Greg Mannarino: The Fed Is “Trying To KILL What’s Left Of The Middle Class”

by | Aug 3, 2020 | Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 5 comments

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    The Federal Reserve, with the help of their puppets in the government, is trying to kill what’s left of the middle class.  This should be obvious by now, and yet people are still walking around more afraid of a virus than opening their eyes to what’s happening.

    Who would have thought a face mask over the mouth and nose would cause such epic blindness. Greg Mannarino has been pointing out the goals of the Federal Reserve for years now.  It’s all coming to fruition, and in order to own the world, they must eliminate the middle class.

    They are going for small businesses and have 50% of those gone already. “Maybe they’re going for, I don’t know, 75, 100%, while coroporate American, right now is stronger than it’s ever been!” Wake up, people.  This is all by design. It’s a century-old plan to own and rule the entire world.

    It’s in our face and it’s no shock, adds Mannarino of the corporations and government merging together via the Federal Reserve. They are no longer hiding the agenda. There will be no middle class in the New World Order. They need poverty-stricken slaves only, while they sit at the top and rule to the world.  It’s pretty sad that most people still haven’t figured it out yet and will go cast a ballot in November thinking the Federal Reserve hasn’t already selected the puppet they will use for the next four years.

    The only reason there are two political parties is to give people the illusion of choice. This should go without saying, but so many are still stuck in a paradigm that will wholly enslave and impoverish them unless they wake up to it, and soon! It’s “critical” to use Mannarino’s word.

    Basically, we don’t control the outcome of elections. The central banks do. If for one second, the Federal Reserve sees Biden as being more “on board” with their epic distribution of debt and credit, he WILL be the next president.  Trump could still  be reelected because he’s been incredibly effective at helping the central bank take over the planet. –SHTFPlan

    Trump Is A Pied Piper For The New World Order Agenda

    Pay attention to what’s happening. It’s all in front of our faces now.

    This process of controlled demolition needs a considerable distraction so that the central banks and the globalists ultimately avoid blame for the painful consequences of the event. Enter Donald Trump and the false Trump vs. Globalist paradigm. As I mentioned last week, the Fed is only one side of the equation for the crash; Trump is the other side.

    After two years of witnessing Trump in action, it is clear to me that he is an active participant in the new world order agenda, and not just an unwitting patsy for the economic crisis.-Brandon Smith

    However this plays out, it was all set up this way. The set up has begun for a contested election and overwhelming societal dysfunction regardless of which puppet the Federal Reserveselects for the illusionary throne. Take off the left vs. right paradigm glasses that are being used to divide and distract and look around clearly while applying critical thinking.

    The Pentagon & CDC Will Join Together To Mass Distribute The COVID Vaccine

    MSM Frenzy: Trump Floats The Idea Of Delaying The Election

    The election in November could be the start of massive uprisings, no matter which puppet the Federal Reserve has selected, and it’s set up that way already. The puppets are already beginning their dog and pony show and dancing for the public on command.

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      1. The psychopaths in the central banks and their member banks have engaged in decades of de-regulation that re-created the exact petri-dish for corrtion and insane gambling and this was all assisted by the governments and investors of in assets with no actual profits and blatant fraud. Now the psychopaths that have deliberately recreated the conditions that set the stage for the Great Depression with deregulation including Blue Sky Laws repealed and the Glass Steagal Act repealed expect us to believe that they just did not see this coming and demand respect, and demand borrowing to cover their losses. They are not entitled to respect! They are entitled to go to prison for fraud and treason! Yeah, it was the coronavirus. What brainless, clueless, fucking, idiot would be stupid enough to fall for that bullshit narrative?! Hey, I’ve been screaming about the economic insanity since 1992, so it isn’t like people haven’t warned them! And it gets more and more insane each time!
        Lawlessness=Chaos! Chaos=Destruction! Destruction=Death! The reset that we need is for all of the swamp creatures to spontaneously combust!
        Andrea Iravani

      2. Some on the right appear to be absolutely dismayed that people have been calling to defund the police, however, the police have brought this on themselves, with a history of corruption in drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution rings, and child pornography websites. In an effort to attempt to make these uniformed state sponsored criminal organized crime gangs look like legitimate government entities, they claim that they are involved in all of these illegal operations strictly in order to catch criminals. This is a boldfaced lie. Entrapment is illegal. Creating a criminal whether by selling drugs, soliciting prostitution, or attracting pedophiles to a child pornography website creates a crime that would not have occured if the police were not involved in that crime. We do not know if any of these individuals that they illegally and unconstitutionally entrap would have committed those crimes if the police did not assist them and provide the opportunity for that crime to take place, and if something is illegal, it is illegal for the police also. The bogus sting operations are nothing more than bogus, and have allowed many crimes to be committed by the police for extremely lengthy periods of time, and after several years of the police being involved in highly profitable and highly illegal criminal activity, they make a fairly small bust for PR purposes, and resume their heinous criminal activity, after claiming to be heroes for busting criminals that they created in a criminal relationship to which they were a party to, and have drastically increased crime.

        The police have repeatedly refused to help individuals that have called upon them for assistance of truly predatory crimes that have left individuals in danger with extremely dangerous criminals on the loose, that break in, vandalize, steal, and commit violent acts of crime, even when street cameras could catch the criminals, the police are just too lazy to review the camera footage.

        The police have allowed, assisted, encouraged, and protected
        anti-fa vandals, looters, arsonists, traffick stoppers that bashed cars with bats, and refused to assist shop owners that have called on them, and have even prosecuted shop owners for protecting their property against looters when police would not respond.

        The police have also waged war on Americans through repeated and targeted stalking, harrassment, and constitutional rights violations, and have inundated people with excessive fines, fees, and sadistic punishment and torture.

        The police believe that violence and crime creates a need for them, and believe that it affords them the opportunity to demand higher wages, benefits, working conditions, and reduce any regulations on them. 

        The thing that the majority of people have come to realize about the police, is that they are never around when you need them, but are too frequently around when you don’t. 

        Are we supposed to be grateful for the police’s vigilant watch and aggressive targeting over traffick speed violators and expired license plates and unpaid parking tickets, and small time drug dealers and people who may have had one too many at the bar? 
        I grew up before their were even legal drinking limits, and when it was still legal to actually drink alcohol while you were driving, and I lived to tell about it with my father drinking and driving on the way to summer vacation destinations! Imagine that! 

        I am a pre-nanny state child that survived food without sodium, sugar or calorie content, blood alcohol limits, surgical masks, forced lockdowns, the TSA, the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, the Brady Bill, gun registration applications, censorship, free speech zones, safe spaces in schools and countless other useless Big Nanny Nazi nanny state laws that are probably part of the reason that so few people now have critical thinking skills and common sense. The thinking has all been done for everyone, by a bunch of mentally deficient control freaks, so now when a kid hears someone to tell them to eat a tidepod, or drink bleach, they do it! 

        Is that supposed to make us feel safer when the police are flying around in their helicopters in almost every town, village, and city in America while they are involved in drug and human trafficking “sting” operations?

        So, the police really better start policing themselves, if they expect to maintain any public support at all. 

        Just sayin’!

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Agree with you Mac 100%

      4. Moral free agents, with creative freedom, used to be called the middle class, who understood that capital was the means of production.

        Communist laborers, who dress up as Russian presidents for Mayday parades, and who committed acts of terrorism for their benefits, are still low class.

        I think, there is a new serfdom, in which crony capital and all the names for it, are under speech controls. The East Bloc hid family names and ethnicities. If ours could, they would keep the help from reading, we are already so miseducated about power.

      5. A war on the middle class is simply a war on the white race. The white race don’t make good peons ,serfs or slaves.

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