Greeks Rush the Banks; Lines Form at ATMs; Nearly $1 Billion Withdrawn in Past Week

by | May 15, 2012 | Headline News | 206 comments

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    Without a government for the last eleven days, and amid mainstream discussion of a Euro Zone exit, the Greek people are realizing that the economic and political system as they know it is rapidly descending into chaos.

    With massive jobless rates that have forced many into bartering to survive, and facing credit destruction across the entirety of the country that has led to shortages of critical supplies like life saving medicines, those with any money left at national banks are taking the desperate step of withdrawing as much of their savings as they can from a banking system on its last leg.

    This is what it looks like when a populace plagued with uncertainty finally loses trust in the credibility of their country’s leadership and financial system.

    Anxious Greeks have withdrawn as much as 700 million euros ($893 million) from the nation’s banks since the inconclusive May 6 election, President Karolos Papoulias told party leaders yesterday, according to a transcript of the meeting posted on the presidency’s website today. Papoulias said he got the information from the head of the Bank of Greece, the central bank, George Provopoulos, according to the transcript.

    Via Zero Hedge

    Greeks line up at ATM’s across the country to withdraw cash:

    As has been said before, Greece is the canary in the coal mine.

    The debt has piled up across Europe and the United States. Like the Greeks, Americans will soon hit a breaking point from which there will be no return. When it does finally happen you can be assured that your local ATM’s and banks will be inundated with panicked depositors attempting to take possession of as much of their money as possible.

    But once the lines start forming it will be too late. Banks will have no choice but to limit withdrawals and close their doors (even to safe deposit box owners), because they will not have enough cash on hand to meet demand.

    The choice is simple: Either prepare now and have physical assets in your possession, or join the crowds and hope the government will come up with a solution to the massive outflows that will ensue when the bank run begins.

    Considering the madness we’ve seen when people can’t get their hands on a Black Friday discounted Xbox or flat screen TV, our guess is that any solution the government puts forth to deal with the anger and frustration of people who can’t access their money will involve something like this:


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      1. last! 🙂

        Incidentally, I am curious – where is that money going? Are they stashing it under their mattresses, panic-buying goods, converting it to Euros/Dollars/whatever, or, well, what?

        What they do with that money is more important to me than the fact that they’re withdrawing it, because it portends where the whole economy of that nation is going.

        • If Greece leaves the Euro they would more than likely return to their own currency the Drachma. The Drachma could be devalued at about half the price of the Euro at that time. Not dealing with the Euro in greece, would mean that they would have to exchange their now Euros. Then would be exchanged for the Drachma worth half the value. They are trying to get some other currency I am guessing to exchange later for the Drachma. Or I’m sure most of this is panic, “I’ve got mine” mentallity. Everyone here needs to pay close attention to what goes on over there so we can make plans for our dollar demise here. Learn from mistakes in euro land to perfect our play book here. Get your own strategy together for our economic collapse. Keep prepping!

          • If the currency exchange does happen, the best thing they can own is gold, silver or some other somewhat “stable” currency (like the Swiss Franc). The Euro would be virtually worthless to them.

            • I’m interested to know if the smart ones are purchasing “survival stuff”, food, tools, seeds, medicines OR if they are purchasing pms, pound sterling, dollars. Eg are they buying hard goods or safe currencies?

              Something that has me wondering – we haven’t seen any major influx of Greeks to the UK yet? The Greek crisis has been underway for quite some time now. (In certain parts of London at least there are large, long established Greek communities and businesses for migrants to use a base) I checked with my cousin in Holland, and no they aren’t heading there either it seems.

              Are they following the example of the E.Europeans and heading for Germany now?

              There is a mass exodus of young, skilled workers from Ireland (mostly to the UK or Australia, New Zealand) going on at present.

              The usual historical pattern during economic turmoil/disaster is for large numbers of the youth of any country to try and emigrate for richer pastures. Those who can, then send money back to their relatives left at home. (Giurza had a good ol’ rant about this in relation to Lithuanians the other day).

              When things don’t fit the standard pattern it raises huge red flags for me. I’ve not heard anything re travel restrictions for Greeks, but I’m starting to scratch my head and wonder all the same.

            • Absolutely, gold, silver or a 1911A1 45 ACP, 7 magazine and 1200 rounds of great ammo…..

            • I would try to get mine into Swiss Francs, it would seem to me to be the most stable.

            • It would seem the time is long past for Greeks to dig up their WW2 weapon caches. Millennia of civilization and they still haven’t learned the lessons of history: unarmed men are slaves.

            • @lonelonmum

              There are a lot of Spanish young people in the UK now (usually without children). In Brighton at least, you hear a heck of a lot of Spanish spoken on the street. Having said that though, this isn’t a recent influx, as far as I can tell. Travel between the UK and Spain is so easy and quick that there’s quite a high turnover of Spanish coming here for a time (usually to learn and practise English) and then going back to Spain.

              You’re right about the Greeks though — you don’t see many travelling to the UK to work. Perhaps geography is a factor in Greeks not arriving here en masse? I don’t know how much a flight from Athens to London costs these days, and travelling overland from Greece would be a bit of an ordeal. I do know of a young Greek from a relatively financially comfortable family who enrolled in Brighton as a student and shortly after his arrival is now getting very expensive cancer treatment totally free on the NHS [UK National Health Service] in both Brighton and specialist cancer units in London. I don’t know if the cancer preceded his arrival here or followed it, and to be honest, I can’t actually blame him if he did come here with free treatment in mind. The Greek medical system is collapsing rapidly. If things were reversed, and if I could legally travel to Greece and get free medical treatment for a serious condition unavailable in my home country, it just might be something I’d consider.

              Now that we have IMF chief Christine Lagarde saying just yesterday “that it was important to be technically prepared for the possibility of Greece leaving the euro zone, warning that its exit would be ‘quite messy’.”, we can be sure that the s-hitting-t-f explosion is getting very close!

            • @US Centurion
              Re. Swiss Francs — I don’t know too much about FX trading but the Swiss Franc is looking a lot less than stable since the Swiss National Bank intervened last year to set CHF 1.20 as the minimum amount they would tolerate against the euro, intervening to keep it above this level where necessary.

              See the past few days, weeks and months where this limit is being severely tested!

              If the euro goes nuts, the Swiss Franc will be dragged with it …

          • salvadordaly

            I receive e mails on an almost daily basis from manos..

            the situation there is beyond our comprehension here.

            but soon to arrive here..

            his advice


            we are in line for the outfall..eventually.

            my advice..according to manos

            keep on prepping
            stay focused
            stay strong
            stay safe

            never fear

            and never quit!


            • I will agree with that 100% possee. It’s coming people, and if you did not feel that then you would not be here at Mac’s site. Manos continue to feed as much info as posssible from your expeirence in Greece. Know that we are right there with you. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you, pride set aside!
              Oh, and as far as prepping, just canned 9 lbs. of chicken tonight, next up 20 lbs. beans on Thursday. One step at a time, one day at a time. May not seem like much but better than being a Non-Prepper.

            • Please ask Manos one question: Are any Greeks hunting down the banksters for prosecution?

            • Salvadoredaly. What book do you recommend for canning meat. I’m getting ready to thin some layer, both freezers are pretty full and I want to take the canning route.

            • Uh that should have read,”thin some layers”, as in chickens.

            • PO’d Patriot,
              kinda of rule of thumb, raw meat pressure cook at 15 lbs. for 90 minutes, cooked or food already prepaired (stew, sauces, soups just cooked) and hot while canning , pressure cook at 15 lbs. for 60 minutes.
              Add Raw meat to jars, fill with hot liquid ( i usually add broth) and pressure cook for 90 minutes at 15 lbs. of pressure. shoot me an email and I will give you what books I have.
              tonytammie (at) msn (dot) com

          • @ Manos

            Are any Greeks hunting down the banksters for prosecution?

          • Here’s a thought. Like all paper money, every euronote has a serial number: the letter beginning the serial number indicates which country issued that note.
            If Greece returns to the drachma, will the Greek issued euronotes be treated to a “haircut” or still be worth as much as any other euronote? If discounted, all hell will break loose.
            Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Irish issued euronotes will no longer trade at par but get treated to 10%, 20%, 30% discounts, according to the perceived risk of that country also leaving the eurozone. Discounts will fluctuate daily; it will be chaos. How can you have a united currency when all the notes trade at different values depending on serial number?

            • That is exactly what will happen. All Greek issued bank notes will be worthless anywhere in Europe. Euros are not made centrally every country is allowed to print what hey are told they can print. Each country prints that they made the note so once Greece default their euros will only be good in Greece, for exchanging to dhachba. The single currency is a falsehood, this measure was always in place to prevent a country defaulting and spending their ” bad euros” in other countries.

        • You mean they “still” have their hard earned money “stashed safely” in corrupt institutions?

          The Program runs deep.

          Old habits die hard.

          • Thanks to direct deposit, sometimes you don’t have much choice… it shows up at the bank without any action on your part.

            • One ALWAYS has choice. Play their game or not play their game. Unfortunately, the Program is designed to intimidate, convincing one out of Fear, one doesn’t have choice. It’s how they get the masses to do as they are told. It’s why we’re all up to our nostrils in this clusterfuck.

              “Oh, I NEED the bank. There’s no way around it, I can’t think for myself.” As if we’re dependent on THEM. Bullshit! But that is exactly what has happened on a monumental, grand scale.

              This is the reason a website like shtfplan had to manifest. To expose that there is CHOICE, there are options; one has access to tactics and strategies to circumvent their Fear based Program.

              They will continue to force feed the masses to do as they are told, as long as the masses allow them to. “Direct deposits, Credit Cards, Electronic Money, eMoney, eCurrency, Direct Credit, etc., etc.,” … The Centralized System to keep the participants in the control of the few.

              The reality is, the masses have been programmed to want to be controlled. THAT is the predicament that all preppers have to come to grips with. We are dealing with weak minded people who have become dependent on a corrupt system and who don’t want to think or expand outside their box; their perceived “comfort zone”. That’s why the odds are stacked against anyone who chooses to deprogram themselves from The Program.

              Choice is a Life Process. In every new moment one can make a new choice, expand one’s awareness. Open up the world of infinite possibilities.

            • OQ ~

              It’s true that direct deposit is a requirement at a lot of places of employment. I get paid at midnight Monday night and am at the bank machine withdrawing Tuesday morning around 7 am when I’m out walking the dog. I only leave in enough to cover the bills that are taken out, like rent, utilities, etc., and those are immediately paid online on payday.

              It’s not perfect but it’s the best I could come up with to work around the system.

            • Folks,

              What I’m saying is, for most people, it’s the only way that fits their lifestyle. This is especially true in Europe, which has been transitioning full-steam into a cashless society for well over a decade now.

              Sure, in the US, we still got options. You can always cash a paycheck yourself at a store or bank or wherever (for a fee), but unless your job is at a low level that involves french fries or 2×6’s, you simply don’t get paid in cash, gold, or bullets.

              Seriously guys. I get the anti-conformity. I do. But sometimes it’s smarter to use the system for as long as it still holds up. Wasted effort to make a point is still wasted effort.

              I buy preps with a debit card, because I know full well that my purchase of dry grocery goods is a mere drop in a literal ocean of dry grocery goods purchases. My purchase of reloading gear, firearms, bullets, and the like? I live in a rural place, where the government would more readily notice a guy *doesn’t* buy these things with a card.

              If it exists and works, then put it to full use while it is still around.

              The day that banks close up, the absolute last thing I’m going to worry about is whether or not I can withdraw my money from it. I’ll be too damned busy doing other things: locking down the house, loading up the weapons, taking quick inventory, and organizing the neighborhood into something that has some hope of surviving what’s coming.

        • Greek Withdraw? Sounds like what I used to do at the Chi Omega Sorority House every Saturday night in college.

          • Your jokes are often in bad taste. Did you parents ever teach you what subjects should not be brought up in mixed company?

            • It’s not comedy if someone isn’t getting butthurt…

            • The Chi-Omegas also said I gave them a bad taste! Ur good!

          • At least the Greeks are withdrawing to fight another day!!! If it was the French, they wouldnt withdraw, they’d just throw up there arms and surrender!!! Unfortunately, I heard the factory that make’s white surrender flags for the French, closed down last year.

          • McLovin; With what, your chicken McNugget?

        • Most of them are probably pulling out their paychecks so they can pay their mortgage/rent and utilities. Most people in developed countries live paycheck to paycheck and think that way also.
          But if they have Euros in their possession(not in the bank) they can probably pay their bills easier because the Euro still has greater value than the new Drachma that will be backed by a bankrupt government.

        • They are cashing out their banks accounts for real currency because of the fear that when government steps in and says, for example your 10K dollars that was in your account is now worth only 2K, the smart and fortunate people that possess euros can trade the actually currency in for their new currency and obtain a more equal ratio…

          • The Greeks will need to watch out that Greek issued euros aren’t segregated from the other euros and treated the same as Drachma.
            Each country customises their euro’s.

        • ~~~What they do with that money is more important to me than the fact that they’re withdrawing it, because it portends where the whole economy of that nation is going~~~

          Maybe they’ll follow the example of Iceland…open their own banks????

        • Odd Q asks Where is that money going?

          Odd I’d guess, for most, it’s going into those very places our Prepper community is placing theirs now. Buying food and medical and defensive products is no longer just an expense, it’s an investment in future survival. And what has happened to the financial value of long-term-stored food for those who started investing three years ago? Well I’ll answer the question for you: six gallon buckets of nitro packed grain, beans, and medical supplies have increased greatly. And with these investments, the owner has possession, not a piece of paper signifying possession. Preppers have made great investments, as well as protecting themselves and their families. It is not too late to prep. If one has the cash the stores and emergency web sites are still chock full of products.

          • But that’s the thing… we simply do not know what folks are doing with it.

            If the majority is buying weaponry and food, then it’s a clear sign that some serious shit is about to go down. If they’re mostly stuffing it under their mattresses, then it’s just a banking problem.

            Therein lies the curiosity, and no one (outside of maybe manos) can say for certain what the majority of folks are doing with the stuff.

        • Well it is already in Euros as Greece is a Euro zone, nation. What they are doing is either moving it to banks in other euro zone nations or stashing it. What this ‘run’ is isn’t so much a run like in American history, during the Great Depression. Greeks aren’t trying to protect themselves from banks collapsing. They are getting out their euro currency in anticipation that the greek government will start printing drachmas again, if the new government, when one is formed, reneges on the austerity plan agreed to in order to receive loans.

        • I think they’re wasting it away on outdated tanks and military equipment because they’re terrified of the other Greece-like countries and turkey or something attacking them. That’s what I heard, so don’t quote me because I’m probably wrong 🙂

        • silver, gold, commodities or depositing it in other european countries

        • If they have any brains they will be buying gold and silver, food, water, fuel, solar panels, etc etc

      2. Just talking about Weimar Germany with my students. This is providing a scary real-life lesson. Can the fascists be far behind?

        • The fascists are already there. Otherwise, you would have no real life lesson to show. The lesson that should be taught is what happens when the money is controlled by private bankers acting in a criminal capacity above the law.

          The kids must be taught the reality of Money and Law, not the fiction of colored money. Just knowing what money is would place them one step ahead of the banksters as they grow up to challenge them.

          • Way ahead of you. Held up dollars in class then discussed gold vs the paper I was holding. I am trying…

            • Historian Gaetano Salvemini argued in 1936 that fascism makes taxpayers responsible to private enterprise, because “the State pays for the blunders of private enterprise… Profit is private and individual. Loss is public and social.” Fascist governments encouraged the pursuit of private profit and offered many benefits to large businesses, but they demanded in return that all economic activity should serve the national interest. Sound familiar? Socialism for the rich and good luck and go fuck yourself for the rest of us. Why can’t we have an Occutea party and overthrow this Fat bloated bureacratic Bitch already?! Change is coming, I dont know about Hope, but definetly Change.

              We’ ve been in Fascist state since 08

              Obama new slogan?

            • It helps if you refer to them as “Federal Reserve Notes” instead of “Dollars”. Helps, as in, helps those who haven’t yet awakened, to ask the questions necessary for them to awaken. Also, please consider assigning the book “End the Fed” to your class. For liberty, for peace.

      3. Well it is sure that they are not converting it to Euros, because they already have Euro as their currency..

        • Heh – fair call… but I am curious if they’re converting it over to something else or not.

        • But not necessarily German Euros. there is a little letter to tell you which ones you have. I’d be interested to know if there is a difference in which ones are circulating

          • yes there is. wikipedia shows the diffences between all the euros issued in Europe

      4. Stay Safe Manos….Keep us posted.

        • Has anyone heard from Manos? I pray he and his family are safe.

          • Ky

            I heard off him today. The people are very unhappy, things are not good but Manos and his family are hanging in there. He asked for out prayers, I assured him he has them

            Take care

            • Thanks for the update. I am still praying for him!

      5. This link has nothing to do with the current topic but I ran into this today. A new show on NBC coming this fall on mondays, just happens to be my vision of the future. Its called Revolution.

      6. Wow, I would have thought most people would have emptied most of their accounts months ago.

      7. WHY would Greeks still have their money in a BANK? Is it all those auto deposited government checks? Surely, people that actually have a job and are working week to week don’t still trust banks….do they?

        • I have been told many Europeans are paid via direct deposit to their bank account. I am assuming most mortgage payments are made that way too.

          If they have been limited as too how much they can “withdraw” per day or week…they would want to “use it or lose it”.

          • KY MOM
            It varies. In most EURO-Zone countries its all from 500 to 1200 USD per day. But it depends on the bank and sometimes bank and customer agree to certain individual limits.

          • KY Mom

            Most of Europe pays regular salaries by direct bank transfer – you then have a daily current account atm limit : ( This is negotiable but a limit always exists.

            Withdrawing large amounts of cash requires a day or so advance warning to the bank, identification and form filling to show you aren’t a money launderer.

          • Viking and Lonelonmum,

            Thank you for the info!

            Are most people paid monthly or bimonthly in Europe or does it depend whether it is government or company job?

            Take care!

            KY Mom

            • Nearly every employer here pays their employees at the end of the month, including the government. The only exceptions I can think of are independents, ie those who have their own business, or people who work ‘off the radar’, ie those who have no official employment and pay no taxes (and are legally presecutable).

              There are a few lines of work in which you’re sometimes paid weekly, such as catering and bartending, but only if you are not permanently hired.

              Does that answer your question?

              Take care, and hails from the other side of the Atlantic!

            • Damokles,

              Thank you for the info. Yes, that answers my question.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

          • I’m in my 40s and only ever got paid wages in cash when I lived in the US and the UK. I always thought it totally hilarious that people still got paid cash in hand in a little packet or were given a pay check that they had to go and cash in at the bank. So backwards. Can’t even remember the last time I went to a bank? Four years ago maybe?

      8. Reminds me of when my wife was divorcing me. I got cash advances and made ATM withdrawals everywhere I could and then waited until after midnight when the daily limit reset and did it over again.

        Now I have $55 in the bank. I start withdrawaling my paycheck the day the direct deposit hits the bank and take out the max in convenient $20 bills until I have all I do not need for any electronic payments I make so I have a huge stack of $20 bills for now and a silver cache for later.

        • Government Guy; you might of answered the question of.., why the Greeks haven’t pulled out all their money.

          “DAILY LIMIT” , if not I would like to her other explanations from the gang here.

          • Ignorance. I advised my own (new) wife to keep our tax refund in cash so she would have a cushion and she took that to mean leave it in her checking account. UGGHH!

          • Eagledove: With some it’s denial, with others it’s inaction caused by fear. There were people on the Titanic that wouldn’t or couldn’t find their way to the lifeboeats for the same reasons. When the Greek economy fianally goes completely under, many will die because the couln’t cope with reality. The same will happen in the other EU countries that are sinking. We too will probably face a similar crisis since our govenment can’t seem to stop spending and lets the Federal Reserve keep printing more dollars. But I could be wrong.

        • If it’s not in your hand, it’s not yours.

          • …and if its a debt instrument (like an FRN) even if its in your hand, its not yours.

            I think I’m going to buy revolvers and autoloading pistols. Surely will be a market for them later.

        • And yes my home and cars and food storage and guns and ammo and everything else were paid for and in my possession before I bought precious metals or started accumulating cash.

        • I do the same thing!!!!!!!! have a kick ass safe,, very well hid<<<

      9. Those in line have certainly waited too long. When their pension checks & entitlement checks are no longer cash-able – what then?

        If (or when) it happens here, I’ll be sitting at home, drinking a cool one with a gun in my lap, enjoying my stored food & watching the news from afar. Or I might be headed to my bug out property & cabin – depends on how quickly things go astray.

        Pray for Greece. If they figure out how to make it, there is hope for us yet. But it’s not looking too good.

        • Amen Blutarsky!
          I enjoy money as much as the next person, but I don’t need it either. If it has to happen I would prefer the Fall so I could sit on the screened porch of my solar cabin and watch the leaves change while listening to it play out on the shortwave.

      10. and so it begins…….. 🙁

        • 2nd that

      11. The closest thing I ever saw to this was a few years ago when there where multiple hurricanes hitting FL and another was off the coast brewing. Everyone was trying to leave. The banks were packed and it didn’t matter who you were or how much you had on deposit the banks limited what you could get because they were afraid of running out of cash. Everyone was “allowed” to withdrawl 200.00 and no more.

        Boy….the USA is in for a rude awakining

        • Tina – yeah and the gasoline was gone except for some premium fuel. It was a wake up call to me to keep some cash and fuel in reserve!

      12. Like I said, the corps paper is not a safe place to be, and the corp itself is nowhere to be found when its defenders really need it.

        The less reliance you have on the corp today, the less your life will be disturbed when it crashes to the ground on top of those who defend it or can not see it for what it is.

        • @GC:

          Please don’t take what I’m about to post wrong, but please read the link anyway. It may be from a humor site, but it makes perfect sense:

          My advice: *USE THE SYSTEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!* Do it while it is still around. You’ll find yourself more able to stock up faster, better, and more intelligently.

          I am not saying to buy into it, not by a long stretch. I am saying that you shouldn’t be impoverishing yourself now, when instead you can load up on what you’ll need more effectively.

          When it comes to prepping? Anti-conformity for its own sake is often worse than not prepping at all.

          • OQ, You bring up a valid point! …one that I’ve tried to verbalize in the past.

            There are sheople. They are those that “buy in” to the system. They get screwed constantly because they believe the lies of the system.

            There are also those that I will call “black sheople”. They always disbelieve the system and will hate it for anything it does. …and it can never do anything good. Even good things are a conspiracy to further enslave us. They are the antithesis of the sheople. Just as unthinking. Just as bought in.

            The system does a lot of good things. The bad things it does seem to crop up when the system gets control. When it becomes like a religion and the belief in it becomes almost mystical. The system is not wise. It has no morality. It will bite your head off for its own survival.

            I use the system. I don’t let it use me in as much as I am not blind to the ways I have to pay it. It is not my master, I am its master. It does not control me, I control it.

            Like zombies most people blindly sign, obey and think as the corporation wishes. That stopped with me about 10 years ago. When you get enough education you start to see what is going on. The system thrives on people that don’t have a clue about what they are doing, signing or obeying.

            I conform when it suits me. Like GC, I obey most of the traffic laws and pay all the taxes that I am required to pay. But, I also realize that, as I follow those rules, they are arbitrary. Some will criticize, “Well, you just say this stuff but then you do as they say so you really are no different.” No, we’re different. Just because I haven’t found the need to strip my clothes off and run down the creek naked doesn’t mean I won’t ever or think there is anything wrong with it.

            I play games with the corp. Used to, if I avoided taxes, I felt like I was “getting away with something”. Now, I realize, I am not. Used to, if I accidentally ran a stop sign, I felt a twinge of dishonor. Now, I know it really means nothing.

            Breaking “The Law” is dishonorable. Disobeying color of law ctatutes and codes that attempt to criminalize acts that harm no one are not dishonorable. They may cost you $s or jail time but they are not dishonorable. The “system” tries to tell you that Johnny is a bad boy if he runs a stop sign or smokes an “illegal” drug. But what the system doesn’t tell you is that it, in and of itself, is the most dishonest, the most destructive thing man kind has ever created. Don’t believe the lies but don’t assume what the corp, what the “system” tells you has anything to do with truth, justice or honor.

            • Much thanks… you were able to write down something that has been squirming in the back of my head for quite some time now. 🙂


      13. I just recently bought 3 boxes of first aid kits people didn’t want no more for a grand total of $5.00.

        Eeder., you find anything at the yard sales? 🙂

      14. Those pictures are such a difference between the preppers and NPs. We won’t be in that line. There are people in Greece who don’t have to be in that line either…..

        And THEY call us crazy??? Give me crazy everyday!!!

        Greece will be the first domino to fall, just wait til that cascade hits here…

        Be safe and keep prepping!!!

        • Thank goodness the Greeks aren’t armed to the teeth like Americans are. Greece would be looking like Syria by now if that were the case. A complete blood bath with everyone shooting each other to survive!!!

      15. Mac,

        From the pictures, I don’t see a rush or anything that would indicate a problem. I wish it was a wide angle shot, so we can see how long the bank line is. For all I know this is a normal bank line for them. Assuming that much money has been pulled from the banks, I don’t see how the banks are even functioning at this point.

        I wish Manos would pop in, so we know he is doing alright and get the real picture of what is going on in Greece.

        • Manos, sent over an email this morning. I am sure he’ll pop in here today or tomorrow to give us an update.

          Here is what he ended his email with today:

          “Pray for your souls and then get ready. The beast is dying, but now it’s much more dangerous than ever.”

          The situation in Greece, based on the reports Manos has sent over, is dire.

          Daisy put together some letters from Greece last week (provided by Manos) that may give people insight into what it’s like on the ground:

          The MSM is downplaying this, but millions of people are being crushed under the weight of this collapse in Europe (and here)…

          • Thanks for sharing

            • He says he is thinking 1000% now. That kind of vision only comes when you have thought thing through ahead of time and have prepped.

          • I hope those letters are not Manos talking…he is selling his soul to the leftists just for revenge? I would rather live under the soft slavery system of the crony capitalists than the hard terror tyranny that the far left brings…

        • I guess everything is OK till I see an AK. Just kidding.

      16. And how is the stock market still going up??

        • CTRL+P is the only answer I can give you to that question.

          Those trillions of dollars they’ve given to the banks are going somewhere, and my guess is it’s stock markets via massive derivative bets.

          The economic system would have completely fallen apart in 2008 had it not been for massive government cash infusions… They’ll keep doing that until our lenders pull the plug by no longer funding our debt… When that happens we’ll see the collapse of the largest economic empire in history, and the consequences will not be pretty.

          • IS there anyway he and his family can be helped?

            • The customs agency there is so corrupt that very little assistance, if any, will get through, Matt. 🙁

            • Daisy is correct, most stuff does not get to the person it is sent to

              Take care

            • Could we western union?

            • A FedEx with an international money order from a major commercial bank would work.

            • I wonder…

              Could one cast a cement brick with a couple silver rounds inside it? Then, Manos could bust it up to get at them? Just a simple, down home way to hide stuff. …and there are other ways. The question is, would that help him in any way?

          • But they will continue to print and print and print

          • -1

            I’m not buying that one bit Mac. In fact, things are not going to happen in a SHTF-TEOTWAWKI collapse sort of way.

            I’ve bought into the Drake interview hook, line and sinker. After the mass arrests and the coup takes place here in the U.S, legitimate gold/silver backed treasury notes will be exchanged for legitimately earned FRNs held by the little people on a 1:1 basis. Persons and institutions holding fraudulent FRNs (puffed air FRNs and zeroes on computer screens) will get pennies on the dollar, if they get anything at all.

            Listen to the Drake interview and get a grip people. The U.S. is not about to descend into some nightmare SHTF scenario. The U.S. military and powerful forces inside and outside the U.S. have a vested interest in stabbing the NWO in the heart and they are days, weeks, or months away from doing so. I believe the civilians who are leading this revolutionary and legally legitimate coup may install Ron Paul as temporary President until things settle and legit elections are held. Who better to restore the Constitution?

            • Oh, to God I pray you’re right.

            • I echo J J’s words. This could turn the uSA back over to us!

              But, it just all seems to good to be true. Regardless, each night, I pray that this is not a hoax.

              I’ve listened to ever scrap of info and hope it is true.

              But, I have doubts. I was also fully vested in the R.A.P. and it was nothing but one man’s scheme that played on the hopes of desperate Americans that wish for a way out of the hold we’ve been buried in.

              Lets home someone pulls out a ace in the hole because, barring something like that, this whole thing is going to get really ugly.

        • Our stock market is totally destroyed. Today it returned to the 1988 level.

          • thank you for the post. you may not be able to read all the hundreds of comments the past several days, but many people are asking about you and praying for you. please be safe.

          • How are the countries around Greece acting/doing? Are there noticable strains on thier economies as well? What is the word on the street?

            Stay safe, a prayer for you and yours.

        • The markets rise but of Quantitative Easing; if not by Bernake the powers that be in Europe or other currencies in the world – someone is printing money and it has to go somewhere. They don’t want to buy Greek Bonds with it- that is for sure.

        • soccer mom
          the stock market has not been going up lately.. quite the opposite, but i get your point.

      17. Im sure Spain, Portugal and Ireland are also hitting the banks too…if they arent, they would be fools….I know Im hitting my bank already here in the US

        • Don’t wipe your rear with your legitimately earned FRNs just yet. I believe they can and will be exchanged on a 1:1 basis for the new treasury dollar that is coming after the mass arrests of the banksters and politicians take place and we have a freshly restored Constitutional government in place.

          Please note, the 1:1 exchange will only apply to individual citizens holding hard-earned FRNs. Banks, corporations, and fraudsters will get pennies on the dollar for their ill-gotten FRNs if they get anything at all.

      18. The powers that be, here in the U.S. are watching Greece and learning. Instead of allowing a run on banks, they will declare a “banking holiday” and basically tell the people to go to hell. (Like they do every other day throughout the year!)

        • Ummmm….. no. They are pooping in their pants and getting ready to commit suicide or face life in prison. TPTB realize the FRN is terminally ill and it is only a matter of weeks or months before the some people, backed by the military and federal marshalls, orchestrate a legal coup against their fragile, illegitimate government. Some Americans patriots are about to huff and puff and blow their house of cards down. Constitutionally mandated currency (ie backed by gold and silver) is going to make a roaring comeback after the mass arrest and coup take place. America is not Greece and it’s the fcuking Alamo either, so stop fantasizing! We are stronger than that and you are about to witness the most monumental perp walk the world will ever see. True freedom and prosperity to follow…

          • Ummmmmm NO actually the PTB think we are all too stupid to know what is going on. Most people don’t watch the regular nightly news (ie….entertainment tonight…lol) not to mention anything going on overseas and how it mat relate to us here in the USA. They are mearly looking (and taking notes) on how they plan on dealing with the STUPID USA populace.

            I agree with Swift.

            • Sorry for the typo’s

      19. For the last 15 days, things are so grey and foggy.
        We know that the old system has collapsed.
        They don’t want to accept it though, so they keep pumping the corpse with blood.
        We live the last days of the Pompei. Today is the 11th day without a government, and the puppet president announced new elections for the 16th of June.
        The potential is that the left coalition will be in charge and form a government.
        As the article states, there is already a bank run going on. It is true. People are rushing for their last savings. Today the stock market collapsed at the 1988 levels.
        I don;t care anymore. I voted for the anarcho-leftist group, which will march along the coalition.
        Our reasoning has to do with equal opportunities and rights.
        We are not the bastards of europe.

        Sorry if i sound angry and aggressive.

        Be safe my friends.


        • We pray for you and the safety of your family

        • Manos, good luck.

          While the corp may be against you, all Men are with you. Our fight is the same, our enemy is the same.

          I wish your country success in routing out the money changers.

        • Good to hear from you manos. Thanks for the updates.

        • Manos.., Good luck and take care.

        • Manos, You are not alone my friend, my brother! We sit in the same sinking ship. don’t lose heart, I lose it all the time and yet I look at my son and snap out of it. think only of your family, brother! when it comes to that, stand your ground, defend the family. don’t leave your kids to the gooberment no matter what! you can protect them and feed them much better! do not leave them! you can feed them better even on insects than those bastards. with situation so volatile there’s no telling what will happen to those kids in gov care! labor camps, paedophile infestation in foster homes etc… the latter is already happening in Lithuania, so bear that in mind. Hold fast, man! do your planning, re-plan and rethink everything! look for alternate food sources, water wells! stay away from populated centers! be safe brother! Your countrymen still have to learn a lot. I just read about how Greeks just now discovered potatoes as a cheap food. We’ve been living exclusively on potatoes and buckwheat when I was kid, and now nearing the same situation very fast again. Nettles, dandelions, burdocks etc are food too! frogs, worms etc are very good. plant those beans – probably the best food in SHTF! anyway, you know the drill…

          • Thanks Giurza,

            We are in the first line of “attack”.

            Be safe man, and i pray for you too.


            • You and your family are in my prayers. May the Lord protect you and provide for you. May He give you peace in the midst of the storm.

        • Great to hear from you Manos – you are in our thoughts and prayers. Good luck.

        • Manos this might sound terrible to want to “profiteer” off the horrible situation in Greece, but if one was to visit what commodity would we bring?

        • sad to see you are selling your soul Manos…your life will be even worse under those you just voted for. Read up on the French REvolution, then the Bolshevik Revolution…that is now your crounties destiny, hopefully you survive it.

      20. Good luck Blut…

        Let us Pray for our fellow Citizens who have been so deceived, that they may watch the poor souls of Greece and learn the errors of their own ways, and that the Almighty God will bless them with the courage stand up against and break the backs of the money changers before it is too late and they have destroyed all that is good that God has created and given to each and every Man.

        Let us pray for them to see through the eyes of God, and to recognize that which does not exist for what it is, and to stand against it, united and in His name for the benefit of all of humanity.

        Let us pray that the People of the world realize that the People of Greece are the victims of the government and it’s money changers, and that the government is not the victim of the People who retaliate against it for the crimes it has committed against them, and by extension the rest of Gods people.

        Let us pray that the people of Greece will unite and succeed against the money changers and give a good example of what happens to those in political office who support them.

        Good luck to those in Greece. We are all in this equally. The bankster problem is world wide. At the very least we should watch for the small successes the people have and try to determine the probable course of action when the time comes here.

        • I agree. Prayer must occur before we make plans or decisions about anything in life. Failure to invite God into any situation is inviting failure and/or chaos.

      21. It looks like some weird things are happening here with silver, gold and the dollar. Silver and gold going down and dollar up. Are countries and people flocking to the dollar? Are PM’s being manipulated? Is it the calm before the storm? Any ideas?

        • Love it when metals go down….I’ll buy more and keep buying.

          Think about it….one day…I’ll cash it in a few coins at a time for the fiat of the day to buy my shit the same day.

          Remember the Bernie Maddoff swindle.
          I’ll take GOD’S MONEY.
          I dont’ care about interest and dividends.
          Despite all that… mine doubled as I got in at $13.

          Keep working on your gardens….you might need them.

          A few years ago I planted collard greens…took over the entire garden….not a bad thing to plant….prolific.

          ps. I still think Hilary not wearing makeup is a signal to the masses.

        • @TX

          With the slow collapse of the euro, the big money is moving to the dollar (temporarily). Forcing the value of the dollar up versus other currencies. This forces commodity prices down because they are all traded in dollars. However, this is also temporary as we are probably on the same track as Greece, just at a much slower rate at the moment.

          And of course PM’s are being manipulated along with just about everything else of value on the planet at the moment, it is the calm before the storm, and my idea is watch your @$$!!!

      22. My peeps: Please note that the Greek Debt to GDP ratio was over 400% when their crisis started. OURS is a mere 100%, the FRN is the world’s reserve currency, and WE have the largest and most diversified economy in the world.

        They also have a fragmented political system.

        Meaning that decisions must be made by consensus. During an emergency and without a bonafide leader, “group think” rarely rises to the occasion requisite to resolution of a crisis.

        While WE have a two party system, in reality the Globalists control both parties and also control a banking system, that even with its flaws, and the personal flaws of the people who run it, it is mechanically sound.

        Indeed the problems with the Euro is that there are many sovereigns and one currency. In the US WE have one currency and one sovereign.

        Greece is not America. Europe is not America. Much of the exposure that American banks have had to the European contagion has been mitigated. Any fallout from the Greek exit from the Euro will be contained.

        And they will exit and return to the Dracma.

        It is the best course of action for the Greeks. The politicians there are trying to get another tranche of funding from the ECB. That’s not gonna happen.

        Even dissolution of the Euro would not be teotwawki, just the end of Europe as WE have known it of late. I can still remember a Europe of many sovereign nations with their individual currencies.

        The European Union will not fail because the globalists who want one world government will not allow it to fail. The globalists have made much progress in the past 30 years. They will do what they must do to see their vision realized …. no matter what it costs the rest of US.

        Currencies are just an instrument to facilitate commerce. You can use FRN’s or you can use conch shells. Adjustments will have to be made in Greece and reforms implemented, but life will go on. The sooner the Greeks repudiate their sovereign debt, return to the Drachma and begin anew, the sooner they will return to prosperity.

        It will take a couple of years and life will be difficult for the Greek people, but they brought it on themselves, by the unchecked spending of their government and their individual complacency.

        Engage. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate and vote. Support new political structures like GOOOH, The Patriot Party, America First, or your neighborhood Tea Party.

        Get involved. Stay involved. And it won’t happen here.

        • D.K.

          Ask yourself.

          1. Was Greece the only country in the globe, having debt?

          2. Were its people the only ones who bought like there’s no tommorow?

          What lies under this whole situation, has to do with the control of the natural gas, and fuel that the Greek territory has.

          Unfortunatelly for us, our polititians worked for the good of international lobbies of various interests.

          The only thing that i can say, is i’m praying that what we live today, will not happen to any other nation of the world.

          Take care.

          • Manos

            I’m so happy you pointed out the link to your countries natural resources & what is being done to the Greek people. This needs to be proclaimed everywhere so that people can understand what is really happening to the people of Greece.

            The country is being ruthlessly looted by a criminal cabal while the world stands by silently watching.

          • Manos: No my friend, Greece isn’t the only country with debt. But it is the WORST example of a government out of touch with fiscal reality, and committed to out of control spending.

            I contrasted Greece and America to show the folks here that while OUR situation is not good, it is manageable if WE engage OUR managers.

            I feel for you and your people Manos, which is why I would urge you to urge others there to just repudiate all sovereign debt and move on.

            European GB’s would have to take in the shorts. 🙂

            Released of the crippling burden of humongous debt payments with a significantly devalued Drachma, the Greek people could turn things around in a relatively short period of time. Otherwise they are facing a generation of indentured servitude, gas or no gas.

            Bring your politicians who are responsible for this calamity to justice for malfeasance in office. They are criminals who need to be brought to justice.

            I have no doubt that there is considerable corruption in a nation where the the debt to GDP ratio is over 400%, since the corruption in America is staggering with a debt to GDP ratio of merely 100%.

            It is legislated corruption. At that level of Debt/GDP (400%) everyone who was anyone was probably getting something which is why no one said anything.

            Phony Crony Capitalism is everywhere. It is the essence of Globalism. It is the method by which they induce people to accept their vision for the future; as warped as it might be.

            What the world needs, what Greece needs, is a Judge Roy Bean to make good examples of the guilty.

            WE are here for you Manos.

        • American banks are still exposed in Greece. It was not European money that bailed out Greece, it was American money secretly funneled into the European system by Bernanke and Geithner. Remember Geithner’s trip to Europe during the height of the crises, then the pledges from Germany and France to save Greece? Geithner carried a message of money. We are easily talking a trillion dollars in exposure. What happens in Greece WILL EFFECT the U.S.A.

          • can i get an Amen? SWIFT…you are on the money…no pun intended

            • CAB: No, Swift is in error.

              American banks are not exposed to Greece to any extent. That was the purpose for kicking the can down the road for the past year.

              While the FED has printed dollars and provided short term revolving credit facilities to Europe, this is a distinct and separate issue from individual member banks.

              Citigroup might have some exposure but many would argue whether or not it is really an American Bank because of its truly global nature.

              The FED is the perfect Ponzi scheme because it can print FRN’s to replace losses (destroyed fractional dollars), and lend money everywhere to facilitate commerce and protect liquidity.

              Individual member banks do not have this capability as they are limited by a formula based upon their shareholder equity and do not have the power to print unlimited sums of money.

              See my comment to Swift.

          • Swift: While you are correct that it is American money secretly funneled to Europe by Bernanke and Tiny Tim Geithner; the FED just printed those FRN’s. The member banks are not exposed by loans.

            There’s a difference.

            • Except for the exposure created by the derivatives. We haven’t learned yet, but I suspect the JP Morgan Chase loss of 2 billion plus is related to a derivative that came home to roost.

              Time will tell, and likely not a long time.

            • QuietFox: “Derivatives” has become an easy target and an easy term to apply to really complex hedging strategies, and it now encompasses many risk management activities; particularly by the general public who really don’t know what they are and couldn’t define them if asked.

              Derivatives are not intrinsically bad. In fact it has been a very useful tool historically to mitigate risk, when properly applied.

              Originally, “derivatives’ were basically an “insurance policy” were one bank accepted the risk of a percentage of a loan or group of loans, to enhance the credit worthiness of that loan or group of loans for the originating lender.

              IE If bank A wanted to make a loan to a particular client, but the loan was too big for bank A as a percentage of its capital, bank A asked bank B to take a piece of the action.

              Think of it as a mortgage and it is easy for US to understand. Standard conventional mortgages require say, 20% down and the bank loans 80% against the value (purchase price) of a house.

              If the buyer of the house has a really good credit score and credit history but doesn’t have the 20% down, bank B guarantees the 20% down payment for the borrower for a fee.

              With this credit enhancement bank A is able to lend their client the full amount for the purchase of the house, and maintain the credit worthiness of its portfolio.

              Credit enhancement is not new. Its been around a long time. Non banks use to take this risk, but the major banks A,B,C,D, & E decided to accept this risk between themselves and make additional fees for doing so.

              So the process is very incestuous between the major banks, and that is evidenced by the fact that 96% of all US derivatives are owned by the top four or five major banks.

              It technically boosts the credit worthiness of their portfolios but since they all “insure” a potion of each others loans, their portfolios do not accurately measure the level of their risk.

              This undue risk is magnified by sloppy underwriting, poor judgement, or a greedy manager who wants to make a loan to increase his bonus at the end of the year. Bad loans are often booked near the end of the fiscal year to enhance manager performance.

              This process has morphed since the practice first began and all of the nuances are beyond my personal experience, but there may be an expert on current practice looking in who can expand on this basis and bring US up to date.

              Part of the problem with the JP Morgan trade was its sheer size. The size alone enticed other traders to bet against it, the market reversed direction, and the JP Morgan trader couldn’t get out from under the falling knife.

              Sometimes justice is well deserved. 🙂

        • It wasn’t the Greek people’s fault any more than it was the American people’s fault. It was the fault of global bankers spitting out endless volumes of “counterfeit” fiat currency and blowing false credit bubbles to suck up the world’s wealth.Do we have any control over what Bernanke does? I say not; it was only last year that a “partial audit” of the Fed books was allowed. As if that even shows the true shadow banking fraud.Hang em all.

          • B.S. It is ALWAYS the peoples fault! There is no MAMA in the sky to blame, it’s US. Peoples failure to take responsibility for their actions is always the reason. I didn’t borrow millions I couldn’t pay back, I didn’t vote for politicians that made stupid promises, but Millions did. When people start taking responsibility for what goes on it will get better; not before. Adolf Hitler was elected by a bunch of people that knew what he wanted to do or didn’t care, and they got bombed into living hell for it. You get what you pay for.

            • Paranoid,

              I could not agree with you more!! Always look in the mirror first, none of this happened overnight.

        • DK, I actually agree with a lot of your posts. I still think you need to consider other factors, such as unemployment.


          • Big Hog: Employment, like the economy, has been stymied by the NWO to ensure that Romney is the next President.

            Rarely does a challenger have a chance against a sitting President available for re-election.

            By suppressing job growth (by suppressing small business) they can delay recovery until it is too late for an O’bummer repeat.

            Today and even as I post this comment I have noticed advertising by Wells Fargo and M&I Bank (Bank of Montreal) inviting small business and consumers to borrow money.

            By the time those funds are deployed into the economy and bear fruit (jobs) O’Bummer will be toast and WE will have a miracle recovery under Romney.

            Just saying. Watch it happen. 🙂

            • DK,
              As always you articulate your points on money well. But what is a “recovery” under Romney? Just another facade, designed to placate the sheeple, put them back to sleep long enough to get some more NWO in the works. Some miracle.

            • JustMe: And the alternative? 🙂

      23. And Kissenger gets a entire body pat down by the TSA

        poetic justice for a policy maker?

        • Sorry, I thought I was on the previous thread.

          Good to hear from you Manos

          I hope this is the begining of a turn around for you and Greece..
          sometimes this is where it starts

          thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones

        • VRF: Poetic justice would have been a couple of full Taser charges to the groin. At least one for each testicle.

          Just saying. Give credit where credit is due.


      24. I wonder if my AMEX card still works!

      25. They are very lucky.. that bank of america or wells fargo is not localized in greece.. THEY WOULD HAVE LOCKED THE DOORS AND CALLED IT A DAY.. LEAVING ALL THEIR CLIENTS TO STARVE IN THE STREETS!!!

        Wait until it happens here.. you’ll see..


      26. Good post DK…..but do you really believe its 100% to our GDP? cmon, ….We are now borrowing money to just to pay the interest on our debt…and pretty soon we wont even be able to do that.

        • CAB: The number I have seen is about 101% D/GDP for the USA, roughly 200% D/GDP for the UK, 300% for Spain and Portugal, 260% for France, Germany and China around 85-90%.

          Those are rough numbers that I recall from published reports made earlier in the year, but they are good ball park numbers based upon what has been reported. I believe both LSM and Alt Media use those numbers, or something pretty close.

          Borrow money?

          Sure WE will always be able to borrow money. I mean look, if lenders will loan money to countries with a 200% or 300%, or 400% D/GDP ratio, (and they do don’t they) they will lend money to US.

          Numbers I saw today said that China bought $36 Billion in US Bonds last month and Brazil $9 billion. That’s just for starters.

          To buy those bonds the Chinese, for example, had to first buy dollars from the Federal Reserve System (member banks). The CCP printed $36 billion worth of Rmb (how much did that cost them if it were only a digital print?), then the CCP exchanged those Rmb’s for $36 billion in dollars in the currency markets from the major commercial banks who own and control the currency markets.

          Then the CCP bought US Bonds from the Treasury through the Primary Dealers with those dollars; creating a demand for US debt and FRN’s, pushing the dollar higher and sopping up US debt.

          Isn’t money fun? Imagine how much fun it would be if it were really worth something? 🙂

          Just remember, while there is always jostling for power, even in the Mob, they are all still business partners working together to make themselves richer because enough is just not enough.

          Engage your managers my peeps, or be enslaved by them.

          • thanks DK…From my research u know what your talking about.

      27. The funny part is that the “money” they are withdrawing from the bank is just another form of bank debt. It is not anything but paper listed as a liability on the books of the ECB.

        Just like in the US Federal Reserve Notes are not real money. They are liabilities of the Federal Reserve Bank. Go look at the Federal Reserve Bank’s balance sheet under the liability section, and that is where you will find them listed. They can be redeemed at the Federal Reserve Bank for nothing; essentially the only worth they have comes from the gullibility of the public which actually thinks they are money.

        It is now true that it is slightly better to have Federal Reserve Notes in hand than a bank account with a bank that is closed or will soon close, but if most banks close, it is also very likely that the government will close too, and then people will discover that nobody wants to use Federal Reserve Notes either.

        What you are seeing in Greece you will see many times over. You are seeing the result of the forces of deflation. New money is loaned into circulation. The initial effect is economic stimulation and resulting higher prices. But there are two deflation forces created by inflating the money supply using the current monetary system. One force is the required repayment of the loan, thus draining money from circulation back into the banking netherworld from whence it came. The second is higher prices which dampen demand for things. Add in fear during bad times and people slow down spending which then magnifies these deflationary forces.

        The debts of the world have steadily expanded since the end of the depression of the 1930’s and so have prices; fear levels are very high. If you look at what the Federal Reserve Bank did with quantative easing back in 2008 it was a huge injection of reserves into the banking system, but the effect on money creation was small by comparison. As hard as they are pushing inflation of the money supply to revive the economy little is happening; their efforts are being swallowed by deflationary forces.

        Gold and silver look to be ready to drop to new lows, particularly silver. I think it could go under $5 per ounce over the next 18 months. People are foolishly buying government bonds, thinking there is nowhere else safe, and this, along with Federal Reserve policy has driven interest rates to extreme lows. Yet real estate continues to remain in desperate times.

        If there is anywhere could be a temporary safe haven, the stock market might absorb much of the newly created money and go up between now and next October, just before the election where is too will die.

        There is little safety in a collapsing economy.

      28. This is one of the reasons I stopped keeping all of my money in the bank. I keep about a third of my savings in metals, a third in cash on hand and a third in the bank. Of the money I keep “on hand”, it is not all stored in one place! Some of it is in a variety of places around the house and some in the homes of close family so that a single theft event won’t wipe me out. I advise everyone else to do the same, not only with money in all it’s various forms but with weapons as well. This way you are hedged against certain unforeseen circumstances ruining you.

        Make no mistake: What is happening now in Greece will happen in the US within the next 5 years (probably A LOT sooner!). It is all coming undone and soon the gigantic house of cards that was built to support the large, failing house of cards that already existed in 2008 will come down.

        • Winston said “I keep about a third of my savings in metals, a third in cash on hand and a third in the bank. Of the money I keep “on hand”, it is not all stored in one place! Some of it is in a variety of places around the house and some in the homes of close family so that a single theft event won’t wipe me out. I advise everyone else to do the same, not only with money in all it’s various forms but with weapons as well”.

          Well that sounds like a well balanced portfolio to me….

      29. Riot Dog

        Is ready to fight!

      30. It’s time to check your preps and than double check them!

        DK, my dad feels the same way you do and he’s Midas (very smart with money). I’d like to think that American’s are smart enough, but I like Daisy’s(I think) post yesterday about Obama using Martial Law. I’ve never been terrified of government (both dad and husband in the military), but Obummer scares the crap out of me. And if history is any kind of lesson, he’s going to go down swinging with everything he has in his arsenal!!

        Manos, I”m glad you’re still with us! Wishing you the best over there!!!

        • PSM; Legal challenges to O’bummer may prohibit his renomination. Biden couldn’t win. Hillary may have to step up for the demtards to have a chance.

          Look for an October surprise.

          • Nope… my prediction is “the action” take place in July when the U.S. at large is on vacation. The patriots, police, federal marshalls, and military pounce and arrest everyone in a matter of days.

            • TMFC: I’ll pray for that!

      31. Angela Merkel of Germany said that Greece was close to Civil War with Commies fighting Nazi’s in the streets.

        The water sure is boiling in the pot, just wondering which event will cause it to spill over. Greece, Iran, Russia’s move on Georgia, terrorism here, or Obama’s re-election.

        Heard an Israeli IDF Officer on Christian radio today who said if Obama is ahead in the polls, war with Iran will come before Nov. 2012, to force Obama to support them.

        Islamic law states, that once a country comes under Islamic rule, it must return to Islam. So one has to wonder if Turkey has designs to retake Greece in the future?

        • Thats the problem with Europe, they only have 2 shades of Left (totalitarianism) full blown (communism, fascism) and lite (socialism). They have no kind of understanding of “the right” small government, True free market, true freedom…unfortunately, we are becoming just like them, our founding fathers ideals a fading memory

          • And neither does the existing United States government. And for that matter most of the so called “advanced” societies of the “West”.

      32. I Pukin Hate Commies!!!

        They’re nothing more than Footmen for the Globalist Banker Fascists who really Run the World!

        • @ Comrade AmeriKan
          As you should. After all, it was a Marxist government which caused Greece to go bankrupt. That and 100+ murdered for their insane ideas in the past 100 years.

        • I hate commies is copyrighted by me, Iowa. Either you pay me to say it or we become blood brothers. Just kidding. We all hate commies.

      33. The administration is desperate at this point in time, they are scrambling to put the last pieces of their plan into place, however it is not going to work. TPTB underestimated the will, the drive, the patience and the faith of the hard working American Citizen. The people are catching on to them and when we start to hold them accountable, they will scatter like the roaches that they are. Unfortunately, our pain will still be brutal and our freedoms will be limited. So much damage has been done, that we are in for hard times.

        I have not had more than bill coverage in my checking account for more than a year now. I would urge everyone to do the same. The devils are going down but so are we.
        Even the not so evil members of congress, are actually getting scared of this dictator. I believe the president will go down and chaos will be the normal. It will take a monumental effort to unravel the mess that has been created. This reminds me of the downfall of a dictator, we are experiencing something that I never would have believed possible in this country. Trampling the constitution, invading our privacy, incorporating drones to spy on us, listening to our conversations, smearing good decent people, destroying our freedom to speak and protest, even in a quiet and peaceful way. They are gearing up for mass demonstrations because they know we will never succumb to their utopia. The whole world is in upheaval and turmoil, including the United States of America.

        There is a light at the end of this tunnel but it is very far away. Some will see it, some will not.

        Pray, prepare and keep your sanity in check.

      34. I agree Pete, Obummer is going to do something that requires martial law and for him to remain president, that man is totally narsistic. I get that he’s a puppet, but there’s some serious commie logic between the lines with him! Why make that martial law law? Why the NDAA? Why so many regulations? All to move the sheeple into his fence before the slaughter (not literally).

        He acts as though he’s GOD and knows what’s best for all his flock.

      35. Manos,

        Your situation is survivable. Get your family where they can grow, hunt or fish for food. Protect your family anyway you have to. Initiate your plan, then adjust accordingly to problems that arise, then go on. All one can ask of you is to do your best. So do your best.

        Pray for help, open yourself up to receiving help from strangers. Number one priority is to keep yourself and your family safe.

      36. Greek Crash Bank Run Financial Butterfly Effects brief beats of its financial wings ; will bring a Class 5 Hurricane to the Shores of AmeriKa’s Banks!

        Take Financial Cover!!! Prepare!!!

        *** Butterfly Effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state. The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the theoretical example of a hurricane’s formation being contingent on whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks before.

      37. Just got back from my local gun store, making some deposits on my investments there. Wasnt there more than ten min and they sold two rock river AR 15s. Pat said they got ten more in this week that are already sold as well. I think more ppl are finally waking up.

      38. Definition of Ironic : Soetoro Obama Outs Himself for Bi Gay Homo Campaign Bribe $$$ Money and too Nationalize GAY HOMO MARRIAGE ; LEGALIZE GAY ADOPTION –

        Barry Soetoro aka Osama Barack Obama a cia communist
        zionist fascist muslim prostitute puppet prez

        Comes “Out of the Closet” finally as a Bi-Sexual Cross Dresser! For Political Support from homo gay lesbian community and $$$ Bribes campaign support money!!!

        To Bad 3 of his Ex Gay Lovers were Killed Assassinated in Chicago Ill by his Secret Handlers to hide his Gay Bath House Homosexual Orgy Parties from Voters!

        If this isn’t Ironic ; I don’t know what is!!!

      39. What, what, what??? Greeks are taking their money out of the bank?

        They should have done that months ago… like a tiny handful of Americans already have.

        Oh yeah…. Their media, like ours, probably reported that everything is looking up and there’s nothing to see here.

      40. Are many people in the United States, Canada, and most other countries even paying attention to what is happening over there? It doesn’t have to be an economic stock crash or other Wall Street that causes a similar, and probably more rapid situation to develop over here. Middle East war, EMP from the sun, San Andreas and/or New Madrid fault snaps, even the Cascadia fault, mass widespread terrorism especially using weapons of mass destruction, panademic, or so many others. It is horrible to be in a bank run, it is extremely horrible to be in a food run, and worst to be run over.

        Those that don’t prepare have to wake up. Yesterday was the time to start preparing, today is absolutely the day for people all over the country and the world to spend some of their luxary money on preparation insurance. Tomorrow might be too late. Someday, probably soon, it will be too late. 🙁

      41. It would seem that what we are seeing is a different version the planned “Great Depression”, which resulted in the largest transfer of wealth in history, at that time period. Which in turn led to people accepting a level of socialist control they otherwise would not have.

        It takes 15 years to Demoralize and Destabilize a society/people/civilization. TPTB have been working overtime for the last 50 yrs to program people to accept thier NWO. Then the next phaze is Crisis. Look around the world, and say TPTB are not working overtime to create Crisis…

        What is happening to Greece is all about the installation of the NWO. Sadly people are turning to the “Left”, right into the arms of the NWO crowd. It will likely happen here in America too, because people are so conditioned.

        • Hands down it would have to be guns and ammo.

          • Wrong reply above.


            Ummmmmm….. no. The whole NWO cabal is about to get their asses handed to them permanently. I’m hook, line, and sinker with the Drake interview. Mass arrests of bankster-politicians and a civilian led, military backed coup is about to take place here in the U.S. Sadly, hardly anyone here sees it coming or believes it is even possible. The ~300 some odd year reign of financial terror is about to come to a screeching halt, in the United States of all places. The NWO is actually circling the drain and about to be flushed for good. Why can’t anyone picture this? They are just evil, satanic men who happen to put their pants on one leg at a time, just like we do. They can be thrown in the slammer just like common criminals and they will be. Their bodyguards, false flags, and media circus won’t help them anymore when they are suddenly confronted en masse… staring down the barrels of the guns of civilian led police and federal marshalls… backed up by the U.S. military. The Constitution and the oath of service still means something to some people and it isn’t going to be easy, but it’d definitely going to be worth it.

            • drake is a dis-info agent works for / is a known friend of Illuminati bilderberg eugenicist david rockefeller and is a disinformation agent , works with the oriental triads who work with the illuminati. this goes back generations to times of the british monopoly on heroine. take what he says with a grain of salt – verify verify verify.

            • david rockefeller talks of eugenics death of populations

            • T.M.F.C. I have read in this thread and past ones regarding your belief of in an end to NWO types here. I read of your strong beliefs but nothing regarding where the strength and organization for such action will come from.

              As a 67 year old man who is preparing as best he can and reads all the alternate news, I see nothing which will bring about the events you speak of. Please enlighten me (us) more.


            • TooMany,

              I have to echo Mike. I’ve read the interview you spoke of, and while certainly hopeful, I’ll believe it when I see it.

            • TMFC:

              ” The ~300 some odd year reign of financial terror is about to come to a screeching halt, in the United States of all places. The NWO is actually circling the drain and about to be flushed for good”

              Are you reading the same news that I am? Where are you getting this? No disrespect intended but my interpretation of the situation could not be further from yours! If anything is screeching to a halt, it’s liberty!

              Can you explain the organization of the police/military groups that are going to send the NWO banksters off to jail?

      42. Labor: the New Gold Standard describes a national transition from euros/dollars to Hours as a trading unit, controlled and backed by the public directly to meet essential needs. Video:

      43. I am bothered by commodities prices falling. If they are falling because of a strenthening dollar, why then aren’t they all falling? Look at corn, live cattle and feeder cattle, now compare them to gold, silver and oil. Corn and cattle and almost all commodities are not reacting the way they should by a stronger dollar they are staying relatively steady while PM’s and oil are dropping.
        Now before everyone tells me they are manipulated, I think they are as well. But I am curious what the advantage is to whomever to drive the price of these in particular down. Is it simply greed?

        • Mike: Of course it is greed. Did you think it was gravity holding oil and gold back? Greed moves the world of the GB’s. It s ALL about the money.

          The NWO PTB GB’s are just positioning themselves for the upside, and a bigger profit margin by taking oil and gold down before the balloon in Iran goes up.

          Back up the truck and make a killing! (Excuse the pun.)

        • DK: Okay so it is a game but the game ceases to be enjoyable once you’ve beaten it, stacked the cards so far in your favor, or mastered it. It then just becomes a way of funding other projects.
          Does it not?

          • Mike not sure what you’re getting at. Can you explain it a bit more?

            Ever have a wife or girlfriend who LOVES to shop? Its addictive. Its a sickness. Without a spiritual base people lose their ground.

            Once you have mastered the game, or tilted the table in your favor so that the “house” always wins and wins big; then it becomes an exercise in power.

            What do you want to do? Life is plastic at this juncture. What do you want to stamp your image on?

            How do you want to be remembered?

      44. Maybe if the Banks would treat their customers better, the Customers wouldn’t feel the need to pull all their money out of the f,in banks.

        Buy Silver Coins !

        protect yourself, we all know the banks won’t.

      45. Daisy @ May 15, 2012 at 3:51 pm

        I’m with you when my S.S goes there…IF I receive it this fall.
        Can’t get in one visit though.

        • @JayJay ~

          Do you use online banking to pay your bills? If so, you can do that first, then take out the rest in cash.

          Also, visit your branch and see about adjusting your daily withdrawal limit. They will try to talk you out of it for “your own protection” but your funds are insured until things go south. I had to argue with them rather relentlessly but I was able to change my daily withdrawal limit from $500 to $1000.

          Now, if only I had a thousand a day to withdraw!!!

      46. Anyone venture an educated guess at what the time to effect is before we see the locks on the bank here? Does the run on Greek banks make you wanna go make a withdrawal?

        • If you can find someone who is willing to put a date on something that is not going to happen here, I will gladly cover the bet. 🙂

      47. If you live in Greece and haven’t gotten all your Euros out of the Greek financial system, you are going to be screwed when you wake up one morning very soon to find that your savings has been converted on a one euro for one drachma basis.
        And you should take those greek issued euro’s and get them changed to non-greek issued euro’s

      48. Why would the police be after people who are angry about not being able to withdraw their money? If the banks can’t pay YOUR money when YOU want to withdraw it, the bankers need to be IN JAIL.

        • The bankers are a protected species.

      49. Any thinking person will take the Wilcox-Drake interview seriously after hearing it. The rest of you can’t be helped. The thrust of the Drake interview starts at the 1 hour mark and is linked to start there below. Pour yourself a stiff drink, sit back, and listen. Anyone who has been in the military, police, or legal fields will have a leg up in understanding and appreciating what Drake has to say.

      50. Things/Persons I despise because they think they have you by the gonads: 99.9% of all Lawyers,99.8% of Doctors,and 99.99% of all banks. There are too many banks in our county of 65,000 pop. Fifteen different named banks and credit unions. I use a small community based bank that has free checking, only to make payments with and occasionally cash a check. My brother, a mountain-man hermit type has never had a checking/savings account in his life. He has perfect credit and can get any amount he wants from his bank because he owns $100k worth of property free and clear. If my bank closes; no problem, because Wal-Market will always cash a check for goods. Everyone else I make payments to are local and will accept cash. The day they stop accepting cash means TSHas HTFand that is the least of my worries.

      51. It has come clear to me that the whole banking system is now going out of control ever since that Trillon dollar law suit filed in New York against the Feberal Reserve. Sorry to say this but wake up and read the really news. Only today the UK Government have been told to sell the stocks with RBS and Lloyds bank at a loss. So what does that tell you.

        Watch this space, cause when it goes down it will goes down quick.

      52. About lower prices for PM’s… its not just us regular folks who care to prep who benefit. I believe the most important reason they are manipulated lower is so the BIG PLAYERS (read: uber-wealthy) and central banks can stock up on the best deals! Unbacked paper ETF PM sales are involved in downward pricing too, of course, but the big players know the PM values will grow as the dollar & euro eventually sink. We all agree this is where the incentive to own is, large & small among us.

        I believe the big players are trying to make a hard effort to gather in as much as possible while they can at this already late time. This may be indicating they expect the prices to rise soon, and that we are actually getting closer to the day of reckoning, than it may appear at the moment. PM prices are manipulated lower so the manipulators may benefit first, have no doubt about who benefits the most.

        It is hard for me to understand why the Greek people would leave so much money in their banks until the last minute. There must literally be thousands of things that will help them in their future troubles more than an unstable fiat currency left in the hands of corporate bankers. Are they still trusting their politicians too? Is this possibly spare resources?

        I just cant relate. How much imagination does it take to find a good use for a valuable resource, when their world is obviously falling apart around them with the biggest storm of their lives on the horizon? Seriously, please tell me. Can they not find some wise places to put it, or investments to make for their own or families futures?? I am including food, goods and services, and not just PM’s. Does the old savings for a rainy day idea STILL work for many of them? There seems to be a lot of money that has nowhere to profit the owners of it, during a real Greek tragedy!

        May God bless them, as we will probably do the same thing here, because we are no better than they. Please bless and feed your sheep everywhere, Heavenly Father, for we obviously really, really need your help!

      53. Greeks Rush the Banks; Lines Form at ATMs; Nearly $1 Billion Withdrawn in Past Week

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