Grower Warns: America Will Run Out Of Avocados In ONE WEEK If Trump Closes Border

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Headline News | 61 comments

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    An avocado grower is warning that the United States will run out of avocados is president Donald Trump closes the southern border. What will millennials put on their avocado toast?

    All joking aside, closing the southern border will impact trade but it is difficult to say in exactly what capacity.  If imports from Mexico are halted because of ongoing disputes over immigration, one grower says that avocados will no longer be readily available. “You couldn’t pick a worse time of year because Mexico supplies virtually 100 percent of the avocados in the U.S. right now,” Steve Barnard, the president and chief executive of Mission Produce, told Reuters, as reported by Fox News. “California is just starting and they have a very small crop, but they’re not relevant right now and won’t be for another month or so.”

    According to data from the United States Department of Agriculture reviewed by Reuters. It likely isn’t just avocados that could be in jeopardy either.  About half of all imported vegetables and 40%  of all imported fruit comes from Mexico.  Prices could go very well go up if the border wall closes and is shut down for a significant amount of time.

    Prices for goods and services in the U.S. have already risen thanks in part to Trump’s trade war with China, but Americans may pay more attention due to their love of the nutritional benefits offered by eating avocados. In fact, U.S. consumption of the avocados has increased “significantly” since 2000, according to the Ag Marketing Resource Center. In 2017, Mexico supplied most of the avocados imported into the U.S. “In 2017 the United States imported $2.6 billion in fresh avocados and exported approximately $28,500 in fresh avocados,” the group stated.

    Over the weekend, Trump moved to cut direct financial aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Citizens of those countries are fleeing north and overwhelming U.S. resources and welfare, including as part of organized caravans. Trump also accused Mexico and Central American nations of doing “nothing” to help stop the problem as illegal immigration surges.

    In a series of tweets over the weekend, the president blasted Democrats for failing to stop the immigration crisis at the border and made his threats about shutting it all down.


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      1. Aww, we won’t be able to make that nasty green shit the Mexicans like.

        • You will see a lot more of this happening…

          ht tps://

          • Genius

            Was this raid predicated on the statement of a junky who fingered people who were not selling illegal drugs to get some “favorable treatment” from the narcotics officers?

            • Could be but that doesn’t excuse them.

              • I’m not implying that it does excuse them but rather that the standard to obtain such a warrant with lethal force authorization is far too low. Junkies are notoriously dishonest, and police are known to give them dope when they’re in withdrawal for a statement to their liking. Once upon a time in the pre “just say no” / “911” era cops were far more hesitant to fire their weapons. When “Officer Safety” becomes the top priority and “I’de rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6” is drilled as the operational strategy, fear justifies the use of lethal force. If upon examination its unfounded as there was in some cases a host of flags such as wrong house, “improbable” probable cause, no weapon (I thought he had one) then society just got thinned out by one or two people. If a civil case arises the tax payer foots the bill. Only in the most egregious of cases that are utterly shocking will an officer be criminally charged.

        • Actually, beto has come up with an alternative to avacados. He served it to his wife.

        • I don’t eat avocados. Don’t care !!! 🙂

        • Behind every green avocado is one shitskin parasite. Close the border now. We have enough shit already.

          • The beano’s are now coming across the border in 2’s. Because the sign says “No “tres”passing”. 😛

            • You’re assuming literacy on their part.
              I do like the play on words.
              I could give a rat’s rear end if we lose avocados because the border is closed. Actually, no avocados, no guac. no guac. maybe the invaders will pack up and go home.

        • I called it- first post in the last article: NO AV-AH-CA-DOHS FROM ME-HE-KO!

          Seriously, arent the Californians always going on about avacados being one of the many things they contribute to the US whenever someone says they want cali to fall into the ocean?

          In that case, we have plenty of US grown Avocados and dont need imported veggies riiiight???

          this is part of the point: not importing shit we can make/grow here. seriously folks.

          Close the border already. Build the wall while its closed.

      2. I hope this teaches USA a lesson “it won’t” how reliant we are on America hating countries providing everything to us on their terms !! I HATE this!!

      3. isn’t that where they get that “babyshit-green” artificial coloring? that guac is some nasty stuff…

        • Love me some avocado and guac, but I won’t wither up and die without it. Close the border and see who gets hurt the most. I’m guessing it’s going to be Mexico, since we are the ones buying all their stuff.

          • Agreed. It might make some grown in USA produce popular.

      4. Mac, nice to know that you have a sense of humor.

        On another note, I was recently accused of being a “Fake Indian”. In my defense, I am not, nor claim to be a Native American. Secondly the name I post under (Seminole Wind) is the title of an old Country song done by John Anderson, a fellow Florida native, from Apopka Fl. The song concerns the drawing down of the Everglades in the early 1980’s to build The sawgrass Expressway, so land developers like Jed Bush could get richer. This caused massive kills of fish and animals plus fires.

        I cut my teeth in the Everglades and grew to be a man there. Thus all of Florida/The United States is precious to me!

        So the next time that you venture out into the sawgrass, watch out fur dem hogs!

        • I’d rather be ‘mongst the sawgrass than the KEYs.

        • Thanks for the information on the name “Seminole Wind”. You are one of many great patriots from Florida. I’m doing some geneology on WikiTree and found out some of the ancestors came from Switzerland then moved to Pennsylvania. They were Mennonites – who would have guessed. They finally settled on farms in Texas. Another line of the family was Native American and ended up in Choctaw County, Oklahooma. Right across the state line between Texas & Oklahoma. I’ve often said I have Heinz-57 ancestry, but I’m American through & through.

      5. This is why you plant your own fruit and nut trees. California avocados will not ripen this early. But once ripe, avocado (the only tree that does so) stores its fruit ripe for up to three months, allowing for consumption over time.

        Buy locally. Support farmers markets. Plant fruit and nut trees. Use pots that can come inside in states that get cold winters, wrap trees in winter and provide shade in summer in states like Texas with long hot summers. California is the best place to grow avocados, so if it’s a shade tree you want, choose an avocado. Hass avocados are the best tasting. There are cold hardy avocados but they are still harder to grow in some States.


        • Yep,
          Im looking out my window at a dwarf avo tree covered with fruit,,,
          Too bad so sad for city dwellers, but then again their liberal policy is what brought us to this point,,,
          They deserve every single last unintended consequence of their bullshit

        • Like most foods that are good for you I find avocados bland and flavorless.

          • K2,
            You are right they are an acquired taste. But Nail and I grew up eating Avocados, and get them year round basically for free or nearly so. I really don’t understand why they are so popular in areas where the fruit is not grown.
            $2.00 each, a Safeway price for an Avocado is un-thinkable!

        • “California avocados will not ripen this early.”

          “Jed give the limo driver a tip” ; “plant your corn early this year”.

          The Beverly Hillbillies

      6. No quac, say it ain’t so Joe…

      7. Avocado is rich in Omega 3 oils which are required for proper brain function. Walnuts also provide Omega 3. The avocado helps to prevent Male sexual dysfunction. The taste is an acquired taste. The more you eat avocado, the more you appreciate it.


        • Good imfo Miss HP, Hass avocados also grow in South Florida as well, but won’t survive north of Orlando.

        • Ya avacados are good for you for sure. I don’t eat them very often so I probably wouldn’t miss them. I do take flaxseed oil and black cumin seed oil (very very good for you). Tumeric extract, pepper, Vit.D, astaxanthin (ultra antioxidant), as part of my routine. Wash that down with some fermented chlorella and you have a well rounded supplimentation.

        • True. It took me a while to get used to it, but I can now eat it by itself. However, I prefer it on crackers with a little garlic powder on it.

        • Honeypot: Then why do so many Californians eat avocado’s? What brain function does it improve? Most of the liberal CA’s must either not be eating them (why they keep voting Democrat) or eating too many of them, but they are sooo dumb that it still has not made a dent in there IQ levels.

          • That’s a very interesting point!

      8. Forget the potential avocado crisis. It’ll be the okra shortage for us Southern boys; at least until our gardens start producing.

      9. I know avocado is good for you but I just can’t bring myself to chow down on them. Not my cup o’tea.

      10. So? Who cares,,,, CLOSE THE BORDER
        buncha traitors,

      11. Are people so stupid to think Mex wont sell to China, toss them little green snot boogers on a boat, head to sea, turn right around and sell them boogers to the Dems at 3 times the cost?

      12. Somehow, i think I will survive.

      13. If this isn’t proof of a Trump manufactured crisis on our southern border I don’t know what is.

      14. No avocados vs. 1 million Central American uneducated, unskilled peasants? Sign me up.

      15. Wow, this is really tough. Often the avocados out here in SoCal are marketed for $2 each, and I ain’t payin’ that. Year by year, I just do without.

      16. Avocados, Less Filling, Tastes like Ass

        And that vomit flavored papaya

      17. Mr. President we cannot allow an avocado gap .

        • @George, Lol

      18. Oh, s**t, grow up. I remember when we didn’t have fresh corn, strawberries, tomatoes and other foods until the growing season of areas near us provided them.
        We survived!!!!

        • That goes along with my first thought. Growing up in MI we had plenty of whatever was fresh in season and preserved extra for winter in jars (canned or jams as appropriate) or kept in in the root cellar. No one starved and we were healthy. By spring we were ready to go spade the garden for parents and grandparents.

        • Yep. They invented something called canning as I recall.
          No fresh salsa or guacamole though.
          I honestly can’t remember any hardship over that.

      19. Some body please help cus i just dont know what ill do without my avacado face mask. Lmfao.

      20. Screw the avocados. 54% of all kids entering kindergarten in the US are non-White. And that number grows by the day.

      21. Never have tasted an avocoda in my life and don’t want to.

      22. Me too never ate a bite of one and don’t want too. close the Border.

      23. Grow this here

      24. No avacados no tequilas, no bodies. Close the border!


        Close the damn border already and shut the f##k up.

      26. I am not sure it is up to Mexico or any other country to protect our border. It’s up to us. And if Mexico or any other country doesn’t like the way we do it,too bad for them. It’s our border,and we defend it any way we see fit.

      27. We have no border. I don’t know if you guys know it but they stop the invaders after they get in, then they give them a court day and release them into the US, not back into Mexico. They don’t show up for the court day and there ain’t no one going after them. All they have to do is get here and they let them in. For good. With all the benefits paid by you. And another 500,000 to 1 million get in on commercial flights every year. No one looking for them either. How could they? Do you see the pattern? The government wants them here. They are your replacements. Choke on that.

        • The illegals will continue invading the USA and Europe, they are here to keep the GDP growth rate at 2% per year, even though it will double the national debt every seven years.

          Without the illegal aliens, the USA would be in a 3% to 7% deflationary depression, which would be great for people that saved money and didn’t go into debt, YOU KNOW THE ONES THAT LIVED THEIR LIFE THE RIGHT WAY that have been fucked up the ass all these years due to inflation of everything, including the size of the American women!!

          • ….there’s also an over abundance of lard-ass males waddling around the USA.

        • Replacemnts are likely the truth. Those dimocrap commies don’t need the white middle class to produce for them. Third world slaves do that job. They certainly don’t want us voting against their Agenda. When they get those illegals voting they will end the Republic, The elite want peons and serfs. White folks do not make good peons and serfs. They don’t want slaves. You have to take care of your slaves. Nope they want third world beggars to thank them for whatever scraps that are tossed to them.

      28. Great just let the illegals in just to keep the avocados coming into the country.

      29. Avocados are my favorite food. I love them. But I still want the border closed. How can anyone place a nonessential desire above what is right? Oh dear….. Just about everybody if one watches Maury, Washington, D.C., Hollyweird, or social media…..

      30. Very strange considering Florida Texas And California combined are the top Avocado producers in the world, and grow far more than all of Mexico. This sounds like a weak attempt to make people want to keep the border open

      31. Gee willakers Wally. Let the injins overrun us because you know I got to have my avocado.

      32. Hopefully Trump shuts the border down one week and one day before May 5th.

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