Greg Mannarino: War is Expanding RAPIDLY

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Even though the newest war is not even a week old, it’s expanding rapidly according to market analyst Greg Mannarino. He says he wants to put the current situation together very “simply, easily, and directly.”

Mannarino says that without another war, this entire system is going to come apart “so fast your head is gonna spin around like the freaking Exorcist.” The world today is in “crisis”. The entire system is insolvent and cash is drying up, he added.

They started this war over a weekend when the debt market here in the United States was closed. Is that a coincidence? Probably not. Mannarino says “this is not by accident, people.”

The “presidential selection cycle must be kept real if they kill thousands, tens of thousands of people, again, the illusion of the market, people see the market high they think the economy is strong. Nothing can be further from the truth.”

Syria is now involved in the war which is expanding it very quickly and gives the ruling class an excuse to “pump” the system. All of this is a game to the masters. They seek to rule and control the slave class and force them into a kill-or-be-killed situation in order to maintain the psyop that democracy is freedom when nothing can be further from the truth.

Now, the U.S. is sending billions of dollars in weapons to both Israel and Ukraine as the war efforts grow on both sides. If we all really want to end central banking (and all of us should) it’s easy, says Mannarino. “All we need to do…is prevent them from issuing one dollar of more debt.” But the rulers would immediately lose power, so that won’t happen.

They are all a part of the rulership over us and unless we get a lot of people to realize these war pigs are simply killing people in order to maintain power over the survivors, we are going to see things that are horrific. “Wait for the next event,” said Mannarino. “This is not the end. Another event is going to occur. Another “FF” (false flag) is going to occur,” and it will happen on U.S. soil, he warns.

Greg Mannarino: Watch For A “MAJOR FALSE FLAG” On U.S. Soil!

We could, very well, be experiencing the beginning of World War 3. Stay alert and aware. Maintain discernment and situational awareness.

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