Grid Down Acapulco: “There’s Nothing to Eat”

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    (Pictured: Residents receive food rations handed out by the military in Acapulco, Mexico on Sept. 18. Looting broke out in the flooded Mexican beach resort as the government struggled to reach tens of thousands of people cut off by some of the worst storm damage in decades. Courtesy: Tomas Bravo / Reuters)

    Though the government would like us to believe there is rarely looting or panic in the aftermath of a disaster, the fact of the matter is that within 72 hours of any serious crisis people will lose it.

    Case in point: Acapulco, Mexico.

    This week flood waters and landslides ravaged the resort town of Acapulco and stranded a reported 40,000 tourists, leaving them without food, water, or any means of escape. Major roadways into and out of Acapulco have been blocked by debris, cutting off recovery efforts for the city’s 680,000 residents.

    With the city devoid of law and order, and emergency responders overwhelmed, looters hit the streets in a matter of hours.

    You’d think that those who failed to prepare for the possibility of a disaster would be out looking to acquire extra food, fresh drinking water and supplies, but apparently, as we saw in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, electronics and other consumer goods were the order of the day:

    Back in town, thousands of looters streamed out of the Costco wholesale store in the exclusive Diamante district, wading out of the flooded store with food, televisions and even fridges while soldiers and federal police looked on, AFP correspondents said.

    Other looters broke glass doors to enter shops in two malls, snatching home appliances and mattresses.

    “We can’t stop them. We are in a serious emergency situation,” a soldier said, declining to give his name.

    Source: The Nation

    The looters were out in droves looking for TV’s and other high cost goods when they first realized there was no police prescence.

    By morning, it became clear that the situation was a bit more widespread then they had anticipated. People quickly realized they didn’t have enough essential goods on their pantry shelves and made their way to local grocery stores, where, as you may have guessed, they were met with thousands of others who had the same idea.

    All of them were a day late…

    “We are taking food to our children, there’s nothing to eat,” said a woman hauling away grocery bags.

    Meanwhile, tourists and residents formed huge lines to buy food at three supermarkets that remained open.

    Those who couldn’t find food at local grocery stores turned to their government.

    But there were too many hands and not enough food.

    As you can see from the number of reached out hands in the photo above, and the number of rations available, the situation was dire for many who never thought to keep reserve foods in their homes.

    Time and again we have seen these same events play out after a disaster.

    After Hurricane Katrina hundreds died from dehydration and lack of medical supplies.

    Within a couple of days of Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast last year residents were rummaging through trash cans for food.

    Yearly power outages during winter months leave tens of thousands without electricity and supplies, and grocery stores are cleaned out within hours ahead of a storm, leaving the majority of people to depend on the few food items they have in their cupboards.

    What’s notable about this is that it happens every few months somewhere in the world, and people still don’t take preventative measures to insulate themselves for the next time.

    And there is always a next time.

    Katrina, Sandy, Acapulco – all of these are small-scale temporary emergency events lasting a few days to a couple weeks. And in all cases the local and federal governments are able to provide support and supplies, albeit usually in a disorganized and limited manner.

    Imagine how horrific it will be for the non-prepper in a large-scale disaster that destabilizes an entire region or country for an extended period of time.

    It is simply impossible for emergency management agencies to respond to a crisis involving hundreds of thousands or millions of people across several regions or metropolitan areas all at once.

    Even FEMA, which recently stockpiled 140 million meals-ready-eat, isn’t prepared. They have said so themselves, and recommend a minimum two week emergency stockpile. Their response will be limited, and more than likely wholly ineffective.

    Though it seems like a lot, 140 million meals will go quickly. A disaster affecting just 1% of the U.S. population, for example, would consume that many meals within just two weeks. If 10% of the population were affected, forget about it. We’re talking complete meltdown – looting, theft, robbery, violence, blood in the streets.

    We live in a world of perceived security and safety.

    As Tess Pennington notes in The Anatomy of a Breakdown, one far-from-equilibrium event and the whole thing falls apart – in 72 hours or less.


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      1. i sometimes wonder , in a flood situation like this , how you would ever protect your foodstuffs from being washed away .
        sometimes it seems futile .

        • Some flood preparedness ideas:

          Being in the hills we don’t have to worry too much about flooding, however, for those in prone areas consider elevated storage. Second floor of the house if you have one. And, although not perfect, one of those multi-level storage facilities within walking (or canoeing) distance could be a decent back up plan.

          Though, like you said, not much one can do if your house gets swept away in a flood, hurricane, wild fire or destroyed in an earthquake. Really, backups in a secondary location are the only option (and even those may be destroyed).

          We can try, but it’s impossible, in my view, to be 100% prepared for everything.

          • And that’s why we’re here every day at the shtfplan. To keep learning and doing all we can to be closer to that 100%. Won’t get there, but we keep moving in that direction.

            Mac, thank you for this site and all the work you put into it. Thanks for the great connections you have with others in the field as well. And the many links. And thanks for the community that YOU have built by being here. My hat’s off to you.

            (and thanks for putting up with my posts, which are almost never on topic. I’m way short of the 100% there too!)

            • SmokinOkie, I have to make the same confessions. Mac, my thanks to you also for this site and all you do. Not all of my comments have been on-topic either, but i’m working on it. They say confession is good for the soul.

              • No one has even touched on the important points. How is the tequila, Limes, and OJ holding out?

                • Here is the common retard non prepper’s idiotic response: “you see it didn’t happen to me or anywhere near me and never will.”

                  The wise prepper/survivalist’s response; “this shows me that I need to modify what I have and improve my own preaparations and learn from that disaster so I am not one of the mass victims should that happen to me or near me”.

                  I see that grimly little cockroach finx is back again below with perhaps the dumbest comment of the year. That deserves an award for the most red thumbs of the year. maybe everyone out there could help give that roach ITS just dessert for trolling around and being a total fool.

                • Anyone who’d ruin perfectly good tequila by poisoning it with Orange Juice is someone who I would never share any of my tequila stockpile with, come SHTF Day.

                  • It’s OK. Actually I go with spiced rum and fruit juice. But you do need your Vitamin C.

                • These people are suffering and you are glib. Nice.

                  • Maintaining a sense of humor is critical to ones survival and sanity. Just ask those who are in the military or in the medical field.

                    You can call me heartless or any thing else you want. But I (and every one else here) have been trying to warn others, and motivate them to make some effort to prepare for STHF situations. My ex used to give me this look as if I were nuts for insisting that she have my extreme cold sleeping bag in her car while driving 90 miles between cities in the winter. A co-worker can not understand why I carry a letterman super tool on me. She thinks it is a dangerous weapon since it has a knife blade on it.

                    So given that there people who refuse to consider that they just might find themselves in an emergency sitution and fail to make even the most basic or minimal plans for such event, as I see it, I zero obligation to shield them from the natural consequenses of their own self-inflected stupidity.

              • Much easier to ask forgiveness than permission bud.

          • In prepping for disasters, there is no such thing
            as a one size fits all remedy.

            It takes a lot of planning, from the location of
            one’s home site, right on down to the smallest of
            details, something the sheeple seem to shrug off
            as insignificant or unimportant, sometimes at their
            own peril.

            • OutWest, that’s how I’ve always handled all of my prepping. That’s asking too much of the sheeple; they don’t know how to think for themselves. braveheart

              • braveheart

                Just a little bit of critical thinking saves
                a lot of grief.

                A storm shelter in tornado alley

                A row boat near the house in flood country

                A snowmobile in snow country

                A water tank in arid country

                etc, etc, etc — you got the picture

                • What are you going to do for an EARTHQUAKE…..?

                  • Place electronics and glass deep in shelves instead of edges to prevent tumbling. Store extra food and water in case of broken pipes and supply lines. Have extra medicine on hand to last longer in case refills are not immediately available, along with a prescription copy in case your typical pharmacy is not available but another one is open. Have a basic first aid kit for minor to moderate injuries and enough basic first aid training to help stabilize serious injuries until EMS arrives or the victim can be taken to a hospital. Have a secondary location (such as a bug out location or close friend or relative) to head towards in case you need to leave the area.

                    Next question?

                  • Many people will talk about standing in doorways, staying away from falling objects and structures and staying out of tunnels and caves, etc… While that’s all sound advice and worth thinking about, there may still come a time when you’re options are extremely limited.

                    Even at those times, you still have one option—

                    Pray, then bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

                  • Um… move?

                  • If you are in Temecula California when the BIG one hits, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye! 🙂

                  • Duct tape?

                  • move out of Kalifornia!

                • You know it,
                  Here in the islands it could be ANYTHING,
                  Rains and flooding, hurricaine, tsunami, earthquake, hell i live on the slopes of one of the largest dormant volcanoes in the us territories! And with the military boeing managed facilities here and pearl, hickam, and kaneohe basses on oahu we could get nuked!
                  Maybe i should just keep my 45 with one hollow point in it,
                  insert in mouth
                  Pull trigger!
                  Done prepping!

                  • fireproof jammies? honestly, some places (a few places) are almost so inhospitable in times of SHTF, that there is no way to prep 100% for every contingency. You just do what you can.

                  • Don’t do that, Kula
                    Adversity builds strength
                    Besides, life is just a roll
                    of the dice anyway

                  • NEVER give them the satisfaction…ALWAYS make them work for it.

                  • Kula, I strongly suspect/hope that you jest concerning the “hollow point”!

                    Folks like you and most others within this forum are the seeds from which the new “Grand Oaks of Liberty” shall spring!

                    If/when the colossal cataclysm occurs WE shall be the ones who are best physically, mentally and spiritually equipped to nurture the tattered vestiges of this Nation. With Gods Grace perhaps this time we can better adhere to the true tenants of individual freedom and personal autonomy!


                    Bless You ALL!!!

                    STAY STRONG!

                  • Please dont even joke about suicide, to many of our brave men and women in the Armed Forces stuggle with this demon everyday.

                  • Sorry all, yes the 45JHP was sarc

                  • I understand that you jesting.

                    The most critical item is your attitude/will. If you don’t have the will then nothing else matters. My attitude is “Semper Gumby”; Always Flexible!
                    I have the faith, first and formost in God. I believe that if I truely seek to do His will and obey His commandments that He will protect me, and be with me regardless of the situation.
                    Secondly I have faith in myself that in any SHTF situation, I will figure something out and come up with a plan for dealing with it.
                    Lastly, it is still a beatiful world out there. God’s creation is still worth exploring. Feed your soul/spirit, continue to learn, seek out the good, the noble, the true and the beatiful.

                    You are not defeated until you admit it, hence don’t.

                • OutWest, I hear you loud and clear. I’ve survived every SHTF event I’ve ever been through BECAUSE I WAS PREPARED FOR THEM. braveheart

                  • …and two jackasses actually red thumbed this?

                  • sixpack

                    Pay no attention to the jackasses
                    lurking behind the curtain of anonymity.

                    They’re just all the little dogs nipping
                    at the big dogs heels.

            • Also don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.
              Even if you are limited to your lot in the city you can build some elevated storage, use your attic for items that can handle the temp extremes and seperate your goods throughout your residence. It will be harder for your inventory but gives you some flexibility for protecting your assets.


            • @ OutWest …..Right on , I grew up in southern Virginia and every year or two heavy rains would flood the coalfields ,to the north of us , and just about every small town up there was located along a creek or river would flood and cause a lot of damage . But where we lived was high on a hillside and above any flood . I know it’s great having a home down by the riverside but you have to consider the risk when you move or build there ! And you DON’T build on a hill of sand and expect to have a strong foundation ! Just don’t act stupid ,then expect the world to come to your aid !!… > Inflation IS HERE ,NOW !!

          • even with the hurracanes and flooding here in SWFL we never have to worry about large scale losses of our assets ,there are no hills (all flat land) the water just kinda builds up and then sheet flows into the rivers and canals and then into the gulf or glades ,there hasent been a house built around here with an elevation of less then 24″ off the crown of the road since around 1976 ,and ive never seen the water in the incorporated areas deeper than 12″ ,my father is 6ft above sea level ,and he’s been in the same house since 1948 and ive never in my life seen the water even 1/2 way up his foundation ,and thats even through hurracane donna

            • let me me add to that before i get hammered ,what i mean to say is we dont have large scale losses from flooding ,i wasent implying that we dont have losses from the hurracane wind damage

          • “Being in the hills we don’t have to worry too much about flooding”

            SERIOUSLY, MAC? This is one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever read on this site. Why don’t you fly out to Colorado and take a look around at what people “in the hills” have suffered in the last ten days. Loss of lives, loss of property, loss of homes, loss of utilities, loss of roads and bridges. Need I go on? This happened to the people of Estes Park, Jamestown, Drake, Lyons, Boulder (at the mouth of Boulder canyon). You don’t know what you are talking about. And if you don’t like the example of Colorado, go look at the flooding history of “IN THE HILLS” in West Virginia. Jeez, really Mac. For crying out loud. And that’s just the destruction “in the hills”, there is also extensive down stream damage all the way down the South Platte river, and it is going into Nebraska.

          • Look up civil services and contact them. for myself being in san antonio, flooding in lower lying areas are a concern that was brought up by them for example. Prep for the most likely first, then move on from there

          • I alaways pictured the Mexican people as being more resilient. That photo kinda shocked me. LOL

            “Acapulco Down”… I’ll be darned — Might be the best time to run down there and try to get a brick of coke I guess.

          • Don’t forget that storage facilities will be taken over in a martial law scenario. Just like food, water, transportation, etc….

          • hammerhead, when confronted with the possibility of flooding, relocate your goods and preps to the upper floor in a multi-level home, and an attic as a last resort.

            If you live in a single level home, get your preps together and tie a rope to each handle, and daisy chain them together. Tie one, or both, ends of the rope to something that is unlikely to wash away even if the structure is heavily damaged. You can sink eye-bolts in concrete, attach to a well-head, etc.

            Most 5 gallon poly buckets are watertight. As you prep, store whatever you can inside these buckets. Gamma Seal bucket lids (watertight)can be expensive when you’re stretching a budget to prep, but I recommend at least one. Gamma Seal bucket lids are much easier to open than a snap on lid, especially when you’re stressed or injured. In the bucket with the Gamma Seal lid will be the tools you will immediately need post disaster, as well as tools to enable you to open the other sealed buckets safely. You want at least one plastic pail opener. They’re inexpensive (as little as $2-$3.00) and make opening 5 gallon pails easy. The easier things are in a stressful situation, the better off everyone will be.

            For storing electronics, small firearms, one can buy the more expensive gasketed cases from SKB or Pelican, but to do it cheap, use a Seal-A-Meal or similar machine to vacuum pack radios, handguns, batteries, ammunition etc and then just put them in a plastic bucket.

            Color code your buckets with spray paint to easily identify the general contents (food, medical supplies, tools, ammunition) and then label the exterior of the bucket with its contents. That makes it easy if your buckets get knocked around to hasten your search for something.

          • I had a friend from Brazil and a couple years ago we were talking about all the rain. She said most of the people there lived in the mountains. She said that the rains were so bad, they would be driving along and suddenly, there would be no road in front of them, because it got swept away! she said she had never seen anything in her life before like it! She said “the rainy season” wouldn’t stop!! People would wake up in the morning to see their whole village had been swept away as they slept! Anyhow, even living in the mountains is no guarantee of safety.

            It seems that perhaps the best bet is to live on top of the mountains…unless, of course, its one Don Blankenship has his eye on for mountain top removal.

        • you could not pay me to visit that crap hole (mexico) wait til they start raping the tourists, have a nice vacation

          • I ain’t too sure if I would want to be without food and water adrift on a cruise liner or in Alcoholpuke-o. A lot of them Mexicans are like goats,they eat and shit where they sleep.

          • I feel sorry for the millions of legals/illegals in this country shtf.

            • I posted this a couple subjects back but am going to post it again hoping to get some response.

              Ice Releases Illegal Alien Sex Offenders to Comply with Supreme Court

              The Department of Homeland Security group, ICE, has released close to 3000 illegal sex offenders as part of 59,347 illegal aliens who courts ruled cannot be held because of a 2001 supreme court ruling…..

              The ruling: If the criminal cannot be deported back to the country where they came from because that country refuses to take them back they have to be released!

              The only assinine recourse we have against that country’s decision to not take them back is we are supposed to, by law, refuse to issue travel visas to persons wishing to visit the US! Homeland security has not been pro-active in pushing the visa retaliation and new immigration laws have even watered this law further.

              Many of these sex offenders are now roaming the street of the US. All undocumented aliens who crossed the border illegally. GAO report also stated that 220 of 4359 alien sex offenders deported the first 8 months of 2012 returned to the US and was arrested for another offense.

              Remember the sex offenders were part of almost 60,000 that were released back among us.

              Everyday I think I have heard all the insane decisions that courts make; I think (other than Obamacare) this has to be right near the top.

              This is just another group of people we will have to fight off when the real shtf.

              Insanity, Insanity, Insanity!

              • I saw this as well. You need to be on a parenting or womens’ website to get the responses you’re probably looking for. No offense intended, but men generally don’t feel the outrage that we do over this, unless this evil has personally touched someone they care very deeply about.

                Ive had enough of the administrations lies about non violent illegals being let go. Ive had enough of the lies, period. I hope and pray women arm and defend themselves. Maybe they can hang a few of the bastards as trophies.

              • POG: The only answer to this madness is a Star Chamber authorized Seal Team to terminate the perverts. 🙂

              • PO Granny…and THAT is why I ALWAYS carry my Bersa 380! Because of stupid decisions like this!! Any woman in this country that doesn’t have her CCW, is in MY opinion….a fool!!

              • Granny…it makes me angry beyond my ability to word it properly and humanely…I have people close to my heart touched by this kind of trash…whether illegal pedro or the local cop and yes both types commit this dirty vile death worthy act of violence…I cant be “reasonable” about rape…I want anyone who commits the act dead and not in a simple quick manner…and anyone who allows someone who has done such acts to go free is an accomplice deserving no better Ive seen the damage these bassturds leave behind both physically and emotionally for their kicks and their power trips…I usually do not comment on the subject because of the extreme emotions it arouses… sorry,I do not even briefly consider forgiving or forgetting those who perpetrate this selfish and senseless act of violence…Ill leave it at that…thanks.

          • That picture looks more like africa than mexico.

            When white rural areas gets a tornado or flood event it seems usually most folks work together to clean up and rebuild etc. Not so in those other areas.

            I recall a tv special on Katrina a couple yrs ago. So it was showing Orleans after katrina, like 3-4 yrs after the event. A black man walked down main street in his section of town with the tv reporter guy interviewing him.

            Reporter guy asked black man to describe in own words what was being done by govnt to fix it etc.

            That black man as they walked down middle of street, pointed to a large plastic garbage bag full of debrie, and as the two men move in a circle to avoid steping on garbage bag, black guys points to garbage bag and complains “see thats what Ima talkin about, its been Several yrs now since katrina and the govnt still aint sent nobody here to clean this garbage up or remove it.”

            I was suprised the reporter guy never asked the stupid black man why don’t He simply assist to clean up His streets?….Just One more issue here that proves the total Falacy of libs that everybodys equal in every way or aspect. No they aint.

          • Mexico is awesome!

        • Hey Hammer,
          Build your retreat on a hill. Even the American Indians had enough common sense to not build their lodges on a flood plain. Also building on a rise gives one a good view of the surrounding area in a SHTF situation. Good shooting lanes. This ain’t rocket science. DO NOT BUILD YOUR HOUSE OR BOL ON A FLOOD PLAIN. I hope to not sound preachy, but use some common sense. Just sayin!!!

          • I just shook my head a few years ago, when some very expensive homes slid into a pile at the bottom of the hillside they were built on…on 65 of 70% grade! So I would add to the cautionary notes—

            DO NOT prop your home up on the side of a hill, no matter how stable your engineer says it is (right now). A “panoramic” view might turn into a panic view of the ground coming at you very quickly.

            • There’s a man right now building his home on the side of Bay,s mountain. He doesn’t have but 20 feet of foundation front yo back, and it’s cut into the hillside, cuz it’s on a 50 degree slope.

              • sounds like a pretty expensive mud sled. Yee-Haw!

        • we spent almost two years observing properties thru all the seasons to see what effect it had on the properties and then made a judgement call on what we considered to be the best for ALL purposes including floods. just a thought for all those who need to put the old thinking cap on, sure glad we did this ten years ago, time might not allow it now! i believe we are short on time for what ever is coming!

        • I think of that too, often. We are on a very high terrain in reference to where the creek flows near us.
          But, we also have an attic over the garage and I made a floor using odd shaped 4 X 4 plywood sheets from a yard sale for $1 each.
          So, I have a 12 X 12 square foot area to take as many supplies and food up if given a warning.

      2. See, listen and make mental notes. This is on a small scale, ramp that up to our scale. I seen this last night. WHOOA, what a freaken in mess. I wonder what is not on the news?

        • Ham, an idea: the media always wants to show the panic and mayhem but never do they get involved in assisting those in need. During the crises they are only looking for the distruction.

          • …and the best camera angles.

            • Bubble headed bleach blonde comes on at five,
              Shell tell you bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye,

              Eagles had it nailed oh so many years ago!

              • I think that was Don Henley solo on “Dirty Laundry”
                but you got it right Kula. Tragedy sells and the media knows it. If we see any good news it’s probably manufactured to push the agenda.

                • @ S.Okie …….Huh….I think that was Glenn Frey ?…….mm

                  • Glenn Frey—>Smugglers Blues
                    Don Henley—>Boys of Summer
                    Joe Walsh—>Life’s Been Good
                    Timothy B. Schmit—>I can’t tell you why

                  • Glen Frey-You Belong to the City. (for Miami Vice)

                • Yep, was Don Henley, good tunes

              • Wild Eyed pistol waivers that ain’t afraid to die.
                All she wants to do is,
                All she wants to do is dance. And make romance.

                Checking long range correspondence. Haha.

        • I don’t live in fear so things like this don’t keep me from traveling. I’ve done missionary work in third-world countries and even took a cruise a few years ago. My EDC contains a lot of useful tools and I keep a mesh backpack in my luggage (another backpack). The first thing I do when I get to any location is fill it with enough food so I have a cushion of several days.

          Except in the case of the cruise where food is included (also the source of my backup), I usually consume much of the food over the course of my stay.

          There will always be opportunists who will take advantage of any situation, but we do not have to be like them. We can eat our reserves and maybe do some fishing.

          • Re: “This week flood waters and landslides ravaged the resort town of Acapulco and stranded a reported 40,000 tourists, leaving them without food, water, or any means of escape.”

            Here is a good article about preparedness for traveling.

            Preparedness for Road Warriors and Vacationers
            by David Morris

            Survive the Coming Collapse

      3. Redundancy and 3 layers deep of planning is really the wisest route to take. Difficult I know, but in the midst of tragedy when you would do anything to make things right and sustain your family,you’ll see the extra effort NOW as a marginal effort in contrast.

        • “Redundancy and 3 layers deep of planning is really the wisest route to take.”
          I cannot now recall a time when I wasn’t preparing for something. I’m a Viet Nam vet so you get the idea that it has been going on a long time… Your comment about redundancy 3 layers deep is extremely important to all preppers. I’ve been through a number of “Okay, I’m all set” times when it hits me between the eyes that i’d better take another look see and figure out an alternative storage, bug out local, stash place, whatever. While I do not believe I’ll ever be totally prepped, at this stage of the “game” (and it seems to be more of a game everyday with the sheep — er, pigs, slurping up the slop thrown out by msm and our/their elected prostitutes in dc…) but be that as it may I am at the point where I’d love to have a number of fancy gadgets to facilitate my prepping security, the reality is I can pick and choose what is necessary more and more so the fewer bucks I have each month goes a lot farther. Pray, prep and protect.. dj.

      4. Sorry for the offtopic item but I thought that it might be of interest to some here

        “5.3-magnitude earthquake hits Japan’s Fukushima”

        Link to follow:

        • Isn’t it somewhat curious that the Superman countries of the world are ready to bomb the BeJesus out of a country for exposing their citizens to toxic gas or chemicals without knowing the actual culprits and do nothing about a country that is killing the billions of people on the planet with their obvious lies about their nuclear disaster
          — Miss DeeDee

          • Miss DeeDee, welcome aboard, and yes it is very curious indeed. hope to hear more from you. braveheart

            • I just don’t understand why either of these replies get down thumbs….oops! there come the down thumbs.

              It is always a pleasure seeing your posts braveheart, as you are welcoming to all who are new here. Some days I even giggle when you’ve had all you can take, and ramble on at Eisencrust, etc. The folks chatting on this board who are like minded have become a pleasant distraction from working and living around so many who are examining their prostates under direct visualization.

              sorry so far off topic!

              • Trolls,
                Govt trolls, independent trolls,
                Some peopleare just lame!

                Everybody thumb up family for solidarity!

                I think,,,,

        • “observed no abnormality in radiation or equipment after the quake.”

          Of course they didn’t. The radiation is already pouring out at a maximum and THAT is the new normal.

      5. this happens in third world countries. Not the USA. We have FEMA and the national guard. Wasting your money on preps is futile. nothing will happen in the USA and you people are nuts. I heard on the news that people were buying up guns and ammo by the truck load. I hope Obama makes an executive order saying only the military can have ammo and guns. You people scare me more than any tropical storm.

        See what happens when your kind gets a gun? Look at the navy yard or sandy hook. Although I dont agree with a lot on piers morgan, he is dead right when it comes to guns.

        • Enjoy that .gov paycheck for trolling while it lasts, chump.

          • Finx needs this tattoo on his forehead, Obamanaut suckubus.
            That way it’ll be an easy call to run his ass off of the property.

            • Or bury him on it and feed his teeth to the hogs.

            • Or perhaps a rifle butt to his face will convince him we do not just use a gun to shoot anyone with. One sharp Snout smack outta do it eh finx.

              • You all just give me such a warm fuzzy feelin,
                Never fail to put a smile on too!

            • HMmmm…..A TARGET on his head….and surprize him , don’t use a GUN….just bury a TOMAHAWK in it !! …

          • Hey, Joe, why not send the trolls to Fukushima?

            • That way, they can at least be useful—even if it is just for plugging holes.

            • No offence to Finx, but you know those word/picture association tests a Shrink uses? He show a index card with an ink blot asks You to say what the first impression your mind percieves it as.

              Well like I say no offence intended, but every time I see the Name “Finx”, the very first picture in my mind is of some NAMBLA Fag pervert sitting in his car across the street from local grade school playground observing the small kiddies.

              • @ Them Guys….AMEN. Sets off my skeeve meter

        • That game-playing nutcase at the Navy Yard is not my kind.

          How many days are you willing to go hungry waiting for FEMA? Three days, a week or two? Would you like a cookie from the Red Cross? That’s what they were passing out after Hurricane Sandy.

          My family was flooded out by a hurricane years ago when I was a child. The Red Cross refused to help my family at all. That’s zero help ever. We had to leave the area and stay with relatives. The house and the street no longer exist. That’s why I’ll never give a single cent to Red Cross.

          • Archivist, AMEN. Red Cross is never what they’re made out to be.

            • They are like many of the food banks, spend as much on administration as they do on food!

            • I’ve heard a sadder tale from a United Way petitioner.
              Both get no $$$$ from me.

          • When I was a firefighter they only provided relief at incidents when they thought the media would be there, They admit when you donate $10 via text after a disaster the proceeds don’t necessarily go to that disaster.

          • Ditto:
            Red Cross denied help to my family after a tornado in Texas. We NEVER give to Red Cross. Salvation Army, yes, Union Gospel Mision, yes.

            • Once, when I lived in Miami, after a hurricane, the red Cross refused to help me and my wife. However, we did receive some help from the Salvation Army. I donate to Salvation Army but NEVER to Red Cross. They are so bogus.

            • In my neck of the woods, there is The United Way and for the military, supporting them is crammed down our throats. It’s almost to the point where they’ll enforce compulsory donations.

              Now, with UW there are less than 10 cents on the dollar that make it to the intended recipients and the director for that charity brings in about a quarter million a year. That and they directly finance the Canadian anti-gun movement.

              So I haven’t given them a red cent in years. And that includes some “fun” stuff like the CO auctioning off a day’s leave or his parking spot.

          • @ Archivist –

            Back when I received my very first full months pay from the US Army paymaster, $97.50 at that time; I was also coerced into taking two steps to the left, where I was forced to make the first of many “voluntary”, $2 per month, contributions to the Red Cross.

            When I was stationed in Germany, if a soldier had a family emergency back home, they would ‘front’ him a ticket home, then take it back, at least half a month’s pay + usurious interest until it was paid back. 8 + months of pretty much abject poverty for the average GI.

            The major problem with our amigos there in Mexico is that so many of them are so damn poor that they can’t afford to buy their groceries much more than a day or two in advance. If they have some more pesos when they run out of food, then they will buy more. If not, then they and their children will go hungry. Mexico doesn’t have a “food-stamp-program” with an EBT Card. They don’t have the money to have any food or other supplies set aside for an emergency.

            If you are able to provide your family with at least a 30 – 60 day supply of emergency food, along with the other required necessities; you are already way ahead of 90% of the herd. The ‘culling’ of the herd should begin in the first week to ten days. 30 – 60 days + should give you a real ‘edge’ over most folks. At least you should be able to stay off the streets during this very dangerous time.

            Ya just gotta love it! Normally I couldn’t afford a ticket to this sort of an ‘extravaganza’; now I get a front-row seat to this one for free!! Keep that ‘silly-grin’ on your faces boys & girls; it just drives the man crazy wondering what you have to smile about! God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

            • MOST of the Mexicans I have really met or known were really good, hard working people, like we mentioned earlier, you mostly only hear the bad,
              Much respect to the Mexican people, and prayers going out to those affected by the storms that are ongoing as we banter.

          • They also charged our servicemen & women for donuts during WWII. True story you can look it up.

            You can slso look up the salary of the RC CEO it will blow your mind.

            • And coming into SF after being wounded in the Nam, the Red cross was taking money from ditty bags for coffee and doughnuts. My fricken face was wired together! Never again Red cross.

            • thats a FACT!! i know one of local head honchos. she rakes it in believe me. she gambles like a FIEND.

          • I have never , ever given Red Cross a DIME either. I saw what they did after Hurricane Andrew. It’s all about publicity. I give to Salvation Army, Samaritan’s purse and Locally in the case of disaster.
            Most importantly: I make sure I have what my family and I need , so I don’t end up waiting for FEMA or anyone else.

            As an aside: after hurricane Charlie, no official even came to our side of town, much less offered any type assistance. I actually left town two days after the storm, as one of my children was very ill and needed to be in a cool,dry house, ( our windows had been blown out) to my daughter’s house 120 miles away. since that incident I now have a bigger generator and one room of the house specifically designed to use as a safe room/ refuge after-the -incident room.
            Anyway, I called the power company back home and found out they had never even processed the numerous calls for the down wires on our street I had placed. After I threw a patented sh%# fit about how I had power lines in the middle of the street with like 4 trees hanging off them, they agreed to go fix it. After I threatened a law suit, as I had PROOF: I had called them from my home town and proof that I got a live person on the phone from a different area code..The Hubby called the next day and poof! Everything was spic and span and the power was on. asshats.
            Leads me to believe: If you’re calling for help after a storm , they aren’t taking your calls.

          • My dad caught half a dozen pieces o shrapnel in the back crossing the Rhine in ww two. while in the hospital he could not even get a pencil and paper from the red cross to write home. Our family doesn’t feel the love either.

        • Guns are not the problem it is the drugs that everyone of those shooters were on.

          • Drugs and the fact that someone can always have bad intentions toward someone else even without drugs being involved.

            • Oh yeah BH…? Can you enlighten US on the BOOZE aspect ?

            • Oh yeah BH…? Can you enlighten US on the BOOZE aspect ?

              • Jay Carney, ever since the Book of Genesis, there have been people fighting each other for one reason or another. Cain and Abel had the very first fight and there were no drugs or alcohol at that time. And, HELL NO, I can’t enlighten anyone about the booze aspect.

          • this is not ONLY drugs, these people have been targeted for mind control projects and that is the real scary part is how good they are getting at it! try reading about how much research the military has done , and yes MK-Ultra project was the beginning of all this!

          • If mexicans are so poor to buy food, why are so many so Obease fat? Take another gander at the top picture in article. 2/3 are way fat overweight. That aint from starvation right.

            • Same reason American Indians are fat. They have a hard time with the white mans diet and then they sit around all day. This is the case with most people who are relatively recently removed from the hunter/gatherer type of existence.

            • Take a people who must work hard to survive on little food. Let a few generations pass with calamities fine tuning the gene pool. Now supply their descendants with abundant carbs and a lower physical workload. Now you know why much of the world is dealing with obesity.

          • Not to forget all a were liberals even the laws cop had a manifesto which over half was hidden due to his love for Hillary and Barack.

        • What a tool, I mean troll. Grin

        • Obviously you’ve never experienced a disaster like Katrina,earthquake tornado or any other event. Being on a CERT team I’ve witnessed what happens when the government takes forever to get to the scene and the national guard is overwhelmed. The guns are to protect oneself from looters and criminal elements looking for your stuff to survive. Buddy, you have no clue.

          • All my CERT team has done thus far is man a booth at events to recruit more members and enter surveillance data during college football games.

          • Jim, I’ve been through tornados and hurricanes when I lived in FL, so I know exactly where you’re coming from.

          • It reminds me of the aftermath of the Haiti quake. The first Canadians on location were crew members from the H.M.C.S Athabaskan and Halifax and some were photographed standing guard, armed of course, over a food distribution point. Some bleeding hearts were offended by the presence of armed military personnel in a relief effort.

            I mean, how stupid can these people be? Don’t they remember Mogadishu and what happened to unguarded relief efforts? The one thing keeping these people civilized was the presence of men and women with weapons.

            But most people will never realize just how dangerous it is for relief teams to do their jobs, dealing with scared, angry, thirsty, hungry, cold, wet, miserable and desperate mobs who just want to look after their families and feel like human beings again. Instead, these folks will just rail and want more than what they are given thinking the are entitled to much more and will do anything to get what they perceive should be theirs.

        • finx

          Crazy as a fruitcake. Looney like a loon. Bats in the belfry, Ding Dong. Hahahahahaha!

          • Slingshot, you’re preaching to the choir about finx. my day was going good until I saw his name pop up. he’s our FAVORITE troll, bar none! Oh, how I love trolls! [sarcasm definitely intended]

        • Well, well, well, the troll finx has returned. What the f#$% brings you back here after all this time? nobody here yanked on your chain. Did the MSM ban you from their sites? If so, then you REALLY have a problem, don’t you? Go away and go f#$% yourself!

          • @Braveheart,
            Dude you just f@$ked finx up! He’s probably googling autocopulation.

            • Hammerun, all I care about is that finx goes away and stays away. braveheart

              • Brave heart Your just to drunk to know That good “OLE” Mac Slavo’s Finx himself gettin you fired up lol ! I mean ya gotta get the folks stirred up every once in a while, ….you agree ?

                • NSA, f#$% you! I don’t give a f#$% what you say about me, but you back off Mac Slavo. He provides a forum where preppers can get together and exchange essential information about survival-related subjects so we can all learn and have the best chance possible at long-term survival for what’s coming to this land. Plus, @hole, I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since 1982. It’s trolls like you who don’t contribute anything useful to this site. Enjoy that government check while you can. It won’t last forever. Go f#$% your federal self!

                • NSA.
                  Brave Heart is drunk? I am fucking laughing my ass off. Mac is finx?
                  O.K I am a little late to the party.

                  Bring up any topic and I will go head to head with you.
                  To include the state of mind and stability of those that post here.

                  Other wise shut the fuck up because of your personal attack.

        • You mean the Obama supporter that shot up the Navy yard?

        • @ finx

          You are a government troll sent to disrupt this board. I just seen an article where the government is paying to come places like SHTF and cause chaos. We don’t need no stink’n Fema or any other 4 letter agency.

          Anyone that has a spouse that doesn’t understand why we prep; send them this pic and say.. do you want to be in this circle or hands?

          Last night I just got home and some survey people called me asking my stance on gay rights in Indiana. I normally hang up but they knew my name and phone# so I said what the hell I’ll tell em how I feel. Aparently; they are trying make gay marriage legal because 2 of our major companies (Ely lilly and Cummings diesel) is saying they can’t get employees to come here due to our anti gay marriage laws. I told them; marriage is between and man and a women…end of story. They also asked other stuff like how I thought the new governor was doing and if I liked dems or rep; to which I said I’m an independant. Anyone else ever had any survey like this? Or was it the goberment milking me for data? Either way I know I’ve been on the list for years so what does it matter.

          • Indy Colts, GO GO GO! Get finx good and proper! braveheart

        • Mr. finx.

          I fail to truly understand you constant bombastic attitude toward those who strive to better themselves and become independent, self sufficient and an asset in the time of need. Your fear of us is only warranted by
          the voices of the un-indoctrinated that refuse to succumb to the never ending encroachment and degradation of our Liberties and Constitutional Rights.
          If we so choose to spend our wealth on preparations, even if futile, what gives you the right to refuse us. To discredit others from doing so. Tell me, Mr. finx you would refuse aid if you needed CPR or to stop you from Bleeding Out from an accident, if you knew he or she was a Prepper? Your saving grace is that the prepper would step in and help while others stood around you.
          I know of no prepper, despite his expressions of anger or frustration that would not help a fellow human being in distress. Unless it puts him or his family in harms way. You would understand that point I’m sure.
          Actually no one knows what they will do till it happens, to be honest.
          On the subject of guns and those that commit crimes and senseless murders. My stand that after an extensive trial and positive DNA, multiple identification and evidence. Upon conviction to be executed in a public forum by firing squad to include at least one member of the family of the deceased. Why one family of the deceased? To be sure there is no equivocation in the taking of a life.
          Mr. finx, I think I have been fair with you and request a reply to my post.

          • Slingshot, I take my hat off to you, sir. You gave it to finx both barrels and then some. braveheart

            • Braveheart.

              I did give him both barrels. Per your description. I know it is hard to fend off the derogatory remarks that we call, “Trolls”. I have been guilty myself of many inflammatory remarks in response. For those that incite inflammatory remarks I ask to reframe from doing so. In return, I will do also. To open dialog to opposing point of view. I will retain the right as with others to red thumb you down if you do not present a justifiable point.

              • Slingshot, your points are well taken by me. hell, I wish these trolls would stop. I don’t even like to get the way I do when the trolls start their BS. I wish we could just carry on with nothing but lively, intelligent discussion on survival-related subjects and the other issues of the day. That’s what this site is really about. Check my comment #2289513 I just posted a few minutes ago. I was responding to a new troll calling itself NSA and he had the nerve, the audacity, to call Mac, OUR VERY OWN MAC SLAVO, a troll; posing as finx in psrticular. I wasn’t about to let that go unchallenged. I don’t care what these trolls say about me, but you don’t attack Mac or any other good people on this site without receiving a piece of my mind! It’s the trolls that are the problem here, NOT US! That NSA troll had some real nerve. there’s just no legitimate basis for these trolls and what they’re doing here. braveheart

                • You are really a true idiot braveboy.

          • Good post Slingshot. I would add, that to myself prepping is a enjoyable. Should we look down upon those who prefer to enjoy playing golf? Or watching football? Or collect the latest electronic gizmos? I would submit that my time invested is more useful than the time invested in the other mentioned topic’s, but to each their own. I will not begrudge someone else for their of choice, as I would hope that they would not begrudge me for mine.

            • Outlaw.

              I want to convey we are not the enemy. We must reach a point to convey that some preps are better than none. That we are Men and Women that refuse what others dictate to us. We have DIGNITY and we should be proud of what this country has given us to accomplish or the ability to do so. If we can convince one opposing view it translates to hundreds that is within his circle.
              I have no use to argue with a person who is closed minded.
              I am just wrestling with a pig and get just as dirty.
              But to open dialog and if that opposing view has merit, I will listen. Give me a debate. Where minds are won and lost and let the issues stand on their own merits.

        • FINX I have a nut for you

        • Bwahahahaaa
          You forgot to click your sarc button!
          That was funny
          I guess Neworleans is sorta a third world country, hmm, guess not

        • apparently Finx has never heard of Katrina

          I’m reading a book called THE GREAT DELUGE
          a history of hurricane Katrina

          anyone who depends on the government
          is a certified IDIOT

          • excellent book. read it and reread it. Never count on your government.

          • looks like finx is having fun with many of you. Stop being played.

            • Amen John W. to your comment. There are a few that make it there job to police this site. They need to ignore the trolls and then there would be a lot less back slapping and drooling over each others reply’s to them and the troll wouldn’t be getting what he or she wants.

          • Certified, or an employee!

        • I wish I could give this trolltard finx more than one red thumb down for the stupidest comment of the year. Maybe everyone else out there could help chip in for cockroach finx to get the red thumbs into the hundreds for that idiot telling everyone of us out there, including Mac that we are all f’ed in the head for trying to prepare for our families for bad times.

          • BI, I’m with you all the way there, brother.

        • finx….Are you somehow related to the Pierce Morgan? If yes F$%$#@ you both.

        • You are Mr. Finx A Robot-Supersoldier-Terminator. We as a society must all be aware of your kind of lies and deception. Your spew may comfront the sheeple but not the prudent and wise. May you end up begging for bread and and your lips parched from thirst.I pray!

          • I am Finx
            I play wit my little weewee while watching michelle obammy
            I also like to eat chicken mcnuggets dipped in fish sauce cause it gives me yummy breath

        • finx: you are “wicked smart”. Here in the USA we would never have average americans dumpter diving for food! Nor crapping in hallways in apartment high rises because water and sewages sytems give out and stop working!

          I hate to scare the crap out of you fixn but we didn’t get a gun, but got many guns and and lots of ammo. We are very well armed and did not attack a military base. Our guns don’t seem to be shooting up the local waffel hut!

        • Oh, finx…You missed the big news call for bottled water during the Sandy Hurricane …from FEMA–that’s right; they didn’t have bottled water procured??
          You scare us more than we scare you, but nature will handle that for us–Darwinism. 🙂

        • The reality is,of course,it’s people like you who go on shooting rampages and should be barred from owning any sharp objects, so you can continue to be spoon fed the simplistic fare your limitations allow you to digest .

      6. If it’s just flooded, but not washed away, a 5-gallon bucket with a good lid should help.

      7. How about a test run? Just go outside your house, throw the main electric breaker, then go back in. You’ll quickly see where your shortages are.
        Where’s the flashlight? Fumble in the dark. Where’s the candles? The lighter? Matches? How long will the food in the fridge last? It gets better from there…
        Can’t watch tv. Not enough spare batteries to read by flashlight. Can’t nuke a snack to eat. Where’s the hand crank can opener? Will the gas (or propane) stove even work without electricity for those spark igniters?
        Make a phone call? No land line and do I risk using up one of my two remaining battery bars on the cell phone? How am I gonna recharge it?
        And that’s just the first half hour. What if the power wasn’t coming back on til…?
        Okay, go flip the breaker and come inside. Have a cup and see how well you did.
        We take SO much for granted. Even preppers. I tried this at home and grading myself I gave me an F-

        I’m NEVER as ready as I need to be. Not nearly as much as I thought I was….

        • SmokinOkie, I doubt if any of us will ever be as prepared as we want to be or should be. All any of us can do is continue prepping as best as our resources allow. Prep for the worst, but always hope for the best. braveheart

        • SmokinOkie, thats the best way to prepare! Good thinks g on that. I guess I would give myself an F also. Guess i need to prep a little more. Thanx for makIng that point.

        • I’m not answering your questions in arrogance, but to be honest with myself about how I’m doing: There is a flashlight in every room and my alarm clock is battery operated and works as a flashlight by pressing the snooze. I have a candle I light on my nightstand to calm me before bed, but prefer the depression glass kerosine lamp I inherited from my grandpa which sits on my dresser. The food in the fridge will last about thirty days before refilling the Jeep by running it for a half hour each morning and evening. The inverter is also powerful enough to microwave some popcorn and watch satellite TV a couple hours in the evening. Spare alkaline batteries are in the junk drawer in the kitchen and rechargable ones get topped off via the charger that plugs into the Jeep cigarette lighter. I keep a P38 can opener on my key chain. Our natural gas cook stove will light (oven won’t work) with a striker as will the propane grill on the porch. I also have a backpacker stove and other options. We no longer have a land line, but the local repeater has backup power and autopatch so I would try that if the cell phones (different carriers) don’t work. It is programmed with emergency responder frequencies and PL tones so we can speak with them directly in the even of an emergency. It charges in the Jeep too, but I also have solar panels if necessary.

          I must admit I didn’t actually go flip the breaker just now, but since power goes out here for about ten days every few years I’ve already faced those problems and more in real time. The one most people here have the most trouble with is heat. Since there isn’t room to install a real wood stove here, I installed a natural gas/propane space heater that will suffice until I can assemble the wood stove in the basement.

          • Correction – my HT is programmed with emergency services frequencies and PL tones, not the local repeater.

        • My family went without power for 7 days after hurricane Fran devastated coastal SE. NC.No water cause we had a well,no nuttin but preps and normal pantry and refridge food.We lived 300ft. from the ocean so I had a 17ft. boat and plugged the drains in the boat for toilet flushing,one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.
          I’ve always stored water for drinking and have a Berkey water purifier + rain barrels,so boiling water for veggies was no problem.I’m a world class cracker griller,imo, so cooking the freezer meats was another wonderful thing,I always have 10 or more bags of charcoal in storage.Of course we had canned everything and the 4 of us lived without to much inconvience EXCEPT for bathing,misery I say!The freakin coast guard wouldn’t allow any boats launching or the hammer come down,it’s summer hot and a lot of work to do digging out.
          We eventually went in the intercoastql with inter tubes and toy rafts and had to shout down the wildlife idiots and coast guard to actually bath in the salt water.You folks who don’t have the ocean,lakes or river may want to consider a plan in advance for washing your stinky self,a major consideration for surviving a grid down situation.A note for you guys,,,WOMEN HATE BEING WITHOUT WATER and you will be the blame!good luck!!!

          • I bought a yard sprayer to take a bath with. Me and the wife will soap up and spray each other off. Of course I’ll have to warm the water for her. I seen that gem on “your best defense” on the outdoor channel

            • A yard sprayer to take a bath? Oh, NOW you’re talkin! Can we do that outside?
              Mrs okie says absolutely not! (ahh, c’mon, honey. it’s way past dark. and I got the soap and everything… pleeeeease?)
              She just doesn’t understand my spontaneous romantic nature…

              • SmokinOkie, I totally want to be like you when I grow up. LOL Your the man.

              • SmokinOkie, Once I tried to get mrs braveheart to do the same thing. I ended up sleeping on the couch that night.

          • St. Augustine: I beg to differ with you. Women are not the namby pambys you are making us out to be.

            Sure there are some woman, who are not preppers, who would really go bonkers. They would look/act like the tourists in Alcapolco.

            There are men who would go bonkers for not having a beer in the same situation.

            both of these groups would be calling out for their mommies and daddies.

            our family goes through power outages every winter. We do not have everything to keep our mansion running like gold clockwork. But we do have enough to maintain a comfortable environment. What more can you ask for?

            • Mona.
              You said.
              There are men who would go bonkers for not having a beer in the same situation.

              Hahahahahaha! Love It.

              • Hey Mona.

                Women are the greatest creatures on the face of the earth. I have met all sizes and color from many backgrounds. Highly durable in most cases put men to waste in survival and protection mode of love ones.
                Don’t let age fool you either. I’m an old Geezer.
                Let me tell you that for those who give women a lesser grade.
                A Russian sniper who was a women had 44 confirmed kills using an model 44 Moisin Nagant caiber 7.62 x 54 with 4×20 scope. My wife with only limited instruction, her first shot with a pistol was DEAD CENTER at 25 yards.
                Give me a women with which I can mold without no stupid male bravado influence and she would be one hell of a killer.
                Women should never let men influences their lives as far as I am concerned and men should treat them as equals.

              • So true!

            • Mona,all I can say is I wish I had a mansion like you do!!!

          • 55 gallon plastic barrel painted black on my deck,(second floor) and another white one, can take pretty good showers with it, fill with water out of my reservoir with 5 gal buckets if i gotta, but have a pump to fill them till i run out of fuel, if thats all im pumping for 1gallon of gas lasts a few weeks.

            Not being stinky and miserable is a huge boost to sanity!

            • Don’t forget the dry shampoo will help in some areas, too.
              Expensive, but nice for when you really need a bath!!!

          • They make a small diameter specialized well bucket. You rig a well rope and pulley and drop it into the well. It has a valve in the bottom to let it fill. Pull it up and a rod is pulled that releases the valve letting the water out. Labor intensive . you gotta remove your well pipes & pump but its better than no water at all.

            • There are very few wells of that type around now. Most have cased pipe bringing the water up. If you live where it rains a lot catch water in garbage cans, clean ones.

              • J/W they do make what the old guy is talking about which will work with new wells especially if it’s an above ground pump, just take the well cap off, pull the drop pipe out and lower the special bucket down the well. It looks like a long tube that is made to fit inside the well pipe. It is some work but better than no water.

            • @old guy says:
              The well bucket you are describing is called a bail bucket where I live. I made one using a 5 foot pvc pipe 3 inch in diameter I then reduced the downside from 3 to one inch and put a foot valve at the bottom so when it hits the water the valve opens and water flows into pipe and when you lift it up the foot valve closes. ( NOTE, the foot valve works under pressure SO remove the little spring in it and then it will work dropping down a well) I use para-cord to drop down the well and the wells here are 300-400 feet with 4 inch casing going down. And you are right, I have pulled 300 feet of filled one inch pipe out of wells to use my bail bucket and it’s not fun to pull it. ( it took two strong men to do it). Also you can use a check valve (there made of Brass) and more expensive than a foot valve made out of pvc. My bail bucket holds two gallons of water, so total weight is about 30 pounds coming up 300-400 feet. Big box lumber yard in plumbing section where the pvc pipe fittings are will have everything you need to build this for about 40 to 50 dollars plus rope.
              PS. I fasten two different ropes in two different spots on the top of pipe, in case rope was to break, I still have another rope to get it back up cause if it breaks and drops you are screwed, you will never get it out.

              • Ghost, didn’t see your post, you did a better job explaining than I could and will use your instructions to make me one to have for emergencies. I have seen one you can buy online but like your plan plus it’s cheaper. Also like the double rope, safe not sorry.

          • Get a Handy Pump to drop down your well…works like a charm for less than $200. Go to a army surplus & get a camp shower or get a solar camp shower at wallyworld camping are right…women HATE being with water!

          • I have 700 gallons plus..and am still wanting more drums for water.
            It’s a 150 mile trip to Lexington, but (10) drums for $100 is well worth it.
            We’ve made the trip twice, but have a Ranger now and not quite up to hauling 10 drums.

        • Just so you’ll know, you can use a match to light the burners on a gas stove with spark igniters, but you usually can’t use the oven. You can cook plenty on the top burners anyway. If it gets to the point that I can’t get electricity, but can get gas, I will hook up the old Tappan (packed away right now) which doesn’t even have pilot lights. You have to light everything on it with matches. I have a lifetime supply of kitchen matches and other fire starting methods.

          Maybe I’m weird, but I have a flashlight in my pocket right now. That’s part of the reason I have to wear a belt and suspenders.

          The power goes off enough at my house that the wife and I have a routine. When the power goes off, we get flashlights and we turn off everything in the house, including the heat pump, except for one light so we can tell when the electricity comes back on. We unplug all the computers. We get out a couple of candles, or the kerosene lanterns if we need more light. If there’s a storm, I’ll get the scanner and hook it up to battery power so we can see what’s going on. We have the frequencies for the power crews, so we can monitor their progress.

          Everyone should have a power down routine, and all their power down supplies should be easy to find in the dark, unless they carry a flashlight in their pocket.

          • Check out the scematics for your stove, lots of those gas stoves with the electronic sparkers have a transformer in them that kicks the voltage down to 12v DC, might be able to rig something to make it work, just an idea, i know my old stove was like that and we were on solar so i did away with the 120vac circuits and wired it all direct.

            • Now that is something I’d like to know how to do. Any help or directions from you would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, dj.

              • Really depends on the stove, on the newer ones with lots of electronics it may not be worth it, but if its just an electronic lighter it is most likely low voltage DC, but, big caution, but! It all depends on the unit, if you have an electrician buddy just ask them, they can see pretty quick if its doable or not from the schematics for the stoves lighter system.

        • Smokinokie you need to get them shake for power flashlights. i have had the same 20 for about 15 years and they never fail me. 3 mins shake and you get 1 hr light. The power goes out all the time in winter, deep snow or high winds , so i saw these at a outdoor show. bought 1 tested it, worked like a champ. so i bought 19 more i got scattered all over the ranch cause they work when i need em to an never gotta look for batteries. plus they work good to check on the house when ya here strange noises in the night. just trying to help. Time for a single malt before i go feed the girls. wildman out

          • To Wildman, Archivist, Prepared Pastor and all-
            Thanks for the tips and relaying the stuff you all are doing.
            Yes, the stovetop burners on our stove will light with a match, but not the oven. I have a shake up flashlight in mts okie’s car and a cheaper squeeze type in the rig. Just don’t have enough of them.
            One thing we do have is heat from a wood stove. Plus propane and electric heat as well. (we never use the electric heat- too expensive)
            I recently got a 2nd 1000 gal storage tank for water. It’s cleaned out but not plumbed in yet. Other tank fills from grid electric pump at well. And while I do have a couple good deep cycle batteries and an inverter, it’s no longer hooked to well. ( I needed it elsewhere) It could be re-attached if we had to. So we ain’t completely there on the water situation. Plus, half the house is now plumbed into rural water. So we’re even more vulnerable than we used to be. It sucks but what do you do when the well goes dry and you’re a thousand miles from home? You call and get the fastest cheapest solution you can. (mrs okie can do lots of things, but water well boring isn’t one of them)

            This whole exercise was kind of a spur of the moment thing one night a few months ago. That’s the way I wanted it. Since we’d get no advance notice of a real power outage. It taught me that I don’t have flashlights, can openers and lots of other essentials in a quick-to-find-in-the-dark location. And some things, I don’t have enough of at all. I guess I’d gotten lazy and used to all the conveniences… damn my hide. (blushes in shame)

            Thanks again, everyone, for the responses. 🙂

            • I’ve got wood and 2 tons of coal in 40 lbs bags. Thought I might use the empty coal bags as sand bags. I have a metal cabinet that I use for all electronics. Live on a river and have gravity filters for water.

              We get power outages here in Va quite regularly and I always use them as practice scenarios. I also hiked away for 5 miles, then came back and setup camp for a weekend. Took all I could stand to not go to house and grab a beer around the camp fire. Thought of practicing raiding my nearby friends for it… 😉

              • Also, I’ve been looking into making a narrow well bucket with a flap or check valve on the bottom to manually get potable water out of the well. You can find them for less than a $100 in places.

                • @ChickenLittle

                  I just did a reply to ( old guy says:) back up the list of comments, describing how to do what you want to do. You might want to go read what I said. What you are describing is called a bail bucket.

        • SmokinOkie

          An F- grade. Blowing smoke for sure.

          • We grade on a curve. I’d have given myself a Z but that seemed a bit too harsh!
            Honestly though, I didn’t realize how complacent I’d gotten. Or how sloppy in keeping track of essentials.
            It could have been worse. Mrs okie suggested we make love while the lights were out. I looked at my glow in the dark watch and said, “Sure, what’s another 5 minutes without power gonna hurt?”
            She said, ‘5 minutes, huh? Well, that’s better than a quickie!’

            • For a ‘quickie’ you don’t even have time to lay down.

        • I got an F also. Thank you

        • Smokin’, I’ve taken that test. I’ve always made it a point to know where every slingin’ thing in my house is. I practice finding things in the dark all the time, sometimes blindfolded. I have hand-cranked emergency battery chargers, and I’ve practiced hooking up various items blindfolded too.

          I sometimes cook my meals by nothing but a night light, that is like burning ONE candle. I have several flashlights and one has a hand-crank charger. That was how I recently figured out I needed more than ONE hand-cranked can opener.

          A search of the model of my natural gas furnace told me no, it will not work without electricity, so my propane backup is ready to go, and it’s backup, a wood-burning stove, is silently standing by.

          Good advice Smokin’, I strongly urge others to follow it at least once.

          • Sixpack you need to look for a dual gas lantern. you burn unleaded or white gas in it. i got 1 on the porch just incase. also campchef has a great 2 burner gas stove that runs off propane. i have lived in colorado hunting elk for2 -3 weeks at a time with 1 of these. its awsome, ready for coffee at any time or hot toddies, take your pick. they go on sale in the winter i picked mine up for 89. an i just saw em again for the same price. 35000 btus on either side, really heats the dings out of what ever you are ready to cook. and those of us that heat/ cook with wood, we can have them sandwich pie makers. i got 1 and use all the time when a big meal isnt needed, pizza , banana peanut butter anything you can think of . just put a small amount of butter in there load bread with filling , 1.5 mins im eatin and happy wildman out

            • I have several lighting alternatives, I just practice in the dark to be certain I can do what I need to do, regardless of the lighting situation.

              How many have practiced loading/unloading your weapon of choice blindfolded or in total darkness? There may come a time when you wouldn’t want to light yourself up, while getting ready to defend yourself.

              You don’t know if you can do it, for sure, unless you try.

          • Okay–I am not telling what grade I’d get, but I do have most of what I need where I will need it.
            Our power was off and sweetie came home smiling.
            He said when he came over that hill, he knew the house lit up like a Christmas tree was ours.
            Yep–the man knows me after 39 years. All others were dark—not even a candle. Now you see why I don’t tell neighbors what I have?? And yes, I did take the headlamp out in the front yard and show off a little!!!
            A big heads up. Tractor supply has little LED lights with two different lights, full lighting for rooms and a headlight for flashlight. They even have a little hook and magnet for hanging where you need it.
            They were on sale and I bought for the vehicles and every room we use, even closets.
            Well, sweetie had a break down one night in his semi and said the little LED saved him from calling for help!!
            Needs 3 AAA batteries but I keep a shoe box full of those.

      8. Yet another reason not to travel to Mexico.

        But it seems that no gov’t is truely capable of taking care of the people in a disaster, be is US or Mexico.

        • I wonder how many of the thousands of tourists will just leave. They have a choice.

          • I may be wrong, but from what I thought I read they don’t have a choice. No planes going in or out, except military. If I am wrong please correct me.

      9. This is one of only many reasons why we prep. This looks like Katrina or Sandy, Mexican-style. To Mac and everyone else, no matter how many articles on preparedness are contributed to sites like this one and others, and no matter how much we preach and offer advice about preparedness, the majority still don’t “get it” and I’m afraid they never will, with a possible few exceptions. No matter what happens in my region, don’t come to my home expecting it to be your ‘supermarket’. it’s just not going to happen. I’ve worked too hard and invested too much of my own money into preps to simply give them up to anyone. I’M JUST ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL PREPPER; NOT FEMA! braveheart

        • Hey Braveheart.

          Calm down buddy or you’re going to stroke out.

          Been an avid reader of your posts and we do have a lot in common at least in attitude. ;0) I know you live down in Miami and it is a ways from me. I have made contact with one person from this site and it was a pleasure to converse with him. Although correspondence is slow I expect it to pick up as Honeydoos are completed.
          Keep this in mind and it is extended to everyone.
          Intersection of Bellamy Road, Hogarth, Bardin Road and St. Georges lake Drive/214 county line. Will operate on C.B channel lower 7 or channel 17 mid range. Clay County Fl. The meeting site is in the middle of nowhere.

          • Slingshot, I appreciate the offer, but I’ve been OUT of FL since 1982.

            • You know where I am at and that is a plus. My door to you is always open. I will remember your moniker.
              If you ever meet a crazy SOB by the name of Slingshot. I will ask if you know what SHTF means.

              • Slingshot- you sure ARE a crazy sonofabitch.

                Guys like you end up in Navy Yards. Guys like you are the reason people want to ban guns. Guys like you are the reason chicks do chicks.

                • I totally agree Rich, however brave heart is a very close runner up.

                • Rich98, f#$% you! I thought you were finished with this site along with your trolling brother Rich99. Go away and go f#$% yourself!

                  • Do you ever get tired of shooting your mouth off brave? No wonder you can’t find a woman, and don’t say there are no good ones left, there’s plenty out there. What they won’t tolerate is an old man who spends his days whining about his past and indulging in continuous self pity.

                  • Bravehart is defintiely a close second.

                    And by the way…he doesn’t want a woman…. all gay men talk about women like he does…

                    His Girls name is prob Jim or Mike or something like that.

                    His mouth sure is big enough to swallow any size.

              • Slingshot, I appreciate that offer. the last time I stepped foot in FL was back in the 90s, and it was difficult for me even then. Too many painful memories for me.

      10. Yeah I know it’s probably wrong and immoral… but I just quietly smile at some of those that haven’t the sense to prepare.

      11. still a long, long ways off from that in the US IMO. as long as they’re still filling up the sports stadiums in bankrupt and desolute detriot, you know the US has a ways to go.

        • I’m thinking the people in Acapulco thought they were a long way from this the day before yesterday. Then it started to rain and they thought it was no big deal. Then it didn’t stop raining and the streets flooded out. Then the water was coming up to their doors, and still, they thought it should stop at any time. Then after their houses flooded out, the power was gone the roads were blocked and they took a good look around, they finally realized they were fucked.

          So don’t get too cozy. We’re all one quick disaster away from pictures like this.

          • i live in houston which seems to have a hurricane come by about every 5 yrs and take everything down in its path. its never been more than 3 days before houston was up and running again.

            now, if houston gets to the economic state of detriot; then a hurricane could throw things into a really bad state; but thats not happening anytime soon.

          • AMEN, Joe Republic. Like I said earlier, that’s only one of many reasons why we prep.

      12. Test

        • Testes, testes..1…2…3!!???!!


      13. It appears to me that the crisis that this country has been in is coming to a head pretty soon.(Like next month?) I am not a prophet, but what with the BarryCare fight, Gov. shutdown/debt ceiling fight, pending WW3, and Uncle Ben’s magic money machine, this pimple is on track to pop like a balloon. POP!

        Hasn’t most of the Stock Market’s worst days happened in October?

        God has a plan which He spelled out in Scripture and just like Christ’s first coming, we won’t understand all of the moving parts of the plan until it happens. But count on it happening 100%.

        God Bless, keep your Loved ones close, your eyes open, and your heart turned towards The Father.

        Prepare; for the Day of The Lord will come like a thief in the night.

        • Prepare for the collapse. Prepare yourself spiritually for the Rapture that will happen afterwards.

          • Barn Cat,
            From your post over the years I can tell that you are a good person and a devout follower of Christ.

            That being said, the doctrine of a “Rapture” is a false doctrine and does not hold up to Scripture my brother.

            In Revelation Chapter 6:9-17 the Apostle John is shown a large crowd of Saints who “go through the great tribulation”. Thus, nobody gets raptured! (please check it out)

            Up until the 1800’s no Christian in history had ever mentioned a rapture, including the early church fathers and those who started the Reformation, like Luther, Knox, and Calvin.

            The word “Rapture” does not even appear in Scripture my friend, anywhere. All it does is make we Christians look stupid.

            My prayer is that you open your eyes to the truth of scripture and stop listening to those who use End Times preaching and The Rapture to lure people in and collect big bucks doing so.

            God Bless you, Barn Cat.

            • Ghost my friend,

              RE: Rapture

              “then we which are alive and remain shall be “caught up” together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air;..” I Thess 4:17

              “caught up” is the Greek word “harpodzo”, which in Latin is raptus, thus we get “rapture”, “”to seize, to snatch””

              To say Rapture is not in the Bible is the same as saying the word “Trinity” is not in the bible… but it is described.

              So maybe you should have asked Barn Cat “after what?” … after the collapse and the ensuing tribulation? Well then, your both on the same page…



              • @Back Space
                Snatched up, or taken up, is not the same as “Rapture”, and thus the concept of a Rapture is not present in scripture. Plus you fail to address that through almost 2,000 of Church History the doctrine of a pre-trib rapture was not taught anywhere. It’s cult nonsense which does not fit into classical Christian doctrine. Whereas the Trinity was accepted by the early church fathers.

                Then there is the problem of Rev 6 that I mentioned earlier. You might try reading some Calvin or Luther on the subject and leave the garbage coming out of such crackpot schools as Dallas Seminary or wackjob TV preachers alone.

                Remember this, adding a pre-trib rapture where there is none is the same as cults like what the Mormons have done and is warned against at the end of the Bible.

                As for the verse out of 1Thess, it deals with the last day and in no way describes a pre-trib rapture. I know that it is the only verse that you rapture risers have, but sorry, no cigar!

                • @Ghost

                  Woe, hold up… I never said I was pre-trib!

                  Just because someone mentions Rapture does not mean they are pre-trib!

                  Told you above where the word comes from. Look it up, Strong’s Concordance #726… If your just going to “parrot” verbage and not take the time to look/think for yourself…… Get a grip….

                  Have you even heard the term post-trib rapture?

                  How about using the original Greek…

                  “then we which are alive and remain shall be “HARPODZO” together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air;..”

                  Harpodzo = to snatch, to seize.
                  *in a twinkling of an eye*

                  ~the truth is out there~


                • Not to mention Rev. 13 where we are warned about the image that all will be forced to worship or die followed by the mark of the beast and finally a warning to us that if any are destined to go into captivity they will go and if they kill with the sword, they’ll be killed with the sword. This is addressed to believers who will be alive at that time.

          • There Is this one glaring fact. Every generation of bible thumpers for The last 2000 years has many folks who sincerely think that they are indeed living in the end times spoken about in revelations. Many are just a certain that only those who follow their chosen superstition will be raptured or go to heaven, So far they all have been wrong. Myself I prefer to follow the instructions jesus gave on the sermon on the mount.

            • Your right about people thinking they were living in the end times over the last 2000 years.

              “And Christ did say that no man knows the hour or the day that I will return”

              And so no one knows for sure if the end of times are here or when it’s coming.

              BUT the one thing I do know for sure, is, were one day closer to it than yesterday.

        • What irks me about “government shutdown” is there are about a thousand people on Pennsylvania avenue who will STILL COLLECT THEIR PAYCHECK…while the rest of us go without. IMO, congress and the white house should forfeit their pay in the event of a shitdown…I mean shutdown.

      14. If ya fail to prep this is what its gonna look like soon! Most people i know depend on the grocer to have all they need so when the storms hit they are the first to holler help me! Where we live im ready bring it on ! keep the fuel tanks full, on the equipment and the tanks for fueling the equipment before the jobs start! a little time off the good life means that i can sleep a little better knowing we got what we need when we need it. Wildman out

        • Amen!

      15. Does anyone know what planetary devastation is?

        • Yeah…they call it “Monsanto”.

      16. the doubters will be the first to go down waiting for the government,national guard,etc. People who plan and prepare will have the best chance of survival and in the end probably bail out the jerks that mocked us in the first place. I’ll be happy to tell him “I told you so!”

        • Jim, what will you do when those same ‘doubters’ come to your door looking for food, etc.?

      17. If this doesn’t wake folks up; nothing will.

        I wonder how many Americans would let the UN Police in their house if the UN ranged their door-bell? Maybe that is what the JW missionaries should do–dress like UN Police so they could get inside more often?

        The problem with prepping is that it can be over-whelming if you read all the articles of stuff you need and realize you only have about 1% of that stuff.

        Keep it simple.

        You need easy to cook food, a cooker that cooks with or without electricity, water, radio, etc.

        Keep it simple but always evaluate what you have and what you may be lacking.

        Good luck.

        • Ugly, those blue UN helmets are definitely targets for me. If I miss a blue helmet, I might as well hang it up.

          • bravehart.

            Those are ugly blue unis. I think they would look better with red helmets and yellow shirts. Or maybe that should be the IRS?

            • Ugly, don’t give anyone any ideas. That could be hazardous for someone’s health.

            • They should all wear international orange, for easy sighting.

      18. Keep stocking up,it’s gonna get interesting…..

      19. Don’t drink the water stick with the tequila

      20. Prep as if your life depends on it…….because it does.

      21. I don’t have a problem with that.

        Big screen TV looters are very kind , thanks for stocking up on lenses for me.

        this is just one short video on alt uses for lenses. there are plenty more out there. found with a bit of searching ,

        • now that was a worthwhile video, thanks.

      22. For all the tourists hung up in Acapulco…….stay thirsty my friends! POP out!

      23. Hey folks, it’s been an age again but life is busy and I don’t always have time to reply to Mac’s posts. On the matter of this particular incident….

        Can I just say, Uh, DUH! Severe weather and natural disasters are going to happen and if sheeple aren’t awake enough to at least make an effort then they will reap exactly what they have sown. True no one can be sure their preps won’t be washed away in a flood, buried in a earthquake, etc. but odds are good you will do better if you’ve made reasonable preparations for these kind of things.

      24. I have seen disasters come and go and come and go again. People do not STAY prepared. they will think about prepping and may even start putting some stuff away for future events. But they do not stay the course!

        I moved away from a metropolitan area so that me and mine would be safe from the normal looters that infect every disaster area. It doesn’t mean that we are safe, it just means that we have taken the precautions to better survive a disaster.

        It is time to stop criticizing those who do not prep. That is wasted energy as far as I am concerned. Now is the time to read and learn about this stuation and base your efforts agains this situation in Mexico. How your your family fare in the same crisis?

        God bless and keep on prepping.

      25. Rain Apocalypse almost everywhere. Add this with other calamites and phenomenons happening world wide. And it gives the prudent prepper a fuzzy warm feeling of somewhat a sense of security when we lay are heads to rest at night. Right? We should all be thankful for what we have. Keep prepping,keep stock piling, because the man that builds his ARK in this endtime world that we live in is truly wise. Look up for your redemption drawth nigh!

      26. When Boulder and the surrounding towns were being flooded last week, one thing I did not hear about was any looting. I was at work in Longmont, stuck near a main street that had a main chain grocery store and several department stores. Not one bit of panic or looting, as people shopped in the grocery store like any other day. A Target, Kohl’s and a Penney’s were all closed due to lack of business and road access. But, no looting.

      27. look at the picture, there is plenty to eat they just haven’t become hungry enough.

      28. Storing food & supplies during times of plenty for use during times of lean or emergency used to be a lifestyle for most folks. The last couple of generations here in the USA The lions share of them just keeps enough for a day or so. Harsh as it is to say Im willing to let them sleep in the bed they made. Ill not freely give what ive stored. Ill destroy it before ill have it confinscated and redistributed.

      29. Unless you live on top of a solid mountain, void of the possibility of mud slides, we ALL are subject to the horrors of flooding. Water is heavy, and the more water the more force it has when it is moving, even very slowly. Water erodes very quickly anything that is not totally solid. I have linked a couple of videos before on what happens to an area when a tsunami comes in, it is incredible to watch. Then someone that is obviously getting a small paycheck for a small mind to torment a wonderful site that does so much good for getting everyone ready for what is coming.

        A hat tip to the site and Mac, as tens of thousands of people are visting the site often now, AND SHTFPLAN’s articles have been making into the top ten of the most popular articles on Before Its News a lot recently. This is probably why that roach finx is back, BO’s boys have sent this pin worm to disrupt things a bit. It is very likely cockroach finx has a giant blow up doll of BO. Enough said.

      30. Probably visit to see what the kindergartners are paranoid about TODAY. Other than that, what reason to come here?

        BI you have taken a new tone lately.. I guess you finally decided “if you can’t beat em, join em”

        • @ RICH98. Look at what Mac has done for this site, he has worked very hard to make it successful I look back sometimes at the older posts 3 years ago or so, and SHTFPLAN was tiny and no one knew about it. Now many people visit the site, one of few on the internet that is free. I have been banned on 3 sites now because I like honesty and expressing my opinion on accuracy. When I see something that is going to harm others I say so. This on other sites is a taboo and called bashing. This site is free, and then you have some troll come on that is likely paid for causing problems trying to mar all the good that people are trying to help each other on.

          How many times have you seen someone with a problem, and seen many people coming to their aid? The accumulated wisdon and knowledge of many people can help any of us with something that we can’t figure out. Just look at all the different ideas on self preparation all the time. Then you have ncjoker talking about that all of us don’t deserve to live, finx ALWAYS saying something opposite of what common sense says to irritate everyone, and a few other trolls that get their jollies by upsetting others.

          You know there is a difference between someone that has a strong opinion on something and has an intelligent way of backing it up. This is good debate and makes people think rather than one sided. Then you have the common trouble maker that just wants to piss off everyone for the hell of it for attention, or because they are being paid off to do so. I don’t know how this can be viewed as anything other than a time waster. A distraction to what is important.

          It does irritate me because there are so many people that are serious about living, and seeing the faces of their families after SHTF that hits for whatever reason. It is disgusting to cause such a disruption like this that 20-30 people feel that they have to defend their personal choices to prepare to someone that is so selfish that not once have they added anything to benefit the site, Mac, or anyone else out there. This is very upsetting and I should have just helped collapse the comment, but I had a run in with someone very stupid today and I am just in one of those moods. I also know a couple of people in Colorado that don’t have their town right now because of the catastrophic effects of excessive water, something roach finx says we don’t have to worry about.

          • BI——- you are giving them what they want.

            You finally gave into them…

            BRAVEHART- Bl** me. I know you like that.

        • Rich98, BI still believes in this site just like I and everyone else do, so go f#$% yourself and go away.

        • Would rather be wide awake and have tossed this stuff around, joked with folks, made a comradery of sorts and gain my entertainment with stuff that makes me think,

          As opposed to

          Just being an ass.

      31. Went through couple ice storms without power for a couple weeks each time The worst part of it was the absence of hot water. We had propane to heat with, but smelling ourselves and each other since it was to cold to heat enough water for a bath was disgusting. Washing dishes with cold water was a challenge also. We have wells and tube buckets for water. I am still scheming on the best way to get hot water. Thought about a wood cook stove. Grandma had one till 20 years Ago. Man the food tasted good when she cooked on it. Didn’t use a lot of wood either. Just somethin to think about. God bless all of y’all and take care

        • A wood fired water heater can be made from a discarded gas water heater. Remove the gas componets fron the bottom part. you can build a fire and usethe pipe through the center for a smokestack. a person with a welder can use another water heater to make a firebox that will enable a bigger fire. It gets scalding hot! It can melt and damage plastic plumbing fixtures. Be shure and leave the check valve on it as it will ouickly become a steam boiler. And locate it outside. Also you can use three hotwater tanks with the outer insulation removed and painted black. run them in series set in the sun and you will have a solar heated water heater. A large coil of black plastic pipe on the roof makes enough hot water for a quick shower. At different times Ive used all three methods. Im currently using a solar water heater. as soon as it gets cold ill use the water heater that’s build in to my outdoor wood furnace. Early issues the mother earth news had several articles about both wood fired and solar heated water heaters.

          • Look up “rocket stove”. Design your makeshift water heater along those principles. The Amish folk near me do approximately that, although they make the whole thing from scratch.

      32. Did anyone else notice that the people in the first photo who were wearing red clothing were all at the front? Odd.

      33. Grid Down Acapulco: “There’s Nothing to Eat”

        More importantly, there’s nothing to drink!

        Many people greatly underestimate their reliance on water…not food. You can go without food for a week maybe even week and a half. Yes, you will be distraught, weak, and not thinking clearly…but you will still be alive. You can only go about 72 hours with out water before your vital organs (liver, kidneys, endocrine system) starts shutting down. And losing those organs *will* kill you.

        One of the great water sources most have in their homes is- the hot water heater. Power off? Staying off for along time? Turn off gas flow or electric to that water heater and you have approx. 40-60 gallons of water on tap, usually gravity fed via the drain hose. Reason you turn off the power feed is in case power comes back on and you’ve drained the tank… don’t want to burn up the element!

        Being able to have, get to and store water will be key to survival…as well as ability to purify and move water. All these alkies talking of breaking out the scotch when it all goes down are going to get mighty thirsty…alcohol dehydrates you very fast.

        Another thing people overlook…is a dehumidifier. If you have some electric backup (like me) you can drink the water from the tank. My unit pulls 65 pints of water out of the air per day. That’s 8.125 gallons of water a day! If you have a basement, then you should get a dehumidifier anyways. It may save your life.

      34. Reading this doesn’t lead me to pat myself on the back for being a proud prepper. It causes me to hang my head for participating in an anti-society of powerless reality-blind morons.

        Consider all the military satellites tracking storms from orbit. The countless all-knowing bureaucrats who even deign to give human names to storms.

        Their mission must have been to convince the landfall areas of Katrina and Sandy, that though they remain accessible to all manner of ships, they should expect none to arrive. It must be the government who subdues the American spirit, such that the areas hit by Manuel and Ingrid, which represent boundless opportunities for fortune making, will see none. No one will take action, rather all will sit enthralled in front of their screens oblivious to the chance to make windfall profits.

        It must be that no ships filled with goods for sale from unaffected areas are allowed. That no overpriced goods available on credit can be sold. That no people exist who would pay an arm and a leg today, knowing that in the near future after the economy is restored, they can easily cover the high prices they pay now, so as not to suffer today. There must be no more merchants. No more transporters of goods. No more money lenders. Only communists and politically minded good-for-nothings. Only watchers of circuses and eaters of official distributed bread.

        Not even North Korea has as total of a police state mindset as does America. Americans do nothing but beg their oppressors for help. The bravest rebel Americans criticize only the power of the status quo. No rebel has the courage nor acumen to profit from the situation, or to seize the reigns of power when the so called leader let go of the reigns at every turn. What will it take for Americans to become disgusted with themselves? When will they awake to the depth and totality of their full-spectrum ideological prison?

        • You first. You go ahead Seize the reigns power. Lead the way. Show us how it is supposed to be done. I watch from the sidelines and see how it ends up.

          • Thank you old guy. I gave your comment a thumbs up. Seizing the reigns of the badly mistreated horse of American society is not the way.

            To borrow from Stephen King. We are living Under The Dome, this economy needs a Shawshank Redemption. Our industrial system has become a demonic juggernaut like Christine.

            To borrow from John Carpenter. Much of America has become The Thing, don’t let it assimilate us. We need to put on the They Live ideological truth sunglasses and keep them on.
            SHTFers should seek opportunities during crises to form peaceful voluntary trade arrangements so we have the means to Escape From New York and the UN as well.
            Our biggest enemy is our predatory ruling class, not the illusory welfare boogeyman creatures of The Fog nor the communist terrorist Ghosts of Mars.

      35. Outstanding post, I wish everybody I know would read it and take it to heart. The key point is that FEMA and all of the govt’s resources can only “rescue” one or two Katrinas at a given time. If an entire region loses power even for one week, store looting will evolove into truck hijacking and then to blood in the streets as gangs fight for control of the remaining resources. At that point it won’t be a matter of flipping the power back on, society will be gravely and perhaps fatally wounded once every fuel and food truck runs out of diesel, comes to a stop, and is looted. Once the trucks stop moving, society goes immediately into starvation mode, then panic and anarchy. Read my new short story floating around the internet called “Alas, Brave New Babylon” for one take on this type of collapse scenario.

      36. that would have been the perfect time to disappear , never to deal with this bullshit government again

      37. Let the unprepared, the weak, the willfully ignorant perish.

        Let those addicted to food, drink and drugs die.

        Let those who refuse to think for themselves meet the consequences of their inactions.

        Let the useless breeding, wasteful and destructive hordes of humanity be set upon and consume one another.

        May the strong survive.

      38. For those who looted TV and such your soul will burn in hell you theifs.

      39. Thanks old guy for the information in using wood to heat a gas water heater. Will look at Mother Earth news so I won’t blow it up by accident. God bless

      40. When systems fail and the grid goes down, it is much better to let the private sector step in and meet the food and water needs. The marketplace can respond faster and with greater heft if it is allowed to come in. Yes, prices will be high (reflecting the circumstances and the risk) but the way this works is that prices will start very high (but your choice is starvation and dying of thirst so you pay it) and then prices will rapidly come down as more and more players move in, driven by greed, and flood the marketplace with food and water. In time, the mainstream food providers – Walmart, supermarkets – come back on line and normal food provision is back on.

        I have seen this in action and it works. I would rather pay $4 for a tin of beans than starve. But the beans will not be $4 for long, as some entrepreneur will come in with beans at $2, undercutting the $4 – and so on.

        • You assement sound,s good in theory Maybe in the distant past there might have a few instances where a equal quality item was offered cheaper. however in real life it so far mostly hasn’t worked out that way. There was for whatever reason a shortage of fuel in the mid 70,s. Ever since that time the price of petroleum products has steadly risen. and all cost of production are tied to the price of oil. When all systems fail (SHIF) the logistics will dramatically change. For one those who have food likely aren’t going to sell it even for the highly touted gold. And the really hungry are not going to have any gold or much else to purchase food. those who have food if their smart will not let those desperately starving who have no food and are willing to pay any price even know that they have food. let alone try and engage in commerce with the ill prepared have nots.

        • That works only if you can stop the whiners from screaming “price gouging”. The cost/benefit ratio for bring needed goods to a stricken area only works if you can get 3 or 4 times the “normal” retail price. And of course there must be an un-stricken area nearby with goods to be transported. Sad to say, our so-called Leaders side with the whiners, and then use vast amounts of tax money to slowly, slowly bring supplies in via the most inefficient means available, while driving free market suppliers away. They want a monopoly. Wonder why?

        • Frank–why are you here??
          Would it not be smarter to have your own damn beans in a closet or unused space??
          Even if it means stacking those cases in a corner of any room?? So your babies won’t starve??
          Wow– what great advice–wait till the price goes down???

      41. Not likely, they will instead come and steal more of my/our things. Just lost a really good bike. A neighbor saw a black man riding a bike and when something fell out of the pack she called to him, he would not come back for it and that made her suspicious. She walked the item that fell out around the neighborhood and sure enough it was mine. Watch thefts go way up. Lock your stuff up and lock your doors so you won’t have to learn the hard way like I just did.

      42. I wish I lived in finx’s world, but someone woke me up while I was dreaming about fairy tales. REALITY

      43. yall think there are preppers in acapulco? the only thing they have stored up there is coke for sale to the gringos

      44. Hunger is an equal opportunity killer. It doesn’t care what age, nationality, gender, race or creed you are. Given the chance it will happily kill you and all of your loved ones.

        The elderly, the infirm, the weak will be eaten first. You think I’m joking? I wish I were.

        Having visited the Lake Tahoe area one is confronted with The Donner Party. Farther away but more recently, the Siege of Leningrad lasted 29 months.

        That’s a long time to be hungry. Prepare for the worst or die.

      45. A lot of fruits and vegies grow naturally in this area..

        I know they flooded, but not the entire area..I doubt I’d be going hungry..

        quit looking for someone to hold your hand!

      46. This event just points out one of my favorite sayings–“if you’re going to be dumb, you better be tough”.

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