conducting these drills/OPs…they are drilling in a urban environment that can not be drilled on current US bases.. they wanted realistic controlled environment.
        here is what I believe is the plan 5th army is using…

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