Government Jobs Now Outnumber Manufacturing Jobs by a Wide Margin: “Leaching off the Private Sector”

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Aftermath, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 50 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at the Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: Government as a system of legalized theft has expanded so much that virtually all other forms of work have been put out of business, or minimized to a few token corporations who operate with government sanction. The age of the expanding middle class, where manufacturing or tech jobs opens up new opportunities for all, is clearly behind us.

    From here on out, government dependence under collectivism, under one form or another, is the status quo and what struggling Americans should expect… unless there is a fundamental return to the original republic.

    – – – – – – – – –

    by Joshua Krause

    According to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, government jobs now outnumber manufacturing jobs by nearly 1.8 to 1. Almost 22,000,000 people work for local, state, and federal agencies, compared to 12,329,000 workers in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing employment hasn’t been this low since before World War Two, and since 1989 when these two numbers were equal, our government has gained 4 million employees while manufacturing has lost 5.5 million.

    In 1941, nearly one of ten Americans worked in the manufacturing sector compared to 1 and 26 today. In that same time period, the ratio of government workers has grown from 1 in 27.7 to 1 in 14.6 today. However, if you took a closer look at the recent growth of government jobs, you might be fooled into thinking that our government is actually diminishing.

    While the number of government jobs has grown consistently for decades, it hasn’t kept up with population growth in recent years. Since the 1980’s the percentage of the population that is employed by the government at all levels, had actually fallen slightly to 6.9% by 2012. This decline however, has coincided with a substantial increase in government debt. Within the next ten years, the government’s deficit is set to explode to astronomical levels, as is government revenue. In other words, our government is growing slowly, but on a per capita basis they’re leaching off the private sector now more than ever.

    – – – – – – –

    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at the Daily Sheeple.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .


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      1. This is why it no longer matters who is president. We have reached the tipping point of more takers than makers. We will have to get thru a great deal of pain to get this country back on track. Somebody’s feelings are about to get hurt in this country.

        • Gonetoolong, spot on. On taxes, we are already at our limit and don’t have anything left to give up. running the printing presses 24/7 will work for only so long. Benefits for US-born people have already been cut so all the foreigners coming in and getting on the programs can be accommodated. That’s only one of a number of things that will bring about the collapse and it won’t be nice when it happens.

          • Women are offended by what the Trumpler said about Fiorina.



            Why do men keep saying women make no sense?

            Oh, those old sexist stereotypes.


            • I have no choice but to totally agree with you, AE. I have never been able to identify with the average female sheeple. Never. I’d rather turn a wrench or swing a hammer, than to sit around discussing trendy makeup and fashion. I couldn’t care less about kartrashians or whether bruce jenner still has his dick.

              I just don’t CARE about any of that. I don’t consider those types of females “women”. I call them “Vaginas”, because they can’t see past theirs, long enough to engage the real world.

              I’m a misogynist, Anti-feminism woman.

          • It all needs to crumble. Three fourths of Washington Dc needs to be fired anyway and I don’t want them or these horrible teachers to get a pension for 20 plus years for doing a horrible job. If people on the right wake up and take care of each other we will be golden. Ill use crypto currency and have ex illegal aliens working for me for scraps.

        • Trumplestiltskin wants us to let all the fucking Moose limb refugees in.

          But he’s against illegal immigration even though he was for it in 2012.


          HE’S A FUCKING FAKE FLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      2. Taxes, Taxes, Taxes: what are we not taxed on?

        • What are we not taxed on?

          A sense of humor, our private thoughts and dreams.

          However, given enough time these people will find a way to do that too.
          Be well.

          • If you put your sense of humor or thoughts and dreams to paper, or make a video, they get you then.

        • Plus ★★★★★ stars

        • Jesus said/ if you deny Me before men, I will deny you before the Father.

      3. And only MINORITY GROUPS are allowed access to government jobs these days. The days of government hiring white people are over. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful? [SARCASM HEAVIER THAN USUAL TODAY]

        • Yep BH, you got that right. Crazy world we live in. Might as well be living in a commie country like China or Russia. The end is nigh.


          • In Russia, the minorities do not come before the native Russians. I can’t find any reference to “affirmative action” like we have here, in Russia. Russia doesn’t favor minorities or immigrants over their own people…so who exactly are the commies here?

        • Same thing in the military. My friend (who is white) tried to get in and they laughed at him, saying – “you either need to be female or another race. Otherwise you don’t have a prayer getting in.”

          • Ppod, inthis case they probably did your friend a big favor. He would’ve only been used as cannon fodder by the banksters in some 3rd world hellhole.

          • The military has become nothing more than another political arm of the govt.

        • Government job

          The closest thing to eternal life a man will ever have.


          If Islam is so fucking great why are people running away from it?

          • Acid, let me rephrase it; ‘the closest thing to eternal life that MINORITY PEOPLE will ever have.’ Nothing great about Islam, period. You hit the nail on the head with those 2 items.

        • Just tell the government that you are a militant Islamic female black radical that hates America, has had seven abortions, then had transgender sexual reassignment and now is a man who lives in Kentucky and is getting married to another man.

          You probably could be the next Secretary of State.

          • You could for sure get on the supreme court.

        • No Kidding. I worked for a company for 4 years and was the only white guy there. The company closed down and everyone and I mean everyone but me was offered retraining or school from Workforce Development. I kept asking what was going on and after a month was blankly told that there were no quotas for middle aged white guys. I was told to try Craigslist for a job…..

          • Joe I’m sorry to hear about your experience. That’s totally wrong the company would help other people but not you. Affirmative action is only ONE reason why this system has to be torn down and start over from scratch. Black people have it made in the shade with all the special treatment they get from the feds. And they still cry racism? They ain’t seen any REAL racism yet!

          • Craigslist for a job?

            Was it a blow Job in the escort section????

            Just kidding…

          • I went for an interview at one company and was told outright, I’d be the oldest guy they’d ever seen?

            At another company they introduced me to some very nice Indian boys.. No I’m not an Indian boy.

            The racism, and age discrimination in America is out of control. But that’s ok, because it’s OK with Obama! What a fascist creep!

      4. When will the men of this country stand up and say ENOUGH!?

        When they turn off their boyish football games and grow the F*&* up.

        Never going to happen.

        Rome will burn.

      5. Fed jobs pay better than private sector. Also, politically connected can get appointed to school boards or as administrators. Real gravy jobs and pensions. Serve one term and get a pension and free medical for life.

      6. In Illinois, if you work at a state government appointed job and leave it for a second appointed government state job, you get double the pension! EEEHAA! Only in Illinois.

      7. Atlas Shrugged senario right here. Consumers outnumbering Producers until shrugged. The moment is coming and the free lunch ends.

      8. Go to “Center for Immigration Studies” and read the amount of welfare used by both legal and illegal immigrants. Info is derived from the US Census Bureau.

      9. I think the actual figure is 1.8 to 1, but hey! 2: 1 is close enough for government work!!!

        “Socialism (lit. ‘gouvernement’ in Fr.) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everyone else.”

        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

        And, why yes, you ARE correct. Leftists STILL have no idea why this has never worked, will never work, and CAN never work. Not that that won’t stop them from trying, while ruining your life as they live their crony lifestyles off of what remains (thing BIG GREEN MONEY and the faux global warming anti-science scam, led by carbon billionaire Al Gore).

      10. On a long enough time line the survival rate for everyone drops to zero

      11. Our tax dollars at work literally. We bust our butts so they can have a gravy job. Then raise our taxes so they can hire more. This be needs to stop. Like shrimp on a treadmill, who really cares how fast it can run? But they will give someone 70,000 dollars to find out. Then they take our SS and give it to other countries and illegal immigrants and then have the nerve to say sorry we don’t have your money! I had a friend who worked all of his life and the went into a diabetic coma. He came out of it but his leg had gotten an infection and he couldn’t do the job he loved doing because he couldn’t climb ladders or crawl around as an aircraft mechanic. So he tried to get SS disability and they refused to give it to him and said he could be a Walmart greeter.

        • Thor, that’s WHITE PEOPLE’S tax money at work supporting minorities who get all this special treatment.

          • I agree and somebody needs ventilated. I getting real tired of being ripped off. The only thing I want my money going to is our military and veterans, mandatory government, social security and border control. F#%&$ these illegal immigrants, refugees and anyone else who didn’t pay taxes but take money from the government without being handicapped.

          • At least when they get fired soon and don’t get a penny in future benefits they will get a huge shock about their great government. The right has to stop going along with all the so called free government stuff. We only have a right to freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we ended up with a lot of crap and not one of the three.

      12. I applied for a job once upon a time at Los Alamos in NM. The national laboratory for a prototype machinist. My wife and I flew down there from MN. When we got down to talking about the benefits, 5 wks pd vac. right away, and 3 wks sick pay thats carried over to the next year if not used. For a pension, 90% of highest income after 20 yrs, 110% after 30 yrs. And on and on. More benefits than I could ever use. This was for Reagan’s Star Wars Program. Working on lazers. Congress took an axe to the program shortly there after, so I didn’t get the job. The job would have been nice, BUT, Its no wonder that we are broke. We are now getting into meltdown with the Fed. Govt. Don’t know how to run anything w/o turning it into a nightmare.

        • TR, that’s the feds for you. Just like some people I work with but nothing happens to them because of AA.

        • Must have been some real oddball program no one else knows anything about, seeing as how new federal hires get 12 days leave pay per year, 2.5 weeks of sick leave that never goes higher, and 56.25% after 20 years only if they’re 50 years old, and cannot earn more than 80% pensions, no matter how long they stay beyond the 42 years that takes. They can add unused sick leave to their service and beat the 80% maximum by maybe 2%, but most folks use their leave.

      13. The future for our kids is zero. The illusion that everything is fine continues. But the SHTF is coming.

      14. Having fun??? Have a brother in law arrested for hacking major credit cards and banks!!!

      15. “Almost 22,000,000 people work for local, state, and federal agencies”

        And that doesn’t even count the big money consultants like myself that contract to the government.

        • Great point. My cousin is a computer consultant for the government though he is technically not a government employee. It’s just that the company he works for only handles government contracts.

      16. Over at The Daily Sheeple, “Virginia Reporter’s Father Andy Parker Joins With Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action To Head WhateverItTakes Gun Control Rally In DC.” How nice. A whole new group of anti-selfdefense dickheads. I literally threw up a snack I was having.

        • well bravehurt, you’s a always a throwin up sum, it happins ever day! It’s onna count of all that that canned shit ya’ll eats ever day. Far as them anti gunners is a reckoned, ya’ll can serve ’em up lead nutreents from yer ventilashun teem.

      17. Too many high paid parasites and too few lowerpaid producers is not sustainable. Too many parasites are slowly killing the host.

      18. Right, all those military people, cops and EMS workers are leeches. Let’s get rid of them all!

      19. Now you know that The Powers That Be don’t care a flying f—k about black people. And they don’ t care one iota more about poor(middle class) whites. But they sure are successful in piting us against each other. I can only imagine that the anger will build to a feverish point and then they’ll pull the rug out from all the government employees/pensioners/social security recipients/welfare mothers(fathers-Vets)/working poor/immigrants/you get the point.

        Have you ever wondered why the leaders of the black civil rights movement were a Christian Preacher and a Muslim who I’m told was no ordinary black guy as portrayed in popular culture, but a well educated son of a political activist dynasty. Perhaps the Muslim problem is part of a long standing secret agenda to which the average Joe and Jane is exempt from knowing. It seems that we are headed into more conflicts in order to keep the population down and manageable.

        I suspect that we all average black/white/etc might take a breather before “they” kill us all.
        Self sufficiency and self employment seem like good choices. If we have a way to produce/manufacture even on the level of a backyard garage level; it’s the only way to secure survival from a system which has been rigged to fail. Working at a government job or a corporate job should be used to feed into ones own business. Let’s see if we can’t construct a better world even as the old world disentigrates before our eyes.

        I’m more determined than ever to be/get prepared. Wouldn’t it be great if the system imploded, the rich run to their retreats and life hums on joyfully for the rest of us. I have a Dream, too.

      20. I’m kind of questioning the idea that over 400,000 people work for the governments in each of the 50 states, that’s what 22 million comes out to. I know some states have a lot more employees than others, but Rhode Island and Wyoming can’t have more than a few thousand each. I’d like to see a state chart of all this, so we can see where the problems lie.

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