Government Pushes Forward The Fed’s Plan: Stimulus Package To Focus On “Kids, Jobs, & VACCINES”

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Headline News | 3 comments

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    President Donald Trump’s administration is helping the Federal Reserve push through their plans for the New World Order: a one-world government and tyrannical authoritarian regime that oversees a one-world digital currency. The focus of additional stimulus legislation should be on “kids and jobs and vaccines,” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told reporters in the Oval Office where the meeting occurred.

    The criminals in government called congress will returns to Washington this week to begin negotiations on another round of coronavirus aid, which is expected to top $1 trillion, according to a report by NBC News. More stimulus money plans right into the hands of the central bank and their plans for world domination, so as long as Trump keeps adding debt, the Federal Reserve will ensure he’s elected in November. 

    Greg Mannarino: “The Fed Is About To Sell You ANOTHER MASSIVE LIE!”

    Mannarino warns that he’s going to touch on politics, and tells people to “sit down.” People hate having their false illusions and the masters they’ve developed Stockholm Syndrome because of shattered. So if you’re easily triggered by facts, this is your warning.

    “No two presidents have been a better friend to the Federal Reserve than Barack Obama and President Trump. Both of these men have the Federal Reserve, not just LET, but have CALLED ON the Federal Reserve to run amok. No restraint whatsoever. Print, print, print, create cash out of thin air, buy the debt, buy assets,” Mannarino says. –SHTFPlan

    Additionally, the White House (Trump for those who think there’s a difference), says that a vaccine needs to be part of the plan to “reopen” and get kids back to school.

    The White House is focused on expediting vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus, keeping people employed and bringing back manufacturing from overseas, Mark Meadows, the White House chief of staff said in an interview on Fox News on Sunday. The Trump administration has been coordinating with McConnell and other Republicans on the new aid measure, but those talks hit a snag over the weekend over funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as testing and tracing.

    Brace yourselves for what’s coming. We’ve been trying to warn you. No politician or government official is coming to save you. The Federal Reserve is taking over the world and will choose the president to be their puppet. If you haven’t prepared for an economic collapse and the possibility of having to struggle should you deny the vaccine, you should begin now. It may be too late, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. The information is there, and you can react to it in anger and be as mad as you’d like about it. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is what the Federal Reserve was designed to do, and they will choose the puppets needed to push their agenda forward.


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      1. Trump is not doing what the American People want when he cheerleads a vaccine designed by big pharma…

        We may have been deceived by Trump.
        No arrests, no one locked up.
        NWO is running in high gear against us.
        And all he does is tweet.
        I honestly think he meant well, but learned the corrupt system is too corrupt and there is nothing he can do about it.
        He isn’t even really trying to re-elected imho.

        • When you’re up to azz in alligators, it’s difficult to drain the swamp.

          Trump has, single handedly; with next to no support from the rest of the Republican party and, in the case of Paul Ryan and Jeff Sessions, active thwarting of almost any good idea he had coming into office, accomplished MORE in three years than Obutboy did in eight.

          Not to mention having to overcome the corrupt charges stemming from a corrupt FBI and a corrupt Jeff Sessions who stood idly by and let the Justice Dept. and Congress run amok. I’m so glad the people of Georgia finally consigned that piss poor excuse for a law enforcement officer to the trash heap of history.

      2. Word to the wise —

        Whether they are using facial recognition or a tracking app, people are reporting that they have approached the testing center, obeyed signs to save tests for sicker people, and still got phonecalls, saying they were positive!

        Never thought of that, before, and I walked well around a parkground, where there was testing.

        I do not frequently go into crowded places. I have food, clothes, shelter, and have been living pretty obliviously.

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