Gov Web Bots To Scour Internet for Hate Speech: “Could Potentially Criminalize Thoughts and Expressions”

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Headline News | 226 comments

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    (Pictured: Senator Ed Markey)

    With the capability to intercept every digital communication sent over the internet or telephone it’s no surprise that Big Brother is pushing to further expand its role in the lives of Americans.

    Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) is proposing a new bill that would send government web bots across the internet looking for hate speech or material allegedly determined to be advocating or encouraging “violent acts.” Once identified, the Congressman wants reports to be disseminated to Congress so that they can monitor, control and potentially criminalize thoughts and expressions deemed by an unknown panel of government bureaucrats to be hateful.

    You and I both operate in the arena of words and ideas… freedom of expression and thought… that is the coin of our realm.

    I really think it is the duty of journalists and people in the media to look at any potential instance of the government coming in and trying to monitor or potentially criminalize thoughts and words.

    Senator Markey wants this obscure Federal Agency to scour these online sources… TV, radio and so on… for any speech they find threatening. He wants them to do it in connection with the Department of Justice, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and then file a report with Congress on what out there is potentially hateful and could lead to hate crimes.

    This is clearly Big Government sticking its nose into people’s speech and their thoughts.

    There’s no criteria in the bill… what’s the template? When you go through and check the boxes what counts as hate speech and who makes the determinations? It’s this abstruse group that no one’s ever heard of buried within the bureaucracy of the federal government.

    The definitions for what constitutes hate speech are broad or non-existent, making such a bill that much more dangerous. According to the Examiner, “The bill does not specify what, exactly, constitutes “hate,” but given the source of the proposal, it’s not too difficult to figure out.”

    The proposed bill has prompted concerns that individuals or groups who speak out against the government or disagree with certain politicians will be identified as inciting hate.

    Many questions about how the process of finding hateful people in the United States via the internet would work have been left unanswered.

    A few weeks ago Senator Harry Reid of Nevada referred to protesters at Bundy Ranch as “domestic terrorists.” Since these people defied official directives and hate the idea of government overreach, would they now also fall under new hate speech guidelines being proposed by Senator Markey? Will they be added to yet another red list and flagged as persons of interest for simply posting their thoughts in a forum on the internet?

    Psychiatrists are now identifying those who express their frustrations with the government as a mental illness called Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) as per the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V). Under the new proposal from Senator Markey defiant thoughts or ideas could potentially not only leave you diagnosed as mentally ill, but also a “hater.”

    Will “hate” now be deemed a terrorist activity such as making a gun gesture with your hand, purchasing ammunition, or paying cash for items at the grocery store?

    As we noted previously, there are already pre-crime systems actively monitoring the internet looking for discussions and behaviors that can be used to identify potential criminals before any crime occurs. Combined with new Web Bot hate speech tools, could the government then preempt detentions and arrests under the Patriot Act or National Defense Authorization Act, both of which allow for action to be taken against those who threaten national security, yet another broadly define term?

    The bill is full of loop holes and broad assumptions, as is generally the case with government mandates. And, with the Department of Justice included within the new ‘hate speech’ mandates it should be clear that the end goal is criminalization of thoughts and expressions that go against the prevailing agenda.

    All that aside, perhaps we should just pass the bill first before we find out what’s in it.

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      1. y99

        This isn’t about hate. It’s about their hatred of freedom and free speech.

        • KY Mom

          This would provide another means to monitor and control the population. They have wanted to control radio and the web for a long time.

          Any “suspicion” of hate speech would enable increased monitoring.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            Like they already don’t

            What a joke. I can type anything I wan9l;j ;jlpj……

            • Defiant

              Oh-oh…. me and my big mouth….

              Can I put in a plea of insanity??

              • Stig's American Cousin

                We are already part way there.

                It is called Political Correctness.

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                And yet the “people” continue to “vote” for “people” who bring tyranny to their front door!

                I don’t get it!!

                “In a democracy, the people get the government they deserve.”

                Ahh, now I get it

                • JustMe

                  This bears repeating, again…

                  “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” Joseph Stalin

                  And, therin lies the real problem. As long as the illusion of choice is available to the brainwashed “party-faithful”, this will only continue…

                  • Anonymous


                  • crazy2medic

                    Once we got “electronic” voting machines the election process was pretty much done in the honesty department, no way to monitor or keep the real results known kinda like secret courts protecting our rights under the constitution, you’ll just have to trust the judge.

              • SterlingSilver

                “US Government note to self…

                Test run on Bundy Ranch negative… American citizen backbone not broken yet… Still need to continue the progressive training of America… Still need to push amnesty to all illegals… Still need to leave the borders open… Still need to ban guns… Still need to increase people’s dependency on government handouts… Still need to…”

                • New Ordnance

                  Still need to…

                  Still need to crank up the “hate speech” propaganda campaign.

                  Edward Bernays and
                  Dr. Goebbels would have been proud of their pupils in government today as they cast their nets wider and farther in unprecedented measure.

                  All posters here should have their “Plan B” ready to slip through the mesh when TPTB start to retrieve their nets.

              • Stan522

                Yes you can Defiant….. then they come to take away you guns!

                • DMONIC

                  They cant have mine, I have an unfortunate boating accident a few months back…

          • KY Mom

            Off topic…

            The U.S. economy slowed drastically in the first three months of the year.

            This is of course blamed on “the harsh winter weather”.
            They assure us not to worry and that “many analysts believe 2014 will be the year the recovery from the Great Recession.”

            Hilsencliff Notes: Q1 Worse Than Expected But Taper Stays
            “The Commerce Department reported earlier Wednesday that the economy hit a near-stall speed in the first quarter…”
            “A report by the Labor Department on Friday on the performance of the job market in April will provide the next big clue on whether their expectations will hold up.”

            The poor economy is blamed on the harsh winter weather. Instead, they should look at the many new regulations this administration has put in place, such as Obamacare.

            • KY Mom

              “The most worrisome sign in the new report was the steep falloff in business investment spending, which is usually a leading INDICATOR of where the ECONOMY IS HEADED.

              Investment tumbled by more than 6 percent, compared to an expansion of 2.5 percent the previous quarter. Higher taxes on investment as part of the 2013 Obama tax hike have clearly hurt investment.”

              Heritage dot org

            • TheGuy

              So did everybody just quit their jobs because it was snowing??


              And yet… they can get to work, but not to the store.


              Make a ton of sense to me…

            • Stan522

              How long will the house-of-cards remain erect….?

          • Anonymous

            Shit, old Pelosi is doing exactly what Bush administration did when they passed the Patriot act, etc. There is NO DIFFERENCE between the 2 Political Gangs- they just want us to THINK there is a difference so they can keep stealing and destroying us.

            • no justice

              That bitch Pelosi should have on her gravestone “pass it so we can see what’s in it” so no one forgets. How dumb.

              • JW

                I think Pelosi’s gravestone should say “piss on it” 🙂

            • KY Mom

              Three ways to improve the economy.

              3 Areas Where Government Needs to Get Out of the Way…

              1. KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE
              The Obama administration’s newest delay on the Keystone XL pipeline is another example of holding back positive developments in the economy. President Obama has blocked the pipeline’s completion despite several reports confirming it would have little to no negative environmental impact.

              The pipeline “can be built without the help of the taxpayer,” Heritage’s Nicolas Loris reminds us, and would add to America’s domestic energy resources.

              2. REDUCE EMPLOYERS’ COSTS
              A new plan in Congress called the JOBS Act would repeal old wage rules that are adding millions to businesses’ costs. When employers’ costs go up, they can’t hire new workers. As Greszler points out, unlike the federal government, American businesses “cannot pull out unlimited credit cards or tap the incomes of their customers to pay for higher costs.”

              3. CUT REGULATION
              “Since 2008, the percentage of businesses citing regulation as their single most important problem has doubled from less than 10 percent to 21 percent,” Greszler reports. “The mountain of often unnecessary and sometimes harmful regulations that exists today continues to weigh down—and sometimes completely prevent—business growth and entrepreneurship.”

              I would add:
              4. REPEAL OBAMACARE

              • Booger

                5. Stop all foreign aid to Muslim countries.

                6. Stop all welfare, housing subsidies, health insurance and any other assistance to non-US citizens.

                7. Close all foreign military bases and bring occupation forces in Korea, japan and Germany home. Let them guard the Mexican border.

                This country is broke ! We can’t balance the budget until we pay off the 17 trillion dollar debt. We are so broke we can’t pay attention !

              • crazy2medic

                You missed cut taxes and eliminate the progressive tax system

            • PWYPreach

              Ironic that pretty much the ONLY place they don’t “downsize” you due to age is Congress..go figure. The average age is like 111…actually 62 for a senator and 57 for a rep, but, geez louise some of those hagathons sure look decades older. Feinstein and Pelosi should be demanding their money back from their plastic surgeons cuz damn!!

          • Walt Kowalski

            Welcome to Nazi America.

            • JustMe

              “Nazi”? You either have zero idea who is behind your demise, or you’re pumping propaganda.

              • Pissed Off Granny


                Walt is usually on top of everything. I think he meant to say welcome to Bolshevik Russia 1918.

                • Walt Kowalski


                  What we are facing is Fascism…Not Communism (which I don’t like either)

                  We now have a “corpocracy”…a merger of the state and major corporations. That’s Fascism….which is equivalent to Nazism really. Nazism is just another form of it.

                  The reality….all of them…Nazism, Communism, Fascism are for all practical purposes…the same. They are LEFTIST forms of government that represent totalitarianism….i.e. total control of every facet of your life.

                  I called it Nazi America because the parallels of this country and what happened in Germany in the 20’s and 30’s are chilling.

                  I chose my words carefully. And I meant every word.

              • Walt Kowalski

                I’m a student of history. We are headed down the same road as Germany in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

                • The Old Coach


                  William Sheridan Allen: “The Nazi Seizure of Power”

                  Now out of print, but I found a used copy on Amazon.

                  And how much difference is there between mature Communism and mature Fascism? They both end up being run by and for the benefit of a few oligarchs.

                  • Joe

                    I compare communism and fascism as left-socialism and anti-left-socialism. Note that anti-left doesn’t mean pro-right. The Nazis hated trade unions and minorities like gypsies and jews, but equally hated libertarian thinking which is generally considered to be the right-wing mirror of anarchy. That is, both are anti-government and thus on the hit list of anyone with a Nazi political leaning.

                    Fascism is the Soviet name for the Nazi party, BTW. “Sounds too much like our brand of socialism”

                • Bill Clark

                  Except Germany’s situation was led by white Germans. America’s decline to facism/communism is being led by a small “tribe” of folks who sailed over from foreign lands.

                • Prepper

                  Walt and Fellow Preppers, take a look at “The Five Basic Forms of Government Explained”. In 10 minutes it will give you a comprehensive explanation what it all means and where it’s all going. Google it or click my name to see the YouTube video.

                  • admin

                    thanks Prepper!

                    Here’s the vid:

                  • Walt Kowalski

                    Yep…I’ve seen the video.

                    While I don’t think I’ve ever posted concerning this here, I have always maintained that there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between communism and Nazism or Fascism. Their effects on people are the same. And I believe that if you asked the average person who had to live under them to explain the difference, they would not be able to do so.

                    The terms provide a distinction without a difference.

                    The video Mac posted explains it well, and is all you need to know.

                    For years, TPTB, assisted by the MSM and other sources of propaganda, have been free to define the terms of the political spectrum without much in the way of contradiction. And because of this, the ensuing confusion has aided their cause.

                    Essentially, they have stated that communism represents the extreme political left, and Nazism/Fascism represents the extreme right. By defining the political spectrum in this way, they are able to demonize those who consider themselves to be on the political right as “Nazis and Fascists”.

                    The reality is…….both Nazism and Fascism are representative of the political left, because in a correct political spectrum, the further left you move, the less freedom an individual has. A more accurate political spectrum has anarchy at its extreme right. And as the video explains, real anarchy doesn’t really exist, because eventually someone or some group emerges that dominates everyone else anyway. Anarchy is a political vacuum. Something will fill it.

                    I believe it can be argued that Libertarian-ism represents the most individual freedom while still having enough force of law to prevent people from harming one another or defrauding one another. And I believe that our Constitution, as well as the Declaration of Independence reflects those Libertarian ideals.

                    This is why I often say that I don’t consider myself a Republican, because the Republicans are too far to the left for my taste. In fact, it doesn’t take much effort to see just how far the Republican Party has drifted over the last 30 years. All you have to do is look at who the Republican establishment is to understand this.

            • Snowed

              Silly. That’s already done deal for anyone with a cell phone and an email account with a major email host. If you notice, the ads and everything else reflect what you have done that day. you are already being tracked in exhausting detail. I’d hazard a guess that onstar et al were due to a gestapo requirement to start tracking cars. Auto makers realized they had to track you, so try to double dip. I read earlier today about an Apple patent where the gooberment can turn off video and audio recording on your cell phone if they choose and do it based on location such as protester march etc.

              • Joe

                Last Enemy… A series well worth watching. It pretty much hits your point on the head and explores some of the nastier implications. I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s well-worth watching to the end. Bwahahaha!

            • KY Mom


              Not good. This follows the direction the administration has been steadily moving the country, less freedom and more control.

              Thank you for sharing this. We need to stay informed of what is being planned. Someone once told me that every plan has a “weakness” somewhere.

              Stay strong.
              KY Mom

            • Lost In The C.R.C

              Sorry boys and girls, the internet in the U.S. (and around the world) already has such tracking ability. Your internet gateway (service provider) assigns you a unique ip address to validate your access through their network. Also, That mac address on the back of your cable modem is a neon sign that tells the world (through the billing data base your isp maintains) who you are. Trasparency, anonymity, and freedom to surf where you desire (isp funneling) are but an illusion…

          • Slick One

            You cannot make someone like someone else,the more you try to make me love ac ertain group only increases my dislike and hate of said group. These people are like children, so what if someone doesnt like you, you are now going to create laws to make sure we love each other?
            What are these people smoking?

            • Anonymous

              Yep, if people are ignorant (dislike others based on color, nationality, etc.) then no amount of money in the world to “fix” things will work… an idiot is an idiot is an idiot. (Thankfully, most people have grown up enough to realize the stupidity of racism, though.)

            • Anonymous

              Yep, they (racists) really are like children– thats why no one should take offense by their racist remarks… they are just children in God’s world… eventually, they WILL grow up. ; )

              • Tucker

                Are you trying to insinuate that anyone who refuses to let themselves be brainwashed with the diabolically evil bullshit that the anti-White, Cultural Marxist, Frankfurt School graduate Franz Boas promoted about ‘there is no such thing as race’ and that ‘all races are perfectly equal in every conceivable & measurable way and the last 40 plus years of SAT scores that document the harsh truth about racial differences in IQ and academic ability are nothing more than pure baloney’ – is a horribly evil ‘racist’ and potential NBA basketball team owner?

                Excuse me if I might have consumed a little too much tequila and slept through it, but did I somehow miss the world wide news and subsequent celebratory orgy by the race denying, Franz Boas indoctrinated left on the day that the Zimbabwe Space Shuttle returned from its inter-galactic mission to explore and chart distant Solar Systems and then arrived on the landing strip where the African Astronaut Shuttle Pilots promptly gave an exclusive interview to all of the major Television Networks?

          • Tucker

            This lust to regulate the speech of every American citizen has been a major objective of the jewish controlled ADL and SPLC for the last several decades. They’ve been trying to figure out some way, or find some pretext that they can use, to pressure Congress into passing the same kinds of totalitarian, Bolshevik Communist, Soviet-style ‘hate speech’ laws that the jews have managed to impose on almost every historic White European nation around the planet.

            Did everyone see the recent news article that announced that the Commie Obama White House wants to require Communist Chinese-style ID’s for anyone who wants to access the Internet?


            This, along with any passage of the jewish ADL and SPLC’s long coveted, diabolically evil and totalitarian ‘hate speech’ laws – would give the Communist rats who infest our Government and who own the DemonRat party lock, stock and barrel – the ability to track anyone down who posts a politically incorrect comment on the Internet or who sends a politically incorrect joke or cartoon through email and arrest them for ‘hate speech’.

            This is the former Communist USSR on steroids, friends. And, make no mistake – this obsession to erase our First Amendment right to free speech – as well as every other right listed in the Bill of Rights – is a jewish driven agenda. In fact, every one of these ‘hate speech’ bills that have thus far not been successful – thanks in part to the U.S. Supreme Court repeatedly upholding the First Amendment and clearly stating that it was intended to specifically protect speech of a dissident, i.e., unpopular, nature – have been crafted and written by the jewish ADL. The goal of the jewish ADL is to un-Constitutionally set themselves up as the official arbiters of what kinds of speech will be legal and what kinds of speech will be criminalized.

            This will most certainly include at the top of the ADL’s list – any speech that is the tiniest bit critical of jews or critical of the anti-White, anti-Western, anti-Freedom, totalitarian jewish agenda. Remember – we saw the precedent already established by the jewish control of Canada – during one of the Ernst Zundel trials, when a Zionist judge ruled that the ‘truth is no defense’. So, even if one criticizes jews and their agenda and can back up and validate those criticisms with hard facts that are easily verifiable – if these kinds of laws ever get imposed upon Americans – the truth will no longer matter and it will not be able to protect us. This is the epitome of raw, Satanically inspired evil, folks.

            Can everyone now see why jews have been kicked out of literally every historic White European nation – sometimes more than once – throughout world history? For some bizarre reason, this race of people seem to be genetically hardwired to try to erect totalitarian, authoritarian systems of government – everywhere and anytime they manage to gain absolute and unchecked power.

            The question is: Are we going to allow what happened to the people in Russia in 1917 to happen to us, here in North America?

            • Pissed Off Granny

              Wow T%hinker, what a great post.

              For the answer to them being “hardwired for some bizarre reason” they are Kenites, the family of Cain.

              Want more info on this….

              biblestudysite dot com

              • Pissed Off Granny

                Sorry Thinker about the % in your name. Must have been thinking your post deserves 500% green thumbs.

                • Booger

                  Yeah dem ole Jews is the problem. They sneek in at night and kill babies and eat them when nobody is watchin !

            • Lost In The C.R.C

              I’m not sure the jews are as maniacally evil as tucker states, I view them more as the bully on the playground that shoves everyone else around then cries to the yard duty when they get beat down.

              The implications that our government and msm are twisting facts on American history, cultural development globally, and lying about the actions being taken by the agenda 21 initiates, I don’t see it as a stretch to say the “fact” 6 million jews were murdered is likely a made up number. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time lies were peddled as truth…

              • Tucker

                If it weren’t for the fact that the jews have spent the last 70 years using their version of what did or didn’t happen during WW2 to extort billions of dollars out of every historic White European nation on Earth in the form of so-called ‘holocaust reparations’, and also using their so-called ‘holocaust’ as an excuse to justify the deliberate, premeditated, malicious destruction of every historic White European nation visi vi their evil agenda to flood every White nation with hundreds of millions of non-European aliens from the third world, thereby eliminating the natural and God-given rights of White Europeans to self-determination and self-rule and to maintain their dominion over the nations that they and their White ancestors founded and built – it might be a little easier to swallow their version of WW2 events.

                But, with the financial ass raping these jews are doing to White nations and the White genocide agenda that they are pushing at the same time – only a complete moron would be unable to recognize that these people are the mortal enemies of White Western mankind.

            • Joe

              I believe it’s more along the lines of the Stasi. Not that there’s a huge bit of difference in this context, in the end. You should be scared when people switch to using the name of an US federal department/agency instead of the Stasi. That would mean that _we’ve_ become the standard for overbearing, insanely obsessive control-freakery, totally anonymous and protected, apathetic civil servants.

            • uranus

              already happened, 50 million plus americans dead from abortion. you guys and gals are scared of them finishing the job by getting the rest of us? come on, don’t fear the reaper, their fate will be worse than ours can ever be and they know this, the kingdoms of jupiter and saturn are over.


              cover thine head in order that the fear of heaven may be upon you talmud shabbat 156b


        • VRF

          yep,, scare em so they’ll STFU

          well some of us wont be scared into they can KMA!

          • the renegade braveheart

            VRF, THEY’RE the ones who need to be scared. That Markey doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

            • Darkstar

              I’ll bet that pos Schumer is pissed hat he didn’t come up with the idea first…..and they can all kma !!

          • Pissed Off Granny

            I second that VRF….

        • Kulafarmer

          I tend to be one of those belligerent little pricks who as soon as im told not to do something, that is EXACTLY, what i am going to be doing!

          • y99


            I’m with you, my Father always told me I was a shit disturber. We cannot fake our own nature, Defiance to injustice is ingrained in real human beings.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Y99 and Kulafarmer, I’m the same way as both of you. Has anyone ever noticed all of the PC policies in place at places we work, etc. are only aimed against ONE GROUP OF PEOPLE? I’ve only seen “speech codes” enforced against WHITE PEOPLE, NEVER against blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or anyone else. The censorship out here appears to be racially motivated, but don’t expect anyone out here to admit to it. Regardless, NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT SAY REGARDING ANYTHING! Nobody tells me what to be like. Neither libturds nor neocons have a leg to stand on as far as I’m concerned. Nobody tells what the hell to think either. I’ve always been independent-minded. Although I came out of public school, I also had a form of “homeschooling” at the same time, so I managed to avoid the indoctrination. Kula, I’ve always defied acts of injustice myself. I’ve never accepted anyone’s brainwashing on anything. I don’t fit nice and neat into anyone’s box. I’ve always thought outside the box. I’m not one of those 100% “yessir, nosir; yes ma’am, no ma’am” people. I’m not someone’s mindless robot or “good little Nazi or Commie” or anything of that nature. I’ve always questioned certain things and even questioned authority when I think a situation justified that. I’ve never had blind, unquestioning faith in anyone or anything. With the exception of my wife, I’ve never trusted anyone. I’ve never depended on anyone but myself.iiI’ve never had what it takes to be good cop or good soldier or any other tool to be used by any tyrant. I’ve always been the exact opposite of the mainstream, the conventional. I’ll never apologize to anyone for that. People can accept me like I am or reject me; it’s their choice. I don’t change anything about myself for anyone.

              • PWYPreach

                Renegade: Think about it…Hispanics don’t tend to vote in great percentages nor speak out as a rule.

                Blacks don’t vote in high numbers unless there is a black person running or an extremely high-profile white communist (aka Democrat) running. Blacks will vote a convicted felon into office if he is black. They do riot, but that is usually just an excuse to steal.

                You ever hear of an Asian speaking out in America? OR a large group of Asians speaking out consistently in groups against the “establishment”?

                THE ONLY people who speak out en masse against government overreach are whites.

          • Northern Reb

            You said you are belligerent, NO your NOT!! You are like the most of us.
            I’m not or your not going to yell fire in a crowded theater, but were not going to stand there will their telling us that it is raining and their pissing down our leggs.
            We as a people don’t have to put up with that crap.

          • Slick One

            Aregged Kula the more the PTB try to make me like a given group, the more Ill hate the group.

          • Joe

            I’m curious if they are in fact doing this precisely because they love freedom and figure an ineffective but scary villain would make a good strawman/scapegoat to make people unapathetic? 😉

        • FuckingPissed

          After they come to arrest me I’ll be wanted for slaughtering pigs too then, cause the first bunch will be history at the very minimum.

        • tired of ny bs

          Like the man owner who told his partner not to take blacks go game.Obama was all over that,but the man has the right to say what he likes to his wife or partner.

          • sixpack

            That was probably a setup, just like the Paula Broadwell/Petraeus thing. I’ll bet somebody had a hard-on for the NBA manager…somebody with some money.

            • MXLord327

              Looks like your red-thumb troll is back sixpack!!!

              • sixpack

                I don’t think they even take a potty break sometimes—fukum.

            • Walt Kowalski

              As a thoroughly disgusted Dallas Cowboys fan, I can say without reservation that I am hoping and praying that Jerry Jones says something racist in the next few days.

              • Joe

                Haha, be careful what you wish for. There is a line of do***-bags who might be even worse than Jerry. Although it is highly improbable that the next one will be much worse if not way better.

        • Anonymous

          If there was any question about our country being a police state, this bill should erase all doubts.

          If this “bill” goes through, its over. We’ll be no different from Red China. Period.

          (I thought republican politicians were bad. Damn! These people make republicans look down right normal!)

        • sooner4ever

          Almost makes you want to say things just so you can stick your tongue out at them when they come to discuss it with you.

        • Anonymous

          This is NOTHING… just listen to the video at SGT report– the Supreme Court has refused… REFUSED!.. to listen to the appeal made by Chris Hedges and other journalist, concerning the NDAA act… The Rupublic is DEAD!!

          The NDAA– a bill wrote and passed by REPUBLICANS!! The U.S. government and/or the military can now arrest/kidnap anyone in the U.S. they want to and haul them off to prison, indefinitely, without trial or lawyer for acts the government considers “belligerant”– whatever that means. (Its up to them to define the term, anything any of them considers “belligerant”).

          Every one of the bastards in D.C. sold us out. Or almost everyone of them– 85 out of 100, I believe he said. 9 out of 9 judges unanimously refused to hear the case! The courts will not defend the Constitution nor our rights! TREASON!!

          “You seem to consider the Judges as the ultimate arbitrators of all Constitutional questions… a very dangerous doctrine, indeed, and one which puts us under the despotism of Oligarths. The Constitution has erected NO such single tribunal.”
          — Thomas Jefferson, 1820.

          “You see, the problem here is the REPUBLIC IS DEAD. Scotus has just green-lighted the coming purge”.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            Yes Anonymous, but lets cut to the chase……

            You will not be able to say anything offensive about a mexican, a negro, a jew, a politician, the government, etc.


            You will still be able to bash the white man or woman on tv ads and tv shows and you will be allowed to bash Jesus Christ, Biblical teachings, and Christians to your hearts content.

            Too many people are getting to the heart of what and who is ruining the US and the world. The tribe must shut us up before too many awaken to what Satan and his minions have planned for this planet.

            • the renegade braveheart

              POG, good evening. That is their goal and they’ll succeed ONLY IF WE LET THEM. I’m still going to speak my mind and tell it like it is regardless. If someone wants to try to penalize me over it, bring it on. I’ve got something for them they DON’T want.

            • Them Guys

              in All of the aprox 56 Nations with official Hate speech Laws on the books. in EVERY single nation that has it the jew run Kommie ADL, has Publically and at their website Boasted of being THE MAIN promotors and supporters of these nefarious laws…ADL Boasts that They are the actual Bill/Law Writers, which then get rubber stamped polititions votes to Pass it.

              Just wait…ALL the True reasons are for such laws called “hate speech” is a front cover for Bans on antisemtism speech, IE: Ban all speech that Outs and disagrees with all issues jewish or israel.

              Next one place Under jew issues is Black Negroes issues and agendas…ALL whiteys that disagree equals hate speech.

              Just You wait!…Once in full operation, same as germany, austria, france etc etc…So far at least 56 nations.

              The penalty for even a single honest Question like “hey did they actually Count that six million jews”?

              Or..”Just because a huge pile of 5000 naked skinny starved persons are tossed into a huge pile where you cannot even tell which arm belongs to which body…How can they tell that ALL 5000 bodies are jewish”?

              Or a question like “How come Jews has hundreds of holohoax museums, rememberance centers, Public Tax payer fundings in the BILLIONS per year, and YET…Although Far MORE NON jews suffered exact Same fates…they have ZERO museums, tax funds, Lifetime “survivor pay monthly bennies” and Barely if Ever even get a mention on ANY MSM TV reports every year, when entire worlds folks are Forced to deal with another Re run of jew victims propagandas etc”?

              ANY speech that questions jews, disagrees with jews, provides Evidence that much of what jews claims are Lies, or fabricated numbers etc….Gains you 3 to 15 yrs Prison time.

              Thousands NOW Rot away in Prisons across the EU nations for such questionings…Even Lawyers apointed to Defend these poor folks also end up with Prison terms of 3+ yrs for supplying Evidence to support their client perpetrator of “asked the wrong questions” charges.

              Ernest Zundell!…LOOK Him Up all you deniars and red thumber jew firster fools…Look up His ordeal while a TENN usa residnt citizen!…Tried about 3-4 trials after being aquitted again and again…Beat courts of Canada, so next trials in Israel! beats that charge, next trial Austria or maybe was german courts…Finally convicted.

              What was that USA Citizens ‘crime”? he wrote a Book with all the evidence and proofs he could locate that fully refutes so many jew claims as outright LIES, and Scams, that even Eli The Weazal, was shaking in his Motza Balls!

              Cannot have such factual proof Truth get to the Public at large folks! No No No! Oy Vey! what if masses folks begin to question jew scam lies?….

              And THATS the Main Major PRIME issue and Reasons for so called “hate speech laws”…

              A Honest Pastor TED PIKE, has a Great webiste that deals with every aspect of hate speech and hate “crime” laws…He has tons of Proof, Links, Videos, articles proof galore that yes ADL kommie jews plus SPLC kommie jews are the MAIN Perps behind this crap and laws.

              Look up Ted Pikes webiste and View his many videos, read proofs and what he wrote trying to Halt Hobammys signing into fed law usa hate speech code laws. That YES are Now fed laws hobammy signed after dems with help from neocon repubs Passed. You folks ainr got a clue of the 1/2 of it all soon to affect You too!

              They care ZIP for black negroes and Use negroes to increase public support and to HIDE behind black negroes as their Duped fronts…Its ALL about jews running scared too many folks are becomeing very jewized-Up!

              And being the Parasitical tribe they are…Once enough awaken to all the tribes hoaxes and swindle scams….it cuts OFF monthly Payments, USA state cash support, and creates a massive Loss of the number one most important jew swindle that Keeps it all going…

              once enough awaken, NO more believe in jews equals worlds greatest and Only “Victims” that matters!

              I for One cannot Wait for that day to arrive!…And the same goes for negroe victimhood swindle scams against Whites…MY Race and Main concern group aka whites.

              Soon the choice will be Keep the ever growing holyhoax survivors numbers paid monthly, so far its aprox 4+ million “camp” survivors! Hows That remotely possible when most all folks of WWII era are now DEAD?…Jews turned 1945 40,000 camp survivors into now 2014 grand total 4 Million!

              Keep that going for next 100 yrs?…OR…SEE 4 Million whitey folks in Prisons for “hate speech” violations?

              Lets Hope folks in Germany are getting very fed up too since They is who keeps Paying so many jew swindlers.

              “Looky my Arm Tatoo! Now PAY ME monthly $1000 forever!

              “I am a camp nazi survivor BORN in 1962!!!…Gee how’s That possible?…OyVey easy! we jews has “special DNA” no other has…We are Born with Other jews “Memory Genes”! that allows Us born 10 yrs after WWII ended, to have Vivid memories of camp life!…So That qualifies us too for monthly free Cash from german folks 20 yrs old paying for the biggest Hoax of the century…Maybe even biggest Hoax of world history!…lonegest running too!

              Days aproaching when EVERY Lie and scam and Hoax is going to come DUE!..Hope I see that day arrive….

              Okay..All youse who Gags like a Maggot over Real truth…Begin the Gagging and red Thumbs brigade you foolsih idiots.

              • Joe

                One of the most bigoted things about most people education about the camps is that they somehow didn’t kill any gays, gypsies, intellectuals, foreigners, petty/violent criminals, Catholics, etc… Or that the poison gas was the primary way to kill people, rather they practiced Judaism or not. Lethal injection, starvation + forced labor, you name it, the German government tried it.

                There was an interesting bit from that movie “The Flat”. Mildenstein was a promoter of Zionism (specifically, founding Israel by [forced] immigration) but was in fact a national socialist party member. It’s pretty telling that unlike his successor (Eichmann), he was never convicted nor indicted of war crimes, was in contact with immigrants after the war, and even worked in Egypt which clearly means he didn’t fear extra-jurisdictional arrest. After his falling out and replacement, things went distinctly bad for Jews in Germany. All the policies like registering religion in the official census and confiscation of weapons suddenly became blatantly deadly tactics for genocide. Oh, and “see someone, tell someone” to paraphrase “see something, say something”.

            • Anonymous

              No, you’re wrong, Piss Granny– this is not– NOT, I REPEAT!– about race. Didn’t you hear what I said– the Republicans did this! Who they will come after is anyone who speaks openly about the Polic State.

              Please don’t be so ignorant as to try to divide us– that is exactly HOW THEY HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SCREW US! “Divide and conquer”– that is the method they have used…ignorance of spiritual law (Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself) will be your downfall!!!

              They don’t give a craps ass if you make racist remarks! What they care about is saving their own ass– those who speak out against their police state!!

              • Them Guys

                ANON: NO You are wrong. Yes its also as you say about protesting against polcie state gov etc…BUT Thats NOT the MAIN issues at hand here with hate speech laws. And in ALl 56 or so nations includeing Canada that Now Has such laws and for a long time now. The proof is IN.

                Its mainly to protect JEWS first and foremost from disclosures of their vast international jewry lies, scams, swindles etc…Must protect their Matser Race beliefs intact and must keep main body of global citizens also believing jews lies or it all falls apart.

                ALSO: sadly You are very UN biblically wised up!

                You quote one small bible verse “Love your neighbors” as “IF” Thats the Only command!

                Yet the Main new tetsement writer Paul devoted an entire Chapter with aprox 15+ verses that ID the TWO major seperate and Different groups of people.

                AND after Paul describes those major differences between Christians and ALL, thats ALL others….IE: Paul Lists each main TYPE thats Ungodly, wrong, Un christian etc etc…Then when finished with how.why.who etc…

                Paul then Ends his message for Christians to Obey and Follow thru their life to “From Such type folks…TURN AWAY FROM THEM!”….Have zero to do with, zero group activitoes with, Nothing at ALL to do with, For or about such folk Period….NOTHING AT ALL!

                So YES there is a huge difference when saying Love your neighbors Anonamous…..Who do you think the christians back then had as their neighbors anyways?….Answer: Fellow believer christians were their neighbors!

                especially while resideing in the Under ground caverns that were the Burial grounds!…Catacombs it was called.

                Why did christians live in catacombs aka Burial grounds?

                Because they knew Talmudic jews religious beliefs Forbade any jews to enter into ANY place the Dead were buried, stored, located….And since the christians MAIN prime Enemys who kept hounding, turning them in to Roman authorities etc, and basically jews kept KILLING Innocent christians trying to fully Exterminate all christians period.

                They went to Live in the one place NO jews dared to go into…Catacombs burial areas with the Dead.

                so NO its NOT just political protesting hate speech laws are for…And NO christians aint only allowed to accept and love all a neighbor ever does good or BAD and thats it sorry folks!…Much biblically is also spoken or written that allows for ARMED defense by christians too!

                We are NOT a doormat for all others to use.

                Hate speech Laws are ALL in every Nation so far written by and heavily lobbied for by the combo of ADL and SPLC both Owned, Run, Profited by JEWS!…LEFTIST KOMMIE JEWS!

                Trying to Halt ALl Free speech They disaprove of, especially ALL speech or written articles etc that EXPOSE Jews as the kommies they are, not all of course, its always that 99% jew kommies that make the other 1% jews look so bad eh…Same as blacks eh…Always that 98-99% in Both groups that makes it bad for the remaining Good 1-2% jews or blacks….Thats facts and truth, also READ Tuckers Great postings for similar infos and perhaps you too can Exit that Liberal dem mindset you are glued to.

            • Walt Kowalski

              “You will still be able to bash the white man or woman on tv ads and tv shows and you will be allowed to bash Jesus Christ, Biblical teachings, and Christians to your hearts content.” –Pissed Off Granny–

              This is why I made my opening comment on this thread, “Welcome to Nazi America”.

              For anyone paying attention, it should be obvious that we are seeing here today the exact thing that happened in Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s. It’s just a different group of people who are being targeted.

              To be sure, communism also targets groups of people, but they tended to target them based upon their wealth and class. Nazism targeted people based upon their race….which is what this current administration is doing as well.

              ANY totalitarian state will target its opposition, regardless of what race they are. And the tyrants in D.C. do that as well. Anyone who doesn’t toe the party line is fair game to them.

        • Navy Vet

          Consider the source. Ed Markey, the junior U.S. Senator from (sarc on) that bastion of conservatism, the great state of Massachusetts, is a far left wing moonbat cut from the same bolt of cloth as the senior U.S. Senator Liawatha Warren and various other moonbats like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry foisted on The People by the informed voters of Massachusetts. (sarc off)

          The Adams brothers, Paul Revere and the other patriots that formed the core of the shot heard round the world must be spinning like tops in their graves looking down on this bunch.

          • MXLord327

            “Liawatha” – I love it!!!

        • Man on the inside

          I figure I will let them start with me… and get the ole ball rolling….:

          My job is so crummy I wish I could overthrow my boss. It’s like this oppressive regime where only true believers in his management techniques will stay around. I work marathon-length hours and he’s made all these changes that have made it the worst architecture firm to work at in Manhattan. Like he moved the office to the Financial District and fired my assistant. She was the only one who knew where the blueprints were! I need access to those blueprints to complete my job! My life in the Pressure cooker sucks, right? And he keeps trying to start all these new initiatives to boost revenue, but seriously we just need to stick to what we do best. There’s only one true profit center. I seriously feel ready to go on strike at any second.

          I just read this article about how these free radical particles can cause the downfall of good health and accelerate aging. These could actually cause death to millions of Americans. If these particles are flying around undetected everywhere, does that mean we’re all radicalized?

          Have you seen the second season of Breaking Bad? I just finished it. I couldn’t believe that episode where they poison the guy with ricin! That was the bomb! I won’t say any more because I don’t want to reveal the earth-shattering events to come.

          Oh! So I’ve been planning a big trip for the summer. I’m thinking of visiting all of the most famous suspension bridges in the United States. So probably like the Golden Gate Bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge, and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. I’m gonna bring my younger brother and I know he’ll want to go to bars, so I’m thinking of getting him a fake drivers license, but I hope that doesn’t blow up in my face.

          Okay, I gotta run! I’m late for flight school. I missed the last class where we learn how to land, so I really can’t miss another one. Talk to you later!

          Now… fed govermwent … come on by we can do lunch….

        • JustMe

          Another day, another slap in the face of Freedom, another chip of Liberty lost. They are probably trying to creat a bill to legitamize what they already do, behind everyone’s backs. The lackies of the parasites, like markey, will not stop. Thier goal is a marxist Amerika, nothing more, nothing less…

        • jerrytbg

          You are absolutely correct y99!!!!

          On another note…in a similar vein …in that great bastion of freedom know as color-another, Rocky Mountain High…..

          ““Last Monday, the student body recited the pledge in Arabic replacing ‘under God’ with ‘under Allah.’” One Nation Under Allah! Let that sink in.”

          Is this America or what… USA USA USA…

          I’m ready for a REAL reset… r u

          Got water…

        • Anonymous

          Glad I moved to China when I did. It’s sad when many americans have
          to expatriate to Russia or China to have more freedom. However, that
          is the reality we live in.

        • Confederate

          You do understand that this is directed toward white people. Negro’s, Hispanics and other minorities don’t hate, it’s not in their DNA. Only white folks hate.

        • buggymak110

          What an ass !!!! Is it clear !!!! FREEDOM OF SPEECH !!!!! I’m canadian what are you going to do mr senator ??? Send the cia???? What a waste of time i can’t beleive that guy is a senator.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Sen Markey would make a fine Leutenant for the Nazi SS. “Let me see your papers before you speek freely about the Furor.”

        • popo

          TRACE THIS…..

          SCREW THE JEWS
          SCREW THE EU
          SCREW THE USA

      2. BJ

        I hate govt web bots and think they should be incinerated
        I hate govt web bots and think they should be incinerated
        I hate govt web bots and think they should be incinerated
        I hate govt web bots and think they should be incinerated
        I hate govt web bots and think they should be incinerated
        I hate govt web bots and think they should be incinerated
        I hate govt web bots and think they should be incinerated
        I hate govt web bots and think they should be incinerated
        I hate govt web bots and think they should be incinerated
        I hate govt web bots and think they should be incinerated

        • admin


          I just emailed Senator Markey!

          • Confederate

            Hey Mac, why don’t you post Markey’s email, I’m sure he would like to hear from the voters.

        • JoeRepublic

          Oh yeah, forget to mention you should use this in the signature of every email too.

          • PO'd Patriot

            You forgot “Pressure Cooker”.

            • BJ

              Thanks PO’dPatriot

              Made me laugh outloud immediately 🙂

          • Shootit

            Great words to include in every communication. Maybe we could give them different meanings and use it as our secret code. The “FUGOV Code”.

            Here are a couple more for the list. Bible, Home School, Toy Gun, Bank, Porn star, and Box Cutters.

        • Enki

          I hate the f*kng congressmen and senators who do no longer represent American people.

          • Anonymous

            I hate the whole damn federal government!!!!

            • Shootit

              It’s not a GOV any longer. Hasn’t been one for a very long time. It is a all CAPS CORPORATION that operates under Maritime Law.

        • slingshot

          Just had a meltdown.

          “scuse me, while I kiss the sky”.

          • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

            kiss the sky?…hell, I thought you were trying to kiss a guy…lol…my apologies to Jimi.

            • slingshot

              73/4 tinfoil hat

              good one.

          • PO'd Patriot

            He played left-handed.

        • mwk

          and michelle obama is a tranny.

        • Hammerun

          That oughta do it. Me thinks you made the list……
          One of NSAs server banks just fell over and hit the floor.

        • Northern Reb

          Do you realy hate gov. eb bots, or did you repeat key get stuck?!:-)
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • BJ

            there’s a repeat key?

        • the renegade braveheart

          Web bots and censors can go f#$% themselves! Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

        • Grafique

          My first thumbs up on this site goes to Joe.
          We’re Americans and we can say whatever we want.

        • Waiting in Idaho

          Here’s mine:
          Fuck Ed Markey
          Fuck Pelosi
          Fuck the Supremes (todays decision that NDAA arrest and detainment is legal).
          Fuck the NSA
          Fuck all the legislators that voted for NDAA (especially the Republicans).
          I’m getting mad and tired; somebody else can finish.
          I gotta go load magazines Good luck to you all.

          • Joe

            Just for fun, here’s some more to spam the Internet with:
            Bag of nails trap
            Pit bull
            Armored Car
            Horse Power street racing illegal engine mods California
            Video game violence
            Don’t wizz on the 10KV lethal electric fence

            Enjoy and make some more. Even better, there is a tool to automatically add these to plain text traffic. Viva La Firefox addons?

        • jerrytbg

          A case made and made well…For a bit of pruning is in ordered…
          The tree of Liberty will survive with proper nurturing…

          Got water…

        • Babycatcher55

          350! I’m impressed! That oughta get somebody’s attention! 🙂

        • Joe

          I think what they said translates in reality to: “We’ll put search terms into Google and look at the first 100 results.”

          Yeah, if you allow Google bot on your site, you’re already allowing “web bots” that can in fact be used by the governments of the world – just like how any of us can. Oh, I’m sure they’ll all implement their own bots to redownload the exact same content or better yet, ignore robots.txt rules telling them not to access certain paths. Then wonder why they get banned automatically as soon as accessing fake (honey trap) areas of the site. XD

      3. Indy Colts

        This is designed to figure out their targets for the next “night of the long knives” purge.

        • Prepared Pastor

          I created a local web page on my computer with links to all my pages like this one through the anonymouse proxy server. My Firefox is set to delete any cookies whenever I close it. I’m also using public wi-fi and the email address of a prison inmate. I would be interested to hear any other suggestions I can implement for free.

          • Jim Smith

            TOR browser. It’s free albeit slow. Make sure you use a different public WI-FI every other time.

            • Survival Prepper Joe

              Tor browser (developed for the Navy, I think) is a good start. But google the best way to use it.

              Ccleaner (free) to clear out stuff like the evercookie which is persistent, collects tons of data, and isn’t cleared by deleting cookies.

              • The Old Coach

                TOR,it turned out, is the Government.

                • Joe

                  A funny bit of controversy is that Freenet sites, by design, CAN’T use Javascript exploits. The reason it’s controversial is that more than a few TOR .onion sites have been compromised to run JS on user’s browsers to help compromise TOR’s layering.

                  When viewing Freesites, nothing protects you from exploits such as the old GIF-decoding bugs. Then again, who the heck is using Internet Explorer 5 anymore?! A virtual machine with it’s own whitelist-based firewall (only works with .onion/.i2p sites) is a step in the right direction if you really want privacy. You can set it up so that it ‘forgets’ changes to the disk image, thus automatically erasing history. Vast overkill… for now. Everyone should keep their toes in the water just in case it’s needed, though.

              • Shootit

                Better Privacy It removes LSO’s. You can set it up to remove them every second. Another one is Ghostery. I use both.

              • Shootit

                We use CCleaner too. Run the wipe free space once a week. We have something called the SmartRouter. It is a Firewall/Router/WiFi/Network Manager/Monitor that we sit behind. On any given day we average network probes from about 150 different IP addresses. 1/2 come from china, 1/4 are from the US. You would be surprised to know some of your most trusted companies are trying to hack your computer. Microsoft, FB, Google, and others.

              • Anonymous

                Nice website, Survival Prepper Joe!

          • smokey

            You a man or a mouse? This is America and you’re an American. You can say or do anything as long as it’s legal, and anyone doesn’t like it can go suck eggs.

            • BJ

              There is a difference between Legal and Lawful.

              Legal is form only, while lawful is substance + form.

              So as long as it is Lawful you can do or say anything.

              Legal is an entirely different thing to the beast ccalled the govt.

            • Waiting in Idaho

              Damn straight, Smokey.

      4. Havok

        At this point we should be less worried about something other than our own citizens causing a SHTF scenario. The most likely problem at this point is going to be a civil war.

        • Jim Smith

          More like a Revolutionary than a Civil war….but I agree…something is coming to this country….soon.

          • king krazy

            I’ll take either one. 🙂

          • BJ

            You can take a look backin history and see that things really started going south with Lincoln and our not so civil war.

            After the revolutionary was we were blessed. After the not so civil war things started to be a curse.

            1. Act of 1871

            2. Income taxes the FIRST time in the 1870’s

            3. The birth of the progressive movement in the early 1900’s

            4. Jeckyll Island and the birth of the beast in 1913

            5. The birth of the IRS to support the beast from Jeckyll Island

            6. WW1

            7. Woodrow Wilson….nuff said

            8. FDR…..nuff said

            9. Great depression

            10. WW11

            11. 1940’s The big changes to the education system…..which in and of itself is evil….it is parents responsibility to rasie their blessings in the way they should go.

            12. 1940’s Changing from Constitutional law studies in law school to case law studies in law school.

            13. 1960’s taking God , the Bible and prayer out of school (school should be at home anyway).

            14. 1960’s and drugs, Vietnam, permissive liberal ligfestyle really starts to take hold.

            etc. etc. etc.

            • Joe

              Did you know that the colonies revolted against England WAY before the mid 1700’s? We’re talking late 1600’s. Of course, it didn’t succeed or we’d be celebrating the tri-centennial instead of bi-centennial in most of this site’s viewers’ lifetimes.

        • Old Guy

          The USA is on shaky footing. We could easily fall apart like the Soviet Union did. Its not too hard to Think we will have social unrest, Martial Law, Civil War, ethnic cleansing, Race War even Genocide. Im very worried about my grandchildrens future.

          • slingshot

            Old Guy.

            You pays your money and take your chances.

          • nopittypartyhere

            shaky footing? try one foot in the grave and the one on the banana peel is sliding out from under!

        • maddog

          I have been totally shocked that no one has run with the fact that citizens took up arms against the government in Bunkerville, NV. When was the last time this has happened? The only time I can think of was the civil war. To me this is a very big deal and all I heard about was grazing rights. People brought guns to this fight because the government did. Wow, we sure need to take a good look at what really is happening.

          • nopittypartyhere

            actually nevada congressman calling for a special hearing on ‘militia gangs’ who held traffic checkpoints, etc. they are getting ready to slaughter these folks in public opinion.

            • Joe

              Funny (morbid humor) and scary thing is that Mexico’s experiencing the same thing. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that someone is trying to destabilize North America. Of course, intentionally or not, the war on drugs has pretty much been doing that quite nicely.

          • Havok

            Battle of Athens.

      5. JayJay

        ***Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) is proposing a new bill that would send government web bots across the internet looking for hate speech or material allegedly determined to be advocating or encouraging “violent acts.”***

        Because the border is taken care of; let’s move on to ‘important’ things, right??

        • hd74man

          RE: ***Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) is proposing a new bill that would send government web bots across the internet looking for hate speech or material allegedly determined to be advocating or encouraging “violent acts.”***

          This dirtbag senator is from the slimeball state of Massachusetts, where the citizen’s of Brockton,are going to celebrate “HAITIAN FLAG DAY” on Saturday May 17th. And this is in a place that’s run the “Pledge of Alligence to the US Flag” and The Lord’s Prayer” out of all the public schools. Do not spend your tourism dollars here. And boycott everything from this rathole state.

          • Defiant

            The South Was Right!!!

            • Them Guys

              So were them germans, and general George Patton per his Diary statements.

      6. BlackDog

        Bots have been used for these nefarious purposes since about 2002. THIS is the real data being mined in Utah. Bots not only imitate, but can do repetitive and complex transactions as fast as the computer it’s running on. Combine that with DARPA Supercomputers and a virtually unlimited budget (a ‘grey’ budget), and you have an information capability unmatched the world over. Any FBI or LEO will tell you that information and evidence is best when it’s fresh — so stealing it off your computer just makes sense to them. You are ‘willfully engaged’ on the media, so you are fair game. Unless you haven’t been following the news (any news), you know that this Administration makes laws, breaks laws, mandates laws, changes mandated laws, lies, hides from the public in ‘the most transparent government in the history of the United States’, and when it doesn’t get it’s way, it files an Executive Order and does an end run around SCOTUS. And this is just what has made it into the press! Just imagine what they are doing behind the scenes. And btw, the Administration claims it has a ‘recording’ of Russia stirring the pot. Wouldn’t publicity of that endanger National Security?

      7. Gonetoolong

        Bring it motherfuckers. There is a whole lot of us out here that are waiting for you to fully cross that line. The day will come when enough people have had just enough. Data mine this assholes.

        • Government Guy

          They’re not going to cross that line all at once. You could be scooped up with very little effort. Almost everyone, for example, buys gasoline and usually at the same places. If you pay at the pump it is easily tracked, but if you go in they can simply put a bag over your head and take you out the back.

          • Anonymous

            First thing to do is throw away your cell phone and those little grocery store cards which are give-aways to your location.

            Second is to read the book about becoming invisible. (forgot the name– Oh, silly me!) Its called, “How to Become Invisible”).

            Third, detach from the system…its going down anyhow!

            • Anonymous

              Fourth, change your habits! I read that anyone can be traced by the FBI because of this one thing: we tend to be creatures of habit! CHANGE!

            • nopittypartyhere

              mylar bags work perfect. tried it at home. find my iphone cant ping the gps….

        • the renegade braveheart

          gonetoolong, I’m with you. let them bring it and see what happens to their stupid asses.

        • Anonymous

          The thing is, now with the NDAA fully enforceable (thanks to the supreme courts’ recent decision), they can just pick any of us up off the streets, haul us off to a gulag, and no one will know where we are.

          We are in “deep doo doo” as “epie” or whatever that little poster’s name is, likes to say. Things are getting really bad!!

      8. maddog

        This can’t be repeated enough, PC is tyranny of thought and is being used to control the population. Just look at how the race issue is being used to punish individuals. The first amendment no longer is a protection from tyranny.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Maddog, the race issue is used against WHITE PEOPLE ONLY, ever noticed that? It’s a tool of oppression. PC HAS TO BE DEFIED!

          • Pissed Off Granny


            You are absolutely correct. White people and Christians are the stumbling block to the PTB. PC is everywhere.

            How could the story about the racial slur be front page news this week and still is being drummed into us.

            If you haven’t figured out why….TPTB is showing you if you get out of line from their agenda they will destroy you. They are trying to make you so fearful of what they might do to you that you will be afraid to ever speak the truth.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          If this becomes law then obamas minister, the satanic Mr. Wright should be the first one locked up for hate speech.

          The next to go should be obama, he obviously HATES America.

      9. Miss DeeDee

        You just wait. Senator Markey will someday take the reigns from the likes of Reid,Fienstien,Pollosi,Bloomberg and the rest of the mouthpieces forced upon us. The only thing we have in our favor is that he will change his mind on the whip of the survey polls.
        — Miss Dee Dee

      10. lena

        ironically, my new testament read for today:

        Luke 21-12:”they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name’s sake.”

        hmmm. no signs of end times here,

        whether we’re in end times or not, we are in the end times for life as the usa was founded. i’d say that todays children will live under speech control, food controls and anything else that is deemed not acceptable behavior by the powers that be.

        think i’ll smoke some cigars this weekend and drink too much beer while i still am allowed.

      11. CriticalThought

        LOL! From what I’ve seen, liberals should be very cautious about calling for something like this. If I’m not mistaken, there were quite a few of them calling for the murder of the president of the NRA, along with a whole host of other nastiness online. It looks like the Dems are really starting to believe their own lies.

        • Anonymous


      12. YAWN

        More fear mongering………………YAWN

        • y99

          I think you mean is Ed Markey is a monger.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Someone named YAWN? I say YAWN to YAWN.

      13. Miss DeeDee

        It’s too bad that NBA owner ( Sterling something or other ) didn’t have a thought police monitor. God knows he could afford one. He might not be in the predicament he is in now.
        Rancher Bundy might have benefitted if he had one also.
        Although our constitution affords us the right to express our feelings, common sense is sometime the path to a final destination.
        It is nice to have the luxury of free speech but
        there are definetly times I wish I hadn’t told someone they suck, like the time just before the moment my boss fired me for insaboardination. Luckily everything went well and I went on into the nursing profession.
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • Ga Doc

          I’m withholding my opinion on agreeing or disagreeing with WHAT NBA Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling had to say. But I do agree with the editorial that points out that Mr Sterling is also a victim in this case. His conversation was recorded without his consent by his so-called girlfriend and then parts of it “somehow” get leaked.

          So Mr Sterling is punished for his racist remarks which were made in a private conversation.

          Big Brother IS watching and listening. Thought crime is gaining hold. If you express an opinion that is different from the approved manual, you may be labeled as a racist, bigot, or terrorist and subject to legal intervention for violating someone’s entitlement.

          • Anonymous

            Ga Doc,
            Nice to meet you. As in regard to this NBA Owner Donald Sterling thing. I am on neither side of the fence here. The whole thing looks shady to me. Dealing with a divorce, an ex wife, a high profile owner/business man with an ego and a gold digger/ prostitute. I will grant as fact without evidence that he has been a biggot in the past. I say that only to move forward with my comment. The I recording was made by the girlfriend with an adjenda. The lead in segment of the recording has yet to be issued to the public . Most likely intentionally not. What if this whole thing is about Mr. Sterling being upset if his girlfriend told him that she only is satisfied by black men. What if they had an agreement that she be free to frolic as long as she did not rub his nose in personal shame on his turf. What if this was a sexual issue and not a racial one. Moving past all this , mostly because I do not particularly give a rat’s A. Where is the new age standard of norm that we all can be forgiven and absolved with proper diversity training. Do not the Kennedy’s always get multiple chances. The Clinton’s rebound with a sniffle and a wink. Kerry will once again go unscathed with his latest stupid divisive comment. Holder can be so one way racial preferred. The list goes on and on. I think the whole NBA thing is just another diversion upon us. Works fine for TPTB and the National Inquire.
            Take Care,
            — Miss Dee Dee

          • nopittypartyhere

            EXACTLY! a 10(?) year old was charged with felony wire tapping for recording his bullies so his mother would know how badly he was being treated. This HO…well nobody says anything. I don’t agree with sterling, and since its public I believe he is getting what he deserves. He has a history of this behavior. Its no real surprise toanyone

          • Gonetoolong

            Like it or not, in the old USofA a person had the right to be an asshole IN PRIVATE without having his possessions taken from him. Not anymore. Watch what you say ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Someone could be taping,watching you.

          • swinging richard

            I wonder who will cash out on the release of a private conversation between a man and his mistress. It seems to me that there is more than one issue to look at here. This seems to be an older man trying to control his girlfriend. We take great offense when our privacy is violated, seems like we tolerate that invasion if a little scandal is involved.


      14. Kulafarmer

        Total BS,
        The whole thing needs to go dark for an extended period of time,,

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          The Govnt is so frightened of the people, they are going into lockdown including free speech. The beginning of the end is near folks. Get your preps ready and finalized. Food rationing coming. Sams Club was totally out of dry black beans. And no idea when more is coming.

      15. king krazy

        I hate Senator Ed Markey! 🙂

      16. Nathan Cline

        Come and take, faggots

      17. Rodney King.

        ****CAN WE GET ALONG?****

        • Tex

          We can all get along gun.

      18. Calgagus

        Big govt is afraid of us. They know the power behind the Internet and how it cant be controlled like the media can. They know they cant control what people share on Internet sites. To control the masses they must remove our freedoms. They are dismantling the US Constitution, one activity at a time, one lawbreaking govt employee at a time, one Congressman at a time, one law at a time.

        Face it were seeing a coup and Congress is part of it. Revolution is near.

        Newtons Law:
        For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Let them use speech bots on We The People and see what happens next. Let them try and wrangle our 1st Amendment into bullshit like “hate speech” charges that are unconstitutional.

        Big govt thinks theyll control what we say and how we think with bots? Aint no bots in our homes, our clubs, our ranges, our private organizations. Save the best and the planning for private conversations. OFFline.

        • snake eater

          bull shit if the net is off you share nothing,,,,,,,,,,,learn smoke signals


        • snake eater

          simple way EMP us by our own gov. then blame someone else


      19. mallardhen

        OMG our forefathers must be standing straight up in their graves, who would have thunkit that we the people would have come to this state of affairs. Everyone just needs to stick together before this crap goes any further. NOMI

      20. PO'd Patriot

        Markey is in dire need of having his old wrinkly ass kicked from side of congress to the other. Hey Markie! I know where you live…….

        • PO'd Patriot

          “one side of congress”…… see Markey, I always make sure I dot the I(s) and cross the T(s). You old bag-o’-rags.

        • Kulafarmer

          These jackasses all need to have a date with a hank of rope and a light post

      21. Gonetoolong

        Another blow guys, PA supreme court just ruled that a cop needs no warrant to search your car in a traffic stop. All they need is probable cause so you had better pull those Ron Paul, tea party, Gadsen flag, bumper stickers off of your Ford F350’s boys.

      22. sound awake

        all this at the same time they want to take all our guns

        nasa keeps talking about solar storms and emp blasts

        the fed govt wants an internet kill switch

        they could do whatever they want (shutoff electric/internet) whenever they want and say whoever they want (constitutionalists, limited government supporters, tea partiers) did it and 40% of the populace would believe it and would support taking everybodys guns and canceling all elections as long as the government continued to give them food and water and medicine

        were screwed with a capital f

      23. Ragnar_NY

        If I hate hate speech am I a hate speech hater or am I speaking in hate speech? Hmmmm !?!?!

      24. RickInOregon

        This is real hate speech.

        With mothers day coming up what are the boys buying for themselves? I just ordered myself a set of woodworking chisels, made in the USA.

      25. aljamo

        The government is out of their minds if they think free speech can be taken away from the citizen’s of this nation. Free speech is a fundamental right held by the human race, without free speech we are reduced to a nation of compliant automatons. The overt crimes are piling up as the people are waking up. Free speech may be cleared from the internet, but the voices of truth will not be silenced. No way, it aint happening.

      26. PO'd Patriot

        Just looking at the photo of Markie, pointing his finger at those peons in front of him…dictating. ‘Bout that time I would like to walk up and slap the taste right out of his mouth till he cowered like some little pissing three-year-old. Anyway the Dow hit a record today even when the Dollar index is at 79.59 (well below the norm 80) It’s getting pretty blatant about the rigged numbers game. Problem is they can keep this going for some time still. The politicians and their media whores will keep up the propaganda about the positive(fake) numbers they keep pulling out of their asses to sooth and assure the blind/shearlings. Me, I look at it as a piss poor planning (as in all of their planning) to allow me/family more time to fine tune my necessities. So in essence, I’m rooting on these slacked-assed bastards who couldn’t find their asses with as many hands inadvertently allowing me the gift of “time”.

        • posseecom

          I’ll keep my averages and indexes on 223 556 and 762…
          or even as low as 22,9,38 ,40,45..


        • the renegade braveheart

          PO’d Patriot, I was thinking something similar just now looking at the photo of this commie scumbag. He would have only one time to approach me like that and he would get a dose of pepper spray.

      27. posseecom


        This site will be bagged and tagged quite promptly should this “legislation” ever get legs and pass….

        Best keep an eye on this one…


        • Anonymous

          Possee– the moment we become silent (out of fear), they win….

          • posseecom

            I never will be silent nor silenced

        • the renegade braveheart

          Possee, have you heard anything from NinaO? His site hasn’t been updated since March 23rd. Hope he’s OK.

          • posseecom

            no.. have not heard a word from Nina for quite some time..

            On a good note,Manos stays in touch every week and is doing ok considering the dire situation in Greece as we all know..received a call from him on Easter…is planning a move to his olive grove in a home there..

            Will keep you updated..



      28. Archivist

        I hate Markey’s hair. That’s a comb-over or a bad toupee, and his hair hangs over his ears. He needs a haircut.

        All my favorite web sites have a little hate towards one thing or another. If all those sites are eliminated, we’ll be left with recipes and Bob Ross videos.

        www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=MghiBW3r65M

        • PWYPreach

          CAREFUL…hating his toupee is a “hate” crime. They will ban the word “hate” …it will become “like challenged.”

      29. Sierra Dave

        Wouldn’t it be amusing if a hacker wrote a virus that spread through government allocated IP addresses. And it would visit random “Hate speech sites”.

        On a more serious note. My plan is to finish getting what information I need and dropping the Internet. Between the government and hackers scattered all over the planet. Do I really need to stay online?

        I can listen to talk radio for any time critical stuff.

        • Joe

          For Firefox:
          TrackMeNot (does random searches to obfuscate your search history)
          Blend In (Makes your computer look like the most common to web pages)
          White Noise Generator (randomly visits pages on a list)
          In fact, just look up “Privacy” on the add-ons search and some ideas will come to you. I’m still trying to look for a tool that automatically inserts random keywords/phrases into Internet packets.

      30. eppe

        It is an older one, but some have not heard it yet, I hope everyone likes it…. And yes, I know it is not quite politically correct, but what the hell….


        A man walks into a bar, notices a very large
        jar on the counter, and sees that it’s filled to
        the brim with $10 bills. He guesses there
        must be at least ten thousand dollars in it.
        He approaches the bartender and asks,
        “What’s with the money in the jar?”

        “Well, you pay $10, and if you pass three tests, you get all the money in the jar and the keys to
        a brand new Lexus.”

        The man certainly isn’t going to pass this up,
        so he asks, “What are the three tests?”

        “You gotta pay first,” says the bartender,
        “those are the rules.”

        So, after thinking it over a while, the man gives the bartender $10 which he stuffs into the jar.

        “Okay,” says the bartender,
        “here’s what you need to do:
        “First – You have to drink a whole quart of tequila, in 60 seconds or less, and you can’t
        make a face while doing it.”

        “Second – There’s a pit bull chained in
        the back with a bad tooth. You have to
        remove that tooth with your bare hands.”

        “Third – There’s a 90-year old lady upstairs
        who’s never had sex. You have to take care
        of that problem.”

        The man is stunned! “I know I paid my $10 –
        – but I’m not an idiot! I won’t do it!
        You’d have to be nuts to drink a quart of
        tequila and then do all those other things!”

        “Your call,” says the bartender,
        “but, your money stays where it is.”

        As time goes on, the man has a few more
        drinks and finally says,
        “Where’s the damn tequila?!”

        He grabs the bottle with both hands and
        drinks it as fast as he can. Tears stream down
        both cheeks — but he doesn’t make a face –
        – and he drinks it in 58 seconds!
        Next, he staggers out the back door where he
        sees the pit bull chained to a pole. Soon, the people inside the bar hear loud growling, screaming, and sounds of a terrible fight –
        – then nothing but silence!

        Just when they think that the man surely
        must be dead, he staggers back into the bar.
        His clothes are ripped to shreds and he’s
        bleeding from bites and gashes all over
        his body. He drunkenly says, “Now, where’s
        that old woman with the bad tooth?”

        I wonder if he ate the worm too????

        • eppe

          I also wonder if my jokes are considered ‘hate’ speech???

          • the renegade braveheart

            Eppe, I can promise you nobody here considers them hate speech. F#$% the libturds. who cares what they think? I know I don’t.

          • C Howard Fields

            How can it be? It was with compassion that he wanted the old woman.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Eppe, your jokes are absolutely the best, no holds barred. Keep them coming. and make damned sure they’re NOT politically correct. No PC crap at ever! I’m sure Mac would agree, right Mac?

      31. TheGuy

        You know, there comes a point where y’all may just as well say “the entire country is under arrest”…

        • Snowed

          Bam! You nailed it!

      32. Focus

        Yet another attempt to strip away our freedoms!
        This is the internet…


        Labeling people as “haters” because they oppose government over reach and are willing to stand up for what’s right. Well now, thats a much more manageable number.

      33. dan


      34. Be informed

        It took me about 45 seconds after seeing this last night on the Kelly report last night to send it over to Mac. The government just doesn’t get it, leave the people alone. The people and the Constitution are the true strengths of the country. The ONLY threat to the U.S. government IS THE U.S. GOVERNMENT ITSELF in this country.

      35. Drutch

        I advocate for the public hanging of ALL federal government officials for High Treason. Not one is innocent. I will advocate all damned day as I fing please. The morons in DC do NOT allow me my rights, they are mine weather their shit smelling husks walk this earth or not. I will say whatever I damned well please. If they want to start rounding us up for not bowing to their kingship, I have plenty of hot lead to feed them.

      36. ScottyK

        The government can’t control what I say! If I disagree with the this government, I have every right to rise up and say what I want. I think we should all get together and protest this unconstit&&@%!$! …

      37. 2dogs

        classic “1984” thought police

      38. Poon Tang

        It’s time.

      39. Hoser

        Hey Ed: ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

      40. Arne Saknussemm

        Scour this: Fuck you, you fascist asshole SOB.

      41. Anon

        Yes, non-violent, peaceful non-compliance is the answer – across the board.

      42. GenEarly

        Dear Senator Markey
        written by GenEarly , May 01, 2014

        Please mark my entry X as many times as you like XXXXX and send to as many Feral Alphabets as possible XXXXXXXXX
        to ensure you sleep well tonight. Please excuse the horse head in your bed.
        Keep it up, you are raising an army, and it will not be supporting your skinny a$$.

      43. Merv

        Oh, the Scum Fed have been doing this for sometime now.

        When the Feds say they’re going to do something, it means they’ve already been doing it, probably for years. Same as any high tech developed.

      44. Benq

        “Private thoughts are dangerous…only sick people have private thoughts”

        Mallcity 14

      45. Rebel Alliance

        This is bull crap. This is the government attempting to control free speech and eliminate anyone who does not agree with them from speaking out.

        We need to stand up and fight against this type of thing. And you know what … my declaring that we need to stand up and fight is probably exactly the type of “hate speech” they want to ban.

        Viva La Freedom!!!!

      46. jacktheleper

        Cause the N1Gg3r Obama is getting tired getting called a N1g3r on the internets!!!

      47. arjaysmithjr

        The Bible says we are to HATE evil.
        Seeing as how the Federal Government is the embodiment of EVIL,
        I see a clash coming.
        You know, like GOOD versus EVIL?

      48. lg


      49. CrissCross

        Here goes one…most are eye-opening though!!!

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