Gregory Mannarino: The Federal Reserve is “VERY CLOSE TO CBDC ROLLOUT!”

by | Apr 10, 2023 | Headline News

The Federal Reserve is “very close” to rolling out its permanent slave system to control the masses. The central bank digital currency (CBDC) is right around the corner warned market analyst Gregory Mannarino.

Of course, the Fed will continue to buy debt and prop up fake markets as a way to keep the current fiat currency system intact for a little while longer. “The illusion of stability is being maintained in the debt market.”

“This fairytale that has been sold to the people of the world that ‘oh yes, central banks are raising rates inflation’s gonna get better’. It’s temporary, it’s transitory, no accountability. We knew this was not true since day one, anyone who bought that, I mean, I would imagine, if you follow the mainstream propaganda ministry, they all bought it…but there’s no way this was gonna work, ever.”

Mannarino continues by saying we still haven’t seen anything yet, as inflation will be going much higher. This economic destruction is all by design too. Nothing is accidental or coincidental. Central banks are continuing to prop up the system, interestingly, and not only are we “paying the price in the form of inflation tax,” but nothing is going to get any better.

In fact, “the freakshow is going to get monumentally worse moving forward,” Mannarino added. While the whole system is being destroyed, “they are going to tell you…that what you’re seeing with your own eyes, what you’re feeling in your pocketbook is not real.”

The banking consolidation is nothing more than “the next step in their quest, and they are going to fulfill it, in issuing a completely digital system here. Fed Now, that’s part of it as well. You’re seeing the little parts come together here.” In order for this new slave system to roll out, “[the ruling class] need the old system to completely collapse.” That is a giant red flag to Mannarino, who says that because of that, we could be very close to a gigantic collapse of the entire current system.

They already have it set up and will likely blame a war to keep the blame off the central banksters and other members of the ruling class.

Rulers Prepare To Take Control: CBDCs Inbound

CBDCs Are Coming; The Final Nail In The Illusion of Freedom’s Coffin


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