Guarding The Road In: A Move To Confiscate Guns, How It Will Be Done, And The Event To Make It Happen

by | Feb 15, 2010 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    This article has been contributed by Robert Jones. His web sites at The Fight of Your Life and Blue Battle Flag have been inspired by getting people the information necessary for the times we live in to provide as much current news in one stop as possible.

    Guarding The Road In

    The things to come in this country will be made in a move never seen before and probably never touched the minds of many–even the ones who are awake more than likely have or have not suspected what I will attempt to point out and explain. I read everything, listen to everybody, take that information, then I throw it in a pot and boil up my own conclusions and speculations [with much input from all of my research]. The coming purge against gun owners in the country and how it will be pulled off (or attempted) will most likely be the exact opposite of what many or most of you are currently thinking, expecting, or predicting will happen/take place [keep in mind that the scuzz-buzzards can only steer events and not control the outcomes even when they think they can].

    How It Will Be Done

    Pondering much of the new information by Lindsey Williams [also here], I was thinking of how he claims his elite contact has said the way that food shortages will take place is the complete opposite of how everybody thinks it will take place because in the coming devaluation-into-inflation of (no less than 30) 30 to 50% devaluation; the food will be on the shelves but people will starve because the prices will be so inflated they will not be able to buy it.

    Stopping right there, the light came on. This is more than likely the way the elite plan of getting the guns and ammunition from the American people (the attempt to[remember they can’t control the outcome]) without having to physically come after guns/gun owners and effectively keeping you from getting/obtaining guns and ammunition, re-manufacturing supplies, and the like. The prices of guns and ammunition will inflate with the devaluation of the dollar which will take peoples ability to buy or obtain them away which in turn the shipping/importation [7.62x39mm] will also diminish either causing it to stay on the shelf/not be able to reach the shelf.

    Once this is effected, the opportunity for the government/NWO to pull them off the shelves has an open door to ramifications that will proceed with the coming NaZi-Pelosi micro-chip-finance-control-gun registration/confiscation-vaccination- Bill [the bill that has nothing to do with health care whatsoever] and or further International treaties from the U.N., INTERPOL, etc……….

    The Event To Make It Happen

    This will include the devaluation of 30-50% to effect the beginning of non-physical gun control/confiscation into a physical confiscation conflict [coming thereafter with the next example] when………………

    The scenario that I see forthcoming that will spark the martial law powder keg bringing gun confiscation, Foreign Troops-UN-INTERPOL soldiers in to quell unrest/assist in suppressing dissenters/gun owners, breakdown of civil order, civil war, and chaos will be the ORCHESTRATED AND PLANNED [by the elite] assassination of Barack Obama in order to declare a national emergency, impose martial law, effect all executive orders or the like, and to create the chaos needed to effect their order by dividing people in the United States with the guise that the many people will welcome this event that absolutely despise this individual [these are the people who vote Republican that are not awake and do not know about the NWO] because the things being done through this administration will lose all credibility [as the president is seen in their eyes] and the use for him by the NWO is no longer of any worth which will effect the reasons, excuses, and triggers by this event that will be the final pretext against firearms and ammunition. This type of event will also be a trigger for civil unrest/civil war by pitting the American people against each other over the event.

    In the planned transition of the United States into the New World Order, much is illusion, nothing is certain, and anything is possible. It is best to be prepared for the worst as our best solution. This is just a thought of mine and it is my opinion expressed in this blog.

    I am not a prophet or cannot predict the future, but I am convinced the road is ahead is The Fight of Your Life—Get Ready, It’s Coming.

    This article has been contributed by Robert Jones. His web sites at The Fight of Your Life and Blue Battle Flag have been inspired by getting people the information necessary for the times we live in to provide as much current news in one stop as possible.


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      1. Ok fine so the bums take our guns , So lets go back to the 1950s folks , anybody ever hear of a ZIP GUN ?  Do an on line search , look it up , we can make our own guns !  Yes thay will be single shot , BUT at least you can shoot ! Here is a bit of history for you . During the start of WWII when the phillipines was over run the residents were of course striped of all weapons . So what thay did was :  1. get a piece of  pipe ,it must be the size of a 12 guage shotgun shell, about 3 feet long or so.   2. Next get another piece of pipe that the first pipe can JUST fit into so that it can slide back and forth but not too loose.  3. Now for the firing pin , get a roofing nail  thay are short and have a wide flat head .  4. Next get a piece of plywood or thin veneer, trim it down so that it will fit in side of the pipe your shell will go into but not too loosly . 5. drive the nail thru the wood making sure it it centered , push  it into the pipe about an inch or so.  Get some quick creet or cement put it behind the firing pin/wood and let dry. Now to fire your home made shot gun , insert a shell into the first pipe insert that pipe into the pipe with the firing pin in it . point at what you want to hit , and ram the two togather .  BANG !  I an sure a lot of you will be able to come up with your own versions that will be much better , but you get the idea . also the beauty of it is you can hide it in plain site ! hang it off your house and make a flag pole out of it !!! The only other thing to point out is padding on the end to put it to your hip or sholder so again I say let them take our guns , we will always have a way to fight back . hide some 12 guage , hide it real good !  some .38 or 44 mag too.  Good luck !!!

      2. Its a hell of a lot easier just to keep the guns you have, than to give them up and try to make zip guns.  If the time comes that you feel the need to make a zip gun, don’t you think you’ll feel rather stupid knowing that you turned in all your real guns.  When they come for your guns its time to start the shootin.Comments…..

      3. Vaportrail , when thay pull out the ATF forms you filled out and demand that you hand over  your guns  or give them the name and address of who you sold them to , and thay had better find that gun at the address you give them or you will  go to the  nearest FEMA “Camp” what will you do ?  Its going to be you VS them . No court,  No lawyer , no habeas corpus . You give up your guns or off you go . Its going to be awful hard to make a Zip Gun and get ammo in a Fema Camp and shoot your way out !! When thay come to collect your guns it will be by a LOT of well armed combat troops . Most of them will be combat expierenced in urban warfare . The watchword for me will be “Live to fight another Day!!”

      4. Trick is to get off book guns. I know it’s getting harder and harder,, but can be done. Buy a few that you will be willing to give up and give them up. I know easier said than done,, but doable.

      5. The only way we’re giving up our guns will be if they come take them. The US Military will have to violate their oath to take them. So will the cops and ATF. Do you really think the states will stand for that? The USA is too spread out. Once the word gets out, it will be worse than trying to steal the fire from Hell!

        Forms? What forms? What about states like Oklahoma? Kentucky? Wyoming? Indiana? …and 35 more? Cash and carry. People trade guns like they trade $100 bills. Hehe. Good luck tracking that. 35 or more states allow F2F transactions. We ask if there is any reason not to buy this gun from you. The anwer is “no”.  We hand over the money, they hand over the gun. Tracking that would be more than a logistical nightmare. Its impossible to track. IMPOSSIBLE!

        No, there’s not going to be mass confiscation. If they pinch off the supply, well, shooting for fun might come to an end but guns and ammo don’t have an expiration date. Why do you think there has been a continual frantic buying spree for the last 4 months? We’re bulking up. Guns. Ammo. Supplies. And its not for rabbits and squirrel, I’ll tell you that. We can keep the stuff forever. I routinely load with powder and primers that are 70 years old.

        Not only that, the Constitution says, point blank, “Private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation.” They will be breaking the supreme law of the land and thus, violating their oaths. Politicians have no problem with this but law enforcement officers and military do.

        Even anti-gun people will have a problem with confiscation. When things get bad, just like the anti-gun senator out east, they’ll be asking to borrow a gun and a few rounds.

        No, this article is a paranoid pipe dream. Unless they repeal the 2nd Amendment, we’ve got out guns and we’re going to keep them and keep using them. They may try some stuff but there is a wall, made from one solid brick. That brick is the second amendment. The elites have been beating their head against it for years. The founders knew. God Bless Those Founders! When I get to heaven, I will ask them, “How did you know?”

        Pshaw! Peddle your gun confiscation fantasies somewhere else.

        AB: If they confiscate all the guns, will there be anything left worth fighting for? Goverment dependence? Camp FEMA? It will never come to that. It would be a bloodbath and the elite know it. No, they’ try to starve us out.

      6. From my cold dead hands….. 

         An American administration afraid of an armed citizenry, is a government that is not “of the the people, by the people, and for the people”. Such a government is a perversion, nay, an ABOMINATION to the most basic tenants of Liberty and should perish my ballot or bullet. That is our Declaration of Independence, that is our Constitution, and if I was willing to fight and die, if necessary, in Viet Nam, you can bet your ass I would do the same in the United States if an American administration EVER thought they could deny me my most basic civil rights.

        Tens of millions of Veterans and patriots across the country feel as I do. They would rise up, individuals, fire teams, and squads using all of the skills and training they possess, to fight a tyrannical government.  City by city, town by town, block by block, house by house, Veterans and patriots would exact a price so dear that the government would collapse because the entire country would revolt.

        When owning a weapon is a crime only criminals will have guns. In Switzerland EVERY male has a government issued weapon, free ammo, and yearly target practice to keep their skills sharp. An armed citizen is a safe citizen. Fore warned is well armed.

      7. There will soon enough come the time, when every citizen of the USA will be pressed to answer one question; What do you believe in?
        It is a non bi-partisan question, cutting through all religious dogma as well.

        What do you believe in?

        Freedom for all? Or just for some! The right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, or is that for the elite only?

        Who decides your fate? You?
        Or are you going to let some two faced lying bureaucrat whose self interests are for personal wealth building, political capital favoritism, establishing a re-election war chest, pandering to cronyism, and corporatism…then deciding who is worthy of life and who isn’t?

        What do you believe in?

        Is the US constitution a living document meant for all , or is it a quaint old piece of paper that no longer has any merit? Same for the Bill of Rights? Do you hold them dear to your heart, or are you willing to let some neo-socialistic/ pro communist hateful radical administration take them away from you, because they have decided they are an inconvenient nuisance to their foul future plans for us?

        Are you willing to fight for them, giving up your life for them, in order that your children will be able live freely, without  having a serial number tattooed on their forearm and doing forced work to just be able to have a bowl of meatless slop at the end of the day?

        What do you believe in?
        Are you a patriot? Are you going to make your fellow city police officers, their commanders, and local politicians hold true to their words and oaths, to protect and serve the people, constitution, local laws. Or are you going to let them turn on you, and given the command draw aim on your wife, children and dog?

        How far are you willing to go?  If the local or state government turn on us, and declare us “enemy combatants” because we refuse to lay down our arms, and give up our rights, will you fight back? Or will you become a turn coat, selling out your neighbors or family members for a loaf of bread?

        What do you believe in? 
        Are all men/women equal and do they have same inalienable rights?  Or do you have to be of one particular persuasion, or card carrying member of ruling party affiliation in order to be left alone from persecution.

        The time is rapidly approaching when the cabal of  nazism-lite politico’s in office now will call for our total surrender. They are already drawing the lines in the American sands of justice and freedom.  They will dare us to cross that line, with their ready reserves suited up in body armour reading their fully loaded weaponry, with the anti-riot vehicles gassed and running, awaiting the message to attack without mercy!

        Decide. Do you stand your free ground, or do you soil your shorts and put your hands in the air…because you have no spine!

        That is what they are counting on! That everyone is a yellow gutless turd, and will not defend their right to a free and self determined life.

        Decide what you believe in.  The winds of war and revolution are blowing…on which side of the line in the sand will you stand?

        Freedom or Enslavement?

      8. Ok , Ok I understand that everybody wants to fight back when thay come to get our guns , BUT remember this under Martial Law , the only law is the barrel of a gun . The law is whatever thay want it to be .  My 30-06 bolt action , their M-16s with full auto.  My hunkering down ,  their fire and manoeuvre . One crotchity old man , a platoon of Marines or Army troops . who is going to win that match-up?  It won’t be me .  Die in place or live to fight another day?  Zukadu , yes IF we can all get togather form an army,  that can fight back and coordinate an attack then mabye just mabye we can win .  I have read where some units in the military are being trained in crowd control and weapon collection, using other troops who cry, scream, argue and try to stop or slow down the process. Thay are taught to ignore this and get the guns .  And the training is made as real as possible .  Ever get a lung full of CS gas ? its not fun Trust me !  Just My Opinion guys .

      9. Be smart, the government won’t attempt to go door-to-door to collect guns/ammo.  They will simply follow FDR’s playbook when he signed Executive Order 6102 in April of 33′.  This E.O. gave all Americans 30 days to turn in their gold (in exchange for $20/oz) after which time, anyone found holding it would be fined $10k/10 yrs prison time. 
        Under Martial Law, same E.O. gets signed giving all Americans 2 weeks to yield their weapons at regional depots or risk being labeled a terrorist and a lifetime sentence in a FEMA camp…
        For those holding dear to the 2nd Amendment (or the Constitution for that matter) your being delusional.  World Goverance via the NWO is the end-game.   The US & all of her laws won’t stand in the way…

      10. See, people just don’t understand. You get all stirred up about these paranoid delusions. Think a little before you start talking about jackboots going door to door or “regional confiscation centers”. 

        We live in a union of 50 independent countries. I know they’ve tried to educate it out of you, but, its true. There is the 10th amendment, the 2nd amendment, and in my state, Article 1, Section 32. They have to wipe out all of those and then they have to go through the sheriff. If they get that far, I can see the sheriff deputizing every gun toting citizen and putting out a warrant for the arrest of any and all federal agents. And, if that fails, well, thats when the shooting starts. Suddenly the feds are fighting the officially deputized citizenry? …and do you think that same sheriff is going to violate his oath to the state constitution and the US constitution to enforce an EO that is clearly against both?

        You all have paranoid delusions. Its not going to happen. …and tell me that if all that fails how are they going to handle the IEDs? In Afganistan there are 25 million people. They claim that there is only 2% taliban and those 50 thousand troops can’t conquer it. We’re a nation of 300 million. That 12 times the number. If 2% of us get pissed off and start shooting and IEDing the place, do you think they can handle us? They can’t handle poorly fed, poorly educated motivated individuals. Think about that! Multiply the number by 12 and give 30% of them batchelor degrees, knowledge of basic chemistry, ballistics, electricity, electronics. …and they’re well fed, too? Add to that the fact that they are defending the constitution their founders wrote for their own homeland? Excuse my mouth, but, HOLY SHIT!

        Now, where are we? Regional “confiscation” centers, be damned. You motivate Americans against the enemy and their toast, burnt, chopped up and fed to the chickens.

        Your paranoid delusions just got chewed up and spit out.

        Not only will The United States Of American, the beacon of freedom and individualism of the world, stand in the way, she’ll stand in the way and beat it to death. The NWO is an elitist fantasy thats never going to happen very much like the stealing of our 2nd amendment rights.

      11. 71
        “Ok fine so the bums take our guns, So lets go back to the 1950s folks, anybody ever hear of a ZIP GUN?”
        “Live to fight another Day!!”
        “Die in place or live to fight another day?”
        Giving up quite speedily there aren’t we? No, “stand down-fight them off- they’ll never take my guns” kinda stuff that true patriots might be saying?
        Ummm……..Why-oh-why would you advocate that?
        “For those holding dear to the 2nd Amendment (or the Constitution for that matter) your being delusional.  World Goverance via the NWO is the end-game.   The US & all of her laws won’t stand in the way…”
        Do you two work out of the same office?????

      12. Comments…..  That 12 gage pipe gun sound like a fun thing to try just for the hell of it. But, I’d guess the pipe may shatter and mess you up good. And I’d also guess it may only work maybe once if at all. But I could be wrong. Someone try it and let us know.

        As far as the constitution goes, ha! Right now, from what I’ve read, you Americans can be legally labeled enemy combatants and they can throw your ass in the can for as long as they want without due process.

        It’s pre 1776  again. But this time the American government is the one to be freed from. The way it looks to me is there will be a second 1930’s style depression but no second American revolution. Check mate has happened on the people but the populace hasn’t read the memo yet.

      13. netranger is 99% right, no way they can logisitcally pull it off, we have the largest armed force in the world, larger than ALL the worlds formal militarys combined, it is the armed citizens if this country.  If even 5% of us fight back, they could not deal with it. I would guess at least 50% of them would fight back, the “war” would be over in a week or less, even if it wasn’t organized.  Their side is made up of cowards and bullies, bullies always back down from the tormentees who decide they have had enough.  Where he is wrong is they may actually try, they are that dumb  to think it possible, it may be best that they do try, we can then get rid of them once and for all (or at least the foreseeable future)

        The one eerily possible idea that the author makes though is the planned assasination of obama, it very well may create a civil war within the country.  I remember researching what the white supremicists thought about obama becoming president and was shocked at what I found. Most of the “leaders” of that movement relished it, because they thought it will usher in the race wars they have been hoping for.  There are sick people all along the spectrum and times like this usually emboldens them, both the tyrants and the hate mongers.

      14. Netranger, i could not have said it better myself. well done! hat tip!!!

      15. secondly, i don’t see why the al queda can be out numbered as much as 25 to 1 and the war ain’t over? rules of engagement, we need to take off the gloves.
        also, i don’t envision foriegn troops enforcing any laws in this country. like bringing the chinese or russians to confiscate guns and take to fema camps? ain’t gonna happen. they can try, but it won’t happen. the upheaval from the citizenry will squash that without help from our own military. and if it were to occur, our military would return home and take over the fed govt (COUP), as well as defeat the enemy to a bloody pulp.
        good fantasy, but I don’t see it happening. too many US citizens know how to operate military equipment.
        And if the prez declared a stop on all federal election due to a crisis, thereby  keeping him in power indefinately. Then expect the states to seperate from the union.

      16. MDF   Try fighting back when thay are shoveling dirt over your dead body!  robert61 al  queda has support of both the people and other countrys like Iran and syria , the people support them because thay die if thay don’t . A gorilla war is far easier to fight than a head on confrontation. pick the battles to win ,fight them, and go on from there.  That and IEDs make for a long day for our troops.  YOURDADDY: The Govt. can pass such a law but far to few citizens would obey it , the only thing thay would collect is old broken , rusty shotguns and 22s. In the end we will see how this all plays out. prehaps we are all wrong and nothing will happen but I don’t think so.the NWO will be ruthless and cold, the leaders will be heartless and evil, many of our countrymen will die.  It will be a no holds bared knock down drag out , winner take all bloody fight.

      17. Shadow: Point of order here. Do not use the term “living document” to describe the Constitution. That is  “Progressive” terminology at law suggesting that the Constitution can be changed and adapted to fit present “situations”. It is a situational ideology to fit the whims of those in power, rather than Principles that apply universally and cannot be deleted or adapted, like say the Ten Commandments. See?

      18. Scab,

        Do you really think they will try? I guess they could be self-deluded enough to think its possible. We’ll just have to wait and see.

        As far as the article and the assassination of The Obama, he’s way too useful to the elites. You don’t usually off your head stooge unless he decides to grow a pair. …which is not likely. Michelle will see to that. She’ll just cut off his… teleprompter. His offing could be used as a false flag, as outlined in the article, but I don’t think so. The Secret Service takes their job seriously and is apolitical, and I believe, above all this shananigans. They’ll protect him to the end. …I hope.

      19. I enjoy reading the comments on these prognostication-type articles. Everyone has a unique viewpoint of how he/she thinks the “final” event will unfold.

        My own personal theory is that only one word can best be used to describe the elite – insidious. Rather than expecting one  catalyzing event to transpire (like the author believes in an assassination), I expect a series of events, all small or almost imperceivable by themselves (but when seen in the big picture a clear pattern emerges) to do the bulk of the damage. This is the boiling frog analogy and we’ve been in the pot for many years now.

        I think some people here forget we are the MINORITY. That is, awake, armed, and prepped. They may never take our guns because they MAY NEVER HAVE TO. What I mean is that we could be facing high food prices/shortages for a period of years, forcing more and more citizens into poverty, and this is key, who will trade ANYTHING they own for one meal for themselves and their family. After all, if they “trade” their guns in, it’s not exactly violating the Constitution is it? Those of us here will still have our guns and food but we will be facing an increasingly divergent world where we could very well end up on the “fringe” – those crazies who took to the hills and decided to live off the land and didn’t want any of the government handouts.

        Then come the chip implants and digital cash to all who take government handouts, and we become even more marginalized because we dared preserve or individual soverignty.

        It then becomes a war of information as we try to exist within this communistic world that believes anything the government tells it because hey, it provided for them in a time of dire need. Who will we convince then that it was their very own government that did this to them? Will they believe a bunch of marginalized truthers who no longer have any rights because they refuse to take the chip?

        This is just my own theory and it could very well be wrong, but one thing I know is that the future is never what we expect, to sound cliched.

      20. Chris C.  You are closer than you might think .  Many of us think the chip implant is an absolute fact !  It will happen so that folks will be able to buy or sell , and of course our DEAR LEADER will be able to watch over us . and those who refuse will have the threat of inprisonment if thay don’t get the chip. Thats the NWO !

      21. Netranger- Passionate & emotional.  Can’t say I disagree with either of those attributes.   However, you’re looking at this issue through the lens of today.  Tomorrow will be MUCH different. 

        You mention how quickly Americans will turn to their arms to defend their civil liberties.   (your quote -“Not only will The United States Of American, the beacon of freedom and individualism of the world, stand in the way, she’ll stand in the way and beat it to death. The NWO is an elitist fantasy thats never going to happen very much like the stealing of our 2nd amendment rights.” 
        However, recent history betrays you.  3 weeks after 9-11, we allowed the Patriot Act to become law..(In fact clamored for it!).  This document made a farse of our Constitution infringing on many of our civil liberties.

        Make no mistake about it, the powers that be won’t attempt to take American citizens (and all of their weapontry) head on…They will simply starve them out by controlling the food supply.  With a completely de-valued dollar, time is on their side.  Heck, in this scenario, our “patriots” will probably turn our weapons on each other for sustinence.  Then, just like before, when our citizens can’t sustain another minute, they won’t have to be coerced into submission…They will come willingly.

      22. Don’t get me wrong, I hate that lying sack of garbage some call the president ,  BUT I do NOT want him assassinated for the sole reason that I DO think it would start a civil war which will not be good for any of us.  The white supremacists or the Tea party movement (who according to the left thinks are one and the same ,which we all know is BS) would be blamed whether they did it or not and the majority of  blacks would take it personally. The democraps would use them once again as they have since the 60’s , this time inciting rage, etc, which would give them the chaos I think they want.

        Now, if the nation rose up and marched on Washington, took all the scum suckers out and tried, then  hung them for treason, thats another story……

      23. Go ahead, preach all your doom and gloom. I’ve been there, brothers and sisters! I’ve been there.

        I’ve been watching this stuff for about 30 years. Some 5 or so years ago I was pretty discouraged. Maybe some of you may feel that way now. I do not! I’ve had more hope for real freedom in the last year than I ever have! Things are turning up! But, its OK. You doomers have your place. We’ll all get there and hopefully not too many people will have to get hurt.

        Just remember: The tighter they squeeze, the more we slip through their fingers. I may have a unique perspective because of all the fronts I monitor, I don’t know, but let me be your ray of hope. America is alive and well. Its tyranny thats on life support. I own about 30 acres out here in the middle of ?????????. When the lights go out, I’ll have a place for some of you. Just look for the signs. “TO NETRANGER’S PLACE —>”

        Everyone be safe. There is a party at the end of the hard part. If the party hasn’t started, the hard part isn’t over yet.

      24. This is almost getting to be funny with a couple of y’all.
        71, if I don’t fight, I’ll surely be 6 feet under. Once your buddies come and take me off to camp, I highly doubt I’ll be let out. How did they do it back in 1917? If I read right, something like getting hacked up or having molten lead pored down your throat. Such a FINE group of people.
        yourdaddy, “However, recent history betrays you.  3 weeks after 9-11, we allowed the Patriot Act to become law..(In fact clamored for it!).  This document made a farse of our Constitution infringing on many of our civil liberties.” We sure the hell DID NOT clamor for it. The Patriot Act was written years BEFORE 911 by a bunch of POS traitors who KNEW this was coming. Congress voted for it, NOT the people. Homeland security was based on the same premise. “We The People” did not ask or want either one of those. It was passed by a bunch of folks who most likely will be feeling hemp around their throats. You seem to think those shitheads in Washington along with their bosses in N.Y. and London are going to get away with this little scheme. It AIN’T happening there fella.
        I’ve only been reading you two guys for a week now and I sure get the impression you’re trying to steer us. Keep on giving it your best shot. I’ll keep on practicing to better my shots. Sooner, rather than later we WILL “Take It Back”.

      25. MDF- With all due respect, you’re making my point for me.

        Both you & Netranger pontificate about how these folks “won’t get away with it!”  “How the NWO is just a fantasy and they’ll never take away our rights.” 

        In your recent post, you admit they JUST DID. 

        You are correct that the “Patriot” Act was written well in advance and all they needed was a contravening act to force it on the public.  You continue by saying, “We the people din’t ask or want either of those (P.A/”  Yet, here we sit with both of those traitorous acts firmly in place…and growing.   With the passion exhibited by true patriots such as Netranger and yourself, how was that possible??
        You have me painted completely wrong.  It doesn’t matter what I think.  I certainly don’t wish for this to unfold.  But it is, and has and won’t stop until the NWO has complete world goverenance in place. 
        I share both (Netranger too) of your zeal and patriotism.  However, the powers that be are much more unified and prepared then you give them credit for.  
        I guess you have to ask yourself, if our country is filled with similar minded & fully armed patriots such as yourselves, how did the Patriot Act & Homeland Security come to pass (so easily I might add?)  Because deep down, the people of this country BELIEVED the 9-11 lie, and gladly traded some liberty for “protection.”  
        Talk about letting the wolves into the hen house… 

      26. yourdaddy, I will go with you on one point. The NWO’s plans have been worked to perfection. The U.S. “as a whole” has been subverted. Every aspect of our lives has been affected (infected) by these pukes. Media, education, entertainment, economy, jobs, churches, EVERYTHING. There are plenty of folks just like the Ranger and I who see the “BIG PICTURE”. My job is to “open people’s eyes”. The more folks who are totally outraged like me, the better.
        One thing I will not agree with you is the actions of our “elected” officials. Isn’t it plain to see that the folks in Washington have “sold us out”? I’ve asked the question before, who votes for or supports things like NAFTA, amnesty, outsourcing, TARP? Traitors and sellouts do. This government “DOES NOT” represent the people and it has not for a LOOOOOONG time. You might ague that “we voted for them”. Did we now? With electronic voting, does our vote REALLY count? If they don’t rig the vote then they tend to shove “the chosen ones” down our throat or give us no choice at all. Who’d we have on the democrat side? The Bitch and the Obomanation. On the republican? Huckster, “I love amnesty” McCane, pretty boy Romney, or Ron Paul. Um… I wonder why Dr. Paul was minimalized so quickly?????? Maybe because he “represents THE PEOPLE”. We’ll see what happens this fall. Most folks are of the mentality to throw them ALL out. So The Patriot Act and HLS, were put in place by TRAITORS, not patriots. There is about (maybe) 20 of those in Washington.
        If you believe that the NWO has won, please go ahead and check into a FEMA camp. Don’t bother packing; it’s a one way trip. I’m not a fighting man. I don’t want to kill another person. My God put everyone on this earth with EQUAL status and it is not my right to take one of His creations. But, and that is a BIG but, if my family is threatened or my freedoms are threatened (to the point of no return), I will fight back with everything this bod can give. If I go down, I go down a free man. When (or “if” in your case) we take it back, then the fun starts. We get to use all those neat little “toys” we’ve been paying for, to hunt down the very people who are trying to pull this off. When we rid ourselves of “them”, the rest of us will get along “just peachy-keen”.

      27. Let me ask you something.. If you lost 30-50% of your cash savings.. or even everything you own.. Would you stop buying food??????????? Nonsense. Lindsay is wrong and exagerates a lot. There will be inflation, but it is hard to think how hunger will be the case due to inflation. There could be big disruptions and hunger if you have a big cyber attack, with the power grid down, caos in the streets, gasoline prices skyrocketing much more than 50%.. and so forth.. but only with 30-50% inflation.. People will stop paying mortgages, and any other expense.. but if there is food on the shelves, they will buy it!..

      28. The taliban have pointed out that many dead U.S. soldiers are not americans but foreign  nationals fighting for the U.S. This is exactly what the NWO will do if the world ends up adopting a one world currency and government.(Much closer than you think) It’s already common knowledge that foreigners have been training in “disaster response ” on US soil under the auspices of the UN. Seizing guns from Americans will not be a problem when you can play the citizens of one desperate country against another in perpetuity with this type of power. So think again if you think that you can defeat these elites by banding together to put up the good fight.

      29. i don’t buy into that notion.  and here’s why…….The us military will not sit idly by while their families  are under seige by another nation.  I just can’t see US armed forces letting another foreign nation seize firearms from the citizens.

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