Green Beret Warns: “Skepticism Will Vanish When The Power Suddenly Fails Across the United States”

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    It should be obvious, now, even to the most vocal and acetic naysayers that no matter how much they try to declare that nothing will happen regarding North Korea, they’re wrong.  It is happening, as we speak, and the buildup reached a high octave with North Korea’s sixth nuclear detonation, one that experts are saying was between 100 to 120 kilotons.  This detonation occurred in North Korea’s test facility on Sunday, and North Korean news stated that it was a hydrogen bomb.  Here’s a Wall Street Journal article excerpt:

    “In a televised statement, North Korea described the underground explosion, which triggered a large earthquake, as a “perfect success in the test of a hydrogen bomb for an ICBM.” Pyongyang said, “the creditability of the operation of the nuclear warhead is fully guaranteed.”  The test came just hours after leader Kim Jong Un showed off what he described as a hydrogen bomb capable of being mounted on an intercontinental ballistic missile.” 

    Now, the Western Consumer Marketing/Euro Arrogance-Confidence News Networks and Politicos all decried North Korea’s capabilities for years.  The news-twisters and politicos still only begrudgingly admit what recognized experts have been jumping up and down to warn the public about for years, namely this:

    1. That North Korea does indeed possess nuclear weapons
    2. North Korea does have ICBM’s capable of delivering a nuclear warhead
    3. North Korea possesses the technology and the ability to deploy an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon
    4. Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBM’s) are in North Korea’s arsenal
    5. Two satellites (Kwangmyongsang-3 and Kwangmyongsang-4) are currently orbiting the earth, and each satellite passes over the United States several times per day
    6. The possibility exists that the satellites are carrying/have been fitted with an EMP weapon
    7. The central focus of North Korea’s strategic doctrine regarding nuclear war is geared toward an EMP strike

    This is part of that article that shows how science and stupidity go together, as follows:

    In July, it test-fired two ICBMs that experts say they believe are capable of reaching many parts of the U.S. mainland.  “The Kim regime made the strategic decision to develop a nuclear armed ICBM that can strike the United States,” said Leif-Eric Easley, a professor of international studies at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul. “It is in a sprint to deploy that capability, because it wants the world to recognize it before returning to diplomatic talks, and before sanctions become unbearable.” However, analysts have been divided on whether North Korea could shrink a nuclear warhead to fit on the tip of a missile. Many also remain skeptical about whether a North Korean warhead can survive the strain of re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

    Skepticism will vanish when the power suddenly fails across the United States.  The North Koreans can reach the U.S. mainland with a missile, and it will survive reentry.  They can do this, and they will…only it will not come in the form of air-raid sirens blaring and people scurrying to the basements of buildings (as Fallout Shelters don’t exist anymore).  Here is the form that it will take. This is the real “kicker” that was just released Sunday by North Korea’s state-run news agency, reported on Daily Mail and if falls in line with the items just mentioned:

    “North Korea’s state news agency warned that the weapon ‘is a multifunctional thermonuclear nuke with great destructive power which can be detonated even at high altitudes for super-powerful EMP attack.”

    This falls in line with the warnings of Dr. Peter Pry, the head of the Committee to brief Congress on EMP threats against the U.S., the warnings of former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R, MD), and a slew of other with access to detailed information on North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.  When asked if the military option is on the table on Sunday, September 3rd, President Trump responded with, “We’ll see.”

    No, ‘We the People’ will see it, but he will not, except on television.  He will be in a bunker a mile underground, or in an area far removed from what happens in the moment of decisive action or the aftermath.  There’s a good chance that nobody will ever see it coming.  Remember: The North Koreans launched a missile that flew directly over Japan!  This excerpt is from AP News on September 1st and summarizes “Japanese readiness” in a nutshell:

    “Japan has a two-step missile defense system, including interceptors on destroyers in the Sea of Japan that would shoot down projectiles mid-flight and if that fails, surface-to-air PAC-3s on land.”

    So, with that “protection,” why didn’t they shoot down the North Korean missile fired right over them last Monday?  Maybe they were waiting for “Mothra” to stop it.

    In any event, it appears the President is going to pursue a military option, as can be implied within his words.  This also comes from the Wall Street Journal article:

    “North Korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to China, which is trying to help but with little success.” He also added: “South Korea is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing!”

    What might that “one thing” be?  Whatever happens, you can be certain that if we initiate an attack, North Korea will have allies, as China has already informed the world.  The bottom line is that if you personally have not prepared and formulated a plan if things kick off, then you’re long in the tooth.  Don’t remain in denial that the worst can happen, and take the initiative.  It’s better to be prepared and be “wrong” every day than to be unprepared just once and have the worst come to pass on that day.

    The next world war will be initiated with an EMP weapon detonated over the U.S., followed by a nuclear exchange and conventional warfare.

    Related: A Crash Course in Preparedness – Week 1 – The Survival Basics

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Bring it!

        • Nail,

          It is only a matter of time! Look at their pattern of behavior, look at the response by the West and the huge payouts to the NORKs. The West are just as guilty at enabling the NORKs as China. Who provided the payments and the aid in the past under the guise of ‘Strategic Patience’?

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Unhook the solar panels from the charge controllers if you want the controller, batteries, and inverters to survive the EMP. Panels should be fine unhooked also. Epsom salt and distilled water are a must for refurbishing the batteries later.

            • What damage to lead acid batteries would result? And how/why the epsom salts? Info would be greatly appreciated Menzo.

              • From my understanding the emp would destroy the plates in the batteries, and certainly the charge controller and inverter. When a Lead Acid Battery goes seemingly dead, drain all the old liquid out, mix 3/4cup of Epsom salt with a cup of distilled water that you’ve microwaved almost to boiling but not quite. Add the mixture to the battery evenly and if it doesn’t fill it all the way up add distilled water until full. Put on covers and shake battery like hell. Put on a charger until charged again. Most of the time it works unless the plates are totally screwed. It should take at least a day to show full charge when this is done, maybe more. If it says full charge too quickly, it is probably screwed. I’ve done this many times as I like solar power

                • Microwave FRIED and won’t work in EMP, you dumb Yankeeboy!

                  • Countryboy that would kick your ass.

                  • I have two spare microwaves in the basement, the wife nags me to get rid of them. They are hurting no one. I keep their cords wrapped in cardboard, then foil, so they will survive an EMP. The cords can act as antenna and provide an entry point for an EMP spike. I also store unused electronics inside them. They are good Faraday cages assuming the cords are wrapped and shielded. Periodically they have also been loaned out to relatives who’s microwaves died, or their kids needed them in a dormitory.

                    These are worth their weight in gold, if 98% of the microwaves are fried in an EMP and anyone has power. I have inverters that will run one off a car battery, as well as a generator.

                    I’m basically ready for an EMP. I’d suggest, six months of food, alternate energy sources. Seeds and garden tools. Some portable two way radios.

                    Interesting we went on vacation and my son in law had just bought a pair of two way walkie-talkies on sale on Amazon prime day. They claim a twenty mile range. Yeah, that’s line of sight only. Across the lake if I could see the boat we could talk. Put some trees in the line and the range suffered badly, put a hill in the line of site, and they were useless. These name brand radios were quite disappointing.

                    These radios also came with built in rechargeable batteries. They are lithium non standard, hard to replace. I also recently bought a battery powered portable radio that uses an obsolete cell phone battery. Not happy. It has short life, and the battery is hard to get already. I want to get a new radio that uses standard AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. I have them in abundance, plus chargers, one is even solar. Of course that old radio would get stuffed in one of those old microwaves.

                    • Microwaves destroy all the nutrition in food. Havent used one in 15 years when I got that factoid. Thats why stupid people are so fat. You body craves nutrition and you keep feeding it shit pretending its food nuked from a microwave.

                      Heres Proof. Do this test. Get 2 healthy identicle plants in pots water one plant with bottled water and water the other plant with the same bottled water only nuked in a microwave. In a few weeks the plant using nuked water will be dead and the other will be thriving.

                      Microwaves kill the nutrition in food. Always cook your food with natural heat not by microwaves.

                    • Thanks for the info on the cords P

                • Since line power is out, and my batteries are toast, how do I microwave it to almost boiling ?

                  • Better have some diesel, gas, propane and small n large generators. Or your wood stove.

                    • kerosene heater

                    • Yep.

                  • Also better keep spare everything as most of our major appliances will be hooked up to the grid when it happens and fried too.

                    • Some one said, ‘Three is two, two is one, and one is none’.

                  • Do you have a faraday box? Get an extra coupe of batteries and put them in there, along with your SW radio and other electronic items you hope will work after the blast.

                    Maybe NK will do the emp, but how will we know? Some ally of the satanic Shadow Government will do it because they have a serious blood lust to take out Trump and the Deplorables (aka goyim).

                    I used to worry that some rogue state would take out DC, now I am thinking it might be a blessing because it is so corrupt there is very little we can do to reclaim our Constitutional Republic.

                    Keep Calm and Carry On.

                • “M”
                  Thanks for the Info. If need be I will try it. Again THANKS.


                • “M”
                  Thanks for the Info. If need be I will try it. Again THANKS.


                • Thanks Menzo, I have 2 tons of 120 pound batteries. Guess I’ll have to get Grandma to shake em up. Seriously, this is good info that needs to be developed. I am wondering if an EMP could be handled using the same theories as with lightning, only beefed up. Perhaps a grounding system with many rods that are interconnected underground, more than would be adequate for lightning. New aircraft and motorcycle batteries are stored dry and acid is added when they go into service. A spare bank stored dry could survive but at an expense that may be prohibitive compared to grounding. Ideas anyone? Thanks again Menzo.

            • non of that will help, panels unless shieled will be ruined depending on the EMP power. even if the equipment survived the first EMP pulse because you had it shirlded, what about the next 100 consecutive EMP strikes over the next 6 months. do you think it would be a one event attack? grow up.

              • BS

                • There sure are a lot of scum government agents on this and other forums. To those that are: I can’t wait to fucking gun ya’ll down.

                  • Your internet service provider already gave them your address.
                    They are always one or two steps ahead of you, Bucko.

                    • Don’t care any more.

                  • hmmm? what are you waiting for? coward

                    • I’m waiting to get you in my sights.

                    • Bloodspray and goo and brains and fucking death.

                    • what are you? an antifa pussy?

              • Gandhi,

                You are expecting Congress to have to approve a counter attack ’cause that would mean we were going to engage in war! Perhaps it would take Congress six months to declare war on the NORKs and so the NORKs could keep pounding the US with EMP nukes every week! That would be a clever strategy, You are brilliant!

                IMHO, I would think if the NORKs were to succeed in exploding a nuke over the US, they would be glassed within hours and that would be their only claim to fame and the end of that. As Clint Eastwoood once said, it would be a “Make my day!” event. The NORKs are shrewd, and cunning survivors they are, and I am thinking that they fully realize that life in NORK would end if they tried anything that foolhardy.

                Louisiana Eagle

                • I agree, I think the little fat man is just trying to ensure he doesn’t end unlike Saddam or Gadafi. All talk.

                • if the NORKs start it, the russians and chinese will lob a few nukes in too and blame the NORKs. that was what the movie Red Dawn was about

              • “grow up”???? yeesh.

              • theres no such thing as a long-term nuclear war.
                besides, why would the norks lob another nuke over a country who will be invaded by Chinese UN ‘peacekeepers’ after the first one went up?
                That said, yeah these guys who are going to unwrap their foil-wrapped electronics the next day may be in for a shock (literally…) as the ionosphere will still be carrying a considerable amount of energy for days, possibly weeks..

            • I read the book One Second After this summer and it really changed how I approached my preps. Fashioned a Faraday from a can and stocked it with second solar charge controller, inverter, old laptop, walkies, second battery charger for my ryobi’s, etc… That book should be read by all. I also read the other two in the series and they were worth it as well. Everyday I do something to prepare…everyday.

              Good Luck all, may your skill carry you through!

              • another good series is the A. American books …. survivalist series

          • Laeagle, that was Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obola. I don’t see Trump continuing the pattern.

            • So I was gonna spew one of my usual comments but I’ll wait until this comes to a resolute conclusion so I can later comment and gloat “I told you so”

              • One of your usual boring comments. You don’t have any purpose in life except to bother this guy Johnson. You never offer any proof to your statements, and expect this guy to expose himself to a douchebag like you.

                Find something to do, asshole, besides saying the same shit over and over. You’ll “wait until nothing happens,” because you don’t have any point or purpose.

                You’re a dick. Jacknife. Yeah, right, pussy.

                • You think some tough guy Green Berret lives with 3 cats? And no big dogs? Thats your first clue JJ is a Valor Thief fraud. Only a pair of gay creapy smelling faggots lives with 3 cats. Living with 3 cats is like living with 3 gerbals. Just saying no credibility in these fiction articles.

                  And this is the same douch bag that called his well water theft from the native Americans since they own the water rights, Agenda 21. I about fell out of my chair when JJ claimed that whopper of a lie. Now the douch has a water meter on his well to pay for his water usage theft.

                • Jim Sanders is JJ now trying to defend himself. Only JJ would defend himself with a fake moniker called jim sanders. Nice try JJ. But busted again jackass.

                • There’s plenty of proof to my statements Jim, nothing the Johnson has ever said, absolutely nothing, has ever come to pass. You obviously don’t know much, your language gives it away. Would you kiss your boyfriend with that mouth? JJ is a fraud, like you.

                • What’s wrong JJ? Do you have to move your trailer? Did your chevette break down again? Did the dollar store lay you off? “Green Beret Warns” give me a break. We’ve been through this countless times. You’re mad because I rained on your fantasyland parade (charade). You’re a fraud and more people are beginning to see it. You’re nothing but a wanna be posing as something you’re not nor could you be. I’ve made no predictions other than to say you’re wrong because you are a liar. You know it and I know it. You need attention and being a lying fraud is the only way you can get it. I was in 14 countries and I wasn’t in the military near as long as you claim, “retired”, so you should know much more than me but all you do is try to sell your fear porn. You’re too lazy to get a job and too stupid to keep one. CNN=Fake News, JJ=Fake Operator.

            • DBH,

              I believe you are right. Which banks and businesses were involved in the transactions and what was their interest and profits and gains? Were they fronts for the Deep State, NWO? Someone should be tracking these guys.

              Louisiana Eagle ?

          • According to Dr. Peter Vincent Pry,

            NK is a problem to the US because China wants it to be. China and Russia have both enabled NK to pose this threat to the US for geo-strategic reasons. This is asymmetric warfare at its highest levels. NK is the pawn, being put out there to basically threaten the existing world order, which is based on US military power and credibility, and to confront us with some scarey actor, who is so unstable and so dangerous, that they’re hoping the US will abandon its security commitment to our allies i.e. Japan, SK, etc., or that our allies will abandon us because they’re afraid that we will not uphold our security guarantees to them.

            NK is the cat’s paw for Russia and China. It will cost the US to solve the problem of NK, so Russia and China can’t lose. The US will have to pay them something in order to resolve the NK problem peacefully, IF they’re willing to resolve it peacefully at all.

            Very good interview with Dr. Pry on YouTube:
            Dr. Peter Vincent Pry on North Korea & EMP Threat – The Hagmann Report

            • And of course don’t forget the major role that war monger-in-chief for the illuminati, John insane McCain, has played in the destruction of America and other nations. He needs to be tried for treason!

              “…why has no one accused McCain of being a Ukrainian agent, working to destabilise American democracy in the name of a corrupt foreign power?
              “[McCain] helped, in a very personal capacity, to overthrow the legitimate government in Kiev whilst acting as a cheerleader and assistant to the rise of a fascist regime, currently engaged in ethnic cleansing in Donbass.”

              John McCain is serving the interests of a fascist regime in Ukraine
              h ttp://

              “North Korea’s success in testing an intercontinental ballistic missile that appears able to reach the United States was made possible by black-market purchases of powerful rocket engines probably from a Ukrainian factory with historical ties to Russia’s missile program, according to an expert analysis being published Monday and classified assessments by American intelligence agencies.”

              North Korea’s Missile Success Is Linked to Ukrainian Plant
              h ttps://

              • NYT? Any other verification? They are pure Shadow Government/Deep State propagandists.

            • >>>NK is a problem to the US because China wants it to be.<<<

              China and the rest of the world is under total control of
              (((them)))-(((banker wankers))). Chew on that idea.

              "Let's you and he fight."

            • I am not sure who is on first. Remember that Clinton gave them the technology in the nineties. Then I wonder about the role of Pakistan. And I really wonder about that planeload of cash tied to the nuke deal with Iran sent over by the former traitor-in-chief… All CIA/Shadow Government protocols to keep the world in conflict. They only make money when there is war.

              For Kim to be in bed with radical Islamists would not surprise me in the least. They are all psychopaths. Putin does not seem to desire to put his people at risk. The Chinese, as usual, are inscrutable. Follow the money.

            • Also, Sarge, a very important IMHO discussion on the EMP issue by two very erudite men, Dr. Yousaf Butt (cue the jokes) and Dr. Pry.

              IMHO, this should be required reading for anyone interested in the subject.

          • The Stolen Valor Fiction Writer is at it again.. Green Berret my ass. Fake Name using some fake title to try and create some sort of credibility for his fiction. NK has no ability to deliver any ICBM missle to the US. WTF is this nonsense even being posted for? Never gonna happen by North Korea.

            • Quoting from sources like the Wallstreet Journal is like quoting from the NY Times slime propaganda. No truth to this fiction. This writing is getting so bad JJ has to now use stolen valor title to try and jack up some fraction of credibility. My garbage truck driver says this is all BS as he hauls a lot of gaebage away weekly and has a keen nose for smelling garbage when he sees it.

              25% of the entire Pentagon Budget cant be accounted for annually. Thats about $175 Billion lost annually assets in the cracks of Fraud by those who profit off of off this BS war mongering fear. How about write an article on the Fraud of phony wars and the missing Tax Payer loot which is ours missing by theft. Thats what we need to be talking about here. Tryanny by our Government of thieves and liars and propagated by fuction writers like this Tabloid fraudster.

              • don’t forget about the $2+ trillion that Rumsfeld announced was missing from the pentagon on 9/10/01. that “airplane” hit that very accounting office the very next day. building 7 had many alphabet agencies that mysteriously collapsed. I remember trump saying he was going to tell us the truth about 911, still waiting.

        • Hey Nail,
          I suppose this is a bad time
          to buy 8kW of solar
          panels from China?
          BTW for all you preppers
          Alibaba is the Chinese version
          of Amazon. Same return and warranty
          stuff. I used to speak Mandarin, poorly,
          My Mandarin is worse now,
          but business is business.
          Do everything with a email or paper

          I’m getting panels delivered to
          Hilo for $0.49 a Watt, CIF, charged
          on a VISA card.

          I would have happily bought American,
          but Democrats and the EPA destroyed
          the industry so now you can’t buy
          American made Solar cells.


            • The cells themselves are not made here.
              We assemble the Asian made cells
              into panels.
              American made cells are the best in the world
              but they only put them on Satellites and we
              peons cannot afford them.

          • Id buy it!
            If i had the cash i certainly would,

          • Im puting standing seam roof on my house, when i finally do install solar will be the one i can laminate to the roofing

        • Weapon may be up to 200 KT. Still need Megaton weapon to even come close to taking whole grid down. Regional grid with 100 KT, with probable cascade effects to connected grid, but not as much damage to it as with the directly effected grid. They are developing these weapons with surprising quickness. Me thinks they have had help.

          With China’s declaration about us starting something miliatarily, looks like we need a false flags that makes it look like NK started it, so we can retaliate. It can’t be a lame false flag though, like when Germany attacked its own radio station dressed as Polish soldiers, to justify the invasion of Poland. No a rocket or three needs to land in Seoul.

          • <>

            Perhaps from the late David Greenglass. . .(((David Greenglass??)))

            Apropos last name. . .

          • there are 2 NORK satellites orbiting over the US.. 2 EMP bombs can do more damage than 1!

            • Those two NORK satellites would not be capable of producing much of an EMP blast even together even if they did have small nukes.

          • You are correct Azrael. A more powerful nuke would be needed to take down the whole grid. Those two NK satellites could not even come close to having any nukes capable of doing any harm.

        • From the article: “So, with that “protection,” why didn’t they shoot down the North Korean missile fired right over them last Monday?”

          Answer: Because the missile defenses we have only have a certain percentage of success at shooting anything down. If we made an attempt to shoot down what the KNEW was a test flight and we FAILED, we would only embolden the norks. Better to let them assume we have awesome super secret squirrrrl powers rather than demonstrate otherwise.

          This guys a “green beret”..?

      2. Did anyone see real footage of a missile over Japan ?

        If so , I’d like to see it
        Why haven’t we seen it?
        All those people in Japan have camera in their phones

        Strange , wouldn’t you say ?

        • Also forgot to add
          If there really was a launch
          Why didn’t Japan or South Korea shoot it down?

          I think it’s the State of Missouri’s stand
          “Show Me”

          • dangit, replied to the wrong thread lol

            From the article: “So, with that “protection,” why didn’t they shoot down the North Korean missile fired right over them last Monday?”

            Answer: Because the missile defenses we have only have a certain percentage of success at shooting anything down. If we made an attempt to shoot down what the KNEW was a test flight and we FAILED, we would only embolden the norks. Better to let them assume we have awesome super secret squirrrrl powers rather than demonstrate otherwise.

            that’s why.

        • MW,

          Good point! Makes you wonder! I am surprised Infowars has not already exposed any duplicity or ‘false flags’ in the reporting of this event.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Theres no money in it for Alex Jones to debunk something that’s sure to get people out and buying water filters, colloidal silver, and beet powder from his affiliate advertisers. Not being a d!ck, just pointing out Jones sold out long ago, and the idea of scare NK missiles overflying Japan on the way to nuke us all is a sure moneymaker for him.

            • Don’t forget about Super Male Vitality. It made a studmuffin out of Alex. HAHAHAHA

        • The missile would have been at extreme altitude when it overflew Japan.

          • True , but it had to get up there and back down

            trail etc

            Nothing ?
            Makes it hard to buy

            • Yes, their government/ military knew it when it took place. Common man didn’t hear it or see it until they were told.

            • Given the launch trajectory of an ICBM, it would be at nearly 150 miles altitude before it even left N. Korea. Not many cell phones there.
              Japan is about 1000 miles from NK and would be right at or after engine burnout, altitude now around 250+ miles.

              In other words, zero chance of actually being seen outside of NK, and even then only close (100 miles) to the launch site.

        • The missile was the size of a golf ball and filled with antimatter, propelled with fairy dust.

        • Its all boogga boogga BS thats why…The nuke test or we’ll call it what it was….AN EARTHQUAKE was 6 miles away from NKs nuke site and a KM deep….This isnt the first time tbtsb have said an EQ was a test…You have to ask yourself….WHY would NK provoke the biggest nuke power on earth knowing it would mean total destruction?? This has the Bay of Tonkin, Sadams nukes, and what ever else that starts most all wars…written all over it…Im with you..If I didnt see it myself, Im not going to believe it…
          Not in todays world…

          • We were talking about the last missile launch over Japan, but ya’ll are right. Could be BS, all of it. Either way we’re gonna dance with the fucking devil.

        • You wouldn’t see something in ballistic flight. Need to shoot it down on re-entry. While THAAD is pretty good 90% of the time, it’s not 100%. Wouldn’t want to try and shoot it down and miss especially since the ballistic track was know to do no harm. I’ve personally watched THAAD at work when I was stationed at White Sands. They are cool, but not flawless.

          • 90% of the time when they know the time of launch and place and direction of target missile…other wise its trying to hit a bb with a bb at 1000mph and maybe 1% with pure luck in the real world. USAF Vandenberg AFB…

            • Makes sense

            • I agree about the margin of error but it always annoys me when people make the “shoot down a bullet with a bullet” analogies. You cant guide a bullet in flight, and you don’t have to actually strike the missile, just detonate close enough to damage or disable it. In other words, its nothing like shooting a bb with a bb

      3. Neo-Con drivel that sells prepper supplies?

        Fact. Our nuclear arsenal is not dependent on the grid. We can still retaliate… massively. NK and everyone else knows that.

        • Yes, but America’s nulear power plants kinda are, woulnt you say? Power goes, generator starts and runs till the diesel runs out. In an EMP situation, how will logisics suffer?

          It’s the weakest link in the chain.

        • Your only concern in a nuclear exchange is hitting back..?

          Who’s the neocon now?

      4. I’m always surprised that one EMP from North Korea can cripple the whole United States – yet if the US launches 20 EMPs over North Korea we cannot disable their country.

        • It can’t, not with sub Megaton size weapons. As stated multiple 100 KT at the same time could do the trick though.

          • They dont even have to knock everything out for it to become bedlam

        • OK..picture Americans without their cell phones, or microwave ovens, or refrigeration, or the ability to get a take out dinner….those alone would be a death sentence for 1/2 the population here.

          Now picture North Korea where there isn’t much of the above, and dinner consists of whatever weeds you can find growing beside the unpaved roads.

          Kidding aside, huge difference in the level of dependence on electric power.

          • I think they have street lights that use 60 watt bulbs. How’s that for infrastructure!

      5. Looks like most of the East Coast and we here in NW FL. may get a first hand drill for EMP due to Irma.Been checking Weather Underground’s website and they can”t seem to plot its course yet,but one thing for sure it will be a bad one no matter where it hits.Lots of the weather wars websites are saying Harvey and now Irma are being controlled from the Antarctic. If that is true Trump better get off his but and bomb the crap out of that outfit and put a stop to this foolishness.

        • You can’t honestly believe what you are typing……do you?

          Is it probable that NK could use this opportunity with the distractions of Irma and Harvey to launch missles……absolutely. But to even remotely think weather is being controlled by manmade objects…..oy-vay, the tinfoil hats are thick on this one.

          • I said “IF THAT IS TRUE” I can’t say either way.

          • They are still using candles. Nobody has iPhones.

            Funny how NK popped up along with the collusion delusion, racism, white supremacists, the KKK and the global warming (weather wars) mantras.

            All psy-ops, Edward Bernays’ wet dream for Thought Control.

            Meanwhile, the Clintons, Soros, Obama, Comey, Brennan, etc. are still out walking around and calling the shots.

            Stay focused on the real problems. The CIA/Shadow Government is completely unconstitutional but very much in control and under the thumb of the Rothschild agenda…. as in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

      6. That NK just popped up on the grid and all of sudden is a problem to be dealt with around the world appears to be propaganda. I would have to hear from the NK’s first to find out what has been going on before this. Maybe NK was incited to such behavior by clandestine orgs around the world doing their thing. NK is a sovereign nation and can obtain and test whatever they want to keep their country safe. I think countries are just mad the NK doesn’t play with them in their contrived sandbox so now the other countries want to bully them.

      7. North Korea operates at the bequest of China. Coincidently coinciding (say that after 6 beers) with this is the trade negotiations with China. China is prompting North Koreas belligerent actions short of attack and has simultaneously stated their support if North Korea is attacked preemptively. China controls the magnitude and direction. The US desires China’s assistance defusing North Korea therefore China has leverage.

        North Korea is not suicidal. This is all about trade negotiations as important to China as the Oil Peg is to the US.

        • So, in reality, the Strategic Patience thing really has to do more with China than North Korea. Interesting. I really think Trump hopes for some kind of brokered deal involving
          5 different nations. Each with their own “stake” in the deal. It would be a matter of brilliance
          if someone could engineer something like that. Truth is, China and Russia are seeking our
          demise in any kind of way achievable. Economic or otherwise. Secretly, I think Russia and
          China are cheering on Crazy Kim- even though they are dreading the consequences. The
          little dictator is standing up to the Great Hedgemon and playing different sides against each other. Wonder what happens in the future when Pakistan gets some kind of Little
          Napoleon for a leader.

        • Yep and last Month it was Russia and WW3. Last week it was The US is going to Attack Venezuela. Like WTF? Just more NeoCon false flag attempts poking many other Nations to respond for perpetual war for the banksters to profit off of. NeoCons need to all be hanged by their toes and beaten like a Mexican Pinata’. Is dat raysist? Syria is becoming a non issue, Ukraine fell off the Map as that was all fraud and government overthrow. Afghanistan is still on the map because there is a Trillion dollars in precious Minerals yet to steal by installing a phony dictator. Get the facts on all of this to expose their fraud and threat hoaxes. Posting garbage articles like this fiction is just promoting needless fear to click the adds. Im not fooled nor am I buying. Are you?

          What happened to integrity, morals and the truth here in America. All seemed to vanish decades ago.

          • What we have is for the benefit of (((them))).

            Moral nihilism, that is. Six-hundred sixty-six percent worse than relativism.

      8. Trump says we’ll see about the latest reaction to the Korean BS indicating to me that this whole business is a sketchy psyop rather than a genuine event. Possibly part of a collapse scenario to cover the real perps, the MIC and the Fed to present a fake threat, a diversionary tactic as in look here and don’t look over there. These are criminals running this shit show. No more hurricanes, at least no help from your government, you are on your own because to serve and to protect only applies to the war state. Continuity for government and its defenders only. Yet Trump signed a 91 billion handout to NASA. WTF! for what?

      9. I will always be skeptical. It appears everyone has some sort of hidden agenda. Look at all the false predictions that we have seen in just the last few months. Don’t believer anything ho see or read on the Tv radio or internet and only have of what you see and experience first hand.

      10. That which will actually come to pass will depend on money. The most reliable saying is “Follow The Money” and that slimy little butterball in Pyonyang knows it well.

      11. I have a hard time believing anything out of North Korea, or any country, including ours, anymore. NK seem kind of like the Wizard of Oz, a little guy standing behind a curtain, projecting all kinds of scary stuff that ain’t real.

      12. ANY nuke, launched towards the USA can be spotted, tracked, target fixed, and responded to inside a few minutes, long before it can make the trip across the Pacific!

        Launching such a missile would be an act of war, and the US answer would be a full barrage of nukes in response.

        That that fat kid is not insane enough to literally commit national suicide by trying such an act.

      13. Another Green Beret prediction. Yawn.

        • SILVER WINGS UPON HIS CHEST ( C’mon everybody, sing along! ) HE WAS ONE OF
          A CAN. SHARE’S A HOUSE WITH 3 KITTY KATS….. somebody finish this for me. HAHAHA

      14. There was an M5.5 solar flare about an hour ago. There have been a number of smaller ones in the past couple of days.

        • Where is JOG?

          • Alaska. right at the base of a large extinct volcano, off grid.

      15. See the book by William R. Forstchen, “One Second After”.

      16. I’m not a skeptic. But once again Mr. Johnson continues to predict a future based on what COULD happen.

        Faraday cages notwithstanding, what COULD happen does not NECESSARILY mean it WILL happen!

        A world war SEEMS probable, though I pray WW III never starts. It will be more useful to have articles on practical preparations for such, than on predictions, and I encourage Mr. Johnson to aim his writing for the lamestream media to wake up the sheeple.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • LR,

          IMHO, I think it is both useful and relevant for Preppers to be talking about EMP and Faraday cages. It IS a real possibility either from the sun, an alien invasion, or man-made. At the very moment the bet might favor the NORKs trying to do something but most likely it will be a Del-inflicted disaster for them. As the scouts say, “BePrepared”, really not a bad idea. I do not understand why folks feel they need to be badmouthing the Green Beret. His articles generate discussion and a lot of thoughtful comments are being tossed around. Jeremiah Johnson deserves a break!

          I am worried about Irma! I am definitely going to be monitoring it’s every move. It is a very worrisome development.

          Louisiana Eagle

      17. Joel Skousen debunks the EMP threat over at his site. And today I read that experts said for an EMP attack to work, you need six carefully spaced nukes at the right altitude. Only Russia and China have that capability.

        I’ll reiterate what I’ve said before…

        1) There is ZERO evidence that NK has EMP capability regardless of their recent statement. Their recent statement was probably made because everyone in the US is TALKING ABOUT EMP.

        2) NK will not use an EMP on anyone because that will immediately cause a nuclear attack by the US on NK. They aren’t that stupid or crazy. A weapon of mass Distruction is better than a weapon of mass Disruption. The only time you use an EMP is as a prelude to a full-scale nuclear attack.

        3) NK will not attack the US. Or Japan. Nor for sixty four years have they attacked SK (except for minor incidents.) They are not going to attack anyone unless they are attacked first.

        4) The threat here is the moron Trump. Not Kim. All Kim wants is to force the US to negotiate and stop threatening his rule. What Trump wants is a total unknown – other than to continue issuing bullcrap statements that are no substitute for acting as a real President.

        Also, I read today that it is likely that NK does NOT have a full thermonuclear nuke. What they probably have is a regular nuke with addition thermonuclear fuel added. This is how the US developed higher yield nukes in the early days. This is still some distance away from having thermonuclear nukes.

        Which is irrelevant anyway since a higher yield doesn’t help NK strategically. The only thing that would make NK have a credible deterrent would be enough missiles to deliver enough nukes to threaten multiple US cities – much like China does, and of course, Russia. NK doesn’t have that and won’t have it for some time.

        Also, wasting your limited nukes on trying to hit a US city would be idiotic. You use them on your immediate strategic threat, which is the US and SK forces invading your country, the US fleet, and US air bases in the region. Otherwise you lose the war which makes hitting a US city a complete waste of time. Why kill 100,000 US civilians when you can kill scores of thousands of US troops in one blow?

        The real problem: No one pushing this stuff thinks any of it through.

        • How did Russia cause an EMP accidentally with just one bomb? They killed phone lines, electric lines, and a generator, among other things.

          Joel Skousen is trained in political science. Since when did he become an expert on nuclear physics?

          One atomic bomb over Kansas can take out all the unshielded electronics in the entire US.

        • Trump is not the end all be all when it comes to this
          Many people feed him Intel
          That’s what prompts a reaction

      18. This retired Green Beret clown again? Maybe he should stick to what he knows, i.e. small-unit tactics, and stop with the sky-is-falling sensationalist bullshit.

        • I know of a green beret that came back State side and now won’t even own a rifle /gun
          Doesn’t prep
          Doesn’t believe in half this shit
          So where does that leave this story ?

          Green Berets this
          Green Berets that
          Bla bla bla

        • i agree the only green beret he ever had was when he was a transvestite in the girl scouts

          • hahaha thats good. i dont like anything “green”

      19. Wake up all you professional victims. The electrical system can be hardened against EMP attack fairly cheaply. Obama elected not to do that. We can do it anytime we have the will to do it. If they do not do it them they want it to happen. If is not really that expensive to do. Why dont they do it

      20. He shows you his nukes and all you can think is “nukes”. Or anti-ballistic missiles.

        Stop playing on his playing field.

        An accidental release of the Black Death should shut his face mighty fast.

        Take a page from the playbook of those that you fear most.

      21. I wish I was half the millionaire that these fear pornmongers are…

        • Honestly, I wish just One of them was right..Just once.

      22. Advice please,

        How do I prevent an EMP from harming my generator (starter motor, battery, generator, magneto).

        Any comments are greatly appreciated.

        • an EMP harms more than a generator

          it harms a way of life, that will not include the use of a generator

          a generator is just a new grid replacement for an old grid (elec).

          best to spend time and money and resources on ways to live off any kind of grid.

        • You can make a metal box (Faraday cage) to house a generator. An inexpensive source is HVAC ductwork sheeting. Premade pieces go together quite easily. I used it to make boxes for long term food preps sold in plastic tubs that rats could eat through.

          If an EMP ever hits, don’t pull your backup electronics and generator out of their boxes, unless you have an immediate need. Even then, use them and immediately return them to their shielded box. In fact, if you suspect an EMP attack, check your house for anything that still works, radios, flashlights, batteries, computers etc disconnect all external connections and put them in a sheilded location if possible.

          A generator could be run 2 hours on 4 hours off to keep a fridge and freezer cold, saving all food, plus the house warm. Get what you need out of the fridge and freezer at the start of a run cycle. Then after the fridge has stopped running constantly, shut off and disconnect the generator, you have just reduced your chances of a second EMP by 2/3’s and used a lot less precious fuel.

          Brushless generators use diodes internally to operate. If you could handle their replacement, consider buying a set of spares, and keep them in a metal box. Likely these would be the culprit if a generator whose engine ran, didn’t make power after an EMP.

          Expect multiple EMP attacks. They’ll wait for people and government to bring up emergency backups and then wack us again.

          Even if we had a solar CME from the sun, expect some foreign power to follow it up with an EMP attack while we are weak.

      23. Grid out would be Stuxnet.

        Flashy light in the sky optional.

        Nuke plant safeties are mechanics and plumbing. Electricity is used for setting valves and telemetry…. Stuxnet.

        Everything with a computer is now hackable; planes, trains and automobiles, power plants, refineries, chemical plants, the lot.

        Not to mention warships and merchant vessels.

        Welcome to the C code universe.

        • finally, someone who “gets it”

      24. Joy………More Good News

      25. I’ve Never thought of my Self As Racist American be American or Go Home. Is Not Racism its just Pro American.

        • There is no such thing as a racist. You are merely ethnocentric. You have legitimate demographic self-interests. The word racist is just a Marxist insult to anyone who disagrees with their plan.

        • If America is not White it is not America.

      26. Are the impact of the EMP events additive? NASA is still recalculating the projected effect of a CME on the sun’s surface on September 4th. The current projection is for a G2 geomagnetic storm on 9/6/17. Would a nuclear strike at the same time cause a much greater storm; are these things additive?

      27. This last weekend on CNN, former head of the CIA Woolsey said that the Obama administration knew about the EMP weapons orbiting overhead, but didn’t know what to do about them, so they refused to discuss it publicly. He says they do, in fact, exist. (I never liked Woolsey, but info is info).

      28. @ Menzo; how do I disconnect the panel array from the load controller?
        I have a system of 10 panels and 18 batteries, and it was installed for me 5 years ago.
        I appreciate any advice or tips. Thanks!

        • I have DC circuit breakers for each pair of panels out at the array right before they feed the main 60 Amp disconnect. The panels have internal shunts to handle their idle output. The main disconnect should be turned off as well.
          I have another junction box with a terminal strip where the wires from the array head into the charge controller. This effectively isolates the long wire run from the system at both ends and all of the components from each other. I would think your system has these same features, they are required for code in most locations.
          The charge controller must be shielded from the EMP or the mico-circuitry inside it will be fried. The power density of the pulse is low but can easily jump across the gaps in a chip. You would need to have that in some sort of faraday cage that is properly shielded and grounded. Inverters are pretty robust…the charge controller not so much.
          Worst case the panels will get Gerry rigged to the system and I’ll control the charging.

      29. Everyone says to unhook your charge controllers and batteries so they won’t get fried by an EMP. They’d be useless afterward because the solar panels would be fried. So unless you have extra panels put aside, you’re going to be out of power anyway.

      30. Regardless if you’re in a bunker, topside with all the preps in the world, sooner or later your luck (and fuel, juice, etc) will run out. Sooner or later everyone will have to come out of their bunkers, BOL’s, etc.

        In this day an age, no one is truly self sufficient indefinitely- except for those undiscovered naked tribesman way the hell out in the middle of nowhere. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool, willfully ignorant or both.

        • If a prepper has just three months of food, there won’t be many walking people when they come out of their hole in the ground after three months. If you are missed in the initial sweeps, they likely won’t be back, unless you draw attention to yourself. A couple more months and you are likely home free.

          The problem with mass democides, is there are always survivors. Isn’t that the point of prepping, to be a survivor.

      31. 90% of Millennials will die within 2 weeks without smartphones and Pokemon Go.


        • That’d be a shame. LOL

      32. On the news the other day, I heard a North Korean guy say they are “ready to strike the US… just waiting for their leader to give them the word”.

        The news guy asked him why they want war with the US and the Korean guy said they didn’t want war– it will destroy US population as well as people in their country but the US is a bully– a bully and they need to stop! He said they are not going to be bullied by the US.

        • If NK attacks the US, it will have been done with China’s full assistance.

      33. I am not sure about whether Nkorea has the capabilities that is reported by AP, Reuters, the MSM and even much of my alt media.

        The only info we have and get is from the establishment and the CIA, NSA, and they can’t be trusted.

        I question everything, sometimes don’t know what I can believe.

        Relating to the article….I think if there were an EMP it would be a false flag.

        That’s what I think.


      34. Stop worrying about NK,they have not emped us(yet).The sun on the other hand has emped us,called the Carrington Event,look it up.The damage it caused then will be nothing compared to what it could do now.

      35. Or it all could just be carefully choreographed political theater designed to divert attention.

        By this time next year, the dollar will no longer be the World’s reserve currency and currency will primarily be electronic. The US electronic currency we be devalued by 50%. Pensions will be slashed and import prices doubling. In short, a massive hit to our standard of living and a de-facto default on our debt.

      36. The UN has been transfering technology and cash to North Korea since the late 1990s. This has occurred through Macau in China. The UN officials who worked there are the ones responsible for this impending disaster.

      37. I am not convinced that North Korea has a nuclear weapon. There have been reports from the first test that there was no radiation. MSM lame duck excuse to the gullible is it’s underground. However, underground tests release too. The ground cracks, a crater forms and a plume rises. No radiation no nuke. It’s as simple as that. Two years before the first test there was a massive conventional explosion near a test site when two trains loaded with explosives collided. Mr. Kim has read and understood Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. You should too. The ruse is a common strategy. An enemy that thinks he has nuclear weapons will be hesitant to attack. His paraded missiles were observed to be dummies. His nukes are fake in my opinion. There was a report after I published that one isotope was detected. It is one used in medicine so not the byproduct of a nuclear explosion. This confirms the fake. Find isotopes that are only created in a nuclear explosion of several varieties and I’ll join the choir. Until then I say deception.

        Kim Jong-un Master of the Art of War North Korea’s Strategy for Victory


        Kim has a plan to unify Korea. It involves getting the U.S. to strike him first. His defense treaty with China kicks in. The U.S. and China go to war. In no time the Korean front becomes a side show as Hawaii and California become threatened or attacked. Kim seizes the peninsula and sooner or later the U.S. and China sue foe peace in the rubble. The people freezing in the dark will care little about Korea at that point. He will have won his war and we will have done it for him by swallowing the bait. It is the art of war after all.

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