Gov Estimates Pandemic Would Kill At Least 2 Million: “Completely Realistic and Based on Years of Data”

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    In early 1918 the Spanish flu was nowhere on the radar. A couple years later, by the end of 1920 over 500 million people had been infected and about 100 million were dead – roughly 5% of the world’s population.

    The virus spread like wildfire, destroying everyone in its path.

    But such things could not happen in our modern society.

    Or could they?

    Despite breakthroughs in antibiotics, advanced medical facilities, and research teams dedicated specifically to identifying and eliminating any potential pathogens that could befall us, the U.S. government has been planning contingency procedures just in case we have another mutation like we saw at the beginning of the last century.

    In fact, with the advent of modern air travel, the spread of a contagion like the Spanish flu could be much deadlier than we could ever imagine.

    According to the government, their plans call for a minimum of 2 million dead and 5 million hospitalizations should a viruses such as the H7N9 flu strain or a respiratory coronavirus (MERS-CoV) mutate into a more deadly and contagious form.

    According to a recently declassified report from the Department of Defense the threat is real and it could come at any time:

    If a flu pandemic strikes, about 30 percent of the U.S. population could fall ill, with 3 million hospitalizations and 2 million deaths. Basic services, such as medical care or essential supply deliveries, will probably be disrupted.

    In the plan, the government also says it assumes that a vaccine against a completely new flu strain wouldn’t become available for several months. Even after that, production will ramp up slowly.

    Though that level of illness may seem high and the pace of vaccine production slow, it’s completely realistic and based on years of data on flu traits and vaccine production, said Dr. Richard Webby, a flu expert at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.

    The estimates above call for a flu pandemic with a mortality rate of approximately 2%. But, as we have seen with pathogen mutations as of late, the mortality rate may be underestimated and could far exceed what the government predicts. The H7N9 airborne virus, first identified in Asia earlier this year, has seen a mortality rate of 20%, leaving researchers examining the virus to conclude that we “should definitely be alarmed and get prepared for the worst-case scenario”

    The government’s emergency response plan calls for a multi-pronged approach including medical triage, as well as military superiority in the event of a widespread pandemic that could threaten the stability of the United States.

    The potential impact of pandemic influenza (Pl) on military operations is significant.

    Throughout a pandemic, United States (US) military forces must remain dominant across the full spectrum of military operations, preserving combat capabilities in order to protect US interests at home and abroad.

    The Department of Defense (DOD) Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza (DIP) directs DOD to prepare for, detect, respond to and contain the effect of a pandemic on military forces, DOD civilians, DOD contractors, dependents and beneficiaries.

    If you have any question as to whether or not martial law is part of the response plan it should now be clear.

    Such a disaster would come complete with a total lock-down of infected regions, which would essentially include every major American metropolitan area and thoroughfares into and out of the cities.

    That means there would be no travel, no grocery shopping trips, and no going outside; in essence a 24-hour round-the-clock curfew.

    Those who fail to follow the rules or have no home to retreat to will likely be interned in Federal Emergency Management Agency refugee camps, much like the small (but ineffective) centers we saw pop up in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

    Most people simply don’t believe that such a reality exists. But it does. Right now, somewhere on this planet, a virus is mutating. Perhaps it is on a chicken farm in China, or a pilgrimage in the middle east,  or it may be spreading through a school in your neighborhood.

    Viruses and bacteria are evolving. They’re getting stronger, more contagious, and they are becoming resistant to modern medicines.

    Should one take hold, despite the preparations being made by the U.S. government and World Health Organization, it will be impossible to contain.

    The only course of action is to be able to identify it as it begins to spread, something the mainstream media will likely downplay and cover-up with the latest Hollywood wardrobe malfunction.

    They won’t tell the general population until it is too late, so you’ll have to make the decision yourself if you suspect a virus is spreading and has a high rate of infection or mortality. Such information will likely become available first through alternative news, much like it was during the spread of the H1N1 virus in 2009.

    If you are lucky enough to catch it up front, keep the kids home from school and avoid work, then that’s a good start.

    But you’ll also need an effective personal pandemic preparedness plan and supplies to weather the storm once the country goes into martial law lock-down.

    The government is making preparations. Are you doing the same? Or will you depend on their ability to organize an effective response for 300 million panicked Americans?


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      1. 2%???? Ya gotta be kidding. OBTW, who will be running the nuke plants? I assume oil/gas operators are automatically immune.

        • I was a kid in the city when the great polio
          epidemic broke out in the fifties, before the
          Salk vaccine was available.

          I was just going about my business being a
          youngster when all of a sudden – WHAM! I was
          as stiff as a 2 x 4.

          I made it out okay with only one leg being an
          inch shorter than the other, but 24hrs later
          I would have been in an iron lung. So to say
          the least, I’m a believer in this article.

          • Infection control in nursing homes…

            Catching Bad Bugs
            “The communal living conditions of long-term care residents raise the risk for transmission and acquisition of a healthcare-associated infection…the microorganisms themselves continue to mutate and adapt to the environment, and are “in many cases beating out antibiotics.

            Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) is the latest example of an infection that can be difficult — if not impossible — to kill, joining Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) as a troublesome foe for infection control professionals. Clostridium difficile and norovirus are also stubborn pathogens that infection control professionals have battled for years.”


            “Bleach is the most common C. diff disinfectant when properly diluted, but the Environmental Protection Agency also has added other hydrogen peroxide products and a silver-based product to its approved list…”

            Proper hand hygiene may seem like the most elementary part of infection control, but the reason why it is at the top of surveyors’ citation list is that protocols aren’t followed often enough, infection control specialists say.

            Any strong infection control program should include a hand-hygiene program — not only for staff, but for residents and their visitors as well.”

            Hospitals struggle to get workers to wash hands.

            “Studies have shown that without encouragement, hospital workers wash their hands as little as 30 percent of the time that they interact with patients.”

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            • …VRSA (Vancomycin-resistant S. aureus), MDR (multidrug resistant) and XDR (extreme drug resistant) TB, MDR N. gonorrheae (multidrug resistant gonorrhea)…

            • Same old same old

              • This is one of the very few articles I’ve read on here that is completely hysterical, and to no good purpose. It’s quite obviously written to scare you senseless, with no ideas put forward about how to prepare yourself. The top sentence states that the Spanish Flu killed roughly five percent of the world population, and in the next paragraph, states that it destroyed “everyone in its path”. The two statements are incompatible and sloppy writing. Agreed, it was deadly. The two oldest girls in my grandmother’s family died from it, as did two member’s of my grandfather’s family. (They lived in Kansas, where the flu may have mutated into virulence.) All four were young and in good health, according to family history. If you sequester yourself, be sure to avoid the mail as the mail carrier may be infected. Trivial things that you aren’t normally looking for will be the ones that kill you. I plan to lay in a large supply of vitamins, teas and colloidal silver, plus hydrogen peroxide. All in all, I’m more worried about what else Obama will do to us, or the possibility of Hillary coming to power. Extreme liberalism is always hazardous to your health, and it’s not easy to avoid.

                • Yes, my grandfather’s twin died of it in 1918 in Kansas. He as very ill and they moved him in a blizzard. Never knew if the move was to keep him away from the healthy family members or to get him to a special facility.

                  You are right…I, too, am much more concerned about BO’s next bit of lunacy and absolutely cannot imagine Hildebeast in charge. The ONLY thing she might have over BO is that her college thesis was not very positive on Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (although she is going after the power they encourage) while BO seems to be following lockstep with his playbook.

            • As a nurse in long term care, I can attest to the nastiness of C Difficile (C-Diff) is one nasty bug and when patients acquire it it can be deadly.. Overuse of antibiotics is the main reason for MRSA, C-Diff, VRE, and many others.

              • Hoopster,
                And C-Diff blooms when you take a good stiff course of a fluoroquinolone without something to kill the anaerobes, like Flagyl. You can swell up like a poison puff. I’m sure you know that, but others might not.

                • …and formerly “contact only” bugs are now going AIRBORNE and inter-species transferable. Some of these are deadly.

              • not just overuse of antibiotics,

                dousing everything with antibacterial cleansers kills off good bacteria, leaving the field wide open for bad bacteria to proliferate.

                • Figment,
                  I agree. As a cop, all my coworkers douse themselves in hand wipes and anti bacteria gels after every call. If we had a particularly nasty suspect, I would do the same. But not after every call. The guys that did this were always sick and had no immune system. Your body can fight off most common infections if it has a strong immune system. I am not talking Ebola or Typhoid, but flus…..

                  Maybe I am wrong and just lucky…..

              • I am curious…I understand the overuse of antibiotics. That is something we have only used in very dire circumstances when the doctor has insisted so I do not think we would be in that group of overusers. That being said, will that particular bug be easier on us (and more easily taken care of WITH antibiotics) or is the strain equally bad whether you have abused antibiotics or not?

                I have a friend who ran to the doc for every sniffle and INSISTED on an antibiotic, even when he would say it wouldn’t work. So will she and I have an equal chance against it?

                One more question…I take elderberry caps EVERY day…if I don’t the worst case of bronchitis gets hold of me and I will cough a lung up all winter long..MONTHS. As long as I take it, I am fine. A friend told me about this when I was complaining that I worked in a public library with little kids and I was catching every bug they brought in with them and elderberry seems to work, at least for me. Is there anything else that you would recommend that would be more efficient?


            • There’s also “CA-MRSA”

              Community-associated MRSA infections (CA-MRSA) are MRSA infections in healthy people who have not been hospitalized or had a medical procedure (such as dialysis or surgery) within the past year.

              Anyone can get CA-MRSA, however outbreaks have been seen among athletes, prisoners, military recruits, daycare attendees, injection drug users and other groups of people who live in crowded settings and/or routinely share contaminated items. Poor hygiene practices, such as lack of hand washing, may spread the bacteria easily.

              This is why I’m reluctant to go shake everyone’s hand at church, or anywhere else for that matter. People at church look at me funny, but I don’t care…at least I only go home with my own germs.

              • “This is why I’m reluctant to go shake everyone’s hand at church,”

                You don’t trust your God much, do you?

                • I’m not shaking hands with GOD, I’m shaking hands with a bunch of people who shake hands with other people, who grab shopping carts that got grabbed by yet other people, who handled their kids who went to school with other kids, and so on.

                  It’s kinda like the clap—it’s the gift that keeps giving.

                  • So what are you trying to say, Clark, that people who go to church don’t pick up germs wherever they go, Or that GOD won’t allow germs to be transferred in His house.

                  • Funny comment (really), but don’t sequester yourself too much while it’s still safe. If you’re in good health, you need exposure to germs to beef up your immune system. Try lots of yogurt and organic fruits and vegetables. Expose yourself to what your immune system can handle, and it will be much stronger. I have some new antibiotics in our small refrigerator, but for the last eight years, we’ve relied on juices, teas and colloidal silver for everything. Silver doesn’t seem to have the usual damaging effect on your colon as do regular antibiotics, and bacteria hasn’t yet become unresponsive to it. I use hydrogen peroxide as a cleanser (make sure it’s new as it becomes toxic after about a year) and also a remedy for a sore throat (gargle) or swollen nasal passages. For that, dilute peroxide 2-1 with distilled water and snort it. My mother was just aghast when I told her that, but my grand mother said it worked.(She was the one who told me about it, and nine of her eleven kids lived.) This could possibly burn the nasal passages of a small child, and they can’t understand anyway, so use it on kids older than eight. Also, try to talk your doctor into writing a prescription for codeine cough syrup, the best, and it lasts almost forever. It will stop the total exhaustion a patient endures from constant coughing, and may soothe them, which is important in a severe illness. On antibiotics, skip Tetracycline as it becomes toxic very quickly, and get those that are more shelf-stable. Be sure to lay in a supply of Cipro for anthrax, because you can’t run into the doctor’s office if it hits. Also buy a large supply of probiotics because many of these meds are very hard on your body and you need a healthy gut. For better advice than I give you, read “The Patriot Nurse”.

                • You’re forgetting there’s an evil component. And this thing called free will.

                  I have my faith. But do not understand how much God interacts or protects us on a daily basis. It’s prudent to clean up and be cautions when others may not be.

                  After all, God doesn’t shower me.

                  • Nor did God promise to keep us from getting sick. Our free will and common sense protects us.

                    The ONLY promise God has given us, is that one day we will stand before Him and be judged for our thoughts and deeds.

                    It’s up to us to prepare for that time.

              • Do like I do and wear a surgical glove in church…

                • Or carry some disinfectant to quickly clean hands between hand shakes…

                  • I’m not sure which would be more insulting, not wanting to shake hands, or whipping out the sanitizer after doing so…hmmm.

              • I tried the no-handshake business for a time and decided it would be better to be sick than tell people you don’t want their germs.

                I do think we will be okay as long as we keep our hands away from our mucus membranes until we can wash them good and I am big into hand washing. My job as a kid was to take a wet cloroxed rag and go around the house EVERY, wiping down door knobs, cabinet handles, faucets and anything people were forever touching. My father was freaky about such things.

                We were a large and poor family and preventing illness was a must.

            • Good article, and unfortunately, so true. If you have any family member in a nursing home, they’re going to die. See “One Second After” by William Forstner, for gory details. We plan to stay home for the duration of any plague,and pick up the pieces later. You need some exposure to germs to keep your immune system interested, but hand washing is always a really good idea. Ky Mom, my oldest daughter is a nurse and complains about the number of employees who flit from room to room without washing. My daughter is compulsive and has chapped hands all the time, but she reports that basic sanitation is non-existent. We need to figure out how to effectively “doctor” at home and not expose ourselves to any hospital or non-family members.

              • After surgery one time, the doctor came flying into my hsptl room and started to touch me. I said, Doctor, you need to wash your hands first (there was a sink right there in my room) and he said, Oh, I did that outside. I did not believe him, but what can you do? Fortunately, I was young and healthy. Nowadays, I just try to stay away from those types of places.

          • “Right now, somewhere on this planet, a virus is mutating. Perhaps it is on a chicken farm in China, or a pilgrimage in the middle east,  or it may be spreading through a school in your neighborhood.”

            Or more likely in a government sponsored lab. Mankind’s deadliest contagions are rarely natural, they’re weaponized and it would only take one release to change the face of humanity. There are people with such ambitions.

            • Yeah – Sort of like our government mutating into a dictatorship! I suspect the source was somewhere in Kenya.

              • Good One!

            • no. the people who have launched war after war based upon packs of lies, irradiating generations of Middle eastern children (along with the entire Northern Hemisphere) while they destroy nation after nation to preserve the blood-soaked dollar lent for our use out the gate at 3%….they would do something to suppress dissent and reduce population to more manageable levels?

          • I am glad you made it through that, and maybe give some knowledge of what maybe coming to the US. From what I have read, as soon as next month to the east coast. Keep your eyes open.

          • This book I read about (i believe it was the spanish flu but not sure)…anyhow, some real bad flu outbreak that killed millions– it said that the people most vulnerable were the young adults with good immune systems. This seems odd but their immune system over reacted or something and it did them in. So it doesn’t necessarily kill the old or the young children. It depends on the virus. Sometimes it attacks the young adults most viruntly.

            • You were probably reading “The Great Influenza” which I also bought. In their opinion, the young adults died as a result of, ironically, a super efficient immune system which over reacted by producing so many white bloods cells that they clogged the lungs and ruptured vessels, causing the victims to choke to death, or suffocate on bloody foam. A good time to be middle-aged. Ugh, but no worse than being hacked to death by machetes, a la Rwanda, or being gassed to death. We have no way of knowing what a new illness may do to your body, but the Black Death was supremely unpleasant, and am sure this one will be, as well.

              • Exactly.

                the reason why the risky catagory is advised to get a flu shot, or USED To be before they started pushing it on everyone is that it’s not the flu that kills the elderly,infants, pregnant women, asthmatics and immune supressed, it’s the secondary infections that take advantage of an overtaxed immune system and cause death by pneumonia or kidney failure.

                and to those of you who are allergic to eggs, flu shots are mixed with egg components (albumen I believe) After my stupid doctor insisted i get a flu shot because I have asthma, I thought I was going to die. Then someone told me about the egg thing. You’d think my stupid doctor would look at my chart and see I have an egg intolerance.
                (i’ve since changed doctors)

              • Very interesting…haven’t read that, but that might explain why my grandfather’s twin brother who was 20 at the time died from it. He was very healthy and the family always blamed it on the officials taking him out in a blizzard to go to a health care facility.

                Having lived in the Middle East with such terrible poverty in places and such primitive living conditions, I always wondered how any of them lived to adulthood. At one point, one of the villages was plagued with infant deaths. Since drinking water was coming from their ditches where the livestock also drank and heaven knows what else was in it, the Peace Corps was there and they told the villagers that they absolutely MUST boil water for drinking. The villagers tried it, but after they boiled it, the could see no difference so they discontinued it and the babies started dying again. Then someone had the bright idea to tell them to throw a handful of rice in the water when they boil it. That made the water cloudy and then it made sense to the villagers. The added starch in the boiled water also helped stop the dysentery in the babies.

            • Anonymous,

              It was true that the young and healthy were the most vulnerable, that flu strain took a persons immune system and turned it against them, resulting in spectacular onsets and deaths, many times within hours. I am glad I am an older person, I work in a prison with over a thousand inmates, my immune system more than likely looks like an armored truck, though I still wouldn’t want to deal with a Spanish flu type scenario. Universal precautions, treat everyone as if they were infectious, that’s what we do in the joint, it seems to work. It is good that people start thinking about this type of situation, start thinking of supplies you may need when and if you do catch something, after all, better prepared years in advance than being one minute late!

          • My.husband believes that if it hasn’t happened in his lifetime than it will never happen. It’s as if people truly believe history NEVER repeats itself. My N95 mask came in the mail last week and he totally thought I was nuts. Oh well.

            • Denial is always interesting in its intensity. And, he may be right. However, I’d rather be prepared than otherwise.

          • Outwest, I too am a survivor of the polio epidemic 1955. Hope your hanging in as we have all been forgotten. Lost my disability retirement, worked 26 years on that job and cheated by a rogue retirement system, the largest in the country! Nice huh? I just don’t get this article? Scare tactic, possibility? Anything is possible, so what then? What is the point of this article? More bread and circus? Not sure about anyone else, but I am tired of all the entertainment! Follow the money and you will get your answer! Stay focused!

          • I believe that viruses are harmless and that people get sick for other reasons. Alternative media such as this website just align with mainstream BS. I am aware that my claim seems weird but I investigated a lot and I know what I am saying.

        • A pandemic has always been of a particular concern for me with my family. My wife was pregnant with out first during the swine flu scare in 09.

          I can say that was the first time I really got into prepping full scale.

          Since then in addition to my normal preps I have made sure I have plenty of diapers, Vaseline, baby powder, pedialyte, etc…

          Just a tip for any preppers out there with young children. My wife found online yard sales on facebook and more people than I would have thought are nearly, freely giving away full cans of unopened baby formula.

          I have amassed 10 cans in a couple weeks and have paid only $10.

          Bought new they are in the $30 range.

          • is also a good way to find local people giving away everything from baby formula to fencing. I personally picked up a pressure canner and jars, chimney brush, backpack sprayer, and fold-down attic stairs.

            • Good advice.

              I went to free cycle last night and found a listing of misc hand tools and a bucket full of hardware.

              Ill be picking it up tomorrow.

          • on that note of baby formula ,here is a prepper , tip back in the late 70’s i was moving back to Fl ,i was outside of tampa ,very few exits back then ,my oil light came on in my 64 chevy ,i knew i wouldnt have long ,so i pulled over ,dug through everything ,found a big can of my daughters baby formula ,and dumped it into the crank case ,it mixed with what oil was left ,got the blood preasure up ,and i was able to drive the 20 miles i needed to the next exit,these were the days of no cell phones ,no emergency phones on the interstate ,no road rangers ,just you and your wits

            • Sixpack,

              Thanks for the heads up. Ill check the brands and manufacturing data on them.

              We’ve never given our children formula before. It was strictly a prep item so I had no idea about contamination. Thanks again.

              • Don’t mention it. I’ve got your six.

        • Another part of this is the prisons that house apprx. over 2 million. Imagine all those in prison being released (no funding to feed, cloth, etc..), this is what I imagine the gov’t will do and use the prisoners as carriers of whatever they want to unleash upon the populace.

          • I wonder how many corrections officers have in place a final order to…”take care” of that when/if something happens…you know what I mean?

          • As one who has worked on electronics in prisons throughout the South, I can say that prisons keep a 30-day fuel supply on hand to run the diesel generators and keep enough essentials to feed and house guards for the same amount of time. After that, the expectation is the state’s national guard troops would take over.

            • WireNut, thanks for the info/clarification. I had been told it was less than 30 days. The prisons are a concern because of the influx of Muslem recruiting going on in prisons. That I know from prison ministries and talking with many prisoners.

            • Orry wirenut but your wrong. I worked as a corrections officer in Alabama for years and was assigned over the kitchen in 2 different prisons and they dont have but one week worth of food for the inmates and about 25 staff much less all officers! And the generator has about a week of fuel if used wisely (no fence ).

          • This whole article is NOTHING. 2 M plus die EVERY year! Yes, an additional 2 would be bad, but no big deal. A bad epidemic would be by the statistics above: 15 million for the US and 350 M or more for the world. We had that bad in 1918 and the world continued mostly as normal.

          • @DRD5508 .. Very good point. Saudis did the exact same thing by releasing the prisoners condemned to death to go and fight under the freedom army in Syria. These governments world wide are just criminal to the core. Expect anything and everything from the TPTB.

            • Agree

        • Government stats, so triple that, then add a “zero”. A full blown pandemic can and would most likely affect at LEAST 60% of the population, depending on initial severity.
          Other factors:
          Loss of critical infrastructure personnel- resulting in loss of power, fuel, water, medicines, and police and fire protection.
          Reduced shipping and transportation- resulting in shortages of critical items such as food, water, medicines, fuel, transit lockups.
          Overwhelmed medical facilities resulting in a Triage care scenario- some will simply be left to die off that may have been saved.
          Sickness from other causes- bad food, bad water, garbage in the streets, disease from the dead bodies that will inevitably overwhelm the system.
          The list goes on, but 2%?
          No way.
          Sanitation will be key to survival.

        • To be fair, the spanish flu did NOT kill everyone it its path, as the second paragraph in the article states. In fact, it only killed 1 in 5 of everyone in its path, as the first paragraph in the article states.

        • remember that the govertnment will under-report the number of sick and dead, just like Hurrican Andrew (where,, actually, fleets of 18-wheelers carried off bodies from the affected area), and (as has been seriously suggested with good cause) the recent flooding in Colorado. If 2,000,000 Americans actually die, reports will filter out about dozens here and there, maybe as high as two or three thousand – maybe.

        • NIXON PROMISED TO SHUT DOWN,the bio-warfare center at FT.DETRICK ,MARYLAND,instead they went underground and KEPT RIGHT ON MAKING DESEASES,and now their spraying them from AIR FORCE JETS,all over america and the world,WHO WILL STOP THEM NOW??dammed sure not ,oboozo,him and the BRITISH want to kill everyone….on the planet,maybe the world will get sick of this shit and nuke the hell out of america ,and the fire,and radiation will stop them………..

      2. The Brain Suck Virus is rampant in the Wash DC area. Daily observation is 100% infection of the media & nearly all politicians.

        Big salute to the truckers too

        • Unfortunately the “Brain Suck” virus is not deadly… in fact it makes some of them immortal…. Like Zombies or Vampires….

          • Great point. They are running our government!!!

          • Brain suck is everywhere.

            • I dunno, I think brain sucking might be getting a little scarce in DC—not much for brains there.

        • The brain suck virus is rampant on the red thumb trolls here too.

          • Granny, I believe the trolls have Brain Suck virus.

            • Only for a second, then the well runs completely dry.

          • Six red thumbs, eh, Granny? I guess that’s how many Feds and hippy-dippy-trippy guvmint-lovers are on here.
            [Disclaimer: I personally think ALL government departments should be abolished except Defense, Interior, Justice, Treasury, and State. -M]
            Just for shits and grins, have a look at this list of guvmint parasitical rackets:


            I actually shit my britches when I saw that site.

            • I just checked that site. I could eliminate the first half of the “A” list no problem. Then probably a third of the remaining A list. This is just crazy.

      3. Have colloidal silver, oil of oregano, olive leaf extract and plenty of water, food and the ability to make an IV for electolytes and rehydration and most folks would be ok. Also plenty of Guns and Ammo!

        MOLON LABE!
        Sic semper evello mortem Tyrannis!

        • Agree + on the colloidal silver, got it, heard about the oil of oregano, don’t have any though. I’m unfamiliar with the olive leaf extract. I do eat and store black and green olives though. Reckon I need to do some more homework and preparing ’cause I don’t trust flu vaccines not one itty bitty little bit. Roger that!

          • We’ve never had a flu shot, although I heard it is mandatory under ObamaCare, and only God knows what they would put into it. You can get both Olive Leaf and Oregano oil through Amazon, although I’m not shilling for them. You might also consider peppermint oil (pure) for normal (not illness caused) infant and children’s upset stomachs. Use very little, like a drop, but it does help. Patriot Nurse has a list of ingredients needed for oral and IV solutions to counteract fluid losses. Good luck!

      4. I’d go for a month’s worth of supplies. with our population something like this would probably last a whole lot longer. Masks should be first on the list,get them now,they will run out when something like this hits.

      5. Just prep like you do now… you have to just outlive them as Holly said in the last post…. oh bummer… I just sneezed….

      6. Great Pandemics, EMP, Economic Col., WW 111, Terrorist attacks, Gun Grabs, Race war, Civil war, Fed RES.. Just to name a few.
        Folks you need to prepare. You need food, water, purification equipment, Guns, Ammo, And most of all GOD. If the word God upsets you. Tuff!!! Its my faith that I hope keeps me alive to help other people. PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE!!! Thank God I live in the country.

        • Sgt. Dale: Sounds like a party to me, just one question though. What about Matt 6:34?

          • A.T.
            Very good question!
            It is my faith in God, seeking his Kingdom, and my preps that stops me from be anxious for tomorrow.
            As it states in 1 Timothy 5:8.
            If one does not PROVIDE for his own, and ESSPECIALLY for those of his HOUSEHOLD, he has denied the FAITH, and is worse than an unbeliever.
            Ok now I’m not going to battle back and forth with you over Scriptures. Enough said.
            May God watch over you, and yours. In the dark and nasty days to come.

      7. More like:

        “Completely realistic based on planning and testing”.

      8. bullshit

        they will use this to lock you in your own home, or to lock up a city, or general area..scare tactic so they can “come to your aid” and take everything you have

        guns included

        fabricated by our false flag phonies and their cronies

        and even if im wrong, they would have been the ones who made the bug to begin with

        sorry, show me why I should trust em?

        • They better come with body bags too !!!!!!!!
          This is the ONLY thing I fear being I have small kids

          • Wow, what a day in the market.

            • No Doubt there…. Time to jump back in I say Pal!

          • I thought you were leaving?

            • Rich99— thought you were leaving?

        • VRF
          You might be right. This could be B.S. They are going to do something You and I know this. If they pull this off there will be a complete break down and that is what the want. If they don’t use this they might us an EMP, or some other false flag. How knows?
          Let it come. I’m ready as I can get.
          I can’t show you how to trust them, BECAUSE YOU CAN’t

          • there is just too much coincidence of things coming together around Oct 1st. yes i know the fiscal budget etc. BUT think a moment would be a good front to say that is why this all has to be completed by then and IF we have a gov. shutdown what a better time for a falseflag anf then declare martial law! and remember one of these days when people are tired of the (crying wolf)is when it is goiing to happen. just something to think about!

            • The threat of gov shutdown and posturing is to make the republicans look bad for the 2014 elections.

              No serious consequence will arise from this budget battle. Its all spin

              BO needs the house to accomplish his fundamental transformation.

            • Says page does not exist.
              Backed up to the blogger — says there are no posts in this blog

        • VRF, I agree and I smell BS with CAPITAL BS on this one. I’m not giving up anything I have, period! braveheart

        • It’s part of the plan to depopulate the world. Most innoculations are worthless or even worse do more harm because of the adjuvants used including aluminum,mercury,formaldehyde,gelatin, antibiotics and yeast proteins.

          The justification for martial law can be another major war in the Middle East, pandemic, false flag attack like 911, or any other diabolic schemes conceived by the ruling elite. Prepping is necessary to be ready for such an event.But that’s not enough, citizens need to stand together with massive demonstrations and civil disobedience to let the ‘powers that be’ know they can’t get away with the coming police state. Such a scenario is demonstrated in the recent novel Popsicle Man. There are no easy solutions but unless Americans unite and stand together like the founding fathers did over 230 years ago we will be decimated by the millions.

        • You know, I can actually see Obama and his DHS cronies use assistance as leverage.

          “You want medication and/or the vaccine, food, water, the power and gas to be turned back on? Turn in your guns and work for no pay in one of our hard-labour crews and we’ll talk.”


            • Howdy, sixpack. I won’t be in that line, either. I’ll be with the resistance. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

              • Yeah, about the only thing I can think of that I’d take, that says “FEDERAL” on it, comes in calibers…

            • Problem is they might use their support as a mean of control even if you do not partake. Eventually they will have a list of people who went with the program and a list of those who didn’t and that is when you will start having people piling off armoured vehicles banging at your door.

              Perhaps some of you will open up at that moment and I commend the spirit, but for some like myself resistance is not a viable option. I will not put my wife and children in that sort of danger. Their well-being is the priority and has to be maintained at any cost to myself.

              • ” I commend the spirit, but for some like myself resistance is not a viable option.”

                Not sure that’s the legacy you want leave your wife and children, then they are slaves/prisoners too.
                Thanks Dad!

                • Perhaps I didn’t word this right. There are ways to resist that do not involve opening fire. Ways that will no endanger my family.

                  But regardless, their wellbeing is my priority and it is the end that will justify all means I must employ.

                • And also, should I open fire when they come to my door, they will return fire. I’m a good shot and my gun-handling is better than many but if only by the weight of their return fire, they will kill me. And what’s worse is their rounds will slice through my house and these pieces of metal will not care whether they make holes in drywall, myself or one of my family members.

          • Canadian Vet: wise insight! Personally I see that as the True reason they’re closing coal fired power plants…

      9. Not all pandemics are created equal. The Spanish flu killed 100 million people before air travel. If something just as bad started today we could lose a billion people. Still, pandemics are rare. We haven’t had one in almost a hundred years. No reason to think we’ll have another one anytime soon.

        • Barn Cat, I sincerely hope you’re right about not having another pandemic, but I’m not holding my breath on it. braveheart

          • When H1N1 first appeared it was given a lot of attention by the MSM. I went to a lecture given by the Head of Infectious Diseases at a major Australian hospital. Briefly, this guy was not an alarmist, didnt go round screaming “the sky is falling” and made a few pertinent comments.

            1. It’s not a case of if, IT’S WHEN.
            2. The world as we know it will cease to exist for at least 6 months.
            3. It takes about 3 months to isolate and develop an effective flu vaccine when a new strain appears.
            4. Bulk vaccines for the usual flu viruses are made from fertilised chicken eggs but the bird flu viruses sterilise the eggs so vaccines have to be made the old fashioned way by growing cultures.
            5. To produce enough the old way just to vaccinate Australia’s 22 million would take all of the production of every lab in the world about 6 months.
            6. The only effective protection is isolation.

            It is obvious, given the limited production capability, the average Joe (thats you and me my friends) has no chance of being one of the privileged few who will get vaccinated.

            In my opinion a pandemic is the worst case scenario as it will be indiscriminate in who it kills. In a financial meltdown, here in Aussie anyway, I believe the authorities with the aid of the Police and Military will maintain some semblance of law and order and, by and large, lawlessness and anarchy will be minimised.

            But a pandemic, especially one with a high mortality rate, will remove key personnel from vital services (electricity, water, sewage, food/fuel production and distribution) and the house of cards will crash. Not only will it kill people the system relies on to function but many others will simply say “up yours” and refuse to go to work. At that point it will deteriorate and go to hell in a handbasket.

            You must have a plan. I have a plan and a BOL. At the first sign of disaster I am gunna save time and panic early. I am outta here. Whats the worst thing that could happen? A leisurely drive back to the city a week or so later. If bugging out is not an option have what you need at home and be prepared to have to stay inside for quite some time.

            I believe a financial meltdown could be as much as 5 or even more years away. TPTB will continually try to prop up the dead horse to give the illusion they know what they are doing, after all, no one wants TSTHTF on their watch but the clock on another, and this time probably even more disasterous, pandemic has been ticking since 1920.

            Conditions for it are right – massive populations (BILLIONS!!) concentrated in cities all around the world. Millions upon millions of people travelling to every corner of the world every day. Delicate, complex and susceptible supply lines. No possible chance of quarantining any outbreak.

            Prep. Prep. Prep. And have the ability to quarantine for at least 10 days any new arrivals to your location – even if you have to make them stay in a garden shed in the back yard.


        • It’s just matter of time really. It will happen eventually. Be ready for it. Then don’t worry.

          Stay home and be well.

      10. Kinda reminds me of the movie “Outbreak”, question is will they go so far as to eradicate the population in the effected areas just to keep it from spreading ???

        • No. These people are globalists who want to reduce the earth’s population to a “sustainable” level of 500 million.

        • SB

          They can try.


        • Have y’all read “Inferno” by Dan Brown? It’s about an…ahhh…”epidemic”. Thass all I can say without spoiling it.

      11. A pandemic would be the word TEOTWAWKI event, not just because it would shut down the economy, but because it would prevent people from grouping together to work through the crises, the smart thing being to avoid all but the most necessary outside contact.

        Because shipments of Meds, food and energy would be comprised, the regime will claim that it would be more effective to distribute supplies to centrally located camps, it will encourage relocation to a FEMA/DHS camp as a way to but because of the crowding and communal nature of the facilities the DHS/FEMA camps would be death zones. Because they would be Pandemic incubators, the camps would be like the hotel California, you can check in but never leave,

        The Military would be seriously degraded, not just because Guard members would either not show up, or report for duty, get geared up and then go home to protect their families. The military logistics would quickly degrade, placing our troops overseas at a greater risk.

        Look no further than how the NOLA cops acted during Katrina, the Police will stay at home with their families

        Anti virals would go to FEMA and probably end up in DC and be passed out to the urban centers, well at least those that support the Regime, i.e. Chicago yes, Dallas no, even so the chaos surrounding distribution would be very challenging, and unlikely to be effective.

        Perhaps a vaccine could be developed, more likely the Pandemic would be ended as it burned itself out, like the 1918 flu, however unlike that flu, it would not travel slowly but quite quickly hitting all major urban areas simultaneously the strain on the health care system would be extreme.

        • I will again suggest you research Jon Rappaport’s articles about vaccines, big pharma, illnesses caused by vaccines, etc.

          You can read his reports at no more fake news. If you read his articles and then run out and get your seasonal flu shot or take your kids down for another round of shots…..

          If you think big pharma doesn’t have a strangle hold on MSM and the congress; once again you need to let your fingers do the walking; this subject is an education in itself.

          Everywhere I seem to shop it is are you going to get your flu shot today. My answer to all of them is HELL NO!

          Big pharma’s voodoo concoctions could be cooking up that pandemic through your next vaccine.

          Keep clean and wash your hands (a lot).

          • Howdy, Granny. I never get vaccines for anything. They’re totally useless. braveheart

            • Braveheart:

              Good to hear from you Braveheart. Hope your prepping plans are going well. If you lived in Oregon I would become your “pen pal”.

              • Granny, if I didn’t have my arrangement to go to GA, I might have relocated to the American Redoubt years ago. I traveled there once back in the 80s. Beautiful country and great people. should’ve relocated at that time. braveheart

                • Ya,I shoulda just done it and stayed in Alaska….sigh… 🙁

          • Granny I love you.
            You are right 99.9% of the time. I haven’t taken any Anti biottics in 10 years. Flu shots or vaccines in over 8 years. Sure I have had a cold and the stomach flu. It didn’t kill me it made me stronger. Your call, but as for me Not just no but HELL NO!!!

          • Rappaport does not have to have advertisers on his site so he does not have to be concerned with being “politically correct”. He does not have to be careful that he will offend someone with his subjects so he can just “put it out there”. Refreshing, indeed!

            no more fake

        • It would be risky to accept any “vaccine”.

        • 1 out of 6 Americans are already on the government tit.
          They will be the first to rush to the camps because it is their means of existence.

          2 to 4 million Americans are detained right now. They will be the first guinea pigs. No reason to release them because they already exist on the same food the camps will get.

          3 to 7% of Americans will be prepared to take care of themselves for at least thirty days by thmselves. Granted an event can last longer than that but most Americans will not.

          70 armed federal agencies will be tasked with protecting the elite. If you think your state, county or local agencies are included you are naive. too high of a number for the elite to vett for their security needs.

          Your family and friends are who you prep for. Always remember that.


      12. All of this is divine judgement. We ain’t seen nothing yet!

      13. I’m all for a pandemic if it gets rid of the crap that comes out of Hollywood and lame stream media.(sarcasm/eyes rolling)

        • If the trolls who come on here were to be infected, I wouldn’t mind.

      14. Public schools are the number one place for transmission. My wife teaches and we are sickness free every summer. Since the middle of August when she returned to school she has been sick twice. I have been spared to date, but I am a habitual hand washer and head for one of our alternate bedrooms when she is sick. Another great reason to home school.

        FEMA camps would be a great place to expose great numbers to the bug of the month.

        • And another great reason to home school, thanks for adding to my list

        • Garlic tablets, D-3, fish oil, hemp oil–every day.

          • JayJay – 5000 international units of vitamin D3 per day are typically needed to bring your 25(OH)D level above 50 ng/mL. At that level you have a reasonably good immunity to any flu virus. 60, 70, or 80 would be even better. Don’t wait until death is at your doorstep. It takes 3 to 4 months to build up a protective blood level.

            Omega-3 fish oil is also helpful at a dosage of 2, 3, or 4 grams a day.

            • You can take too much Vit. D. It can build up in your system and cause toxicity.(If you take large amounts for a long period of time.) It wouldn’t hurt to get your level checked by a doctor. Having a low Vit D level in your blood isn’t good either. I take 600IU a day myself and rarely get sick. A bad cold that’s going around my work, only lasted a day for me.

              • I am outside most of the day and take 400IU a day. Tomorrow I will be sick… 🙂

                • Master Tonic which is garlic, onions, ginger, horseradish, cayenne and apple cider vinegar. Google it for exact recipe. Also Theives oil, which is a blend of essential oils supposedly used during the black plague to help resistance. I have made both these the last 2 years and they have helped strengthen my immune system. Other things are elderberry, tumeric, oregano oil, grape seed extract.

                  Don’t forget to stock up on these things. Oh, and a little off topic but magnesium oil for aches and pains. Make your own it is cheap to do. My family, friends love all these things and I am slowly teaching them how to do it themselves. Stay safe.

              • Liberty, yes you can take too much vitamin D. If you took 40,000 international units a day for a year your blood level would be dangerously high. If you took 20,000 IU daily for a year your blood level would be high but most likely not dangerous. If you take 10,000 IU a day, a fraction of a percent of the population would have a problem. Having a blood test is always a good idea, especially a few months after you start the regimen. If you take 5000 IU or less, a 25(OH)D blood test is not essential but still a good idea. If you take less than 1000 IU a day you are probably deficient enough to be vulnerable to flu or chronic disease. 40,000 IU equals one milligram, so don’t be put off by the high numbers.

              • Actually that is not true Liberty. It appears that consistent doses of 10,000u a day of Vit D3 are safe and do not lead to toxic levels, according to the most recent scientific studies.

                Prepper is correct that 5000u a day is a pretty ideal dose for everyone.

                Our bodies synthesize about 10,000u of Vit D after a long day out in the sun with lots of skin exposed. There is evidence that washing with soap and water within 48 hours of sun exposure prevents the full assimilation of this VitD, however.

      15. I have a belief that eugenics will play a part in the coming future. Conveniently a virus shows up mysteriously and wipes out thousands or millions of living liabilities. What a wind fall for Obamacare. The dead will be handled by those close to the deceased, and problems disappear.

        George Bernard Shaw, 1933

        “ We should find ourselves committed to killing a great many people whom we now leave living… A part of eugenic politics would finally land us in an extensive use of the lethal chamber. A great many people would have to be put out of existence simply because it wastes other people’s time to look after them.[21]

        You must all know half a dozen people at least who are no use in this world, who are more trouble than they are worth. Just put them there and say Sir, or Madam, now will you be kind enough to justify your existence?
        If you can’t justify your existence, if you’re not pulling your weight, and since you won’t, if you’re not producing as much as you consume or perhaps a little more, then, clearly, we cannot use the organizations of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive, because your life does not benefit us and it can’t be of very much use to yourself.[20]

        Unlike most eugenicists, who recoiled in horror from the implications of eugenics after World War II, when the horrors of Nazism were exposed to the world, Shaw continued to advocate it, writing in 1948 that we should enslave “a considerable class of persons” who, according to him, “cannot fend for themselves.” Placed under “tutelage, superintendence, and provided sustenance,” such people, says Shaw, “make good infantry soldiers and well-behaved prisoners.” His prescription: “Reorganize their lives for them; and do not prate foolishly about their liberty.”

        Could you believe this thought still exist today, most certainly it does in the shadows. Those in power that posses this thinking would not be in power very long if it came into the light.
        Virus’s, what an absolutely perfect eugenics tool. Just cook it up, develop a vaccine for those that are selected to survive and administer it on a population.
        Populations would be so traumatized, decimated and confused anybody could come in and restructure society as they see fit.
        Could this level of evil exist today? most certainly!!!

        • Hammerrun:

          Your article is a homerun! It is hard to comprehend that people could be this evil but Satan has his minions.

          • Statistically, one person out of every 25 people.

            Less in rural areas; more in urban locations.

        • As a whole, USA produces enough to justify it’s existence. Our problem is that our government (federal, state, local) consumes well over 25% of what we produce.

          • and throws a wrench in the rest, so we can never get ahead of the curve.

        • Perhaps such a virus has already been produced and is sitting deep in a vault somewhere in North Korea or Iran (or *insert name of nutcase country here*). Quite simple really when you think of it – produce a virus with an 80% plus mortality rate. Then when you have the virus, produce enough vaccine to innoculate your own population and a bit extra for some “friendlies”. Then turn it loose and sit back and watch your enemies be decimated almost to oblivion.

          But then, maybe I’m too cynical for my own good? 🙂


          • @ready down under
            I have no dilutions about that. Why do we need samples of Small Pox, the idea is to have a sample if ever there is a need for a vaccine for some crazy outbreak. Ok, I’d buy that.
            Supposedly there are only two samples in the world, the US and Russia.
            I think what is holding something like this up is the paper trail that will lead back to those that conceived the pandemic. (Lab techs, scientists, political leaders, and basic morality) Maybe they don’t have a sure fire vaccine either.
            It’s common knowledge that they are already playing around with modified virus’s, why? Just because they can? Weapons? I think the latter.
            The problem is that this shit can get so far out of control so fast there will most assuredly have unanticipated consequences. Things might backfire on the creators for instance, on their own people, or who knows, the possibilities are not limited.
            We know there has to be some nuttball somewhere that theoretically will be willing to push the button, I just hope somebody can find him and witness his final breath.

        • Hammerun, thank you for that post. I can speak with some authority on it. My grandfather’s unit took part in the liberation of the Dachau extermination camp. What he and his fellow soldiers found there was unlike anything any liberating army had ever experienced in history. I was only 12 when he told me about it and even then he had great difficulty talking about it. He told me things that blew me away. The story is too long for me to post, so suffice to say, he had so much anger built up in him that he executed some of the Nazi SS prison camp guards who were captured. Some of the things they found in that camp were a result of eugenics. I hope George Bernard Shaw and the other Nazi/Fascist sympathizers are rotting in hell where they belong.

          • Braveheart ,
            You grandfather was in the 101 AB?
            My uncle was in the same unit that liberated that camp I probably heard the same stories you did.
            Yes they did shoot those guards that had the double lightning bolt insignia I have one of those enemy bastards’s dagger courtesy of my uncle.
            In the mini series ” Band of Brothers ” they even had an actor playing my uncle , he is the one that “Liberated ” the silverware at the Eagles Nest . LOL
            My uncle only spoke of this once in the late 1960’s (I was about 11 ) to me, I can concur that it was a very horrific scene he told me about , it was though he witnessed a glimpse of hell something he would never forget to the end of his days , he expained to me this is why we fought that war to prevent that from coming to our door steps.
            some time you should post you grandfathers story this is something that never should be forgotten and to bare witness that it never happen again.


            Semper Fi 8541

            • night breaker, it was in 1970 when he told me right after my 13th birthday. He told me the same thing; it was fought to prevent it from coming to our country. there was an extra reason in my case. he never would say so, but I believe he wanted me the learn the reality of the world we were living in at that time and for me to become the best man I could possibly be. The next time I heard some stories like that was in 1976 during my honeymoon with my newly wed mrs braveheart. We had been dating for almost a year beforehand and on our honeymoon was when she finally broke down and told me about her life under Fidel Castro, how his thugs killed half of her family, including her father, how he wrecked her beautiful island nation of Cuba with his brand of communism, etc. I spent hours on the beach listening to her stories, totally shocked at what she was telling me; she finally broke down when she couldn’t carry on anymore; I spent the next hour just holding her before we went back to our hotel. My wife was a fighter. she was not only my wife, lover, best friend, partner; she was my HERO. she was one tough woman to survive all the BS she went through under communism. that’s the biggest reason NOBODY can ever sell me on the idea of communism being a better way to live. Nobody could even sell me on Nazism/Fascism. BOTH SYSTEMS ARE PURE EVIL. NOT MUCH DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO. Someday I’ll post my grandpa’s story. i’ll even post my wife’s story. Both stories are excellent reasons why tyrannies should never be allowed to exist. braveheart

          • I cant believe people try to deny that stuff happened, knew folks who survived, horrific stories and sorrows,
            That is stuff that needs to NEVER be forgotten, not even sure they teach that in school anymore

        • Hammerun:

          Found this interesting article on Bill Gates at worldtruthtv/billgates

          “Bill Gates, the son of William Gates II who has served on the board of Planned Parenthood. He comes from a family tradition of elitism where the general population needs to be controlled, curtailed and even extinguished. His son has made his father proud, carrying on the family credo by getting involved with the vaccine industry. Through his financial investment with Monsanto (GMO’s), Gates has been able to make his depopulation desires all the more closer to reality.”

          If you want to find out more of some of the other atrocities against humanity by the gates foundation, the rest of the article will be hard on your blood pressure.

          • @POGranny
            Mr. Gates is a Builderberg member as well. I ditched Windows and went Apple. Screw this dude!

            • Does anybody else find it interesting, that Steve Jobs (Bill Gates’s only real competition) dies of respiratory arrest related to an unexpected tumor? Tumors and cancers seem to be mentioned in covert, slow assassinations a lot. Right up there with embolisms.

              Some other interesting historical facts

              At least 14 politicians died in 1984, cause of death for 11 of 14: “unspecified”. Frank Church died of cancer, Indira Gandhi was assassinated, Yuri Andropov died of kidney failure. I didn’t research what each dead politician was into, looking for links, but it might be interesting if someone decided to do it.

              Physicist Pyotr Kapitsa (Physicist) died of “unspecified” cause. He spent 1946 to 1955 under house arrest as punishment for his refusal to participate in atomic weapons research. It might be safe to assume by the time of his demise in 1984, he still hadn’t decided to participate…

              Alfred Kastler (Physicist) died of “unspecified” causes. His optical pumping system helped lay the foundational principles of maser and laser. He also spoke out in support of the establishment of Israel, and publicly opposed the proliferation of nuclear weapons and America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Any one of the three would have been enough to get him ‘disappeared’. You know Hoover had a file with his name on it.

      16. My money is on it developing in China. They have such a high population density with chickens and pigs living together.

        It’s like hundreds of millions of petri dishes. Sooner or later something is going to mutate. It’s un-natural for multiple animals to live so close together.

        I hope we get a little warning when it starts spreading.

        • Will you know when your chicken was processed in China?

          “Last month, the U.S. took another step toward putting Chinese-processed poultry in American grocery stores and on American plates when Agriculture Department officials approved certain Chinese plants for processing.

          But the rules for labeling are so loose that by the time the cooked product ends up at a restaurant table or in a home kitchen, it might be hard to know whether your chicken was processed in China or say, Arkansas. In fact, Chinese-processed chicken that is used in restaurants, added to cans and other food products, or sent in bulk to be packaged by retailers would likely not be labeled to show that it was processed in China, officials say.”

          “Processed poultry products do not require country-of-origin labeling…”

          “In the near future, American consumers may begin eating processed poultry products from China, and then possibly poultry raised in China, without knowing it or being able to make informed choices in the marketplace. And given the food safety track record of China, I believe the health of American consumers may be risked by this decision…”

            • YH,

              Re: “in May there was a scandal in China where rat meat was being sold as lamb.”

              Thank you for sharing this!

              I don’t trust any food from China either.

              According to the label on the container, Juicy Juice (marketed for preschoolers) has apples that come from China.

              Just another reason to raise your own food and/or buy from local farmers.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

              • KY Mom,

                I have traveled to China on several occasions on business, and it is no secret there that “human solid wastes” are used for crop fertilization in the out lying regions of China. After learning that, I started carrying Meals Ready to Eat and freeze dried food with me on my trips. I will not eat local food there if any at all possible. If I do, I make sure it is thoroughly cooked well done.

          • Never buy any so I know its not but you have millions who do eat this crap and don’t bat an eye…infected foodstuffs from china and other places is the new norm…

            • REB, I never touch any “food” from china either. My digestive system is made in USA.

        • India has equally hygenic conditions.

        • DUCKS, and pigs, and they use human excrement for fertilizer. (Ducks are a key part of the vector sequence for flu, not chickens.) Of course the Chinese peasant farmer has been living with this soup for so long that they’re already immune. It’s when they export it to North America and Europe that you get high rates of disability and death.

      17. I recommend going to youtube and looking up “After Armegeddon” by The History Channel. It is a docudrama in nine parts and worth the watch. The acting is not exactly oscar-winning, but if you can overlook this you will learn some useful information.

      18. Make that “After Armageddon.” Spelling may count when doing youtube searches.

      19. I worked for a food company once where there were communications between officials and the company about use of their refrigerated trucks to use as morgues on wheels in the event of such a catastrophic pandemic.

        • @jenn
          I had spoke to a guy that manages a cold storage facility in Orange cal and said he was contacted by a government agency about the availability of storage there. This was back just after the Jim Jones mass suicide massacre.
          He said he pressed them about what they wanted to store? After offering huge amounts of money they confided in him that the product was to be corpses from the Jones incident.
          His response was, no fucking way! We store food product here, and then slammed the phone down on them.

        • Jenn,

          Hopefully fuel continues to be available during the crisis to keep the bodies frozen in those trailers. I’d hate to be the one to go into the back of one of those trailers after it loses power!

        • Jenn:
          Chicago has doing this for years. We get a hot summer and they loose around 100 people the just use refrig. trucks to store them in. They have been doing to practice for the rest of the country. (HA-HA)

      20. Just one more reason to endorse a lone wolf policy. The fewer people you make contact with the less likely you are to become infected. This whole thing sucks for the very young folks. Hope it never happens.

        • Yes and no
          Yes if you can truly stay isolated with 0 contact.
          In that if you have any contact at all you will be more susceptible to catching something,
          No resistance through regular exposure to lesser pathogens,

          • Kulafarmer just swab er down with some bag balm that cures just about everything. i have used on severe cuts some that old doc shoulda stitched up but aint got time for that some bag balm wrap er up an get after it. on a lighter note the neighbor ( lives 1.5 mi away ) calls me up and wonders if i know how to get rid of a raccoon infestation. so i said yep just open a can of tuna, set it in the trap and they will be caught. then take em out back an turn em loose. He calls back 3 hours later tellin me im an s.o. b. seems he didnt have a trap so he set the can in the livin room , them coons came out his wife ran in the bath, left him with them coons, stuck without the broom which she had.( i think thats for just incase) he was tryin to herd em out but they wasnt havin none of he went a got the shotgun, gave 1 a whack with the barrel, the rest headed for the door. he fired the gun (forgot that he was on the porch ) blew the lantern right of the post. now his wife wont talk to him. AND im the s.o.b. who gave him the idea. seems to me he forgot some of what i told him. but no matter He lives far enough away i cant hear him scream from the broom beatin he is surely gettin! wildman out ps its really a good time for a shot of single malt. the sun sure shines weird on some days!

      21. Honestly, now that Bernanke has announced the continuation of $85 billion/month QE, I’m far more concerned about the effects of QE fueled price inflation than I am about a virus.

        While pandemics are always of grave concern, price inflation will have a far more profound adverse effect on society in the short term. When people cannot put food on their tables to feed their kids, or buy gas to get to work, things get ugly quickly.

        • They were talking to JWRawles on Infowars, his take is we will have deflation first, then runaway inflation,
          Not sure what is worse, but i know for sure im not dropping my prices to compete with mexican produce if deflation takes hold, i already dumped 2 accounts because they wanted to talk prices, that was a one sided discussion, price is what it is,,,,
          Get your product elsewhere if you wont maintain status quo!
          Think that sorta shocked those buyers but oh well!

          • Kulafarmer,

            I believe we will have both deflation and inflation in several different economic sectors simultaneously. Bond prices will deflate as their yields inflate. Real Estate should deflate. Food, fuel, ammunition, and precious metals will inflate. Anything that will serve as a hedge against inflation and a store of value will inflate. That is just my unscientific opinion.

            However Bernanke’s move today to continue monetary easing in order to buy growing U.S. debt confirms to me that he cannot end quantitative easing, and this is the worst of all possible outcomes. We are in for some major monetary and price inflation ahead IMO. We haven’t seen anything yet.

            • Totally agree, it is amuzing what they are doing,
              I am totally not a numbers guy, not an investor, dont have savings unless you call preps savings,
              But even i get that the debt they have run up and the unfunded liabilities to gov workers and retirees, are not only unsustainable, but will never be able to be collected no matter how high they raise the taxes,
              WTF are these dickheads in DC doing?

              • Kulafarmer,

                Every politician in D.C. should be drug tested and given a psychological examination to be considered fit for duty. I’d bet most would fail miserably.

            • Dang, YH, get your shit straight.

              An increase in the money supply is inflation.

              Price increases are the result.

              Price increases are Not inflation.

              But if you like using the double-speak words and meanings of our overlords, you just go right ahead on doing the same. It’s your choice.

              • clark,

                You miss understand my context. The word ‘inflation’ can be applied to both money supply and pricing. Both variables are expanding, or rising, in their nominal values usually at the same time. They simply arrive at those inflated values through different monetary and economic mechanisms. I am not an economist, but this is as close to an explanation as I can come.

        • Eisen, what does this have to do with the topic?

      22. A pandemic would be just what the doctor (of death) ordered. A proper pandemic would “solve” a lot of problems for TPTB.
        Consider what a die off of lets 10% of the US population would do.
        1) That’s 10 percent you have to consider trying to
        2) Less cost to the state (no welfare or social
        entitlement programs to cost the state)
        3) But dead people can be kept on the voting roster to
        correct cast their ballot for the pre-approved
        politician, who just happens to be a democrat.
        4) And of all those lovely emergency procedures and laws
        that can be implimented, you know…”just for the
        duration of the crisis” cough, cough.
        5) And since they are dead, they will not object to the
        government taking control of any money or property
        they have that could be better spent or used by TPTB.

      23. See this is exactly why you need a farm to grow your own food and eat farm raised chickens. We stopped eating grocery store fruit and vegetables years ago, now we get from farmers market. Im not taking any risk eating that stuff.

        • After seeing that article that said the FDA is allowing chinese chicken imports im not wanting to buy chicken unless its organic free range through one of the stores i supply, dont trust us poultry wholesalers to do whats right. I gotta get some chickens soon.

        • Chickens eat bugs. They are easier to herd than cats. You will learn to eat eggs every day. No refrigeration needed.

      24. Ho Ho Ho!

        Good one Mac.

        This is going to scare your pants off. I can see the mad dash for all sorts of disinfectants, N95 masks and Gas Masks. A few chemical suits thrown in for good measure. Imagine if you are caught up in a QUARRENTINE.
        The Government will not tell you shit till they have to and by then all bets are off. Time is the Big Enemy. Time to identify. Time and Numbers to determine rate of infection and incubation period. Time to develop a vaccine. In the meantime what do you do? Are you going to work. Go grocery shopping. Will you even talk to your neighbor. Every cough or sneeze will send chills down you spine. Not a good time to be a HYPOCONDREACT. Crumb Crunchers bringing colds home from day care and school. Simple pollen allergy can make you a outcast.
        Like DEFCON 2 stated, you need to have some hydrating means. Something to relieve aches and pain. Anti diarrhea, coughing or vomiting/nausea pills. A few homeopathic drugs. Fever is a concern which can produce rashes and swelling. Children can handle higher fever temps than adults but convulsions can happen. High fever also produces hallucinations and you must cool the body.
        The temperature of the water may be warm to you but freezing cold to them and they may shake or convulse. I went through this with my son at a young age. You have to work through it.
        Listen people. You do not want to be caught flat footed on this one. Get some medical knowledge.

        • If you don’t already have all that…you’re not where you should be…

      25. The Spanish Flu wiped out my family and the remaining children went from being children of owners of clothing factories to working as servants.

        Like it or not, eugenics is the future and will be the determinant of who lives and who dies. You can already see this in places such as India. The people currently helped out by modern medicine will no longer be helped – not because they will say ‘let them die!’ – but because the public medical systems will be overloaded and under-financed.

        Over time, the ability of good nutrition and science to create a group of people who will be ‘uber’ fit will be the ones who will dominate all the best jobs. Think of your typical person earning over $150,000 looking like David Hasselhoff, while those earning $20,000 will look more like an ugly Danny Devito.

        As Phillip K. Dick wrote, society will become divided by physical appearance and this will determine your job and place in the hierarchy. This will not be a stated government policy but a consequence of science, technology and economics. World population will then decline and more and more things will be automated by machines.

        • @Frank Williams

          The seeds have already been sown for that. Many on the left are planning and calling for the complete lives system.

          One aspect is the testing of children through aptitude, intelligence, genetics etc.. in order to determine how much money the government (collective) should allocate to an individual and what programs, school, jobs might be best suited to them.

          If a kid is smart then they will go to a good school while those who are not testing as well wont be offered the best education and same goes for healthcare. If a kid has bad genetics and a disease that has only 10% cure rate then they wont be offered the best treatmemt.

          Its putting a price on a person for government investment depending on how intelligent, healthy and how much they will give back in return.

          As far fetched as it sounds and i wish it was only a conspiracy theory but it created by ezekial emmanuel. He brother of rahn emmanuel bo’s first chief of staff.

          • Ever see the movie Gattaca? Scary.

      26. Elderberry people. Check into it.

        • I know some people swear by Elderberry, but it only lessens the symptoms by a day or two, and if you are talking a cytokine storm (which is what kills people with a flu never encountered before)…good luck to ya.

        • LAG.

          Moonshine. If I have to go, I’m going to go Happy.

          • Make Elderberry wine!
            Kill two birds with one stone!

      27. OK I am going to ask , even if it makes me look stupid, what is TPTB?

        • The Powers That Be

          • The Powers That Be will stop at nothing to keep from becoming The Powers That Were.

          • TPTB=The Tlmudic Zionists

          • I understand the “tptb” concept, but any names, locations, pictures? Who are they?

        • The

        • I learned long ago, the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. I also learned that the best way to get an answer is to ask someone who knows.

          You did good on both counts.

          • I understand the “tptb” concept, but any names, locations, pictures? Who are they?

      28. See see… I already have my giant roll of plastic and lots of duct tape…oh yea… ‘>)

      29. Flue pandemic prediction, just like the changing of the colors of the leafs, a coolness in the air, another sign of autumn. Life is normal, what a relief.

      30. A Physician told me that well over half of the wounds that are infected are MRSA. The good news is that the old Sulfa Drugs of the 1930s that pretty much became obsolete by Penicillin and its successors is very effective if used for 30 days. Apparently the non use of Sulfa is to its advantage because the bacteria had not built up a resistance to it YET.

      31. My boys have had MERSA 4x between the two of them. Dirty wrestling mats. They make for nasty wounds but do clear with TLC and sulfa drugs, at least they did for us. But yeah, it is true, the overuse of antibiotics has created a big problem for us humans. I only prescribe if I truly feel they are needed and try to take care to use the simplest to take care of the problem to start with. But overuse is still big business in this country and we will see more and more issues with germs in general. Don’t forget good hygiene and stay out of the hospitals.

        • Don’t forget that antibiotics are in animal feed too.

      32. Sobering thought for sure and one to not be taken lightly. I’ve often thought that this would be the avenue that the powers would take. However, on things I can’t control or prevent that slips from a laboratory, or is intentionally released, I won’t fret it. But think about how easy it would be for them to do this and get their desired results without piling up bullet ridden bodies. Any of those that would be shot would be to deter the infected from getting close to the elite and their families. After a great die-off the clean up crews would come out in bio suits and bulldoze us or light a huge funeral pyre. I want to reintarate, there is nothing we can do to prevent this type of attack but to be aware and prepared as best we can. Concentrate on what you CAN DO.

      33. this little “accident” always comes to mind

        ‘Accidental’ Contamination Of Vaccine With Live Avian Flu Virus Virtually Impossible‘accidental’-contamination-of-vaccine-with-live-avian-flu-virus-virtually-impossible/

        the MSM didnt report on it

        wonder why ???

        and then there was this

        Tainted flu vaccine could have been a health nightmare / Same bacteria was used in 1950 Bay Area germ-warfare test — and high-risk groups for shots would be most vulnerable

      34. So what? Over half the country is already brain dead anyway.

      35. I commented on a previous article about the next Biggie whether false flag or not being a NBC event. Pay head. Biological just maybe the new word of the day. Reminds me of a movie from the 90’s with I believe Denzel Washington and coincidentally I could be wrong but I think it was called, Outbreak? Please look it up.

      36. With the flu it has to do with the morbidity rate, how many people are going to be down and unable to function. These go in waves, and that is the problem. If it hit everyone at once for a few days the country can recover easier. Instead you have large sections of the population down for weeks at a time, that is going to hurt the economy. You also have people who are hiding out that choose to not function.

        Fortunately throughout history it has seemed that the flu has never reached a fatality rate of smallpox. The flu seems to have this kill rate of 1-10%, sometimes a little higher. I am not a microbiologist but it seems like flu viruses are genetically geared to spread as much as possible WITHOUT killing too many of their host so they can continue to spread. The flu can still cause catastrophic problems to the world.

        The main concern with the flu is to have a mega strong immune system, and a battery of back up remedies to fight off the flu so it does not kill you. Elderberry is excellent for the flu, so is Vitamin A and C for fighting infection, as secondary bacteria infection is what kills many people from the flu. Vitamin D of course is very important. That collodial silver is pretty good too. many different amino acids and B complexes vitamins are effective also.

        Now the real concern for what I fear is the Andromedia strain type of virus that either comes from some North Korean or other lab, or from the filth pits of India or some other tropical or monsoon type area. Just the mere fact that there are viruses out there that can kill over 75% of the people there infect, such as Marburg and Ebola, means that there are other viruses out there that are completely air born with similar or worse kill rates. There is of course Ebola and Marburg that could one day become air borne. I have always wondered about a vaccine resistant form of rabies that somehow becomes married with another virus as some nightmare bug, likely out of some maniac country.

        Even the bird flu is some deep in the lungs and bronchial tubes of the body that it takes much to be contagious to another person. The flu seems to want to make as many people sick as possible, but not kill them. Each virus seems to have this type of coding, the flu is geared to breed and live as much as possible. Filo-viruses, Ebola and Marburg, to kill and spread through the liquidifed dead bodies to others. The horror is to have a virus that is geared to spread and kill as many as possible. These type of viruses would have to have some type of advantage in their own survival and spreading by killing as many of the hosts as possible as what nature would govern. Out of a North Korean, Chinese, or other country’s lab, such a virus could be tweaked genetically or crossed with some other benign but highly contagious pathogen to just about any parameter.

      37. I cannot imagine anybody today that would speak boastful words and later claim to be God himself. Would anyone today force us to worship him and use his economic system of the ‘chip’, or else?

        Why is there so much ‘sneezing’ at WallyWorld?

        How come Americans do not know how to plant a seed and later watch it grow into a carrot?

        Any bets on North, South, East, or West?

      38. WAIT….. maybe god will save you!!!….asswipes….wake up you morons…NOTHING is going to happen!!!!!

      39. everybodys got a die someday Red……

        • You first donkey

        • Here’s a little bit of a teaser to entice you to wonder and perhaps want to know more:

          “Have you ever wondered why some people are more susceptible to illness than others? There are many external factors which contribute to the degradation of our internal health. Just as our external environment is important in determining our state of being, there is an internal environment, our “Bio-Terrain” that is equally important. We are discovering more and more that there is a correlation between our environment, both the inner and outer, and disease. Bio-terrain is the environment that surrounds the cells of our bodies. It contains the fluids, the nutrients, the minerals and trace elements, adjacent cells of all types, and a host of microorganisms both good and bad. When one’s bio-terrain is overloaded with toxins and pathogens (funguses, molds, viruses, bacteria, etc.); lacks essential minerals and nutrients, and is either too acidic or too alkaline, our cell’s vitality is compromised and our immune system is overworked. When the bio-terrain is out of balance our bodies become susceptible to illnesses, fatigue, and a host of other maladies. A healthy, vibrant bio-terrain is fundamental to true health, as disease can be easily resisted and cannot establish the conditions that would result in illness.” …

          • In other words those who have the genetics and constition of Rasputen wont be fazed by some disease that would kill or sicken many folks. So what if a pandemic kills 2 million? that’s just a small percentage of people a drop in the bucket hardly worth mentioning.

      40. @ The Edge of Chaos says,

        Sure, go and have some Escherichia coli, Salmonella,
        Staphylococcus, Corynebacterium, Klebsiella, Clostridium, Diplococcus, Proteus, Shigella, Erwinia, Bacillus, Mycobacterium, Brucella, Brevibacterium, Listeria, Pasteurella and some C diff mixed in with a batch of MERSA. Don’t bother calling us, NOTHING is going to happen!!!!!

        Y’all Beware! What tool did you forget to sharpen?

        • Our MIND, of course. Mine has quite an edge on it already.

      41. Go to this site click on the icon No Germ Zone. Want to increase your chances of surviving a pandemic? After you have looked over the material call me at 313-846-6181. By the way pandemic is not the only concern mrsa, sars, flu, and all the other super bugs that kill thousands every year.


      42. FYI, Total Quarantine is how China takes care of outbreaks whether flu or polio, whether the illness is found in one building (all must stay and family brings clothes) or a village. Military used to enforce.

        The Chinese Govt has mandated total eradication of polio.

      43. I work in a large healthcare facility. We were recently bribed with a pizza party if our department was compliant with 100% participation in the upcoming flu vaccine drive. I laughed out loud. Fortunately my institution still allows for us to decline based on personal or previous beliefs, or medical contraindication. I immediately declined. I encourage people to read the recently published articles by postgrad Peter Doshi of Johns Hopkins. He points out some very valid points on the facts, backed up by evidence in the literature, that the CDC and WHO both highly inflate flu statistics. Flu is a highly marketed PR campaign.

        • and they thought they’d get you with a PIZZA? LOL

      44. The current status of Avian Influenza A (H7N9) published from the CDC in a study on July 10, 2013 in
        Naturesuggests that the (H7N9) Virus is limited in its transmission primarily associated with exposure to infected poultry. The study suggest that there is no clear evidence of sustained human-to-human spread of the H7N9 virus.

        Then Why the Recent Humongous Solicitation for MULTIPLE Medical Stations & EMERGENCY Stockpile Supply Deliveries?

        Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus Alert

        • I just read an article somewhere that said one of these superbugs has gone airborne. You may want to startpage “airborne virus superbug”. You might need to search through a few links, but if I found it so can you.

      45. My dear friends, Listen VERY VERY VERY carefully:

        a- Jesus told John Leary that the new world organization ( the nwo) will be using Chem Trails to unleash an ultra-deadly Pandemic virus very soon that has the potential to kill 50% of all humans (remember, their evil goal is, through VARIOUS deadly means, to reduce the world’s population from 7 billion to 500 million– but Jesus said His Father will NOT allow that and will hurl down FIRE to block their efforts);

        b- One to six weeks after THE WARNING (which will be some time in December right after the 11/28/13 arrival of the Ison Comet) Jesus told John that He will prompt us to leave for the Refuge Places HUMANS AND HIS ANGELS have been preparing

        (NOT, I repeat, NOT to be CONFUSED with the FEMA Refugee CAMPS mentioned in the article!!!);

        c- When YOU receive that Prompting, be it His Words or a STRONG overpowering feeling or an OVERRIDING intuition suddenly come upon you, IMMEDIATELY PRAY to Jesus to send you your Guardian Angel who will then APPEAR to lead you to a Refuge Place (NOT those fema death camps cited in the article); Mr. Leary told us that if you do not pray to JESUS FIRST, right at that time, that a fallen angel could appear to end up leading you to one of the 800+ fema detention camps;

        d- Jesus showed Mr. Leary one in Indiana that had gas chambers, a crematorium, and guillotines;

        e- I think I’ve already stated that we are to take with us a minimum of 2 changes of clothes, hygiene items, water, some nonperishable food and that some will be doing so on foot, others in their car; at the Refuge Places water, food, and other provisions Jesus said He will multiply;

        f- When you LEAVE, you will be Divinely enabled to see the Sign of the Cross on the foreheads of those who 1) accepted Jesus’ Mercy during the Warning, or soon thereafter; 2) who also refused the Mark of the Beast– an RFID chip coming 10/1/13 in the “Affordable Health Care Act” described as a “Class 2 Implantable Medical Device”; 3) who refused to align themselves with the Antichrist who Jesus told John will soon declare himself AFTER The Warning;

        There’s so much much more to say but I will leave it at that.

        No, this is not some Hollywood script I’m pitching– geez, if only I WERE that creative– this is REAL; this IS the END Time; the Seals in the Book of Revelation have begun to be open.

        (The Blessed Mother told Maria the other day that World War III is about to begin and it WILL involve nuclear weapons that will kill millions– another evil NWO goal– BUT, she said that Jesus will save all who die who were innocent victims.

        Lastly, as you ALREADY no doubt know, a TON of antibiotics were ordered for FEMA Region III where I live and they are to have been delivered here, if I remember correctly, no later than October 1.

        So when Mac writes above, “According to the government…”, I believe where Mac might have found that information is the government signaling to all citizens ahead of time what will be a partial Psy-Op combined with a deadly man-made virus strain that MIGHT wipe out a lot of us here in this Region III which will enable them to declare Martial Law in this region (like they did after the Boston Marathon bombing) and have soldiers in place to come after those, who with the 10/1/13 legislation, will REFUSE the Mark of the Beast– the chip!

        Do you SEE how Evil works?

        Listen to me: UNDER NO circumstances take the Mark of the Beast– it will DISABLE your free will, you WILL be sent to Hell, and it itself has diseases IN it, Jesus said, designed to kill hundreds and hundreds of millions of people!

        This might be my last post, as I do not know what will happen to me, my family, my friends. I hope to GOD I am wrong! These evildoers who have infiltrated our government seem to doing a deadly form of “checkmate”.

        But I will not go down without a fight. I KNOW how to play chess. But the devil will not get my queen (= my soul).

        And here’s a message for the people who come to Mac’s site who are out to get us:
        Yes, I WAS born at night you dirtbags– Op-Sec won’t let me give you the exact time– but I wasn’t born LAST night. And if you do NOT want to be tortured in Hell for ETERNITY, you had better HEED The WARNING coming in December!! REPENT while you still CAN, before you take the chip that DIS-ables your free will!!

        Yes, my family, friends, and I ‘carry’ with us at all times the Seal of the Living God.

        Thank you my friends. You are all in my prayers. Trust God. REFUSE the Mark of the Beast. REFUSE to go to a FEMA camp under ANY circumstance.


        B U T

        if you TRUST that Prompting after THE WARNING when it’s time to leave for a Divinely hidden refuge place that evildoers can NOT see which Jesus said they will NEVER see NOR find and which NO weapon can destroy, you will NOT lose your life, nor your loved ones. Don’t get caught in Satan’s dragnet it has been planning for centuries. (Why do you think they BOUGHT 2 billion bullets last year? = to KILL you in Satan’s DRAGNET!!!)

        EACH of you is a BRAVE person and I SO respect EACH of you. Just be EQUALLY brave to trust GOD– LISTEN to, then ACT on that Prompting IMMEDIATELY, as described above! I just remembered that Jesus did say to John Leary that the water at each of His Refuge Places will heal any and all ailments, especially those sick from any deadly virus. Any person who takes medication will not need their medication because the luminous cross will also heal those things as well.

        Sorry for this SUPER long post but you all are worth the incredible information I have had the good fortune to FIND OUT, by the grace of God, namely info that is God’s Great Protective Plan to save His Children. I will answer any questions I am able to but I will not argue with anyone because I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for October 1st.

        Mac, keep up the great work!

        God bless you all.

        – The LONE RANGER

      46. We should all be prepared for the worst, but do not live in fear. Have a plan. Make sure you already own plenty of surgical mask, disinfectant, latex gloves and food. The threat of a pandemic does exist. For example, I know someone who works with animals in a lab, and he contracted a very bad flu from mice. A flu that was not supposed to be contractible from mice to humans. He then went about his business and was not quarantined. Who knows who else he infected? That is just one person working in one lab. That said we need to have some faith in our government, in the CDC, in our fellow human being, because if not it will be game over for all of us regardless on how well prepped we are.

      47. Two million? Ahhh… that’ll be a dry run. They need to kill a couple hundred million ‘useless eaters’ to get themselves out from under multi trillions of dollars of entitlement obligations in a defunct economy. Wait for the BIG ONE!

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