Government Orders Bank Tellers To Alert Police About Your Cash Withdrawals: So They Can “Seize the Funds… Investigate”

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How can you tell if you’re living in a police state?

The short answer is that you’re living in a police state when everyone becomes a suspected criminal or terrorist. And if the following report is any indicator, then welcome to the Reich.

The Justice Department has ordered bank tellers across America to contact law enforcement if they suspect your cash withdrawal may have something to do with illicit activity. There doesn’t need to be proof, or any sort of red flag indicator – merely suspicion by the bank teller processing your transaction is now enough to have you investigated by authorities.

Via The Sovereign Man Simon Black

What a lot of people don’t realize is that banks are already unpaid government spies.

Federal regulations in the Land of the Free REQUIRE banks to file ‘suspicious activity reports’ or SARs on their customers. And it’s not optional.

Banks have minimum quotas of SARs they need to fill out and submit to the federal government.

If they don’t file enough SARs, they can be fined. They can lose their banking charter. And yes, bank executives and directors can even be imprisoned for noncompliance.

This is the nature of the financial system in the Land of the Free.

And chances are, your banker has filled one out on you—they submitted 1.6 MILLION SARs in 2013 alone.

But now the Justice Department is saying that SARs aren’t enough.

Now, whenever banks suspect something ‘suspicious’ is going on, they want them to pick up the phone and call the cops:

“[W]e encourage those institutions to consider whether to take more action: specifically, to alert law enforcement authorities about the problem, who may be able to seize the funds, initiate an investigation, or take other proactive steps.”

So what exactly constitutes ‘suspicious activity’? Basically anything.

According to the handbook for the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council, banks are required to file a SAR with respect to:

“Transactions conducted or attempted by, at, or through the bank (or an affiliate) and aggregating $5,000 or more…”

It’s utterly obscene. According to the Justice Department, going to the bank and withdrawing $5,000 should potentially prompt a banker to rat you out to the police.

Do you need to withdraw cash to purchase a used car from a private seller?

Or perhaps you are pulling out some emergency cash for a loved one.

Either one of these activities are now considered suspicious and if your cash withdrawal amounts to even a few thousand dollars your bank teller is under a legal requirement to alert officials about your suspected criminal activity. And before you argue that you can’t possibly be a suspect because you have done nothing wrong, consider that even being suspected of being a suspect is now enough to land you on a terrorist watchlist in America.

In fact, according to the Obama Administration concrete facts are no longer necessary:

The Obama administration has quietly approved a substantial expansion of the terrorist watchlist system, authorizing a secret process that requires neither “concrete facts” nor “irrefutable evidence” to designate an American or foreigner as a terrorist, according to a key government document obtained by The Intercept.

Because the government tracks “suspected terrorists” as well as “known terrorists,” individuals can be watchlisted if they are suspected of being a suspected terrorist, or if they are suspected of associating with people who are suspected of terrorism activity.

But you’re not a terrorist, right?

Wrong. In America, everyone is now suspected of terrorism or suspected of associating with people who might be terrorists. And because this is now the culture that exists within law enforcement agencies on the local, state and Federal levels, everyone is considered guilty until proven innocent.

And that goes double for your personal assets.

In 2012 law enforcement agencies seized $4.2 billion in assets from Americans. In most cases the money, homes, cars or other assets were seized without probable cause, warrants, charge or trial.

Because according to the government, you don’t own that and the Justice Department just made it easier to engage in authorized “shake-downs” of the American people.

Here’s how the scam works:

A police officer pulls a car over for speeding.  The officer thinks he smells marijuana and seizes money and perhaps other property from the vehicle. The officer (or other law enforcement agent) writes and signs a statement or affidavit explaining the situation and reasons for the seizure of the property.   That statement is used to show the courts the link between the alleged criminal behavior and the seized property.

This amounts to true “highway robbery” or roadside piracy.

Because the case is against the property and not the owner, court cases have names like these:

United States v. $124,700 in U.S. Currency

State v. One 2012 Mercedes Benz

United States v. One Gold Necklace

Property, of course, does not have constitutional rights.  As Sarah Stillman explains in her New Yorker article Taken:

There’s no right to an attorney and, in most states, no presumption of innocence. Owners who wish to contest often find that the cost of hiring a lawyer far exceeds the value of their seized goods. Washington, D.C., charges up to twenty-five hundred dollars simply for the right to challenge a police seizure in court, which can take months or even years to resolve.


Asset forfeiture creates huge incentives for law enforcement officers to “police for profit”.  The money can be used for salaries and to purchase advanced equipment.

Full Report –  Civil Asset Forfeiture: “You Don’t Own That”

From this point forward keep in mind that a trip to the bank could end with you being “investigated” by police. As we’ve seen time and again, police can simply call in a K-9 unit that will inevitably find trace amounts of drugs on your cash (because all cash has trace amounts of cocaine, meth or other substances). Once you’ve been identified as a suspected drug smuggler, they give themselves the authority to seize your cash, car, and even your house if they so choose.

It’s a sad state of affairs when law-abiding American citizens now have to worry about how to hide their money where the bankers and police can’t find it. When travelling or keeping money at home consider the Shovel and Maneuver for Hiding Gold, Guns and Other Assets:

And of course, you’ll want to keep mum about your new investments and how they’re being stored, because loose lips will pose a threat to not just your gold hoard, but your life as well. If thieves get wind of your investments, they may show up not with a metal detector, but armaments, putting your entire family at risk.

The scary part is that the thieves are now our very own government officials and law enforcement authorities so they can give themselves the legal authority to come in guns blazing anytime they so choose.

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    1. Rodster

      The plan is to have a cashless society and for many reasons.

      1) More dependent on the system
      2) Govt tracks ALL your purchases
      3) Govt wants you to pay more taxes
      4) They’re trying to eliminate black markets
      5) Next step is to condition the sheeple to confiscate their gold and ammo

      • Wilson

        #4 you racist you!!!!!!!!!!! sarcasm

        • Mountain Trekker

          Mac I think you pretty well summed it all up in two short sentences. To Quote “How can you tell if your living in a Police State?” “The short answer is that your living in a Police State when everyone becomes a suspected criminal or terrorist.” Nuff Said, May I use these sentences in an e-mail to my friends? Trekker Out.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry– off subject but wanted to ask question- In Pet Stores, they have bags of charcoal but it says on pkg to not ingest it, causes cancer… so, how do you get activated charcoal that is not poisonous?

            Also, I guess you can just use charcoal from a fire pit to filter water, correct?

            • Paranoid

              40 odd years ago they outlawed carbon in black bread because of “Cancer”” It was actually they, the Gov, couldn’t control the carbon manufacture so they got rid of it. Sorry to say it but, as usual, the gov is no longer reliable. Charcoal from coal especially has a small percentage of coal tar ,and it has lots of other stuff in it. Harmful? Who knows. Charcoal from a fire pit is not likely to be very good. Making of quality charcoal takes a bit of effort, Activated charcoal is harder yet, it’s not just charcoal. You need to read up on the subject. Sorry

              • The Old Coach

                Charcoal from COAL? Not possible.

            • hammerhead

              I use charcoal from a fire to make lye for soapmaking.
              You dont wanna drink lye , just sayin.

              • queenofmeanest

                My great-grandmother used lye to clean out the pigs before slaughter.

              • Woogie

                You can eat burnt toast for certain poisonings to absorb it.

              • corvus

                I’ve bought activated charcoal for years now at Health Food stores in bottles. Good stuff for “grabbing” toxins.

            • digs

              you gotta use a wood gaser.

              only use the center heart wood of a oak tree , seasoned for a good year or two.

              the wood gaser will cook off most of the impurities.

              then layer purified sand , charcoal , purified sand in your water purifier.

              you purify the sand by sifting it out with a screen , then boiling it over a fire for an hour screening off the flotsam from the top.

              i have two boxes of fish filters w/ charcoal and coffee filters in my prep closet , i will use these and my coffee filter holder to filter my pre-settled uv sunlight baked lake water in an emergency , then boil it for 10min drinking / distill it for medical use.

              • slingshot


                Was going to get into building a gasifier to make charcoal. Water filtration will be needed in the future. To make charcoal require lots of energy. Charcoal from a pit fire might have contaminants from passed burnings like plastics. Heating your wood to a temp so it dries out and turns to charcoal/carbon, which is different in making lye soap from ash. Has to be hot to leave only carbon and no other impurities. The burnings feel dry, brittle and have a crinkle sound when crushed. I have read that pine is a good source but you should remove the bark. I forget if you have to season the wood.
                So a 55 gal drum with a removable lid. Have to install a exhaust stack. A stand to lay it in and stone to enclosed the sides to make it like a furnace, You can pick it up on youtube.

                Another project on the back burner. ;0)

                • slingshot


                  In Florida we have what we call Sugar Sand. Bright white in color. Very fine and will use it in filtration.

                  Boiling sand? That is a new one. I was going to use metal trays to burn off impurities and disinfect for germs.

            • InspiredbyYahweh

              Use that to filter water and you will be drinking lye….not something you want to fo, of course it is a great make lye use rain water in a wooden trough run that water over the charcoal from your fire pit hardwood best..take your lye you made and use it to make soap just don’t drink it…

            • Anon 1970

              That doesn’t make sense…it isn’t cancer causing. Anyway, I get mine in bulk at, they also carry it at Mountain Rose Herbs too.

              I am never without it!

            • Joseph Mertens

              Get a metal container with a metal lid you can secure down. Punch a small hole in the lid with a tool. Fill it all the way with splinter sized wood kindling latch the lid. Put the container on a fire and bake it for about 30 minuets or until wood is crumbly and black that will be charcoal now to activate you need to reheat it to 900 degrees Fahrenheit in a special oven or kiln and force oxygen through it.

            • anon1

              Go to health food store. look near probiotics and other items related to digestion. It’s there.

      • OutWest

        I’ll worry about it when they get
        down to $5.00 withdrawals. HA!

        • Dunjin

          Haha! Right!

        • Paranoid

          Quiet! you are revealing the “Secret Plan” Very shortly no one in the country will have $5,000 except the chosen ones.

          • Plan twice, prep once

            Half of all Americans have less than $500 in the bank.

            So they can’t possibly be terrorists?

            The last three people the FBI arrested for terrorism didn’t have enough cash to even buy guns or weapons, so the FBI either gave them the money or the guns and bombs!

            This government is about as sensible as a bunch of 14 year olds at an unsupervised party with alcohol!

          • Me Here

            Wow, you are Paranoid!:)

            I guess it’s now time to brush up on how to protect ourselves from the “Protectors”! Shame what this country has become.

          • mark

            Paranoid, please put “chosen ones” in parentheses….because they aren’t. :-))

        • Kulafarmer

          By the time they get down to that it wont matter anyway,,,

        • Adamantium

          First they went after those who withdrew $5,000, and I wasn’t concerned cause I didn’t withdraw $5,000.

        • john w.

          A few months ago my credit union called top ask about an IRA that I had maturing. I told them to just roll it over. While talking to the lady from the bank she mentioned that my savings account had not had any activity for awhile and warned me that the Feds are now seizing accounts that have not been used after two years. She also mentioned that when they do that it is hard to get the money back and suggested that I just do a couple of in and out transfers every few months. This nation is nuts.

          • Frank Thoughts

            The hard reality is the government – the sovereign – is completely and totally bankrupt. They are trying to break this news to people softly and quietly. But the math just does not work and thus they need to take more and more wealth from people to keep things turning over. They will keep doing this until the population is 99 percent poor and with little wealth or savings, and a 1 percent uber class will rule over it with all the wealth and cash.

            They are also cruising around the world and taking wealth from people as well. This is happening in Europe on a large scale. Most British people have no wealth and keep consuming only through borrowing money. They are held in control by the short and curlies. They are peasants in all but name.

            • KY Mom

              Speaking of Europe…

              George Soros Warns Greece “Is Going Down The Drain”

              Is this his warning? Soros has a history of “helping” currencies and governments fall.


            • Anonymous


              Your right about the British people (my people); in England the middle class is a thing of the past, there is only the rich and the poor. The poor rely very heavily on supimenting there income by becoming black market tradesmen, the entire country is spiralling the drain and when our country finally defaults our debt x9 our whole economy’s worth then that will be chaos and wrol will ensue.


              • Frank Thoughts

                I was shocked when I came to the UK at the extent of welfare provision. Many millions would never be able to survive without their housing being paid for. Even high school students were being paid to go to school: crazy!

                It seems they have a very strange economy and I still can’t work out how it functions. The place is so crowded yet they keep bringing in more and more people. People seem very stressed.

                • Simon in GB

                  Yup. The economy only appears to function on the face of it. It is actually held aloft by mysterious dark forces, which are failing. People are stressed, paid to be busy, and are far removed from reality. A very rude awakening is only around the corner….

      • Nathan Cline

        I don’t use a bank any more, and this article explains one reason why.

        They will never succeed in forcing me into any “cashless society.” I will always accept precious metals in exchange for my home grown WEED.

      • Anonymous

        and it won’t stop there, next they will attache ALL types of retirement accounts. it has been coming for a long time and WE need to stop it! probably too late, but VIVA LA rev>!!!!

        • HOMOPHOBE

          Ditto the “gay” agenda.

      • OldPhart OutIn TheDesert

        Ok, here’s how this works.
        I am a Corporate Controller that makes cash bank deposits of anywhere from $5,000 to $100k, on any given day. Yes, when this legal bullshit started I was asked each day, for a couple of weeks, where the money came from, and what I did for a living. I actually told the bank that the money came from drug laundering, international arms sales, gay porn films (I’m the ugliest old guy ever), and residuals from Superman films. For my living I told them I was a World Class Drug Dealer, CIA Agent, Porn Fluffer, and Superman. NOT one FBI/Secret Service investigation EVER.

        I’m now exempt and the bank fluffs the report off as unnecessary. All the cash is legit from a legit business.

        Thing is, that that bank exemption now applies to me personally.

        Establish a pattern of business transactions. Cash in, Cash Out. Start small, and gradually build. In no time you will be ignored by the system.

        Also, be aware that cash is an inventory item for banks. Be courteous and let them know if you plan to pull out anything beyond $5,000 on a given day. They often don’t have that kind of money on hand. Tell them when you plan to come and how much you’ll need.

        I once pulled $50k in cash from BankOmerika just by making a phone call three days ahead of time and letting the manager know I’d be there by 3 PM.

        The key is to get known by the bank that you handle cash on a daily basis. That means you put cash in and you pull cash out, every day. Eventually you get ignored, no matter the amount of cash either way.

        • Joblow

          Sorry to say, you are the exception!! This is not good advice for us “little people”! We don’t have enough money to fight back aka ” we are easy pickin’s for the Govt” There are countless articles about business owners making deposits for YEARS!! And then the IRS came and wiped out the bank account. Latest was a woman who owned restrurant in midwest. Its been two years and she still hasn’t gotten her money back! Last time i went to my credit union to make a $50K withdrawl, they asked me tons of questions!! I’m sure they filed a SARS!! And of course, it DIDN”T tell them exactly when i was coming back to pick up the money!!remember, CYA folks!

      • Wallimiyama

        It’s time for Revolution…

      • ready for the fall

        We are in the new Nazi Germany, complete with death camps (FEMA camps) and brown shirts (police), luciferians and homosexuals with drag queens running our socialist/communist nation.I am now anti-american because of what it has become, and ready for a decent country to invade us or a civil war to restore us to what america once was, I say with much regret.

        • Anonymous


    2. Townsaver

      I have been saying this, on this site, for a few years now. Try to withdrawal you own money, in any amount over $1000.00 cash and you will get looks.

      The last time I pulled out a mere $2000.00 the teller tried to get me to do a Cashier’s Check. I asked her if she ever heard of check fraud and nobody with half a brain would take a cashier’s check, even if it was legit.

      Before that I took out $7000.00 to buy a new motorcycle. Cash gives you leverage in a sales situation. I explained this to the teller who was filling out the SAR. The bank made me wait a day to get my own money. When I returned the following day, they had to pull money from al four tellers to make the $7000.00 in cash. At a bank. Pathetic.

      The soundest advice is to only leave what you need to cover bills in the bank. Extra is withdrawn and stored anywhere but in the system. I like to have a mix of silver and cash in the gun safe. Be your own bank.

      • Petrolhead

        Might be best to hide the safe.

      • Turnthekey

        Any amount over a $1000 dollars……LOL….I’ve done way more than that and never got any “looks”

        All I can tell you is to change you’re appearance.

      • Braveheart

        Townsaver, I’ve already been doing that for many years. I only have enough in the bank for bills and some occasional online shopping and the rest is in my safe at home [private banking]. Between now and next payday I think I’ll make a withdrawal and see if anything happens. USDOJ and law enforcement can get f#$%ed!

      • paige whitley

        Here’s why the bank doesn’t have a ton of money. They aren’t required to.
        From wikipedia
        “A depository institution’s reserve requirements vary by the dollar amount of net transaction accounts held at that institution. Effective January 23, 2014, institutions with net transactions accounts:

        Of less than $13.3 million have no minimum reserve requirement;
        Between $13.3 million and $103.6 million must have a liquidity ratio of 3%;
        Exceeding $103.6 million must have a liquidity ratio of 10%.”

      • queenofmeanest

        What racial epithet do you call yourself when you commit a crime?

        • diogenes

          Queenie, I believe he was referring to what the LEO’s use to justify their behavior.

      • sixpack

        You’re absolutely right Richard. First they used alleged criminals to justify taking cash from people, and now, like all other laws, it is being applied to innocent people too.

        You can’t okay stealing from someone else on ANY grounds, without opening yourself up as the next tier of victims of theft, on some other grounds.

      • john w.

        When I was a kid one of my friends had a hot looking mom that worked at the local Chase Manhattan Bank. The armored car guards used to let us try and lift the bags of real silver coins. They must have dropped off and picked up twenty grand just in silver dollars. Back in the day when there was no electronic banking and crazy people were not running things. Real physical money makes you think twice before spending it.

      • oicu812

        In 1997 a good friend of mine bought a new Harley motorcycle.

        He saved about a k by paying cash. The total was around 15k.

        A few weeks later, he got a letter from the IRS suggesting he would be brought up on suspicion of criminal charges unless he or his attorney met with an “agent of IRS” at their big city office, about 30 miles away.

        He went, and told them his mother gave him the money and that she never uses banks. The IRS person kept interrogating him over his lack of shown income/taxes, and the fact that he hadn’t been paying but very little in taxes over the past ten years.

        He played dumb and said he was mostly paid as a part time carpenter in cash. The “agent” tied him up for a couple hours with bullshit questions..

        When he told me about this, I asked if they reimbursed him for the day missed out of work and/or the travel expense.
        He said no but I should have asked for it.

        The guy acts dumb, but he is pretty smart. He was working two jobs and got paid for about 80% of his work in cash. His mother about 65, has never worked at a salaried job, but his Dad has.

        He owns a $150k house on his mothers land, which he built and paid for in cash, and in her name, which she has willed to him. Been through two marriages and when the ex wifes tried to get $$ out of him over the nice house and ten acres of land, he just laughed at them and said, “Momma ain’t paying you shit, cause you didn’t pay shit, on building her house”.

        Brilliant. Momma is pretty cool, and trustworthy.

        I could never have gotten away with that with my momma, without paying her off and having papers signed. sad.

    3. JRS

      Cash means you are not participating fully in the corrupt system. You must participate or they will have their enforcers to kill you.

      It is all about preservation of themselves to your detriment. All .gov and the enforcers are defending their cash flow and the ability to squeeze their living from your ass by way of taxes, fines and asset forfeiture for real and made up “crimes”.

      Because LAW.

      I laugh enforcers and their minions who blame leeches and zombies when they themselves have ridden the tax donkey so long and so hard it has become a broken down swayback…

      • Braveheart

        JRS, let anyone try asset forfeiture on me and I’ll forfeit some “hot lead” instead.

        • john w.

          Sure you will. Such a bs artist you are.

          • Dunjin

            Not everyone is gonna bow down like you. I can see you now, ” yes sir, please, take it all. I saved it for you guys. Here’s my wife, she likes you.” Just because he’s not gonna put up with it makes him a be artist? Is this ass itch using a different name?

    4. socmarine87

      I pulled $5000 out last Monday and $3000 out this morning. I didn’t even get a look. I don’t know where this is happening at, but I’ve never had a problem taking money out of my bank. Just saying.

      • Braveheart

        Socmarine87, in years past I used to withdraw some cash from the bank in order to buy a used car from a private owner for cash because my income level was too low to qualify for any type of financing. There’s more than a few people in my company who have to do the same thing to get a car. The people who come up with shit like this I have to wonder what’s going through their minds. When was the last time they looked at any credit policies? They seem to have forgotten that loans, credit cards, etc. are based upon your income and what kind of credit history. I’ve never been allowed to use that type of credit; never had one loan or credit card ever. I always had to use cash, go to a private owner, and get something 20-30 years old, and manage with for as long as possible. NOT EVERYONE CAN GO AND GET A CAR FINANCED. Financing is based upon your income and credit history. Are they going to start treating buying a car for cash as ‘suspicious activity’? Notice how they use that term in such a loose and vague manner. It doesn’t sound legitimate and that’s how I treat it. I dare anyone to make an issue over my next withdrawal and we’ll see who’s left standing afterward.

        • socmarine87

          I’m just trying to slowly get our cash out of the bank and stop using our credit card. It’s paid off each month, so there is no finance charge. I don’t like having every purchase recorded.
          Our credit card company contacted us last month and told us that our card had been compromised and another was on the way. The new one showed up with a RFID chip in it. We didn’t see anywhere in our statement where our card had been compromised. The RFID chip is no longer in the card and soon the card will be no more as well.

          Have a good one.

          Keep your head on a swivel people.

        • sixpack

          You shouldn’t be forced to finance anything, but that’s just about what’s happening isn’t it? If you pay cash, they can’t track your purchases, so they try to discourage cash purchases.

          I’m so tired of all of the games and deceit.

          • TRUTH BE TOLD

            Isn’t that what it’s all about….. to wear us out…

        • john w.

          How can you never have had a loan or a credit card? Are you a criminal or a dead beat? Who the hell wants to have to walk around with hundreds of dollars in cash? You must have a real fun time trying to go anywhere. You must vacation at home.

          • Old Guy

            Ive never had a credit card. I even paid cash for my home. And Im not a criminal or dead beat. We always saved 10% of every dollar we took in. Still do. Yes Im walking around with a little over $8,000 in cash at the moment. and Im carrying a gun also. And Im 64 years old. Debt free and beholden to no man.

          • Yahooie

            I have a credit card only for a local department store. I figured out long ago that what I don’t pay in interest stays in my pocket. Most purchases are in cash or check (or debit) so I never have to owe. If an establishment wouldn’t take cash or check without a fuss, then they were off my choices for shopping. I never had to do without. Also, I found out that going to small mom-and-pop stores was friendlier and I could always get what I needed or wanted; they often are happy to do special orders and call when the item arrives.

            The times I’ve stayed in hotels that demanded a credit card to cover the costs of their in-room snack bars, I just said lock it up then and they did or apologized for the inconvenience. (I think that was the Fairmont in San Francisco.)

            The point is that cash or checks saves businesses money because they have to pay to offer that “convenience” for customers.

            Car and house purchases are modest because I don’t want to owe forever. Careful research to buy solid cars is essential. Same with a house purchase. Buy other goods of good quality so you aren’t always having to spend for a new one that will fall apart in record time. Don’t always get the latest thing just because it’s new. Buy stuff on sale whenever you can.

            It’s no big trick to do without credit cards. And have your money saved to do what you need it to do. I know I sound like grandpa but I grew up in tight budget times for my family. The lessons weren’t lost on me. My car is all mine, and in a few months, no mortgage either.

        • Elsa

          I hear France is making cash transactions over 1K Euros illegal starting this fall. Spain and Italy set the threshold at 2500 Euros a few years ago. Not hard to see where this is going. Just driving the economy underground and forcing governments to expend resources chasing ‘violations’ down. We’ll all end up using seashells or something. These desperate efforts by gov ernment never work.

      • Richard Head


        If you happened to be black and got pulled over by the POlice, and then searched after said withdraw….Well then you might know where it was happening….All over Fucking America !!!!! BTW, you don’t have to be black for it to happen, but just sayin especially if you’re black don’t carry a lot of cash and don’t slow roll through any stop signs…

        • socmarine87

          Richard Head
          I’m not black, but I am Irish….
          I don’t doubt that this is happening at all. I just don’t see it in the Louisville, Ky area myself.

          Although the questions they ask you at the VA hospital are getting somewhat peculiar.

          Have a good one.
          Keep your head on a swivel people.

    5. Copperhead

      WTF~~ I’m getting tired of counting the lines in the sand, we will do nothing to stop this because we just don’t have the balls to band together and physically act to stop this. Keyboarding is not going to do folks!! The remaining box is all we have left to use.

    6. tysonprepper

      What next?

      • AC

        The banks begin to fail, the FDIC will sharply reduce the insured deposit amount, and the bail-ins will begin – turning your money, into their money.

        • diogenes

          As soon as you deposit “your” money into a bank, it becomes “their” money, because technically you made a LOAN to that bank – and they can do anything they want with “their” money. Check it out. I was flabbergasted to learn about this several years ago. No more banks for me – ever.

      • Richard Head


        • BJ

          War AND THEN chains

          • Richard Head


            not seen your input in a while, for me personally it has been missed.

            • BJ

              Been real busy with work and reading books in free time. Plus, this site finally got old to me. Too much of the same ole same ole from the writers and many of the posters with all the key board commandos. I finally realized how much of a waste of time it had become and all the fear porn negativity with little to no useful info just became too much.

              Wanna really start to wake up and unwrap the onion some more? read “Come Out of Her My People” “Destruction of The Sabbath” and “The Hebrew Yeshua versus the Greek Jesus.”

              We also have found a whole new experience in reading the bible in the ISR 2009 version and the one from AENT.ORG It is like reading the bible for the first time. Life has totally changed for us and we understand the narrow road, a people set apart or those who are a peculiar people who stand out in a much deeper way now.

              Also said goodbye to the Gregorian calendar and hello to Yah’s kingdom and time with His feasts and clocks/calendars kept by His lights. Gen 1:6

              • Pissed Off Granny

                To anyone searching for “what to believe”:

                Jesus told people to be careful what they ask for.

                Jesus said “to beware of false preacher/teachers”.

                If you are stepping away from the Companion Bible or the KJV of the Bible you may get stuck in the muck and the mire of Judeo-Christianity (an oxymoron, Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ).

                Do your homework before you go down the path of the Torah because waiting DEEPER around the bend is the Talmud. Their g-d is not the Christians’ GOD/JESUS CHRIST.

                Do your own homework…..

                • BJ

                  You mean the false teacher/preachers who showed up on the scene soon after Yeshua? The Greeks and Romans who mucked up everything by changing, with no authority I might add, the calendar, the Shabbat, God’s feasts and festivals? Or do you mean King James, the child molesting pervert?

                  We are doing our own homework, unlike when reading an adulterated bible, such as KJV, NIV or anything in between. Try reading the scriptures from Hebrew or Aramaic with the use of a Strongs instead of the perverted Greek to English versions most all read from today. The interlinear from AENT.ORG is great too. When you really dive down the hole into the destruction of the Sabbath, all the disgusting pagan holidays (many under the guise of “religious”) you start to see more clearly.

                  When you say God, do you mean Elah (equal to Allah in modern english), Elahin or Elohim? And what we are doing, has very little if anything to do with “Jews” or Jewish.” Haven’t you and JQP put on this board many times information about what a “Jew” is, pseudo or real?

                  I hate the Talmud as do you. I also find it just as disgusting and evil if not more than the Koran.

                  John 1:1… know it right? “Word” refers to Yeshua right? The same word is used for Torah. Yeshua is the Torah in the flesh and He came to fulfill, not abolish. It’s grace AND law.

                  Not one jot or tittle will pass away….not one!

                  Yahweh is NOT a schizophrenic.


                  • Yahooie

                    BJ, thought I was the only one that thought about things like this. I’ll check out your references.

          • Hard Justice

            Chains in train cars.

            We all know what’s coming, just be prepared as best as you can be. Guns and ammo folks, that’s the last line of defense.

    7. Ppod

      Why are they giving strange looks? My average grocery bill is around $250 a week for my family. Gas, electric, internet, cell phone bill, house mortgage, etc. $1000 is nothing! Heck, $5000 is nothing! And inflation is just beginning.

      • queenofmeanest

        @Richard Head. What do you call white drug dealers? What do you call yourself?

        • Ppod

          Fuck off Dick Head, you brainless piece of shit!! So that doesn’t hurt you and it wouldn’t hurt anyone else?

    8. Mal Reynolds

      I took out a loan against my 401K to buy PMs (because my 401K won’t let me invest in anything ‘real’) and my bank hit me with a SAR. Luckily, didn’t have to tell them what it was for. Got a nice, heavy, box of AG deposited at the Bank of Mal now.

      But what do I know? The market is at an all time high! It’s all good, right? (sarc)

      Have a great night!

    9. Archivist

      If you have more than $5,000 in a checking or savings account, you aren’t watching your finances properly. No one should keep any more money in the bank than necessary for paying monthly bills. The rest of your money needs to be in your pocket, hidden away, or invested in goods. Inflation is higher than any interest rates, so buying goods gives a better return on your money than does bank interest.

      I just bought some 85% hamburger for about $3 a pound. It was going out of date, but will last a while in my freezer. Since the usual price is about $5, that was a good deal. I have noticed that the grocery stores and even Sam’s Club have stopped selling 90% hamburger. Anything less than 80% makes me sick, so if they go below that, I’ll have to quit eating hamburger.

      So most of my cash is going into groceries. In a few days, some of it will be going into the garden. I hope to put in some more raised beds and try some new varieties of plants. I picked up some quinoa seeds off the floor at Sam’s the other day, and I think I’ll try germinating them. Hopefully they are live ones.

      • Dunjin

        I raise my own protein, chickens, eggs, rabbits, quail, goats,(milk, cheese, butter). All free range/grass fed of course. I’ve even thought about getting into guinie pigs for meat. I hear its all the rave in s america. I can’t wait to get aquaponics up and running. Fresh tilapia, yum!

        • Richard Head


          I’ve got a buddy from Ecuador, and they eat guinea pigs down there like we eat chicken. He brought some to me one time and they aint bad at all. Never looked into breeding and how much it would take, but assuming it is easy, then it would be a good idea.

        • Later...

          Dunjin what do you feed your fish? Is there an alternative to store bought fish food? I looked into this and didn’t want another grocery bill to feed my groceries!

          • Dunjin

            I don’t currently have fish, although when I get my system going, they will eat a lot of my garden scraps. I would also give them some of the chickens organic scratch grains. That should be fine for them.

          • sixpack

            My Oscars ate goldfish, regular worms as well as fish food from the pet store. My Piranhas ate worms, chicken thighs, goldfish or any other plain meat I dropped in their tank.

            The easiest way to restore order with an aggressive fish in my other tanks, was to drop the aggressor in my Piranha tank….worked every time.

            • Dunjin

              Haha, nice.

          • signalfire

            RE aquaponics – great idea! Everyone should be doing this. You can set up a system where you use compost (just leaves, newspaper and kitchen scraps) to grow worms to feed the fish; have a kiddie pool to grow duckweed in, it doubles every day in the sun and you have a full diet for tilapia. If you want to do aquaponics but not mess with the fish and just grow the veggie end of things, you can use compost tea to feed the plants, it works fine and is a lot simpler. Alternatively use goldfish (cheap and they grow fast) but you probably won’t want to eat them. There’s tons of info available for free on line and on Youtube, don’t pay for courses. Commercial fish food is a bad idea, it costs money and is usually mercury contaminated. Poultry (look into ducks, there are quiet types and duck eggs are worth big money) eat worms and duckweed also… you can even grow cow or other large animal fodder in a small greenhouse by sprouting wheat or barley in volume. Again, look at Youtube for info on that. The sprouting seeds are cheap in bulk.

      • Later...

        Archivist do an internet search on growing quinoa. It definitely sounds doable. The article I found explained how to grow three stalks for three years and get an acclimated variety for your particular location. It sounds sensitive to moisture at harvest time.

      • Fecal matter

        I almost hate to ask- what’s in the 15%?

        • Archivist

          The 15% is fat, gristle, and whatever else they can grind up that isn’t lean. I just can’t eat the 73% hamburger. Even when it’s grilled, it tastes like lard to me. I don’t really want the 80% and 85%, but the store doesn’t have the leaner kind any more.

          People can’t even afford hamburger any more. I just went to the grocery store today, and almost all of the 80% and 85% hamburger had yellow reduced price stickers, meaning it was about to go out of date. I bought a few pounds and froze it in one-pound packages. It’s good enough for spaghetti or soup. I go to the store a couple of times a week and look for the yellow or red stickers indicating that meat is just about expired and reduced to a good price. I can buy all they have and freeze it for later.

          • molonlabe

            Try Zaycon foods. They have 93/7 ground beef. I don’t have the price off hand, but they sell it in cases of 40 pounds. I know they sell all over the United States.

      • John_Allen

        @ Archivist

        I’m nearly innumerate but by my math you have a 40% yield on your hamburger purchase. Just out of perverse curiosity, what was the other 15%? The smartass in me wants to say sawdust, but times aren’t desperate enough for that….yet.

        Do not keep your bill paying minimum in your bank. Can you afford to lose that amount? Keep the absolute minimum necessary to hold your account open. $50. Then deposit from Bank of You the amount you need to pay your monthly bills.

        Due to my lively contempt for the banksters, i tried paying my bills by either cash or money orders. Swell for creditors who live a reasonable distance. Became a pain in the anatomy with creditors who lived six states away.

        The ACLU and other Constitutional activists have advised one to give only minimum cooperation on traffic stops. If your stare code requires you to, identify yourself.
        No, officer, you MAY NOT search my car. I assert my Fifth Amendment right not to speak with you. Am I free to go?

        If they are going to act like the Gestapo we need to act like the Resistance.

    10. Ass hat

      Cops do not seize cash like this after you leave the bank. I’ve never heard of this ever. What cops do is write tickets and citations for things like a passenger not wearing a seatbelt in your car and to do this they have to stop you and if they smell dope they have reason to believe you have drugs or other contraband in the car. It’s their job to snoop smart folks don’t smoke dope in the car therefore cops have no reason to snoop. Tickets usually have option to be paid which is admission of guilt or you can take the day out of work and go to court if cop does not show up to court it gets dismissed. If cop shows up you pay fine plus court costs. It’s usually not worth losing a days pay and the gov knows this so people will pay the fine and move on. My wife’s elderly mother was defrauded someone went to the bank and was withdrawing large sums of $ out of her reverse mortgage so essentially they were stealing her home. By the time my wife caught on to it most of $ was gone she had to go to state police they launched an investigation. It’s a long story but fraud is one reason cops might be notified. Another reason is potential terror some sick fucks might go and buy firearm parts kits and tools and might build bombs and such. I read somewhere if terrorists get a small amount of plutonium a small team of engineers can build a nuke in a garage for like $10.000. We all know $ equals options and leverage. I don’t know where these banks are that are up to no good but the ones I dealt with were professional and try protect my finances. However I don’t trust anyone when it comes to $. Socking away savings is a bad idea IMHO. The bank tellers at my bank are just average people just like you and me I don’t see them involved in the gov conspiracies. If I owned a fertilizer factory and a strange person wanted to buy tons of it. I would think a phone call to my local pd would be smart. If everything is good no problem. I just could not let something like this slide and then learn about an attack and the victims. People we all need to be vigilant to the things going on in our community’s.

      • yourmotherwaswrong

        Ass hat says:

        “It’s their job to snoop.”

        “fraud is one reason cops might be notified.”

        “some sick fucks might go and buy firearm parts kits and tools and might build bombs and such.”

        “I read somewhere if terrorists get a small amount of plutonium a small team of engineers can build a nuke in a garage for like $10.000.”

        “I don’t know where these banks are that are up to no good but the ones I dealt with were professional and try protect my finances.”

        “However I don’t trust anyone when it comes to $.”

        “People we all need to be vigilant to the things going on in our community’s.

        Ass hat is an Asshat!

      • Archivist

        My money is my money, and it’s no one’s business how much I have.

        You wouldn’t have a business long around here if you called the police every time a farmer came in for a load of fertilizer.

        It’s no one’s business what I buy, how I buy it, where I buy it, or how much I buy.

        Do you know how much most people in the world hate tattle-tales? Why do you think they call them rats?

        You just aren’t right.

      • Elsa

        Thought he/she ‘smelled pot’ isn’t too hard for a pig to make up, is it? Can’t be refuted.

    11. passinwiththewind

      The Banks are just another tool by TPTB. Kinda like my ex-wife. The devil’s tool on two legs and the biggest tool between them.

      Every time I tried to make a deposit she was all smiles and happy to see me; then when I wanted a withdrawal she would sulk up and get sneaky on me. Ha.

      After five years of marriage, I decided it was time to see what was happening with our joint savings account that was supposed to be our “build a new house fund”. Hell, I couldn’t even build a damn dog house with what was in the account…less than $50.00.

      Later I found out that she was depositing all our funds into an account with her father’s name on it. When i questioned her about putting it back where it belonged, she tried to blow smoke up my ass by saying it was drawing more interest at his bank. I eventually lost about 15k of my $$, when we divorced a couple years later.

      She never did return any of the funds, and I realized I had married a con-woman and she had a con-man daddy. Nice deacon in the church too.

      Good riddance, and I’m just glad i learned that lesson before i reached thirty years old.

      Never made that mistake of trusting a bank with much of my $$ for too long either. After a major bank shit me out of about a hundred dollars in the eighties, and three trips to town to try and clear it up, I never had any accounts with a large bank ever again.

      Small town banks and small time account balances, only.
      Keep ’em guessing.

      • yourmotherwaswrong


        Google “MGTOW”

        Google “Briffaults Law.”

        “The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.” ~ Robert Briffault

      • Dunjin

        Figures.just don’t think that he was a Christian. Most churches are filled with demons. That’s why I don’t attend.

        A man was walking a road coming from Jerusalem and came across Satan. The man said to Satan “have you heard about the new religion that just started in Jerusalem”? Satan hurried on saying “I’d better get over there and organize it”!

        Point being organized religion is a farce. Have your own personal relationship with Jesus. Its no one else’s buisness.

        • Braveheart

          Dunjin, I broke away from organized religion myself back in the 70s, but that’s another story I’d rather not go into. Churches today are just as bogus as the day is long with a false message being preached in them.

          • Dunjin

            Yep, a lot of new age stuff begin preached. A lot of folks go to church just to check out women. Very sad.

    12. Northern Reb

      Man!! I wish I could just go make a $5000 withdrawal. I never keep that much money in the bank. just in case there might be a problem. like, EMP, computer goes down, it gets robbed, the government freezes all assets, a depression, bank holiday, they (tptb) limit withdrawals, economic collapse.
      Oh that’s right we are insured by the FSIC. Good luck on that one remember a few years back when those backs collapsed and people were only getting 45 to 50 cents on the dollar.
      My money is invested in food, bullets, firearms, band aids, clothing, lighting, heat, water and land and a little silver.

      Off Topic:
      Does any one know how long those packages of dried gravy mixes, taco faeita mixes, spaghetti mixes would last in a seal-a-meat air tight bag? I have been putting them in my food buckets to favor the beans, rice and noodles that all are in air tight seal-a-meal bags.
      Thanks for your input.
      S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

      • Northern Reb

        Should of proof read. That’s FDIC not FSIC and It’s banks not backs. Duh!!! it must be a snowy Monday In Illinois!;-{

      • Braveheart

        NR, I never have more than $1000 in my account at any one time and it’s usually less than that.

        • Northern Reb

          I always thought you were a smart man!;-}
          Me and the wife have very few dollars in any bank, maybe $2000, at the most.
          We do have a little money in two different credit unions. Ones in her name and one in my name.
          This way they have to do some work to figure out how much we have, It isn’t very much.
          So if it looks like T.S.H.T.F. we can draw it out and not raise to much attention.
          Keep your powder dry!;-}
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

          • Braveheart

            NR, I only leave enough in my account for bills and some occasional online shopping. The rest I keep in a safe at home and that money is spent on preps. My guns are also kept in safes. I always make sure I have my safe combinations written down and kept in a safe place [pun intended, what the hell]. No one else knows my combinations but me and never will. Being single and living alone does have certain advantages.

      • BigB

        I think several years Northern Reb. I have been collecting fast food condiments for the last 6 years and tried some recently. No taste difference I could see. I would think that every different product has an individual shelf life. One exception was Mayo packets. The color had turned yellow. Not taking a chance. Just have to experiment.


      • sixpack

        Northern Reb, I found some of those packages of taco mix in a box in the garage. They must’ve been in there for at least 6 years. I made tacos with them and they were just fine.

        No rips, no tears, no moisture, no problem.

      • Someone else

        REB—most of those gravy mixes and seasonings have msg as a preservative. I have tons of them stocked up, because plain rice or unseasoned beans doesn’t even sound appetizing. I just used the last of my mother’s beef soup paste that had to be 8-9 years old (opened that long) and it was fine. Hope that helps.

        • sixpack

          I keep lots of seasoning packets and bullion for the same reason.

      • Northern Reb

        To all that replied,
        THANKS!!! I thought I would be ok, but wanted to check form some of the smartest people I know. Thanks again.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

    13. swinging richard

      Has anyone ever killed a banker for turning a client suspected of criminal activity? Can we turn in banker for suspected criminal activity? Fifth Third bank sent me a bill for not using a debit card they gave me. Wonder what would happen if I sent them a bill for
      my services that they did not ask for or did not use?


    14. lan

      Why yes teller person, I’m happy to tell you what the $12K is for. I buying a Barrett M107A1 from my civil rights attorney and it’s a cash only private sale. He’s waiting in the parking lot across the street. Yeah, right out their next to that TV news crew from Al Jazeera… no no, not that truck, that’s the RT news crew.

      • Plan twice, prep once

        That’s a good price for a M107A1, I’ll try to beat you to it!

      • apache54

        ned to change that to a Cheytec M-200 .417 caliber, and the money will be better spent!

        • Kulafarmer

          Those are nice,,,
          Reach out and touch someone, or something!

    15. Ass hat

      I’m all about self reliance but you need to have $ for property taxes or you will not own your home for long . you need it minimum utility requirements to meet code. Other than that grow food compost reload bullets all you want. I know people that live like squatters in their own home. I don’t care if folks want to live without heat I like my oil burner I don’t need to get firewood and split and stack it and bring it in my house full of bugs. I just go to the wall and adjust thermostat. The biggest problem with most self reliant lifestyles you are doing tons of labor. I love that it is an option but as long as I can work making$ I’m not gonna bust my ass just to live totally self reliant. I rely on myself to go to wrk to get $ to buy food oil electric bullets and all that. Lose my job go get another one immediately. See I’m self reliant.

      • Weezer

        …and when the power grid goes down, adjust your thermostat. Good luck.

      • Enemy of the State

        if your getting bugs in your house from burning wood for heat , your doing it wrong

        and NO im not going to teach you why your doing it wrong or why your thinking is flawed

        if there were any common sense , you’d be able to figure that out on your own

    16. william

      Gees…wish I had that kind of money to take out on a whim

      • Braveheart

        $12K can buy a lot of preps.

    17. bobloblaw

      This isnt new. I worked in a MSB for years. You have to fill out a CTR when someone does over a $10k cash transaction. If they repeatedly do transactions just under $10k, it is called structuring and you are suppose to fill out a SAR. This is not new, it goes back to 9-11

    18. vtfree2

      The government is correct: “you don’t own that”

      It’s debt currency, how does anybody buy anything with debt?

      How do pay a debt with a larger debt?

      When you hand someone cash all your doing is passing along more debt that belongs to the bank.

      • Braveheart

        vtfree2, as long as something is in my possession and I can immediately access it, it’s mine, not the govt’s or anyone else’s. NEVER accept as gospel what any govt. official says about anything.

        • vtfree2


          Currency (usd) in any form i.e. check, money order, wire transfer etc. is a contract stating your obligation to pay said debt.

          Read the signature line of a check, you may need a magnifying glass. It’s a contract. Your signature is you signing for the straw man corporation your government set up through birth certificates. You and all your stuff are owned in their minds for the payment on a bankrupted nation.

          Don’t forget the old saying: Don’t pay your taxes and see how much you own.

          But, I do agree. I like to think of my stuff as my stuff and there will be hell to pay if anyone tries to take it without my consent.

      • sixpack

        As long as I can leave with what I paid for, what difference does it make at the time? NONE. Maybe it is debt currency, but it is legal tender just the same to me. As long as I can buy what I want with it, I don’t care. If I could buy a few cans of beans with river rocks, it’s the same to me…if river rocks were legal tender, they would’ve scooped all of them out of the river long ago.

        Greed is greed, whether it’s diamonds, gold, rice or twigs.

        • Weezer

          When you have a solid grasp of why a bank note is different than a federal reserve note, maybe you can make a solid comment about currency.

          • Geezer

            FUCK OFF SMARTASS.

          • sixpack

            Weezer, why should I waste my time worrying about something that I cannot change?

            I don’t get to decide how much paper is worth.

            I don’t get to decide what everyone else values for trade.

            All I can do, is try to get enough of whatever it is people want, to get what I need. That’s what a dollar is worth on a practical level…it’s worth whatever I can trade it for.

            • vtfree2

              There in lies the problem, you do get to decide what the worth of pieces of paper may or may not be. Just like you get to decide what a shinny rock is worth. You underestimate yourself.

              Yes, the masses are brainwashed into some imaginary thought process that usd’s have value. They (usd) do get you stuff because its what we’ve been lead to believe regarding there value. We can give that blue ribbon to the controlled school system.

              The system is faith based, no faith, no value. When the faith is lost the pastor is booted.

              Even if your not borrowing from a bank, its still usury.

        • Hard Justice

          or tally sticks

    19. notsogreat

      I’ve had to recover webpage 5 times since started reading here==–what’s up??

      • Richard Head

        your computer has AIDS

      • vtfree2


    20. Iowa

      What if they take your Faith (daughter), without charge, welcome to my hell. People need to die. Amen.

    21. TEST

      Hmmm…. wonder if Obama crony will fit into the profile after “losing” 1.6 freaking BILLION of depositors’ money

      Oh wait! He’s a crony. Never mind.

    22. digs

      i’ve a frame mounted travel safe in my vehicle , anyone wants access to what is inside needs a valid warrant and justifiable probable cause for said warrant.

      otherwise they can go f*ck themselves.

      any piggy that tries to bully me on the side of the road without valid probable cause and u.s. constitutional legal justification will become my new focus in life, my focus will be only to destroy them and their family.

    23. aljamo

      Cops stealing peoples money. I have not heard Obama say one word about these thefts from private citizens. His choice for AG is OK with the cops stealing the money also.

      • sixpack

        I thought I read Holder just outlawed that practice?

        • The Old Coach

          Nope. Rand Paul gave a good speech about it last week, though. To a black audience.

          • sixpack

            Try these links Old Coach…

            ht tp://

            ht tp://

            • The Old Coach

              All Holder did was turn off the so-called “Equitable Sharing” program which turned 80% of the proceeds back to local police depts. The confiscations can continue, but the Feds now keep all the money.

    24. digs

      i only keep in the bank enough zog fiat money for bills, everything leftover is invested in ‘real money’ pm’s at the end of every month.

      if i need cash i go visit my local private jeweler who hooks me up with a very fair conversion rate.

      by buying a few hundred in pm’s every month i ensure i don’t loose in the conversion no matter what the rate is.

      • Braveheart

        Digs, lead and brass are my ‘precious metals’ and I’m still stockpiling those.

        • digs

          cheers braveheart

          i already got 10,000 rounds stored up for my primary weapons. .308 and .357.

          what i find myself doing lately is focusing on learning upgrading fine tuning my choice of combat gear , hand weapons , kitchen sink pyro-explosives and concealed carry firearms.

          so i will be more proficient when it is time for us to go to work in the shadows.

          see you on the line.

          • Anonymous

            You blabber too much.

            • digs




              crimea river.

              just maybe i’m laying ‘blabber bait’ for a reason.

              it’s easier to catch ones intended prey with a lil’ bait.

              • Anonymous

                That may be, but you’re most likely the one who’ll end up getting snared! Be a bit more discrete.

      • Jimb

        Sorry to tell you this, but the gov can make purchasing with or even possession of precious metals illegal. Now what will you do?

    25. Bigbluedrew

      I haven’t had a bank account in 3 years. Paid cash for my BOL and DID draw some comment. Explained I hated banks and wanted no part of them AND since I had my own cash I had no reason to deal with them. I pay all my bills on a Walmart money card I purchase each month, good luck tracing that. I also changed my cell phone to a throw away I buy with a set number of minutes each month. I haven’t written a check in 5 years and have had no credit card for 7. As for the government and there all credit system I ain’t playing there game.

      • The Old Coach

        You sound like you’ve been studying how the illegals do it.

    26. freedom

      Here is an interesting video on how the cops are becoming more corrupt than any criminal they arrest on a daily basis.
      Please note, how the lawyer at the beginning of this video uses the term “MECHANISM”. What he means is that “these are con games that the government is using against the people, to separate them from their property”. It is them against you, their livelihood or yours. Be wise~

    27. ST

      This is not really a new policy. I was informed 25 years ago that the banks were required to inform the authorities if a customer withdrew over $5000 from their account. At that time I was told it was because they suspected drug activity. This has been going on for a while now.

    28. Braveheart

      bigbluedrew, I’ve never had any loan or credit card, period. Supposedly my income level is too low to qualify for them. That’s OK, I don’t give a shit about it. I’m better off being debt-free anyway.

      • Elsa

        Dave Ramsey talks about people being ‘unbanked’ as though its a BAD thing. But then, he also sings endless praises of ‘good growth stock mutual funds’. Guess he’ll be one of the rich people looking for a window to jump from when things go belly up.

    29. ScoutMotto

      I suspect much of this would find its roots in the Trading With the Enemy Act, as amended March 9 1933. We the people were declared the enemy by statute, by the government, so they could steal our gold.

    30. Jim in Va.

      Damn shame you get penalized for using your own money…guess the government needs it more than me. I only have it because I don’t spend it all. The government spends it all and keeps looking for more. What are they going to do when I run out?

      • signalfire

        They don’t need any – they can print all they want. The tax system is to keep YOU poor.

    31. Smokey

      I recall the last time I withdrew well over $5000 from the bank. Property taxes were due, and so was a new furnace, and four tires on the truckster.

      Except for the taxes, I got a little better deal on the other stuff. “What’s your cash price?”

    32. digs

      towel head muslim immigrants are taking over large blocks / entire neighborhoods of denmark with terrorist force and the once proud vikings are to pussified by feminism now to stop the attacks.

      the nords are getting what they deserve for selling out to the jews multiculturalism control program.

      23yo girl punched, kicked, stoned and thrown into the lake – With her dog!


      This happened in a area called Vollsmose, an area populated with muslims and immigrants from middleeastern country’s in Denmark, and the guys behind this murder attempt was


      • Anti Snakbarian


        Critical snakbarian mass has been reached in Denmark and many other countries and yes, they do deserve it for allowing the liberal synagogue of satan to take over.

        The Talmudic Jews are absolute satanists, along with the Pope and the Masons. They are all the epitomy of evil.

    33. digs

      towel head muslim immigrants are attacking raping defenseless danish women , taking over large blocks / entire neighborhoods of denmark with terrorist force and the once proud vikings are to pussified by feminism now to stop the attacks.

      the nords are getting what they deserve for selling out to the jews multiculturalism control program.

      23yo girl punched, kicked, stoned and thrown into the lake – With her dog!

      This happened in a area called Vollsmose, an area populated with muslims and immigrants from middleeastern country’s in Denmark, and the guys behind this murder attempt was

        • Anti Snakbarian

          I saw that video Digs, and the woman said that they attacked because they “didn’t like” her dog!

          How’s that for denial? They don’t like non Muslims, period.

          Typical Liberal garbage – blame anything but never admit the truth…

          • Hard Justice

            Political correctness and Stockholm syndrome.

            Those muzzies each deserve some lead pills for their mental problems.

      • Frank Thoughts

        Very sad to see this happen in the beautiful Nordic countries. If the Muslims can’t see how lucky they are to live there, then they should be helped to find another place to live (Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Qatar etc.). There are loads of Muslim countries in the world with many different social and economic conditions and lots of land space. It is just not credible to say these people need to go to Nordic countries for sanctuary. The fact they hate living in the Nordics is more than enough proof they need to be removed to somewhere else more suitable.

        • Elsa

          Look at Minneapolis or Dearborn. Same thing.

      • sam

        amen to that, i always said bringing all these non-whites and bring down the white race is the jew agenda, then they turn around and call anyone against immigration racist while they have their fking racist aphartheid state in palestine.. these bastards will eventually goto far and the western entitlement economy will collapse around the 2030s, then its time for the indeginous europeans to take their country back and get rid off all those fukers

    34. clinthospo

      I see it this way, if you get pulled over and if they try to steal it for any reason, you know your never getting it back, your life is basically over at that point. I don’t know about you but I would say here is my deposit slip or withdraw slip and just took out. If they tried to take it under some false accusation, then at that point I would tell them they are making a big mistake and to give it back and if they refuse they is theft and my gun that is concealed comes out and they are giving it back. Of course they won’t and will draw their gun and there you have a dead person. Pretty sad.

      Or how about gun confiscations at your home? They have your address and they will be in re-enforcements and you will end up taking them out till your dead. I don’t know how we can get our country back. All I know is they will be wearing level 4 plates and it will do no good to try and shoot someone in the chest with any handgun basically or rifle. I would suggest and not saying to use buckshot to the face in your home or in close area. You will have no armor on at the time unless you sleep with it on. So what to do with this run away country.

      ”When Government takes away citizens’ right to bear arms it becomes citizens’ duty to take away government right to govern” – George Washington

      “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government….. When the people fear their government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

      • Sharon

        “and my gun that is concealed comes out and they are giving it back”


        That is the point where you die a worthless and meaningless death.

        The future belongs to those who think things through, not those that seem to think they are simply superior to all other forces without thinking about it at all.

      • Elsa

        Revenge is sweeter when you are alive to savor it. If you fight them on their terms, you will always lose.

    35. Ass hat

      Big blue I’m with you on that I have cheap throw away phone too just for business and to stay connected to my wife. Fuck their credit games designed to keep you a slave. Your better than me though I got a bank account shame on me. I got a credit card too but I haven’t charged on it in five years. Told my work I don’t use the bank cause they wanted me to get direct deposit. Living within your means is the best policy for yourself. If what you can afford is a mobile home it’s better than living in a house with a mortgage you cannot afford. My house is paid for I have the deed. I’m not taking out home improvement loans against my house I just do things as I get $ a little at a time and things are getting done saving$ on labor doing most things myself. I don’t have to have bigger and better houses cars and all that. It’s nice but being debt free is the nicest I’m stress free about finances that beats the hell out new vehicles.

    36. digs

      As the Zog Amerika US military convoy rolls through Europe , east european locals are egging and tomatoing the invading Zog Amerika convoy.

      • Mr Smith

        if people in Europe throw eggs at the US occupation force as they move thought towns then they can face two years in jail.

        Europe needs to kick the yanks out of town before they start a war with Russia and we all get nuked.

        This is how democracy works under US control and they are worse than anything coming out of Russia.

      • Enemy of the State

        man I’d hate to be the dupe in that VW out front.. if he stopped short he would have tons of steel jammed up his ass in a hell of a hurry

        i’d pay to watch it though lol

    37. Ass hat

      People if the gov wanted your$ they don’t have to do it this way they can just pass a bill to take it right out of your account. They can pass a bill allowing them to take a percentage of your$. It’s for the greater good of all. When shit hits I’m gonna go looking for $ stashed by all the people that were scared of the banks. I’m gonna look through dead peoples homes in places like between box spring and mattress. Gonna look for can safes in kitchen pantries in picture frames I know stupid people will hide $ in their homes thinking it’s safe. They will lose it all when the house burns to ground after shtf with no fire men around. While my $ is in a bank and federally insured I will see it again sooner or later. People your being sold a bag of lies. Focus on making $ it’s the only real option you have. You focus to much energy on hiding $ when if you put this much into getting$ you’d be better off. It’s not hard to make a living.

      • Elsa

        And Ass Hat knows a bunch of moderate muslimes as well!

      • Old Guy

        Your gonna Tresspass and steal? You really don’t plan on living very long. Im gonna booby trap my place if I leave it. Poison the food left behind.

    38. Mr Smith

      30 years ago I often pulled out £2-3k cash without so much as a question and years later I had worked in banks and knew that they must fill in forms if more than £5k was pulled out.

      Well about 5 years ago i wanted £5k for a car and Natwest would not give me my own money and told me it was to do with possible tax evasion or terrorist controls comeing from Americia.

      They had all the right in the world to report me to the IRS or what ever but they did not have a right to block my access to my own money that was not on overdraft.

      A Need to give the bank a big thank you because after that I took most of my money out and purchaed gold/silver

      This has all been going on for years in the UK

      • Hard Justice

        “They had all the right in the world to report me to the IRS or what ever but they did not have a right to block my access to my own money that was not on overdraft.”

        You don’t know what Rights are, banks have policy, policy is a business application, not a Right. They didn’t have the Right to block your money, but they did because they don’t acknowledge your right and there wasn’t a damn thing you can do about claiming your rights to them because you’re obtuse.

    39. bulldog

      the criminals that americans have voted for and allowed to rule over them have become tyrannts, even a fool should have seen this coming but not american fools, americans you deserve what you are getting, now deal with it.



    41. DC

      Moral of the story don’t put your money in the bank… Or maybe just a little to throw them off

    42. Enemy of the State

      im planing on throwing them a curve ball

      cashing my return, and my next paycheck ,, and not putting a dime of it anywhere but in my pocket ,, and if they dont like it .. they can KMA

      also from this point on , cashing any pay check i get and taking it home ..
      than slowly depleting my acct by pulling from my savings and putting it in my checking as bills are paid , one small withdraw at a time ..they like sneaking up on us.. time to see how they like it

      its like withdrawing my consent to rule over my earned fiat currency .. this can be fun if you look at it as a glass half full

      or two can play at this game

    43. colt triarii

      Cash is freedom and self sufficiency, and that can not be tolerated.

      My Bank charges me for making cash deposits in excess of $10,000 per month. Car and motorcycle dealers have to report $2,500 or ore cash deposits.

      What is not widely known is that the new money counters that process and count the dollar bills can record the serial numbers in real time, then even your cash purchases can be traced. ATMs already had this capability.

    44. colt triarii

      Cash is freedom and self sufficiency, and that can not be tolerated.

      My Bank charges me for making cash deposits in excess of $10,000 per month. Car and motorcycle dealers have to report $2,500 or ore cash deposits.

      What is not widely known is that the new money counters that process and count the dollar bills can record the serial numbers in real time, then even your cash purchases can be traced. ATMs already had this capability.

      • signalfire

        What if the serial numbers are blacked out? Hell, they do it to millions of government documents every year, it must be legal 🙂

    45. Anonymous

      I’ve never had a credit card either, or even a checking account with any bank in my lifetime. I only go to the bank because my VA check is direct deposited. I pay all bills in cash or with free money orders. I have saved some cash and I am afraid to carry it around or travel anywhere where theives (mostly cops) can legally steal it. I cannot come up with a good hiding place because I feel the car will be dismantled to find it.

    46. Frank Thoughts

      I was on a flight with a Swedish woman. She was very smart (a computer expert) and very pretty. She told me they had the software and hardware all ready to do a cashless society. They were just waiting for the politicians to pull the switch.

      • Elsa

        I thought Sweden was already 97% cashless already. It’s a horse race between UK and Sweden to see which can flip to official muslime control first.

    47. signalfire

      How much money did Hillary get from the Saudis? And can we confiscate it and her several houses? The woman was dead broke a few years ago (mostly because of lawyer fees to keep her sexual predator husband out of jail) and now she’s a millionaire again. If anyone is suspicious, it’s her and the rest of the Koch Brothers’ minions and whores.

    48. Smokey

      Good thing is that if you can weasel out your cash, most 3rd world countries have street exchangers that you can quickly wash your cash into local currency without having to go into a bank where you now have to show your dam passport for even a 100 dollar exchange from usd. Screw the USD, I am getting into the AIIB or some other option asap. You have to do it over time though, don’t bring attention to yourself.

    49. Canned Freedom

      Sorry to bring the conversation back to an “old” article, but look at this a–hole!

      Some shill for the banks who decided to attack THIS article, accusing Slavo and anyone else of spreading the truth about government/banking tyranny as liars and crazy people! Maybe if he actually learned his history instead of just believing whatever lies his bank is feeding him, he wouldn’t have such a smug attitude against this site and its community (which he attacks in his “article”).

      Perhaps we should spread this article around for everyone to see and ridicule. While taking our money out of the banks, of course. We’ll see if he’s so smug when his bank has no more money and his job of stealing money from hardworking Americans is gone.

      As an aside, I wonder what his SHTF plan is? Ask the government for help? Hide in his bank vault with all his useless FRNs? Or write another stupid blog post attacking people who have gold? He’ll be begging us for help the moment things go down and he needs someone with a gun to protect him and some canned food to feed him.

    50. Trust No One at the Banks

      When my brother was told my mother had as little as 4 weeks to live, he began closing out bank accounts, and cashing in certificates, and within 2 weeks, all the money was gone.

      A lawyer said my mother had a case against the three banks, but that it would take years (and I guess money, neither of which she had). The thing was, I was joint on everything not him, I was also POA, his daughter changed it to remove me, the same day the vast majority of the money was taken, yet the banks didn’t think it was suspicious, that the very day they changed the POA to remove me he was basically removing my soon to be inheritance. So even though the banks knew my mother was dying, and I had right of survivorship on all accounts and assets and therefore the assets did not go through the Will, they all turned the money over to my brother, without contacting me first.

      Nobody at the banks reported anything to the Government or Police, even though the majority of withdrawals were all over $10,000 each, and my brother had been arrested locally for selling drugs. After all this a clerk told my mother, at the one remaining bank, that it was ‘safe’ to leave her money in the bank as it would take a court order to remove it.

      Now when people say that their money is safe and insured in a bank, I tell them, ‘but’ not against theft or fraud. It’s like a woman I knew who had fire insurance, so she could qualify for a mortgage, but later the insurance company told her that if ever there was a fire, they would not pay out, but that they would continue to charge her just so that the bank would think her house was insured against fire. I guess the last people who bought her house must have either paid cash, or the bank that gave them a mortgage are in for a rude awakening if ever there is a fire.

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