Guiding Principle: Maintain Humanity Under 500 Million… Starting in 2014?

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    Some say that the mysterious granite structures in Elbert County, Georgia were put there by members of the sustainable development movement. Others say they’re guidelines for the what the elite members of society plan to do with the world in the near future. Wherever they came from, the Georgia Guidestones as they are called, have been the topic of much controversy and conspiracy theory over the last 35 years.

    Originally built in 1979 by an unknown individual, the Guidestones outline ten principles, or guidelines, for how humanity is supposed to live and be governed on planet Earth.

    For those who believe that the Guidestones may be a warning of globalization and a coming New World Order, the very first message may be the most controversial. “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature,” it reads, leaving many wondering if the stones’ messages are merely suggestions, or perhaps something more sinister. The other guidelines don’t fair much better, with several calling for a centralized global governing body, a world court, and a unified social order.

    That no one knows who built the stones or why is in and of itself a mystery for the ages. But now, according to reports from individuals who recently visited the Stones, they have been updated with a new message, perhaps even more cryptic than the stones themselves. Apparently, without much fanfare, a new corner stone has been added  and it depicts the number “2014.”

    guidestones1(Pictured: Georgia Guidestones with recent update circled. Source: Philosopher’s Stone)

    The slab that was updated with the “2014” has the guidelines written in English on one side and Spanish on the other:


    guidestones-2014(Note: This image has been enhanced with brightness for easier viewing)


    (Video Via Truthstream Media)

    The 10 Principles of the Georgia Guidestones:

    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
    3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
    4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
    5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
    9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
    10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.


    Naturally, conspiracy theories about who put the newly discoverted corner piece on the Guidestones abound.

    If this is someone playing a joke, then they’ve certainly gotten everyone’s attention.

    But, if it has been placed by the same person or organization who commissioned the Stones to begin with, then it’s quite possible that we are on the cusp of massive changes coming to the world starting this year.

    To achieve success with even the first principle would require quite an event. In fact, other than a global nuclear war or natural catastrophe of biblical proportions, there’s not much that can reduce the human population from it’s current 7.2 billion people to 500 million in the span of the next few months.

    But, that doesn’t mean the “2014” message is meaningless. Assuming elite insider Lindsey Williams is correct in his suggestion that the elite or Illuminati often telegraph their intentions, and that the Guidestones were built by these shadow elite individuals or conglomerates, could it be that this year is the beginning of whatever agenda they purport to foretell?

    Is this merely a hoax? Or has the convergence to a New World Order begun?


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      1. Who owns the land?

        Maybe “They” did it???

        Y’all play nice now! 🙂

        • According to real estate records, the land was purchased by the county back in ’79 or thereabouts… So, if the county owns the land, then who commissioned this sculpture? And why all the secrecy?

          From Wikipedia:

          Elbert County owns the Georgia Guidestones site. According to the Georgia Mountain Travel Association’s detailed history: “The Georgia Guidestones are located on the farm of Mildred and Wayne Mullenix…” The Elbert County land registration system shows what appears to be the Guidestones as County land purchased on October 1, 1979.

          The monument was unveiled in March 1980…

          • Been there, seen it in real life, googled jokes about it… NONE… Thats the scary part, maybe it is not a joke at all???

            • Some more info you might want to look at…

              ht tp://

              • I checked out the link. Pretty creepy!

                • Really no more creepy then all the nonsense any traveler can see @Denver International Airport,would be a lot easier to bulldoze these though.As for a lack of guide stone jokes,come on Eppe,fire up the coffee/beer and get to work!

                  • If Wolin is right, and I believe he is, then when we begin to build mass movements that carry out repeated acts of civil disobedience, as I think everyone on this panel believes we must do, the corporate state, including the Democratic Party, will react the way all calcified states react. It will use the security and surveillance apparatus, militarized police forces—and, under Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act, the military itself—to shut down all dissent with force. The legal and organizational mechanisms are now in place to, with the flip of a switch, put the nation effectively under martial law. When acts of mass civil disobedience begin on Monday morning with Flood Wall Street and later with Occupy the U.N., the face of the corporate state will, as it did during the Occupy movement, reveal itself.

                    If the response of the corporate state is repression rather than reform then our strategy and our tactics must be different. We will have to cease our appealing to the system. We will have to view the state, including the Democratic Party, as antagonistic to genuine reform. We will have to speak in the language of … revolution. We will have to carry out acts of civil disobedience that seek to cripple the mechanisms of corporate power. The corporate elites, blinded by their lust for profit and foolish enough to believe they can protect themselves from climate change, will not veer from our path towards ecocide unless they are forced from power. And this means the beginning of a titanic clash between our corporate masters and ourselves.

                  • Warchild…man you are so on the mark..I worked at DIA when it first opened and saw these images firsthand in 95..the gargoyle out of the suitcase at baggage claim..the security fences turned inward..the panel at the south end of the main terminal…even back then I knew what this was and its message. I’m sure they watched me on cam shaking my head at those images. When I worked in the bag room in the tunnels..there are cracks in the supporting walls looking down and there are individuals you can see working 4 levels struck me that most people wouldn’t even look at the paintings in baggage claim..probably to cryptic for minds of sheep.

                  • fUG the guidestones!
                    If Mac Slavo didn’t write them,
                    then it’s just graffiti.

                  • LOL. This is what your “vote” will get you… Dead!

                    Keep it up people. The world can’t come to an end soon enough!!

                  • BTW, where’s my buddy Smails?

                  • Mac Slavo says:

                    “So, if the county owns the land, then who commissioned this sculpture?”

                    Here’s a clue Mac: Ted Turner.

              • Anyone else notice that the people who believe that the world is too crowded and the population must be reduced don’t volunteer them or their families to be the first to be sacrificed? Always someone else that has to go. Pigs!

                • Ya know what would be funny? If the Georgia Guidestones was the most epic form of trolling in the history of mankind. I mean, can you imagine how hard the people who put those up are laughing right now? It’s gotta have a great lulz/dollar ratio.

                  • Please stfu whoever put that much time to make that just to troll only trolled their self honestly…and if u ask me its not no damn troll

            • Pay Attention Big Mass Protesters outside of the NYSE Stock Exchange. A new Occupy Wallstreet movement?? Hardly any MSM is covering this protest. Check CNBC CHANNEL

              • Seriously we need to get down to about 7 People total population on the earth. That number seemed to work just fine for the stranded on Gilligan’s Island. As long as its me and 2 other Hot chicks included like Ginger and Maryann.

                • Of course even with those 7 there was still the NWO type like Millionaire Thurston Howell III, who wanted to own everybody and everything. Ok just 6 people then. Like me and 5 Hooters chicks. LoL..

                • going to the keys this weekend ,what a bunch of fucked up weather ,oh well guess ill just have to lazy around and take in the bare skin

            • Looks like good target practice to me eppe….night time of course;-)

              • Talon,lets not forget the stallion with red eyes as you drive in,the very open masonic symbolism on cap stone,the murals are the creepiest though,that said,what goes on under am sure much weirder.

            • I admire a guy like this, and he tells it like it is. I am 55, had a few ideas that could make lots of cash, would be retired now, but we all have doubts about what will work. Have an invention for deer hunting scent dispersal in 00, had a web site in 01, and they changed the format 3 times in a year, then sold out to a developer, had to put it on the backburner. About ready to go forward with it now, just costs real money, being dept free in 2 weeks, looking for investors, but hard to trust others who will step on you with a ‘improved design.’ any ‘real ideas’???
              ht tp://
              And I am ready to pursue it, got field research done, and it works, just it is so simple, others would tweak it and bash me in terms of the patent design???
              Any takers? Gotta be for real, tired of posers…

              • Eppe..have you considered contacting Phil Robertson?…I think he might be enthused about this best to you in all endeavors.

                • Thanks Talon, but he is out for his own, but who knows???

              • Wow, a down thumber for being for real, Damn you guys are a tough crowd, maybe it is time to move on, but what can one say???

                • Eppe you could say what they want you to say and you will still get the thumb downs. I stopped caring what people think of my post long ago. Keep the posts and joke coming

              • Eppe, bring an inventer your window of success is short. You have to have enough money from the point of the idea, for patent production an execution for distribution. Before some one else steals it. The world moves really fast. I too owned the domain name OrderACreditCard dot com. My web builder screwed me over and 9 mts later before I found another one who could execute it the tech bubble burst and I gave them my templete book to build. Poof a few yrs later…. My idea was taken and today if you go to that is my exact website templete. So F-it. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Wudda cudda execution is the key. Got to nail it down right away. Patent, intellectual property protection and production. And it all takes money to protect your idea.

                • Thanks wwti…

              • Eppe I would like to discuss it with you. What is wrong with people on here. There is nothing wrong with working hard to make a dollar. If we end up winning this and the country goes back to what it should be then this is what is known as the American Dream.

                Inventions, hard work, ingenuity, and the ability to succeed or fail. That is what made this county great. I don’t understand the thumbs down. Would any of the thumbs down people like to explain.

                • The problem today is everybody is greedy an rarely does anybody have integrity. Take Ben Franklin. Inventer. He designed anf built the Franklin Wood stove. Did Not patent it and let every body in America use his idea and copy it to help keep Americans warm in the winter. He was not a greedy bastard. These peopltoday buy patents and sit on them. I would guess today there is $50 Trillion worth of ideas and invention locked up in patents sitting on the shelf due to greedy badtards. If I could I would tell every patent holder if you don’t put to use your patent within 5 years it becomes free to the public. You want to see Ametica take off in the greatest business expansion in Americsn history. I know how to kick ass and make great things happen. Buuyahhh Kramer!!!

          • Alright, if they insist, my vote is to let all the Liberal/Socialists remove themselves from our planet…. That should take care of that over population issue they have…….

            • I agree. If they are so against population growth, why do they have children? All of those eugenics nuts have kids. If they believe what they preach is so true, start with their lot.— To the moon Alice.

          • Written on stone just as the ten commandments were, this is in my opinion, the devil at work through the souls of men. Who actually created this or updated it does not really matter, it is satan who is the evil force behind it. Fear not though because evil never wins in the end. Our true fate and that of the whole world, lies in the hands of God, the almighty, the creator of all, our Father.

            “Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having on the breastplate of righteousness; and your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith you shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” Ephesians 6:13-17.

            • They may have their plan for the eventual reduction of 7 Billion people but so does God. He has a plan as well and eventually everyone meets their maker.

              • with you 110%, Rodster.

                The wheels are turning faster and about to run off the rails.

                I caught The Hawk’s recent broadcast, and if his informants are right, we are on the brink, just living on the edge.

                If, and it is still an “if”, the terrorists are in place thru out America as he sees it, we are in for a SHTF situation very soon.

                I felt something was up around 9-11-2014, and according to him, four middle eastern men were caught in south Texas, after coming across the border on 9-10-2014.
                Also, the discovery of the two black boxes that had the liquid sunshine in them was another flag up that something big was planned.

                i will post the link below.

                  • BTW folks……

                    Ole Hawk gives a shout out to SHTFplan dotcom, about 2/3rds of the way thru his program, on the link posted above.

                    pretty cool stuff.

                • ISIS is not in America. Its all a phony FRAUD an will be used as an excuse to roll out Martial Law like they did for the Boston Bombing false flag. Coincidence you don’t hear anything about a trial or statements released from the supposed patsy. Hes locked up and vocal cords ripped out of his throat. Just watch some false flag event will happen then the Gov will blame it on a Fake ISIS terror cell here in the states and bamb. Out comes martial law. This shit is so obvious. Like what guy can hope the whitehouse fence, sprint across 50 to 75 yards then get inside the white house unlocked door. Really. I say that’s BS!! Its a set up to feel sorry for Obama. Like they were victims. Its a play out of the jew hollocaust poor me victim story book.

          • Unveiled by whom?




            I. Common Sense Renewed

            II. The Georgia Guidestones

            III. Cultural Evolution

            IV. Guiding Human Reproduction

            V. Suffrage in the United States

            VI. Prospects for the American Economy

            VII. Proposals for Improving Our Society

            VIII. A Beginning for the Age of Reason

            IX. On Revolution

            X. Reflections on God and Religion

            XI. On the Conversion of Russia

            XII. To Make Partners of Rivals

            Final Note

          • If the county owns the land then the people of the county can have this thing removed.

          • All signs point to the Freemasons. And weird signs or symbols unexplained on the stones? If the were so smart they would have engraved 2014 yrs ago. Not just before Real SHTF about to hit.

            Prepper Tip for Today. Stock up on lots and lots of toilet paper, cause it looks like SHTF is going to get really messy soon enough.

          • Wouldn’t the owner of the monument be part of the “Freedom of Information Act” if it is on County land? I would assume the County Clerk should be able to point you in the right direction.

        • I actually think #7 is awesome….. “7.Avoid petty laws and useless officials.”

          The rest of it can go pound sand!

          • There would be no “petty” laws. Any law broken would mean capital punishment. How do you think they will keep the population down? Read between the lines…

        • The NWO’s devious plan is Imploding. Their original date to take over was in March 2012, and coincidentally when Gold and Silver was at their peaks. I sold all my silver at $42 in March 2012. The NWO thought they were going to have the American Population disarmed by March of 2012, but they failed miserably.

          The World players today are making significant moves. The Rockafeller Foundation divested all of their OIL Holdings, and picked up Green Technology. Hmmmmmmmmmm…..

          BTW/ Gold and Silver is getting pounded more.

          Gold closed today at: $1216 / OZ
          Silver Closed today at: $17.78 /OZ

          Trade your PM’s (Precious Metals) into Brass filled with Lead. That will help save your life.

          Regarding GEORGIA GUIDE STONES:

          • @ Who : They are definitely failing at diarming us. I think this president is responsible for arming the population more than all other presidents combined. They have definitely failed miserably at disarming us. Keep stocking up on lead. If the republicans when in November, we will have a bigger window to stock up on more ammo. People will not be hoarding it as much, and the shelves will continue to fill up. Our wally world is a little over half stocked now.

            • The NWO is in a panick stage. They failed at disarming Americans. The fiat Petro dollar is getting crushed. Countries are wanting to susceed from the NWO. Nobody is buying into these phony wars and the speed of Info cannot be stopped or controlled by the MSM types.. And finally the NWO order crowd is getting old and weary.

              • Not old enough or weary enough yet.

              • Actually Who,the spread of information can easily be brought down,either caused by man or nature the net could be shutdown,would say though that is game time,even if natural the disruption of net/commerce ect. will bring about it’s own shtf situation.I feel in many ways with the computers down world would be long term better off for most part,the tech that is so useful in many ways has been abused against people also.

        • 8.Balance personal rights with social duties.

          This is all you need to know right here. This is a communist monument, with a little Hitler Eugenics thrown in.

          A true man, a real man, knows that “social duties” are implied, and service to others is it’s own reward. Dictated social duties are just slavery thru consent.

          A one world language? Try English. Why is English so prevalent?

          I find hope that others wish to destroy this monument. As it is lunar aligned, it is a feminine monument. I love how the new terror group is called ISIS, the Egyptian mother of Horus, the Sun God.

          So all known and be told, another effort of the female cult of ISIS to reassert herself into global domination, displacing the new Christian Sun God, Jesus, and male dominated religion.

          You do realize that the Washington Monument is a phallus yes? Chevrons on uniforms are penis shaped… So all smoke and mystery aside, same old shit. Man vs Woman.

          • Good evening, Townsaver. Excellent point you made about “balance personal rights with social duties.” That says it all. Social duties is tyrannical BS that goes all the way back to the Roman Empire. I totally reject social duties. But I still claim the personal rights given to me by God and I’m willing to die to stand up for those rights.

          • Did you mean civic duties? That’s the problem today Americasyouth have not been taught respect for country. You know Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Todays gimmie crowd thinks when they turn 18 then they qualify for their own EBT Food Sramp Card as if they deserve it. 60% of blacks in Ferguson Mo. That is St Louis County were on EBT Food stamps in 2009. I wouldbet 75% today in 2014.

        • Like it or not, the world is overpopulated. I support getting the population much lower. 500 million is not unreasonable. What other large mammal has a population even a hundredth our size?

          However, this should be achieved peacefully.

        • I say you’re absolutely right, Ted Turner!!
          And I think your one child/family is right on… I further think we should start with your own family Teddy. Lets see, you think of the 7 billion people on Earth, you feel there should only be 2 billion people to inherit the Earth!

          Lets see…uhmmm, you feel the Earth should only be populated with 28% of the people that here right now… So to be fair and lead the way by example Ted, you’d have to eliminate approximately 3 and half of your own children which would put your family slightly below the quota of people you feel is correct. Your new family percent would be 25%. A smidge lower than your 28% quota you feel is necessary to “save the Earth,” but you being that trail blazing, stupid a** world and environment savior and please, please please lead by example!!!

      2. I actually like number 7 on the guidestones “avoid petty laws and officials” LOL

          • The Entire World’s Population if standing shoulder to shoulder, could all fit in Duval County Jacksonville FL. The Sq Footage of that county is similar to the Worlds population. So who says there is too many people? That BS. We all just happen to love living on top of each other. Spread out will ya!! And get off my back!!

            • WRONG WRONG WRONG.

              How many is too many? If all those people can fit in a county, are you saying the maximum human population that can be sustained is what, 10 trillion?

              How many counties are there just in this country? Got to be at least 1,000.

              Your simple-minded analyis is worthless. Literally, worthless. As if the ground area occupied by one human standing has any bearing on what the sustainable human population is.

              You need to educate yourself on the following topics:


          • WWTI, You just got the lowdown on me, I had an extra 5k in cash in 79, thought I would mess with people’s heads like the Mayans did. My real name is R. S. Christian, and my parents are the Mullenix. They gave me the acreage as an early inhertance. I got in cahoots with the police force and had cameras and continous patrolling paid for in advance. You must be psyhic to have figured it all out. (And Jimmy Hoffa is buried underneath the foundation)…
            P.S. it’s really .666 acre, but don’t tell anyone….

            • See Eppe,already a stones joke,keep em coming!

              • War, just googled ‘eppe guidestones joke’, dang, if it has a whole pile of jokes I has posted, now that is creepy, WWTI, you are in there too…
                Dang, “if we are not more famousour than Captan Kangaroo”… Forrest Gump
                It is creepy to actually be there, and talking about us ‘the useless eaters’ does puts a chill down your back…

                • To all: google your moniker and shtfplan, you would be AMAZED at what you see… Kinda scary, but google keeps everything that has been posted, makes me want to stop joking here….
                  Naw, this is my addiction…
                  Mac, thanks for all you do to let us vent, discuss, and joke here, we ALL are on the NSA radar, but what the hell, they already know where we live, work, and play…

                  • Dang, I forgot yall needed a joke, where is my mind???

                    Sally Mullihan of Coral Springs, Florida decided to take one of those jobs that most Americans are not willing to do.
                    The woman applying for a job in a Florida lemon grove seemed to be far too qualified for the job.
                    She had a liberal arts degree from the University of Michigan and had worked as a social worker and school teacher.

                    The foreman frowned and said, “I have to ask you, have you had any actual experience in picking lemons?”

                    “Well, as a matter of fact, I have!

                    I’ve been divorced three times, owned 2 Chryslers and voted for Obama.”

                  • To all; vote up or down, it does make a difference on what to say or not….

                  • Eppe,I refuse to knowingly use goog,suggest all do the same.

                • Eppe, Google bought the code from “AllTheWeb” which WAS the best search engine there ever was. I understand they integrated more than half of the algorithms from ATW into the already expansive google search engine. That’s why you found your jokes.

                  You can google your own screen name and find things you’ve posted online.

                  • Amen 6, scary ain’t it…
                    I think we are in trouble in many ways, but are endowed in so many others…
                    Loved your posts on all of us here working together, stop bashing each other, but everyone is different in every way… You are wise beyond your years, I hope I am also, makes one wonder what will be the future, TPTB or us???

            • Well market it as a tourist attraction with magical fountain of youth water fountain. Take a photo of you as an old man then show the tourists how much younger you feel today.

        • Yes lets get rid of the Useless Eaters, those who serve no useful purpose. Like those convicted of life sentences. Poof gone. Why do tax payerspay $75K a year to house and feed these animals? So every year get rode od the worst 10% in prison. You steal you get your hand cut off. You rape you get your dick cut off. Ypu swindle you get all your assets taken away. That should cure these thieving Banksters. Lets get the great culling started with that population. You loot you get shot by firing squad. Speedy trial johnny on the spot. Usless eaters. Food stamp jokers need to do a days work to receive food sramps. No more freebees for da gimmy crowd.

      3. well.. theyre doing what we all said theyd do.
        the media propaganda big government machine is at it.

        notice the reports lately.
        1. Cop killer on the run, described as a “survivalist”
        2. Fence jumper at white house, “had 800 rounds of ammo in car”

        this is the start. they are pinning the sheep against the preppers.

        • Not much on the news about the Benghazi hearings going on right now. Guess the media doesn’t want to tarnish Killary Clinton, the Butcher of Benghazi’s unsoiled reputation as she (it) makes a run for the Whitehouse !

          • What about her love letters to saul….hahaha…

            Exposed …again….cattle futures anyone….

        • Yes, indeed, they are. That’s what all these “evidence” “plants” and labels are about.

        • I noticed that too. I suspect more of it soon, especially before November election. That is of course Obummer doesn’t declare marshall law between now and then.

          • He is not going to declare martial law until 2016, if killary don’t win, before the new prez gets in office, then he will declare his dictatorship.

            God I hope not.

        • Ridiculous, anyone who thinks they can throw me under a bus is dreaming. Let anyone come to act against me and see what happens to their sorry asses.

          • Renegade tell us all what you are going to do if you get thrown under the bus? Fill us in on your plan B.

        • The cops need to worry when folks don’t run but keep shooting,they choose to be on the side of a faux govt.well,so be it.

      4. A couple of things that agree with the Bible, the rest don’t.

        In more than a few ways, sadly, I think Hitler would approve. The socialists just don’t seem to realize where their good intentions will take them.

        As, for me, I’ll stick with the Bible.

        • The ten commandments just seem to be better than this.

          • Bazinga, AMEN to your comment.

          • Half of them are just about god being insecure.

          • The 10 Commandments. Thouh Shall Not Lie, would pretty much be the demise of the Babble Book of Fables. How to Dupe Dummies.






        • Acid Wretch:

          You betting on being among the 500,000? Chances are the PTB doesn’t need a slave with a potty mouth.

          Aw, but Satan will welcome your arrival…..

          • Acid,what is your “solution”?Nature will in time easily clear population overload,needs no help from us.

            • Actually Warchild…

              There’s a reason the Bible speaks about populating the planet with as many as possible…

              When the “CHANGE” occurs…more will survive.

              • It speaks about populating the earth with as many as possible because people were ignorant. No one knew how large the earth was. No one had any concept of total carrying capacity of the planet. No one knew Earth was a planet, or what a planet was. No one, at least in the Bible, thought of a number so large as a billion.

              • Jerrytgb. When the Bible was written, man kind was very ignorant. They could not seperate fact from fiction. They thought some magician could turn water into wine when all it was, was trickery and the old switcharoo. They had no concept of physics, geology, dinosaurs, carbon dating, astrology was star gazing, and fear was alive and well with the piont of a sword and spear.. They did not know about facts and documented History as all they could dl was storytelling and the stories became so outlandish the called those unexplained stories miracles. When in reality they were just fables. And you would certainly think that after 2000 years all of mankind”s brains would have matured and evolved to know the difference between fact and fables. But there are a gullible population that still is ignorant and even would eather choose to live in fantasy land thinking there is a higher power than the sun. And when you die that’s it. Dirt nap. No 70 virgins, no heaven or hell or everlasting life for you. No better place other than your physical pain ceases on this earth. If you were born in Iraq you would be a muslim and believe Chr istianity was BS. If you were born in Viet Nam you would believe in Buddism. You are a product of your dumbed down environment because where you were raised. Which that itself is proof religion is a big fraud. Wake up people reality is about to hit and no religion will save you. You will pray for a good working high power battle rifle and an endless supply of ammo. And your stregnth comes from within, not some propaganda or book of fables.

          • Sorry, 500 million, not 500K.

        • Acid, I thought you were against the NWO. You sound like you’re supporting it.

          • Hey Etch-a-sketch, do you REALLY believe what you post, or are you just looking for reactions?

            • “It” proves that ai is still in it’s infancy…

            • I occasionally troll but you must admit that there are TOO MANY FUCKING PEOPLE.

            • Sixpack, I still believe that acid is really eisenturd in disguise but I still can’t prove it. I’ve tried to bait him previously but he was real smart to avoid the bait. That’s one thing I’ll give him credit for.

              • rbh I cant help myself does that make you a master baiter? (note spelling)

          • I think that communist NWO members should have their faces cut in half with a chainsaw.

            I however also believe in eugenics.

            • Believe in eugenics? So,why not volunteer and advance your cause?

            • Well…since you seem to be of a fairly low intelligence and have anger issues, then perhaps you would like to volunteer for a little snip. That way, you won’t reproduce and poison the human genetic code with your imperfect seed. You’ll be allowed to live out your days, but just not make babies. if you are unwilling to undergo such a simple solution for the good of mankind, then perhaps you could explain why anyone else should be forced to do so?

              • Winston,I actually decades ago went with the “little snip”,am not parent material and knew it.

              • don’t trust army vasectomies doh, 3 kids later

                • then again my tonsils grew back too so go figure : )

        • Acid Etch,

          When I read your posts, I feel great pity for you and pray that God forgives me for picturing you as a pile of human excrement.

          • Oh here we go, Swing on a star judging people using religious babble to crucify Acid. You can stuff your holy religious crap up your shute. You useless self-rightious M-fers are on my list to cull when given the chance post SHTF. That cult crap has no place in a humain society. You are all a bunch of superstitious witches.

        • Acid Wretch, you are full of it, today. There are dozens of studies of the carrying capacity of the planet, and the number 500,000,000 is not only at the low end, it is the lowest number, and is not based on any scientific data whatsoever.

          In other words, it was picked out of thin air and promoted to gullible fools who need pseudo-science to spout off on.

          Most capacity studies show the earth can support between 7 and 9 billion people with no ‘Malthusian apocalypse’. Investment in agriculture, delivery systems, and dietary changes could raise that number to 12-15 billion, and a couple of studies say 20 billion.

          A good basic read on the science is Joel Cohen’s book, “How Many People Can The Earth Support”, published by W.W. Norton. Even you can get through it.

          Anyone spouting the 500 million number is, frankly, either gullible, deluded, or a depraved megalomanic.

          • I never said 500000000. I said 500000. I didn’t say capacity. I said historically.

            Your book is a pile of shit. It is obvious that there are too many fucking people.

            Why is it that you boomer fuckers want to find any excuse to destroy the environment?

            Is it so fucking hard to recycle your cans and repair old clothes? You boomer fucking assholes.

            • Good intelligent discourse, Acid Wretch. Clearly, ignorance and anger are going to be desired characteristics of the 500 million souls you seem to think are what the planet needs. You’ll fit right in, maybe get promoted to regional ecofuhrer somewhere.

          • But why would you want that many people?

            A few hundred million is better. Have a few large cities on each continent. And let everything else re-wild.

          • Population control was based on “Peak Oil” statictics to sustain a comfortable life style. Then solar energy and other green technology is being produced and that just throws the NWO’s plans to erase 90% of the population into chaos.

      6. This is an interesting development regarding the Guide Stones. 2014…the year Ebola goes airborne to achieve their stated goals of population reduction?

        The drive is already happening…California and Nevada (among others) are in serious trouble water wise. A also saw someone mention that Ted Turner was supposedly connected (in some way) to the guide stones. That is also of note since he is one of the LARGEST holders of U.S. land and real estate second only to the U.S. Government. Things that make you go hmmm…

        • If the world population crashes to 500 million, the price of land will also plummet.

        • Good ol Ted will lock up his land in conservancy.
          I suspect he is a big Agenda21 supporter. POS

          • Hammerhead, Ted turner and his red wife Jane Fonda are 2 of the biggest commie POS’s alive.

          • Land will only be worth what you have the ability to defend. Find some free high ground. And build a mote around it. I welcome the Great Culling. Rid the planet of useless eaters and the religious retched.

        • My husbands family has a farm near there and Ted Turner has tried to buy them out. He owns a lot of land in that area not sure for what reason but I think it has to do with water rights.

          • BINGO!

          • Ted raises Buffalo and they need land to roam. With out the harassment of humans.

      7. If we could only get rid of the 17th Amendment, we could roll back much of federal overgrowth.

      8. Columbia and Patagonia both have female CEOs now. What the fuck. Nobody reigns in these whores anymore. Bitches are silly and need to be controlled.

        I got a lot of handcuffs, whips, and chains for SHTF.

        • I remember my first beer to, you’ll be alright in a couple of hours.

        • Acid-

          Its evident that you suffer from a terminal illness!

          You possess all the symptoms of…”Opti-rectalitus”.

          ..which is a disease that hard-wires your optic nerve directly onto you anus.

          ..thus explaining your “shitty” outlook on everything in life.

          Seek medical attention soon.

          Good luck!

          • Hunter:

            In the last subject I told Acid Wretch he had some unpronounceable disease. Thanks for the diagnosis!!!!

            • Granny-

              T’was my pleasure, Ma’am!

              …hugs to you, dear.

          • I always thought Eisencrap had a terminal case of “crainial rectal inversion”.

            • Acid-Eisen-Sybil: Have you ever thought of being civil-nice to us older posters here? We DID NOT place the sh!t that you post on us, we feel the same way about TPTB that put us in the same position? I feel that that all us old people feel like you have a good head on your shoulders, just the stuff you tell us, well we all feel defensive about it. I myself, see you as an intelligent person, just do not gig us for others that have put us all in the same boat we all are in. With that said, I think we all should give you the chance to act NICE to everyone here, and we would all act nice to you. We are not the ones who put everyone in the pile of shit we are in, we would like to rise above all this, and do better in the future. So, if you could get over us at the shtfplan, being the BAD guys, I think we all could relate on the same basis. If not, well what can I say???
              Am I going out on a limb? Sure I am, but I believe we all need to work together, to get to the other side intact, what do you say????

              • Eppe, if you voted for Reagon, Bush 1& 2, yes then it is your fault the youth is debt strapped and no hope to live the American dream you experienced. The pollution, greed exploitation of wars and rape of other countries did contribute to the fall of America and less chance of success for the younger generations.

          • Hunter. And your Zog brain is hardwired to hatred for mandkind. Hardly worthy of life yourself.

        • Acid,in last article you seemed to like Columbia,I really starting to believe your personality splits are meant to keep folks from having a real discussion,that said,entertaining in a twisted way so keep going!

        • Hey, let’s send acid on a blind date with Feinstein! He’ll wish for death afterwards.

      9. The people’s climate march had a lot of attendance. These sheep are on the right track but don’t understand economics.

        Capitalism is the most socialistic economic model. Socialism concentrates wealth in the hands of the government at the expense of the masses. Socialist spending on education, health, and gasoline is also what causes the price rises in those areas. Thus, socialism is the most selfish and elitist economic model.

      10. Bring it on then!!!! I’m really tired of this false economy, illusionary, bubble Matrix that everyone has been living in. Time for some reality! Time for truth! Time for everyone to wake fck up!!! May the Good Lord give us the strength to take the Elitists out!!! May we be the Lord’s sword to cut them down!!! Take heart everyone! THE GOOD LORD HAS A PLAN!!! AND HE WILL WIN!!!!!

        • Amen, Rude Dog.

        • Time for some casting out and smiting, methinks…

        • The Muslims think exactly what you do.

        • Rude Dog. Another Religious freak justifying Genocide used the Lord as some Back up Possee. You will all burn like witches in Salem. Karma will Rule the days of the great culling. And I will surely help it along.

          • WhoWuddaThunk It, No God. No hope. I feel sorry for you. There is a higher plan and purpose for all this.

      11. Is it a hoax?

        Does it really matter?

        The only way I see we the people of the USA surving the coming collapse is if we come together and prepare for the worse.

        • Oh I can see that happening.

      12. Hmmm,
        Doesnt sound too bad actually, if 500,000 self sufficient souls are all thats left the fishing will be better, the game will be plentiful and the smog and pollution would clear,,,
        Stuff to consider

        • It would all be of limits. Make room for nature, not enjoy nature is their goal.

        • How will TPTB know when they hit the 500K mark? There will be nobody out there to do the census. Who will till the fields, cut their lawns, raise the cattle, milk the goats, sounds like some mini kingdom in fantasy land. I will put my bets on the 500,000 strong masses rushes over the walls and kills the 1%’ers for their Culling. We will know soon enough.

          • All the Lonely People, where do We all belong?

            • Folks 500 million,not thousand,tis a difference.

              • Its interesting how the elite want to destroy the very model that made them the elite..I think they are suffering from Eloy syndrome and I guess we will be the Morloks. Mmmmm tasty elite for dinner…yum

                • T-1776 >


                  Eh…not so much, methinks.

                  ..rumor has it the elite taste like “shit”!!!


                  Proof =

                  ..ever since that “Rockefeller kid” got deep-fat-fried by some cannibal tribe in New Guinea, back in the ’50s…no-one has bothered to eat another one!!!

                  • Laughing my Patriotic ass off..

              • for some reason in vast inkiness of my brain I remember or believe I remember G Washington saying something of 500 Mil prolly those damn mushrooms

            • Um, it’s 500 million. Not 500K.

              Just sayin’.

              • Yep, just a little more than the current population of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and a few Central American countries combined. Does anyone really think the planet can support only the population of North America?

                Foolish and dangerous drivel.

        • … and will it be YOU that releases the Xyclon B into the showers/gas chambers? Or YOU given the vaccines and GMOs to innocent little kids?

        • Kula,
          I remember a show on discovery channel about human migration they said at one point in the past 100,000 to 75,000 years ago a super volcano blew and rapidly dropped the worlds temperature, the human race was down to only 15000 survivors , it even snowed at the equator.
          This may even have been the cause of the last ice age. Who knows this was before recorded history, evidence was recently discovered by tracing human DNA in migration studies and geological records for evidence of global ash fall and a great climatic die off.
          The world did not perish by fire but by ice.

          I wonder how many civilizations have risen and vanished into oblivion leaving no trace of their existence. Think about what would be left of our world 100,000 years into the future all may have decayed into nothing , the only things left of our passing is a few curious artifacts on this blue planets lone satellite along with footprints of a civilization that vanished into the past and relics strewn about our solar system at random .

          We are a culture on the precipice , sometimes we our own worst enemies and victims of our own success ,for those that endure its our choice
          The stars
          Or the ashes

          Semper Fi 8541

          • It happens every 13,000 years..

          • Winter is coming!

      13. So are any of the other stones “notched” for inserts like the one that got the 2014 cube added ?

        • I just checked it out and found out that only the english/spanish stone has the notch and its only on the english side.

          • Stew,be grateful,at least you didn’t have to press 1 for English,about fucking time Dammit!

      14. Maybe its on the english/spanish stone to signify the beginning in this region…do the other stones have such groves cut in them for future stone placements? Take out the world police first and the rest fall like dominoes. This is great stuff for the book I am writing…its all fiction, but its about you guys. Things wont go their way in the end.

        • Am I in the book Stew;-)

          • Nope…but I could name a character Talon, I’ll keep it in mind

        • Hey Stew >

          …mind if I contribute a chapter? Been writing a few lines / short stories myself, lately.

          • Maybe…I am on page 100 and I havn’t even introduced all the characters yet…not even by half lol.

        • Stew, do you have a chapter on joke telling in the post apocalipze??? I could get you many jokes, to tell at the campfires??? Stared to write one myself on the future after the reset, gave up on it, too many others doing the same thing…

          • You could always write a story about during the reset instead of post…people have been writing the post stories for so long that horse has been dead for years. Or even the far side of post…here’s an idea. The Hopi Indians say that this will be the 4th reset and bring the 5th age you could either tell why it starts over or make an immortal character who muses at the repeats and marvels at the new ideas…just spitballing. As for joke telling…not quite I do have a charater that likes to sing funny songs…He just got done defending his friends home from invaders and leaves the bodies singing a song called “Come to Australia” -by Scared weird little guys. Look it up on Youtube its funny as hell. Ya never can tell what will sell…I say try again.

          • Why read a book when all you need to do is look out the window flip on the news or check out YTube video of live, life and death unfolding in real time.

            • Because I like to tell stories and if the SHTF event happens (especially in 2014) stories may be all there is left. Stories of everyday people rising up to take back what belongs to them may not inspire now but it might inspire your children and mine to do what we couldn’t…or just didn’t.

      15. The problem always seems to be “Who decides?” I’m sure there are some over-educated libs out there get chubbies thinking about that.

        • As always, the left and Agenda 21ers in their arrogance, have no clue, and STILL have not answered the 2,000 year old question, posed by Roman satirist Juvenal, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” (Who will watch the guards?). Perhaps the Agenda 21ers better decide that among themselves first, because, they just may find that each of the different sides do not have the other sides on the list that doesn’t get bumped off!!

          Maybe it can be Nancy Pelosi, who said “We have so much room for improvement… Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory … of how we are taking responsibility”

      16. Acid Etch and Kulafarmer: The stupid rock says five hundred million, NOT five hundred thousand.

        • Whats a couple zeros ?
          If they were able to somehow depopulate and control the remainder of humanity , TPTB would find it a lot harder to live than they believe.
          There is no heaven on earth …….

        • Once these genocidal leftists start their work, a few zeros either way won’t matter. Heck, The Black Book of Communism says the left murdered 100 MILLION last century, while Dr. RJ Rummel, U of Hawaii, said 160 MILLION.




          • It’s also completely irrelevant, even if true.

        • Well excUuuuuUUSe me!
          Picture Steve Martin

      17. 2014 is just the beginning of the end. The start for a new world order. We ain’t included in that order.

        • Unless your Social Security number is your place in line for execution…then ur in order lol

        • Burt..if we win…they won’t be included in our NWO….I’m getting itchy again kula B-)

          • Scratch em

      18. Some of the guidelines sound good but literally, the devil is in the details. It calls for genocide of billions of people and a worldwide police state. Which, interestingly enough, is what John Lennon’s song “Imagine” calls for. I still wonder if John Lennon can still imagine there’s no hell.

        • no,johns dead.
          thats it.unless you got proof to the contrary,which i know for a fact you do not possess.

        • Barn Cat. There is No Heaven or Hell, just a state of mind dreamed up by con artists to place fear in the Gullible, as the alternative if you fail to believe or obey their made up rules. Stop being a slave to superstition and your will be a free-er man. This are much better causes to spend your energy on, besides worrying about being saved or being fleeced from your wealth and dignity.

          • Yeah, like belief in Guidestones, Global Warming, and Socialism.

            They’re all guaranteed to maintain your wealth and dignity.

        • That song “Imagine” was about one-world socialist government. I quit listening to the Beatles when that song came out.

          • The White Album was my last Beatles vinyl. One entire disc was complete trash, rather than music.

            Lennon turned into a screeching owl after the group broke up, the worst of the four out on his own.

            Somebody should have shot him for being a lousy musician, instead of some Jodie Foster fantasy.

            • McCartney was the creative genius who did much better on his own. Even before he started the band ” Wings”. In my opinion Lennon did 2 great songs that I love to play on an acoustic guitar (“Norwegian Wood”, “Hide Your Love Away”). Blackbird, Rocky Raccoon, and Dear Prudence are the McCartney songs that I mess with on my steel string. Lennon was affected by the death of his mother and his addiction to heroin in later life contributed to his downhill slide. And his marriage to Yoko Ono was one of the factors in the breakup of the Beatles.
              I was listening to the White Album on my way home from work tonite….Coincidence?

              • Coincidence?….or conspiracy?

            • still liked ringo in Caveman lol

        • Quote the line in Imagine where it says calls for that.

      19. Well these wicked global engineers can start with themselves and their spawn in reducing global numbers, lead by example boys!

        • Nope. As Orwell said, in the socialist workers’ paradise, some of us will be “more equal” than the other others, so it only applied to us poor, unwashed masses in flyover country. Unfortunately, the 2nd Amendment is still in effect, so that is a problem for some…

          The apocryphal story re. the USSR’s Leonid Brezhnev had his old grandmother visit him at his office in Moscow 35 years ago. Brezhnev proudly showed her his many Zil limousines, the gold plated handles on his mahogany desk, all his dachas, his multiple fine silk suites in his closets, and much, much more.
          Finally, the end of the day came, and all the assistants, servants and aides went home. After everyone had left, the aged grandmother looked around very, very carefully, then sidled up extremely close to her grandson and whispered very, very quietly in his ear:

          “This is all very well, Leonid. But… what if the Communists come???”

          Of course, today we would apply this same story to all the Hollywood Learjet leftists, Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama and her monthly uber-vacations, the carbon billionaires like Al Gore, the John Kerrys with their mega-yachts, the Nancy Pelosis who increase their net worth by tens of millions while in office, etc.

          • so f ing valid a point!!!

      20. tickety tock

        tickety tock

        New lab incidents fuel fear, safety concerns in Congress

        Police claim leading flu researcher illegally sold virus

        and the governments response about keeping the public informed ???

        “Citing bioterrorism laws, the Federal Select Agent Program doesn’t publicly release details about accidents occurring in regulated labs”

        enough said

        • Satori,why bother,if actually a real threat we will know quick enough!Warnings really just get the stampede running and all the resulting chaos,which makes one wonder,why don’t they warn,seems be good for the govt.,excuse to show muscle.

      21. More Malthusian ignorance. As Robert Zubrin observed about these fascist leftists, Agenda 21ers, socialist pinheads, to the today’s gullible Guidestone goofballs, “… each new life is unwelcome, each unregulated thought or act is menace, every person is fundamentally the enemy of every other person, and each race or nation is the enemy of every other race or nation.” Yes, we are back to the disproved socialist assumption that life and economics are a zero sum game, but this assumption is not up for debate – at least among the powers that be (and for those of you who think of Thomas Kuhn’s famed book The Structure of Scientific Revolution, which deals with how intellectuals become victims of group think just as easily as your local “Yes we can” chanters, you are exactly right). And it is not just your life that is unwelcome, but your financial status as well, until you not-so-mercifully decide – or it is decided for you- to put off this mortal coil. The economic side of the matter is put most clearly by the World Wildlife Fund Living Plant Report of 2012, which Lewis Page summarizes in the May 16, 2012 edition of the Register that “economic growth should be abandoned, (and) citizens of the world’s wealthy nations should prepare for poverty.” Of course, you KNOW Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama won’t be curtailing any of HER vacations any time soon, nor will the Hollywierd Learjet leftists (e.g., global warming supporter John Travolta has FIVE airplanes, and his OWN personal airport, while hypocrite leftist Tom Hanks Limousine liberal Tom Hanks “recently purchased a 14,500-square-foot mega mansion in Pacific Palisades for $26 million. It is the largest transaction for a single-family home in Los Angeles County in
        2010.” Good to know Obama’s depression isn’t keeping the Learjet liberals from the good life. And let’s not even start with BIG GREEN MONEY carbon billionaire Al Gore (would YOU, dear reader, take his billions if it meant you had to have his empty, corrupt life? As broke as I am, I sure wouldnt!!)

        Now, don’t get me wrong. The GoofballStones are not 100% incorrect. Lucifer – whom the vile Saul Alinsky dedicated his Rules for Radicals to – always mixes in a little truth to confuse the gullible. And of course, when they are all done, individual rights will be verboten given the Malthusian threat to the earth (BTW, in the 1970s, it was catastrophic global COOLING that was coming – of which current frantic global warmers Obama “science” advisor was one, and fellow frantic warmer Paul Ehrlich (loser the wager with Julian Simon, which proves the whole Malthusian scam is just that – google “Julian Simon/Paul Ehrlich wager to learn something important!). As Harvey Ruvin, Vice-chair of International Committee for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI), a group that wants to impose the green agenda on everyone has noted, “Individual rights must take a back seat to the collective.” Pol Pot, move over… but please do not concern yourself that Obama and his cronies might have their tee times or uber-luxe vacations impacted.

        Perhaps the best known antecedent of the ideas behind the unGuidestones above comes from the National Socialist (Nazi) T4 euthanasia programme, run by Hitler’s doctor, Karl Brandt. As early as 1929 Hitler proposed 700,000 of the weakest Germans be “removed” per year. By Aug. 1939, every doctor and midwife was notified they must register all children born with genetic defects, retroactive to 1936. The doomed were to “give their lives for the greater cause.” Nazis used injections; then later – being the ever-efficient National Socialists they were – used carbon monoxide. They would then send a letter to the parents, telling them that their child was dead (hey, it depends on what the definition of “was” was, right?) from pneumonia, and already cremated. Those responsible for the T4 programme were condemned and punished at the Nuremburg Trials after World War II, but filth springs eternal with the left. Importantly, ignorance or “just following orders” was not an excuse during these court proceedings. Most interestingly, individuals like Kissinger were with the Allied army as they fought Germany during this time, and should have zero excuse. Yet today, the Nazi wannabes are back at, including the unGuidestone goofballs. For example, Drs. Francesca Minerva and Alberto Giubilini just published an article in a respected, academic journal about “after birth abortion” (sic) in the Journal of Medical Ethics (see ), while Dr. Peter Singer of Yale believes that children should be able to be killed up to two years old (yet all the while he refuses to euthanize his elderly mother, who is horribly incapacitated with Alzheimers). And you’ll notice all these PC types don’t have their laws apply to THEM (as Orwell said, in the socialist workers’ paradise, we’ll all be equal, only some of us will be “more equal” than the others): Kissinger is 91, Brzinski (sp?) late 80s, Soros 86, etc.

        These useless rocks should really be called the Georgia Guanostones, but that’s just my opinion. Truly it is, as the philosopher/theologian Os Guinness once noted, that “while all philosophies are arguable; not all are livable.”

      22. The Guidestones were commissioned by a person going by the name R.C. Christian. They are located in a field in Elbert County Georgia. I have been there and I have to say you get a strange feeling while you are there. It is an unusual place to put a monument.

        • Swinging, the Cherokee thought that spot was the ‘center of the earth’, does make one wonder? Why there in the middle of Nowhere???
          Just saying….

          • Eppe, I have a secondary BOL in Hartwell. The Guidestones were located in the middle of a field slightly off the main road between Hartwell and Elberton, where granite quarries are plentiful. Someone put a lot of thought in the construction, the location, and the meaning of this monument. They were also very secretive in the process. I am not a fearful man, but I could not escape the feeling that I had ventured into a place of evil.

            • Swinging, cool you are were you are, it is beautiful country. Jawja is one killer place to live, out in the country. The stones do make you have the hair on the back of your neck stand up, knowing they are talking about US…
              My BOL is in Putnam County. I love it there. Hope to retire there one day, if not sooner, considering what is going on these days. Yes, evil is there, but it makes one wonder, why there? Could it be a place where the ‘holocost’ will survive and be a place that humanity returns to a ‘civilized’ nation? I have pondered this for years, and have no good answer. Good to hear from you, I posted my email, look it up, just scan the last few days, I like talking to like minded people. OPSEC, well they know where, who and what we are, so I do not really worry about it anymore…
              Hit me with an email…

              • Eppe , we will try to find your e-mail and contact you.

      23. Will something happen in the last few months of 2014? We’ll find out. If you ask me, the False-Flag-O-Meter needle is banging against the red.

        Many big changes have taken place in 2014, and it’s just getting started. The world is headed for war. They tried to take down Syria last year for the ongoing regime change agenda but Obama backed down when Putin moved in forces ready to back Assad. No one believed the chemical false flag, Americans and the US military were overwhelmingly against a war with Syria. The agenda faced a setback but has not changed, the strategy has. So then came the ‘pivot to Asia’ of provoking China and taking the proxy war against Russia to their doorstep in Ukraine with their rent-a-mob, overthrowing an elected government and putting in a puppet. While Russia’s attention is on Ukraine, a new terrorist proxy group called ISIS suddenly appears out of nowhere and quickly dissolves the border between Syria and Iraq with a lot of US firepower. The puppet Al-Malaki is thrown under the bus and ISIS is so terrible that Americans are now propagandized to support the attack into Syria. Congress votes to fight IS by arming IS to fight Assad. Obama says he will attack anywhere IS is and warns Assad not to shoot at US jets. Samantha Power just said they’re building a coalition with the support of 40 nations against IS. The Pope is saying we have a piecemeal world war. A Chinese professor warns the new cold war between US-Russia that could go hot and says Beijing should get ready for a third world war. China and Japan still hate each other, China says it will not be contained. Russia reminds the west that it has nukes, the generals want a preemptive first strike option on NATO, and Russian bombers are flying close along the US coasts. US Navy says Russian and Chinese submarines are a threat US bases.

        The decline of the West, the threat to the USD as the reserve currency, the rise of BRICS, oil and resources, the new Cold War.

        • So White Fox, do you have any bad news?

        • Stay away from crowds!

          • Kula,
            Especially now after what happened last night ,
            I expect a counter attack , how convenient just before the election.

            Semper Fi 8541

      24. Another golden calf……meh.

        The whole idea of the stones are full of holes, 308 methinks.

        I take council from the guy that looks back at me each morning.

        Don’t need Georgia’s….got my own set of stones.

        ….standing, and ready to deliver….BA.

        • Excellent retort.

          Spotted the false idol – check.

          Faith in himself – check.

          Stones intact – check.

          You sir, have won the internet.

          • @TS:

            Thank you for the kind words.

            Check out this video…..and share.

            ht tps://

            It’ll light a fire.

            ….be safe…..stay the course….BA.

      25. Been there myself – stopped while moving from Florida back to Ohio. You know – you cannot just trust whatever you see someone put on the Internet. In that video it shows that the cutout was there before. So, I looked at the pics I took when I was there, and shore enough – it was there! I took this when I was there.
        http://i290.photobucket dot com/albums/ll267/yohansmythe3/IMAG0324.jpg

        • Try this?
          i290 dot photobucket dot com/albums/ll267/yohansmythe3/IMAG0324.jpg

      26. Sorry to muddy the turbid leftist/Agenda 21 swamp waters with actual truth, but a few facts for your reference:

        Were you aware that between 30 and 50 percent of all food produced globally, equivalent to two billion tons, is thrown away each year according to a recent report written by the UK-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), titled ‘Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not’, found at The problem is not with production, it is with distribution. Might I suggest that before we ponder throwing away human lives, as per Dr. Pianka above, we start by making sure food isn’t thrown away? Similarly, were you aware that three times the current population of the world could fit in the state of Oklahoma, which has an area of 69,903 square miles? In this case, one square mile will accommodate 278,784 people if each person were allowed 100 square feet. At that rate the state of Oklahoma could accommodate a 19.49 billion people— almost three times the earth’s current population of 6.4 billion – with the entire acreage of the US left over to farm, hike, populate with office buildings, put solar panels on, etc. The highly quoted scientist, and author of The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming, Bjorn Lomborg, takes the issue of trash under the same microscope, noting that the entire waste produced by the United States in the 21st century could fit into a square 100 feet thick and 28 km along each side, or 0.009% of the total surface of the United States

      27. What I like about this is, that everybody and his brother has named a year, that this or that will happen.

        This Date/Year is in stone and that has to account for something.

        After the elections? Tic, Toc.

        • “After the elections? Tic, Toc.”

          Been spewin that for years now , and i’m stickin with it !
          Obamalini will have fullfilledhis obligations to the Dems and will be free to chase his socialist sunset.
          Watch the EO’s fly ! And expect the EPA to go int overdrive .
          WE MUST ACT !

      28. Ray Charles says he’s Got Georgia on his mind, but feels discriminated against by the Georgia Stone, because it is not written in brail language for the blind. He too is looking for the Handicap parking, entrance ramp, and brail writing to guide him to the magical stones, and considers filing a discrimination lawsuit if he can find the owner.

        • but its carved in stone!!! jst will take a lil longer to decipher! (jk bad joke) have you seen his new piano, that’s ok, he hasn’t either

      29. Barn Cat… Lyrics of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. “Imagine there’s no heaven, it’s easy if you try, no hell below us, above us only sky. Imagine all the people, living for today. Imagine there’s no countries, it is’nt hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too. Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people, sharing all the world”. Where in those lyrics do you see genocide of billions of people and a worldwide police state? You are tripping Barn Cat. Only those with your religious dogma can speak of heaven and hell? Lennon was about love. peace and anti war. That’s why he was killed.

        • “No country” means a one world government. “No religion” means Christianity will be outlawed. Everyone sharing everything means communism.

        • “And the world will live as one” also means a one world government.

          John Lennon took LSD just like George Harrison did. I’m sure the lyrics to “Imagine” come from Satan himself

          • “Imagine no possessions” that means that average person will not be allowed to have any private property. Except of course the global elite who will live like billionaires. They will be the only ones allowed to eat meat, own cars, fly, and everything else we take for granted now.

          • Barn,did lots of LSD meself,have no desire for a police state,stop blaming your paranoia on acid,eh,then again,some don’t have good experiences……

        • Yea, I’m with you on this one, aljamo.

          John Lennon was just a man like everyone else. He liked to occasionally get high and have a few laughs. He sometimes went overboard and because he was in the spotlight and rich, some people liked to cast stones at him.

          Lennon never quite got over the fallout from the comment about the Beatles being more popular than Jesus Christ.

          In a way, he was right at that particular moment in time, because they were idolized more than any rock-n-roll band, ever. His statement was taken out of context, and the mass media, as well as the conservative christian right winged, holier than thou ass-wipes used it as “hate” messages towards rock-n-rollers, and long haired independants, like Lennon.

          In other words, they had done to him what the “fake” Jews did to Christ….they pre judged him to hell. When all he was trying to do was get some peace, and spread that message.

          The song Imagine, was written out of what he saw as a spiritual awakening. It wasn’t about changing the world to the NWO or communisim. It was about a world where no religion or governments or possessions were present. It was about a world that had one King and One Father, whereby all the other stuff doesn’t matter.

          The world age to come. It is coming and I for one believe John will be there and i will get to meet him.

          @ Barn Cat…..Man, I think you are a good man at heart and i really do want to like you, but you need to stop casting stones, of judgement to hell, at folks. If they are evil, like the NWO, fake Jew crowd, then that is different. Call a spade a spade. But calling out individuals that haven’t done anything personally to you, and pre-judging them is just wrong.


      30. 500,000,000 I hope that they are all the great folks on this site and their families. May TPTB ROT! Worm food! Vultures Vomit! Can you tell I don’t like them. Just think I’m holding back.

        • If the global population is reduced to 500,000,000 the elite will wither away and die off also. A previous comment mentioned something about the production of goods and services (food, fuel, etc.). I mentioned this to my wife a few mornings ago before I saw the comment. There are some really bright people who comment on this site and I think our chances for survival are pretty good as opposed to the elite. They may have the money but we have the tools and resources along with the ability to cooperate with each other. The elite are greedy and corrupt; I’m sure that they will not have the ability to support each other after the collapse. How many Rockefellers know how to can food and start a garden when they’re used to having someone else do it for them? Will Bill Gates or Ted Turner be able to withstand a long hike to search for supplies and food when their resources run out? There won’t be any gas for their limos when the deliveries stop. And I’m betting that the elite will get tired of eating stored food that eventually runs out. Just a couple of potential scenarios.
          Let them eat gold bars.
          I have nothing but contempt for the elite; they’re like a cancer that will eventually kill itself off after it destroys everything and everyone else.
          The Georgia Guidestones’ message reminds me of the Protocols of Zion. Not word for word, but the gist of it.

        • im noticing division here, truth vs myth global “warming is’t the prob” ppl are

      31. Hillary put it there

      32. OF course the population can be reduced easily–

        Ebola can be released in every part of the world. This would cause collapse of every country, people shot on sight, and people starving as well as dying of the disease.

        Volcanic activity like Yellowstone cauldron exploding would.

        Nucular war can wipe us out too.

        These are all pending disasters that could reduce the world’s population drastically.

        • My money is on Ebola. I can’t understand why the US and the rest of the developed world is not doing everything possible to get the spread of this virus contained, unless that is part of the plan.

      33. Abortion = Murder


        • Guess who, according to your beliefs, has aborted more humans than anyone else.

          One hint:

          Three letters long.

          • lol ;0), ummm check your firing off a antisemitic rant please and educate.

            definition :

            a rodeph = jew destroying devil

            a golem = invincible towering monster made of clay or stone

            my beliefs are my own, learned by real life experiences and very extensive education.

            hence, i have become “Rodeph Golem”.

      34. And why I ask are they still standing there intact and unmolested?They want to send us a message?…then flatten the stinking things and send them a message!REB

        • I think those stones would look quite nice crushed into 1 inch diameter pieces, and spread evenly on my driveway…I could use some around my flower beds too.

      35. I never knew about these stones before. I’ll chalk it up to idealistic hippies that like to carve. Not that the msg is that bad anyway. There are too many people on the earth. The laws are hardly just.

      36. Yes, and we are seeing it happen in West Africa regarding The Ebola Virus.

        i thought it was interesting the other night on Fox, Megyn Kelly, “The coming war” sub title of her program.

        SHTF situation unfolding

      37. At some point you have to say, Screw It!

        Smoke that pack of cigs and eat that 22 oz. porterhouse steak. Knock off a bottle good tequila or rum and stay up all night partying. How about kari okie and dancing. On occasion I sing in a band. Play small percussion instruments and rock on.

        Pay for it the next day. ;0)

      38. Well ,that same hippy BS was all the rage with the Hollywood left in the ’70’s, As to who done it; How about Ted Turner? In 1978-79 he WAS the biggest hippy and richest ultra lefty in the whole damn south. The rumor , back in the day, was that he did it as a gift for Hanoi Jane. The day that thing got “blessed” half the west cost left was in attendance.

        • ted turner @ Hanoi Jane built this big ranch house out west. They wanted to have a big housewarming event and invite all the hollywierd friends. So they commissioned this artist to paint a big mural on a large wall. Ted and Hanoi Jane told him to address Custers last thoughts. The artist went to work and insisted that no one could see it until the unveiling at the event. So when the big moment came and the curtain fell. There was a picture of Elsie the jersey cow from Bordens and she was wearing a hailo. And there where thousands of Indians who obviously where having sex. enraged Ted asked the artist to explain. He stated its very simple. Custers last thoughts where Holy Cow look at all those Fucking Indians!!!!

      39. There was a post on another forum about this thing back in ’04 or so.

        To be short, the math does not work.

        A global thermonuclear war would not even do it (unless you popped all the nuclear reactors… in which case… well you would um. Overshoot your target by… kind of a lot. As in 0 people left)…

        Anyway, besides that one…

        You are talking about a lot of depopulation.

        The guy calculated it out to being the equivalent of the number of deaths of the entire Battle of the Somme in WW1. Every day. For like 15 years.

        … that’s… not possible. Not without overshooting and going to zero. Shit where do all the bodies go???? You can’t bury them… and you sure as heck can’t BURN them!

      40. Who a weaponized virus leaves alive can reveal a lot about the enemy. It is possible that they have physical traits desirable for a “master race.” Everyone should find out as much as they can about the survivors and compare them to the goals of communistic and fascistic groups.

      41. Well, we are well above the 500,000,000 mark

      42. Well the Tomahawks has begun in Syria..Europe is out on air strikes as well. Fuck Europe…

      43. Useful Eaters= Those people eating meals served to them at $100 a plate or more.

        Useless Eaters= Everyone that is not somehow facilitating the above.

      44. Maybe we won’t have to wait too long for an answer…

        Things are going to hell in hand basket with a velvet lining, it seems.

        US & Arab Partner Nations Begin Airstrikes In Syria

        As the broad coalition crumbled, it appears Washington decided there was no time to waste:

        NBC News reports the attack includes drones and is expecting to hit up to 20 targets. FOX is reporting Qatar is among the arab nation coalition (along with UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Bahrain), according to Lt. Col. Oliver North, which is rather surprising given their rather well-known support for Al-Nusra.

        As NBC News reports,

        The United States launched airstrikes in Syria against ISIS targets, sources tell NBC News.

        The U.S. military plans to strike up to 20 targets — logistics, fuel and weapons depots; training sites; troop encampments; command and control sites; and headquarters for the Sunni fighters.

        The U.S. military will deploy manned and unmanned air assets, including F-22s, B-1 bombers, F-16s, F-15s and F/A-18s.

        The aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush is at the ready in the Persian Gulf, and the USS Arleigh Burke, a guided missile destroyer that fires Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAMs), is in the Red Sea.

        Statement from Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby

        TAMPA, Fla. – The Department of Defense released the following statement from Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby today:
        “I can confirm that U.S. military and partner nation forces are undertaking military action against ISIL terrorists in Syria using a mix of fighter, bomber and Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles.”

        “Given that these operations are ongoing, we are not in a position to provide additional details at this time.
        The decision to conduct theses strikes was made earlier today by the U.S. Central Command commander under authorization granted him by the commander in chief.
        We will provide more details later as operationally appropriate.”

      45. All of a sudden everybody including people on the Glen Beck program are saying we must take out ISIS.
        Obama is getting exactly what he wants. He wanted this war. Now we are going to train moderate fighters in Saudi Arabia.
        Is America blind. The country has lost it’s mind. I am going out to beat the crap out of my martial arts bag. This is not good at all. Could be the beginning. Maybe my bad gut feeling is starting. I hope not. All please pray for each other. Please pray for my son.
        This is just so crazy. I am just furious. I knew something was up. What a bunch of buffoons. I will stop this post now because I am just blowing off steam.

      46. The blaze has an article that says the white house is admitting that they are watching Americans who have gone to fight with ISIS. The white house says they are watching 100 people who went and trained with ISIS and came back. They are all American passport holders.

        My martial arts bag is going to catch hell tonight.

        • my bag needs more sawdust!

      47. Obama wanted to bomb Syria so bad awhile back he was wetting himself

        the whole B.S. “weapons of mass destruction”,poison gas crap
        turned out to be nothing more than a CIA psyop
        and no one bought it

        but now he is getting what he wanted

        but Syria has been doomed for some time
        they are one of the countries that PNAC wanted taken out
        it was inevitable

        • Satori you are dead on correct. It is about a pipeline to Europe.
          I just wonder if this is the beginning of what we all prep for. Too much going on and too many threats right now.

      48. Personaly I believe they are to a future of humanity after some kind of cataclismic event. That is if it’s devastatign enough to down the world population down bellow 500mil in the first place.
        Could be a threat though but think it’ smore to the future after something big that dessimated human population.
        But does help set up a NWO in that kind of future.

      49. I wholly agree with number 7

      50. The pic with the arrow pointing at it looks photoshopped

      51. Maybe Ebola could reduce the population by that amount. The death rate in hospitals is now at 70%. Imagine how much higher that must be for those not in a hospital setting and thus not receiving even basic supportive care like IV fluid replacement. WHO now says Sierra Leon and Liberia alone on track for 21,000 cases by the end of September and between 550,000 and 1.4 million by January! If Ebola spreads to the rest of the world, we will quickly be overwhelmed, and hospital beds will soon be filled by Ebola patients. There won’t be any room for victims of accidents, heart and stroke victims, diabetics, women in labor, cancer patients, dialysis patients, etc, so they may die also. Food supply and distribution will break down and there would be widespread malnutrition and then starvation. People will be killing each other over a can of beans. If Ebola does spread like this, you can bet the elite willhave protection from the virus via a vaccine. The alternative for the rest of us will be another vaccine, one with serious side effects, including chemical sterilization, which will reduce the population even further. I hope I am wrong, but then why is the world not throwing EVERYTHING at the fight against this virus? What will the few pitiful hospital beds the US has pledged to provide do when the cases top a million? Stopping the spread should be the number one priority of every nation on Earth, but it is not. Why is that? Isn’t the threat of Ebola coming to the US not a much more grave danger than that of ISIS? And isn’t it curious that we have a huge influx of immigrants but yet our borders seem to be strangely unmanned and wide open?

      52. All those who agree with this and volunteer to be executed to get the population down to 500,000,000 raise your hand.
        No I don’t see any hands SO just how you gonna do it ass hole? Like my ole man use to say put them in the ditches and execute them, right.
        But the one’s pulling the trigger must understand and know one day they will be the one’s in the ditches.
        And in this age of political correctness how dare these people demand to execute 7 Billion people. This should be torn down TODAY for inciting riot and proposing genocide.

      53. My research on this subject is limited, so I’m not sure if it has already been asked/attempted, but, has there been any endeavor to set up surveillance near the site of the Guidestones?

      54. I think the guide stones are wishful thinking. who is going to volunteer to go first,give up their wealth,country,whatever. Who is going to do all the scut work for the survivors? I imagine war,famine and disease will do their thing sooner or later. Seven billion is too many now but I don’t see anybody trying to fix the problem.

      55. History repeats itself. No society will ever ‘learn’ from another and evolve.

        It’s only a matter of time.

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