Greg Mannarino: “Expect A Systemic Meltdown” Followed By A Whole New System

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Headline News

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    Market analyst Greg Mannarino says that we should expect a systemic meltdown soon. Once the current system is destroyed, we should expect a whole new system that will ensure our enslavement to the rulers should we accept it.

    “Nothing is real in this environment,” Mannarino says. The data is all fake. In fact, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics themselves admitted months ago that the data is all made up,” he added.

    The Federal Reserve is continuing to dictate to the public how to live, making them no better than the government. We are slaves to these institutions, and most Americans are still so indoctrinated they cannot see it. “These institutions are working together to destroy every single one of us,” Mannarino said.

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    Inflation skyrocketing all over the world is not an accident and it is not a coincidence. The rulers are doing it all on purpose with the sole desire to break down the entire system they set up and usher in a new one in which they can totally control every single human being on this planet.

    Every four months, one trillion dollars is added to the national debt. That’s not an accident either and it’s fueling the inflation and the economic distress most families are feeling. “I want you to be ready for this, people. They’re gonna prop this thing up…by increasing asset purchases like there’s no tomorrow,” Mannarino said.

    Expect the stock market to skyrocket as the central bankers continue to buy up the debt. As long as we understand the goal of the central banks, we can be profitable until the system is taken down. “They are gonna take down this system in such a dramatic way, people’s heads are going to spin around like the freaking Exorcist,” he added. “They are going to fulfill their endgame of owning the entire freaking world.”

    The institutions have the power to add digits to a screen and buy whatever they want whenever they want it. They also want you in dollars, not cryptocurrencies, which should also tell us something, Mannarino said.



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