Gun Control Activist Wants You To Ask Your Thanksgiving Host If They Have Guns

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Headline News | 120 comments

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    With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many are planning festivities which include feasts and gatherings with friends and family.  But some others, like gun control activists, seek to make your holiday as miserable as possible.

    Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, used the trending hashtag #ThanksgivingWeek to call on parents to inquire about guns in homes where their child may be visiting this year.

    Watts has been fighting against gun owners for years, pushing for gun control legislation, and has encouraged businesses to adopt gun-free policies. She is also the board chair for Rise to Run, an organization focused on encouraging communist young women to run for office.

    But once again, proving that leftists are actually the violent ones who wish for the death of those who don’t believe the same fantasies they do, the lemmings who follow Watts were out in full force.

    What most leftists don’t realize is that most gun owners don’t care about their emotions. They probably will relish a Thanksgiving dinner without the political diarrhea that so many gun control activists spew. If I were asked the question Watts proposed, I would tell the person asking that it’s none of their business and if they don’t like then tough

    Because the cold hard truth no liberal wants to realize, is that gun control will only affect those willing to follow those laws and punishes those who have committed no crime.  There’s no other way to look at it, and until the communists on the left can realize that, Thanksgiving may be more enjoyable without them.

    Personally, I think that liberals and communists have an issue with gun rights because those are the people who can tell them “no” and back it up.  It’s hard to control a person who’s armed when you only bring your feelings to the fight.


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      1. Most of the liberal activists have no real control over their own lives. This is why they try to meddle in everyone elses affairs.

        • if you show me a child molesting criminal then i will show you that same person wants to take your guns. criminals love gun free zones isnt that right NRA?

        • Right-on

      2. “…Thanksgiving may be more enjoyable without them.”

        Exactly!!! why I’m NOT having half my family over for the yummy turkey dinner with all the trimmings and dessert.

        That can take their carry-on some place else.

        • I’ll bet money that busy-body takes a shitload of prescription medication for her mood disorder and numerous other issues.

          • Somebody that came over to my house and started that bullshit would be beat about the head and shoulders with the drumstick….family or no. Matter of fact I’d chase them out the lane and be beating them the whole way. Guess there wouldn’t be much left of the drumstick ‘cept some gristle. That would be good enough.

          • And add to this that the Girl Scouts say that girls in the family shouldn’t hug their grandparents or aunts and uncles because that makes them manipulable or less feminist later in life.

            I guess the only holiday the Marxists would be happy about is Earth Day where you only hug a tree and no squirrels or deer or chipmunks are harmed.

            Attacks on family gathering holidays are anti-family and betray the political motivations of the Leftists. Remember, Hillary said “It takes a village to raise a child.” The Marxists are not happy with OUR family gatherings because we’re passing along OUR values and not theirs. They won’t be happy until they remove our kids from us and put them in Marxist Barracks, like their Marxist-Progressive writings have said.

          • Thugs like her want to be the only ones who can bring weapons to the confrontation

        • Ask me if I have guns, I will politely but in no uncertain terms ask you to leave. Next question

          • we asked this question…the responses were.

            1. yeah in my truck
            2. of course…right here (tapping IWB holster)
            3. on safe in my purse
            4. Oh i haven’t shown you my new Kimber? Let me go get it!

        • the NRA has been infiltrated by russian spys i bet.

      3. “Do you have any guns here in your house?”

        “Sure. What do you need? What kind? How many?”

      4. Yes we all have weapons and more than likely one of us will get a deer tomorrow. I’ve got 2 already so far. The liberals are stupid. Our children know how to shoot and respect the weapons. They aren’t gonna grow up scared to death of a simple tool. The poor liberal raised children will become nutcases like their foolish parents.

        • Menzo, you only got 2 deer? My family in GA has you beat; they already took 6 and getting their deep-freezers restocked, LOL!

          • lOL BH, I’m hoping for more. First was 8 pointer then a spike. We are gonna pressure can the meat in pint jars again this year. Always prepping.

            • Menzo ~ I’m very interested in pressure-canning meat and other non-acidic foods, but very concerned that I might screw it up, since I’ve never done it before.

              Is the classic Ball Blue Book sufficient for a guide? If not, can you recommend other sources of information on the process? Thanks! ~ KV

          • Ha! I’ve killed five doe so far but my boy has only killed one. I told him he better quit looking at antlers and “up” his game. He did kill one doe early on during bow season so we tallied at six. Saturday is our first day of shotgun season and we also get Sunday to hunt. I’m gonna whack and stack ’em if they come upon me. I don’t care if they still have spots or the milk on their lips.

            • Oooh, Bambi Parmesan. I prefer that over veal parmesan.

        • Amen

      5. I HOPE I am asked that question. I would love to tell the asker of such a question that I most definitely have a loaded weapon with in reach in every room….in hopes they take their communist ass somewhere else for free food.

        • Best answer is: “Sure and I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”

          • I like that–how about this one:

            As we go around the table, each saying something they are grateful for, say this:” I am grateful that in a country with 50,000+ violent assaults, rapes, manslaughters and murders are committed by blacks against whites EVERY year that I have guns in my home to protect my family.”……..of course my family would just say, “AMEN”

            • Fav: Amen! These vile, predator, black savage rats are an out of control, very dangerous cancer!! Pay close attention White folks. Blacks are robbing and raping and murdering WHITE folks literally every god damn single day in this country. Please, for the love of God, wake up and see this for what it is… This land is quickly on its way to 3rd World status.

            • Menzo, I just wish I could be over there right now giving my liberty tools some exercise, LOL.

            • Javelin, LMAO! Damn good one!

            • All 2nd Amendment advocates would Say “AMEN” Better to be prepared than to become enslaved like this idiot female wants us to be.

            • LOL, javelin they better! or they’d be put in a corner and have to suck on their paws while they watched the rest of us eat.

          • Since I have begun carrying even at home, my answer would be…”Sure” as I pulled it out from my concealed holster and removed the magazine and then racked it and locked the slide back. I would then place it on the table and ask the guest, hopefully a liberal female, “now, show me yours”.

        • Tell them that you have so many guns that you couldn’t swing a dead cat around in the house without hitting one. That’ll cause them to have piss shivers.

      6. If they ask me that, I’ll ask them WHEN did you stop beating your wife… after telling them it’s non of their business. Of course, I would insist that this is a micro-aggression and that they leave my house immediately.

      7. We moved away from family. In the day Thanksgiving besides the food was an exercise in frustration as any topic that was of any importance wasn’t discussed because no one had an opinion. They would say, “That doesn’t concern me”. They talked about things they own, golf, football, baseball and stare at it for hours on TV with the occasional outcry of approval or disapproval. The women largely congregated in the kitchen to discuss home, kids and people often burning through cigarette after cigarette and continuous cups of coffee. I hoped some extended family / friends of theirs would arrive and I looked for someone that might be interested in anything other than the superficial. I got to a point of even longing for a liberal because at least they had an opinion and it was someone to politically spar with.

        • I know EXACTLY what you mean. My ex-wife’s family was the same way. Even though they were all supposedly “conservatives” they ALL were against gun ownership and ALL the men, except me, were henpecked wooses that would never disagree with their wives. The ONLY thing I miss is watching my daughter playing with her cousins. Other than that, I consider those thanksgivings a total waste of time and life. Tomorrow, I will enjoy thanksgiving dinner, and then go shoot my new Henry in the back 40.

          • Mine aren’t anti gun nor are they pro. They just don’t care about anything other than acquiring and showing off their possessions, sports and other trivial matters. I remember even 911 being thought of as, “Thats a real shame what happened”, “Have you seen my new countertops”? They’re so self absorbed typical NJ. Weeds in the neighbors lawn is far more important than a pending WWIII. I kid you not.

            • 101 reasons why i would rather de hair myself with a propane torch than have Thanksgiving at the big family shindig,,,they pretty much suck, i instead have an excellent meal with my sweetheart of 20 years and her family and call it a day

              • happy thanksgivin’ to you, kula…..and all the rest of my friends on shtfplan.

          • enough,have fun with your Henry,I hope it’s a big boy,I love mine (44mag),sweet,but loud.Have a great Thanksgiving.

        • Kevin2, LOL! I’m not laughing at you personally but I can’t help but laugh at the remark of longing for a liberal to talk to. I used to ENJOY taking a lib to the woodshed but not anymore, not since they’ve showed their TRUE colors. I’ll just spend the day checking my preps ad cleaning the house.

          • Imagine being stuck at one of these social functions. I hate sports and look at adults following it as mental children and boring ones at that. The kitchen where the women congratulated had enough second hand smoke (at least two people smoking at any given time) to water your eyes. I found a corner, sat down and contentiously ate. The food was terrific.

            • damn auto spell…..congregated not congratulated

              • constantly not contentiously.

                Have to proof read.

            • Kevin2, I’ve been at such functions in years past so I know what you mean. I avoid them like the plague nowadays.

            • Smoking is about the most damn disgusting thing people can possibly do in life!!!!

      8. Whiners like Ms. Watts don’t get it.
        “You cannot invade the mainland of the United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” – Isoroku Yamamoto / Commander in Chief Japanese Imperial Navy / World War II
        Thank God there still are.
        Mothers and fathers, teach your children to be warriors or they will be slaves to tyrants like Ms. Watts.

      9. I shot my Thanksgiving turkey.


      11. Mac, it’s Ok about the moderation. I’m going to have my say and that’s it.

      12. Just a bunch of “Moms” brought by George Soros to a Thanksgiving table near you.

      13. My answer would be. Oh Hell Yes! What to go shooting?????

        • Sarge, LOL! Good one! As I said earlier, let that crazy bitch become a victim of crime and if she survives it we’ll see if she still sings the same song against gun ownership.

      14. “Thanksgiving may be more enjoyable without them.” ANYTIME I’m away from libturds is definitely enjoyable. LOL!

        • Can you imagine dinner with that woman, this Shannon Watts? It’d be tofu turkey and as she’s also a communist, no one could have seconds. I’d dare say this idiot broad would be aghast at my answer, “well Ma’am, yes I happen to own quite a few, have one on me right now and another couple in the truck. And I’d be happy to blow a hole in your soy-bean curd turkey for ya, as it seems to be moving still….. pass the blood-puddin’ darlin'”.

          • Heartless, that is a horrible thought. No way I want to be around that crazy bitch. I might catch something.

      15. if I had some snowflake start in questioning me about my private biz – she/he would just get an un-invite to the occasion ….

        eazy remedy ….

        • Tell them we lock up the guns but leave the gasoline and matches out.

          • hard to say that Kevin when I have 7 visible in this room alone.

            • Ok well tell them you leave the guns out and lock up the gasoline and matched and the system is working, no shootings, no arson. Close with, “Is your gasoline and matches under lock and key”?

              • matches… not matched

              • citizen

                Give them some facts too:

                The U.S. has one of the highest per capita arson rates in the world.

                An estimated 100,000 fires are deliberately set. Arson causes almost 1,000 deaths yearly and contributes over $1.5 billion in property damage.

                Start a debate of gasoline control. Did you know a juvenile can buy gasoline and a cigarette lighter at the same location W/O any background check?

      16. It was nauseating reading those twit wit comments, just a bunch of sansa starks chirping their little beaks off not acknowledging the communist geoffery ready to decapitate ned.

      17. Loonie liberals, WTF is wrong with these shitheads,,
        I see it all around, you can almost always pick out these liberals in a crowd, some of the older ones are harder. Everything is offensive or dangerous or “triggering”, whatever the hell that is. Its funny, because if i decide im going to cause mayhem, taking my guns away may well make the outcome worse, i can do way more damage with other common inanimate objects and substances, just look at the stats on killings with blunt objects or automobiles.
        But its a pet peave of the loonie left against us bitter clingers, but for myself, i take to heart the term democide, i know and have known folks who survived the death camps in Germany, i know people who escaped from Burma and a few other violent communist regimes, disarming their political opposites was always the first step toward democide and there were always willing useful idiots cheering on the confiscation and disarming of their political foes.
        Never ever never will i give up all my guns for any reason, literally, from my cold dead hands and possibly out of a pile of brass and ash will be the only way i will be disarmed especially since i live in a state that is apparently populated and governed by rabid liberal loons

      18. Kevin2, how long ago was it that people smoked indoors? all the smokers I know quit smoking inside in 2000’s and I figured it was a universal thing. Remember never to engage liberals in a way that my betray your own OPSEC.

        Side question: if you enter your email on the leave reply form are others able to see, and will you then be notified when new replies are left?

        • My cousins are 68 -75 and get this, still smoke like chimneys. Their parents smoked and lived until 80 or better. As I said, mutants. Emphysema eventually gets them as their lungs are just full of soot. The next generation, their kids largely don’t but a few do. None are drinkers. They would have cans beer in the fridge requiring a can opener if it wasn’t for me. They been putting out the very same bottles of VO and the like for guests (that largely don’t drink either) for the last 30+ years. Cigarettes, coffee and the damn best home brewed ice tea was consumed in abundance.

          They’re not really liberals. They just don’t have any real interest in anything but sports and things.

      19. First off, I don’t envied antigunners to my house and the answer would be yes in fact I am carrying one right now.

      20. Nailbanger, same here. I can SMELL libturds a mile away. My wife and part of her family managed to escape from Cuba. The other part of her family had already been murdered by Castro’s butchers. One of the first things Castro’s goons did when they entered Havana after Batista fled the country was to confiscate guns. Only a few hours after the gun confiscation was completed executions began. I also take the term democide seriously. It’s possible I’ll die in a pile of brass myself but I’ll take as many scum as I can with me.

        • Its pretty serious and these ibecile libturds dont believe they are being used,,, its amusing how ignorant they are, i think that if Obummer could have gotten away with it he would have one upped Auz land on their gun prohibiton. If we had elected hillery she would also have done that and worse, useful idiots is all i can say, and what is interesting is they really think it will make them safer

      21. These god damned liberal fools just don’t get it and they never will. Do NOT ever give up your guns people – that would be the biggest mistake you could possibly make.

      22. I’m looking forward to sweet potatoes with turkey gravy, lima beans and whole berry cranberry sauce. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

        • Sweet potatoes! Good stuff! We do green bean casserole,
          Happy thanksgiving!

        • I’m debating starting off Thanksgiving morning with sausage gravy and biscuits and I have already had heart attacks. Its amazing how a holiday can “justify” overindulgence.

      23. Around here every home has firearms and nobody would let their children visit any house that didn’t – ’cause them people just ain’t right.

        • Ain’t that the truth!

      24. Guns SAVE lives people!

      25. To Shannon Watts (and the rest of her lying ilk): Fuck off, cunt.

      26. My sister-in-law won’t even enter my house because of the guns. Best way in the world to keep her away from me!

      27. I will only have so many opportunities to do something that will make a difference in this life. So, at the Thanksgiving table, I make an offer every year to everyone, to take them to the range, and they can shoot any of my guns they choose, all the ammo they want, range fees and lunch on me as well as transportation, and a follow up if they want, same conditions, and a free 1 year membership in GOA. I think some of you should remember some old sayings. One is, You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. Means kill your opponents with kindness, while they’re still just politically opposed.

      28. At my table you’ll be told to go home and get your gun or , No soup for you

        I have never had that problem in my family
        We actually sit down after dinner and compare who’s got what , and what they bought recently

        • NO SOUP FOR YOU!
          Funny stuff bud

      29. None of your damn business! Don’t let the door hit you in the arss! You freak’n libtard!

        That would be my response.

      30. We should yell “he has an assault rifle” everytime we are near a libtard. And watch them go insane. PTSD in minutes. Watch them become so paranoid they won’t go out.

        • I like this plan.

          Pretty soon a plastic spork with a “scope attachment” would be an “assault rifle”.

      31. If someone asked me if I had guns in the house my reply would be … “Yes I do and if you don’t like it leave.”

      32. One really nice thing we have this Thanksgiving to be very thankful for is that it is a jerk like this woman suggesting we try to ruin our Thanksgiving get together rather than our president or first woman. The last eight years it was the Obama’s who would make that suggestion. No way Trump would suggest that and so they had to just this sorry substitute. And that is really something to be very thankful for.


      34. Thanksgiving is a mish-mash of viewpoints in my dysfunctional family.

        My 88 year old dad has buckets of Wise Food and gold coins and is reading a book about demographics by Harry Dent.

        My mother hates everything about prepping. She just shakes her head and turns up the volume on “As the World Turns” when the subject comes up.

        Sis doesn’t care either. She quotes the Latin for “Live for today”. I forget what it is…

        Younger brother likes firearms but this Thanksgiving he is doing state time for a firearm violation.

        Youngest brother seems to base his beliefs on FOX news.

        I would have won the Thanksgiving firearms count contest last year, but most of mine fell overboard with my precious and the rest I sold privately.

        • God bless your dad, I read Harry Dents book. It is solid science, if not for intense intervention by the FED and US Treasury, it would have been a blueprint to collapse, still demographics will shape the world if but a bit delayed. They will delay the crash Harry predicts until they can’t or they want it.

          My dear wife was anti-gun for decades, still I bought your basic shotgun, and pistol combo and….

          My wife was the victim of a mugging in the vestibule of her own home as a teen, luckily simple larceny was all that occurred. The day a team of thugs began ambushing people getting their mail or taking out the trash began, three cases within miles of our house and it all came flooding back. She has now totally reversed her view on gun control. Does she prefer her husband is to be packing, or to lose him to a thug….

          It’s a shame but a stupid activist woman like this just needs to lose someone she loves before she grasps reality. My wife, much smarter is on board, a bit late, but still fully on board.

          I like the teaching, “Love is patient”!

      35. Here is my response: What I own and why is none of your F–king business. Offended? Then please take care that MY door does not hit YOU in YOUR ass on YOUR way out.

      36. It begs the question, why would anyone invite such a person to their Thanksgiving table?

      37. Nothing wrong with her question. All of us gun owners should be very careful the little uns don’t get hold of one! Happy Thanksgiving!

      38. Assure them that they are secure against children getting them. If your children have received gun safety training, point that out. Mention that good parenting requires that every child receive such training regardless of how the family feels about gun control. Ask if their kids have received such training. If you know where such training, suggest it to them.

        If they are persistent, ask them where they store their burglary tools. Do it in a nice way “Goodness sake! As curious as you are about whether I have guns and where I store them, you’d think that you were considering breaking into my home!”

      39. It is sad to think a liberal would stoop to recruiting children as spies, wait government education uses children spies all the time. If you have school age children spend as much time deprograming the left from them as you can.
        Know how to tell there is going to be a shooting? If we make progress at stopping gun control there will be a mass shooting. Think about it we almost got silencers, a shooting. We almost get national reciprocity, a shooting. Keep a journal of political action and reaction. A list of all these leftists too.

      40. This Thanksgiving my sons and I are hitting the range for some family shooting competition. My daughter might even be joining us.

      41. Our neighbor is liberal leaning, but not a libtard/turd. He owns a few guns. You can actually have a conversation with him. We have invited him over for thanksgiving dinner…We always make way to much anyway. I love throwing “food for thought” at him. Sometimes the result is the blank stare, but once in a while I see the light come on. Perversion to the dark side should be a slow steady process.
        OK, yea I’m a sadistic bastard that cant pass up the opportunity to mess with the mentally handicapped!

      42. you need to have fun with them.

        if you got some gun nuts at the table, you should have everyone hide them on their person until it’s time to eat and announce “no guns at the table” and have everyone start pulling them out and laying them on the coffee table. those nuts will freak out that people were carrying guns that might have fallen out of their harness, knocked off the safety, discharged and killed someone ! (those idiots believe that happens)

      43. My granddaughter’s favorite game? Deeeeer Huuunter. She’s 8 and ready for me to take her out and teach her how to shoot. Got my first deer when I was 9 and the Model 70 was almost as long as I was tall. She’s been begging for deer meat for a couple of years now and I’ll probably get one just for her.

        Turning her into a gun nut would be so easy but I have to be careful with all the PC police that permeate our society. At least her school across the street is a guardian school here in Texas that warns people that the staff are armed and will use deadly force if needed to protect staff and students. She has no problems with it and I have a weapon at the ready, too, if someone tries to do something stupid. It’s just the world we live in and I’ll roll with it. Hell, there were kids back in my high school that had rifles in their gun racks or under the seat of their vehicles in student parking! No one gave a flip about it then. Personal responsibility was a point of pride and personal development then. Today it’s all about being “offended” and shaming those that think differently. Well break out the little Mao suits and hand out the little red books! You’ll make easier targets.

      44. If I had twitter, Id troll the shit out of them. Ask them all this: Do you have a pool? Do you have a hammer? What about electrical outlets? What about stairs? How about a car? OMG and what about those big scary ASSAULT KNIVES used to cut your food???????

        • Make a fake one, I do it for giggles, its fun watching them blow a gasket. I troll liberals almost non stop.

        • And the big beer trucks that run over people.

          • Ladders. Really, this time of year is dangerous. Cleaning gutters and roof tops and hanging lights.

            Be careful everyone! Old HS buddy broke both his legs six months apart. Not fun.

      45. DMONIC, LMAO. I like your thought process.

      46. Ask away, the second you ask, I ask you to leave my property. I dont care how related or friendly we are, i would turn my own parents away if they started asking such questions. Do I ask everyone that comes to my house if they smoke dope? If they had an abortion? Who they voted for? No.. so mind your business before you make it my business to ruin your thanksgiving by sending you home.

      47. Moms and children, instant street cred.

        More like instant human shields for any half witted political agenda.

      48. Hmmmm. I asked and they all said NONE! Oh well, guess that is that!

      49. Personally, I think that liberals and communists have an issue with gun rights because those are the people who can tell them “no” and back it up. It’s hard to control a person who’s armed when you only bring your feelings to the fight.

        You forgot the total control freak aspect of these assholes.

        I’m dealing with one right now who (when you boil it down) wants advice on “how to make her bf do precisely what she wants when she wants how she wants”. What’s the “magic formula” to turn him into a drooling slave.

        Put the shoe on the other gender and see how bad that idea stinks like shit.

        “Oh but that’s different because (insert illogical rationalized BS here)”.

        Truth is you could Nerf the entire planet for these dipshits and then they’d just turn around and beat each other to death once they accomplished that one.

      50. Of course I have guns…whadda ya think I killed that Turkey with? Careful, still bits of lead in it.

        • Jim,

      51. Said it before and I’ll say it again…F*ck Mac.

      52. We are going to our eldest sons house. I know he has guns because I gave him several. And we will carry our own guns with us.

      53. Great comments from everyone! Cracked me up, too!

        I grew up shooting and reloading.

        I would have one comment: NUNYA.

      54. Not sure that anyone would ever ask if I had guns at Thanksgiving because I doubt they would come because I don’t serve Tofurkey.

      55. Shannon Watts is a communist, a enemy of American freedoms and rights of American citizens. She apparently doesn’t love America and needs to emigrate to a communist country where she can live in misery being oppressed disarmed and without all the freedoms she had in America.

      56. Two more unsolved daylight home break-ins in my neighborhood in the last 30 days, plus one domestic dispute where a Chinese guy beat his wife halfway to death. Nope no reason anyone here would need to defend themselves, or need fast access to a firearm…….

      57. Opposite problem. Going to the hubby’s ex-wife’s so he can have TG with his kids (all are over 30). I’ll be carrying. Nice tunic shirt will cover it and the extra mag in another pocket.

      58. Mine all seem to be content with just sitting quietly, talking on their texts (cell phones) and watching the useless NFL football.
        They all need to move on.

      59. #Donginherbutt.

      60. The vast majority of American citizens are more likely to be seriously injured or killed in an automobile accident than by a firearm.If the proposed ban of firearms is about public safety,when is the automobile ban going into effect? I would to know so I can go out and buy,or swap,for a good mule.

      61. “Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand…”

        If the household was a patriarchy, with all the powers vested in patriarchy — such as asking someone to leave — then, I would believe it is conservative.

        Conservatives won’t make Shannon a mother, or break bread with her. Family planning carries into adulthood, and keeps people like Shannon, from participating in public life.

        Speaking of demographic displacement, and competitions, and suchlike — People like the Kim Jongs are not against plentiful food. Christie is not against beach access. The state pusher is not against drugs. They’re sure not against social boundaries and restrictions, on specific classes of people. And, inwardly-violent liberals, akin to Manson, are not against guns. The issue is, they want status, the means of production, and whichever useful resources, for themselves, only. They are not for or against any right; they don’t like the competition.

      62. My reply would be, “Do you have dildos in your home? If so, where do you store them?”

      63. I can’t see anyone who posts here, even knowing such a POS, or that they would even be a guest.

        Fuck her….and if one puts enough BBQ sauce on ANY ‘meat’, it WILL be edible!

        Happy T/G/DAY!

      64. Lmao….funny thing about it all the guest that came to my house were carry concield practitioners…total of 23 firearms in my house all eating together in peace..and that’s not including what I have in my safe?

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