Government Will Have No Ammunition to Counteract the Next Market Collapse

by | Aug 2, 2011 | Headline News, Karl Denninger | 109 comments

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    The debt ceiling debate has been blamed for the stock market drops around the world over the course of the last two weeks, and many Americans likely believe that once that debate is resolved stock markets will bounce back. But what if the news surrounding the debt ceiling debate and the subsequent market movements has been a smoke screen? What if stock markets have been dropping for other reasons that have been obscured by the mainstream financial media?

    If you’ve been following economic reports over the course of the last month, you’d have realized that things are not exactly as they seem. A host of economic data is suggesting (proving?) that the entire recovery is nothing but a cover up – something we’ve vehemently argued for the last two years when supposed green shoots first started to appear. Despite expert opinion that spending more money was necessary, that it would create 200,000 to 500,000 jobs per month, that consumer spending would return, that home prices would stabilize and prosperity would rein, exactly the opposite has happened.

    While the US debt debate has led to investor anxiety and uncertainty, the real reason for why markets are not fairing well has to do with the underlying fundamentals of our economy and a clear indication that all the “tools” in the Fed’s and government’s tool box don’t seem to be able to fix it. The big money has been quietly selling stocks, especially the big wigs at the upper echelons of the corporate hierarchy. Considering that they are in the know about where their companies are headed, it should alarm anyone invested in the stock market that they are selling at a ratio of over six sellers for every one buyer – which according to a recent report is 95% higher than other weeks over the last decade.

    This, along with other economic, monetary and financial indicators, suggests that a major market crash is imminent. And if that’s the case, then we may have some serious problems, as the government may not have any way to force a “recovery” the way they did in 2008:

    Just be aware of one thing: The next big collapse in the markets leaves The Fed and government with no ammunition to counteract it – rates are at zero and QE didn’t work except to crank up the price of food and energy.

    You think this won’t happen eh?  Ok, go ahead and believe that.  Go ahead and believe that “we’re special.”  It worked out real well for you in 2008 and the value of your IRA or 401k, didn’t it?

    Remember that in 2009 we were told by everyone that the recession “ended.”  Well how come Feldstein is on CNBC right now saying that we’re still in a recession?

    Oh really?  Still in one eh?  I thought we were all done with recession in 2009?  Paul Krugman where are you?  Oh yeah, speaking of him, his solution is to print up yet more money and drive energy and food prices even higher, so we can be like the Chinese and starve 1/4 of the population, then try to figure out how to keep them from rioting!  You want to know how it’s stopped?  You stop the debasement – by force if necessary by Congress removing Bernanke via emergency legislation – and perhaps by removing The Fed itself. We will no more allow the dollar to be destroyed in that fashion than the Chinese will allow their people to starve as a result of our policies.

    Four years ago this was solvable with a lot of pain but it would have been bearable and resolvable.  Today it’s worse.  If we don’t cut this crap out there will be no resolution at all and the ultimate result will be severe, widespread and potentially revolutionary civil unrest.

    Source: Market Ticker

    Let’s be realistic. The Federal Reserve, the US government and the governments of the rest of the world will keep doing what they are doing. Nothing – absolutely nothing – is going to change. We hate to be pessimistic about this, but is there anybody who really thinks these people have our best interests at heart, when they have repeatedly lied about the problems, distorted the truth and manipulated the people?

    Like Greece, the middle east, and now Europe, the people of the United States will be rioting in the streets. All we can do at this point is prepare for worst case scenarios, because the best case scenarios touted by the experts are nothing but conjecture.


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      1. Repeat after me: We are so (insert) xxxxxx.

      2. too late bro… what you’re asking, to save us, is that people / corporations / government play nice.

        they won’t.

        we fucked.

      3. I do believe the toilet has flushed. Enjoy the swirl folks. It gets real stinky at the end of the ride.

        • MLGardner, I agree with your terminology, you are rite. but the toilet was actually flushed over 90 years ago. since then we have been ‘CTD’

          ‘Circling The Drain’ and we are about to go down the stinky, I like how you put that, stinky at the end of the ride 🙂

          • I agree. It was flushed long ago, in my humble opinion, when we created the fed. Although there are probly several opinions of how/when someone actually flipped the handle. It’s only several people are just now hearing the flush. (and feeling it) Nothing like a cold splash of toilet water to wake ya up. Even I am guilty of not being “awake” until about three years ago. And I have been scrambling like mad ever since. It’s why I post alot, “I hope/wish I had more time.” But I’m sure we all do.

            • Nixon flipped the handle back in 1971 when he took us off the gold standard. WHEEEEEEEEE!

            • MLG- don’t worry too hard about when you “woke up”. I was a late bloomer too, and have limited finances to attend to my preps. Regardless, I have managed to get myself in better place prep-wise than 99% of the population!

          • Great analogy! LOL. I completely agree.

      4. The government despises us. It can replace us with 3rd world neo-slaves. Soon the feds will turn Homeland Security loose on us. Don’t sit back and watch it on the news. Go out and stop the monster.

        • Our founding fathers must be so ashamed what has been done with their legacy and hard work.

          • Yes, but they would be proud to know that at least a few Americans woke up and realized what was going on and restored the de jure Republic. See – republicfortheunitedstates (dot) org

            Everyone needs to get involved and help take our country back.

        • you first, Granny

          • Granny is already on the go, if you know what I mean. Got all my crew ready. Do all of you know where your politicians are tonight? Hmmm?

        • but that “monster” is the only effective job-creation program that the Obama admin has…..

      5. If / when the riots start in the US it will not be pretty. I often wonder what will be the final trigger mechanism for our financial collapse? Who knows, it may have already been pulled and we are all just waiting for the big bang.

        • The final trigger won’t happen until the world dumps the dollar as its reserve currency. That is your “trigger.” South Korea bought 25 tons of gold over the last 2 months – they can see it coming. They have to have something other then “dollars” to bank on. More of that will be your preface to a trigger.

          • Jim. You’re 100% correct. For decades nearly every country in the world has had no choice other than to trade in US dollars. Iraq tried to trade oil using other currencies and look what happened there.
            There has to be more than one World Reserve Currency for countries to survive. Either it happens slowly by adding and accepting a small basket of options say 2-3 currency options for countries to trade in, or it’ll happen very quickly, where the US Dollar sinks to an unexcetable level and everyone de-links overnight.
            It’s now enevitabe and can’t be stopped.

          • Remember when gold was $35 an ounce? You could have bought 2 pounds for $1,120. Let’s figure this out, shall we? $1,654 at close today x 32 ounces. Why, that comes out to…$52,928. I got rope in hand, heading to garage.

            • Actually, there are 14.6 Troy ounces in an avoirdupois (standard) pound. 1 Troy ounce = 31.1 grams, 1 avoirdupois pound = 454 grams. These obscure ratios will be increasingly important in the coming months I think . . .

            • Not trying to pick on you here Babble, but there are 12 troy ounces in a troy pound, not 16. Your math is right, just based on the wrong information. It still would have been a good investment. I didn’t wake up until it hit $920/oz.

            • Yep, looked it up on Wikapeadia. Gee, am I the only one that didn’t know this? Well, I’m holding more weight in PMs than I thought. Still got rope in hand… but, reconcidering.

        • it will be the blacks….they ruin everything…

      6. That quote is from Karl Denningers blog credit where credits due eh?

        • Woops — totally dropped the ball there.. Source added. Thanks. -mac

      7. u wont see rioting for a long time…here’s why.
        1. preppers(us) wont be out there
        2. the wealthy wont riot(dont need to)
        3. the politicians wont be out there
        4. the poor are used to living like that(unfortunately)
        5. most americans are too lazy to riot
        it wont be until they are really hungary..and i mean really hungary before they riot……but once they do..crash and burn.

        • INDEED!

        • I think you hit it on the head brother.

        • I most agree with number 5. Riots take effort. Now, turn off the internet, and we may see a mass of foaming at the mouth internet zombie addicts running around in chaos without apps, text and email, screaming the satelite heavens, “Whyyyyyyyyy”. (As I sit here checking the financial news for the tenth time this morning. Hey, not an addict, I just like to see the train coming.)As far as number one, thats what I’ve been trying to drill into my family all this time. We this, (prep) so we don’t have to do that, (riot)

          • You’re right…the spoiled teens across this country are going to be trouble…they will be vicious!! My husband has to drive around East Tennessee as past of his job…he now carries his GHB(get home bag)every time he leaves the house…whether it’s 30 miles, or 130 (Kentucky, yesterday) the GHB is with him!! Tomorrow I’m hitting the peach orchard, gonna be canning like crazy for two days…next it’s tomatoes! We are in semi-panic mode, but in a good way! Time is getting short,if you can’t see that then you are in big trouble! When the rioting starts we are heading to our BOL, not waiting around to see if it’s gonna get “bad”…just wish my sisters and brothers were “awake” breaks my heart that they aren’t… 🙁

            • If you are in east tennessee and have a save a lot store, they have boneless, skinless chicken breast for 1.49 lb and whole pork loin for 1.99 lb. I have been canning like crazy too. I can meats more than veggies. I can buy them cheaper and faster than I can pick and can them.
              I have been in panic mode too for a few months.
              Good luck.

          • Agreed. Taking part in a riot seems like a lot of work/endangerment for a very little (if any) gain. it IS easier to avoid a train if you take out your earbuds and know it is approching.

        • You forgot about the teens. They love to rebel and they will be the ones that will cause a “flash riot”

        • Maybe when they completely take over cable and tv ala Chavez.

        • I am glad my wife and I live way out and I mean way out. We own 2 properties in 2 other towns but we in time I am sure will just have to forget about them. We have been prepping like a mother for 2.5 years. Food, grains, can goods, medicines, antibiotics, guns and ammo, tools, fasteners, fuels, oil, supplies of all kinds. I am wondering what I have forgot. Our kids thought we are absolutely nutts, up until a couple of months ago. Now they see it too, and they know where to go when it hits. (What ever “it” is). My wife and I are in our mid fifties and we realize in all likelihood, we aren’t going to make it through this, but with a little planning on our part, maybe our kids or grandkids will see the other side of this effing mess.

          • Growing your own is the key…I hear even armies march on their stomachs. A tip: don’t forget to stash a supply of fertilizers. Good organic liquid stuff … you can grow vegetables in gravel. We are out in the country with a few good neighbors. Not that country – good bye land of the free. Good luck brothers and sisters & Peace be with you.

        • I really have to disagree with you on #5. While you are correct about Americans being lazy I believe that they will riot because looting is easier than working for something.

          I was in LA in ’92 and it was a mess. This time though it won’t be mainly black folks. It’s gonna be everyone and it won’t be confined to LA.

          Keep yer head down and yer powder dry.

      8. Just read that a record number of business are all planning major layoffs. It will all start to explode when unemployment reaches 9.7 – 9.8% (actually 18-20%)…When the average guy can’t feed his family….thats when things will really start to fall apart. Get ready to protect what you have people. good luck.

      9. cryin’ won’t help you…prayer won’t do they’re no good…..

        burglary, bump and rob incidences, strong-arm driveway robberies and home invasions are WAY up in my upper middle class suburban neighborhood.

        As greed and corruption destroy America’s civil society and faux economy from the top down, it is unravleing in the streets from the bottom up.

        Just remember that it pays far more for the mandarins of the rich & powerful (Sheriff, DA’s, congresscritters etc.) to bust YOU for acting in self-defense & make you disappear…auction off your life’s posessions while you rot behind bars… than it does for them to put another ghetto predator behind those same bars.

        Try like HELL not to act out until it is absolutely life-threatening not to do so….God has abandoned us all to our collective fate and the EVIL of our wealthiest fellow humans.

        • “Prayer wont do they’re no good….” You’re a fool of saying that. Prayers are powerful and God have been so faithful with all of my prayers. They do work if you believe in Him.

          • tell that to the hundreds of millions who have suffered and died at the hands of the communists, dictators, Nazis, the rich, the feudal lords, the muslims etc…..

            God is real….but down here WE ARE ON OUR OWN. It isn’t about YOUR prayers being answered…its about the horrific wrongs of our entire civilization being put right by the heavenly hand of God…..

            How much worse is it going to get before people just switch gears and pray to Satan….it’s already happening in Mexico.

            I’m tired of praying for devine intervention….we are on our own.

            • Doesn’t the good book say that god helps those that help themselves? Faith may carry you through, but it still comes down to your own actions.

        • “When the Levee breaks, Momma you got to move ooh-hoo!” Gotta love Led Zeppelin! ;-P

          • amen to that…all the best musicians are already in heaven..

        • Have heard my brother comment on home invasions in his area. Not an everyday occurence yet, but quite unexpected in that zip code.

          • Ben
            We had that happening almost every night in my home town, and 1 night the 3 men broke into the wrong house, none of them got hit by the bullets flying and they were chased down the street by armed neighbors. Guess what now they have stopped or at least for the last 2 months that is.


      10. There will be genuine fear and anger when hyperinflation hits. The government has hiding the true rate of inflation so the amount that poor people receive in food stamps has been going down in terms of purchasing power. It time that will explode. There will be panic buying of silver and gold when we reach 10% inflation in a single month. I firmly believe that when the collapse happens the U.S. will lose 95% or more of its population. It’s going to be that bad.

        • Posted previously. Sorry for repeating myself, but just think it’s relavent.

          There are four formulas for determining inflation: M0, M1, M2, M3. The higher the number, the more all-inclusive the inputs; the lower the number, the more exclusive. M3 had long been the standard. Then came the 80′s. “Mr. President, we have a problem.” Reagan: “Change the way M3 is calculated. See. No problem anymore.” And that worked… for a while. And, if I remember correctly, it was under W that someone again said, “Mr. President, we may have a problem.” The answer: Substitute the M2 formula for the M3. See. No problem.

          BUT, a number of economists have continued tracking the M3 data. That data shows that for the past 3 to 4 years annual inflation has consistently been at 10+% annually. That IS hyperinflation, especially when coupled with the rapid decline in median household income.

          Hyperinflation is effectively already here. It has just been mathematically swept under the rug so that it can be denied. However, those of us who buy anything regularly know full well it’s happening.

          • Have to agree with Palin when she was arguing with the WSJ. To paraphrase–“Anyone who believes there is very little price inflation has not been in a grocery store lately”.

            • She would know since she shops for her family regularly…not like the elites in DC who wouldn’t lower themselves to shop like us peasants they supposedly represent!!

      11. “Like Greece, the middle east, and now Europe, the people of the United States will be rioting in the streets”

        I’m really beginning to wonder if American’s are capable of rioting? You’ve got the Obese and that’s about half the population. They’d last maybe 15 minutes (maybe a few minutes longer inside WalMart). Then there’s those strung out on hard core psychotropic drugs and isn’t that about 30% of the population. Followed by majority of the population that’s retired and they’re mostly, well, too old. Then you have the young white American male under 35 (from the nanny state cities) and from what I’m hearing this is a pretty accurate portrayal of how they are turning out.

        It’s pretty scary. Watch it and weep. (Remember, this is not a joke)

        • Yuck.. sorry, I could only stand 52 seconds… RALF !!! There goes my lunch..

          • I made it a minute two seconds. Anywhoo, for some reason, maybe it’s just prepper fatigue setting in here, but I got a good laugh out of that first line. Are we capable of rioting due to obesity. I just had this scene pop into my head, and ironically, it did involve walmart! Maybe that’s the master plan! “Make em too fat to riot, and at worst, we’ll distract em by thowing a twinkie!” Sad but true. This just gets better and better.

            • I keep getting this image of rioters riding wal-Mart’s power chairs and burning cars in the street (until the battery gives out).

        • and those pathetic proles are the tax base…..

        • I watched it. By the time I got to the end I thought it was pretty funny. It probably pisses women off…………………..But it is an accurate depiction, except maybe the pink berry’s..

          • I have to confess, I laughed a lot. Now I don’t know about whether it pisses women off or not but I can tell you this. I went to a thanksgiving BFD (big family deal) with my girlfriends relatives last year in Seattle. Seattle is the model city for agenda 21. They’re pushing real hard the mechanics, at a very young age, to feminize the males and masculinize the females. There were guys at this gathering who acted/talked “exactly” like the fellows in the youtube spoof. So real was this spoof to how these “real” guys were acting at the gathering I was at, that it was clear, a brainwashing system has been in place for some time to accomplish the gender manipulation of the sexes, clear across this country. If you live out in the sticks you probably haven’t seen it yet, but get to a city, one that support the nanny state system, and you will see this kind of behavior… just like in the video.
            If you watch the following video that comes up, you will see the “lady friends” of these guys…I don’t know if their depictions are accurate, since they are bordering on bullish dykes, but who knows. Times, they are a changing.

      12. To me, the biggest triggers are OPEC and the Saudis. OPEC sells oil only in dollars. Eventually they will stop accepting dollars as payment for oil. The Saudis have trillions in the stock market and trillions of dollars. At some point they will realize that they have to dump their dollars while they still have some value. That could be when it hits the fan.

        • Check out the film Rollover from the early 1980’s. Stars Jane Fonda. I know, but once u get past that part there is a msg. Deals w/a scenario you similiar to what u described. In the forties and fifties Saudi Aramco were paid a portion of their US oil sales in specially minted gold rounds.

        • Coincidentally, it was in ’71 that OPEC declared all oil transactions, globally, be conducted in US dollars, the very year the US abandoned the gold standard. What actually happened was that the gold standard was replaced with the “oil standard”. It’s been down hill ever since.

      13. According to the Drudgereport; the just signed bill increases our debt limit by 7 trillion. Our previous debt limit was 14.3 trillion. According to Wikipedia, our 2010 GDP was 14.7 Trillion. If correct, our “admitted” debt will be around 21 trillion very soon;or slightly less than 150% more than 2010 GDP. I still hold out hope that the 2012 elections can get us heading back in the “right” direction; but that hope is being sorely tested and is hanging by it’s last thread. I am becoming more concerned that even if the R’s take back full control; that in itself may be the catalyst for turmoil because cutting “entitlements” would likely trigger riots. The smallest result of this spending insanity that I can see is massive inflation.. which has already triggered riots around the world. SNAFU.

      14. Well, I’m glad to see they’re not even pretending this is a democracy anymore. They used this debt ceiling LIE to push through this “super congress”. That way if they want to ban your guns or confiscate your PM’s, they can push it through with no debate. I feel like the Star Wars character who said, “So, this is how democracy dies…to thunderous applause.”

        Pardon me while I vom……..!

      15. Forget about the $14.3 trillion they passed that months ago. My question is how do they know how much money they have spent, we have not had a budget in over 826 days or 2.26 years.

        Here is the way these idiots are going cut spending. We will have over $15 trillion in debt by Christmas, some cut Ha? That’s the Washington way.

        No sooner then the senate voted Chuck Schummer came out and said now we are going to focus on jobs. What he is saying is we gonna spend another trillion.

        These idiots need to be remove any way we can remove them. The real question is will they be removed by ballot’s or bullet’s?

      16. Mac…Not to disagree but the government does have the money to continue to centrally plan the economy and the western world if they want to. How come no one has mentioned that inside this current budget we have all of the TARP money, both Stimulus’ and both QE1 & 2? The President has included these funds all along, plus, added another 2.4T on top. Looks like they have about 6 trillion to much at the moment. Furthermore, Obama, Geitner and Bernanke have said there will no more QE’s. So you tell me why do they need all of these funds? I don’t know.

        Something very bad is coming from our government. And soon.

      17. Today was pretty entertaining.

        I’ve been saying for a while that ’11 was reminding me of ’08…but we’ll see.

        Also, DESPITE the idiocy of raising the debt ceiling, I’m still looking for a rebound in the dollar in the SHORT TERM.

        Again, long term is a different story: All fiat currencies will eventually fail…not because there is anything inherently wrong with fiat currencies…but because the world’s central banks are run by jackasses.

      18. Our politicians need to grow a pair and cut deeply across the board. When the beneficiaries complain just repeat what the proctologist said to his constipated patient, “tough shit”. But that will never happen so yeah, we are pooched.

      19. I am hearing lots of numbers thrown around about just how much the increase in the debt ceiling limit is going to add to the current 14.3 trillion debt that we already owe; anywhere from 2.1 trillion all the way up to 7 trillion $ of additional debt. This doesn’t even begin to include the “unfunded liabilities” that our government is responsible for.

        And just what country has the money and is stupid enough to want to purchase the T-Bills that will be used to create this additional debt? China is already trying to dump/sell as many US$ and other debt instruments of the United States as they possibly can.

        It will be Ben Bernanke and his ‘homies’ over at the Federal Reserve Bank who will create the money out of thin air and buy these new T-Bills. Of course this will only serve to further weaken and dilute the value of an already weak US$.

        Since most of the debt of the United States is already held by the Federal Reserve Banking System; why don’t we just go ‘tits-up’ on the money that we owe the Federal Reserve? That brings our debt owed to foreign governments down to a manageable amount and we work to pay them off.

        Another cost saving measure that we could implement immediately is to quit the 2 – 5 wars that we are presently involved in and bring our military back home from the 130+ places that we have them stationed around the world. Big savings.

        Foreign Aid? Sorry Hillary and the rest of the world, but we’re broke and have citizens in need right here in the United States. We should assist our own before we even think of helping anyone else.

        What’s that Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries? You need some military assistance? Sorry, but that is no longer a service that we can afford to provide gratis. We now charge for our military assistance; cost + baby.

        How am I doing so far???

        The current POS agreement in Washington only serves to kick our financial can a bit further down the road … past the 2012 elections ….. they hope and pray.

        The farther we fall; the harder we hit and the more it will hurt.

        But please look on the bright side here. This may give us a bit longer to prepare and a bit longer to enjoy a few more brief moments in the sun with our families before the ‘darkness’ closes in around us.

        God Bless & good luck to all.

      20. for all you that aren’t prepared, you better get started fast, food , silver , gold, and guns

        • I had started a book a year ago, and been chipping away at it, “The poor woman’s guide to prepping in the 11th hour.” At this rate, I don’t know if I will be able to finish it in time to do anyone any good. I just can’t type and edit fast enough! I’m seeing more and more people waking up, getting scared, running around like leemers. Suddenly, I’m not so crazy anymore! Hmm. funny how that works. NOW people want to learn. Which is fine. I’ll teach as long as I can.
          By the way, thanks for your sevice, Marine4life.

        • Beans, bullets, bandaids…and BIBLE.

          • JJ, Definitely Bible first, battle is fought in the spiritual realm before the physical, and Jesus told his disciples from this day forward go and buy Ye a sword. He knew what was coming, shall we be different, Nay

            • Is this how it goes?

              “Those who beat their swords into plowshares end up plowing for those who don’t”

      21. I’ve been reading some posts; and i think what everyone is basically saying is right on the money. ( No pun intended) But; does ANYONE really have a timetable on when the whole thing crashes??? My own thinking is around 2014 – 2016; maybe a little sooner. Its not a question IF anymore; not with out TRAITOROUS government; which is doing this by design; but WHEN. Seriously.

        • It can happen 3 years from now or it can happen tomorrow. They have no plan B if something unexpected comes up. Like the big one on L.A., the New Madrid Fault, WW3, etc.

        • I had posed the same question in an earlier post. I drift between six months and two years, myself, but as someone had said to me, it very well could be event driven. We are teetering and just need a good push. Hell, the market could continue crashing tommorow and thats it. We slide into police state, chaos, rationing etc. Or it could continue it’s slow slide to oblivion. I think, personally, that the slide will accelerate and then there will be a significant ‘event’ to push it over. Oh, I don’t know, something sufficient to keep a president in office indefinately.
          I wish, (I know, wish in one hand…..but I do wish that america had the integrity and fortitude to survive this with grace and diginity. Like back in the thirties. Man, those were some salt of the earth people.

        • Dave:
          There are many possible triggers for the END. What I liked about Mac’s article here is that it explains why we’re really screwed this time. When WW II started, we had very little debt on the government credit card. Now that we’re heading toward $15 trillion in debt, we can’t fight another World War. Or, for that matter, the government can’t afford to pay the bill for another Katrina, or terrorist use of a WMD. When’s the end economically? Watch the interest rates. With interest rates near zero, the feds are paying about $20 billion/month in interest. If interest rates triple (very possible), we’re looking at over $720 billion a year in interest alone. The feds can’t afford that and they’ll be forced to hyper-inflate the dollar or eliminate 40% of their budget. Which do you think they’ll do? Yeah, me too. Spend that fiat currency as soon as you get it. It’s worthless. Most just don’t know it yet.

      22. Gold hit $1,661 Silver $40.00 do you have any? Have you improved on your farming skills lately? have you stocked enough food for your family? You still on the fence???

      23. Gotta love all the videos you post BloodyFellow

        • DPS:

          Man, is’t got to be working out in the heat! the shit just comes to me. 🙂

      24. Bloody

        I hear you its a hot MF here in TX again, kinda cooks the brain. So keep posting those links bud

        • DPS: Hope you like the squirrel vid. lol

          • yep loved it to damn funny bloody

      25. So they raised the debt ceiling by 7 trillion over 10 years. I’ll lay you 10 to 1 odds that this current regime spends most of it and then they will raise it again. And why do they call it a debt ceiling, its a giant friggin hole and holes don’t have ceilings last time I checked.

        • I think it’s actually a bottomless pit, and eventually they’ll have us dig straight into hell. Is it just me, or is it getting warm in here?

      26. why can’t we just break up..
        hard working and innovating Constitutionalists on one side and, well, everybodee else on the udder..hmmm??

        • That’s coming. You really think Texas is going to pay California’s bills? Talk of secession is inevitable. Look at the states that are allowing gold to be used as legal currency. It will start there. Hmmmm… I think SC passed a bill allowing gold to be used in lieu of fiat dollars. Are the cannons trained on Ft. Sumter again?

      27. whoops..’other’ 🙂

        • Oh, no, you had it right the first time… metaphorically speaking.

        • Actually you got it right first time…that second bunch is sucking on the govt udder is it not?

      28. For you upper midwesterners the old “Grainbelt Beer” motto was, “It’s been a long time a brewin.” Seems to fit the upcoming dollar collapse doesn’t it.

      29. Dave, you asked “when.” I have been following this closely for many years. I used to think dollar collapse would be around 2020. Now I am revising my thinking. Now I think could be as early as fall 2011 through 2012. Hope I’m wrong.

      30. There is something moving around in the water that was just muddied up by this debt treason bill. Its going to take our legs off when it decides to.

        I’ve been saying it for 3 years: When they did all the TARPin’ and bailin’ they pulled the trigger, held it down and most of our ammo went off into the jungle. Now, when the beast of recession returns, we’re going to be throwing the economic equivalent of rocks.

        Look, its all going down. If you want to ride this out in any type of safety, you need a few things:

        God: Get your mind and spirit in shape. (God or your choice of similar terms. I know some on here are somewhat Anti-Christian. Thats OK, but, get with whoever cause you’re going to need some spiritual comfort in this mess.)

        Guts: Get your courage up to face this mess. (Guts, courage, fortituded, whatever you want to call it. It attitude. Meet it head on. Be prepared the deal with it. Don’t be afraid. If you have the tools, you’ll have the courage.)

        Guns: You need security. (Three guns: Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle and associated ammo. Its doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can cover it all for under $500, ammo and all. …you can also spend a bunch more and have a better setup. Don’t sweat it. Contact me if you want details.)

        Groceries: You need food to eat and drink. (I practice Survival PodCast’s “store what you eat / eat what you store. A months worth is good. A years worth is better.)

        Gas: You’ll need energy to keep warm and to go. (Whether its to run a generator occasionally or to drive or ride or haul, you’ll need some. Wether is a few 5 gal gas cans full of gas or kerosene, get some. Rotate it and keep it fresh.)

        Gold: No, you can’t eat it, but, if you have excess money, putting it in perishable fiat dollars is just dumb. Put in some type of commodity be it Gold, Silver (my preference) or guns (my other preference!), tools, whatever. Something that will last. Solar panels? Copper wire? I bet buying a few rolls of 12/2 with ground won’t let you down in a few years.

        Garden: For sustainability. Eventually your food storage will run out. What are you going to eat? Grow some Taters and Maters and bunnies! START NOW!

        Thats it folks! Prepp up! Time may be short. I hope not but the big black cloud looks like its coming over the horizon.

        • Oh, sorry Mushroom, I forgot to mention that $10 bills are better than gold but certainly not as pretty. Get them $10 bills before they’re all gone and Benny prints up something real ugly.

          • LOL!!! You forget to mention the #10 cans!!!!

      31. Does anyone have a good handle on about how many of “us” ( preppers ) are out there ? I’ve been sort of wondering about that. I’ve kind of made “friends” with some people who work at the places I’ve used to stock up and their business is beyond through the roof. A couple of years ago, I had some of my gutters chopped and water barrels stuck under them. Of course I could have done it myself, but I knew the guy and he needed money bad. Interesting thing is that he wondered why some many people were doing that lately.. I’m pretty prepped up, so I’ve sort of “stopped”.. but I still pick up a few things from time to time.. but I wonder.. how many of us are out there ? Of necessity, we tend to be as anonymous and invisible as possible.. but anyone have a real clue ? Mac, maybe you have a good handle on it ?

        • Ummmm… Sam… You’re going to find out real soon.

          Got any Mormons in your neighborhood? You can count them as prepped up and ready to go. Not sure how they’ll treat non-Mormons after the SHTF, though.

          Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

          Uh, oh. We’re alone Sam. It’s just me and you.

        • Sam,

          My opinion is not to talk at all. When the time is right, all like-minded people will gather somehow.
          Try to buy stuff from many different stores, and trust nobody.
          Even people you love, relatives, friends, or neighboors, are potential enemies.
          Of course allies are necessary, but i believe that their approach must be careful and gradual.

          Be safe man.

      32. Greetings!
        NetRanger,I found some $10 crispies.but the can to put them in cost $20.00 and it was made in China from Irradiated scrap metals.Now what do I do?Mail it as a early thank-you present with some GMO wheat cookies to Congress?Thoughts?Suggestions?
        I give the mess till 2013/4 to falter and we become a another Argentina.A real life collapse society with real vicious gangs,high unemployment,high food prices and nowhere to go but down.Ever see the movie “Book of Eli”? Where’s Mushroom?
        Trying to get garden in order plus the other stuff.Got Bible,can’t eat it but when the local cable goes down it makes good reading by candle light.
        It’s 10PM and STILL HOT!(95+)
        What climate change?

      33. All Hail the King of Mirage

        Can’t get this vision out of my head:
        obamma is standing at the helm of a boat, waving to the crowds on shore as he passes. He looks impressive in his admirals jacket and yacht cap. Then the scene widens and I see he’s actually at the wheel of a rusted old Bayliner (party barge) with one bent pontoon and it’s sitting on a squeaky wheeled old trailer being pulled down the street by two little donkeys. The crowd is actually sullen and silent but in front and behind the boat are people pushing wheelbarrows with boom boxes playing loud crowd cheering noises.
        At his point I usually wake up, or pass out, can’t remember which.

        • The drain plug was still out when it passed me and leaking oil. They were headed to Ten Killer and it said Titanic on the side.

      34. Just remember that although this “govt cabal of crooks” is refered to as the “American” government they are in reality impostors and usurpers,when they finally fail/die they will have destroyed much of what several generations of Americans (and others) thought they were building…gotta remember that they have been a lie and have perpetuated a lie for a long time but they were/are not us,they are not what we stood/stand for in the sense of what we believe and stand for,they are a lie!
        Even though the destruction of their empire and their evil ways will be called the fall of America…I want to again take issue with that way of thinking,America is not this govt and this govt is not America,they can perish and must.. America must never be allowed to perish… but only by preserving,believing in and practicing those ideals we all associate with the idea of America can we hope to rebuild her after these bassturds are in hell! America is us,she lives in us and through us,as individuals first and as a people secondly!
        “They” are the face of the evil that has spanned the globe and visited grief on many nations,we are not they…”we” are America,they hid behind our face,used our hands our resources.. whilst we were occupied with living the dream they spread terror everywhere and the victims thought it was us doing them wrong,a heck of a lot of BS has been done in our name,in Americas name and it wasnt us,we have been the victims of the biggest identity theft in history,”they” are posing as us…we have to understand that things have changed,somethings will never be the same again,some thing shouldnt ever be allowed to be the same…but one thing must forever be the same as it once was and that is we must once again restore this republic, not just to what she was but to what she should be,with as much liberty and freedom as is possible this side the grave with as little wrong as is humanly possible,they have taken away alot from us but most of the stuff and the appearances we can live without,freedom/liberty and love of life and our fellows is what we can never afford them to steal,we owe it to the future generations.If we allow them to snuff out that fire we have inside us then they win…freedom dies…that is what is unthinkable to me personally….
        dont mean to ramble its just something that gets under my skin on occasion and this is my attempt to articulate it… hope I did some…thanks!

      35. I tend to think we might have a better idea of the timeframe in a couple three months. Within a couple weeks we will begin to see the speed of the trend.

        Number of preppers? I’m betting the figure is less than 0.5% Why? Top 5% is wealthy. Bottom 40% is broke and on gov’t assistance. That leaves 55%. Now being a bit optimistic, if 10% of these remaining 55% prep, that is only 0.55% of the populace. At my age and experience of prior crisis managements of the economy, I’m not that optimistic. So I figure maybe 1-5 million total and if we divide it by households of four, we have a 1/4-1 million households.

        Gotta agree. We shot up all our ammo in a mad minute. No ammo left and the harsh hoofbeats of inevitability are drawing closer. You can bet that I won’t listen to the same idiots that told me to lay in visqueen and duct tape to seal myself from …, uh just what was the threat? Oh that’s right. We were supposed to borrow and spend our way to financial paradise just like Congress.

      36. Just curious…..How exactly is falling stocks a bad thing?
        That means the value is going down doesn’t it?
        Sounds like a good thing because prices will go down as well.

      37. Hey…I have found the deal of the century!!! for all of you new prepper’s that can’t afford gold or silver or are still on the fence.

      38. The super congress will go after the 401K, IRA’s and gun rights. Most Democrats are very smart or very stupid. All are corrupt.

        • The Government has already got the 401k & IRA’s in the big government bag so to speak.

          401(k) IRA Nationalization *** Quietly Moves Forward

      39. When I was a kid digging a hole outside my father would tell me if I went much deeper I would end up in china..Obama is almost there.

      40. Silver is approaching $42 now…

        wonder what they will do next to try to keep it down…?

      41. Just got a prepper store in my area..dude sells bulk grains,bulk foods, silver, ammo, MRE’s..etc..etc…etc…

        im in the sticks…whats that tell ya?

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