Guess How The Minnesota Mall Terrorist Was Stopped From Stabbing Even More People…

by | Sep 18, 2016 | Headline News | 93 comments

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    mallstabbing2 mallstabbing

    It looks like terrorists have finally figured out where to go to inflict mass casualties on the most innocent of Americans.

    On the same day as two separate improvised devices were detonated in New Jersey and New York, a knife wielding terrorist dressed in a private security uniform and claiming allegiance to ISIS walked into the St. Cloud Crossroads Mall in Minnesota, asked passersby if they were Muslim, and then proceeded to stab them.

    The man slashed at least eight people and had planned to hurt or kill more but he was stopped dead in his tracks by a lone individual with a concealed handgun.

    KVSC reports via Red Flag News:

    There were eight victims taken to the St. Cloud Hospital’s Emergency Room. Seven have been released but one remains in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

    Chief Anderson then spoke at a press conference. He says there was only one assailant who came into the mall after 8 p.m. He reportedly made praises to Allah and one worker at the mall says victims were asked if they were Muslim before they were attacked. The suspect was later shot and killed by an off duty police officer from another law enforcement agency. Authorities believe the suspect was working alone.

    Off duty police officer or civilian is of no matter. What matters is that he had a firearm with him and used it to stop someone who had, up until his death, intended to injure, maim or kill as many people as possible.

    While we understand that politicians like Hillary Clinton want to disarm Americans and believe that only they deserve protection, the fact is that guns in the hands of law abiding American citizens save lives.

    Terrorists should not be given safe spaces like gun free zones to inflict damage at venues that are often patronized by families.

    Video Report:

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      1. He was wearing a security uniform, so most people probably felt there was no threat.

        Do not let your eyes deceive you. And always be prepared to deal with a threat.

        Profiling individuals when out in public is absolutely necessary to your safety and security. The clothes they wear, the color of their skin, the way they carry themselves, and the surroundings in which you find yourself can all provide clues about a person’s intentions.

        That may sound racist but it’s reality.

        • Not racist, common sense in this time.

        • Sound racist? WHO CARES? You have the right to be as racist as you want. Too much PC bullshit has affected the minds of the masses into thinking ooohhh thats racist. Don’t fall for the lies of the thought police, you can think whatever you want. Remember segregation (if your old enough), it worked just fine! The naggers stayed in line because if they tried to fook with whitey they got shot. Never apologize for (sounding) racist, it’s your right and 1st ammendment. I like some black people and mexicans too but I still hate a lot of them. A lot of them deserve the hate and mistrust because of their culture and attitude and criminal tendencies. If I come across a nagger that looks like a hood I go to high alert, that’s nothing to apologize for….

          • Somebody once told me its tough to save your face and ass at the same time,,,

          • Right on Genius. Absolutely true. People ALL have a RIGHT to say what they wish and to be racist. People generally feel more at ease with their own kind.

            I don’t enjoy being around niggers, beaners, chinks, or any other type for the most part.

            I’m a racist and I don’t care what anyone says about it.

            • I have been called racist by some people I’ve interacted with, usually after I’ve dared to utter some politically incorrect truth – like citing official FBI/US Justice Department crime statistics, for example – that clearly point out the hard (and unpleasant to some) facts about how blacks and mestizos are committing the vast and overwhelming amount of violent crime – homicides, brutal raping of astronomical numbers of White females, or just random assaults and beatings of White people who are minding their own business.

              The peculiar thing about my being a race realist – is that I have no desire to rule over other races, or to oppress them in any way – I merely wish to avoid them, and I do so as often as it is possible for me to do so.

              But, ironically – most of these same (usually White) liberals who call me ‘racist – are people who cheer every new ‘war’ that the diabolically evil ruling elites decide to start against any non-white nation that they suddenly decide they want to bomb and destroy. In my case, I have been a very vocal opponent of bombing and slaughtering non-whites who are living in their own nations and who’ve done nothing to the USA.

              So, based on this bizarre and convoluted kind of thinking – cheering the large scale mass murder of brown or black people overseas is A-OK, but preferring to not be forced to live around these same black or brown people is a sign of being a racist?

              • Tucker, I know exactly where you come from. I catch hell for being anti-PC myself. I’ve also quoted from those same FBI and DOJ studies you mentioned. I also mention that black males are more likely than any other group of people out there to commit serious and violent crimes, which is what those 2 studies are basically saying anyway. The bleeding hearts can cry all they want, but it is what it is. The blacks need to stop their BS altogether.

                • Yep, that’s right Bravehaeart, except, of course, the REALLY violent crimes– like the lone wolves who slaughtered all those people at the movie theatre and othe places– which are ALWAYS commited by loonie tune white people!!

                  Or the EXTREMELY HORRIFIC CRIMES– like the millions murdered in other countries so as to fill the pockets of the white CEO’S in the US… THOSE crimes are by, for and of the WHITE PEOPLE.

                  • … except for the millions of Indians who were slaughtered by the white-skinned, blue-eyed Europeans.. their whole darn country taken over by the whites and the genocide of the people— always by white scum.

                    • ANON: There you go again! Confusing Whites for jewry that only “Look” white but are actually Khazars aka a mixed race entity. Their main DNA Racial Mix is Turk+Hunn+ Mongrel+Caucasian. The latter dna part is reason they appear to be a whitey too.

                      But!! Once you get wized up and realize the vast facial and skull shape differences…It then gets eaiser and eaiser to fast spot a Khazar. It also ties in with that Parable of Wheat Vs Tares biblically.

                      One very fast method is to look at their Side head/face profile. If you see a straight or almost straight line going Down from forehead to lower chin areas?

                      Thats a white. But if side profile looks much more ilke the Ape and african black and neanderthal side profile of their head/skull? Like a Slopped look from forehead going downwards to chin…Bingo! It’s very likley a Khazer not a real european whitey man or women.

                      Next best method is their Eyes…Do they have near perfectly placed eyes set apart at proper looking distance?…Are Eyes in a very Straight Line going left to right across face?…Then thats a euro whitey!

                      But…If their Eyes look a bit slightly Slanted as in asiatic eyes?…And are set too close towards center of head or face?…Then thats very highly likley a Khazar kike.

                      And for a zero possible mistake ever method of detection…if they Cry Out in Pain! while They Hit Your Face or Punch Your face hard?…Thats for certain a khazer that demands being the worlds only real Victims that matter as they are the famous self chozen vampires.

              • Tucker says…”The peculiar thing about my being a race realist – is that I have no desire to rule over other races, or to oppress them in any way – I merely wish to avoid them, and I do so as often as it is possible for me to do so”.

                yes, that IS odd, Tucker because all of the really dominating brutal acts down through history– the ecocides that have taken place– they all have been by WHITE SCUM– Like Hitler, like the Europeans who came here and slaughtered the Indians, constantly lied to them, while the Indians offered their hand in friendship when the white scum first came here, and helped the white scum survive the first winter… yes, indeed, you ARE peculiar in that respect, Tucker because all the wars taken place have been by white scum– the corrupt white scum oligarths, etc…

                When have you ever heard of ecocide taking place by the blacks or the Indians? Never. Its always the white scum. When have you ever heard of countries being bombed for illegal reasons by the blacks or Indians or the Mexicans? never!! its always THE WHITE SCUM…

                • Anonymous, if you have problems with white people, then go find a country that works for you. Lotsa luck with that one. I stand up for my people, culture, heritage, nation, etc. I don’t care what you or any other commie POS thinks of that.

                  • ANON: a Typical Loony Liberal eh. Just because africans and injuns etc were/are too damn stupid to Invent stuff like jet planes and bombs does NOT mean they would’nt Bomb Whiteys is they could do so you small minded pin point focus fool.

                    I bet You been to a universtiy eh anon? Complete with the typical usual 90+% Far Leftist Marxist jewdeokommie professor crowd correct?

                    And even worser yet! Anon Fell for all their typical leftist antiwhitey, anti american and anti Gentile/Goyim BS spew right!

                    They really drove their Hooks deep into your small mind anon, and proof solid is you been here reading a long while now and as yet have Not yet learned a damn thing!

                    Maybe you require yet another 6 yrs wasted college time to take a course in becomeing a master of learning from other very wized up folk such as are here at shtf website forums eh.

                    okay Now go research some Real history on those subjects and save a bundle of college loans as its all avail free online at proper websites. Many of which I have posted up the www address’ for too many times to count.

            • feel better?

            • Hermit, it burns me to no end that these foreigners can come in here, disregard all of our domestic policies, and sponge off our tax dollars through the damn public dole. They come in trying to dictate to us what our domestic policies should be. I don’t give a shit where they come from or what they believe. No foreigner tells me what to do in my own country. It’s hard enough to tolerate blacks at work but I draw the line on foreigners who refuse to assimilate or play by any of our rules. none of us owe any foreigners any damn thing.

            • And guess. What? Most of those people you mentioned also hate us and our way of life

            • Pack a Big GUN and let it do the talking!!

              ~WWTI… In SHTF you will need to dispatch these criminals early, as they will be preying on 10 innocent people a day. Beating, robbing, stealing..thuggery. Just kill em’. It is part of the Culling of our Society that needs to be done. Predators need to be culled. Shoot them in the groin so they cannot procreate. They will be forming gangs and come in mass. So high capacity Magazines will be required.

            • Yep! A lot of blacks can’t stand being around you stupid crackers.

              American Indians REALLY can’t stand you stupid, arrogant white-skinned Europeans who came here and ruined their country… Just the way it is..

              If you feel like vomiting, you feel like vomiting… just the way it is!

              • That’s odd I keep getting invitations to the Indian Casinos to come and play. I’m a whitey.. They must like me. lol


              • Anonymous, I do keep plenty of Preparation H on hand just because of trolls like you. Go f#$% yourself.

          • Genius, AMEN to your comments. couldn’t agree more.

          • “Be wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove.” “Realizing the danger” is probably what you mean by “Hate”, or “go on high alert.” You are the wise man. “The wise man sees the danger and hides himself.” Some of these quotations are from the Bible. Here are some more: “God saves His anointed.” (If you are walking close enough to God, He will help you out.) “The man who hates his brother walks in darkness and does not know where he is going.” (He can be irrational and do things that are dangerous in rage or fear.)

        • Anon, it’s just good ol’ common sense. You do have to profile if you want to live and that’s how it is. If some bleeding heart thinks it’s racist, that’s his/her problem, not someone else’s.

        • The Muslim attacker was certainly profiling his victims.

          • If they profile, so shall we.

            • Nobama, I’ve been profiling for my whole life. It’s one of the reasons I’m still alive. You damn well better be profiling if you want to live. If you’re brainwashed with all the PC shit about profiling, you’re toast.

              • Braveheart – You state: “If some bleeding heart thinks it’s racist that’s his/her problem”.

                That was your heartfelt reply to Hermit’s comment about niggers, beaners, chinks, or any other type. Just a thought, wasn’t your late wife Cuban?

                You can’t be selective in your racism you know.

                • Debunker, allow me to ‘debunk’ your statement. My late wife was a refugee from Cuba who last half of her family to Castro’s butchers. She went through some shit in Cuba that you couldn’t imagine. I’ve always had GOOD feelings about Cubans who come here to escape communist tyranny. I’ve always sympathized with their plight. My wife came here in 1967 and played by all the rules. She already knew English coming from an educated family. She assimilated into our culture, followed all the rules, and became a naturalized US citizen. She was a better American than a lot of other immigrants I’ve seen over the last 20 years or so. If you come here and play by all the rules you’ll be welcomed here. If not, then go back to wherever you came from. We don’t need any foreigners from anywhere coming here having bad intentions toward our people. If my remarks are ‘racist’, then so be it. I don’t have a damn thing to apologize to anyone for. You have been DEBUNKED. LOL!

                  • Brave – wow! You ARE turning into HCKS! How original, I’ve been Debunked…it’s a wonder you haven’t band me as a troll! Now that would be really, really, scarey coming from HCKS greatest admirer?

                    All I asked was “wasn’t your wife Cuban?” You’re a tad touchy, aren’t you?

                    I didn’t want to hear, in great and boring detail, about your private life.

            • How could anyone look at the conditions on this planet and not be racist? If you can’t recognize the difference in countries ruled by these people. You are a special kind of stupid. Can anyone deny that?

          • “YOU CAN’T JUDGE ME”…a favorite line of the left…of COARSE we judge you. as a human being, when you see another person, the very first thing you DO, is to judge whether that person is a friend or a foe. are they going to overpower you? do they look friendly?…can they be trusted to not take anything from you(up to, and including your life). are they in a good frame of mind, or are they looking like they intend harm? if you don’t JUDGE people, while THEY are judging YOU, you will get DEAD once SHTF….THAT’S when the left will REALLY find out how asinine their policies have been to U.S.

        • I’d like to add one more important item to your list. You need to get into the habit of watch peoples hands, the reason for that, is that’s where the threat will come from. If their hands are empty, then the chance of them causing you harm is less, not zero, but less, but if you can’t see what’s in their hands, then you can’t tell if they are holding a weapon. This is the same skill they teach police officers. When i first started watching peoples hands while i was out at the mall, or at home depot was hard, but once you get into the habit, you’ll do it without even thinking about it.

          • BCOD and Colt M4, I agree and damn good posts.

        • Keep you Eyes on their Hands. Their hands will hurt you. And you keep you hand on your concealed weapon ready to fire if needed.


        • agreed….

        • The Off-duty Cop that shot this guy, was also a Gun shop owner, and tactical training center to train armed concealed carry permit holders to defend themselves and stop threats. You won’t hear that Cops background info on the MSM anti-gunners, 2nd Amendments Haters show.


      2. More to come, you silly Americans.

        • You will get to see many more scum muslim trash like this shot by we ‘silly’ Americans.

          • Menzo, I’m another one of those ‘silly’ Americans who will shoot muslim trash. I’m one of the ‘deplorables’ the hildebeast mentioned and proud of it.

        • anon, bring it on.

      3. french poll to say 29% of muslims in france prefer charia laws instead of republic ones…

        so far so good, everything is gonna be alright…

        stack people, this not gonna end well

        • Hey…why frenchie send big tall statue of Muslim woman here instead of Egypt where it was supposed to go?


          The Statue of Liberty is a Muslim woman originally designed to be placed in Egypt at the head of the Suez canal. Egypt said it was too costly so the designer repurposed it to become the “Liberty Enlightening the World” instead of “Egypt Carrying the Light to Asia”. lol…suckers…there’s one born every day.

          • I took the little nieces to see Lady Liberty. She is held down by what looks like 6 inch diam threaded rod and some of the biggest nuts you’ve ever seen. How embarrassing to see Lady Liberty has some huge nuts.

            I have a picture of me touching her nuts, yeah it was good for me too! The picture has been officially named “Bad Tourist”.

        • French Reader, welcome, and it won’t end well for the muzzies.

      4. The fact he was an off duty PD makes all the difference. He will be held in high regard by the local PD and will be untouchable regarding any type of prosecution. if that were any one else, I’m sure they would have gotten the Trayvon treatment by now, and would be on their way to jail and a whole hoard ready to begin the public flogging. But the media knows he’s untouchable ow, so they will just bury this part of the story and deflect from the real terrorism that is begins g to spread. Either way – food to see this cop take out the guy screaming “outta the snackbar”

        • The muslim who killed all those people WAS NOT an actual security guard. He was just dressed like one to gain the trust of the American citizens in that location.
          TRUST NO ONE!!

          • Actually he was a security monitor.

      5. We played Cowboys and Indians once , now it’s time for
        Cowboys and muzzies. Hahaha seriously it is time to hunt the fùckers down!!!!!

        Arm up and shoot the next goat fùcker you run in to.

        Remember Chris Dorner , one man shut down the entire state of CA for 3 days.

        Ready ……. GO

        • Today while I was at the flea market, I witnessed for a short period of time, the same Muslim arguing with another customer. They were calling each other LIARS. They became more animated and I turned away. People would have started filming and decided I did not want to be part of something serious. Lots of weapons available to use on the ground.

          Anyway sooner or later this guy is going to get his clock cleaned. See if the Mussie is there next week.

        • LMFAO, captain!

      6. “Are you Muslim?” My response, “No, are you ready to meet your virgins?”

        • Or “yes” and then a swift kick in the nards and a knee in the face.

          • Genius, my response would be, “No, are you ready to go meet allah [HELL]?

        • “Are you Muslim?”

          My response, “No, I’m an Infidel with a cure to your problems… Here, try this on for size.”

          The last thing on it’s mind would have been a ‘Hollow’ feeling entering its mind.

          • Then sue his family for the cost of your bullet.


      7. They still have not released info on the suspect, even though they know him from prior traffic violations and went to search his apartment. With FBI and Homeland Security hanging ariund, there is a 99% chance it was a Somali Muslim. There is a fairly large Somali population in Minneapolis and Saint Cloud.

        This looks like the future – any place with ‘open doors’ is going to be targetted.

        • NorseMan, if the SOB shouted ‘allah akbar’, then hell yes he’s a sandnigger. He got sent to allah.

        • I think we all know who is behind the global push to import third world turd into (formerly) white nations. Here is one of those shysters, trying her best to turn Sweden into a giant ghetto filled with violent muzzies:

          • Marty, I’ve seen this video before. That j*w bitch needs to watch her six. Karma will get her one day.

      8. The J*ws are behind the invasion by foreigners into the U.S.

        Get the J*ws out and our troubles go away.

        J*ws were behind the 1965 Immigration Act that opened the gates.

        J*ws are proven traitors.

        The ragheads and all the other dredges of the world are here because of an overwhelming stranglehold J*ws have over whites especially Christian white’.

        We must take the money away from J*wish control. Then and only then will whites and other nonJ*ws be able to put the J*w Trogen Horse called immigration on the dustbin of History.


        • The only way to do that is (as I always advocate) STOP USING FED RESERVE NOTES! But what are the odds of a nation of subhuman idiot knuckledraggers of doing that? Were fookin’ DOOMED!

          • Genius, I am holding a $20 Bill in one hand, and a 1 Ounce .999 Silver round in my other hand. I can see and feel what is real and what is just a IOU. I’ll have to keep this short for now, since I am typing with my nose.. lol Thx


          • you’re a fukin’ GENIUS…guess that’s why we call you that…100% agree with you….wait….i must be the genius buttcrackofdoom then…better change my moniker.

      9. They had some one with a gun on them in that liberal pit.

        • This is not a liberal pit.
          I live and work here.
          Lots of gun people here.
          And over 10,000 Muslims!
          I have to keep quiet at work to keep my job. I can’t carry at work, but when not working, different story.
          Lots and lots of things going through my head.
          Have a wonderful night.
          Stu Johnson Out

      10. I get moderated every time I use the knee grow word. I don’t get it?

        • I know of 3 folks that have left this site due to crap you speak of , before .. this place didnt censor .. and allowed us to say exactly what was on our minds.. now we have our 1st amendment being played with right here on SHTFplan

          Im soon to leave too

      11. The Jewish mafia needs to go. Throughout history they have been recorded as unstoppable . Punch up . What famous men have said about Jews. This is nothing new. Since before crusify him . Free barabus. Only the second coming can stop the children of Satan.

      12. On Drudge it shows a tabloid cover saying something about people being shocked over TERROR attacks, anyone who is shocked must be living under a rock

      13. Normalcy bias at work.

      14. The public is being mentally conditioned to accept Islam in america. Using the media, press And mainly our own government.
        Room temperature is best for muslim thugs.

        • Room temperature may be best for muslim thugs, but we are being treated like frogs in a slow pot. Sooner or later the water will boil, and then it will be too late.

          • dude! you got an optimism problem….it’s ALREADY too late!

            • A day late & a dollar short, but I keep trying

      15. And people wonder why I carry all the time.

        • You know the old saying about a gun…far better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

      16. Was it one of those nice little refugees that the international communist NWO is flooding American neighborhoods with?

      17. Ah yes. Another Muslim attack. And I’ll bet New York and jersey bombs are by , you guessed it. Another Muslim practicing Islam wreaking havoc. Time to load Em up and ship Em back to the sand they came from. If that don’t work then it’s bullet time. And it’s not called genocide old stolzy it’s called self defense. Kill them before they kill us. Why do you think they want to build all these mosques? It’s so they can send money overseas to support their Muslim brothers. You can’t trust any of them that practice Islam. Shut the gate. Build the wall trump. But a lot of shits already in here. Blood will be shed for sure to protect ourselves. Better be a good shot people

        • Sigh,,,
          What happened to the days of hot dogs, apple pie and NASCAR,,,,

          • Wow! You just gave me blast to the past with NASCAR!

            The smell of Top fuel vehicles and the thunder in the air!

            It’s been 25 years, but I remember like it was yesterday.

            • top fuel? sounds like yer talkin’ about funny cars, not nascar?…saw funny cars early this year, and i must tell you, they are INCREDIBLE now. do yourself a favor, and go see them again before you die.

        • Yes, another muzzie trained by the CIA and railroaded by the FBI?

      18. I work here in the Columbus Ohio court buildings and I see all of this coming to light. People here don’t get it and won’t until the these Muslims start practicing what the Koran says. Samoli men are starting to train as security guards working in the control rooms. These are buildings where judges, da’s, and most of our court system works on a daily basis. Muslim women are constantly coming in requesting welfare and other services. Most of the whites and blacks (original Americans) are coming in for divorces and court dates! Never seen this country like this, but definitely make follow the bible and keep my faith. AND STACKEN. AND …….

      19. But ,, But ,, But .. this goes against everything the media has been tellin us….

        I wonder if the off duty cop will get his 2 week paid vacation ?

      20. I actually do have some hope that when Trump gets elected . He will at least attempts to address the immigration problem. At least he is talking about the Elephant in the room. The libs and democraps will not even admit there is a immigration problem.

      21. In other news, Merckel had yet another defeat in her party. She called it “bitter”. Like here the people directly involved, are the people the need to be voted out of office!!

      22. Minnesota has 250,000 known Somalians. Not counting other refugees and migrants from the third world. Very few work at anything other than drug pushing. Did you know that refugees get $3000 each per month? After they lose the refugee status they go on welfare for life. Good news. Millions more are on the way!

      23. If this mall is like the ones out here it probably explicitly mans guns… and knives) from the Mall and so a law abiding gu owner who respects the mall’s property rights would not be carrying in the Mall… boy doesn’t that make me feel safe.

      24. Screw Muslims and their religion and the US establishment who are using them to take down America. Obama is one and their goal is sharia law in America and Europe. All of these US politicians are traitors and have sold Americans completely out. Death is the deserved penalty.

        • Aljamo. Fuckin. A. Right. All the money spent chasing, investigating terrorism, welfare for Em. Etc. etc. fuck all this trash

      25. My local mall prohibits firearms. So I don’t go there unless absolutely necessary !

      26. I’m normally happy to read the comments on the shtfplan articles. However, I am disappointed that people are more than happy to share their bitter hatred and loathing of other people. It is people such as yourselves that make it seem OK to kill Americans. Sadly your brand of Nazi-inspired lifestyle only leads to more and more conflict. Do the world a favour and wear your “I hate Muslims, Niggers, etc.” t-shirts so that Isis/Isil/whatever/whoever can come after you and leave the average ‘innocent’ people alone. Sick bastards that you are.

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