Gov SWAT Teams Target “Rugged Individuals” Who Grow Their Own Food, Produce Their Own Electricity

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Headline News | 774 comments

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    The dream of many Americans is to get out of the hustle and bustle of the daily city grind. And what better dream to have then to move your family outside of city limits to the countryside so that you can grow your own food, produce your own electricity with solar power, and live outside the purview of an ever expanding government apparatus?

    That was the goal for hundreds of residents living on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Many own their land outright and have been living on it for decades without so much as a peep from their local government. They’ve built their homes using whatever means they had available to them. They planted their own fruits and vegetables. They even set up their own personal power production stations using solar panels and miniature wind farms.

    And they’ve lived peacefully without violating the rights of those around them and leaving a very small “carbon footprint” to boot. For all intents and purposes, they achieved a life of independence and freedom.

    But the tentacles of tyranny are everywhere and no one is protected from their grasp.

    Recently, agents of the Los Angeles county government started paying visits to these rugged individualists. They claimed they were “here to help,” as one resident puts it. But, as is generally the case when the government comes knocking, they were there for exactly the opposite.

    What was once a dream come true for many quickly turned into the new American nightmare.

    Code enforcement agents for the county showed up in droves. But they didn’t come alone. Along with them came heavily armed “Nuisance Abatement Teams” who raided the homes and land of these peaceful residents as they would those of a terrorist.

    (Pictured: Armored Nuisance Abatement Team – similar vehicles are in use across the United States)

    The collection of rugged individualists who [want to live here] are being chased away.

    Last year the county began performing unannounced inspections on his property.

    Gallow says he cooperated with the county – clearing brush, then moving his shed, then getting rid of his motor home.

    Finally, the county made a demand that shocked him.

    “They told me… you have to get off the property. I said get off the property?’ They said ‘yeah, you can’t live here.’ ”

    Gallow says county officials told him that neighbors, whom they would not identify, had complained about unsightly structures on his property.

    He could keep his land, they told him, but would not be allowed to live on it.

    “I said, for what? My closest neighbor is half a mile away. We’re not living in Beverly Hills here, this is my home. All of sudden you got police at my front door – bullet proof vests, guns, and then they surrounded the place. Everything I worked for was just melting away from me.”

    “I don’t know where I’m going to go.”

    Mr. Gallow is not alone. County enforcement officials with militarized Nuisance Abatement Teams in tow have made similar threats to other residents, ordering them to destroy everything on their properties and to get off their own land.

    Watch this shocking, yet unsurprising account of the plight of these Americans who want nothing more than to be left alone:

    In the new America, everyone is criminal.

    Hattip Steve Quayle, 21st Century Wire


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      1. Engage your employees or be enslaved and eliminated by them one rule, regulation, or Nuisance Abatement Team at a time. 🙂

        • This article shows how far this country has veered from the ideals of freedom and liberty. Children aren’t taught about history or the founding fathers anymore in most schools. So, most of the younger generation don’t know what we have lost.

          “The man who makes everything that leads to happiness depends upon himself, and not upon other men, has adopted the very best plan for living happily. This is the man of moderation, the man of manly character and of wisdom.”

          “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
          -Patrick Henry

          • KY mom,
            This is California, not the entire US. yet

            • Something seems to be missing from this story… But it is Comifornia. He’s a better man than me because I would have raised 10 kinds of hell and probably been locked up.

              • Indy, if I had been one of those residents, I would’ve told the code people, “If you want me gone, buy me out at MY price or forget it.” I would look for any reason to leave Commiefornia, but it does cost money to relocate. MOLON LABE braveheart

                • Get out of ALL non friendly for freedom states such as California. I know there are people that live in SAFER zones such as Big B, but the suffocating laws out there encompass the whole state like a giant fungus. New York and New Jersey are two other nightmare states, there are many more. There are some free states left in the country. The very first states to fall under total martial law control will be the states that already have the foundations in place for martial law, especially California. I lived there and when I got out of there I couldn’t believe how much freedom a person could experience.

                  It is not surprising at all to have this type of government garbage that is home to the Queen Orgress of the Hive that is better known as fienstienless. Nancy Piece Of is another harpy that this state that has landslide voted in again and again. The last states to fall under the dictatorship of any BO type ruler will be the ones that are the most free and most free of the feds. This is just my 2 cents worth.

                  • Be informed: Fla. is really into agenda 21/smart growth and charges an environmental impact fee in the thousands of dollars for raw land to be developed by anyone or developers. This started in the last fifteen years and some counties are far worse than others with rules and reg. With all the sink holes, water problems, crowded cities, high taxes, and traffic cameras who would want to live there.

                  • @BeInformed…RE: “New York and New Jersey are two other nightmare states”…You can add Masshole-achusetts to the list. My GF has had her HUD controlled apartment broken into by maintenance employees looking for drugs, half a dozen times. So I went online to buy her a Mace gun. 5 days later, I get an email from the merchant noting, “We cannot ship this product to the state of Massachusetts”. And this was after a member of the Boston police dept. went on the news to tell women that due to the escalation in crime they needed to do more to protect themselves. Government ineptitude and dysfunction at its’ finest.

                  • There are two ways to go to avoid this kind of crap.

                    1) Live so far in the sticks they can’t find you.

                    2) Live in a motor home and never stay in one place for very long. Claim no residence, and put a plate that says HOME on it.

                    I like option two. I am working on doing that now. I hoped to have it done last year, but it didn’t happen like I was planning.

                    Residence is what creates the obligations to the “state”.

                    Res = An object, a subject matter, or a status against which legal proceedings have been instituted.

                    ident = identified

                    If you are a resident you are considered a subject matter of the state in which you claim “residence”.

                    Without first making the claim you are a “resident”, they have no jurisdiction. There is NO law that says you have to claim a “state” as a place of residence. You can be a perpetual traveler, outside of the reach of the corp.

                    You can’t own land in this country because the banksters have stolen it all, but trying to claim you do can sure cause you some problems.

                  • @BI:

                    Good Day Sir.

                    I live in Cali.

                    On the front lines so to speak.

                    Change from within.

                    Civil Disobedience can be fun.

                    CALIFORNIA has a plan until we punch them in the face.

                    —— lots of change comin’ ———




                    Cali is a target rich environment, as DK says”engage”.

                    As always, thanks for your insight on shakers ‘n quakes.

                    Texas Proud.

                    ……you kaint touch this [m c hammer]…..BA.

                  • @ HD74Man. A true hellhole police states is automatically one that prohibits any non lethal device. This tells anyone that they totally value the criminal more than any victims. They value some vicous dog not getting sprayed with pepper spray over some having to have their face reconstructed from canine teeth. It is bad enough firearms restrictions, but when they stop people from obtaining pepper spray, they have gone the european way of making everyone as defenseless as possible. I will not even visit one of these rectum states as the criminal has rights over me or anyone else not affiliated with the crime syndicate in that state.

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “Engage your employees or be enslaved and eliminated by them one rule, regulation, or Nuisance Abatement Team at a time.”

                    So says the bankster apologist and fascist!

                    Engage = Voting

                    Withdrawal your consent!

                    Don’t vote.

                    Voting only encourages the bastards.

                    Don’t vote!

                    Withdrawal your consent!!

                    Don’t vote.

                  • @ Bad American. Please check this out about earthquake lights that occur when enough tension builds up to cause enough what is called piezoelectricity that occurs with side to side motions of the crystalline interiors associated with horizotal faults such as the San Andreas like back in 1906. These charged particles are sometimes visible before the fault goes into its final failure state. This can save people when they see these and forewarn them of an impending big earthquake. The more forewarning any prepper/survivalist has the better chance they have with any SHTF event.


                  • laura m: Landowners should pay for the improvements necessary for the development of their property; otherwise community taxpayers would have to foot the bill for the costs of improvement, ie sewers, paved roads, light poles etc.

                    After all, the property owner is the entity that directly profits from the highest and best use of the property when it is improved.

                    Its a shitty world so someone must pay for the sewers. 🙂

                  • Yo-moma*

                    Correction sir/ma’am..per voting:

                    ..when the time comes (very soon), from the rooftops in conjunction with a mil-dot scope.

                    ..its coming, ‘cuz there is NO OTHER WAY OUT!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Yo Mama: No don’t vote. The NWO doesn’t need your vote to do whatever they want. God forbid that Americans should vote or get involved in their government by political re-organization. Let George do it! Let O’Bummer do it! Better yet, let Hillary do it!

                    But remember one thing: politics IS the responsibility of FREE men and women whether you like it it not if they are to claim their right to self determination and self realization.

                    Citizens get the government they deserve. Especially since only 129 million votes were cast in the last election; including the dead in Chicago. White voters stayed home. The result was O’Bummer Care and attempts at gun control/confiscation. If you do not participate you have no right to bitch!

                    This community is mostly white. Stay home in 2014 and complete your enslavement, one election at a time. 🙂

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    This community is mostly white. Stay home in 2014 and complete your enslavement, one election at a time.

                    “mostly white?”

                    “one election at a time?”

                    Hey shithead… I’m whiter than you.

                    You once called yourself a “native.”

                    Is that still true?

                    Are you a Native/Indian?

                  • Bad American-

                    Hey bro’, I hate to break it to ya…but in truth…you’re pulling duty at/in the LP(listening post)..deep in enemy territory!

                    ..yeah, I sux..& chances of serious back-up..are slim.

                    E & E if possible.
                    ..sans that, make ’em pay..come showtime!

                  • I cannot believe the ignorance here!!! Are all of you 14 fools who thumbed me down for stating that property owners who develop their land should be charged for the improvement costs, that fucking stupid? Do YOU want to pay for it? Because that is what it means when you thumb that statement down.

                    If a developer wants to develop his vacant land next door into a major apartment complex, do YOU want to pay for the sewer connections that will be necessary to accommodate the additional people (renters) in those apartments?

                    Or if he is going to build a new subdivision of 100 homes, do YOU want to pay for the new streets, curbs, underground utilities, street lights, and sewer connections that will be necessary to accommodate the development? If YOU want to pay to subsidize a developer, then by all means, thumb me down again you fucking MORONS!!

                    LMAO!!!! 🙂

                  • I agree with you about moving on, but what happens when all rights are lost and there is nowhere left to run to?

                  • “Harpy”. I haven’t heard that one in a long time, BI. The harpies stole all King Phineus’ food every time he sat down to eat, flying off with his dinner in their beaks (or sometimes they just took a shit on the king’s buffet) and then they stole the Trojans’ food when they sailed near the Strophades islands.

                    What an appropriate description of Pelosi and Feinstein!

                  • DK,
                    I didn’t thumb you down for that comment about property development. Where I live, one can have the electric co-op or the water co-op stretch a cable or a pipeline out to the demarc on your land. He can also choose not to do either. Same goes for the septic tank, water well, and propane tank. If you want rock on your driveway, you have to haul it in yourself and spread it yourself, or pay a contractor to do it for you. If you want to put turf on a cleared place, you do that on your own. If you want a tank, you rent a dozer and waller out a hole yourself.

                    Any improvements are always paid for by the land-owner. That far out in the country there is no “HOA”. I didn’t know there was any other way to do it.

                  • Safest place to be 🙂
                    Right under the beast
                    The most obvious is the least conspicuous
                    I’m gonna get red thumed but hey they must
                    Be jealous..
                    Here in Cali waiting for the whites of their eyes !!!
                    185 grains of diplomacy vote rule 308
                    Engage or die slaves

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “If you do not participate you have no right to bitch!”


                    If I don’t accept something to begin with (in this case, the institution of government), what logic would it be on my part to have any sort of association and/or dealings with it that perpetuates its legitimacy… and then complain about it???

                    But if you vote, and/or have dealings with this corrupt system, then there is a tacit understanding that you have accepted its conditions!!!

                    If you are a right-winger (fascist) who believes in government and voting, but obviously didn’t vote for Obama, then when Obama was elected you have no right to complain; you’d already agreed to the condition that you would accept the results of the election regardless of who wins.

                    Keep on voting and see what changes!!!

                  • Nimrod: In the country that is pretty much what happens and if the county (or city) paves your dirt or gravel road, they will levy an improvement district tax upon the landowners and increase property taxes.

                    In order to pay for “offsite improvements” associated with a new development(streets, streetlights, curbs, gutters, sewers, etc,) which are typically public property, municipalities issue bonds which become the debt of all of the citizens within that city or county for the cost of construction.

                    If these offsite improvements are constructed within a secure, gated community, then the homeowners within that private community pay for the cost through higher HOA fees.

                    These securities (bonds) are sold to investors and the interest and the principal associated with these bonds are paid for through the general revenue of the municipality or through special assessments, and/or increased property and sales taxes, to provide the capital for these capital improvements, and repay the bonds.

                    When a municipality fails to charge landowners(read developers) the true cost of sewer connections and other new civil facilities, the local taxpayers subsidize the developer through increased property and sales taxes as I have described.

                    This is the process that laura m spoke about and the phenomena (developers paying the full cost for municipal services) is not limited to Florida only. Cities and towns across the nation have recognized the financial burden that developers have foisted on taxpayers, and taxpayers are demanding developers pick up their true posts. And that is the way that it should be because developers are the ones who profit from the higher, more economically intense use of their land.

                    It is staggering to see that now, 40 fools have thumbed my original post down because they didn’t understand that they are the ones subsidizing the major developers.

                    Is it any wonder then that the Sheeple have demonstrated the silence of the lambs while the NWO has shipped the American economy offshore? There is no free lunch people and your pockets are empty because you are too fucking stupid to notice that your pockets have been picked!!!

                    Alt media sheeple! LMAO! 🙂

                  • Yo Mama: I guess you didn’t see the VOTE in the Colorado recall elections. See what happens when Patriots participate in elections?

                    You are a troll supporting the status quo. 🙂

                  • Environmental impact fees are required to pay for the cost to determine how badly that major oil company or corporation polluted your groundwater people.

                    You know, the chemicals that are causing cancer in adults and birth defects in your children.

                    Get a clue you fucking MORONS the PTB and their crony capitalist friends are killing you and your children one oil spill, chemical tank leak, or nuclear waste dump at a time! Engage. 🙂

                  • I thank God every day that I left California and rejoined my family in South Carolina decades ago.


                  • My guess is, considering the location of the targeted area, the govt wants this land, either for another maximum security prison or another secret govt complex. This isn’t about a bullet train or apartments…this is about the govt and what it wants with this land.

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “Get a clue you fucking MORONS.”


                    As if you are clued DK.


                  • @BI:

                    Good Day Brother.

                    I read the article about earthquake lights earlier. Life is stranger than fiction. Mother nature has no equal.


                    I truly am at ground zero, a great location to start my blue helmet collection — lol.

                    In the future, when I announce “Alas Babylon”, I won’t be cryin’ wolf, doin’ a chicken little, or just bein’ paranoid[wellll-maybe just a touch]. Somebody has to be on point, ‘sides, I brought my own backup.


                    ……look, i found a quarter…….BA.

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “Alt media sheeple!”

                    Is this site not “Alt media”???

                    The durango kidd seems to have contempt for those who “Engage” in “Alt media.”

                    We are “sheeple,” so says the kidd.

                  • Hate to tell you but AZ is just as bad. I moved here thinking it was more wide open. Phoenix had more arcane zoning laws than where I lived in Mass.

                  • Jim Mooney: If you do not like zoning laws, move to Houston where the lack of good zoning laws generated a shit hole of a City before they came to their senses.

                    Arizona has a very good quality of life precisely because intelligent zoning laws have regulated commercial, residential, and industrial property use.

                    The sky here is blue and the the air fit to breathe. 🙂

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “The sky here is blue and the the air fit to breathe.”


                    The Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale area has moved to the top of the most polluted list when judged by year-round particle levels.

                    Particle pollution is a combination of soot, dust and aerosols that are suspended in the air. The Phoenix area is subjected to unhealthy year-round particle pollution levels day-in and day-out.

                    I lived in the Valley for 10 years.

                    The skyline was brown most of the year.

                    DK is full of it!

                    As usual.

                  • Yo Mama: While the Valley of the Sun has a particulate problem when the wind is blowing in Winter, those “particulates” are primarily desert dirt: not lead, arsenic, or other poisons generated by unmitigated industrial processes, like in LA or Houston. Or even in Washington State which collects the 1000 TONNES of arsenic and lead pollution released by China every day.

                    Smog is a problem in winter along the I-17 / I-10 corridor when colder air compresses the air layers. I am at “elevation” above the smog, away from the freeway corridors, and unaffected by what car pollution there is then. My skies are blue, my days sunny, and my air fresh and clean.

                    Get yours. I got mine! 🙂

                  • I guess we’re all located in the State that we’re most comfortable. I won’t be moving from where I am now for any jackass. I hope they don’t turn up in a Nuisence Abatement vehicle like the one pictured above though. It wont make it up my road. Good luck to them if they try. In fact, anyone trying to remove me from my land, I say good luck and wish them well in their endeavor. I’d also suggest they bring some extra water, food and camping gear, just in case they have to stay longer than expected. And just remember, if you come for me and what’s mine, be confident in your ability, remember your training, don’t waste your ammo, breath and follow through. There’s nothing worse than playing against a team that doesn’t shine through with any professionalism. There’s no challenge!!!

                  • @Be Informed…

                    First off, yeah – living in California, and in LA County? That’s two strikes against the poor bastard right there.

                    One question that comes to mind – even if he were completely unmolested, how in the everliving hell does he expect to hold off the massive horde of humanity that would boil out of LA Metro?

                    Okay, Second off: poll your neighbors, getting notarized affidavits that they didn’t complain. If one did complain, try to work things out with that neighbor, recording the entire conversation (to prove that you acted in good faith.) If none complained, then you have something to show the courts and the “nuisance enforcement” team.

                    Finally and third… something doesn’t completely add up here. why would someone live in that place, under those conditions, and not even have the slightest idea of how to fight something so simple in court?

                  • Bad American-

                    -copy that, brother!-

                    All the best to you & NOMI..indeed!

                  • I was thrown off my own land here in Florida by zoning, about a year ago. My 5 acres of wooded land is 22 miles out in the country, and the nearest house about a quarter of a mile away.
                    They came and said, You have 7 days to vacate or there will be a $400 fine per day and possible arrest.

                • I don’t know why anyone would want to live in the police state anyway.

                • I watched this video the other day, and it appears as if there are some behind the scenes wheeling and dealing corruption going on between the greasy politicians in that city and the real estate developers who are eyeballing the Antelope Valley area for new housing projects and perhaps also an attempt to steal these people’s property at rock bottom prices and then sell it to the state at a hugely inflated price in order for the state highway department to put in a new highway through where these people’s homes now reside.

              • Yeah, SWAT can never be sure when those
                dang preppers might assault someone with
                a garden grown carrot or fry an egg under
                the radar with solar energy.

                We bad, We bad.

                • Or drink that awful, unhealthy, un-GMOed, raw milk.

                  • Saw an article today that Europe is outlawing heirloom seeds…even for home gardeners…wait till the US gubment finds out about this! They haven’t thought about controlling us this way!! They are slipping!

                  • Saw an article today that Europe is outlawing heirloom seeds…even for home gardeners…wait till the US gubment finds out about this! They haven’t thought about controlling us this way!! They are slipping!

                  • Gone2hilo,
                    They’ve been doing something like that in India for a long time. Because only patented seed with junk “marker” nucleotide sequences in the DNA are available, small farmers cannot afford to plant!

                  • Right on JJ/Gunner….Gone2hilo,its being supported by the PTB…major govicorps like the US support the likes of Monsanto and friends are the main players…its just that its easier to run over europe under this evil union they’ve got going at present than it is to do it here…best thing europe can do is bust up the power of the EU before the EU bust them up just like the states here gotta bust up the federals…GMO and such tech is not for feeding and helping people it is a means to an end…an evil end…death and control…that’s why we need to stop supporting by buying GMO foods and all the chemicals like Roundup that support this system…

                    Support your local clean(real seed) small farmers/grow what you can wherever you can from clean seed and boycott forever the enemy(s) of clean food…BTW I read where the original Cheerios cereal is going to be made with NON GMO grains again…don’t eat cereal myself but if you do heres a place to start.

                • It is getting very obvious the gub needs everyone to rely on them. In a police state free men are not allowed. Remember, the gov has to have a reason to exist and when we figure out we need them not… well then they get nasty.

                  • .02…It appears the police chief of Detroit has come to the conclusion that maybe more concealed carry by law abiding citizens might contribute to a decrease in violent crime.

                    DUH, do you think so?

                    This ain’t exactly rocket science.

                    More shoot to kill laws with appropriate bounties for saving the citizenry $$$ millions in incarceration costs are what this country needs. Instead we get kill the 2nd Amendment legislation from the D-RATS aka NYC POS Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


                  • Billionaires dumping stocks – quietly and fast

                    Why? … They see a massive market correction coming soon


                  • The phrase “cancer on the body politic” comes to mind, .02. The government has gone all metastatic and stuff.

                • Yeah, Gunner, Heh heh, or poop in a non-government-approved, unofficial, Agenda-21-violating, unsterilized, non-handicapped-accessible, hole in the ground without the mandated signage having the required large print for the visually impaired that says “OFFICIAL UNISEX SHIT-HOLE”.

                  You know we bad.

                  • Gone2hilo,

                    Re: “Europe is outlawing heirloom seeds…even for home gardeners…wait till the US gubment finds out about this! They haven’t thought about controlling us this way!! They are slipping!”

                    Remember this…

                    Senate Bill S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act vote imminent: Would outlaw gardening and saving seeds

                    Despite massive protests, US Senate passes S510 Food Safety Bill

                    “…provisions were eventually stripped out of the bill thanks to some last-minute amendments, but it gives you an idea of the outright police state mentality of the original bill authors who attempted to put in place complete government control over food, gardens, raw milk and more.”

                    “The Food Safety Modernization Act is to the food supply what the Patriot Act is to the Bill of Rights.”

                  • Nimrod-

                    Now that’s just pure funny, dude!

                    ..appreciate your humor & +1 to ya.

              • Some well connected group wants the land. This was mostly sold in the early seventies by a group called Omnivest United and the plan back then was for a building boom in the desert. It happened just not everywhere. Now with the growth in Victorville and other areas certain groups connected with powerful politicians in Lost Angeles want the land. Could even be enviro weenies or who knows who. This is so far from LA that there must be something more to it than will ever be told. Sooner or later they will start killing people to give them a stronger hint to sell or else. Someone wants that land and that is the bottom line.

                • My first thought exactly.

                • My first thought exactly.

                  • My exact thought firstly.

                • As I posted above, my guess is the govt wants the land for one of two things: A) another maximum security prison or B) another secret govt installation.

                  This isn’t about public transportation or residential housing.

                • They want the water. Same thing happened in the Owens valley years ago. LA is dying of thirst and Arizona and Las Vegas will not share their allotment of the Colorado River.

                  A new desalinization process and solar energy to provide the power for it, will provide LA all of the water they need from the Pacific if the radiation doesn’t kill them.

                  Just saying. Its about the groundwater. 🙂

                  • another good idea, for sure.

              • @the durango kidd:

                Well that was weak.

                Any two-bit shister lawyer could have spun the inversion layer “Brown Cloud” phenomenon better than that!

                But hey, there’s no air quality problems in the “Valley of the Sun” right?… particularly if you’re at “elevation.”

                • Eat your heart out shit-for brains! 🙂

                  • the durango kidd says”

                    “Eat your heart out shit-for brains!


                    And that means what “shit-for brains???

                    That I wish I still lived in the “Valley of Smog?

                    Host city to more illegals than a Democrat can count!


                    I think not.

                  • Yo Mama: Actually the majority of Illegals have moved out of Arizona and into California, Oregon, and Washington State where they are embraced by liberals.

                    There is also an “Underground Railroad” via the Catholic Church/St Mary’s Food Bank Alliance that moves them to Chicago and the Northeast.

                    They enter Arizona, make their way to the closest Wal Mart parking lot, where they are picked up and transferred, city by city, to their final destination; clothed and fed by St Mary’s Food Bank Alliance.

                    With forged documents they get jobs at Carl’s Jr. 🙂

              • I think this is probably true for a lot of people. Everyone likes to raise hell these days. ;P

              • I would be dead. The reality though is I wouldn’t be the only one.

              • What’s going on is that there is a development company that wants that land for a very large subdivision. They already own a large parcel of it, but they don’t want to build their development when it would be in sight of these ‘unattractive’ homes, hence the nuisance abatement teams. Plus, they want to run their road right down the middle of many of the properties.

            • Jasmine
              The average US Citizen can not pass the test they use for foreigners to become citizens of the USA.
              Go take the test yourself. Its on line or Google it.

              • Guess what?

                You only need a score of 59 to pass.

                • Citizen TEST? I Passed The Main Number ONE Test long ago…Being Born a Natural Born Native born American!

                  Plus My white ancestors is who founded and built it.

                  So I score 100% across the test board!

                  • Them Guys, I’ve never responded to any of your posts before but I have read them with interest. I do agree with your comments. braveheart

                • Guess what? We were born here, wtf we need to learn their lies?

                • People who come to the states and want to become citizens will apply, study and take a test to become US CITIZENS. Yes! People who ARE BORN US CITIZENS can’t pass the test ALIENS take to become Citizens of the USA. They have to know how our government works and US History.
                  Some NEW citizens know more of our Country’s History than Natural Born US Citizens.

                  • DUEL Citizens: With a Single Loyalty! Sayanims!

                    From the Mouth/Pages of one of the Tribes Own!

                    There clearly is at least one international conspiracy, and it is run directly by the State of Israel.

                    Here is a short quote from the book “By Way of Deception” by Victor Ostrovsky (St. Martin’s, 1990), formerly a Colonel in the Israeli intelligence service “Mossad.”

                    Beginning on page 86:

                    “The next day Ran S. delivered a lecture on the sayanim, a unique and important part of the Mossad’s operation. Sayanim – assistants – must be 100 percent Jewish. They live abroad, and though they are not lsraeli citizens, many are reached through their relatives in Israel. An Israeli with a relative in England, for example, might be asked to write a letter saying the person bearing the letter represents an organization whose main goal is to help save Jewish people in the diaspora. Could the British relative help in any way?

                    “There are thousands of sayanim around the world. In London alone, there are about 2,000 who are active, and another 5,000 on the list. They fulfill many different roles. A car sayan, for example, running a rental agency, could help the Mossad rent a car without having to complete the usual documentation. An apartment sayan would find accommodation without raising suspicions, a bank sayan could get you money if you needed it in the middle of the night, a doctor sayan would treat a bullet wound without reporting it to the police, and so on. The idea is to have a pool of people available when needed who can provide services but will keep quiet about them out of loyalty to the cause. They are paid only costs.”

                    Continuing on page 87

                    “Suppose during an operation a katsa suddenly had to come up with an electronics store as a cover. A call to a sayan in that business could bring 50 television sets, 200 VCRs – whatever was needed – from his warehouse to your building, and in next to no time, you’d have a store with $3 or $4 million worth of stock in it.”

                    “Since most Mossad activity is in Europe, it may be preferable to have a business address in North America. So, there are address sayanim and telephone sayanim. If a katsa has to give out an address or a phone number, he can use the sayan’s. And if the sayan gets a letter or a phone call, he will know immediately how to proceed. Some business sayanim have a bank of 20 operators answering phones, typing letters, faxing messages, all a front for the Mossad.”

                    And on page 88:

                    “Katsas in the stations are in charge of the sayanim, and most active sayanim will be visited by a katsa once every three months or so, which for the katsa usually means between two and four face-to-face meetings a day with sayanim, along with numerous telephone conversations. The system allows the Mossad to work with a skeleton staff. That’s why, for example, a KGB station would employ about 100 people, while a comparable Mossad station would need only six or seven.”

                    On page 221, Ostrovsky gives an example of what a Sayan can be expected to do for Israel’s Mossad:

                    “The Mossad already had considerable information about the Exocet, thanks in part to a sayan who worked at Aerospatiale and had passed along details. They had also conducted a small operation, sending a team to break into the plant accompanied by a missile expert flown in from Israel for the occasion. He was taken into the plant “with handles,” and materials brought to him for his expert opinion. His task was to determine what they should photograph. The team spent four and a half hours inside the plant before leaving without a trace.”

                    It is a crime, a felony, for a civilian to participate in spying operations in this manner.

                    Israel’s Mossad is exposing tens of thousands of Jews around the world to considerable legal risk, and the sayanim, being sophisticated business people, surely know this. If that is so, then why does this system work? Why is the risk acceptable?

                    Here is Ostrovsky’s answer from Page 87:

                    “One thing you know for sure is that even if a Jewish person knows it is the Mossad, he might not agree to work with you-but he won’t turn you in. You have at your disposal a non-risk recruitment system that actually gives you a pool of millions of Jewish people to tap from outside your own borders. It’s much easier to operate with what is available on the spot, and sayanim offer incredible practical support everywhere.”

                    “people were called anti-Semites, whether deservedly or not.”…!!!!!!!(What have I been Saying all along?!)

                    While it may be true that Americans of English, Irish and Italian ancestry have dual loyalties, these white gentile dual loyalties are nothing like the degree of race-based loyalty possessed by the overwhelming majority of Jews. You have it on the authority of Mossad!

                    Ostrovsky explains, beginning at the bottom of page 122:

                    “We took the Brits seriously, but everyone in the building used to say they were probably deluded because of “the Bitch.” That’s what they always called Margaret Thatcher inside the Mossad. They had her tagged as an anti-Semite. There was one simple question asked when anything happened: “Is it good for the Jews or not?” Forget about policies, or anything else. That was the only thing that counted, and depending on the answer, people were called anti-Semites, whether deservedly or not.”

                    The problem is that Jews _do not_ have dual loyalties!

                    90% of Jews have a single loyalty. The loyalty is not necessarily to Israel, but to the welfare and power of Jews generally. That is the only thing that matters. The only question that ever gets asked is; “How will this affect Jews?” No other interests are taken into account at all!

                    Indeed a corollary of “dual loyalty” is the goyish notion that if you sacrifice to help others, they will reciprocate. If someone helps Jews, there should be a reward.

                    European gentiles assume that comity and reciprocity are inherent in the psychological makeup of all humanity. Not so, according to Ostrovsky (page 231):

                    “The relationship between the Mossad and Danish intelligence is so intimate as to be indecent. But it’s not the Mossad’s virtue that is compromised by the arrangement; it’s Denmark’s. And that’s because the Danish are under the mistaken impression that because they saved a lot of Jews in World War II, the Israelis are grateful and they can trust the Mossad.”

                    No matter what you do for Jews and no matter how assiduously you toady to their interests, they will never respect yours.

                    FROM: a Former Col. in the Isreali MOSSAD!!

                    One can’t beat accurate info when it comes directly From a jewish source himself eh!

                    So if You are a Loyal American Patriot, YOU Must ask the question…”But, Is it Good for America? Good for Whites?”

                    Because its quite Obvious from His books quoted Statements, that at least 90%+ of jews do NOT have Your American best intrests in Their jewish concerns eh!

                    Are the reident Trools like zpak et al now going to call This ex-Mossad jewish agent,an…Antisemite too?(why not?)

                  • Braveheart: Count yourself amongst the moron clan along with ‘Them Guys’ and ‘.02’. You are another in a long line of clueless clowns when it comes to what constitutes a U.S. citizen. ‘Slingshot’ is right, it’s truly a shame when foreigners know more about U.S. history and government than native born idiots like yourselves who can barely read and write English. I know this because I teach citizenship classes twice a year and I’m willing to bet that you fellows couldn’t pass the test without having the answers in front of you. “Them Guys’ would struggle even with the 100 questions in front of him because his grasp of English is atrocious. I can make this bet in confidence just by idiotic comments you’ve all made.

                  • Anon7 why do you care? Is US history so important that you become some kind of snob to look down you nose at fellow citizens that either 1: don’t believe the lies.. YES lies as in General Custer is some kind of big war hero for example; or 2: don’t give a flyinratzazz because US History is mostly about white settler genocidal atrocities? There was a shitload of US history way before the invading hordes from Europe set foot here, but of course only white guys like Lewis and Clark could “discover” the Pacific, but meanwhile the natives saved their sorry asses from starving to do so. I think maybe you should rethink your “moron” label and get a full length mirror so you can see yourself sitting on that high horse you ride.

                  • With respect…first I agree that the average American is woefully ignorant of our history and that is a shame and needs to be fixed but it dovetails right into my next point which would be history according to whom? Not us/reality that’s for sure…these tests most likely contain the history that TPTB want for folks to learn,why not…they control the schools and colleges and we know they do not teach true history in them ,not hard then to understand why people who attend these indoctrination camps have no understanding of our history/system eh?(why then if they don’t educate our own people would they want to teach the truth to the 3rd world illiterates who make up the mass of those they allow to come in nowdays?)….those coming in understand how TPTB want them to think…and just for the record I am very enlightened in the way our govt is supposed to work and how it actually functions,sadly they are not the same thing,no surprise here 🙁

                  • Aren’t you that same lying sonofabitch who tried to tell us that kerosene will melt steel? Now you’re saying you teach also? You’re a government employee, right?
                    Good lord, with idiots like you in positions of authority its no wonder this nation is screwed up.

                  • Slingshot, today’s breed of immigrants come here ILLEGALLY AND DON’T PLAY BY ANY OF THE RULES. I’ll grant you that today’s generations of Americans don’t know TRUE US history BECAUSE THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS DON’T TEACH IT. THEIR GOAL IS NOT EDUCATION, BUT INDOCTRINATION, I.E., ‘DUMBING DOWN’ THE POPULATION. When my wife came here from Cuba in 1967, she, like others before and after her, played by all the rules. I lost her to a POS Haitian drunk driver before she could even become a naturalized citizen. Haitians, now there’s a group that never plays by the rules and they go straight onto the public dole when they come here. they won’t do anything for themselves. they’re totally useless as people. Immigration needs to be stopped. the foreigners need to go. braveheart

                  • Braveheart, my brother was border patrol during the Haitian invasion and said those people are truly the scum of the earth. Had a bunch of way sick stories that they would do to themselves and others.. A lot of weird black magic/sexual chicken dances and such.

              • Where is the Sherriff??

                We need a Revolution, frenchie like

                • The Sheriff is probably commanding the SWAT teams as a payoff for the military gear they use.

                  They are all criminals and the sooner the people realize the sooner they can rise up and STOP IT.

                  • The only nuisance here are the fools that thought this scheme up and the fools that followed the orders.

                  • follow the money. that’s where you’ll find the REAL crooks.

                • OOPPS! TYPO! My above post it should Read “DUAL” citizen Not Duel!!!! Sorry!

                  • Them Guys,

                    Why is it that everything in your little world is caused by Jews? If your house caught on fire and burned down, I’ll bet you would dig up some Jewish Conspiracy to blame it on. You are a putz, fuckup, and idiotic moron with a smidgen of a brain, just enough to get you to the table and the shithouse.

                • Anon7, f#$% you! You don’t have a leg to stand on. The only people who don’t have a clue about TRUE US history are today’s generations BECAUSE THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS DON’T TEACH IT. THEIR GOAL IS NOT EDUCATION, IT’S INDOCTRINATION, I.E., DUMBING DOWN THE POPULATION! I’ve seen the ‘citizenship test’ which is nothing but a bunch of PC crap and no, I’m not interested in it. I’m already very familiar with anti-American propaganda. People like us know how to be the RIGHT KIND OF AMERICANS; the kind of love this country, who believe in it, who are tired of white people being pushed aside to make room for these POS foreigners who don’t care anything for this nation, etc. You sound like some apologist for unlimited immigration, the WRONG KIND OF AMERICAN. You know what they say about people in glass houses. go look in a mirror and evaluate yourself, mofo, before you talk about anyone else. Just who do you think you are? go f#$% yourself! braveheart

                  • .02, AMEN to your response to anon7. who the f#$% does he think he is? He’s just another brainwashed and brain-dead libturd without a leg to stand on. sounds like he might be related to ncjoe, eisen, Peterson, etc. braveheart

                  • Anon7, did I tell you to go f#$% yourself? OK, I thought I did. Just checking. So once again, go f#$% yourself! braveheart

                • spring is on the way! no, not that kind!…the ARAB spring!

                • .02, the stories your brother told you are true, I’m sorry to say. I don’t have any problem calling Haitians “useless eaters”. what I’m saying is based on my own personal experience with them. I lived in Miami from 1975-1982 and they were the same even then. I, my wife, my neighbors, even the entire Cuban community had trouble with them 24/7/365 and they still do to this day. They won’t work. they won’t do anything for themselves, period. When they come here, they get straight onto the public dole and won’t learn English, either. the federal government shows favoritism toward these groups and doesn’t care about people who were born and raised here, etc. The Haitians ought to be kicked out along with the other groups that won’t play by the rules. Red-thumb me, that’s OK, I don’t care. I stand by my remarks on those scum. braveheart

                • Anon7, I still say go f#$% yourself!

                  • ANON7, EAT ME!

              • This test must be given in Arabic, or Spanish as most of those people cant speak English much less read it.

            • Really? Not the entire US? People all over are being told they can’t grow vegetables and herbs in their gardens and are being fined or having the gardens ripped out by officials. a farmer who faced federal charges for sharing raw milk with neighbors. Farmers being forced out of business by Monsanto. I could go on….

              • No pity, etc: Soon, the gov will go after having potlucks with nabors, friends, or church groups because the food wasn’t inspected. I shared garden produce with several others in the past. Veg. planted have to be hidden in back yard w/privacy fence, ditto clothes lines in subdivisions. Best for me as people rip you off if they get a chance.

                • Indeed, cant even have fruit tress in the back yard in spokane as the thieves strip them bare. garden in plain view? Furghetaboutit.

                  • .02: You’re right, in local fields/farms melons, tomatoes, squash are stolen, some gather pecans when owners are gone. I don’t want my stuff viewed from the street. I had clothes stolen off the line years ago. Durango kid: reply to your comment. You missed the point; the impact fee is a form of a tax up front. The owners still pay their own water and sewer hookup, landscaping, etc. like always. I call it money grabbing by the state. Overpopulation results in more laws passed/ more restrictions. I read several books in the ’70’s on future gov regs/more laws in the future, restrictions if we don’t control population. Another issue: overcrowding, pollution low quality of life. I told a young man as he talked about “going green” that this should have been started in the 60’s; kinda late now to start (the train has left the station.)

                  • laura m: I had already responded to the “environmental impact fee” above before I saw this comment. Your response is there.

                    Have a good day. 🙂

                • laura m…. I remember a few years ago up in Pa hearing about potlucks and baked goods being banned at church sales/functions in several areas due to the Pa Dept of Ag…Ive dealt with those fine folks(hack gasp puke) and know from experience how off the rails of reality they are…oh and the Farm Bureau there was one of the worst for supporting govicorp policies…your fear is well founded in reality…

            • califukya is just the road map ,look what happened here in Fl ,last month to the lady in cape coral that went off grid ,code nazi’s shut her down pronto ,if anyone is under the elusion that anything is going to change is kidding them selve’s ,its gone to far and they are to deeply entrenched

            • The same thing happened in Albuquerque when a crooked lawyer-turned-mayor, named Martin Chavez, “invented” the “civil search warrant” where code and/or zoning inspectors would arrived unannounced with a group of heavily armed police to search for code violations. The commonest one here was the use of Romex wiring in older homes. The dwellers were immediately ordered to gather whatever possessions they could carry out in their hands and leave the property until a licensed contractor could bring the house up to code. The process took months–and thousands of dollars–before the home owner could return to their home. Then, the next round of “inspections” began, in which something else would be found to be “not up to code”, and the homeowner would again be forced to leave with only what he could carry in his hands. Most people were unable to continually hire contractors to effect the changes, and so, to save the neighbors from the “danger” of having such a home in the neighborhood, the city seized the property, had it refurbished at taxpayer expense, and then offered guaranteed financing on it as a recruiting tool to hire new police officers.

              • Yep,was my home that would have been the limit,would have thought it thru and gone for a “Fuck It” moment.

              • Leonard ,
                You sure that isn’t BX armored cable , if the are banning Romex we are all in trouble!
                back when I was in the civil engineering field late 1990’s ( after military , school, first ARCH/ ENG job , before .gov service, NASA 4 years R&D engineering, DHS nobody’s perfect) some municipalities required for each house construction document submission to be provided with an Autocad file of the floor plan and plot plan.These were to be incorporated into the towns master plan. What a better way for the VIPER teams to have the complete layout of your house and yard for assault planning purposes. This has been going on for awhile it’s just more out in the open now this may be the reason they have become so “Anal” on the code requirement lack of up to date site information, if you do it your self they do not know the actual site layout , all the more reason you should do it your self.

                I am still working on Part 3 of the Light weight E&E bag system for emergency egress and should have the draft ready to be posted in the next SHTF blog if there is an interest. . Weather and schedule have not been very favorable on my available time . I just completed a 4 day RECON / E&E Team exercise in extreme cold conditions , If you have not purchased a military 4 piece Sleep System yet you better get at it while they are reasonably priced and available MIL Surplus stuff may not be around much longer for civilian purchase ( HINT ). Just make sure you purchase a. Genuine Sleep System not a China Knockoff. To reduce the weight of the system use a Kifaru Regulator Large stuff sack in place of the military one. Winter intermediate bag combined with the patrol bag in a issue bivy performed well in the 2* ambient temperature with a poncho tarp set low as shelter. A space blanket hung below the tarp suspended above my sleep area reduced my heat signature to almost undetectable when in the sleep system with bivy.

                Be sure you eat something before bedding down for the day or night ( cliff bars work great )
                Do not drink a large amount of water before bedding down. Try to change into dry under garments or uniform before hitting the sack.

                RESIST NO MATTER WHAT


                Semper Fi 8541

                • NB-

                  Post more! Always tune into your data/insight…’tis good stuff, indeed..

            • The Powers That Be want a world government that they control. If they succeed there will no longer be a congress of representatives from each state. The new government will send their own representatives to you instead. There probably won’t even be individual states anymore. Our grandkids will be using the term “California” to talk about the area near the Pacific that used to be called that. I’m not sure that leaving the blue states will make a difference in the long run unless we’re talking a civil war. If we saw that coming we would head back to Texas. However, if the PTB manage to starve the world into submission where all laws and taxes end up the same for every person no matter where they live I would have to say I’m in a pretty good position here. We have an almost year round growing season and the weather is mild enough so that we won’t freeze to death in the winter or melt in the summer. Plus, we have numerous cheap vacation destinations within a 3 hour drive like beaches, snow skiing, hiking/camping in the redwoods, etc.

            • Take a look at the picture of the truck. It is evidently from Illinois. Not too far from KY.

            • Jasmine,

              Places like California have been the testbed of progressive control. It happened in Ruby Ridge and Waco, and many other places like organic farms & Amish homesteads… and will continue happening because we aren’t rising up to stop it — YET.


            • I thik this is Antelope Valley. The county had already made videos of future development before they started harassing these people.

              • Oregon used “code violations” to harass the rajneeshees, when they had their complex out by the Dalles. When all was said and done, the state also seized their hotel in downtown Portland and turned it into a work release center.

                They used every trick they had, because they were different. I said at the time (1980’s) that if we allowed the state to do it to those people, then it will be our turn one day…I was right.

                • Jesus.
                  Were the Rajneesh bunch not convicted of trying to spread some poison or disease in The Dalles or Hood River. Should the Manson Gang get a fair shake. Sheesh, your smarter than to support them.

                  • I never supported the Rajneesh, however, if we can’t believe a damn thing govt tells us, why believe what they said about these people? Liars lie. It’s what they do. Like Waco, the ONLY info we got was from the govt. We only started getting at the TRUTH of what really happened at Waco, several years later.

                    Sheesh, I’d think YOU would be smarter than that…

              • Used to be where a lot of the old Westerns with Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hopalong, Cisco and Pancho were shot. Palmdale and Lancaster were planned to get huge and take all this area. Did not happen and as with many areas of inland Ca. those towns are now gangland. These people being harassed mostly moved out there over forty years ago when Victorville could not even be seen from the 15 and Barstow was only found along old RT 66. The land has been worthless for along time but now with the big solar farms it is in demand simply because there is little privately owned land left. Most everything is govt. owned of one sort or another.

            • jasmine
              first California and then which state is next? and so and so on! don’t think they are the only ones that this will happen too, it is only the beginning of a nasty pattern! need to nip it in the bud now, or it will never cease.

            • It’s getting this way everywhere

            • In Germany it was the news. But not others. Then it was gypsies. But it wasn’t the a enrage man’s problem. Then it was the Catholics, still not their problem in a ‘Christian’ it’s just California. For now.

              • Aw. How I love autocorrect. News -> Jews . Enrage -> average.

                • Is this “autocorrect” comment a true story? I really want to know … it’s too 1984ish for me. If it is true, we are in a lot of trouble.

            • It is Agenda 21 which covers the globe.

              Check the Wildlands map and you will find they are most likely living in a part of LA not designated for human settlements. If you live in one of these areas, you won’t in the future.

              They are doing similar things through the EPA in parts of Miami Dade County in Florida. Moving people off their lands they held for 20-5- yrs, calling them wetlands.

            • Jasmine

              yup typical Kalifornia full of bull shit laws they hate every one and love to tax em all

            • jasmine

              Yes that is California but it is a slow progression. We have building codes, zoning codes, building permits ect.
              We are told how many unlicensed vehicles we can have on our property. We are told we can only live in a single wide trailer for 7 years. These are all laws where I live. I live out in the country in Virginia.
              This crap is coming to everyone’s neighborhood. It is a slow progression of the government over the last 50 years. Sooner or later we must make a stand.

              • I remember being at the 1964 Worlds Fair in NY right where MIB was filmed when the countrys population hit 140 million on the big display board at the fair. At that time the country/farms started at the Queens/Nassau County lines. There are now 320 million in the US and going up as fast as the national debt mostly with third world immigrants. The projection is 500 million by 2040. There will not be enough of anything when that happens what with the big aquifers in the prime farm country being almost depleted. Third worlders are excellent for this as they are used to living on almost nothing not even wiping their ass. This is what globalism coupled with a consumer economy brings. Just to cheer you all up there will be virtually no whites left anywhere except those kept at game farms for sport and in zoos. There will be no affirmative action once whitey is the minority.

                • John W-

                  IMO, Whites aka the European Race(s)..(see Nordic/Alpine/Mediterranean breeds) are slated for extermination nowadays, because we’re the only ones the Creator bestowed with a hardwired DNA strand that mandated “INDIVIDUALISM”…aka I think for myself(-ism).

                  ..every other race (actually species, imo) are predispositioned to the hive/herd animal mentally!
                  See history for details…

                  ..isn’t it odd/unusual that our species, which numbered only ~25% of the world population (at our maximum)..was the one chosen by GOD/CHRIST to spread ‘CHRISTIANITY’ throughout the four corners of Earth!

                  ..yet now we comprise a mere 8.2% of the global population (see 21st century global demographics)!

                  ..the only ones close to us were the Amerinds (American Indian tribes), per honoring of individualism.

                  If you get the book entitled:

                  “The March of the Titans”(the history of the White Race).

                  ..current events really fall into place, once you understand the backdrop of racial/species differences as presented in this excellent reference manual.

          • The dear leader does not answer to anyone for anything, he is now a self appointed king and NO ONE WILL STOP HIM! This is what the regime wants, this is their wet dream coming true, the only thing that will undue their sick vile plan is a complete collapse of the regime and that could take quite a while but it will happen eventually.

            New York, California, Illinois, Connecticut, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Massachusetts, Ohio, these are just a few places where you don’t want to live unless you don’t give a shit about personal freedom.

            • People are more willing to accept authority over themselves when they believe it is a neutral part of nature. This was the idea behind “the divine right of kings”. By making the king appear to be God’s plan rather than “might makes right”, the public could more easily accept his authority. When the doctrine of divine right was discredited, a replacement was needed to ensure that the public did not view political authority as merely the exercise of naked power.
              That replacement is the myth of the rule of law. Because a lawyer can interpret any language to mean anything, what a legal rule means is determined by political assumptions of the person applying it. The myth of the rule of law does more than render people submissive to state authority; it also turns them into the state’s accomplices in the exercise of force against citizens. Establishment of a truly free society requires abandoning the myth of the rule of law.

            • Star,still hope for Co.,they had good luck with recall elections,they keep it up might just get somewhere.

              • Nevada is being overrun with people fleeing California for a better tax situation. The problem is the California people are now voting democrat in Nevada so we are in jeopardy of becoming just like California. They don’t put 2 and 2 together to understand why they left California in the first place.
                The useless eaters are spreading and they will vote for whoever promises them the most free stuff.

                • Kind of like the illegals want to turn us into Mexico so I guess after they screw that up, they can flee and jump the border to Canada? It is amazing how blind people are.

                • amen shooter

                • Nevada Has been run over by the wetbacks in LVegas, winnamucca and Reno. Not the Kali’s. The wetbacks, along with voter fraud, crowned Reid as senator for life. Enjoy.

                • All the Californians I know that moved to Nevada are quite conservative and would feel right at home on this site. Voter fraud coupled with mass immigration has more to do with the turn left than anything. Harry Reids son controls the voting machines in the state. What could go wrong? Especially with the ball less Stupid party as the opposition.

                • How long has Harry Reid been your senator? Don’t blame your mess on people from California who are now arriving. You people did it to yourselves a long time ago.

              • Warchild,

                Seems like hope is all we have left, you’re right.

            • Swinging ,
              You left out the people’s democratic progressive state of New Jersey!
              If martial law , gun confiscations , FEMA camps are going to happen I think it will occur in this state first due to the quality of our misrepresentative government, Instead of the garden state it should be called the repressive state.

              Me I going to bug in till untenable then E&E temporarily to “The Barrens” when the “einsatzgruppen” come into town to round us up for internal exile in their agenda 21 ghettos and they say history does repeat itself in an echo of horrors past.
              Then E&E cautiously back in after They leave and resist.

              The movie Defiance best illustrates our coming future.

              Keep living it is the best form of defiance to TPTB.




              Semper Fi 8541

          • KY Mom

            They are so damn stupid they can not help themselves.

            All Hail Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein.

            Forgot your US History? Have a dose of Tyranny.

            Hope the Core Program eats all your asses up In California. Bet you can get plenty of people to put Hitler on the Presidential Ballot. Maybe Mao too!

            • Forty-five states, the District of Columbia, four territories, and the Department of Defense Education Activity have adopted the Common Core State Standards.

              • Jay Jay

                Common Core to become stupid. Change all the subjects to fit the politics and lower the score to make equal.
                Someday you can have an IQ of 50 and become President.

                • which reminds me:
                  A guy goes into a bar and there is a robot bartender. The robot says,
                  “What will you have?” The guy says “Martini.” The robot brings back the best martini ever and says to the man, “What’s your IQ?” The guy says, “168.” The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration and medical technology.

                  The guy leaves, but he is curious, so he goes back into the bar. The robot bartender says, “What will you have?” The guy says, “Martini”.
                  Again, the robot makes a great martini, gives it to the man and says, “What’s your IQ?” The guy says, “100.” The robot then starts to talk about Nascar, Budweiser and John Deere tractors.

                  The guy leaves, but finds it very interesting, so he thinks he will try it one more time. He goes back into the bar. The robot says, “What will you have?” The guy says, “Martini”, and the robot brings him another great martini. The robot then says, “What’s your IQ?” The guy
                  says, “Uh, about 50.”

                  The robot leans in real close and says, “So… you people still happy you voted for Obama?”

                  • The robot then says, “What’s your IQ?” The guy
                    says, “Uh, about 50.” robot says “get your elk this year.”

                  • The whole joke is about people blaming the president.
                    The president is a fucking scapegoat. And not even
                    a convincing one.

                    If congress wanted him gone tomorrow, he would be
                    Every four years a new sacrifice and no one is the wiser
                    to the congress of wolves.

                    Hang em.

                    …Hang em all.

                  • Dh and I are roflol!

                • ?

                • ” someday you can have an IQ of 50 & become president” …..
                  LOL ! What do you mean “someday ” ????
                  That has already happened…..& now we get to enjoy the results.
                  What a freakin nightmare. I just hope that when it happens, I am still able to
                  Exact some payback to these jackbooted Fascist Commies. The entire country is
                  Upside down. They ignore the constitution & the rule of law every day. The only good thing about it is I will not feel guilty when I decide to ignore their BS laws as well. They are going to reap what they sowed ! As my college roommate used to say P.B. Double A. B.!
                  ( Pay Backs Are A Bitch ). TPTB are going to find that out one day.
                  Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

                  • Howdy RT. Gotta love them Texans! Especially down around your neck of the woods. Anybody that would name a town ‘Cut And Shoot’ is okay by me…

                  • Random,

                    Happy New Yr first. What got out of this story is these boys need to circle the wagons and tell them if you want this land come and take it. But you better bring more then a piece of paper or that mrad.
                    I understand that we are in Tx however them men in CA could use a hand up.
                    Kinda think a flood of e-mails is in line. Like ole Dk says engauge these c.s.m.f.

                    DPS III %er

                  • How’s it hangin’ out ‘tere in Dobbin, Tangent?

                    Hey SmokingOkie, we also have Dime Box, Ding Dong, Toadsuck, Bug Tussle, Oatmeal, and Pancake! And then there is Gun Barrel City, in Henderson County, where the city motto is “We shoot straight with you.”

                    All true!

                  • @ Smokin Okie : yes…we looked at some homes in Cut & Shoot years ago…..Ms Tangent was not real hip on the area… we ended up south west of Conroe….between Magnolia & Montgomery. Hopin to break ground on rebuilding …from the home fire of June 2012 !

                    @ DPS : yes….try to get up to Dobbin to Bobby Holders Resturant for some good burgers or Texas BBQ . If U R ever in the area…U can’t go wrong there. I agree…we all need to help the CA folks. The Effin Gubberment needs to leave folks alone !

                  • RandomTangent1957,
                    I’ve been to Holder’s twice. Found it by accident. It’s the best hamburger place I’ve been to in years. And you gotta love the official “Holder’s insignia” design: a pair of hands grabbing a pair of boobs from behind!

                • HERES: PROOF trolls like ZPAK say does Not exist!

                  Proof americas Racial troubles ARE/WERE a communist Jewish Plan! NOTE: It is also entered in Congressional Records! Proof? Zpak can Bet his Khazar Snout on it!!

                  ISRAEL COHEN (1912)(Jewish Head of englands kommie party in 1912 when he wrote his book/jewdeo-kommie, Plan)

                  “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

                  Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957 (Today 102-yrs Later, none can deny their tribal jewdeo commie Racial plans have happened!)

                  NOTE: This Also is Proof that Our us reps and senators Know of these kommie jewish Plans, or at least have quick access to them!…Yet every one acts as if there are zero kommies, zero racial swindles going on, and for some odd irony, the Repubs Keep totally Ignoring the 70% Largest voter block of Whites, in favor of an elusive, never going to happen, minority repubs votes from hispanics and blacks!….Why if repubs desire to WIN elections do repubs keep Ignoreing that 70% white votes?

                  Is it due to repubs are Upper middle class, and FEAR being equated with the reg worker middle class Whiteys?

                  Is it a Status based Phenomonon? Or are Repubs true Dimwits?…Wake Up! Foolish repub Pols!

                  Start to Represent that 70% White Voters population Vast majority, and begin to Win elections with Huge Landslide wins!…Or keep chaseing that elusive, aint ever gonna happen “coloreds” votes, and Reain Losers forever!

                  • Wow, Them Gays, satan really has you working overtime!

                    The operative word in your post is COMMUNIST, not Jew. These are communist plans, not Jewish plans, but of course that bit of truth doesn’t fit your rancid narrative.

                  • To Them Gays

                    I’m going to go slow here because I know you’re Polish. Just because the person who came up with communism was Jewish (and an atheist), doesn’t mean that the entire ethnicity bears responsibility. In this world, and in the next standing before God, it is every INDIVIDUAL that will be judged for their actions, not an entire group. I know this is a hard concept for you.

                    What do you do if a Polak throws a hand-grenade at you?

                    Take out the pin and throw it back.

                    Badum tish……….

                  • I’ll bet if the truth was known that Them Guys is really a self-loathing Jew himself. His real name is Tim Guysberg.

                • Sorry, Jay Jay, but it’s already been done. Look at who’s in the White House. Without a teleprompter and someone to record a message on it, he doesn’t even know what he thinks about anything…

                  • ZPAK: Is In DEEP DENAIL! As any quick online search provides a few million references to the FACT, that Communisim Was/IS a Totally Russian JEWISH Invention!

                    And in 1918 Was Used BY Russian Jewdeo-Kommie Leadership to MASS MURDER a Couple HUNDRED White Christian folks across aprox one DOZEN, eastern European Nations!

                    Stop already with your insane Rabid denails of Documented Proven Factual truth on the issues of Communisim, and the persons that Invented and Perpetrated it…And still do Today!…ZPAK= Another Khazar Fake fraud jew desperate to Halt all truth because he Knows what happens after enough Folks awaken!…Das BOOTEN Ze OUTEN! 109 Nations so far Cannot All be wrong eh?

                    PS ZPAK Br Sure to scroll Down to READ what I posted FROM an EX Israeli MOSSADS Colonel, and how he exposes Jewish Youth that are an exact Posterboy Duplicate of Hitlers Youth Brownshirts squads…Only its Jewish Youths Here in USA!….Is Victor Ostrovsky, author of “By Way of Deception” Former Mossad Col, also a liar Zpak? or perhaps hes an Antisemite?…OR one of the Small FEW jews with a Concience, who finally comes Clean and exposes truths of Jewish scams and swindles?

                    And That Fact just Burns Your Khazar Snout badly don’t it!

                • That already happened in 2000/2004…

                  • TYPO: Sorry, that should read DEEP…DENIAL, and also it should read “Couple Hundrd MILLION” Mass Murdered Whites etc….

                • Slingshot, what do you mean “Someday”?

                • Already happened…the kenyan cant be anywhere near clearing single digit IQ…your point though is well taken…

            • I love outsiders who make fun of California. Yet, everyone wants to live here (still).

              I never voted for any of this scum.

              And way up north here, the coppers are outnumbered by the growers, the suppliers for all you pretend rednecks who smoke just a little pot around bedtime.

              A hypocrite is a hypocrite, whether they wear a uniform or not.

              • Stormy,
                I have fond memories of driving through Tioga Pass one year on the very day the snow plows opened the road. We went backpacking in the Yosemite back country for 9 days that time.

                Another time we were visiting my daughter’s friend at a graduation at Pacific Union College. We did a lot of hiking in the woods there. I hurt my foot and held it in a mountain stream that was so cold it was like having an ice pack. Then I noticed some huge leeches in the bottom of the stream and put my shoe back on. I saw some very large scorpions there, too. I’m told they are not nearly as poisonous as the tiny ones we have in the Hill Country of Texas.

                You have a beautiful state, no doubt. I think it’s the 1 that goes through Big Sur, right? We drove through there one time. Beautiful place. No wonder the hippies used to try to live out there.

                • Its been quite a few years since ìve been to angwin, ca. Sisters son is going to college there now. I was there in 1968.

              • San Diego is still the best big city to live in. The East county is even better. Even with all the liberal East coast cocksuckers that mess things up. It was paradise forty years ago. Still quite nice but too big.

              • No, EVERYONE does not want to live in Kleptofornia. I’m somebody and I don’t even like visiting the place. Since I got my Mom and step-Dad out of San Diego and up to the NW, I haven’t been back and have no intention of ever going there again. Not making any fun of it, just see no need to be there.

          • “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
            -Patrick Henry

            EGG-Zackly, KY Mom. As I’ve said elsewhere, the government has nothing to contribute and it should be restrained at all costs! Government scum-bags need to get OFF our BACKS! All of them!

            • Government scum-bags need to get OFF our BACKS! All of them!

              We b a hundred years too late.

              • .02,
                Reminds me of that guy in “Hell Raiser” who gets these demon bugs all over him. He says, “Get…them…OFF of meh!”

          • Hopefully soon, the rugged individuals in America, will come to realize that living armed and ready, for just one day, is more important than living a lifetime on their knees. Jack booted thugs, operating under the color of law and using excessive force, should be killed. The confrontation between patriots and tyrannical scum is coming anyway, so what difference does it make if it is today, or a month from now?

          • There has to be a very very hot spot in hell reserved specially for government officials, the people’s servants, who bring such hardship to innocent and helpless people. I would not like to be in their shoes because they not only condemn and bring curses upon themselves but their entire family and for generations to come. If they only knew the wrath of God that awaits people with such evil minds and intent. When they reach the pearly gates they will not have their government lawyers to defend them nor are they able to hide behind some bylaw that does not obligate them to respond to questions. May the good Lord have mercy on their souls!

          • Also… “Where the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Where the governments fear the people, there is liberty”.

        • This kind of garbage is why it’s important to stick together.

        • The bible says, “when, oh, when, man, will you…” what? This quote keeps coming to mind as I think of this article but I can’t remember the rest.

          Basically, HOW LONG will we keep putting up with this shit??!!

          • Ezekiel 23: 36 The LORD said moreover unto me; Son of man, wilt thou judge Aholah and Aholibah? yea, declare unto them their abominations; 37 That they have committed adultery, and blood is in their hands, and with their idols have they committed adultery, and have also caused their sons, whom they bare unto me, to pass for them through the fire, to devour them. 38 Moreover this they have done
            unto me: they have defiled my sanctuary in the same day, and have profaned my sabbaths.

            (I think this is the summary:)

            Ez. 14:5 I will do this to recapture the hearts of the people of Israel, who have all deserted me for their idols.’

          • Anonymous… is this the scrip you were trying to think of???

            (Mark 9:14-19) 14 When, now, they came toward the other disciples, they noticed a great crowd about them and scribes disputing with them. 15 But as soon as all the crowd caught sight of him they were stunned, and, running up to him, they began to greet him. 16 And he asked them: “What are YOU disputing with them?” 17 And one of the crowd answered him: “Teacher, I brought my son to you because he has a speechless spirit; 18 and wherever it seizes him it dashes him to the ground, and he foams and grinds his teeth and loses his strength. And I told your disciples to expel it, but they were not capable.” 19 In response he said to them: “O faithless generation, how long must I continue with YOU? How long must I put up with YOU? Bring him to me.”

        • as long as they can pay for water gasoline and electricity like everyone else then they can live off the land they bought.

          • You mean as long as they can pay to have the electric lines and the water and sewer service run all the way out to where their land is, they can stay on it. Those utilities aren’t even available out there, and yet, that is the criteria for legally residing on their own land.

            Since no one in authority will answer any questions or entertain any public comment, it simply must be some sort of development scheme.

            • follow the MONEY!

          • That’s the catch. There are no services available. they would have to be brought in at considerable cost. A supervisor named Antonovich is the one driving this for what reason I have no idea. None of the issues here are criminal but civil and why a swat team and armed costumed clowns holding people at gunpoint is being done is just another sign of the growing arrogance of govt.

        • Wouldn’t it be cool to hear the home owner just threw a hand grenade and blew up that oversized, militarized, “nuisance vehicle”?

          I know, this is not a popular idea. However, this IS WAR, you realize, don’t you?

          • Sorry, dumbass. Those vehicles are pretty much impervious to hand grenades. That’s why the Defence Dept is giving them to police all over the USA. Police cars are vulnerable to all sorts of stuff citizens might be in possession of, but these military vehicles are much tougher. Do you want to try and approach one with your IED while shots are flying? It might not be as easy as you think, which, of course, is the whole idea.

            • NOBODY SAID TO “APPROACH THEM WITH AN IED WHILE SHOTS ARE FLYING”, YOU DUMB ASS. READ THE POST! just because you are too chicken to fight back, don’t call other people dumb for suggesting it.

              • (The above post was for David Rom–anus).

            • DR: Have to ask the obvious question, as this occurs all too frequently on this site, freedom of speech aside: Why did you feel the need to insult Anonymous instead of asking him why he felt that would work versus another option?

              If we make enemies amongst ourselves by this kind of stuff…what’s the point?

              • @Insanity: The point is to divide & conquer which the majority of people still do not seem to get. In fact the majority are actually doing the dividing & conquering of themselves without even realzing it, perhaps with just a little help of some propoganda or some artificial public debate. We saw the same division occur between the evangelical christians and the gay community during that whole Phil Robertson debacle (which I still believe was a orchestrated event). personally I think they are manipulating people into knee-jerk reactions that keeps us all fighting amongst ourselves. The only way we are ever going to climb out of this mess is if we get smarter than them and start standing up for the rights/liberties of ALL rather than bickering and fighting over petty differences. Divide & conquer – It’s the oldest trick in the book.

                • One of the most intelligent posts yet, thanks.

            • Thats why you toss it inside.

            • Well,one,driver has to get out sooner or later,they will find a lot of folks waiting.2When unaccompanied which will happen sooner or later,a little thermite will melt right thru it and engine.

              • Just where are you going to get thermite? At home Depot? Where will you find the nuts to use it.

                • Go to , look for the ad on the right that says ‘got thermite?’
                  It’s just the components, perfectly legal to own.

                  • Thanks Steve,you answered for me,as for what you need,well,it is at your fingertips,as for a nut who would melt it,any homeowner who lost their land would probably be a good bet.

                • Thermite is quite easy to make.

                  • OC-


                    But the ignition device/formula/chemical composition…is the REAL KEY!!!!!

                    ..otherwise you’ll have a squib, at best.

                • You make it. Finely powdered rust and aluminum, 8 to 3 by weight.

                  Don’t know how to Google, do you?

                  • Add magnesium for the ignition use fire gel , We used to cut steel plate with this stuff mixed with playdough . Burn right through 3/8 ” steel plate.


                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • Night breaker-

                    Use magnesium filings/scraping in conjunction with a standard road flare works best!

                    ..ditto, if you want a “sticky”…wrap neodymium magnets around the Fosters(Aussie beer can container) via duct-tape.
                    ..ignite and aim/throw so it lands on a horizontal surface of said vehicle..and burn thru!!!!

                    ..always let gravity be your assistant!

                • railroad uses it to weld tracks.

                  • Old, old story (WW2 era I think) about an MIT student prank. They got about twenty guys together to board a streetcar, all with dollar bills, which forced the conductor to make change. The delay was long enough for the pranksters to weld the streetcar to the tracks with thermite.

                • Google mother fucker, do you use it?

            • Thermite however, when the vehicle is parked, will work wonderfully.

              • So will Limburger cheese smeared in the radiator. No one will ever want to ride in it again.

          • I’ll admit it, man. That “Nuisance Abatement Vehicle” reminds me of something out of the movie “Brazil”. What a nightmare!

          • General Molotov knew how to handle armored vehicles:

            Armored truck = $500k.

            Empty wine bottle + gasoline + a rag stuffed into the bottle mouth = $2.

            Result of their meeting = priceless.

        • PLEASE go to Chris Hedges’ website and read his latest article, “OVERTHROW THE SPECULATORS”.

          • I agree with Hedges. I bank at a local credit union but the idea of local government banks is such a good idea that you really have to wonder why it isn’t adopted.

            In so far as this article is concerned, I think it foolish to try to own anything that ties you down in this country. People tell me I’m a fool for not buying a home but I remind them that the first time they are late on their taxes the real owners of their homes will show up with guns drawn. Also, most homes built since 1980 reside in a Homeowner’s Association which dictates everything from the color of home to what you can grow in your backyard.

            • The banksters went to a lot of trouble and expense to get rid of as many of those “locally owned” banks as they could, why would they allow more to pop up?

        • These people need to go after each one of these county pig enforcers and make their lives a living he’ll. If you don’t retaliate they’ll keep enslaving you, fight back.

        • Durango Kid,
          I say no time for left for legal action !! if they come to remove me from my life, then i will have to defend myself and won’t matter because all i worked for would be gone and WE will remove them all until they are gone or we are gone! end of story time for the war to begin and throw out the SCUM ruuining our country!!!

        • When I said goodbye USA, and immigrated to Canada, it was 20 years ago and The Bill of Rights was being shredded one “tool for law enforcement” at a time. That was being done for “The War on Pot.”

          Back then good people were having huge properties seized, because strangers had planted a very small number of pot plants on unused areas of the private property.

          Those “nuisance abatement” teams and unaccountable / demonic politicians in California sent a shiver up my spine. The so-called ‘nuisance’ is good “Salt of the Earth” human beings.

          So happy we settled in the remote wilds of NW Canada, where bears greatly outnumber people. So sad for my American friends.

          God bless of of you good people on this forum.

          • Your laws and nanny government are at the very least, as bad as ours, if not worse. Good luck getting caught with your handgun, if you have one, on the seat of your car loaded. Your big cities are increasing in crime and the beaners are already there along with the muzzies.

        • Does anyone know if the Antelope Valley Truckers Organization that was fighting to keep their homes is still meeting or have they disbanded?

        • *sigh* I guess the only consolation when American bashers take over and commit to totalitarian extremism under the flag is to realize that the Cesium 137 can, and likely will kill the oceans, which produce 70 percent of the free oxygen in the atmosphere – and the bottom rung of the food chain. So karma of these ‘good Americans’ will see them starve and suffocate along with everyone else on the planet.

        • Christianity has changed in the last 2k years. They now believe that Christ didn’t fulfill His mission to save ALL mankind. They voided the 10 Commandments & let the Roman church change the Sabbath to Sunday and keep their pagan holidays. They don’t call our Creator by the Sanctified Holy names. In these last days we are in, it will be very easy for the Roman church to be involved in the one world religion & government. Be prepared for 2014 as the economists say that there will be a global monetary collapse. The Bible says they will be throwing their gold & silver into the streets. Buy food you can’t eat gold or silver. Logon

        • Here’s what I have done to good effect thus far, I intentionally don’t own any real estate anywhere. Therefore you can’t place me as a “homeowner (resident)” anywhere. I have a compartmented life. I have my pre-SHTF life, and then I have my SHTF plan life which involves taking to the back-country and having other like-minded people go to our fall-back location, when we do that, we won’t worry about the “Barney’s” (what we term as the militarized half-assed SWAT wannabes) a name of derision we took from Barney Fife on Andy Griffith which has become code for every Meglamaniac Cop (LEO w/God Complex)
          if they get in the way, too bad…. The lesson to be learned in my opinion is they will continue to push and see how far they can go before they make someone fight them. In Cali it is a shame they have done everything they can to make We The People feel as if they were serfs (peasantry) on their own land!

        • 2012 Trilateral Commission Member List By Gareth

          JEAN-CLAUDE TRICHET European Chairman

          VLADIMIR DLOUHY European Deputy Chairman

          MICHAEL FUCHS European Deputy Chairman

          JOSEPH S. NYE, JR. North American Chairman

          ALLAN E. GOTLIEB North American Deputy Chairman

          JAIME SERRA North American Deputy Chairman

          YOTARO KOBAYASHI Pacific Asian Chairman

          HAN SUNG-JOO Pacific Asian Deputy Chairman

          JUSUF WANANDI Pacific Asian Deputy Chairman

          Founder and Honorary Chairman

          PETER SUTHERLAND GEORG EuropeanHonorary Chairman

          PAUL A. VOLCKER North American Honorary Chairman

          PAUL RÉVAY European Director

          MICHAEL J. O’NEIL North American Director

          KEN SHIBUSAWA Pacific Asian Director

      2. OPSEC

        • Against those guys, you will opsec yourself to the grave. Choose your battles wisely, you have one life. Given, these Nazi bastards have no right to do what they did. Retaliation would take careful planning and time.

          • Eh,as I said ,for many not much to lose once their home is stolen,my guess is a NAB team will soon be suffering losses.The real target is those though who set these programs in motion,a lot of players here.

            • I somehow hope these “ruffed individuals” were progressive hippies that voted for the halfrican.

              • ruffed=rugged

                Hate auto correct

                • Not a fan of auto correct either. Just underline it in red and I will fix it later.

                  Sad how these “Nazi’s” are just walking all over us and our Constitution. We may as well not have one! TimTheCrudader is right, we need to stick together as best we can, sharing info and pointers will help others. Especially as this type of crap goes down.

              • “Halfrican”? Judge a man by his character not skin color. Don’t be so ignorant. Racism is not welcome around here.

                • The old “you’s raciss if you don’t love Obama” crap doesn’t work anymore. Stow the lefty crap,
                  sock puppet.

                • Thorpe,
                  Who the fuck put you in charge? We can insult the white half of Obama all day. get lost loser.

                  • IF: Black Slavery reperations ever got passed/done.

                    Would the White 1/2 of Hobammy have to Pay his Black 1/2?

                    Would Mulattos such as him only recieve 1/2 payment?

                    And would 1/2 Payment still Buy him and his Sheeboon wife Two one way tickets back to Kenya Africa by Fast Plane?

                    But will he have room in his suitcase to Stuff Al Sharpton into it so he too can go to africa with the Halfrican?

                  • My English ancestors got roughed up by the Vikings about 1,000 years ago. I want reparations! And LOTS of them! Now, dammit, right the f*** now!

                    As the wise man said, “Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it!”. 😉

                • As you’ll find out if you stick around, Jim Thorpe, racism is not only welcome here but encouraged, in the name of “free speech” and all.

                  • The Word Racisit was Invented or Coined by Lev Bronstien, aka better known as Leon Trotsky back around 1920 era.

                    Trotsky was Head Mass Murderer of Red Army soviets, and as a Jew was also included in the Top Innermost Upper circle that made up aprox 490+ of the total of 503-person inner top circle of Soviet leaders/controlers.

                    Trotsky had but One Reason to coin the word of Racist…To Stiffle Free Speech of white christian Russian folk trotsky and his jewish fellow traveler kommie bunch, so Hated.

                    Today it is again widely used to Halt/stiffle Free Speech of Mainly Whitey folks. Whens Last time You heard a black african or a jew called a racist on ANY major TV news etc?

                    Thats correct You haven’t heard anybody But whites called racists…

                    DISCLAIMER: To Speak or write facts based truths is NOT racist, nor is it, antisemitic…It is simply the Truth.

                    Many blacks and jews do not like such facts based Truths, as it fully Exposes that in reality it is Usually they who act Racist towards White folks. But like good kommie libs they always Project Their own Guilt upon Others! Usually on Whites, that They the blacks and kommie jews so hate!

                    Blacks like sharpton and jessie jackson and even many avg street ape types, do Not really desire equality…What they do desire is to Dominate and Rule Over all whiteys!

                    Even though they Know that science and a vast array of IQ tests etc has proven they are below, even way below the avg IQ of the average white folks, and therefore it is simply an assinine desire to dominate and rule over whiteys. Whites has a Proven track record of being well suited, well fitted to, being inventors, designers, builders, and civilizers…While what does the black african race have as Their leadership quailties proofs?

                    AFRICA!!!!….Which has Remained a basic same crap hole of illerates, wild animalistic jungle bunnies called negroes, for at least a few thousand years now!

                    Facts Is facts so Get Over your sorry asses and abject Failures Sambo!

                  • People with no valid argument always resort to the racism label. That’s all you pea brains have. Even though you yourselves are the racists.

                • Obama supporters are not welcome here so f@#$ you! troll jim thorpe

                  • Them Guys,

                    I’ll bet you think that those Jewish Negroes were the cause of the Civil War. Yesiree, they wouldn’t pick no cotton ’cause they was conspirin’ to take over your grandad’s plantation. The rich Jews in Washington got Abe Lincoln to start the war so they could get free to screw some more people out of their money…. That about it, moron?

                  • Hunter: Thumbs up! Holy crap that was funny.

              • @Indy: …And the divide & conquer continues …When will people learn??

            • Warchild, anywhere else in the US, let someone like a NAB team come to my place and they will suffer some losses. I would prefer to go after the ones who set these programs in motion. They live somewhere out here among us with their families. they also need someplace to go home to at the end of their work day. when they start something like this, they need to make sure their homes are still standing. braveheart

              • You cant very well go after the administrators. But you can make life living hell for the enforcers.

                • Sure you can. In your dreams. You think Joe Average has the time and money to do something like that?

                • Eliminate the “administrators” and there will not be anything to “enforce”. To challenge “enforcers” is not a cure for the disease, but a last resort. I will take three if they come for me, but enforcers are a symptom.

                  Address the disease.

                  Savvy Rebels attack the Command and Control functions of their adversaries: they target its Leadership and Officers. Enforcers are just Sheeple in uniforms and blue helmets.

                  A better strategy is to eliminate the minority in a Rogue Administration imposing unconstitutional rules, regulations, and laws: by ballot if possible or bullet if necessary. 100 million American gun owners hold the future of the Republic in their hands.

                  Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. The NWO can be eliminated overnight, and at 500 yards. A mere 1000 patriots shooting and scooting in Freedom Cells would wreck havoc on any Rogue Administration threatening the Republic.

                  WE are all Seal Team America. Engage. 🙂

                  • @durrango: You said it… Going after the enforcers is like Thoreau said: ‘It’s like chopping at the branches rather than striking at the root’. Think about it, what did the founders do during the first revolution when they were heavily out-manned and out-gunned? They systematically took out the British’ commanding officers, which is exactly why the goobment is now trying to label the founders as terrorists… just some food for thought.

                  • There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

                    -Henry David Thoreau

              • I was waiting for someone to bring that up. The reason that things like this happen is because elected representatives and the bureaucrats and gov employees have lost respect for the populace as a whole. I would say they have lost respect for the voters, but they were elected, or hired or appointed by elected officials. Most of these “civil servants” have lost what can best be described as a “healthy fear” of the citizenry. Instead of working for the people, they now claim to work for the government, which has become separate from “we the people.” Why else would any law enforcement official, from the top down, look on the “people” with such disdain. I have heard, and I actually believe, that dealing with unsavory individuals can skew your view of people in general, but transferring that attitude to the rest of the populace should be unacceptable. No one forces people to take these jobs, and if a person cannot control their outlook, they should be suspended or fired. Some of these self-important jerks, you know, the ones who stare you down with barely concealed contempt, should be run out of the job. There are only two ways a healthy fear of the citizenry will return: a) the ballot box b) a populace unwilling to tolerate this kind of behavior from its employees any longer, in whatever form that may take. Let us hope that good, honest, mature people seek these jobs and can turn the tide against these people and programs in a peaceful manner.

                • OUTSTANDING!
                  you can shorten that a bit what……
                  a. ballot box
                  b. bullet box

                • @MN: You never voted; the electorate do your voting for you… What does that tell you? -You’re shooting craps with loaded dice!

                • you know the old saying about people in glass houses?
                  I have had occasion to take harassment and use their own logic and ‘reasoned complaint’ againt them… such as ‘unsightly structures’… just start going through the city or the wealthy neighborhoods and picking out ‘unsightly structures’ and filing official complaints with these same ‘enforcement agencies’ and then when they refuse to take any action… sue them for dereliction of duty, breach of public trust/contract and violation of oath of service (normally taken under penalty of perjury) – just an idea.
                  Also when someone tells me that anything of mine is an eyesore, I just tell them that they have the freedom to look elsewhere when their staring begins to hurt…

                • Why should those who only idiots will vote for deem any of us as worthy of respect? Reminds me of the Groucho Marx quote… something like, “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member!”. 😉

            • true, I heard that there is a planned international airport designed for that particular area? Might be interesting to research that.

          • If you think they are “nazis’, you have absolutely zero idea who you are up against….

            • That caused me to spill my coffee!Truth,they ain’t Nazis,look at the other pole of that magnet!

          • Rubicon,

            I understand ospec, however when is the time too engauge? At the rate things are going it will be too late before the country is lost. So do we wait till there is nobody left to cover our backs? I mean really we all prep,but when I meet my grandchildren I really don,t want to tell them I hoped for the best and just prepared for the worst. I would like to stand proud and tell them of a storybout proud men and woman that joined to gather and stood up for their god given rights to live FREE.
            I would really like to know how much is to much?


            • DPS…I have grandkids. I wonder the same…or if I will even be able to keep them alive should the evil bastards succeed.

              I understand how the earth works. The earth works honestly and has a few simple rules. I try to live by them. If I have learned my lessons well, we may be spared.

              In the mean time, I refine my plan and pray that evil people will be dealt with in a violent manner.

              I ultimately believe that an event will happen that will trigger things before it is to late.

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

              • Lastman,

                Hope all is well with you sir. And sorry for the thumbs down. Typing on this phone really sucks..
                And hell yes never go down without one hell of a fight.

                • No sweat brother. I have a thicker skin than most.

                  Besides, a red thumb means that you pissed someone off and made them think…

                  That is fuckin dandy in my book.

            • SSS…its our only answer…and it can begin now…

      3. The purpose of the state: To pretend neutrality to maintain order, but serving the interests of the rich. To settle upper-class disputes peacefully, control lower class rebellion, and adopt policies that would further the long-range stability of the system.

        Stop playing by the rules of the system. Stop thinking in terms of the system. STOP. Neither Republican nor Democrat, conservative nor liberal, cares for your welfare. Unplug from the system. THINK for yourself.

        “It is the unvarying law that the wealth of the community will lie in the hands of the few. The great majority of men are unwilling to endure that long self-denial and saving which makes accumulations possible, and hence it always has been, and until human nature is remodeled always will be, that the wealth of the nation is in the hands of a few, while the many subsist upon the proceeds of their daily toil.”

        -Supreme Court Justice David J. Brewer, 1893.

        • Basically, we’re slaves. Until we become like the French… and engage in a French Revolution.

          • …but I don’t care about the french…

          • The French revolution was a failure as was the Mexican one. The American revolution stands out as one that actually improved the right of the citizens. Too bad that most are now to lazy and stupid to care anymore. I have no desire to see guillotines or firing squads. Over ten million were murdered in the 1910 Mexican revolution. You want that here?

        • I do not suffer from delusional ideation, and I am sure that nobody, not a single solitary soul in government cares for my welfare. I have enough insight into The System to know that they despise and distrust us.

          • i had a friend that worked DMV for a lot of years….BOY, the stories she would tell! truer words were never, nimrod.

        • Achilles Heel,

          The people in that video were “unplugged.” Miles from anywhere on land no one wanted 20 years ago. It is obvious that a political favorite WANTS that land now and has sent in the harassment teams. Reminds me of what was written in the “old history,” before it was rewritten, of the persecution of political enemies and Jews in Germany. First their businesses, then their homes, then lives.

          • OWHN-


            Resistance to the synagogue of satan types…is obedience/loyality to CHRIST!

      4. If this is the same case, this is in Lancaster Ca. I’m thinking this is due to LA city councilman Zeve Yeroslovisky, check the spelling. This area is slated for a huge solar project that said Zeve has a large interest in. These attacks are a precursor to the end game, eminent domain land grabs. Once the neighbors see these NAT teams working on their neighbors, that will soften them up and sell out for a song.
        This is a threat and they know it that’s the reason for the armed trucks and the added accruements.

        • Antonovich is the driver behind this. Someone smells some big bucks to be made. This is how govt. and business have screwed us for decades. Just like Buffet is the one who got the XL pipeline killed so his BNSF railroad would get to move the oil. This is fascism at it’s finest.

        • thank you hammerrun, you provide a SERVICE to us SHTFplan peeps! we need more INFO on these freaks involved in these type scams. the only way to bring down their type is to get their names out in the open!!!!!! follow the MONEY!!

      5. Only an idiot would stay in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia. Vote with your feet and get the heck out of Dodge.

        • Whenever you have to run from wherever you may be, in this land of the free, you have already lost your freedom. You can run but you can’t hide. One day we will all have to make a stand or lose our Freedom. Trekker Out. Live Free Or Die!

          • HEAR HEAR !
            Two thumbs up trekker.

          • Trek, bingo! just like the folks tell ppl to bury your AR 15. Fvk that, if you have to bury it, it is past time you should be using it.

            • Just bury a spare.

              • Yep,just like a spare tire,nice to have,hope you don’t need it,but,given what is going on,have a feeling spares will be needed.

                • You people are living in a movie script. No one is going to shoot it out with the cops or whoever. Not saying it might not be needed but it will not happen. We will bitch and moan and then take it up the ass like always. I bet most on this site have never even made a money donation to a candidate they like. That is why the gays have so much influence. They give money, lots of it. Bribery works. Get a second job if needed.

                  • John W., speak for yourself. don’t care what you do for yourself, but I’m going to stand and fight, regardless of who is coming. I’m not taking anything up my ass. And no, I don’t donate to any candidates from either party. As YMWW always rightly points out, forget about the system. It is totally against us and beyond saving. The cartridge box is the only way now. braveheart

                • Two is one, one is none.

              • Squarely on target, Facebook!

                +1 to ya..but keep your main battle-rifle, well oiled/clean and very close at hand.

          • Trek,as a N.H. kinda person,the phrase should be revised to say”Live Free Or Fight Like Hell”!

          • Good call MT.

          • Live free or die! Personal motto. I’ll never leave this state!

        • eminent take is common here in Charlotte, NC too.. City is taking another 1 mile x 1/2 mile to expand the shipping industry near the airport. The land won’t actually be for the airport, it’ll be for shipping companies to use. Not sure of what they are paying the people but my understanding is its nothing near what the land is worth once they turn it into commercial property! But good luck convincing the city to allow YOU to turn your land into commercial property! Perks are reserved for the gestapo.

          • We got wiped out in Idaho by the state on 2 pieces of river front property with businesses on both. The Nazis threatened us and my father (who was sick) caved. THIS and other reasons is why Idaho can kiss MY ASS! Bastards

            • That might have been my tipping point,would have found those that were really making a buck by stealing the land,they would find out they can’t take it with em.

              • sure ya can, sell it ….get travelers checks, theirs banks all over in hell?

            • .02
              I live in another state but own some real estate in Idaho and have found, like you, that maybe Idaho is not quite such a state full of Mavericks as most romantically assume. A lot of good people of course but also huge welfare population and the wealthy tend to be retailers overcharging in a lot of cases for their products.
              Also, local govt. tends to be pretty horsey and taxes seem a bit high. My opinion only but that seems to be two of us.

              • Not to mention that in Idaho the STATE OWNS ALL THE WATER and doles it out according to “water rights”, which of course are “negotiable”. Friends in the Wood River area is about to lose theirs, since the PTB up in Ketchum want it to irrigate their golf courses.

                He who can hire the most lawyers wins.

                I wouldn’t move to Idaho under any circumstances.

            • We need to begin posting the names of the people and their organization doing this and providing a bit of documentation so those in that locale can research who is stealing our liberty.

              Then file it away for another day. Everyone should know who they are in their community.

              They are the ones that have stolen our tax dollars for every fookin thing that they have ever done in their lives with the promise that they will elevated to elite status for their loyalty.

              If you look back in history, they are just used for their gullibility and weakness to reach the tipping point.

              Then these weak pos are killed because their usefulness is over because they have less than no ability to produce anything…only feed off those who are the strength of the earth.

              Many of us are the last of that strength…do not give up or lose faith.

              We/I will be here when it’s over…If we’re in the plan. Do not fear the outcome…as long as your wearing the full armor of God, you will win either way.

              ***hat tip to HD74 for the word “fookin”!

              • OCCUPIED AMERICA: The “MISGEROT” Agents!

                In part one of this “Occupied America” series, we discussed the network of Sayanim; – tens of thousands of Jews throughout the world who assist Israel’s Mossad in gathering intelligence.

                We saw how most gentiles view this activity as a sign of “dual loyalty”, in that Jews will have a loyalty to their native countries and to Israel, and that the loyalty to Israel is what prompts them to serve as Sayanim.

                However, if you think about it, “dual loyalties” would create considerable risk for Mossad. It would be impossible for them to know in advance the strength of the “non-Israel” loyalty, and whether it might be strong enough to cause Jews they approach to turn agents in. (All of this activity is a serious felony in virtually all countries in which it takes place).
                However,Former Isreali Mossad Colonel,Victor Ostrovsky, author of “By Way of Deception” quite candidly states that the existence of millions of Jews outside the borders of Israel gives Mossad a “non-risk recruitment tool:”

                “One thing you know for sure is that even if a Jewish person knows it is the Mossad, he might not agree to work with you – but he won’t turn you in. You have at your disposal a non-risk recruitment system that actually gives you a pool of millions of Jewish people to tap from outside your own borders.”

                Now for this system to be “non-risk” these millions of Jews around the world must have only a single loyalty – loyalty to Jews and their interests. In the words of Ostrovsky:

                “There was one simple question asked when anything happened: “Is it good for the Jews or not?” Forget about policies, or anything else. That was the only thing that counted … ”

                As an example of how this unitary or “single loyalty” works, we then examined the case of Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Manhattan Project, and father of the American atomic bomb, who passed atomic secrets to Russia.

                Finally, the prior post listed all of those eligible to be Sayanim in cabinet level positions in our government, and at the very top of all of our major mass media, thus setting forth a prima facie case that America is, in fact, occupied by an alien power. The means, motive and opportunity clearly exist, as does the corpus delicti of a decaying and rudderless America..

                In this installment, we are going to examine the heavily armed Jewish groups established and run by retired Mossad officers throughout the world, as a means of examining the question whether this is “Occupied America.”

                From “By Way of Deception” (St. Martins, 1990) Page 291:

                “Arbel’s department was responsible for setting up Jewish defense groups, called “frames,” or misgerot, all over the world, now including some parts of the United States, where anti-semitism is regarded as a threat. Often people with particular skills, such as doctors, are on reserve and called in for short periods to help with these frames. Normally, heads of the stations for the frames in the various countries are retired Mossad workers. The job is widely regarded as a sort of bonus for faithful service, a tshupar, the idea being that they’ve got all this expertise, why not use it?”

                “The main job is to help the leaders of Jewish communities outside Israel plan for their own security. Part of this is done through the hets w-keshet, or “bow and arrow,” Israel’s paramilitary youth brigades. While all Israeli youths, boys and girls, belong to this “eduday noar ivry”, or “battalion of Hebrew youth,” often youths from other countries are brought over to spend the summer learning about security, picking up such skills as completing obstacle courses, pitching tents, and learning how to use a sniper rifle and Uzi assault rifle. Still others learn upgraded security skills, such as how to build a slick, for hiding weapons or documents, when and how to do security checks, as well as the fundamentals of investigation and intelligence gathering.

                “Any use of the frames other than for self-protection has never been approved by any government official, although Mossad officials all know of such use. Thus, Yitzhak Shamir knew, but Peres, never a Mossad man, would not have known, even though he was prime minister. Israel does not sell the weapons directly to these foreign frames, but it does provide arms indirectly in a round-about arrangement with known arms dealers.

                “The Mossad does not see these frames as information gatherers, although the station heads know from experience that the shortest route to getting praise is by supplying useful information. Many of the youths trained at the summer camps in Israel later become Sayanim, and it certainly provides a strong group of willing helpers, well trained, undaunted by the lingo, who have already shown the ability to take chances….”

                Page 140:

                “We were now also learning about Tsafririm and the “frames” set up as a defense mechanism by Jews around the world. In this area we had a problem, or at least some of us did. I just couldn’t agree with this concept of having guard groups everywhere. I thought frames in England, for example, where kids learn how to build slicks for their weapons to protect their synagogues, were more dangerous than beneficial to the Jewish community.

                Let’s summarize:

                Israel maintains armed groups within our borders.

                These groups are run by agents of a foreign power. (retired Mossad officers).

                Jewish youths from all over the world are flown to Israel to learn how to use machine guns and sniper rifles.

                Once in Israel, these youths receive this training as part of the “battalions of Hebrew youth,” Israel’s version of the Hitler Yungend.

                Israel smuggles full-automatic weapons to these groups through arms dealers.

                Retired Mossad agents supervise this activity and keep them out of trouble.

                Three conditions must obtain before we can conclude that a country is “occupied” by a foreign power. These three conditions or symptoms of occupation must be clear.

                First, the occupier must hold commanding positions in the government and in the media.

                Second, the occupied police forces follow the agenda of the occupiers and ignore the illegal acts of occupation.

                Third, the occupier must control the electoral process and exact tribute from the occupied.

                Maintaining armed cells throughout the Western world under the direction of foreign agents is profoundly illegal. Our FBI certainly knows about these Misgerot or “frames” but they do nothing about them.

                No informants, no infiltrators, no arrests, no armed confrontations – nothing!

                Nothing, that is, except deafening silence.

                It is obviously not an enforcement priority.

                Only the spy Pollard was apprehended and then only because Pollard was completely out of control. His copying of classified documents was so prodigious as to become an embarrassment to his Israeli handlers.

                His discovery, as well as the revelations of Ostrovsky, had absolutely zero effect on our FBI. The only reasonable inferences to be drawn from these facts are:

                That the FBI already knew who it works for;

                That only a small number of people who read books would find out about these disclosures; and

                That the people the FBI work for would remain in power, and that no change in enforcement policy is necessary.

                It is ironic. The Soviet Union used the Communist party to spy in America back in the 1940’s and 1950’s. But they never dared flout U.S. law by arming the communist cells they controlled. Israel’s activity is so absolutely and shockingly brazen that it leaves one breathless. The lack of response from our own law enforcement agencies is stunning silent testimony to the reason why Israel and its U.S. loyalists can openly ignore our laws.

                Indeed, it is similar in many ways to the scene at Florence and Normandy during the Los Angeles riots. As Reginald Denny was having his brains beat out, a dozen armed police in three cars slowly and quietly backed away from the intersection. It was all captured on camera.

                The message was clear. You white citizens are on your own! Do not expect us to protect you, even when we have the clear and overwhelming power to do so.

                Message understood, boys!

                NEXT POST: Final, PART-II……

                • Al Queda must pay this guy by the word.

                  How much for that screed, raghead?

                  • I thought he was working for satan.

                • Joseph Mengele was your father, you deluded pig.

                  • no just another a hole
                    them guys like’s sponging off women

                    google his so called proof and you will see how he reads between the lines

            • .02, I’m sorry to hear about your loss in Idaho. Rawles at is always promoting “the American redoubt” as THE place for preppers/survivalists to relocate to. While I’m sure there’s a lot of good people in the region, I wonder what other problems about the region he could be covering up. A few years ago I did research the region considering relocation there. After hearing some stories from some other people who lived there and came back to my region, I decided against the move. Besides, I don’t want to freeze for 6 months out of the year. We Southerners prefer to be warm. braveheart

              • Yeah BH, Rawles thinks N Idaho is all that but let me tell you, the feds are thick as thieves up there. Remember, this is the land of Christopher Boyce before Ruby Ridge ever happened. Between all the county, state and city police there is a HUGE Border Patrol (remember the 100 mile border buffer stop and search policy they just enacted?) That puts Rawles Moyie Springs Hide Away in the zone along with a load of armed Forest Service agents roaming all the hills and the game wardens up there are true assholes. I spent a 40 = years in Bonners Ferry and Moyie Springs, Troy and Libby Montana, Canada etc living in a small town right on the border and Boundary County Idaho is the LAST place I would go. Unless I was a fed.

                • I left out the US Immigration and Customs officers also. More armed feds. N Idaho is cop/fed city.

              • Oh yea better than about anywhere east of the Mississippi, but there are a hellova lot better places than Moyie Springs Idaho that is for sure. Look into Pierce Idaho if you must go to Idaho. The east side of Dworshak is one remote area all the way to the I-15 in Montana. Elk River to Elk City and all those small towns in between would all be better than N Idaho. Believe me, I been to all these places, fished and hunted, logged and built roads into these places. If it goes totally Mad Max or there is a bad killer bug, east of Headquaters would be hard to beat.

                • .02, yes, I’ve heard that N. Idaho in particular was extremely heavy with cops/feds. braveheart

                • Next door to the only fema camp in Idaho @ I-15. And you live next to the largest In the northwest. above Spokane. Destined for the Hard NWO criminals. Look at the fema camp Maps.

                • A, I have gone looking for these so called Fema camps and damned if I have ever found one. Why don’t you show me some evidence they exist as I have yet to see one and I have been all over God’s green earth looking. I think Fema camps are some tinfoil hat episodes.

                • I see Regional DHS is also headquartered in Spookane. Is DHS is also a tinfoil hat too?

              • A, I know I’m not in an ideal location. I have an arrangement to join a relative at a BOL in north GA when the time is right. half of my supplies are already there. Planning another trip in Feb. to move some more supplies there. As long as I can get out of here at the right time, I’ll be just fine. braveheart

                • I sincerly hope you make it to GA, because your Not Ideal Location is a huge logistic fucking nightmare.

                • Sorry Cuz, We got hardup for cash. Had to sell your prepps. Come soon don’t wait for Feb. we need more stuff.

        • Not always the best advice.
          Better to stand and fight, even if it seems you can’t win. Why? To quote Steve Rogers: “Because once you run they never let you stop.”

          How do you think “they” got away with transforming it into “the People’s Republik of Kalifornia”?

        • Nick…I agree and disagree with you. I am stuck in SoCal. It is where the job is located. Unlike that majority of the nation, my husband and I choose to work and do our part and our jobs happen to be located in cali. I the opportunity were available we would leave…but we are in a bind. simple as that. But, I also believe that to effect change, one must be a part of the solution and not run from it.

          • The profit on your property sale alone could tide you over till you find or create a job…like in Kentucky.
            The neighbor here sold both her new husband’s and her house for $350,000+ and bought here for $150,000.
            They don’t work and are doing fine.

            • The thing that’s killing Colorado. My BIL was a home builder there in the ’90s. Said most of his clients were Commifornians who sold up for big bucks and came to Colorado without even having a job, bought one of his tract houses for $300K, lived on the leftover until they either got hired for finagled a sinecure from the State. Problem is they brought their Commifornia politics with them.

            • JayJay I’m not real smart in math, actually I failed it in school. But don’t really see where your neighbors came out all that great other than they just consolidated their living arrangments. If they sold 2 houses for 350,000 that comes out to 175,000 each and bought 1 house in kentuck for 150,000 thats only 25,000 less than they would have had if they had been a single family to start with. Boy I’m getting confused! Trekker Out.

        • Nick,
          California IS bad but, as I’ve argued elsewhere, not everybody can just “exit – stage left” from Hell all at the same time. I’m sure many people want to get out of one particularly bad black ghetto near where I live. But they can’t all just start a mass exodus to…somewhere.

          So what are you going to do?

        • That could be said about any place in the country…guess that makes us all idiots by that standard…

      6. It’s California, unfortunately, real Cali citizens have no rights. The state prefers illegal aliens over US citizens. Just yesterday the Cali Supreme Court ruled to allow illegals to get a law license.

        • Pretty thankful to live in backward West Virginia. Yes all the stereotypes are true, but at least they leave you alone. We still have over 10,000 homes without indoor plumbing, but no one is rounding up their owners for resettlement in government housing.

          We have a state building code, but it must be adopted locally to be enforceable and very few rural areas are going to vote for something like that.

          • Yeah, but W. Va. is toxic as hell, thanks to Don Blankenship!! Who would want to live on land that has toxic sludge, water is extremely contaminated..?

            • That’s really not true. Sure there are some rough spots, but they are only maybe 5% of the land area of the state. Did a lot of on-the-ground research there in 2009 when I was picking my BOL. Wound up elsewhere only because I finally hit the lottery (so to speak) and got a good place for half the going rate, in another state. The only big downside I can see to being in WV is that their medical community has been badly thinned out by their nasty malpractice laws. And there’s an awful lot of union-dominated politicians there.

          • Met some really decent folks over the years in WV…. 🙂

      7. Let them try. I would run for political office exposing these bozo’s and take their job in the process. They hate sunshine and boy would I make it shine.

      8. Welcome to the largest FEMA Camp ever… AMERIKA.
        Where you have no right to be free, but so as you’re told.
        Why the sheeple don’t just stand up anymore…. It’s amazing.

        • When the sheeple finally take it to the wolves, they are going to see these sheep have BIG ASS FANGS.

      9. It’s horrible that this is happening. But should we be shocked that this is coming from the Peoples Republic of California? Vote with your feet people. Move from these Democratic Socialist States as soon as possible.

        • If I was one of those residents, I would’ve told those code people if they want me to relocate, they would have to buy my place at MY prioe. That’s the only way I would give up the place. braveheart

          • Sorry, that should’ve read PRICE not PRIOE. Again I was typing a little too fast.

            • I wouldn’t live in Commiefornia for any amount of money.

        • Conservative Californians need to move north and turn Oregon’s blue cities purple enough to make the state as red as it would be otherwise.

          • Yeah eastern Oregon or eastern Washington. Those areas need to succeed and form their respective states like there is currently talk of.

            • We been talking for years that Western mt because of billings in the east controls- Northern Idaho b/c Boise controls and eastern Wa b/c seattle controls should form the 51st state.

              • with spokane as the state capital.

              • If you like freezing to death half of the year. Calif. sure is not what it was when I moved here but today it was close to eighty again. Thirty five at night and eighty during the day. Hard to give that up. Depends on where in Calif. one lives.

      10. Control in modern times requires more than force, more than law. It requires that a population dangerously concentrated in cities and factories, whose lives are tilled with cause for rebellion, be taught that all is right as it is. And so, the schools, the churches, and popular literature teach that to be reach is a sign of superiority, to be poor is a sign of personal failure, and that the only way upward for a poor person was to climb into the ranks of the rich by extraordinary effort and luck.

        Why do you think that the rich donate for the endowments of universities? Because it serves their own interests:

        The rich, giving part of their enormous earnings this way, become known as philanthropists. These educational institutions do not encourage dissent; they train the middle men of the system – the teachers, the doctors, the lawyers, administrators, technicians, engineers, and politicians – those who will be paid to keep the system going, to be loyal buffers against trouble.

        NOT to design a new system, one where their paymasters become irrelevant. NOT to think radically, independently, perhaps even recklessly. No.

        To have a barely functionally literate society, with obedience to authority drilled into them since their earliest memory, and intimately and insidiously tied to a socio/religious/political ideology(s) is the aim of the ruling class.

        You are a milk cow. You will be a milk cow…until a meat cow is needed. MOOOOOO.

        Wake up. Unplug.

      11. I would say for many folks that would be the tipping point,they take away your home and lifestyle that in theory should not bother anyone,well,not much to lose then.These NAB teams are the problem,soon they will push the wrong person and there will be openings in the NAB teams,I will shed no tears.

        • Warchild,

          The 100,000 wealthiest people who own Amerika and its political system couldn’t achieve such tyranny without a lot of help.

          Millions of people have been bred to statism. Who might worship a deity for an hour on Sunday morning but whose real god is government power.

          Everyone who works for government is a government agent, whether in LE or not. That GS-12 who parses 3 paragraphs of an agriculture law … is a government agent.
          He identifies with it. Approves of its means and ends. He chooses to be there.

          KNOCK KNOCK, “I’m Sergeant Smith of the Nuisance Abatement Patrol. This order from Judge Goering of the Circuit Court says you have one month to tear down your buildings and move off ‘your’ land.”

          I have a piece of paper that says it’s legal. But I”m just following orders. Sir, yessir!!

          There’s thousands of people who think they are “warriors” when what many of them are is borderline psychopaths. They LIKE pushing people around. Getting paid to do it is even better.

          Speaking of the thugs for the national government, there hasn’t been a draft in what, 40 years? The warmongers like them young and ignorant because they’re easier to regiment. Sir, yessir.

          Liberty’s primary principle is the Non-Aggression Principle.

          I own me. i own the fruits of my honest labor. You own you. You own the fruits of your honest labor. Free people own thus. Slaves don’t.

          If I, as an individual, lack the right to pick your pocket, I CANNOT delegate to anyone a power I as an individual don’t have. NO MATTER how many myriads of people passively go along.

          It doesn’t matter what their job title is. What cap or uniform they wear. If a legislator as an individual lacks the right to do something, 100 of them signing a piece of paper don’t have that right either. IF AN INDIVIDUAL doesn’t have the power to do that, waving a piece of paper or wearing a uniform doesn’t give someone that power.

          The only justification for the threat or use of force is imminent grave danger to the peaceful individual.

          To threaten or use force to enable a gang of thugs who have no legitimacy to achieve their end is simply WRONG.

          Statists, there’s that government with which you so proudly identify.

          Automatic rifle pointed at Mr. Smith: “Get off your land, now.”

          Bbbbb ut I was just following orders.

          Right. You choose that work because you’re a thug who likes brutalizing people.

          I agree with the posters who’ve said someday the uniformed thugs are going to threaten the wrong household.

          “Warriors” are you? Then why do they need to send 3 dozen thugs to take down a peaceful, productive person? Wouldn’t a warrior do it one on one?

          That police officer who went on the warpath in Los Angeles a few years ago … and had ten thousand uniformed thugs wetting their pants.

          Let there be 2, … 3, … ten thousand of him.

          Get over the superstition that being the tyrant’s thug is honorable work. It isn’t.

          • I like how you think, spot on. All pigs are wannabe warriors, that why they have to play soldier dress up and imitate true warriors while using cowardly tactics. Time for combat operations to commence…

            • JC, whose fantasy world have you been in? Not all cops are like that. while I agree that the thugs should be punished and put out, your stereotyping is not accurate. braveheart

              • Braveheart-


                I do think many city cops tend to be ‘steroid assisted’ assholes..but the county guys are pretty decent fellas..the state police (in my area) are “by the book” types & generally devoid of the NKVD persona.

                ..that said, I wonder when the DHS/TSA thugs are going mainstream by patrolling the roads..which will ultimately result in mission-creep..aka, “search & destroy missions”…which helps explain their MRAP/armored vehicles & 2billion round inventory.

                Maybe we should endeavor to POST heads-up warnings here in the know, BOL (be on the lookout) for “X” at hwy #Y etc..etc..

                ..’cuz even w/ the time-delay posting, it might just be beneficial to…somebody!!!!!!

                Good post BH & stand firm bro’.

                • Hunter, there are a lot of good cops in my area, although we do have our share of ‘you-know-what’. john allen and jc totally misunderstand about the true nature of LE. they better be glad Sgt. Dale is on vacation, otherwise he would ream some new assholes in those two. The feds are the only ones I truly worry about and avoid. That is where the anti-public mentality originates from. It started with the Marshals’ Service even before the FBI was created and that’s over a century ago. braveheart

                  • Braveheart-

                    I concur brother…and pamper Bertha in the meantime!

          • John Allen, I agree with your points except for stereotyping LE. Not all cops are like that. braveheart

            • , youll see numerous stories of how the pigs are not your ally.They prey upon us all, on our dime. When it come down to the wire if you’re not cop you’re the enemy to them, “just following orders” for that taxpayer funded salary. You need to pull your head out.

              • Yaa, as I stated before, I know that mentality originated with the feds and still prevails among them. there are a growing number of local, county, and state cops being brainwashed with the same fed BS. I agree such people are to be avoided if at all possible. My head is not in the sand, otherwise I wouldn’t be here on this site. I’ve had relatives in LE who left because of it becoming militarized. They told me face-to-face and I quote, “We joined LE because we wanted to SERVE the public, NOT TO TERRORIZE THE PUBLIC. We refuse to be government thugs.” all I could do was take my hat off to them. So don’t worry about me, yaa, I will stand up to any kind of bully, whether in a uniform or not. braveheart

            • braveheart,

              A good friend sees two tranches of LE. A small percentage, a dying breed, she calls Peace Officers. The rest she calls Law Enforcement.

              Many departments screen out the Peace Officer candidates because they prefer the “sir, yessir” mentality that views mundanes (us) as an enemy to be subdued. Obey and submit. The “law says so, you hafta, you better do it RIGHT NOW, or if you don’t I”ll light you up with this tazer.” The worst sort of authoritarian.

              Any honest cop will tell you they almost never arrive at a serious crime in progress. Therefore, they do precious little “protecting.” They arrive in time to bag the body.

              Coming from a legal background I dare say 95 % of laws on the books are there only to loot and control the populace. The criminal code is legitimate to the extent it protects an individual’s Life, Liberty or Private Property. What percent of laws do you estimate do that?

              The vast majority of those who choose to be the tyrant’s thug are quite alright with the idea that some folk are meant to tell the rest of us what to do. And that we’re obliged to obey.

              That mentality is fit for slaves. What say you, Braveheart?

              • There’s no such thing as a libertarian police officer. Given that his function is to enforce “THE LAW” there cannot be.

                Unless Person A’s conduct harms Person B, there is no justification for state intervention. Potential harm, if maybe, fails as justification.

                Traffic regulations raise revenue for the state. Our safety is mainly a ruse.
                Taxation = theft.

                Eric Peters posts a deputy sheriff’s letter, and his responses, regarding traffic enforcement.


              • John_Allen, that mentality definitely prevails among federal LE, and to a lesser extent among state, county, and local. There are still both good and bad out here. I hope I never have an encounter with the type you speak of because I already know what COULD happen. I do recognize the problem. I don’t have blind faith in LE any more than I do in any other government officials which is NONE. There are far too many cases where authority is used for illegitimate purposes. I do believe at some point a war will break out between LE and the public and LE will be overwhelmed in short order, despite all of their toys. They don’t have the numbers to take us on. I will stand and fight against whoever comes to harm me; don’t care if they’re in a uniform or not. Don’t worry about me being complacent, etc. That won’t happen. MOLON LABE braveheart

                • John_Allen, I forgot to add, I do agree about 95% of the laws on the books have no legitimate basis to them whatsoever. Plus, as I stated to yaa, I had relatives who left LE because they were opposed to what it was being turned into. Now you have to take your hat off to people like that. I will stand up to any bully, whether in a uniform or not. braveheart

          • Why go after the enforcers when it is more effective and makes a better statement to go after the people who send the enforcers?

          • Why go after the enforcers when it is more effective and makes a better statement to go after the people who send the enforcers?

      12. You no longer have the right to grow a garden for sustenance. How dare you for trying to ignore corporate governance and beating the entrenched, no competition existing monopolies out of expected profits. Monsanto and the other natural gene tamperers will allow you to grow food only with their poison seeds. If the people cannot control their food sources and purity of food, we have lost the biggest battle. Keep on planting the gardens, the fight for sanity goes on.

        • This is also why the loosed the Canadian tundra wolves in to the lower states. They want you shopping at the store, not the forests.

      13. See Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America. Mexifornia is the poster child state for what this author discusses in his very factual book.

        • GH, I have a copy of that book. certain parts of it have already played out and it’s still an ongoing process.

        • Thomas Chittum was ahead of the curve when he wrote that. I’d wager it won’t play out that way now. In fact, I’d wager the end game will be unbridled tyranny, followed by White Genocide.

          • Justme,
            I am betting that whitey not only pays for his own execution but apologizes for being a bother and thanks the nice executioner. Think I am kidding? Most people in this country are totally clueless.

            • JustMe and John w., as long as I’m armed and capable of putting up resistance, I won’t fall to genocide. I can agree that a lot of unarmed white people will submit to their killers and that burns me and horrifies me to no end. If I can save some people from genocide out there, I’ll try. But my own well-being has to come first. braveheart

              • Braveheart,

                Most of them have no concept of what is going on, nor do they want to. They would rather fight you, than fight fight those who will kill them, this is how they have been conditioned.

                I wish you, and all those who are awake, all the best when the time comes.

                • JustMe, I know exactly what you mean. unfortunately, there are such people where I work. braveheart

              • BRAVEHEART:
                Well said. As long as I can fight, I’m not going down easy and as for the well being of my family and prepper group I’m fighting. I rather be peaceful but DON’T PISS ON MY SHOES AND TELL ME IT IS RAINING. The Rebel will come out and it will not be pretty.
                There are some out there that will just rool over, GOD have mercy on them, because there masters will not.
                I’v been fight since the day I was born and I’m not going to quit now.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

        • California is already gone. The only thing keeping a lid on things is all the free money transfer payments. Our biggest enemy is actually other far left and bleeding heart Americans. Looks like the Stupid Party is going to hose us and commit suicide at the same time.

      14. The roosters were probably crowing.

        • Hey Ted! Thanks for the cozies. The goats are staying warm, and love them! I removed the ‘made in china’ labels before I gave them to the goats. Hope that doesn’t void the warranty or anything.

          • Only if they faint.

          • NSA is spying on Congress. Say it’s not so… Class action law suit. Turn me over and give me No…

      15. I hope that it’s not another Ruby Ridge in the making only on a larger scale with people who are really prepared or an attack.

        • You hope it’s NOT??

          • Don’t get me wrong, I don’t advocate violence except as a response to violence, but how much more are people going to take in getting their rights stripped from them?

            • Nick-

              I truly believe the talking-heads of the MSM will be breathless for weeks on end, pontificating & wringing their hands/sobbing over the gubbermint’s loss-of-life/KIAs per the violence/resistance they endure/suffer…should/when the fed-JBTs move against +90% of the readership-posters, here at the plan!!!!!

              Mac’s site is populated by serious folks…most will refuse to take prisoners!

              ..and the phrase/saying:…”Don’t tread on me”…is almost akin to scripture!

              ..we will be EXPENSIVE!!!!

        • 1940, as I read this article and these comments, Ruby Ridge comes to mind. I as a Christian wrestle with, when will it be time to take another mans life. although many say they are ready to start shooting, when it really comes time this will not be an easy choice. But as my thoughts go back to Ruby Ridge, I remember the news coverage well, there were local residents at the road block the Feds had set up, now that being said, what really needs to happen is the next time this happens, instead of 30 or 40 people showing up and arguing with the PTB. Hundreds if not Thousands better show up armed and be prepared to take whatever action is nessacary. And if it’s a WAR they WANT it’s a WAR they will get. Guess time and events will dictate when this happens. Trekker Out.Si vis pacem, para bellum!

          • Trekker I too as a Christian struggle with this. But as I get older, I realize how much closer I am to the Kingdom of Heaven. Would I be forgiven for taking the life of another? All I know is I am at peace the Lord, and I have no fear of heaven. When the time comes I can’t help but remember John 15:13, Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.

            • arco,
              you need to read your bible more as it CLEARLY stated many times you ARE obligated to defend your family and what ever steps you need to do is OK, lots of versus telling to do what you need to do!!

              • Please tell me where these CLEARLY stated verses are in the NEW testament?

                • I believe he is referring to I Timothy 5:8.

                  Also, Jesus ordered his disciples to sell their clothes, if they had to, to buy swords and arm themselves.

                  • That Verse is LUKE 22:36 IE: Sell Coat/Buy Sword/Weapon/Fireamrs today obviously.

                    AS FOR: “Where does the Bible state ok for self defense and to fight tyranny etc?

                    GOA aka gun owners of america website progun Org has a section that lists aprox 3-4 full online Pages of many various biblical verses in Old and New testement related directly to its Okay to Kill etc for PROPER reasonings.

                    Modern day priests and preachermen have Distorted what the actual Commandment in the 10 comandments really states on “killing”

                    it does NOT state thou shalt not kill!

                    It DOES State “Thou Shalt Not do any MURDER” HUGE difference between “killing” vs “Murder”

                    And in Old testement books where the 10 commandments are first handed down etc, each of the 10 has almost a full paragraph of explaination of what exactly constitutes that particular commandment.

                    Especially the 2nd commandment of Idol worhsip…It has a full short paragraph detailing what exact meanings it is about.

                    Thou shall not “KILL” is WRONGLY worded. It causes Much confusion and creates mental, spiritual Slaves to the Talmudic Khazars who have Occupied and Now run entirely most every nations govnt, especially that of Ours! the USA’s.

                    Its why we have 100,000 IRS laws, along with massive Huge numbers of most every fed laws on the books with tens of thousands more additiions of laws and explainations and court rulings of said laws.

                    A quick glance at the Talmudic system of Laws, and its never ending constant circular debates on jewish talmudic laws that cover every possible action,conduct,ownership,property laws,etc etc,. One will readily see that over the past 100-150 yrs american law has morphed into what can only be called a close Duplicate of the jewish Talmudic system of Laws and the laws as explained….IE: A Total Mish-Mash, convoluted, incoherent, circular debate that is Endless, and serves Only to create Mass confusion…While at same time creates a system where the Top select “few” can run and control the 99+% sheeps, with a rule, judges decision, or Law that virtually Controls every Thought, Idea, Activity, Action, Plan, Lifestyle of all them Sheeps…

                    With plenty of willing Enablers in Political positions, as well as Police forces used to arrest and prosecute all sheep who run afoul of their talmudic takeover of what was, a constitutional Republic form of governt.

                    Think its Bad Now?…Wait till they Bring out their “NOAHIDE Law” system that has already been put into fed us code law books by GH Bush the first when he signed it as fed law in 1991…They just cannot yet make use of noahide laws with so many folks well armed and wakeing fast…..

                    PS If you are doing a serch for Noahide laws in usa etc…It is well Hidden under the Phony cloak to pass it as laws…Its hidden in what is actually called “Honor of Education Day, and to Celebrate and Honer the Rabbi SHNEERSON’S Birthday”….That may not be exact wording…But is very close to exact…I Have the Link to a former us rep website with full actual fed law of Noahide fed laws…As well as info on who rabbi sheenerson is/was(hes dead now…Good news there eh!)…Orthodox Rabbis of Lubavitchers calls him the true messiah! still today even after hes dead!….These are Lunatics we are dealing with, but Lunatics that Have Power over banksters and govnt officials etc big time…

                    Check that noahide info, then as Christ commanded “Sell your coat and Buy weapons!”

                    QUESTION: If bullets dipped in Bacon/Pork works so swell on Muslims as many promote…Will that tactic also work as swell on “others” who are opposed to Pork/Bacon etc?

                    If Porks good for goose why not use as defence on Gander too right! Maybe it should read “sell coat to Buy swords and sell spare socks to buy Bacon Greese!!!!”

            • If you are that concerned, join the Romans 13 crowd…

            • You currently believe in God. The only other option is satan.

              Stand for your God given rights and roll the damn dice.

              Don’t be afraid, and please, “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

              • LMS, that is what I’m saying. If I was just going to rollover and die, then I wouldn’t be prepping.

                I think the general theme of the posts on this story is when are we going to say we had enough and when are we going to do something about it. Its easy to be a keyboard commando, but when your time comes and they come after you (not you personally but everyone on this board), are you going to be ready to take your stand?

                Everyone wants to know when its going to be time. I think its going to take a moment like this when someone decides they had enough and they fight back. But its going to take more than one, its it going to take a whole community, otherwise the LSM will just make it look like one crazy crack pot.

                I think sooner or later some goon squad like this is going to open up on the wrong people for the wrong reason and that is when it will start. It will stir up the very thing they think they are avoiding, civil unrest. Of course they will probably institute martial law, but that might just throw fuel on the fire.

                I think that is the only reason nothing has happened yet, (I know I’ll get a lot of red thumbs for this)is we just haven’t hit the breaking point. But I have a feeling its only a matter of time until they screw up and unleash the very thing they are afraid of. They thing THEY are prepping for.

                • Amen brother…and I believe that your correct that the breaking point has not been reached…the real breaking point. they continue to gently nudge us into the corner.

                  Peaceful, productive people who want to be left alone will remain that way until they are FORCED to protect themselves and save their family and friends.

                  I think that we all know what the line in the sand is.

              • Lastmanstanding, Arco, JustMe, Archivist, and apache54, go to All the biblical justifications for self-defense are right there. braveheart

                • Awesome post Braveheart..Thanks for the link..been looking for something exactly like you posted.
                  Again, thanks much, sir!

          • what about Waco where they burned children because they said they were being abused.

            • I was making the turn at a very nice golf course when the waco fiasco took place. We could see the smoke from the golf course. We went into the club house and watched the msm vilify the Davidians. I went home and slept well but have since looked at it differently. I think that Koresh was a dick just as most of the cult fuck heads are but most of the poor dumb asses who followed him and certainly their children did not deserve that.

      16. I read the article, but I didn’t see anything about him getting a lawyer. Big mistake. Apparently a developer wants his land. Now the “rugged individual” says, I don’t know where I’m gonna go. Where all the sheeple go. To the Gulag.

        • Go to Wally World & get some more ammo !
          This kind of crap needs to end.
          Another advantage of living in The Unified Socialists of Absurdistan !

      17. We continue to put up with this sh!t on a daily basis and not fight it.

        Will we ever, ever, ever wake up?

        And yes, if you get all these folks to move I would put a years salary on it that ‘someone’ will buy the land cheap and make a killing on it. That/those ‘someone(s)’ will be friends of the government types.

        I say disappear the Co commissioner…. Until these gov’t workers realize that they’re in place by the grace of US letting them be there then they’ll continue to abuse us.

        • Disappear hell, I say crumple him on the court house steps for all the world to see.

        • {{{And yes, if you get all these folks to move I would put a years salary on it that ‘someone’ will buy the land cheap and make a killing on it}}}

          Like the city/county commissioner’s best bud??

      18. This is California. Practice for a larger scale operation? Maybe, but after reading about Connecticut residents lining up to register guns, I’m wondering just how subservient people have become. If “they” keep pushing, the spring-back might be hell.

        • The photos of people in CT lining up to register their guns doesn’t indicate what percentage of people there are NOT registering their guns.

          • Nick agreed. was a pretty short line and I bet a lot was just registering a mag or 2 to keep the wolf sedated.

        • I posted a link to an article that suggests the number of guns registered is but the tip of the iceberg

          • I agree with all of y’all, but even ONE guy in line is one to much.

            • amen

      19. Any society that requires the number of police and prisons we have is already a failed society.

        Old motto: “Protect and serve”

        New motto: “Shoot the dog first”

        • shoot FIRST, and ask questions NEVER!

      20. Here in Aussie we refer to Los Angeles as “La La” land – as in, as far away from reality as it can get. There is no honesty that comes out of LA and Hollyweird – it’s all illusion and fantasy, the worlds biggest experiment in social engineering that is an abject failure. Maybe Be Informed can tell us when the San Andreas will peel that festering sore off so it can float out into the Pacific and sink? Apologies to any family members who live there. Not pointing the finger at you guys either, we have plenty of the “warm and fuzzy” morons here too.


        • Howdy, Aussie, and I agree with your analysis of LA. I’ve been out there in my younger days and seen it all for myself. It is exactly as you describe it; in fact, the best description of the damned place I’ve ever seen. And, yes, I also believe LA could end up in the Pacific one day; that’s exactly what it deserves. braveheart

          • i too like to think of LA sliding into the ocean so i can have beachfront property here in the high desert, but alas, it would probly shake my house apart….meh, maybe it would be worth it.

      21. I think the Founding Fathers would be in trouble today, most of them were farmers.

        • People in your gov have already called the Founding Fathers “terrorists”.

          Perhaps they should change the name of Washington DC, after all, they dispise George Washington, and all he worked for is destroyed.

          • hmmmm, OBAMA, DC…….mmmmm i DON’T LIKE IT!!

          • How about Tel Aviv on the Potomac?
            It is enemy occupied territory after all…

      22. I would boobytrap the shit out my land if the kicked me off then lets see how many teams are still willing to go in after a few sink holes and explosions go

        • Think “sticky fire.” Flames that explode in water. Ole .02 is an ex powder man with a “thing” for fire.

          • You guys are funny. You still think this a movie. Have fun.

            • John W., think whatever you like, but we know everything is real and not a movie, and no, it’s not a laughing matter. braveheart

              • Not funny at all braveheart. I expect that this year will be the make or break year. People better get involved and support conservative candidates both with money and volunteering. The other side has huge donors and they are disciplined. There is no maverick John McLame shit tolerated in the Evil Party. The stupid party has donor money also but they use it to hose us. We might as well admit that there are two Democrat parties and there is virtually no one on our side.

                • Time for voting has long been past. Red vs blue = the jokes on you.

                • John W., I also believe the balloon will go up sometime this year. As Yo Mama always correctly points out, forget about the system. I’ve never had any faith in it and I knew I was right all this time to avoid it. George Wallace said back in 1972 when I was 15, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican parties.” 99.9% of the population didn’t recognize this in 1972, but I did. Joseph Stalin, of all people, once said, “It’s enough to say we had an election. The people who cast the ballots decide nothing. It’s the people who count the ballots who decide everything.” braveheart

      23. It sounds as if the guy in the article had a yard that looked like a dump along RR tracks in backwoods Mississippi. No offense to Mississippi. Complicate that with a politician who wanted the land anyway. And the guy made himself an easy target. Learn from this. Don’t become an easy target.

        • Well Maudy, you know sometime we don’t seek to become an easy target. The snipers just slither in under the mud and make us an easy target. Now if you go down to some fancy sub division that has all these covenants and buy a place, then you must comply, if you don’t then you become an easy target. But if you go out in the boonies and build an old rough log cabin or down by the RR in Mississippi or this case out in the desert or any other remote location then it’s your business what you do with it. Sure if you have nice homes in an area, you don’t allow some one to come in and build a Hog farm next to you without a fight. But on the other hand, if there is a Hog farm out in the country you sure as heck don’t have any business going out next to it and building a lake and selling lots and then raising hell because of the smell. Trekker Out. First Come, Frist Serve!

          • From the article, it sounds as if this man had extensive contact with the local commisar. Which means he may not have been as far out in the boonies as he thought he was. It sounds as if he was under some municipal regulations. He didn’t recognize the threat until it was too late. And no indication that he sought legal representation. There is more than one way to make a dictatorship. You don’t have to be heavy handed monsters like N. Korea. You can have a dictatorship by regulation. That’s what we have now. Soon it will get worse. Everything is in place. I don’t know what I want to do tomorrow, so today I’m going to call the NSA and ask them what I’m going to do tomorrow. They already know!

      24. @PO Pat

        Got some new toys for Christmas to brag about.

        1. 33 round mag for glock 19
        2. Tactical Scope for AR with laser and red/green reticle
        3. More Hollow Points
        4. Snake bore cleaner for AR
        5. 2 metal AR mags
        6. laserbore sight
        7. Tactical vest (hold AK mags)
        8. New blackhawk sling for the AR.

        My wife is awsome and the sales guy talked her into buying a tactical stocking also. Its funny and has a bunch of draw strings,zippers, and pockets. She’s a keeper!!

        She is starting to question my ammo buying so I’ll have to slow down on that since it comes to the house…. Or make more visits to the local shop.

        • Nice,you fooled santa and he thought you were good!I did not expect much but family members called a friend and asked about what I would like(within reason,new scoot wasn’t gonna fly unfortunately!),anyhow getting a check and am getting myself a crossbow,been doing the compound bow for years and always talked about a crossbow but never got around to it,well,now I am!What brand of scope did you get for AR,am interested in optics,still looking/researching.

          • Warchild-

            If you’re preparing for the worst…you need the best. Assuming you have a flat-top…

            ..yes its pricey, its also the very best!

            Go Trijicon ACOG!

        • Indy, sounds like good kit. Congrats and I hope you enjoy it. Need to pick up some extra mags myself for the 19, along with some more pmags.

          • I’ve never tried those pmags in the glock but they work excellent in my AK. That 33 rounder is almost a joke when you see how far it sticks out. It was a bit steep for $50 but I got a giftcard from the rents for Cabelas

            • Boy do I hate that place. When I was back home for Christmas I went to the one in Dundee to exchange something for my niece. I had a $75 gift card and ended up spending another $150 on top of that. Then when I got back to my sisters place, I realized they over charged me on 4 boxes of buckshot. The sale price was 11.99, but they charged me the regular price of 18.99. So on my way home the next day, I had to make a little detour back to cabelas.

              Well the day before they gave me a coupon for $25 that expired the 31st. What was I supposed to do? I’ve been wanting to start reloading and they had a Lee press kit on sale for $125, so with $25 off it was only $100.

              Its like being a kid in a candy store.

            • I wouldn’ta bought that with a gift card. The purchase is now in their database, connected to your ‘rents. ALWAYS pay cash for sensitive purchases.

              • Why, are you afraid of something?

                They should be afraid of us.

        • Indy,

          Yes shes a keeper. I just picked up a Nikon 6x18x40 scope with the mildot comp. For 175.00 new in the box. Thats half what they sale for. Just have to mount on the 30-06 now.
          Last yr for my B.D the kids got me the EO Tech for the Ar,it sure is sweet. Run the with the ND-3 lazer designator at night and those piggies are toast.

          DPS III%

          • DPS

            I would love an EoTech for my AK but those are super expensive. I’ve learned to love the irons on the saiga but the AR needs a sweet scope. I’m still new to scopes so I didn’t want to break the bank.

            I bought a reflex sight a few months ago and returned it because in my opinion, it didn’t do anything… but it was a eoTech either

            • If you are looking for a scope, might I suggest the Zeiss with the Rapid Z 600 for your AR. I have this scope on my 223 Weatherby and it works like the website ( says it should. There is a program on the site that shows you drop on any caliber and after you put in the ballistics (zeroed @ 200 yds) It is spot on. I can smack a coyote @ 600 using the scope alone without the range finder. It rocks but it also takes a bit of user time to “get acquainted.” That is what makes for all the fun.

              • I’m still learning scopes and how to sight in and stuff like that. I figure I’ll shoot with it and see what feedback I get before making a big purchase. Thanks for the info because I love talking guns and bullets.

                Im really a bullet nerd and do a lot of ballistics research. My wife thinks I’m crazy for sure.

                • If you have a led sled or any other vice type rest you aim @ the bulls eye and when you shoot where ever the bullet hits, put the scope back onto the bulls eye and then making sure the rifle don’t move, adjust the cross hairs to the impact hole. I usually start first sight in @ 25 yards and then move to 100

                  • .02 back many years ago when I was somewhat younger, I ran into an old guy that had a gun range on his back forty and he invited me out to sight in some guns, when I got there he told me it would only take two shots with each gun to sight them in and I said no way. So to make a short story long, the method you just explained is what he used, but being hardheaded then just as I am now, and not really very smart, I argued with him for quite some time that I didn’t want my second shot to go down to the first hole, I wanted it to hit the bullseye. Anyhow he finally got me to do it his way and it worked, but I still wouldn’t admit that it was the right way to do it. Trekker Out. Saved A Lot Of Ammo His Way!

              • .02-

                If you get a chance..check out Sheppard scopes, especially the P1 & P2..built in range finder & holdover all in one.
                They’re awesome!

                • Hunter: One shot zero too.

                  • under – over .. or something,.,,anyway it would be on top.

                • Zeiss builds one like that for only 3000 dollars..

                • Hunter, I just looked at those scopes, and the Zeiss for the same money beats these hands down. The Rapid Z has way better range finding plus wind calculations in a way less cluttered reticule. Also the online ballistic calculator is way cool. Nope, if I was going to drop damn near a grand on a scope, make mine a Zeiss…period…

                  • .02-

                    Have zero experience/knowledge w/ Zeiss, but I’ll take your knowledge to heart. The only German scope I possess is a Khales 4x16x44 w/ 30mm tube..mounted on a Sako 30-06.
                    She’s a keeper & sucks in the light like you wouldn’t believe!

                    +1 to ya .02

                  • Yep Hunter, German glass is imo the best. Khales is top drawer no doubt.

                • But if you are really into going top of the line for a mere
                  $4,000 buy this one. Zeiss Diarange M Rangefinding Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 3-12x 56mm Rapid Z 600

                  Here is the info:

                  Knowing the distance to a long range target is just as, if not more important, that knowing what the rifle and ammunition is capable of. Eliminate that factor with a Zeiss Diarange M Rangefinding Rifle Scope. It provides the exact range to a target up to 999 yards through a crystal clear optical system. Wide field-of-view, generous eye relief, and .36 MOA adjustments make this scope useful for any hunting style, and 4 different illumination settings for low-light situations. Fog, water and shockproof, and includes batteries and a Zeiss Rail for easy mounting.

                  If there is any wealthy people that want to buy me one of these I SWEAR I will get them some meat when tshtf. This thing is the end all of all scopes.

                  • Now, when someone buys me this scope, I will mount it under a 340 Weatherby and any meat that walks out from n to s pole is DRT (Dead Right There) Oh what a swweeeeeet setup that would be.

                  • When you are in a high-stress or unfamiliar scenario, your ability to judge distance accurately becomes questionable. When the stakes are high, guessing just doesn’t cut it. You need accurate distance information, and you need it now. Fortunately, Zeiss has you covered. The Carl Zeiss Victory Diarange 3-12×56 T* Riflescope with integrated laser rangefinder is a state of the art sighting system for today’s hunters and tactical marksmen. An integrated laser rangefinder leaves no doubt about your target distance.

                    The laser projects a beam out to your target and when it is reflected back a beam splitter in the scope separates the reflected laser beam and sends it to a receiver diode. Meanwhile, an extremely accurate timer clocks the round trip of the laser beam. Finally, a microprocessor calculates the distance to your target and displays that information within 0.5 seconds after you activate the rangefinder. Below your sight picture the digital display shows an exact distance to your target, enabling you to calculate bullet drop compensation and take your target.

                    The range finding abilities of this Victory Diarange scope are complimented with legendary Zeiss optics, T* coatings and construction. This scope offers a 3-12x zoom range that gives you flexibility for long or short range target acquisition. An extremely efficient 56mm objective lens makes sure you’re getting all the light you need for a bright, sharp and detailed image. Obviously, this scope is for the initiated and the cognoscente. When you crown your action with the Victory Diarange 3-12×56, the game is yours.
                    Come on Lottery Ticket!

        • Cool presents Indy, but I kinda quit with the hardware/ammo as it takes near half a dozen folks at least to carry it. If I load it all into the BOV there is no room for anything else.. Ok now I get it.. buy a truck.

          • I’m still building up the stockpile so I think it’s all stuff that will be of value when SHTF. Glad GOD continues to bless us.

        • Mrs. Indy Colts for President!
          Yep, Indy, she’s definitely a keeper. All I got for Christmas was a chunk of coal. But it was a nice chunk. Kept me warm for a quarter hour standing by the stove. If it gets much colder here in Oklahoma, I’m gonna have to go borrow one of them cozies from the goats….

          • Glad your back Okie, I miss your posts.

            She did complain about the water jugs the other day because a couple on them broke and stained the carpet. I told her to get me a fancy filter and the water purchase s will slow down.

            I know I spent a lot on preps but its better than other men spending money at the bar or on the golf course.

            I tried to tell some sheeple 911 was sham today at work….boy that went well.

          • EVERBODY wants a 69 Goat.

            • 64 and 65 were the best years. After that they became too big. Still would not turn one down. The 64 to 65 LeMans bodies were the best looking American cars made.

        • Awesome Indy…I would recommend to you and any other AR owners a bit of advice.

          Get a quality bolt action rifle in the same caliber. Normally, those who have an AR have a “goodly’ supply of ammo. If something happens to your AR and you don’t have the parts or a back up, what “good” is all of that ammo.

          Lots of good bolt actions out there for reasonable. Mossberg makes the MVP. It will accept the high capacity aluminum mags of AR’s.

          Slap it on a credit card if necessary. Give yourself piece of mind by having a back up.

          Options will be key to survival…lms

          • LMS that is great advice. I also would like to add IF you can find a good bolt with open sights, that is a better choice yet. Maybe buy a used older model if necessary, because all these scoped weapons will become nothing but a club if that scope malfunctions/breaks. Might I suggest the Remington model 788 in 223 or 308 depending on what caliber the auto shucker is. Good ones are still to be had @ 4 to 5 hundred and they are tack drivers.

      25. Conversation started today

        Gregory Allen Greenawalt
        Dear Brad Mitzelfelt,
        I just recently learned about the Nuisance Abatement Team assembled by you and Michael Antonovich and am absolutely appalled by your incompetence to the American constitution. By attacking the defenseless people of the dessert, and forcing them out of their homes is completely sinister and absurd. You should be ashamed for your inhumane way of striving for the beautification of the United States. It is people like you that make the masses of the United States afraid of their governments. I wish to live a simple rugged life and you and your posse of criminals are destroying the individualism of liberty. What does it matter to you if code regulations are not up to par? Isn’t it up the the individual himself, living out in the wilderness, to decide whether or not they want your input? I live in Pennsylvania, if this kind of bullshit democracy stepped on my door, or any of my neighboring counterparts, the people would simply have to refer to the 2nd Amendment. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

        • Nice!

          Please post their reply if those scumbags even dare to write back!

      26. “Nuisance Abatement Teams” – Have they tried looking in the mirror?!

        • Sounds like some outfit you’d call to take critters that got up in your attic. I got a feelin’ before I close my eyes for the final time that I’m gonna show them how much of a nuisance I can really be.

          On a more somber note, a close friend of mine and a long time reader here, passed away New Years Day morning after a bout with cancer. “Marine4life” didn’t post much but he was serious at prepping. We worked together for many years, hunted and fished. He will sorely be missed by his children and wife of 36 years as well as myself and a host of other friends. A toast to you my brother….

          • Po’d

            Sorry to hear that, I remember his name. Seemed like a good man and will toast to him tonight. Hope you have a great new year brother.


            • Saying a prayer for every good one we loose.

            • Po’P-

              Toast indeed.

              May Marine4life receive his due honor!

              ..C-O-M-P-A-N-Y!!!! PRESENT ARMS….

              –a 21 gun salute to a brother in arms–

              ..cue TAPS………………………….


              • You are making me cry! Semper Fi, Marine4Life….

          • Cheers.

          • Sounds like some outfit you’d call to take critters that got up in your attic.
            -Close; these are definitely “bats in the belfry” types.

          • PO,sorry to here about your bud,will have a toast to him with a beer,take care.

          • PO:
            I was not a Marine, but to you and your friend and family SEMPER FI.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

          • We all feel for you loss brother. May his spirit keep a watchful eye over you and yours in these perilous times.

          • I remember that “handle”…sorry to hear this.. 🙁

        • The NATs should make sure THEIR OWN HOMES are still standing when their shift is over.

      27. Derrick Jensen (author) stated that if we try to get away from the system and live sustainably, TPTB will simply strip us of our land if they want to build a parking lot, or whatever. If they deprive the indigenous people of their land (and they always do!!!), do you think they would allow you any rights either?

        They want what they want and they don’t give a crap if you are Indian or white– they want everyone under their control. They want EVERYTHING!!

      28. This is what Government turns into. Take and take, with no or little fair value of market price.

        • Had a good friend in the service from Dodge City Kansas, Felix Martinez. Trekker Out.

          • I used to go shooting with Matt Dillon. Afterwards we would have fun with Miss Kitty.

      29. I hope some lawyer with a moral compass feels for these people and files a lawsuit against the country for harassment, deformation of character, loss of income and personal injury. I hope someone with the balls puts their foot into this counties backside.

      30. Sadly, I hear of this type of governmental intrusion all too often. The govt, its agents and administration are doing this for one main reason . That would be fear, they are afraid of us banding together, so what do they do? take people down one at a time. If they would have pulled this shit on a bunch of like minded people, the story would have ended differently. One of the problems as I see it, I could be wrong but I’ll take a shot, We talk too much, we make it public of our distrust of the Govt, the things we buy, and our plans and we speak before thinking of the reaction. I am not blaming any one individual or group . I do believe if we, practiced better Opsec and Commsec, that activities such as this would not occur as often as they do. Again I’m not looking to argue , just give an experienced opinion. Be safe everyone.

      31. Get your money off of Wall Street and out of the Central Bank’s branches! Buy some gold and silver to barter with — investing in precious metals right now is a fool’s errand. The metals markets are fixed, and fixed to screw YOU, especially. Small investors are the cannon fodder of Precious Metals institutional investors. And when you demand physical delivery, they jack the margins up exponentially. Why? Because they’ve long ago leveraged every last grain of value out of their gold holdings. They don’t own it any longer! They don’t have it any longer! They are now leveraging YOUR MONEY, albeit you still have full financial responsibility for losses, even if you didn’t make them. Can you say, Bail-In? Get your liquidity into a Credit Union. Get away from the Central Banks! Seriously! Do it now!

        • Black Dog,

          The Dodd Frank Act of 2012 does at least two things. It changes the status of depositors at commercial banks, brokerages AND credit unions from “depositor” to “unsecured creditor.”

          And it says the financial institution owns your holdings from the moment you deposit them. My evidence that federally chartered credit unions are under Dodd Frank is anecdotal but it’s good enough for me.

          The NCU Act is about 100 pages long. So is Dodd Frank. Do you want to spend 3 weeks reading them both to answer, “Are credit unions under Dodd Frank?” Unless you’re a banking lawyer you’ll go blind before you answer that.

          A good friend says her CU password changed in response to DF provisions that took effect several months ago. The branch manager of a FCU where I opened a purely bill payer account said the same thing.

          Do I have a FCU account? Yes. When I need to pay bills I deposit that much cash into it. Otherwise I keep about $50 in it. It’s like Las Vegas money. Prudent folk don’t gamble any more than they can afford to lose.

          If one leaves his $ where it can be stolen sooner or later it will be. Including in credit unions.

      32. The vehicle is appropriately named.

        Your the nuisance.

      33. Do you really HONESTLY think you own your homes ???

        Do you really HONESTLY think you are truly FREE ???

        stop paying property taxes … see what happens .

        to one degree or another … WE ARE ALL TAX DEBT ENSLAVED by the PTB-PowersThatBe GLOBALIST international BANKER MAN (family Rothschild)and corporations .

        none of you are free … none .


        • thank you for unlockin my account ;0)


          • learn the truth …

            ZOG AmeriKa is a corporation , you are each a sub-corporation i.e. you all are issued tax debt slave corporation i.d.’s – social security numbers , that exists within the ZOG AmeriKa Corporation .

            the ZOG AmeriKa Corporation is control by the VIRGINIA COMPANY BUSINESS CHARTER under ENGLISH CROWN RULE and BRITISH ADMIRALTY LAW !!!

            you all live for and serve ENGLAND and the BRITISH EMPIRE !!!

            so none of you are free and none own your property , it is the old queenie and the roman catholic vatican black pope who do .

            they just let you rent it from them along with your and your children’s lives … get ???

            any ???

            ‘FUCK THE illegitimate inbred QUEEN.’

            N.O. ;0p

              • Do you honestly believe anyone truly want to hear anything you have to say?

                • @fagboypuss : ‘ lol ;0) jealous , hey old man @fbp , @shtf-stats statistically over the years time and time again shows they do prefer me … over you @fbp .’

                  ;0p pssszzt


              • Thanks for the info… 🙂

      34. Why aren’t they shooting, yet?

        • Uzziel.

          Hahahahahahaha! That’s a good one.

        • Because everyone expects someone else to start.

          • That is exactly right.

            I believe that one of these days, they will make the final mistake…and the biggest battle that this earth has ever seen between good and evil will begin.

        • Uzziel, I’m not really sure about my own comment here, but good or bad its a wonder there hasn’t been some unstable soul on here that hasn’t been pushed over the edge by some of these incindary comments. I won’t be unhappy with thumbs up or thumbs down. Not really sure what the response should be.Trekker Out.

      35. unfortunately, this kind of action isn’t limited to California. it’s actually happening nation wide as a kind of beta test. numerous individuals are being ordered off their land and out of their homes due to so called code violations. people have been ordered to dig up their organic vegetable and herb gardens and take down “non-conforming structures”. Take the case of Mark Baker and Baker’s Green acres in Michigan, fined $700,000 and ordered to kill his 70 heirloom Mangalitsas pigs by Michigan Department of Natural Resources. He wasn’t exactly living in a hovel or a shack. Or the raid on the Quail Hollow Organic Feast in 2011, where one, yes one, health department official closed down a 200 strong gathering of attendees and made them destroy all of their organic food prepared for days by pouring bleach on it so they couldn’t even feed it to the hogs! Actually they can come up with any number of excuses to harass the hell out of you if they want. It’s just another reason to stay away or migrate from the immediate vicinity of large municipalities and the counties which contain them. if at all possible. I’ve encountered the same opportunistic federal government encroachment on an off grid goat and sheep farm where we produce our own milk and cheese and butcher our animals mostly all for our own and neighbor’s use, all due to some high dollar competitors who wanted to run us out of business. Fortunately the friendly local health department reinstated our right to sell cheese at the co-op. Still we’re constantly getting harassing letters from the feds in the big city 260 miles north threatening this and that and basically questioning our right to produce wholesome, delectable organic dairy products and meat. Fortunately, at least for now, we’re too far off the grid and low enough under the radar to not be of more interest to them. It makes me sick to death to see these fascist goon squads running rough shod over the poor and good folks of this nation.

        • Keep fighting friend…you aint beat till they bury you and even then its questionable… 😉

        • Non-entity.

      36. Just wanted to share with you guys this article on “western economies” US is specifically mentioned, cuz article written for Britain.

        • www dot telegraph dot co dot uk/finance/financialcrisis/10548104/IMF-paper-warns-of-savings-tax-and-mass-write-offs-as-Wests-debt-hits-200-year-high.html

      37. I looked at the picture of the “armored truck” again. Is that a standard armored truck used by the banks? If so, regular rifle rounds will penetrate the body. The glass is usually the most armored part of a bank truck. Bank type trucks do not have run flat tires, either. Crews are normally very afraid of fire. A large dump truck, garbage truck or tow truck in the side, works wonders.

        • ;)!

        • The movie “Heat” demo’ed this, they used a Peterbilt to T-bone an armored car, not to mention the explosives, AR’s etc. If I remember correctly, the North Hollywood Bank Shootout was ‘inspired’ by the tactics in the movie. Just sayin….

        • Nice!

      38. Elections have consequences! When you vote for a socialist, whether he be Democrat or Republican, this is what you get. Unconstitutional threats, mommas boys being Abatement Swat officers, condemnation of property and a general loss of freedom. Be very careful who you vote for, California is already gone, the only thing you can do for her now is to let her fail.

        • “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

      39. Domestic Terrorists are in Congress.

        How much does the Holly cost?
        Merry Christmas everyone!

      40. This is out and out fascism. When will the American people rise up and restore their freedom?

      41. I have reciently been approached by individuals who I don’t know. one asked if I sold raw milk. And two others asked about fire wood. I told them I didn’t have enough for my self and never have sold anything. I have since found out a few person,s has gotten legal trouble for selling milk & eggs. And several in trouble for selling firewood. It seems the firewood cutters where not paying severance tax. and the milk & egg sellers violated some kind of health laws.

        • Advice from my DNR: Don’t even let anyone you don’t know on your property.

          Greenies are roaming our area, many of them here for trout fishing (or fish molestation while wearing the latest L.L. Bean accoutremonts, aka: catch & release), seeing something they don’t understand, deciding it is some crime against Mother Earth, snapping pics with their phone and then running to the DNR to report whatever. Some of these reporters are also locals with a grudge the landowner may not be aware of.

          Luckily, the local DNR guys are ok and they understand the motivations, while being on the side of the landowner. They are frustrated, too. But, they have privately advised everyone to be very careful with people on your land who have not specifically been invited by the landowner.

          Another aspect of selling firewood where I live is the Emerald Ash Borer infestation. Wood can only be moved within a specific township. It is now a felony here to transport wood across _township_ lines.

      42. “You can’t live here. The neighbors complained.”

        “Show me a court order.”

        • Very true about the court order. The complainants name has to be included. Then you counter sue, put leans on all their property. Tie them up in court for years and take their stuff.

          • “Liens” not “leans”. Maudy went to public school.

            • Its okay Maudy…they leans on me and my freedom… I leans on them…HARD! 😉

      43. When there are enough feds to start hassling back yard farmers/gardeners.. we have a HUGE problem.

        • The gov. has been quietly adding to their ranks. If you look, you will a shitload. Here is a good read if you don’t know what they will do when they show up.

          Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View Stanley Milgram

          Here is part of my “Push the RESET” campaign to do something everyday to motivate others and myself to get up off our asses and do something. No more armchair patriots. No more “When will the American people rise up and restore their freedom?” Now is the time to get moving.

          Go to josietheoutlaw .com for info and ideas to do your part people. If you keep waiting for someone else your kids and grandkids WILL BE SLAVES!

          • Survive Its Death

          • Agreed Maddog-

            IMO, we have but four choices, they are:

            1.> ..Revolution 2.0 (very violent/lots o’ bloodshed).

            2.> ..Civil war II (ditto, per the above).

            3.> ..a soft divorce via/aka the Czechoslovakian route. (mostly bloodless).

            4.> ..Surrender (resulting in mass slaughter).


            The ever widening/expanding gulf/chasm between free-thinking men/women (real Americans)..and the reprobate enemy/progressive bleating sheep and especially, their self-anointed herd-masters,…is now and forever, irreconcilable.

            Nor can the chasm be bridged! There is NO POSSIBILITY of compromise nowadays!

            ..because anytime you compromise truth/goodness..with ‘evil’…truth/goodness always…


        • Its not just the feds although they are the instigators and financiers in most cases…a lot of this is pushed by the corporations,folks like monsanto who profit off controlling all farming…gotta have a permit from the govicorp to farm and a degree from monsanto university labs…

          • REB-


            Just read an article chronicling the latest GMO corn..where its genetically modified w/ 2,4-D chemical resistance (see agent orange composition for details)..anyhow, this monstrosity of GMO corn, will eventually render sexual sterility unto all who consume it.

            ..thus, they’re intending to eliminate our (thru our children/grandchildren’s) ability to propagate our DNA as GOD intended!

   it an act of War, at a personal level, by big agriculture w/ blessings of TPTB..controlling our govt!


              Colonel Ostrovsky (EX Mossad Col.) notes in “By way of Deception” that Israel and its supporters have a concept of the relation between media and government that is powerfully at odds with our own Anglo-Saxon tradition that inspired the First Amendment.

              From page 290:

              “As usual in these affairs, the journalism fraternity in Israel knew about the operation all along-or at least, they knew what the Mossad and the prime minister’s office wanted them to know – but they agreed to withhold the story until they were given leave to print it. There is a committee of editors, called the Vaudat Orchim, of all the major media outlets in Israel that meets regularly with government officials for background briefing on current events. Israeli television is government controlled, as is all but one rogue radio station, so that broadcasting is never a problem to control.”

              The Jewish – SDS flirtation with “free speech” at Berkeley in the 1960’s was a temporary romance of convenience. Culturally, they are more comfortable with a “Vaudat Orchim” and controlled news.

              Is Laurence Tisch (CEO of CBS,) a Sayan? Vaudat Orchim?

              Is Robert Sarnoff (RCA and NBC) a Sayan? Vaudat Orchim?

              How about Jeff Zuker (executive producer of NBC Nightly news)?

              Is Jeff Sagansky (head of CBS entertainment division) a Sayan? A member of a Vaudat Orchim?

              Is Stuart Bloomberg (head of entertainment programming at ABC) a Sayan? How about Vaudat Orchim?

              Is Brandon Tartikoff (Paramount Pictures) a Sayan? Vaudat Orchim?

              Is Gerald Levin (Time Warner Communications) a Sayan? Perhaps part of a Vaudat Orchim?

              Is Michael D. Eisner (Walt Disney Co.) a Sayan? Or a Vaudat Orchim member?

              Is Martin S. Davis (Paramount Communications) a Sayan? Or a Vaudat Orchim, perhaps?

              Is Peter Chernin (20th Century Fox Film Corp.) a Sayan? Vaudat Orchim?

              How about Sandy Grushow (Fox Entertainment)? Sayan? Vaudat Orchim?

              Is Peter Guber (Columbia Pictures Entertainment) a Sayan? Vaudat Orchim?

              Is Sumner Redstone [Murray Rothstein] (Viacom, MTV, Nickelodeon) a Sayan? A Vaudat Orchim?

              Is Lew Wasserman (MCA Inc.) a Sayan? Vaudat Orchim?

              Is Ron Nessen (MBS radio news) a Sayan? – or a Vaudat Orchim?

              How about Samuel and Donald Newhouse (31 newspapers, 12 broadcast stations, 87 cable systems, Parade, New Yorker, Vogue, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Bride’s, Gentlemen’s Quarterly, Self, House & Garden, etc.)?


              Is Arthur Ochs Sulzberger (New York Times, 33 additional papers, 7 radio and TV broadcasters a cable company and three book publishers) a Sayan? A Vaudat Orchim?

              Is Katherine Meyer Graham (Washington Post, Newsweek) a Sayan? A Vaudat Orchim?

              Is Peter Kann (Dow Jones & Co, Wall Street journal) a Sayan? A Vaudat Orchim?

              How about Mortimer B. Zuckerman (New York Daily News, U.S. News &World Report, Atlantic Monthly)?

              Sayan? Vaudat Orchim?

              Do these people, and dozens more in similar positions meet to discuss how to manage the news? Again, the truth is probably not. Why?

              Simple. They already know what messages must be censored and what events are newsworthy. They already know what to cover and what to leave on the cutting room floor. Except on rarest occasions, they do not need to be told what to do.

              Each of these men will have his own passionately held convictions about what kinds of news and entertainment for goyim will best serve Jewish interests. These are not the type of men who would obediently follow instructions from Isreal. But then the deep racial paranoia and the intense loathing of Christianity that is taught to most Jews as children at the dinner table ensures that many Jews will pursue careers in media (such careers are “good for Jews”) and will know what to do when they get to the top of a network. They generally do not need to be told!

              And that, gentlemen, is the significance of “unitary racial loyalty” that exists among 90% of this world’s Jews.

              Pat Buchanan once referred to Capitol Hill as “Israeli Occupied Territory.”

              Can we justifiably say that we live in “Occupied America?”

              No need to make up your minds yet. Might as well wait for parts two and three of the “Occupied America” series.

              Then you can be the judge!

              • Most Jews don’t hate Christians, just as most Christians don’t hate Jews. You can believe in your ideology of hate all you want, but stop trying to paint everyone else with your hate paintbrush.

      44. The rugged individualist is one of the greatest myths perpetuated on the American public. There is no such thing and never will be. People need other people. The true rugged individualist would have a very short life expectancy. Even these so-called rugged individualist needed other to make the solar panels they used and other materials.

        • I would expect that the old mountain men, trappers and people like Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett would come close. There is no way a modern lifestyle can be done all on ones own. Some however need less help than others. Where would you get your knee pads if not for modern stores eh, Joe?

          • I’m related to Daniel Boone; a descendant of his older brother. My son did a report on him in class a month ago and the other kids thought it was pretty cool that they were related. I bought him a recurve archery set for Christmas. He asked how I would feel about it if he killed a squirrel. I said I would feel sorry for the squirrel unless we were starving, then I’d be thrilled!

            • My oldest cousin who is quite well off having worked for IBM back in the sixties with all the stock options and whatever has huge log cabin house in Boone North Carolina. Awesome place his side of the family goes back to 1630 Scituate, Ma. Other part to 1600 in Pa. No one really famous except for Morris who was the first gov. of New Jersey. One grandma owned a bordello/rooming house in NY.

        • Just because all you know is carport commandos, (are you one?) don’t think that’s all there is.

          • Coach,a few well placed shots from the carport can go a long way towards discouraging the goons.

        • NC Joe
          F- you i am one of those so coome visit me and i’ll show you some tricks!! come on down dip=shit!!

        • NC joe

          Most certainly there are people more self sufficient than others.

          My Father paid everyone to do anything being incapable of putting a nut on a bolt. He was a barber by profession. My friends Father built his own home including plumbing and electrical. He repaired his own vehicles, trapped muskrats with his kids, hunted and ate what he killed and even did his own income tax. He welded too. Can’t be done and its too difficult was not in his vocabulary.

          Of the two in the second paragraph who would make out better in difficult times?

        • Nc You sound like Obama. You didn’t build that small business we paved the roads and built the bridges that you travel on.

          • newbee

            Thinking about that if the collective is so great putting resources to work how come they didn’t invent anything? From Dr Fleming inventing penicillin through the telegraph, telephone, radio, cell phone, mass produced affordable automobile, airplane, personal computer and lets not forget Kentucky Fried Chicken their left in the dust. Communists left to themselves would be living in caves.

            Maybe communism doesn’t retard technology but it certainly by itself moves it forward at a much slower rate than capitalism. I’m a realist and with that fully understand that we need a Henry Ford and a Walter Reuther.

            • Jamestown and Plymouth were both failures trying it the communist way, they switched to the free market model in time to save themselves. The Dare colony also tried the same socialist bullcrap and disappeared.

      45. The only way we’ll ever stand
        Is on our knees with lifted hands
        Make us courageous.
        Lord, make us courageous.

      46. Lol Just remember it takes a team of them to take on just one!

        • Just remember they can shoot you for even the most trivial reason and get away with it. You on the other hand will be up for murder no matter how justified. That gives them all the advantage they need.

          • Perhaps John,but they will also learn when you steal everything from a person including property and dignity and they don’t have much to lose,the goon squad will not have time to unshoulder their rifle/clear their holster before they have job related injuries.

      47. Live a lifestyle that helps facilitate it’s death,learn to live without govt. as much as possible and be ready to meet it when it makes it’s final stand.

        • Do a search for the book “Back to Basics”, worth its weight in gold. This is my second most prized possesion…my AR is my first 😉

      48. Damn Americans have been a bit lazy, looks like they’ve got lots of traitors to hang once they re-Constitutionalize their nation.

      49. OK, but this video is over 2 years old, Uploaded on Aug 23, 2011 to youtube. California is a occupied territory but this article is hardly a news.

      50. Not really surprising at all. You see “America” is long gone. We are in Amerika now comrades. The police are nothing but mindless pawns who enforce the illegal laws of our tyrannical so called “government”. If you want to know why everything is so messed up, just read The protocols of Zion. Compare this Jew manifesto for world domination written over 100 years ago with the stark realities of today and see for yourself who owns and controls all banks, money, media, Hollywood and our pathetic, corrupt, sniveling, inept, pathetic and illegitimate “government”. It’s the Jews sheeple. Always has been, always will be.

        • Blah, blah, blah. Protocols of Zion is a proven fraud. Move to Germany.

      51. I’m sure what’s happening in California will be coming soon to a state near you. Being self-sufficient in electricity is probably the biggest factor in having the government investigate you.

      52. Off subject in a way, just shows how TPTB want all the power….

        What ObamaCare is Really About

        I’m a 54 year old consulting engineer and make between $60,000 and $125,000 per year, depending on how hard I work and whether or not there are work projects out there for me.

        My girlfriend is 61 and makes about $18,000 per year, working as a part-time mail clerk.

        For me, making $60,000 a year, under ObamaCare, the cheapest, lowest grade policy I can buy, which also happens to impose a $5,000 deductible, costs $482 per month.

        For my girlfriend, the same exact policy, same deductible, costs $1 per month. That’s right, $1 per month. I’m not making this up.

        Don’t believe me? Just go to , the ObamaCare website for California and enter the parameters I’ve mentioned above and see for yourself. By the way, my zip code is 93940. You’ll need to enter that.

        So OK, clearly ObamaCare is a scheme that involves putting the cost burden of healthcare onto the middle and upper-income wage earners. But there’s a lot more to it. Stick with me.

        And before I make my next points, I’d like you to think about something:

        I live in Monterey County, in Central California. We have a large land mass but just 426,000 residents – about the population of Colorado Springs or the city of Omaha.

        But we do have a large Hispanic population, including a large number of illegal aliens, and to serve this group we have Natividad Medical Center, a massive, Federally subsidized county medical complex that takes up an area about one-third the size of the Chrysler Corporation automobile assembly plant in Belvedere, Illinois (see Google Earth View). Natividad has state-of-the-art operating rooms, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, fully equipped, 24 hour emergency room, and much more. If you have no insurance, if you’ve been in a drive-by shooting or have overdosed on crack cocaine, this is where you go. And it’s essentially free, because almost everyone who ends up in the ER is uninsured.

        Last year, 2,735 babies were born at Natividad. 32% of these were born to out-of-wedlock teenage mothers, 93% of which were Hispanic. Less than 20% could demonstrate proof of citizenship, and 71% listed their native language as Spanish. Of these 876 births, only 40 were covered under [any kind of] private health insurance. The taxpayers paid for the other 836. And in case you were wondering about the entire population – all 2,735 births – less than 24% involved insured coverage or even partial payment on behalf of the patient to the hospital in exchange for services. Keep this in mind as we move forward.

        Now consider this:

        If I want to upgrade my policy to a low-deductible premium policy, such as what I had with my last employer, my cost is $886 per month. But my girlfriend can upgrade her policy to the very same level, for just $4 per month. That’s right, $4 per month. $48 per year for a zero-deductible, premium healthcare policy – the kind of thing you get when you work at IBM (except of course, IBM employees pay an average of $170 per month out of pocket for their coverage).

        I mean, it’s bad enough that I will be forced to subsidize the ObamaCare scheme in the first place. But even if I agreed with the basic scheme, which of course I do not, I would never agree to subsidize premium policies. If I have to pay $482 a month for a budget policy, I sure as hell do not want the guy I’m subsidizing to get a better policy, for less that 1% of what I have to fork out each month for a low-end policy.

        Why must I pay $482 per month for something the other guy gets for a dollar? And why should the other guy get to buy an $886 policy for $4 a month? Think about this: I have to pay $10,632 a year for the same thing that the other guy can get for $48. $10,000 of net income is 60 days of full time work as an engineer. $48 is something I could could pay for collecting aluminum cans and plastic bottles, one day a month.

        Are you with me on this? Are you starting to get an idea what ObamaCare is really about?

        ObamaCare is not about dealing with inequities in the healthcare system. That’s just the cover story. The real story is that it is a massive, political power grab. Do you think anyone who can insure himself with a premium policy for $4 a month will vote for anyone but the political party that provides him such a deal? ObamaCare is about enabling, subsidizing, and expanding the Left’s political power base, at taxpayer expense. Why would I vote for anyone but a Democrat if I can have babies for $4 a month? For that matter, why would I go to college or strive for a better job or income if it means I have to pay real money for healthcare coverage? Heck, why study engineering when I can be a schlub for $20K per year and buy a new F-150 with all the money I’m saving?

        And think about those $4-a-month babies – think in terms of propagation models. Think of just how many babies will be born to irresponsible, under-educated mothers. Will we get a new crop of brain surgeons and particle physicists from the dollar baby club, or will we need more cops, criminal courts and prisons? One thing you can be certain of: At $4 a month, they’ll multiply, and multiply, and multiply. And not one of them will vote Republican.

        ObamaCare: It’s all about political power.

        • eppe-

          ..and a mega($$$) windfall for the insurance companies.

          Sometimes I think that, Obummer-care was structured/conceived as a DEFAULT EUGENICS PROGRAM…to insure the parasite class infecting the Republic would eventually predominate throughout society.

          Perhaps, killing the host(the productive) the ‘GOAL’ after all!!!


          Who in their right mind..would conceive that herding “ticks” was/is so easy???

        • Eppe,

          If you are really worried about anyone “voting republican”, you have already lost. That is a facade. That is all it has been for the last century. obummercare is about marxist takeover, nothing less, nothing more.

        • to Eppe. Obamacare was designed to be a transfer of wealth out of the middle class. Then by having a health care program to sell the idea to ignorant people, they only needed the politicians to shove the law through. Cant have a communist state if theres a middle class. In a couple of years theyll have it if the finance system doesnt collapse first.

        • It’s about more than that. It’s about destroying the US economy once and for all. Once enough people start buying insurance, I expect at least half of all the restaurants in the US to close. All those people going from full time to part time and all those people paying those high premiums will take trillions out of the US economy.

          It’s certainly not about healthcare. Europeans pay $10 a gallon for gasoline and their healthcare is free.

        • eppe–

          Obozocare is another way to loot the vanishing productive class. To loot, to tax … different words for the same thing.

          Is there anyone out there who doesn’t see how voluntaryists reach the conclusion that taxation is theft?

          Notice the coercion too. You are being FORCED to do something.

          I’ve paid cash for my health care for years. Have no insurance. Won’t sign up to be looted. Won’t join the $4 a month club. Won’t allow the tyrant to subsidize me. Why? Because it’s receiving stolen goods. Stolen from you, reader.

          Does anyone not see that eppe’s post perfectly illustrates that it’s not about partisan political labels?

          The ONLY political distinction that matters is: Does this policy (or person) foster individual liberty or does it foster tyranny? You can’t VOTE this thing better because any major candidate is the power elite’s lackey.

        • eppe, thanks for the informative update. My resolve is, “I will not play”. I also recognize the fact that I WILL need additional rounds and plan on taking care of that post haste. President DAN has just signed another EO on gun control and the new spin coming from his soup coolers is, “Do your fair share and you’ll get a shot”.

      53. Engaging with the police is foolish and pointless. They are just following orders blindly, like drones and if they decide to respect your rights then they will simply be replaced.

        The problem is the one guy that gave the order. But the public is afraid to address such traitors.

        They protest like obedient, naive school children and often blame the police instead of the guy at the top. This lack of testosterone will get you into the land of slaves.

        If the guy at the top knows that he will be treated as he is treating others, he would probably start giving out free champagne instead of taking your home, if you get the meaning.

      54. Your property means nothing. If the state profits from it so be it. What will they take when you have nothing left but your dignity?

        • They want that too…

      55. DK.

        Not going to vote either in 2014.

        Hope to force everybody’s hand into a fight. Gun control, Obama Care, Taxes, Bank Failures, I don’t give a damn.
        Done with the soap and ballot box. I’m tired of paying for other people’s mistakes and stupidity.

      56. I heard on the radio today that North Carolina is now ready to issue free state I.D. cards (tax payer money) voter, I am not getting one because I am not voting for criminals anymore, Yea, Yea, I know Go out and vote, its your right ,sure,but as Hillary would say , what difference at this point does it make,
        not a damn bit in my opinion.

        • Then don’t complain when they do something you don’t like.

          • Smokey.

            I am already complaining now and not much is being done about it. I suppose you have a good representative and senator in Congress.

        • Oh, shit, Smokey, he’s been voting and they still did crap he didn’t like.
          Grow Up!!!
          Open your eyes.

      57. This story really leaves out many details, so here is my hypothesis. Typically, problems like this are code enforceable due to people living on properties without septic systems or water supplies recorded or installed on properties. You may own the land you’re on but improper sanitation can destroy the underground water supply with improper waste. If your property isn’t categorized residential and you are using it as a permanent residence then you are opening yourself up to scrutiny. This is how townships are anle to shut down squatter type lots. Be smarter than they are and make sure you have at least the minimum code requirements. Refusing to educate yourself on a system you despise is ill preparation on your part and only empowers the bureacrats. When you use te system against them you do far greater damage to their control measures than acting sanctimonious from an ignorant position.

      58. It all boils down to one thing. People control, the folks in Cali did not conform, and some piss ant called in the troops. We have to regain what was lost, or like a new pencil without a sharpener, you can’t get much done without a point…

      59. I think every single one of you out there feels this way. THEY ARE ATTACKING ANYONE THAT WANTS THE FEELING OF BEING FREE. It is an assault by EVIL which spelled backwards is LIVE, to destroy any and all those that understand what FREEDOM is all about.

        As someone gets older they remember the days, even a genration ago, in which these nazis did not have the type of intrusion and Gestapo abilities that they have now. The NSA did not have a fraction of what they have now to make your lives miserable. There was no spy drones in the skies. People did not have to worry like they do now about ID theft. People were not scanned by every device that automatically assumes guilt. People could get on to a mass trasport, such as an airline and not have to be probed like some terrorist suspect. People’s lives were much simplier, but a hell of a lot less stressful.

        Here’s something to look forward to. It is going to get much, much, much, much worse. WHY? Because just like the analogy of a boiling frog, the KGB tactics are gradual and the masses are not aware of them, they just slowly happen and they do not see it because of all the modern conveniences that have made their lives even more sedentary, lazy both physically and mentally, sloth like. Whether someone likes it or not, the masses, the majority are the ones that allow this police state to exist and thrive.

        Look at the extreme attack on basic rights as a living being to defend ourselves against attack. These anti-gunners would call anyone for animal cruelty to saw off the horns, rip out the teeth, and declaw an animal to become easy pickens for some predator in the wild. They would called this a crime. Yet these totally brain dead hypocrites would want their fellow human being to become totally defenseless against a predator. These a$$hole$ don’t even want you to be safer from an animal attack by banning a food you use on pizza and many other meals, cayenne pepper. These monsters don;t even want someone to be able to use ANY weapon, much less so a firearm in your own home to protect yourself or tiny totally defenseless children from a pure evil prevert or killer.

        They praise someone with toe rot of the brain like pierless morgan, that Atlantic Ocean wetback of a pile of fly infested smoking crap as someone that knows what is best for all Americans. That is why england has a violent crime rate 4 times higher than the U.S. They vote in these pro police state anti-self defense sludge crawlers as what is best for the people. Not by slivers of margins, but by 20-50% over their nearest opponent.

        I look at sit coms, even animated shows that were made in the pre 1980’s and the amount of freedom and happiness that people experienced can be seen so clearly. Yes people did not have the internet and looked to their batteried operated radios or techicolor TV sets for information and entertainment, but they were happier and freer. Another thing you can see was the people were healthier and were not walking pork chops filled for of chemical garbage that now is totally impeding their thought and brain processes and especially their common sense and values of what freedom really means. Check out some TV shows made in the 1960’s and 1970’s and see the people, not just the stars, the extras and see how they looked in comparison to now. Look at some news clips of regular people filmed back then, they were much better off, visual proof of this is sadly to obvious.

        Even a site like this with many people that see, hear and feel exactly what is happening to ALL of our freedoms remain the minority to utter corruption and enslavement of EVERYONE. Until the vast majority of the population are awakened to what is happening, the boiling of ALL of our freedoms will continue until ALL of our freedoms are boiled away into the steam that dissipates into the air above.

        • <strong<Let's have a little poll out there in regards to personal freedom.

          A green thumbs up to everyone that feels that freedom is one of their top priorites in life, something that makes life worth living.

          A red thumbs down to all of those that would rather be lead around by the nose by some government agency, because THEY know what is best for you.

          • Be informed

            Most here value freedom above all else..
            save a few obvious ones who still believe in the system to enact change..

            Anyone who still believes in freedom would definitely (personally) possess the natural right,not government issued right, to defend themselves and family..afterall the right to defend oneself protects all the other so called government issued rights by the Constitution and Bill of rights..

            Unfortunately our so called rights by the above 2 edicts have been eradicated,legislated, and usurped by the current and past regimes..they ignore every right they swore oath to…

            We are now in the final death throes of the empire..much akin to ancient Rome..corrupt senators,justices,legions,businesses,Caesars, etc all enacting laws enriching themselves and taxing the plebians, serfs,and landowners to fill their coffers.

            While rome was empire building across the globe,it’s expansion emptied the treasuries..thus unrest was to follow at home so they built their coliseums,offering free food and entertainment to the restless masses to keep them placated and loyal..bread and circus..

            The same exists to day with welfare,ebt, snap. section 8,cable tv,multimedia,sports, and of course a multitude of toxic chemical stews introduced in our food,water ,and medicinal heath chain to keep us in line..docile,complacent,lazy,uninformed and obedient in their servitude..

            Nothing has changed for thousands of years..except more serfs to tax,comfortably numb,and never questioning authority…

            Four conglomerates control over 90% of all media..propagandizing the serfs to buy, be quiet, see something say something,obey,watch tv,pay your taxes,pharmaceutically induce themselves for every malady,guns are bad, it;s for the children,vote republican,vote democrat, etc etc..

            Government has expanded to a massive surveillance grid with the irs dhs epa tsa fbi cia nsa dor local county and state law enforcement to keep us in check and enforce willing compliance to the state..
            Hell even rome didn’t have the technology and massive bureaucracy to enforce and enslave every potential detractor or serf..

            We are the same 3 or 4 % as in all periods of history.

            We as our ancestors,question authority,believe in freedom, and are willing to stand up to tyranny.

            Question what?

            I certainly don’t know..


            • Great post Possee ! History repeats itself.

              • @ possee. Well said, so well said. The only difference now as opposed to the past several thousand years of civilization is that humans now have the ability to destroy themselves and much of life on the planet. It doesn’t have to be nuclear war either, it can be a series of Fukushimas. Humans can now pull the proverbial trigger that ends human civilization. Unless people grow spiritually and intellectually, history will repeat itself but next time with multiple magnitudes of catastrophic destruction.

            • Occupied America – Part III – Politics and Money

              In our second installment of this “Occupied America” series, we noted that three conditions must obtain for a country to be considered “occupied.” The third condition was that:

              The occupier must dominate the political process and must exact tribute.

              We will examine whether this condition is satisfied in this third installment.

              Trying to understand government policy questions with a rational and “race blind” world view is crippling. You cannot explain why things happen the way they do.

              You miss every time!

              Why do we have welfare policies that have driven black illegitimacy from about 3% in 1950 to 70% today?

              Why do we have welfare policies that cause 40% of black males to be in jail or on probation, to have contempt for serving customers, and to become unemployable?

              Why are we constantly inventing new legal “rights” that tie the hands of police in stopping the massive wave of crime that engulfs our central cities?

              Why do teachers focus on “self esteem” while dumbing down math and reading – producing constantly falling SAT scores?

              Why do we have welfare policies that have driven the White illegitimacy rate from less than 1% in 1950 to 24% in 1995?

              Why do we have uncontrolled immigration and falling wage rates for our less educated citizens despite 70% opposition by the electorate?

              Our race-blind conservatives recognize that these policies are mistaken and believe that once they point out the error of these policies, our government will stop.

              But race blind conservatives have been pointing out the error and destructiveness of these policies for over 40 years! Yet the policies continue! Everyone understands that people and governments can make mistakes. But after 20 years of bad results, you would expect the policies to change!

              But they don’t!


              There is a simple answer.

              It is an answer that middle class Euro-America doesn’t yet want to hear. The answer is that these policies are perfectly consistent with the racial and ethnic interests of their proponents.

              Disregard the racial and ethnic agenda and you can never comprehend why government does what it does.

              But in our society, understanding the ethnic and racial agenda is difficult, for it is an agenda that does not speak its own name in public. It is an agenda that tries mightily to conceal its purposes and the real reasons for its actions.

              Not a word of these purposes will ever pass the electronic media. Very seldom will they pass in the print media. However, if you want to predict the outcome of a presidential election, or understand why we adopt horribly destructive social policies, understanding a few simple ethnic/racial agendas is critical.

              There is a 100% correlation between government actions and the racial interests of those who participate most vigorously in the governmental process. The policies that seem so perverse and retarded are perfectly rational and effective once one understands the real motivations.

              Conservatives open every criticism of these destructive policies with the ritual incantation that the liberals promoting them have “good intentions.” But how do conservatives know that?

              Where is the evidence of those good intentions?

              The fact that conservatives never attempt to prove liberal good intentions tells you that they are passing before a very important social censor. The ritual incantation of “good intentions” is a protective device that prevents them from having to get to the ugly truth.

              But it also prevents them from developing any motivational message capable of galvanizing voters to oppose the policy. If you cannot identify the bad motive behind the policy – if you are not allowed to identify the proponent publicly and how he benefits from the policy – then, you cannot effectively attack his policy.

              On Jan. 24, 1995 The Wall Street Journal published a book review by Scott McConnell on page A 20 entitled “Strange and Powerful Allies” about the “Creation and Collapse of the Black-Jewish Alliance.”

              “Mr. Friedman, an official of the American Jewish Committee, shows that the history of blacks and whites fighting racial discrimination together was mainly a story of cooperation between blacks and Jews. Former Columbia professor Joel Spingarn, a Jew, chaired the NAACP shortly after its founding in 1909; for decades Jewish attorneys made up the majority of the NAACP’s legal committee. A Jewish leftist named Stanley Levison was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s closest advisor. Two-thirds of the whites who went South as Freedom Riders in 1961 were Jews, as were over half the white volunteers for Mississippi Summer of 1964.

              “Left-wing Jews from the National Lawyers Guild were heavily involved in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the civil-rights youth group that emerged in 1960. Liberal Jews such as Allard Lowenstein (later a congressman) went South to volunteer their legal services for the cause of civil rights. And Jewish martyrdom is also part of the story: Andrew Goodman and Joseph Schwerner, two young New Yorkers doing voter-registration work, were assassinated on a deserted Mississippi road in 1964, with a Young black named James Chaney.

              “Mr. Friedman writes as an old-fashioned liberal, with undiluted admiration for most of the Jewish activists who combated racism. Indeed, his book is an effective rebuke to black publicists who minimize the Jewish contribution to the civil-rights struggle. Yet there are times when his narrative cries out for a speculative approach.”

              The author of the review, Mr. McConnell, then coyly notes:

              “These days, the movement that broke down the barriers of discrimination, integrated the schools and created the industry of civil-rights litigation is invariably presented as an unmitigated triumph. Yet black anger and despair remain in many ways deeper than ever.

              “This prompts the question whether the path of the modern civil-rights movement was the only good one available to black Americans. Incredible as it may seem, there are still scarcely any black-owned grocery stores serving Harlem or Watts. Might it have been possible for black leaders to place more emphasis on building businesses, less on filing lawsuits against discrimination?”

              It seems quite clear, in retrospect, that the Jews motives for fomenting the civil rights movement were bad. How do we know?


              The Jews themselves used industry, thrift, entrepreneurship, hard work, and study to get ahead. Yet for blacks, they counseled demands, entitlements, legal rights and claims against the majority.

              Having already produced success for themselves, it is inconceivable that Jews ever really believed that the civil rights program they presented would produce equality or opportunity for blacks. You cannot make such a mistake when you have your own contrary experience to draw from.

              It was a program intended from the beginning to produce a permanently dependent voting block of alienated people angrily opposed to the Euro-American majority. It has accomplished that purpose. The program was intended to impose costs on Whites, and divide them in such a way that only a super-majority could assert majority interests and win an election. It accomplished that objective as well. In short, the civil rights program was “good for Jews.” Whether it was good for blacks was irrelevant. And in any event, it was quite different from the program the Jews followed to advance their own interests.

              My thesis is that the dumbing down of Television entertainment, the dumbing down of our schools, the dumbing down of our elections, the creation of social welfare policies that entrap blacks – the general decline of our culture – are part of a single rational and sensible program for political control of the United States.

              The theoretical underpinnings of this program were developed in the early part of this Century by Jewish social scientists at the Frankfort School, and following their move to the U.S. in 1938, the New School For Social Research in New York. This school invented public opinion and polling. It invented new advertising concepts for the electronic media. Those who understood the power of advertising paid up to acquire the media empires. (See “The Radio Project and Little Annie” on the “breakthroughs” page at

              It was a more effective way of controlling the masses than totalitarian Marxism. Same program – same ultimate objective – just new techniques and new marketing.

              Instead of yearning for capitalism to produce an economic collapse from which they could grab power, the alienated Jews would work to produce a cultural, moral and social collapse, toward the same end.

              Can cultural decline really render a population easier to control?

              Yes indeed!

              But to further our inquiry into the question of whether the American political process is dominated by a hostile power, three things are necessary:

              Disproportionate political contributions by Jews,

              Direct policy demands presented to the politicians by Jewish contributors, and

              Slanted Television coverage by Jewish media barons as a means of electing obedient candidates and defeating disobedient candidates.

              A. Disproportionate Political Contributions:

              From the Mar. 2, 1978 Wall Street Journal, P 18, article entitled “American Jews and Jimmy Carter” by James M. Perry, we read the following:

              “The Jews are the most affluent group in our society. They are the most professional -20% of the lawyers are Jewish, 9% of the doctors. * * * “Jews are generous with their money. The White House’s Mr., Siegel previously a longtime employee of the Democratic National Committee, estimates that as much as 80% of the big gifts that sustain the party, year in and year out, come from Jews.”

              • Love the cut and paste “history lesson”, full of the usual blame the Jews bs.

                The public school system in this country is based on the system of schooling the Prussians used to control their populace. And who were the Prussians, you ask? Why they were part of the German kingdom, largely POLISH. So we have the Poles to thank for this country’s mind-numbingly stupid public school system.

          • And maybe we should count the red thumbs as green because they are from people freely choosing to not cooperate with you, thereby inadvertently reinforcing your point the people here choose to swim against the stream. If they want to disagree with you they have to not vote. Only the non-voters don’t get counted.
            Nicely played.
            Nice illustration of what we are up against. I knew I liked the way you think. Thank you.

          • Freedom is the only priority my friend…without it nothing else matters much….

        • Be Informed:

          Now if you would just step up to the plate and tell us who “they” in your article it might help a lot of confused folks understand the truth of your “they”. You write a lot of articles, Be Informed, but you can’t quite hit the target when it comes to “they”. Who are the people in your article that you are so concerned about.

          Name some names, Be Informed. Help us identify that enemy that is destroying the fabric of America.

          • POG,

            My guesstimate of 100,000 wealthiest Amerikans who own everything worth owning and the politikal process comes from Charles Hugh Smith and his one of a kind blog,
            oftwominds. In 2009 and 2010 he wrote a series of about 20 posts detailing the myth of the middle class and the harm concentrated wealth is doing to our freedom.

            Then there’s G. William Domhoff, Who Rules America, 6th ed. 2012. Has a website too. He is a Univ of California sociology professor who has been studying the power elite for about 50 years.

            The Fortune 400 list of Amerika’s wealthiest people. Not monolithic. Not even the same political party but according to Domhoff they are monolithic in one thing:

            their belief they are fit to rule us.

            Publicly held corporations have Investor Relations departments on their websites. Research the largest individual owners of Fortune 500 corps. Their boards of directors. Their ranking officers.

            Many super rich have Family Offices, where they manage their billions or hundreds of millions. Hedge funds and privately held companies come to mind. For example,
            The Carlyle Group.

            The Board of Governors of The Federal Reserve and their various regional banks. Goldman Sachs, B of A, Citibank. People who rotate in and out of ranking government positions all their careers.

            Why do a very small fraction of universities, such as the Ivy League, Stanford, Chicago etc get so much research money from the Govt? Because of well-connected professors and their alumni. Those names are findable.

            The super rich very carefully maintain their privacy. Some of the the wealthiest people in Amerika live in my county. They own a candy company you might have heard of, and other things. The Mars Family.

            But their “useful idiots” their helpers, on university and corporate boards, ARE findable.

            There is no unified, current list right there for a lazy person to peruse. We hafta do our own research. I’ve done a lot on my own.

            Dive in and do some too. You might begin with:

            Domhoff’s Who Rules America for a schematic of the zoo, the cast of characters.

            Charles Hugh Smith, oftwominds, for his analysis of how concentrated wealth harms our freedom,

            and Fortune’s 400 List of Wealthiest Americans.

            • Thanks, John Allen:

              I’ve been there and done most of what you have posted.

              It takes some time to look up all the information you have posted here; but it certainly is worth every minute. The internet has made it pretty easy to identify the guilty culprits that are bent on making slaves of the whole world.

              I have posted this link:

              iamthewitness dot com/DarylBradfordSmith_rothschild htm

              in a post further on down the page. It is the best compacted history lesson that I have EVER found. If you haven’t already been there, John Allen, do yourself a favor.

            • It’s the Fortune 500 list of the largest publicly traded corporations. It’s the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest Americans.

              The best paid physicians and the best paid attorneys do very well. But they are white collar working class compared to the most successful alumni of the top graduate schools of business.

              Money making money while one sleeps, from financial legerdemain, yields real wealth, sometimes within one generation, that performing however many appendectomies just does not match.

              Most US Senators and many US Representatives are millionaires. But they are not the power elite. They are its minions, its lackeys. They do the bidding of the super rich who select and fund them.

              An example is the Pritzker Family, who made their wealth in hotels. They grubstaked Obozo early on.

              I tried to post this 5 minutes ago. Got a “404 Error … Page Does Not Exist.”

      60. I have done a little research on this article on my own, This article is once again way off base and spreading a lot of mis information and untrue facts. Stop being a sheeple yourself, and look into the real facts of case.

        I used to like this site but i find the Daily Sheeple is spreading as much BS as the other side now a days.

        • Anon how true. Mis-info runs rampant. I use to get alot of emails, and if they supported what I believed, I sent them out to my friends on my list. Then I started checking on some of the articles that I forwarded and found them to be untrue. When every I help to keep a lie going even though I didn’t start it, it makes me no better than the original liar. So know your source, or don’t elaborate on it. Trekker Out. I Talk To Much!

      61. It’s been a busy week at Amalgamated MegaCorp Trucking…

        0700 Pick up new student driver.
        0730 Student squashes two plastic cones on test drive, flunks backing test.
        0800 Pick up next student driver. Floats the gears like a pro, backs beautifully, corners great and even knows what ‘tail lash’ is. (and doesn’t hit anything with it) All while listening to classic country on the radio. This one’ll do fine.
        0900 Load his gear into my rig and head out.
        1030 Pick up 44,000 lbs of frozen burritos at warehouse and head west. (my favorite direction)
        1300 Fuel up near Weatherford, TX. Buy new boots at western wear store across street. Student buys a hat.
        2130 Stop for night, outskirts of El Paso.
        2145 There’s a karaoke contest at the honky tonk next door. Plus free line dance lessons from a cute instructor in painted-on blue jeans. Oh boy, we get to try out our new cowboy duds! (dang, I love this job)
        2300 My feet ache, these boots are killin’ me. Take 5th place in Marty Robbins sound alike contest (there was only 6 of us and the guy behind me didn’t speak a word of English)
        2330 Student informs me he is in love with dance instructor. Since we’re both still sober, I take the news seriously. Hustle him back to truck with lame excuse of a long days drive ahead of us. He grudgingly leaves honky tonk. (after securing phone number of dance instructor)

        0600 Enjoy a leisurely breakfast of lard soup (or something like that, anyway it involved bacon).
        0700 Pre trip the truck and head out. Student is driving.
        0900 Student makes unscheduled stop in Las Cruces. Calls his new ‘girlfriend’ It’s a disconnected number. He’s crushed.
        1100 Somewhere near Lordsburg, NM, student pulls into rest area. Says he can’t go on without her, the heartbreak is gonna kill him.
        1115 I switch to tennis shoes (damn these new boots) and relieve him behind the wheel.
        1120 Assessing his emotional state as he slumps in the passenger seat, I replace the George Jones cd with New Jason Aldean disc. (come on baby let’s go listen to the niiiiiight train…) Student immediately begins to cheer up.
        1630 Fuel up at Tucson.
        1900 Stop for night west side of Phoenix. By sheer coincidence, there’s a night club just down the street. Turns out to be ‘La Musica Grande Escondido’ or something like that. I think it means ‘On Tuesdays The Gringos Go Elsewhere’ We decide to cut the night short and get some sleep. Student is disappointed, says he misses whats-her-name from El Paso.
        1915 Return to truck, only to discover someone has stolen both my cb antennas. (next time I’m putting those suckers on with JB Weld)

        0630 Breakfast of ham, eggs and ‘pancake puppies’ I’m relieved to read the fine print on the menu that states “No actual pups were harmed in the production of this meal” Student plays it safe and has coffee and toast.
        0730 Student drives. I keep him distracted with an assortment of upbeat classic country (Amos Moses by Jerry Reed is a favorite). He seems to be almost cured.
        1015 We roll into the California Agriculture Inspection check point. I caution him to keep quiet about the sunflower seeds. (otherwise, we have no plants, fruits or vegetables) They let us pass.
        1430 Unload burritos in Fontana, CA. Swap trailers in Riverside and head north.
        1645 Meet other truck in Barstow and swap trailers again. Head east with a load of auto parts (I didn’t check the paperwork too close, but it’s probably 40,000 lbs of plastic Hyundai gear shift knobs).
        2300 Roll in to Flagstaff. We’re in luck, the Little America truck stop still has an empty parking space. Call a friend who lives nearby. He offers to come pick us up. I tell him we’ll take a rain check, we got a hot load. (thousand of Hyundai drivers are stuck in neutral and they’re depending on us)

        0700 Little America serves a mean breakfast biscuit, but they ain’t got a clue what a chicken fried steak is. I’ll be glad when we get back to civilization. (Or Arkansas, whichever comes first)
        1030 Fuel in Gallup. Student has a weak moment and gives 85 cents in pocket change to a drunk guy. I tell him the story of the professional panhandler I saw on tv who makes more in a year than the two of us combined. He promises to be more cautious.
        1230 There’s a poker tournament at the Indian casino at Sky City but we roll right past. Don’t want to hit Albuquerque at rush hour. Besides, he has no money and I stink at black jack. I’m finally getting these boots broke in, they barely blister my toes now.
        1400 A quick lunch in Moriarty, NM continues to prove my theory that nobody west of the Pecos or north of the Mason-Dixon knows how to cook a chicken fried steak. Student is slipping in and out of remorse over the dance teacher.
        I keep the cd player loaded with Jerry Clower comedy (knock him out Johhhhhhnnn) and, as a last resort, a bit of disco (I think of it as shock therapy for a broken heart, some patients fully recover. Others just start dressing funny)
        1830 Stop in Amarillo. It’s a bit early to quit for the day, but what the heck. There’s a live band and some fine two-steppin’ at The Texas Twister, and it’s walking distance from the truck stop. Plus, they have a good restaurant that knows what to do with a piece of meat. (fry it, what else!?)
        1930 Quite a crowd at the Twister. Student meets a gal who’s teaching him the San Antonio Stroll. She said her mom wanted to name her Bambi and her dad wanted Fantasia, so they compromised and named her Disney. (I guess that’s better than calling her Tron). I notice she has one blue eye and one green. Other than that, she’s, ahem… pretty well balanced out. And she’s a sweet gal. Student is totally gone on her.
        2245 Despite his protests, I drag student back to truck. (‘Hey! Remember, you’re a Professional. Thousands of Hyundai drivers are counting on you!’) Disney promises to call him and he finally relents.

        0700 Get new cb antennas (and a tube of JB Weld). We’re ready to roll. I warn student NOT to use his hand held cell phone while driving. He pouts but obeys.
        1100 Stop in Okla City and loan student money to buy a blue tooth, otherwise he’s stopping every 30 minutes to take a call from Disney and we’re never gonna get anywhere.
        1415 Fuel again near Ft. Smith. As we pull back on the interstate, I tell him to hammer on it so we can make Little Rock by happy hour. He laughs, knowing I stay alcohol-free when I’m in the truck. “You just want another one of these” he says.
        There, on the dash is my 3 inch tall plastic trophy from the Twister. It’s in the shape of a cowboy boot. The hand lettered cardboard base is inscribed “To smokin okie, 3rd runner-up in the weekly dance contest. And, All-Time Rocord Holder in the chicken fried steak eating contest.”
        I smile. And think to myself, (I wonder if Waylon Jennings ever sang ‘I wanna put on, my my my my my boogie shoes’?)
        Nah… probably not… Dang! My feet are sore….

        • I have a cousin who’s a driver, I love, love, love the stories!.

        • Damn Okie you tell a good story. Brought back fond memories with Amos Moses song and good ol Jerry Clower (and the Leadbetters). Matter-of-fact, my rooster is named after the one in one of his stories.

        • SmokinOkie,
          You ever see any trucks with Frog Hollow, Arkansas on the door? We saw a couple over on I-40 near Flagstaff. Wife thought it was funny as she used to drive an eighteen wheeler when she lived in Paragould. She hates even the mention of Arkansas. Your story was good. You should try and get a magazine to start publishing them.

      62. Stripping away freedoms in far-left LA, Kalifornia shouldnt be a surprise to any of us. Theyre getting what they wanted. Maybe now theyll get their collective asses up and fight for a few of their constitutional rights. Right now I dont have pity on Kalifornians who asked for the nanny state. There are a half dozen states going down this road right now. Anyone living in those states should be taking the final steps to leave. Ask yourself whats more important a paycheck or freedom, a nice car or your property rights.

      63. Okay.. think about this, people. What kind of people live in CA? I bet this is literally a bunch of Rich Pricks who have had enough of having to deal with an “Eye Sore”… Sadly enough it isn’t JUST the government that is full of Bastards. We, the people, have our fair share, as well. On the other hand, the Gov’t is sure as heck going overboard, as usual.

      64. This is not a new thing. The same thing happened in the 60’s. Only back then they just came in with bulldozers and dozed down dwellings of the hippie back to the landers. Louis Gottlieb Morning Star Ranch is a good example.

      65. Wow, lots of comments on this story. It is certainly an illegal and immoral harassment of innocent people, likely for nefarious ends. If the people would just band together and stand up for their constitutional rights, they stand a chance of stopping these goons and their Nazi tactics. A solution I would pursue is to contact every neighbor within a 10 mile radius and ask them if they filed complaints against one of these persecuted landowners. Then with that information, I would hire a lawyer and demand that the county produce their “complaints”. Which I’m sure would turn out to be false. The short story by Stephen King, written under a pseudonym titled “Roadwork” is worth reading.

      66. Maybe some of the Abatement teams need to not make it back to HQ and they’ll get the message … Kinda like the Revenuers in the hills of TN …

      67. I believe this is outside of Lancaster. If so, didn’t this take place in late 2012/early 2013? Or is this a new occurance?

      68. i think its time to come together and complain about there housing, bring these swat teams to there home, see how they like it.

      69. UBUNTU Liberation Movement and New Earth Project are two examples of moving away from the Central Bank/State model into a moneyless, cooperative, society with abundance for all. Everyone donates three hours per week to the activity of their choice, growing food, raising animals, building things, etc. Let’s get the show on the road!

      70. Search” {“My-Five-Issue-Plan”} It’s really all about Obligation, Dedication and putting something worthwhile into the Presidency that will be there before, during, and after any election.

        Happy New Year ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12:08 P.M. E.S.T. 1/4/2013

      71. Most swat raids are successful because they meet with no resistence. They are planned to overwelm any resistence from unsuspecting targets. If you think you may be a target for a raid, change something. Either move often so that the snitches can’t give out good info on you. My favorite is, make it look like your home asleep. Set a trap, preferably of the incendiary nature. And be in an over watch position to fire on the enemy from their rear. Have avenues of escape. Your life, as you knew it, is now over. Shoot and scoot. See you on the “other side”.

        • These issues are civil not criminal. Why do they even need a SWAT team? This is just like the raids the did on the raw3 milk sellers going into their store with guns drawn. They expect that raw milk sellers are going to start shooting? It is all an abuse of power and will seemingly only get worse until the American populace wakes up.

      72. well, new lessons learned this week.

        1. We had more than enough wood cut for the winter….or so we thought. We had 2 more cord than we used each of the last 3 years. we’re more than half way through it and have 4 months of wood stove use to go. UGGHHHHH. I HATE to buy wood.
        2. Chickens like to roost in -6* weather. Even though I pony up and pay to heat their ‘pad’. Still giving me eggs, though.
        3. Need more SHTF plumbing supplies. in -6* weather the pipe that never burst all these years of freezing in prolonged days below 25* (despite pipe warmers) finally said F-U.
        4. When I lose weight I need to keep the ‘fat’ clothes for winter. layers layers layers.
        5. you can NEVER have to many types and sizes of hats, gloves and socks

        I think I’m becoming a HOARDER>>>>>>

        • MN, WI, ND, IA??? It is tough not to be a hoarder in weather like this.

          • CT. I’ve never had been in temps below zero! I don’t know what I would do if I were in the Midwest!

            • Our highs for Monday are looking to be in the -20 range, with even lower temps further north. Wind chills approaching -60 for my area. We laugh when we hear about a major “cold snap” on the east coast. 😉

            • I think you got spoiled! 🙂 I grew up in CT, kept up with peeps when I went south in 72, but they said they weren’t getting snow like we had when I was little(50s and 60s)… Until now…I think the huge snowstorms I remember are coming back now, and nearly 2 generations of people have grown up without having to deal with it…you’ll catch on quickly! Keep layers on, don’t go out unless you absolutely have to, and stock up during the summer and fall! Stay cozy!

              • I’m a Mississippi girl, only been in CT 18 yrs. hasn’t been this crazy of a winter since I been here

                • Yep, right around 1970,71 we started noticing the longer warmer falls, very little snow, and my friend Terrie said they didn’t get any snow to speak of for several years in a row. It was wierd. When we left Virginia to come here in 2005 we were planting flowers in November, and I couldn’t believe how warm it was! Shirtsleeves in Dec! We found out that we were on the tail end of a drought that had been going on for 5 or 6 years…in 08 the drought ended, and now the locals are telling us it’s going back to the way it used to be….in the 50s and 60s! Stay cozy!

        • NPPH.

          Welcome to the club on hoarding.

        • You aint hoardin…you aint livin… 🙂

          • Whew…. the last few posts are starting to make me feel normal again.

          • AND, if you ain’t hoarding…you ain’t paying attention.

            • It AIN’T hoarding, it’s stockpiling. STOCKPILING IS DONE BY INDIVIDUALS. HOARDING IS SOMETHING DONE BY CORPORATIONS WITH A CERTAIN GOOD OR SERVICE IN ORDER TO RAISE THE PRICE OF IT AND MAKE WINDFALL PROFITS ON IT. Sorry for the all-caps, but everyone, let’s get the terminology straight, PLEASE!!!!!! I STOCKPILE my supplies for myself. I don’t HOARD anything because I’m an individual, not a corporation. braveheart

      73. Be informed- I have a question for you. A quake hit off the coast of the Fukushima area, and it looks as if it was on the faultline, but only 10 km deep. If the core is truly melting down, could the process of melting down into the crust trigger earthquakes? I couldn’t think of a mechanism as to how this would occur but thought I’d ask your opinion.

        • @ kynase. Earthquakes are triggered through tension that builds up beyond the critical breaking point of a certain amount of rock mass. Other man-made earthquakes such as nuke tests are seismic but don’t have to do with stress on a certain section of plate. Even a total meltdown of all nuclear power plants on the planet are so tiny in comparison to amount of rock mass that is required to build up enough pressure and then the release of that pressure on even small faults, nothing will happen from this. Thankfully.

          What you are seeing is the Junction points of the northern Philippine plate interacting with the Pacific, Asian, and North American plates. This area will be one of the most active areas that there is until the Philippine plate is shallowed up many hundreds of thousands to millions of years from now. Wonderful place to put a nuclear reactor. The recent earthquake on the Central Mid Atlantic Ridge is showing a back feed of energy from The Japan/China region and the Pacific plate in the New Guniea area to east Indonesia and Alaska. The Mid Atlantic Ridge always shows tension also on the Nazca and Cococ plates that influence the Central and South American coastlines, this includes southern Mexico.

          • Thanks for the insight. Aside from the nuclear fallout, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was any possibility that the faults could be impacted. I didn’t think there could be, but wasn’t sure. Thanks for such a thorough response. 🙂

      74. Perhaps they should dig their garage and house underground and hide their solar panels with bushes. I can’t believe it’s come to this!

      75. They should dig their garage and houses underground,
        with only their solar panels laying flat on the ground, hidden by brush.

      76. This is not new. The L.A. County Supervisor, Antonovich, is cleaning house for the developers who pay for his campaign fund. The reporter should follow up in a year. It is a sure bet that signs will be up for the coming housing tract.

      77. @ Pissed off Granny. THEY are the ones that aim to take away our freedoms. Say we start with KING BO and the executive orders that are nothing more than overriding the Constitution. How about all those that are attacking the 2nd. Amendment and trying to turn the U.S. in a gun free zone like europe, and a self defense free zone like these european hell holes. Orgress Feinsteinless, Nancy Piece of, Chucky E. Schumer, God there are so many anti-gunners now it would take megabytes of space to list them all.

        How about the f’en retards that use political correctness to censor our words all over the internet now on these worthless other sites that use the false premise that bashing is anything and all criticism of a bad article posted by the idiot that runs the web site. How about the MSM, THEY are totally filtering the news like some propaganda run goverment.

        How about the loopholes that these worthelss piles of horse manure that they call lawyers are trying to fracture all of our freedoms as much as possible. These lawyers constatly attack the Constitution looking for any way to override the 9th Amendment that defines how the Constitution is read and defined.

        How about law enorcements that are allowing violations of the 4th Amendment. How about the NSA.

        There are too many to list of attacks against our freedoms. As a broad paintbrush, THEY are those that have the goal of raping all of us of our liberty. Just point in any direction, other than down, and you will see them. THEY are everywhere and the poison is beyond rampant. Worse than anytime in American history because more than ever of the population want to trash the basic foundation of all of our freedoms. THEY can be thought of all those that want a police state of control and being told what to do, without any rights as even a human being.

        I say this again, life without freedom has no quality to it. Just look at the depressed look of sadness and hopelessness of most any animal in a tiny cramped cage, and this same expression of despair will be in the eyes of people IF these anti-freedom cancers in the government and those that support such a tyranny type of government have their way in all of this.

        • Be Informed:

          I know that you know that BO doesn’t make a pimple on the butt of the real PTB.

          Feinstein,Schumer, Pelosi, Boehner and the rest of the scum are AIPACS gofers.

          The families of the 300, the owners of the Federal Reserve, the International Bankers, The City of London,
          the Black Nobility, etc., etc.,etc.

          Anything in common stand out to you, Be Informed?

          • @ Pissed off Granny. There are elitists that none of us see or hear that are the puppet masters of these fools like BO. I am fully aware of this, I cannot mention names because I don’t know the names and why I call them THEY. The puppets that we know their names still are part of the puppet masters that affect all of our lives. Let’s face it, as time goes on each one of us loses more freedom. THEY HATE people that want to be left alone to live their lives without interference. Control freaks HATE those that can’t be controlled.

            THEY just don’t want your obedience, THEY want total control over your physical body, your mind, your soul. This is why people refer to the elitists as being in line and having connection with the evil one that people call the devil, satan, whatever.

            This is what freedom is, the freedom to pursuit your personal happines as long as your pursuit doesn’t harm another’s personal pursuit. It has become so complicated now, which is the why THEY want it. Control needs conflict to shift the focus away from what is really going on. This is why there is this constant instigation of white on black, black on white, spanish on black, and so on. Diversion and deception to what is really going on. Can any of us really be sure what these suckers are really up to. These elitists remind me of an onion, you have to continue to take layer after layer away until you find what is really below. Lots of rot that is for sure.

            • Be Informed:

              I choose to believe from your screen name that you like to have people be informed of the truth and you, yourself, like to be informed.

              For a history lesson you will never forget go to:

              iamthewitness dot com/darylbradfordsmith_rothchild htm

              After reading this site no one will ever have to wonder:

              How did this nightmare get started?
              Who are the powers that be?
              How can they control the world?
              What is their end game?

              It is all there, Be Informed, from the start right up to what is happening to the world today. You will never again have to say I really don’t have any names or faces.

              There have been several posters at shtf that has posted this link; perhaps you just have missed it.

              • Buy some real history books, Pissy, instead of getting all your secret “knowledge” from the internet.

                No one ever has to wonder how easily led you are. You’re just following your hate.

                • Zpak:

                  The augmentum AD HOMINEM is the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL in the COMMUNIST party’s DEFENSIVE ARSENAL.

                  Your RED colors show with every attack, Zpak; THEY have coached you well………..

                  • Hey Pissy,

                    u mad?????

                • Zpak, you can disagree with POG all you want, but I think you’re crossing a line calling her Pissy. that’s not her name. If you can’t or won’t address her better than that, then leave her alone. braveheart

                  • You would have a valid point, except POG and his friends (and I do believe it’s HE), drew first blood long ago. I’m just giving it back in kind.

              • @ Pissed off Granny. Just like a magician’s show, I look at all angles of an equation as illusion can encompass the whole picture. I too have read this about the rothchild and much more about elitists. Is it not possible that some of this is being allowed to get out to further mask the true intentions of those in control?

                I have thought this for awhile, can’t prove it, but speculated about it. That these families actually never let anyone know about their true heirs to the “monachy”. These hidden children grow up with all the power, yet we know none of their names or whom they are. They rule silently. This was done throughout the kings and queens in many places in the world throughout history. A DECOY is used to the REAL one in command. The true names are never known.

                If you look at an extreme power hierarchy this approach makes a lot of sense. Have your puppets, stooges do all the dirty work yet remain the one ultimately making the decisions. You look at how power is handed down to children in dictatorships like Syria, North Korea, and others. We find out the public head of state. Yet true power is better kept secret. This is only a theory but possible.

                You see I look at these possibilites as well as other out of the ball park other ones. I don’t either discount that every person down here is under the control of something else and takes all orders from them. People might call this the devil. These groups sure give high praise to demonic forces in all their symbols that they worship. In other words the puppet masters are puppets themselves and the true ruler is not even human.

                I also try to keep an open mind to other possiblities that include that all of this is based on the chaos theory that there is not the control that we “think” that there is. The those at the top have the same conflicts that we do much further down. That things are not as cohesive as some would have all of us believe. This also makes sense as power corrupts, and absolutely power corrupts absolutely. The question here would be, can those at the top get along? From the past there has never been a KING OF THE WORLD because someone else has always wanted that position. So playing devil’s advocate why is this any different now that we should expect a well thought out plan in which one group of individuals all go along with each other in perfect harmony. This goes much against human nature of the alpha dog syndrome.

                I am just saying that human beings are very difficult to figure out and all that appears might be an illusion within another illusiuon and that we should at least consider the other possibilites and draw our conclusions based on this open thought process.

                • Be Informed:

                  The link I sent you to explains what has happened to America and the world. That article follows history exactly. No magic, no smoke and mirrors.

                  Those at the top have formed an organization called the United Nations. That organization WILL be the one world government and the TOP DOGS will choose their satanic leader to rule over the rest of us, their slaves.

                  Don’t know how much you believe in Christianity and the Bible; I know it is a true history book. Revelation spells out with CERTAINTY tptb will have their king, SATAN, for a short time. It also spells out the misery the world is in for before he is on his throne; and that misery is pouring out in the world as we speak.

                  That is why I prep, Be Informed, because it is WRITTEN. Thank heavens, that is not where the story ends, it is also WRITTEN THAT THE LORD IS ALL SEEING AND WHEN HE HAS HAD ENOUGH, TPTB AND THEIR COMPLICIT SUPPORT TEAM WILL FEEL HIS FULL WRATH. Prep and Pray

                  • @ Pissed off Granny. I believe in God, I don’t believe in people in general. I believe that someone has an end game, whether it goes on as planned is another story. All is never as it appears, this is one aspect of at least human beings I have found. Many times we are given diversions that someone is seeking, BAIT. If if sounds too good it MIGHT be not true. It of course could be very accurate, but it might not be. I will be perfectly honest with you, I just don’t know.

                    I have found that science and math are really the true constants that I can depend on. It works and has ways of proving that it works through testing it. I have read much about the devil in many religions and the one constant that all of these beliefs have in common is that the evil one deceives and tricks one into thinking what they want to believe. This is what makes it so difficult to find the correct and accurate truth. There is logic in the links you gave, perhaps too much.

                    If I was a totally evil force then my one goal would be to disbalance everyone as much as possible. This would include the ones that worshipped me and especially my enemies. Traps are sprung and these work. I am not saying what you are saying is wrong, I am saying that there is a possibility that it is way more complex than any of us could imagine. We are talking Matrix layers of deception. If you were trying to control something you would never let your true intentions be known to anyone. This is why spies can break or make a war. I am just saying to always keep an open mind to other avenues that no one has explored, especially in regards to human beings.

                    You are so truly correct that no matter what we need to prepare for whatever evil and the planet has coming for us.

                  • Be Informed-

                    What is it that you REALLY DO FOR A LIVING? What’s your job title? Do you work for govt(fed/state/county), or are you employed in the private sector?

                    The reason I ask is due to your proclivity to ‘cat-dance’ around certain issues/questions/topics of discussion by using ‘verbal chaff’ and going off on tangents, in a seemingly off-hand effort to tie them into a given response, by you..and thus, to redirect the discussion point by…avoidance!

           not disparaging your abilities, as I think you’re a lot smarter than you let on/be known.
                    Your knowledge of geology/earthquakes & track record for accurate predictions are legendary, here at Mac’ is your popularity..kudos, on those accounts.

                    But I cannot help notice your fealty to certain ME hoodlums while..using a very broad paint the other inhabitants of said sub-human.

                    Ring a bell yet?

                    I think many folks here, shy away from confronting you on some issues, due to your obvious intelligence..a natural human reaction nowadays. Never realizing that its precisely the reason one should do so. Because a high intelligence mandates an intelligent response to a given question/query.

                    Perhaps you should revisit POG’s post..and quit cat-dancing!

                  • @ Hunter. I have absolute conviction in regards to issues that I am sure of or almost sure of. Other matters that offer ambiguity or opaqueness I can give my opinion and be speculative, and only say that I am not sure. This is being honest, as I nor anyone else has all the answers. How can I test Pissed off Granny’s theories about the elitist super secret societies. you can go by a presumption that this is what is happening. Again, we don’t know for sure of anything these evil characters are up to.

                    AStraight up I can plug in science and test it and see if it works or not. This is the why the physical world works. How can I plug in anything without knowing for sure what to exactly plug in. It is like the stock market numbers. What numbers do we use? If we knew what the actually phantom numbers were we could better project what is going to happen. Like the unemployment numbers, what are the accurate totals? To be able to formulate a hypothesis we must have the correct foundation in which to form an equation.

                    This comes back to the elitists. Whom are they really? How much power do they actually garish? Is there any type of cohension or is there a power struggle and power grab. Is it just the bankers with the power or is there some other force at hand? Which countries are allied with each other? Do countries even play into this? How many are actually at the top? Is there something supernatural at work? See what I am saying you have a whole bunch of variables. A comparison to this would be asking someone to describe the exact weather conditions; temperature, humidity, solar radiation, UV index, cloudyy, clear, partial cloudy, etc. from someone telling someone else that further tells another person that is on the opposite end of the planet. Scientifically this would not work too well.

                    Just because someone writes something doesn’t mean it is factual without a definable and provable set of something that can be tested. Look at the idiotical Canary Islands myth. When Physical parameters are plugged into the equation it is beyond junk science, it is fairy tales. Not to say that what Pissed Off Granny is saying is not true, as well as saying it might not be accurate. I just don’t know because there is just not enough real information to be able to test it. I can play devil’s advocate all day long with any theory that can’t be tested. You can’t test this because you are not associated with these characters. Any other information you obtain is still heresay.

                    I personally think that the banking is being manipulated but to what end? Is it purposely being collapsed to start a class war and usher in martial law? Sure it could. But it could also be groups of bankers having their own little personal wars to gain their own upper advantage over another. Prove this right or wrong. You can surely offer a good argument with either situation or another one.

                    Hunter, what you are saying is that I am waffling around certain issues. NO. I am just saying that too many people jump on something that they just know is the way it is. All over the Before Its News site story after story fails miserably to pan out. Yet people continue to come back and listen to stories that lack merit or some substance to back them. This is why I am so hard on myself to prove that earthquakes can be predicted and why I write down the previous comment numbers so people can go back and verify that an earthquake has been accurately forecasted. I said that the northeastern section of the Austrailian plate was going to have a major earthquake and Vanuatu had a 6.7. I was wrong about the time frame not occuring by the Dec.19 time frame fro the 5th time out of about 45 other times.

                    Speculation about what is actually happening is good for the mind. To set blinders on yourself and not look into other possibilites into issues that cannot be scientifically proven by being able to plug in figures is denying the other truths that might or might not be. Human beings and the manipulation that goes on shows this to be the case too often.

                    Everything that Pissed off Granny says could be dead on accurate, and it could be wrong. I can find hundreds of articles that sounded like they knew what was going to happen, and it fizzed out completely. We have yet to see the true end appear, everything is still functioning. It could stop tomorrow and it would be crazy to not prepare for SHTF and a true catastrophe. What is that catastrophe though. My bet is war or a plague, but it could be a solar EMP, asteroid impact, supervolcano, utter collapses of society, or some black swan. I am on your side when it comes to preparing. The mere fact of arable land for growing food is now at about 1400 people per square mile of arable land is reason enough to be a prepper/survivalist for horrible times. I am just saying to you and anyone else to keep an open mind to what the future holds, because a black swan may be the cause of the end of civilization, something that has absolutely nothing to do with the elitists or any human being.

              • POG :
                Thanks for that link.I have been reading it for the last 2 hours and I am now enlightened.
                many thumbs up!!

                • Be Informed-

                  Its a good thing that homicide detectives don’t adhere to your “modus operandi”, per plugging variables into a stated math equation & waiting for the computer to spit out an answer ..otherwise we’d have manifold serial-killers still running loose.

                  The issue is NOT hard science/physics, NOR mathematical variables injected into a given math equation, sir.
                  As calculators and computer algorithms only function when a given finite variable is defined…yes?

                  There is no definitive variable per human desires, actions, dreams, intentions, like/dislikes etc…but there does exist…PATTERNS or more descriptively…historical patterns(for reference purposes)…and pattern recognition requires “deductive logic/reasoning”..and reasoning is outside the parameters of hard math!!!
                  So let’s drop that bullshit facade, OK?

                  The issue is what fits a given pattern. Pattern analysis is something you have utilized extensively in the past here, per your earthquake predictions, which are at least, based upon previous events/episodes of the dynamics of plate tectonics..and yes, math figures into your predictions to a limited extent. I’ll grant you that much.

                  But the REAL key is historical documentation and its cumulative analysis..yes?

                  Thus, before debunking/ignoring or disregarding data/info presented by others (see POG) should, given your self-adhered & stated science/math background/discipline, inquisitive nature & stated desire to KNOW TRUTH..

                  ..DO THE RESEARCH w/ an open mind & weigh it relative to the predicament we “REAL AMERICANS” currently find ourselves immersed in..
                  ..juxtaposed against past historical events of previous civilizations/empires/governments.

                  We’re not looking for the Higgs boson here B.I., we’re operating on Occam’s razor!
                  Granny and a whole slew of others have reached the ‘quantitative conclusion’ summation.

                  They’re now presenting you with reference material for your unbiased review.

                  Good luck, sir!

                  • You’re just mad, turd, cause not everyone buys your conspiracy theories and disinformation campaign. Some people actually think for themselves, unlike you, Pissy, Them Gays, and the rest of your hate crew. For people who think they’re “in the know” and “wide awake” , knowers of the real “truth”, you just fit neatly into the box of alt-conspiracist-whack jobs. It would be amusing if it wasn’t so sad.

                  • @ Hunter. Deceptive is life. Whether it is science or just someone’s action or lack of it, false information adds up to false results. Just look at a real simple misconception of the weather and temperatures that is wrong and inaccurate but completely accepted as correct. This is from a real temperature recording.

                    It was 77 F degrees for the high and 23 F for the low. This gives a mean temperature of 50 degrees, RIGHT? This gives 15 heating degree days for this day. Anything above 65 degrees is consider a cooling degree day and anything below it is considered a heating degree day. 65-50 is 15 heating degree days, right? Seems real cut and day right? Wrong. An Arctic front came in at 9 pm and dropped the temperature 44 degrees in 3 hours. Here is the 24 hour temperature recordings.

                    12am to 1am= 67
                    2am= 65
                    3am= 64
                    4am= 62
                    5am= 60
                    6am= 59
                    7am= 59
                    8am= 63
                    9am= 67
                    10am= 70
                    11am= 72
                    12pm= 72
                    1pm= 75
                    2pm= 76
                    3pm= 77
                    4pm= 77
                    5pm= 75
                    6pm= 72
                    7pm= 70
                    8pm= 67
                    9pm= 67
                    10pm= 49
                    11pm= 30
                    11:59pm or 12am the next day= 23.

                    With a 24 hour period from 12am day one to 12am day 2 you get an accurate 64.1 degrees for the day, NOT 50 degrees. While this might seem “nerdy” to even care, this is a system that argiculture growers and some power companiees use to chart the true temperatures. For example fruit trees have to have a certain amount of chill hours each season to go dormant to produce good crops. This is the number of hours below 45 degrees F.

                    This is an example of misinformation as benign as it is to most people that we get constantly. You, me, and others are probably not going to care at all if the real average temperature is 64 or 50 for the day, it still shows how errors and facts are even with simple meaningless trivia matters like this. 14 degrees is actually quite the mistake, yet 99.99% of the public accepts this as fact when The Weather Channel or NOAA tells them the average temperature was 50 for the day. Which they do everyday for a location.

                    The point I am trying to make is that all is not what it appears to be, and sometimes people will write something to make it fit into what they are attempting to influence others about. History and war tends to ONLY believe the winner for another example. It is the same as taking something for absolute face value, upon further examination may or may not be so absolutely correct.

                    I am not after you or POG at all, we are all on the same track and same beliefs. I am just saying that like the way a peacock uses its plummed out display with round circles that look like eyes to fool any animals, perception is everything. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors that goes around that takes the kernels of truth and warps it around to fit a certain opinion or speculation. All I am saying is a suggestion, to not take something as solid evidence as fact because it sounds good. It might be correct, and it could have be twisted around to fit.

                    Those in control use these mind games all the time not to just target the masses, but also to go after those looking for a more intriguing plot. Roswell, New Mexico is a golden example of this as this is so twisted around no one knoiws what the hell happened there. ET’s, government experimental mutants, weather balloons, test aircraft, who knows. This is probably what someone trying to hide whatever really happened there exactly wants. Many times the more conspiracy theories out there the better and easier it is to hide the real truth. I just try to use logic to figure it out the best I can as logic is seldom flawed if you can remain trained, without be distracted, on the focal point of the issue. I am going to go watch and listen to some music videos now because the deception of humankind on all of us is really depressing me big time now.

                  • Democrat. My mind is made up and facts are not going to change it.

                • W69-

                  Per your request last month or so, what are you after?
                  Do you need programming code for a multi-axis machine per a Fanuc control or ‘what’???

                  ..if all you need is m-codes/g-codes, I can get you that!

                  • One another thing I forgot about your analogy about homicide detectives not using science to solve cases, but their wits so manifolds of serial killers would not be on the loose. Without good scientific forensics countless people have been railroaded on the belief by 12 jurors of someone’s word that the person committed the crime. Some even unjustified and executed for something that they never did. Also good forensics have set free those that were innocent. IF you go solely by the word of others to determine guilt in criminal cases you might as well have nothing but kangaroo courts. Science, numbers, and facts have much their weight in life. Both gut feelings and scientific analyzing have their place.

                • w69: When done at that wakeup site check This website out!

                  For an even More extensive facts and Documented Proof based infos Galore! www dot whitenationalism dot com

                  Then click on the link to: #4 “the jewish Role” with 32 seperate article entries that fully entails and describes the “WHOS”–“WHYS”—“HOWS” America and the entire World is like it is Today!….Enjoy your Wakeup experience w69!!

                  ps if you need More great info links to Proven Fact based Documented infos and Books etc?…Just ask! I got a couple Hundred great website Links saved!

                  • Don’t forget to tell him about your extra special google alerts so every time the word Jew is mentioned on the internet he can fly right over to that site and join in with his compatriots in hate and spread more lies and propaganda.

          • @POG… “Anything in common stand out to you, Be Informed?” I know you addressed this question to BI but I couldn’t help but respond after reading your other posts and counting the number of green vs red checks. I see a commonality here that probably has been sorely overlooked by a lot of folks. This commonality appears its ugly head everytime anyone tries to expose the truth. It seems to me that 30+% of the responses to your posts are red thumbs. That tells me that at least 30% of the respondents to your posts are ZOG trolls and many of the answers of others are politically correct circular bullshit. Your observations are correct. Keep posting the truth. Just saying

            • CrabbeNebulae & Hunter: Its very simple! NO Need to Over-aynalize it all as does BI…Valid Proven Facts based, Documented truths has revealed that…


              Oh yeah its the economy, govnt’s, NWO, Banks, MSM newspapers and TV news, Hollywood, TV shows prime time tv, Universities, Unions etc etc…

              And who is it that controls all that stuff?…JEWS!

              Jews with a Vested, Ingrained from Birth, Taught by Talmudic rabbinical teachers, and by Parents, massive, Master race belief that jews Must OWN and RULE the Entire World….And if that nessesitates Mass exterminating 90% or more of the Goyim aka non jewish Gentiles…Then So be it!

              The sooner all types of enablers in fed govnt, congress, the Prez, police, Awaken and refuse to do jews bidding, and Mainly the jewdeo-christian deluded enablers who believe that jews can do NO wrong, and even when jews do vast wrongs it Must be Ignored and made excuses for!….Due to a FLASE Interpretation of Abrahamic OT Blessings, that the new testement book of Galatians totally Refutes as wrong!

              Some folks are going to wake up, many have already!…But…As for then Brainwashed by cyrus scofied bible, jewdeo-christians crowd?….Their wake up probobly aint gonna occure untill some Revised Rabbi jew Sanhedrin decider bunch Prosectues and sentences them foolish jewdeo christian zionists to Death for belief in Jesus!

              Then they are going to say something akin to: “oh Crap! Perhaps all of them other folks trying to get me to at least READ and RESEARCH the many websites and Books etc that outted these “Adversaries(enemys) of GOD and of ALL Mankind”(talmudic phariee jews and their jew followers), Were Correct afterall!”

              Kinda way Too Late then eh!…Carefull out there as these type scofield falsehood believers just may be Your worst enemys also!…As they will likely Murder You for rejecting their False pro jew nonsense and think Gods gonna “bless them” for mindless, unquestionable defense of…jews. OyVey!

              definition of antisemite is: Anybody Jews hate!

              And they really Hate goyim gentiles! Especially the christian variety!..Just don’t tell That to jewdeo-christian zios!…They cannot handle truth.

              • You know absolutely nothing about the Old Testament. You’ve proven that over and over. And Jews do not hate Christians. Another of your lies.

                Definition of antisemitism: hostility towards or prejudice against Jews.

                Looks like you got that covered, them guys.

                Anti semitic canards: falsehoods and conspiracy theories spread against the Jewish people for the purpose of propagating hatred

                Looks like you got that one all locked up too.

      78. Yeah, this is California. Recently. What has changed “recently”? Oh yeah, Schwarzenegger, the Republican, is no longer governor and Jerry Brown, the Democrat is. Keep voting Democrat or thinking there isn’t any difference between the two parties. It can and will get worse. If you vote Democrat or third party, look in the mirror. You are the problem.

      79. nuisance masturbatement squad action figurines included. you are in command as you send in drones, ( batteries not included) fun for gear fags of all ages. by mattel- it’s hell.

      80. It’s not about voting or not voting, it’s all electronic, goes to one server and is changed according to what the people in charge want.. Your vote doesn’t count, that’s like sticking your hand in a pile of shit and ssaying you made a difference. The problem is the police and military. They are the ones who bring fear into your mind and keep you from thinking rationally. If there were no police a useless city worker wouldn’t be able to tell you to kick rocks. If shit hit the fan and cops came to your door and kicked it in saying you need to go and that they were taking all your belongings because they wanted to what would you do? What could you do? Nothing.. They have guns. They would put you on jail if you to to stop them.. What people need to do is inform the youth to not join the military or local police, you should also cultivate a relationship with your neighbors and people around you. Cause if the cops show up and all your neighbors come out to help you out what can the cops really do? Shoot. Everyone? I don’t think so. I have seen people arrested too many times for bullshit and everyone around does nothing out of fear of being arrested as well. They don’t have enough hand cuffs to arrest everyone. They don’t have power unless you give it to them. We need to police the police. Send them packing when they show up in your neighborhood. We are talking about an institution where they protect people(supposedly), but if you want to join you can’t have an above average IQ cause the government needs henchman. Not police.

      81. Please tell me you all realize this is a hoax article that has been floating around for years…. The same ones of you that cry out about government taking the rights away from us are too ignorant to use your most basic right of free thought. Look at into something before you go off half-cocked. Ignorance.

        • the article may be old news but the story is ongoing.
          at seventy yrs old i can assure you our time is running out.
          any one that doesn’t believe it has their head up their ass and should find another site to expel their unbelief.

      82. FBP. Uzziel. LastManStanding.

        Special Shout Out to NinaO’s Mom.

        Yes! We don’t own a damn thing for if we don’t pay our TAXES, we can be driven off our land and our worldly goods can be sold at PUBLIC Auction. Ever heard of Imminent Domain? Fair pricing?
        WE Are Not Free.

        So why have we not taken up arms and do what we have been saying we would do?

        We are all good people who stay within the law. Most would like to be left alone. We have Jobs and Family and enjoy a reasonable good life. We enjoy our holidays. Worship in Peace. Can still travel where we want to go. We help others where and when we can. Eat well.
        Pretty good life won’t you say?
        The terrible thing is, somewhere in the past 50 years, things have gone wrong. Small deviations from the American Dream has pulled us off the path of prosperity to which we find many living in tent cities and depending on assistance that takes many forms. Embedded so deep that it is a way of life for many. Least we not forget those who scam the system and take from those who are justifiable needy. It is not the original idea of the American Dream or the Social Safety Nets but what it has morphed into.
        What to do about it?
        The restraints we place upon ourselves is immense. Never let it be said we do not know the consequences of Civil Discord. To be faced with breaking the law during such event, but being prosecuted after order is restored.
        For example a person may agree with your actions during the unrest but afterwards turn you in because he now feels bad for such deeds. There will be one in your group. Will the laws now be enforceable after for what YOU THOUGHT NECESSARY! Think in terms of collateral damage from a firefight, of setting buildings on fire or someone being shot being only a unarmed bystander caught in the crossfire.
        What I want to do may not be the right thing to do.
        My solution is to prep away and be in a defensive mode. To not place myself in any more danger than I have to. The majority of us are positioned in this manner. I do believe many will riot and kill with the,”I will Get Mine” attitude. They will be the first to set against Authority. How far will the unrest proliferate? How long?
        We must ascertain what it could be afterwards. Adjust our plans as needed.
        Although it may sound that I do not care what happens to this nation. I do. I am more afraid of the Do Gooders, Holier than Thou’s and Tree Huggers, than I am of the authorities. Those who deceive. Those who have no idea what they are fighting for, except to survive.
        I hope we as preppers are more than that.

        • We must be patient Slingshot. Millions of Americans nationwide know what is going on and don’t like it.

          The fucks want us to fuck up…we must stand fast. They will not be able to help themselves and they will be the ones to start the fray once and for all.

          lms III%

      83. Duh – the chinese own it now. Property owners will see this more and more now. They are going to spend the glut of dollars they have a buy up the joint. Doesn’t matter if you own the land or not – your out!!!

      84. They should file a freedom of information act for to find out if neighbors really complained. It seems the county wants money from these self sufficient people.

      85. Hey folks, make yourself a proper cup of tea, the Queen is coming, she wants her colonies back, remember? She never got over it. She owns us and she is jewish, maybe even related to the nephilim reptiles which may explain why the “Royal Reptiles” are A negative blood types and can kill the innocent like Princess Diana. Lets not forget that GW Bush, Cheney, and sycobama are all related to the Queen, no coincidence. DNA related, that is why they want your DNA to see if you are related to them. If so, you live, if not, you die. I spent 32 years in LA and left it in 2007. It is a cesspool of materialism and star struck zombies. I used to go into the homes of the so called “stars” and they are completely neurotically obsessed with materialism and the illusions that go with it. LA county has some of the worst code enforcement police in the US. They can shut down anybody, any time and don’t even have to prove their claims. They are monsters. I used to see illegals living in 6 feet by 8 feet metal storage containers and nobody cared because the illegals are being used as leverage to level out the economy and eventually they will all get amnesty which means your hamburger will cost $15 when the minimum wage goes to $15 an hour like they want. The LA Building and Safety people are moving people out of Antelope Valley because they are making the place nicer for the Queen when she arrives, can’t have a mess when she comes for her inspection now can we? The point is, all these displaced people should get together for a class action lawsuit so they can fight the county and win for a change and send these county morons back to their easy chairs, pornography on company time and wasteful spending. Unfortunately, they will be the last to lose their jobs. We are at the end of the age, the age of deceit and delusion and slavery. We are all on the plantation now, rise up and say ENOUGH ALREADY. And try a little bit of passive resistance, where you act like you are going along but you do what you need to do to survive. Call these morons on their crap, defeat them and go after it instead of meekly complying with it. Defend or die, your choice.

        • Queen Elizabeth is no more Jewish than I am. I am related to her, Princess Diana, Bush, McCain, even Obama. So what? My mother was A negative. So what? Stories about “reptilians” are as bogus as global warming and crop circles.

          With all of that in the first six lines, there was no need to even read the rest of your post.

          • She actually just summed it completely up in the first 2 sentences…it’s just that simple.

          • History is full of proof of reptilians mating with humans and creating nephilim. How did these royals become royal in the first place? Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Liz-ard is the head of freemasonry. Freemasons worship Lucifer and the occult which is also worship of the serpent, satan. Put down your remote and pick up a book meathead. Go to and read about giants. Don’t mouth off when you don’t know what you are talking about. LA is the testing ground for Agenda 21, which is what LA county is currently doing to these people. They have plans for you too. Obama is a British National, that is why he bowed to the Queen, pledging allegiance to her. He is tasked with destroying our economy and our country and I will bet that you voted for him. Oh, that’s right, they didn’t even count the votes this time, they just gave the election to him. Another tyrant selected by the one percent, not elected by the 99 percent. Choose your side, as GW said …”you are either with us or you are with the terrorists.” Only now the terrorists are in the black house choosing their targets, which includes you.

            • Reptilian crap was made up in 1999 by crackpot David Icke. Therefore history cannot be “full of proof.” Nephilim were the children of the “sons of God” and “daughters of men.” They were wiped out in the Flood. You know, the one where only Noah, his wife, their 3 sons, and their wives survived.

              History will tell you how various leaders came to be leaders.

              I don’t have a remote, and I have read more books than most people. I own more books than some libraries.

              I am not a “meathead” as my IQ is much above normal.

              Steve Quayle has a little bit of fact mixed into fantasy.

              I did not vote for Obama.

              Obama bows to a lot of leaders. The Queen is not special.

              Shape-shifting reptilians indeed. I have more proof of the tooth fairy. You probably listen with bated breath to Coast to Coast AM every night.

            • Is Obama a saudi national too? he bowed to them. A Keyan? he bowed to them ..Oh wait..

          • @archivist: You seem to take offense to the word jewish, I should have said Zionist. Have you forgotten who killed Christ? It was the Zionist jews and the Romans. And what was his crime? Oh yeah, to set the captives free and to heal the sick and overturn the tables of the moneychangers. And what do we have today? We have people dying of radiation cancers, we have people losing their jobs, losing their homes, losing their families and we have educational institutions teaching their students how to be corporate slaves to feed the beast system. Not to mention the Zionists taking over the world with their nwo and their one world currency, The Phoenix. We have jewish bankers who brought us the Federal Reserve that is backed by the “full faith and confidence of the American People”, which means we have paper money backed by brainwashing. And who collects the interest on the fiat currency printed by the Federal Reserve, aka the national debt, it is the Zionist Jews, the International Bankers, the 13 Jewish Families that run the Federal Reserve. So we have come full circle in just over 2,000 years and now we are all slaves on the plantation and we all pay outrageous taxes and undue usury and the reptiles are completely destroying the planet, making it uninhabitable for all humans except for those who are useful to them. The time to choose is now upon us, choose Christ or choose Satan and choose your destiny. If you don’t choose at all, you will default to the Zionists and will align yourself with darkness. In the end, God will restore the world to the righteous. Climb on board and defeat the beast or die along with it. Let me guess, you believed every word in your dumbed down history books and you are the son of a freemason, which explains why you cannot accept the truth. Seek the truth, for the truth shall set you free. Believe the lies and you will suffer for it. God promises eternal life. Satan promises riches in this life, then eternal hell and damnation as his servant in hell. Choose which side you are on while you still have a choice. God gave you free will, Satan seeks to destroy and to devour. The choice is obvious, seek the truth and God will set you free. And I say again that the Queen and King of England are the rulers of the beast system through their secret societies of Freemasonry and Templars, etc. It truly is a jewish conspiracy to rule the world, and it has been going on forever. Christ came to show us the way out of this slavery beast system. That is why they killed Him and now they are coming for the rest of the Christians, they will stop at nothing. Only God can stop the madness. Pray for God while you still can. Dear God, I pray that this person who calls himself the “Archivist” can open his heart and mind to the truth and will accept you Jesus Christ into his life so that you can lead him to safety and to a place of rest so that he can be counted as being saved in the blood of Jesus, Amen. Now go and sin no more. Think before you speak.

            • Oh look! Them Guys has a wife! Laughing and laughing.

              • ..and zio-pak has a BOB (battery operated boyfriend)!


                • Hun(Turd)

                  Thought I smelled sulfur (or is it just turd?) Lucifer needs you to suck his dick again.

                  • This zpak sounds like another troll. zpak, back off my people and go somewhere else.

                  • If these are your “people”, braveheart, then I feel sorry for you. It would appear that free speech only is welcome here if you are either a Jew basher, or think it’s okay to encourage it and support it. Why don’t you scroll through some of your “people’s” posts and see the vile things they’ve posted about Jews. And vile things to me, which is fine because I’m more than capable of defending myself. Kinda hypocritical, don’t you think?

                  • Braveheart. Im not your people or a sheeple. But I respect you.

            • Emelanie-

              +1000 thumbs up to you! You go girl!

              • Looks like Hun(Turd)is moving in on Them Gays action.

            • Why do you think I took offense at the word Jewish? I just stated the fact that Queen Elizabeth is not Jewish.

              BTW, I am at my church two or three times a week, more than most people. I created and am webmaster for their website and help with Wednesday night suppers every other week.

              I hate when people make assumptions and then fly off on a tangent. Maybe you should make like Emily Litella on SNL and say “never mind.”

              And then you went back to those fictitious “reptiles.”

            • Emelanie, welcome aboard, and I agree with your comments. braveheart

          • ARCHIVIST: You are Wrong…Yes the brit Queen is jewish. There was an hour long tv documentary type show on some tv preachers show that showed the actual Charts the queen and royals has that shows her direct decendant Links to BOTH sides of King Davids Lines….They Brag of being part jew!…Entire royal families are jews or part jewish.

            So is it very likely that most polititions in office in britian are too.

            Study British Israelisim beliefs. Them folks worship brit royals and the dirt they stand on. They believe that Chair used as a coronation throne with that huge rock under the chair is actually Jacobs Pillow Stone!

            They think Jesus is going to occupy That particular chair with jacobs stone when He returns…In reality its all a bunch of hooey promoted by herbert armstrong and many other preachers, and is setting up false beliefs to really allow for 3rd jew temple to be built, then have pharisee rabbis in israel announce that THEY have found the True messiah! a direct line decendant of king David!

            Who will occupy that wooden 500 yr old chair with “jacobs” stone under it, as the NWO Ruler of all.

            It will actually be the antichrist…But they care not as their craveing for total control powers and ownership of entire world and ALl contained in or on it to be theirs alone….Oh they are jewish alright!…Them charts of decendant histroy of queen et al is probobly online to look at somehweres.

            • Well since it appeared on a tv preacher’s show, I guess that makes it the gospel! Now everyone knows where you get your “history” lessons.

              I highly doubt Archivist is wrong. From his posts, he seems pretty smart, unlike you, Them guys.

              I think YOU might be the antichrist, them guys. Them charts told me so.

              • CALL: ORKIN Pest Controlers! Seems My every post is followed by a Rat! a JudenRatzen! Zkhazerboy!

                • To satans minion, otherwise known as Them Gays,

                  I called the nuisance abatement vehicle pictured in the article above to come and pick you up. Pack your things, satan has a very special place picked out for you. Bring shorts, though, I hear it’s a bit warm.

      86. *** ALERT NEWS DANGER zionist penis lapping traitorous ZOG FEDGOV JUDGE OKs 100 MILES INSIDE BORDER A CONSTITUTION FREE ZONE ***

        my response …

        YEAH WELL HERE’S MY ALERT TO THE ZOG DHS ANY OF YOU ZOG FEDGOV DHS zio-jeeew AIPAC LOVIN gestapo pricks try to pull some of that zio-jeeew israehell nazi-jew gestapo bullsheeit on me and i’m gonna send you home in a body bag !!!

        i’m Sooo done . its time to start killing these zog nazi gestapo zio-jeeew luvin traitorous piece of sheeit mudder-f*ckers .

        i really do hope i’m that guy … that starts it off .

        cause i’m sick of this zionist jeeew bull-sheeit in once free AMERICA !!!

        it’s time for AMERICAN REVOLUTION 2.0 !!!

        N.O. ;0P

      87. So, when do people start shooting instead of complaining and talking? How much of this are people going to take and bend over? Shoot or shut up!

      88. NinoO’s Mom…. Keep them posts coming. Free speech is our most cherished god given right in my view. By the way, I liked your former user name, Cocopuff Crackhead. That was a good one.

        • @Mr. Aljamo … Respect .

          Wow !!! ;0)

          Cocopuff Crackhead ???

          who dat’ ??? ;0p

          haven’t used that one in 2 years or more … very good memory .


          N.O. ;0p

          ~ Molon Labia

          • 3% percenters

            A loose affiliation of like minded Americans who vow to refuse to comply with laws that violate the second amendment right to keep (own) and bear (carry) firearms.

            The name “3 percenter” comes from the fact that only 3 percent of colonial British subjects took up arms against the King during the revolutionary war.

            Three percent of the population was enough to overthrow a / the false inbred british / english fake royal government and win independence for the once free AmeriKa colonies , until the illegal federal reserve act of 1913 .

            “We are the 3 percenters, we will not comply, we will not be disarmed.”

            arm up stock up prepare

            predator or prey of the nwo zog , the choice is yours .


            • Mom = militia of montana

              • MILITIA OF MONTANA

                STATEMENT OF PURPOSE
                Now, more than ever before, the information highway is reaching into millions of homes all across America.

                Everywhere a person goes (Anytown, USA) you can find a conversation taking place about the direction our nation is heading — keeping it’s sovereign status, or becoming a state under the governance of the United Nations.

                We, at the Militia of Montana, are dedicated to ensuring that all Americans are educated to make an informed decision as to which direction America should go.

                Along with being physically prepared to withstand the onslaught which will erupt no matter where we end up, we must at all costs, keep reaching those who have not had the opportunity to decide for themselves.

                The Militia of Montana has been, and continues to be, a national focal point for assisting Americans in forming their own grass roots organization dedicated to American’s sovereignty and status as an independent nation among the nations of the world.

                * help save once free ZOG AmeriKa form your own Free AmeriCan – FreeMen Patriot Militia today !

                N.O. ;0p

                ~ Molon Labia

                  • Hey mom
                    Militia’s= drone splatter
                    I told you get a tan learn Spanish
                    You might live longer down here on the front lines
                    The concord moment will be here soon…
                    Be safe stay alert its coming

                  • @MyLil’Bro … Respect . ;0)

                    we’ll see … i’m buggin out first for a few months . gonna wait for the first wave of ZOG DHS GESTAPO to finish killin’ the sheeple off , herd them to the fema camps , then after a month or two i’m going night huntin’ and burnin’ , targeting those who betrayed once free AmeriCa , those who now serve the NWO ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV and ZOG DHS LAW DAWGS at their very homes where they sleep .

                    the NWO ZOG DHS GESTAPO ;0p

      89. Until they fear you more than you fear them, you loose.

      90. i left California 40 years ago to an unincorporated town in Texas. what i left is coming here, there is no where to escape the coming Catastrophe. i am sure some places are better than others.your soul is more important than your life. no one gets off this planet alive. dig in, stock up,
        trust no one but the Lord. if you don’t have the Holy spirit as your guide you will defeat your own self.
        we are witness of the build up to satanic kingdom of Lucifer or what ever name you wish to call it.
        i am doing all the things a Prepper would do except the bug out part. the wife and i are prepared to fight unto death the first s.o.b. that tries to enter our well fortified property.
        no FEMA camp indignity for us, what else can a one do????

      91. Funny how all of a sudden the coast of kommiefornia is radioactive as all hell….ha ha piss on LA

      92. Let me REPEAT what I have said so many times on other sites also:

        The UNITED STATES Government is an autonomous entity, a CORPORATION in fact, NOT beholden to the constitution of the REPUBLIC. It has its own CONSTITUTION (Charter). Since the President ( Congress and and all the minions) Courts, Police and Military WORK FOR the UNITED STATES
        (Corporation) they do the BIDDING of the U.S. Government, not your or the Republic’s bidding.

        All the American people are in DEBT to the Corporation by virtue of their BIRTH Registration, SOCIAL SECURITY Registration AND Citizenship, MADE with the UNITED STATES Government (Corporation) not the Republic and
        THUS have NO SAY. YOU are all, in effect, SLAVES because of those documents.

        The U.S. Government can do WHAT IT WANTS and your only recourse is to BREAK WAY from the U.S. Government OR LEAVE for greener pastures and RENOUNCE your citizenship…OOOOOR as a last resort, Violent Revolution
        to overthrow the Criminals in the Corporation and then get rid of the U.S. ( UNITED STATES Government(Corporation) and bring back the REPUBLIC.

        I am only the messenger

      93. Sunspot 1944 is big!! And active!!
        Fill up your buckets!!
        we’ve never had a tribulation before!!

        • PO’d-

          Your post/link is one of the most awe inspiring of its type, that I’ve seen here. Thank-you very much.

          Its funny that he chose WV as his retreat, ’twas also a wise those Mountaineers tend to leave folks alone per their property rights (for the most part)..

          ..contrast that w/ the growing ‘nanny-state bureaucracy’ here in North Carolina:

 in point, I wanted to build a small dam (per US Army corp engineer specs) across a small/tiny stream bisecting my 33 acres and create a +5 acre pond w/ spill way routed thru three 8-10″ diameter pipes feeding pelton-turbines to drive multiple KW gen-sets or larger essence, I intended to construct my own micro-hydro-electric source and even sell any excess to Duke-power (now progress Energy). Plus stock the pond w/ brim, crappie, bass & channel cats/ a sustainable food/protein source.

          ..I was paying for everything, asked for zero grants/funding of any kind.

          ..and that’s when the “SHIT STARTED”..was told I would be required to pay for a govt environmental impact survey/report, likely to exceed $50k or more..and still be denied the my property is within the boundary of some ‘govt declared watershed’ and is very close to a state/national park etc..etc..

          I reminded them that the stream is purely spring-fed via springs bubbling/flowing downhill from the surrounding mountains (actually very big hills)..and is at maximum a mere 3ft. deep in places and 18-20 ft wide..the average width is 8ft/depth approx 13inches and during severe droughts, has been known to cease flowing..resulting in small pools/ and there!

          ..I have a modest sized backhoe & a family owned 1958 CAT dozer, I could’ve done this project myself!

          In the end, the state deferred to the fed-bastards.

          ..their answer = NO F$%*ing WAY!!!! Backed up via nasty threats/legal action etc….plus permanent status on their “WATCH LIST”!!!!!!!!!!

          Hence my definition of the U.S.A = Unified Socialist Absurdistan.

          • I learned the same lesson by trying to be compliant when planning to build another backyard shed, and when wanting to raise chickens and goats.

            I have neither the shed nor the animals due to govt red tape.

            Lesson learned: I will never again attempt to be in compliance, or ask permission to do anything I want on my own land.


      94. Good Morning everyone!

        It’s another great SHTF Day. After two days of rain and one day of overcast skies, I went out to get the morning paper and a sunny sky and a temp of 55 degrees greeted me. A few crows making calls to which an osprey replied. The squirrels moving about the trees. Crisp air.
        Absolutely beautiful. How in the world can things be so wrong.

      95. Putin is experiencing the downside to this approach. He spends precious stasi resources on arresting the Pussy Riot girls, while not protecting the trollies in Volgograd.

      96. The funny thing is I see ALOT of complaing but not a damn thing is done about it

        • Still got a ways to go. No hurry.

      97. Indiana Hospitals Flooded With H1N1 Patients, Critically Ill (Video)

        *** USE THIS as directed IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE H1N1 FLU which kills you with your own healthy immune system – healthy babies ,children and young adults are in dire danger of death ***

        • It’s on my list of things to buy soon.
          I also read the great effects this elderberry has.

          Puritan pride is where I get all my supplies.

          Yes, I know–it’s on every website you visit.
          But free shipping and buy 1, get 2 free can’t be beat.

      98. For the Newbies.

        Carnival Lighting.

        That is what I call a string of lights you see at the local Fair. Simple to make. A spool of 12 or 14 gage string wire. String instead of solid for flexibility but you can use solid. You can go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and buy the bulb receptacles for about $1.50 each. Get some low wattage bulbs 40to 60 watts and a male electrical plug. Electrical wire is getting expensive. Figure out how long you want and cut your wire and attach to male plug. The light receptacles will be a twist type or screw depending on manufacture. They will have a brass side and a bright metal side. As you attach them to the wires. Make sure one wire is all on the brass and the other on the bright metal side. You may encounter that is all bright metal, including the plug. Just make sure you have a all left or right side down the string . You can attach a female plug at the end instead of clipping it off and taping. Like a long extension chord. If you are going to use it as a extension chord be sure you have the polarity right as it may damage items that have to have pos. to pos. and neg. to neg. to work right. Adjust you lighting by bulb wattage.
        Another is 12v battery lighting. You can buy 12v bulbs at about $4.00 a pop. I took one of those painters lamp and cut the male plug off and attached some battery clips to the ends. Some lamps will have a ruffle wire side for the pos. The painters lamp is about $7.00. You can use it for remote lighting or working on your car. Yes you need a car battery and prices vary.
        You can make a pigtail that has battery clips and a female plug so you do not have to cut the ends off. That way buy changing just the bulb you can use the painters lamp for 115v or 12v lighting.

      99. “If you do not participate you have no right to bitch!”

        Wrong, wrong, wrong. I can say whatever I want, and I do not condone the wrongness and falsity of our government. One can choose not to participate in a corrupt system. Individual votes barely count, for one thing.

        I don’t vote if if I don’t feel like it. And I write myself in if there is no choice, and I feel like having my voice heard. To say that therefore I throw away my vote is to affirm that it had no meaning anyhow.

        I’m an apathetic anarchist. You don’t need a government at all, but I’m not going to fight about it.

        The government is within your heart, and your parents have helped to to choose morality, charity, and spritituality, as your mind grew to its capacity to chose for yourself.

        Most eligible voters still do not vote, and it is more likely because of their non-belief in the validity of the process, enhanced by a natural laziness in not wasting effort on that which would have no pragmatic effect. True, it’s a sort of death spiral, but hey.

        Both democratic and republican politicians, particularly the loudest of them, are liars. Other than greed and power over free individuals, I have no idea why they continue to destroy the country, and now, the world.

        But anyhow, carry on y’all.

        • Yep–those votes are sent to some database and changed for the guy decided to be the choice puppet for that term.

      100. off topic, but relevant…
        there’s a winter storm warning here in Ohio, and some local retailers are reporting long lines and empty shelves. Some people had to stand in line to get a shopping cart as people left the store. Others saw long check-out lines stretched all the way to the back of a large grocery, and turned around and left without shopping.

        We’re staying at home, with frozen chili, soup, and lasagna that I made a few weeks ago and plenty of everything else that we need, including a full tank of gas and lots of fire wood.

        I’m looking forward to the storm!

        • Gene goes out every day in Kentucky,(today to pick up a repaired chain saw; he has sort of become the taxi for the Amish and they pay well) and calls to see if I need anything–he just laughs when I say nope, I have my grocery here!! 🙂

          But I did tack up the sheets to the openings in the unused rooms, because tonight a -3 and tomorrow a +2.
          I NEVER remember this kind of weather and I’m really tired of all this global warming, Al!

        • We expect -26F tomorrow and perhaps Tuesday WITHOUT the windchill. Predictions with the windchill are -60F. That is COLD! We are well stocked on food, water and auxiliary heating (Kerosene heater and a stockpile of Kerosene). Yesterday I bought a block heater for my one vehicle that has to sit in the driveway while the other two sit in a nice and warm garage. I installed the block heater this morning and also put a 100 Watt incandescent bulb in a drop light under the hood. I also have an outdoor battery tender mounted under the hood and plugged it all in about an hour ago. The block heater is a magnetic induction type rated at 300 watts to produce 300F to 400F of heat. I’ve lived all over the country in my life and I’ve never had a block heater, not even when I lived in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Tomorrow & Tuesday are going to be POLARLY Cold!

          Oh, and I did go by the grocery stores and they were standing room only! People should be better prepared than they are.

          • The Kentucky radio stations are advising everyone to not go out and it’s only 3° tonight and 5° tomorrow!!!

            Can you tell we are NOT used to this?? 🙂

            • Polar Vortex. prep for it.

        • PKLL
          Excellent article.

            • Everybody: Not sure if this is off topic…but it seems to fit right in to me about TPTB and America’s coming destruction….this is from another comment section on another site….

              I just came across an Iphone app called “Plague, Inc.” When you read the description of the game it tells you that you must develop a pandemic starting with “patient zero” and must overcome all of “human efforts” to stop it. The goal is to eliminate ALL of humanity before humans defeat this made up virus. Plus many, many other disturbing ‘add on’ apps that are very detailed instructions on the ins and outs of pandemic creations.




              They even dropped the price to ‘celebrate’ how sucessful it is!!

              Then when you look at the comments on twitter/facebook, (see links below), these ‘players’ are just giddy on how much ‘fun’ it is to destroy humanity. My blood grows cold thinking this is the kind of people that are coming of age and how much contempt they have for life. Then I remembered how you said that the government is using ‘bots’ that interact with online gamers that can ‘learn’ how to kill more effectively.

              It sounds to me like the CDC and the multinationals (NWO) are using our critical thinking skills (AND TAXPAYER DOLLARS) to participate in recruiting hundreds of millions of users to ‘learn’ how to create a pandemic worst case scenerio. ((‘best’ case for them)!!!! Notice how there are so many HN variants there are in Asia right now (which just happens to be over half the world’s population) and MERS, H1N1, plague, etc are on EVERY POPULATED CONTINENT IN THE WORLD!!

              May God continue to annoint your calling as a watchman. Maybe by sending this out, people can see once and for all that our government is really and honestly trying to kill us.

              Checck the Itunes or search engine to see more. Also THEY EVEN HAVE A TWITTER FEED AND FACEBOOK.



              Thanks and God Bless! Your Brother and Warrior in Christ , Ron

              • I can’t believe more folks here are not responding to your post. This “death app” is simply mind numbing! It is disgusting at best and pure evil at worst…and by evil I mean fire and brimstone, birds pecking out your eyes and inards every day only to be restored at night for the process to repeat itself for eternity type of evil. Truly frightening to know that people are participating for the pleasure of killing other people. My God, please forgive us!

                • NPGH….I know right? But I think most folks here read, ponder, research and then decide what their course of action is. It’s really hard some days to care about everything….there is just TOO much to worry about….and personally, it gets exhausting.

                  It’s enough that this info is out there and maybe, like all the other evil things that are being done to us in the dark, when you shine a light on it….

                  I believe the Hand of Protection on the US has been lifted. Please read the link above from westerrifleshooters….we MUST form communities….and pray.

        • PKLauLau, please excuse me for not welcoming you to our site earlier; I’ve had many things going on lately. welcome aboard and we’ll be glad to help you on any survival-related subjects. braveheart

          • Hey thanks BH…..LOL…you got a thumb down for offering help and welcome….wonder who that was? 🙂


      101. This from the first few readings seems to allow all comments as far as I can see,moderated/edited comments and sites that operate that way will not get my visits.I will continue to visit this page as long as articles have a interest to me.

        • I,as warchild,have been blocked at moment from posting on SHTF,do the PTB control site ?!I will continue to post under other titles for a short time,after that time to move on,time will tell.

          • To those of you blocked….do you ever get an explanation? I don’t understand what the rules are….you get blocked if…..what????? I read the commenting policy….


      102. Northern Illinois is finally getting a winter. Tomorrow will be minus 15. Won’t get above minus 13 all day. Snow already up the wazoo. Wind at 25 mph. Good time to clean my guns.

        • Shhhhh….you ARE in NAZInois! Be veeeeerrrryyy quiet! I’m only 7 miles from the DMZ between NAZInois and Wisconsin. I’m staying on the Wisconsin side. I try to NEVER venture into that cesspool of a state (because of Shitago) unless I have to. I do my best to go around it if at all possible.

      103. Found this funny: Saw in the news that Putin was out playing hockey with former NHL’ers in Sochi. I thought to myself that guy is hard not to like, he is a mans man. Political views aside he hunts, fishes, plays hockey, things that guys do.
        Then it got me thinking about our presidents. We have former cheerleaders (Reagan, both daddy and son bush). A quick search on internet and I found this.

        “It has been rumored that Pres Obama played basketball at Occidental College before transferring to Columbia University, although no one can officially confirm.”

        I played college sports. You are on a roster and in the ncaa database for eligibility. You are normally on a website as being a player, or in a program.
        This guy amazes me how he has done so much without any record of ever doing it.

      104. My next line when engaged in judicial corruption: Judge, I enjoyed your corruption in support the 1%, and I accept it on behalf of the 3%.

      105. I agree with you informed.

      106. this looks like the beginningof the wildlands act , found within algores global warming plan is a map of the projected futureares of north america restricted to to humans once were deemed unnatural and invasive to the planet earth. this will b put in place when the new wordl religion starts the worship of earth and the fact that were not from here, it may just b that they want theyre utopia without us

      107. BHO is on Maui at OW Ranch, we went for our morning walk and were turned around by DHS and State police,,,,
        Why the hell else would DHS be blocking access to Thompson Road in Kula Hawaii????
        Plus we all know OW and BHO are chummy

        • Been hoping he’d get eaten by a shark…or a cannibal…but alas no one has that poor of taste…

          • Yep,,,
            I guess its mammy obammy hangin with opie,,,
            I love it,,, these tyrants come to town and everyone near where they go are ” necessarily inconvenienced for their own safety”

          • Sharks won’t eat him, out of professional courtesy.

            • 🙂

      108. Sites acting all wonky, big brother is watching you can be sure,,, i say ainokea

        • This site does have wonky behavior. You can demonstrate for yourself that it is completely independent of your operating system or the speed of your computer with this simple test.

          Pull up a porn site. It will zing onto the screen. Post on SHTF: The computer will freeze; eventually, your post will appear. Sometimes IE will totally crash when posting.


      109. Well, It’s been far too long for the people to wake up and start stomping these criminals, if you start being so compliant soon you will be in labs making test on you just like the Japanese to the Chinese and the Germans to Jews in WW2. WHy that fuuck people still think they need a gov? we need an army and milita very well trained as stated in the constitution, change the way of raising our children, after high school 2 years in military school then go home with your own rifle and then start your career and over all meanwhile in high school, teach heavy history and economy so that non of them think a system is needed less central banks for independence less police. In a civilization like this criminals won’t be able to survive. And not forgetting going back to metal coinage for solid money.

      110. Fascism = a political regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition…what you see around today is VERBATIM the same stuff as dictionary describes it; it’s the reincarnation of f*cking Hitler

      111. Tarzan
        I was at the pub yesterday, and I ran into Tarzan.
        I asked him how it was going, and if he was making any more movies. He told me,
        “me no longer make movies, me have severe arthritis,
        both shoulders bad and not swing from vine to tree no more. I asked about Boy, and he told me “Boy, gone big city,
        get with bad women, on drugs and alcoholic;
        and only time hear from him, when in trouble or need something”.

        I asked how Jane was doing? He told me, “Jane in bad shape, in nursing home,
        has bad Alzheimer’s and not recognizes anyone”. How sad!

        I asked about Cheeta: he beamed and said,
        “Cheeta do good. She marry lawyer, had plastic surgery,
        now live in White House!!!

      112. ‘For each Generation there comes a time in every man’s and woman’s life-time where they must make a life changing choice …’

        ‘Do they submit ; or FIGHT for their own personal Freedoms!’

        ~ Nelson Mandela

        ‘Which will You Do?’

        ~N.O. ;0P

      113. Wonder what the hell Joe Biden, has been doing.
        Very, very quiet.

      114. Hey Mac.

        Site is flipping out. Posts going to various spots.

      115. Tarzan
        I was at the pub yesterday, and I ran into Tarzan.
        I asked him how it was going, and if he was making any more movies. He told me,
        “me no longer make movies, me have severe arthritis,
        both shoulders bad and not swing from vine to tree no more.
        I asked about Boy, and he told me “Boy, gone big city,
        get with bad women, on drugs and alcoholic;
        and only time hear from him, when in trouble or need something”.

        I asked how Jane was doing? He told me, “Jane in bad shape, in nursing home,
        has bad Alzheimer’s and not recognizes anyone”. How sad!

        I asked about Cheeta: he beamed and said,
        “Cheeta do good. She marry lawyer, had plastic surgery,
        now live in White House!!!

      116. BI would give you thumbs up but my thumbs voteing is not working.

      117. Thumbs up REB! well said

      118. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present” – Eleanor Roosevelt

      119. It’s just another push , until we shove back.. If we ever do

      120. 2012 Trilateral Commission Member List
        By Gareth, on April 5th, 2013
        JEAN-CLAUDE TRICHET European Chairman

        VLADIMIR DLOUHY European Deputy Chairman

        MICHAEL FUCHS European Deputy Chairman

        JOSEPH S. NYE, JR. North American Chairman

        ALLAN E. GOTLIEB North American Deputy Chairman

        JAIME SERRA North American Deputy Chairman

        YOTARO KOBAYASHI Pacific Asian Chairman

        HAN SUNG-JOO Pacific Asian Deputy Chairman

        JUSUF WANANDI Pacific Asian Deputy Chairman

        Founder and Honorary Chairman

        PETER SUTHERLAND GEORG EuropeanHonorary Chairman

        PAUL A. VOLCKER North American Honorary Chairman

        PAUL RÉVAY European Director

        MICHAEL J. O’NEIL North American Director

        KEN SHIBUSAWA Pacific Asian Director

      121. Solution: 2nd Amendment. Form an armed neighborhood militia. The police will be stopped in their tracks with fear. They will then have to escalate issues and call in State or Federal “authorities.” The people will match in kind.

      122. You know what they say about opinions, they’re like AR15’s,everybody wants one! Or something like that. Anywho, in my humble opinion if the numbers on this site is any indication of action, we’re in big trouble. Got over 82,000 lookers and the most votes any commenter got is a little over 200, so if we’re going to war with TPTB it looks more like we will be .03% instead of 3 Percenters. Looks like maybe we better stockup on more ammo. Trekker Out. Maybe A Land Mine or Two!

        • Mountain Trekker: No, I think it’s more than 3%.

          I was one of those lookie-loos for quite a while, thinking I was flying under the radar. I know now that it is ridiculous to expect any sort of communication to be private. Since they collect everything…my last two years of phone calls and e-mail to friends and family will put me on the naughty list. It’s time to make a choice and not be afraid.

          I think you will see people coming out of the woodwork in droves….

          Stay warm all you people in the bitter cold…will be praying for you.

      123. Until the masses push back with a vengeance , this will just escalate and slowly creep into every corner of the globe including your back yard

      124. the owners should be happy to sell their property and move as far away from the pacific ocean as possible hello fukishima ?

      125. “””””””””””””That was the goal for hundreds of residents living on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Many own their land outright and have been living on it for decades without so much as a peep from their local government. They’ve built their homes using whatever means they had available to them. They planted their own fruits and vegetables. They even set up their own personal power production stations using solar panels and miniature wind farms.

        And they’ve lived peacefully without violating the rights of those around them and leaving a very small “carbon footprint” to boot. For all intents and purposes, they achieved a life of independence and freedom.”””””””””

        maybe their problem is that a few of them should have been attending town board, zoning and planning board meetings and keep ,up on local and state zoning laws. Everywhere in America there are people who have no life so they spend it on planning and zoning boards making others miserable and if you don’t comply, it can cost you big time. I had a neighbor who did just what he wanted to for yrs, no permits ect, to day he’s fighting for his property.. I just now got a Certificate of Occupancy for my house and I had never complied with zoning laws either and did just as I pleased, but things change, old people die and new people move in and take over and that’s what happened here, now we have some idiot who is the dog warden that wants to go house to house cking to see who has unregistered dogs

      126. Can this site PLEASE start printing articles that don’t have the sole purpose of scaring people?! Print something that is helpful. Resourceful. Something preppers actually need! Something like survivalblog who actually helps preppers. Stop making money off the hoard of advertisements by simply printing “scare stories”!

        • SickAndTired: I had the same concern when I started posting just several days ago. All I had to do was ask a question(s)… and you will be overwhelmed by the positive responses and information. I originally wanted a “just tell me what to do” answer because like you (I think by your name) I am overwhelmed (and late to the party).

          What I have learned is this site is about “self-sufficiency” and it has made me search out and follow the leads that were given to me. Not that I didn’t get great specifics, but most posters are making me stretch my “self-sufficiency” muscles. I have a long way to go, but I am the stronger and smarter for it. I am also a little more confident which is killing the “overwhelmed” monster a little everyday.

          You want more articles…what you have here is better…actual experience. So just ask your question(s)…

          (I hope I understood the meaning of your post correctly…if not disregard…)

          And to stretch everyone a little today….please search Moringa Oleifera tree. This tree is a miracle food source tree and is being used to battle starvation by Trees for Life. Grows almost everywhere. Medicinal and crazy nutritious. Everyone needs to plant a few and learn how to use them….quickly. I will be buying a few here shortly. When the plants get up and running, I will mail seeds to whoever wants them (as I can afford).


          • PKL – I understand what you’re saying, but I strongly feel like this site is really reaching for stories that don’t or won’t pertain to most individuals. It’s simply instilling fear into people. It’s not providing guidance. Americans REALLY need guidance these days. I hope someday a website with this kind of popularity will have an intelligent and unselfish person to guide the American people to safety and prosperity. Until then, the owner of this site will enjoy the money made from an overload of advertisements and fear stories.

            • Sick and Tired: I understand your frustration. But I respectfully disagree….all these stories NEED to make us frightened. We need to be very, very afraid…or else if we stay fat and happy we will never get off our butts and make a difference or do anything. That is our American problem….we are waiting for someone else to rescue us, lead us, fix it for us, etc.

              Americans need guidance….yes and no. We need information! We won’t ever get an unselfish and intelligent person to guide the American people this side of heaven. We are too far gone for that. Americans NEED to get back to self-reliance. That is what made our country great. Not waiting for someone to lead us. Men who took charge of their own lives, were self-reliant, made decisions, made their own way, took chances, protected their families, formed communities and had faith. That is who America used to be and where we need to be again. And that is what I believe this site is about. That’s what we need to learn in America… to get back to who we WERE.

              I don’t come here for the articles. I usually see them somewhere else a day or two before they are posted here. I come here to learn how to be independent. To learn from a very large group of people with a vast collective knowledge. That truly is invaluable to me. You have the biggest encyclopedia of knowledge at your fingertips here….use it.


      127. Cold cold & colder!!!! Its 6 degrees here in North Ark. and the wind chill makes it 1 below. Where is the promised Golwbull Warming? the electric is out for some. Mine is still working. This weather is hard on the livestock. My jersey went into the goat shed. She was laying in their sleeping and the little goats where laying on top of her also sleeping. Its a small building 8×12 and very warm with six goats and a cow.

        • Here in Kentucky, about 20 miles from the Tennessee line, it is 5° and that is the high today. Tonight 0°.

          Our central heat is pulling double time(that’s double fees when it is below 32 folks) to keep under the house warm(whatever! :-)) and I run the water all night long.
          I run the hot water in all 3 baths and kitchen every hour or so to keep the pipes warm. Well, it is better than no water with busted pipes.
          No, we couldn’t insulate–the pipes are attached to the flooring somehow. Duh!! Don’t even go there assessing Ky. regulations; you’ll get dizzy!!

      128. Hah! Good post on free speech there, BI!

      129. Actions like these make it easier to identify the enemy. I just never imagined it would be a domestic enemy! Sic Semper Tyrannis!

      130. Oh, what a difference a day makes.

        Back to rainy and cloudy skies. Wind has picked up.
        Temp is about 58 degrees. HEAT WAVE! ;0)
        Looks like some areas will go down to 26 degrees. Not so bad as many have today.
        Wanted to give a heads up.
        Check your water wells if you have one and drain the casing and protect external piping. Breakage due to ice expansion. Start your car up to charge the battery as cold drains the voltage. Maybe charge up those extra car and boat batteries. How about those rechargeable Ni Cads for tools. Check your generator for gas and oil. Start that up and see how it runs. Have another way to cook like the gas grill or camp stove. Have fuel for them?
        I live in North Florida and 26 degrees can do plenty damage. There will be a drain on the electrical system as people turn up the thermostats to keep warm. Have an all electric home? Be prepared for power outages.
        Please be careful in the use of propane and kerosene heaters. Electrical heater pose danger too as they can ignite combustible material too close to them. Light them off outside your home and check to see they function properly. Refill when they are cold and outside your home. NO charcoal burning inside your home and if you use a generator insure ventilation is sufficient. People have died with one running in their garage.
        Stay warm be safe and think about what you are doing at hand.

      131. It’s a land grab and it isn’t even cleverly disguised. Thank goodness the government is here to protect us from ourselves.

      132. No new articles here in 3 days. Mac must be stuck in Belgrade. Send in the Croats!

      133. Dead Zone.

      134. I guess these boneyards would not like my ranch then… I wonder if this tin robot likes potatoes?

      135. kill list ??..:)

      136. Reminds me of the T-shirt that has a revolver pointing straight at ya, I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you!

      137. Reb you absolutely correct. That is the real test would you fight for another persons counstitional rights. dsfsdf

      138. Reb you absolutely correct. That is the real test would you fight for another persons counstitional rights.

      139. Agenda 21 is the main culprit behind this insidious Evil. And it’s not just happening in the United States. It is a truly global phenomenon.

        So, what’s happening? Are we being enslaved? Of course. By who? Not by who but by what. Why? We are their food. What do we do? Deny the Monster dinner. (stop giving into anger, hate, and every other lower impulse that the Illuminati is trying to activate within us)– Live in accordance with the Spirit– live righteously! Starve the Adversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      140. I wonder if a Land Patent could prevent this?
        other “benefits” are- everyone buys their food at a big
        corporate chain food store thus increasing profit and taxes paid, also a war on the poor, there are a lot of people in America that have inherited land, but let’s just say they are not rich, so they have no choice but to grow their own food. But I would like to see what these SWAT guys would say if you asked them that isn’t the American ideal to be self-reliant and not a burden to others, (who are trying to lead their own lives), and how do SWAT guys feel about being abosolutely unnecessary and a total burden ,(enslavement) to those forced to pay for this?

        If you like the way Amerika is…thank those who were paid to defend the Constitution but didn’t do their jobs.

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