GridExIII Drill Coincides with American Terror Threat: “ISIS Cells Could Attack Our Power Grid”

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Headline News | 80 comments

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    The threat of an ISIS attack on U.S. soil has become a tangible possibility and a perhaps an inevitable one, with the Paris attacks demonstrating how easily terrorists can infiltrate Western nations and target public areas.

    The political chaos that is enveloping the globe with the demise of the dollar and the eruption of war in Syria and other locales makes this nation ripe for another catastrophic event – perhaps to manufacture support for military strikes or more venues of war in the Middle East.

    With that in mind, the United States and North American Energy Reliance Corporation has launched two days of high level national security exercises for today, November 18, and November 19. Known as GridEx III, simulations will engage top energy executives and senior government officials, including those in Homeland Security, in scenarios for an attack on the power grid.

    According to the GridEx III fact sheet, the multi-level exercise is:

    “An opportunity for utilities to demonstrate how they would respond to simulated coordinated cyber and physical security threats and incidents” (source)

    “NERC’s grid security exercise (GridEx III) is designed for electric utilities to exercise their response to simulated coordinated cyber and physical security threats and incidents… GridEx III will help participants strengthen their capability to respond to and recover from severe events affecting the reliable operation of North America’s bulk power system…”

    “NERC is also coordinating a separate tabletop discussion for industry executives and senior government officials.

    GridEx III provides an opportunity for utilities to exercise their physical security and cybersecurity procedures in a learning environment… The exercise is focused on security and operational response.” (source)

    The exercise includes scenario training with players who will think the live operations and/or crisis are real, and include “fake news broadcasts” that may be indistinguishable from legitimate reports to employees and observers involved in the response:

    Player–shielded from scenario knowledge; participate as if exercise events are real
    Observer –only gets limited visibility during the exercise of fake news broadcasts, crisis communication releases, and social media

    While only planned as an exercise, these scenarios could go live at any time, and may come from a terrorist attack inside the U.S.

    The most devastating scenario for attack on the U.S. would involve an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon that, if deployed, would likely take down the entire power grid, wipe out all unprotected electronics, and – through the ensuing disaster, render hundreds of millions of people without electricity, food or clean water, as well as other necessary services. The overwhelming scale of the event would be beyond the capabilities of the government to handle.

    Many experts have predicted that such an EMP event, which could come deliberately from an enemy or naturally from a solar flare, could literally result in the death of 90% of the population. Nearly as threatening is a cyber attack, which could also take down the grid, or target any number of vulnerable substations across the country.

    These scenarios would be absolutely crippling to the United States and deadly to much of its population. The previous GridEx exercises, which were held in November 2013 and November 2011, also dealt with similar threats.

    The ties to national security and the federal government are strong. NERC senior vice president and chief security officer Marcus H. Sachs has held top secret security positions and served as a cyber security adviser to the DoD, the President’s National Security Council and Homeland Security.

    Dave Hodges, of the Common Sense Show, was among the only alternative media sites to report on the new round of GridEx exercises, and their potential to go hand in hand with fresh threats from ISIS (a proxy terror group that is sponsored by the West and Arab Gulf nations).

    Tomorrow is the beginning of GRID EX III. Many have contacted me believing that November 18th will mark the beginning of a devastating false flag event in which the power grid will be taken down. I have to admit, that just like Paris, the 7/7 London Bombings, the Boston Marathon, and 9/11 we are witnessing a live drill taking place that simultaneously went live and were the next big false flag event.

    Should we take this threat seriously? There is no question that this event could potentially have “false flag” written all over it. Many have expressed grave concern over the timing of GRID EX and what just took place in Paris.


    Something virtually no one is talking about is that in three days November 19, 2015 GRID-EX III will be taking place here in the U.S. Of course the main street news does not mention it but beyond that, the so called alternative media has been virtually silent about this drill. If you recall a couple years ago when the GRIX-EX II drill took place the alternative media was all over it. Why the total silence now on GRID-EX III?

    False flags usually occur when there is a drill going on. Could this year be the year that GRID-EX goes live?

    With all that has been going on in France and with the man in the whitehouse not shutting our borders it is conceivable to me that ISIS cells inside the U.S. could spring to life during the GRID-EX III drill and attack our grid and take it down.

    Just something to think about,



    If an EMP were to occur, the major catastrophic threat would come in the form of nuclear power plants that would go into meltdown. This is the worst kind of false flag attack that I can envision.

    A grid down event could prove to be the false flag event that puts America into a martial law state of emergency, and the consequences could be extreme.

    Then again, it may never happen.

    But the fact remains that the nation is extremely vulnerable, and the powers that be are literally fueling America’s own destruction and inviting disaster.

    Rogue cells inside a legitimate drill could be used to take down power substations or in fact the entire grid, and the coordinated emergency response teams would play along in real time as if it were only a scenario. By then, it might be too late.

    Individuals, on the other hand, can be prepared to withstand the worst. Back up electronics can be stored and protected in makeshift Faraday cages, while survival infrastructure, including solar energy, alternative fuels, as well as food and supply preps can be readied to survive after hell is unleashed.

    Government agencies have readied their plans for continuity during the worst of emergencies. Have you?

    Read more:

    EMP Threat: ‘Within One Year 9 Out of 10 Americans Would Be Dead’

    “Super EMP” Capable of Disabling Power Grid Across Lower 48 States

    What’s in YOUR Faraday Cage? A Common Sense Guide to Preparing for an EMP

    A Green Beret’s Guide to EMP: Practical Steps to Prepare for a “Lights Out” Scenario (Part 1)

    ‘Mature’ EMP Weapon Ready for War: “Render Enemy’s Electronics, Data Systems Useless”


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      1. Another date (11/18) that we’ll laugh at when it passes. No worries, I couldn’t fix it anyway with my trusty leatherman.

        • Don’t they mean that they will let the islamic savages attack the grid or some traitors will do it themselves? Either group that attacks the grid will be supported by the ussa government.

          • The Paris attack was ALLOWED to take place, just like 9-11 attack. It was used by the EU to lock step Europeans into submission. Read the latest at zero hedge, the EU has just made it much more difficult for the citizens there to obtain firearms– just when they need them to defend themselves!!

            What this really is about, is they know the citizens are like a powder keg, ready to explode, they are squeezing every last ounce of money/assets from them. Millions of people in Greece were protesting the AUSTERITY SHIT and TPTB were getting upset–

            Basically, the bastards at the top of the pyramid don’t want to be swinging by their throats– so they used this terror attack– which they KNEW was coming– as an excuse to crack down on the people, depriving them of any means of defending themselves or taking back their country.

            NOW, if the Europeans want their country/their freedom back, they will have no choice but to try break into barracks or other places which have guns… basically, their goose seems to be cooked. And TPTB– the EU and the US– wanted it this way. 🙁

            • Interesting perspective and not at all impossible. It just doesn’t even matter if it was staged, their end goal is the same. Never let a crisis go to waste and if we need to perpetuate said crisis or turn the other cheek at the crisis is irrelevant. Just use it to control and gain power.

              Shits getting deep.

            • Bullship!

            • “EU has just made it much more difficult for the citizens there to obtain firearms– ”

              So now it takes what, two years to buy a legal gun in Europe rather than just one? They been surrendering their freedom for the sake of the collective since WWII ended.

          • Thanks Acid.
            You’re a friggin’ inspiration.
            Acid Etch knows the score.
            READ AND LEARN.

        • BIRDS ARE ON OUR SIDE!!! Videos at rt news– of eagles, hawks capturing/attacking drones! they don’t like them and are attacking them, knocking them down, carrying them off to their nests!! 🙂

          • Hey that gives me an idea! Train a falcon to take out drones 🙂

        • PO’d Patriot, good to see you back. LOL, I have a trusty Gerber multitool that couldn’t fix it either. I doubt if anything else can.

        • This site should just post daily – “BAD PEOPLE COULD POSSIBLY DO BAD THINGS” or “SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN MAYBE THIS YEAR OR NEXT YEAR”. That pretty much sums up everything this site ever posts!

          • Bad people almost always do bad things. And the SHTF seems to be hitting the fan every day. We are trying to get more people to prepare so we don’t need as much ammo.

        • Nothing happened, I’m disappointed…

      2. You give a shit? I don’t give a shit.

        Are you Ready? I’m Ready.

        Bring it.

        • I really dont give a sideways shit about this stuff anymore, most likely doesnt impact me to any degree anyway,,,

          • LMAO. Kula good one….sideways shit.

        • i got firewood and batteries and some asswipe.
          Let them take down the grid , its kinda inevitable , winter sucks , but it aint that cold this year.

        • Yup, I give a shit. As much fun as it is preparing for such a scenario, I really hope I never have to live through it. I am not afraid of it and would probably survive it just fine. However, I don’t relish the real human suffering that would come from such an event.

      3. We’ve got too many people here anyway.

        • Here come the Somali’s to join the fun.

          On Drudge.

          • sling.
            You’ll know ’em by their peanut shaped heads and over bite teeth.

      4. ‘I break it, I fix it’ comes to mind.

        1). The US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status as a unilateral global currency and network are numbered.
        That means over 80% of GDP can no longer be funded, politicians and their public-private partnerships they make insider deals with are remiss in cutting that financial incentive despite conflict of interest. That leaves 1 sector services to the populace, lets put it this way:
        Sustainable Development is determined by environmental accounting and land-use. Land-use must be approved by environmental accounting to be permitted or restricted.
        To put it simply, land-use determines jobs, water, food, shelter, energy, and etc if it is not permitted those are effected.
        Optimum Sustainable Population is determined by sustainable development. This means living standards, jobs, food, water, shelter, energy, and etc are utilized in determining an area’s sustainable population, which has 1 solution population control.
        2). These self-destructive policies can only be described as gross incompetence or malicious intent.
        Lets make this even simpler. If you argue gross incompetence, you should favor resignation, impeachment, and prosecution.
        If you note, it is systematic; you are arguing malicious intent also known as a false-flag and also should favor resignation, impeachment, and prosecution.
        3). Yes, the hawks and doves are circling the situations to conduct respective interventionism in the Middle East ultimately leading to world war.
        No, it does not matter as the US, NATO, and Arabian Alliance have been behind the ‘terrorism’ in the Middle East, and ISIS is funded, trained, and equipped by the west. By some estimates, the black market criminals utilize for procuring armaments are over 70% of all weapons supplied in such conflicts as Syria.
        According to declassified documents, these weapons enter the Black Market and shipped to Peru’s Sanchez Cartel who supplies Sinolas and Los Zetas Mexican Cartels who are also playing host or seems to an ISIS camp near El Peso, Texas…

        4). Read the mechanisms, I wish people would stop playing fluffer for the fluffers who conduct the public relations to promote those mechanisms as solutions.

      5. With the possiblilty of and EMP either from solar or otherwise, this is fomething that should be taken with attention to detail for your future. Do you have other means of power, generator, solar, etc.? This type of event would no doubt be without ramafacations. Prepare and stay wise.

      6. I could use the electric bill to start a fire in my wood stove ok

        • They can’t attack my power grid 😛 2 solar systems and 2 gens and several portable small solar power units.

          • Heres how to make your own small bugout power supply:

            In a .50 cal plastic ammo can you can fit a 5 watt polycrystalline solar panel (be sure to check dimentions), a 12 volt 12ah sealed battery, a cheap 10 amp charge controller, a dual output cig lighter style outlet with usb, a 175 watt inverter that plugs into cig lighter socket, a multi-voltage multi tip power adapter that plugs into cig outlet, a 12 volt charger for AA,AAA batteries, rechargeable AA,AAA batteries, a small multiband radio (battery powered, small led flashlight, and whatever else you can fit in it.

            You will have 12 volt power and 110 volt ac power (only 175 watt) and never ending charged batteries. Use the 12 volt output for the baofeng radios with the battery eliminator pack for comms. Be sure to use some fabric or thin pad to protect the face of the solar panel. Now GIT ER DONE! 🙂

            • I also made a couple of these units with mini cctv ability. One unit had a camera and 2.4ghz. video transmitter and the other had a 7 inch tft monitor and video reciever. the 2 watt transmitter worked good 1/2 mile away so I could use it for remote surviellance. I also had a remote switch to turn the transmitter/camera on and off to save batt power. The remote switch would only work about 1/4 mile though but still good. Everything you need is on ebay cheap.

              • For longer range video surviellance use a 30x zoom cctv cam with or without a transmitter (depending on where you want to mount it) and a dakota long range alert. Both the camera and reciever will plug into any tv for viewing.

            • Sorry genius…. but the solar panel is too small to charge the battery effectively. At the rate of .294a/hr (5W panel) and 17V (load voltage of 21v panels),it would take three days to recharge with 6 hrs of direct sunlight per day, assuming you adhere to the 50% rule and only use 6amp hrs.

              I won’t even entertain explaining an inverter in such a system.

              I speak with 25+ years in the industry.

              • True it takes a long time to charge BUT running small devices doesn’t fully discharge the battery nor do you have loads constantly running off it. I also have a small 1 amp trickle charger to charge it with AC. The only thing drawing power in the vid system is the remote switch reciever with is less than 50ma. until it is turned on. It is not for powering things constantly but works well I know, I have 2 of them. The inverter is to power small AC items in a pinch.

                • Lets say .294amps times 12(volts)= 3.5watts. 3.5watts is enough to power a small radio or charge a cell phone or run a small led light just on the panel itself without the battery.

                  • agreed on what it can run… small led’s etc. but no inverter, of any size.

      7. I don’t want this. I will never be ready. I love America and my Americans.

        Ask yourself, WHO are the powers that be in America. They are the money brokers. They are the one per cent. They are the tribal elite. They are not truly elite, they are criminal con men. They just trick you into thinking and acting against your own best interests. Stop watching television. It is a tool of deception. Lies. Corruption. Self hatred. Suicide. Brain numbing. Hypnotic. In Japan lights caused children watching television to go into Grand Mal seizures.

        You are helping to destroy yourself and your kids. TV is a tool of your enemy. Do you get it yet.

        • Help! I got the remote and I can’t turn it off.

        • One percent us used by Move On and the like to mark the power brokers. Your physician is in the 1%. The Power Elite or real power might number a thousand worldwide if their extended families and employees (political leaders) are not included. I assume that someone like Bill Gates has “power” by nature of wealth but the real power is in the banking establishment and predates even the creation of the Federal Reserve. Certainly its not a democracy as power is not equally distributed among its members.

        • I don’t own a TV.

          I always pity those who talk TV to me.

          Radio also needs to be treated with a degree of scrutiny.

          The mind is a powerful thing.

      8. Ted Koppel’s new book LIGHTS OUT is a good read

        there were two chapters in particular that stood out
        one was concerning how VERY difficult it will be to replace any of those large transformers that get taken out
        I knew it was going to be hard,but he goes into detail of how VERY difficult it will be,the lights are gonna be out for a LONG time

        the other chapter of note is the one where he is interviewing various government officials

        God help us
        incompetence does not even begin to describe them

        a LOT of Americans will die because of them
        and I mean a LOT

        • That stuff for all practical purposes is custom built.

          One more book to read.

        • Ordered the book. I can understand an EMP weapon cooking electrical components but not how a cyber attack can. Went through quite a few meetings with a room full of EE regarding Y2K being the only non degreed engineer there representing operations. I have pretty good knowledge of generation but I am light on transmission. Been through some total shutdowns that were caused on the Utility Side. Had lightening strikes spike voltage big time. Had a utility line go to ground and we were carrying the utility side with no where near enough capacity. Interlocks not internet connected save the equipment. Its hard wired.

          Well I’ll read and learn.

          All this bad news. Whats next; someone sneezes on me and my dick falls off?

          • Thanks kevin2, I needed a laugh…

        • Satori, there’s another book called “Lights Out” available as a free download online that I highly recommend. I won’t trust any damn thing written by Ted Koppel. Let’s not forget he was one of the talking heads for MSM.

      9. Uh oh. No power. Electricity is a modern invention. People will adapt.

        • Individuals adapt but manufacturing and transportation does not.

        • Have you looked around you lately? These people cannot adapt they are dummed down with no real skills and no creativity. Survival of the smartest imo.

        • There will be no adapting.
          We are much too dependant on electric , its supports everything from farming to distribution.
          Modern homes are worthless in a blackout.
          Hell , most people are worthless in a blackout !

      10. “ISIS (a proxy terror group that is sponsored by the West and Arab Gulf nations)”

        While this may absolutely true, without reference to back it up, this is inappropriate reporting.

        I’m really getting tired of presumptions of truth becoming truth. Facts are only factual if you can back it up.

        I too have had top secret clearance, that doesn’t mean I know anything more than what I was privy to.

        Let’s talk about facts first and then we can pick them apart. Shooting from the hip usually just means you don’t have anything real to aim at.

        In believe detective Friday said it best, “facts mam’ just the facts”.

      11. Ex-CIA Chief: Bush and Cheney Knew 9/11 Was Eminent, Concealed Intelligence

        ““To me it remains incomprehensible still. I mean, how is it that you could warn senior people so many times and nothing actually happened? It’s kind of like The Twilight Zone,” says Tenet. “I still look at the ceiling at night about a lot of things. And I’ll keep them to myself forever. But we’re all human beings.”

      12. Let them keep throwing all the ideas out there so ISIS or who ever nut job can get some IDEAS on how to hurt and kill more people.

        It doesn’t hurt to know what to do if the power goes out, but stop giving the nut jobs ideas!!!!!


        • Sarge, I think they have known about grid terror for a long time now.

        • Sarge:

          Relax. They want everyone to know so that they can flip the switch to OFF. Then they will starve us into submission. Then they will institute high taxes in order to repair the GRID. Then after they have bled us dry and secured our full cooperation; they will turn the GRID to the ON position and look like the geniuses they want us to believe they are.

          Don’t want to give you suckers any ideas, but a new sucker is born every day.

          • The terrorists want to breed the white people, especially Germans, out of existence. I think white people should express their opposition by throwing out their birth control and get busy making babies. I only wish I was young enough to help out. But my blessings and my thoughts are for the continuation of the European people for ever. German people have suffered long enough. Time for European Pride and more European babies. Terrorists go home. Europe for Europeans. I am as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. If you don’t have bombs, fight with guns. If you don’t have guns, fight with knives. If you don’t have knives fight with arrows. If you can’t fight. Make love. They can’t stop it, yet. But they are trying.

            • You can either raise our birth rate or increase there death rate and shorten their life expectancy.

            • I would be more than happy to have increasing business…

      13. When you turn a flaslight toward the ceiling, especially if the ceiling is low, colored white, or has mirrors on it (back to the future), the light spreads throughout the space. You light up my life, you give me hope to carry on. OK OK, I couldn’t help myself. I think it was the mirrors on the ceiling that gave me a pinch of nostalgia.

        I’m back. Stock up on salt, sugar, and honey. Wasn’t there a song about Honey?

        • Speaking of nostalgia, remember when tv’s had tubes and no remote? Don’t forget to stock yeast also 🙂

          • Genius

            Had to get off your lazy ass to change the channel. Hahaha!

            Color T.V. where everyone looked like “My Favorite Martian”.

            • LOL ya and you had to mess with the antenna and fine tune it.

      14. “Many experts have predicted that such an EMP event, which could come deliberately from an enemy or naturally from a solar flare, could literally result in the death of 90% of the population.”

        That basically means 100% of the Democrats and RINOs would be dead. I’m not sure that would be all that bad for America. However I think that number(90%)is way too high. Humans are
        tough and really hard to kill, I expect that 33% would be a more likely number.

        My opinion is such events would reduce the WORLD not just American population significantly. Solar flares, we can’t avoid, EMP would be responded to. All military stuff is EMP proof. We keep at least two Ohio class ships on station 24/7. Depending on who you believe, America has on the order of 7,500 nukes( 1700 or so available, NOW). Despite what you see in the movies, it only takes two guys to agree, to launch most weapons. I know only how to upload targeting info on a B52, but I bet it isn’t much different for most other delivery platforms. If I were a sub guy and knew my city and family had been raped and killed by Moslems. Not much of the middle east would be habitable, and that is only 4 of my 14 missles.

        • The majority of who would be left is preppers, 3rd world peeps that don’t have power anyway, the govt.

          • Yes genius . EMP. Won’t work . They will use the new B 6112 adjustable radius neutron bombs. For a clean selective kill. The problem is who they select.

            • Good point Lone, that way they aren’t destroying the infrastructure. Biowarfare is another way they could selectively kill people. Whatever they are planning I am sure we will see it before too long.

            • I think the 90% is pretty accurate. Go to wal mart and look at the folks you see. At least 90% wouldn’t make it without power on a very hot or very cold day. They would quickly starve without a microwave or a fast food outlet. friggen land wales couldn’t walk very far. And a neutrom bomb kills everything organic. Not very many folks know how to cook by a primitive method. The unprepared & unarmed sheeple will die in large numbers.

        • I think they should turn the middle east to glass anyway, what a bass ackwards shithole

          • Hey Bra,
            You rock!

      15. Anybody in the southern California area (Los Angeles) ever given much thought what they would do if we did experience a EMP or other event that knocked the power out for a year plus? Would it be migration north? Could you try to survive in the local mountains? What would be the best play for someone who is well armed, minimal food storage, and some bullion for bartering?

        • Get more food and a bugout location. Most people in your neighboring states are sick of cali transplants so be careful.

        • They can only go north stealing everything they can along the way. Using dogs to find their victims . Then they’ll turn east into Idaho ,Montana . Were they will outnumber the locals. If it’s cold then they will turn south . Heading to the gulf coast regions . And stealing for survival all the way. They’ll settle in the gulf regions . The locals will have their hand full. For a long time.

        • How to escape LA. Buy or pick out and get ready to appropriate a sail boat . Watch videos about how to sail it. Watch simple desalination videos . Get fishing know how . Fukashima radiation is a problem . So get to the boat with flour ,rice .beans. In the 20 pound bags . Cans are to heavy. Most people that have sail boats never use them. Pick out a 35 footer in good shape. Look up the names of best quality boats .So you pick out a strong one. And good luck.

      16. French fired 5,000 rounds in the firefight with Terrorist;

        How many rounds do you need in a fire fight. Hahaha!

        Woman terrorist blows herself up with suicide vest.

        The thought of women terrorist mixed in with refugee’s.
        Presidents argument of Syrian Widow’s with children doesn’t hold water.

      17. Thats why I prefer muslim sex dolls, they blow themselves up 🙂

        • That is funny!

      18. Hey guys based on what I saw in
        My bug out bag last saturday, had the EMP struck my city I would have been totally xonpletey plucked.

        I am technically already dead. Its a surprise that I am still posting.. on th MRE, I don’t have a problem with then but I prefer Mountain house, it’s good quality and like Brave mentioned food such as good ole canned food is good enough.. I don’t do chunky soup, it packed with GMO corn syrup and other life ending ingredients. I am ready I just need to seal up with the heavy duty plastics bags to prevent shtf water damage I an good to I have to get my long range but our bags adjusted with the new standard of anti shtf QC..

        Just remember what the scientist said. Hodges ain’t kidding, this sh…t is real.. they are planning something really bad for the US, while seeding our cities with jihadist scum.



        1975-November 2015, now deseased..dead men tell no tales.

      19. Mountain house is garbage. My dogs won’t eat it.
        If I could find C rats, other than ham and eggs,
        that would be my choice. All the MREs I ate
        came out of a dump, all very good. Want me to be
        you neighbor?

        You have to be adaptable.

      20. Something is coming America will be destabilized and then the criminal opportunists will come out. No electric means security systems and cameras will be down. Obummer wants something to happen while he’s in office so he can declare Marshall law and take over as supreme dictator. Shtf is coming faster than most thought.

      21. Rellik,..backpackers s d mountain hour is not too bad, I have gone completely on hem for a month to see if I could work out, and still recover and have energy, and was damn supprised, they sustained me really well. also makes some of the best stuff, they have real solids chicken and beef and I highly recommended their products. I am an athlete so I can tell crap from real food. It’s still better than eating the decaying rotting stinking bodies post EMP shtf..just saying..I an not sure why the MRE heater meals are getting such bad publicity because I have tested them and they woke wel other than the fact they are packed with salt other GMO preservative crap but will save you sorry ass post shtf.and they keep you full and without of energy for long hrs..

        Datrex bars are also good for long range survival. Genius has some good advice on post grid shtf. I am currently looking into his info, because without lighting and power your just as phucked.



        Check preps people a.d run test to make sure you know how your sh…t works I learned the hard way..

      22. I now KNOW there was a reason I watched Monty Python so much in my younger years. That and other phantasmagorical shows and movies. Back then, I thought it was only bizarre and whimsical imaginations woven into fantastic shows and movies.

        Perhaps if MORE people would have done so, to the level I had, they would RECOGNIZE that the SAME off-the-wall characteristics are present in the news and in all the B.S. that comes out the mouths of our “leaders” as well as all of these made up names like IS and ISIS and ISIL and Italian Ices and FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, THERE IS A PURPORTEDLY REALLY BAD ENEMY OUT THERE AND NOBODY CAN EVEN AGREE ON WHAT THEY ARE CALLED! Or who they are. Or where they are. So how do you fight that. How do you expect that the rest of us won’t know that all of this is nothing more than a bunch of pre-planned and pre-staged BOO-SHEE! Yeah, I DID see “Wag the Dog”. Good flick. KNOCK OFF ALL THE RERUNS ON THE NEWS ALREADY.

        Ever since 9/11 we have been made to sit on the edge of our seats because something bad somewhere close and sometime soon is gonna happen…it is in the “chatter”.

        WHY IS THAT? My theory is and always has been nothing more than to misdirect and distract the voting LEGAL population of our country from what is REALLY going on around us.

        Prayers and condolences go out to all the victims and families of victims in France. SO HONOR THEM! Knock off the “Mother Goose Goes To Hell” made up stories and TELL US THE TRUTH AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Frankly, bombing caves in the deserts for the past 14 years HAS DONE NOTHING.

      23. This is one challenge that creates a vast amount of pondering. It is like, in a few seconds we can be plunged back into the the dark ages, or past the stone age. As President Kopitke, I’ll make strengthening our grids a priority. Please pray for my campaign.


      24. You are giving ISIS and Islamic radicals too much credit. Experience has shown they can only ever pull off one spectacular, and this is after many years of prepping and planning. They use propaganda and fear to spread their demented and psychotic message but they are not as big and bad ass as they claim. It is like trash talking at a basketball game or the pathetic boasting gang-bangers do.

        If they were to fulfill their claims – multiple and relentless attacks in many places simultaneously – they would provoke such a horrendous backlash, they would be eviscerated. Much better for their funders and supporters to keep being the gift that keeps giving. Just enough fear and menace to justify our daily two minutes of hate before getting back to worrying about Kim Kardashian’s ass getting bigger.

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