Google’s Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Your Death With 95% Accuracy

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    Google’s neverending quest to obtain as much information about you as possible has just crossed into a rather eerie territory.  The tech company’s artificial intelligence is now so advanced that it can predict when you will die with 95 percent accuracy.

    Things feel as they are drifting toward the macabre when it comes to advances in technology.  Nothing seals that quite like the announcement of Google’s ability to predict your death with stunning accuracy using artificial intelligence. As reported by IFL Science, the new ability to use AI to predict death is outlined in a study recently published in npj Digital Medicine. The study involves new Artificial Intelligence (AI) that Google’s Medical Brain team have been working on. It has been trained to predict how likely it is that patients entering a hospital will make it out alive.

    Bring on the death panels. As if things aren’t scary enough, imagine how horrifying this technology’s use could be especially if the government ever gains complete control of the healthcare system.  Google’s AI would simply say there’s not a high likelihood of a person making it out of the hospital alive, so no care will be given.  Humanity is most definitely devolving.

    The AI is 95% accurate which is much more accurate than the current early warning score system used in hospitals now.

    Overall, the study found that the AI was able to predict mortality 24 hours after admission with 95 percent accuracy at one of the hospitals trialed, and 93 percent at the other. This was significantly better than the hospital’s traditional predictive model (the augmented Early Warning Score), which predicted mortality with 85 and 86 percent accuracy respectively. –IFL Science

    In one instance reported in the study, a patient with late-stage breast cancer was admitted to hospital. Her lungs were filled with fluid, she was seen by several doctors and then underwent a scan. According to the hospital’s assessment, she had a 9.3 percent chance of dying during her stay, based on her vital signs such as respiratory rate, blood pressure, and pulse.  Google’s AI also ran its own assessment on the same patient, assessing 175,639 data points on her record, the researchers wrote in their study. These included data points that aren’t normally considered during patient evaluations. The AI was able to access previously out of reach data, such as PDFs of notes made by doctors and nurses that indicated evidence of malignant pleural effusions (fluid build-up around the lungs) and potential risk of pressure ulcers. Looking at this data, the AI put the patient’s risk of death during her stay at 19.9 percent. She died 10 days after admission.

    The accuracy of the predictions was put down to the extra data that the AI was able to crunch in comparison to what a human can do. Normally when predicting patient outcomes, the time-consuming part is putting all the data together into a readable format, Nigam Shah, an associate professor at Stanford University, told Bloomberg. “In general, prior work has focused on a subset of features available in the EHR [electronic health record], rather than on all data available in an EHR,” the authors wrote in their study. “Which includes clinical free-text notes, as well as large amounts of structured and semi-structured data.”

    It sill feels overly creepy even though hospitals are assessing patients now.


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      1. What, now if Google projects that a person should already be dead, and they’re still alive, they notify a hit squad or drone and they come and find you wherever you are, and smoke you? What if I start to evaluate Google and its minions the same way? I was almost killed by pneumonia last year, and then the blood clots caused by my treatment almost killed me after that. Will they send hit squads after doctors who kill their patients with poor treatments? Will Google order abortions for women carrying defective children? What if Google decides that everybody over 65 goes? Or everybody with red hair?

      2. This is simply an extension of the work of actuaries who have been crunching statistics for insurance companies for a very long time:

        The danger is that insurance companies will latch onto these algorithms to predicict your genetic makeup and probable inherited family illnesses and debar those most at risk from obtaining insurance. Such is the power of naked capitalism.

        For myself, I find that part of actuarial science (probability theory) provides me with sufficient ammunition to frequently beat the book.

      3. Google is artificial and has NO intelligence.

        • So you’ll feel completely at home with it then!

        • Google and all the techco-sociopaths can fuck off. These people actually dumb fuckers. Seeing that we have a finite life its not that hard to predict death,

      4. Rockefeller sold turpentine and other health cures. He was also a convicted rapist. His son aligned with Rothschild and created Standard Oil.

        The healthcare business was perverted by Rockefeller/Rothschilds. Whereas health had been a mostly homeopathic or natural approach with a small group of men using chemicals and surgery called allopathic.

        R&R (Rockefeller & Rothschild) created the AMA and took complete control of Medical Schools.

        Cancer treatments which are barbaric continue to be used.
        Cancer treatments which are safe and effective are not.

        The Google Predictive Program is just more survalence and data collection. It can be used to help a patient, but may also be used to do harm.

        Take care of yourself and you may live without doctors and hospitals. People who live past one hundred years are not hypochondriacs who go to doctors for every little bubu or belly ache.


        • If their medicine doesn’t kill a patient then they bankrupt them.

      5. The results of this I need not nor do I want to know. I’d rather it be a surprise.

        • I predict that anyone who comes to me with evil intentions toward me and won’t turn around and leave when offered the opportunity will lose their life/lives and that prediction comes with 1000% ACCURACY!

      6. That is nothing God can predict your death down to the 100th/second with a 100 percent accuracy.

      7. The VA made mistakes and put me in the hospital twice. The second time a group of nurses told a friend who brought me to the hospital that I shouldn’t be and they didn’t know why I was still alive. So much for predictive death analysis.

      8. I should have been dead 9 years ago.

        I went to the doctor.

        My Sugar>640
        My BP. 175/105
        My Triglycerides>955
        My Cholesterol> Couldn’t read it. Over 1,000

        I’m still here. LMAO.

        • How unfortunate you had so little self-control that you stuffed your face with the quantity of krap-food needed to achieve those lousy numbers.

      9. “…teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”
        — Psa 90:12

        I was thinking of those people, who want to follow the money. They track (X) amount leaving one place, and arriving in another place, and assume that you have made the transaction.

        Does one person’s clock go up, and another person’s clock go down?

      10. This should be a great aid in reducing how much we spend on healthcare.

        Why bother spending millions on someone that is going to die anyway regardless of it?

      11. Google can lick my left nut and make my right nut jealous. Agency clowns what they are.

      12. I foresee the death of Google as a viable entity. Artificial Intelligence is as moronic as Google itself. They actually think they can get away with this treason against humanity. Where are my wirecutters?

      13. can you say soilent green we have arrived

      14. So Google AI predicted a 20% chance of her dying IN the hospital. That means there was an 80% chance of her leaving alive.

        She died. So the AI was 80% WRONG in it’s prediction. Not very impressive even if better than the hospital’s prediction.

        Who writes this crap? SAD…

      15. I wonder what Google’s prediction is on its own death.

        Nothing is forever.

        Anyone remember Altavista?

        Anyone still on MySpace?

      16. Googles death already came moths ago. Yep, I cut them off of all my devices months ago. On your cell phone shut off Google Administrator. OFF position. Never down load anything Google on your laptop to do any searches using Google. Use DuckDuckGo as your search engine. No tracking. Screw google. Stop feeding the beast.

        • Testify – I hear y’ brother. I stopped using GG for searches years ago. The only problem now is that my two android devises. I have been able to stop them using GG to update software, but they still contact home or bring up a reminder that I need to update blah-blah-blah if I want to use google photos ect…

          Here is how stupid google is. If you log in from another device (as they term it) really just another pc or ise a different browser – they claim uncle and say there has been a serious breach – even though none of the login details are different. What you have to do then is use the same login details to relogin, to which you will then be presented kof-kof forced to give a different password. But … but … but surely this would allow (if there has been a serious breach) the fraudster to just use the same process and enter a password the fraudster can remember – where is the security in that? So I closed the youtube account aswell.

      17. If the left keeps pushing people on the right, their time of death will be alot sooner then this AI would predict.

      18. The study stated 2.3% admitted died in hospital. If you guessed everyone in The hospital lives, wouldn’t you be right 97.7% of the time.

      19. Wait until the kinds of killer androids shown in the movie Terminator are developed, then artificial intelligence will be able to be predict the time of our deaths at 99.9% accuracy. They’ll be doing the killing!

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