Government Orders Expedited Printing of 350,000 Detainee Handbooks

by | Apr 20, 2011 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    The US Government Printing Office – Chicago Procurement has posted a contract open for bidding for some 350,000 copies of the National Detainee Handbook.

    Per Jacket Number 735-412/413, the GPO requests 221,367 copies of the handbook in Spanish and 129,567 in English. The GPO requests expedited delivery of the prints, requesting a delivery date of April 29, 2011, less than two weeks from today.

    The original Jacket Number 735-412/413 is no longer available at the GPO web site, but a cached version can be accessed here.

    US Immigration and Customs Enforcement currently shows a ‘404 page not found error‘ for the page on ICE’s web site where the handbook was originally stored. You can view the National Detainee Handbook (Dated 2007) via Scribd.

    According to a 2008 detention standard guide from ICE, the handbook is to be provided to all individuals detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It is not clear whether the guidelines in the handbook apply just for immigration related detentions.

    According to ICE the purpose of the handbook is to provide detainees with an overview of the general rules, regulations, policies, and procedures that ICE is required while detaining someone:

    This Detention Standard requires that, upon admission, every detainee be provided comprehensive written orientation materials that describe such matters as the facility’s rules and sanctions, disciplinary system, mail and visiting procedures, grievance system, services, programs, and medical care, in English, Spanish, and other languages and that detainees acknowledge receipt of those materials.

    It applies to the following types of facilities housing DRO detainees:

    • Service Processing Centers (SPCs);
    • Contract Detention Facilities (CDFs); and
    • State or local government facilities used by DRO through Intergovernmental Service Agreements (IGSAs) to hold detainees for more than 72 hours.

    No information on why the Printing Office has requested expedient printing and delivery of the books has been made available.


    According to Kurt Nimmo of Infowars, this may be part of a broader immigration and/or detention initiative that falls under the auspices of the REX 84 emergency response directive:

    In 2003, the government launched Operation Endgame to detain and deport all removable aliens and “suspected terrorists” currently living in the United States by 2012.The federal government has devised contingency plans to round up and intern people it considers “national security threats.” Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, is a contingency plan developed by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, who worked for the National Security Council and the Reagan administration. North worked with FEMA on the plan.

    Hat tip: Infowars, Activist Post, PoliticalSeer


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      1. I will require payment up front, at 100$ a copy thank you
         now im outa here..what? its just tax payers money..cripes….lol

        like as if they are really going to hand these out to illegals..isnt that horse already out of the barn?

      2. Oh..just a word to the wise and the one who wins this bid…you really think your going to get paid?
        the US is broke.., if they are smart they will get the money up front, or the contract is no good.
        and their credit isnt any good either..maybe we should run a credit check on the us government to see if they can even cover this first.

      3. This isn’t concerning to me.  The lede has 10x more bark than bite.  More than half of the manuals are in spanish, for crying out loud.

      4. I wonder if this includes homegrown “threats to national security”? You know, like those who proclaim their Constitutional rights. Or, those who homeschool their kids?

      5. Sure they will pay.  They will just print up some nice, crisp and new $100 bills for payment.  It’s quite a racket but it’s a shame that every time they print it makes all the other dollars in the system worth less or worth-less.

      6. What, no Arab?

      7. I just wonder who they are really going to detain. Makes you wonder who will occupy those FEMA camps. Maybe us? Mmmmmmmm…Define us as anyone who defies this dictatorship of a government since Barry was elected. Was he really elected, how much was fraud like himself? Unfortunately we will likely find out. 

      8. Cripes……. if they don’t hand us instructions how are we gonna know what to do and where to go.   Makes since to me.  Ya gotta have rules ya know.  Just saying….

      9. This is just a political ploy by Obama to try to recapture the Illegal issue from the right. If he can show that his administration actually rounded up 350,000 illegal criminals out of the 3.5 million violent criminals here associated with gangs and drugs, then he can say that the bad guys are in jail and the “innocent” Illegals should be given amnesty. So, finally, expect a minor “crackdown” on criminal Illegals.

        All part of his plan to serve the USA up to the NWO by trying to give amnesty to the other 26.5 million Illegals and make them “new Americans” with the right to vote in a national referendum to dissolve the USA into the NAU with Mexico.

      10. Hope they make it toilet paper grade so I can add a few to my home storage supplies since crisp $10 dollar bills are a bit rough.

      11. That makes no sense at all. Our southern border is WIDE open and the entire world knows this.  So the idea that there is a plan to round up illegals and return them accross the border makes about as much sense as saying we are planning to catch rainwater with a seive.
         This may be just a case of  senseless federal spending.  It is not part of a plan to stop illegal immigration or they would start with a border.

      12. Cyber_Samuri
        I wonder if I would be considered a “national security threat”? I keep preps on hand, have some skills that would enable me to take care of myself in less than american-comfortable circumstances, read this and other “doomsday” material, exercise civil liberties and rights and worst of all, I think independently & critically. If these things make me a threat, at least I know I’m not alone.

        Our presidents have (IMHO) simply been puppets for many years, so I doubt our current president is any more or less than those who held the office before him. And hey, if all goes well, my family won’t be in those camps!

      13. Who qualifies as a detainee anyway? Anybody who doesn’t goosestep the party line to Chairman Maobama and the Corporate Big Bother? By some estimates there are 350,000 of us SHT Fans…can I get the Kindel version P L E A S E !

      14. C: The plan isn’t to stop Illegal immigration. The plan is to round up gang members and other violent criminal Illegals to make it appear as if they are doing something significant about illegal immigration; when in fact they are not, will not seal the border.

        The plan is to use a small crackdown on the very serious, violent, (Illegal) criminals as an excuse to give amnesty to all of the others, and make them new Americans to merge the US and Mexico.

        Follow the pea as Obummer shuffles the cups!

      15. Comments      Motherfu@% don’t stop at a couple hundred thousand….Lets get it on!

      16. This won’t apply to 99.9% of you.  You’re sheep after all.  Sure you have some junk in the basement of your 30 year old wooden home on 1/2 an acre, and a few silver coins, but you are weak, old, and unwilling to fight – no threat to anyone.  Certainly not a “threat to national security” by any means.  You go to work, you pay your taxes, and you live in fear of the government and their goons.  You are perfect slaves and your children will live out their days just as you did, as slaves.  You huddle ’round the old HAM Radio in your basement over a few beers with your buddies and bitch about “the government” in hushed tones, but you are ultimately harmless.
        When they come for the real patriots in this land, will you fight for them?  Will you shed blood for them?  Or will you stay in your basements waiting for Blue Helmeted NWO troops to knock on your door (which will never happen)?
        Reminds me of the old story of Nazi Germany…modified for modern America:
        When they passed the USA PATRIOT Act and started spying on everyone, I said nothing, because I had done nothing wrong so I had nothing to hide.
        When they started molesting children and taking nude photos of everyone and storing them permanently for biometric identification purposes, I said nothing, because I didn’t like flying all that much anyway.
        When they confiscated legally owned guns from gun owners during Katrina, I said nothing, because I didn’t live in New Orleans.
        When they rounded up half a million of my fellow citizens as “threats to national security”, I said nothing, because they didn’t come for me.
        In the end, they never came for me, because I never stood up for anyone or anything.  I made sure to report my “crazy” brother after he took his family and fled to the mountains though.  Shame what they did to his children, but I had to, it was for the good of the country.  After all, “See something?  Say something.”
        Baaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.  Baaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.


      18. Comments…..I’ll willing to bet ya a big mac that every time you get in a vehicle you …. buckle up.  You probably have your vehicles insured and registered too.  Try this:  don’t buckle up, don’t insure anything, don’t register anything, stay still and low … after all the cities are self cleaning ovens (a thug gets killed the shooter goes to prison) so why waste ammo and energy.  I usually don’t write anything on the web, surf these websites, etc., … the NWO will use anything you do or write against you eventually.  It’s like “LINK” channel.  They run a doc on how evil Capitalism is, Democracy, etc. and then ask for donations via your charge, debit, or bank cards.  See the hypocrisy?  Just like the end time preachers also.  Maybe it’s time to start acting like a Republic … we win, we take the spoils.  Time to submit that bill to Berlin for saving their asses after WW2.  The Japs are out of $$ but bill em anyway.  And how about those S Koreans.

        Hmmm…your post really touches home.

      20. Maybe the Spanish ones are for foreign troops?

      21. Hmmm…..WOW very insightful.

        I hope people realize that people will do anything to feed their children, including turning in other family members.

        People need to get self sufficient. The more I prep that longer I can save my family, from both famine and the Govt. 

        JJ…I feel like you and I are on the same page.  

        Like I said Tina…I’m more than ready for the ‘reset’ button.  Let’s get this party started!!!

      23. Comments…..TO HMMM IT MAY CONCERN…When it comes down to it,the hard truth is most people 99.99% will not do or say anything for fear of death.It reminds me of seeing those pictures of long lines of hundreds of people walking,saying nothing,just following the person in front of them, and hearing machine gun fire in the distance,now it’s even closer , just over the hill.Some new what was coming, others had a feeling but could not, and would not believe what was about to happen.Yet!! they continued walking towards their own death.Why? because of fear.My thought is this, wouldn’t you rather be shot and killed for trying to survive,rather than walk in that line? The most likely senario is, You will stay in line.why? because we have been trained since birth to get in line and stay in line,even if it means our own death.You will know the answer to this riddle ,when you actually have to make that decision, lets all hope we never have to.

      24. @kaynine you are so spot on!! Fear is the biggest controlling factor they have, but looking at Arab countries we can clearly see it doesn’t work in the end. Those poor bastards are fighting with rocks and in the majority of cases winning! What ever happened to the framework of our Nation, Bill of Rights, Constitution etc. people died and are still dying for Old Glory.
        Seems we are conditioned here in the US to just go along with the program. Wonder if Mr. Purple Lips will deport himself once this manual is released.

      25. And now the sheep are being tracked via thier iPhones. Websearch “iPhone Tracker.” Apple hasn’t responded to media requests about the tracker.

        So now we have the possible problem of guilt by association. The prospective detainee visits you after calling and just because you FAILED to notify the proper authorities you might be detained as a co-conspirator.

        Couple the above with the propensity of preppers to pay by debit/credit cards and the PTB have prima facie evidence of your culpability. Them crisp new $10 bills are looking better and better for purchases.

        I feel so much safer now.

      26. So when do we start the party?

      27. Don’t get your hopes up, there will be no massive roundups of illegals no matter what.
        The ACLU is stuffed with Jews who’ll make certain of that nation wrecking scheme (something they would NEVER advocate for Israel).
        Same goes for the democrats, even if a dirty bomb tracked to an illegal wiped out a US city the dems wouldn’t kick out the illegals since they are their future voters who are government dependent parasites in training.
        Moreover, the republicans need the illegals for cheap labor and they have no gonads to insult anyone with strict immigration laws anyway.

        The only group that these pamphlets may be designed for will be US gun owners (at least that’s what the federal idiots have planned).
        Good luck

      28. DAVE,

        Hiring of illegals for cheap labor is not only for Republicans, it’s also for Democrats/Liberals and anyone else including Mexican business owners who also hire illegals for their cheap labor.  

        When asking the business owners, they said, “do you and others want to pay more?” 

        It’s up to the government to enforce border control, not the citizens. 

      29. First of all, I DO NOT DO business with companies who I know hire illegal workers, period. 

        I’ve heard many other people complaining about their poor quality of workmanship, and end up paying others to redo the work. 

        It all boils down to competition and staying in business.

      30. It’s just another non-White minority subsidy.
        Brer Rabbit and the briar patch
        “Only please, Brer Fox, please don’t throw me into the briar patch.”, or how to get recalcitrant idiots to do what you want.
        It’ll be so bad, that the one’s in the government supplied camps (food, clothing, shelter, heat, water, medical care) will be subsisting better than the those not interned and left to their own resourcefulness — in an environment where there are no resources!. There will be a line for miles to get in!
        For those already incarcerated within the conventional prison system, it will be a virtual ‘Club Med’ compared to the circumstances outside the wire or wall.


      31. false flag attack Chicago by Rahm Emanual / Obama and Crew 2011… Bet on it! There will Be Blood!

        False Flag Chicago 2011 – People will Die!

      32. tek’s- Depending on which part of the city gets hit, it might do more good than harm. “Wow, 8 of my neighbors houses just blew up! I”ll bet my property value just went up 10 grand!”

      33. Note to hmm….what are you going to say while everyone else goes “Baaaa, baaaa”?

      34. @SmokinOkie
        Next one will be a nuke. The conventional explosion of the WTC just didn’t get the desired maximum effect of the sheeple.
        Market value is the same for radioactive dwelling debris and radioactive standing structures.:-)

      35. @James Woroble
        You may be right! (he said with a nervous grin) Wish I had a really sound, rational argument for why that could never, never, ever happen here. Man, do I wish that.

      36. April 29, 2011 what a coincidence that is the same day that Kate Middleton is to marry UK’s prince William. 

        The future king of England has been breaking a lot of protocols. Royal people should have to maintain a higher level of morality.  They have been living together for many years, and the mainstream media has been very protecting her image for all these years. 

        On top of that William and Kate Middleton look odd together.   Kate looks much older than he does, it could be because she has lost a lot of weight. 

        The mainstream media has been bashing prince Charles and pushing hard for William to be king. 

        I feel sorry for the UK, they are broke and now have to spend lavishly on Kate’s wedding and the entire country gets 14 days off with pay. 

        Now they are pushing the queen to retire early to be sure William will ascend to the throne.  I feel sorry the queen.

      37. Comments…..this is the number of expected survivors of the BIG earthquake to come in the New Madrid quake zone where they had FEMA exercises on—get this, April 29th

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