Greg Mannarino: It’s Critical To Understand That The Goal Is “Full Control By The Federal Reserve”

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Greg Mannarino, who is asking people to put politics aside and look at the reality of the situation, is once again, trying to teach the public a powerful lesson. We do not elect presidents. They are selected and the Federal Reserve will make the decision.

    Mannarino says that once you understand this, you stand to beat the system and will be able to generate a lot of wealth. However, this will take putting your politics aside and understanding what’s really happening as opposed to what you WANT to happen. The only reason there are two political parties is to give people the illusion of choice. This should go without saying, but so many are still stuck in a paradigm that will wholly enslave and impoverish them unless they wake up to it, and soon! It’s “critical” to use Mannarino’s word.

    Basically, we don’t control the outcome of elections. The central banks do. If for one second, the Federal Reserve sees Biden as being more “on board” with their epic distribution of debt and credit, he WILL be the next president.  Trump could still  be reelected because he’s been incredibly effective at helping the central bank take over the planet.

    It All Comes Back To The Federal Reserve: The NWO Is Being Shoved Down Our Throats

    “The easy money hasn’t even begun to pour into this market,” says Mannarino as he explains that the Wall Street banks continue to buy the market on their quest to won the world. “99% of the people have NO IDEA what the Fed is doing!” They are literally buying debt with cash they create out of thin air. What happens when those debts do not get repaid? The central bank then owns your asset. This isn’t rocket science, people. But it is time to wake up to what’s happening. How much longer can people stick their heads in the sand and ignore the reality of the situation in favor of a political central bank puppet?

    Mannarino says this is NOT political, he’s a “market guy.” But it’s time to face reality. “Keep politics out of it. I’m not talking about this as a political thing. I’m talking about strictly from a market standpoint!” Mannarino adds: “I’m telling you how the markets work!” And unfortunately, people need to realize that the central bank chooses the president and the vast majority of the congress and senate to make sure their quest for world domination is not defeated.

    Trump has already demanded more easy money in the form of suppressed rates, but if the Federal Reserve thinks they will achieve their agenda to own the planet with Biden, he’ll be elected. We DO NOT have a say in this, and voting is a waste of time. The central banks WILL put whoever they want in office. “I just want you to understand how these markets work. Keep politics out!” Mannarino says.

    That’s the game. They don’t want you to be able to think, they don’t want you to be able to speak, or anything. It’s they’re in control and that’s it.” BUT as I have repeatedly pointed out, and Mannarino says too, once you know this, you’re in control! Empower yourself instead of playing into the false left vs. right paradigm. “You’re in control. Let me explain that to you. If you realize, that by understanding and having a clear picture of what the bigger picture is here, and you know what is: full control of the global markets by the Federal Reserve, who is running the entire charade right now. It’s simple. It’s the Wall Street banks and the Fed that are running the world. And they will do whatever they want. They will get whoever they want in office. That’s it.”

    And it really is that simple, folks. Wake up. Life is a lot easier once you look beyond political and past the smoke in mirrors circus of political theatre.

    The Federal Reserve’s Controlled Demolition Of The Economy Is Almost Complete

    “If you have the intelligence to be able to see through the facade of this, I will keep you on the right side of this “thing” that’s enveloping the entire world. BUT, if you gotta ‘rah, rah, rah’ and gotta stick to whatever [political] party you believe in [bowing, subservient motions] you’ve got your faith in the wrong place,” Mannarino says toward the end.

    Understand where we are. Your beliefs, left or right, literally don’t matter. Stop serving the ruling class and start serving yourself and your family and others and see how quickly your life will improve for the better. It’s past time to think critically, and if you cannot manage to do that, it’s going to be a bumpy rest of 2020 for you.

    Yes, waking up is uncomfortable, but imperative to truly understand what’s going on and empower yourself to realize no one owns you. Apocalypse means “the lifting of the veil,” and it’s time for Americans to realize they’ve been sold a pack of lies bundled under the name “democracy” and the illusion of choice.


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      1. Ah. But (((who))) controls the central banks?

      2. I am unfamiliar with both philospohers cited in this article and was unable to connect to sites including Wikipedia to further research them. However, it cannot be denied that Arfican nations, like Iran have both the prize and the curse of desirability, in Iran, it is primarily geographic, in Africa, it is primarily geologic, and its richness in resources that have resulted in centuries of being invaded by the British, Dutch, Germans, French, Portuguese, Arabs, Israelis, and Chinese, in what has undeniably been a centuries long concerted effort to keep conflict in the nations high, to keep the populations as uneducated as possible so that they would be oblivious to what has been taking place, and to steal as much as possible, as well as enslve the population. So, while many that had previously were in the slave and trafficking trade, they simply moved to Africa, and are enslaving and stealing from them, and have been for centuries. It was Mao that went to Tanzania, and it is the resources and slavery from Africa that permited the possibility of Chinese communism, in addition to American corporations and consumers, and European Democratic Socialism, in addition to the oil and international banking revenues that the Europeans are so reliant on. So, they can all preach about racism in America, and how Black Lives Matter, while they are all practicing racism, theft,  and slavery in Africa. It is the theater of the absurd to claim that the Chinese will be better than Americans. If you would rather be a slave than die in a reasonless war, maybe the point could be argued. That is not defend America’s policies or wars, but just to point out the total
        absurdity of the pots calling the kettles black.

        Andrea Iravani

        • Always off point from the article you are. A real troll. The apocalypse is happening. The Love of money is the root of all evil and the fake money is the problem and telling people they have choices when they do not. It is all about the elite buying all the debt up by using people. They lend credit, the people can’t pay the credit back which is OTA, and then the elites take the asset you supposedly purchased. They needed the mass of people to do this massive job for them. All mankind has to do is say N and not go along in the next transition and they lose. A revelation of revolution is coming which is not evil but good.

      3. A recent “study” says that a work-ethic, self-discipline, objective thinking, and a belief in individual rights, among several other characteristics are racist. Unfortunately, this is being widely accepted in the black community. Many blacks believe their advancement is based on white aid, white reparations, white subsidies, and white concessions. This is a highly destructive belief for blacks. You would think many would find that demoralizing, that one’s advancement and betterment can only be accomplished by white accommodation. Who is inculcating this belief in them? That they possess no agency or power over their own life to change their own situation.
        The truth is, much of the black community is being manipulated by liberal/”progressive”/Marxist propaganda. In the Marxist agenda, blacks are little more than muscle. You won’t see the faces or hear the names of the ones who really direct this agenda. Their greater goal is to disrupt and destroy the US. Ultimately, this goal is not raise black’s circumstances, but lower everyone else’s. This is what equality means to them.
        Too many don’t realize that taking free “benefits” only makes one a slave, that depending on others besides oneself is enslavement. This is the dirty secret why liberal/progressive politicians and officials, and those who manipulate black communities want to maintain all the “social benefit” programs in perpetuity – that is, until the Marxists succeed, then it all ends. Better is to unite to end liberalism and Marxism because they intend to strip us of our rights and freedoms, standard of living, and quality of life.

      4. The absolute highest, most overarching, primary goal of the deep State/ “elites”/ neo-cons/ “progressives is to permanently alter the demography and culture of the US. To change from a society that is predominantly of European heritage that is pro-individual freedoms and liberties, pro free markets, and Christian to a society that is 3rd world culture with little understanding of civil rights, free market economies, or Christianity – this is a fact. When the majority is no longer of European heritage little will stand in their way to stop TPTB. They can proceed to get rid of the Constitution and bring in socialism and Marxism.
        The Fed. Res. is a tool of TPTB. The stated purpose for the creation of the Fed. was to manage the nations monetary policies, interest rates, money supply, etc., and to ensure the nation’s finances and markets would stay stable. However, only 16 years after the creation of the Fed. the country into a severe economic depression. Intervention of the Fed. only made matters worse. The truth is, who ever controls the money controls the nation. Since the creation of the Fed., the economy has been endlessly whipsawed by cycles of booms and busts, and an unbelievable loss of the purchasing power of the dollar. The Fed. is just one more tool in their tool box to bring about the changes they desire. The purpose and mission of the Fed. is far different than what officially is stated. One may conclude it’s not really much about money, it’s more about power.
        GM is absolutely correct about presidents and politicians. Mark Twain said “If voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it”. When a person runs for office on their party’s ticket the first thing that happens is that he/she must have the support of the party leaders. They have to convince the party leaders they support the party line and will “play ball” with the party leaders. In other words, the candidate is beholden to nameless and faceless people before they even run. If the are not cooperative then it is highly unlikely they will not even get a chance to run, they will not be given an opportunity to represent the party. So in reality, you are only voting for the candidate the power brokers are willing to let run. The same for unelected officials, only those who will perform the will of the power brokers will be appointed. We do not have a gov’t that is of, by, or for the people. Pres. DT was allowed on the ticket because of his money, connections, and his statist beliefs. Besides, the party power brokers likely believed he would never win. This is all apparent now because none of them support DT, and even work against him.
        There may be a difference in Dem. and Repub. party ideology, but little difference in practice. These “elites” see the citizens as nothing more than managed disposable resources. GM is also right about the reality officialdom tries to project, it is entirely false, fabricated to serve their purpose. I don’t believe a single g*dd*m thing officialdom disseminates.

      5. This is Total Control:
        Article at BlackListedNews:
        “Bill Gates Funded Digital Identity Based On Your Vaccination History” Published: July 19, 2020, Source: great game india
        – – – – –
        Another Article at Zerohedge:
        “Cisco Fires Employees That Question Black Lives Matter During Company-Wide Racism Discussion”
        by Tyler Durden, Sat, 07/18/2020 – 20:00
        – – – – – – – – – – –
        -Woke is going Broke-
        Dear Cisco,
        My company will Now use ANY product other than yours. You are no longer only game in town. May you go broke. And yes we are upgrading because my company being moved out of lockdown- forced occult mask wear state. I’m not putting up with Tyranny. I’m voting with my ass and assets. Relocation. So should you.

        Dear NFL-NBA-NASCAR,
        You have ALL decided to “Politic” and push AntiAmerican ideology, instead of simply providing wholesome family entertainment. So Now you are ALL Banned from our homes. Tickets CANCELLED. Cable NFL ticket CANCELLED.
        (Note: Now the children play baseball and soccer. My sons will not care about NFL or NASCAR.)

        I will not have 20 year old spoiled pampered overpaid millionaires, who seem to always be in trouble with the law, Lecture me about Anything. They are UNQUALIFIED.
        Poor role models for my sons.

        Jerry Jones and Team of probation parolees took a knee in HERO Pat Tillman’s house. HOW DARE YOU. I turned off the TV. Have not watched ONE NFL game since that day. Not ONE game played in my house or ANY family function.

        From Wiki:
        Patrick Daniel Tillman was an American professional football player in the National Football League who left his sports career and enlisted in the United States Army in June 2002 in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

        my add ons—
        Pat was KIA, killed by what appeared to be friendly fire.
        Dedication. Courage. American Patriot. The man deserves RESPECT.
        May God Bless Patrick Daniel Tillman and his Family/freinds.
        Pat is a positive role model. Not a kneetaker. Not One that took the easy way. Pat is a Patriot. “Rangers Lead the Way.”

        Pat died for his beliefs. Are you willing to die for Freedom?

        I understand that Pat was an atheist. But I hope in his final moments he turned his heart to God and was granted mercy and salvation. God is merciful.
        May you also turn your heart and mind to Jesus Christ so as you are NOT Decieved by the Beast System. Beast System is NOW upon your doorstep. Things are about to get Interesting. No more fence sitters. Choose your side. Choose well. God wins in the end.

        here is my side. no grey man. no hiding in shadows. no occult mask. no obeying “orders” from Tx rino governor comrade king tyrant Abbott. voting with ass and assets. Leaving Texas.

        FIRST: God-Family-America

        Be of Strong Courage and Good Cheer.
        God Bless America
        Long Live the Republic

      6. Hmmm

        It continues to amaze me that the smelling, stinking, foul, evil treasonous elephant in the room is almost never, ever even mentioned by anybody these days. And that elephant is the zionists who owe their allegiance to israel that have a stranglehold on not just the FED and banking, but the media, Hollywood, publishing, Congress, the White House, State Department, CIA, etc., In fact just about every major component of the US government including the Pentagon. However, despite nearly 20 years of endless purges of the officer corps, they still are not certain of their ability to control the troops. Hence, their carefully executed plain to destroy the conventual capabilites of the Military here at home in America. They have basically dismantled 2/3’s of our Domestic conventional Military within the US itself. And they have made sure that the vast majority of America’s remaining conventional forces, weapons, equipment and supplies are stockpiled overseas…….Hell, they wouldn’t even send home troops to aid in the COVID-19 false flag. I suppose since Americans can no longer think or act independently they felt safe that no one noticed this glaring evidence that COVID-19 was never an real Pandemic, let alone threat because it has an actually mortality rate lower than the plain old flu of the previous year….

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