“Gulags Weren’t That Bad”: Sanders Staffer Says Trump Supporters Will Need To Be ‘Re-Educated In Camps’

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    An undercover operative for Project Veritas has filmed a rabid Bernie Sanders field organizer who claims that “cities will burn” if President Trump is reelected this year, and that Trump supporters will need to be reeducated in literal gulags, similar to what Germany did to ‘Nazified’ Germans after World War II.

    “Do you even think, that some of these, like, MAGA people could be “re-educated?” asks the Veritas journalist in a preview of Tuesday’s exposé (set for full release at Noon, ET).

    “We gotta try, so like, in Nazi Germany after the fall of the Nazi party, there was a shit-ton of the populace that was fucking Nazi-fied,” said field organizer Kyle Jurek.

    “Germany had to spend billions of dollars re-educating their fucking people to not be nazis. Like, we’re probably going to have to do the same thing here,” he added. “That’s kind of what all Bernie’s whole fucking like “Hey, free education for everybody – because we’re going to have to teach you not to be a fucking Nazi”

    Jurek went on to explain “there’s a reason Joseph Stalin had gulags,” adding “And actually, gulags were a lot better than what the CIA has told us that they were. Like, people were actually paid a living wage in gulags, they had conjugal visits in gulags, gulags were actually meant for like re-education.”

    The Sanders organizer also predicts violence if Bernie doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, and that “Milwaukee will burn.”




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      1. Gulags? Wasn’t that a Soviet thing?

        Speaking of Russians, I see where Putin has made some changes. No one holding a governor, a Federal Council, or a Duma membership are allowed to be dual citizens. No judges or heads of any post involving national security are allowed to be dual citizens. This is what the US needs to do. No more Ashkenazis in influential positions in the District of Columbia.

        Meanwhile, Trump is building a whole new wing to house all his dual citizen, deep state, swamp creatures he loves and adores.

      2. At least twenty million perished in the Gulags. Saw an interview with a Gulag commander. He laughed when he said they didn’t care when they worked or starved or froze to death prisoners, because he knew they would send him two for everyone that died. No one has ever stood trial. Tells you something about the so called leaders of the West.

      3. If you read the Communist Manifesto, there is no particular ideology. It is statism and infrastructure, for it’s own sake — in which all are obliged to participate, irrespective of race or credo. Marx was akin to Republicans, and, in some theaters, the terms republican and communist were interchangeable. How does your morality work: all comers are welcome as well-mannered cogs in your machine. Communist countries all identify as democratic republic (or some equivalent term in the thesaurus). Yet, Democrats and Republicans, in this country, treat the expression Communist as some conspiracy theory, while they are living it, in-person.


        ^ Private property rights would work like a fly zapper, on all those radicals, who can readily be identified by innocent school children but who always seem to slip through the fingers of hardened authority figures, always on watch. D’oh.

        I think that Nazi’s were akin to ufo cultists, like Raelians. Imagine if one of our modernday free energy enthusiasts — who sometimes attract a fanatical following — was placed in a Wiemar-ized and starving Germany, without moral compass. Hard living has already done most of the cult’s job, of breaking down the psychological resistance of the neophytes, who have not been introduced to Vril, yet, but are promised beer and sausages. Any culty raison d’être or fictional cosmology could overtake a fourth world country, in which your common everyday lemming had lost all sense of purpose.


        Coincidence theorists say that some of our scripts come from childrens’ fairytales. So, while the plebs are discussing the relative morality of a concentration camp, the elite listen to Teddy Bear Picnic and want you to call them Skippy.

      4. Who does this person think he is. He says Trump supporters are Nazis, and that we should all be forcefully “re-educated”. Furthermore, he says vast numbers of people who do not share his ideology should be thrown into gulags. This is truly a classic example of being an extreme sociopath.
        I do not believe he believes what he said about gulags. How can anyone know about the millions who dies in Nazi camps, but believe that no one died in Soviet camps. He is a liar, a Marxist propagandist.
        By his statement it shows he shares the Marxist mentality of Stalin, Lenin, and all the others with their minions – all vicious mass murderers. They all justified in the name of “progress” their use of the most depraved cruelty ever devised against human beings, the Soviet gulag is one example.
        They killed, tortured, starved, terrorized, and worked to death the populations of their countries on an unimaginable scale to gain and then hold power. A person writing a first-hand account of infamous Soviet leaders stated they actually derived deep satisfaction from hurting and degrading people and keeping people in unrelieved fear. They were absolutely the worst psychopaths and sociopaths in history.
        But this Jurek is more than a propagandist, by saying that should the Pres. be re-elected “cities will burn” also makes him a provocateur. He is a child throwing a temper tantrum. A nobody with no ability or talent or anything to offer except blind adherence. Therefore, he must default to name-calling, threats, and violence. He is what Lenin called a useful idiot.

      5. gulags weren’t that bad, said the man that’s never even missed a meal in his life, nor suffered from cold, etc..

      6. Bezmenov was said to be censored off Youtube. (Sometimes, this causes a whitelash of shtposters, though.) He said that altruists and radicals would be put against a wall. Once you have exhausted the “old guard”, you will have outlived your usefulness, under Communism; demonstrators are not literally tolerated.

        Very, very entitled Boomer stereotypes were akin to the “old guard”, who sincerely believe that they have earned trust because of their crony-ism under past administrations. When you are inducted into cults, your job skills and personality will come along, too — also into the Bernie cult. You are already sentenced to sensitivity training and other kinds of redundant makework; the only difference Bernie will make is the cot.

        That leaves a whole lot of people, in between — probably NEETS and nonvoters — who have no particular motivations or preconceived, political notions, who might just as soon be assigned to anything, anywhere. These floaters and gypsies don’t need to be rehabilitated, according to any value system, because they have no roots, friends, or useful, social connections.

        Some version of this has probably happened to most all of our families, already, in recent history, as a result of some needless war or public work that serves no nameable survival function, except a salary in plug nickels and arcade tokens.

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