Government Agencies Are About To Disclose What They Know About UFOs, And That Will Be A Dramatic Paradigm Shift

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. 

    Do you believe in UFOs?  Decades ago, if you answered yes to such a question many would have considered you to be a nutjob.  But at this point UFOs are not a “conspiracy theory” any longer.

    In fact, even the U.S. government is admitting that they exist, and in just a few weeks we may learn a whole lot more about what the U.S. government really knows about this phenomenon.  When President Trump signed a 2.3 trillion dollar COVID relief bill last December, it contained a provision that requires all U.S. intelligence agencies to submit an unclassified report to Congress that reveals all that they know about UFOs

    In December 2020, President Trump signed a coronavirus relief bill that included an interesting stipulation – the bill set into motion an 180-day time frame in which US intelligence agencies must tell Congress everything they know about UFO sightings, via an unclassified report.

    Remarkably, in what sounds like the opening crawl of an unimaginative sci-fi film, the report must also include an analysis as to whether or not UFOs pose a threat to national security (perhaps, one day, our puny, primitive weapons will be used to “bring democracy” to a space-faring civilization).

    Unfortunately, U.S. intelligence agencies insisted that 180 days did not give them enough time, and so now the report is expected to be released somewhere around June 1st.

    But it is coming, and the COVID relief bill was very specific about what it must include

    The report will include all data found through “geospatial intelligence, signals intelligence, human intelligence and measurement and signals intelligence.” Classified information held by the Office of Naval Intelligence, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force and the FBI will be included as well.

    It will be fascinating to see what actually ends up in this report.

    Personally, I don’t think that the intelligence agencies will come even close to revealing everything that they know.  But the fact that former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe was willing to share so much information during an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Friday seems like a good sign.  According to Ratcliffe, there have been “sightings all over the world”

    Ratfcliffe said some UFO sightings have been declassified in the past, but a report to be released by the Pentagon and other federal agencies will present more information to the American people.

    “There have been sightings all over the world,” Ratcliffe said. “And when we talk about sightings, the other thing I will tell you, it’s not just a pilot or just a satellite or some intelligence collection. Usually, we have multiple sensors that are picking up these things.”

    Yes, it is definitely quite true that there have been sightings all over the planet, but Esri has released an animated map that shows that more UFO sightings happen in the United States than anywhere else by a good margin.

    During his interview, Ratcliffe also admitted that some of the things that UFOs do are “difficult to explain”, and that includes “traveling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom”

    “Frankly, there are a lot more sightings than have been made public. Some of those have been declassified. And when we talk about sightings, we are talking about objects that have been seen by Navy or Air Force pilots, or have been picked up by satellite imagery, that, frankly, engage in actions that are difficult to explain, movements that are hard to replicate, that we don’t have the technology for, or traveling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic boom.”

    Of course, videos that the U.S. Navy has previously released have already confirmed the fact that UFOs often perform aerial feats that human pilots simply cannot match

    Videos from the Navy were released last year through the Freedom of Information Act that showed UFOs moving at incredible speeds and performing seemingly impossible aerial maneuvers.

    One of the videos was shot in November 2004; the other two were shot in January 2015. The three videos were code-named ‘FLIR1,’ ‘Gimbal,’ and ‘GoFast.’

    In the 2015 videos, Navy pilots can be heard expressing disbelief. All three UFO videos were captured by Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets.

    If UFOs can perform “seemingly impossible aerial maneuvers”, that would seem to suggest that whoever is piloting them is even more technologically advanced than we are.

    I am entirely convinced that the U.S. government knows a great deal about UFOs and those that are flying them, and millions of Americans are very much looking forward to the release of the upcoming unclassified report.

    U.S. government agencies will certainly not tell us everything, but I do believe that they will reveal more details than they ever have before.

    Ultimately, I believe that the stage is being set for a great deception of epic proportions, and that is why I am starting to write more about the UFO phenomenon.

    As more information is shared with the public, the narrative will be that UFOs are “spacecraft” that contain “aliens” from another planet.

    And I think that it is quite likely that officials will insist that they are “friendly” and that we should be open to “learning” from them.

    But the truth is that they are definitely not our “friends”.

    As humanity moves into the darkest hours that it has ever known, people will become increasingly desperate for someone to come along and save us.

    And if “aliens” were to show up with technology that we do not currently possess, many would be tempted to embrace them as “saviors”.

    For decades, Hollywood has been relentlessly priming us for such a scenario, and now the U.S. government is starting to publicly acknowledge that UFOs aren’t just science fiction.

    This is a story that is going to become increasingly important over the next few years, and it isn’t going to end well.

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    About the Author: My name is Michael Snyder and my brand new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available on  In addition to my new book, I have written four others that are available on including The Beginning Of The EndGet Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. (#CommissionsEarned)  By purchasing the books you help to support the work that my wife and I are doing, and by giving it to others you help to multiply the impact that we are having on people all over the globe.  I have published thousands of articles on The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream, and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe.  I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but I also ask that they include this “About the Author” section with each article.  The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial, or health decisions.  I encourage you to follow me on social media on FacebookTwitter, and Parler, and anyway that you can share these articles with others is a great help.  During these very challenging times, people will need hope more than ever before, and it is our goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as we possibly can.


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      1. They lied about the overthrow of the Mossadegh government in Iran (1953), they lied about 9/11, they lied about Irak, they lied about Gaddafi and Lybia, they lied about Bashar and Syria, they lie about covid, but they tell the truth about UFOs !

      2. While I am not a perfect example of anything, in particular, it is a good rule of thumb, to stay on your best behavior, even when you think you are all alone.

      3. Of course the gov’t is hiding all this, and have been for decades. As for this particular article I simply don’t give it much credibility. There is nothing in this article that leads me to believe information of any real consequence will be released.
        The gov’t has gone to extreme lengths to hide the truth. In fact, they will do ANYTHING to hide the truth from the people. What has changed now? I suspect what may happen is that vague or impossible to verify information could be released, and merely release tidbits of information that is already known, something along that line. Or, conduct another misinformation campaign to release totally false information in an effort to convince the public there is nothing extraterrestrial, it’s happened before.
        When prez Carter was elected he promised the people he would see to it the public would learn more information on this subject. He tried but it didn’t happen. He actually called the head of the See-Eye-A who was G. Bush One into his office and asked him about ETs, Bush told the prez he didn’t need to know and as prez he didn’t have high enough security clearance anyway. Based on that statement no elected official(s) has the wherewithal to mandate the release of factual and consequential ET information.
        Only a tiny handful of individuals are even allowed to know some semblance of the budgets for these agencies (collectively they are a gov’t within a gov’t, and act with total license, secrecy, and impunity). Intel agencies are key elements in the State, and the State (the State is not really what most people think it is) controls both the gov’t and its officialdom. It is fiendishly obsessed with secrecy, beyond extreme fanaticism. I believe the State would do anything and everything they thought necessary to keep information concealed including Stalin-esque mass murder and destruction of our form of gov’t.
        Sorry, but don’t expect anything revealing or new. It is nothing more than a diversionary tactic.

      4. I share the feeling that this is not good.

        I’ve completed the first issue of Steve’s Underground Newsletter which is a review of a four week supply of emergency food I bought from My Patriot Supply. Spoiler alert – I’m pretty happy with my purchase. Below is the intro:

        “About 13 years ago I started storing up food. I started in fairly small amounts. An extra bag rice here and an extra bag of beans there and I also piled up on canned foods as I went. This all has worked out pretty well. Typically, I will consume, replace and add even more as I go.

        Somewhere back in time many years ago I was introduced to packaged survival food. I cashed in on a special whereby I received 24 hours worth of survival food. I wasn’t especially impressed and preferred my canned goods, rice and beans strategy mentioned above.

        Lately though I’ve decided to revisit the packaged survival food idea. In our current times, the notion of storing food that has a shelf life of up to 25 years seems like a good idea….”

        My underground newsletter is sent by email twice a week at the subscriber cost of only one dollar per month. In it I cover survival, preparedness, product reviews, current events and much more. It’s entirely interactive in that I try to answer all my emails. To sign up send an email to [email protected] to get instructions on how to subscribe.

        Prepare and stay well,

        • What is going on is the government is really good at makeing the public believe anything and faking an alien presence would be easy and more effective than anything before at controlling the population.

      5. Folks, I have seen many things I could not ID in the air. Therefor, by definition they were UFO’s.
        One was a C141 with the doors open and the interior lights on with no running lights. After I stopped the car, heard the engines, and saw a crew member through the bonocs, it was no longer a UFO.

        Now, if the gubmnt is going “admit” to UFO’s there is a reason.
        Know what it is?
        To get / keep the gullible public stirred up.
        Fear of Covid is has run its course and the new fear has to be trotted out.
        Keep in mind that Satin and his demons can appear in any form and deceive the unbelievers.

        Isaiah 66:4
        4 I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.

        Do not heed His word then He sends a delusion.
        Other scripture speak to a rumor.

        If believed it will destroy the morale and the very heart of a nation.

        Any delusions floating around, any fears come up lately?
        Proverbs 25:19
        19 Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint.
        Any government agencies or experts, so called, contradicting themselves as they totally disrupt our lives?
        Well, the lives of the pagans, anyway.

      6. Fake 9/11 – fake pandemic , fake PCR test , fake ‘new cases’ , fake ‘ new deaths’……….from lies come REAL changes , that always involve taking away our rights – Now UFO’s ???>…….. dont mention project blue beam what ever you do – low earth orbit satalite clusters with holographic projectors ………… heres a guess……… we will soon see the face of god appear above every country on earth , telling humanity to embrace the new world order and the new one world religion called chrislam ………. just a guess !!!!!!

        • Satan is the antichrist pretending to be Messiah

      7. We know theres something flying around the skies. Not all are ours…
        The question is are they alien, inter-dimensional or time travelers.

        Can we handle the truth…?
        Probably not well but mankind has a habit of BAU after a revelation.
        Normalcy Bias kicks in and you wake up in the morning… again for a time.
        Hollywood has done a good job conditioning us that aliens can be weird & wonderful.
        And dangerous… but if they were going to kill us, they would have 500years ago.

        So hang on to your seats – it could get interesting… finally.

      8. We are being prepped for a fake alien invasion. Whatever you do – don’t fall for it.

      9. Ufos

      10. “I want to believe”
        …but I don’t ?

      11. “UFO” simply means “unidentified flying object”, and shouldn’t be used to imply anything necessarily extraterrestrial, since it may be something else, such as secret military very high-tech, be it from the U.S., Russia, or somewhere else. For reasons of military security, the government doesn’t like to admit what it has, so they can keep the enemy in the dark. And if the government knows that aliens are coming to this world and the government can do nothing to stop them, it can’t admit that because that would make the government look weak and incompetent. So I don’t expect it to admit much more than the fact that objects with unusual flight characteristics have been seen, with the implication that, yes, some of them are ours, but we can’t explicitly say so.

        HE IS ONE OF OURS ?

      13. There are no UFOs there are however flying saucers in heaven and the Bible says so

      14. Disclosure hoax. Nothing will happen.

        FOIA is inconsequential to these people, especially if the conspiracy theories, even if only a few of them, are actually true.

        Go ahead, hold your breath. Then support the commercialization of this and buy your alien con tickets. Sham wow.

      15. All of this alien stuff is the powers that be attempting to overthrow the faith of some professing Christians and disprove the Bible the word of the living God. I said professing Christians not real Christians, the real Christians are those chosen by God before the foundation of the World, the elect of God who can never be deceived by the powers of darkness. All of this “Mystery of iniquity” going on is fully foretold in God’s word. It is all leading to the revealing of “the man of sin”, the false prophet,the Antichrist,who will work in concert with the beast and the dragon during the upcoming Great Tribulation. And the great delusion that God will send upon the earth dwellers dwelling on the earth who refuse to believe and love the Truth of God, who had pleasure in unrighteousness and received not His truth or believed it the Redemption that The Lord Jesus Christ accomplished by His death and resurrection, and shedding His blood on the cross to reconcile and wash away the sins of all who call upon His name and repent of their sins. –Once I was bound by sin’s galling fetters,Chained like a slave I struggled in vain; But I received a glorious freedom,When Jesus broke my fetters in twain. Glorious freedom,wonderful freedom,no more in chains of sin I repine! Jesus the glorious Emancipator, Now and forever He shall be mine. Freedom from fear with all of its torments,freedom from care with all of its pain; Freedom in Christ my blessed Redeemer, He who has rent my fetters in twain. God wishes that all would be saved and that none should perish. The Lord Jesus came to seek and to save those who are lost. Amen.

      16. Odd they would announce this during a pandemic and lock-downs? Sounds like more fear mongering to keep the citizens afraid and docile while the government robs them of the lives and livelihood. Next we will be hearing the aliens will vaporize us all if we don’t comply and turn in out guns.

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