GovSchool Tax Hike Protest: “Where’s the Money? Where’s the Cash?”

by | Apr 23, 2010 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    While many of these protesters likely support gun bans, they have absolutely no qualms about having the government hold a gun to your head to get what they think they deserve.

    Remember, also, that if your child goes to a GovSchool, these are the ideologies being indoctrinated in your child’s brains. This is yet another reason why we’re “pro-choice” about schools. An easy way to accomplish this is to provide education vouchers / tax credits so that parents can choose their child’s school. Make the government compete in the free market, and the teacher’s unions would fall apart in under five years – guaranteed.


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      1. I try really hard not to wish harm on other people, but wow, I’ve reached my limit… where is a giant meteor impact when you need it???

      2. Comments…..These are the people that are really going to go ballistic when the Feds takes over their pensions to “protect” them from being cheated by wall st.

      3. I don’t see why we should pay them more money to brainwash our kids how to think, act and feel the way the bankers want. In fact, we really should starve them of money and go back to homeschooling.

      4. I’m with you Patrick.

        Let the meteor strike Washington D.C. dead on.   The world will be a better place for it.

      5. What a view of a bunch of overfed and underworked North Amercian Pigs.Just what is these ignorant,fat slobs would have to teach to children.Oh Yeah,ghetto Chiacgo,they only graduate half the kids.Sorry cows,how can you be proud!!!Yes if these clowns had to compete,they would shed pounds and the kids could read-DUH.

      6. What has this country come to.  I am tired of all these entitled a$$es wanting other people’s money.

      7. Obama attracts all the winners doesn’t he?   Give me this, give me that.   That’s the culture that got this so called ‘president’ elected. 

        What a joke Obama and his followers truly are. 

      8. These people and the policies of our government have average hard working Americans way past the boiling point. People are going to start loosing it soon. Have you ever super heated water in a microwave? These people and the administration are super heating the anger of good Americans. They had better be careful.

      9. This looks like the “ticks” asking “US” and “us” to feed the dying dog. It is also like the UAW demanding the gov’t to fund the under funded UAW pension accts. with our money. Why do they bankrupt me to give the unions money for the over paid under worked ticks?

      10. You are nothing but a bunch of whiners!  If you were educated by the government or your children attend public school……then shut up already!  I homeschooled mine and still cheerfully pay my taxes in hopes that losers like you will wake up.

      11. These Chicago, so called teachers, can eat my shorts.    We want more, we want more………………  Maybe if they produced something besides a bunch of idiots.    Government  education is a joke.  It’s based on making sure the kiddies get the right amount of “time” in the system.  They don’t give shit about teaching anything.  My hat is off to those of you who do try.  Most have just given up and are putting in their time so the union can retire them.   We home schooled out kids too and have never regretted it.  I wouldn’t send my dog to “public” school.

      12. Beth, actually I pay for my children to go to private school… it’s financially painful, but I see what the public schools have become, and it’s worth the sacrifice.

        And by the way, no offense, but if you are waiting for the public schools to “wake us up”… then you’re an imbecile.  A homeschooling mom should know that better than anyone.

      13. Beth, if you are happy with paying taxes for GovSchool education even though you spend your time and money to home school, that’s fine. But to suggest that someone is a whiner because they would rather choose a private school for their child and not have to, essentially, pay double the money, then that doesn’t make sense to me.

        Take Patrick, for example. For a single child he is probably shelling out around $4000 – $6000 a year to have his kid get an education at the school of HIS choosing. At the same time, he has a gun to his head and is mandated by law to pay taxes that end up at his local school district. Thus, he is paying $12,000+ per year just to send his child to school.

        Is it unreasonable to suggest that if Patrick chooses to send his child to a non-GovSchool that he should not have to pay taxes to educate someone elses child? In my view, Patrick should receive a tax credit in the amount of whatever the public school district is allotted per student for that calendar year.

        How is this whining? It seems logical to me personally.

        In addition to being a common sense approach, this type of tax credit or refund would lead to a better public education system because school boards, principals and educators will be forced to deliver a higher caliber of education or be eliminated. I hear talk of school and teacher accountability every election cycle, yet we are at the same place, if not worse off, than we were 20 years ago. Let the free market go to work and I suspect we will have a top tier education system in America.

      14. Wake up Mac… can’t force anyone to provide better anything.  I homeschooled because I wanted to.    However, that does not mean that every household has the ability or desire.  If you have the money to provide a private education (excellent for you) but you are getting the same thing as the public school with better frosting on the cake, that’s all.    There should not be a tax credit for choosing alternate education there should be a tax penalty for having children, period.   If you can’t afford them, or in the case of these whining parents, don’t want to….then you shouldn’t have them.  Since nearly every adult was educated at one time or another by a public sytem, received PELL grants and other scholarships, student loans, etc. it appauls me that you now object to future children being educated on tax dollars.  If I think the military does a crappy job does that mean I can keep my tax dollars and fund  my own militia?   

      15. Let me give you a different perspective on this. I work in the maintenance field(HVAC) for the largest school district in South Carolina( 6000+ staff and 65,000+ students). as I visit these schools on a daily basis here is what I see everyday, day in day out.
        LACK Of DISCIPLINE!!!…people can whine all they want about “overpaid” teachers not teaching kids…but a student has to want to learn to be taught anything. Here are several examples for just this last week:
        1. High School setting….class is in secession, as I walk down the hall I can see into the rooms as I pass….what do I see(not in just one room mind you but almost every class) the teacher is trying to teach 20% of the class while the other 80% is talking loud, jumping around, setting on each others desk and creating a ruckus in general.
        2. another High School…class has been in for 15+mins and there are several(I hate to say it like this but momma said to tell the truth) young black males roaming the halls…going to the doors of the class and looking in trying to get the attention of one of their friends…after several knocks they just open the door and lean in and shout to their friend, who gets out of his/her desk and comes to the door and they stand there and have a conversation???WTF!!!….low and behold I pass a admin type person in the same hall and ask him about this type of behavior and he tells me it’s like this every day…they call the perps down, give them detention, in school suspention ect…but they keep right on doing the same things.
        3. middle schools…don’t get mw started on this pack of wild animals…if you are caught in the hallway when the bell rings you had better get up against the wall or you’ll get run over!
        I made the mistake of being on a ladder one day and these little snots, as they passed by, kick, run into, push the ladder etc….the AP came by and told me that it was  in my best interest to get down until they were back in class because they knew that there was no punishment for knocking me off the ladded and it was “just a game ” to them????

        Hell I could just go on and on!

        So keep whinning about the teachers not doing their jobs…hell they can’t do their job until you DO YOURS! and teach YOUR hoodlums…sorry (Little Angels) to BEHAVE!

      16. Roger – good overviews and it seems that nothing has changed since I was in high school and middle school. And this is my point — if a parent chooses to take a different educational route, whether it is private school, home schooling, whatever, than the parent should not be mandated to pay taxes for GovSchool education.

        Beth, thanks for your comments and I understand your points. RE your comment:

        • “There should not be a tax credit for choosing alternate education there should be a tax penalty for having children, period. “

        This is essentially where I am making my argument. This is not necessarily an issue of GovSchool education, but GovEverything.

        As much as you or I can sit here and argue about what we THINK is fair, we really have no say in the matter because we are not dealing with what we WANT, or what the majority thinks is the way it should be. Because the United States is not a democracy and a country of laws, all arguments in these matters fall to the fundamental laws of the land – The Constitution.

        In the case of education (or health care, or welfare, etc.), the Constitution does not clearly outline the government’s role, which means that these rolls should automatically default to the States. I guess what I am saying, is that the tax laws surrounding GovSchool education are simply illegal. So, while I may have argued for a “tax credit” for those who have chosen a different educational path for their kids, what I should have actually said, is that the GovSchool education system, in its current form, should be completely eliminated. Just because you or I, or our parents and grandparents may have been educated in this system does not make it OK. The system itself, at least in my view is, on its face, illegal. If you oppose health care, for example, then in terms of principles, you should also oppose Gov mandated education (as well as other GovPrograms that operate in a similar fashion).

        In terms of the military — this is one of the few jobs of Government that is outlined by the Constitution, but, as you pointed out, the State reserve the right to maintain standing militias, as well. So, the Constitution has allotted for these things, unlike government sponsored education.

        RE: taxes for the military — again, the Constitution does not clearly outline the collection of income tax, thus, the federal government, in my view, is acting illegally regardless of what those income taxes are being collected for.

        I guess my argument has less to do with education than it does with the Constitutionality of the means to achieve a public education system.

        I’ll note that Thomas Jefferson was one of the first to propose a public education system. He tried for many years to get Congress (Federal/State) to adopt public education mandates to no avail. How he intended to pay for this, I am not sure. In any case, Mr. Jefferson’s colleagues found the idea of government sponsored education to be a problem, probably because of inserting the will of the federal government (and states) into the lives of the people. I haven’t read anything on how this proposed system was to be funded, but I am willing to bet that had Jefferson or anyone else suggested an income tax, the response would not have been good.

        Am a I whiner because I feel this way about the taxes/tax credits/elimination of taxes? Call me what you will, but the law of the land, at least in my view, is clear on this.

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