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    This article has been generously contributed by Holly Deyo. 

    Holly Drennan Deyo is the author of three books: bestseller Dare To Prepare (4th ed.), Prudent Places USA (3rd ed.) and Garden Gold (2nd ed.)Please visit she and her husband’s website: and their FREE Preparedness site:

    Stan and I are Second Amendment proponents. Full stop. If people choose not to avail themselves of this right and find themselves in bloody knot, then likely they’ll have a “gun toting” neighbor to thank for help. Due to financial and staff cutbacks plus increasing calls for assistance, police take too long to respond. It’s up to civilians to protect their own.

    A couple of months ago much to our shock, a “Stan fan” showed up on our doorstep, unannounced, uninvited at 9 p.m. on a Friday night. This was weird and unnerving especially in light of recent home invasions in neighboring Colorado Springs.

    The only defense between these two unknown men and me was a newly installed secured storm door – and a firearm in Stan’s hands. Peering through the door’s wrought iron, they were clearly no one we knew. Behind my back I frantically motioned to Stan to come to the door to see what they wanted. The younger person, a clean-cut, handsome and well-built blonde man said he’d come to help Stan with his research. (Really? Seriously? Don’t know you from a bar of soap and you come here at night?)

    After a short interchange, Stan walked outside to talk with them and found that this man hailed from Dallas and he’d gotten a wild hair – with no money whatsoever – to board a bus and land on our doorstep. They weren’t leaving so I called the police. Two hours later, all 4 were still in our driveway with cops unsure how to proceed since the man had no $$. They didn’t know where to take him. The second man, we later discovered, was his taxi driver.


    More frequently in local news, we hear of forced break-ins and home invasions. Make no mistake, if someone chooses to do this in our home, I’ll have zero qualms about dropping them should they try to harm family – that includes 4-legged members. Ditto for Stan. Intruders obviously aren’t the Welcome Wagon so if they barge in intending harm, continuing without retreat despite fair warnings… hmmm well, women have pretty good aim. They didn’t have any business or right breaking in in the first place.

    Things are entirely too crazy these days and when the expected soon-to-occur economic implosion hits, panic, fear, chaos, anger, frustration and blowback will surface against those who appear to “have” what they do not. Of all impending scenarios, an economic breakdown will have the most wide-ranging, the most impactful and hurtful consequences in the shortest amount of time. Remember during the Great Depression all the people who took swan dives when suddenly their financial portfolio registered “0”. Because we are a global economy – for the present – multiply that scenario around the world and throughout the U.S. People will be shocked, devastated – and angry. Very angry.

    We saw this brink-poised implosion coming for years now and opted out of the stock market more than a decade ago. It doesn’t make people as much money, but as the saying goes, some of something is better than all of nothing. We aren’t stock brokers or financial advisors, but encourage you to take those funds and invest them in hard goods – things you can eat or use when everything is in the dumper.


    While having some precious metals is a good interim hedge, you can’t eat them, wear them, drink them or use them as medicines or shelter. The most often overlooked problem of precious metals is how do you know what you’re holding is real? When it gets down to bare minimums, pretty as gold is, it won’t save your life or fill your belly. It will be just another hunk of metal. Further, if the Internet goes down, let alone other communication services, how would you sell it? People often make the mistake thinking that when things go south, life will still function normally. Full implications of “normalcy down” haven’t penetrated. That is reality disconnect.

    In the mid- to late 1800s, people bit gold coins and if it left a tooth impression, they were pretty much assured the metal was real. That’s not the case today. Clever people drill out gold bars, keep the precious metal and fill them with tungsten knocking down their value by 75% while socking innocent buyers for the full amount. OR, they simplyplate tungsten bars with a thin layer of gold. Unless you have assay equipment at your fingertips, how would you know? How could you check?


    Firearms will be worth their weight in gold and then some. When the SHTF, people who have stockpiled goods for their households yet have no self-defense are most at risk. You might as well lie down and die because you will be dead shortly and so will your family without protection. When things get desperate, people act crazy. Cops will be overloaded with calls and you likely won’t be on the top of the heap. This isn’t NEOCON rhetoric or right-wing, cling-to-your-Bible mania (thank you Obama for that little quip-ism). It is fact. It is survival.

    Photo: Eyewitness Jacob Stevens, 18, hugs his mother Tammi Stevens after being interview by police outside Gateway High School where witnesses were brought for questioning Friday, July 20, 2012 in Aurora, Colo. A gunman wearing a gas mask set off an unknown gas and fired into the crowded movie theater killing 12 people and injuring at least 58 others, authorities said. (The Denver Post, RJ Sangosti)


    While residing in Perth, Stan and I lived through this exact same massacre scenario most recently replayed in Aurora, Colorado. In 1996, this nightmare hit Hobart, Australia. Like nothing else, it should prod every Unisom-induced slumber-loving American wide awake, with ears on fire.

    On April 28, 1996, 28-year-old Martin Bryant, shot and killed 35 people and injured another 21, most at an outdoor cafe in Tasmania. Geographically, Tasmania is an island state directly south of Victoria about 380 miles over water or 1 hour 15 minutes by air.

    Here’s what happened:

    “Just north of the township Bryant entered the home of a local couple he knew. Inside, he shot and killed them both. He then drove to and ate a meal on the deck of the Broad Arrow Café. He re-entered the café, which was crowded with lunchtime customers, took a rifle from his bag and began shooting. In the first 90 seconds, 20 people died and 12 were injured.

    “The man then moved into the adjacent car park, where he shot and killed 4 more people and wounded a number of others.

    “After shooting indiscriminately at people in the grounds of around Port Arthur, he got into his car and drove up the former main entrance road to the original toll booth. In this area, 7 more people were killed in 2 separate incidents, during which he stole a victim’s car and abandoned his own.

    “The man then drove north. Outside the General Store he killed 1 person and took another hostage. He drove back to the house where the first killings had taken place, firing random shots at vehicles along the route and injuring a number of people.

    “At the house, Bryant set fire to the stolen car, then took his hostage inside. Through the afternoon and night, shots were fired at police officers on the scene. At some point during this time, Bryant killed the hostage. In the morning, he set fire to the house and was captured by police as he fled from the burning building.

    “After initially pleading “Not Guilty” to all 72 charges, some days later Martin Bryant changed his plea to “Guilty” to all charges. He was therefore sentenced to life imprisonment with no eligibility for parole on all 72 charges, including 35 charges of murder. State and Federal Governments passed new gun control laws that are among the strictest in the world. 1

    Like the Aurora Colorado shooter, Martin Bryant was lonely and isolated, and frequently bullied. He, also, did not state a motive. To date, no one knows what went on in the Aurora shooter’s mind or in Bryant’s.

    As horrid and devastating as this event was, and I’ve presented it as real as possible so you don’t think it’s being glossed over, do not confuse a single incident with how normally sane people behave. This was a one-off circumstance. When gun control and gun confiscation go into effect, it is forever. The taking of lives, as abhorrent and evil-inspired as it is, is but a brief moment in time. Your right of self-protection, though, if relinquished in a rash of conscience/fear/guilt is forever banished. It’s like taxes and abandonment of freedom, once in place, you’ll never see relief or personal rights reestablished.


    Within 6 MONTHS – nearly to the day – the Australian government pushed through the gun buyback plan (doesn’t that sound so much nicer than gun confiscation? – same difference as it was mandatory, except for money exchange), which took effect Sept. 30 in that same year. Citizens, faced with the horror of this massacre, were more than acquiescent and handed over their weapons like zombie-robots. People even turned in collectors’ firearms that had been in families for decades. One neighbor down our dirt farm road did just that even though his guns were probably exempt. If Stan and I had had weapons, we’d have told them to go pound sand.

    Still the penny didn’t drop. Mind boggling. Australians were set up, conditioned, disarmed and now – vulnerable. God help them when the Indonesians invade.

    Stan and I stood with mouths agape chewing over the shortsightedness of Aussies. These good-hearted souls didn’t consider that the “bad guys” would still have weapons. It just looked safer to them, the right thing to do.

    Australians were some of the first can-do people beginning as a penal colony in the late 1700s so they had to “do it” for themselves or else. They were social outcasts and left to die or survive by the Brits with nothing but their ingenuity and clothes on their backs. They were the original independents and of the “screw you government” mentality. England had dumped them on vacant land about the size of CONUS and they had no one but themselves to depend on. Sink or sail, they survived and thrived. Now they are a part of the socialist “give-me” programs like many Americans. What the heck happened? If you think this is far-fetched, look what is happening in America. It is happening here, now! Wake up!

    As I commented on a story linked on our site Friday, some nutty Chinese guy killed 9 people with a knife. When there’s a will, they’ll find a way. Removing guns does nothing except aid the perpetrator as he/she will find the means. You, the law abiding citizen, will not.


    Gun stats cited by many over the last decade are likely those from a World Net Daily article. At the time, when we still lived in Perth, those stats were mined exactly 1 year after the Port Arthur incident, 1997, by their equivalent to the NRA, Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia. It is not recent data. Some of these stats applied specifically to Victoria, not the entire country. Others did. That said, it does NOT negate their importance or implication. When guns were recalled / confiscated in Australia, violent crime shot up in Victoria and throughout the country. You can see these 1997 numbers here.

    As we were members of the SSAA, I still have the original document showing those firearm stats. Despite Australia’s best efforts, look how crime skyrocketed in subsequent years. Australia managed the buyback at a cost of nearly $500M – and for what? The exception is homicide, which even after the buyback in 1996, continued to climb and hover at elevated numbers through 2003. How does the government explain that?


    From a woman’s and secondarily a man’s point of view, does it matter whether you’re raped or assaulted at gun or knife point? Hardly. If someone slams you overhead with a boulder, jabs you with an AIDS-infested needle or slashes you with a boning knife, you still end up just as dead. The best defense a firearm gives a would-be victim is the advantage of distance. Even the best pepper spray still puts an attacker within 10 feet and in that short a distance, they can be on you in a heartbeat. Often just fixing that little red dot on a possible assailant is enough to send them running. So thank-you, I’ll keep my gun.


    Take the proved-position of a good defense is a good offense or MAD – mutual assured destruction – you kill me, I’ll kill you. 50-50 odds are a better bet than 100 to nothing. That will be the case when weapons are taken away from citizens. We’d have little defense against intruders and assaults. There will be no defense against a military, ours or foreign, being conditioned to take arms from and turn against civilians, those who are not Oathkeepers and believe government’s lie and mind control. Who in their right mind would ever fire on unarmed fellow Americans?

    If you don’t think the United Nations doesn’t have their big fat toe in this, think again. They did in Australia, just as they’re trying to do with the Global Gun Ban Treaty waiting for a second attempt in a year-end vote in America. It’s yet another case of what politicians say, vs. what they mean. UN Global disarmament is a long-range plan and they are patient like Islamists waiting, waiting to achieve their objective.

    The UN Gun Ban Treaty was narrowly defeated ‘when a bipartisan group of 51 Senators signed a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton opposing any treaty that infringes on our rights. The letter stated:

    ‘As the treaty process continues, we strongly encourage your administration not only to uphold our country’s constitutional protections of civilian firearms ownership, but to ensure–if necessary, by breaking consensus at the July conference–that the treaty will explicitly recognize the legitimacy of lawful activities associated with firearms, including but not limited to the right of self-defense. As members of the United States Senate, we will oppose the ratification of any Arms Trade Treaty that falls short of this standard.’ “2

    Just 130 of the 435 House members strongly opposed this UN arms ban. All it needs is another tragedy or two and the next likely vote, conveniently after elections, may push it through. If Obama is re-elected, kiss your 2nd Amendment rights goodbye as well as many others. With Romney, there is much less chance of passage. Weigh that as carefully as the jobs issue when at the ballot box.


    Could it be too convenient that someone shot 6 people dead at a Sikh temple yesterday in Oak Creek, Wis.? The perpetrator, 40-year-old Wade Michael Page and Army veteran is possibly a “white supremacist” based on tattoos. Officials quickly labeled the act “domestic terrorism”, which clamps down on information published. Control the information, direct the spin. David Rockefeller jabbed his finger squarely on it stating, “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

    Quoting the SSAA, “79% of gun deaths are not caused by another person – they are self-inflicted.”3 Gun removal has less to do with crime, but is all about control and making people vulnerable.

    Don’t buy into it, not for a second! Lose your rights, lose your life.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Holly Drennan Deyo is the author of three books: bestseller Dare To Prepare (4th ed.)Prudent Places USA (3rd ed.) and Garden Gold (2nd ed.)Please visit she and her husband’s website: and their FREE Preparedness site:

    1 A Brief Outline Of Events, Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority, 28 April 1996,

    2 NRA Stops U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

    3 SSAA ACT facts on firearms and suicide,

    © Holly Deyo, 2012,


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      1. It’s not just that cops will be too busy to help you, cops will be the problem as they will want your stuff for the “common good” which means their bosses and families. When the SHTF cops are just another gang.

        • Thank you Holly Deyo and your husband Stan for all that you do to help support freedom of those that still cherish it. Thank you for all the get out the information on everything we need to know and don’t hear in the media. I visit your site everyday and appreciate that it is still up and running. Never know when those will attempt to bring it down as well as this site. I use to really enjoy how Stan use to look at the Navy temperature charts to try to predict earth movements, until the navy stopped letting the public have access to it. I use to listen to Art Bell and always enjoyed when Stan was on the show.

          You have done so much in trying to get people ready and prepared for what is coming. I just wish more than 1% of the population was attempting to get ready. It is so sad how people have taken the approach of that commercial in which those cleaning experts say, just like it never even happened”. In other words the masses assume that every situation is totally recoverable, and you just have to let the “experts” fix whatever problems were brought on by a disaster. Rely on the government to save everybody, oh brother! I can remember when people would store up at least a full pantry of food, but now??????? It must be very frustrating to see all those that have become total fools about preparing, YET rewarding to see all those that are taking heed and preparing the best they can.

          These anti-self defense characters not only want to take away all firearms, even from the police (as it was a gun from the police that saved many others from dying), but they want to take away ANY and ALL self defense. I just cannot believe how many states outlaw stun devices; stun guns, stun batons, TASERS. How many of these idiots have never heard of being ripped apart by a vicous dog. as most cities have feral animals all over the place, many with rabies. They want to take away pepper spray because it MIGHT be used to commit a crime. These simpletons don’t take into account how many times pepper spray and stun devices have saved people, hundreds of times over it ever being used for a crime. Yet just look at these whacked out states that make it illegal to carry stun devices and make it difficult to get a licence to carry pepper spray.

          It is horrible how the masses have become so against self defense of any sort. Yet you put one of these pacifist into a situation in which their life is in danger, almost every last one of them would reach for that “evil” gun that they hate so much and use it to bring down the threat. The masses reek of hypocrisy.

          I of course blame those in control, but I also blame the majority of these individuals that support this garbage. In my state anyone that would even think about trying to ban firearms and other self defense devices like these eastern states would get BOUNCED out so quickly it would be amazing. Talk about run out of town on a rail. These states are full of these characters that fully support getting rid of freedom, starting right with the freedom to be able to defend yourself.

          I become so upset when I see this because it empowers the criminals, and gives nothing to the victim. These imbeciles would have an elderly person try to defend themselves against a vicous 125 pound Rottweiler with a rolled up newspaper rather than allow the elderly person to even carry a stun baton. I truly blame the masses for allowing victims to become victims because they cannot defend themselves. It is allowing evil to run wild and do nothing to stop it, if anything it is helping the evil.

          I have seen these air heads, because there is never there, actually say that even your own home has to be made safe for everyone, even a criminal. The second the criminal attacks someone or breaks into someone’s home they have made a choice to forfeit those rights. The person has a right to defend themselves. Yet there are countless quarter wits, not even half wits, that would rather give more rights to the “poor” criminal than the victim.

          Then as is so often brought up, the government wants people as defenseless as possible. Just like how they will cut off parts of livestock to made them less dangerous to handle, the governments want to cut off people’s self defense so they are easier to herd up and control. The governments also wants to further make people less dangerous by OTHER methods of control, like how they put a nose-ring into bulls and cows.

          Again splendid article, and thank you for your web site devoted to preparedness and getting out what we need to know. 🙂

          • If Obama is reelected, there will be no need for any pretense. Fully instituting his agenda will be the focus.

            Obama: We’re working on gun control “under the radar”

            “Administration officials said talk of executive orders or agency action are among a host of options that President Barack Obama and his advisers are considering.”


            • They can’t have my gun under or over the radar.

              That’s final and non reviewable by the corp.

            • If he is re-elected it will be all-out war. No doubt about it. Better buy some extra skivvies boys and girls. Thats one thing I believe we will regret not taking care of.


        • Thats why it is important to move (if possible) someplace rural where the cops are more down to earth and realize that following a confiscation order would mean their demise. I’ve talked to a couple cops in my locale and asked them what they’d do if something like a forced confiscation were ordered. They answered that there was no way that it could be done and they wouldn’t participate b/c they know they would likely not live through it. Maybe 9 out of 10 people would comply or even 19 out of 20 lets say, but its that one that can make things costly for those who would rob us of our rights. I’m sure that TPTB wouldn’t care one iota how many Leos it cost but most of the cops i’ve been around are decent folks and care more about thier families and thier own well being than to follow a blanket order like that. I know there are those cops that are arrogant jerkoffs that would get off on something like this but i have a feeling they would have a short lifespan in that situation.

          • In the San Francisco Bay Area, the east bay police departments discussed Firearm Confiscation with their line Officers. To the man, they refused to do it. They knew that if they attempted to take guns unlawfully, it would be their last day on earth.

            While we Californians are the subject of ridicule due to our Liberal Politicians, we have an exceptionally armed citizenry. that has always been the case here in CA!

        • Heretic, you’re right. The cops will be just another gang and rouge at that.

          Mac, thanks for this article. I had quoted previously that I couldn’t remember the source for the Aussie increase in crime. You did it for me, thanks.

          Now for all of us here. Are each of us willing to defend our constitution and rights to bear arms? Because that trully will be the issue and judges/courts won’t be on our side. I am not only willing but prepared, also I’m on the domestic terror list.
          Stay in His grace.

          • You too!! They haven’t let me get on a flight in six years. I love my country. God bless the USA!!!

            • knotjammin 2 how did you get on a non flight list? was it a unpaid thing or how did that happen, really would like to know the truth how that happened to you. was it said something you said or did? im curious. clint is not my real name and believe me im not a wimp or and not a internet toughguy but if they attack my site they will lose more lives even with their lastest and greatest tacticts that I would like to share on here with you and would like to hear yours as well. the onlything keeping me from going rouge is my mom and dad who are good people and dont want to bring shame to them, but if its weapons outlawed its on!!!!!! YOu got .338 FN rifles FBI and so do I. you have p90 so do I. I have the same toys and armor you have so will be fun if you push this you corrupt bastards.

          • Never appear before a “judge” in a corporate “court”.

            The Peoples business will need to be handled in a public setting, not a corrupt and private venue where you have no voice.

            At least in the public setting your gun can be heard, and it will be respected by the politicians.

        • We saw that cops are a criminal gang here in New Orleans as it was the cops raping and looting the stores here and raping women as well

          • Bearclaw,you forgot about the five thousand or so dead that were brough into the morge “shot in the head at close range” by foreign military and police,ALL under the save new orleans at all cost from the bad guys…….THE POLICE AND MILITARY were the bad guys ,but the news media “CLAIMED THERE SHOOTING AT THE GOOD GUYS” when in truth the people were trying to save there own lives,THE SO CALLED “GOOD GUYS” WERE EXCUTING thousands of citizans DAILY,AND RAPING WOMEN AT WILL,so fuck all you good guys,try raping and killing america a second time, the truth is out on you “good guys” NOW,it won’t be so easy this time………

            • Arizona, where did you get that stat? The 5,000 shot in the head.

            • Prove it.

        • Just a reminder, guns will only be taken from you if you willingly give them up. I decided this is a non issue for myself. Decide for yourself as well, or have it decided for you. The PTB dont make choices for me, and you can decide the same if you want. Once again I will state, that if you let a piece of paper determine your destiny, you are but a piece of paper, nothing more. Please realize the worlds true potential in people governing themselves so that we can put this nightmare of government to rest. Dont vote, dont pay taxes, it has never paid off for anyones best interest at any time in history, and will be no different this time. Please wake up, grow up and put away these childish games of paper, or become just as obsolete.

          • Peter has been enlightened and unplugged from the corp.

            Follow him…

        • Im a deputy in a rural county in va. and there is no way we will be TAKING weapons or any thing else from the people of this county for the “common good”. iv got every thin i need i dont need your.

          • Bryan, what would you call someone working for a criminal gang? Please be an ally to humanity and freedom by quitting your post. The worlds population will never move forward with the outdated system in place, the ones at the bottom of the rung are the ones that count, not the few at the top.

            • pp you are wrong, we need MORE people like byran on the force – NOT LESS…If Constitution loving people leave law enforcement they will be replaced with political hacks who will do the corp bidding.

              WAKE Up – Most in Law Enforcement love the Constitution and are sworn to defend it with their loves. You should cultivate like minded people in law enforcement to protect and defend the Constitution & People against the tyrants. The same is true for our military, 75% of which I believe will be on our side and won’t stand with the pols…

            • @77

              The constitution has brought you this far, has it not, it has protected you from tyrants, no? The constitution will save no one, and oaths sworn to uphold it have all been discraced with in-action. Where are the Oath keepers to keep their Oath, I see no one clearing the white house, or congress, or any other branch. They mean well, just dont do well.

            • Your a fuckin Communist .

          • What about the common man’s property for non payment of property “rent” tax? Will you be taking that?

          • DEPUTY BRYAN,HAVE ALL YOUR PEOPLE READ THE “DICK LAW” OF 1902,it will make it quite clear,what you can and can’t do……..

        • That truckload of weapons being trashed makes me want to puke!!

          I really had no idea the Aussies rolled over so easy. Lesson learned.
          Crocidile Dundee is gone, oh the shame.

          • AFTER centures of hard work,only a few guys in aussyland weren’t cowards,the rest just rolled over and said put it here……….and their women are….hahaha……

          • They killed the real Crocodile Dundee because he wouldn’t give up his guns. It was cold blooded murder.

          • isn’t socialism wonderful.

        • Heretic. I know many Police officers. I would kill for them. They are good, country loving men and women. But I digress, I don’t know them all and I see the evil, criminal element within the ranks and I know you are correct in your statement.

        • hell, the cops are just another gang now!

        • Dare to Prepare—- FOURTH EDITION!!….

          another one profiting off FEAR….

          Money will be no good, but they want YOURS.

          • they don’t want your money,they want your “CHILDREN” read between the lines,they got to get your money and guns first,THATS when you will see what they really wanted………..

        • Couldn’t agree more! Look at the rampart division LAPD, NY Precincts and various other badged criminals. The reason they are never caught is because this is the biggest organized crime unit in the US.


      2. Gun control is being able to hit your target…

        • “If Obama is re-elected, kiss your 2nd Amendment rights goodbye as well as many others.”

          Michelle Obama’s warning to gun owners
          “We stand at a fundamental crossroads for our country… we’re going to make a choice that will impact our lives for decades to come … let’s not forget what it meant when my husband appointed those two brilliant Supreme Court justices … let’s not forget the impact that their decisions will have on our lives for decades to come.”

          “Currently, the Second Amendment clings to a 5-4 pro-freedom majority on the Supreme Court. Just ONE vote is all that stands between the America our Founding Fathers established and a radically different America that Barack Obama and his supporters envision.”


            • ”’“Currently, the Second Amendment clings to a 5-4 pro-freedom majority on the Supreme Court. Just ONE vote is all that stands between the America our Founding Fathers established and a radically different America that Barack Obama and his supporters envision.””’

              Michelle Obama did not say that. Your quote is misleading, but I appreciate all of the things you post up here for us.

              The quote is true, it just came from the writer of the article and not the devils spawn quoted first.

          • @ KY MOM: No matter what the R word is here, sooner than later. The Supreme’s are on TPTB pay roll it dosen’t matter to them one way or another.
            PS: I like your posts

            • copperhead,

              Thank you! I have learned so much much from this site – the articles and the the comments too.

              Your last line is a good reminder. 🙂

              Keep praying and prepping!
              KY Mom

          • Supreme Court is nothing more than Obummers groupies supporting and kissing his ass to more glorification. All the people who thumbs you down are Obummer supporters who will be first in line to bend over for some of the Obummer RFD chip insertion.

          • Correct me if I’m wrong but SCOTUS judges serve for life, so to get them out of office………….Things that make you say hmmmmmm.


          interesting example of foreshadowing here
          guns kill people.
          violence breeds more violence.

          if we dont end gun violence, gun violence will end us.

          GUN-FREE in 2012!!!

          • “violence breeds more violence.” Your quote.

            I see your point…, this why the Americans , Japanese and Germans are competing side by side in the Olympics. They all are putting up one hell of a fight., such the violence.., please, some one stop the violence !!! 😉

            • i would like to refer you to the 1936 olympics.
              everyone played nice with hitler because he was a dangerous tyrant.
              appeasement led to peace…temporarily.
              your “point” is not valid or relevant.

            • So…, Peace breeds Violence ? I think I am catching on to your theory…hmmmmmmm. nope., sorry.

              The Americans and Brits haven’t fought with each other for many, many years and we came to your aid an assistance in WW2.
              So., violence, understanding, then later breeds friendship between two great nations.

              If the Germans are still bombing England let me know..,we will come to help you out. 🙂

            • Hitler was a very popular man in 1936. Time magazines man of the year twice.

          • Are you naturally Stupid; or do you really work at it? Seriously.

            • are you naturally violent and discriminatory?
              yes, because you are an american brute that is barely capable of intelligent debate.
              enjoy the fall of the american empire!

            • DAVE just look at the BRITISH past,these guys are stone cold killers and always have been,don’t let their yell “peace,peace” fool you,the IRISH know these guys real well,we delt them for hundreds of years……

            • @ Angry British Guy

              Are you talking about the same America Empire that saved you the right to voice your opinion? I don’t believe Hitler would have been so kind. 🙂

          • British Guy, when you come up with a way to stop government violence against citizens, let us know. Until then, we will keep our arms so that government violence is kept in check.

            • If the american people put their guns away, perhaps the american government would follow suit.
              your government is “by the people…for the people…” right?
              gun toting americans form a gun toting american government

          • ABG: If you are an example of British manhood, it is easy to see why the sun has set on the British Empire.

            Lock and load America!

            • Right DK…seems the “ladies”from Britland have more sense than some of the fellers….no wonder theyve lost most everything…sheesh!

            • Just another wanker.

          • @ Angry British Guy. When a criminal attacks you on the street or better yet a vicous big dog, does your government allow you to defend yourself with anything considered a weapon? Are you allowed to carry anything to avoid the big dog biting you in the bum? I know that guns are evil over there, but are you allowed to carry anything non-lethal to defend yourself?

            I can just imagine the brave English that fought against the Nazis in WW2 and the Germans in WW1 rolling over in their graves over the peaceniks that the government has turned a rich British heritage into the present state. I have read on other blogs how the citizens are absolutely terrified to take anything that could be viewed as a weapon with them in fear of being arresting for it. NEWS FLASH: someone that is much, much bigger than someone does not need a weapon to severely injury someone or kill them. The victim though without a weapon stands little chance of surviving such an attack.

            I have said this before, unless someone has a means of self defense against a much tougher opponent, they are going to be a victim. You misnomer about violence breeds violence absolutely does not hold true to the feral dog or other animals that could rip someone apart, the animal does not know any difference other than to attack someone for whatever reason. Someone without some means of defending themselves against a rabid dog is going to get bit and have to go through the rabies series or have severe bodily injuries. This is a fact.

            The rapist that stands 2 meters tall, about 6 foot 6 inches weighs 120 kilograms or about 265 pounds against a young lady that is about 1 and 1/2 meters tall or about 5 foot and weighs 45 kilograms or about 100 pounds will stand no chance against this monster unless she has some weapon. What you say is to empower the criminal and give the crimimal the advantage against the weak and helpless.

            ANY government that would allow some elderly person or smaller person face down such threats without allowing them to carry some form of defense are pure EVIL and they are part of that evil and part of the suffering. ANY government that would take away helpless people’s self defense are exactly like what those brave English people 65 years ago fought against, NAZI like tyranny. I ask again, does your government even allow someone ANY self defense where you live. Or do you have to defend yourself against a vicous dog with a rolled up edition of the London Times newspaper. Are you even allowed to defend yourself with your umbrella, or is that a weapon also?

            • your comment is too long. im not going to read it. based on your comment ratings (or lack thereof) no one else is willing to read it either.
              congratulations, you wasted a great deal of time in the same way that you waste everyone elses water, air, and energy.

            • @ Angry British Guy. Short and sweet for someone that is totally unwilling to even consider what is said. You empower criminals and the evil energy of the universe with whom many religions call the devil, Satan, Lucifer, many more names. You would rather have you idealism of taking away all self defense than protect the elderly and weak.

              Of course you read what I wrote and it hit a nerve to any righteousness that you have left in your soul. You know what I say is right. If Benny Hill was alive today he would make the most laughable humour of the absurdity at which the government has done to the English people and given the common criminal and evil free range to do what they want and please. 🙁

            • @ Angry British Guy. Hypothetical question: If your mother, wife, daughter, someone you care about was going to be ripped apart by an escaped Burmese Tiger and there was a loaded gun at your feet would you use it to save the one you love?

              This is a loaded question because if you say you would you are a flaming hypocritical bloat that is full of crap. If you say you would not then you value your pride and idealism more than human life and your family and you are full of crap.

              I just guess those that are anti-self defense of the weak and frail and other human life, and rather have a criminal or a wild animal rip them apart are full of crap. Yeah, full of crap with no intelligent comeback because there is none in any sane universe.

            • @Be informed, excellent. AGB is ignorant and is an agitator. His queen and her banker are the ones responsible for this nightmare we all are in. No amount of logic will get through any of these fools. To all others, get prepared and buy a gun to protect yourselves. No one else will do it; certainly not the “government”.

            • @ phdinlogic. There really is no defense to the anti-self defense gang of idiots. They become so radicalized that they start to believe their own gibberish. I have seen these characters back in california and they become the grandest of hypocrites when actually faced with a situation in which they either gulp down their pride and eat crow and use a weapon to defend themselves or someone else or allow themselves or someone dear to them fall to a criminal or a dangerous animal.

              The old adage that so many of these left wing nut jobs fail to live by is “until you lived in another man’s shoes and walked in them, don’t judge the individual”. Until these imbeciles actually experience becoming a victim or a dear someone close to them is a victim, don’t support taking away “potential” victims’ rights to defend themselves.

              To tell you the truth I do realize that no amount of logic can get through to a mind such as this that has banished all reason and sound common sense from their spirit. I personally just like to champion the right to defend yourself for everyone, even those too stupid to accept freedom. When I see such ignorance against what is right and fair for the innocent, weak, frail, helpless, and evereyone else, I like to make individuals like this look like the total rotten illogical and unfair characters that they are. This is what makes them go away and hide and suck their thumbs in a curled up position, good old fashioned horse sense. Also to show their true colours that they are HELPING evil and what is so wrong to hurt and destroy so many lives that become innocent victims of criminal scum.

              The more we can show why self defense is the right of every last person, the more people that are still undecided are going to say that makes sense, I don’t want to be a victim of crime because some nut case wants to take away what I need to defend myself against a much tougher attacker. The more people that understand just how terrible the left wing take away people’s self defense so criminals can thrive are, the less likely they will listen to them. When people start to relaize that they can be hurt, raped, killed from criminals and wild animals that have no weapons and the ONLY way to save themselves is to have self defense, then the common sense will start to hopefully ring in.

            • Need to stop using the person being bigger and not needing to be armed to take out someone smaller and older, train in personal self defense. Hapkido is a great one specially for older ppl and smaller ppl. Prepping is more then just food water and guns.

            • BEINFORMED,the queen whore drug dealer that the british worship was ADOLF HITLERS SISTER,their father was nathan rothchild,george bush and family were sent to america as spies for HITLER,hear any bells ringing yet?????

            • Be informed: I think the Angry British Guy just might be a White House Aid, you know the one that sent back Churchhills bust. Or Prince Charles?

          • ABG To many innocent people in Europe died as a result of nazi Germany because they lacked gans and some lacked balls. AMERICANS LOST THERE LIVES NOT ONCE BUT TWICE SAVING YOUR SORRY ASSES AND YOU’RE GOING TO SAY THIS SHIT? May GOD have mercy on your soul the next time you anti-gun coward.

            • @64 ECHO MIKE. I like Americans. Which is a rarity on this planet. Because Americans arent that well liked around the world. I like Americans though. Not all, but a lot. My son was born in America.
              But, it really annoys me when any Americans come out and say “WE SAVED YOUR SORRY ASSES, NOT ONCE BUT TWICE” Really? Were you there? Did you save anyone.
              My Grandads and several uncles had long wars. They’d laugh at you I’m sure!! They’d say you didn’t save us at the River Plate in 39 or Corinth, Maleme, Retimo or Galatas village. There were no Americans at the 42nd Street Bayonet Charge. You were nowhere to be seen at Rewiset Ridge or at El Alamein.
              And Americans weren’t at ANZAC Cove, Lone Pine or Chunuk Bair. No Americans helped secure or fight in the Siani and Palestine or fought at the Somme.
              Just remember 64 ECHO MIKE, thousands of Brits, Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans died in their thousands fighting to save ASSES …. While your countrymen were still sitting at home on theirs. And you were sitting on your asses, at home, not once, but twice!!!!!
              You guys finally dragged yourselves into two wars at the late stage, to help US, help save Europe

            • John Carter,thanks…doesnt really matter when America got involved,fact is she did and that tipped the balance against the axis powers,doesnt take anything away from the heroic peoples over there who fought bravely and valiantly against hitler and friends…my only hope is next time America stays out of it no matter who asks,begs/demands we get involved…this nations founders told us to stay out of europes affairs,we didnt listen,now years later we are still paying a price for our “relationship” with europe and other nations…it is my fervent prayer America learns from the last 100 years and sets herself back on the course originally set for her…I also pray europe and others dont get back into what has been their habit for centuries…constant wars between themselves…because God willing the next time it happens.THE YANKS ARNT COMING!..thanks again 🙂 “Live free or die tryin”

          • I dont think angry british guy is even from england. I think he’s probably a eastern east coast liberal who probably doesn’t have very many friends and got picked on a lot growing up around maryland or virginia and is hoping obama can give him all the free stuff he can get. My guess would be in late 20’s from writing style. Why don’t you go to chruch so you won’t be so angry brit guy and mabye go on a date sometime and you might relax a bit. sorry about your job loss recently.

            • Maryland? Well maybe the western shore. We don’t claim him on the eastern shore. We should be a seperate state anyway, and it would be a red one.

            • I was thinking he is on mommies computer in her basement somewhere in new Jersey…..

          • Ask the drug cartels to please give up there guns, then get back to us on how that worked out…

          • Angry British Guy: Ah, England where any boy can grow up to be a queen! The Brits are so sissyfied that they expect the government to do everything for them including their thinking. God forbid you should try to defend yourself in that land of limp-wristed wimps, you’ll go to jail for a longer period than the fellow who attacked you. Tell me, if your ale sotted brain will let you, why Switzerland, which has about the same population as your country, has a fraction of the violent crime that your’s does? And yes, almost all homes in Switzerland have military rifles, but in your sorry excuse for a country a bloke could go to jail for a kitchen knife deamed to large for public safety. So hurry home before it gets dark, lock all of your doors, and hide under your bed you bloody coward. All hail the British Sheeple, Baaahhhhh.

            • the fact alone they gave their guns to their whore drug dealer,proves there cowards and fagots…………

          • @ABG,
            There was a time when I was much younger,
            That I would listen to the words of common EuroTrash, like yourself.
            My curiosity has long sence been satisfied about your opinions of the way we
            should handle our affairs over here.
            My patience with listening to your” commie socialist ways” has wayned.
            It is true, that the U.S. was founded by Englishmen,”no other ethnicity!”.
            But our DNA must be distinctly different, because of the type of people that left
            everything that they new for an oportunity to start fresh without the presence of their master constantly in their face.
            Obviously most of the metrosexual commie cowardly pigfuckers, stayed over there
            like yourself.
            And for that I thank you.
            Oh ya, some knee pads will help when you have to start praying to the East, twice a day.

          • Angry British Guy: Ah, England where any boy can grow up to be a queen. We have some people like you here in America, they’re called limp-wristed liberal sissies. In my country, which had to save your sorry ass in two world wars, still allows its citizens to defend themselves. Do that in your sorry excuse for a country and you’ll end up with more jail time than your attacker. I don’t have to wait for a real man or woman to come to my rescue like you do, I get one of my guns and defend myself. I was in the military and in law enforcement. That makes me highly qualified in the use of firearms. But I also know many folks who have done neither but have been well trained in the use of various weapons and would trust them as I would one of my former partners both in their proficiency and good judgement. So hurry home little girl and lock your doors and hide under your bed before the bad men come out. It must be awful to live in fear as a British subject. All hail the English Sheeple Baaaahhhhh !!

          • No wonder you got your asses kicked at Fort McHenry and elsewhere. Even 14 year old boys kicked your British asses on the that bridge! This kind of mentality will continue to hurt the Brits going forward.

          • @ Angry Bitchish Gay

            Come get my guns and ammo… ammo first just so you know. Oh, and don’t forget to practice what you preach, no guns for you!

        • Or multiple times, wow 56 ups, only 2 downs….


      3. One can only hope we don’t end up this way. I know we say, there’s no way they can ever take OUR guns. But what if they make it a felony with mandatory prison time if you’re caught with a weapon with no appeal? How many people will give them up?

        What if the act of saving your life in your home with an illegal weapon ruins the rest of your life landing you in prison? Would the average hunter, gun owner, still keep a firearm?

        (Obviously yes for the crowd who are preparing now, you pick up an private sale gun or three now, while you can so that you can shoot the bad guy and then say it was theirs while you swap their gun into your concealed location. Remember to make sure that your prints are not on any part of the internals of the gun and if you think you ahve time, field strip it and put their fingerprints on those surfaces. On a bullet in the magazine, on the magazine itself, on the barrel of the weapon, then put it all back together.)

        • Your arms, brings up a very important underlying perspective to the discussion. How far will most be willing to go in order to protect their cache of arms. Of the 24 million how many will simply say give when hueys and specialists show up to execute that specific order. Yes there are a few that will go down with the ship, fight until the last round is fired, but for most seeing a hole the size of a basketball in your fortress will be enough. Yes this type of scenario is extreme but highly probable. The answer, we have to get more on board 24million is a minute number in the grand scheme of things. That number becomes even smaller in the face of ” do or die”. With godspeed, prep hard, stay alert

        • HAW: If that law should pass and the night sky is not lit up with tracers then we should be arrested. To me that is the same thing as taking your guns.

        • Many will just roll over and comply simply because its now the “law”…Jefferson pointed out that the “law”is often but the tyrants will and always so when it violates the rights of the individual…so it would seem that the only people who will stand up to and reject the “law” are those who refuse to acknowlege the “right” of the state/corp to dictate “law”….just because it has feathers and they call it a cow doesnt make it so…they dont get to decide,we do,IF we choose to…Im just a simple farmer who knows too much…too much to bow my will to theirs…where I can and when I can Ive always chosen the path that goes against the state/corp…I will continue on this path till I either expire naturally or they shut me down,but fear and obedience to their imitation authority isnt somthing I choose to participate in …nor should anyone else who values themselves their family and their God….just sayin…”)

        • Then I’ll pay that price when the time comes. No one will take advantage of my wife or daughters.

        • If I had to shoot someone, I wouldn’t call the cops. We have a nice well not fifty feet from our backdoor.

      4. The pressure for gun control comes after every violent incident. The NRA, bless them, has made gun control to the left what abortion is to the right. Its a political pariah and they know it. The voter in America right now must be concerned most about the next court appointee. (Supreme) Kagan and Sotomayor would have no trouble confiscating guns and in particular assault weapons as they label them (that is any semi auto rifle and possibly handgun). We can’t afford to let O’Failed one appoint another.

        • @ Jim. What you said ,the NRA bless them, is so true. Without the NRA those in the government would have so many more gun restrictions if it was not for them. Albert gore found out that you don’t mess with the NRA and people’s rights to own firearms. That idiot cost himself the 2000 election by frightening people enough not to put him into office, even though bubba clinton was actually well liked. a.g. even lost his home state of Tennessee because of this which would have run him the election. Without the NRA, this country would have some serious troubles right now with anyone being able to own firearms. In fact, even non-lethal self defense would also be banned in most states if not all. Well said Jim, bless the NRA.

      5. “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” – Mao Tze Tung, Nov 6 1938

        That’s what gun control is about. Don’t believe for a second that they are doing this to keep you safe.

      6. Article is spot on! Thanks Mac. And Holly.
        My new rallying cry: ‘There are millions of us. We are armed. And we intend to stay that way!’
        Or maybe: ‘A prepper behind every blade of grass.’

        personal note to the new world order from me and 24 million of my closest friends-
        Ooh ooh that smell
        Can’t you smell that smell?

        • “Give me back, give me back my bullets”…..

      7. There are several “issues” should some government hack try to disarm the American public.

        People WILL fight back, yes people will die but so will those who attempt to grab the firearms.

        Contrary to popular belief the Military is not some monolithic force, many will refuse to carry out such an illegal order. When push comes to flying bullets the military will fracture into 3 camps.
        1. Those that will follow and illegal order.
        2. Those who will actively oppose said illegal order and side with the American people.
        3. Those who will sit out the resulting Civil War such an order will cause.

        As a recently retired flag officer (Lt. General) I can promise you that should such an order be issued they will be fighting in EVERY street of America.

        • MY: THANK YOU SIR for your service. I was just a buck sgt. with the LURRP’s in Vietam Republic of; 70-72 1st Air Cav.

        • MegaYacht,

          What is your take on the senior officer corps within the current military? From my prospective they seem to be as brainwashed by the elite as the rest of us. They have to know that these wars are doing nothing for us and everything for the elite. I’m was a MP officer in the Army and still wonder whether or not my former comrades would follow an illegal order. Thanks in advance for your response. nyquil762

          • I believe Petraeous has seen the light since his retirement. I believe he might, could hold some hope for American leadership.

            He has “access” and he has “profile power”. A potential leader for a party of NEW Patriots.

            • A leopard doesn’t change his spots. If he seems to have, he is probably trying to buy support for future corp efforts.

              He may be able to pull together a lot of sheep to fight on the home front against those who seek freedom and a “leader” who lets them alone.

              On the other hand, should I see him holding up imposter Obama’s head while leading his bankster handlers to the guillotine, maybe I would change my mind.

            • Sorry peeps,I meant Wesley Clark. Gen Clark I think had a “epiphany” in the Pentagon after his retirement when he learned that there was a ten year plan to use the American military as an offensive force to pacify the Middle East.

              And here WE are.

          • Nyquil762,

            Many of the most senior officers are staying quiet and biding their time, they speak in bars and amongst themselves about what they see and what they know is coming. Many including myself have sons which are in leadership positions and I can assure you that when the time comes they point their weapons at those who seek to enslave the American people.

            There are those of us who have retired, yet we still command the loyalty and respect of many of those who served under us. When the time comes and it will these man will emerge and rally what forces that can to aid in the coming fight.

            While it was some time ago, I carried a rifle into battle and when it becomes necessary again I will once more do so. One thing you can be assured of is that “While I may die in battle, I will not die easily and I will not die alone”.

            Read a little history, look up Captain Samuel Whittemore. Read his story and understand that there are still those which will take a stand no matter what the cost.

        • It won’t happen as fast as it did in Australia, Hand Gun Control Inc., has already laid out its plan.

          1) It begins with arhiac restrictions. This will cause a small population to avoid ownership which is the goal.

          2) Then increased taxation, first on ammo as a “health care” need, and later on an “arsenal” which was actually proposed already in 1994 with the AWB but was removed. Own more than (x) guns pay an annual tax = fewer people owning multiple guns than ever.

          3) Eventually ban the distribution / manufacturer / sell of new guns. They have a hard time with the 2nd on this one so they do it with law suits, make manufacturing unprofitable, selling impossible (shop wise) mail order out of the question.

          4) Then go after ranges, hunting, and clubs. If you have no place to shoot, can’t afford to shoot, the number of “shooters” will decline.

          5) Finally after 50 – 75 or a 100 years the later generations with no experience in shooting, no means to own (taxes) and the ownership population having dropped below 10% a confiscatory ban will be easy to impose like they did in Australia with a beer (dollar) for your guns.

          • “”” Finally after 50 – 75 or a 100 years”””

            They don’t have that long anymore. They let the financial system blow up before the guns were taken. They have lost the trust of the people, and even the sheep will stir when they come to get the guns they need to protect themselves from the wolves.

            This matter with the banksters will be resolved by 2020. Hopefully, they will televise the beheadings of the banksters and politicians. That’s a reality show I would watch.

            • Whatever happened to Toomanyfakeconservatives? He used to preach this too, maybe his timeline is off a bit but I just wondered what happened to him.

            • Highspeedloafer….I see he posts a lot on Zerohedge. Still talking about the mass arrests coming soon.

        • Great post, not only have I said similar I also keep in close contact with many of my former active duty Soldiers and veteran brother who see the same picture.

          (RET) MSG 2006

        • Mega Yacht

          If Katrina was a guide the military will follow orders. I posed that question in a personal survey was with two USMCR enlisted men that we’re back from Iraq about 4-5 years back. I posed the disarming US civilians question and both replied they would follow orders. They we’re not questioned together. As a matter of fact they don’t know one another.

        • Flag officer?? Seriously??? 3 star generals are highly educated professionals who are skilled communicators and writers. They don’t use improper words and punctuation. If you truly are a 3 star general, give us some real military insight and commentary. Your conclusions above are just common sense that anyone with no military background could come up with.

          • Smedley D Butler wasn’t a rocket scientist but he rose from private to Commandant of the Marine Corp.

            WE don’t need Mensa members to lead US.

            We need NEW Patriots that have America at heart, the US Constitution in mind, and courage to buck the NWO establishment.


        • @MegaYacht,
          the American military will not disarm us, foreign troops already here will do it.

          • There ARE foreign troops on US soil and they are training to quell public unrest. What you need to understand is that both the standing Army and the reserves will fight any foreign power. Period. There is no question that those in power will attempt to use foreign troops but that will only galvanize resistance against the government.

            Remember that group I said would stay not choose sides? Well they will choose a side, the side of the American people.

            The use of foreign troops is planned as a last ditch reserve should the tide of battle turn against the government forces (Loyalists in historical terms). When this happens and it will the coming Civil War will become even bloodier until the government falls and the foreign troops are wiped out without mercy.

      8. I just don’t understand how people don’t get it. Is it a lack of education, (knowing history)? Is it a lack of worldly experience, (Stuck inside watching TV all day and not really knowing what the real world is like.)? Or maybe its just ignorance and laziness, (To lazy to get off your ass and do a little research with some critical thinking?) But sadly, common sense isn’t common now, is it? The last thing I ever want to do is take someone life. But more then that, the last thing I’ll stand for is someone who’s going to try to take the life of my wife and daughter, or myself.
        I may not be a brave man. But my love for my family far out ways my bravery, and I will put you down if you try to harm them in any way, shape, or form.
        Side note: Notice in the chart how the crime rate went up in 2008? Just saying.

        • Soon, the wheels fall off the cart. ( how the hell they’re still on???). At that point, the Men will be seperated from the boys. ( and the Women from the girls)

          Stand there and watch, committed liberal, while they take what you’ve worked for all your life, and rape then kill your wife and daughters, while you watch. At which point, you worthless peice of dirt, you BEG them to kill you. Hungry, out of control mobs, are capable of horrors. Just keep telling youself, “can’t happen here”.

      9. As a Christian, I have no plans what so ever to pick a fight with our Government. Rom:13,1-7. I will honor their laws, even though history has shown us that the word of Washington D.C. can not be trusted. (just ask the brave men who hit the beach at The Bay of Pigs)

        That being said, I will retain the means needed to defend my Family, Neighbors, and The Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. That is the Oath I took and also the Christian thing to do.


        • There is one statistic glaringly omitted from the violent crime chart. According to the CDC, nearly half of all gun deaths are suicides. While not victimless crimes they are certainly not crimes against society and should be reported separately in gun violence statistics.

          • Right PP….They will soon have to start a “rope violence” statistics column to go along with the “gun violence” statistics.

        • Blank Space, I too am a Christian and in the ministry. Agree with you concerning ‘picking a fight with the gov’t’. That said, our faith isn’t being challanged as much as our willingness to walk the walk. Which includes providing safety for our families and others.
          It is sad that so few (Christians) are prepping and even fewer understand what is happening. As the sheeple think the gov’t will take care of them, so many supposed Christians think they won’t go thru any tribulation. God will take care of us.
          Sept.and Oct. I’ll be doing a confrence/teaching on the diception of pretrib/left behind teaching and how God has instructed us on how/when to prepare.
          When they were hungry,thirsty,naked,lonely,imprisoned…
          They will say when Lord….(I know you know the lesson).
          Stay in His grace.

          • God love ya Brother, Didn’t John Knox preach with a broad sword beside him in the pulpit? 5 points/John Calvin.

          • WE are not picking a fight with the Government. WE are the government. WE have an unalienable right to defend OURSELVES against Tyranny.

            The current Administration is bringing the fight to US. IE The treasonous Patriot Act, NDAA,and 30,00 drones in American airspace to spy on US.

            This is TREASON. Engage.

            • dk, I too am a christian and I happen to agree with you wholeheartedly. We never started this fight but we will do our best to end it.

            • dk, we no longer are the gov’t. Prop 8 in Cali. was voted on and then overturned by a judge. Locally, the same has happened. You vote and then they steal or wash aside the majority’s votes.
              You know the history of Pres.Wilson upto now. Elections are bought and we the people are NOT the gov’t any longer.

        • @(Blank Space)…..

          As Christians, it is our responsibility to understand that the Constitution is THE law of the land. And since that is the case, those who would violate that Constitution in order to deprive us of our rights are the criminals and outlaws.

          Disobedience to laws that go contrary to the Constitution does no violate the spirit or letter of Romans 13.

          Again….the real criminals are the tyrants who seek to deprive us of the God given rights both recognized and guaranteed by the Constitution.

          Those who would be tyrants should expect to suffer the consequences of their tyranny and treason. And that goes for those who would obey their orders to deprive us of our liberties.

          • @Walt,
            First off, allow me to say that as one who claims Christ as his savior, I love you like a brother.

            When I was in seminary back in the 1990’s we covered Roman’s 13 one day. On a break I did a little checking and asked all the hunters and “gun guys” I knew if they would give up their weapons, should it become law.

            In all cases the answer was the same, “HELL NO!”. These were future Presbyterian Clergy answering.

        • Blank Space: Will you also obey your fed gov as in romans 13 even if laws are passed that YOU must Kill all who refuse to abort their babies?….Or perhaps a law to kill/murder all african blacks?….Or hows about whiteys?

          Roman 13 also says God Fearing Good rightous fed gov is to be obeyed. ONLY if laws are to Protect law abiders citizens etc…God doesn’t mandate we obey Rougue fed govt….Also in usa We people Are the Main govnt powers spoken of in romans 13. The PEOPLE mandate- feds answer to Us!!!…..Thats God approved!…Traitors aint under Gods protection…

          The 2nd amendt is for we the people to use Gods power of sword to insure peace and safty so law abiders need NOT fear evil doers etc…That INCLUDES Unlawfull feds!

        • Blank space?….between peoples ears? I used to have a sermon(still do infact somewhere)called “Retarded christians and the stink in the foyer”(something like that)it was about supposedly smart people who can do all kinds of great things and are nobodys fools(m-sat)walk into a church on Sunday and “leave their brains in the foyer” then forget to pick them up on the way out….followers of Jesus Christ are capable of alot more than most seem to ever achieve,mainly because they get “religious”(stupid) and refuse to think,choosing instead to regurgitate a bunch of feelgood socialist goobly-goop religious garbage instead of using their Godgiven common sense and “the mind of Christ” they profess to have access to…Im not attacking you personally it just that I see what should be good peopl pointing the way out of the mess we’re in instead helping the tyrant forge the chains for our necks….we are called to help set men free not teach submission to the tyrants law or imitation of law….stant up,grow apine defy the destroyers,if not then get out of the way!…end of rant for now… 🙁

          • (stand up,grow a spine,defy the destroyers)

      10. If they take guns away from law-abiding citizens, then only the outlaws will have them. Well, consider me an outlaw. Considering their is already 300+million fire arms I seriously doubt i will have trouble finding one. Beside, make friends with a good machinest and they can make you one.

        • et, even a bad machinist can make something that fires more than once before reloading!

      11. Hate crime laws will eliminate websites like this. The MSM will demonize gun owners worse than they do now. Did you notice how the MSM kept harping on the fact that the shooter at the Sikh Temple was a veteran? Does it matter?Road blocks will be used to take your guns. Denial of service at any government office until guns are turned in. Banking access will be denied until you can account for your firearms, etc. Get it? Here it comes. Or should I say, here it is?

      12. These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”
        — Thomas Paine, “The Crisis”, December 23rd, 1776

        Y’all Beware! HisArmsWide gets the HS@25 award for gun advice of the day.

        – (Obviously yes for the crowd who are preparing now, you pick up an private sale gun or three now, while you can so that you can shoot the bad guy and then say it was theirs while you swap their gun into your concealed location. Remember to make sure that your prints are not on any part of the internals of the gun and if you think you have time, field strip it and put their fingerprints on those surfaces. On a bullet in the magazine, on the magazine itself, on the barrel of the weapon, then put it all back together.)-

      13. Always Be Armed..yes even in your own home, have it ON you..not in a box/safe/drawer..etc

        Mine is on me when I get up, and not taken off unil i lay in bed.
        my home defense piece is at arms length when im in bed, wear your pistol even when you are in your home, yeah I know it sounds crazy, but ask yourself while you are sitting at the dinner table with your family how fast you could get to your gun. If the answer to that question is more than .5 seconds to 1 second..well than yer dead.

        if someone blasts thru your front door or window you dont have time to run to the bedroom to gear have that split second to react..or become a victim.
        that simple

        • VFR; SAME here 24/7 no if’s and or buts. You look like food you will be eaten. In a gun fight there are NO TIME OUTS!!! MBR is also at every door and window in the adobe!

      14. I will say this. The NRA has done some good in the defense of gun rights. But they are like anyone else one drink will get you the account but 2 drinks will take it away. All of our leaders will go to the highest bidder no matter what. If the NRA has so much power why has there been no efforts to recall some of the laws on the books, how did the assult wepons band happen. I know there were not enough votes to stop it, that is my point NOT ENOUGH VOTES. The only deterrent to gun control are the guns in the peoples hands right now, not later but right now. TPTB know they can not get all of them so they will have to use ammo, parts etc., to stop as much of future gun sales as they can. You think the NRA will stop that. AGAIN NOT ENOUGH VOTES. If you live in a state that allows open carry do it, let the word get back to the bunch in DC that people are feed up. If Wally World etc. says you can not come in, so be sales will drop and guess what that word in going back to TPTB. You can get what you need where you can carry in their stores. I know OH if you carry in the open you will be the first they shoot, OK what if 25 people are carrying who’s first, but we all know who will end quickly. To me there is your gun rights, EXERCISE THEM, show the world you are not affaid of to. If you look like food you will be eaten. Draw attention to your self, if somebody ask what your doing, tell them what is going on, and if they do not listen walk on, but you have implanted that thought in them and if you win one over we all have won. But thats just me. I say this because, a guy ask me why I carry a gun and I told him, we where pumping gas in to our cars at the time, I ask him a question have you or any of your love ones been a victim of a violent crime. You know the next time I saw him he was carrying.

      15. Be Patient my pretties…We do not have to accomplish this in a day. Every generation will be more in tune to our cause…Slowly we will train them. We will ensnare them with our handouts…We will make them over into our image… Dependent only on us…

        Time is not on our side…Today, Yes…But what about tomorrow???
        You would be amassed at how hard it is to deprogram a collage graduate with a masters degree, that has no education…
        Remember; We (The People) have done this to ourselves!!!

        • Nobody vs Blank Space in the battle for nothing! (sorry couldn’t help my self)

          If you want to talk “conspiracy” we really didn’t do this to ourselves. Check out Col. Yuri Besmenov on utube and you’ll see that this has been in the works for America since post WW II. The KGB started it and our own Radical Left will end America if we let them.

      16. just something small that made me laugh, Obummer doesnt even have confidence in himself, that is if this is true, i found this quote

        “Can’t convince the minions to donate the cash so the Clown in Chief gets elected to another term of incompetence. He donated $5000 of his own cash, and he’s worth $10 million. That’s not even a vote of confidence in himself!!!”

      17. A Nation of Sheep, Breeds a Government of Wolves!

      18. MOLON LABE!

      19. Good article Holly and Stan. The common advice is Beans, Beer, and Bullets first. For the literal minded: beans equals canned goods and freeze dried food, beer equals water (and preferably a renewable water supply), and bullets include the weapons that fire them. IMHO the most common deficiency is training (range time) with your weapons. Regarding your comments on precious metals: it depends on two factors: A: do you have some $$$ left over after getting your B,B, and B and B: do you think society will ever approach a new normal again? If so, then metals are a way to transfer your wealth to the new future and they have an enduring history as valuable bartering commodities. I do not believe TPTB would attempt to confiscate our weapons (in violation of our second amendment rights). I could envision them revisiting the high-capacity mags and so called “assualt rifles/weapons” issue like they did previously. Remember though, the ban was on new sales, not previously purchased items. The real problem is the liberal mind set that big government and legislation can protect everyone, all the time, from everything (including themselves). Chaos is chaos. Shit happens. People can go insane. It is not fair to take away the rights of 99.9999999% of the people because of the actions of .0000001%. I probably should add more nines/zeroes to be accurate but I din’t want to bore all of you.

      20. Every Law abiding Sheriff in the country could and should deputize every law abiding citizen in his county. This would make it very legal for everyone to keep and bare their arms no matter what gun grab comes down from above.

        • Shootit

          In every place I’m aware of the Sheriff does not have that authority. All LEOs go through mandatory training.

          If you live in an area that does not such a restriction I don’t think you have a problem to begin with.

          • Sheriff Joe has a BIG Posse! Just saying. 🙂

          • Most people do not realize that the Sheriff is the top elected Law Man. He has more authority in his county than the FBI, State Police, and City Police. They all have to answer to the Sheriff.

            I am sure that the county supervisors would adjust the county’s training policy to suite the Sheriff.

      21. Since when does the U.N. over ride our Constitutional right to arms?

        So,the NWO crowd is in essence knowingly and willfully setting us up to be murdered or maimed (can’t call the cops when you’re dead can yeah?). I don’t think I can fight off an attacker with a knife ok? I’m a small woman.

        If someone breaks into your home, jumps you on the street, no reasonable person without psychic abilities can determine whether they aim to “just” hurt you or kill you, in these cases, you do have the right to defend yourself.

        And I personally would. I’m not going to be a martyr for any law that places me in a position of 1) either die, or 2) break the law? Which option do you think I’d choose?
        Obey the law and die? I don’t think so.

      22. Gun control is simply serf control.

      23. I find it so strange that the liberals in this country, who profess to highly value life and civil liberties would want to take away from me an effective means of protecting my life. The right to life and the right to protect that life are so intertwined as to be indistinguishable.

        How absurd it would be for someone to say I have a right to life, but not the right to protect it. But that is exactly what people who want to take away from me the best defense possible are doing. A gun is one of the best tools of defense; the government sure understands this because they give guns to soldiers, and criminals understand this and prefer targets who are not armed.

        Guns equalize the power of people so a woman who normally would be no match for a man in strength becomes equal to protect herself against the attack of a man. This fact seems to be lost on the core of liberal women who oppose gun ownership.

        As for high capacity magazines and self reloading weapons, they fit exactly into the original purpose of the 2nd amendment which was to guarantee we had guns for political purposes as a last resort against tyrannical government. The Constitution is a political document, after all, and was not written only to protect hunting or target shooting. The 2nd amendment was written to recognize our right to own arms to protect ourselves, both against common criminals and criminal government.

        • Do you think college educated liberals are stupid?
          Do you no know, that they know, what they’re doing?
          They KNOW the 2nd amendment is

          They can’t be ‘in charge’ on their Throne, with us having those nasty guns, now can they?

          If something like this goes down, the people should not hunker down in their dens/homes/refuges.


      24. shootit,that’s way too simple,but RIGHT ON! Want to run for president?

      25. When you think of what happened in Australia, England and Canada, formerly, Free People, Were next on The Socialist Chopping block! People…. They(TPTB) are playing for Keeps.. Its up to The True Patriots,to stop this March to insanity! Buy as Many guns as you need and stock up on ammo Now! Then buy more! Were gonna Need Them
        and soon!
        Semper Fi

      26. you need a gun ???

        just …

        rob / mug a cop !!!

        ;0p pssszzt da’ gestapo nwo pigs

        *** knife and ball-pen hammer beats gun – 10 feet or less !!!


      27. it is only a matter of time … prepare .


      28. Here in my area of the Keystone state concealed carry apps were up 25% after the recent shootings.Looks like somebody wants to exercise their second amendment rights.

      29. i was talking to a guy who was in his 20’s from turkey and asked him how he likes NY. he says things in turkey are more fun, if you want to smoke pot you can and dont get arrested or fined till you lose everything. im not a burner but you know what i mean. I asked him how about shooting guns or getting a full auto ak-47 to shoot in the desert and he said not a big deal and they wouldnt bother you. my point is that as long as your minding your own business you should be able to do what you want but the cops and laws are so bad if you throw a cup of ice at a stop sign you get some fine or something handed to you. this is not america or freedom. do you see my point. in turkey they dont sue everyone! they live and live to have fun.

        • Been to a few South American countries, and to be honest i feel I have more freedom there. Granted the life style isnt as upper class but that doesnt matter to me, I can live just about anywhere as long as im not oppressed.

          Im not saying that I dont love my country or that i wouldnt fight for it , so before anyone lamb bastes me and says “if you dont like it here than fuckin’ leave”,, but as things get tighter and tighter in this country if I end up losing what I have here for employment and options..I just might.
          As I feel my happiness when Im not subjected to the fear of being harrassed by the man or tracked and subjugated at my every move by an out of control government bent on killing and controlling

          Freedom needs to come back here or there will be way more Expats than currently..

          I know for a fact that I wouldnt get arrested for beating the snot out of someone who disrespected my wife or family member, or did harm to one of them, hell the neighborhood would jump right in to set things right, a true democracy that works and no one is afraid to sick up for one another.

          seems this Republic has been turned into something of a different system , mostly foreign to my memories as a kid.

          • Get your money offshore before the end of the year.

      30. Youtube) – Vic Stacy, the resident of Peach House RV Park who came to the aid of Early Police Sgt. Steven Means Sunday after two people were killed by Charles Ronald Conner, insists he’s not a hero — he just did what had to be done. Stacy told the Brownwood Bulletin when he saw that the police officer couldn’t get a good shot at the gunman, “I jumped in there, put that first shot in him, and knocked him down.” Here are portions of the interview.

        ~~~I think Stacy shows true gun control just as it should be.~~~

      31. After the election of 2008, I heard, “Obama is going to take our guns”. Never happened. Not the first move was made. The only thing that happened was the gun and ammo industry whipped up irrationl fear to pad their bottom line as sheeple trampled over themselves to panic buy guns and ammo resulting in higher prices. Now, the same mantra is being repeated and the sheeple are at it again, much to the delight of your corporate overlords in the gun and ammo industry.

        • O’bummer didn’t try to take OUR guns because he knew it couldn’t be done at this time. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t laying the ground work for that action that he can.

          When gun control is passed by the UN (whether the US ratifies that Treaty or not, like the law of the sea treaty), once the USA has been successfully merged into the NAU with Mexico and the US Constitution dissolved, UN Law will prevail over US.

          Illegal Immigration is ALL about changing the demographics of the USA using idiots with a sixth grade education to give them POLITICAL control.

          If they can get enough illegals into the country and make them “citizens” they will have enough votes in a generation to make UN law the land of the land.

          Lock and load.

        • @JoeinNC…

          Nice troll post.

      32. “Ideas are far more powerful than guns. We don’t allow our enemies to have guns, why should we allow them to have ideas?” – Joseph Stalin

      33. ’tis the same world-wide.
        Major shooting = massive gun grab by clown governments.
        I’d really like these anti-gun wankers to undergo psychiatric assessment to find out the REAL reasons for their deep-seated irrational fear of inanimate objects.

        Here’s a few thoughts :

        1. Can we sue the government for injury or death of family member etc as a result of a gun-related attack with the basis of the suit being lack of self-defense capacity ?
        ie I could have defended myself and escaped unharmed IF I had the means to defend myself using a comparable level of force. ie gun

        2. With a disarmed population, the use of firearms by police or military would reasonably constitute “excessive force” and would/should leave them open to legal recourse.
        ie you don’t shoot someone armed with a knife.
        They (police) should be trained in self-defense and be able to match the level of attack severity.

        3. When socio-economic collapse happens and helpless citizens are being maimed or killed by mobs and in riots, will there be a mass uprising against their helplessness ?

        I guess we’ll find out real soon…

      34. Well now,we’re really getting to the real nitty gritty as those of you can recall what that means and this gun control is but one more way to ensure that a NWO will prevail. Just look at history;JAPAN,GERMANY,RUSSIA,ITALY,these countries before WW2 did these things concerning guns and look what happpened to the civilians then whom were powerless to do anything to defend themselves except at great loss. Now I’ve talked with a lot of cops and most would’nt push to enforce a gun ban unless they caught someone committig a crime,but a door to door is quite different as they’ve almost all said,”you can’t confiscate what you can’t find,no matter what the registry says”which leads me to read between the lines and take the necessary steps not to be without some sort of means of protection,after all cops got family and friends that they want to see taken care of also,so I say woe to the man that will be “naked”on a blistery cold day,cause “blankets”will be very hard to find then and the gov’t couldn’t give a rat’s ass as to your situation,so keep on PREPPING,QUICKLY,QUIETLY,PRAYERFULLY-GOD IS IN CONTROL.

      35. Thamk you, Mrs. Deyo, for this 1000% correct article. BTW< I go to your website frequently; very interesting. Now, for everyone on this forum: ALL OF US WHO OWN ANY KIND OF GUNS MUST MEDITATE ON THIS ISSUE VERY, VERY CAREFULLY. I am also one of you. I love this country and believe in freedom just like all of you. I've already meditated and agonized over this same issue right after the Brady Bill was passed. I have many, many years since drew my line in the sand and made my decision to NEVER GIVE UP MY GUNS, PERIOD! We've been facing this issue since the 1960s; only now is there a stronger chance of it happening than ever before. Let's face it; this government we live under proves just by its actions and policies that it has nothing but dishonorable intentions towards the American people. ALL MANMADE GOVERNMENTS, GOING BACK TO THE ROMAN EMPIRE, HAVE BEEN THE SAME WAY. How can anyone feel any allegiance, loyalty, or even obligation toward such a government? Nobody has any obligation to anyone who approaches them with the worst of intentions. When Fidel Castro took over my wife's homeland of Cuba in 1959, the first thing Castro's goons did was gun confiscation. Within 1 year of that, 10,000 Cubans were murdered by Castro' thugs. By the time she escaped from Cuba in 1967, 50,000 Cubans, including her father and some other relatives had been killed. When we were dating, she wouldn't evenspeak of her life under Castro. It was only during our honeymoon in 1976 that she finally opened up about it all and, needless to say, what she told me just blew me away, Afterwards, I just sat there so stunned; words just totally failed me. It's my hope and desire that ALL the gun owners out there will make the right decision and stand with us. Anyone who willingly gives up their guns will just open the door to genocide for themselves and the rest of us. If you won't even TRY to fight, then you deserve whatever happens to you. I would hope all of our leos and military would refuse to carry out any orders for gun confiscation; I have it on good authority that a large percentage won't. But for those that do attempt to follow that order, all I have to say is this: Kiss your families goodbye, make sure your life insurance is paid up, and bring plenty of body bags FOR YOURSELVES! If you're stupid enough to serve the NWO without question and without reservation, you deserve to die I'm sorry for my post being so long; this article and everything else happening have me so worked up I just had to let off steam. Take care and keep prepping.


        • Rather see him where they all belong ………Picking Cotton on a plantation .

      37. Two of my posts, with links have not appeared. They did not show up when posted.

      38. sucks my guns got stolen;(…oh well…

      39. if we loose the 2nd admendment, we’ve basicaly lost all of our rights’ for it is the right that virtually guarantees every other right.

      40. One thing ……….The Soviet Union lost against insurgents with no air force , no navy and no standing army , WE are loosing against the same in the same part of the world , Resistance groups were a constant bane to the Nazis ….we need to be that bane …….no , in a nose to nose fight , the average groups will be easily defeated , BUT guerilla warfare works , so does nickel and dime , kill two or three from range and fade away …….it all adds up . This is a BIG country , with many angry factions with skills . Its one thing to tell a soldier to go kill somebody else’s people , its quite another to order them to do it to their own , many will not question it ……but others will and act . All tyrants eventually fall , when is the question .

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