GREATEST THREAT TO THE ECONOMY: Harry Dent Reveals Cause Of Coming Depression!

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    This article was contributed by The Wealth Research Group. 

    A market gripped in the throes of the “everything bubble” and hooked on debt like a heroin addict: it’s not a pretty picture and you won’t find any of the corporate-owned media gurus talking about it. For the real story, you’ve got to avoid the purveyors of fake news and look to a market grandmaster like Harry Dent, which Wealth Research INTERVIEWED just a couple of days ago.

    Here’s the FIRST bombshell he laid on: according to Harry Dent, in past generations, it was the economy that kept the stock market going, but today it’s the complete opposite – the financial bubble is the only thing that’s keeping the economy afloat. This is happening even though demographic trends in all developed nations have been down since 2007.

    Debt levels are higher than ever, not only in seemingly wealthy nations but also in developing markets, which are the most likely to default on their debts. The U.S. and China are also guilty as their sovereign and corporate debt levels mount while stock market index funds continue to march higher.

    We’re seeing a repeat of the events that preceded the 2008 market collapse, and at this point, we’re just waiting for a catalyst to start the domino effect. In 2008 it was the subprime loans starting to default that started the destructive chain reaction. Today, with a massive asset bubble, slowing demographics, and a debt-ridden global economy, it won’t take much to trigger a crash.

    In light of this, the outlook is bleak: Mr. Dent sees a depression ahead because today’s bubbles are much bigger now – and a bigger bubble means a bigger burst. According to Harry Dent, the most likely trigger will be corporate debt defaults, especially in the world’s emerging markets.

    Even if that’s not the exact trigger, the collapse is inevitable because of just how extreme the bubble is now. It’s been stretched by endless central bank money printing – far beyond the financial crisis of 2008. The greatest financial threat, therefore, is the debt-fueled bubble, and it won’t take much to burst it.

    What will the collapse look like? According to Harry Dent, an estimated $60 trillion in financial assets in the U.S. will disappear and not come back for decades. Globally, the estimate is $120 to $150 trillion completely destroyed: that’s twice the global GDP and three times the U.S. GDP.

    And while governments and central banks will claim that the debt- and consumer-driven economy is thriving, Harry Dent has a dose of reality for us: only the wealthiest among us are still spending healthily, while everyday people haven’t been spending strongly since the Great Recession because they never benefited from the so-called post-2008 “recovery.”

    Remember, the vast majority of hard-working Americans didn’t own stocks or real estate during the past 10 years so they didn’t enjoy the spoils of this gigantic asset bubble. If you’re not positioned properly – for instance, if you’re all-in on S&P and NASDAQ stocks and don’t own any precious metals or mining shares – you risk being exposed when the final reckoning comes.

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      1. Harry Dent is a dope. He said gold price would crash – he’s a tool.

        • Dent is never right about anything.

      2. So what is the timeline for this crash? I have been reading/ hearing about financial crashes for decades. Some of these writers are dead and buried.

      3. Nobody knows what will happen or when. I’m surprised the market has held up as long as it has. The market will always fool the majority. We are in for some interesting times ahead.

      4. Here’s what will happen to most of the preppers. They will die with all their preparations unused.

        An eighty year old lady recently died and her relations found rooms full of buckets and pallets of Augason(sp) food. She had stocks of TP and water purifying gear and tablets among other preps.

        Her relatives put it on Ebay. They had to reduce most of it down to 15% of face value in order to get rid of it.

        Moral of the story: Don’t buy GMO salty buckets of crap. Your kin don’t want any of it. Instead, learn how to grow and preserve your own grub. And if you’re eighty years old? No sense in stocking much up at all. You ain’t got enough time left to worry about it. Enjoy what time you do have left and don’t let these scammers sell you garbage in buckets.

        • Well her relatives were very stupid to have sold it on Ebay. They will wish they had it in the very near future. You are stupid to go alone with it too. It wasnt stupid for the old lady to do it either because she wouldnt have starved to death eventhough she was 80 or rely on anyone.

      5. I agree: enjoy your time on this earth, as my father would say, “get laid, get paid”.

        The thing Dent etc never mention is this: mass surveillance means the system via thousands of companies in Washington DC etc knows when things start to happen and then course corrects the economy to respond. They have been doing this for decades but now the tech gets much better every six months.

        They also have long-range plans and we are on a timetable to meet them. They don’t care who gets smoked along the way as long as the macro stays the course. In fact, we are now ahead of schedule with China going he’ll for leather into the New World Order.

        Last time I was in China I walked down a street where all the banking institutions have their offices. Literally for as far as the eye could see cookie cutter Uber modern glass office buildings contained the staff and computers for dealing in debt. It is on a scale none of us can grasp. They take American pension funds, rinse them through the Chinese banking system and then spit the money out to build empty cities and shopping malls, fund enormous Chinese ‘unicorns’ Ali Baba, Ten Cent etc and build infrastructure around the world. Dent doesn’t know what he is talking about.

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