Gun Control Advocate: Ban Anything With a Sharp Edge *Video*

by | Jun 28, 2013 | Headline News | 227 comments

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    A video has emerged of a gun control advocate at a Second Amendment rally in Philadelphia arguing that not only guns but knives, nails, forks and anything with a sharp edge should be banned and that the government should develop new kitchen utensils that are unable to harm people in order to keep everybody safe.

    The video, published by Story Leak’s Anthony Gucciardi, is a shocking illustration of how vehemently many Americans support the nanny state.

    After arguing that countries like England, Holland and Australia are safer because everybody is disarmed (violent crime is actually far higher), the individual makes it clear that he wants to ban all guns, including hunting rifles.

    He then erroneously inflates the number of gun-related deaths in America by four times, falsely stating that the figure is 40,000 when in fact it is under 10,000 a year according to the FBI’s statistics, which the gun control fanatic refuses to believe. Gucciardi also adds that many of these gun deaths occur in gun control capitals like Chicago, where lawful citizens cannot own guns to defend themselves.

    Gucciardi points out that 900,000 plus potential homicides are prevented each year by the use of legal firearms in self defense. The National Safety Council also notes that guns are used some 2.5 million times a year in self defense against criminals, meaning that firearms are utilized to protect innocent lives in 250 times more cases than they are used to end lives.

    Asked, “how many people do you think are killed by knives each year?” the gun control fanatic responds, “We need to ban knives too,” before arguing that government scientific bodies should “create a kitchen utensil that can serve that purpose but not kill or wound a human being.”

    Asked if nails should be banned, the fanatic responds, “It’s something to think about.”

    Gucciardi then asks, “Do you think we should ban everything with a sharp edge?,” to which the fanatic responds, “Anything that can hurt anybody.”

    Gucciardi then lists all the objects that should be banned – glass bottles, nails, knives, even forks – and the fanatic agrees that all of these objects should be banned “if we can find an alternative.”

    Raising the point that hands and fists kill more people than rifles every year, Gucciardi asks if they should be banned too, to which the fanatic responds that education is the preferred method of reducing violence.

    The fanatic indicates that he is the head of a charity involved in violence prevention in schools.

    It is important to stress that this is not a satire skit, this represents the viewpoint of a significant number of Americans.

    Previous videos have documented how some Americans would agree with repealing the Second Amendment and allowing the government to go door to door to confiscate guns belonging to “white people” to ensure “only the criminals have the guns and get them out of the hands of law abiding citizens.”

    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.


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      1. We should definitely ban this asshats taste in clothing

        • I have yet, I repeat yet, to see one single gun and self defense control fanatic that does not look like they have absolutely nothing upstairs. These anti-self defense creeps have this glassy eyed stare and never have much to say. I expect more from a jabbering monkey at the zoo than listening to the true ass monkeys that wear human clothes. Just like in England, those that want to enslave us all and take away ALL our rights, want to take away our protection to defend ourselves.

          Like in this cesspool police states that give the criminal ALL the advantages, the crime sure as hell goes way up when you take the potential victims’ weapons away from them. DUH! Then these cesspits take away pepper spray, a food used on everything from pizza to pasta. Jolly ass england denies basic pepper spray to safeguard their people from vicous dogs mauling them. If that is not totally evil I don’t know what is. NOT ONE SINGLE MILLIMETER COMPROMISE WITH THE 2ND. AMENDMENT AND OUR RIGHT TO PROTECT OURSELVES TO THE EVIL THAT MAKES THE CRIMINAL THEIR FRIEND.

          • He needs to be beat to death with a Louisville slugger then. Or a bag of round rocks.

            • Basically he needs to put down the bong. People like that have the knack of never waking up when discovered in a roadside ditch.

              • Sorry, Po’d, but he doesn’t need to put down the bong. He needs to pick one up to encourage free thought and beat back his indoctrinated brain cells with a fresh oxygen supply.

                If he had been using the bong during his indoctrination it would have failed and he may be normal today instead of brain dead and fully indoctrinated. The bong is your friend, as is the gift from God smoked in it.

                He is not interested in saving lives for sure. If he were, he would be calling for a ban on prescription drugs which kill 10 times as many people every year in the US as guns kill in the world (leaving out, of course, the guns hired to protect the corp.)

                You can always tell an idiot when he is trying to fight something that causes a small number of deaths, far fewer than are saved by what he is trying to stop, while giving total support to much more dangerous things that kill many more people.

                If he succeeds, the net result of his work is MORE deaths and less safety. The key being that what he is trying to stop MUST be supported by the corp, and anything it does not support must be evil. Obviously, HE is supported by it and must defend it no matter how trivial the cause, or how many people will die by his efforts.

                I doubt many people would relate to his cause. He is nothing more than an idiot and it shows in his EVERY word.

                • As a species we are fated to extinction!

                  It’s in the DNA.

                  It’s the terminator gene, and it’s expressing itself.

                  It’s only a matter of time.

                  There’s nothing we can do about it.

                  • Ain’t no “stupid gene” in my DNA. Indoctrination rolled off my back like water on a duck. The only “terminator gene” is in GMO. Sorry ’bout your luck.

              • I almost think this was staged , nobody can be this much of a ass hat. I dont know if I should laugh or cry. Oh for the love of humanity what have they done to people?

            • stop paying attention to assholes like this. we all know the score. to late to go back so just go forward. this guy is probably a POP ( pussy on pills ).

              I got transferred to a new project last week so I took off a week for some much needed R & R.

              what did you do to prep today? here is what I did.

              went to cabelas for a Friday morning ammo run. not much to talk about really. 100 rds of 17 hmr. 100 rds of .38 special ( for .357 practice ), and 1000 large pistol primers. not a bad haul.

              went and got my glock 19 off of layaway. ( FDE ). picked up some silver ( 30 oz. ) at 19.81 spot.

              all in all a good day. fuck these morons and do what you know what needs to be done. I am blessed to be on some good projects right now at a good rate with plenty of OT so I am making the best of it.

              I can’t always do these preps but some things came together this week and it just worked out well.

              PRAY PRACTICE PREPARE and try to enjoy life. this shit WILL get you down if you let it.

              • 64 Echo Mike,
                Lucky man small pistol primers are almost as impossible to find as the legendary .22 LR where I am at ! 38 special you can get, no .40 , 9, or 45 apc. or powder, hardly any end in sight . I keep hearing by December things may get better. In NJ if you see a pistol you want and it’s in stock pay for then file the paper work ( permit to purchase for each handgun) then wait at least 4 months for it to be processed by the state. If you wait until the paper work clears before buying it will be long gone. Most stores do not have much in stock .
                It’s assholes like this guy that fuel the liberals ambitions, people like this guy in the interview are proof Darwin may be right.
                What a wanker.
                Time to go play with my Smith & Wessons and Randal knives.

                Semper Fi 8541

                • here are a few sources you guys ( and gals )may want to check
                  cabelas and I think they can ship some items.
                  powder valley for reloading needs
                  midway of course
                  freedom munitions in Idaho
         has some good ammo specials sometimes

                  your local reloading shops are great sources of products and info and I like to help keep them in business.

                  things are still a little pricey but a little at a time does add up. good luck

                  been a while for a day like this for me too.

                  • 64 ECHO MIKE,
                    Thanks will check out your sources, as far as powder and primers I don’t think they will ship to the Peoples Republic of NJ! 9 mm is so unobtainable right now the some of the police are back to using their Smith and Wesson model 19’s & 28’s 357’s ! it’s like a step back in time to the 70’s !
                    At work we seem to have an ample supply of .40 no qualification firing allowed , when I brought up the 3 billion rounds they Supposively have I was just meet with the stair of death from my superior officer. It’s a real joke around here those 3 billion rounds DHS supposively has is only on paper only, they do not exist out of a requisition form. Seems like some one above my pay grade got the idea to use some left over yearly funding to lock in ammo at a fixed price before it went up.
                    Like 10 years worth . Just mark my words if even half this is delivered it will probably be surplused in 5 years.

                    Semper Fi 8541

                • WOW four months ,here in Fl i walk in do the back ground check ,show my CC permit and im out the door the same day ,even with out the CC its only 3 days ,BTW i havent seen .22 lr in 5 months down here ,well i did see it at the pawn shop for 25cents a round ,i damn sure aint paying that

              • @ 64 ECHO MIKE: DAMN, could I use a day like the one you just described. Been too long.

            • Liberal: A coward who fears everything and wants some one else to take care of their every need (real men and women). In a word-a child. Virtually every liberal I’ve had a conversation with relies on emotion rather than rational thought to guide their thinking. That is their fallback position too when loosing an argument; raising their voices, name calling, and other illogical tactics. But I don’t fear them because WTSHTF they will be some of the first to die waiting around for “their government” to come and save them. I always try and look on the bright side of things.

            • That would still leave the following murderers unchecked:

              Professor Plum with the candlestick
              Miss Scarlet with the rope
              Colonel Mustard with the wrench
              Miss Peacock and the lead pipe……

              Maybe if we ban the harvesting, smelting/smithing and molding of all metals then we can reduce this number even further.

              But then again, an inmate can make a shank from a plastic toothbrush or cover from a hardback book so we’d have to ban those too…

          • Basically what it’s boiling down to is we’re becoming
            a nation of spineless cowards without guts enough to
            self-determine our own destinies.
            If there is no spirit, there is no reward.

          • There is a part of me…..deep down inside….that is almost wanting to see TSHTF…just so the culling can occur, since morons like this will among the first to go.

            I’ve come to the conclusion, that because of modern medicine and all the conveniences we have to keep us “safe”, that a large percentage of the population that would have, in more primitive times, been killed off because of their stupidity, have instead continued to live and breed….thus producing even more stupid people.

            It takes a return to a more primitive existence to weed these wing-nuts out. Because they most certainly will not survive when common sense becomes a necessity just to stay alive.

            • Walt, you took the words right outa my mouth.

              • mine too Walt


                • Ever see the movie ‘Idiocracy’?
                  If you haven’t- watch it.
                  If you have- watch it again.
                  The WASP family tree vs. the White Trash tree (bush?) is priceless.
                  Yet the parallels to modern America’s course of history cannot be denied.
                  And… It’s pretty dang funny how dumb people get!

            • YES!

              That’s the conclusion I came to years ago.

              • Better ban my fingernails and teeth too!

                • my thoughts exactly. Funny, my cast
                  iron does not have sharp edges…
                  I don’t yet have a pressure cooker,hmm….

                  • This guy would also try to ban a sharp wit and a sharp tongue…apparently he thinks he needs neither.

                    Sharp as a bowling ball, this guy.

                • does this mean i have to cut off my fists either coz they can kill/Maim/injure as well.


            • Modern medicine definitely interrupted Darwin’s theory of evolution….survival of the fittest.

          • BI
            that was a jabbering monkey wasn’t it???


          • Life in Londistan 2013

            My sibling is one of those fortunate souls that looks very young for her age, (mid 30’s). I had to purchase the set of chef knives she wanted when she forgot to take ID shopping with us the other day.

            To buy basic old school household items such as bicarbonate of soda, cream of tartar. and citric acid etc in quantities over approx 500g you have to be prepared to show ID(they take a copy) and your address at the chain store pharmacies. You also have to state your reason for purchase. (A better reason to shop at local independents I have yet to fathom).

            The authorities are scared you’ll cut crack or summat instead of cleaning your oven, or baking cupcakes, so I’m told (know SWFA about illicit drug production & kinda like it that way). On a prepping front it’s a PITA is all I know.

            An adult has to buy the glue for that silly school holiday project as the nanny state thinks teens will sniff it otherwise.

            For those who would suggest that the nanny state way is the correct one please google the murder of Lee Rigby. I used to live on that street as a student, and remember when it was a perfectly OK place to live for a young single female. It was a good few years ago, but it brought home to me just how crazy things have become in recent years.

            Life just gets more & more surreal daily. The Lunatics have taken over the asylum of western civilisation. It’s my current theory that Common Sense is hiding out somewhere in the Amazon or Antarctica waiting till it is safe to reemerge.

            In better news I’ve finally tracked down a breeder of PROPER straight backed German Shepherds from E. Europe & put my name on the waiting list(UK breeding lines have been destroyed by the show fraternities penchant for banana backed, dodgy hipped apologies with none of the temperament characteristics that made the breed great in the first place)

          • BI,
            It’s because they took WAY too much LSD in the ’60s. That’s also what got them wondering what it would be like to hang a wiener in a goat or to eat their own ear wax.
            I’ll keep my krav maga, rifles, and switchblades and let them quiver, slither, quake, and crawl like a slime fungus on a paper plate.

        • Would they ban the Pointer sisters?

        • Evening All,

          My friends boyfriend got up one night to go to the bathroom, caught his foot in her hastily discarded bra, tripped, fell and broke his leg.

          What do you ban?

          Girlfriends ?
          Bras ?
          Getting up without lights on?
          Peeing during the night ?

          These people are mad, total raving nutters.

          Take care

          • Relax Burt: Look at them another way, A fresh supply of easy meat. If times get real bad, food comes to you.

            • ‘Lo Paranoid

              You may have a point there lol. Seriously though, getting rid of knives and forks. I think the governments of the world are doing a good enough job of banning stuff and eviscerating citizens rights without idiots like these giving them a helping hand.

              We’re watched and logged from cradle to grave and it needs to stop…it has to stop.

              Take care x

            • @ Paranoid,

              “Look at them another way, A fresh supply of easy meat. If times get real bad, food comes to you.”

              Yes!, ESPECIALLY the ‘vegetarian’ ones…it’d be JUST like eating beef….same diet as cows, Yep?

            • Liberal stew
              Progressive tacos
              Democrat gumbo
              Chicken fried statist!
              Think ill stick to veggies and chicken!

          • I hear ya sister!

            And right on the money again, Walt!

            These “wing-nut” types have taken a new vengeance role towards anyone having any means of self-protection. Their liberal/leftist/progressive/worldly, mindset has taken control of their every thought process. Therefore; they are left with no common sense.

            The division of types/mindsets, of people, is more defined than ever before. What we are left with is the determination to further seperate/exclude those “types”, from our private and personal lives. Otherwise; we may have them turning us in to their evil leaders as “extremeists”. We all know what that can/may lead to.

            As a patriotic christian, I have no fear of them personally; but, I don’t need the aggravation either.
            My future has/is pretty much been defined by my Creator, therefore i refuse to let such idiots make the rules for the remainder of my “short” fleshly/worldly life. If I am resolved to go down with a fight, I’ll go down with my weapons of choice in my fisted hands and by my sides.


            • Hiya Pitw

              I agree with you totally… The awake and prepared are the enemy because they are awake and because they are prepared.

              It’s a sad situation when being able to look after yourself and your family makes you an enemy of the state.

              When growing you food and collecting rainwater is forbidden

              When you stand trial for defending yourself in your own home.

              When accepting welfare means you’re better off than working for a living.

              When you have a choice in winter between eating or heating

              When 24% of teachers in the UK regularly buy food for hungry children

              I could go on but all of us here know the list by heart now.

              Take care x

          • dont ban the pee’ing at night ,my prostate wont go for that

          • Ban bras for those aged 19 to 35!

        • His mother was scared by Donovan when she was carrying him and it scarred his sartorial tastes for life.

        • Nice purse. Matches the stripe down his back…

      2. Side note: He failed to ask about cars; after all, 115 die each day in car accidents. 😉

        • Every year in the US, pharmaceutical drugs kill a minimum of 106,000 people.

          But hey, there’s no problem there!

      3. What do you expect from the sheeple? Herd mentality, they can not think on their own, especially when they are hand fed by the dear leader.

        How very sad and pathetic.

        • Numerous times we have discussed sending illegals back to they’re countries. How many thumbs up for adding these morons to the list?

          Yea I know the B.O.R protects us all, supposedly, but it’s a fun hypothetical question 🙂

          • Good idea, I second that

        • And these are the zombie types we’ll all be facing soon enough..
          if the shtf soon enough..

          “Hey.. don’t shoot me bro!”


          • Lol, I hope these are the idiots we will face…

            • Outlaw, you beat me to it!!

      4. We also need to ban illegal aliens, they kill 25 people a day.

        • @ Jack……We don’t have to do anything to them , they’ll do it to their selves !! Put a Latino (most of them) in six ft. of water and they’ll DROWN !! One year ,at a local lake, four Mexicans died of drowning ! Baby walked off a sandbar ,older brother jumped in ,he floundered, Dad next ,then Mama !! Now I’m not the sharpest knife in th drawer , but I could DOG-PADDLE at age of four or five . It’s just COMMON SENSE ,right!???

      5. If you ask the average British citizen; they are wanting the gun bans removed. That of course will never happen. I truly believe in 2014, dems will get more seats in congress and will push through gun control, immigration, more homo laws.

        I’m about to stop watching the news and reading online because it makes me sick what this country has become. And if anyone thinks the American people will stand up to this government; you are sadly wrong because everyone will line up to turn in there guns when they are theatened with harm to their families or being stripped of their right to work to feed their loved ones.

        There might be some small patches of resistance but most will conform. Americans are followers and TPTB know if. I’m just calling it how I see it. Hopefully JESUS will return soon so I don’t have to witness much more of this crap.

        Watch your six!!!

        • “when they are threatened with harm to their families or being stripped of their right to work to feed their loved ones.”

          Real men and real women won’t allow harm or blackmail come to their families.

          • Real men will do whatever it takes to keep their families from being pillaged. I’m sorry but I don’t believe I will go to heaven if I start killing people who want to take my guns. Sometimes you just have to put your faith in GOD.

            Now if an angry mob is at my front door I will certainly use my guns to protect everything I love. I’m not going to war with the state over my gun rights because its a war we can’t win no matter how much this community thinks we can. I will probably hide a couple and turn in a couple.

            • I agree with you Indy Colts,

              YOU should turn YOURS in.

              • JCISOG, You troll every post I make and I’m sure your the biggest redneck here who thinks your going to start a revolution and retake the country. This downfall is GOD’s plan so your going to have to deal with it. This country will not turn around and things are going to get a lot worse.

                So when the feds show up at your door and say turn over your guns; your going to start shooting at them? So you kill a couple and they kill you. You had the chance end that situation in a more peaceful way. I’m pretty sure JESUS wouldn’t want us to start shooting humans he created over handing over a gun.

                There are many people that were martyr’s in the bible; but I can’t recall any of them that went on a killing spree for there faith??

                DO you even own a BIBLE?

                • I still agree with you turning in yours. I believe you will make an excellent KAPOS.

                  • Nice comeback

                    Change your name to redneck boy. No I got a good one..redneckognize

                  • Indy Colts,

                    I am not against you. And I thank you for helping me to decide to change the monicker in these posts. It had been on my mind for a little while.

                    I have and just now talked to Yahuveh and HIS SON Yahushua to bring to you and yours HIS will and good blessings which is often beyond my comprehension. Faith.

                    The Lord is Righteous.
                    Standing by in Texas.

                  • Thermopylae • 34 minutes ago

                    “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
                    George Santayana
                    Seventy-two killed resisting gun confiscation in Boston


                    National guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons were ambushed on April 19th by elements of a Para-military extremist faction. Military and law enforcement sources estimate that 73 government troops were killed and 190 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw.

                    The Patriots lost only 49 killed and 39 wounded.

                    Speaking after the clash, Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage declared that the extremist faction, which was made up of local citizens, has links to the radical right-wing tax protest movement. Gage blamed the extremists for recent incidents of vandalism directed against internal revenue offices.

                    The governor, who described the group’s organizers as “criminals,” issued an executive order authorizing the summary arrest of any individual who has interfered with the government’s efforts to secure law and order. The military raid on the extremist arsenal followed wide-spread refusal by the local citizenry to turn over recently outlawed assault weapons.

                    Gage issued a ban on military-style assault weapons and ammunition earlier in the week. This decision followed a meeting in early this month between government and military leaders at which the governor authorized the forcible confiscation of illegal arms.

                    One government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, pointed out that “none of these people would have been killed had the extremists obeyed the law and turned over their weapons voluntarily.”

                    Government troops initially succeeded in confiscating a large supply of outlawed weapons and ammunition. However, troops attempting to seize arms and ammunition in Lexington and Concord met with resistance from heavily-armed extremists who had been tipped off regarding the government’s plans.

                    During a tense standoff in Lexington ‘s town park, National Guard Colonel Francis Smith, commander of the government operation, ordered the armed group to surrender and return to their homes. The impasse was broken by a single shot, which was reportedly fired by one of the right-wing extremists. Eight civilians were killed in the ensuing exchange.

                    Ironically, the local citizenry blamed government forces rather than the extremists for the civilian deaths. Before order could be restored, thousands of armed citizens from surrounding areas had descended upon the guard units.

                    Colonel Smith, finding his forces over matched by the armed mob, ordered a retreat.

                    Governor Gage has called upon citizens to support the state/national joint task force in its effort to restore law and order. The governor also demanded the surrender of those responsible for planning and leading the attack against the government troops. Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock, who have been identified as “ringleaders” of the extremist faction, remain at large.

                    . . . And this, my fellow Amerians, is how the American Revolution began .

                    April 20, 1775

                    (This was a great post so I had to keep it)

                  • Indy,

                    Thanks for giving this board direction because your post makes a lot of sense to me. Killing others will only make us live with something I’m not ready for. I agree using guns to protect but killing Americans that aren’t attacking our families doesn’t seem to line up with what our Lord commanded.

                    From the land of the lost, LORD protect us all!

                • IC I say if its time to hide your Guns its past time to use them, no one lives forever, what a better way to exit this earth than defending freedom! Shoot all the Bastards that come for your Guns PERIOD!!!!

                  Semper Fi

            • Indy Colt go home and stay there and pound sand! What do you mean you will not take on the State because it is a loosing battle. “I’m not going to war with the state over my gun rights because its a war we can’t win no matter how much this community thinks we can.” You don’t belong on this blog! It is not about winning dude its about honor and hoping to avoid Zionist Gulags. Your sick dude!

              • Seems many folks are very confused with current evils. As christians they should Know, that ALL evil is from/by Satans desires and causes. God= GOOD Only.

                This talk of “Gods in control its His plans etc etc”…No, it Is the Devil Satans plans for evils. And he uses whoever he can to Do such. Because as a “spirit being” satan is unable to pick up a weapon to harm a Human being.

                Too many pastors teach its all gods plan, nothing we can do. Wrong. Gods Plans are for Every person everywheres to come to Him, Thru His Son Christ. Do those preachers really believe that “IF” folks worldwide did actually repent and turn to the Lord, that the stuff in Revelations would still need occure?

                Now I realize to expect that many to repent etc is a pipe dream. But we are still supposed to Try to make them aware of it. Meanwhile incase things do head to worse as is written to occure if folks continue on satans paths, it is VITAL for All christians to Learn the Real True meanings of Romans Chapter-13 IE: Obeying govnt etc.

                Because That is another issue too many pastors today MIS-interpret, as Obey Obey Obey all dictates by govnt cause Gods in charge, he created all govnt’s and romans 13 says to Obey!

                Any christians deluded by such Falshood interpretations, as well as Thinking They can NEVER kill another human etc…Should check out Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s, Best I ever seen, PROPER Romans 13 interpretations….Because Most phony touchy-feely type pastors who teach it Wrongly only teach the First part of romans 13. Read Fully In context, and with a “little” logic and Analytical thinking process, will show that ONLY Good Laws/Proper laws, as Ordained BY God are to be obeyed.

                Chuck Baldwin wrote several articles on ch 13 of romans at newswithviews website listed at his archives There. He also wrote several exallant articles regarding the Vast Differences between..Killing and MURDER. They are NOT interchangable as each means a totally Different thing.

                But many christians are stuck in wrong mode due to remaining in the wrong church with wrong pastors who, same as cagy wolves opperate, are able to get folks to really believe hes such a great preacherman, and so smart etc.

                Yeah well it usually does take a Smart guy to become a good Swindler eh. Chuck Baldwin has also wrote a book length book you can purchace as a more Indepth romans 13 teaching. And his second book is soon to be if not already avail, all on Christians-Guns-Killing and When its OK to do so etc.

                The actual Commandment never mentioned Killing…It says Thou Shalt Not Do Murder….Killing is not always “murder”.

                I really do believe that another Major problem of Why so many christians heads are upside down and backwards on so many issues today, is due to a massive Lack in study of NEW covenant new Testement teachings, and way too much of Old testement preachings designed to Bolster the pastors Dispensationalitic Pro jewish pro zionistic pro state of israel Fantasy’s. Many such pastors today have become Fanatical Fanatics. And once they begin going down the road of Falshoods it morphs into more and more false or misinterpretaions taught, it ends up with a totally Fractured, discombobulated, Body of Christ(the true church) nationwide.

                Today we have 100,000 preachers all self anointed, self apointed, Individual self popes, teachings whatever their Jewish masters Dictate. As well as teach whatever garners the Most “Mammon”(cash) when they pass the basket.

                They hook folks by Guilt for not abiding by 10% Tithing, even though That Moses law was done away with when Christ abolished those Other 660 or was it 900 Other Moses or Mosiac laws. Yet in reality for Most christian folks today, if they will but Use that Brain God gave them, and also the Holy Spirit Indwelt within themselves (thats a Part of new covenant ie: “I will Dwell in and with, and walk amoung My People”) To RE-Read the Christians Book, that NEW Test/new Covenant with understanding and of course the assistance from the holy spirit In them, they are most assuredly smart enough to begin to See the Truth’s some of their pastors Aint teaching, while they Are teachings as “Judiazers” and Zioizers.

                I bet many here has a pastor that teaches what I just wrote of “I will Live in and with and walk amoung my people” is something STILL Waiting for God to cause to happen, or That its is For Jews only, or both.

                While waiting for some 7 yr time frame to begin as the “End times”…yet that Final End of days Aeon or AGE for mankind actually Began 2000 yrs ago when Christ Finished his redeaming work on that Cross. That began the Final age. Rev Ch 13 is where John mentions ‘antichrist etc. John says 42 months NOT 7 yrs.

                7yrs is deduced by preachers taking a Partial verse from Danial about one week of 7 days, translates into a year for each day, so That Has to mean a 7 yr contract with israel or netanyhaoo etc. But it was really about Antiochous and jews back then.

                What if christians simply reject All contrary interpretations and keep believing whatever todays many fals preachers teach, and find out later that such christians were actually assisting those wolves/preachers as well as Their zio masters in Building the Antichrist
                systems, and Not Gods Kingdom?…..Their, christians, first main Clue may indeed be when they discover how badly they got duped by False Pre trib rapture beliefs. What then? A Mass exit or Great Apostacy from churches across usa?…Many will figure if pastor was Wrong on That issue, what Else was he wrong about? All his Judiazing pro jew pro israel stuff too perhaps?

                How many Bricks have you funded to errect some phony 3rd temple which is really for antichrist to occupy in jersulem? America Can get fixed if christians, especially White ones as the majority they are, will simply wake up and stop supporting any falshoods like those, and reject Wolves in sheeps clothes aka Judiazers. Isn’t it at least Worth a second look at comparing the bible with whatever they teach? Seems very logical and very easy to. Thats how I figured out so many Falsehoods are being taught by so many preaches today. By Re reading it Without their falshoods, and prayer for the Holy Spirit to show me truth.

                Try some it wont Bite!

                • Trying to undo 50 years of lies that Christians have been taught is a tall order. All we can do is continue on this site and other sites to drive home the truth to them. Hopefully some will get it before it is too late. They are hoping for a rapture like they Chinese were when Mao came to power but they were lied to by the same Pseudo Christians as we have in the U.S. today. Baldwin is a start but you have to have other ways to, short and concise to turn them from fables they have been taught.

                  If they truly are being taught of God then they will get it. Otherwise they will remain in their ignorance.

                  Try this on for size…the image of the beast that was created to be worshiped is the ‘nation of Zionist Israel’ a complete and total fabrication of truth with a complete set of lying doctrines to surround it.

                  Also, men are still looking for the antichrist to plant the tabernacle of his temple between the seas in the glorious and holy mountain…well it already there and the Zionist placed it there and no one can see it!

                  One thing more, there is only one…one coming of Christ and Christians think they are going to fly away…the ones leaving will be the ones the army of the Lord slay! And that is a fact Jack…no flying away…just a gathering to HIM at his coming!

                  Only God can open men’s eyes!

            • IC, the problem with that maindset is that you are seen as weak. The evil leaders prey on the weak.

              If you “give one more inch”, they, TPTB, will take a friggin’ mile. Don’t give up anything to the evil ones.
              Remain strong for Christ, and live (or die) by faith.

              • Sorry I tried to spit some knowledge to this blog. I forgot this is the place where everyone comes to brag about what they are going to do when LEO come for them. So after they shoot you then they can rape and pillage your family.

                Most likely you’ll never have to chance for a gun fight because a drone will spray your house or LEO will bring over a 50 cal and make leave everything looking like swiss cheese. Say what you want but your the reason preppers get the crazy, shoot everyone up label. I only use my weapons when there is no other option so when I stand in front of GOD I know I didn’t kill indisriminately

                • I agree whole heartily!

                  This Blog is becoming very boring and uninformed, more so each day.

                  No practical Knowledge for preparers, only get your ammo and guns ready!

                  “Their Coming” slogan gets very boring and not very useful.

                  Name calling on here seems to be rampant.
                  Anyone that you disagree with has to be one of “them”.

                  Enough said, hope you all enjoy the doom and gloom you preach.

                  Some of us were really raised in Christanity and try our best to follow Jesus Christ and God’s writings and education.

                  Do the Lords work and go forward, don’t fall back into “Satans Grasp”.

                  God Bless from A prepared Christian!

                  • Thank you my brother. Christ said to follow him and and lay down our burdens at his feet. Faith requires us to allow GOD to lead. GOD BLESS

                  • I don’t want to live forever. I just want to meet the first brave soul to walk up on my porch to steal my constitutional right to protect myself. He won’t be knocking at the next house.
                    Religion has nothing to do with it.

            • IC
              please just go ahead and sent them to me I`ll pay the postage


        • @ Indy Colts,

          I am a tetired puke. My only surviving family are all in our 60s, having dared to live good lives.

          There is a point beyond which I won’t be pushed. Nor will I be deprived of anything I honestly own. To the extent they act for tyranny they have no authority over me.

          Those who suckup to the tyrant aren’t necessarily formidable one on one. This is widely known. That’s why they swarm people 20 or 30 to one … the only way they can guarantee they prevail.

          Everyone remembers the object lesson that one determined man had ten thousand tyrant suckups in Los Angeles wetting their pants.

          I don’t expect to prevail in such an encounter. All I expect from myself is act on Today Is a Good Day to Die. And take as many of the craven suckups down as I can.

          No retreat. No surrender. The 300 may have been bowdlerized beyond recognition. But they did stand and fight and die.

          Dying with honor is much the preferred future to living any length of time as a slave.

          • Apparently we don’t agree on religion because I don’t believe having a shoot out with LEO over guns is my best card to play. If it requires me to turn over my (registered) guns I will to protect my family. If you think thats (sucking Up to a tyrant) you entitled to your own opinion.

            My bible says to live by the laws of the land. Maybe you guys can point me the book in the bible that says killing people over objects that man made….

            Here’s a definition of faith for you:
            Faith is believing in what is true. Faith has two elements: 1) being convinced of the truth, being certain of reality, having evidence of unseen things, and 2) believing, hoping in, embracing, seizing the truth.

            Luke 9:23-24 (NIV) Then he said to them all: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it.”
            As God calls each Christian to “die to self” and promises “new life”, the flesh protests: “What if it doesn’t work? What if I’m left empty-handed? What if God isn’t faithful?” But we have the gripping example of Jesus’s faith–when He let the life drain out of Him on the cross–with the attitude, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!” And about that much easier thing His Spirit is convicting you to give up now, this same Jesus says from the cross: “Follow me!”

            • @IC,

              What happens when they take the guns you give up kick your door in and take the ones you hid.

              Then proceed to beat you in front of your family, rape your wife and child in front of you the. Put a friggin bullet in your head. Having lived knowing you could have bought them more time with those weapons you had. Sorry, bud that’s not the plan. “Not one inch.”I am a slave to no Man or this system of tyranny.

              It’s sad that myself and fellow patriots will be fighting for people like you or this puke on the video. Not only am I standing up for my rights, but YOURS as well.

              Good day sir,

              Standing by in the heartland,


              • If you have faith in God you don’t worry about things you can’t control. I agree with IC on this one. To know you did the right thing and didn’t live in violence and death, brings a peace I’m sure we all stive for. If they want to rape and kill your not going to be able to stop them no matter how many bullets you have. Trust me they have more.

                Peace to my prepper friends!
                Callaway KY

            • peckerwood the laws of these lands happen to be the second amendment


              • Snake, this guy Indy Colt just does not get it. These dispensational Christians are out to lunch. They do not understand honor or the Constitution. These same guys would not have stood with the White Russians or Nazi Resistors. They are the ones who will weaken those who wish to stand. They also will put at risk their family to be tormented for years under a demonic system of oppression all the time hiding behind the skirts or their religion. They are traitors to God, Country and their neighbors. If the early Preachers in 1776 spoke this way they would have been tared and feathered by other Christians. All I can say is that these men will never contribute to freedom and don’t deserve what honorable men paid a price so dear for, so he could be cowardly. Indy would gladly give up freedom for security. He would do well to read what Mathew Henry said,
                “Mather Henry: Not that the law of Christ overthrows either the law of nature of the law of nations, as far as those warrant subjects to stand up in defence of their civil rights and liberties, and their religion, when it is incorporated with them.” It is incorporated with us and not him.

                • Ike: you cannot even get these types to Read what really occured in Russia 1918. And the moment you try and tell them, that the Bolshevik kommie crew of who did it all, Led as leaders, Profited from it, and invented communisim to use as a weapon to create such a terrible situation, were in Fact jewish folks. Bolsheviks and Zionists alike. The fools refuse to read any farther. The zios & Bolsehviks differ the same way as repubs vs dems today do. Just…Barely. And regardless Which group gains total control, they ALL join as One group Against Christians And Whites.

                  Dispensationalist preachers has these fools Convinced to Worship jews and all things jewish or state of israel related. Thats why NONE of such judiazer type pstors today Ever speaks in public, about the many bible verses such as Rev ch 2 vs 9 and ch 3 vs 9(about Imposter jews etc). aka the Synagouge of Satan. Nor verses such as John Ch 8 vs 44. Not one single TV/megga church/feelings emotions based preachers EVER mentions those verses.

                  Because those verses Totally Demolish what they Do teach…Jew worship, israel state worship.

                  None of these fools will even Look at any links to various websites or articles which proves what today is called zionisim is Evil to the i’nth degree.

                  none has a clue where zionisim got started-when started-by Whom. Nor How that Ties in with WWI and WWII Both.

                  None will even attempt to “consider” any actual Quotes, spoken BY many Rabbi’s-Jewish persons, where they expose their evil deeds and desires.

                  None will accept ANY Talmud verses posted as PROOF solid, that todays judiazer pastors are In Cahoots with some of The Most evil persons planetwide.

                  But They ALL, the fools, will Gladly try to be first in line to call whoever posts such info, a Racist! a Antisemite! a hater! and several more Vile names desigend to Stiffle truth and Facts.

                  And these issues makes Those fools even Worse than stupid libs like that antigun idiot. That antigun Idiot wont do us harm physically for his anti self defense swindles.

                  BUT…Many of Todays Zio jewdeo christians Will! as long as their preachermen, self anointed judiazermen, tells the fools “Attack all americans who refuse to Bless Jews!” and God shall Bless You and america too!

                  A simple reading of the verses God spoke to Abrham, shows God meant bless “abraham” and Abes “seed”…SINGULAR seed!

                  It referes to a decendant Of Abrahams Someday into the Future Will be the Mesiah aka Jesus Christ! That IS the SEED spoken of which Will Bless the World.

                  The Fools are taught that it means bless every jew ever born from begining to end. Including the Impsoter jews too I guess eh!….Well after 65 yrs totally Funding israel and jews-dozens wrong wars For them-Many usa Lives Lost for Their benifit- as well as Killing off millions of Innocent folks worldwide For that so called Bless jews crap….

                  How does america REALLY look now to You, after 65 yrs of that stuff?…Does it look like Gods Vast Blessinsg upon usa? Or more like Curses on america?!

                  What If those Many pastors are simply Wrong? Fools reject any such notion. Like that Dunkin Donut guy commercial.

                  “Must wake up to make more Donuts” Gotta make them Donuts(while its 4am and he badly desires More sleep!)

                  Switch that to todays foolish christians and you get

                  “Must Worship all things jewsih” “Gotta bless israel and jews because preacher says so and I never question anything he says, cause next to them jews pastor teachings are to be almost worshiped as truth”

                  Folks may laugh at me, but if SHTF in My lifetime, it will be Those so called christian jewdeozios I will be way More concerned of for My safty. Because I will Never agree to allow ANY form of jewish or zionistic or Bolshevik kommie govnt to rule me period.

                  And If as it looks like may occure soon, zionists actually gain even a little more power of control in usa than already have today, and enact their Noahide law systems etc…You can Bet preachers like john hagee ET AL, will preach to All to OBEY the zios! And All who refuse? Must be Killed off as a method to Bless them jews.

                  How many of the current aprox 50 million deluded zio jewdeo christians nationwide will Obey such Pastors or jews and Their “Laws”?….Many likly. Way Too many for the rest of us to deal with likly.

                  If folks that believe their Own lies are dangerous at times?….How about folks who believe Others lies? Same dangerousness I think.

                  Any who doubts me check out those pastors calls themselves “Kingdom NOW Builders” and “New Apostolic Reformation” preachers!!!….They are hooked in with many Zionists-Ex generals us army-Polititions aka neocon fanatics. And have enourmous sums of Cash to opperate with! Much donated from Zionist and pro-jew orgs.

                  That storm a commin just may have 25+ million whacked out Dispensationalists jewdwoziochristos at the Front line comming to Kill off all rejectors of, bless them jews.

                  Too stupid to realize nor believe if you alert them, that it IS antichrists system they are working for! Along with satans self “chozens” folks.

                  They are easy to find too…Just look for many tens of Millions following some american fat assed pastorman, and His Boss…A Chabd Lubavitcher in a wide brimmed Black Hat 5 sizes too small, perched high on top of his head, wearing a all black long coat tails Funeral director type suit and with a very Long Beard & curly sideburns! They will be ON that Wide Path to Hell.

                  Or you can Learn real truth and find/remain On that Narrow twisting Path so few will be on.

                  • Them Guys: you have done your homework and once God teaches us the truth we are free from their perversions. All we can do is continue to warn and hope God will help them. 35 years ago I too was an idiot listening to dumb-ass preachers (Assembly of God and others) who pulled the wool over my dumb-ass eyes. But God be praised he turned me to truth but I had to look for it because everything the preacher told me did not run true with scripture. You gotta want the truth dude or your screwed. The Talmudic Zionist Cabalistic Zohar Rabbinical Israelis are God haters and true Christian haters and destroyers of God’s heritage and the world. Bastard Esaus. Anyone who tries to convict the bastards is immediately branded a Jew hater, self hating Jew or anti-Semite. They accept no truth and no rebuke…they author hatred against all men and are contrary to all men. These are the murderers from the beginning.

                  • I am aMacedonian who has been in USA for 26years. It took me a long time to figure out who rules this country.YOU hit the nail on the head.Thanks for that.Iwas an army officer in Yugoslavia and swore to the president that I will defend thecountry and system bla. bla. So the life term pres/dictator Josip Broz TITO happened not to be a Croatian by birth and parents, but aJEW from the Rotchilld family, A BUSTARD CHILD with some SLAVIC woman, raised in Brooklin, among Jewish family.Why inported Jew rooled us for 35 years.From 20 million Yugoslavians, no one was fit to roole us? So it had to be an inported JEW from Manhatten. I am a proud Macedonian, and this is INSULTING to me. Once we rooled the world,including Israel and Yuda, Is this a pay back?Sincerelly Branko Stojanovski, Monterey CA

                • FYI the constituation wasn’t written in the Bible. It was written by men. I will follow the Bible and it doesn’t say to kill anyone for anything. I’m don’t preaching…. Your the ones who need help buddy I’m confident in my GOD and know he will supply all I need.

                  • constitution no “a” in the word

                  • Indy.. I too am a student of the bible, with only limited knowledge of Gods’ plans, since He doesn’t find a need to inform me of everything He does. However, He provided me with certain passages to mentor me for the coming times.
                    Proverbs 24:11 … Deliver those who are drawn toward death, And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.

                    Ezekiel 33 “… But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and a sword comes and takes a person from them, he is taken away in his inequity; but his blood I will require from the watchman’s hand.
                    Exodus 22:2-3 ” If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed. ” If the sun has risen on him, there sshall be guilt for his bloodshed.”
                    Here is my favorite passage–
                    Esther 8:11-12 .. By these letters the king permitted the Jews who were in every city to gather together and PROTECT THEIR LIVES — to destroy, kill, and annihilate all the forces of any people or province that would assault them, both little children and women, and to plunder their possessions….

                    Indy, there are many references to self defense and preservation in the bible other than these. Allow me to say that I will do as God wants of me at that particular time of my actions… I AM prepared to listen and obey God. Not man.

            • I understand your feeling to a point. I too would not allow my family to be shot up on my behalf. This is why I would throw them a bone. Give a few less desirable weapons begrudgingly. I would try to take as many names as possible. Then I would kill the individuals that came to take my arms. This is how it will be done. We will need to outsmart the assholes. If enough citizens take these tactics, no sane person will work for the govt. Yes, it will be OK at that point to kill those that are attempting to bypass fundamental constitutional rights. Do so on your terms, just make sure you do so period.

            • Indy,

              I guess I have more tolerance for your viewpoint than some here, and I even agree in certain circumstances. I might indeed shoot back at LEOs or others that I know are in the wrong….or I might accede and wait to fight another day. There are so many variables in that equation that I can’t say what I’ll do in any given circumstance until it happens. If I’m going to go down and go down fighting, I’m going to try to be very careful to make it count as much as I can.

              But I think you make a mistake in issuing a blanket statement that you’ll hand over your guns because you perceive that you can’t win. Nobody thought the American colonists could win either, or the Jews in Israel, or any of a bunch of other groups that won the day. Maybe there’s hope and maybe there isn’t, but hope isn’t even really what this is about. If TPTB start to find resistance it probably won’t help the first resisters, but it might make them think twice about what they’re doing. They started to be much more careful for a long time after Ruby Ridge and Waco, for example. At the time I was on the side of the government (I’ve since done a 180) but I recognized that .gov couldn’t keep having violent blowups all over the place. People will only stomach a certain, small number of those types of things….

              • I said I would hand over carefully selected guns of my choice. My point was I’m not going to get in a gun fight with LEO when I can avoid and regroup. Now if there was an organized resistance to this government in a military setting. HELL Yea I’m ready to bring it.

            • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
              ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

              History shows a pattern for those who ‘give an inch’, believing that another inch won’t be required. Sadly, oppression knows no such measurement and will always take whatever they may force. You’re not protecting your guns, you’re protecting your right to be free. If you honestly think giving up ‘some’ guns makes you free, you’re already in bondage. Good luck.

              • Krispy…great post and on point, tip of the spear.

                • Yep: That krispy post quote was posted here prior. It was a good laugh at how many folks added posts who automatically, after seeing the word “camps” thought it Had to be all about that so called “six million” in nazi camps!…Instead of the Bolseviks Camps its really about, and the Russian citizens sent to those camps by jews who led the mass killings!

                  ps:Ike, you got it man! Those imposter synagouge of Satan zio israelies are actually Edomites from Esau! Jacobs twin brother who SOLD his birthright for a bowl of soup.

                  By time of Jesus’ birth, judah or judea Already Had tons of Mixed marriages with edomites as well as several other races and nations of peoples. They so coruppted their original judah tribe lines, they even allowed and Obeyed as their King Herrod! Himself an edomite! a NON-Jew King!

                  Today the vast majority of esau edomites not in israel the state, are Here in usa. Over 1/2 are here. Their grandparents were the Real Russian Bolshevik kommie murderers. Look up David Axelrod’s decent from Leon Trotsky(Birth name Lev Bronstien). Axelrod is a great grandson of Trotsky! and besides Hillerys best Pal and advisor, was for Hobammys first 2 yrs Hobammys main advisor next to Rahm Emanuel!!!

                  You just cannot make this stuff Up eh! And 50 million deluded zio christos want to Bless those two radical Kommie butchers?….Unfuckin beleivable.

            • @ IC,

              Read my post in case you didn’t.

              I”m referring to costumed thugs on the tyrant’s payroll, i.e. LE and .mil. One determined man in Los Angeles had ten thousand LE wetting their pants.

              One on one, any given one of them is not necessarily Attila the Hun. They are not ten feet tall. An everyday citizen may or may not prevail with one of them, one on one. That is why they SWARM people, because it guarantees they prevail.

              However, there are millions of people who sleep walk through life, who have no idea what’s coming, who are perfectly fine with the gathering storm so long as their bellies are full and there’s a-round-the-clock mess of 600 channels for their amusement.

              Many of those are on government’s payroll in non-enforcement positions. Until recently I knew perhaps 6 score of them. Many were wonderful human beings but completely ignorant, and indifferent to, life’s liberty dimension.

              Read my post again if you didn’t.

              And yes, I disagree with your religious belief. I avoid believing in things nobody can prove. “But I believe it, and so do a billion other people,” shouted at the top of your lungs, is not proof. “It says so right there in our holy book,” isn’t proof either.

              Believe whatever you please so long as you don’t try to ram it down my throat.

              Example. IF someone says, “Our liberty comes from God” and the tyrant says, “Fine. Prove to my satisfaction this God you speak of exists” and you cannot … what happens to all your further claims?

              But if one says our humanity is the basis for our liberty, our human capacity to reason, make choices and to act on them, to live together peacefully and productively voluntarily associating … that does not depend on supernatural recourse.

            • They will not come and ask for your registered guns. They will kick open the door at 3:00 AM and ransack your home and outbuildings at gunpoint. If they find so much as a cartridge you spend days in detention under interrogation.

              • smokey
                let them come kick in my front door…..what a damn big surprise that will be for those poor fools… one sleeps in my house,,,,,,,,I haven’t in many years…..have many sleeping places around the 150 acres…………..never in the same place two nights in a row never in the same pattern………not only that when you turn in my drive it sets off an alarm in the guard post on top of the hill……….need I say more???????


              • You guys will have your doors kicked in before mine due to your mouths; so I’ll have mine hidden before they even get there.

      6. this guy is a Moron

        someone needs to give a Beat Down maybe then he’ll understand what sharp objects are for

        if someone want to kill or maim another human being

        their are 1000’s of ways to do it

        you can kick/ stomp a person to death just as easily as it is to stab them to death

        one only has to strike the person correctly

        all he is doing is disarming preventing those who are physically weaker (women) and therefore targets of bigger more aggressive humans (men) from properly defending themselves

        All Humans and Animals are born with the Natural Right to Live Freely Unmolested by others and to Defend themselves if threatened harassed with bodily harm physically by others

        NinaO ;0p

      7. we should ban blunt objects too, like the floor that he was dropped on when he was a child.

        • VRF
          now thats funny

        • VRF

          He is a blunt object..

          • I was thinking more like a dull object.

        • @ VRF, wish I could give more than 1 thumb up!!!

      8. I just pray that this is the face of the enemy. Send this clown up my drive to disarm me, please,please. Where do they find this type of idiot? What type of man would dress in leopard camo? Oh My G_D, What has our Republic come to? Ignorant asshats. If OblaObla had a son!!!!

        • Ban Planes!!!

          • wrong nope ban congress people


        • That’s IT!,, ban the flu

      9. Looking at the picture of knives above, for a second it looked to me like fish in a barrel. His response demonstrates the difference between right and dead right. Something called reality comes in between.

      10. If I can’t use nails as a carpenter? WTF? This is actually quite funny! Yea, what about cars, bikes, planes, trains? I know a guy that choked to death on a hotdog. Let ban those dangerous items too. Fire! That’s bad too. Throw that out. Gas? Bad Rope? Bad. I smacked my finger with a hammer on Tuesday. That hurt like hell! Ban hammers! Another guy I know lost his eye cause a screw gun slipped when he was working on some cabinets and poked his eye out. Ban screw guns I guess. I got some shampoo in my eye the other nite. Ban shampoo. Bad stuff that shampoo. Oh yea! Ladders! Ban ladders or at least require 40 hours of training and then all ladder users must have a ladder license and pay a ladder tax. My father was killed by some Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic cause they fucked up! No more doctors. No more mcdonalds cause that makes people fat and obesity kills! No more fries. Alcohol kills. No more beer! No more tobacco. No more tanks or bombs. No more pesticides. Oh! Here’s the big one! Government kills people all the time!!!! NO MORE FUCKING GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • That will be my weapon of choice, a custom made titanium full shank framing axe a buddy of mine sent me, 28 oz of deadly beautifulness!

      11. We should ban also 747, cars, poison, everything. Heck we should also ban murder. What an asshole!!!!

        • VRF thanks for the link. I see it’s gonna happen.

          Y’all Beware! Anybody got a good BOL for some extra crackers? Keep Smilin’.

          • Have you seen the female gorilla that’s the prosecution ” star” witness”? This, ladies and germs, is the end product of 50 years of ” hood” welfare.

            • Thought that was moochell for a minute…

            • Wow! All along I thought it was due to 10,000 yrs of African DNA born in the african jungles.

              I read a few old testement verses where God is telling the 12 tribes of israel to NOT have sex with animals. He goes on to describe several animals used for sex as well as Names a couple of ancient(3500-4000 yrs ago) nations of folks that were doing such Beastiality sex.

              It appears one or more where the Percurssor nations to Later be called Africa. God never actually named apes or baboons as the animals used for sex with. However, after reading that section of bible, and how God also warned israel tribes to Stone/Kill all israelis caught doing beast sex, AND to KIll the Animal used so NO ISSUE comes from that union…Issue=off spring. So what “IF”?

              So far I aint found any better reason as an answer when somebody asks me “Why do ya think Only That race looks so much like and ACTS so much like real jungle apes”?

              Now I guess I will just advise them to Read those bible sections related to sex with animals. Because those questioners are correct…No other race act so like real apes or baboons. How did they get that way? Check Your Old testement bibles!
              Aint saying thats for certain…Sure makes one think though!

              Even if that aint the answer, no sane person can doubt that africans in general(yes exceptions exist) are just Not compatible for life with whites in any civilized technologically advanced nation. Other than a very small percentage the Vast majority are so far the Most worthless and Usless race ever to exist. Unless your orig Plan is to Wreck and Ruin that white nation eventually.(research zionist bolshevik talmudic plans for more info).

        • Well this is one cracka who says
          Go ahead punk, are ya feelin lucky,

        • Ban Congress!

          • They thought about banning congress, but there was nothing sharp there…

            • Smokin— That’s funnier than hell

              Between the Obama family taking a 100 million dollar
              taxpayer funded vacation (what’s his per year salary?)
              and Rep. Boners 100 thousand dollar a year taxpayer
              funded breakfasts, who are really the fools here?
              The governmental employees for taking advantage of the
              situation, or their constituents for allowing it?

            • No, Smokin— That’s funnier than Shit!

        • They (Congress) are all part of that big club….the one you and I are not in.

          They aren’t going to do anything about the NSA. The NSA helps perpetuate their good ‘ol boy network.

          Screw all of ’em.

      12. Ban guns, knives and nails?

        I”ll go one step further. Ban crime.

        Post large conspicuous signs on the border (multi-lingual of course) stating: “This is a crime free zone”.

        Have the President give a lofty speech with the victims of crime as his back drop. Tell the American people that he has passed common sense laws that have banned crime. Who could be against common sense I ask?

      13. “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately,nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force,you are ruined.” ~ Patrick Henry

        It will be a cold day in hell when i lay myself out prostrate at the feet of these fascist bastards begging for my gun barrels to be bent, knives to be dull plastic and forks to have wine corks permanently affixed.

        One of the greatest dangers facing this nation is the lilly livered pinkos who actually subscribe to this mental garbagepail philosophy.

        I for one shall not “go easy” into the night~

        • I apologize for the profanity in the following quote but I have never been one to advocate censorship. Bukowski can be very raw as well as shocking.

          Perhaps in this day and time folks could use a bit of a “jolt” to raise them from their velveteen ruts of complacency~

          “There’s nothing to mourn about death any more than there is to mourn about the growing of a flower. What is terrible is not death but the lives people live or don’t live up until their death. They don’t honor their own lives, they piss on their lives. They shit them away. Dumb fuckers. They concentrate too much on fucking, movies, money, family, fucking. Their minds are full of cotton. They swallow God without thinking, they swallow country without thinking. Soon they forget how to think, they let others think for them. Their brains are stuffed with cotton. They look ugly, they talk ugly, they walk ugly. Play them the great music of the centuries and they can’t hear it. Most people’s deaths are a sham. There’s nothing left to die.” ― Charles Bukowski

      14. Take the pens away from the politicians in this country.

        That’s where I’d start, anyway.

        • that, and their personal protection teams

        • Cal, that’s crayons not pens.

      15. Charges dropped against student who wore NRA shirt

        A criminal charge has been dismissed against a West Virginia middle school student who refused a teacher’s order to remove a National Rifle Association T-shirt he wore to school.

        Logan County Circuit Judge Eric O’Briant signed an order dismissing an obstruction charge Thursday against 14-year-old Jared Marcum stemming from an April 18 incident at Logan Middle School.

        Marcum was charged after a police officer told him to stop talking, but the student didn’t. ( he had the right to remain silent, and decided he didn’t want to, and that’s his right also, cops better understand this too they are not the boss of our mouths and right to free speech)

        Marcum’s attorney, Ben White, says Marcum was exercising his free speech rights and his support for the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. After a review of statements from the officer and the school’s principal, White says he and a prosecutor agreed that creating a criminal record for Marcum wasn’t a good idea.

        • Now we need this kid to sue the cop for suppressing his right to free speech!, I said sue the cop.. not the dept. and thus us tax payers.. we the tax payers didn’t suppress his rights the cop did

          lets get this rolling

          • @ VRF

            Would that we could. I’d love it too. But it runs afoul of the legal doctrines of

            respondeat superior. Possibly sovereign immunity too. Means if the officer is following his department’s established guidelines and the local prosecutor recognizes the charges brough as valid, the officer cannot be sued as an individual.

            Goes back centuries to English common law. The king cannot be sued.

            I saw that video too. WOWK channel 13. The local citizen suppression err “law enforcement” gave me a new visual for ignorant trailer trash.

            • the king may not be sued but his ass can be shot!!!!!!!!!!!


        • That is excellent news!!!

          Thanks VRF for the good news!!!

        • Thank God some common sense bearing people still exist in govt offices.

      16. Why did we stop putting insane people in insane asylums?

        • We didn’t. They just renamed it Congress. Washington D.C. is the biggest insane asylum in the country.

          • How about building the fence around DC? It would save us a bunch of money and all the undocumented democrats would leave our country.

      17. they have a place where most of that is banned. Its called a prison. And that is an excellent vision for our country. No crime is committed prison.. like ever.

      18. WOW! I’m stunned. Seriously stunned. I had no idea that We as a Country are such IDOITS! Let me count the ways………….starting with myself…………when did I become so naive that I didn’t notice what a bunch of dumbed down fools we have become? I accept my responsibility for my ignorance of not noticing, but WTF is with signing a petition that is explaining “You Will Have No Rights” for protection? I’m now speechless!

      19. I think I’ve lost 50 IQ points listening to that idiot. He should be ‘banned’ to a safer country.

      20. Looks like gold hit resistance at $1,200 when the elites covered their shorts and have now went long with unprecedented amount of contracts.

        Not bad for an uneducated unsolicited opinion eh Rick?

        It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

        God Bless,

      21. SPORKS! Sporks for everyone! Also ban rocks! The original assault weapon! And strong language, it makes me fear for my life. Water in the wrong hands is very danger, also fire, lets nip that in the bud too.

        HEY, Hey, you there! Put down that stick! Peoples lives are on the line for Gods sake.

        DEAR GOD! Put down that keyboard. There’s children in the room for cryin out loud. Whaterya some kinda mouse nut?

        Now please lock me back in my padded, hermetically sealed room, where I shall remain safe from harm for all time.

        • yeah ..Sporks
          My creepy ass cracker ass is down with that

        • Wonder how they’ll ban lightning?

        • Just to think…they pulled all this shit off from 911.

      22. After forcing myself to watch this video I am convinced that a person can walk around without any brain activity at all. The most frightening part of this is that this is spreading like a disease. The masses are actually becoming stupidier than in any time in history. I mean people are suppose to be gaining insight and intelligence, not digressing into total mental retardation. That ape that wants to ban forks and anything sharp is hands down totally retarded and belongs in a mental institution before he can harm anyone. The IQ is 0, the stupidity is incredible to bear witness to, and sickening beyond reason.

        • Where’s his Darwin award? ..come on lets bring it

          • VRF, he is the Darwin award. All these years of seeking proof for Darwin’s theory and this is the best Middle Stage of Evolution they could come up with!

          • It’s in that poor excuse of a purse “he” was carrying.

            He must have gotten dressed in the dark that morning.

            • He looks like a walking goowill store.

              • Thats Goodwill store..

        • @Bi
          I got lectured the other day by someone who said you cant meet violence with violence,
          Some people are just retarded,
          I can see adopting a primarily non violent existence but if someone threatens you with harm you need to respond in a sufficient manner so as to be able to avoid being another bleeding victim!
          I plan on ALWAYS having some sort of protection, even if its just my Strider fixed blade.

          • @ Kulafarmer. By that analogy someone is simply suppose to roll up in ball like a pill bug and hope that the thug kicking your kidneys into mush gets tired of doing so. Pacifist like this are what the government has wet dreams about. Talk about the perfect little android, totally obedient and totally incapable of defending themselves or anyone else around them. Makes you want to find a nice little private island with altitude with it, somewhat tsunami safe, and grow your own food and watch the waves crashing ashore 5000-6000 feet down. All the while the human civilization has turned the retard switch on the maximum setting.

          • I just love that statement

            “violence doesn’t solve anything”

            the hell it don’t

            why do governments use violence or the threat of violence
            24/7 ???

      23. This guy has no clue in weapons, and will not survive the mass die-off. And what’s with the feline-print overcoat? Bleah!

      24. Almost forgot:

        Tanner gun show in Denver Saturday and Sunday. This will be the last good show before the Great Colorado Magazine Ban of 2013, starting as of July 1.

      25. You’ll put your eye out!

        • they need to ban eyes no one puts one out

        • Hard to believe a black guy would do this to a white woman!

          • @ wrong……Needless to say ,I don’t think this woman or her girls will Shackin UP with a ‘Black Man’ any time SOON !!………. mm~

        • Seems she got ADT a day late and a dollar short. I use Ruger protection myself, ADT calls the cops to clean up the mess I make if some dipsh!t tries this with me.

      26. hey
        no one ever accused the American public
        of being TOO smart

        19 Surveys Which Prove That A Large Chunk Of The Population Is Made Up Of Totally Clueless Sheeple

        and in other news

        there is nothing that this criminal administration will not do

        Now Obama watching Americans’ credit cards

      27. Just a short note to all of the Gun Control Movement since my time is precious:
        BAN THIS. (They can use their imaginations).

        • Yea buddy,
          And they can kiss this! (Imagination again needed)

      28. Ever since he was at that eagles game where Santa got pelted with snowballs he just wasn’t the same. He went from banning snowballs to guns and knives. I bet if we dropped him off in north philly he would want a gun…. oh hell let’s drop him off there anyway, maybe he can collect guns off the wonderful citizens there.

      29. Guess trees have to go. Lots of pointy edges.

      30. Revenge Of The Sporks!!!! Careful, you could kill a mashed potato with that thing! You guys are on a roll today 🙂

        • Help Me! I’ve been SPORKED and I can’t get up.

          Buzzzzz. Buzzzzzzz.

          • Bwhahahahahaha

            Take care Slingshot x

      31. THAT guy absolutely did WAY too much herb in his youth.

      32. If the American people want to give up their guns in favor of OBAMANITE protection I say go for it And when
        the thugs start breaking down your doors and raping your children and the police are 20min away at the dounut shop
        the only thing I can tell you then is your on your own

      33. He’s wearing a leopard print coat and carrying a yellow purse.. you can’t make
        This shit up.. And he has an opinion with no facts to back it up , and continues to argue his assinine point of view. Unbelievable.

      34. Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldie Locks (not her real name). She went for a walk in the woods and came to the home of some (b-words). She went in, (breaking and entering, a class A felony). She then sat on the chairs, breaking the smallest one. Goldie was a bit (f-word), thought not technically obese.
        Then she gobbled up a bowl of (p-word) cooling on the table. Next she went to sleep in one of the beds.
        When the (b-words) returned home, they discovered the jimmied lock and called the cops. There was no need. An overhead drone had seen Goldie’s burglary as it happened, and a SWAT team (on loan from the Department of Forrestland Security), if full riot gear, had already been dispatched. They arrived just as Papa (B-word) was hanging up his (constantly monitored for his safety) cell phone.
        As the SWAT team exited the van, they analyzed the situation and, (following all department protocols) instantly unleashed a barrage of gunfire from their fully licensed automatic assault (in the truest sense of the word) weapons. All three (b-words), who were dutifully waiting outside of their burgled home, were killed instantly.
        Goldie, hearing the commotion, woke up and took a defensive position near the living room window. She managed to get off a dozen shots from her (unregistered)Glock before the first teargas canister came through the window.
        She then moved to the rear of the house (which was not covered by the SWAT team, since no one ever goes out the back) and escaped into the woods. As she fled, she managed to toss a Molotov cocktail over her shoulder, causing extensive fire damage to the SWAT van.
        Reporters covering the story later that evening, counted over 700,000 shell casings piled up at the scene. Only 12 of them were 9mm. Which led the reporters to assume the rest were fired by the SWAT team. The commander of the law enFORCEment brigade denies this, saying his men fired a total of only a ‘couple dozen’ shots at the fugitives. If journalists estimates are correct, that would leave fewer that 1,999,300,000 rounds of ammo left in the Forrestland Department stockpile. It is assumed an emergency procurement will be rushed through congress to replace the spent ammo.
        Meanwhile, Goldie is still on the loose. She may be operating with several accomplices. Among them are an elderly woman (known only by her cartel nickname of ‘Granny’), a white male dressed in a flannel shirt and carrying an axe (a sharp, pointy axe, so be careful!) and an unidentified young woman in a Red Hood.
        The accomplice in the Red Hood is known to carry explosive devices concealed in a picnic basket. If you spot any of these suspects, DO NOT APPROACH. They are considered armed and extremely dangerous. If you see them, call police immediately. A large reward is offered for their capture…

        In other news…. the Forrestland District Attorney has handed down an indictment against the operators of Pig Brothers Construction Company. The three Pig brothers are charged with using shoddy materials and ignoring building codes….

        • Goldie’s Version

          Mom told me to get off the couch and get some exercise. Ever since this puberty thing started, I just keep putting on weight, even though Mom won’t feed me anything but organic carrots and tofu. So, there I was…

          I was taking a walk in the woods, minding my own business and enjoying the day. I came upon a house and, since it looked like it might rain, I knocked. Nobody answered, so I tried the door. It was unlocked. I called out as I stepped into the house, but it was empty. I was only going to stay a minute, when suddenly, I smelled the most wonderful aroma. Fresh porridge! My favorite!
          I was only gonna have a taste, but it was soooo good! And the diet Mom has me on keeps me hungry all the time. So, I ate a bowl of it. Then I sat down in a little chair, obviously a cheap Chinese import, definitely not from IKEA. Well, as I say, I’m a big girl… but I’m not THAT big! The darn thing broke when I sat down.
          Next, I got tired (these hormones are driving me crazy, with fatigue one minute and excitement the next, I’ll be glad when this puberty thing is done!). So I laid down to take a nap.
          I’d just drifted off, when suddenly I heard someone jiggling the front door knob. I jumped up and sneaked into the living room and peered out the blinds. I was terrified! There were three huge bears trying to get in! My mind raced and I saw imaginary news headlines: Innocent Blond Girl Mauled By Vicious Bears In Home Invasion!
          I grabbed my purse and fumbled to get the gun out. Mom, a staunch 2nd Amendment advocate ever since we got flooded out in Katrina, insists I carry it. As I was chambering in a round, I saw the biggest of the bears on his cell phone. Oh No! I thought he was texting a flash mob! Now the imaginary headlines read: Innocent Blond Girl Gang-Raped, Killed By Vicious Mob Of Bear Youths!
          I stepped to the side of the window. I was peeking out the edge of the blinds, and was just drawing a bead on the biggest bear, when all hell broke loose! A huge black van with the logo for Scary Wicked Arab Terrorists, or something like that, came screetching up in front of the house. A bunch of guys dressed all in black jumped out. They started shooting at the house! Evidently, they didn’t care about collateral damage to their comrades in crime, because all three bears went down in a hail of bullets.
          I ducked below the window ledge and held my Glock up and squeezed off about 10 or 12 shots. I think I hit two, or maybe three, of the terrorists. Then I remembered, I only have a 15 round magazine and no more ammo with me! I ran toward the back of the house and, as I passed the kitchen table, I subconsciously picked up a bottle. It turned out to be olive oil salad dressing. Or possibly Kim Kardashian’s new perfume, the one that’s 85% alcohol.
          As I dashed out and into the woods, running for my life, I tossed the bottle over my shoulder. It hit the van and broke, smearing oil(or perfume) all over. I guess a ricochet must have sparked a fire or something right after that. I glanced back and saw the terrorists van go up in flames. I kept running, scared out of my wits!
          An hour later, completely exhausted, I made it to Red’s Granny’s house. It’s a sort of safe-house, hidden way back in the woods. Granny helps out lots of people. Guys who join militias, or have NRA bumper stickers or do anything that the mainstream media doesn’t like. I’d only been there once before, but I knew it was her house from the little Gadsden Flag she flies over her rose garden.
          Red was there, and so was Billy, her friend who works in the timber industry. Granny insisted I spend the night. And it’s a good thing, too. I heard on the news that the cops raided our house and took Mom and Dad in for questioning. They didn’t have a warrant or anything, and just busted in at 3am. They took everything from my room. (Oh, I hope they don’t read my diary! I’ll be too embarrassed to go back to school if they find out about my crush on Mr Snodgrass, the math teacher)
          Now, I’m afraid to go home. The cops are looking for me and the tv is saying some awful lies about me. They’re even spreading lies about Granny and Red. Billy says I’d better ‘lay low’ for a while. Granny is on the shortwave, trying to get some friends in Iceland to contact Mr Snowden’s lawyer. I hope he’ll take my case pro bono….

      35. This is amazing. I can not believe the number of people who signed the petition and gave their birth date. Are they all really that clueless? It made me feel sick to watch that video. Lord help us all!

      36. These gutless humans deserve what they want a state which will tell them what to do and how to do it…..sheep need a shepard.

      37. “What’s next? Tear gas ?”

        Canadian Mounted Police Confiscate Guns From Flooded Homes Without Search Warrants

        • I saw that too, Satori. Our friends in the northern branch of North American Tyrant Corp are used to putting up with a lot, but that’s pathetic even by Canadian standards.
          Of course, things aren’t much better in the middle branch. In GA, cops are forcibly strapping people to tables and drawing their blood. Warrant? We don’t need no stinking warrant!

      38. If we’re the barbarians than are they going to join us in eating with our hands? I thought knives were progressive and to advance man away from barbaric living. Banning knives will be a step backwards and I thought these idiotic individuals wanted progression. These people have a piece of play dough laced with red Kool-Aid for a brain.

      39. I told myself nomore post enless their Serious..PLEASE..Video#1,I could see this guy walking out infront of my haybine, no more stupid.Field fertilizer…Video#2,this shows how dumb down people are to Sign things and dont even understand what it’s for, or the,Effects.Vote the same way.The only thing I’ll sign is a check or Warranty card with out my Lawyers ok..I dont Consider myself smart, but everyday I’m remined I dont give myself enough Credit..

      40. Cain used a rock. Let’s ban limbs on people. This may solve the problem. No arms or legs. I think this may work.

        • Another meaning to, Let’s Rock and Roll. ;0)

          Oh, yes, Get down, Get Down. Hahaha
          Doing the Funky Creepy Ass Cracker.

      41. Some of my lunch came back up watching this video. Couldn’t watch stopped about a minute into it. I’m glad this fellow is disarmed. He needs to have is forks taken away from him as well.

      42. My God, Good Lord ,SAVE ME ,I can’t take any more!
        This is the zombie apocalypse!

        This report by “Infowars” show’s how limp wristed and feminized the people of the northeast have become,

        Sorry, SHTF.plan friend’s I’m just sick of it!

      43. Most of the people murdered in the 20th century were murdered by their own governments.

        I propose we ban government.

      44. Sounds to me these flakes have an everlasting case of heat stroke.

      45. Face it – America in it’s present form is finished. In fact, the degree of vile, degenerate immorality exhibited every day by the people that live here pretty much indicates that the only thng we’re fit for is destruction.

        • Them Germans was right.

        • “If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”
          –Ruth Graham, wife of Rev. Billy Graham

      46. The insanity continues it seems .

        That guy reminds me of so many I know .
        Who thinks the gov’t is serving,his personal interests
        and the military is going to protect him and his family .

        When in reality both serve to protect the money and wealthy,
        be they factories or private corporate interests .

        Just like other time in history .

        The writing is on the wall now .

        Anyone who refuses to see and hear is delusional at best .
        The robbers are coming to our lands .
        Think of the Vikings .
        They came by ships to rob and plunder .
        Then burned the villages afterwards .

        This principle has changed little.
        Gengis Khan used the same .
        So did the so called Crusaders .

        Pillage and plunder .

        So when these thugs of whatever alphabet agency
        Show at your door .
        Be prepared for any scenario you can logically happen .

        For much evil is walking these days .
        And with our dear leader gone on safari .

        And so many minds thinking of the coming long holiday,
        many are nervous .
        I certainly am .

        I had another helicopter over head headed for the gap
        in the mtns east.
        Looked armored and sported a large barreled nose gun .
        Can only guess it is part of the ongoing east coast joint military drill ongoing .

        God bless our Republic .

        God bless us all .
        Take x care one and all

      47. SmokinOkie, that skit was just what I needed after last night and today. Keep it up. OK, sorry I’m so late for this one. Be Informed, good day to you, sir, and once again you’re preaching to the choir. Way too much of our population has gone off the deep end. I’ll never understand how anyone could be against the concept of protecting themselves and/or their families against anyone who approaches them with evil intentions toward them and insist on depending on someone else to do that for them. I’ve always taken responsibility for my own personal safety. I’m responsible for that and no one else, period! I made the decision way back during Clinton’s first term to carry certain self-defense items with me wherever I go and still do to this day. I’m totally disregarding any restrictions on self-defense. There’s no legitimate basis for the restrictions, so they’re null and void as far as I’m concerned. Besides, law enforcement “protects and serves” GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC as we were all led to believe when we were kids. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled repeatedly that police have no obligation to protect citizens, period! When we, as individuals, get into situations where we are being threatened by an animal, WE ARE ON OUR OWN AND WE HAVE TO FEND FOR OURSELVES! That’s the way it really is. I’ll handle the situation any way I consider necessary and to hell with any possible consequences. When I was a kid, Dad taught me if some one hits you, hit the SOB back. I was suspended from school numerous times over fights, but it was worth it to me. Anyone who tampers with anyone’s right to self-defense is the same as an accessory to murder. Self-defense is EVERYONE’S NATURAL, GOD-GIVEN RIGHT, NOT A PRIVELEGE GRANTED BY ANY MANMADE GOVERNMENT! Anyone who comes to my home with evil intentions toward me had better reconsider the idea if that person wants to live. On the subject of knives, I do have a NICE collection of them and I won’t give them up, PERIOD! Also, I have recovered from last night. NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

      48. This respondent is stoned.

      49. This is the ajenda , this is the mindset, no matter what sanity matter what our founding fathers sealed in the constitution. Our kids have no future in this insanity. We are at the end of the road as a society…Welcome to the New World Order.Once it is imposed upon the population it is highly unlikely ever return to anything we have enjoyed for over 240 years. Another would say the 57 states…Blind as they be

      50. Howdy, NinaO, and AMEN to your comment# 1843553; my thoughts exactly. Indy Colts, You’ve been misled by MSM; I could see it in your comments. You believe you won’t go to heaven if you stand up and protect your family against a criminal attack? Look up the verse that says, “A man who refuses to provide for his family is worse than an unbeliever.” providing for your family goes beyond food, water, shelter, love; you also have to provide for their safety. braveheart

      51. I think this clown dropped too much acid back in the 60’s

      52. When the socialist US the first town meeting to organize I will propose that we take over the fema camps and look up the voting records and put all the dems, socialists and commie traitors there.

        Let them eat each other. The ones that will survive will be repubs. ha

        Dems…I always knew you were commie pricks.

      53. We should ban the people that ban things !

      54. From a rap song from way back in the day:
        (regarding the mentality of the guy in this video)
        “Idiodacy is not a good policy”

      55. To all.
        anything you do do not i repeat do not take skittles to a gunfight.
        It’s been proven they will not protect you.

      56. I wish we could ban dickheads, but they’re not “sharp”.

      57. Howdy, 22Mission, my thoughts exactly. braveheart

      58. Howdy, Central TX Mom. I hope everything is well with you. braveheart

      59. Ban the planet…problem solved! On to the moon!

      60. I am almost at the feeling that this administration/ presidency is going to use this Zimmerman case to site a riot on purpose, to bring forth racial killings of both and or all races in America. they want a population drop, in the worst way..and they want to stop feeding the drag on society and economy.
        Just be sure your not one of those that arnt ready for it when it comes looking for you.
        I will almost bet the big cities will have month long unsolved killings of all colors of people..It will be provoked on purpose, and the dolts will fall for the race baiting and the Al not so sharp tons and Jessie Jackasses..and the “if I had a son he would look just like the person who tried to kill your family” bunch of pushers..

        watch your back, and train like your life depends on just may

        I pray I am completely wrong about this, time will tell

        • VRF— good thoughts

          If it should go bad, I could see the government seizing
          the opportunity to put the screws to the little freedom
          we have left.
          It’s been awhile now since the school shooting.
          They don’t want the red hot poker to cool down.

        • You gotta love those self-righteous southern people. Keep up that religious programming, it’s working well!!

      61. Howdy, VRF. I have the same feeling about the Zimmerman case; that’s only one reason I’ve stepped up my prepping. only last weekend I stripped down all my weapons, checking and oiling them, plus inventorying my supplies. I normally sleep with a loaded pistol at my bedside every night, but now looks like I’ll have to add a loaded rifle also. BI, I’m only now catching your comment #1843165 from the last article; I have the same feeling about him. BTW, I have recovered from last night. braveheart

      62. Burt, good evening to you, and I couldn’t agree more. we definitely have a nation of “nutters”, as you refer to them. They don’t live in the real world at all. They have not the first clue of how to deal with the real world. Expose them to reality and they would become frozen; totally helpless. As for out-of-control regimes, they will eventually crumble under their own weight. Not one single tyranny has ever lasted forever. Take care. Braveheart

        • Braveheart

          I just now decided to watch the video.
          Did you check out the security guy in
          the back ground. If he is who we’re up
          against when the SHTF, all we would
          have to do is toss him a few donuts
          and he would forget all about us.

      63. The number of govt wire taps increased 71% in 2012 from the previous year.

        The Washington Post

      64. Live to fight another day or go out in a blaze of fire! I do have a suggestion, just take a look at this link on Isshinryu Karate. I am not promoting it, although I did take this style.

        It is the philosophy and history we need to be aware of.

        Every tool and any object is a weapon! Any advantage one may gain to get to a weapon will be vital.

      65. Good evening Braveheart .
        Military drills ongoing here every afternoon
        over the mtns east over Ellijay . NW Ga .

        Armored and decidedly military .
        I would bet they got real lead in those gun turrets .
        At least in these parts, most know the score .
        The insane such as in this video will not make it .

        And that is all there is to say .
        My understanding is that the Anniston Al military base is involved
        in these drills .
        Redstone Arsenal contains many chemical weapons .
        And this drill is a test regarding such deadly weapons .

        I sure hope it don’t go live here .
        Nerve gas is horrible indeed .
        Atlanta has been described to me as containing many units of military currently .

        This sure sounds bad .
        All please take xx care out there .

      66. There’s too much happening all at once. It makes me think of a spoken aside during an instrumental break on one of my favorite records, George’s Playhouse Boogie by Maddox Brothers and Rose: “Stop it. I can’t stand it. It’s driving me sane!”

        Listen to it here:

      67. 22Mission, I have a BOL some distance east of your location that I hope to make it to whenever the balloon goes up. That is disturbing news about the military activity, but not surprising. it’s happening all over the country. No such activity in my area yet, but when I start seeing it, then time for me to bug out. I’ve only had this arrangement at a cousin’s homestead since May and already moved some supplies there. I only hope the military will stay away from that area, but i’m not holding my breath. braveheart

      68. OutWest, yes I noticed him. They can be overwhelmed easily, but they won’t be the majority of what we’ll face, I’m afraid. braveheart



        Fixed the economy with one signature!

        You can thank me later…

        Oh sorry, some men with butterfly nets and a straight jacket are at my door. I’ll be right back…

        • Yeah! And ban mosquitoes! Just legislate them little bastards right out of town!

      70. Why don’t we ban automobiles? After all, they kill MANY thousands of folks a year!
        How about banning senior citizens, after all, they’re said to be “useless eaters”.Why not ban life itself, after all, it leads to death 100% of the time.


      71. Going to enjoy watching these f***ers twist and sway – heard that one can catch quite a view from a street light, too.

      72. SEZ th guy wearing a FUR COAT !! Wonder if people like that ever wonder where their belts, shoe’s or wallets come from !?? If those animals had GUNS to defend their selves , they would probably be alive today!!! And we would be wearing PLASTIC BELTS !! These LIBS need to stay HOME and LOCK their doors and crawl UNDER their BEDS !! Sorry ,didn’t get much sleep last night. My neighbor comes over at 2:30 am and KNOCKS on my DOOR !! 2:30 am , can you believe it?? Luckily I was still up ,playing my DRUMS!!! The nerve of SOME people !!……….mm~

      73. People like that should really consider banning work boots. Because they might get one up their posterior.

      74. What a class act! There at about 3:57 he wipes his nose up towards his forehead and then wipes the snot on his pants! Too much LSD and way too much prison sex, I tell you!

      75. soon they will pull your teeth out as they are to sharp then you’ll have to buy their “Pre-chewwed spew in a can”

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