Guns And Ammo Production Maxed Out: “This is a Society Preparing For War”

by | Feb 14, 2013 | Headline News | 806 comments

President Barack Obama is, arguably, the best gun salesman ever. Over 65 million guns have been purchased since the President took office in 2009. FBI background check statistics indicate that, over the last twelve months, Americans purchased a new gun every 1.5 seconds, a figure which suggests there is much more to the recent panic buying than people just stocking up to go hunting or sports shooting.

The following guns and ammo industry report indicates that every major gun and ammunition manufacturer in the country is running at 100% capacity, with many so far behind that they’ve stopped taking new orders altogether.

Smith & Wesson-is running at Full capacity making 300+ guns/day-mainly M&P pistols. They are unable to produce any more guns to help with the shortages.

RUGER: Plans to increase from 75% to 100% in the next 90 days.

FNH: Moving from 50% production to 75% by Feb 1st and 100% by March 1. Remington-Maxed out!

Armalite: Maxed out.

DPMS: Can’t get enough parts to produce any more product.

COLT: Production runs increasing weekly…bottle necked by Bolt carrier’s.

LWRC:Making only black guns, running at full capacity…can’t get enough gun quality steel to make barrels.

Springfield Armory: Only company who can meet demand but are running 30-45 days behind.

AMMO: Every caliber is now Allocated! We are looking at a nation wide shortage of all calibers over the next 9 months. All plants are producing as much ammo as possible w/ of 1 BILLION rounds produced weekly. Most is military followed by L.E. and civilians are third in line.

MAGPUL is behind 1 MILLION mags, do not expect any large quantities of magpul anytime soon.

RELOADERS… ALL Remington, Winchester, CCI & Federal primers are going to ammo FIRST. There are no extra’s for reloading purposes… it could be 6-9 months before things get caught up. Sorry for the bleak news, but now we know what to expect in the coming months. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted…

Many who have exercised their Second Amendment protections are first time buyers concerned with Federal and State gun grabs being spearheaded by politicians who are using the Sandy Hook school shooting as a pretext to restrict access to personal defense rifles, larger capacity magazines, and even ammunition.

But this may only be a part of why there’s so much demand. There are millions of Americans who are genuinely concerned with not just the government taking their guns, but all of their other Constitutionally protected freedoms as well.

We understand what happens in regimes that disarm their people. We’ve seen the democide of the last century, which left hundreds of millions of people dead or displaced when their governments turned on them.

We are determined to prevent it from happening in the land of the free.

Manufacturers were running full-bore, but couldn’t come close to keeping up with market demand.

It wasn’t just the AR-15s, the AK-pattern rifles, the M1As, and the FALs that were sold out. It really hit me when I realized that the World War-era M1 Garands, M1 carbines, and Enfield .303s were gone, along with every last shell. Ubiquitous Mosin-Nagants—of which every gun store always seems to have 10-20—were gone. So was their ammo. Only a dust free space marked their passing. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Every weapon of military utility designed within the past 100+ years was gone.

This isn’t a society stocking up on certain guns because they fear they may be banned. This is a society preparing for war.

Source: Bob Owens via

With over 300 million firearms in America in the hands of private citizens, the people are sending a loud and clear message to their government.

Back off. Stop encroaching on our personal liberties. Limit yourself to your Constitutionally granted powers and nothing more.

You’re not the only ones that are armed.

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    1. CrackerJack

      “Back off. Stop encroaching on our personal liberties. Limit yourself to your Constitutionally granted powers and nothing more.

      You’re not the only ones that are armed.”

      Amen to that. I’ve waited several weeks to buy some .22lr. It is OOS everywhere. Finally had the DW go to the store when they got a shipment in yesterday. She was allowed to buy 1 friggen box of 525…

      • Claymation

        Wow, Are shelves are still pretty well stocked. I hate it when anyone selling anything sets limits. I mean, are they in business to sell or not. If you get up early in the morning to beat a crowd and buy it all, how is that your fault that others are too slow? Pure BS. My son and I run through 500 easy about every 2 weeks. Clay

        • Barterman

          Thats why they set limits.duhh

          • clint hospo







            • clint hospo

              are you kidding me for the thumbs down already? do you realize dumb asses that people can’t find ammo and mags and these places do have them!! If I didn’t give a crap I would of never wasted the time to give you this info or could of bought more for myself and some of you would still be looking and never get them. Goes to show you how stupid some people really are or how uncaring you are. In my book you can go fuck yourselfs and you have no interest in guns or even preparing yourself. I hope you go thru hell when America collapes. It’s idiots like you out there that would never share ideas or resources. Again I hope your life is hell or gets worse. I spent a lot of time trying to help these people. But I guess you don’t give a fuck do you anti-gun idiots or die hard liberals. You are selfish just like Obama and that whole admin. I wouldn’t give you a rotted carrott if I had a ton of them at this point fuckers. Joe in NC hope you get shot in the nuts and mom kicks you out of her house.

              • DPS


                Thanks for posting the info buddy, I think you got some thumbs down because its very hard to read in all caps.
                All caps also implies screaming at people and we both know that just doesn’t work.
                And from the looks of the next post you might wanna go shoot a few rounds off, it always helps me claim down

                Stay focused brother,


                • DPS

                  Ya’ll check out RT news very cool pics of a meteor strike. And the russians shot it or so they say


                • InsanityISContagious

                  Clint: You have to appreciate the irony of the situation.

                  You do everyone the courtesy of posting the info that could potentially save their lives and yet the folks are flapping over the fact that you used CAPS on the Internet? OMG!!! I am rolling on the floor. CAP away, brother. EVERYBODY should be standing up and SCREAMING that the crap that is going on today is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!

                  Hard to read…OMG, I am still laughing — wait until you have no food and no light and are huddled trying to hide from the wars that are coming and see if shit is hard to read.

                  Clint — thanks a bunch bro! Appreciate the info!!

              • Paranoid

                You got the thumbs because you blather like you have diarrhea of the mouth and your post is impossible to read.

                • GOP4EVER

                  Oh, Paranoid, baby doll. Do you have trouble reading all caps? Here is a link that might help you:

              • lower40

                thanks for posting brother ,the caps dont bother me i cant half see anyway ,i guess i dont see it as shouting ,more like hey im excited to share this with you ,ive stoped looking here in SWFL im 30mi out, to much gas just to see empty shelves

              • GOP4EVER

                Thanks for this great info, Clint. I personally like all caps…………….

              • 10% Off

                Clint – You would have thought you stopped in the middle of a speech to take a drink of water! Don’t sweat it : ) Those with any sense will feel your sincerity….as for the rest, well….

                Oh, and you have to have nuts before they can be shot off!

              • BJ

                Thanks Clint, much appreciated brother!

              • Shooty McBang

                You’re helping people out. Those that don’t know any better at this point never will. The blind cannot see that they can not see. There are enough of us that “get it” to see us over this hurdle.

              • Red

                Doesn’t particularly sound very American, bro.

                The thumbs-downers have the right to their opinion, no matter how dumb or short-sighted they may be – so long as they don’t infringe on our rights. So – let ’em. You have the right to yours as well, of course, but to wish the worst to your fellow citizens – well chill, though agreed, don’t come whining to us when if/when the crap hits the fan. Makes us look as illogical as they are.

                Thanks for what you are trying to do.


              • doc J

                Thank you Clint for the good and useful info.

              • dfisherman


              • Response to a Moron

                You sir, are a fucking idiot. You’re arrogant, know-it-all, self-righteous attitude is what got you voted down.

                You don’t think we can find our own mags? That we needed your “help”? While you shouted down at the rest of us?

            • j Stuart

              Annoying. Learn to avoid shouting.

              • Gunner

                THIS IS WRITING IN CAPS! This is SHOUTING in caps. Does anyone here remember when all we could use on the pre-public internet WAS %UCKING CAPS? If this is your major bitch, life must be damn good in lollipop and gumdrop land.

            • DP

              Clint – all caps aside, thanks for the info! I spent my whole saturday going to 3 other shops where they said they’d been “hoovered” out of almost everything.

              I’ll be checking out Ace soon…oh and since you’re local to SW PA check out our prepper meetup! (linked above)


          • amused

            i witnessed 36 boxes of 9 dissappear in under 48 hours,at 17 bucks a 50rd box, ar mags are still going for 30-40 if you find one
            i understand many who bought a detach-mag firearm recently learned they cant get mags, and guns are starting to arrive but arent selling because of this mag issue, some have had to alter mags not correct to work so they have a spare, they set limits because i heard early on that customers were goin at it over bulk purchasing, we are in this together, would u throw me a mag if im out, id hope, if you have a issue with lack of mags or ammo or supplies, i hope you have buddies who barter, i dont see the old days returning any time soon, things also selling out include kevlar helmets and flak jackets, lights lasers, good scopes,etc. wish i had a flak jacket to go hunting with


            • speedymh

              I think we are on the same team! I would toss you a fresh mag, and if we both run out, well we gave it our best shot.

              • katzkiner

                Fix the bayonet to conserve ammo.

            • Dimarco

              If you have not been able to get enough mags or ammo…when SHTF, choose wisely and use what you got to TAKE from those who who would take your life from you. The aggressors and trespasser of our country and Constitution have been buying plenty of ammo and mags with OWN Tax money, so only fair to use your one round to take their many rds and mags.
              Quid Pro Quo…

            • tyrannyandtraitors

              I will throw you a mag and some ammo brother. We patriots will need each other before this is all over.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Amused.36 boxes in 48 hours! Well get a load of this,in North Central Missouri, there is a gun shop that gets ammo in every Fri. morning, and when they get there to open, there are customers in lawn chairs waiting for them. My son said he went there one Fri. to see if they had any 223, and the guy said they got 35,000 rounds in that morning, and limited customers to 500 rounds each, and in 45 mins. it was all gone. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

              • BJ

                Hey Julie,
                I am not too far from you. What do you think about the chances the gun confiscation legislation they are trying to ram thru in MO have?

                • polly

                  the chance of the bill passing in MO is ZERO. it will never make it past the first desk. We may end up in a battle on gun right but this one is not it.

                • Don

                  this was tweeted by MO state Rep. Caleb Jones, a Republican.

                  “The only way this bill will pass is if a hammer and sickle is sewn onto Old Glory,”

        • Paranoid

          Pay attention, shelves are EMPTY

          • Barterman

            lighten up brother.

        • Manganese

          You better stop running through 500 per week and start stockpiling 500 per week.

          • MXLord327

            Right you are! That’s why they make air rifles….

          • Claymation

            Got plenty no worries. My Aunt owns a sporting Goods store. In return for helping out there now and then (holidays etc..), she sets aside what we need. This time a year it is more like 300 rounds every couple of weeks. We have about 30,000 rounds set aside, that are strictly not for target, well not paper ones any how. Peace.

          • GDawg

            Thats what I’m talkin bout. We have 3 Daisey Red Ryders for practice and actually do alot of shooting with those. Kid you not, my 9 yr old boy can shoot someone in the eye, (easy) at 20-25 ft. Theyre great for practicing techniques and form. I got 3 rifles needin to be sighted in. Gonna allow 20 rounds each then no more. Glad I started my collection in 09′ Semper Fi. III

            • kimintn

              @ gdawg you may want to look at a laser bore sighter. then you only need a few rounds to verify the sight.

            • Not Timothy

              🙁 I started in ’09 too but just didn’t stock up fast enough. AND, I learned something about myself. When Sandy Hook happened I was horrified and somewhat paralyzed — last thing I wanted to do was go out and buy a gun. And I should have. And anything else I could get my hands on. Lesson learned. I won’t repeat that mistake. It’s still possible to fix this, though difficult. And I’ll be better off for in my decision making process.

              • DRD5508

                Wisdom: learning from our mistakes and not repeating them. Good job Tim and welcome to the team.

            • MXLord327

              I love practicing snap-shooting with the air rifles. Hold it in a normal carry position with the safety on, and snap it up to your shoulder as quick as you can and fire, both eyes open, don’t even look at the sights. With enough practice you can become very accurate. I can snap shoot a clothes pin off the clothesline 8 out of 10 tries at about 20-25 feet. You can tell if you are going to hit as soon as the rifle touches your shoulder. It’s a lot of fun, but the wife is getting pissed that I am killing all her clothespins….

            • Colorado grandma

              Tried out 2air rifles. Daisy is great. Pull up and shoot, don’t use the sights. Practice makes perfection. Doing well with Daisy and will get more. Cheap practice and I will be excellent when I need to be. At 29.99 it is a bargain and I don’t need to use real ammo. Go daisy.

        • BigB


          I don’t know where you are at but here in Calif. almost nothing is available. Woman at Big 5 day before yesterday told me that a shipment would be in the next morning at 10:00, that there would be a line and it would all be gone by 10:30. We here cannot recieve an order by mail either. Taking a trip to Nevada next month and will stock up there.

          • Claymation

            You guys have Nevada we have PA…lol. I live in South Western NY. Most of the sporting goods store near me seem to be still well stocked with 22lr. Granted that most are small mom and pop operations. I was at the local gas station in my home town yesterday afternoon, and stopped in to get a soda. I wast surprised to see they were still selling ammo all these years later. There supply was down a bit, but still had a little of everything on the shelf. My Aunts store the next town over has been getting regular deliveries. She told me things got a little thinned out right after the new unlawful laws announcement, but now she is having trouble getting .223, but she had a bunch of 9mm left for sale. Just weird I guess.

          • John W.

            The Happy Gunner has ammo but like you I live in Californicate and cannot order it on line. If you have a family member in Nevada ask them to order it and then go target shoot there.

            • RickInOregon

              I’m not a gun person and I haven’t been in the market for a gun or ammo but these post have me looking whenever I’m in a store that sells shooting supplies. The shelfs in our area are empty of shooting supplies (except for the .17 and some steel shot) yet I have no problem finding archery supplies. I bow hunt and have for the past 25 years and only a couple of times did I wish I had a gun, getting face to face with a black bear does that to you as does finding mountain lion tracks in your tracks.

              What’s your opinion on the .17? it looks like it would be a good sage rat gun and a varmint gun. What about for game?

              • Paranoid

                The small high V .17 slugs tear up game fairly bad, and are expensive. I’d stick with the old standby for small game, if you use a rifle, and that’s 22 hollow points, or just slugs. Shot a lot of woodchucks with 22. If you want to play the long range game and don’t figure to eat them. You have lots of choices.

                • Anonymous

                  Hey, I’d be very cautious of wasting any ammo – especially in unethical activities like killing anything without eating it, (assuming it’s not a tyrant). We’re all dependent upon a healthy Ecosystem and thriving critters. We dare not just kill for fun,and we’d better learn to catch and eat Asian Carp, and other Non-native species!

              • lbdodger

                The .17 ia a pretty good varmint weapon, and with practice; it’l take about anything down, but be a good shot. My .22 does a good job on most up to a deer, and will do bigger animals; but have been shooting it, for years. Got a good idea, where it shoots. Also have bigger calibers, but in a pinch, the .22 is my choice.

                • Joe

                  It can be muffled too if you shoot subsonic ammo, if the need ever arises. Just sayin.

              • BigB


                Since you are a bow hunter I would like to know what pound cross bow is appropriate if you do not have a gun? I was looking at them the other day and wondering what is a good crossbow, what features should it have and whatever I (we) should know? TKS,

                • RickInOregon

                  BigB I don’t know anything about crossbows, I hunt with a Mathews compound bow and a custom built recurve bow.

                • floridagirl

                  First off you need to know there are difference in bow – like “left and right handed” Draw length is measured by finger tip to fingertip (do not hyperextend) divide by 2.5 and that will be your draw length. Poundage for men is between 50-60 pounds. Women 30-40 pounds, Youths 20-30 pounds. I just started archery, figured I needed another mode of defense. Left-handed bows are hard to find in your local stores. If you can find one, go for it otherwise, if you are left-handed you will need to order it online.

                • Ed

                  Barnett Jackal crossbow delivers about the most for your buck, IMHO

              • Not so Much

                “as does finding mountain lion tracks in your tracks”

                I think I just soiled myself.

          • Jake


            I live in California and I have received plenty of ammo through the mail.

            • BigB

              Jake, How? Where?

          • VegasJim

            Ha, you’re not going to find any here either. Been trying all the stores for a couple weeks now and all common guns/ammo are long gone. Might consider picking up an unconventional round/weapon just to have the opportunity to stock up.

          • skittle shitting unicorn

            Forget NV there are nothing but shortages unless your hunting for big bear and moose 45/70 300 win mag etc

            NO 9mm NO 45 acp NO 38/357 you get the picture

            don’t waste your gas or money here
            at the local gun show If there are any ammo sellers they have lines of about 1 to 3 hours for ammo and Limits are in place. maybe 2 to 3 boxes of primers ( 2,000) or so ammo is most likely three to 5 boxes IF your lucky or Maybe two cases of 1,000

            This is not a joke i shoot 50 Beowulf and haven’t seen a single round in three months i reload and havent had a full box of primers in 4 to 6 months and bullets same deal

            most of the gun stores in vegas are hittin empty and IF they have a shipment its gone in about an hour maybe two 223 rem is hitting $600.00 to $700 per 1,000
            shot gun shells are going from $100.00 to $300.00 per case of 250 depending on what you want

            IMPEACH O BUMMER

            Skittle Shittin unicorn

          • skittle shitting unicorn

            Skittle Shitting Unicorn

            A follow up to my earlier post

            The following are gun shops in the las vegas valley and most are online and have the phone numbers posted
            You might make a few phone calls

            Lock and Load Henderson N V unknown stock Levels

            New Frontier armory North Las Vegas no ammo to speak of

            Guns and ammo garage unknown stock levels

            Citadel unknown stock level

            Accuracy gun repair unknown stock levels

            Sportsmans warehouse limits to 2 lbs of any sku for powder or 1 4 lb keg
            1,000 primers and or 10 sleeves 200 rounds of factory ammo (if they have any)
            Or one 500 piece box of bullets
            1 semi auto weapon 2 mags per customer per day

            Bass pro shops same limits as above

            Ventura munitions Might not be open to the public as yet mostly online sales they have reloads. Prices are about what you would expect now

            Wild West Guns same shop as the TV show Wild West guns Alaska on the animal planet Mostly Big bore hunting types no limits on purchases as yet and if you want a really fine Bear Gun there the people to go too they have stuff like the 454 casull

            As far as the gun shows go most have had lines of up to 2 hours just to get in the door and most sellers are either limiting purchases or Price gouging such as $75.00 for a 30 round Pmag
            There were an estimated 10,000 people at the last one at Cashman Center put on by the Rocky Mountain Gun Show the line stretched out the door through the parking lot and down the street and around the first corner and towards the second corner. Next show is Mar 2 and its promising to be a total sell out with 2 semi loads of ammo to be sold but the last time this was done it lasted about 7 hours and folks were waiting for 3 and 4 hours for ONE case

          • scott

            Call ahead of time or you may just be wasting your gas. I bought the last Pyrodex powder for one of my backup units from North Idaho Cabelas 2 days ago. They had zero primers, brass or #11 caps as I bought them out I got lucky and it wasn’t a waste of gas to drive there.

          • CrackerJack

            Sure you can, unless you live in certain cities. I’ve ordered ammo several times and delivered to my doorstep.

            Don’t say dumb stuff to the delivery person though, they might call the cops on you. (stories from friends/fam members that deliver packages).

            It must be shipped ground though, so it’s not going to get to you with any kind of quickness but im pretty sure that is the case everywhere.

          • Steve

            About 2 weeks ago my wife went to Big 5 to see if they had any ammo come in. The guy knows us and told her he had 2 AR-10 308s in the warehouse. He showed her one that was another customer. She bought one on the spot.

            We got it a few days ago. She found 308 ammo in LA for a buck a round. Got 200 rounds to start.

            Another gun store sold the 308 we bought for 1480.00, that store resold one unfired for 5K….unbelievable they are getting that much.

            won’t sell ours though, even if we made twice what she paid we would then not have it.

            She doesn’t think Im crazy anymore that I use to buy ammo weekly when on sale. No shortage in our safe.

        • Claymation

          Reread my post should have read “Our shelves are still pretty well stocked.” Sorry for the confusion.

        • whome

          @CLAYMATION— Problem is the whores buy out every box, then out it on Gunbroker for 6 times more.

          • Bob's Your Uncle

            Isn’t capitalism fucking AWESOME! Buy low & sell high! Don’t like the price? No one is forcing you to buy it!!!

            In case you haven’t noticed, this is a free market economy not some socialist-hippy-share-everything-love fest. No, you are not entitled to a fair share, so quit whining. You can, however,purchase at a price determined by supply and demand.

            Why not think of it as a helpful lesson in preparedness? Those who have a surplus and are of limited means can sell at a profit and use the windfall to purchase other items they might not be able to afford.

          • Willie Wonka

            I was just checking gunbroker for shits and giggles, from what I saw they have plenty of ammo and at near normal prices?!?!?!

        • DPS

          And this is how it begins link to follow.

          The truth about guns web site, This is how DHS Seizes your guns..Might wanna read this!

            • MXLord327

              That is some scary shyte right there. I guess I will need to keep my “Personal Defense Utensil” in my vehicle from now on, with a large number of ammunition storage devices.

              • Grasshopper


                • American Dream

                  Do you hear what you are saying????

        • Kelly Winters

 has mags.

      • 230 JHP


        “Stop encroaching on our personal liberties.”

        Correction, should read infringing.

        Note to politicians far and wide: What part of, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” do you not understand?

        • AnonLegion

          @230 I think mac said encroaching because the constitution is more than just the second amendment. There is the 1st 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th and 10th to think about too. By the way you may have noticed that a few of those have been taken away already while the second is still in place. hmmm always thought the second was to help protect the other 9….. must be wrong about that…..

          • Kulafarmer

            Thats why we are wayyyy beyond voting this right this time, its time to remind the bureucrats who works for who, i say purge the lot of them and start over with every day joes

            • al

              Your on the right track. Get rid of everyone that voted for the patriot act first. Since they didnt read it they need to go period.

        • Spook89

          Oh, they fully understand…the reason for the 2nd Amendment isn’t about the right to hunt, it’s about the right to shoot tyrants. That’s why they want our guns. There, I said it.

          • JustOneGuy

            @ Spook89,

            Ahhh…..the “Immaculate Perception” 🙂


          • lastmanstanding

            oh shit! I might have voted for that twice today!

        • lbdodger

          If you’re in SD, it seems like a lot of the legislators; don’t understand any of it. They swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but when they go to work; it’s business as usual. Although, I do know a few of them; who are locked in, to honoring their oath. Most are veterans.

      • NunjoBizness

        Well, I just made the move and finally joined a state militia today. As a female, I have no idea what I will be needed or called for, or what talents I might have that could help – but I’m all in! 🙂

        • lbdodger

          May “GOD BLESS YOU”. We need more of your type. “GOD BLESS AMERICA”!

        • Barterman

          excellent! way to go! and keep prepping.

        • Shooty McBang

          You’ve got the right attitude. That’s all the talent that you need.

      • NewYorker

        Dude watch out! here they come for you.First they will come and make your gun be on a list to register, make you sell your HIGH CAP mags and to keep a 7round mag?? who makes them anyway? I was first…guess what, your next. they are coming for all your guns. why do you think the army is training in cities? THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR GUNS, FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS GUNS, AND YOUR DADS SHOTGUN. AND THERE WILL BE NOTHING YOU OR I CAN DO CAUSE A PRESIDENT WAS PICKED THAT LIED ABOUT NOT TAKING YOUR GUNS. THEY WILL TAKE ALL AMERICANS GUNS AWAY!!!

        • Barterman

          Maybe in new york but not in south carolina.!!

          • ScottyK

            Good luck trying to collect them here in Oklahoma…

            • DRD5508

              Or Texas.

              • Anonymous Dude

                Or Arkansas.

                Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas would make an awesome confederation of states, don’t you think?

        • Spook89

          Easier said than done. They better get combat pay, ’cause they’re gonna earn it!

        • durango kidd

          New Yorker: Why are YOU rolling over for the gun Grab? If you only have a seven round mag, make every shot count. In Nam WE would duct tape magazines end to end for a quick reload.

          WE are ALL seal Team America. If not US, who? If not now, when?

          Read Washington’s Vision.

        • Grasshopper


          • OldGrayWolf

            Hide some, maybe, for resupply if the first line stuff is used up or damaged. But those who hide all their guns, or just the “good ones”, and sit in their homes thinking the tyrants will let them be, will be branded cowards at best, and at worst will be looked upon as collaborators by the patriots who stand and fight. It is not the time to remain silent, or to hide. It is time to lock and load, look to your kit, and be ready to roll.

        • Leonard

          What we can do is look out for one another–body armor is easily defeated by most hunting rifles. It’s important to shoot at the ribs from the side, which has to flex so the wearer can breathe, and to shoot through the upper arm (profile shot)at the point where it sticks out from the vest. The bullet will travel through the flesh of the upper arm and into the wearer’s vital zone…

      • GV

        Although there’s really no such thing as enough ammo, I thank my lucky stars that I reached my years-long goal for each firearm (purchasing the last 100 rounds) on the very day that the Sandy Hook tragedy took place. What a relief to not have to worry about the shortages and escalating costs.

        • justhinking

          So on the news it said law enforcement are running low on ammo. That they only had enough for a couple of months and it could be four to six months before they get more. On that note the government has plenty so its only a matter of time before they step in and have more control. Prepare as best as possible its about to get way out of hand

      • Sic Semper Tyrannis

        The Constitution doesn’t grant Power to the people. The antifederalists saw to it that, “…Congress shall make no laws…” regarding rights and powers retained by the people. Only the people have rights and they weren’t granted by the f-upped government.

        Gun control is unlawful and tyranny.

        Sic Semper Tyrannis

      • T.R.

        She was only allowed to buy one because of all the assholes buying up the entire shipment in a single purchase . This is NOT rationing , its the retailer trying to be fair to their consumer base by not allowing 5 people to buy up everything and pissing off 1000 people ( all of who are their customers , including the 5 jackasses ) . Send her back tomorrow for another box . Listen folks , WE are the problem ! stop this horseshit panic buying and things will return to availability . Supply and demand . Self control . If you were prepping as you should ………you should have no need for panic buying . Just sayin . If there is a civil war , the dead enemy and all THEIR stockpiles will supply us with what we need .

      • Anonymous

        Except they are armed. MILITARY first then Homeland Security/Law enforcement then Civilians, and while I have a feeling many of the two groups above will turn and stand with civilians to support the constitution I hope it is not to little to late.

      • Vp79

        Except they are armed.They are stockpiling rounds faster than civilians can get it. Will our military, law enforcement and DHS actually help defend us against a domestic enemy?

        • Dick

          I recently had the pleasure of meeting an 85 year old who was wounded twice fighting the Japanese. I was with my wife at a restraint and he was eating alone. My wife can get sentimental as she has recently lost her Mom and she was crying seeing him eat alone. We asked him to sit with us and learned he had just lost his wife of 42 years. Despite this he was pleasant and talked to us about their love of dancing and he was now teaching his sister how to dance.

          I bring this up because I believe ultimately his sacrifice is what makes it possible for me to express my views and concerns. I agree that all of the Bill of Rights are at risk and he was wearied by what he sees now. I appreciate that man and the thousands who have made the ultimate sacrifice, right or wrong, for THEIR belief in the Constitution. It is easy to attack one another right now for the difference in our views but the guns and ammo being bought aren’t for a picnic. This man is witnessing the destruction of the country he saw men die for as have many others who frequent this site. PREPARE! But make no mistake that should war come of this it will be beyond anything any of us can imagine.

          Mac I appreciate the efforts you make to give me a forum to show my concerns.

          To everyone else I hope for your prosperity if possible, and your preparedness if all else fails.


          • Grasshopper

            Someone suggested we download important information NOW before they start messing with the Internet. Example:
            1)Filtering water with activated charcoal.
            2)Drone Jammer at “From The Trenches World” etc.

            Anonymous said that if the Government shuts down the Internet then we should shut down the government. The book, “Monkey Wrenching” tells how. I haven’t read it yet but it has excellent reviews.

            • Archivist

              I download entire web sites when I find good ones (and revisit for updates). I use BlackWidow from SoftByte. Also, books, magazines, and radio programs from newsgroups, using NewsRover. Get a high speed connection and a Giganews account. I’m downloading 24/7. I have a stockpile of blank disks for info trading in the future.

              • bill

                Some of the best advice I’ve read! Make sure your lap-top is in the bug-out-bag!

                • Archivist

                  I have a little netbook for portability. It can run 8 hours on a charge.

                • DRD5508

                  Dick, thanks for sharing your meal with a Vet. In 1975, stationed in Germany, a German vet from WWII treated my partners and I to a great meal and plenty of drinks. Not knowing why all the food and drink was coming to us. I asked the waitress about the spread/drinks. She told us that the old man at the bar had killed 8 Americans during the war and was very sorry for it. We happened to be the first Americans He had seen since the late 40’s.

                  I learned early, all vets need to be appreciated because we share similar horror stories and dreams.

              • lastmanstanding

                Hope you have a semi to haul all that shit around.

                You must not have a brain to store any pertinent info related to survival. By the time you find what you are looking for your most likely have starved, frozen, or worried yourself to death.

                I love it when people depend on the technology that destroyed a generation or 2 to survive what is coming.

                Don’t forget matches to light all that worthless shit on fire to keep warm while rummaging mindlessly thru it to find the next answer in the survival puzzle.

                • Archivist

                  It will all fit in a backpack. I have multiple backups, multiple computers, and backup solar equipment to power them. The drives are searchable. I am sorting the references into categories. I have sorted the printouts by categories in notebooks. If I want to make soap, I can turn to that article in seconds.

                  There is no possibility of freezing to death where I live. There is no possibility of starving to death where I live. I have stored food. I garden. And nature is full of food that most people will ignore.

                  And best of all, I do have a brain. Not to brag, but my IQ is in the 140-150 range. I am very good at solving puzzles of any kind. I have been collecting information since 1960. I have most of the most need information in my head already. Technology is a tool. It is in addition to all the books, information, and printouts that I have.

                  The technology itself did not destroy anything. I suppose you would badmouth shoe boxes and slips of paper because that was Hitler’s information storage system. Almost anything can be used for good or bad.

                  Lastly, I look down on people who use crude language in place of actual thought. I have just placed your posts in the same category as the other trolls. What is wrong with telling people about additional sources and methods for obtaining information?

                • lastmanstanding

                  Good to see that you have so much faith in a stack of paper and disks stored in a back pack.

                  The tech boom is so out of whack right now that most can’t even see that it is damn near over. The infrasture that was used to build this great country is nearly obsolete…it was built by people that worked together…the politicians, corps, and banks have destroyed over half the population of this great nation. What is it that they hold in their hand that make all of there daily decisions for them?

                  Use that 150 IQ to look into history and see that it always comes and goes…and who always causes the problems…politicians, corps and bankers. If you have been collecting info since I was born, you of all people should be running from this crap like the plague.

                  Brother, it is a battle for hearts and minds of our kids and grandkids right now. I will make damn sure that they have the same ops that we have had.

                  So help me God I will see that they have it and I don’t give a damn how we do it.

                  Crude…let me tell you something…crude won’t even describe the vile mess that many of us will have to clean up after it’s all over.

                • T.R.

                  Technology is your friend or your enemy ……… just depends on how you choose to use it . Did you ever stop to think that all wars eventually come to an end …….then its time to rebuild . Information and knowledge is the key to most things , without them , you are just as dead . People die , and if the ” knowledge ” isnt passed on in a timely manor or written down for others to follow , they die also . WHat if the guy with the knowledge gets killed . Look at all the peoples on earth that had no written language , they usually ended up the slaves of those that did and were considered inferior at the same time . Technology will now allow a person to cary an entire library of information of a few flash drives to be easily accessed on the move . Our enemies are going to use it …..we dare not dismiss it either , think of it like when the Soviet Union made the AK47 the standard issue weapon for the red army . It not only caught the west by surprise , but it forced the west to issue a similar weapon in order not to be at a disadvantage , in our case , the M16 . The russians forced the world with one single action to abandon the rifle as the main weapon …….forever . I hear ya , but technology does have a place . Just sayin

              • ScottyK

                And for the geeks out there, NewsRover will happily run if you are using Linux. I run it using WINE, but be sure to get the 32-bit version of NewsRover.

            • PO'd patriot

              Been archiving for a couple of years now. Just want to say there are two great publications to get subscriptions to: Backwoods Home Magazine and Mother Earth News Magazine. Read them/store them.

              • Archivist

                I have selected issues stored. I think Mother Earth has discs of their back issues available.

      • Commie hater

        Tyranny is already here, commies everywhere.

        • Theguy

          Gramsci… you fail sir. Good day to you.

          And you were doing so well up until now…

          • Theguy

            Heh does no one know who Gramsci is?

            • Theguy

              The “doing so well” part was sarcasm…

              • After the Collapse

                and a damn jew .

            • MXLord327

              Just another POS communist.

        • John W.

          The scary part is the people seem to love them.

    2. Chris45

      Glad I stocked up on primers and powder months ago. I can still make 4000 rounds if need be.

      • DPS


        With you there but I went full in on the primers and powder, we are still getting primers every week,some powders are a little harder to find.
        But those are powders that can be used in mult cals.
        My supplier called me one early morning to let me know a fellow reloader passed and he was unloading all the mans inventory. So yes I bought him out. I mean why buy a pound of powder when you can get eight. As far as ammo shortage goes panic buying will claim down just like the gun market has.
        Myself and most of my shooting buddies have not bought a single round in months.. Stack them primers to the ceiling.



        PS Ya’ll hit youtube and check out the rally feb12th in albany NY.

        • Bulldog

          I stocked up a while back. We must have some of the same shops as Texas, Texas being a suburb of Lousiana ;)Primers are still around, powder, only if you want an off brand that is hard to find charge data for. Cant find .45, .38., 9mm, .223, .308 bullets. I wont say how many I can reload, but I will be ok. My motto is double the rounds you have on hand, you should be able to reload. I ordered a couple new dies to expand to a few more calibers. They told me they would arrive “this year”.
          I went to Academy to get their daily allotment of ammo. It was a joke. You can have one box per day. THe only Ar stuff that was left was some 5.56. Most folks didnt buy one that chambers both. It was steel cased, so I passed on it.
          Primers and powder are the most important. You cant easily make either. We can always cast bullets if we absolutely have to. Brass will be everywhere.

          • DPS


            If you run across gas checks pick up a few thousand of those as well, It is a must for anything over 1240fps.
            Casting bullets will be the way to go if need be. And yes I’m Texan, just way up north in Texas. I think it was NetRanger that talked about the steel cases last yr, He claimed they could indeed be reloaded a couple of times.


            • Bulldog

              I do my best to avoid shooting steel casings in anything semi-auto. dont want to bust my barrel. I have some as a last resort. I was saving brass even before I was reloading, because I knew one day it would be needed. I need to get a old school scale, if my batteries run out, then I will be old school on everything.
              I have never loaded bullets with gas checks. I guess I need to get comfortable with it.
              Thanks, I will pick up a few if I can get across the river to Cabellas or Bass Pro. I hate going through Baton Rouge.

            • slingshot

              First I have heard of steel case problems busting a barrel. Have used steel cases( copper wash) for years with plenty of rapid fire with no problems. Lacquer coated steel cases did gum the breech up some. Now there is a powder coat works fine. I have heard of reloading steel cases but have to redrill if berdan primer. Some weapons do not like steel cases becase the steel case does not expand and seal the chamber needed to cycle properly as with brass. AK’s and SKS’s are just fine with steel case for they are designed for that usage. I have also used 9mm aluminium (CCI) cases with no problem.

              • Bulldog

                One of the ranges I shoot at wont allow steel in semis and the have a upper and the case that split to show why. It is mostly from the russian stuff I believe. The case had split from the base to the top and tore up the barrel pretty good also. I am extremely picky about what I feed my weapons. They only get the best cuts of meat. 🙂 They havent failed me yet.
                Have yall reloaded any 225 gr .308s yet? I finally found the data Hornady sent it to me. It isnt published yet. Those things are beasts. I havent fired my 225 gr reloads yet. Cant wait to try them on some concrete, steel, kevlar, etc.

                • slingshot

                  I don’t do any reloading. I have had a thin case or overcharged explosion in the past with brass casing. Blew the extractor off the bolt. Flash of gas in the face and the gas pressure also blew the magazine clear of remaining bullets.
                  Could not hear well for a few days. Was like a bomb and it was .223 reloads. Hence no more reloads. There was some Malaysian .223 that were overcharge a few years back. No other reports of bad ammo on the market

                • Bulldog

                  Ouch! Sounds like over charge. I am guessing someone else loaded it? I always double check the weights for large differences after I complete them because I am worried about that happening.

                • olered

                  With the capacity of the 308, my research indicated that the 175 grain smk is about the pinnacle of performance.

                • DPS


                  I don’t shoot a 308 yet, I still love my little 30-06 and have shot some of the 220gr reloads and yepp the do some damage. Most of the time I just stick to the 150gr it does a great job on everything. And I have never ran any steel case ammo. Even in the my TOY 9mm.. (VRF)

                  Just always bought what I knew could be reloaded..


                • YH


                  175gr FMJBT is the heaviest .308 Win loads I’ve worked up hand loads for. They are just about the heaviest projectile I’ve loaded in .308 Win that doesn’t compress the powder. They are very accurate but about 150/fpm slower that the standard 168gr projectile.

                  225gr sounds like .338 territory. I’d be willing to bet it’s a very slow projectile from a .308 Win with a lot of ballistic bullet drop, and it might be a real handful. Watch for signs of overpressure as you work up the loads. Do you use a chronograph to validate your velocities?

                  I might suggest performing a ballistic energy calculation while you’re at it. The lighter faster projectiles often delivery more accuracy, energy, and flatter trajectories than the heavier bullets. Have fun.

                • Kulafarmer

                  Olered n guys,
                  That blowup sounds scarry, ive been loading 308 with 175gr SMKs real good results, varget has been the best all around powder, using CCI magnum primers

                • armed citizen

                  loaded some 220gr bthp for the .308 and what it did to a coyote was impressive. tried wolf steel case .308 a few years seperated in my rifle. saved the bullets and shit canned the rest. Loaded some lead rounds up for the Ak, great for target practice. the Ak doesn’t care what it eats.

                • PO'd patriot

                  Been putting away primers and eight pounders of Tac and Varget. I shoot the 175smk in my 20 inch AR and the 168smks in the 16 inch AR. Both 1/10 twist, 7.62.

                • MXLord327

                  I love my .30 cals. I load 123 grain bullets for the 7.62×39, 150’s for my .308, 165’s for the .30-06, and 180’s for the .300 Win Mag. I’ve never liked the heavier projectiles, I like velocity!!! Although I did use Hornady High Energy 200 grain loads with Nosler Partitions (no longer produced) on my moose hunt. Dropped a 900lb animal in it’s tracks at 125 yards.

            • Burrow Owl

              This is a popular misconception.
              Proper bullet fit, lubrication and chamber pressure vs. alloy are the keys to cast bullet performance.
              Plain base bullets can be pushed to 2K+ without undue leading or loss of accuracy when done right.

              • Burrow Owl

                Seems I screwed up the quote in the previous post.
                This should have been the first line:

                “If you run across gas checks pick up a few thousand of those as well, It is a must for anything over 1240fps.”

                • DPS

                  Burrow Owl,

                  Can’t wait to pick your brain when I have more time. The info I posted is what I read about. So I picked up some gaschecks when I got my molds.



            • MXLord327

              DPS – I heard the same thing from a guy at my gun club, he regularly reloads steel case pistol rounds. I don’t know if I’d want to try it in a higher pressure rifle round though. I’ve never tried casting lead bullets, never liked the lower velocity and extra barrel fouling, but am definitely thinking about it now. I at least need to get a mold for the .50 cal muzzle-loader.

              • DPS


                In the pistols I like the lower velocity with the heavy bullets lots of energy. I got my molds, got some lead and everything else I need to start casting but still have not done any..And after reading Burrow Owl’s post Think I’ll do some more studying before I try it.


                • Burrow Owl

                  Some very knowledgeable people here:

                  Also, in the Lee 2nd edition manual, Richard Lee did an in-depth article on the relationship between pressure/alloy strength.

              • DPS

                Burrow Owl,

                Thank you sir, saved the link and will do more reading.
                I have only been back in to reloading a yr now.


            • Anonymous

              handloaded after a LOT OF CASE PREP. gotta bunch of different Lee’s. you can handload just about anything with enough patience.

          • Semper Fi y'all

            Since the Depression days I have always cast my own bullets, including 00 buck. Get a gang mold for the 00 buck. I get about 300 rounds per pound of powder for my 00 buck load. The 12 gauge pump is one of our best weapons, especially for poor light work on the perimeter.

            Other than the .22 RF, I own only weapons that fire a hard-cast lead bullet efficiently, that is 170 grain gas check bullet at 1,900 fps in my .30 cal. rifles. I shoot heavy bullets in all my pistols. My wife shoots the .38 spec. I prefer the .45 1911A1 and the .44 spec/mag.

            Stack wheel weights and pure lead.

            I have been a collector of primers and powder for 50 years.
            Save your jacketed bullets for long range stuff.
            Precious metal is lead, and if you don’t have much – brass.
            Semper Fi

            • DPS

              Semper Fi ya’ll,

              Maybe you can help me out. A older man was telling me that the lead from batteries could be used for casting is this right?


              • slingshot

                Would you want to take a chance with sufuric acid leaching out the deposits and burning the rifleing in the barrel?

                • DPS


                  Nope thats why I’m asking that old man said something about the lead being neutralized first.. Its been so long I forgot what he said..


                • RedPine

                  beware of using battery lead , the acid in the lead makes
                  it ‘blow up’ when added to the molten lead already in
                  the melting pot! I learned this the hard way! Go to the
                  junkyard and get wheel-weights cheap. They make quite
                  hard bullets that won’t lead your barrel at reasonable
                  I used to screen the backstop hill at the local gun club trap-range for lead shot by the ton. Extremely hard, have
                  used it up to 2,000fps without barrel leading. Melt it
                  outside though, it uses arsenic to make it hard and you
                  don’t want to inhale the fumes.
                  Hope this helps. Further questions? Just ring my bell….

                • DPS

                  Red Pine,

                  Thanks buddy I am sure you will hear from me again soon..LOL



              • slingshot

                For the purpose of emergency lead acid mining for bullet casting.

                I would soak the lead material from the battery in a baking soda solution till it stops fizzing. Ever clean a battery compartment. Litmus paper test after wash off.
                Bake the lead at a temperature to remove all moisture.
                Then go to melt and casting. Wear protective clothes and goggles as moisture is not conducive with molted metal. Explodes!

                • delr

                  for cleaner lead remove the paste on the plates. the plate is the substructure that holds the paste. paste is where all the nastiness is. i worked for Exide.the plate is a mixture of tin,antimony and lead. 7 to 12 percent of the first two the rest is lead. paste has lead antimony tin calcium and some old formulas had alittle powdered sulfur.get rid of the paste. it’s an extra step; and a pain More than worth it.i smelt a little into bars two three times ayear. trade it buddies for don’t have to do it all your self. trade with friends and establish a network

              • lower40

                dont forget if you get in a pinch you can go on the roofs of some of the abandon houses and get the lead stack pipe sleeves ,ive melted them down and it was some clean lead .im not a reloader ,so i cant speak for any contamanates that may preclude it from being used

                • PO'd patriot

                  Thats clean plumber’s lead.

                • John W.

                  Is it not pretty dangerous to breath in lead fumes? I know alot of people melt down whell weights but is it a hazard as lead is pretty toxic.

              • REB

                DPS…not to argue with all the others who commented on this subject but Ive made alot of bullets outta battery lead and used alot of them…its a harder grade of lead than say wheel weights(noticed around here theyre not lead anymore)or plumbers lead but Ive never had any corrosion problems…I use most of em in black powder pistols…not saying others are wrong,but personally Id rather have it around at least for backup lead than have none…

              • Semper Fi y'all


                On a public forum I’d stay away from battery lead. You might store your batteries in a secure cache and let me know where the cache is so I can dispose of them properly.

                Lead is fine, i.e., wheel weights, plumbing lead as drain traps, exc., and plumbing solder (very valuable because of its tin content), and linotype. Learn its content as to lead, antimony and tin.

                “Number 2” lead mix is what you want for a hard-cast mix.

                I like, where supplies allow, 90% lead, 9% antimony and 1% tin. Pistol bullets don’t need gas checks and in my opinion should not have gas checks. I load my .44 mag with 250 grain hard-cast plain base bullets to 1,200 fps. This load is a good big game killer.
                Tin is expensive, but what isn’t, funny money everywhere.

                00 buck and black powder projectiles are cast of pure lead as are cores for core bonded jacketed bullets.

                Stack it deep.

                A 170 grain hard-cast gas checked bullet such as Lyman’s 308291 loaded to 1,900 fps cycles the bolt for my M1 Garand and is extremely accurate to 600 yards. All lead bullets are lubricated. For me the lube is not a problem in the gas cylinder. This 170 grain bullet is also excellent in my 03-A3s.

                I regularly kill elk and moose with a 250 grain hard-cast, gas checked bullet out of my .35 Whelen at 2,000 fps. I have never lost a head of game with that bullet and load.

                Hope this helps.

                Semper Fi

            • Kulafarmer

              @Semper fi
              Curious if your loading 308 and if you are, what sorta weights and what type powder, got info in my Lyman book but always looking for more info

              • olered

                If you want something that is rather unconventional yet laser death try the 125 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip with 49 grains of Varget. Start @ 48 and work up.. @ around 3150 fps all kinds of critters start to explode.. Great fun..

              • Semper Fi y'all


                I used to shoot the .308 (7.62×51 NATO) when it replaced the 30-06 (M1 Garand and 03-A3) in the military, thought I’d give it a workout. The .308 is a superb cartridge and in the 700 Remington with scope is a fine sniper rifle. I’m sure there are other good combinations.

                A long time ago I exhaustively tested four of my rifles, (bought back when there was still silver in our dimes)
                configured thus: All four rifles in pre 64 Winchesters, two in .308 and two in 30-06. One rifle in each caliber fitted with Lyman’s 48 receiver sight and one rifle in each caliber fitted with a Redfield 3×9 scope. I spent the day shooting them at a target at 600 yards.

                I have always preferred my M1 Garand (the best rifle ever made) and my 03-A3s.

                In the .308 I like the Sierra 180 grain bullet with 48 grains of 4831. Hornady’s 165 grain bullet is also fine. 4895 is also a very good powder. For a squib load I like a 190 grain hard-cast lead, gas checked bullet with 7 grains of Unique. One hole at 50 yards, only a soft “pop”.

                An excellent hunting load in .308 with hard-cast lead gas checked bullet is 20 grains of 2400. Good for deer and antelope.

                Hope this helps.

                Semper Fi

                • PO'd patriot

                  SFY, Got a pre-64 (1953)Winchester featherweight Mod 70 in .308 and love it.

        • 230 JHP

          “As far as ammo shortage goes panic buying will claim down just like the gun market has.” When the ammo is gone just like the guns are.

          • DPS

            230 JHP,

            Not sure where you are but in the last week our guns stores have been getting resupplied lots of semi autos pistol and some rifles. I have also noticed the AR-15 thats was $2000 last week can be had for $1200 to $1500.
            I also just got back from the reloading store, he had set me back some smr &smp primers. But they had a ton of lrg rifle and pistol primers. Bullets are starting to flow in again also. Powder is in short supply for the good stuff. All I can say is buy when you find & always carry enough cash to pay for it..



      • Pride Goeth BeforeDestruction

        I bought millions of rounds of ammo and all kinds of fancy black rifles… of course that was back when I bought my gold at $35 an ounce and silver at $2.

        Don’t you just hate the “I told you so” assholes that have to toot their horn?

        Good for you – glad you did well – but STFU about it already!

        • slingshot

          Have me beat.

          Gold at $254, Silver at $4.00
          7.62×39 at 6 cents a round.
          .223 at 15 cents around.

        • Archivist

          Some of my silver was acquired at face value, some was actually given to me. A job in the mid-1980s gave every employee a one-ounce silver coin with certificate. I still occasionally find a silver dime or quarter in change. I examine all change, pull the nickels and pre-1982 pennies, and put the rest in the piggy bank for hard times. Keep the foreign change just in case. Haven’t found any Chinese money yet.

          Other good deals have come my way, but OPSEC precludes discussion.

      • Ed

        Get on it. Trading stock if you’ve more than enough, but not likely, methinks.

    3. jp

      I would really like to think that people are waking up to what’s going on in this country and acting accordingly……do I dare hope???

      • Kindle

        Obama just isn’t the best gun salesman but will also go down in history as the one that woke the sleeping giant.

        Granted some are still asleep or sufficiently brain-washed but they will wake up when it’s way to late. They will probably freeze up and go suck their thumbs in a corner because their dumbed down brain won’t be able to deal with their illusions being blown away.

      • Be informed

        I want everyone out there to be fully prepared for the next debacle certain to come from some gun grabbing creep like that medusa ogress feinsteinless, “how much ammunition you can possess”. Yes this is almost a certain bill or executive order to come, limiting the good citizens of this country to probably less than 500 rounds per household. While not enforceable really, it will be the next line of horse crap attack against the 2nd amendment. They will likely not only put fines with such violations, but also they will try to make it illegal to own firearms if you break the “regulation”.

        I know this sounds horrible, but BO and those that hate Americans being able to defend themselves have all sorts of these plans. They already limit how much ammo you can purchase in many police run states that hate guns. I can imagine this one also, that if you commit any crime higher than a misdemeanor that the state or the feds have the right to search your property for violations of the firearms laws and excessive ammo laws. Time to get some nice PVC pipe and start burying your ammo I guess. I have upset myself today with my doom and gloom, however it is very likely that BO and others will attempt to pass these type of laws in the near future. It is all coming to a head.

        I will comment in a few minutes on the very serious earthquake situation between the Asian and North American plate. I always want to try to comment on the article posted as respect to Mac, the site, and to those that feel that I overdo the geophysical part of future SHTF events to come.

        • Barterman

          Thats when you go doner on their asses. Their not checking my shit perion. People you got to stand up and be heard!

          • Kulafarmer

            Im with you,
            Nobody is checking shit, you can check it after you pry my rifle from my cold dead hands,

            • lastmanstanding

              Kula, no need for that brother…we are staying.

              Their fuckin going.

              Check out the Albany rally on you tube…am listen to it right now. Awesome!

              • Noah

                Bigger rally on the 28th to come. Big rally, currently the buffalo region has I think 10 buses full of people. Thats just our small town. The whole state is going to show up there on the 28th. Our local radio guy is helping rally the troops and if the gov laughs at us this time next time we take the state capital.

              • Kulafarmer

                I hope so,
                Our state is pulling the same if not worse crap, if its a fellon they want its a fellon theyll get
                MOLON LABE

                • OldGrayWolf

                  Never done anything halfway in my life, don’t expect to be a halfway criminal, either.

        • Facebook Page

          Thank BI for post earthquake closer to the bottom.
          Makes it easier to find.. this numeral post searches stuff is not easy on phone devises to use.

          I was on post the other day and the subject of structure integrity of some serious under ground storage at yakima firing rage came up. Some are worried that they are not strong enough.

          Strange part is it was not an issue when they were only worried about it surviving a nuke strike. And i do not think age is the reason for their concern. They are “special enginerneerers”

        • Bimbam

          TIP: You don’t have to OBEY any law that is not Constitutional. So don’t worry about it.

          NO ONE NEED OBEY IT. This how you castrate a dicktator’s power. You render it null and void and he goes away looking like a fool.

        • Theguy

          Makes me want to read The Stand by Stephen King again. Beh just the first half, it sorta goes downhill after all the doom pr0n.

        • Grasshopper

          I’ve read that scientists are concerned about a faultline that exists across from the eastern coast of America– that if the thing becomes active, it may start a tsunami that will inundate the Eastern United States. Can you please comment on this? (Please excuse my wording– I don’t know that much about earthquakes).

          • John W.

            As long as DC and New York disappear into the sea what is not to like?

    4. Zoltanne

      The NWO is overwhelming the system with their own form of assaults from all angles. It’s getting nasty in some of the Dem-heavy states with gun control legislation. Now it’s Missouri — they’re going for the gun grab now (House Bill HB 545).

      If this isn’t beginnings of the final set-up for a revolution, what is it?

      Oh wait!

      Could it be that gun owners are a Conservative majority in America? And let’s see….the charges for non-compliance for not turning in the aforementioned guns means felony charges.

      A felon cannot vote.

      Not that the elections are rigged or anything.

      • yental

        When refusing to comply with tyrannical, constitution/bill of rights defying illegal mandates/orders has me classified a “felon”…I intend to be in VERY GOOD company.

        • Zoltanne

          Yental, probably in an encampment. If you make it that far.

          Maybe it’s time for Threepers to consider the tattoo NOMI.


            @ ZOLT….I will share my last p-mag with you.
            III %

            • Zoltanne

              And I would have your back.
              From this day forward.

          • KY Mom

            Missouri Dems Introduce Bill to Confiscate Firearms — Give Gun Owners 90 Days to Turn in Weapons

            According to the Democratic proposal,
            “Those who do notcomply would face a class C felony”

            Posted on Drudge Report

            • Barterman

              Screw them. Make them come and get them. Some may die but they ll quit soon enough.

              • Orwellian States

                Everything I’ve read said it will not pass. Missouri House and Senate dominated by Republicans. Dems are just testing the water.

                • j Stuart

                  Yes, Dems are just coming out of the closet.

                • PO'd patriot

                  When they come out of the closet, help them into the ground.

            • Z

              yeah i just saw that too KY Mom. These Dems are out of control. They’re going to keep ratcheting things up until people have no other option but to use force to protect their rights.

              • Grasshopper

                I USED to be a democrat… NOT ANYMORE!!!

                • slingshot

                  I feel your pain.

                • REB

                  The democrat party USED to be democratic….not anymore,now theyre marxists…just sayin

            • JayJay

              Hey–I thought that was Michigan state.

            • Smokey

              Find out each and every legislator who votes for or sponsors the bill, and vote them out of office. Boycott their businesses back home, whatever you can do to get them out of office and make life difficult for them. They need to learn there are consequences to this kind of tyrannic crap that are far short of revolt and resistance.

        • Barterman

          Were with you brother.

      • Kindle

        I’m disappointed in Missouri…they should know better.

        I believe we are setting up for the next revolution. No way do millions of people spend this much money on guns and ammo if they are going to be willing to give them up in a few months.

        • Zoltanne

          Kindle, MO has ditzo McCaskill….They really SHOULD know better.

          More aerial around here, more than previous years. Time to visit some old friends.

      • clint hospo

        Never thought of that! Here is possibly the dems thinking-hypothetically- “if we can charge millions of gun owners with a felony they will not be able to vote ever and that means win win for the dems and we can control this country once and for all.” do you think that this could be a possibility? Not sure. If a collapse happens and they are bunkered in underground. I would love to see these dems and gop trying to live together! lol It would be hell for them to try and govern and they all would be so bull-headed and not able to work with each other and they would be fighting with each other so bad. If they can’t even agree on simple things, how the hell are they going to live with each other underground. lol I think its funny.

        They have their heads so far up their asses the power struggle would eat them alive and at each other. I would rather be living in a destroyed neighborhood with good people that care about each other and help each other than be trapped underground living with these assholes. Then if they come out of their holes and people are still around, there are going to be a lot of people that might take a cheap-shot at some of them, Im not saying i would. I would avoid these bastards just like I lost all my guns.

        Ladies practice shooting and don’t panic if you are ever in a hostile environment. Believe in yourself and relax. Shooting and robberies are nothing like the movies so ignore them and be consistant and relaxed. believe me the receiving side of the bad guys are going to be nervous of being shot, so don’t think you are the only ones that might be scared in a tough situation.

        • MXLord327

          I wish they all would go underground – permanently!!!!!

          • Ed

            When they do go underground, my wife is going to concrete the doors way shut…

        • Kulafarmer

          That is why we are way beyond utilizing the ballot box to effect change, this ends with gunfire period.

        • snake eater

          i think they each (party) have their own bunkers


          • VRF

            I wonder if they plan on staying in them…forever

      • Paranoid

        If it gets to that point It’s not a problem, a Felon can shoot two liberals and come out ahead on votes. I’m Paranoid, but not that paranoid. They start to play that game and it’s suicide

        • Smokey

          Gotta shoot three or four libs to come out ahead on the vote, due to voting fraud by the left. Gotta remember to purge the rolls of dead voters, though, or it won’t have the desired effect.

      • John W.

        A felon also cannot own a gun anywhere. rather surprised a state like Missouri would do something like this but then again this is the state where some of the senior LEOs were going to prosecute anyone who said bad things about Obummer the first time he ran.

        • Paranoid

          Didn’t you get the memo? If your goal is to shoot people you get an automatic exemption from all State and federal laws. Not the one the Bankers get that also gives you all the money but a temporary one.

      • Zoltanne

        I have found another MO Bill, this one has more strength and is to nullify any Federal laws on gun control:

        Missouri’s HB436:

        All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, and regulations, whether past, present, or future, which infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution shall be invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.

        (Link to follow)

      • John W.

        The next/coming amnesty and the chain migration that results from it will pretty well signal the end of the US. Enjoy it while we can.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Zoltanne, thanks for this post. All my family and friends still live in Missouri. I’ll send this along to all, on my email list. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus.

      • DPS


        Looks like Washington state is joining in on a bill very much like MO.


        • Zoltanne

          DPS, Guess I’m not too surprised with WA going this route, but is this what’s in store for half of our States now? Maybe this will this be a Red vs Blue tactic? Or will these Bills become laws, and seizures or arrests take place before the legislation and future arrests and charges be declared unconstitutional?

          Or is all of this merely a ruse??

          • Kindle

            I’m wondering if “these Bills become laws, and seizures or arrests take place” can we claim that our guns and mags are not illegal…just undocumented?

            Kinda like the millions of “undocumented citizens” that have crept over the border. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander…shouldn’t it?

          • DPS


            Not sure what to make of it yet by the map it sure does look like tic tac toe. Also even if the arrest are declared unconstitutional what are the odds of getting your guns back?
            And it is merely a ruse which is possible then what are they covering up.. All things that make you say hmmmmm. Guess we will see who joins in tomorrow at this rate.


      • Gregory8

        Zoltanne: Missouri, the same state were a small town(Skidmore 1981) got tired of their local bully who kept getting off, died in a hail of gun fire in broad daylight? Missouri, where the local sheriff and the state police had called in the FBI to solve the case? Nearly 20 people saw McElroy leave the pool hall that day but no one saw who shot him seconds later? Missouri where millions $ were spent and thousands of LEO hours logged and no gun was found, and not even one suspect was ever charged, even when nearly the entire town was questioned (>300 pop.)? It seems to me that the good folks of Missouri don’t like being pushed around by bullies or the cops. My guess is that this proposal is going to vanish like a Fart-In-The-Wind. I could be wrong but I hope not.

        • Zoltanne

          Gregory8, American citizens shouldn’t take ANY of this Nazi-style government grab. NOT ONE MORE INCH! All states need to have template nullification bills at-the-ready for everything now. Buck Ofama and his NWO global idealism!

          I just read MO’s HB 436 which is a nullification bill that’s got quite a bit of support in MO.

          HB 436 will void all laws, acts, and orders from the past, present or future, that infringe on the second amendment, “It shall be the duty of the courts and law enforcement agencies of this state to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms within the boarder of this state from the infringements in subsection 3 of this section. No public officer or employee of this state shall have any authority to enforce or attempt to enforce any of the infringements on the right to keep and bear arms included in subsection 3 of this section. Any official, agent, or employee of the United States government who enforces or attempts to enforce any of the infringements on the right to keep and bear arms included in subsection 3 of this section is guilty of a class A misdemeanor. Any Missouri citizen who has been subject to an effort to enforce any of the infringements on the right to keep and bear arms included in subsection 3 of this section shall have a private cause of action for declaratory judgment and for damages against any person or entity attempting such enforcement.”

          A class A Misdomeanor has a maximum penalty of 1 year in jail and up to $1000 fine.

          I posted a link to the Bill but it has to go through moderator-approval.

          • Gregory8

            Zoltanne: No argument from me there. My point was that folks from Missouri seem to have good sense and they are not about to let anyone ride roughshod over them. The story I posted was about decent hard working people pushed to the brink and I find no fault with any of them. The law counldn’t or wouldn’t protect them as it should have so they took care of the matter themselves. I say “Job Well Done”!

            • Zoltanne

              Gregory8, Oh, yes, I got your point — guess I just said things wrong. I would have to agree with you except for the cities where the sheeple and GimmeDat groups tend to try and rule the entire state from.

              Anyone who is working and has their eyes open (even partially open) knows they’re being pushed to the edge.

    5. yental

      Started “preparing for war” in early 2009. The reason is now blatantly obvious to those “coming late to the party”. Got Ammo? I hope so!


        I have been telling all of my buddies for the last four years ”buy ammo,the next war on guns will be that you can not get ammo.”……..You can only imagine how many phone calls I have received. They usually start out ”man….you were right,what am I going to do know?”

        • yental

          Same story here. Advised my “inner circle” not only to purchase ammo weekly/monthly, but as of the last 3 years now…pay cash. Even if supply returns at some point (before the coming war), limits and the loss of anonymity of purchase will likely be gone at that time.

          One other bit-of-advice about ammo. Multiple cache locations and proper storage. Same for “ballistic delivery systems”.

        • VRF

          funny, most of the people I told and even on here have forgotten who it was that gave them the heads up. and many of them are pissed ’cause they didnt listen

          • Kulafarmer

            Couple of my friends were snickering at me and saying im nuts a few years ago when i was getting into reloading, they said, “what the hell are you ever going to do with all those cases of gunpowder, and shelves and shelves of bullets and brass”
            Not laughing so hard now!

            • WARFACE

              Kula…Its amazing all the barstool pundits who shook their heads because I was buying up them neat looking black rifles a couple up yeats ago and now they all ask if I want to sell them one. I knew King Barry Obamanure was going to get another 4 years and try to take our guns. Its just a damn shame I got really drunk and hid all them damned things and for the life of me I can’t remember were I hid em. Maybe it’ll come to me some day..hehehehehe!

            • Smokey

              I just started reloading, and am trying to stock up. Pistol primers and any omnibus powders are gone. 9mm in 124gr is scarce, and 115gr is running out, countywide. .45 bullets are low. Brass in 9mm is low. Rifle brass in .223 and .308 is gone, not available.

              Good thing I’ve kept my brass for the last 20 years…

      • RedPine

        I’ll get all the extra guns and ammo I need on the battlefield, “from THEIR cold dead hands!”

        • BadAmerican


      • Gregory8

        Yental: a wise man sees a storm coming and prepares for it; and fools just ignores it. Big clouds started to gather in 2008-2009.

    6. clint hospo

      I travel thru Pa and the midwest a lot. Check around for ammo ladies and some men, walmart does have a good size variaty and some others have zilch at times nothing. You will pay higher prices at gander mountain and many online dealers are raising their prices big time. I bought 10 ar-15 mags for 15.99 each 3 days ago. (30 round) There are out there but once they get them in they are sold pretty quickly.

      So don’t panic. I found 420 rounds of xm-855 green tip ammo at gander last week for 199.00 Yes its very hard to find but it will come around. We just have every single person in their minds getting ammo after the sandy hook shooting. IF your looking for reloading and primers call beikerks gun supply or store in rochester ny. Google it you wont be wasting your time. They have mainly reloading and have very good prices. Better than I have seen anywhere else ever. They even beat midway and major gun dealers. IF you looking for some stuff I will tell you. I visit a gunshop in different city at least 3 times a week. Just trying to help you guys.

      • Kindle

        Isn’t PA, NY and a lot of midwest democratic states? I’m not surprised you are finding quantities in those areas. Why would the nanny states buy ammo and guns. I believe it is a different story in conservative states.

        • Zoltanne

          Kindle, PA is mixed. Philly is pure Dem, home to those tough-ass New Black Panthers. I don’t think there was one single Romney vote in all of Philly last November. ROFL! Rural is more conservative. Remember the Obama “bitter clingers” gaffe about those Pennsylvanians who cling to their guns or religion?

          • Kindle

            Then why does some parts of the country have ammo & guns available and other parts are wiped out? I keep thinking there must be a reason to it. Everywhere I go in Colorado the shelves are bare with people waiting in line on “truck day.” Just curious.

            • Zoltanne

              Kindle, maybe others can explain the phenomenon. Seems to me the store’s region, customer base, and mode of selling has something to do with inventory on hand versus back-ordered stock.

            • clint hospo

              I don’t know, they probably have huge sales and a good order history with some of these stores in Pa. Thats my guess. If you got a store with large purchases constantly they are probably going to serve that store first when they re-order their stuff or political reasons. I dont have the answer to this.

              • Kindle

                Good point. From my corporate retail days we did order by regional sales. We would often have to order SIX MONTHS out…could what we are seeing is the high selling stores getting their orders that were already in the pipeline (on order)?

                I wonder what it will look like once we pass the 6 month time frame?

            • Yikes

              As for Colorado? I think its a mix of things. I don’t think what I’m going to say covers everything, but,… First, a large section of voters in the state don’t affiliate with either the R or the D party and a big section of the population is influenced by a libertarian mindset, even though the Libertarian Party doesn’t have much sway. Frontier history is part of the culture of the state. Put that all together and you have a pretty independent minded population. Its an open carry state and a conceal carry state. You can expect guns pretty much everywhere, with a few exceptions and the gun free zones. People want to make sure they have something to shoot and that they don’t just just a fancy metal club. So it follows demeand for ammo will be high. Second, you need to look at what is percolating in the state legislature. Everybody is so focused on the federal level gun control stuff. On top of that, Colorado has double digit pieces of proposed gun control legislation that is making its way through commitees right now. (I don’t remember the exact number) But anyone that supports the USC 2nd Amendment and the article in the Colorado State Constitution that also recognizes the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, will find the scope of the legislation disturbing. For example, this week (2/12/13) hearings were held on HB1224, which is a proposed law that deals with magazine capacity (ie 10 round limit)and ownership, etc. This isn’t the only “gun control” hearing being held. Third, I think people are buying whatever ammo they can, when they can because of all the uncertainty inside the state and with the economy. (Prices aren’t generally going down on much of anything.) Ultimately, shooting is a perishable skill. You have to practice to keep your accuracy skills up. I know this doesn’t explain everything, but I think it gets part of why the shelves in Colorado are pretty empty.

          • clint hospo

            Yes rural Pa in the center and to the left where pittsburgh Pa is more republican I think than philly. Philly is DEM maxed and some. Center where harrisburg is there are a lot of tactical gun stores that cant stand dems! they are very right conservative. In washington Pa (ace gun store) they had a wall solid filled with ar-15’s over 200 of them gone after the shooting. they get a lot of ar-15’s and carry a few 50 barretts. But yes Pa is very mixed emotionally charged. they can’t stand Obama and all agree fuck Obama we will not ever or register our guns. this is talk at the gun shops of what is going on in southern Pa near the border of west virginia.

            • JRS

              You’re right clint, Harrisburg area has a lot of conservative gun owners. The city itself is pretty much bankrupt with a Dem mayor,but anywhere outside of town you won’t fuck with the gun owners. I live quite a distance west of there but worked around Harrisburg for 30 years. They just had their 2nd homicide of the year yesterday. Guy beat another in the head with a 2 lb hammer. Should outlaw 2 lb hammers,I guess. Pa also has a republican governor so they may shy away from new gun laws. The only one in the pipe now as far as I can see is one about not recognizing out of state gun permits if you are a Pa resident and can’t get one here.I hope I worded that right.

            • REB

              Ya, and anything north of I80 acrossed that state(PA) is mostly rural and home to alot of outdoor types…lots of guns!

            • John W.

              clint hospo,
              Most of the cities in Pa. are pretty bad. Philly is just an extension of Camden across the river. Any idea how Monongahela is doing these days? Ancestral homeland.

              • clint hospo

                I never go to philly ever or that east of the state, I travel to scranton to pittsburgh a lot. thats about it.

                • John W.

                  Pretty state last time I was in the Pittsburgh area was in 1980. Seems like all cities are going down the toilet as far as crime and just plain falling apart. Don’t want to think how things will be in another ten or twenty years. Scranton is where the Office show is sited.

          • lastmanstanding

            Don’t for get about Pittsburgh…the 2 cities have enough to carry the state. There are over 1 million hunters on the first day of deer season…in the woods.

            Don’t give up on Pennsyltucky!

            • lastmanstanding

              …and we’re not giving up on you New Yorker’s either!!!

              Check out the rally in Albany on the Feb 12th on you tube.

              Thanks to DPS for the heads up!!!

            • clint hospo

              Yes Pittsburgh are good people! there are a lot of people in pittsburgh who are on our side!!!

              • afterthefallpa

                We’ve got alot of patriots in the rural burbs here just to the NE of Philly.
                The spirit of revolution & patriotism is strong along the Delaware River Valley!
                Hell, Thomas Paine wrote “American Crisis” in my backyard! The 1st revolution was fought at my doorstep! You can’t help but be a patriot and constitutionalist if you live here!!!
                We are an area full of common sense folk- alot of hunters and fishermen and proud old school Americans. No matter if they’re dems or reps, the vast majority of people around here are on our side.

                Philly and some of the major cities may have fallen to the sheeple, but just a few short miles outside of the Philly city limits and it’s a whole other world 😉

      • 22winmag

        What Sandy Hook shooting are you talking about? The fake, made-for TV event full of actors and paid shills?

      • lastmanstanding

        What a score on the mag’s Clint…I found some the other day for $25 and thought that that was a score.

        • Smokey

          Seems to be a bunch of folks in NY putting their mags up on, they want to get rid of them before the new law takes effect.

    7. Klingonwork

      With so many people panic buying and hoarding…regardless of ANY laws coming out, do you think for one moment anyone would willingly surrender their weapons? At a recent visit to a local gun store here in California, there was practically nothing on the shelves, but scared and angry people were buying anything they could get their hands on.

      If you haven’t purchased self protection by now…you’re too late.

    8. Fucking pissed

      Good article and true. I hope the scum politicians are in fear of their lives because of their treasonous actions.

    9. Stealth Spaniel

      Wow! This would be an amazing uptick in the economy, if it weren’t such a sad commentary on our country. 2 of our elected idiots (Boxer and some other yahoo) are so worried about the state of the country, that they are introducing a carbon tax bill today. They might find themselves getting a full lead rebate if they aren’t careful. I wish that I had money to start manufacturing guns and ammo now. A nice tidy business with
      an absolute sale. With all of the military/special ops people be laid off in Sequestration, I would have unlimited knowledge to pull from.

    10. Eisenkreutz

      Why are they making ammunition for the government pigs first when the government wants to shut down the armorors? Sell to we the people first. We’re the ones who never fail you.

      • Zoltanne

        It’s We The People, not we the people.

        Never minimize who we are.

        Just sayin’….

        • Eisenkreutz

          Capitalization of regular nouns is only done in a legal document in which a specific definition is given to the entity in question. Thus, my useage is correct.

          • RickInOregon

            Don’t be a dick.

            You ever hear the saying, “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance then baffle them with your bullshit” you are becoming that cliche. You can be better than that.

          • Zoltanne

            Nice try. Throughout centuries, capitalized letters were commonplace in many languages. This was not a phenomenon only noted in a legal document.

            We The People is a subject, not an object (although “The People” is actually an appositive.). Further, there is specific reference noted through our Founding documents, and as such, the phrase is well-defined and well-known.

            The phrase “we the people” [sic] is demeaned when it is used as a grammatical object.

            Hope you understand your errors so you are better versed when you correct everyone else now. 🙂

            • Live free or die


              Smack down! One for the good guys.

              • DPS


                Yepp Zoltanne is way smarter then sybil..


                • BadAmerican


            • Eisenkreutz

              What the hell are you talking about? I know in the German language all nouns are capitalized, but we are talking about ENGLISH. “The people” is a NOUN. An appositive is a noun or a noun phrase that renames a noun that is right beside it. For example, if you said “The boy ran down the street,” adding an appositive could result in “The boy, who is the quickest, ran down the street.” The sentence is still complete without the appositive; however adding the appositive presents more information about the particular character. There is nothing sic erat scriptum about “we the people”. That is the normal usage; I’m not writing a legal document. Nobody has used the phrase “we the people” as a grammatical object.

              “founding”, not “Founding”


              • Zoltanne

                Is it usage or useage? You use both.

                Is it asshole or ass hole? You can be both.

                Who is this Sybil?

                • Live free or die


                  Three strikes!!!! The Kreutz is out.

                • Anonymous


                  Sybil is eisen you never know who he is going to be on a given day..LOL


                • Zoltanne

                  DPS, yeah, I gathered the Sybil intel and could see the personality flickers, too. And boy, those quick changes in interests. Kinda hard to keep up with the multiples, eh? 🙂

            • BigB

              Nice Zoltanne. 🙂

          • jerrytbg

            Is Professor Falkin your daddy ? ::_-_–

      • ThreeZeroEight

        Very good point, because I can’t find anything anywhere. I have a good bit, but I have my eyes out for more, can never have enough. But every where is sold out.

      • Eisenkreutz

        I meant “armorer”. That was a typo.

        • lastmanstanding

          It’s called an error.

          Did you move to the farm yet? Spring planting is just around the corner.

    11. 22winmag

      Not exactly true. My local shops suddenly have dozens of sub-$1,000 AR’s and AKs available. The primarily military style gun craze peaked around two weeks ago and prices are falling fast now that it’s clear there won’t be any significant ban (or any ban that would actually be obeyed). The speculators who were doubling and tripling what they invested in AR/AKs 30 to 45 days ago are now scambling to dump their guns before they are stuck with them. Ammo is still peaking, but hey… I’ve bought over 10,000 rounds of bulk .22lr at local establishments for at $20 per 500. Yeah, CCI minimags are $30 to $50 per 500 and Stingers/Velocitors are around $60/500, but I can get them all on most days at those prices.

      • Paranoid

        Where are you? I’ve been to several stores and they have nothing a few hours after the truck. One place said they had 700 guns on order and got 6. Incidently the stre I use; last week got in over 300,000 22 rds in 525 rd bricks, this week got about 20-50 rd boxes. They got a lot of wierd stuff. 45-70, 375, 338, 222,etc. Looked like whoever they got the stuf from was clearing out whatever they had.

        • Kindle

          I keep seeing off brands of ammo. Stuff I have never seen out there before.


            I can say that Aguilla ammo from Mexico and Privi Partizan from Serbia ”runs just fine” in my systems. If you can find some and save a few dollars,do not be shy.

            • Eisenkreutz

              Serbia has more gun rights than the other Eurotrash countries.

          • Smokey

            Aguila .30 carbine is outstanding ammo, and the Prvi Partizan is low in price and boxer-primed, good stuff.

            If you’re looking for some off-the-wall calibers like 7.5mm Swiss, .30 Mauser, stuff like that, Prvi is the place to go. Their .303 British is good fuel for the SMLE.

            Their 7.62x54R, brass cased, boxer-primed, totally reloadable, is running about $0.65 a round even now, a great online deal and reloadability makes it cheaper than corrosive surplus once you reload the case twice.

        • YankeeDoodle

          I put an order in to Cabelas four weeks ago for 2000 rds Aguila Supermax High Velocity 22lr and received it yesterday.Four week waiting period not bad considering what the hell is taken place in this country.Just checked Cabelas website and they still have some ammo left, but its going fast. Jump on it.

          • Not Timothy

            Here’s my buying experience today. Last night I happened to see Federal 500# .22 lr in stock at the local Walmart. I thought I was seeing things. But it was late and I thought I’d go this morning.

            Well, there was a line waiting at the door this morning. I had a feeling I knew what for. Sure enough everyone shoved their way back in a clump, no civility, everyone trying to body block the others from the ammo case.

            There were 4 boxes, so 2 people got it (Walmart has now a 3 box maximum). The first guy got 3 boxes and had to depart from a pretty angry group. Didn’t seem to bother him. What are they going to do? Shoot him? Oh wait… no ammo.

      • HisArmsWide

        Are you in a location with few shooters? At all the locations around here, various Walmarts, Academy, Dicks, Bass Pro, there are little to no options on anything other than the ‘odd balls’. Plenty of 12 guage shot of course.

        I was just at Walmart today for example and couldn’t not go look and other than 12 gauge the shelves were completely empty except for 2 lowly 50rnd boxes of 22WMR and a few boxes of 7MM and 22-250. Nothing in pistol caliber at all. Some 22LR in shot shell snake killer stuff. A single box of 20 guage slugs. No 223, 308, 303, 30-30 etc and so on.

      • Former Cal Girl

        What is your location? May be time for a road trip.

        • 22winmag

          NH. Even with millions of over-licensed, over-taxed people coming up from MA, we are still doing pretty well on ammo here, and $750 to $999 AR/AKs are becoming common again in stores.

      • John W.

        Remember when a brick was around five bucks. Of course gas was a buck sixty cents too.

    12. After the Colapse

      have no mercy for the dhs blue piggies ,

      as they obviously have no mercy for you .

      war has been declared upon you The American Citizen by your own njo new jew order zog zionist occupied government .

      when you leave your home pack heat ; not for criminals but to defend yourself from the njo zog traitor blue piggies .


      • After the Colapse

        Seven Active Burners ;

        L.A.P.D. / San Bernardino Sheriff Department quote after subduing suspect – ” Burn that Mother$ucker Down !”

        Radio activity from the Christopher Dorner standoff

        • Kindle

          Now they are saying that we are misinterpreting those audio clips. Burn the house doesn’t mean burn the house down. I watch a news conference where the LEO in charge actually was saying “we didn’t intentionally burn the house down.” I had to do a double take on that one.

          The sheeple that do no research or listen to your linked clip will buy it of course.

          • After the Collapse

            @Kindle … i hear you it’s just part of their njo zog dhs control grid misinformation public relations .

            every American is chris dornier waiting to happen .

            i’m resigned to the fact very soon i might have to kill to protect my American natural born U.S. Constitution Rights as a Free Born Sovereign Citizen .

            it’s just something i accept now .

            i train now once a week handling my weapons just to keep my skills up in handling aiming and muscle control of my weapons .

            knowing in the back of my mind some day i might need those skills to stay alive some day , not against criminals , but against the njo zog raging steroid jacked crooked gestapo power hungry traitor lil’ blue piggy cops .

            Predator or Prey of the njo zog NEW JEW ORDER ZIONIST OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT .

            the choice is yours .


            • John W.

              If everyone thinks like you then we are screwed. The guy was a thug and a murderer. He killed that 26 year old girl for nothing. I hope you are not typical of the prepper community. Yes the LAPD does suck. No excuse for killing four people even the cops.

            • After the Collapse

              @jw ;0P

              ” We All have our little problems !”

              • Facebook Page

                You have more than most.

                Thanks for taking up the slack.

                • Jesus Christ is Son of God

                  Is your WAC fixed yet?

                • Facebook Page

                  No we are trying to survive. All private sales ran to the hill. It just a strip mall of ffl.

                  In two weeks we will know the team that will try to save the show. The club is mostly dead

          • lastmanstanding

            Did you see the sweat on the lying pos’s forehead?

            These jobs of power are all well and good until a shit storm starts. Then, someone higher up the ladder tells you what to say against your will and says you must Be convincing”.

            These bastards will get exactly what they deserve.

            They are sweating bigtime.

        • JRS

          While I rarely read the paper anymore,I got one today and read the write up on the shoot out. It said they used “pyrotechnic tear gas” to “flush” Dorner out and did not intend to burn him out. lol. Just what in the hell does pyrotechnic mean. Isn’t that “fire”works?

          • MXLord327

            JRS – Same thing they used at Waco, and they didn’t expect it to start a fire??? Bullshit.

          • Theguy

            Of course they didn’t intend to flush him out. They intended to either burn him to a crisp (assuming he was in there) or else to get the media off their asses and welsh on the badly thought out $1M if he wasn’t.

            I’m not so sure that burning him to a crisp would have been a particularly bad thing… just in the scheme of things… he sort of lost my sympathy when he killed the guy’s daughter that had nothing to do with anything.

            But then, coming from LEO’s… yeah it’s a bad thing. It comes back to an issue of trusting them to use a reasonable level of force. If they were upset because several got shot all I can say is… I’m sorry but you knew what you signed up for. This is a job that has a non-trivial possibility of ending in death. Personally I can’t see why anyone would want said job but eh…

            Bad guys all around in this one. Being from LA I have zero difficulty in believing his accusations against the cops. But my sympathy stoped dead in its tracks when people started getting dead. I don’t think being treated like dogshit on the job is adequate reason to go killing people, and certainly not people that had nothing to do with it.

          • Smokey

            They should call it something like ‘flammable’ if it could ignite under some circumstances, ‘pyrotechnic’ implies deliberate ignition.

          • Angelo Mysteriouso

            Hannity thur nite tried to say burners is cops Code for tear gas!!!!….Yeah sure it is…Hanity also believes is it good for jews/isreal really means Pro white gentiles!!

            Hanity also believes hobammys birth cert is Real too! we Must all agree since rubio is also a NOT natural born citizen that hannity is already pushing for next repub prez!….I think Hannity looks more and more every week like a Khazer askanaiz compared to all the irish folks I ever knew, including myself!

      • The Last American

        The first thing that the Marxists do to destablize a country is to turn the population against the police, just say’n.

        • VRF

          seems like the cops are doing a fine job of that all on thier own

          • Burrow Owl

            @ VRF:


            There’s a damned good reason why an abused dog will eventually turn around and bite its tormentor.
            The only surprising thing is the amount of abuse that some are willing to endure before doing so.

            • Live free or die

              Burrow Owl,

              Did you know that Dorner was previously charged with abuse and served with a restraining order? He was not an abused little dog, I wouldn’t insult an animal that way, he was an abuser and now he is a dead murderer living in hell.

              • Burrow Owl

                My comment had nothing to do with Dorner- rather, it was aimed at abusive law enforcement personnel in general.

                BTW,I have trouble accepting your premise in comment #1147107.
                Why would TPTB try to marginalize those who are charged with enforcing their edicts?

            • VRF

              look at how they are avoiding paying out the 1 million reward..they are backing out of paying maybe this is a lesson to time the PD or any PD, can suck a big one if they think the public will help them out again

              Nice job sealing the deal LAPD

          • Eisenkreutz

            Fuck the pigs.

        • Tucker

          True, but then – why do the cops fall for it?

          When we can surf to youtube and spend hours watching videos that I suspect were uploaded deliberately as part of the psy-op that you are referring to – and which show sadistic, brutal, blood-thirsty psychopaths with badges beating the snot out of citizens for the flimsiest of excuses or tasering grannies in wheel-chairs or watching 240lb steroid addicted skin head cops picking up 110 lb teen age girls and slamming them face first against the wall and then grabbing them by the hair and banging their heads against a wall – there is a point where we ought to start asking a few questions.

          Such as: Are these cops actors and are they acting out these abuses and recording them for upload, as part of their cooperation in this psy-op? Or, are they simply an accurate reflection of just how out of control these jackbooted thugs have become?

          In either case, uploading videos of their abusive tactics – is a deliberate action on someone’s part. Those cop car cameras have high capacity SD cards or maybe high capacity removable media such as thumb drives in them. Those videos don’t wind up on youtube without someone posting them there, right? Same goes for the videos we see from inside police stations and surveillance rooms – someone has to upload those videos.

          Who is that someone? Would a cop that did the deed do it, and risk losing his job? I doubt it. So, who?

          • MXLord327

            Very good thoughts Tucker….

    13. Libprep

      How much 45 auto ammo should i be stocking up on? Has there been an increase in prices for 45 auto ammo that anyone knows of? I recently purchased a 1911 and i want to make sure i’m not overpaying for ammo due to shortages.

      Good things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle ~Abraham Lincoln

      • TheWeasel

        How many magazines do you think you can go through before you get popped? If anyone thinks they are going to need thousands of rounds you are not a realist.

        • Libprep


          I certainly don’t intend on getting popped, so i would like to think that my supplies would last as long as myself, family and friends survive whatever situation that may occur.

          By the way, i “only” have 4 magazines, two 7’s that came with it and two Chip McCormick 10 rounders.

          • Libprep

            “I certainly don’t intend on getting popped, but”

        • Theguy

          I agree, thousands of rounds is rather pointless.

          1. If you’re planning on hunting, so is everyone else. Pickings are going to get sparser than ammo real real fast. But, initially, for I dunno, a few months, and then later again after like 5-10 years… ok that makes some sense.

          2. You need enough to defend yourself from bad guys (perhaps on multiple occasions). I rather suspect however, if you’re alone or in a small group and you have to blow through more than 30 on any one occasion… you’re not walking away from said occasion. Not likely.

          Really 500-1000 ought to do it and even that’s a pretty insane number. But I’m factoring in the idea that you won’t be able to get anymore for circa 20 years.

          • Kulafarmer

            Excellent point, realistic speaking, if things REALLY unwind, we may be limited to whatever we can carry in a pack, because if the gov is one of the groups were up against, we most likely wont be too safe staying put, especially if you exchange fire with them,
            BOB needs to have more than bullets in it,

        • Smokey

          Personally, we don’t need, say, 2,000 rounds of .45ACP or anything else. However, our neighborhood or community might need it, when things descend into the chaos that it seems to be heading for.

      • VRF

        the amount of ammo to stock is up to your shooting habits. keeping an unfired stock that you never intend to use for target practice would be a very wise choice.

        all ammo is high in cost right now..I really cant say what factory .45 is going for, or what would be fair, i build my own

        you will be overpaying for ammo no matter how you look at it

        • Libprep


          This is more or less what i was getting at. My apologies to everyone else for being vague or trying to figure out “how long it takes to catch a fish” 🙂

          Like i said, i just recently picked it up and this will be the first 45 ammo that i will be stocking up on.

          My 7.62×39 cache is approx. 1k +. I also have an assortment of other guns and ammo, but i was just curious as to how everyone felt about the 45 cache.

          Thanks for the input.

      • Kindle

        I would say if it is your main tool then at least 1,000 rounds or more. My 45 is number 4 or 5 in the pecking order so I went with 500. But then I am a woman and a 45 is not my favorite to shoot.

        • Kindle

          Guess I’ll get back to the kitchen where I belong and let the men folk who acturally know anything about guns & such take the floor.

          Sorry, but there is such a “guy” mentality to the site some days.

          Don’t beat me up…just saying.

          • VRF

            Kindle, dont discount women having and using this type of knowledge..just because it may not be your wheel house doesnt mean it isnt another ladies thing.

            My daughter and I shoot regularly, and she is one hell of a good re-loader, brass catcher, and one of the best primer pushing queens i know.

            its not a “guy” thing, its a survival thing..your definetly included as all ladies are and should be.

            granted, I have taught mine the shooting lessons and the patience of re-loading for the benifits it provides..but that doesnt mean her other skills are not just as important.

            all teams need hunters, and gatherers, and niether of these is a step above the other as far as im concerned.. your skills are necessary and important, and dont short yourself that you cant learn about arms and ammo, because you can.

            • Eisenkreutz

              “wheelhouse”, not “wheel house”

            • Kindle

              I think you might have missed my point. I was being sarcastic. I grew up shooting. I am extremely capable and well armed. It is my wheel house as well as a lot of other women’s. Even if we are capaable & knowledgeable sometimes we are dismissed because we are not a guy.

              • Zoltanne

                ’til we meet ’em at the range, Kindle. 🙂

              • VRF

                I didnt realize you were being sarcastic..the post just made me wonder why anyone would short change themselfs

                • Kindle

                  I’m a touch bit punchy latey. Twice this week I have gone to the hunting department at the local big box sporting good store and have been left standing at the counter.

                  Saleman would jump at every male entering the hunting department and follow them around like a puppy dog. Only after every available male was attended to did they bother to ask if I needed anything.

                  I beginning to think I need to take out a couple of $100 bills and flash it at them….yes, I need help. Yes, I have money. Yes, women shoot also and yes I do need some stuff.

                • Theguy

                  The “getting ignored” thing happens to everyone on some issue or another. Happens to me all the time.

                  Ok, so… they’re stupid. No changing stupid. Gotta work around it.

                  I don’t see why it would be a “male thing”… it’s just a simple mechanical process.

            • Semper Fi y'all

              Women, for the most part, don’t flinch and that’s what makes them good shots.

            • Live free or die


              I’ll bet the Father of the innocent young lady that Dorner murdered wished she had a gun on her. You have a Daughter, make sense to you? Something to think about. Don’t bother answering with the same old crap, (but we don’t know the whole story yet). Pretty pathetic.

              • VRF

                everyone can mis judge, or judge.
                I still dont get the connection if or why he would have done that. but its easy to judge LAPD on its passed to, wouldnt you say?

          • DPS


            Bullshyt you just pull up a chair and stay a while, I know a lot of ladies that shoot very well.


            • Kindle

              DPS & VRF,
              Thank you. I appreciate your words. You clearly are men like my father who did not limit the women in his life from being taught shooting and firearm safety. My dad & brothers were very good in that regard…taught us one and all. And yes, my brothers learned how to cook, clean and do laundry. No gender bias in our family.

              Thank you again…I would have your back anyday and I mean that.


              • PO'd patriot

                Kindle, my first born (daughter) received her first BB gun at age four and was taught to safely handle a firearm. She still loves to go shoot when she lands here. My wife also has her own firearms. She knows what to do.

          • Libprep


            I think its awesome that you’re involved, and I think it’s just as important to have all hands on deck if the SHTF. I’m getting my wife into shooting and prepping, and she has been surprisingly eager to learn more, receptive, and supportive.

          • lastmanstanding

            Kindle, my wife reads from one, is a damn good cook, heals people and usually carries 2 cw’s.

            She is also a strong, capable fighter that loves knives.

            No guy “mentality” her.

            • Kindle

              I love knives too. It’s good to hear of another woman with the inkling. My dad collected them and I inherited quite a few of them. Grew up praticing with throwing knives and playing mumbly peg (spell?).

      • Paranoid

        How much ammo for a 45? Not the worlds best question. How much do you plan on shooting it? If you target shoot 100 rds per week you need a lot. If you figure on shooting burglars, 2 clips should be plenty, unless you have a huge h\flock of crooks. Defence issues, who knows, never heard of anyone shooting 100 rds for real in combat from a pistol. As a wise man once said the only use for a pistol in combat is to shoot your way to your rifle. (Actually it replaced the sword for officers to shoot their own troops if they ran)

        • VRF

          i know its kind of a “how long does it take to catch a fish” question..isnt it?

      • tiwimon

        “How much 45 auto ammo should i be stocking up on?”

        As much as you can find, and can afford… and hope if they have it in stock and you want more than one or three boxes they don’t limit you. As for me – I never turn away from a box of ammo now if I have the money to spare

        “Has there been an increase in prices for 45 auto ammo that anyone knows of?”

        UM, he!! yes. If you can find it – its gotten quite expensive at most places – save for a few retail stores like walmart that sell for nearly what they were before this latest panic buying spree

      • Granite Prepper

        Always have 1000 rounds as backup and whatever you’re going to shoot in practice as backup…..I plan for 100 rounds per/two weeks for each gun.

        • Libprep


          I’ve always liked the 1k rule for each gun. This will give me a lot of breathing room if everything came to a complete halt!

          One more question in regards to 45 ammo. I keep seeing the Zombie ammo on sale and its always cheaper than others. Are they known for jamming or something, because their always available? If i had a glock instead of a 1911 i would probably go ahead and get some, but i would hate to get something that i would have to sit on. I know with my AK i dont have to worry about what kind of rounds to get since it eats up and spits out anything i feed it. Since they’re so cheap i may get a box and see how they do and go from there.

          Thanks to everyone for all of your input!!!

      • MXLord327

        Walmarts in my area have 250 round brick of UMC brand FMJ .45 for $100, if you could afford it, buy 4.


      My FFL Dealer has six distributors. They are told ”no ammo,no mags,no semi-auto handguns”….they know not to even ask for a rifle. While at the range, it seems now that people are ”training” instead of punching paper. May I suggest that if you need anything to get your family ”squared away” try going on gunbroker . com. You will pay a premium at this time but if you got caught flat footed ( I know nobody here has….wink,wink ) they will have anything you need.
      Our federal overlords know that we will not surrender our arms. That is obvious by MAC’S great article. Watch your back,who you talk to,and watch for false flag events that try to demonize law abiding citizens.

      • Klingonwork

        True…I go to Angeles range here in L.A. and many openly admit to “training”. They dont have the ammo to spare to punch paper or pursue a hobby. The anger is palpable against the federal overlords.

        Note to all: Those federal overlords ARE watching and infiltrating the ranges, overly friendly and asking questions, then suddenly disappearing. It’s happened to me, it’s happened to friends.

        Loose lips…

        • MXLord327

          I have been doing most of my shooting (not that much trying to save ammo) away from ranges, going to remote sand pits if I can find them. I have been practicing firing on the move and from behind cover at awkward angles. Just like training for bowhunting, you will rarely get an easy, perfectly outlined shot.

    15. Claymation

      Mac, Ordered a Stainless Pietta Model 1858 New Army .44 Caliber Revolver through Cabellas. One of the few pistols that can be delivered right to your door in NYS, being black powder and all. Will be buying the conversion to shoot .45 cowboy cartridge rounds from C&R. The gun is back-ordered from Cabelas, a 3-4 week wait according to customer service. The C&R conversion is another 3-4 weeks as they are very busy too. Hope to have them by first of March. When I found out I could go this route for a gun, I just shook my head and thought my M&P is an assault weapon but I can buy a pistol straight to my door. You got to love New! Clay

      • The Last American

        Have you tried Brownell’s for the conversion cylinder? I know that they carried them a couple of years back.

        “Will the last American leaving Houston please turn off the lights and take down the Flag”.

        • Claymation

          TLA, Thanks will Google it now! This is why I love this site, great place to network. Kudos, and thanks again TLA.

        • John W.

          The way things are going you can make that statement for the whole state of Texas in ten years time. Ca. turns to majority foreign born or first generation this year. That’s alot of them.

    16. JustOneGuy

      I’m afraid the ecology around the reloader’s world is still in full ‘SUCK’ mode….Midway has a banner at the top of every powder listing proclaiming, ‘A 10 -12 week delay on articles ordered’, the lead situation is almost as bad and primers are SCARCE. Sheesh, it’ll be 6 months before this ramps out…if then. 🙁

      • Kindle

        I agree with you and keep seeing the same thing. I totally believe people that are saying they don’t have any trouble finding stuff. It’s got me baffled as to why? From what I’m seeing, at least in my part of the country, this very well could be a long term problem.

      • Zoltanne

        JOG, you’ve got the time AND reason to make your own now.

        • JustOneGuy

          Hi (again) Z,


          As far as that legislation thing mentioned earlier, let ’em try. THAT might apply to the fools in the city(s) but if they come out in the boonies with US then it’s “Good Night Gracie”….period.

          • Zoltanne

            JOG, maybe you’ve got swap meets in your neck of the woods? Maybe you’ve got something you can swap to round out your supplies. Then again, maybe you can locate the basic components to DIY powder?

      • Be informed

        @ JustOneGuy. I want to thank you for digging up my previous posts on the Asian and North American plate collisions that are going on, you RULE. I saw the other comments from Norse Prepper and others on the previous article yesterday and I felt that everyone should know what is happening and I decided to comment on the present article after first talking about the nightmare gun and ammo grab certain to come.

        Simply put this area of Siberia has been hit only 4 times in 40 years of records and each time at a 7+ earthquake came afterwards with a couple of high 6’s. The areas were New Guinea, Mexico, South Sandwich Islands, and south of New Zealand, and one 6.6 towards Sumatra. The larger the quake here the larger the future earthquake is coming. The previous earthquakes were 5.0, 5.4, 5.3, and 6.1 in this region of Siberia. This one was 6.6 or 6.9 depending on the seismic station. All I can say is look out something awful is coming as was stated before, these are the two heavyweights having a sumo wrestling match.

        To have an earthquake here, an area that is not suppose to have anything above a high 5 range is really telling. Wihin 15 days, by March 1, there is a 85% of a 7+, and a 95% of a 6.5+. There is at least a 50% of a 7.5+, and a 35% chance of a 8.0+, and 30% chance of a mega quake of 9+. I may actually be understating the chances.

        Here is the thing about the location. On the previous posts about the West Chile Rise and the South Indian Ocean. I mentioned eastern Russia as one of the target areas for a 6.5+ by later in the month. The system works again. The cycle in a way has reset itself. While the areas mentioned still remain potential targets such as China, and especially the international dateline, the real targets right now from this earthquake are limited to the following:

        New Guinea to Fiji
        Central America, including southern and central Mexico.
        New Zealand and the Kermadec Islands
        South Sandwich Islands

        That is it for this earthquake. Until future earthquakes hit on the plate boundaries to determine the energy signatures, these areas are in extreme danger for the rest of the month. I would also add that eastern Russia has some true potential for a big volcanic eruption VEI 5 or more for the next 6 weeks.

        • AnnieOakley

          Be Informed, let me just say, I very much enjoy your post, I find myself ” looking” for your and a few others comments as I know they will “be informed”. Anyway, I was reading on another site this morning, above top secret. A headline caught my eye as I have friends in the area they were talking about. I don’t have a link, but it was entitled something like ” strange noise” back in East Tennessee. Low freq. noise, rumbling of homes reported by many. They had some charts but were unable to read them due to lack of knowledge on the subject. No one seems to know what’s going on up there, earthquakes, tremors, ? Strange things happening, bird die offs. I thought maybe you might be interested in looking over the data. I would be interested in your opinion as well as my friend who lives there and has experienced this first hand. Lots of speculation going on up there. Sorry this is off topic, but I didn’t know how else to relay this to you.

          • MXLord327

            I heard the same thing deer hunting in Maine one day last fall. Just a faint rumbling like a jet engine way off in the distance, it lasted all day long though, very strange.

          • Be informed

            @ AnnieOakley. A lot of times before a large ship is going to sink you hear all sorts of moaning and sudden booms. The ground is not too much different, as any type of disruption in the equalibrium of the ground can cause these “strange” sounds. Some of what you are talking about can even be the displacement of groundwater through excessive wells pumping up too much water. Any type of action that causes any imbalance of the ground can cause these strange sounds. There was still something that was most disturbing that could explain these sounds.

            On a map there was a line of these sounds from the Texas area all the way across to about North Carolina and then up along the coast to past Rhode Island. This line matched the northern border of the Caribbean plate. In 1812 there was a mega quake down in Venezuela when the New Madrid broke three times, along with the central portion of the San Andreas, all within about 5 months of each other. No way was this a coincidence. The southern portion of the Caribbean plate is where the mega quake occurred in 1812.

            I have heard bizarre explanations for sudden bird die offs all the way from cloaked alien spaceships that the birds ran into, all the way to sudden disruptions of space and time. The most plausible reason I think, other than manmade pesticides or sudden loud noices that scare the animals to death, is noxious gases that come out of the ground and the birds fly into these clouds and suffocate themselves. Around volcanic vents in Africa rift zone this happens all the time where animals literally go into an area void of oxygen and just pass out and die. I watched this one show where this monitor lizard actually figured out what was happening and got out of the area where it could breathe and saved itself. Monitor lizards are actually quite intelligent for any reptile.

            You look at many of these areas that birds suddenly die off and there is fracking going on for example. Gases can dissipate quickly before anyone knew what happened, and can form within temperature inversion in quite concentrated amounts. Hundreds of thousands of birds this would explain it, as the insects would die off first and the birds would then go to feast on the insects and suffer the same fate. I don’t know if others have come up with this explanation, but it seems the most logical to me. The reason why those gases are coming up in areas not being fracked is what would be alarming.

            • AnnieOakley

              Thank you for looking in to this. I appreciate and value your response. I know nothing on the subject . In the few months I have been reading here, I knew you would be able to shed some light on it. Apparently these types of events, anomoles are not limited to the area, but follow a pattern indeed. The whole new Madrid thing freaks me out a little. If its gearing up for something, according to history, its not gonna be fun times, no sir. I’m squared away here for the most part, but I think I’ll add a few things in the very near future. Can’t be to prepared right?
              I live in a tornado prone area, had one hit about 10 miles from my home last week, our corrupt gov up in that sh!t pit DC, now these strange/unusual events? Plus the normal everyday BS….I totally get your earlier statement, ” I have upset myself with all this gloom and doom. ” please keep us informed as best you can, I know for myself and others comments you are considered a valuable asset to this site and look forward to your future observations!

        • JustOneGuy

          Howdy BI,

          Whew, glad I weren’t steppin’ on any toes there, doin’ that. I KNOW you’re busy Friend…I never mind to help, when time permits. T’anks for the update…I didn’t hink it would be other than as you put it. The sole thought that keeps coming to mind lately is “What is the ACTUAL Plate loadings at present?”, over and over again.

          So mucxh of what happens solar is essentially something we have SOME forewarning about…but this seismic is another matter…best left in Thy capable hands!! Keep up the good work Griend. Oh, and by the way, remember about the fleas, “tis easy to scratch”!

          Till later….


          • incognito

            Is it plausible that there is a connection between solar activity and tectonic plate movements? Could the varying degrees solar radiation act as a lubricant of such? As we are moving through the suns solar cycle and activity is peaking, so are the seismic events it seems.

            • JustOneGuy

              @ incognito,

              Quite actually, though not entirely at this moment. Solar activity has been suprisingly low during this, cycle 24, and of late little which can be attributed thereto.

              Broadly, the Earth is just a large bar magnet and if you have anything resembling a current passing anywhere near to it in space (ie, a CME) then yes, there is a coupling bewtween the two. As said though, lately not much.


          • Be informed

            @ JustOneGuy. It is very interesting to see what is happening up in the eastern Russia area, you can see the plate boundaries that have been compressed for so long between the Asian, North American and the Pacific plate. The Pacific plate of course is less dense and losing the battle as the Pacific Ocean is actually shrinking in size. There is a lot of built up pools of magma as this article I found the other day explains towards New Zealand:–100-million-years-erupts.html

            There of course give a time table of 100 million years, but it does not mean that this built up pool cannot shoot out a supervolcano or two in the upcoming very near future. The action we are seeing between the two sumo wrestlers, the Asian and North American plates, can cause much pressure on the Pacific plate and lead to something horrible. Just look at the volcanoes already going off in eastern Russia. This is why I said from this collision of the two plates it can lead to a much larger that Mt. St. Helens eruption in this area. Even something as large as a Mt Pinatubo level like back in 1991 in the Philippines.

            This area of Russia around the Kamchatka Peninsula I think because of this triple plate convergence is capable of a super mega earthquake approaching the high 9 range. This area back in the 50’s had a low 9 pointer. The Kuril Isalnds are also a lesser danger for a mega quake. Just when this area has been hit before, always a 7+ has followed. Remember when the plate boundary was hit several weeks ago and sure enough a big quake followed. This is an area that seldom gets hit, but when it does big earthquakes follow. This time this was huge for the area, and in all likelihood indicates that something huge is coming in the days or a couple weeks later.

            • JustOneGuy

              As always BI, many thanks will be interesting to see what happens over the next period…..


        • Kulafarmer

          Curious what line of work your in? I really enjoy reading your seismic info, having grown up on the island of Hawaii we did a lot of shaking, its been years since we had any big ones,

      • HisArmsWide

        Very much so. It took Hornady 10 weeks, ordered first of December, to deliver my ‘free’ 308 bullets from from their ongoing deal for each set set of dies get 100 bullets. (I got 500, more than I’ll shoot in years out of a 308) Thankfully my order of Lapua was placed prior to that.

    17. I_Loved_America

      Does anyone have some links on government stocking up? Doesn’t seem like consumer demand would be enough to overwhelm the manufacturers. And certainly not enough for the manufacturers to tell stores not to place orders.

      • Paranoid

        This is the land of just in time inventory. Nobody has a stockpile of anything. Be it bread and milk for a snow storm or ammo. This has been caused by people buying guns. Someone buys a gun and a few boxes of ammo and we are out. Then the run starts, people who haven’t bought ANY IN YEARS DECIDE TO BUY A BOX OF 22 AND THE WHOLE WORLD RUNS OUT. THAT’S WHY SOME OF US HAVE BEEN YELLING FOR PEOPLE TO BUY WHAT THEY NEED OF ANYTHING BECAUSE WHEN THE SHTF IT’S to late! I have bought one box of 38 during this whole mess (And they have never been out of 38 or 357 during this whole time, which tells me LEO isn’t buying very much) The military isn’t causing this either. The Gov uses very little 22, the machines won’t make military ammo, it does not use primers or military powder, This shortage is caused by civilians buying ammo.

    18. The Last American

      Last week the DW and I renewed our Carry permits at the local gun shop/range. We got there at 4:40pm and left around 8:30pm. The entire time we were there, there was at least a 3-4 person line at the cash register to purchase firearms and ammo. In those 4 hours they could have sold maybe 100 guns? There were also 20-30 people waiting to use the range as well.

      “Will the last Americans leaving Detroit and St. Paul please turn off the lights and take down the Flag”.

      • Kindle

        Last American,

        “Will the last Americans leaving Detroit and St. Paul please turn off the lights and take down the Flag”.

        I keep thinking maybe we should leave the lights on becuase the bad guys will go there first….kinda like going toward the sound of a generator running.

        This diversion will give the good guys time to take down the flag and slip into the darkness.


    19. After the Collapse

      Ammo Shortage 2013

      The Ammo shortage being experienced across the country is so severe that almost all popular ammo calibers are sold out online and in stores. Backorders have no estimated eta and most places wont even let you backorder. January 2013

    20. Kirbyman

      “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” T. Jefferson; that pretty much sums up where we are!

      • The Last American

        I know that Luther, Calvin, and Knoxx, the leaders for the Protestant Reformation held this view too. I’m just not 100% certain that I agree. In my heart I want to believe this is what God would want but I just can’t find a Biblical basis for revolt against a Government God allowed to become elected.

        Self defense yes. If self defense includes defense against an ungodly Government, involved in violent actions, well then we’ve got something.

        Although the Evil that lives in the White House is behind many ungodly policies, as of yet they have not become violent, and if they are as clever as I think that they are, they will not.

        I’m not sure if the population knows just how really evil the Darkness in the White House is.


        • The Last American

          As Christians we are to take care of those around us. You know, The Golden Rule ect.

          I suppose that the argument could be made that if we see a Government killing the unborn, promoting unnatural sex, stealing from it’s citizen’s thru the printing of money, attempting to take items that do not belong to them (guns), leaving once free men as slaves to the Government, then telling lies about what they are doing, some might believe that the time to resist has come. If for no other reason the well being and safty of our fellow Americans.

          • JustOneGuy

            @ TLA,

            GOD had little to do with those who are in office now having gotten there. As has been observed here before, the ‘One Above’ utterly will NOT abrogate the Free Will of His Children….and this that we see about us now is ONLY the simple manifestation of that thought, it’s consequence. The contrary notion, to interfere in all things, all the TIME is identically the central aspect of the “One Below”, who KNEW better than even the ONE who made him. Dwell on that for a bit, if you will Friend. “I know it when I see it”…so it is.

            It IS time for Humanity to grow-up and become what He intends for us to be, Responsible, Caring people who do NOT tolerate Evil to be commited in thier presence, nor even suffer it to abide within us or about us. Rejoice, for FINALITY is coming…those who populate the government are too stupid to swerve from the lunatic path they have embarked upon…simply T O O S T U P I D.
            So now it WILL come.

            “NONI”!!!, …Indeed


            • The Last American

              @ Justoneguy
              God has everything to do with everything, otherwise He is not God. Somethings he causes to happen, others He allows to happen.
              The theology you expouse was first put forth by Jacob Arminius and rejected by the Church Fathers of the day. As I recall old Jake was put to death for his non-biblical teachings. It is nothing but theology for the simple minded.
              The problem is, if you take your view, God just sits around and watches while we “Play God”. What a very small God you have then. This is not Biblical, nor does fulfill God’s role of King/God.

              If you follow that line of thought, man can save himself, yet scripture tells us that all have sinned and the heart is wicked.Ephiesians 2:1 (And you He made alive who were dead in trespasses and sins) No Free Will there. The Bible is full of the term “The elect”, or God’s chosen.
              Yes, God knows what is going to happen because it is all in His plan. Yes He allows bad things to happen and at times He does not anser prayer the way we would like Him to because His plan may not include what we ask for.

        • Piper Michael

          Last American,
          We are brainwashed about the whole ‘Godly authority’ thing. This was put in the bible by Rome, who edited the scriptures for their own church/empire building. The idea of this came out of Babylon, where the Babylon Mystery religion was the third arm of government as the priests told people to ‘submit to God given authority’.

          Where is Godliness in a government that kicks God out of the schools, the womb, the public square, and now we have no rights to our own bodies or self defense of our persons? This is malevolence, pure evil. This is what governments ALWAYS END UP being… and we, the Good guys allowed it. We laid down on the altar of Liberty and took a nap, our individuality is our greatest strength and our Achilles heel. We are divided by the MYSTERY of the church, good people enabling evil by doctrines of devils. What is a doctrine of devils? Any doctrine that enables evil… like… apathy, waiting around for ‘Jesus to fix it’? This is the result of mystery and superstition overriding our common sense of decency and God given rights, that we gave up when we allowed government to take God away from the education system, we sewed the wind and look what a whirlwind we have reaped.

          Think, would God require people to watch their elderly and their children die at the hands of a ‘Godly’ authority? IS self defense extended to the family? By all rights then, is it not extended to extended family? So what is an extended family? All the ‘good guys’? Will preachers turn against the hand that feeds them their tax free 30 pieces of silver? The oldest scriptures are more truthful… who does HE say are HIS hands of JUSTICE?

          The Lord looked and was displeased that there was no justice. He saw that there was no one, He was appalled that there was no one to intervene. (Isaiah 59:15-16)

          Blessed are they who maintain justice . . . . (Psalm 106:3)

          • Piper Michael

            Read the books of Samuel and find out how the whole ‘king’ thing started…
            God, did NOT want us to have Kings. Because they would take the people away from Him…
            I say again, the full meaning of Babylon lies in the Triune System; money changers, kings AND priests. They all support one another.

        • JayJay

          Ezekiel 33 “… 6 ‘But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and a sword comes and takes a person from them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require from the watchman’s hand.’

          Exodus 22:2-3 2 “If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed

          Esther 8:11-12 11 By these letters the king permitted the Jews who were in every city to gather together and protect their lives — to destroy, kill, and annihilate all the forces of any people or province that would assault them, both little children and women, and to plunder their possessions…

          Psalm 144:1 Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:

          • Piper Michael

            Amen and aMan.

            These were the lessons preachers were preaching in 1776… where are these preachers now? (There are a few…)

            Oh, I forgot, they have been ‘separated’ behind a ‘wall’.
            Do you see now, who erected that wall?

      • Piper Michael

        “…Either we hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”
        -Benjamin Franklin

        A good lesson for OUR TIME.

      • MXLord327

        My first thought is that this was fantastic news, I hope more manufacturers join in on the boycott. My next thought, though, was that 0bama would just fire up “Fast & Furious” again, this time with the guns & ammo going to these areas….

      • MXLord327

        After everyone reads this article, make sure you read the comments, especially the one that was re-posted from Free Republic. Gold.

    21. VRF

      keep your stock up, dont expell any un-necessary rounds, if you dont have what it takes to re-load what you shoot, than dont shoot it.

      I have a lower limit on specific ammo, if that number is reached that group of arms sits idle while i source the components.

      I also keep my proficiancy by shooting smaller arms, even going as far as a pellet gun if necessary to stay tactically sharp.

      I bet a S-load of new gun owners and back yard wanna bees already blazed thru their ammo stock, and now own a goofy looking baseball bat.

      I have a guy at work buggin me for 9mm, ( i dont own anything that small, and not sure if i want to deal with re-loading it) he said he went and picked up a new 9mm semi auto, went and bought a few boxes for it and ran thru it, than went to pick up a few more boxes for it this past week and , what ya know he got the rude wake up call that those who have not been paying attention get, when they get to the ammo case and its empty.

      word of caution..dont go blasting thru what you have, you might need each and every round, this isnt anywhere near being over.

      • JAS

        I only shoot what I have already replaced. If I can’t buy ammo, I don’t shoot that week. My normal routine is to rotate out my carry ammo monthly, buy new ammo to replace what I have pulled out of stock and use the old ammo that I was carrying to practice with. This insures that I alway have frech ammo. Never shoot up all of your ammo and expect to replace it later. May not happen before you need it.

        • JAS

          Another thing I do is date every box of ammo I purchase. First in first out. Just like my food.

          • Paranoid

            Really wow! most of the ammo I shoot is 30 years old, some of it is 60 plus. and a little has been WW I or before. Ammo keeps extremely well. I’ve shot some Brit ammo from the Borer War. Got thousands of 223 and 30-06 in basement that’s 60’s and 1970’s shoots great.

            • Smokey

              Boer War.

              Properly stored, ammo will keep for decades.

            • HisArmsWide

              May want to test a sample from each batch. I’ve not had as good luck with older ammo. I had a big batch a few years ago circa 1970’s of 7.62. I was at the range shooting it out of a HK91 and the gun was all kinds of mad. It would cycle but the roller blocks wouldn’t lock up so the next round wouldn’t fire. I’d cycle by hand for a new round and it would happen again. And then I saw one round hit the ground about 50′ in front of me when I was aimed at a 100 yard target and immediately stopped shooting for fear I’d end up with a stuck bullet in the barrel. The ammo looked fine, no corrosion, definitely not green, bullets had good tension, primers looked okay. But that ammo was worthless. And of course I went back to the gun show the next day and the vendor was long gone.

              • Paranoid

                Something tells me it wasn’t Lake City Nato

      • DPS


        This is why I cannot stress enough for all people to pick up your brass.. Even if you don’t reload PICK UP YOUR BRASS. We reloaders are willing to help people out in a emergency, but I will not help those that won’t help themselves. So if you need a few hundred rounds then bring some brass with you, I will not be parting with mine.


        • VRF

          exactly, keep the brass. even if yo do not reload.

          I have even dug into the hill out at my local range to reclaim some lead

          I also always check the grounds for brass..I even take the sizes i dont never know who might need it

          I have already forwarded a few hundred rounds of 9mm brass as barter for some small magnum rifle primers.( i dont own a toy that uses 9mm, but it still spends like money in the arms world)

          good contacts and awake willing people that know WTF is going on can be your best allies, even if they dont have the ability or knowledge to reload, they got eyes and ears to help you find it.

          • DPS


            LOL you calling my 9’s toy’s??? Watch it now..



            • VRF

              lol, im sure they are nice..

              really i admit i should own one, they are nice on target size handgun

              • VRF

                oh and BTW i think you might have read that wrong..
                i dont own a toy that uses 9mm
                i do however own a toy that uses .40 or a .45

                • DPS


                  LOL no I read it just right, But I like my toy guns.
                  Guess I just really like the 17 rnds they hold with a standard mag. But it cool, to each their own I also have the dies for your 40 and 45 also.. never know.


                • MXLord327

                  That’s why I have both a 9 and a .45!!!

      • 10mm

        Outstanding advise VRF.It’s far from over and if the reports coming out about a springtime dollar crises,riots etc,then one will only wish they had that ammo they used up in winter.If it happens it will roll into summer,fall,winter.

      • Semper Fi y'all

        Good points, VFR.

        For every 1,000 rounds of reloadable ammo, and it’s all reloadable, I pull out 100 rounds to shoot, keeping 900 rounds in reserve. I’ve been doing this for the past 50 years. I get 30-35 shots from most of my brass. That’s 3,500 shots from 100 rounds of brass. By the time the primer pockets loosen I’ve replaced the 100 rounds of brass many times. I cast all of my bullets. They are very efficient, accurate and dependable.

        Semper Fi

      • Mountain Trekker

        AtC. I’m Christian but not Catholic, and it looks like your still trying to spread your Anti Christian hatered. Did you grow up Catholic? Most people like you and Robbin Williams and George Carlin grew up in Catholic homes, and then fell away, and then you go on a vendetta attacking GOD. At least you, and that foul mouthed Willams still have time to repent, and accept Christ as your Savior. Carlin has gone on to meet his maker, and he’s not so cute anymore. Just as one day guns and ammo are every where and in an instant there gone. So will be your opportunity for Salvation. Don’t let it slip away. Trekker Out.

    22. JAS

      I started years ago stockpiling ammo. I always bought in case lots from my local small dealer. When he was going to place an order for ammo, I would pay him in advance to order me one or two cases as well. Since I paid him in advance, he would give me a good deal and still make a profit. Support your local small dealer and work with them. You may have to pay a few cents a round more, but they will go out of their way to help you out.

    23. Satori

      “revolt” spreading

      “Due the passing of this legislation, Olympic Arms would like to announce that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee of such an entity – will no longer be served as customers.

      In short, Olympic Arms will no longer be doing business with the State of New York or any governmental entity or employee of such governmental entity within the State of New York – henceforth and until such legislation is repealed, and an apology made to the good people of the State of New York and the American people.”

      good for them

      • roger

        I posted a link earlier that covers several manufacturers who will no longer sell to LEO’s or FLEA’s.
        It’s about time….;)

        • Theguy

          They already got that “confiscate property and businesses” clause thingy to work around that little snag.

      • Zoltanne

        I have wondered if something/some group has prevented these companies from denial of service.

        Along the same note, there are several excellent machinists who have become completely bogged down with Govt orders — so much so that regular customers have been put through very long delays. One machinist in the PW we do biz with hired more staff and built onto the existing structure to accommodate the Feds. While business might be good on the spreadsheet, don’t think any investment w/ the Feds is the way to go.

      • VRF

        rock on !

        OA i supprt you for your back bone

      • DPS


        Magpul in Co joined that list as well except they are taking about moving their plant out of the state..


        • Semper Fi y'all

          Colorado is full of commies.

      • JustOneGuy

        @ Satori,


        How’s about EVERY manufacturer in the WHOLE country just walk away from these a-holes right now: S&W, Ruger, Browning…all of them. Let’s see how the “Great State of NY” looks six months afterwards…. it’ll look like Beirut in about two weeks would be my guess, HAH!!!

        All you folk out there, think about this….HARD.
        “Think Thrice…then ACT.”


        • Satori

          FANTASTIC idea

          hopefully more manufactures will cut those A-holes out of the loop

        • JayJay

          Texas Gov. Rick Perry Invites California Companies To Come On Down To The Lone Star State

          This is Texas Governor Rick Perry, and I have a message for California businesses. Come check out Texas. There are plenty of reasons Texas has been named the best state for doing business for eight years running. Visit and see why our low taxes, sensible regulations and fair legal system are just the thing to get your business moving to Texas.”

          {It wouldn’t hurt to rub it in saying, “We are pro-guns–any type!!”

          • lastmanstanding

            Yet the state of Texas has instituted a program called
            C-scope in over 800 school districts.

            It is communist propaganda pure and simple.

            Perry is a Bilderburg, cfr, etc…but hey lets just overlook that.

        • Ed

          Um, folks, it’s not just about guns. Don’t sell them ANYTHING…toilet paper, tires, fuel, ANYTHING…don’t plow their snow…don’t fix their plumbing or heating…don’t haul their trash…get it yet? If they come to take it, tell them you gave it away for the tax write off. Look up “siege” and act accordingly.

      • REB

        Good for them!

    24. The Last American

      “Will the last Americans leaving Louisville, Bowling Green, Frankfort and Lexington Kentucky please turn off the lights, take down the Flag, and pack as much Bourbon Whiskey into your bug out 4×4’s as they can hold”.

      That also holds for the folks from around Lynchburg and Tullahoma Tennessee.

      • VRF

        There wont be any “Americans” leaving anywhere in this time for the Tyrants to get to hoofing it

        • The Last American

          O.K., you win.

        • JustOneGuy

          @ VRF,

          YEAH, what HE said!!!!!

      • REB

        Heehehe…everytime I see you say this I think…”Will the last American leaving please activate the timed charges” 😉

    25. After the Collapse

      No Ammo ??? or Low level of Ammo stock …

      Dry Gun Drill Skill Practice – practice your gun handling skills weekly .

      first treat all guns as if they are loaded .

      never point a weapon at anything you don’t intend to destroy .

      finger “off trigger” resting straightened along side of gun trigger housing till weapon pointed at target you intend to destroy .

      check for loaded rounds in gun chambers and ensure the magazines are empty of ammo .

      also do not dry fire rim-fired bullet guns rifles such as .22 LR , damages them .

      dry practice drill your draw breath control fire re-load .

      practice repeatedly re-loading in the dark .

      practice using a flashlight and aiming moving firing .

      practice one handed , with both hands , doing the above drills . double practice with your weak hand .

      practice practice practice .

      oil wipe down your guns after each use , same with your gear , store cleaned dry lightly oiled safely secured away from untrained children . store extra back up flash light with gun and prime gun light .

      remember always treat all guns rifles as loaded at all times even unloaded weapons , only point weapons at targets you intend to destroy .


      • Kindle

        I have recently purchased “snap caps” for all my tools. Been doing exactly what you outlined above. It is great advice to all.

        • After the Collapse

          excellent idea @Kin , i use empty brass casings set aside for dry drill . developing firearm muscle memory will give you that edge to survive gun combat .


          • Kindle

            I like the snap caps because you can load them in your magazines. I pratice switching out the mags and firing in order to get the the process from A to Z down pat. Don’t know if you could do that with empty brass.

      • Semper Fi y'all

        That “finger off trigger” is BullS.

        • After the Collapse

          @sfy … funny , as i was taught that very rule of safety at usmc basic training parris island and at advanced ground combat infantry … what happens when you stumble , fall or get shot with your finger in the guard on the trigger and your rifle is aimed at your foot or at a u.s. marine team mate or non-combatant child or woman . hmmmmm ???

          that’s right its called accidental discharge Jarhead .
          and people die suffer unnecessarily for your ignorance .

          if the u.s. marine corps wanted you to think for yourself buckethead it would of issued you a brain .


          • Semper Fi y'all

            I learned trigger control and sight picture with the M1 Garand, best rifle ever made. Now you PC folks with your poodle poppers can keep your finger wherever you want as long as you’re not around me. My finger is on the trigger if I’m threatened and I don’t draw my piece unless threatened whether 1911-A1 or M1 Garand.

            Lock and Load, a term orginating on the line as in the command, “With a clip of 8 rounds, Lock and Load. . .”
            Semper Fi

            • Paranoid

              Are you kidding? The “LOCK” refers to the lock on a flintlock. 150 years before the M1 was invented. Same vintage as: Lock, Stock , and Barrel; doesn’t refer to the contents of a general store but the parts of a rifle.

      • BBstacker


        Thanks for bringing this up. IMHO dry fire practice is the best way to get that muscle memory in tune, especially drawing from concealment, mag changes and trigger resets. I also make it a point to practice from positions that I would normally be in, such as driving in my truck. Quick drawing the ole XD 45 from a concealment holster, while seated in a pickup can be a challenge, but one that needs to be practiced, since we normally can’t make an appointment for an emergency.

        Thanks again


        • After the Collapse

          ;0) your welcome .

    26. Be informed

      I know that I have been irritating certain people with earthquake forecasts on a site that deals with potential real disasters. I hope that even those that hate these earthquake forecasts see just how well they work. On comment # 1134727 at Feb.10 11:18 PM, and comment # 1136251 at Feb.11 12:24 PM on the article “The number one reason to invest in gold”. Eastern Russia was mentioned as one of the locations to be hit by Feb.25 by a 6.5+. Today Feb.14 in Siberia a 6.6 or 6.9 depending on the source hit just like predicted. To those that dislike these forecasts you have to admit the system works, at least give a little credit to this.

      • The Last American

        I like your reports, you’re doing the Lord’s work and many of us are with you dude!

      • HisArmsWide

        BI don’t worry about it. Until Mac offers up a comment to tone it down, do your thing. Real information about real potential disasters beats yet another hate or trolling post by (to make a earthquake pun) at least an order of magnitude in terms of interesting information.

      • RedNeckerson

        It’s all good. It’ll be good to know when one’s gonna hit my neighborhood.

      • Todd

        The earthquake posts are the ones I read the most. I scan the others, but always do a page search for “be informed”. Between your location predictions and another person I follow who is pretty good with the dates, I’m learning a ton about when and where quakes may occur.

        There are a ton of people on this site on a daily basis. You can’t please everyone. There’s no forum on this site, so the only way to get out this info is through the comments. I know a ton of people appreciate them.

        I’m watching anxiously as I have to go to Indianapolis in a couple weeks for 4 days, and it’s way too close to the New Madrid for my liking…

        • Be informed

          @ Todd. I was doing a little bit of examining the plates tonight on my globe, the only way to really see what is happening on a three dimensional scale, and something rather bothersome came up. If you take a tape measure and go directly up from the west coast of South America to the Siberian quake today, that direction take you right through the very center of the New Madrid. This bothers me because the North American and South American plates are drifting in a way much like you would see an opened pair of scissors. The South American pate is moving towards the west with a slight southerly direction, while the North American plate is moving west by northwest.

          If you take the plates and follow this as you would a pair of scissors from the point at which they met outward, from that point it follows to the southern most part of the New Madrid. This is what is so disturbing is that this earthquake from Siberia right down to the South Sandwich Island region along most of the west coast of South America, again right through the New Madrid. I would say there could be a risk IF you see a very large earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands region. This area 8 days after an earthquake in Siberia on June 22, 2008 that was 6.1, had a quake of 7.0. The South Sandwich area is on what is called the Scotia plate.

          I would be very worried for the New Madrid if you had a 7.5+ down on the Scotia plate and even more so if you had a very large quake along the west coast of South America after this Siberian quake. It would mean that some line of connection had been established that would pass through the New Madrid. As more earthquakes present themselves this should be clearer. Anyway my eyes are totally bugging out from trying to figure this. I think in a couple of weeks we will know what will happen, and at least Indianapolis at not right on top of the fault, about 150 miles to the east will give you some degree of reduction in shaking if it should go. Just watch for any of these future on this line for big earthquakes to indicate increased risk of the fault breaking.

          • Todd

            Thanks BI! I really appreciate the analysis! It makes me feel a little better that you don’t see any immediate threat to the area. And knowing that Indy is 150 miles is a good thing too. I wasn’t exactly sure where that fault runs exactly. I’m going to save your comment so if there are large quakes in the next couple weeks, I can reference it as to the areas you said you watch out for.

            Keep up the great work!

      • After the Collapse

        @BI … try associating your earth quake reports knowledge with active government HAARP use , nuclear detonations .

        there’s strong science investigation backed association there as of animal bird fish mass kill off in the 1000’s and super storms from government HAARP and Nuclear explosions .


      • ed

        Any chance on earthquake hitting D.C. I need something to look forward to.

        • Be informed

          @ ed. The largest quake in the DC area probably would be a high 5 to low 6 range, that would be pushing it as the most likely would be a mid 5 range. The best chance for a natural disaster here would be another hurricane stronger than Sandy, that is very possible. You could always get a small asteroid that would scream in. Only a 25-30 footer would take out most of the area. Of course when any area such as DC has that much stupidity and wickedness in it, the area could implode all by itself. 😉

      • Paranoid

        Not to argue; but why do I care about earthquakes in Siberia?

        • After the Collapse

          @para … because of the butterfly effect … for every action there is a reaction , a rippling disturbance of the Tectonic plates of Earth across the entire globe .

          is why .


        • Be informed

          @ Paranoid. You ask why should you care about a earthquake in Siberia. Good question. The answer is because you and most of the people here ride on the North American plate, and this earthquake in Siberia showed a tremendous type of collision going on between the North American and Asian plate, both that are mostly continental crust. The Pacific plate is mostly oceanic crust that is much less dense and heavy. When these two sections of crusts show this type of push against each other, the entire planet is affected because of the enormity of both of these plates. The twisting of the North American plate could easily set off the New Madrid fault for example, along with the San Andreas and Cascadia.

          The research I do shows that when something happens all the way on the other side of the planet, it often affects something thousands of miles away. This is one reason these earthquake forecasts are accurate, because this is taken into account what a section of crust can do to another. Your question is something that many people ask. The main answer to this is that the planet is not that big, and the crust is actually linked in almost if not all areas. In other words you have the African plate go into spasms and this could set off the Pacific plate in several locations. Can of like when you have a tiny little chip in the windshield and you go over the wrong bump and this crack migrates to several spots in the windshield. Then you wish you had gone in and had that little ding in window cored out and fixed for 1/3 the cost. In short, what happens somewhere far away can and does sometimes affect where you live right under your feet.

        • Kulafarmer


      • Former Cal Girl

        BI I always look for your reports. Keep up the good work.

      • JustOneGuy

        DAMMIT BI,


        Friend, EVERYONE here knows it works…just keep up the ‘good’ work! No more Finx or any of the variety of other shit-heads here…LET IT GO. There’s more here ‘got your back’ than you know. Keep on Keepin’ on!!!

        JOG SAYS!!!

        • you don't need to know

          THANK YOU JOG!!!! I keep thinking the same thing. Every time some UNINFORMED person commits on BIs forcast and he apologizes, I think WHY???

          Isn’t America sorta free? At least here on this site! ANd certainly enough of us read his posts or come here specifically for his posts!!!


          • Be informed

            @ JustOneGuy and you don’t need to know. It is not apologizing it is more that I want to focus attention on why anyone would have an issue with trying to forecasts disasters on a site SHTFplan that caters to trying to figure out something before it happens. I highly value your solar reports and trying to tie into what is going to happen with the world. Others though consider it OFF subject, which is pure horse manure. I just can’t understand anyone that would attack something the relates to the main theme of the site, preparedness.

            There have been many different people that contribute something to the site that have been very critical of the earthquake and solar reports. These people I would hate to lose, as we need everyone’s ideas to help us get ready for what is coming. The stupid trolls that try to destroy the sites like that cockroach finx, that psycho Joker in NC, and many others can go f a knothole in some sycamore tree. It is the people that add good ideas that don’t understand the importance of earthquake and other disaster forecasting that I am concerned about and why I try to explain myself to them.

            • jp

              Keep on with the reports BI….you’ve done a great job and I always look for your info!

              Thank you…..

      • REB

        Dont let the naysayers stop you…its somethingyoure good at and most people here appreciate… 🙂

      • Anon

        Yeah I love your earthquake reports sir. I read the North Korean bomb test by you before it hit msm, so I don’t know why someone would have a problem with it. Besides, way I see it, it’s your trademark. So keep them coming please sir.

        • Kulafarmer


    27. Tucker

      Here’s an interesting article posted at the jewish Forward blog section.

      The very same tribe of arrogant, totalitarian gun grabbers are beginning to notice that the NRA is compiling and tracking the list of names of their tribe members and making the identity of the #1 enemy of the Second Amendment known to their membership. This is a very, very good sign.

      I notice that the jewish author of this article must have accidentally forgot to mention that the last time the jews managed to disarm a nation (Russia, 1917) that the end result was the systematic mass murder of over 66 million White Europeans of Russian and Ukrainian descent.

      That had to be an innocent oversight, I’m sure.

      • Eisenkreutz

        Jews expelled from 109 locations since 105 AD. Theres a reason for that. Dirty Jew bastards. What hideous beasts they are. Make them all wear yellow stars so the public can see them coming.

        • lastmanstanding

          A comment that certainly deserves some rational thought.

        • PO'd patriot

          Damn you left out us olds peoples……..

      • Hilikus311

        Guess i won’t be buying levi jeans EVER again.

        stay frosty
        ~at the ready in Texas~

    28. RedNeckerson

      Imagine if all those Anti-Federalists hadn’t demanded a Bill of Rights. Thank God for their distrust of the federal government. The Bill of Rights is the only part of the Constitution still standing in the way of tyranny. Remember that we have a legal right and obligation to stand up against any violation of the Bill of Rights. If the government passes gun laws, their the criminals, not us for ignoring their illegal laws that have no authority beyond their ability to use force which is much more difficult against an armed citizenship.

      • Kulafarmer

        This is what i keep mentioning to people and i get the looking at the floor reaction,
        I guess most people are too comfortable to do anything to preserve their comfort.

        • lastmanstanding

          No one wants to realize for a second that their way of life is in any jeopordy…Especially those who have made lots of money.

    29. pale rider

      Believe it or not I really don’t care, because I saw something like what is happening now back in 1997 and that’s when I started stocking up on guns and ammo never have stopped.

      We have very little time left to prep, PLEASE don’t hold back on picking up what you need NOW. As you all can see everything is getting in short supply in the ammo and guns next will be FOOD mark my word on that.

      And yes I’m scared SHITLESS of what is about to happen, there is going to be a lot of PAIN and MISERY in the very, very near FUTURE. The puppet masters have pulled just about all the strings they can and the last ones they have left are not PRETTY, downright UGLY.

      All I can say is PREPARE FOR THE TROUBLE TIMES ahead of us.


    30. Clyde

      SW MO. .232/5.56 a box or two here and there, if your lucky. Haven’t seen a 22LR in months. 40 S&W all you want. 9 mm its around if you look. .17 HMR plenty around. Shotgun shells, could buy a truck load if you wanted it. All of the popular hunting loads 30.06 .270 7mm all you want. Reloading supplies, forget it. Primers, none around. Powder, IMR 4350 and the like same thing. Brass isles are empty, and have been for months. This HB in MO to outlaw assult rifles will go nowhere. It is another Libtard from ST Louis just trying to calm the restless natives. One of his claims to fame is he was a bodyguard to MLK. I sent him an email and asked if he was armed during that time. NO response yet. Maybe we should all load up on ammo and meet in the middle somewhere and have a SHTF swap meet. Rent a place and share a few oat soda’s. ?? Seems like some areas of the country have different ammo available.

      • Semper Fi y'all

        I was born in SW Missouri a long time ago. Good people down there. Now while this story came from the ridge runners all across the corn country, it applies to control freaks:

        Revenooer drove up the lane to the porch where a lad was carving a corncob pipe. Revennooer said to the kid, “I’ll give you five dollars if you tell me where your pa put his still.”

        Kid put out his hand for the money.

        “You’ll get your money when we come back.”

        Kid says, “You ain’t coming back.”

        Semper Fi

      • jerrytbg

        You mean barley pop…right…;)

        • MXLord327

          Road sodas or grain grenades!!!

    31. Z-71

      Reader for some time, first reply. Talked to two employees of two different big box stores here in no.fl. one emp.working the night shift stocking was holding back ammo and tipping off small gun store owner when it would be avaiable then being resold at double the price at the small gun store who always seemed to have a box or two left on his shelf but would say it’s going fast, the other employ said $4600 worth of 223 ammo all they had went to one guy in one sale, ammo ended up at another small gun store at dbl,the price ammo dealer got involved and forced the g-store to sell at reg.retail prices if they wanted to continue business with them. Thus the reason for limiting quanty of sales, so avg Joe might have a chance at decent prices for ammo. Although this is hear say I suspect there is some truth in the storys. I’m not against free enterprise but I am against price gouging.

      • Anonymous

        @ Z-71,

        Howdy Brother, glad to see you’ve ‘come out’ here! Thanks for that story…it makes you wonder, don’t it?


        • Z-71

          Yea it does after trying to buy a 500rd box of 22lr at one of our local gun stores, he wanted $60. It will die down or I will do with what I have and die down! I read more than comment now day’s, just had to put my 2cents in.

          • Kulafarmer

            Dont feel bad, all our local shop has are 50 round boxes of federal 22lr match for 13.50

      • DPS


        Welcome to the site feel free to jump in anytime.. We are one big dsyfunctional family here.



        • Z-71

          I’ve learned alot reading on this site and learning more each day, as far as being a dsyfunctional family thats what makes it interesting if everyone acted like a bunch of cheerleaders for the home team I wouldn’t be interested. Especially reading discusions and cussings days before you hear about it in the MSM if you hear about it at all. Back in my hole now.

          • Norse Prepper

            Welcome friend! It is comments like what you have displayed that makes this site what it is!

            Welcome aboard!


    32. Unreconstructed Southron

      Most don’t see it however…

      “[I will] wipe up every drop of blood shed in the war with [a] handkerchief of mine.” A.W. Venable (1861)

      The next four years would see the death of a million Americans and the bleeding of millions more.

    33. GregorKlusar

      We the people are ready to take the shit the government shovels.
      There will be only one end result. The people win.

    34. rachel

      I live in a very rural county, apples country here, and though it took a little longer for ammo shortgaes to come here compared to larger cities, we have a shortage out here in nowhere even. I also noticed guns of all kinds are flying off the shelves even out here in the country. We didn’t see this even during clinton’s term. The american people simply do not trust the government and are stocking up.

    35. Emily

      Be Informed, the majority here, 99.9% are not bothered by your earthquake posts, many here read them, and if a quake occurs, someone will post it for you on here.
      Do not let the ‘irritants’ get to you, they are not worth it. I learn something everytime I come here., today I am learning about ammo, shooting, and not to waste ones ammo.

      • clint hospo

        I agree, an earthquake and knowing or hearing from someone that can keep us informed without all the bs websties and hearing from the horses mouth is much easier and trustworthy. your not trying to market a product or sell our or force us to watch a commerical. I think the majority really appreciates what you do. Thats what makes this website good Be informed. We hear something from everyone in small amounts and most of us are knowledge sharing people that benefit from it. I know about guns you know about earhtquakers and this person knows about how to can foods well, so it helps us out giving us a good full spectrum of everything. Thank you and thank you to the ones that care and share honest and accurate stuff. There are a few on here that are deadbeats and they are still entitled to share their opinion. Even though they are a pain in our ass. you know one in North carolina.

        • Be informed

          @ Emily and clint hospo. You are both right, I am not trying to market anything or really get anything from earthquake forecasting. The real purpose is to finally be some sort of pioneer in figuring out a way of forecasting what for so long “we have been told” is impossible to forecast. It is kind of a way of showing the world that, YES there are answers to life’s difficult questions. The other reason is to figure it out so maybe someday this can be use to save lives from people that don’t have to die and suffer.

          Truly we live a very short life span in comparison to the time scale of things. We don’t even live as long as turtles. If during our lives we can contribute something to the betterment of the world, then our lives have showed something that we have added to such an awful world that this has become. Besides all of that, I myself want to know when the next quake is going to strike, I have wanted to know this for so long. I just can’t believe how well this well for predicting these quakes. Makes sense though because the plates are all interconnected with each other, and where one quake has happened before after one section of a plate has moved, it will happen again in a close by or the same spot.

          • PO'd patriot

            BI, you got my vote. FWIW.

    36. J Gibbs, PhD

      This is a repost from and old article back in December, and the manufacturer report is from a Denver dealer who posted on a blogsite a few weeks back. Steve Q picked his blog post and reprinted it as from another source to him (Stuff he does all the time). No that the info is unfounded, but MBAbulldog posted the manf. data.

      • DPS


        Yepp Bob Owens site had this on back in Late dec. But it still needs to be repeated until every American see’s whats going on.


    37. VRF

      here is another reason to stock up now..

      A wealthy Democratic donor is fanning the flames of speculation that Hillary Clinton is indeed running for president.

      Sacramento developer Angelo Tsakopoulos was reported to have said Bill Clinton has confirmed that the former Secretary of State will make a bid for the White House again.

      The millionaire is said to have told the Greek Reporter that Clinton’s husband revealed his wife’s political ambition, as the power couple gear up for a 2016 race.

    38. slingshot

      I pray it isn’t so. Chances are they will be busy doing other things instead of elections.

      • VRF

        I hear ya

    39. Eisenkreutz

      Never has a government been so thoroughly warned to back off.

    40. Eisenkreutz

      What is the machine called that allows you to reload spent brass casings and how much are they?

      • Paranoid

        Whatever you want to pay, from a cheap LEE Loader for a few bucks, which loads one at a time very slowly. To some monster presses that load one every pull of the handle. Several good brands, RCBS, Dillon.

        • DPS


          Back in the 80’s I reloaded with the little Lee kit for my 357 made some great rounds. Even today the little Lee turret press is hard to beat for $100.00. Yes the Dillon is top of the line but several of my friends still use the Lee loaders.It all about what a person likes.. Its kinda like most Harley riders that only ride with other Harley riders.. Myself I don’t care what somebody rides or loads with as long as they are doing it..


          • BBstacker


            +1 on the Lee Turret press. That was my first non single stage press. Bought it in the late 80’s I think. Still use it today for most of my semi-auto pistol loads. I would stick with the manual indexing turret, since my auto index has failed more times than I care to remember, which turns it into a manual turret. I have also had good luck with Lee dies as well.

            Standing by in OK:


          • PO'd patriot

            DPS, I use my Dillons for the handgun ammo, but I still use the single presses for the rifles cause I like to take my time there.

          • MXLord327

            I’m still using an old press from Herter’s that was probably made in the late ’50’s or early ’60’s, I know it is at least a couple years older than me!!!

            • MXLord327

              RCBS components for everything else, I really like their dies.

      • VRF

        there is more to re-loading than just a press

        would be the two I would look at

        but like i said above theres more to this than the press

        sizing dies, de-priming dies, case trimmers,neck champer tools, accurate small weight scales, re-loading manuals, and tables, powder measures, brass tumbler and media,primer installing tools, dial calipers, proceedures manuals, bore scopes, small magnifying glasses,case lube, case lube pad, bench, brass, ballistics,powder ( the right powder) primers ( the correct ones for what your loading) Im also probably leaving some things out, im sure I am..

        Its something you should be into, and have patience for, its proceedure intensive, and has to have your undevided attention…you sure dont want to produce a squib load , especially for a semi auto ( recipe for disaster you will end up with a done gun, junk, and if lucky no injuries, but no guarentee on that)..or produce a double powder load charge and boy those arnt any fun either..

        dont get me wrong im not pushing you away, but this isnt childs is very very accurate time intensive work

        if you get everything you need, you could easily blow a grand..easy…tahn add up all the dies you want, the brass, etc.. you’ll have quite an investment that will take many thousands of rounds to pay back before you will be acctually making “cheap” rounds

        I been at this shit for many many years, i dont really know how long,,really a long time, if i had to guess..25 plus years

        • VRF

          Oh and I forgot to add, I had gotten out of it (reloading) for a few years doing other hobbies, home projects etc..
          so when I got back into it, I was Ill prepped for this shit too. sucks but it it is what it is. Im bummed that it messed with a hobby of mine that I liked, a lot.

          • MXLord327

            Same here VRF, when I was a teen and early 20’s I reloaded everything I shot, but then came kids, 60 hour work weeks, etc., so I got out of it for 10-15 years. Hell, you could get a box of good .308 or ’06 at wally world for $7, why bother reloading? Now they are $25-$30 bucks it is worth it again. I can reload some really cheap rounds, or for the same price as factory loads, I can reload some match-grade ammo with top quality bullets like Swift Scirocco’s or Nosler Partiion/Accubond. Plus it is a really great hobby, if you have the time!!!

      • JustOneGuy

        @ Eiz,

        Brother, they’re typically called ‘presses’ and they come in an assortment of ‘flavors’; single-stage, multi-stage, progressive and etc. A single stage is much like what it sounds like you have to thiongs ‘one stage’ per pass on a handful of rounds. For a multi-stage. similarly but these have a rotating head at the top which holds the various dies used during the assmebly process. The fastest of the ones mentioned above is a progressive simulatneous, consecutively performs each relevant operation as as sequence usually in a rotating base.

        Price: Varies….low-end for the entire set up maybe 150, hig-end you’ll be looking at a minumum of 500 and that could go al the way to 1800 roundabouts…it’s all got to do with how fast your trtying to relaod and what volume you’re intending to turn out. Bear in mind also that there are auxillary items that are NECCESSARY also such an accurate powder scale, micrometers, case trimmers …yada, yada, yada…that’ll add to things a bit. Hope that helps, if more info needed, ASK!


      • lastmanstanding

        rcbs makes a complete kit that I just looked at last week for about $350.00

        you will need to purchase the dies for the calibers that you need plus various powders, brass, bullets and primers.

        primers are the tough part from what I am hearing.

      • Paranoid

        Did I miss something: They said they ordered 1.6 Billion rds for training, and they use 15 Million per year. Yup, every one orders a 105 year supply?

        • Kevin2

          You did your math correctly. It’s kinda funny that such numbers can be used without raising the concern of the public.

          Where do USA students score in international math scores? I know algebra can be a bit difficult but simple division with the aid of a 10 cent calculator should make 15 million into 1.6 billion understandable.

      • JustOneGuy

        @ Satori,

        OH I just LUV that…rest assured, there’s no dfster way to get in trouble than to get ‘cocky’. Once you’ve gotten to that point the outcome is almost ASSURED. T’anks Bro.


      • Zoltanne

        And just to make sure the important tell-all from the AP article is posted here:

        “The Homeland Security Department wants to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the next four or five years. It says it needs them — roughly the equivalent of five bullets for every person in the United States — for law enforcement agents in training and on duty.”

        So each of us has a 5 round allotment. Hmmm…

    41. Eagle eye

      News radio yesterday in Australia, a new virus, symtoms pneumonia and liver failure, 11 cases and one human.human infection. Did not catch where.
      Anyone else heard anything?

      • Daisy

        I’m not sure if this is the same virus you are thinking of, but there have been some cases of a new, mutated, SARS-like virus in the UK. The British Govt is trying to keep it hushed up, but thus far, it has had a high rate of fatality.

        Link to follow.

        • yental

          Is “IT” Elderberry resistant Daisy? If so, how about colloidal silver, massive D3, and good ole vitamin C in mega doses!

          If that fails, drink enough Mescal “to-kill-a” to kill it first. Be sure and eat the worm. One way or another…you will FEEL better.

          • Daisy

            Hi Yental. I’m not sure about this virus. From what I’ve read about it, it has mutated from a virus that affects bats. I’m not sure which remedies would be the most successful. I think your best bet would be to do all of the above to try and fight it.

            And of course, if all else fails, what’s it gonna hurt to eat that worm? 😉


            • DPS

              Knew I saved that bottle of mezcal for a reason..But if its a bird flu Maybe Wild Turkey will kill it..


              PS Daisy you still owe me some oatmeal cookies.LOL

              • MXLord327

                Last bottle of mexcal I had tasted like tequila poured through campfire ashes…. Of course we drank it all though!!

      • After the Collapse

        this is man made … it is the same virus that was used tested on the people of Ukraine 3-4 years ago by the zog ameriKan cia and ameriKan big pharma based manufacturing in the Ukraine . it kills you by turning your own immune system against you .

        • After the Collapse

          BAXTER LABS

          Nov 5, 2009



        • Jimb

          WTF are you talking about!!!!!!!!!!??????

      • Merree

        If you are talking about the virus that is currently getting media attention, it is a coronavirus, which puts it in the same family as SARS and the common cold.

        It was first noticed last September but didn’t get much attention because it only hit a few people from the Middle East. Now that there have been 3 cases in the UK, the press is starting to get excited.

        They originally thought that the virus only travelled between bats and humans. Then the family member of someone who brought the virus back from Qatar also fell ill. The family member already had a medical illness (not disclosed what kind) that made them susceptible to infection.

        The documented infections are:
        5 infections in Saudi Arabia with 3 deaths
        2 infections fron Jordan, both dead
        3 infections in Britain, 2 brought back from Qatar, no deaths
        1 infection in Germany also from Qatar who has survived
        So death rate is 5/11 = 45%

        Symptoms of illness includes fever, cough, pneumonia, and, mostly in those who died, kidney failure. Since it is a viral infection, antibiotics do not work on the illness. Patients just receive symptomatic care.

        The virus has been named “novel coronavirus” or NCoV”. Medical people checked Saudi populations for antibodies indicating extensive exposure and did not find any evidence that this infection is circulating at a low level in the population. However, sources also report an increased incidence of respiratory infections in the Middle East in the last three months. Of course, this also corresponds with the widespread influenza and cold season.

        I might add that, as a physician, this has been one of the worst respiratory and gastrointestinal infection seasons I’ve seen in a while. We still have at least four identifiable viral infections circulating in the community (influenza A and B, norovirus, and common cold) and they are still going strong after being out there for two to three months. Usually they burn out by now. There is also a mutated mycoplasma (walking pneumonia) that causes a lingering cough that does not respond to the usual antibiotics.

        It is a good time to fortify your immune system!

        • Eagle eye

          Thanks all.

          Interestingly in Northern Australia they have a virus transmitted from bats to humans via horses that is 100% fatal for any human that gets it.

        • Daisy

          Merree ~

          Can you tell us how this virus is being treated? And what do you suspect the difference in treatment is for the ones who have survived the disease vs the ones who died? Since the survivors are in different countries (European ones)than those who died, I’m guessing the standard treatment in those countries is different.

          And finally, where is the link from the pneumonia to the kidney failure?

          Thank you!


          • Merree

            Eagle Eye
            I think you are referring to Hendra virus in Australia. Actually it has a mortality rate of 50% in humans but there is evidence that it lingers in the body and can reactivate later. I’ll provide more info later- it is really impacting the horse industry.

            An infection may settle in one specific part of the body, like the lungs. But the germs will actually be present throughout the entire body carried by the blood stream.

            There are two main ways that renal failure can occur. One is by overwhelming the kidneys as they try to filter out the organism. They simply get overwhelmed, can’t do their work, and shut down.

            The other is by a septic infection, either by the same organism or a secondary infection. Sepsis is a massive infection being rapid spread by the bloodstream. Essentially a Blitzkrieg attack on the body.

            I do believe that the difference in survival is due to the care the patients received in their various locations but this is total speculation on my part because I cannot find anything specific about their medical care.

            While Saudi Arabia has some excellent hospitals, it is very possible that the people did not seek care until they were extremely ill, leaving fewer options for care. It appears the European cases did get early care.

            The treatment would be observation, placing the patient on the ventilator if their lungs become too compromised and dialysis for renal failure. All high tech stuff that is brought out when people do poorly. Again, no details have come out about the medical course so I do not know if any of them needed such intensive care.

            I will try to get some info on the Ukraine black lung flu and Hendra virus but it will have to wait until after work. These diseases are fascinating and pertain to prepping, in my opinion. I would rate NCoV as having only a low to moderate chance of becoming a severe problem although it is worrisome that it can spread person to person.

            • Daisy


              Thank you very much for your answer! I hope you are able to find out more information. Now, in a SHTF scenario, without the fancy equipment, obviously the risk of death would be far higher. What would be your recommendations in such a situation? Do you think any of the general alternative viral treatments like elderberry, vitamin D, and Zinc would be helpful?


        • kaynine

          I would like to nominate you as the sites resident medical contributor. ?

          • Merree

            Thanks, kaynine,
            I’ve had a bit more spare time lately so I thought I’d try to add info more often than I had in the past.

            In a society collapse, there are obviously going to be people dying in many ways that we would be able to save today. However, a lot of modern medicine involves saving people from their own stupidity.

            In a SHTF situation, people will either smarten up quickly or die. So the first medical skill is good plain common sense.

            The next thing is to keep as healthy as possible. It certainly can help to use vitamin D, zinc, and antioxidants like elderberry. (Many of the other berries are good too.)There are many illnesses that are serious but can be survived by a determined person in good health.

            For all the talk about young people dying from the flu pandemic a century ago, the mortality rates were directly correlated to age. Most young people in good health survived. A higher percentage of the elderly or already ill people died.

            The other high risk group was people working in health care. We are always at risk in disease situations. I would think that nurses and doctors would be less vulnerable now than in the past but I’ve seen people draw blood without gloves, walk into a quarantined room without a mask and other foolish things. If (when)there is another pandemic one of the best ways to survive will be to avoid crowds, wear a mask and use gloves, along with rigorous handwashing.

            I’ll add more comments on whatever thread is current since I think many people out there are intersted in some of the nasty weird diseases popping up around the world. I have some family stuff that I have to attend to tonight.

            • Daisy

              Thank you, Merree! I look forward to the information you provide!


        • Ed

          Coast to Coast AM radio show has reported several times that a lot of microbiologists have died over the last few years. The numbers are statistically off the chart…

      • Mountain Trekker

        AtC, Divide and Conquer. Which do you dislike most? Catholics,Christians or Jews. Seems you give us a post on each, on a regular basis. But you will not succeed, for we have a common enemy. Santan and Big Government. As for you, your merely a thorn in the side. Trekker Out.

        • After the Collapse

          @mt … first ya’ bible smoking dimtard my god is “science” and “biology” , second your an idiot . you have no friggen clue what’s coming do you moron .

          the goyim gentile christians are the jews bwiatch moron . just keep smoking that bible as the jews lead you into complete extermination of the christian faith .

          they are going to destroy all religions of the world to create a one world global religion worshiping the NWO green goddess ” Gaea – Mother Earth ” with luciferian undertones ya’ moron and its the jews who will be leading it .

          bible smoking dumb ass .


        • Live free or die


          Very well said.

    42. Patriot One

      These politicians are also making runs at State legislatures too. Colorado is looking to ban guns and magazines. MagPul may have to relocate. Masouri Democrats have a bill to confiscate all guns.

      Per rules for radicals they are overwhelming the legislative system with their radical anti America, anti Constitution bills from sea to shining sea.

      Americans need to know this isn’t the beginning; this is the end game. This started with the Federal Reserve, Social Security Act, School Prayer, Welfare, The gold Standard, Roe vs. Wade, the EPA, CRA, Gay rights, DADT, Bank deregulation, HUD, Obamacare the lynch pin and now they are coming for our Guns. 101 years of the destruction of America.

      This didn’t just happen over night, it was our indifference that let it happen. Most of the blame can fall on the Greatest generation and Baby Boomers. It will be up to us to restore America.

      • Orwellian States

        Could you stick to the topic of “ammo” and save your Jew hatred for some skin head site. I don’t give a damn about your politics or religious beliefs. Thank you,dumb ass.

        • After the Collapse

          @Orwellian States ;0P … ” Muaaah ? a dumbass ? ” … you do realize ameriKa is controlled by ISREAHELL ZIONIST JEW MAFIA AIPAC SPLC ADL Lobbyists etc etc and they and their ameriKan jew zio-christian bribed corrupt traitor millionaire politicians in wash dc are directly the reason cause there is even a friggen AMMO SHORTAGE AND GUN CONTROL PUSH and so many cia mossad fbi atf terror false-fag attacks in ameriKa recently , all supported by corrupt congress and the nwo njo zog cia puppet prez !!!

          i’d say my postings are VERY RELEVANT AND SUPPORT MY VIEWS with direct evidence of ameriKa’s decline into red commie zionist fascist tyranny .

          bugger off dimtard before i spank you .


          • John W.

            How many screen names do you have? Whatever happened to Nona.

    43. Ugly

      The problem is in America:

      Better Red than Dead (51% of folks)
      Better Dead than Red (49% of folks)

      We are divided down the middle. Wonder what the outcome will be?

      Does anyone know a Life Insurance agent that sells Term Life Policies for one month at a time. Not looking long term anymore. Plus, is there any drone insurance? Like mistaken ID, or accidental collateral damage. Will any of this be under the New Healthcare Plan?

      • durango kidd

        The outcome is certain. Read Washington’s Vision. There are no American gun owners in the 51%. I suspect they will be pissing into the wind once the music starts.

        100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands.

        Vote. And vote often.

        • PO'd patriot

          DK brother, the votin’ aint workin’.

          • durango kidd

            POP: You may vote by ballot or bullet, must you must vote. No sitting on the sidelines.

            Read Washington’s Vision.

            WE must use every avenue to defend the nation from the NWO. Eliminate the NWO, one by one NOW, and the bigger problem will never surface.

            Lock and load.

            • Response to a Moron

              Pretty fricking evident that Washington’s “vision” was dead wrong. You’d think people would realize that by now.

      • Ed

        I’m pretty sure the rightys have more & better arms than the lefties. Also better shots, methinks…

    44. pale rider

      I have been up to see the Congress and they do not seem to be able to do anything except to eat peanuts and chew tobacco, while my army is starving.
      Robert E. Lee

      If everything isn’t black and white, I say, ‘Why the hell not?’
      John Wayne

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        When Marse Robert was asked why they lost the war he replied with one word: “peas.”
        His matchless army was starved into defeat.

        • PO'd patriot

          A great man. Another one once said, “Lets cross over the river and rest under the shady trees.”

          Thomas(Stonewall) Jackson.

        • Barterman

          That is the new healthcare law…Drone us till theres nor rights.

    45. REB

      The outcome?….one half will wind up dead 🙁

      • Paranoid

        Which group has the “Moral High Groung”, And has been teling everyone to give up their weapons? Which group has the guns and ammo? Hmmmmme?

        • REB

          Which group is the “half thatll wind up dead”?… it aint hard to guess is it… 🙂

    46. Smokey

      Local shops here are saying all their orders are six months out, for everything. One shop has a large warehouse crammed with ammo, he is bringing it out to keep the customers coming in, but he’s getting low. Gun cleaning supplies are getting low. Any brass in 9mm, .223, or .308 is gone and won’t be in for months. .45 ACP brass is low. Bullets are getting low, primers are low, pistol primers are gone, except Magnum and Match. .22LR is about gone. Lots of that Herter’s steel case .223 is still around, but who wants it?

      It’s going to be a dry spell for the rest of the spring, looks like.

      Get ahold of your basic combat load of 200 rounds rifle, 100 rounds pistol, and 200 rounds shotgun, then add enough training ammo.

      Save your brass, every bit of it. Do get 1000 primers, bullets, and two pounds of powder to give to a reloader. Make sure he has dies for what you need, if not, go buy them. Then call it good for a while.

      • Barterman

        might be a dry spell for the rest of our lives!

    47. Satori

      gaining momentum…

      “Among the manufacturers that have publicly announced their plans to prohibit sales to anti-Second Amendment authorities so far are LaRue Tactical, Olympic Arms, Extreme Firepower (EFI, LLC), and Barrett Firearms. All four firms, in solidarity with citizens in jurisdictions victimized by a lawless political class that refuses to uphold the Constitution, have expressed strong support for Americans’ unalienable rights. Gun rights activists nationwide rushed to celebrate the companies’ valor”

    48. howdy doody

      Now would be a good time for the NRA to give their man of the year award to O*Bumm*er, in honor of his unwavering help in increasing popular support for 2nd amendment rights. he is personally responsible for the increase in the millions, of new gun owners.
      Thank you O&Bumm%er. You are doing a great job increasing gun ownership in the US. keep it up.

    49. JAG

      The shelves are bare in Virginia. It looks like a 3rd world grovery store in every dealer I visit. Walmart has a max purchase limit on ammo. It’s crazy here. People are lined up around the parking lot at gun shows.

      If this isn’t preparation for war, then it’s a preparation to make deer extinct in the North American hemisphere.

      • durango kidd

        JAG: EX Military in Virginia MUST organize into a political power. Do your part JAG.

        The day will come (eventually) when military leaders determined to protect the US Constitution will be arrested and shot if they resist. That is the plan of the NWO Global Communists.

        YOU must organize Patriots politically BEFORE that happens. Virginia, New York, Ohio,and PA must CONNECT and coordinate NOW. These States, as in time past,will bear the burden for the rest of US.

        Get busy. Engage.

        • DPS


          If those boys are going to bear the burden for the rest of the states then I see a road trip soon.


          • durango kidd

            Lots of time right now, but eventually push will come to shove; especially if O’Bummer can get a majority in the house in 2014.

            I know most of you believe that financial collapse is immanent because things are so bad, but honestly, I believe the economy will begin to show a gradual improvement and turn up in the fall, so that the Dems can claim success in November 2014.

            If they can “legitimately control” government through the electoral process then they can claim (falsely) that Americans want to be disarmed. The propaganda is staggering and they will not let up, trying to sway the Sheeple by 2014.

            Missouri of all places has seen the introduction of a 90 day gun ban/confiscation law. The Globalists are ramping up everywhere to win a compromise for “registration”. Registration is the first step to universal confiscation.

            If they can get registration for a compromise, they will move boldly once they have control of Congress AND the White House, claiming its the will of the people through the people’s representatives.

            WE are all Seal Team America.

            The NY Chapter of Seal Team America has enough personnel and firepower to eliminate this threat to American Sovereignty, NOW.

            Do they have the BALLS?

            • DPS


              2014 really have you read all the news today alone? 4 states now saying turn them in or we are coming after them. Albany Rally on youtube Feb12th, come and take them, more drills in Texas city, FFL dealer raided by DHS, shall I go on.. I think they are getting their balls together.. Now it more like you we will do it and there is nothing you little people can do about it..

              NOMI CATIMF


              • durango kidd

                I understand the gun grabbers will push as far as they think they can … and as far as any particular State will allow them.

                But the real goal now, is compromise for universal registration.

                Right now they have no idea where the guns are or who really has them. They cannot get gun control through Congress. At least not through this Congress.

                Time to organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. And if required to “vote” do so as many times as possible. when the smoke clears the Globalists will have been eliminated.

                Washington’s Vision. Pass that word. It should be required reading for every HS grad.

        • Barterman

          same here in south carolina. empty.

    50. After the Collapse

      Those who Forget or Ignore the teachings of History … are Doomed to Repeat History again and again .


    51. Hoboman

      Go to utube and watch where Dr, Ben Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast where our leader was present. After that u may draw ur own conclusions. These idiots who promote the destruction of the 2nd amendment will soon find all other freedoms taken away. I was born free, why would anyone go back to slavery?

    52. Timothy

      “The embodied energy in just our existing property, plant, and equipment is enormous. Nearly every high-tech dream – of a kinder, gentler future where 9 billion people somehow enjoy higher average standards of living than the current 7 billion – requires an extraordinary investment of energy.

      Left out of this dream is a crisp articulation of exactly where that energy will come from and when we will begin to transition to prioritizing its use towards building and maintaining all of that new infrastructure. It’s not enough to merely buy electric cars, should they ever be manufactured in sufficient quantities, because we also need new grid components, electrical storage, generation, and a thousand other components to pull it off.”

    53. Law Abiding Citizen

      If you are prepping for war or a little civil unrest this is the great equalizer folks, you’re gonna love this tool. It will literally turn your semi automatic AR or AK into a full auto weapon. I purchased my slide fire this past summer and it works just like in the videos. You can spray about 800 rounds per minute and it’s 100% legal in all states. As a veteran I have fired full auto and I can attest to the fact that the slide fire is more accurate than the M16 on full automatic. Check out there video and get them while you still can;

      • Paranoid

        Don’t want an auto, don’t wish to burn up 800 rds per min, let the other guy do that . He will be out of ammo in a few min. My Father was a weapons instructor during the 2ed WW. Said you can miss at any rate you want to. You hit with one round. Spent a lot of time rabbit hunting; the guy with the big auto shotgun misses. the guy with a single shot hits.

        • REB

          Agreed absolutly!

        • Law Abiding Citizen

          Paranoid, Yeah, that’s why our military has full auto, right? I like to have every tool available, you should of been instructed properly.

          • Paranoid

            During the Revolutionary War one shot in 29 hit, by Korea it was one in 53,000. By Nam it couldn’t have been that low or the entire population would have been hit. Only when the Gov is paying for the ammo can Automatics be useful. Even then, snipers do the real work. You shoot up a storm, when your 200-400 rd basic load is gone, I’ll come “See” you. Or as my dad once said: You give me 100 people who can and will aim and shoot with bolt action Springfield’s, and you take 100 guys with M-16 auto’s that blaze away; and at the end of the day I’ll have 90 odd guys with Springfield’s and a spare M-16.

      • LTD

        I can attest that this is an awesome product. When the ammo shortage shortage began a couple of months ago, I sold the SlideFire at a premium, as I figured it was time to stop blowing through a 5000 round box of ammo every other weekend. Prices are too high even for 22lR, which is what what I had my SlideFire on (S&W MP22 AR). Tons of fun though.

        • durango kidd

          Patriots must be SEAL LIKE in target selection, identification, and execution. 1,000 precision shots by the NY chapter of STA could eliminate the NWO overnight.

          Breath. Relax. Aim. Slack. Squeeze.

    54. braveheart

      Sorry to be so late on this one. I’ve been looking for primarily .30 Carbine and .40 since December; no luck. I’ve got PLENTY of .22LR. I’ve only been to the range once since New Years Day. I’ve been practicing in my backyard with a .177 pellet pistol. There’s a war coming and I’m saving my rounds for that. The reason for all the panic buying since Sandy Hook is people getting armed for self-defense against federal and some state governments that have said they will go to war against the people. i’ve said this many times on here before and i’ll say it again. I’m standing up and fighting this evil government. ANYONE WHO FORCES THEIR WAY INTO MY HOME, REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU’RE WEARING, YOU WILL DIE! I’m not surrendering ANYTHING! BI, stop apologizing for what you do here. I appreciate the info and have your back just like the others here. F#$% the trolls! NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      • Piper Michael

        Yeah… pellet rifles…!
        I love shooting mine, keeps ya in practice. If I pump it up 10 times, its almost a 22….(and bb’s are cheap and plentiful.)
        At least for target shooting purposes…

        • DPS


          Picked me up a New gamo last winter. Breakover shoots 1200 fps very fun to shoot and cheap for praticing. Kids got me a repeating bb pistol for christmas just like my 92fs very fun to practice with. Not a bird around here for 10 blocks now..LOL.


          • Piper Michael

            Cool, I had a problem with mine, had to tear it down and fix a plate that had gotten bent over time…
            Nice to have a little in the way of blacksmithy skills…
            It works great now.
            My next favorite play toy is the crossbows.

          • MXLord327

            Mine’s a Gamo too, the 1100 fps model. I put a real 3×9 rifle scope for it (not one of the cheap air rifle scopes) and even bought the specific mount for it, but it will not stay zeroed. I think it has something to do with the spring recoil that scopes just don’t like. It’s a little annoying to have to re-zero every time I shoot, so I usually just stick with the Daisy w/ open sights.

      • Smokey

        .40 is all over up here. Where you at?

      • Donna Jean

        In your casr they’ll be wearing WHITE COATS !

    55. JoeinNC

      You idiots scream about liberty but seem hell bent on some kind of revolution/civil war. The last thing that will help you liberty is a civl war/revolution. If your side loses, you will be eliminated. If your side wins, you will be the eliminator and soon degenerate to petty infighting. Of course, I should expect this idiotic train of thought from such an ignorant group of people. You people are hell bent on killing and you do not seem to care who it is. Do the rest of sane people a favor, kill each other and your children so those stupid genes will be removed from the gene pool.

      • Butterknife

        Two things flow from the barrel of a gun. freedom and tyranny. choose which you would have.

      • yental

        Your not from around here are you “Joe”? We are not the ones “hell bent” on civil war…but this worthless gooberment and the “ONES” pulling THEIR strings are. Of course, you already know that. Are you still getting minimum wage to “wage an unsuccessful war” against sites like this one?

        Every “truth site” needs at least one clown. You are doing a fine job entertaining!

      • Piper Michael

        While your side uses deception and the ‘sweet words on the tongue that grow bitter in the belly’, eh Joe?

        You think you’re now able to use the politcally correct intimidation factor to scare us? No, your kind has done quite enough of a job on liberty, thank you very much. I can’t wait to see how you fare when the Dictator begins eliminating you useful idiots he no longer needs.

        No Joe, we have taken it and taken it, and stupidly, allowed you guys to have your way until you have taken over too many minds with your sweet bullshit… its soon to be time for a little salt in the wound. Salt is the only thing that cures a body, sweetness rots it.

        Yes, we argue among ourselves, its called Liberty, something the Hive Mind wouldn’t understand. Yes, things will get bad, yes we will have to kill you Joe, sorry about that. But, it sure beats you bastards killing us.

        History Joe;

        NOT THIS TIME.
        Molon Labe

        I will do you a favor Joe, since you’re in NC… I will make it swift and painless.

      • Be informed

        @ Jo(k)e(r) in NC. Do US all a favor and go check into a nut house where they can pump you full of dope so you think you are on another planet, so when you decide to go postal you will not hurt anyone with the nice straight jacket they will put on you.

      • Bastet

        Don’t feed the troll!

      • Ugly

        JoeNC….What you said is not true. Look at history in past 2,000 years. There have been hundreds of wars and the ‘stupid’ gene is still here alive and well. The ‘stupid’ gene is actually a ‘leach’ gene. This gene survives on others success and then steals it later.

        • slingshot

          “The stupid gene survives. Woo Hooo!”
          In my best Homer Simpson voice.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        North Carolina lost its war with more people from her state dying than any other state in Dixie.

        Yet your stupid ancestors survived to pass on doubly stupid genes to you.

        Go figure!?

        • slingshot

          Can’t happen. He is a closet Yankee, don’t you know.

        • Piper Michael

          Now now… be nice to the Peoples Republic of NC…there are a lot of very nice, very smart folks here…

          The problem is the Raleigh triangle area of University liberal know it alls. WE all hope it just burns down when the SHTF…

      • don't tread

        @ Joe

        If you actually are residing in the Tarheel, i think it would be a good move for you to make your new home in the “show me state”.

        Here’s part of the Democratic proposal in Missouri:

        4. Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault weapon or large capacity magazine shall have ninety days from such effective date to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution:

        (1) Remove the assault weapon or large capacity magazine from the state of Missouri;

        (2) Render the assault weapon permanently inoperable; or

        (3) Surrender the assault weapon or large capacity magazine to the appropriate law enforcement agency for destruction, subject to specific agency regulations.

        5. Unlawful manufacture, import, possession, purchase, sale, or transfer of an assault weapon or a large capacity magazine is a class C felony

        Sounds like the kind of jackass libs over there that you can relate to.

        • Paranoid

          6. Go to the state Capitol and shove it up a legislator’s ass

        • Mountain Trekker

          don’t tread. Don’t be sending him over to Missouri, and also don’t be drinking the cool aid. This law your refering to, won’t even get out of committee. And Missouri is one of the few States that is working on passing a law that makes it a Felony for the Feds. to come in State and try to enforce any new Anti Gun Laws. How about your State, or is it to Liberal? You Gotta Show Me! Trekker Out

      • Paranoid

        MY, MY: You do have problems don’t you? I’m not intent on harming anyone, to old. to fat, to lazy. Just don’t come to my door and inform me that I have just become your slave. Slaves work to hard, I’d have to disagree with you. Find me some Fava beans nice Chianti.

    56. anymice

      “This isn’t a society stocking up on certain guns because they fear they may be banned. This is a society preparing for war.”

      I’d never anticipated prepping for a civil war, but I’ve adjusted properly in the last few months.

    57. braveheart

      JackassinNC, how the hell would you know what the outcome of this war will be? If you get on the wrong side of all these issues, it WILL COST YOU DEARLY, SO GO F#$% YOURSELF! Heads up, everyone: http;// Communist California; no surprises there! NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      • Piper Michael

        It does appear kalifornia is now removing the semi auto capability from citizens hands…
        With the makeup of their legislature/governor, it is likely to pass. Whether it holds up in the supreme court or not is key.
        Didn’t the supreme court strike down DC’s and Chicago’s strident gun laws?
        In the mean time, I would say, this is the toe over the line, and Causus Belli.
        Maybe time to push back, real hard.

        • DPS


          Maybe why they are also staging all the miltary equipment, read early this evening I-40 has had a butt load of trucks headed to Ca.


          • Piper Michael

            There are still a bunch of good folks in the Kalifornia rural areas.
            The liberals mainly stay in their urban cages. Maybe its time for one great big fire storm…literally.
            I mean they do have those from time to time…
            it would be terrible thing if a few broke out around all the major cities… at once.

          • John W.

            Why would that be surprising when Fort Irwin Desert training center and 29 Palms Marine Corps are off the 40? Not to mention the huge depot in Barstow where most armor shipping from West Coast ports is sent from.

    58. Piper Michael


      Watch the Black Caesar’s eyes.
      I just figured out his ‘Tell’. If you play poker you’ll know what that is.

      When he opens his eyes wider, he’s lying through his teeth.
      and he knows it. He gets a little more animated too.

      • yental

        Long-time Texas hold-em player and a constant observer of visual and auditory “tells”. “His” tell is that his lips are moving. I wish it were not that simple, but the simple fact is…”HE” has lied from the start and never stopped.

        And never will until WE stop him. The real problem is the “gang of 535” that should have already impeached “him”. Of course, “THEIR TELL” is equally simple. THEY CONTINUE TO ALLOW THE TRAVESTY OF OBAMA TO SURVIVE UNCONTESTED. A few make statements or other overtures that “THEY” disagree, just not enough to lose THEIR job/life over.

        I know why. I think most here know why. When that “WHY” becomes an open and accepted topic of debate and discussion…perhaps a solution short of civil war may have a legitimate chance at ENDING THIS LUNACY!

        • Piper Michael

          Sorry yental.
          Most of the bs that comes out of his vomit hole he believes.
          He’s an idiot educated beyond his innate intelligence. But now I know when he’s really deliberately lying.
          He also thinks he’s good at it and nobody knows.

          They are all beholden to The Machine my man…
          so yes, they are mostly all liars. But they have been lying so long, they believe their own BS.

          The tree is thirsty…
          and it will soon need watering.

          • yental

            Well, let us hope, pray, and prepare to “water the tree with 99.9% tyrants blood vs. patriots.

            • Piper Michael

              Amen yental, amen…

          • MXLord327

            PM – I have wondered that for a while, do these marxists really believe that what they spout is good for the country, or do they know that it is evil, but they do it to make sure they keep their power. Lately I have been thinking that they actually believe it.

            • Piper Michael

              It truly is a gray mixture of true believers and evil bastards. But they are all subservient to evil.

              Evil is Idiots who make decisions based on emotions…
              That is why the Controllers pull on heart strings to get their way, it is the way of world.
              Where do you think the term; Useful Idiots… comes from?

              The Left is an ideology of COVETING, and they use the tools of shame and envy to pull on everybodies heart. Those who are full of EMPATHY are most susceptible to this approach. “You’re GREEDY”, “its not FAIR”, “we need a BALANCED approach”, “its for the children”… sweet words, eh?

              These are the very definition of EVIL because, evil is defined as; ‘sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly’. Evil coo’s and sings a song of envy, fear, empathy, greed, while they have dumbed down the education system and removed God from the curricula creating a generation of dumb God haters who worship gubmint. Even the true believers are evil because they believe in COVETING other peoples stuff, this is the real definer of TRUTH. They are also stupid and will believe any sweet words.

              We see the results of our own APATHY towards evil in these days, that many of us have screamed about for 30 years.

              When there is no justice in the land, there will be no peace. That works for both sides. They see us as greedy self centered people who hide our riches from their claws.

              They are thieves in nice clothes, some who are drinking koolaide, some are serving the koolaide. But the Koolaide comes in two flavors… red and blue. It is being poured by the money changers, this, is our clue to righteousness, the Lord’s example, his final battle with them, should become our true focus, the money changers.

              Nowadays, even the good guys have been corrupted. They ARE greedy, and have screwed the whole country. So both ideologies are men’s ideologies. The greed and immoral behavior of the CRONIE capitalists have soured the pot for us all. They are the ones who have systematically dismantled the industrial infrastructure and the job base. They are still pretending to be the good guys, if they were ‘good’, then the money would not be concentrated in NY and DC, it would not be drying up everywhere. This is the Grand Pump and Dump, that leaves the middle class penniless without lands or properties. As ole T.Jefferson said “… and they shall wake up homeless on the continent their forefathers conquered.”

              We’re almost there.

              The Trick, is to quit drinking koolaide, and withdraw from The System. But, to do that, the good guys who’re left need to first SEE the problem, and then band together. No man is an island, and no prepper in his right mind can stand up to what’s coming, alone.

              But preppers too, are divided along ideology and religious lines… we are the 10 toes of iron and clay, mind and emotions, on two legs of ideology, and toes of religious doctrines. This is the deeper meaning of the statue with the head of gold, and the reason, I think, that a spiritual evolution has been taking place. An evolution of Knowledge that overcomes old Mysteries. It is the mystery that has held people in apathy. Now that people see the evil within the churches, they see how they have been held in place, and there is no justice in the land, because we have all laid down on the altar of liberty, and taken a nap. Soothed to sleep by our preachers and politicians. They are not all ‘bad’, but the bad has gained power through the ‘sweet words’, eh? This is the power of MYSTERY, and the tools of fear and envy.

              So it is time to throw out both ideologies, and tear down the statue with the power in the rocks. The power of the Unified Field of God, that proves God is a hypercosmic force, that gives the agnostic and the Godly, a common bond, and a vision of a world without ideology, or doctrines of division, that keep us without justice.

              In this time, evil has become good, and good has become evil. This power, force, has taken over and people don’t even know what evil is anymore. This was the Truth of the Gnosis, that the churches destroyed in the beginning, and called it; Heretic. The Heretics were the philosophers and scientists of that time, and the church outlawed philosophy, and delivered men into a Dark age, while setting us back a thousand years.

              The Heretics had much that was destroyed, but was rediscovered a few decades ago, there were no ‘rule books’ in their philosophy called; The Gnosis, or personal knowledge of the divine. It was all about Knowledge. One of their tools was called; The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil… it was declared evil by the church…given by a snake. But this is a lie. It was the primary tool of the mechanisms of evil… to show the ‘dark emotions’ vs the ‘light emotions’. It is that simple, they had jealousy as the primary dark emotion.

              So the church killed The Knowledge of Good and Evil, and replaced it with ‘cheap grace’, while wiping out the teachings of the Lord. 95% of His teachings were burned, thus Paul and Jesus come into conflict in the divided Doctrines. Otherwise, explain to me how over a thousand years of ‘christianity’ has delivered such evil as ‘fruits̵